‘Mr. Clutch’ Comes Up Big For The Heat

MIAMI — LeBron James is on the bench nursing a cramp, Dwyane Wade has all eyes on him and the game of the Miami Heat’s season is on the line. So naturally, the play called out of the timeout was for Mario Chalmers to save the day?

Well, that’s not exactly the way Heat coach Erik Spoelstra drew it up in the huddle with his team clinging to a 99-96 lead with 44.6 seconds to play Tuesday night at AmericanAirlines Arena.

But that’s the way Chalmers envisioned it in his head (and on his arm, where the “Mr. Clutch” tattoo rests). It’s also the way it played out, with Chalmers stepping up time after time to help the Heat rally and hold off the Oklahoma City Thunder 104-98 for a crucial Game 4 win and a commanding 3-1 series lead in The Finals.

His driving layup for a 101-96 lead was the separation the Heat needed late to seal the deal and put the Thunder away. It was a moment Chalmers is familiar with, having nailed a huge shot to help Kansas win the NCAA title in 2008.

“Coming out of that timeout I told D-Wade, ‘Find me. Let’s get this win,’ ” Chalmers said. “He found me and I was able to get to the hole.”

Chalmers was able to hit his marks repeatedly, coming up with huge plays all night long as the Heat got everything they could out of their forgotten man. He was a bit player through the first three games of this series before his breakout effort in this most crucial of games for both teams.

“Mario has that thing, that thing called heart,” Wade said. “And no matter what, no matter how tough we are on him, he actually thinks he’s the best player on this team, and that’s a gift and a curse. But tonight, it was a gift for us because he never gets down on himself. He always believes, ‘Find me, I can make a shot. I can make a play.’ He was huge for us. We don’t win the game without what he did in the fourth quarter, making some baskets and going to the hole.”

Chalmers had 17 points in the first three games of this series, combined. He shredded the Thunder for 25 Tuesday night, tying his postseason career-high and matching Wade’s 25. On a night when Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook was the most dominant force on the floor, it was the oft-maligned Chalmers who stole the show with the game on the line.

Westbrook scored 17 of his game-high 43 points in the fourth. Chalmers answered with 12 of his own, including the Heat’s final five points of the game. He scored 19 in the second half, helping the Heat rally from an early 17-point deficit to take control after halftime.

That driving layup, though, was the sort of play the Heat would have expected from Wade or James, not necessarily from a guy whose contributions to that point in the series didn’t rate a second look.

“That kid is not afraid of any moment,” Spoelstra said. “We all know that. He’s a gutsy kid.

“He’s a gamer. He’s got guts. You can’t quantify that. You can’t measure it. You can’t necessarily evaluate that with a kid that you’re drafting. He obviously had a big moment in college. But he’s done it time and time again in big games in college, big games in the pros. He’s not afraid of the moment, you can’t teach that.”

The Thunder had Kevin Durant guarding Chalmers for much of the night, an effort to keep Durant out of foul trouble and a clear sign that they had more important issues to worry about other than the Heat starter who hadn’t made much of an impact on the series up to that point.

“I took that as a sign of disrespect,” Chalmers said. “For me, I worked too hard to be in this position I’m in now … I know the way they’ve been playing all series they’ve been helping off of me and letting me have those shots. And I’ve just been missing them. I think they forgot about me and let me roam a little bit more tonight.Β Even though my offense wasn’t clicking [the first three games] in the series, I wanted to step up for my team and I was able to do that.”

An easy target for criticism on a team with a Big 3 of James, Wade and Chris Bosh, Chalmers has a prominent role on this team as the player most likely to get yelled at. But not this time, not when he stepped into the void and saved the game for the home team.

“You’ve got to love his mentality,” Bosh said. “He wants to be the best, and that’s where it starts. He puts in the work all the time and he truly believes in his talent. It really is contagious. Once you see him, you can’t help but believe in him. We’ve been staying on him because we need him. We knew coming into the season we needed him to be a better point guard, and we all had to get better, and he’s just outlasted a tremendous amount of pressure and he’s responding every time. That’s what he does.”

Rajon Rondo turned into an All-Star playing alongside the Celtics’ Big 3 of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. Chalmers has had to fend off not only the constant tough love from his teammates but the play of rookie Norris Cole, who looked good in early relief of Chalmers in this game.

It helps to have supreme confidence in yourself, that unshakable belief that you and no one else can do what you do. Chalmers has it in surplus, that ability to rise above the noise with a game on the line and deliver the dagger when needed.

“It’s a part of your DNA, you’re just born with it,” Wade said. “What is says on his arm, ‘Mr. Clutch,’ that clutch gene. You’ve got to be born with it. And he has it.”


  1. Nba FAN 101 says:

    remember wen everyone favored te bulls to win i spit on them

  2. kendall says:

    bron bron is the best player in the league , he cant be touched , i think when its all said and done , and he hangs em up , hes gonna be one of the top 3 greatest players ever .

