Hawks Owner Calls Garnett “The Dirtiest Player In The League”

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Not that this series needed any more fire, but those passionate fans the Hawks will see in Boston tonight got a little extra incentive from Atlanta.

When Hawks co-owner Michael Gearon called Celtics forward Kevin Garnett the “dirtiest player in the league” during a speech Wednesday, he tossed even more kindling onto an already raging fan fire.

It doesn’t matter that most of those fans in Boston wouldn’t be able to pick Gearon out of a lineup, or that his comments were supposedly made “off the record” during a luncheon sponsored by an Atlanta-based non-profit organization.

All anyone will know by tipoff of Game 6 tonight in Boston is that the other team’s owner called out the guy universally regarded as the emotional heart and soul of the Celtics the night before they have a chance to close out the Hawks and move on to the Eastern Conference semifinals.

And now that it’s all out there, courtesy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s D. Orlando Ledbetter, a NFL writer who happened to be in attendance at the luncheon, it gives the Hawks yet another mess to deal with on the day of what is no doubt the biggest game of their season. Check out exactly what the AJC reports that Gearon said and decide for yourself how big a mess this is:

On media coverage of Hawks’ playoff series against the Celtics

“Did you see what Al Horford did last night? The timeline for recovery for his injury is another three months. He’s not even supposed to be playing and Josh [Smith] should not be playing.Zaza [Pachulia] can’t stand up, but if we can get past this round there is a chance that we can get him back. So this is a team that is overcoming adversity. I wish . . . some of the national media or even some of the local media, more the paper than the TV guys, recognize how hard these guys are playing based on how injured they are.

“On top of all that, we don’t get any calls, which I know everybody always hears. But I’ll give you a stat. Last night, we are playing this old physical team. They are old. I know what happens when you play basketball, old guys foul. [Kevin] Garnett is the dirtiest guy in the league. We are playing Boston last night and they had two fouls the whole first half. We had five times that and we’re athletic.”

On the Hawks’ injuries

Derrick Rose goes down and the No. 1 seed is playing the No. 8 seed and everybody is like, ‘Chicago is down 3-1, that’s what you should expect with Derrick Rose down.’ Well, we’ve been playing these playoffs without Zaza, without Al Horford and Josh Smith should not be playing. Our center is Erick Dampier, God bless his heart, but he looks like a granddad. (laughter) He’s a great guy. It’s difficult enough to win a playoff series, but when you lose your whole frontline and nobody ever says, ‘Gee, you are out playing with guys that are hurt.’”

On Josh Smith and his Atlanta roots

“We wouldn’t be where we are without him. The tough thing for our team, I’m a lifelong Atlantian. I was born here. I lived the first 25 years of my life within two miles of where I was born. Right there near Piedmont Hospital. I moved to Cobb County back in 1994 when my Dad convinced me to buy a little house . . . . But the thing about our team, and it’s tough in every city. . . but when you look at the Atlanta Hawks and you know it’s tough.”

He slung a few more arrows as well, chastising some of us in the media, the referees and cracking wise on players on his own roster (Dampier’s goatee is getting grey).

It’s hardly a crime against basketball. And this wouldn’t be the firs time someone called Garnett a dirty player (Joakim Noah would laugh about this if he didn’t have so much serious business of his own to tend to).

More than anything, this is a serious case of awful timing and horrible judgment on the part of Gearon, who is good friends with Celtics coach Doc Rivers dating back to the time Rivers spent in a Hawks uniform and Gearon’s father was running the team.

Gearon is obviously free to form his own opinions, just like the rest of us. But you better believe he’ll be hearing from NBA Commissioner David Stern and his crew for some of these statements … off the record or not.

Oh, and that crowd tonight in Boston, well they couldn’t have done it without you, Mr. Gearon!


  1. xavier says:

    man yall hatin who says kg a dirty playa.he the best and he better than everyone on the hawks.he proved it in game 6 and 7 lets goooooooo.Boston all day.

  2. Jayson says:

    Very Simple!


  3. mau says:

    I beg to disagree! that is a normal in the court playing on the basket without intention to hurt anyone. sometimes, physically injured but think about it . Both side wants to win.
    Therefore, d-wade is not a dirty player inf act his a great player.

  4. KG has the dirtiest mouth in the league (even his coach jokes about it), but he is not a dirty player.

    Dirty means you try to injure. KG doesn’t. Dwayne Wade is a dirty player. Multiple times in their playoff series against the Celtics last year, Wade tried to injure Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo. KG never does that kind of stuff.

    KG does try to annoy opponents, both verbally and physically, poking and prodding when he thinks it won’t be seen, but he never tries to injure, only annoy.

  5. Judith says:

    KG Impeccable even after 17 years in the league, only think i can say : im proud to be a celtic’s fan. All the way greennnn.

  6. TroyMcClure says:

    I’m ashamed that my team is run by a spoiled @ss who thinks he’s entitled to the Hawks because his daddy used to run them. Michael Gearon knows just a bit more than my girlfriend when it comes to basketball. It would literally take a book to explain all of the ASG’s ineptitude of ownership. This guy is a joke and basketball fans in Atlanta are up ish creek until they sell the team… again! How in the world the Mexican Little Caesar Alex Murello was deemed worse than these guys by the NBA is beyond me? We need an Arthur Blank type owner. The Falcons were much the same as the Hawks until he stepped in with a clear vision.

  7. veta8780 says:

    Say what you want about KG on the court, off the court you don’t hear anything about him!

    Where we watching the same series???

    All series long I listened to people comment on how much respect Boston and Atlanta had for each other, I can’t recall any dirty plays from either team the entire series.

