Haslem, Pittman Out For Game 6

INDIANAPOLISUdonis Haslem won’t be playing in Game 6 of the Miami Heat-Indiana Pacers playoff series Thursday night. Tyler Hansbrough will be. And Dexter Pittman … c’mon, does Dexter Pittman’s availability really matter?

The afternoon-after officiating of the flagrant-foul frenzy in Game 5 probably got it right: Haslem, Hansbrough and Pittman all had their flagrant-1 fouls upgraded to flagrant-2 violations, but Haslem (one game) and Pittman (three games) also were handed suspensions for striking the head and shoulders of their intended Indiana targets.

Haslem must sit out Game 6 without pay for his two-armed chop on Hansbrough, which came less than a minute after the Pacers forward put a hard foul on Miami’s Dwyane Wade. Wade got hit in the head and shoulders, too, but in the view of Stu Jackson, the NBA’s executive vice president of basketball operations, that was a foul that fit within the context of basketball. Who hasn’t seen Wade, after all, get up some acrobatic continuation shot that dropped after a defender fouled and let him go?

Haslem’s and Pittsman’s moves, in real time, in replays and in context, were retaliatory moves. That wasn’t included in the league’s news release on their suspensions, but it was evident to anyone in the building or watching the game. Haslem “had” Wade’s back and Pittman apparently decided to do for LeBron James what Juwan Howard had only yapped about. Lance Stephenson, remember, was the Pacers’ deep reserve who made a choke gesture courtside when James missed a free throw in Game 3.

The Heat won’t be happy about losing Haslem, who has given them value scoring, rebounding and toughness (most of it clean) off the bench in the past two games. Will it swing the series? Hard to say. But the NBA would have been remiss – and didn’t offer any explanation for why the game officials got their rulings wrong – if it had let the Heat’s two hammerings go without further punishment. Those veered into hockey, bordering on pro wrestling and had a distinctly dirty feel.

Remember, all Stephenson did was act stupid and disrespect James from afar. He didn’t get physical with anybody, yet wound up getting clotheslined across his collarbone by Pittman’s lunging elbow.

Expect a more buttoned-down Game 6, despite Larry Bird’s “soft” challenge to his Pacers in what might be their elimination. A couple of key transgressors won’t be active and the referee crew almost certainly will have quick whistles, lest things get uglier.


  1. Peter M. Arel says:

    Commissioner David Stern has made me a fan of high school and college basketball by his failure to come down hard and consistently on the players who behave like thugs;SUSPENSIONS FOR LIFE ARE THE ONLY PENALTIES THAT WILL

  2. Peter M. Arel says:


  3. Johan says:

    The 2 suspencions are deserved but why is Hansbrough not suspended?
    His foul could also be called a flagrant 2, but this has all to do with the refs. The made a error with Hansbrough and after that the were compensating for there bad by making the same all game long.
    Why are the not suspended? Keeping a game in control is the job of a ref and these 3 couldn’t keep controle. All those technical;s foul calls in the playoffs says also much about the respect between players and the officiating of the refs.

  4. Ravens says:

    lol this is showing them what they need to win? lol hey hit somebody in the face that’s what it takes to win!!!!

  5. TALIBAN says:

    DRUM ,, give heat a good center , like young shaq and zo ,

    ,, how can you win big games if your center is cute and match up against the giant .. basketball is game of giants

  6. Esch says:

    Add Boozer’s “flagrant” foul last year in the Conf Finals to the list of favors done for Miami. Keyed their big run which won the series.

  7. Esch says:

    “We’re here to win championships…not one, not one, not one, not one, not one….” lawl

    I mostly just want them to lose so that remains funny.

  8. DRUM says:

    The Heat are just a bunch of overpaid thugs, they stand no real chance against any team coming out of the west now or in the near future because basketball is and always will be a team sport. They deserve to get roughed up just for saying that they were going to win multiple championships when the “big three” were signed. I mean, how stupid was that?!!!!

  9. Jeff Van Gundy says:

    Another thing. Anyone remember Chandler’s “flagrant” on LBJ last series? Clearly offensive foul on Chandler, but if that’s the standard by which we measure flagrants, the Heat have enjoyed the benefit of a double standard. Want a conspiracy? Think about how LBJ is averaging under 2 fouls per game while playing 40 minutes per in a series as physical as this. Hey ref, how about some calls?

  10. MagicFan says:

    All you (fake) Heat fans sticking up for your team is really cute. The Heat are the biggest bunch of crybabys the NBA has ever seen. I’ve never once seen Lebron take a shot and not look at the ref asking for a foul. The Heat are just mad that they are getting worked by the Pacers. They would’ve allready been eliminated in this series if the Refs didn’t give them every single call. Hansbro gave a legitimate “Hard” playoff foul. He went for the ball and actually got most of it. Haslem is a bum who should take up back yard wrestling.

  11. HeatHate says:

    Whats up with all this Heat hate. Most of you pple are just mad because your team already got eliminated. lol

  12. don says:

    Pittman could be suspended for the rest of his career and it wouldn’t matter.

  13. you gotta be kidding me says:

    Pacers are a very dirty team from the start they been playing dirty with elbows pushing Heat players to the floor, also danny granger looking to hurt lebron so the Miami Heat said “thats enough” and hansbro is just a disgrace, he know what he did and thats why haslem held his teammate down, their basically like brothers (wade&haslem). now as for pitman, if anyone remember who was on the sideline of the pacers looking to start stuff while lebron shot a freethrow? exactly miami heat dont play. Show some respect pacers, #Heat2011-12 champs! lets go

  14. Esch says:

    Doesn’t matter…Spurs or OKC could sweep the East with the way the Eastern Teams are playing. I miss DRose.

  15. nbafan says:

    great game real entertaining. i disagree on haslem , due to he got laid out with stiches earlier , do agree with pittman that was stupid and a needless play. why are we talking about the lakers?? its about the heat and pacers not the lame cali team that are fishing.

  16. Paul says:

    JMAR you are a fool

  17. NBA Fan says:

    First, Im not a Heat fan. Second I love Basketball. And Third, UD and Pittman went over the line? Yes they did. It looked bad? yes it did. But what its not fair is that nobody cared about Hansborough’s foul. It was intentional? Most people said “He went for the ball”. After the foul please continue watching and you’ll see a smiling Hansborough giving a High-Five with Amundson meaning “We did it”. It was 100% intentional but nobody seems to care. He should have been suspended too.

    And just as a comment, what about Granger? He’s always provoking and trying to start something up. He already has 3 technical fouls but nobody seems to care neither. Those things should be penalized too.

  18. AwwPlease says:

    Stephenson made a choke gesture and then got elbowed in the throat. LMBO! Okay, I can laugh now because he’s okay.

  19. Fefe says:

    Steve, it’s crazy to see you write: “Does Dexter Pittman’s availability really matter???” As if he is useless…

    Of course he deserves the suspension and all, but EVERY player is the same… He made one big mistake, but he’s not Ron Artest aka Metta in any means.

    And it’s because some are WAY OVER MORE RESPECTED than others that some players get special treatments (such as LeBron & D. Wade) in games…

    Anyway……. I hope the Pacers take Game 6 tonight

  20. CosmoFunk says:

    It doesn’t matter, The Heat are winning tonight. Who can stop Wade or James? They are both unleashed.

  21. hamroc1392 says:

    The physicality of today’s game is soft compared to the 80s & 90s. Mostly is Sterns’ fault. Having never played the game, he has no idea that for teams to make comebacks you have to play physical. It’s just the way it is. He’s a businessman concerned with the world’s opinion of the NBA. Funny thing is that back in the days NBA players were respected and as popular or more than they’re today. Plus it doesn’t help that the NBA is subtly trying to grease the Heat into the Finals for the ratings…………

  22. Stephanie says:

    I quite watching the playoffs after that last heat game, I want to watch some basketball, real basketball two teams that can play and be proud of what they did not this flopping and getting away with hard hits that should really be if you have two guys on your team that do something that horrible the team with those players should have to forfeit because there is no place for that type of playing and if the team thinks thats ok then they don’t need to be playing the sport. It’s not football and it’s definitly not good hard playing basketball. That’s street ball with a touch of pro wrestling. Someone needs to check the refs bank accounts because what I see is just a horrible, non professional game of basketball. Well I guess another good sport bites the dust.

    • MH says:

      You do realize you are jumping off with a remark made by the Pacer’s coach about the Heat before the series started…. he was fined $15,000. for that….. and had you been watching all along you would know that the Heat didn’t START the dirty play, the Pacer’s did…. between low blows and trash talking the Pacer’s deserve to be in the toilet, The kind of Ball Byrd is teaching and playing with the Pacer’s is NOT what I want my son’s to learn!!! SHAME ON BYRD, VOGEL, AND THE WHINEY PACER TEAM!!!!!!!

    • Peter M. Arel says:



    • Peter M. Arel says:


  23. HeatKingsOfEast says:

    This had been a rampant introduction on comment regarding the heat. “I had been a fan of miami heat” or “I am a fan of heat” something like that.please don’t be a hypocrite, if your a fan of heat, you will always support the heat, and if your a hater? come on dude! don’t pretend and lie that you’re a fan. I’m fed up of haters commenting on articles regarding heat that starts their comment by saying their a fan of the miami heat. really? ahahhahha. Miami heat most discussed nba team, without the heat the nba is kinda boring! ahahaha

  24. Laos says:

    Guys what does it matter who wins the Pacer-Miami series? Let alone the East Conf finals? We all know a West team is getting the championship this year.

  25. mr-plow says:

    There is a huge difference between playing physical and dirty. Not making a play on the ball and winking after you totally cheap shot somebody is TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR. I hope miami loses tonite but I doubt they will. After all they do have 2 of the best players in the world.

  26. steve says:

    its so funny how these stupid heat fans are whining about hansborough not getting suspended. he went for the ball and haslem didnt go for the ball and plus haslem hit him in the face and pittman for that thuggish play is just uncalled for, seriously elbowing someone in the throat can kill someone, i would’ve suspended him for the remainder of the postseason and a few games at the start of next season. i also see that these heat fans dont remember that play that wade did on collison in game 2 cuz he was frustrated. wade and james are the two biggest crybabies in the league, in fact their whole team is.

  27. el stone says:

    Pittman got a break. What he did was worse than Ron Artest’s foul on Harden. Even though Pittman doesn’t have Artest’s history the foul was so bad and even included a wink. I’m a little disappointed it wasn’t at least a 7 game suspension.

    What I’m even more disappointed in is that no journalist (at least that I’m aware of) has labeled him Dexter Hitman. I just googled “Dexter Hitman” and nothing related to Pittman came up so you heard it here first folks- DEXTER HITMAN!

    Come on journalists- it’s so freaking obvoius!

  28. carlos says:

    the playoffs can get very phisycal, specially when the sereis get long, the fact tha wade was fouled hard doesn’t mean that it was a dirty foul, on the other hand, the heat players fouled with the intention of hurting the pacers, when kobe got his nose broken by wade no one seemed to complain, but as soon as wade or lebron get fouled hard then it’s ok to hit back, at the end it doens’t matter…the champion is coming out of the west…the east representative will be there to play the role of second place

  29. CosmoFunk says:

    The commissioner before he made his decision of who to suspend, I think he looked at both players. One has no tattoos in his body and the other is full of it. If you looked at both fouls, it was obvious Hansbrough foul was more damaging. But then you asked yourself, why Hansbrough was not suspended? The Commissioner is the only one that can answer that. Did he made the decision based on Tattoos?