  3. RIO says:

    Soon there will be a big 4 in Miami. If Rio keeps playing this way, theres no way any team can beat them!
    I’m a Heat fan, so for all of those haters out there, its the Heat era now.

  4. LIL FAY says:


  5. nba fanatic says:

    if coach spoe put chalmers,battier,james,wade, and bosh on the floor on the the 2nd and 3rd Quarter it would be a big advantage for the heat to have a 20 point lead even a 30 point lead because battier and chalmers can hit big 3 pointers the big 3 can attack the paint even three pointers.do you see bosh 2 three pointers against boston(eastern conference finals 2012) that just proves him that he can also be a outside shooter.james and wade showed all they can in the finals that just showed their deservedness for the championship and the ring……………………………….

    Heat on 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let’s Go Heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. CARMELO Anthony says:

    For all Lebron James haters…………………”Don’t hate the player….. hate the game”…..he deserve this one.

  7. hitman says:

    its ring time baby..haha

  8. Wrong Predictions says:

    lets go heat one win to go.. lets go heat. most of the people ddnt expect this is coming. all of them count the miami out already. they say who wins the west will be the champion in the nba. but where are you guys right now????? ddnt you realize that ur counting out the 3 time nba mvp,2006 finals mvp,7 time all star bosh..hahahahaha wheres the prediction now? i thought OKC IN 6? wel its MIAMI IN 5..hahaha ddnt u guys predicted this? my prediction is MIAMI IN 4. atleast i almost hit it.hehe okc lucky win in game 1, coz if not its over already..haha just wondering if lebron wil get his ring this year which is 100% sure already, what will be the reaction of DAN GILBERT, he told the cavs fans that they can get the ring 1st then lebron.i mean correct me if im wrong if thats the real story. wel sory mr. gilbert lebron will gonna get his 1st ring then more to come till he retire before u can even dream that ur cavs team will gonna have 1. bitter.. moved on. nweis, i can fell the gold ball already, i can fell the fans especially those who are gonna be inside the court who is so excited right now. maybe they cannot sleep already.hehe but all the miami fans on and off the court tom. is all excited. last 2006 we celebrated it in mavs court, now we can celebrate it in our court, im so excited. im waiting for the reaction of of my idol lebron tom. when he wins it. hehehe LETS GO HEAT 2012 NBA CHAMPIONS. πŸ™‚

  9. Wrong Predictions says:


  10. Wrong Preditions says:

    one win to go.. lets go heat. most of the people ddnt expect this is coming. all of them count the miami out already. they say who wins the west will be the champion in the nba. but where are you guys right now????? ddnt you realize that ur counting out the 3 time nba mvp,2006 finals mvp,7 time all star bosh..hahahahaha wheres the prediction now? i thought OKC IN 6? wel its MIAMI IN 5..hahaha ddnt u guys predicted this? my prediction is MIAMI IN 4. atleast i almost hit it.hehe okc lucky win in game 1, coz if not its over already..haha just wondering if lebron wil get his ring this year which is 100% sure already, what will be the reaction of DAN GILBERT, he told the cavs fans that they can get the ring 1st then lebron.i mean correct me if im wrong if thats the real story. wel sory mr. gilbert lebron will gonna get his 1st ring then more to come till he retire before u can even dream that ur cavs team will gonna have 1. bitter.. moved on. nweis, i can fell the gold ball already, i can fell the fans especially those who are gonna be inside the court who is so excited right now. maybe they cannot sleep already.hehe but all the miami fans on and off the court tom. is all excited. last 2006 we celebrated it in mavs court, now we can celebrate it in our court, im so excited. im waiting for the reaction of of my idol lebron tom. when he wins it. hehehe LETS GO HEAT 2012 NBA CHAMPIONS.

  11. thalygart says:

    Yep stick with one team for better or worse. I missed reading these comments as NBA has implemented for some reason localize website. Guys from NBA localizing is sometimes great but not all the time. Kindly surf the web and see the complains in your implementation of localize websites. Yeah you will reason out that change is good and that there will be adjustments, but you will loose more in the long run what your doing, it might click on some parts but not in all parts. Please give us a choice and do not redirect us to a localize website if we don’t want to where is the freedom in that!

  12. TheRileyLegacy says:

    It’s usually considered “bandwagon” if you make it a habit to make your so-called “favorite team” a winning one. In short bandwagon is pretty much the same as a fair weather fan with the only significant difference being that a fair weather fan doesn’t necessarily change teams but only supports them when they do good. Being a Heat fan for example was tough from 1987-1994 and I have the utmost respect for those true fans as they stuck with the team that only had Glen Rice and to a much lesser extent Rony Seikaly really through the worst. I have only been a fan of them as well as the then newly formed Florida Marlins since 95 and couldn’t be happier at their success now than I was when Pat Riley became the head coach and transformed the Heat into a playoff contending team.

