No Fishin’ Yet For Ol’ Man Fisher

OKLAHOMA CITY – For all the talk about young legs, it didn’t hurt for the Thunder to have an old head and ancient beating heart in their midst coming down the stretch of Game 6.

Look at the lineup employed by OKC coach Scott Brooks in the biggest quarter in Thunder history: 23-year-old Kevin Durant and 23-year-old Russell Westbrook played all 12 minutes of the final period.

So did 37-year-old Derek Fisher.

This is why the Thunder signed him as a free agent when he cleared waivers on March 21. This is why Fisher chose to hitch up with OKC instead of remaining in Houston following the trade deadline-day deal. He can still fish for championships instead of fishing on vacation.

For all their talent, the Thunder needed a Yoda. And make no mistake about it, even in his 16th NBA season, Yoda can still hit the clutch jumper.

Fisher finished the night with nine points and five of them came in the fourth quarter. After the Spurs cut OKC’s lead to two points with 4:51 left in the game, Fisher took a feed from James Harden and stuck in a dagger 3-pointer from out of the left corner. After Tony Parker drove through the lane for a reverse that brought San Antonio to within 101-97 with 2:17 to go, Fisher gathered in another dish from Harden and dropped in a running banker from the right side.

Of course, Fisher has been doing this kind of stuff since way back in the days when Durant and Westbrook were of the age that matches the kiddie wardrobes they now prefer. When he won the first of his five championships with the Lakers back in 2000, Durant and Westbrook were both 11.

“It is hard to stop and reflect, to be honest,” Fisher said. “I am just thankful for my opportunity to play and be a part of this game. At the appropriate time I will be able to look back and reflect on this special time, but we still have some unfinished business to complete, but we took a big step closer tonight in accomplishing our goal.”

The Spurs have seen Fisher take those big steps before, most notably his running shot with 0.4 seconds left in Game 5 of the 2004 Western Conference semifinals, when the Lakers also rallied from an 0-2 hole to complete a four-game reverse sweep of San Antonio.

There was Fisher hitting big shots when the Lakers beat the Magic in the 2010 NBA Finals. Still motoring on near the end of his fourth decade, he comes up almost consistently clutch in the playoffs as his former teammate, Robert Horry.

The Thunder wanted him for his experience and for his wisdom. But they also wanted him because they knew he could still delivered when things got tight and the biggest unspoken statement about that was Brooks leaving Fisher out on the court for every second of that fourth quarter.

“I really wasn’t thinking a lot about it when I was playing,” Fisher said. “I was just fully engaged and engrossed in the action. If coach pulled me, I would have fully supported whatever player came in. But I believe the energy and the momentum in the game began to turn for us after a great third quarter. I think coach Brooks just trusted the group on the floor at the time.”

It seems Ol’ Man River is still too young to go fishing.


  1. Alpha Base says:

    The Fish does it again, wow. Its being talked about now because he has done it so many times. So for the others who think its no big deal, you just don’t get it. He may hurt the ring some( a lot sometimes) because he hurls bricks at it, but com crunch time, not many players deliver and prove they can deliver over and over, whatever jersey they put on.

    Great job. Fun to watch. Would’ve loved to see a game 7 from a fans perspective.

    Good luck in the Finals.

  2. Rocabye says:

    Ima quote Gametime…i care about letters, noy numbers. And if you hsd to pick one player to win you games, it would be KD. Thats why he should and will be MVP imo. Lebeon puts up great numbers…but when it comes to the W, KD is superior. This guy comes through and inspires his team to win.. like Jordan did. That is one mental quality Lebron lacks.

  3. Andy says:

    congrats to OKC and Derek Fisher on western conference champs!!!! those were cold-blooded clutch shots from a proven champion!

  4. jamie says:

    I would love the C’s to get there purely for the fact that everyone wrote them off as they all rode the bandwagon roll in on how amazing the Heat are… I really hope if the C’s get there but if they dont, the depth of the Thunder should pull them accross the line….

  5. Marjun P. Arboladura says:

    what now lakers?you are throwing fisher to other teams.fisher is too good unlike your blake who is too kupchack and brown.

  6. JonasBrothers says:

    Fisher is like Robert Horry. He may be old but never count him out. Sorry Lakers! That’s what you got for betraying a guy whose done a lot for your team.