  30. NBA_Fan says:

    Pacers are just a bunch of fake tough guys. Talk a bunch of smack, and once someone stands up to them and retaliate, they go cry foul in the corner. Pittmans foul was indeed stupid, but Haslem should not have been suspended. Hansbrough did the same. HARD intentional foul with HARD contact to the head. Same thing.

  31. bunbury says:

    it’s ridiculous how can someone be upset for harlem’s suspension. He deserves it. He should’ve received at least 2 days. also, the play should have been called Flagrant 2.

  32. twistergear says:

    None of these really matters. Miami will never win a championship with Lebron James!

  33. Miguel says:

    Although i am a big heat fan, and, of haslem for that matter i have to say that he deserved what he got, and he is the only one to blame for it.
    Please discard the fact that he was protecting or avenging Wade. The fact remains that it was blatant. Hansborough’s foul was not blatent, and although clearly intentional, he did try to get the ball. Haslem went nowhere near it. HE WANTED TO MAKE A POINT, and a bad point for that matter. With Chris Bosh out, he has to keep his composure like James or even Wade inside the court. He is THAT important right now. So, shame on you UH, cause with that irreflected foul you may have cost today’s game. You are a veteran. Did you really think you could get away with that?

  34. bjorn says:

    I do not know what”s the matter with most off the heat fans butt play off basketball is hard basket butt still what they did is out off the box .
    i would like to know if the heat play thunder or boston if haslam will do the same because those two teams also play strong there is no soft foul not from KG, perkins nor ibaka than i want to sse wat they got

  35. Donal says:

    Why is the backboard crooked in the overhead view of the foul?

  36. Randy says:

    Wonder why Wade didn’t get suspended for knocking Daren C down from behind before he even got the ball?

    Hansbrough should have taked the crybabys head clean off!

  37. Andrew says:

    Where is the fairness in that. What ever happened to players that made various bloody fouls on Wade and all the meaningingless. Wade got injured and Haslem. Yet the Indiana Pacer players just got a slap on the hand and are able to play the next game. On the other hand Haslem got suspension for one game. However, i totally agree that Pit’s foul is very disturbing indeed.
    If the governing body is to take serious actions against unsportsmanship conduct. Why only punish some and let the others go. What a wack decision.

    • Miguel says:

      I see your point, but that is not the way to excuse what he did. Blood or no blood, intent or no intent they went to the ball alas rising the question of REAL intent. Haslem went nowhere near the ball. He should have waited for a better oportunity.

  38. spermspray says:

    if pacers cant win game 6 without UH and bosh, they all can go jump off a building

  39. JG says:

    If Haslem got suspended, so too should have been Hansbrough. Oh well, we are still winning. I hope Granger brings more than just his talk.

  40. John says:

    I personally don’t agree with this action, why was Hansbrough not suspended? As a heat and a Miami native all I keep observing is the short comings that our team continue to get from these organization. Why buy or contribute to any of them, great message for our young generation.

    Priceless, it doesn’t take much to review the game for another 8th time to see the countless fouls the Pacers dished out and were NOT called. Larry Bird now encourages hie to be more aggressive while the NBA cuffs our team.

    What is the difference?

  41. malcom says:

    Indiana lack the skills and ability to compete with the heat, that is why they are been playing dirty the whole serie.Miami simply gave them a taste of their own medecine ,now Granger and Hibbert are all crying like babies.Bird knows his team started that nonsense now they cant take the heat .Tyler fool on Wade was dirty he clearly scrathed wade face i have seen blocks shot before i dont remember seing anything like this .
    For the lebron hater please move the man made a professional decision ,

  42. EARCH says:

    Wouldnt it be funny if the comitee of people who decide about the penalties for dirty plays and flagrants would include players like Rick Mahorn, Bill Lambier, Charles Oakley, Dennis Rodman and Xavier Mc Daniels ???
    The Pacers played hard and dirty from the start of the 2nd round and Vogel and Granger tried to provoke the Heat for 5 Games now. The Miami benchplayers went for revenge in game 5 and now suddenly the pacers are the ones crying, complaining and begging for help.
    The Pittman elbow was not cool at all though but other then that its just a physical series with a lot of hard fouls.

  43. Miami fan here made no sense says:

    Miami fan here made no sense, it is a flagrant 2 on both act, should have been suspended for more. given they were not ejected during the game.

  44. Brian c says:

    To me, hansboroghs flagrant was far more PREMEDITATED than Haslem’s. This Indiana team has strategically played super physical ball as a strategy. I guarantee that with that as their preparation, they were given instructions like “when you clobber the guy over the head make sure it at least looks like you are making a play on the ball”. Haslem’s, understandably frustrated, in the heat of the moment just retaliated. (by the way I’ve lost all respect for hansborogh, bird and the whole Indiana team for bringing this hockey mentality to the game of basketball, a la the ny Knicks of mason and Oakley and co.) that said, Indianas strategy worked. They bent the rules and frustrated a key Miami player into doing something stupid. But the nba has got to fix this. It’s bogus. I personally think hockey is a joke

  45. Saied Mirkhani says:

    Unfair to Miami Heat. Pacers has been playing very physical during in this series with the highest number of fouls among all teams in playoff. I think what their coach and GM need to tell them is to play some basketball rather than kick boxing.
    Every time Heat attacks the Pacres rim to score , we can expect a hard foul from Pacers. This has been the story of this series.

  46. Kari says:

    I think this is a bunch of BS.. Last time i checked UD got stiches and Wade had blood running down his face.. Interseting how that ALL goes unnoticed Miami Cant win this hole series has been ran by these so called REFs. Lebron gets whacked and Wade more then anybody in the NBA Lebron gets his head chopped at a few hundred times an nothing is called on that. Pacers cry baby Coach and Cry baby players are such a disgrace. Miami is not a violent team when do you EVER see them get real physical Pacers started the war and now they cant handle it? If you refs allow them to beat up on a team and DO NOTHING the whole game the players will start to take it in their own hands. I was at the game tuesday night and it was just redic. how many calls were never called and how many time Wade and Lebron got wacked that these Refs never called. Im sorry but this whole series has been nothing but a ref ran Pacer sided series. Im so sick of the two sidedness MIAMI is either NOT hard enough or their TO hard and now considered Thugs. Get real people.. No matter what Miami does its never good enough.. Bye Bye Pacers you went and fueled the fire Tonight will be the last night you see the playoffs this season..


  47. Belgian Fan says:

    I am a Miami Heat fan and sure what Haslem did is no way near clean basketball, but c’mon.. take a good look at his face and then cast your eyes over to Wade’s face ? The Pacers started it all and Haslem had enough of the nasty ball playing they’re doing. ” Yeah, but Hansbrough was just going for the ball”. Wade just happend to turn his face towards his fingers or whatever he scratched his face with? …gimme a break !! Haslem was going for the ball as well, Hansborough saw him comming and was scared stiff, so he reacted and made it look worse than it really is….:P

    Why hasn’t he been suspended? Looks to me like he misunderstood Larry Bird’s comment and wanted to prove him wrong by almost scratching Wade’s face off! The Pacers were gunning for it and now that the Heat started showing them how physical ball is played, they started whining, tail between their legs, puppy eyes… boohoo. MAN-UP and play some ball !!

    As for Pittman, you moron, what a disgrace. What he did is right up there on the list next to that elbow MWP threw at Harden. He should’ve been suspended for 7 or more games. Look at it this way: I guess now Stephenson will think twice before making another choking gesture !!

  48. james says:

    grainger and wast out for game 6??

  49. Jenna0306 says:

    Keep hating on the Heat, especially the Laker fans; just worry about the fact that your team(s) got eliminated or maybe didn’t even make it haters!!

    TH should have gotten suspended too but thanks Pacers for waking up a sleeping giant!!

    GO HEAT!!

  50. HeatFanSince2000 says:

    Oh please, Haslem won’t play, ok… but why Tyler Hansbrough will?

    What a bullsh…

  51. Kim Bankston says:

    I don’t think that’s fair at all. Tyler Hansbrough should be suspended for what he did to Dwayne Wade. Udonis has never caused any problems. The NBA should review some of game 4 because it started with Danny Granger.

  52. AI says:

    Ok, about pittman, i really don’t care, and i think noone does care, he really deserves 3 game suspension, maybe more…but how can you suspend UD, and Hansbrough NOT ? C’mon, this is a big bull….

  53. Chieftom says:

    Those of you we think the Spurs are a boring team to watch have not been watching this years version . I admit the old Spurs were defensive minded and all they did was win 4 Championships. The new Spurs can run and gun with the best of them . Check out where they rank on the points scored list this year. Go Spurs!! Eight down and eight to go.

  54. name says:

    man. Pittman should get 7 or more game suspention, if Haslem gets 1 game supention. this is ridiculous. You can kill man when you hit like that.

    • Randy says:

      Not that I am a Lance Stephenson fan but do agree.

    • Nonsense!!! says:

      Oh, and UD and Wade’s attacks could not have killed them???? Came close to taking out an eye in both cases!!!!!!

  55. 23nedim23 says:

    Haslem and Pittman should have been ejected. Video clearly shows that they didn’t went for the ball. Pacers can force game 7 and maybe win this series.

  56. Baron says:

    Pittman’s flagrant 2 I get and his loss really does not hurt the team. Haslem’s suspension really will hurt the Heat in game 6 though.

    Bosh – out, UD – out, Pittman – Out, Miller – playing in some serious pain, Wade playing with knee injury. Game 6 is going to be difficult with half the team out of injured in various degrees. Better suit up under the suit coach. 🙂

  57. Isaac says:

    This is ridiculous. Everyone’s arguing and defending the Heat when the video is enough evidence that Pittman extended his arm out intentionally to catch him in the neck. You can call me bias but I will say that I’m neither a Heat fan nor am I a Pacers fan. This is just an extremely unsportsmanlike play. The suspension wasn’t enough.

  58. HN says:

    Anyway, Pittman is really dangerous. But who’s Pittman ??
    It is a chance for opponents that he never plays…

  59. L4KER5? says:

    Seriously, ousted teams’ fans try to be into stuff that doesn’t even mention them or their team? What’s done is done. Haslem and Pittman made bad calls, they get suspended. Pacers still won’t win 2 straight games. SMH.

  60. HN says:

    It is obvious that Indiana is trying to push Wade or Lebron out of their minds, with their “sooooo talented” (WWE) bench.
    This is not the first time for Hansbrough by the way.
    D Wade and Lebron have flaws for sure, but clearly they won’t screw their game just for a fight.
    I think we see the limits of that team now. And the shadow of Bird. Remember the Celtics. It was ugly when they had to win.

    So, if i resume, a foul is “in the context” if you kill D Wade or Lebron, because they can score even with a foul ??!!
    Then bring up chainsaws, axes, wolftraps, landmines, etc… Authorizing tackles would be good to stop them also.

  61. matt r says:

    Just out of interest…. how has lou amundson’s vicious elbow to UD’s head not warranted a suspension… i’m completely neutral to the series (OKC fan) and looking at the replay had his right elbow caught him i could understand but its his left which he drives hard into his head…. it wasn’t even a flagrant 2…… i don’t understand

  62. pio says:

    Only pittman was the right call, should be even 6 games
    Go heat

  63. Peter says:

    pittman is such a loser.