  13. mister incredible says:

    oh yeah, and Who Dey think gone beat dem Bengals!?!! Lets go NFL!!

  14. mister incredible says:

    Am I still considered bandwagon if i hopped on right after “the decision”? I was riding with them last year when they lost too!

  15. markminator says:

    good job for coach Spoelstra having the adjustments from game 1…
    James was switched onto Durant after Game 1 when Durant scored 36 points and shot 12-of-20 with Shane Battier primarily covering him. Since, Durant is averaging 28.5 points on 23-of-41 shooting and Heat have won 3 games, taking a 3-1 series.
    he is really the best coach right now… having humble attitude, positive views and trust to each of his players…
    maybe he’ll be on hall of fame to : )

  16. TheRileyLegacy says:

    A short summary:

    *Ibaka spoke too soon and made himself look like a fool to the point where even the team had to try to soften that comment up.
    *OKCs defense needs some serious work while Westbrook who had a great game just proved in 2 games in a row that he is not a clutch player.
    *Sefolosha is a great defender and has put considerable pressure to Wade and LBJ but can’t cover everyone
    *Harden needs to step the heck up if he wants to win this. Miami sure as hell got their bench doing so
    *Yes some of the foul calls were bs but there were just as many bs no calls coming from both sides. There’s still no excuse for Westbrook choking or even getting the ball in a clutch situation when KD is a much more reliable clutch player anyway so blame the coaching on that one (no one game that he missed a clutch shot that should’ve been a foul does not make him a bad clutch player).
    *Miami’s bench needs to keep up the good work as they are what going to win it for them ultimately
    *Miami definitely needs a true center to relieve James of some of his defensive duties which I understand as a small forward is still a lot (need another Alonzo Mourning) and to let Bosh play as the power forward that he truly is albeit an undersized one (Shawn Kemp was a small pf too btw and he was one of the greatest)
    *A broken Lebron showed a lot of heart playing and making such an outstanding clutch play which was reminiscent of Paul Pierce in the 2k8 finals who played with what appeared to be a similar injury. Lots of props for playing like a true champion

  17. LOLakers says:

    What did I tell you idiots? Heat in 5!!! And then Heat 10-peat!!! Lebron is unstoppable!!!

  18. kiwisep says:

    LBJ may get the ring with Heat. But he will be forever remembered as a loser. His ring will never be 24K

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Hey kiwi !!! When you WIN a Title you ARE a winner!! From that point on you can NEVER be called a Loser… just so you know !!!!

  19. theking0522 says:

    I think the Heat has to play next game as if it were game 7. I don’t want to get back to OKC. That is a tough place to win. The Heat has to take the “we don’t have a tomorrow” approach. I want them celebrating in Miami, not in Oklahoma.

  20. Maurico says:

    2011 – (MIA) Missing In Action; 2012 (MIA) Motivated In Achieving

    Go Heat. Give what is required. Live it, Believe it.

  21. Heatfanhialeah says:

    Stop comparing last year with this year, THIS YEAR THIS TEAM IS BETTER IS NOT MORE MATURE, IT IS BETTER!!!
    Last year the Big three plus What, Joel & Bibby ????this year at the finals they stopped using joel and using Batlier plus Chalmers with Cole to provide some breath this lineup is way better than last year and probably during the summer they’ll fish some real center and then they’ll have a round team to talk about dynasty..

  22. LBJ says:

    I smell crown on thursday night! LBJ crownless king no more! Durant is not a 4th quarter man! OKC is a collapsed 4th quarter team! whenever the 2 minutes mark came in they did not do anything good, all play are horrible even European team can beat them! Westbrook is very good in 4th quarter jump shot and drive in the basket was fantastic but after she fouled chalmers which does not require to foul in bec there is only 5 secs on the clock all the things he did was ruined that’s why Magic Johnson said that he is the worst final point guard ever!!!!!

  23. Life_with_thunder says:

    Thunder maybe down, but, they still deserve at least one more win before they lose the series. 2-3-2 definitely shows there’s a disadvantage in home courts. I know Thunder has a huge disadvantage in terms of experience, but a team of talented players deserve a second chance to get appreciated by everyone. 4-2 at least, just to extend the excitement of watching these NBA games. Don’t we just love to watch underdogs getting a glimpse of hope, even though they die fighting in the end? If OKC wins Game 5, and still looses the championship series, that would still be a great consolation for OKC fans everywhere. I’m not for OKC nor MIAMI, but for the fun of the game. =) Go OKC in game 5!!! Wooohoooo!!!! Let’s die fighting till the end!!!!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..DESERVE?????? There is no ..”Deserve” in sports…. Only ‘EARN”….. And the Thunder just may force game 6 if the Heat don’t have another Great all-around game.. Great season though for the Thunder……. BTW…. the OKC fans got to see a win on their home court …….. One is enough……. That way they can ‘Stay Hungry’….for next year !!!

