Blogtable: Lamar Odom Fallout

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Well, that Lamar Odom in Dallas thing didn’t work out, did it? Do you blame Odom? Why or why not?

Steve Aschburner: Don’t want to pile on a troubled soul, if that’s what Odom is. But of course it’s his fault. This is a big-boy league. You don’t get paid extravagant sums of money only to play for the team and in the city of your choice. And it wasn’t as if he got banished to a D-League outpost or never had switched teams. None of it might have happened if the mere suggestion of a trade hadn’t knocked Odom sideways – sorry, Lamar, trade rumors also are part of what professionals gets paid to endure. Just because he had a country-club existence in L.A., dumb TV show included, doesn’t mean he was untouchable by some of pro sports’ harsh, er, realities. The choice still is there, and always has been, to go play in a rec league if you don’t like or can’t handle the pressures.

Fran Blinebury:Should I blame Khloe or Kim or any of the other Kardashians?  Should I blame it Rio or on the bossa nova or on the rain?  Of course, I’ll blame Lamar Odom. He’s the only one you can blame.  He pouted.  He under-performed.  He let his teammates down.  He took a paycheck and took a hike.  Come on now, who else is there to blame?

Scott Howard-Cooper: I don’t know if “blame” if the right word, but yes. Clearly something was going on beyond the court, whether a lengthy fog over splitting with the Lakers or a personal matter. He never seemed engaged, and that’s not a hard locker room to crack. Rick Carlisle was responsible for finding a way to make this work, but at some point, it’s not about his effectiveness. It’s about Odom’s.

Shaun Powell: Yeah, I blame Odom. It’s called “being a pro.” You get paid. You play. There’s no gray area. You don’t call the shots, or at least you’re not supposed to, anyway. But such is the sports world in which we live, the world we helped create, by the way. The Mavericks, by all accounts, treated Odom with respect but the guy never wanted to be in Dallas all along. Will the first person who knows what’s going on in Odom’s head, please shine some light?

John Schuhmann: Who else are you going to blame? I understand that he had a traumatic offseason, but the guy was getting paid $9 million to play basketball this year. And he obviously failed to bring a certain level of professionalism or dedication to his job. I do hope he can get his act together though, because he can help somebody next season if his mind is right.

Sekou Smith: There is no one else to blame but Odom. It’s not like the Lakers traded him to the Bobcats or Wizards (they did try trading him to the Hornets, only to have that deal squashed). They sent him to the reigning world champions, a team with the best owner in sports, one of the best coaches in the league, one of the greatest players in the league, with a stellar locker room culture and to a city that is head over heels in love with its NBA franchise. For Odom to take all of that and implode it because he longed for Los Angeles and all of the comforts he’d come to know there is simply unforgivable. He’ll move on and play elsewhere, but the stain of his episode stays on his books for good.


  1. tom says:

    Lamar was a bust in Dallas, may be one of the most overpriced players in the NBA.
    Who would want him after this pitiful performance in Dallas, have to question if he belongs in the NBA.

  2. simon says:

    you know why is odom is in that attitude right now? because odom is still in the doomed of last year when dallas beat L.A 4-0…still affected. 😀 He is still in agony of last year shameful lost.

  3. anonymous says:

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  4. Lam Lam says:


  5. Rich says:

    Move aside James and Howard.., Odom , you just made yourself currently the most hated player in the NBA !

  6. 24/8 says:

    LO was a huge part of helping the Lakers win 2 championships even with his inconsistency. Should have been an All Star last year. At first I thought Dallas/Cuban was taking advantage of the situation LO put the Lakers in with LO’s unprofessional reaction to being included in a trade that was stomped on by Stern. Thanks again David! The Lakers at the time received “0” for the trade to Dallas but the exception. For Dallas/Cuban, anything to weaken the Lakers, after not holding on to Chandler/Barrea/Stevenson so Dallas can go after DWilliams and DHoward later. But looking at it now, it’s proven to be a brilliant move by the Lakers. LO has always had problems upstairs even before all the unfortunate personal problems and tragedies. I’m sure the Lakers looked at it as an opportunity to get rid of LO and all the extra curricular activity he has complicated his life with. All this after he worked so hard to earn 6th Man Of The Year honors! His first priority and professionalism, when it comes to his job that earns him millions, should be basketball. LO has now completely lost focus on what he does best and I’m not so sure he bounces back completely if at all. Hoping the best for LO.