  64. MIke says:

    well that’s the playoffs..hard fouls, technical’s….who said that the NBA is not a physical game?

  65. mike says:

    Good job, UD! I’m serious 🙂 It was totally worth it, to see that prick Hansbro slapped in his ugly face. You’re gonna blow the Pacers off the court anyway, no big deal there.

  66. jack says:

    I feel David Stern got something to do with this…

  67. Danny says:

    things are very clear… Dexter’s hit on Stevenson proves that he is as clever as a peanut so the 3 game suspension seems tiny…It should be more games than Artest’s on Harden hit…

    On the other hand i am not so sure that UD’s was a foul to cost him a suspension, regarding the fact that the hit is on Phycho-T… tha same guy that cost cuts on the eyebrows of both UD and D Wade.

    My thought is that the reasons they are over the line of physicality are Danny Granger’s stupid bullie reactions and Vogel floping comments

  68. TALIBAN says:

    PACERS players play dirty game all series,, MIAMI players cannot tolerate anymore,, I like waht haslem and pittman did,, good job

  69. Danny says:

    Lol….there are many fouls that are raw, but its the PLAYOFFS!

  70. TALIBAN says:

    that’s team work,, they are not happy when their colleague been bullied,, good job udonis ang dexter

  71. ron jeremy says:

    This is typical rigged NBA. Wade TACKLING Collison, no suspension. There was NO ATTEMPT at the ball. TB went for a block in the air, but wade double clutches and gets hit… accidental contact in the air at best. There’s no arguing that. Wade SHOULD be SUSPENDED but it’s not going to happen. NBA is a business and MIAMI not advancing is bad business.

  72. Vladimir says:

    Metta World Peace – elbow to a head – 7 games
    Pittman – elbow to a throat – 1 game
    You gotta be kidding………

  73. Laker fan for life says:

    I think Haslem punishment is just, however Pittman should have been suspended for more games. His play was similar to Ron Artest’s play. But we all know the league wants their poster team to win. These suspensions were only issued because David Stern & his boys know that the world was watching how they would react.

  74. BigSM says:

    Brilliant Raul!!!

  75. Jeff Van Gundy says:

    I think we can all agree that if Jeff Van Gundy ran the league the quality of the games would improve drastically.

    Even if these suspensions (read: UD’s) help Indy win game 6, I think the Heat will likely win the series anyway. Had UD received a flagrant 2 and been ejected it could have altered the outcome of game 5 and series. Maybe. He was crucial to the surge at the end of the half that then continued into the second half, and his foul occurred before that. I think the punishment, given missing the call during the game, is correct. Pittman wants to carve out a spot on the Heat’s team and since he can’t do it with talent…

    Bird’s right that team went soft. I think he meant mentally and physically, though I don’t think he’s calling for Indy to start playing like thugs. I think he means fight for spots on the floor, loose balls, etc.

  76. John says:

    Completely agree with everything the league has done here, just a little annoyed at the officiating in the first place. If Hansbrough was given the flagrant 2 by the refs in the first place, he would have been ejected and Haslem wouldn’t have been suspended. Doesn’t excuse what Haslem did though. Pittman was just ridiculous, no room for those sort of actions in the NBA

  77. Walter says:

    The NBA final is going to be the spurs – OKC series of which the spurs are going to win. GO SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. MWPOS says:

    As a heat fan i’m happy with the decision the nba organization got to, because first of all we are all nba fans and basketball game lovers.

    All those hard ugly fouls belong to somewhere else (or no where else).

    Today it is your team that gets the punishment the next day it is your player that get hurt.

    Keep the game clean and amazing.

  79. MANLY22 says:

    sorry pacers you’re still a loser!

  80. Bevman81 says:

    Honestly, I think that in the NBA, if you purposely throw an elbow into a man’s jaw, which can be fatal by the way, when your team is up with 30 seconds left, a 3 game suspension is not enough. In my opinion anyone who does that, regardless of their name, how popular they are, or what team they are on, should be suspended for the rest of the season. The reason is because at that point he is no longer trying to play basketball so the NBA shouldn’t let him play. If I was a coach and one of my players did that, even if it was my best player, I wouldn’t play him anymore because that is not the way I would want my team to be known for, a team that will just injure other players for no reason what so ever. 3 games is getting off light. Shame on him. He is an insult to the NBA every time he puts on a jersey from now on.

  81. Joey says:

    The Pacers got Bosh in the first game. Now they are one step to victory—get Lebron or D Wade. I personally believe Haslem and Pittman did something necessary, though it may not be right in many’s opinions.

  82. Sid says:

    Yeah guys but come on. If you watch the clip again you can clearly see that LeBron traveled, LOL!

  83. wer says:

    Wade got the nerve to put a word to Granger that they should play ball and not fight

  84. joeee says:

    wow, i hope my teammates were like them.. never takin sh** from anyobody and always backin u up!

  85. Tommy says:

    Fitting penalties, there are flagrent fouls to psend a message. And then there is the meaningless violence fouls that Haslem and Pitman committed. Sad to be heat fan on the back of that game. Now James will have to push the I win button yet again so they don’t end in game 7 gj Haslem way to screw us over.
    Lets go heat!

  86. Jeremy says:

    wat an idiot..with 20 secs left in d 4th..

  87. OKC2012 says:

    BTW this did all start when WADE did NOT MAKE A PLAY ON THE BALL when he tackled Collison and pushed him out of bounds during that fast break… tell me what he got called for on that play???? I know one thing, no suspension…. and that was by far more dangerous and intentional than Hansborough’s foul. The evidence proves everything and everybody complaining has had their comment put into default territory, evidence does not lie, simple as that.

  88. ken says:

    Pittman did the initiation and also the one knocked down

  89. Steve says:

    I think Hansbrough really should be handed suspensions too.

    His foul on Wade was totally targeted on Wade,not the “ball”.

    And the most strangest is that the highlight caught the moment that after his foul,
    Hansbrough give a high-five with his teammates.

    I think the evidence is so clearly,and nba seems to wanna help Pacers to G7…..

    Pacers = Dirty Balls Team

  90. How is it that tyler hansbrough can knock d-wade out and draw blood and get no penalty while haslem simply retaliates and gets a 1-game suspension. Not defending pittman, but if haslem gets a suspension hansbrough should get one too.

  91. TJ says:

    This all started in game one when wade shoved collison to the floor

  92. Joy says:

    Most people in the world support Udonis Haslem in their polls.
    NBA some times is a joke.

  93. NBA Fan says:

    The two player that physically hurt Heat players (wade stitches, UD stitches) are playing in game 6. The player that made a hard foul (UD) on a guy nicknamed Phycho-T, who walked away with no harm, as retaliation is not. Something is wrong here.

    On top of that the emotional taunting from guys like Granger is an absolute disgrace for the game. And a legend like Bird, whom I love, fueling his team to continue with the physical and emotional harm is something I simply don’t get, times have changed.

    I don’t even want to waste space on a guys like Pitman, what a disgrace.

    In the end, I don’t get Stern, if you (try to) make a statement do it in a fair and holistic way, the way he handled this is showing pure incompetence, likely politics, sorry.

    Either way, whom would you rather see play the Celts (or – hopefully – the 6ers)? I am a fan and I would love to see the last run for the Celts against the Heat rather then the Pacers, whom apparently need to apply this ‘hard’ approach, executive orders. I want to see the best players, legends battling it out in a way the game is meant to be played. Go Celts! Go Heat! Rondo’s t-d’s, Truth, Garnett, Wade, Bron, hopefully CB will be back, great Celts bench players, Allen with his threes. Doc with his character. That’s what I want. That’s what I am paying for. Forget the trash talking Grangers, the Phycho-T’s. Althought Doug and the oh so well-spoken AI made me fall in love with the young sixes, if only they could have a go-to scorer…

  94. Rolexander of Tondo says:

    Im not trying to justify what haslem and pittman did but guys, basketball is a team game and who wants to see their teamates and even themselves get hurt. you receive 8 stitches whether its intentional or not, it still hurts. im not saying what did did was right, i just want you guys to understand why. coz if u cant, you are not a lover of the sport.

  95. Bev says:

    Wade is an excellent player.
    Stop the hate !!

  96. fried rice says:

    lulu ninyong mga animala mo! paxit nuong dagway hansbrough. abiba sas!

  97. David says:

    I’m a heat fan, and completely agree that Pittman deserved the three games. However, Haslem barely got the side of THs head. While it was a hard foul, I believe both should have the same consequences. Watch the TH fould on Wade again – after he hits the ball and his hand contacts Wade’s face, he curls his fingers in and rakes his fingernails across Wade’s face and eyes (and drew blood). How that part is a basketball play is beyond me. If he had just fouled and then pulled his hand back when it initially hit Wade’s face, I can understand just a Flagrant 1 or 2 without suspension. However, just because Wade didn’t get any damage to his eyes doesn’t mean that THs behaviour should be rewarded with a lack of a suspension. A play like that could possibly result in eyesight loss!

  98. League Office Clown says:

    What about Wade’s shove on Collison earlier in the series? Jason Smith had the same foul on Griffin and he got suspended. Why can’t they update that to flagrant 2, it has all the making of an unsportsmanlike foul.
    Who’s reviewing the tapes, Moe, Larry, and Curly?

  99. Chuck says:

    Why bother bringing up Granger and Lebron hard fouls from 2 games ago? They’re trying to stop a trend, not play the “he started it” game. What do we say to our kids when they start doing that? “I don’t care who started it. I’m ending it.” If you hit the ball, you have to follow through and knock it free. Otherwise, you allow that person to maintain possesion and make another play on the basket. Stop blaming Psycho T because Wade lowered the ball but not his head. A play on the ball that draws blood is not worse than an intentional foul on a player, so stop whining about it. The elbow on Stevenson could’ve been an inadvertent foul while trying to box out while he was running around the defender, so that’s the only one I might question the punnishment on, but other than that, I think they got it right. Either way, it doesn’t matter what I think, because the decision is already made.

  100. Fábio says:

    The suspensions are too light…Udonis Haslen should receive a harder suspension, something like 3 games. He really hit the opponent intenttionaly and he tried to hurt the opponent, it is clear. Well…Pittman’s agression is worst than Ron Artest’s elbowing. Why ? Because Pittman hit another guy when the guy was running, The impact is harder, the damage could be worst…For me, Pittman should be suspended for 15 or 20 games.
    About bullying…c’mon….”bullying” ?? oh…What a pity !! Lebron is psicologic and emotionally affected by Pacers comments ? c’mon…This is part of the game..If you play basketball (or another sport), Did you never make “bullying” ? Bullying happens with kids (and it is very serious issue) or when there are some big differences between one guy and others…We are talking about professional players, each one has 10,15, maybe, 20 years playing basketball from high school (or earlier) to NBA. What kind of “bullying” could you do against Lebron and Wade ?
    Nobody is soft during this series, but these two guys deserve a punishment because that kind of things are not basketball.