    The owner is hating on GREATNESS which is KG and if you don’t believe me check the stats from last night and then go check the his basketball career stats!

  8. veta8780 says:

    Say what you want about KG on the court, off the court you don’t hear anything about him!!!!

    Where we watching the same series???

    All series long I heard people commenting on how Boston and Atlanta have so much respect for each other, I don’t remember one dirty play from either team in the series!

    The owner is hating on GREATNESS which is KG and if you don’t believe me check the stats from last night and then check his basketball career stats!

  9. Judith says:

    Can somebody teach the Own of the Haws the definition of durty. Now when you can’t guard a player you just call him whaterver you want. Can someone tell me how many flagrant fouls did KG gets or how many player get injured because of him or can you tell me how many playerssssssssssssssss did have trouble guarding him not because is durty but because is a true definition of a complete player in his position.

  10. Momowonthis says:

    Hey this is the big boy’s league. Don’t think it’s has never been done before. Anything goes under the whistle as long as it’s not caught. Like Jordan and stockton wasn’t dirty. It’s a part of the game, it’s all about leverage.

  11. Tuvshin says:

    KG and Boston celtics go go go

  12. jas0n says:

    Deal with it man, hawks lose. Dont make gay excuses.

  13. nz1 says:

    Garnett plays hard and plays to win….dirty no, it’s not tiddly winks peeps, what goes on court stays on court… Great game tonigh from him…bad as$!

  14. shouldnt says:


  15. Kern George (KG) says:

    All of the best defenders to ever play the game were dirty so picking on KG is just because Hawks lost. Ask any NBA player, they hate to play against KG but will love him on their team anyday……….Nuff said

  16. KG says:

    hahaha Boston won!!!! Byebye Atlanta Hawks!!!:P Garnett 28pts 14 rebounds 3 steals and 5 block shots 😀

  17. BIGMatta23 says:

    I love the fact that KG has dominated this game and taken the Hawks out.!! This is why KG is da kid and a legend of the NBA. Great players dont like it when you diss them. Never rouse a sleeping tiger you might get eaten alive. KG is champ.

  18. bu says:

    These remarks are typically used to get the refs’ attention & pay attention to KG. Mind games perhaps.

    On KG, well, he’s been caught on film many times with his tricks, not to mention those not caught. As some guys said, he never tried to harm someone nor threw punches. In this top league in the world, you’d do ANYTHING to gain an advantage. If you call those cheap shots are bad & unsportsmanlike, then trash talk is bad. Then mine as well ask the refs to control everything in the game & ask the players to wear mufflers so they can only mumble!! Otherwise the babies will cry “foul” & “taunting”

    In the real world, people fight for their living & lives. Same on the court in pro sports. Look at the Bulls in the 90s. They got over Detroit by growing up & then, give out their own, to gain any adv they can get. Ultimately, they gained respect.

    So for those cry babies out there, open your eyes & mind to the real world. KG is KG. There’re many guys doing that in NBA not to mention all these D league & other pro leagues. As long as the intentional is not to injure someone, that’s part of the game.

  19. bull says:

    dirtiest player! dwade, chris bosh, LBJ!!!!

  20. MackDaddy says:

    dwight howard has the ‘busiest’ elbows in the league. just watch how he swings those bad boys… like he’s trying to take off (or take off someone’s head, depending on your point of view).

  21. LakersFan says:

    Garnett is the dirtiest, meanest player in Basketball ever.

  22. tanski74 says:

    yeah garnett is a dirty player but not the dirtiest

  23. BallersBaller says:

    They all have tactics that you would call ‘dirty’, KG is just the best at getting a reaction out of it. Hence the reason he’s labelled that. All other post players would do the exact same things, but KG just knows how to get underneath peoples skin within the parameters of the rules. Having a good moral in the fans mind does not win you games. ‘Nicest player award’, doesn’t exist! I wouldn’t do half of the stuff that he would do, but that’s why he is Kevin Garnett, and i’m a fan sitting behind a laptop.

  24. Joseph says:

    Go Celtics, GOOOOOO!!!

  25. mr.ed says:

    after winning his only championship, garnett became a punk. plain and simple.
    he was always one of my favorite players during his timberwolves days but he turned into a straight up punk with taunting, illegal screens, etc.

    i wouldn’t put him as the dirtiest player in the league (only for the fact that he doesn’t seem to intentionally hurt someone) but he’s a close second.

  26. Paul Jones says:

    Dirty is being mistaken for crafty at times in all these posts. KG is as motivated a player as ever suited up. He will get away with what he can, especially at his vintage. He will overstep the mark at times, like many before him and many will after. Dirty don’t mean what it used to.

  27. Zested says:

    Manu Ginobli… Or was he forgotten? MWP? The whole Lakers team? The Heat? rofl

  28. aragnarock says:

    I am Lakers fan, but there is nothing wrong with being a little dirty… All great defenders are little dirty, MWP, Garnett, all the Pistons “Bad Boys” etc…

    But he is not dirtiest player in the league.

  29. betong says:

    The owner of the Hawks is just trying to psyche out KG… It won’t work… Try building a CHESS TEAM… Hope you won’t complain when your player had a headache in playing chess hehehehe

  30. betong says:

    Being physical is different from being dirty… What META did to Harden…now that’s dirty…

  31. betong says:

    He called a 36 year old skinny center the dirtiest player? Are you out of your mind… ALT players should be playing chess and not Basketball…Play pool or any non contact sports… or stop hiring lame players maybe you can reach the 2nd round if you do that….LOLZ…(((peace)))

  32. KG says:

    you just fired me up !!! Time to go home crying Atlanta!!!