  7. Kian Jeric says:

    I think lakers give odoms to mavs to revenge the 4-0 from mavs last season

  8. jasonceasar lim says:

    i really do love lamar bounced into my fav team in nba. im thinking of a back-back rings but unfurtunately lamar’s game is somewhere else. he has d best true point guard, d’best 7’0 forward,d’best shoting guard,d’best coaching staff,d’best owner.. wooooo whatelse you ask for? he just disappoint the world champs, i d0 hope not the national team going to lond0n olympic if he’s chosen to be part of coach K’s gold medalist team

  9. pleazingod says:

    I want to know why we as a people feel the need to kick someone when their down? Don’t you think Lamar is already going through enough? Besides, since when is what he does and doesn’t do our business? I’m a long-time Lakers’ fan and I sincerely miss Lamar. Lamar, you’re alright in my book. You have the heart of a champion. So let all of the distractions in your life go and get back on course. My prayers are with you and Khloe.

  10. Patrickmarc says:

    Odom should start a real training again, from seven in the morning to seven at night, to justify his salary.
    He has a good job and he doesn’t realise that this part of his life is quite short. He should put all the stuff now.

  11. the heat says:


  12. Rich says:

    He may be laughing deep inside now but that still won’t take away the fact that he’s a nut case. If he still has a little bit of integrity left in him, he should just donate the rest of his salary for this season to charity. This guy even wore his Laker championship gear and ring included on his way out to Dallas. Damn, even the Lakers tried to trade you and didnt want you anymore !

  13. indi says:

    its all about money guys..haha!he is just acting weird to get attention..cant you see it?

  14. Piotr says:

    I see a lot of haters over here, be it commentators and news outlets. Don’t judge the book by its cover. You have little idea what the Lamar is experiencing and how it feels to him. Instead of making your sorry lives feel better by bashing another person think of how Lamer can use the recent experiences to become a better person and player. There is no hero in this world that has never fallen; in moments like this we learn who we are and what we are about. We grow. Good luck to you Lamar and please don’t pay any attention to haters who know little about life.

    • Rich says:

      Then he shouldn’t made himself available to play at all in the season if that’s the case.

  15. dallasking4ever says:

    Lamar Odom should leave and go sign some where in need of a PF. Maybe Magic, Cavs, Clippers, Nets or the talented Kncks.

  16. james says:

    whatever is your personal problem when you are in the court leave those first, just deal with them after the game because they pay you to play basketball.. how many people are getting paid doing what they love?.. Odom you are very lucky..try playing hard and help that team to win a title and this issue will die instantly..

  17. Anil Ergunay says:

    lamar odom i hope u read this, u are a selfish and childish person, u get millions of dollars to play the game u love and still u act like a small child. The lakers traded u to the mavericks the defending champs so what is ur problem son? Is it ur fake wife who always wants to be in the spotlights just like her fake sister? wait , u too are fake man

  18. Chey says:

    I agree with everyone else. Lamar is solely to blame. It amazes me that a player like Derek Fisher has been a part of that team practically his entire career and was traded, yet Lamar thought he was immune. I’m from LA and I can tell you that Derek is one of the most beloved players we had. I get that Lamar went through some personal stuff, and not that it’s right, but the reality show kind of diminishes my sympathy. Putting your life in front of the world like that dehumanizes many of the folks I see on these shows and I did lose a little respect for him when he went this route. You can marry into the glam life without being a part of it. Plenty of athletes date/marry models, actors, singers, but you don’t see them on concert stages or sharing a movie set with their significant others. Anyway, get it together Lamar, I look forward to seeing you bounce back next season. Enjoy that $9mil in the meantime 🙂

  19. shaun says:

    When Michael Jordan took a break from basketball he was severely missed and many calls were made to get him back. Presently Lamar is depressed and it takes time to come out of depression. He will come back better but he needs time and our patience.

  20. June says:

    While I’m a big VC fan, I thought having the big names go to Dallas like VC and Odom play with Dirk, Terry, Marion and Kidd would make Dallas a hard foe on the court… Couldn’t help but agree with the people here who blames Odom for underachieving… In this times wherein dignity and honor is far more sought after than money, he choose to become a weasle and whine about his stuff… While I hope he turns around things for the better… RIght now, I can’t help but feel sorry for my idol for having him as a team mate… And I remember Kidd in an interview, say he and the rest of the D-Mavs wanted to give Carter a ring, which he deserves… If Odom keeps on dropping the ball down, can’t help but say Dallas will not be the champs after this seasron…

  21. Loso says:

    That wasn’t Lamar Odom on the court this season. That was Lamar Kardashian.