  101. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    Danny Granger’s roughness is good but look at what LeBron James done to Danny Granger. He intentionally puts his foot under the foot of Granger as a result Granger has a sprained ankle…

  102. Baketball Fanatics says:

    Clearly there are some people who are clearly ignorant and dumb like David Stern. Didnt you see how the Pacers foul the Heat? It’s pretty much the same as what Haslem did. So Pacer fans stop being such idiotic fools and see how your pacers have been playing? Rules say if the foul was intended to the player it calls for flagrant 2. Although Tyler hit the ball, the follow through of the foul was really intended to hit wade. The motion of the hit was not to avoid wade but the other way around. Yes the ball got hit but seeing the reply the direction of Tyler’s hands was towards wade’s head with a slight grab If it wasn’t intentional, the direction of his hands could have been more diagonal thus hitting wade on the arms or hands only and not direct to the face and neck of wade. Reply also shows his hands which seems like he was trying to wrap it around wades head.haslem also had the same motion which he was trying to block the shot but clearly shows that the follow through was intended to hit Tyler. The difference was Tyler hit the ball and Haslem was short of hitting it. Both got intentions of hitting the other player. I do not argue to remove the suspension but rather give one to the Pacers as well as the intentions were the same. So fair justice on both ends should be given. Again, I clearly state that I am not a heat nor a pacer fan. My opinion states for the betterment of the playoffs not to be one sided as to some people who clearly are close minded and just plain stup1d to understand. Playing with the pacers would require the other team to play the same level or else they would loose bodies not just games.

  103. Darklander says:

    Miami Heat is the dirtiest team on the NBA and Wade is the dirtiest player.

  104. Rick says:

    I can understand the league wanting to curtail retaliation and all, but this isn’t the way to do it. They should be coming down hard on the Pacers for forcing such a situation. What team is in it’s right mind is going to allow another team to get away with doing what Hansblow did to Wade? The key is to be sure to punish the instigators as harshly as the people retaliating. If the players knew that the NBA was going to take care of such infractions in a fair manner they wouldn’t feel it necessary to retaliate in the first place. Hansblow committed an F2, regardless of whether he went for the ball or not. His follow through was much much too forceful and the rake at Wade’s eyes just plain dirty. Referee’s blew the chance to defuse the situation by leaving Hansblow in the game. All flagrants should be reviewed by referee’s, not just those called as an F2 immediately.

  105. Unfair says:

    Just go back to game 3 Granger hits Labron on the head no foul , Hstem gets elboed in the face 8 stches… No ejection…
    The only reason this his happaning is because all the media, has predicted that the NBA will do something…. And Larry Bird is the MVP executive this year….. And its all BS politics, nothing to do with basketball, I predict the ref!s are going to call BS fouls on MiAMI key players, and let the pacers dominate the game phsycaly game 7 in Miami is good for business…. But the pacers will lose… Because the players know, and the motivation yields WIN….

  106. bryan says:


  107. douglas says:

    I don’t support both teams and after wwatching the play and the game i don’t even think that hansbrough should get a fragrant , he cleaerly went for the ball. If you have intention to harm a guy when you jump i though you could cleanly swap the ball away from wade that easily. Yes d wade got hurt but that was from the continuation of his hand after swaping the ball away . every shot blocker does it. its imposible to stop ur arm in the middle of the motion as it would most likley injured your body instead. both heat players foul was intentional from the begining did’t see them touching the ball what so ever. or even close to theball at all. It is funny how i see the heat fans complaining. Even though i am no pacer fans but the players that got hit didnt even fall on the floor and just though it up. nice ….

    • Rick says:

      The overly hard follow through is exactly what Hansblow should have been ejected for. Not to mention the rake at his eyes.

  108. Bev says:

    Reply to Lorenzo:
    As I said, “Larry Bird is guilty of inspiring violence” by the comment that his team went SOFT. If we see an increase in violence in the next game, the Pacers have their GM to thank for that.
    Do you think you can just take cheap shots at the Heat and not get hit back!! Larry Bird may want the Heat to get out of their best game by being distracted with dirty play. They may be resorting to this because they can’t beat the Heat.
    That’s why Larry Bird wants to get inside their head.

    • Rick says:

      Bird’s strategy is simple, he has a bunch of no-talent thugs and what does he care if one get’s ejected or suspended as long as they can take Wade or James with them.

  109. oliver says:

    did everyone forget wade should’ve been suspended for his hit on collision also ? he did not go for the ball he hit collision from the back

    • Rick says:

      Yeah and when Granger hit Lebron under the basket (tried to tackle him practically) Lebron didn’t even HAVE the ball. By your logic that should have been a suspension too, or Hibbert when he wrapped up Wade right before the half in game 4, should that be a suspension too? Or granger in game three when he grabbed a handful of jersey without even trying to make a play on the wall. What Haslem was supposedly suspended for was the “retaliatory” nature of the hit. When it comes right down to it, this whole series has had the most atrocious officiating that i can remember, Referee’s finally took off the Pacer jersey’s they had been wearing since the start of game 2, in the second half of game 4, unfortunately they put them right back on for game 5.

  110. Wakocokerz07 says:


  111. First of all, Louis A. from Indiana Pacers started the fight with his elbow against UD.
    Steve Kurr is clearly a Hater, you can see it in his comments in espn.
    Come on Steve Kurr you only made that famous three point winning game in your whole career because you didin´t Michael Jordan sent you to hell cuz you su.”·$%&

  112. terradamnata says:

    MWP got seven, and Pittman only got three? This reeks of injustice, if you ask me.

  113. dumb miami fans says:

    Yes trash talking is what we started but we didn’t start the mob hits.

  114. bobby says:

    seems pacers have been very physical getting away with some stuff cause of playoffs and the “let them play mentality” and now you have a team retaliating to it. yea howard was stupid. But haslam I don’t know about that. Watch pacers player hand claw at wades face after missing the ball. I heard I think it was barkley make one of his dumb comments about lebron being affraid of West. B.S. Anyone see west try to block the lane and lebron took it right to him and west was bent over trying to catch his breath. Where about to watch a boxing match thanks to the nba. And I thank them because the pacers are still the scrubbs just like there old team that nobody wanted to watch and now there showing it. This is why we watch the nfl.

  115. Eric G says:

    This is typical injustice in the application of the rules of the NBA. It is very consistent in the way that a Larry Bird team play’s, FOUL Ball.
    It is a reminder of the Celtics of the 1980’s who would flagrantly foul its opponents every time they could not compete. The Celtics not only intentionally fouled but they did it with such authority that it would intimidate their opponents. The Detroit Piston’s figured it out and they created an equalizer. They provided the same zeal to the Celtics as the Celtics tried to do to their opponents during the playoffs. Celtics ended up exiting stage left and the Piston’s were characterized as BAD BOYS. I really thought those days were over until last night.
    Cheap foul Larry’s philosophy has now been resurrected in the Pacer’s by drafting the worst offender, in my opinion, in College Basketball in Baby Tyler Hansbrough. Baby Tyler went after both Haslem and franchise player D Wade which lead to the retaliation. Let’s go to the tape and see that the chop that was applied to Wade is nothing less than an intentional act to harm him. It was very obvious that he was trying to knock Wade out of the game and the end result was a cut above the eye of Dwayne. I guess that is not a suspendable offense??? It was the intent of Tyler to go after the head of D Wade just like how the Celtics would do it in the 80’s. The league saw it fit to change the charge to Flag 2 but was unwilling to enforce their rules evenly and suspend Baby T. The Bible says a sin is a sin not matter which sin you commit, well a Flag 2 is a Flag 2 and it is disappointing to see that the rules are not applied evenly after further review.
    As much as I despise such behavior, I can appreciate The Heat players wanting to make a statement, YOU GO AFTER OUR FRANCHISE PLAYERS, We WILL NOT turn the other CHEEK! I think the NFL had it correct, those who intentionally go after players to harm them WILL BE suspended and if it is condone by coaching OR the front office, they will be suspended as well. So, NBA, it is your turn… It is time to clean up the league of people like LARRY BIRD, who was in attendance, for not doing the right thing and push the coach to remove Tyler for such behavior. The coach needs to be reprimanded for not sitting Tyler down for such behavior.
    C’mon NBA … Do The Right Thing!

  116. Matt says:

    They are both totally warranted, as far as the NBA rulebook goes, and both fully deserved. It is unbelievable that Miami fans defend or justify either of the hits that were extended as recompense for what they thought was a slight. Objectivity? Apparently dead and gone.

  117. dumb miami fans says:

    How did we start the dirty game. Name the start of it.

  118. dave says:


  119. what else could be done says:

    Lack of calls forced the Heat, as a team, to do something. If you’re Haslem, you have a gash over your eye. You just saw your teammate nearly get his eye gouged as well. Officials are not really doing anything to protect you. Someone has to stand up for the team. To turn the other cheek would invite more abuse. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Haslem, having been inured himself, responded.

    While Haslem had to hit hard to make a statement, it seemed like he aimed off center to prevent serious injury. His hit was dangerous and obvious, but probably less dangerous than aiming for the head with clawed fingers.

    In light of Pittman’s awful foul, the NBA may have felt the need to send a message by taking Haslem down as well. I’m not sure that would be fair, when accounting for team play as a whole. Maybe the NBA accounted for injuries that took two Pacers out of the game, but Bosh had been injured as well, without blame or action. Injuries happen during the course of regular play and it’s hard to be certain of intent.

  120. Kinglion23 says:

    The refs are babysitting the heat. They should be firm on their calls. Foul on Haslem was originally called Flagrant 2 and it was downsized to Flagrant 1 only to be upgraded to Flagrant 2 after the game. WOW! The pacers have no chance of winning this series because they are against the Heat, the refs and the NBA. NBA is way too scripted nowadays!

  121. NBAfan says:

    Losing Haslem hurts the heat A LOT, especially with Bosh out. Pittman…who cares. He was a hired goon. James didn’t even react in the bench…either they didn’t care or they knew it was coming and trying to plead ignorance.

    LOSING GRANGER or at least having him not play 100% on an injured ankle is a HUGE loss to the Pacers….

    I don’t know who will win the series (money is on Miami if I were a betting man), but it’s not looking good for the Heat overall if their goal is the RING…..

  122. KIM.MATHENGE says:

    tHey will be all right it’s the leastern conf.

  123. I love this game!JOJO says:

    come on! Pitman would not be ending to act like that if the ref was do their judgement to Tyler & Haslem put them out of the game again the judgement still stupid on why Tyler was not suspended where more intentional part after the contact w/ wade took high five as accomplishment?

  124. dumb miami fans says:

    I can make the argument that lb should be to with all the elbows that he has thrown trying to hit granger in the face with them. I your referring to the pull on the jersey O ya that was so rough.

  125. luke says:

    pacers are hillarious – they start all this rough stuff then start crying when that intensity is matched. happened last year versus the bulls, happening again against the heat. don’t know if it starts from the top, but i have no respect for this ball club whatsoever and can’t wait to see them out of playoffs so we can get on with watching descent fair basketball, the brand the pacers don’t seem to inspire

  126. Arbalet says:

    Heat fans are talking about double standard… Well, it’s really double standard in NBA right now. Haslem foul was worse than was Artest did. He should receive at least the same 7 game suspension (as well as Pittman). Miami CHEAT is also a CHEAP one. Could some fans stop crying about what poor Miami players suffer? They are the dirtiest NBA team, especially Wade & James.

    • Sick says:

      you’re the one who is crying… coz you’re very afraid of the heat.. lol

    • Nonsense!!! says:

      You are talking through your ………. bottom!!!!!!! Go look at the tapes again…. NO comparisson at all! NO Heat are NOT dirty, nor do they cheat… they have ignored all the trash talk from the childish Pacer’s….. BUT when you start pounding players…. enough is enough!!!!!!!!!