  33. Finally! says:

    griffin they just dont call the “amazing” plays when he elbows the guy in the face

  34. GB says:

    I am really sick of this pro-Celtics bias. YES, KG is a dirty player. KG himself has admitted to this. Why is this article being written? Oh I know. Because the NBA is ran like the WWE and David Stern thinks that he is Vince McMahon.

  35. RC says:

    NOBODY…… is trash-talking about a HALL OF FAME player.

  36. Carl says:

    Kevin Garnett’s always been a punk. Everyone knows it whether they’ll admit it or not. Illegal screens, never stepping out of bounds to inbound, and crying when someone breathes on him too hard.

  37. Leroy says:

    Okay guys – let’s set the record straight. You’d have to think that anyone on the “Bad Boys” Pistons’ teams of the 90s would have to be prime candidates for the dirtiest player(s) of all time. At least 3 of the starting 5 and maybe 2 off the bench. HELLO – LAMBIER????????? And for the record, Garnett is a trash talker – especially when his team is ahead on points.

  38. Rony says:

    Theres a bigs difference between being dirty and being tactical…kg is the most tactical player in the league in terms of being able to play with the minds of his opponents and affecting there play.

  39. ForTheRecord says:

    all those saying D-wade is a dirty player obviously play in the WNBA. Common, u make a case that he injured Rondo in last year’s playoff. they were both hustling for the ball and Rondo fell on his arm. did d-wade place Rondo’s hand there? NO! And with the allstar kobe injury, he went to strip the ball which he mistakenly hit his nose. Even kobe came out to say “he’s not a dirty player”.
    Watch the game on tv and stop listening to commentary on the radio/internet. And when it comes to acting, Pierce is a drama QUEEN. he has to be given a GRAMMY for his acting on the court.

    • Earl says:

      you’re missing out so many other plays
      last years playoffs made pierce get a technical which led to him being dq’d – that play was a clear attempt from wade to try to push pierce (in my opinion should’ve been a technical to wade) through the screen

    • peter says:

      Dude, Wade has injured more players from intentionally violent plays then probably any other player in the NBA…if you can’t see this you’re either a blinded D-wade fanboy or just haven’t watched him play.

      I actually am a big fan of D-Wade and he’s one of my favotite players in the league (and im a Celtics fan!) , but he is completely wreckless when he’s on the court. Beyond dirty, he’s filthy.

      The injury on Rondo was clearly an unsafe play – he pulled rondo down to break his own fall, then fell on Rondo’s arm. Then the play where he ran halfway across the corut and shoulder barged KG – that was as intentional as it gets. That’s just the Boston examples – I’ve seen countless other cases of similar plays against other teams.

  40. The Human Herd says:

    Let’s be honest, Boston fan or not, KG is not as dirty as everyone claims he is. He’s one of the biggest trash talkers in the league, but that has nothing to do with playing dirty. He’s made quite a few questionable plays, like ‘corn-tipping’ Channing Frye a season or so ago during a 3-point shot from the corner, but he’s never been one to flat out lay an opponent out. Being a dirty player, as a few have mentioned above, really lies in flagrant fouls and blatant cheap shots. Now, i’m not saying the corn-tip wasn’t dirty, but to call him the ‘dirtiest player in the game’, that’s a little absurd. People like Dwight Howard and Dwayne Wade are dirty players, constantly throwing elbows and things of that nature.

    Players like Gary Payton, Reggie Miller, and KG aren’t dirty players, they were just really great trash talkers.

    I hope Boston closes out the series tonight. They could use the rest (not too much, because I feel like that actually hurt them last year after sweeping NY), but just enough that they are ready for Round 2 against Philly (most likely).

  41. JG says:

    I’d love to see the Celtics lose vs Atlanta and go out crying. But if they make it to the finals I wanna see the Heat destroy them, like we did last year.

    • peter says:

      Haha good luck with that…more likely the Heat will be crying after that matchup.

      Be careful what you wish for!

  42. Vlad21 says:

    Stop acting like its dirty plays that got the hawks where they right now, make plays and try and win the game instead of complaining on KG’s picks and trash talks, it never stopped other teams from beating the Cs. Come out and play hard, dont act like your co-owner and cry.

  43. madarev says:

    Oh yea and by the way people used to call the greatest player of all time a dirty player, Jordan!

  44. Mikey B says:

    You mean Garnett never has a shower after the game? He fails to wear Deoderant? What a dirty player.

    (Actually Garnett is the king of cheap shots. He got worse when he put a Celtics uniform on!)

  45. madarev says:

    I have watched KG his entire career being a Timberwolves fan and for those who say that he is a dirty player! Well I will say this, he is not a dirty player, he is the most intense player in the NBA and has been since he came into this league. He has always played with a chip on his shoulder and don’t think that if any of these teams and players had a chance to have him on there team they would not bat on eye at it. He is one of the best defenders this game has ever had. So give him the respect that he deserves as a top 20 player of all time if not a top 10. His numbers don’t lie!

  46. RCG says:

    I find it so amusing how losers always say the funniest things. Making excuses for losing by saying that the other guy must be cheating or bending the rules in some other fashion is lame. If Gearon wants to win he needs to build a Championship contender. It’s not as if the Hawks are totally unsuccessful, though. They’ve put together a decent run of +.500 regular seasons and they are as exciting to watch as any team most nights. This Hawks team is a quality NBA product. As for the Garnett hating… If the Hawks were playing the Bulls or the Heat, the excuses for losing would be the same only the names uttered in hatred would be different.