  7. old man river? says:

    you mean “old man fisher”???

  8. CJ says:

    OKC Will Destroy the celtics period..
    Heat would win like 1 game but okc will still win..

  9. aw says:

    durant is the best player in the nba right now that trophy lbj holds belong to KD this season period .

  10. ezrhino says:

    kevin is better at threes, better at twos, better at pushing and handlling the ball. kevin is better at winning. how is that for MVP? lebron is a linebacker who has a decent mid range shot.

  11. Bluff says:

    Fisher is going to get more rings than Kobe. Love it

  12. Reg says:


  13. PUTANG INA MO says:


  14. infamousbola says:

    Looks like Durant and company are gonna win it all this year. There is even a Jordan comparison with that Durant movie similar to Jordan’s Space Jam

  15. lkenergy says:

    Durant could get 6 or 7 rings by accomplishing this at such a young age and being such a dominant scorer with great cast members. The Bandwagon engine is warming up for many.

  16. derek says:

    Derek “THE DAGGER” Fisher……hits a three!!!!

    Take that Spurs n Mitch kuptchak….

    Bring me back to LA!!!!

  17. Dariua says:

    He is nearing the end of his THIRD decade, not FOURTH decade as you wrote in the article. As you put it he’d be around 47, not 37. Now THAT would be something, wouldn’t it?


    • Akuhano says:

      No, it’s definitely the fourth decade.
      1-10 is the first
      11-20 is the second
      21-30 is the third
      21-40 is the fourth.

      So yeah, you’re incorrect.

  18. Croakus says:

    When Dereks gets his 6th ring Kobe going to be happy and jealous for him.

  19. Level Head says:

    Congratulations OKC! I could see it coming. I knew the Spurs had lost their confidence in Game 5 when they came out on their home floor seeking to put OKC in foul trouble right from kickoff. It was then I realize it’s over. It was then they (Spurs) loose any respect I had for them. I fell in great love with OKC right then for their composure, confidence, calmness and all. They recovered from the initial dubiousness on the part of the spurs. They played good basketball and won a road game right there in San Antonia.

    I am in the East Coast, and I like both the Celtics and the Heat. The OKC team has won my respect. If they (OKC) wins the NBA Championship, I will still be happy for them.

    Congratulations again OKC! Well done.

  20. Fish is what? u blineburry makes me laugh? Why not write how impressive Durant has been in this playoff? I singed it before, it’s goooooonnnnnaaaa be thunddddddeeeeeerrrriiiiinnnng n thunder is gonna be winnnnnnnnniiiiinnnnnggggg!
    Okc vs heats finals ! Please heat make it happen!
    Ok C 2012 world champs of basketball!

  21. RayAllen says:

    fisher really likes to fish clutch shots

  22. Bee says:

    Congratulation OKC…. Majority had doults, they predicted The Spurs was going to take OKC out in 6. The news media and Nba commentators bash OKC…”Oh they to young, inexperience,still wet behind the ears. OKC was never credit for their game. These’s boys is an amazing bunch, they’re basketball junkies, as their coach would say. They love the game of basketball. Threw their consistency, they have proven to be the hardest playing team in the NBA right now. They deserve to be in that championship bracket. Rather you young or old, age don’t matter…. Hardwork pays off! OKC: TRUE CHAMPIONS

  23. Charles Barkley says:

    I dont’ think Fisher’s going to retire until his body tells him too. He looks great. I think he’ll probably play til he is 40.

  24. Grievous56 says:

    I cannot wait ’till Derek gets his 6th ring before Kobe. 😀

    Hope that happens. :]]]

    Go OKC!!!

  25. peendog says:

    Oh GOD! Please…I knew there was going to be a stupid Derek Fisher article written because the man hit two routine jumpers in the 4th quarter. I am a huge Lakers fan and always thought he was one of the most overrated players. Just because he hits an open jump shot and scores 6 points in a game, he’s all of a sudden the savior.

    In this case, a 3 pointer he hit with 4:51 left? How is that the DAGGER?? Are you kidding me? He hit a routine open shot as HE SHOULD. He’s an NBA player.

    Yes, the .4 shot was amazing. Yes the two threes he hit against Orlando in the finals were amazing. Yes his shots against Boston in game 3 in 2010 were amazing, but don’t try to compare those outings to last night.