      YES….. it seems a double standard when Pacer’s GET AWAY with no suspension, he shook hands with another Pacer after he hit Wade….. justify that…… idiot!!!!!!!!

    • Lorenzo says:

      No Haslem’s foul pales in comparison to what World Peace did….

      More ad more I’m wondering if these typical “fans” are even watching the games or even know the rules of the sport for that matter.

  127. ethan says:

    Think about teh Millions these guys are getting paid. and they are complaining about some hard fouls. pathetic, let them play and unless someone gets hurt do not call a fould. simple and easy to understand. make them earn there millions. what they had to do in the old days. play through contact and they did not even get paid as much. so pathetic the modern NBA.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Just because you’re getting paid a lot to play basketball doesn’t mean they have to be beaten up on the court. You’re supposed to make plays on the ball…not the bodies.


  128. Lorenzo says:

    Guess I’ll just post it down here to save repeated replies.

    Hansbrough made a play on the ball and hit Wade on the follow through.
    Haslem made a retaliation foul – no play on ball.
    Pittman made a retaliation foul – no play on ball.

    If you can’t see the difference, why are you even commenting on the league’s decision?
    I don’t agree with not having something done to Hansbrough, but the fact of the matter is…he did make a play on the ball.

    Should Wade have gotten a suspension for breaking Kobe’s nose in the all-star game? I bet those opposing these rulings won’t say yes to that.

    • Michael says:

      I’m glad someone here can read the rules and actually understand them. I was stunned that the refs did not call Haslem’s and Pittman’s fouls flagrant-2s immediately. I predicted a three-game suspension for Pittman yesterday; I thought Haslem’s was probably worth half a game, which has obviously been rounded up to one.

  129. smartest guy ever says:

    Granger should be suspended for the unnecessary roughness on LBJ.

  130. dumb miami fans says:

    Get a grip….Just like Charles Barkley said The Miami Heat are a bunch of whinny a$$$ and it makes him sick. I would say I have to agree. the only people on here that is complaining is heat fans. Need I say more. By the way to whom every side white boy that alittle racsist dont you think. If you look at the replay he clearly got the ball first and then the head.

    • Nonsense!!! says:

      Read ALL the comments… Miami Fans are NOT the only ones here who think it was a nonsense ruling and one sided. Charles Barkley? You really quote Barkley here? He is an idiot, always had a lot to say about Miami and nobody respects his opinion…. he needs to go arch his brows again!!

      The cry babies have been the Pacers, what planet are you living on? The ONLY team playing hard and trash talkingt in all of the series so far has been the Pacers… they started before the ball ever hit the court!

      Miami keep taking the high road!!!!!!!!

    • Baller says:

      “The only people complaining are the Heat.”

      What should the Pacers complain about besides going fishin’ on today? They are the ones fouling hard throughout the entire series and they get no consequences so far. It’s a physical series but the intensity kept mounting until the flagrant fouls came in numbers. Hannsbrough should have been ejected, then the Heat don’t retaliate. Hannsbrough hit the ball but the followthrough was excessive and clearly not a play on the ball…

      And just to remind you, you can hit the ball first all you want. If you take the guys head off afterwards or clobber him or bodycheck him, it’s still a foul and in the case of Hannsbrough fouling Wade, a flagrant 2.

    • Rick says:

      Charles is a whiny hypocrite. One of the dirtiest players in the history of the NBA and he’s talking about the flagrants last night like it was something he never ever even thought of doing. Maybe Udonis should have just knee’d Hansblow in his “onions” like Charles would have.

  131. Andy says:

    Miami Heat players (Haslem and Pittman) and fans (who cheered on a flagrant) are a disgrace to the NBA. Grow up Miami!

    • Rick says:

      The only disgrace to the NBA is the way the Pacer’s have played this entire series, instead of playing clean defense, or even trying to, they have done nothing but foul. The fact that Granger and Hibbert don’t even attempt to make defensive plays, instead just choosing to foul say everything i need to know about Bird and his pathetic “team” the Pacers.

  132. miami hater says:

    the reason haslem was suspended because he was not ejected from the game, which he should have been, and who is pittman, he was just put in there for a hit man, they should take a look at the miami coaching staff

    • David says:

      I don’t agree with what Pittman did, but Spo or any of the other coaches have never been known to use that type of tactic. Pittman did it of his own volition, and it was flagrant and deserved the three game suspension (easy to say for even myself as a Heat fan). Look at the game though, Pittman was in there to complete the game with all subs in the game to avoid any potential injuries to important players.

  133. nath says:

    that is so unfair to haslem, indiana started the dirty game, they can dish it out but can’t take.that is a shame on the NBA , be fair some times.granger was all over LBJ, pulling his jersey, hitting, justice served, he gets hurt lol.

  134. PacerHater says:

    if the pacers will ever win the series, its because of luck facing short handed teams . .from orlando to miami

  135. His Flashness says:

    I think the pacers has a wade rule…which remembers me of a roster of pistons many years ago.. they have a Jordan rule… the rule is not letting MJ go to the rim and once he tries… he receives a hard one… but not this time… i know wade knows about the story and he is prepared for it… IF A HAMMERS FALLS ON HEAT… DONT BOTHER THEY WILL CATCH THE HAMMER AND USE IT TO PULL THE NAILS (PACERS) OUT OF THE PLAYOFF LADDER TO GOT THEMSELVES TO THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS…..

  136. DRose says:

    Why is everyone saying that the Heat are getting the short end of the stick? Hansborough’s foul was a hard foul, but he actually hit the ball first. Haslem’s foul was clearly getting back at Tyler for the foul on Wade, and he didn’t even make a play on the ball. That is why he is getting suspended. If anyone even tries to defend Pittman they are an idiot, he even winked to a teammate after the play. It’s obvious that the Heat had ill-intentions on their fouls, and Hansborough did not. I personally think that Lebron should have also received a suspension for blatantly stepping under Granger on a jumper and causing him to leave the game with an ankle injury.

  137. Cordell says:

    Suspend Spoelstra for making Dexter Pittman become a goon for Lebron and D Wade….sad and pathetic. It was very clear he sent him in the game to do ONE thing….very cowardly act. Granger and Stephenson have just been trash talking this whole series which is pretty much nothing… it was no need to make it into a brawl event

  138. Basketball Fanatic says:

    This is an obvious biased decision. I would still agree for suspension to the players but why is it one sided? They should also take a look at the fouls Pacers are giving to the Heat to be fair. Granger has been giving hard fouls to LeBron and note that those fouls are not intended to get the ball but to possibly hurt the MVP. All that we are asking is to have a fair judgement to the fouls given by both teams that we enjoy a clean and great game. NBA is looking like fixers who gives decisions like this to get more ratings. I think they want to have a reputation of having everything scripted like WWE. Common basketball should be a clean sport but these people make it dirty, I’ll not be surprised if after a few more seasons fewer people would no longer watch NBA. I am not a fan of the Heat or Pacers, this is how I see things all throughout the series. So Commissioner David Stern, we are calling you out to review the other parts of the series and games. The Pacers is a very physical team to play with if any other team would do it as well it would result to suspension. Do not just listen to some lame advises from a bunch of rating driven lunatics. Step up and do the right thing even for once.

  139. eknujsra says:

    Keep your cool LBJ and Dwade..You got this..

  140. Miami says:

    UD We Love you.. Pittman I really had a big expectation from you but you failed man.

  141. Mark says:

    This series is definitely going 7 games now! Let’s go Pacers!!!

  142. mrwormburn says:

    I would be remiss if I didn’t call out SA for being so biased, yet again, and trying to portray Haslem’s foul in a far worst light.

  143. Tyler Durden says:

    Dear NBA,
    Have you forgotten that the Indiana Pacers are the ones that have instigated this type of play? They (Indiana) have played this series dirtier than any team has played any game all year. Why are the Heat paying for Indiana’s dirty play? Watch the game, Indiana shoves, pushes, elbows, and flat out fowls every chance they get and yet you only punish the Heat! I guess you (NBA) are trying to get as many games out of this as you can, because we all know if it were not for the Heat no one would be watching Indiana!

  144. jipz says:

    SO UNFAIR. . Tyler Hansbrough should be suspended too! the act of haslem was the same as what hansbrough did to wade!

  145. matt says:

    this is fair! go look up the rules the white guys foul was absolutely a flagrant 1 not 2, but both haslem and the bench player were flagrant 2s due to the excessive contact. Go look up the rules.

  146. shaqfu says:

    I don’t think that Haslem nor Pittman will regret what they did, and a sanction is a sanction. But come on NBA officials! What Hansbrough did was legal despite blood gushing through Wade’s head while Haslem’s was illegal despite nothing? I smell rotten apples here… anyway, let’s get it on Miami! GO HEAT!

  147. mike says:

    LMAO!! you guys sound dumb haslem didnt go for the block he went for tyler’s face with not 1 but 2 hands! and pittman hit lance with a elbow to the throat that could killed him and tyler went for the block which turn into a foul he follow through so wade couldnt throw the ball up and get a foul and one

  148. JPrez says:

    One game is not enough for Haslem, he should be out for the series and Pittman should got the same as Worldpeace, The NBA is on the Heats Jock that’s why these suspensions are so short, Thank god the next champs are coming out of the West.

  149. Dave says:

    Haslem suspension seems excessive. I guess, it must have been ruled that it was in retaliation to Wade getting hit, and they are trying to send a message to the players that this comes with a heavy penalty.

    3 games for Pittman sound about right. Lucky he didn’t dislocate the guys knee the way he stumbled after getting hit.

    The Pacers aren’t soft, the NBA makes it seem that way. You can’t get away with hard fouls anymore.

    • Nonsense!!! says:

      Are you kidding??? Pacer’s GM, Larry Byrd is the one who chased down a reporter in their home town today and told the reporter that his Team was soft…. S O F T…. that did not come from the NBA…. no respect for Byrd, he created this nasty team…. heard he put Vogel up to the flopping comments to try to sway things in the Pacers direction….. trash talking cry babys!!!

    • Rick says:

      No not soft, just dirty and so lacking in talent that they can’t make a clean play if their lives depended on. Hibbert wrapping up Wade instead of going for a block, he didn’t go for the ball, flagrant and suspend him too. Granger gets ball stolen and just grabs jersey, no play on the ball there, flagrant and suspension! Pacers are POS’es. Granger practically tackles Lebron under the basket in game 2 and he didn’t even have the ball, should have been a flagrant and suspension for him too.

  150. New york says:

    Go People who did this really Good I guess you like indana better than the heat WHY That was not fair .. What ABout the Pacer play Cutting Wade

  151. Spurs > OKC says:

    Seriously…So you’re teling me that Udonis Haslem can be suspended for 1 game but Indiana can get away with the same hits on Dwade and Udonis with cuts above the eye? Way to go NBA, your good ole double standard. Indiana Pacers = Spurs 2.0 (You’ll never be better then the first one). Danny Granger, how about you let your game speak for a change? Kawhi Leonard is already catching up. Spurs vs Heat/Celtics NBA FINALS

  152. Um, who? says:

    Who’s Dexter Pittman?

  153. Jay Cruz says:

    Oh common, why haslem? why not the indi guy too? No haslem no bosh, no power forward for heat in Game 6. That would be a challenge for Lebron and company.

  154. Woohoo says:

    all the heats big are out . . . who will replace haslem? howard? curry? awts . . . game 6 will be hard for the heat . . . pacers always get the advantage . . . we’ll see how the heat respond . .