  47. Johnny Nosebleed says:

    KG is spiteful and ornery, no doubt. The term “dirty player,” however, is one that I always felt was petty, usually the result of lazy editorializing in one manner or another. It’s a vague word loaded with strange implications. Yeah, he makes rough plays and toes the line. Yeah, he talks trash and doesn’t back down when he ought to. If I was playing at an NBA level, I’d risk that kind of personality on my team over any of Atlanta’s personalities. It’s a fiercely driven game, not a personality contest, for better or worse.

    If you’re going into battle, flash your steel all the way.

  48. danny says:

    Kg is not dirty he plays hard and physical basketball he doesn’t go out there to hurt people. He goes and plays hard and the way the intensity of the game goes. Every player has thrown an elbow here and there so he cant even be considered dirty based on his whole entire resume.

  49. Lee says:

    Wah wah wah, hes dirty, wah wah wah were playing a bunch of hurt players. Excuses are like @$$holes, everyones got one and they all stink.

  50. jacknohara says:

    Some guys saying Artest is a dirty player, but for me the truth is that when he´s ONLY playing, he´s a very clean player actually, never injuryes anyone and get´s incredible stops and steals. When he hits on other people, he doesn´t choose the small dude, he doesn´t try to hide it. Well, he´s just a crazy dude, he plays clean all of the time but can punch someone in the face in the middle of the game. This is Artest.

    Garnet in the other hand, makes evil plays, sets hard picks (mostly when a small dude is comming the other way) , puts his body under jumping players to make them fall hard, sometimes looks like he´s really trying to injury someone. But for me he´s only a chicken because I´ve never saw him trash talk or do something with a guy bigger than 6-10. I mean, who was his toughest oponent ? Charlie V ? When garnett acidentally messes up with some his size, then he runs to the bench ” because he´s a pro and don´t want to let emotions get in the way” . When is a 6 foot dude, then he gets real “macho”.

    • RCG says:

      Seriously? When has Garnett ever run from a fight? He’s the first guy on the floor to back up a teammate and backs down from no one. I don’t believe that he has ever “run to his bench” to avoid a confrontation…ever! As far as who’s he’s mixed it up with is concerned…what does that matter? Everyone in the league has had at least one run-in with everyone else in the league if thev’ve seen game time. You hate on KG because he’s not on your team but calling him “dirty” is missing the forest for the trees in it’s purest sense. There are few, if any, “clean” players in th NBA. Btw…Artest/WorldPeace has developed a pattern. Negative comments regarding his actions usually have merit and are backed-up by precedent. Garnett…par for the NBA course.

  51. TSquared says:

    I know what I’ve seen: KG intentionally stick his foot under other players feet as they are coming back down from a jumpshot (which can easily lead to a nice foot injury), and smack players in the junk while they shoot. That’s enough evidence for me to conclude he’s a dirty player… dirtiest? I don’t know, but definitely dirty.

  52. celtic4life says:

    I dont understand how you can confuse dirty with determination, heart and intensity! he just added more fire to the grill. Get your fishing gear ready ATL, time to go fishing!!!!!!

  53. dd def says:

    you know when it really comes down to it, yeah, KG takes some cheap shots. but who doesn’t? and if you ask me “cheap shots” aren’t the only aspect of dirty play. how many bs flops do you see in a game that get foul calls? (*cough* ginobli) i’ve seen rondo, kobe, griffin, love and durant all make some really dirty plays. several times a piece.
    also, i think we need to reevaluate the charge/block rules, cause jumping in front of someone right as they’re taking off for a dunk/layup to draw the charge when they have no way of stopping of changing directions, that’s a cheap, dirty tactic, and it’s dangerous.
    in a nut shell, KG dirty? sure, as much as the next guy. dirtiest in the league? nah.

  54. MrLeng says:

    yo that kid play with tons of intensity and is very emotional but is far from a dirty player.

  55. Corymo says:

    UMMMM… I’d say Ron Artest, MR. WORLD WAR. Is the dirtiest player in the league, then I would have to say Dwight Howard. There are a lot of ” dirty ” players in the league. Some plays make them look dirty, while other plays make them look not so dirty. Look when Taj Gibson elbowed Grant in the head yesterday… THAT’S NOT DIRTY ??

  56. Dirty not dirtiest says:

    KG is a dirty player, but not the dirtiest Wade is by far alone in that category. MWP is a rough player but unlike Wade and KG I have never seen him take cheap shots intentionally when the camera’s and refs aren’t looking but you have to be at the games and see for yourself because their both pretty good at hiding it.

  57. David says:

    Garnett is the only player EVER in the top20 for 4 of the 5 main statistics. We should instead worry about why he isn’t hailed as the greatest man in the league.

  58. dattebayo says:

    I wouldn’t call Garnett a dirty player rather physical and emotional with certain breakdowns. He is clearly no saint and all you people claiming he never commits dirty plays, please watch the videos in this blog and face reality. That cheap shot against Frye is as dirty a play as you can commit without getting suspended or fined for it. Just own up to it, Garnett is a physical player and sometimes commits dirty plays. Still he doesn’t intentionally hurt other players severely like MWP or Karl Malone have done and that should end this discussion.

    Garnett never commits dirty plays, lol. Sure and climate change isn’t real either and Creationism is a better explanation than Evolution *wink wink*, right Republicans?