    It’s articles like this that make me keep thinking he’s an overrated player. Give him credit for the aforementioned accomplishments, but not for hitting a normal jump shot with 4:51 to go. All the credit of last night’s game goes to Durant, certainly not Fisher.

    • Mike says:

      Fisher do deserve the credit from last night game. Although he did not hit the last second shot however the game was back and forth and WB made a few turn over that could result in either team so Fisher shot were big. Yesterday OKC did not win by a big margin, any points near the end of the game would be huge!

  26. J-rizzle says:

    Fish drives me crazy because of his days with the Lakers knocking out my Suns. Yesterday, I couldn’t be more happy for the guy.

    Last year, when OKC went out and got Perkins, it was a huge boost that many considered would get them over the hump and into the finals. But they still were just a little too young to close out games vs. the red hot Mavs at the time. To balance that out, they got Derek Fisher, a guy who may not play that well through three quarters, but is a HUGE threat late in the 4th. Not only that, all those years, all that experience, he is a HUGE leader for the young team. I mean, this guy gave a speech to the New Orleans Saints before they won the Super Bowl a couple years ago.

    Great pickup by the Thunder if you ask me, perhaps the final piece they needed to win it all. That and KD really growing into a huge superstar, which I’m sure Fish is helping him to do. Does anyone honestly expect Miami or Boston to be able to match up with these guys?

    • Christophe says:

      I suggest you stop insinuating the Thunder are going to win it all.
      Barely a week ago, the Spurs were invincible and were going to sweep the Thunder. Now, the Thunder are playing great basketball and they’re the invincibles?

      Both Celtics and Heat have a great defense that might just be able to make it very difficult for Durant & co.

      Yes, the Thunder are very good right now and yes, the Celtics are beat up and it isn’t looking too good right now, but all I’m saying is, every game still has to be played and you can’t be certain they’re going to win it all.


    • Vlad says:

      Yes. This is coming from an OKC fan.

  27. PC says:

    It’s really tough to think about. or idk how to word it but Derek Fisher winning his first ring when KD and RW were both 11! Now Fisher is on the same team as the duo it’s crazy! LoL weird how things work out. One day you’re idolizing and admiring the star players and their first championship. next thing you’re playing with and against them!

  28. TG says:

    One more ring than Kobe!

  29. OKC2012 says:

    LOL……………. First Dirk was supposed to give them problems with his vet team/ last years champs

    Then the Lakers just had too much size in the post……… we saw what happened in these series and how the fans talked trash……

    Then came the Spurs, dominating anything in their way with their never before seen streak, up 2-0 playing with all that ”Nasty” play…

    They then lose not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 games in a row, including an important game 5 on their own court, and a game 6 where they had an 18 point lead!

    Now if they won last night all would be fair, but instead they lost and the fans come back and complain about calls lol. Even the humble Timmy D got all sour and complained about calls….

    I’m sorry I complain about calls too but a team that has no right to talk about the refs is the spurs, the team that has made a living from flopping, they practically invented it with their players from soccer countries. They are no different then the Heat with flopping and complaining about calls….. you do understand that refs watch game footage right, and when they see excessive flopping and complaints about calls that never happened, they are more likely to not give you future calls….

    It’s like crying wolf, you call out and people come to rescue you until they get tired of the lies and pay you no mind.
    This series is over and the better team won, that’s that!

    P.S Hey Miami please watch this Game 6 on replay a few times, maybe LBJ can get inspired by watching the best player in the NBA.

    • ddddd says:

      OK lets break this down here for real…..

      OKC has been considered the favorites since day 1 practically and the media pretty much said that it was going to be a OKC-MIA finals and here is why…. (even though MIA has to prove that they are more than a 2 man game nowdays)

      Dallas let all of their free agents go. They replaced Chandler with Odom who was banished from the team way before the playoffs. They replaced Barea with an old Vince Carter. Everyone is a year older and that team was doomed with the lockout anyways. The people that replaced the free agents are not pieces to a cohesive puzzle of any type. Dirk as a single player gives any team problems, but he is a single player. The thunder are a cohesive team.