  155. Ian says:

    What are you talking about? Haslem did not go for the ball. Hansbrough mad a legit play on the ball, flagrant one was justified. I’m really tired of people who have no understanding of the rules come on here and try to sound intelligent. I’m not a Heat fan nor am I a Pacers fan, I’m just a fan of basketball. Pittman getting three games, does that really matter? He should be throw out of the playoffs. Theres no place in the NBA for some no name bench player coming in the game with no other intention other than to be a hitman. If he doesnt want to use the 2 minutes of playing time he gets to play basketball kick him out.

  156. Brandon says:

    Hansbrough needs to get a 1-game if Haslem did.

  157. crwuser says:

    Hansboro raked the heck out of Wades face and he doesn’t get a suspension?!?! That’s real bogus, I mean his actions started the whole thing!!!! Come on Stu, you should have got Hansboro too.

  158. Tom C says:

    Definitely got it right, there’s a difference between hard fouls and just blatant striking of the head and neck

  159. googergieger says:

    Now all they need to do is suspend Wade for that shoulder tackle and Kobe for that almost concussion he gave Faried.

  160. markyboi says:

    How about the flagrant foul Hansbrough did to Wade?

  161. John Hoe says:

    NBA has made its statement. You can kill someone as long as you hit the Ball.

  162. eric says:

    the pacers are playing physical ruggedness since the start of the series.what about the guy who nailed wade?and everytime lebron goes for a drive.this pacer always pulls lebron.s jersey.its just a matter of time the heat will return the favor.but the pacers already tasted it in game 5.the heat just want to remind the pacers that they can do better.

  163. Something'sFishy says:

    That is seriously UNFAIR for Udonis. If he got suspended then why does Hansborough got away with his (probably an intentional) foul on Wade? This is so UNFAIR!!! Anyway, even with a disadvantage the HEAT will still prevail. Pacers are just hype they can’t walk the walk all they do is just provoke.

  164. G-MAN says:

    I HAVE LOST ALL RESPECT FOR THE NBA REFEREES…double standard is correct!!!…Every system normally has a double check process…who judges the referees for their poor judgement????

    • Nonsense!!! says:

      The refs got it right, although I agree about Pittman…. it was Stu Jackson (friend of Byrds) who changed the fouls to two’s and handed out punishmment… oh wait…. only to the Heat players!!!!

      Such garbage!!!!! This is a disgrace, what is this teaching the kids???

      Heat…. take those crybabies out of their misery!!!!!

  165. marlon says:

    they must also suspended white boy Tyler… who started that messed..

  166. fREd says:

    @Belizeboy.. that’s right it’s really unfair.. Look at the upper eye of Udonis. That decision is IMBA…

  167. Part says:

    oh wow that just isnt fair. Pittman i get, replay wise, he hit Lance hard. but UD too? and no one from Indiana? Ok UD hit Tyler hard, but he did not hit him on the head, he hit both his hands on his right hand, which he was going up with the ball. and Tyler hit wade on the shoulder and head, and he was bleeding, and NBA thought that was relevant to the basketball play? Tyler didn’t seem to be bleeding. whatever man, who even listens to these comments that we write.

  168. Brazil says:

    Yes, Tyler Hansbrough should had been suspended too..

  169. fair says:

    Its probably close to fair, although I think Haslem should of just been fined, his was a hard retaliation foul that glanced the head and mainly got body. Pittman should be looking at more games as he head hunted and made no basketball play. But all in all, it just means Wade and Lebron will have to do even more if they are to pull off a win in game 6

  170. nic says:

    just show how bias NBA is… what about the flagrant foul of Tyler Hansbrough??? wake up NBA officials… DWade had a cut!!!

  171. samuael Tolentino says:

    This is ridiculous. I am an NBA fan. Not Miami or Pacers fan and I watched all the NBA playoff games.
    Pacers have been playing so tough committing several hard fouls during these 5 games. Miami, OKC, Saint Antonio, Boston, Phili etc.. are all playing nice basketball but Pacers games are more like wrestling rather than basketball. In fact Pacers have been the toughest team in this year playoff with hardest fouls.
    I am wondering why NBA executives just considering Miami’s fouls. This is an encouragement for Pacers players to commit more fouls in game 6 with no punishment and the support of executives specially when you combined it with the statement from the ‘KIA best GM of the year’ that believe his team is very S.O.F.T.

    • marlon says:

      with the statement of Larry bird, his team was so soft… What did mean by that?!!!! He wanted to see blood on the floor?? This is basketball and not UFC…..gosh!!!

  172. Ken says:

    the heat should trade: pitman, anthony, jones, miller, in return get eric gordan, (new orleans) johny flynn from portland trailblazers):and Rashard Lewis from washington wizards, that would help (chris) in the 4 spot: wade at the two spot and help at the point with extra scoring ad leadership at the point. ask pat what he thinks. And please let me know what you think!.

    • marlon says:

      what a lousy suggestion….

      • tmjpn says:

        Yeah.. Rashard Lewis is about as useful as a door stop, but one with the non gripping bottom that still lets the door close unless you really wedge it in there.

        If anything.. for a Big man they should go for Greg Oden now that he’s been waived.. It’s a chance – a risky chance – but it could work out – it seems better on paper than Eddy Curry?

  173. dwaggy says:

    ARE YOU SERIOUS?????? Haslem’s foul and Hansbrough’s foul were EXACTLY the same…they played like that all series with Granger foulin LeBron…and don’t get me started on the worst refereeing half in the history of the NBA in Game 3.

  174. BIGMatta23 says:

    NBA got it right on the money. Hansborough’s was a good hard tough NBA playoffs foul, he did get the ball first afterall and therefore rightly gets away with it in-game. It was upgraded after the fact to Flag-2, probably fair. Haslem certainly had no intention other than to take out Hansborough, 1 game = fair. Pittman was just a thuggish Bynum impersonation. I’m surprised he didn’t get 5 games actually.

  175. George says:

    one more thing… let them play!!!!! Flagrant 2 fouls shouldn’t be handed out like candy, i mean c’mon its the Playoffs.

  176. AftaBurnazzz says:


  177. ayesha says:

    I agree with what Belizeboy said. Regarding what the Indiana Pacers have done to Haslem, they should be held responsible for that also. I mean that should also be penalized. If Hansbrough can play in Game 6 well its fair seeming that Haslem will be playing Game 6 too. We all know both of them and rest of the teams were physically hurt in Playoffs and to be fair, same decisions and attentions must be done to them.

  178. Let's GO HEAT! says:

    let’s hope they can handle the pressure and win game 6..

  179. yadada says:

    Pittman should have gotten more games. Tyler and Haslem both had hard fouls but Pittmans was just nasty. If it was Ron Artest that did what Pittman did it would be a MUCH bigger suspension.

    Anyone who supports what Pittman did is just as bad as he is.

  180. Sam says:

    Tyler Hansbrough body language after that foul was all anger, fair enough you try stop wade from throwing a shot up but he didn’t need to throw his hands down with that much force. My opinion Haslem should of hit him harder so he can earn that suspension.

  181. brybok says:

    for me Stu Jackson made a wrong decision there. it looks unfair for haslem that he was suspended while hansbrough would be allowed to play.

  182. John says:

    As mentioned elsewhere, the real punishment should have been to force Pittman to play 36 minutes a game.

  183. Rick says:

    This is a travesty pure and simple. Pittman got off lightly for what he did, but Hansblow got off scott free for his attempt to injure one of the league’s biggest superstars. Going for the ball or not, i thought one of the most important prerequisites of review was how hard the follow through on a flagrant was. Hansblow hit Wade with every bit of force he had, as well as making an attempt to rake Wade’s eyes with his fingers. That he wasn’t suspended is a perversion.

  184. tmjpn says:

    “Remember, all Stephenson did was act stupid and disrespect James from afar.”

    Of course he did. It’s all he can do because a player that deep on the bench will rarely ever get a chance to be on court the same time as LBJ to offer anything more.

    Still, Pittman’s elbow was a low act, warranting the suspension. I guess you could call it the “Pitt maneuver”..

  185. George says:

    Hell yeah!!!! This is just great playoff basketball. Hard and retaliatory fouls are simply bound to happen, and besides they’re all grown men not boys… they can take a little jostling.

  186. cherrypopper says:

    the sooner these south beach sissies get suspended from the playoffs the better for basketball !

  187. Why is it okay for Indiana to commit hard fouls on Heat stars but not ok by the Heat? Are there different rules for different teams? Had there been a flagrant 2 on the spot for hansburro with ejection, there would have been no retaliation.
    If drawing blood doesnt draw a suspension from Stu-pid Jackson, what will it take?

  188. nbapacersfan says:

    The NBA got it right, albeit a day late. Play ball !

  189. John S says:

    I really think the shake of hands after the flagrant to Wade should have also gotten Hansbrough suspended in game 6. What the Heat did is not correct, but theyre the one with stiches and theyre the only ones suspended, something is wrong here.

  190. Nonsense!!! says:

    WHAT???? How could the NBA moron Stu Jackson justify Hansbrough’s foul on Wade with getting no game suspension?? What is he saying, almost knocking Wade’s eye out, or almost causing a cut deep enough for stiches, not important enough to the NBA??? Or is it because Granger said the NBA would punish the Heat players? Oh wait…. he said He didn’t mean to bash Wade in the head but yet he celebrated with his crybaby team after he socked Wade.

    Sick of the one sided punishment, time to boycott all things NBA

    Now for Byrd…. instead of talking to his Pacer Team, he waits, seeks out a reporter and then tells the reporter what he thinks of his own team……. WHAT???? I have lost ALL respect for this man…. no wonder Vogel and his team are the way they are….. I heard Byrd put Vogel up to the flopping comment, now seems like it’s true!

    Heat do it big in game 6, tired of these cry babies!!!!!!!!

  191. dave says:

    If pacers want to win you need to injured LBJ Or Wade….

  192. Mahalia Ann says:


  193. Rene says:

    Pittman suspended for 3 games; completely understandable. He has done nothing all year, all series long except bringing shame to the team by doing something like this. But really? Haslem suspended for game 6? That’s some bogus.

    Haslem’s foul was no doubt a flagrant 2 foul, that’s fine. But a one game suspension? It was a hard foul, just like Hansborough’s foul on Wade. Why isn’t Hansborough suspended? The Pacers dealt two major blows to two Heat players that caused stitches in only a span of two games, and Haslem gets suspended? The Pacers already “won” in their little exchange of fouls as they were able to injure one of the Heat’s stars. I just don’t understand why Hansborough’s foul (which led to stitches) did not lead to a suspension while Haslem’s foul (no apparent injury) did.

    If the league think that Hansborough’s foul was justified just because “Who hasn’t seen Wade, after all, get up some acrobatic continuation shot that dropped after a defender fouled and let him go?”
    So it’s justified for Hansborough to foul Wade like that simply because Wade can make an acrobatic no look layup unless he gets his eyes gauged out? Why not just break Wade’s hands in that case.

    Honestly, the Pacers haven’t been playing “tough” basketball in this series, they’ve been playing like thugs. Look at Granger trashing talking at every opportunity for NO apparently reason (just plain stupid), and Stephenson doing the choke sign (immature). They’ve been getting on the Heat’s nerves and now the Heat has to suffer a loss to their third best player (due to Bosh’s injury) just because they decided to fight back a little? Please, this is bogus.