  59. Kingknolla says:

    AS FAR as screen every single screen any big man sets in today’s NBA is a moving screen they all turn with it and stick their knees and butts out or lean in their shoulders again a bad argument against KG

  60. Kingknolla says:

    First of all people Kg has played the same his entire career he makes a living at getting into people heads its why he is so good defensively, he is more physical than most the people in the league its his style of basketball deal with it.

    SECOND BRUCE BOWEN people come on dirty? again he is a guy who gave it 110% on defense he played within what the refs allowed him to do so you call him dirty for playin the game how the refs call it? thats just a rediculous statement and against KOBE nobody should ever be called dirty because all KOBE does it throws his elbows and shove everyone and cry like a baby for the calls that he creates

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgkN0-bLrus&w=420&h=315

    LEBRON JAMES can own anybody in this league when he wants folks lets face it, and if he is going to get a cal for throwing his head back which let me tell you about 98% of players in the NBA do at the slightest graze of their body then why shouldnt he? its foolish to just point him out when every single person in the league does it

  61. Bigtimepartytim says:

    The only people denying that Garnett is dirty, are obviously hardcore Celtic fans.

  62. Bigtimepartytim says:

    Dirtiest player in the league? That honor obviously goes to Ron Artest. He is dirty though. If you need evidence, he took a shot at Channing Frye’s groin while he was shooting a 3. Pretty dirty…

  63. A Mills says:

    I don’t know about dirtiest in the league (which, after all, includes Reggie Nut-Grabber Evans) but why are people pretending KG is some kind of choir boy?

  64. WILKSY08 says:

    Finally! Some people have said what I have thought for years. KG’s a horrible player. He throws forearms, elbows and hands all over the place. Also has anyone noticed that he can’t set screens? His feet are always moving yet the officals never call him on it. This season I actually saw him walk from the top of the key to the Baseline in a screen, forcing Loul Deng to not be able to cut. Seriously watch his feet, Im so glad somebody finally said it

  65. gocelts says:

    There is a difference with being PHYSICALLY DIRTY AHEMMM( metta world retard) and being a vocal trash talker. KG has never been a dirty player. Yes he likes to talk trash to get into your head and its a really good tactics to throw others off their game example (muhammad ALI) Kevin Garnett is one of the most emotionally driven NBA player in the league and he is still showing that desire to compete at the highest leel even at his age. So please people dont get the issue mixed up.

  66. Celtics Fan Forever says:

    KG is a motivator – for himself and his team. He motivates the new guys; instructs them and encourages them. He IS the engine of Cetlics defense and has played very well on the other end. He is NOT a “dirty” player. Dirty play has been defined and addressed by the league in their rules for flagrant fouls. He (and Boston) has left the game on the floor where it belongs. This guy’s comments are baseless and tacky. GO CELTICS – close it out tonight!

  67. mr-plow says:

    Artest is hands down the winner.KG hasnt ever hurt anyone on purpose,unlike Artest did like 2 wks ago

  68. Nate says:

    KG dirtiest player? I think not. I’m sure he’s done a lot of illegal moves and gotten away with them but dirty? What do you define as dirty, an illegal screen? If the ref doesn’t catch it and he gets away with it then more power to KG, that’s part of the game, doing little things to frustrate your opponent, wether physically or mentally. I’m sure 99% of NBA players have done some kind of illegal move to give them some advantage. My definition of dirty is what MWP did to Harden or what Smith did to Griffin. Now those are dirty plays.

    As for ATL, they’re done! I watched the game the other day and ATL had no emotions at all, JT just hit a 3pt as the shot clock was running out and causes the Celtics to call a T.O. and none of the Hawks even came to congrats JT or show any emotions for that shot. They just all walked to the bench as if they just lost the game or something. The players probably know already that the series is over or their hope of even winning a championship is just a dream.

  69. Fletcher Noble says:

    This is a sore loser. Boston is the Better Basketball Team. Yes they are older but in a 66 game season when you have to play 3 or 4 times in a row with no rest, boston would look average going into the playoffs. But dont forget, with them being pushed to the limits and now getting a regular playoff schedule, with more time to rest in between games and also having a healthier Ray Allen. They are a tough test for anyone in the league. The owner can say all he wants about K.G. But where were the Hawks when rondo and allen didnt play…? Ohh They took another Loss. So dispite what this guy says about K.G. and how athletic his team is. Basketball is played with a Team. Rondo has been out playing Teague, K.G. has been Hitting On all cylinders, Ray has been Ray, and Paul Pierce is Playing Like he wants to See the Finals. The hawks are in trouble point blank. OHH and BTW. If Joe Johnson records 4 shots in a half again and you expect the Hawks to Win, then your chances of winning a confrence title let alone a NBA Finals are slightly better than zero.

  70. Hj says:

    I find a lot of this amusing in regards to dirty….did anyone watch the miami-new york series? They won solely on free throws a team that has the “best player in the nba” cries more and flops more than they do in soccer. Have you see LeBrons size? is it even possible for half these guys to push him down they way he flops? NBA sux all the bs calls and favoritism and owners and coaches get fined for calling them out…what happened grinding for shots playing defense? Now all they so is call fouls and allow “allstars” to get away with murder on the court while a lot of the hard working players fall short because they don’t have endorsement deals and are not as well known

    • A Mills says:

      Ok, obviously you have an ax to grind w/LBJ, but flopping is not the same thing as dirty.

    • dattebayo says:

      Leave it to the haters, to bring Lebron’s name up in an article about Kevin Garnett playing physical basketball. Let’s see you running backwards into Tyson Chandler who sets a hard pick on you and puts his weight behind it and his shoulder into it. Yeah he danced around a little and after a while seemed perfectly fine but please don’t think that that pick from Chandler did not hurt.