      • LBj fan says:

        I agree. There’s no “deserve” in sports
        I wish Steve Nash was on a team that won a championship. But i dont think he “deserves it”.
        I like LBJ and Wade, but I’d be more happy to see KD win a championship, just because I know he AND the TEAM had to “earn” it.
        Do they usually “deserve” championships in other sports or is it only the NBA?
        So much pressure man, so much pressure on LBJ and Heat that it takes fun away
        “Do not dissapoint yourself, do not dissapoint your teamates” thats lebron telling his teammates before the game.
        Do not do this, do not do that-what happed to “lets go and do this, do that?
        Wheres the fun man?

  24. Cedric says:

    What happen to the bigs for OKC.Why are they not doing the same thing they did to the Spurs.By the way tell Kd to go hug his Mom!!!!!! sore loser.When they lose he does not go over to his Mom.Tell OKC to get ready for next year. James Harden Who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Roby says:

    Why do you say LeBron is a traitor ? Was MJ a traitor for playing three seasons with Washington instead of the struggling Bulls?Plus the fact that LeBron was booed in cleveland

  26. HEATLES says:

    Kundai, do you even know what you’re talking about? Bill Russell won straight championships. 8, i think.

  27. Law064 says:

    Chalmers was the differance for Miami. They had Battier in game 2 & 3 now Chalmers. The Thunder bench has been non exsistant (Harden) of all. I give credit to the heat for fighting back and now 3-1 they will win this series as it looks. Russ made a bad foul on Chalmers but overall RW was the only player on OKC that was effective in the 4th. KD was a non-factor and also Sefelosha & Harden. It looks like Lebron will get his ring this season. Without the scoring from Chalmers this series would probably be tied now. Great game from him. I tip my hat to Westbrook, he can shut his critics up he played to win but also made a costly mistake but he should’nt hold his head down without him the game wouldn’t have been close. Congrats to Miami

  28. pinoy pride says:


  29. pinoy pride says:


  30. Bev says:

    I am so proud of the Heat!!!!!!!
    Love you guys!!!

  31. TeamBlouses says:

    I’m in no way LeBron fan,some even may call me a LeBron hater but he is the best player in the game right now,. He’s no MJ but you gotta respect his will and determination to win a ring, give him credit when credit is due.

  32. NorthPole says:

    The reason of OKC being down 3:1? James Harden…

  33. john says:

    Lebron’ s the best player of the game man! no question how well he played the game. all stats that even kobe, durant, jordan can ever play. hes shot blocking style with his height is incredible! u know… hes the best ever! fpr the haters? Get a life. Talk and nextime? say something of u can play btr than this guy. lols!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Thank you Norris Cole for firing Chalmers up!
    Go Heat!

  35. Harden where? says:

    where did Harden go? I guess got lucky with old legs of Dallas, LA & Spurs

  36. LeBronFan says:

    I just hope for LeBron to heal up cuz there is no way they can win withoout him .
    But I know LeBron sence his days in high school and I find It hard to think that LeBron willl not play his most importent game ever.

  37. jar says:

    it was a total team effort by the miami. OKC just couldn’t handle the HEAT of the MIAMI! The HEAT will continue in game 5 which will end the series in favor of the Miami! Go LBJ, Dwade, CBosh and the rest of the Miami. Congrats!

  38. MGS12 says:

    I think these are what OKC needs to solve…

    Westbrook is not a point guard!!! He is a very talented two guard… And at this point, that’s a big problem. They don’t have any other option aside from Fisher to play the point. And Fisher could not play long minutes anymore.

    As for Harden, where did all that swagger go??? You’re such a showboat in the SAS series. What happened? You seem to have lost the confidence to take that crucial jumper which could have been big.

    For Durant, I think the Heat played great denial defense on him. RW had no choice but to take truck loads of shots because he can’t find Durant.

  39. ronald says:

    HEAT in 5!

  40. Miami Phil Fan says:

    The next Chauncey Billups

  41. MrCole says:

    Mr. Clutch did good. But Mr. funny haircut (Norris Cole) ignited the Spark of the win …

    The thing he brought in the 1st q. never turned down.

  42. elmer says:

    Chris Bosh will hit those jump shot, D- Wade will play like the flash, and Lebron will be unleashed it’s HEAT time on game 5

  43. ver says:


  44. cesar says:

    the heat must win this next game..Lets go heat !! One win for the championship !

  45. vincent says:

    If Mario Chalmers can do this throughout the finals plus good shooting from Shane Battier then the Heat is on its way to winning the championship. The Oklahoma City Thunders will win game five.

  46. alper says:

    what a amazing game … i am from turkey and i waited for this match at 4 a clock in night…

  47. Dwyane Smith says:

    Finally we see how important the role players in miami are-namely battier and chalmers

  48. go Heat says:

    if dwade and lbj are long range shooters..oh, men this guys are extremely dangerous..