  194. Bob says:

    they both should have had 6 games
    why not
    because it’s the heat
    the nba wants them to win for laboob
    just like the western teams playing back to back but not the heat

    what ever

  195. unsane21`` says:

    he deserved it

  196. Zero says:

    Nah.. i think Hansbrough should join the group. >.< As a Heat fan, I'm disappointed of what Haslem has done so a 1 game suspension is enough but Hansbrough, c'mon let him join the group.

  197. tmjpn says:

    “Remember, all Stephenson did was act stupid and disrespect James from afar”

    Of course he did – A player that deep on the bench can’t even get on the court the same time as LBJ to offer anything more..

    Still, Pittman’s move was dirty and totally un-needed.

  198. Sam says:

    What about the Grangers constant fouls? Big loss for the Heat, especially with Bosh out still too.

  199. Anand CMU says:

    Cannot agree more with the league’s verdict, especially for Pittman, Its unbelievable how players can act so stupid at times. Game in the bag, after basketball did the talking (for the most part at least), Pittman goes and performs a clothesline WWE style and that too for making a choke sign at Lebron. I mean who cares, he even apologized for his actions. UDs flagrant 1 also should have been a flagrant 2 and was probably more vicious and dangerous than Tyler’s hack. I wouldn’t have even questioned the league had they suspended Tyler, lets keep the game clean. Good stand by the league.

  200. Larry O'Connor says:

    Rumor has it Lance is a punk, but I never let rumors sway me. All he did was act silly, but then gave a great apology! Pittman’s dangerous foul was over the top. If the NBA doesn’t put a stop to it soon, someone is going to get hurt badly or killed and then it will be a foul to look at the other player! They had better police themselves before they get “policed”.

  201. Truth says:

    In my opinion, the NBA forgot one more suspension, you tell me who..

  202. nba fan says:


    It was obvious Haslem nor Pittman was going for the ball, so suspension is no surprise.

    Now we await for granger’s fate, he a significant piece if the pacers want to win.

  203. Raptorland says:

    Bird just called the Pacers softies and Heat just lost another big. I thought Miami was going to make the pacers road kill in game 6 with a 3-2 lead, but now it should be interesting. This one swings back to Miami if Pacers can play deep and motivated as a team.

  204. Stu says:

    So, Hansborough not getting a suspension after whacking dwade’s face, and then hi-fiving his teammates scott pollard afterwards? nice joke nba, the little unc kid drew blood

    • JAMES says:

      His Hi-five is the same as pittman winch to his bench. They saw that but did not want to hurt the 76ers

  205. Brain32 says:

    First in before HEAT fans storm the site lol
    Anyway I was always in favor of a real “man’s game” so to say, but there are two kinds of fouls: regular and just plain stupid ones…

  206. cordell says:

    Pittman should be suspended 2 games and Spoelstra should be fined for advocating retaliation for Granger’s and Stephenson’s harmless trash talk

  207. quicksilv3r84 says:

    Finally, the NBA got something right.

  208. New york says:

    This is Stuped Why not het no pacer, They gave wade a big 1 2

  209. WTF says:

    how isn’t hansbrough suspended as well? clearly it was a flagrant. If Haslem is suspended so should that white boy. In the replay you clearly see that Wade’s head is not the ball.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Because Hansbrough made a play on the ball and his follow through hit the player. Not nearly the same as either of the Heat fouls. Watch the replays.

      • Heat_not_gonna_win says:

        agree with all of Lorenzo’s comments. is he the only sane and knowledgable guy here?

        Feel sorry for you Lorenzo… you up against bunch of knucklehead HEAT wagon riders!

        If you think REF is not fair to HEAT.. n have the double standard and whine.. then UNDERSTAND when other teams’ fans whine for their respective teams too.

        Haslem deserve more than just 1 game suspension. if you don’t want to get called, then at least FAKE better and act to play on the ball rather than just throwing your two arms like a GORILLA.

        For PIttman, maybe 7 games suspension like Metta World Peace got for elbowing Harden in the back of the head. Needless to remind you that HEAD is way way harder place than a THROAT… now is it not double-standard?

        To me, its like HEAT is getting some protection there!

      • Sick says:

        you haters are idiots….

  210. Why pittman did that they are close to win.
    That’s why you get 3 games suspension .

  211. Ross says:

    Haslem is definitely a let-down for Miami. However, they still have guys who can step up and play. Remember, Miami still has Howard at PF (doubt he’d make a big contribution at all though), and at center they have Turiaf, who can play at the 4, and Joel Anthony and Eddy Curry. They are in a hole if you look at it talent-wise, but they still have players who can step up and fill the holes in the rotation. After all, LeBron could play PF with Battier at SF, and then put Turiaf at C. Wouldn’t be terrible.

  212. Heat players are losing
    3 players loss.

  213. joey says:

    So? Tyler drew blood but thats ok?

  214. tonton says:

    this is bs. a biased decision in favor of the pacers…

  215. Pippen says:

    NBA got so soft lately….

  216. Baller says:

    To me this is inconsistent punishment. Pittman’s foul was a hard hit, that suspension is justified and could have been even longer. Neither Hannsbrough nor Haslem went for the ball. If you look at Hannsbrough’s follow-through he is just clobbering Wade and doesn’t care for the block at all. Haslem is also just clobbering Hannsbrough, he has no chance of getting the block though. Hannsbrough hit Wade in the Head and clawed at his face, which is why Wade was bleeding. Haslem seems to foul Hannsbrough on the upper arm. His head is snapping back and I am not sure if Haslem actually catches him in the face or if he just snaps his head back because of the hit. Let’s say Haslem hits him partially in the face, to me that is still not worse than what Hannsbrough did. Both fouls were excessive follow-throughs and should be handled the same, they should be punished with equal measures.

    Without any kind of explanation from league offices, to why they suspended Haslem and didn’t suspend Hannsbrough, this seems unjust to me. Maybe they want to give the Pacers another chance to tie the series? On an unrelated matter, if Hannsbrough is ejected like he should have been or wouldn’t have fouled Wade as hard as he did, Haslem and Pittman don’t retaliate and all this stuff doesn’t happen…

    • Miami says:

      I agree with you. I think NBA followed Steve Kerr’s comments.

    • Matt says:

      Lol, if you watch the replay, Hansbrough blocked Wade’s shot, but the way Wade twisted his body to try to get the official to give him a call caused Hansbrough’s follow through to get a piece of Wade’s head. It was about as unintentional as you see.

    • L4K3R5 says:

      Problem with the fouls on the Pacers were that the game was basically over. It was purely motivated by retribution.
      It makes me wish that after Kobe got his broken nose from the all star game that MWP would have put his sizeable elbow into a simular move to Pittman on LeBJ. I can only hope that one day this will happen so that Heat fans can finally see just how stupid it is to get retribution with Scrub players like Pittman.

      The first Flag-1 should never have been upgraded. It was an 80’s hard foul.
      The other two Flag-1s should have been much long suspensions as those players were deliberately going after a Pacer player.
      The game was over and the best way to show another team that hard fouls don’t win games is to win a game by a big margin.That is what teams that have some form of ethics and sportsmanship do. But the Heat decide to go after a couple Pacers players with the intent to harm. They did not go after the ball. It is so obvious that even Homer Heat fans are saying it was over the top. But, somehow the Heat fans that read this article are astonished that they got some kind of penelty.

    • JAMES says:

      I agree. Either suspend both or neither

  217. Snap says:

    whatta stupid piece… how can you compare Haslems foul to Hansbrough … Im not a fan of either team, but you have to be blind to say that those 2 were the same. In my opinion any intensional injury should be a 3-5 games suspension and u cant argue that it wasnt, unless you are a Heat fan

    • Miami says:

      – UD’s both hands hit to Tylers shoulder, and he also acted watch it again and again throwing his head back is a full acting.
      – Tyler’s foul was hard, and triggered everything, I bet you will tell me Wade’s bleeding was not real. Pittman’s play was not acceptable at all. I was personally ashamed of having him in my team.

      • Matt says:

        1. Haslem clipped Hansbrough in the face. If you watch the replay again, you can see that he got a piece of his face, causing Hansbrough’s head to snap back.
        2. You’re really going to talk about acting when you’re a fan of a team that features LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Shane Battier? Really? Hansbrough got up immediately from the hit. Meanwhile you have guys like Wade that will flop without being fouled at all and just lay on the floor to show his displeasure with the officiating.

    • MAVS2013 says:

      Good call. Hansboro hod all ball and drove it into Wade while Haslem didn’t even care about the ball. Suspention should have been at least 3 games. As for Pitman, should have been the rest of the playoffs with forfiture of his playoff pay.

  218. BI RAIN FAN says:


  219. lebronfan says:

    1st comment! its ok! the Heat can pull this one off! go LBJ!

  220. Belizeboy says:

    That’s a huge double standard there NBA. Pittman needed to be suspended, but that’s really unfair to do so to Haslem considering all that Indiana has already done.

    • Miami says:

      I agree with you. Pacers has been bullying Wade, and James and no protection from refs. UD did the right thing. But I am ashamed of Pittman’s play as a Miami Heat fan.

      • king says:

        Bullying if I recall Lebron tried to elbow Granger in the face but missed hence the reason Granger got in his face. SO if Lebron didnt do that all of this would be void.

      • Lorenzo says:

        Is it bullying when Granger was reacting to Lebron throwing that elbow straight up? Everyone’s only looking at half of what’s happening because that’s their team of choice. The heat do a lot of whining and do get a lot of protection from refs. I can recall a few fouls that refs ignored from Lebron right at half court where he leaned in and used his elbows.

      • JAMES says:

        Granger was pulling on him as he ran fir a fast break. he is grabbibg and pulling players during drives. he can’t play D so he trys to hurt them like he did bosh when he pulled his arm

    • Wade should have been suspended says:

      Wade should of been suspended for that cheap shot on Collison. And yeah that is why Granger was upset because Lebron tried to take him out with an elbow to the head

  221. Bev says:

    Larry Bird calling his team SOFT is an insult to his team and a dis-service to the league. The Finals are phycial enough
    without a statement like this which could inspire a ‘OUT & OUT SLUG FEST”. I understand that Larry Bird is disapointed, but maybe he is in the wrong sport. Maybe he should be a GM in the sport of BOXING !!

    After all, it was HIS TEAM that started the dirty play by giving Haslem 9 stiches !! A few inches more and HIS TEAM would have knocked out Haslem eye !!

    Get it right Larry !! Stop inspiring violence !!!


    • Lorenzo says:

      Soft mentally or soft physically? I think anyone who has half a brain can tell he doesn’t mean physically since Bird was making that comment in direct reference to how badly they lost.

      Hopefully he can get it right next time and explain better in order to stop inspiring ignorance and misunderstanding.

    • Matt says:

      Not a Heat or Pacer fan. Live in sunny So Cal so I’m a Laker Fan. Which means I hated Bird. But 30 years later i really admire him for the unforgetable battles and his heart. The Miami Heat are the biggest floppers and crybabies and D. Wade in particular is becoming a cheapshot artist. Miami won’t miss Haslum or Dexter. If Indiana does not put a forearm on Wade or LBJ on there layup drills like McHale did to Rambis in 84, they need to be gone and forget about EVER winning anything meaningfull!!!!