      Pierce is a way better actor, getting himself carried off the court in a wheelchair only to return in the second half miraculously healed and fine is afeat I have no one else seen accomplish.

      And the worst flops I have seen are from Tony Allen and Chris Bosh pretending to get elbowed in the face without any contact and Reggie Evans jumping away from a smaller guard faking a push and getting an offensive foul called on the guard (I believe it was Game 5 against Memphis and against Connelly).

  71. Michael says:

    I know I won’t be attending Gearon’s pity party. Does he have any more pointless excuses?

  72. NBAFAN says:

    dirtiest? No… dirty? Yes.

    In his last game against the Utah Jazz he threw 2 obvious elbows, one hitting Devin Harris in the jaw KG got called for the foul, and then later in the game he threw another elbow to back off Paul Millsap which also led to KG getting called for the foul.

    In today’s league, throwing elbows to clear out space is dirty… back in the 90’s it was common, but not anymore… KG is lucky that some of those elbows weren’t called Flagrant 1’s… just like how Blake Griffin is lucky that at least 40% of his “dunks” weren’t called Offensive Fouls.

    • bignbafan says:

      Thank you for this! Paul Millsap still has the scar on his cheek bone from that game!

  73. kgformvp says:

    One more excuse for the losing hawks. Talk about injuries? What about Jeff Green, Wilcox, J o’neal? We’ll send u home tonite. Btw, wade is the dirtiest all the time.

  74. superblitz says:

    KG is indeed DIRTY. Just watch this.

  75. Diego says:

    Celticx, fans: Even a poll of current NBA players very recently picket KG I believe as 2nd dirtiest player in league (tied with Artest). (Reggie Evans was no. 1.) So get real.

    If Celtics with this series, it is primarily because of very injured Smith, Zaza out, and Horford injury. (Also piss poor effort by overpaid Joe Johnson.)

  76. bodjee says:

    I am not sure if KG is the dirtiest player in the NBA but I’m sure he is the best actor. He will cheap-shot his opponent and makes it look like an innocent move. Gearon must be talking about the way KG took Josh Smith out of the game 2. If NBA had a Shahanan, I am sure KG would have had a few suspension under his belt by now.

  77. Tudor says:

    yea. how about bruce bowen defense on Kobe? That was epic-dirty

  78. pglive21 says:

    Everyone who pays attention to the NBA knows that Garnett is one of the dirtiest players in the league. Not as bad as Artest, but who is? Just look at the evidence.


  79. K-Town says:

    Whoa straight up, forget the KG is dirty comment, which is a clear joke.

    This guy cries about injuries in regards to this series? I mean ZAZAZAZA Papachulia? Easily the most important bench player of all time. At least he gets his troops back(Horford). C’s have lost starters (JO/JG)that go beyond even basic injuries; players who have heart problems(CW), age issues that cannot even sniff the court. Not to mention MIA Ray for 2 months and fossiling PP/KG.

    As a basketball fan you really got to hand it to these vets, especially Kobe/PP. Who else outside Kobe/PP net you 30+ Points at 30+ years of age. They are no longer athletic just ridiculously good.

    • CelticsGirl87 says:

      Amen to that! Couldnt agree with you more…& in regards to KG when I watch him play or think of the player he is all I see is HEART!

  80. bando says:

    sure he sets some illegal screens and talks some trash. but that doesn`t make him the dirtiest player in the league. Ron Anrtest, Wade are the prime candidates, but at least Metta gets suspended when he does something dirty and he admits it afterwards. Wade injured intentionally 2 players (Kobe and Rondo) and ha didn`t even get a fine

  81. Gaz says:

    Just wanna say it annoys when fans say this and that teams have “no heart”..they are all in the playoff and they all have the heart and will to succeed. Even Washington has heart. Ok maybe not the Bobcats though but that’s about it.

  82. SG says:

    Everyone needs to lighten up. Playoff basketball (and all basketball) should be a little physical. I don’t want anyone hurt, but take a look at Griffin dunking on Gasol and then staring him down. That’s how it should be. Don’t help people up. Lay down the lumber when they drive the lane and let them know, you will not be allowing the stuff. If a player gets hot, send them on their butt (unless it’s Kobe or LeBron).
    Let’s play some Ball!

    • Bruce says:

      Pay attention to the dunks from Griffin and tell me where his off hand is. Seems to always be sweeping away the defenders arms. Not sure why its rarely called.

  83. chris says:

    How about DIRK for dirtiest player!

  84. chris says:

    Bynum has to be one of the top dirtiest players as well. Bruce bowen was the dirtiest player ever

  85. KG is dirty says:

    … KG is incredibly dirty. Ever seen him set a screen that is not illegal? Dirtiest in the NBA? Probably not.

    Gearon is still mad about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T99aL8j4yyc

  86. I’ve never really seen kg play dirty he just talkes alot and mentally messes with you he does the dirty things the right way with in the game talkin trash and playing hard but he has not done nothing to hurt nobody or cause a game to be decieded in a negative way that i can remmember, man up and play physical agianst him and let him know that your not scared of him and his talk, dirty play has been going on for years as long as its negative in the game and not in a way of making the game look bad, like a ron artest did to harden.

  87. missy says:

    KG is a dirty player, so is Ron Artest and so was Malone

  88. SS says:

    Dwade is the Dirtiest Player in the league Peirod

  89. Tudor says:

    dirtiest? why is that? is he aggressive? sure, dirty? sure. Does he taunt guys a lot? sure. But that would hardly be dirty. Prima Dona Lebron and Wade flop at every single possession and bounce their heads around like they are hit by a truck. I don;t see any articles about them. Anyhow, Boston has always been the one to hear all the possible **** articles about them, but this only fuels them everytime. Atlanta did well, but game 6 is as far as they go. On to Philly!