  49. KB10rings says:

    Lebron James would be better if he do duplicate KB moves ;)))

    • Jaku says:

      Can you please reserve that kobe comment once the lakers made it to the finals again? Theres no room for kobe here coz it is HEAT and OKC!!!

      STFU!!!! And you’re welcome!!!

  50. If you smeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllll what the heats is cooooooooookkkkkkkkiiiiiiiinnnnnnggg 2012 Championship ;)!

  51. go Heat says:

    go..chalmers,go for the ring the big three cannot win this game without the bench…

  52. JoeOKC says:

    Glad to see the Heat bench stepping up and winning this game. But I think game 5 should/will be up to James, Wade, and Bosh. I really thought OKC could win this in 5/6 games, but I guess inexperience played a big role against them during the clutch. Heat looks really focused now.

  53. Monstrox says:

    Shane Battier last game and now it’s Chalmers. Good to see them play like that on the finals despite their underwhelming performance on the early week of the play-offs. That’s what a real champion does, coming up big unexpectedly in times of close games. Goodluck, I hope you win on game 5!

    • BBall fan says:

      game 5 will be both of them shotin the light out…. James is taking easy and prepare to put on his first ring…..

  54. kedar says:

    coronation of King James….

    • wiki says:

      Finally! I hope all the criticism connected with James will be finally stopped. It was so annoying. He is one of the greatest player and deserves for RESPECT!

  55. mike miller says:

    Our game was good for tonight. thanks for all the support. we will try to finish it on game 5.

  56. WhatsABench? says:

    the thing that confuses me most about this series, is the fact that we all “knew” OKC had a deeper bench than Miami, but were not seeing it. Mainly because were not seeing any of there bench. The only people I can remember coming off the bench at all this game for OKC was Harden Collison and Dfish. Cant make use of that bench depth if they never get on the floor. And Hardens got to get on his game when hes actually out there playing, hes looked cold this whole series

  57. lakermig says:

    wow never saw this coming its pretty much over now

  58. Zabuza says:

    give a credit to RIO… He’s the man….. HEAT in game 5! FTW!!!!

    Can Lebron play on game 5?

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Yes indeed…. It seemed like it was the ‘Night of the scoring Point Guards’ !!! Chalmers was incredible !! And Westbrook…. WOW !!! What a game!!! Too bad, though, for Russell, he will probably only remember the loss opposed to the ‘lights-out’ type of game he played. the way Mario stepped up his shooting and driving to the basket was a little unexpected, so you just have to give him ALOT of credit…. Great game ….good game by darn near everyone who played. Just a great game with LJ hitting the clutch 3 after hurting his leg!!! Bravo !!…… He has NOW ……Finally ….. come of age… and yes, the haters can now Back-Off !! I , indeed had a problem with the way it went down with the signing and all, but never too critical of his game….. but now……. he gets some respect !!!! Good for him and good for the Heat !

  59. Poi says:

    I hate people keep blaming some other player whenever the team he’s in lost.. Stop blaming Westbrook or anybody else,, Westbrook always works hard and I think he had a terrific game.. just accept the fact that the Heat is a superb magnificent team and that they are the better team that’s why they won.. Those people who keep pointing their fingers on anybody are in denial and can’t accept that the MIAMI Heat will be the inevitable champions..

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      I dont think Heat are a better team, its the lack of play from key players on the OKC roster.

      Harden cant score 8 pts and they think they can win a game….he is usually a 20+ point guy night in and out and for whatever reason he cannot get things going. Harden is the main reason they are in this whole, Durant and Westbrook have shown up each game.

      Ibaka and Perkins are also at fault. They have no inside presence. Collision is so much better than Perkins if you think about it and was a big reason for the lead they took in the first quarter. Ibaka no post game, just a jump shooting big, if his shots are falling he is pretty much a offensive liability….

      I feel bad for this OKC team….they are better than this but you wouldnt know by how they are playing right now

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …used up all the Juice in the last round….they felt like THAT was the Title round……BIG mistake…..!!!!!


    The only thing to save them is Crawford and fouls refeering

  61. Criticism Drives The King says:

    Lolz what does Ibaka have to say for himself now?he may have spoken out of context but he wants the beast in LBJ and the whole OKC team payed for it a near triple double performance from LBJ and the key players in Miami stepped up. Miami will win this series there is now way in hell!! that LBJ is gonna let this slip again the ring is in his grasp and this time all the doubters,Haters will all be silenced Congrats on the win Miami in 5 :)) Super Mario really stepped up late in the 4th thats Heat basketball we are watching πŸ™‚

  62. coco says:

    miami one away 4 d championship ring……go miami not time for okc…..nananana heyheyhey goodbye…..

  63. OB says:

    Heat nation

  64. heat will win game 5 westbrook no good

  65. Thundervoltz says:

    OKC fans: Yeah OKC rocks in game 1. The officials are doing their job very well.
    Heat fans: That’s fine. We still have Game 2 up to 7

    Game 2:
    Heat fans: Yes we made it! The game was great!
    OKC fans: WTF! Officials didn’t do their jobs. A lot of calls they didn’t make.