      LA was reasonably strong in 3 areas sg with Kobe (A game of course), Bynum (a young monster with rookie inconsistencies in spite of his age and the fact that he is far from a rookie as well as injuries and trade rumors galore), and Gasol (A former allstar that has declined with age and the emergence of Bynum). LA was severely exposed in everything else…. pg, bench (minus Jordan Hill probably), role players, sf, a clutch dagger not with the stars named Fisher and especially the coach. OKC players just exposed everything and made Kobe take twice as many shots as his bigs combined. OKC was clearly the better team there in spite of the greatness of Kobe.

      San Antonio was considered old and they are old. They are good though. I wasn’t going to be surprised either way this season and I always thought that with the injuries and inconsistencies of the East that whoever won the WCF was a shoe-in for the championship. Well I do not think that Coach Pop got schooled by his protege. I simply think that the puzzle pieces just fit together a little better.

      As far as that “nasty” play you speak of, that is simply how playoff basketball is. The great teams figure it out in spite of the refs or nasty play. I don’t know of even one team in the league that doesn’t complain about bad or even controversial calls. They happen. Flopping happens too. The great teams just give you their all and figure it out period. No Matter what.

      No matter if the Celtics take care of business or if the Big 2.5 football their way to the finals OKC has pretty much already won with their pure style of balling and building a team. Looking forward to seeing the team in action on the next stage. The thunder have figured out how to fit a shooting pg, an allstar sf, defensive minded players and a bench all together in harmony. They have it all… and they unfortunately for the rest of the league have not completely figured out how to use it yet. The thunder are scary enough now, but imagine how scary they will be when they figure it all out…. That is what you call a dynasty blooming. so yeah OKC champs 2012 and probably more beyond.

    • sbfern805 says:

      This has nothing to do with the Thunder…Durant is too freaking good!!! He cannot be stopped by anyone!!! YES there were a few horrible ref calls against the Spurs, but the bottom line is that San Antonio stopped doing what they did in the frst half…getting open shots. getting the rebounds and not turn the ball over. Thunder brought it and its all because Kevin Durant is the best offensive player of the game right now… and i say it as a Kobe fan!!!

    • THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT! except for timmy which showed respect to KD at the end by hugging n telling him to win it all

  30. el stone says:

    I like OKC, but not a fan of Fisher. The way he squirmed his way out of contracts in Utah (don’t tell me they don’t have doctors in Salt Lake City) and Houston rubbed me the wrong way.

  31. Schemer21 says:

    That 3-pointer was clutch, no doublt about it, but it’s the intangible things that Fisher brings that have OKC where they are right now. There’s such talent on the team but for a group of guys so young to go 2-0 down against a Spurs team on a 20 game win streak, thats packed with talent, experience and depth, you can bet that Fishers veteran leadership and level head had a huge part to play in OKC regrouping, staying calm and level-headed and winning 4 straight.
    Delighted for them, and for Fisher.

  32. seth says:

    LA Lakers should not have traded him in the first place. he matters during playoffs…

  33. ko0kie says:

    I love the thunders small 3-guard lineup.. when they play westbrook and harden with either sefolosha or fisher… gives them so much flexibility and a deadly offense..

  34. l.k. says:

    Fisher is such a hard worker. I saw him practicing the 3 pt. shot long after others had gone to the locker room before gametwo against the Mavs. Every practice clip on the news- there he is shooting 3’s from the side. It’s paying off big-time! I sure hope he goes into coaching. After the 7th ring, of course.


    Just in case the Celtics beat the Heat in game 6 and go all the way the Finals to face the Thunder, an interesting thing may happen: if the Thunder beat the Celtics for the championship, their playoff run this season will have seen them beating the 4 NBA franchises that have shared the last 5 titles, namely the Mavericks (2010-11), Lakers (2008-09 and 2009-10), Spurs (2006-07), and Celtics (2007-08)… I don’t know if that has ever happened in NBA history, but it could happen this season!

  36. .....justplayball !! says:

    ….Great comeback by OKC… in this game and the series………Go Thunder…..BEAT the EAST!!

  37. freewalks says:

    congrats to OKC.. I have no words to their unbelievable performance; however, refs whistled so many wrong calls against Spurs and that made the game run fast.. Veteran Spurs couldn’t catch up that speed.. it’s the same thing by refs what’s happening to Miami after Game 2.. Rondo says LeBron and Wade are crying all the time, but he doesn’t see that Doc and him as well are doing that too..