    • uoykcuf says:

      wait till he hit your nuts and let’s see what you’ll say

    • Kingknolla says:

      First of all people Kg has played the same his entire career he makes a living at getting into people heads its why he is so good defensively, he is more physical than most the people in the league its his style of basketball deal with it.

      SECOND BRUCE BOWEN people come on dirty? again he is a guy who gave it 110% on defense he played within what the refs allowed him to do so you call him dirty for playin the game how the refs call it? thats just a rediculous statement and against KOBE nobody should ever be called dirty because all KOBE does it throws his elbows and shove everyone and cry like a baby for the calls that he creates

      LEBRON JAMES can own anybody in this league when he wants folks lets face it, and if he is going to get a cal for throwing his head back which let me tell you about 98% of players in the NBA do at the slightest graze of their body then why shouldnt he? its foolish to just point him out when every single person in the league does it

  90. bugzy says:

    i guess it all depends on how you define dirty, this is such a physical sport that a little push here and there if not seen by the referee has become part of the game. I wouldnt say KG is the dirtiest however i wouldnt say hes innocent too but then again the same can be said to every player in the league at some point. bottom line is everyone does this specially if you have the Forward and center position its just that those who have more experience are better at doing it than others. goodluck to both teams .

  91. gameon says:

    well thanks for giving the Celtics what they need to close this out tonight, good job!

  92. renz_garnett says:

    he is physical player but not dirty.. maybe atlanta’s players is not as aggressive and not as physical as garnett..

  93. don says:

    Am I the only one here who’s ready for Bulls/Sixers series to end?

  94. jayson says:

    he said that Garnett is the dirtiest player in the league because it is the only way Hawks can beat the Celtics in their series.lols. FRAUD

  95. Raymond says:

    you are absolutely correct there, Law064. KG is full of emotions that he fuels the very core of the whole Celtics team.

  96. Celticsfan34 says:

    First of all Law064 is right, has he ever heard of RON ARTEST. Ron doesn’t deserve to be called Metta World Peace. And yes KG does trash talk but he is not dirty, The are dont tonite

  97. billcollector1999 says:

    andy varejao is a dirty player too
    hes gonna get fined though. only fans and reporters/writers can criticize i believe law064 they’re done tonight refs will make sure of that

  98. John says:

    KG used to poke one of the Suns’ player in the ballz so he is not dirty at all…

  99. aj says:

    I would pretty much say that this guy is coming up with an excuse for his team to be down 3-2.
    The celtics are bringing it home tonight

  100. Mischief says:

    Both teams have 99 fouls each. KG talks trash, but he’s not dirty. Like mentioned above KG hasn’t even gotten a tech. I would like him to say this to KG instead of the media. Ivan said the same thing but KG said he doesn’t respond to nobody’s.

  101. niquefreak21 says:

    how does a team only have 2 fouls in a half- i hope that the refs open their eyes and call fouls this game- they seem to be anti Hawks – you could call a moving pick on almost ever play against the celtics – not to mention the pushes ,grabbing arms and over the backs – sometimes i wonder if these refs are paid off – good luck a Hawks

  102. Prix says:

    KG dirty? sure he is tough and physical and sometime he play rough but dirtiest player? please not even close. MWP (elbow on harden head) and D Wade (who injured someone in all-star game? come on all star game and rondo dislocated elbow) are dirtier than KG

    • ATLHAWKS says:

      yeah remember when KG tried to choke Bill Walker after the Knicks beat the celtics in the first game this year yeah thats not dirty

      • ConfusedFan says:

        Let’s also not forget when KG hit Channing Frye in the groin while he was taking a jump shot. Don’t know how you can even try to pretend like KG doesn’t make dirty plays.

    • peter says:

      The NBA should keep a statistic for the number of player fouls causing an injury to opposing teams. KG wouldn’t even be on the list, but Dwight Howard, Wade and MWP would defiantely be leading it.

  103. Swatguy says:

    HaHaHa…SS, as hot as it is the Hawks may as well make it even hotter. Of course the “C’s” will be reading the comments and they remember Al’s vocal blast after game 5. So it doesn’t matter what incentive the Celtics now have. Hawks (fans and else) shoud take them over the edge and maybe they will lose their composure. I say send Ivan on the court with some momma jokes, ok baby momma jokes.
    Push them over the edge Hawks!!

  104. Bequiron says:

    Apparently this guy’s never been to Miami … Dwayne Wade FTW on ‘Dirtiest Player’ title, for sure. Just ask Rip Hamilton, he’ll concur.

  105. heh says:

    Boston fans are gonna give it to them tonight, I know cause I’ll be there 😉

    Tonight’s game is gonna be a blowout 30 points or more in the Celtics’ favor. The Hawks just don’t have the heart and teamwork to win, especially IN Boston.

    • do says:

      30 points?? Keep dreaming boston chump

      • ATLHAWKS says:

        i dont doubt it and im a hawks fan and i hope the hawks owners go bankrupt so they can sell the team to someone better i say david stern fine them $250 million

      • Lee says:

        Lol someones mad theyre team never made it past the second round, EVER. Barkley calls that consistency! Dont forget sun screen when youre out on the boat FISHING!

    • KG HATER says:

      haha 30?? get real homie c’s are all scrubs

      • peter says:

        Not quite correct, but a close call. Boston didn’t win by 30, but KG almost scored 30!