    Game 3:
    Heat fans: We did it again HEAT! Yehey! Woooohhhooo! 2 more wins.
    OKC fans: I don’t understand the officials they really don’t do their job. Common wake up! Heat should not win in this game.

    Game 4:
    Heat Fans: What a nice game team! I love you Mario Chalmers! You really rocks dude.
    OKC fans: (I’m waiting for their comments about this game of what their reactions is but surely they will still blame the officials again, again, again, again and again?)

  66. OB says:

    it’s funny how the Heat is shutting up all them haters who jump on the bandwagon for OKC.

    one to go and rings for all expec LBJ

    I want to know what they will try to say about him next

  67. Victor Manoel says:

    Good comment by KnicksFan.

    And, as long as I’m a huge LeBron James fan, I still can’t see this series finished. I looking foward to Miami win next thursday, but I think everybody in the media is already crowning the Miami Heat the champions, making use of that fool stat which says that teams trailing 1-3 in a Finals series have never went for the title.

    Ok, this stat means something, but records are made just to be broken. The Oklahoma City Thunder has some gifted players who can turn this series in their favour. I know it’s not easy, but all OKC needs to put Miami in a hell of a problem is a good performance from James Harden. He’s playing very bad, but still the Heat wins had just a slitgh scoring margin. And Mario Chalmers can’t score 25 a night for his team. So…

    Well, GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. NBA_Fan says:

    Good luck to Miami. On Thursday, prepare the balloons and confetti coz it’ll be the Heat all night. Their focused, motivated, and excited. Everyone will participate. And it’ll be the Heat who’ll taste the sweetness of victory. Heat in 5.

  69. lahvs06 says:

    As I’ve said before biggest headache of OKC are the other Miami’s player (except the big 3). Lebron, Wade & Bosh can deliver anytime, but with the help of the supporting cast is a big bonus, which Chalmers did in game 4… OKC did everything and you can see the way they start the game, but the turning point is they don’t know how to finish 48 minutes of basketball specially in a close match. Before the series start big advantage of OKC is their age, but now that’s the biggest problem by them, lack of experience.. good job Miami boys, one more to go.. then we are the world champion…

  70. AllanWake says:

    better luck next year okc… though great series.. im still NBA loyal fan… STUPID PEOPLE SAYING THAT THEY WILL BOYCOT NBA? they cannot accept defeat…. PAG TALO, TALO KAYO MGA BOBO!!!

  71. gurgur says:

    I agree that mario was terrific in the final minute
    but just like
    the clutch play of the 2nd game was battier’s 3-pt banker
    the clutch play of this game
    had to be Lebron’s one-foot-lift-off 3pt
    who else could have cramps and return with such a big shot?
    No one else in the league today
    If the heat win the championship,
    I’ll believe Lebron to be the best player since Jordan
    his will to win was in full display last night
    and he gave his team hope and leadership
    let’s go heat πŸ™‚

  72. Ro says:

    OKC’s ball defense is ok it.s the help and the cover down defense that letting them down. both teams are jump shot shooting team and that’s always going to be a problem when you play good teams it means your going to have to shoot a high percentage to win. Westbrook done the right thing by getting to the basket they need more of that or fast breaks to get some easy hoops. Ebaka will have to improve his low post in the future for OKC to compet for a championship that hard when all the big in the league shoot jump shots as well.

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      Yes, watching these games makes me question how did they beat LA? How did they beat the Spurs???

      That same OKC team from those series doesnt seem to exist in this round and I have no idea why….

      The Spurs deserved to be here and OKC is just making that point valid…..its a shame

      I will give Heat credit though, they definitley are playing with poise and resolve, they want the ring….

  73. Lance Stephenson says:

    AGAIN, KD’s weakness is his defense. he is such a defensive liability. the thunder had a chance to win because of individual performances. and that’s not enough to win a title, it always has to be a team. and miami is the better team now, offensively and defensively. the heat relied so much on dwade, lbj and bosh this season, it took a 2 minute span, and a cramp on lbj’s leg to know what this team is capable of. give credit to UD, battier and jones. im proud to say that miami is now a team. they have a big three, and a bench with a big heart. maybe OKC has a deeper, more talented, and skillfull becnch, but miami’s bench showed they are a team, that has a bigger heart. the bench finally showed at the most crucial part of miami’s championship hunt. LBJ and spo must be very happy, very very happy. finish this in game 5 miami.

  74. Patrickmarc says:

    Chalmers was a poison for dallas last year,
    sure he is good this year too !