  22. taktak says:

    This is totally Odom’s fault, nobody else, so blame Odom ! Get traded is just a part of deal in NBA, nothing special unless you’re a superstar, obviously Odom is NOT. Especially there were situation Lakers trying to get a real superstar Chris Paul. The trade failed by the control freak commissioner anyway, and then Odom asked Lakers to be traded, so Lakers did for him. What a nice organization Lakers are. Even, Odom went to the defending NBA champs Mavs, he didn’t go Hornets, okay. Be a man, be a pro, do 9 millions job in the NBA please !!

  23. OOg says:

    It is impossible to prosper at power forward playing behind “THAT DUDE”. Any power forward brought to Dallas from another team and plays behind “THAT DUDE” is going to have the worst year of their career.

    The whole purpose of bringing a Lamar Odom, or an Antawn Jamison (or Antoine Walker, etc.) to the Mavericks is to establish that ‘THAT DUDE” is a better power forward,
    It is really simple to make them look bad. Just pull them from the game many times when they miss their first shot, let the 0-for-1’s pile up. Pull them out of the game when tey are 2 for 5, and not allow them to make the next shot, because 2 for 5 shooting is 40% and 3 for 6 shooting is 50%.

    And just as a coach’s responsibility is to put a player in the best position to score, a coach can also do just the opposite by design as well..

    I remember when the Dallas Mavericks pulled Mark Aguirre oout of the game when noone could stop Aguirre and the Mavs had a 17 point lead against the Lakers. The Mavs organization took Mark Aguirre out of the game at that point. The Mavs organization allowed the Lakers to come back and win that game, and never put Aguirre back in.

    In the most crucial moments in the Dallas franchise’s history up to that point, the Mavs would not allow the first player they ever (Aguirre) selected to finish the job they hired him for.

    The Mavs put Roy Tarpley in and stuck with Tarpley down the stretch, Dallas deliberately sabotages the careers of black players, because they would rather have a Negro to blame for failure in that community than one to credit for success. Back then, The good folks of Dallas would rather have Roy Tarpley to blame for failure than have to give Mark Aguirre credit for success.

    The Dallas media showed replay after replay of Mark Aguirre watching the Mavs blow a 17 point lead while he was not allowed to try and prevent it. He was characterized as “Pouting” and having a “Bad Attitude” from then on in Dallas.

    Is a player supposed to feel good and smile and be cheerful while they watch helplessly and they see their chance to go to the finals be sqaundered?

    This season, Lamar Odom is that negro to blame if the Mavericks do not win a championship this year. Conversely, Dirk will get all the credit for any success.

    That is how it is in Dallas. (I saw a phot of Dirk Nowitzki wearing a t-shirt that had “I’M THAT DUDE” printed on it.)

  24. alonzo15 says:

    What Odom NEEDS now: RESPECT and LOVE for the game, CONFIDENCE and PROFESSIONALISM (That’s why you are called a pro man)

  25. Jack says:

    I blame the Mavs front office. You could see this a mile way, Odom has always been an immature, whiny slacker.

  26. Eric Adrian2004 says:

    go back to the LAKERS Lamar!…where ur heart belongs!

  27. Armin Halvadzic says:

    I blame Lakam but still I understand.

  28. yajh says:

    Odom should be blamed.Simply because of one thing, he never moved on with the trade. this is a big-man’s league.
    He is like a little boy so emotional in the corner because because his candy is taken by someone.

  29. Option 2 says:

    Hey Lamar, if you get a chance to read this, think about it. GO TO THE RAPTORS and while there work on your game, get better and be “NAME” all over again. They have money and you’d get paid more whether you win or lose but obviously if you win you get more. Your lady would love it there and both you guys can start fresh. Plus the media up there probably wouldn’t care about your situation all that much unless you’re helping those Raps win

  30. farouut!! says:

    the potential lethal frontcourt of nowitzki, marion, odom, and a backcourt of an on fire terry and a reliable kidd is ruined just bcoz “he wants to be in l.a… i mean isnt he supposed to be motivated that his team practically gave him away and reason for him t prove his worth? instead he cried over it and acted like a kid who would ignore you if you dont buy him candy..

  31. eduj says:


  32. Lakers Fan says:

    I think he would of been better off staying with the Lakers because he had very a good team chemistry with them and also he should not get blame if you was put in his position you would probably feel the same way and this is his first season with the Mavs maybe next season he might shine just have to hope for the best.

  33. Jr says:

    This is probably not the best time to bash a person when they are at a low point of their career. I am pretty sure that Lamar will bounce back. I agree that enduring trade rumors and learning how to play through them is an integral part to the character of a professional athlete,

    Best wishes to you Lamar your gonna be back on your feet again bud.