        To go eith 14 rebounds, 3 steals, 5 blocks – I guess he was motivated today.

        In the words of an old Japanese politician “I fear we have just awoken a sleeping giant” – Hawks owner just cost them an early exit out of the playoffs.

  106. Law064 says:

    Garnett the dirtiest player in the league? I would say not have he heard of that loser Metta World Peace or Ron Artest. Well he’s throwing fuel on the fire with his statements. I have not seen Garnett even get a technical foul or flagrant in this series so what is his problem. KG is a big trash talker at best but dirty I wouldn’t say all that. ATL is done tonight

    • Yep says:

      i agree that KG is a trash talker (cause of his emotions i guess).. but seriously ‘dirty’ player? i dnt think so..

      • Andre says:

        Obvious he is dirty. He hurts more guys than any other big man. He takes a lot of ‘small’ cheap shots all the time.

        But NBA likes dirty play. Bowen probably has less than 10 suspensions in his whole career.

        NBA has a policy to punish players that talk to referees but don’t worry about players hurting each other. In this case, you can’t blame Garnett, since he’s doing what NBA wants him to do.

      • Justy57 says:

        Andre- I’m sorry but you buggin KG aint even in the top 5 for dirtiest players in the NBA. You ever heard of Metta World Peace/Ron Artest, Dennis Rodman, Bill Laimbeer, Bruce Bowen, John Stockton, or even Dikembe Mutombo? Come on man there’s plenty of things Dikembe Mutombo did that would make him way more “dirty” of a player then KG. There’s about 20 or more times he either broke somebody’s nose, hit somebody in their throat, or hit the person in the head so i dont wanna hear anything about KG being the dirtiest player and if you don’t agree go to http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1176326-the-25-dirtiest-players-in-league-history#/articles/1176326-the-25-dirtiest-players-in-league-history and you’ll be proved wrong.

      • Grumani says:

        @Justy: You’re missing a whole lot of much worse players that played before any of those (remember “The Enforcer”?), but you can’t go into retired players on a current topic. KG is dirty and takes lots of cheap shots, though he is definitely not the worst as noted by many other responses here. He does belong on the top ten, however.

      • peter says:

        Think about all of the guys in history that are known for being exceptional defenders – Dennis Rodman, Metta World Peace, Patrick Ewing, Michael Jordan, Bruce Bowen, Shane Battier. Everyone one of those guys has been labelled dirty at some point in their career. I call it toughness (other than MWP), and it’s the stuff that wins games.

        Dirty is guys who are intentionally aggressive without caring if they hurt someone – MWP, Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard. Those guys are dirty. KG gets away with some illegal screens and bumps/grinds but thats it – he doesn’t fit in that category.

        Hawks owner is just upset because his ‘hurt’ team played against a really old ‘hurt’ team and go beat – again.

    • Mino says:

      KG just has a big mouth with physical play. He isnt dirty, he’s just not soft. he goes hard.

  107. Coach Dee says:

    I never saw a line where in this article speaks of why Gearon said that KG is what he thinks he is.

    • heh says:

      He obviously doesn’t have any legitimate evidence to support his claim that KG is a dirty player. He’s just making excuses for the Hawks losing is all.

      • Didnt work says:

        Are you kidding me? KG and MWP are by far the dirtiest players in the games. It’s been that way for years Boston fans. Look up how many scuffles he has been in. Find someone else with HALF as many in any given year over the past 7 years. Be a fan but dont just support him with blind eyes

      • Eric Zap says:

        I think flagrant fouls are a big indicator of a dirty player. KG never gets those. Now if you ask me, I think hands down the dirtiest player in the league is Dwayne Wade.

      • Badandy says:

        Flagrant Fouls are a bad indicator, because that is blatantly violent. Metta World Peace is a beast and well….let’s not get into that. KG can play dirty (i’ll admit it), but would not even fit among the top ten of most dirty players.

      • Badandy says:

        Dirty play, is being violent and cheap without getting caught.

      • Retro Silk says:

        Garnett is 36 years old. Played 12 seasons with Minnesota and now in his fifth year at Boston. He started off playing street ball before he played a organized game. Lets face it, the man lives and breathes basketball. With that said, let me remind you all what it’s really about… The O’brien trophy being paraded through Beantown, an 18th championship banner dangling from the rafters @ TD Garden, a big fat rock of a ring proudly worn on the middle finger, pride, bragging rights, and not to mention all the money. I’m sure you could come up with a few more reasons to play each and every game with that level of intensity that Garnett brings every game. People always bitch and blame the referees when their team loses a close important game/series. You all must want to watch your players back down and cower away from the big play? Any way, why don’t we all tune in and see Garnett and the boys doing their thing tonight! I’d say it’s time to light up a Philadelphia Philly and smoke it with some good old fashion street ball!

      • RCG says:

        @DidntWork… …Matt Barnes, Pachulia, Ivan “The Terrible,” Reggie Evans, Villenueva, D-Wade (or did you forget what he did to Rondo?)Bynum, Griffin, Kobe, Nash… Garnett isn’t innocent of taking advantage of a refs head being turned but calling him “dirty” for how he plays would neccesarily imply that a majority of “Good/Great defensive players are “dirty” as well. Do you believe the 6-Time Champion Bulls played clean ball, too?

      • QuestionMark says:

        KG is no where near dirty, he just knows how to play defense with pure intensity, and he knows how to get in your head and frustrate you, hes just a pure competitor, which is why I guess some of the things he does may seem dirty.