  38. spelkey55 says:

    Best thing is the Lakers have been fishin for a while now!

    • uoykcuf says:

      amen to that. They really should let fish stay and retired there. Where are the lakers and their fan boys now? Probably riding OKC/Heat bandwagon.

  39. Kev says:

    Yoda, haha, I love it. Knowing Fisher’s accomplishments over the years I could have been more excited when hearing my Thunder were getting him. I knew their would be multiple instances in the playoffs where Fisher would put his mark on the game. I was there last night and the crowd went absolutely crazy on a couple of key offensive plays: 4) Westbrooks And 1 layup basically under the rim 3) Fishers clutch 3 when Spurs were really making a run 2) Fisher’s bank shot to push the lead back to 4 I believe 1) Durant’s flawless dish to Perk for the dunk to seal the deal–Greatest night of my life!

    • Kev says:

      Wow sorry forgot to finish my point. Where I was going was that Fisher was involved on 2 of the 4 most important plays down the stretch. He is a legend.

  40. adrixe says:

    Amazing guy. just never quits and still play with heart. and that what makes him a champion.
    Congrats to OKC!

    Hopefully Boston advances and OKC will be up for another battle of the senior citizens! 🙂

  41. STIEMSMA CREW says:

    Congrats to OKC, the heat are going to join the spurs on their fishing trips tonight. OKC vs Boston final

    • Retro Silk says:

      Lets give the Steamboat some quality minutes tonight.
      Take some charges and get ’em into foul trouble early!
      Power dunk it over Bosh all night! yeahhhhh!!!!
      The future is GREEN!

  42. raj says:

    OKC was destined to win – the minute harden got hit by meta world peace. – whoever wins MIA or BOS get ready for a 4 game sweep. congrats OKC

    • spelkey55 says:

      CELTICS in 6!

      • Mike says:

        yOu are really funny!!!!! Is it a joke????

      • Mr. Hooper says:

        Hey LeBron!
        You are in possession of stolen property: This year’s MVP trophy!
        We understand that you may have received this without any knowledge of it being stolen,
        so if you return it promptly to it’s rightful owner (Kevin Durant), there will be no further
        allegations of wrong doing against you.
        Thank You in adavance.

      • funny says:

        kevin durant is a great player but lebron deserves the mvp award kevin is a better shooter than lebron but lebron is better at setting up his team. also lebron is a better defender. what other player in the nba can guard all five positions on the court. Also another thing is okc has a point guard and a 2 guard that can get shots for themselves so kd doesnt have to handle the ball a majority of the time and run off of screens. mario chalmers can hold his own but cannot really create his own shot.

      • Mike says:

        The most important quality is closing out game and LB doesn’t have this…….

      • Funnyfury says:

        Ummm lebron cant guard all positions on the floor. He only plays center because his coach is terrible and the miami heat dont have a great center. The team is still incomplete and the coach of miami has no business coaching an nba team. if you look at him its obvious he cant play the game and he makes terrible mismatch decisions. dude shud get canned after this season.

      • uoykcuf says:

        LOL, I cannot say i agree with you but that’s quite smart.

      • ZilchZillion says:

        you mean with the miami ayt?

  43. Marilyn says:

    If I was a gambler, I would be honing in some cash right now. Called it…OKC in game six. Called it… they would win by 5-10 points Wednesday night. Believed in them when down 2 games, believed in them when down 18 pts. What a team!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Kadidia says:

    I’m a Laker…Derek is a legend and i’m so happy for him…GO DEREK, RIFA SIEMPRE!!!!

  45. prediction says:

    Spurs in 4.. so they predicted

  46. Retro Silk says:

    LA should have never released the guy!
    If it were not for my Celtics I’d be rootin for Fisher and the OKC.
    C’mon Celts!!! Let’s close up the East tomorrow!
    Adios Los Heat!

    • fastbreak says:

      heat are beating themselves more than the C’s team itself. Only reason you are still playing in the playoffs. OKC isn’t as inconsistent and should you make it to the Finals, it will be 0-4 exit for you. Heat would at least make it an interesting Finals, OKC vs Celtics would just be boring.