    • Sea Pea is retarded says:

      Bev, sweetheart, you have no idea what you are talking about. Bird played when men were men. Dirty play was met with opposition and they settled it on the court. Laimbeer and Mahorn were the dirtiest players ever and nobody bitched, they played ball. A.C. “virgin” Green and Kurt Rambis had to equalize. Ever watch the Lakers/Pistons/Celtics of the late 80’s? Sometimes they got rough and the refs didn’t ruin it. David Stern has ruined the NBA. Stars get all the calls (DWade and Lebron get a call every time they charge the hoop and flail, Harden takes 7 steps every time he touches the ball and never gets called for traveling). Bird is just calling it as it should be. Let the players and their play decide the game

      • Well... says:

        Harden takes 7 steps!!!! That is so true and so funny at the same time. That means he basically walks straight to the rim from about HALF COURT, LMAO!!!!

      • JAMES says:

        ur rigght. the league show have suspended hans and haslem or neither. They need to stop trying to help the series. Heat send they home Thursday

  222. nickbartlett12 says:

    Very warranted. Feel like Pittman’s should be even worse, but who really cares anyways?

    Check out my blog:


  223. Bev says:

    No one is talking about the foul against Haslem that required him to get 9 stiches !! That is so unfair !! That’s what the commissiner and the NBA should be reviewing. How can you cause someone 9 stiches and that not be a FLAGRANT FOUL. This is clearly a double-standard !!!

    #1 Heat Fan in NC nba.com

    • king says:

      How easy because it wasnt intentional duh having sticthes doesnt make it an intentional hit to where he needed stiches

      • Greg says:

        Shane Battier got an elbow to the top of his head by Kobe I think but Kobe was only trying to get the ball to his other side and accidentally did that. Battier had like blood streaming down his face, but I think either no foul, or an offensive on Kobe was called. Because someone gets an injury does not mean the accuser deserves a tech/flagrant.

    • L4K3R5 says:

      That is pretty funny cause I remember a guy named Wade who broke another players nose during an All Star game and he didn’t get even a slap on the wrist.

      I hate to say it, but listening to Heat fans complain about this is actually very very amusing. I hated that the Lakers were ousted early but this turn of events is very much like Karma paying the Heat Back.

      Of course, the Pacers have to actually win and one thing that is still puzzling is how a scrub player who very intentionally throws an elbow gets only 3 games but the Doucebags in the commish office somehow figure that is less flagrant than the 7 days that MWP got for his hit. The NBA is indeed a joke but this Laker fan cannot find the humor in it.

      I also agree that they need to get rid of most of these NBA refs. They are imposing far too much of thier own will on the game and it is becoming hard to watch games when some players (LeBJ and KD) get away with all kinds of violations and other players have to be hacked to the ground and still not get a foul called.

      • JMar says:

        I am so glad Pittman threw that elbow, F@ck that!! these pacers are unbelievably dirty players and something had to be done, good job! Everyone hates the heat because they did what other fans dream their team could do, and its all good, but when the reffs step in and also show their hatred for the Heat then we have a real problem. I dont understand the league anymore, they make the biggest deal for some plays, yet pay no attention to others. Whoever’s job is to determine the gravity of these fouls and whether or not they were intentional or to retaliate, should be fired.

        On another note, Granger is the biggest poser, acting all tough in lebrons face simply because he knows that David West in his bench to back him up, P*ssy. I wish Pittman would have laid that elbow on Granger. But oh well nonetheless, it was a great move and needed to be done.

        I believe the Haslem suspension was unnecessary, and the Hansbrough suspension a necessity but then again oh well, Miami is still taking this series and beating the Sixers in the next round, yes i said it, the SIXERS.

      • Sea Pea is retarded says:


      • You would want the Sixers says:

        Of course you want the Sixer because you know the Heat stand no chance against the Celtics…….Just like Lebron and the Heat, just want a championship handed to them

      • Sick says:

        Celtics is just soooo weak!

  224. Chris says:

    Looking forward to all the conspiracy theories about how the fix is in.

    It’s obvious that the NBA wants the ratings spike that would result from a Spurs/Pacers final

    • Lorenzo says:

      Somehow I don’t see either of these teams boosting playoff ratings.

      • RATINGS LOL says:

        Lorenzo is absolutely right. The Pacers Spurs is a series nobody wants to see lol. OKC and Heat will be the best series from a ratings standpoint in my opinion.

      • Dan'o says:

        Agreed- that makes no sense Chris. The Heat/Celtics would be the big draw from the east. Miami probably bigger due to the influx of bandwagoneers and haters that are bound to tune in.

      • Nonsense!!! says:

        Me either lmao, Pacers, are you serious?????

      • The fans wants lebron and miami in the finals thats what’s going to have people watching to see lebron and what he’s going to do, and there is no conspiracy, thunder vs miami finals that what i would like to see, the best two players in the league durant and lebron.

    • Corey says:

      You do know that the Pacers had like the 2nd worst attendance in the entire NBA? Top that off with having the least amount of games shown on national television (Bobcats beat them in both categories). Come on Chris, don’t be mad the Heat bandwagon is shaking because they fall apart under pressure.

    • many says:

      the spurs play excelent basketball but they are so borrying to watch and the Pacers had to make the playoffs in order for their fans to show up to the arena. the best finals would be OKC and Miami intertaining basketball. ( lobs dunks and magical tricks lol) watching russel vs wade , james vs Durant.

      • Michael says:

        Have you even seen a Spurs game these playoffs? The Spurs might be the most entertaining team left. They play fast, smart, hi-octane ball. Even a casual fan can see that the Spurs are able to execute on offence, whereas the Heat just give it to James or Wade and hope they can get something going. I’d rather watch 48 minutes of good-quality, team basketball than wait a whole game to see a James or Wade breakaway highlight.

      • el stone says:

        You’re pretty ignorant if you think the Spurs play boring basketball. This is not the Twin Towers, grind it out, defensive Spurs teams of the past. These Spurs can score in just about any way imaginable- half court, shoot the three, backdoor cuts, pick and roll, TP is a one man fast break. You name it, the Spurs can do it.

        If the Heat aren’t dunking, they aren’t scoring. Not scoring is boring.

        Your argument that the Spurs are boring and the Heat are entertaining is weak and lacking any evidence.

        Take that!

    • Walter says:

      I think it is safe to say that TNT already had the NBA final. It will be the San Antonio Spurs vrs the Oklahoma CIty Thunder with the Spurs winning in 6. They are the two best teams in basketball. I am tired of hearing that the Spurs are not exciting to watch. They were 2nd in the league in scoring and are a very exciting team to watch. I gurantee you that the West final is going to be watched by a lot of people. The final not so much because this is the final. The HEAT need a point guard and a center to be compettivive which they cannot afford. GO SPURS GO and congrats to Tim for his 5th ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carlo says:

      LOL I can’t believe none of these people saw the blatant and hilarious sarcasm of that comment! If only there was a way to display inflection through text..

    • Slow Boys says:

      I think he’s joking you slow boys

    • Forget the Ratings says:

      it shouldnt be about ratings, just let them play and whatever teams make the finals so be it. Im tired of hearing its about the ratings and money

  225. Sea Pea says:

    So if you get hit in the jaw by a fist it’s okay as long as you get the continuation and the bucket. If your not good at completing the continuation or getting “And 1’s” then its a suspension on whoever hit you. Interesting rules these days….

    • Lorenzo says:

      You understand flagrant fouls incorrectly, Hansbrough made a play on the ball though his arm followed through and hit Wade. He did get a technical, but it was a play on the ball. Neither of the Heat fouls were plays on the ball regardless of what Haslem wants to claim to the media, the video doesn’t lie.

      • mikealf305 says:

        and of course he had to follow through by scratching wades face after all that going for the ball BS

      • steagle says:

        Lorzenzo, I admire your effort, but it’s pointless trying to rationalize with Miami Heat fans. They are only going to see through their tunnel vision.

      • Belizeboy says:

        @Steagle, right because the view of everyone who doesn’t like Miami is so unbiased.

      • wadefan says:

        he was being sarcastic idiots

      • Sea Pea is retarded says:

        Get real bro. Obviously you dont’ play ball.

      • Lorenzo says:

        Mike, it was a follow through…his hand didn’t change directions, he didn’t extend it further to be sure he reached Wade’s face. Wade’s face was in the path of Hansbrough’s hand when he made the block, granted it did have extra, unneccessary force behind it.

  226. Raul says:

    I think some refs need to be suspended also.

    • Daniel says:

      I’d been a big fan of DWade and the Miami Heat ever since they won the championship against the Mavs. But when I saw the replays over and over again of what Haslem and Pittman did, it made me sick in the stomach. What they did is a disgrace to tthe game of basketball. I think they got away lightly on this one…

      • mia says:

        Hansbrough fouled wade hard and cut him open. Haslem in return fouled hansbrough and let him know that he cant be fouling his teammates like that. how does that make you sick in the stomach. He simply stood up for wade.

      • Trock says:

        c’mon a disgrace to basketball? This is nothing compared with basketball in the 70’s and 80’s… You’ve got to be able to take some licks to win a championship.. Dwade has taken his share of hard fouls (some intentionally violent) over the years.. Miami is just showing a young Indiana team what its going to take to beat them.. Haslem and wade have been in Miami together FOREVER.. UD was just showing Hansborough that cheapshots don’t go unanswered in the playoffs.. and the heat are just teaching the pacers a lesson in playoff basketball.. If you want to play and win against the big boys on the big stage be prepared for some bruises

      • jesse says:

        Think bout it…. The pacers deserve wut came 2 them no one got really hurt… could have but didn’t n. I mean wtch all 5 games n take a look at how many fouls the pacers put twrds heat did n e of them get suspended 4 flagrant fouls I think nt… N E way the heat were jus making a statement 4 the pacers 2 wake up n stp the BS…

      • layzie says:

        the pacers started this type of physicality and the heat just retaliating right now.. they always talk smack to the heat and always act like they are really tough guys but in the end when miami decides to retaliates, they back down and ask sympathy to the public… they started this things… not miami… so instead of whining just play hard basketball INDIANA SOFTERSSSS……. hahahaha

      • Glenn says:

        its obvious and normal reaction of a team mate “HASLEM & PITMAN” who retaliate against the PACERS because of what they did to their ACE PLAYERS… without DWADE and JAMES they wont go as far as now.. think of it bro! aren’t you feel your tame mate working for a championship and your just seeing them laying down their body with hard fouls without doing physical with your opponents.. Basketball is not hide and sick! your need to become more physical to let them know that your in the game facing them and winning!

      • Rocket33 says:

        Hansborough looked like he went up to make a play on the ball, got caught out of position and made a hard foul to prevent a layup. Both Haslem and Pittman made no play on the ball whatsoever. I think the league got it right with the verdict. The only thing you could say is that Pittman deserved a similar suspension to what Bynum or even MWP got.

      • Conspiracy says:

        I agree they did get off easy. Its only because the NBA and the angel of Stern dont want to hurt the Heat much, they so badly want them to win it all

      • Bob Jackson says:

        Disgrace to the game of basketball? The 2006 championship run was swarming with technicals, flagrant fouls, and suspensions. Did you even watch the mia-chicago series in 06′? Have you ever played pick up basketball? In parks and courts all over the world people fight every single day because of hard fouls… The pistons pacers brawl was a disgrace. Your comment was a disgrace. What you saw on the replay was hard playoff basketball.