  75. KC says:

    People have a short memory if you close out a game strong. Chalmers had a great 2nd half, but he was a big part of why the Heat were down by 17 early. Plus, he’s been missing wide open 3’s all series. He’s not a bad player, but he’s nowhere near as good as he thinks he is. It’s not just shooting. Lebron has to yell at him at times because it looks like he’s missing defensive rotations and not quite doing his thing on offense sometimes too. I’m right there with him when he drives and finishes at the rim, but Chalmers is the Heat player that probably hurts them the most for long stretches, right after Wade.

  76. v essex says:

    Miami played as a team. Losing James in the last minutes does not diminish the team effort. The lose of the King in the crucial part of Game 4 – produced a fiery Prince in the mold of Chalmers! Mr. Clutch have come a long way and this is his night, the night of the Prince!

    Here is the present positions of the Heat: King – James; Queen – Wade; White Knight – Bosh; Black Knight – Battier; Prince – Chalmers; Bishops – Miller and Haslem; Pawns – Cole, Jones et,al. Wizard – Spoelstra. The grandmaster is no other than Riley!

    Wishing for the Heat’s second Crown this Thursday – Game 5!

    Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!

    • MiamiHeat2012 says:

      No one cares dude, keep your lame chess references to yourself. By the way congrats to Miami Heat. Finally a well deserved ring to Lebron.

  77. KnicksFan says:

    If OKC just lets Miami make plays the way they do, they wont have a chance. You can see it at times that Miami just shreds OKC’s defense apart. You need to stop Miami from scoring at will. Sefolosha has proven to be able to defend LeBron the best compared to his teammates and Durant can guard Wade. Durant’s long arms and quickness can contest almost any of Wade’s shots and maybe even make some big blocks. Durant can also put a qood effort to keep up with Wade. Scott Brooks decision to put Durant on Chalmers was foolish. You can leave it to Russel Westbrook to defend him. Westbrook is hands down the most athletic point guard in the league. Chalmers wont have another game 4 performance if Russel Westbrook locks him down. For OKC, its going to come down to defense, having James Harden become an efficient part of the offense scoring at a better FG% and have 20 points, and making big plays down the stretch. Defense and James Harden are they key to OKC winning game 5 and possibly the series.

    • chronoheat says:


    • Justin says:

      Eh.. possibly the series? 0-30 for teams behind in a 7 game series since the 3-2-3 format in NBA Finals. Reason? Psychologically the team on the losing end (no matter who it is) has the pressure of Having to win every game onward, or they will be eliminated, so it’s nearly impossible to put 100% of your focus on just 1 game at a time, the task is too much and is overwhelming. Possible? Maybe, in the lowest of -possible- chances. The Heat Win their 1st NBA Championship, Already. For the record I’m not a heat fan.

      Oh Ya, 0-30 in the finals for teams in the 3-2-3 format, and of all the teams that were down 3-1, none of them even made it to a game 7.

      Heat in 5.

      • initfan says:

        Excuse me but I just can’t help but to correct you. It is 2-3-2 NBA finals format. I would have understand that you might have just made an error on typing but you even wrote it again. 3-2-3 is eight games, what happens if it is tied at 4-4?

    • nba{ller} says:

      You dont know what youre talking about. “Westbrook guard Chalmers, Kevin Durant shouldnt guard Chalmers”…. The issue here lies on the coaching and Spolestra is clearly beating that battle. If you listen to coach Brooks he’s very arrogant doesnt want to adjust his lineup. With talks about it got us here so far… pffftt Well it will get you out too. The Heat are the most experienced team in this case and they have been here before. (finals). They know that they had to steal one at OKC and they did their job. They also need to protect home court and theyre doing their job. Well it isnt over but it doesnt look good for OKC. James Harden should start the game OKC needs to score more, thats there game. Aggresive defense off the bench would do good for OKC, but Brooks will not adjust so bye bye OKC.

    • Carltz says:

      In your Dreams!

    • finals! says:

      dude seriously? you think OKC can win 3 straight with defense and harden? ill bet my house the heat will be champs this year, no matter how OKC adjusts. the last 3 games proved that. OKC have tried so many things, even finally winning the 1st quarter for the first time in this series. and did you see what happened? 16-0 run by the heat. deym.

      LeBron;s the man. Whole leg cramping up, literally dragged himself back to the game, then taking that dagger 3?? well at least he’s helping the haters to get some rest, because now they can STFU!

      sorry to say but OKC has to try and figure this out… this summer!

      • Bballfanatic32 says:

        REALLY…..that strategy won’t work!!!Miami is the more clam,experienced team in this case.OKC isn’t going to cut it and what hurt them is losing that Game 2!!!ALL THOSE WHO DIDN’T BELIEVE AND THOUGHT THIS WILL BE A GAME 7 SERIES…LOOKS LIKE YOUR HOPES ARE SHATTERED HEAT IN 5!!!!!!!! Hopefully after this year people will leave LBJ alone and recognize he is the best iun this era,he held his own so ALL THE HATING NEEDS TO STOP #HEATSQUAD

  78. Carltz says:

    Go MIami Heat! I love Rio

  79. ontifex says:

    we love u mr clutch just one more thing lets go HEAT

  80. kobe24 says:

    HEAT in 5., no way this series is going back to OKC,..