      • WuT says:

        lOL okc WOULD RUN OVER THE C’S. I can see Perkins being a monster getting back at the C’s if games get messy Rondo would get worked by Westbrook and Fisher. Thabo Sefolosha can take Ray or Paul or even Wade out. The Thunder are rolling this team is too young to be stopped and healthy.

      • Retro Silk says:

        It’s not about what series would be more “interesting”.
        It’s about a teams heart and will to win.
        It’s about making the big fourth quarter clutch play.
        Its all about 18! The future is GREEN!
        Welcome to the NBA son!

      • Treshiq says:

        I don’t know about a sweep and I def don’t know about being boring ( especially if you are a bball fan..i take that back i’m a HUGE fan and when the 2007 ASPurs swept the Cavs…man i was in a coma..thatnk GOd it wasonly 4 games)… You have Kevin garnett playing unbelievable basketball, and ePerk isn’t going to stop KG in the paint…He probably won’t stop too many things in the paint..Now if serge steps up as he did game 4 and % that’ll cause problems inside. Rajon will handle Russell….as out of control as he is Rondo would handle that…then they still have capable perimeter shooting in Both Allen and Pierce ( if he’s not too hobbled) ….I don’t think that will be as boring as you make it seem.. the HEat are run and gun talented and super athletic…there’s no way Celtics beat them in a series or win 3 right…Well they are on the line right now. I wouldn’t sleep on Rondo & co.They’ve been doing pretty well thus far,

      • LAL:P says:

        Kevin Durant ain´t boring at all, plus your going to watch how KD rise to the top of one of the greatest. Theres´s no doubt Michael Jordan is the best above all, Kobe is great but now its Kevin durant´s turn to be the face of this NBA! If he wins which I hope he would prove to you that its his time andfor the OKC to be a contender! He will even win a championship before Mr. King james who most people hail him when Kevin is humble and proves he is rising above the so called MVP!!

      • Mr. Fusion says:

        You, kind sir, should have a career in the lucrative industry of fortune telling.

        What you just said with the Cs being swept is just like what other people have been saying about the Heat and Celtics series, Celtics ending the season without a win against Miami. But look at that series now. Heck the Celtics have been dismissed even before their first playoff game started. But look where they’re at now? One win back to the Finals.

        Hopefully the Cs can close the series today, but on the verge of being eliminated, the Heat should be tougher. Until then, it’s wait and see but my support goes to the Celtics.

      • Mr. Fusion says:


        You, kind sir, should have a career in the lucrative industry of fortune telling.

        What you just said with the Cs being swept is just like what other people have been saying about the Heat and Celtics series, Celtics ending the season without a win against Miami. But look at that series now. Heck the Celtics have been dismissed even before their first playoff game started. But look where they’re at now? One win back to the Finals.

        Hopefully the Cs can close the series today, but on the verge of being eliminated, the Heat should be tougher. Until then, it’s wait and see but my support goes to the Celtics.

      • KoreanRedBull says:

        @Treshiq. Dude i get you’re a Celtics fan and all that but saying that Perk can’t stop KG is crazy. Perk did a fantastic job on Tim Duncan, completely turned Andrew Bynum into a no factor, and had his shining moments against Dirk Nowitzki already. KG will get his 20 points…but on efficient shooting? Maybe not. and you’ll be damned sure KG wont be getting as many of those offensive boards.

  47. Fel Mark de la Riarte Arbuiz says:

    THE COMEBACK iz COMPLETE.! history in the making..and what a way to do it, man..THE COMEBACK KiDS sending home the very experienced and muLti-titLed Spurs gang after San Antonio buiLt a very commanding 18-point bubbLe very Late in the first! the young guns of OKC growing up right before our very eyes..and the Thunder advances to The the grandest stage in aLL of basketbaLL..whew.!

    it’s a miracLe..
    no,’s OKC Thunder..
    THE COMEBACK KiDS have done it again..
    reaLLy one heck of a team..

    but the job iz not done yet..
    time to prepare and gear up, kiddos..
    Boston or Miami.?
    we don’t care..
    just bring it on..
    Let it rip..

  48. Mr. Hooper says:

    Purple and Gold blood in his veins… history.
    Silver and Black blood on his hands… dirty
    One more ring… in a Thunder jersey!

  49. LAL4Live says:

    Fisher is just a legend, he has done great things for the Lakers, now with OKC, he wants 2 more rings, and he’s gonna accomplish his goal.