Hang Time Podcast (Episode 80) With Evan Dunlap Of Orlando Pinstriped Post

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With the eyes of the basketball-loving public focused squarely on the playoffs and who will emerge from the Eastern Conference semifinals, we decided to take a mini-detour this week on the Hang Time Podcast.

With all the news coming out of Orlando, we simply could not let an opportunity to dig a little deeper into the goings on down there slip away.

So we turned to our good friend of the program Evan Dunlap, the founder and managing editor of the Orlando Pinstriped Post blog, which covers all things Magic. We had to know if Dwight Howard was really behind the departures of both Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith, as so many people believe, or if someone else is really calling those shots?

We also had to talk about the potential replacements for both Van Gundy, the coach, and Smith, the general manager. Names like Brian Shaw, Jerry Sloan and Phil Jackson, yes the Zen Master himself, have popped up on the short list of replacements for Van Gundy. Meanwhile, names like Donnie Walsh, Jeff Bower and TNT’s very own Shaquille O’Neal have popped up on the surprising short list of candidates to replace Smith.

(We first heard these rumblings about O’Neal being a candidate Monday night … talk about things getting interesting if the Big Fella were to return to the Magic after all these years.)

You get conversation about all that and more, we talk plenty of playoffs, flagrant fouls, suspensions and everything else with our main man Evan Dunlap of the OPP.

Check it out on Episode 80 of the Hang Time Podcast:


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  1. LAL says:

    Referees need to call it straight they have a lot of bogus calls if u doing it for one team do it for every team

  2. Will says:

    Come on man, the guys on this podcast have combined decades of experience on the league and are well respected journalist. you may have ur fandom for OKC, but dont try to put others down because of your bias. dont be a d_bag bro.

  3. dattebayo says:

    I really don’t know who the people on that podcast are, but to me they don’t seem to know much about basketball. They discussed the Western Conference Finals and claimed, the Thunder have had more challenges to overcome than the Spurs and they never had to experience a close game, where they had to have a gamewinner. Isn’t that what makes this team so good, that you don’t even get into these kind of positions, where you need to score to win the game? The Spurs are not as good defensively as they once were, but their offense is top notch this year and they have won 18 straight.
    The Thunder went thorugh Dallas and the Lakers but come on, those were just names this season. Dallas lost too much people in the free agency to repeat and L.A. just has not been able to sign anybody to get support. The Thunder barely won the two homegames against Dallas and the referee were calling those games in favor for them…

    I think it will be an interesting series, but I will be surprised if the Spurs can’t close the Thunder out in 5…

  4. Chris says:

    TNT sure as hell won’t mind. The best thing about Shaq on TNT is that he gives Barkley fresh material every night.