  81. Scott says:

    Didn’t think it would be the case at the beginning of the series but, the play of Miami’s role players might win them this thing. We all thought coming in the Thunder had that edge.

  82. deadman says:

    LeBron James and the Miami Heat are getting their ring

    Finally all the hatred towards LeBron will stop you can not keep hating on the best player in the league on both ends of the floor.

    I will be just happy to see them get one ore win because they deserve it.

    • heh says:

      The hatred will never end for LeBron because of what he did to Cleveland and the way he’s acted in the past: immature and childish. People have a right to hate him just as much as you have a right to like him.

      • Fredkyute23 says:

        come on man! get over it! havent you committed any mistake in your entire life? πŸ™‚

      • KingBoo23 says:

        He didn’t do anything to Cleveland he made a choice and moved teams. You don’t see anyone hating on Chris Paul or Carmelo Anthony for leaving the teams they were on. People hate LeBrons choice because it made a team that could mop the floor of all other teams. LeBron is just like any player in the league in wanting a ring and will do anything to get it so him leaving Cleveland was the best choice for him. If you hate on LeBron I really hope you have a player to compare him to that plays in the NBA today. Oh wait there is no one.

      • jay Gerrat says:

        no people dont like him because of the way he went about leaving, if he left and did it quietly like every other free agent it would have been fine, i didnt see deron williams, chris paul and melo having an hour designated tv slot to ‘the decision’ and the fact that he was crowded king james even though he aint won anything, he walked around like he’d won 5 championships like a kobe.. thats why people hate him.
        im a celtics suporter and his the only player i dont like i nthe nba, but i can admitt he deserved a championship,
        to be honest its not even over yet, if thunder win the next one they have two straight at home ?

  83. Jordan says:

    It’s good to see somebody step up on the Heat. A year a ago I don’t think he would have played this well, and the Heat probably would have walked away with a loss with James on the bench. It’s definetly going to be an interesting game 5, mainly to see who brings their game.

  84. kobe24 says:

    HEAT in 5, sorry OKC fans..

  85. airtupas says:

    Just as I said many times in the last few days…Heat in 5! Whoohaaaaah…

    • heh says:

      Yeah but, you probably said the same thing about when they faced the Celtics and the Pacers just like every other Heat bandwagon fan.

  86. LoL at the Thunder bandwagon fans, WHAT is your NEXT excuse? says:

    Wait! I know! The ILLUMINATI is BEHIND THIS!

    lol ok, ok, seriously, just blame it on Westbrook. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

    • Russell Westbrook says:

      it’s 3-1 now so should we start bitching and blame official? Not for me, OKC played a great game, RW was super although Harden really disappointed me but lebron really showed some clutchness there. tip my hat to him but i am still rooting OKC! This is a very good finals no matter what the outcome is.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        nah …the thunder didnt play a good game….DURANT and WESTBROOK played and everyone else watched…..

        Harden is supposed to be a “BIG THREE MEMBER” …well he could’ve fooled me…..8 pts on 2/10 shooting …horrible!

        This is why I wanted the Spurs to go to the finals because I knew the Thunder could not beat this team….Spurs have a post presence and could’ve beat up on the Heat in the paint, there one TRUE weaknesses

    • NBAfan says:

      you guys died with the Lebron last year…so I guess it’s only fair to live by the Lebron this year….

    • heh says:

      You are just as bad as the bandwagon fans you make fun of.

      On another note, Thunder and Spur fans were truly foolish to think this title was going to the West coast so easily.

    • AwwPlease says:

      LMBO!! Stop it!!

    • NBAfan says:

      I’m not a HEAT fan but it’s the HEAT’s TIME….good for Lebron….congratulations on finally getting one…I’m truly happy for you as a player…what I’ll hate is all your fans suddenly calling you GOAT just because of one ring…

      I’ll call you goat if you win 6 straight championships….

    • santiago says:

      Kundai – um Boston Celtics domination of the 60’s? Bill Russel, Sam Jones, Tom Heinsohn, K.C. Jones, Satch Sanders, etc. all have 6+ consecutive championships on that team. In the modern era of the NBA of course nobody has done it which would prove NBAfans point if LBJ wins 6 in a row then in his opinion LBJ would be the GOAT since nobody has done it in the modern era.

    • vik says:

      @kundai the celtics?

    • NBA Fans says:

      @Kundai, the Celtics won 8 in a row from 1959 to 1966.

    • kalbo says:

      im a huge lebron fan and earlier this season and playoffs i though ( or should i say iw as fooled) that kevin durant is already getting close to being at lebron’s level but this series just proved that Kevin durant is not yet in Lebron’s league.. kevin durant is a 6’10 so called second best player in the nba who doest do anything but score..