Shaqtin’ A Fool: The Winner

We asked you to vote and you did, congrats to JaVale McGee!


  1. dattebayo says:

    McGee is a beast with a lot of potential. I don’t think he could ever be like Shaq either but if he works with the Training Staff and continues to watch film he will learn on how to play much more effective and those dumb plays will vanish out of his game. Furthermore, just playing with better players is also an improvement, because if the guys around you know what they are doing, they won’t put you in bad situations as often as those guys in Washington did.

    I liked McGee in Denver, he had a gamewinner in the regular season (offensive rebound and dunk after a missed free throw) and he had some big playoff moments against the Lakers.

  2. ZeeNarf says:

    will this guy be playin’ with the Philippines as a naturalized player? oh come on…

  3. luke says:

    funny gug

  4. lets go says:

    JaVale is a joke

  5. dwayne says:

    javale u should be proud now ur a denver nugget

  6. Coach Dee says:

    That was the best of JaVale.

    How about the best of the season?

    Please we want to see more!

  7. chukchakchenis says:


  8. Charles Murray says:

    Do you really like making fun of him? Did you check with him? BTW, he scored 19 last night and would be able to slam it through Shack’s face in all fairness.

    • phillip says:

      javale has a bright future with some proper coaching he will have the last laugh, but thanks for the past laughs big dude

    • ledzepage says:

      yea as if javale will ever be a quarter of the player Shaq was hahaha