  34. Damien says:

    Well, I would say it’s primarily David Stern’s fault. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to take the blame away from Odom who really messed up. But not letting that Chris Paul deal happen compelled Odom to return to the Lakers with the “hurt feelings” he was talking about (damn, sounds like a schoolyard story : “hurt feelings” ? This guy is 6’10 and gets paid millions…!). But still, no childish behaviour if the deal hadn’t been nixed…

  35. Melski says:

    Cuban should sue him for the 9 million dollars – his lack of effort was criminal. If it is personal – come clean and say so but dont sit around like a pouting baby. Not good enough for anyone.

  36. Klaus says:

    Hey Guys,

    I agree that Lamar Odom should be blamed from our point of view.
    However, I think Lamar Odom is a good professional and person.
    I’ve seen him playing for the US in Germany and he was a really
    friendly and respectful person. Before his laker days he also played
    very good with the clippers and heat and always showed heart.

    I think that other reasons explain Odoms bad performances and that
    are his bad news during summer in his family and personal surrounding.
    I really cannot hear it any more that people say nba pros have to be tough
    and play hard everynight. Sometimes u cannot ignore your personal problems
    and thats really human.

    I just accuse Odom for trying to play bball and signing a contract with many
    millions. He should have taken a personal pause in summer and just play bball
    when hes really ready.

    Best regards,

  37. danny says:

    if you woul behave like he did in the “normal” world, you just get fired, no money, just a cardbox with your stuff and 2 friendly men who will escort you to the door. . he still gets his money, doesn’t he ? I hope he had the decency to give it away to charity, since he didn’t do anything to really earn it.

  38. jason mcdonald says:

    its pretty clear to me that lakers have pulled a fast one over the dallas and the league . all this upset odom thing is an act the lakers got him to do so that dallas would release him and the lakers can resign him on a min contract . odom will be back playing for the lakers as soon as he possibly can

  39. (required) says:

    Bad situation, bad fit => obvious fail. Who’s to blame ? Everybody.

  40. Itachi says:

    Lamar didn’t get the VIP treatment he expected in Dallas. He must have forgotten that respect is earned…^^

  41. BOY KAS ES says:


  42. kantankruz says:

    Bang on Sekou, perfectly said.

  43. justMyopinion says:

    The man didn’t even try, he played with no desire. At the beginning i thought that it was he not being used to the team, but come on his stats are way below. This guy went on with the drama instead of the game. He had no desire to play in Dallas and it showed. Why ask to traded if he wanted to stay in LA. He should have put his big boy pants on instead of cry because he almost got traded, Gasol almost got traded too and he is playing as if it never happen( got a little shaken before the trade line but got back on his game). in this line of work your game is your curriculum vitae, if you have none nobody is going to hire you. So Lamar get back and find the best six man player you used to be.

  44. blair56 says:

    Lamar Odom is a talented basketball player but I, for one, am no longer a fan of his. He should be heckled to no end next season. I bet you could heckle him into retiring.

  45. Bob says:

    Lamar was 6th man of the year and got traded. That”s gotta hurt. After all the trash about him not being consistent when he finally was they dumped him. He’ll never be the same again. Stupid move on Lakers part.

  46. lawinrp says:

    And everybody thought Artest, er, MWP, was crazy. It’s no wonder now that Artest, er, MWP and Odom are close friends.

  47. FREDRICK.M says:

    Lamar should have did like pau gasol and just played ball he would still be a Laker now. but listening to home boi Khloe Kardashian. smh

  48. Dan says:

    What happened to “it’s a business”? They all say it and yet, even the most (ergh,) professional players don’t seem to get it. $9 million, hey I hate Dallas and it kills me to be in the locker room of the enemy, ah I mean teammates. So, I completely understand his emotional dilemma with the transition, but just cause your Lamar Odom doesn’t mean you’re never up for trade. It is not uncommon in today’s game for big names to be moved for a multitude of reasons, and now he knows that more than ever. I’m hopeful that a lesson has hopefully been learned by Lamar Odom. I hope that he understands the meaning of his work/trade. I hope he realizes the amount of talent that he has, and how easily he can waste it. I hope he understands that it is a true commitment to be a pro player, to be true to yourself and true to your body & health, and most importantly to your boss and teammates.
    Sure, most fans don’t understand it as a difficult job, but where else do you compete for a position that only 450 applicants will be hired, oh and next year you must once again compete for 1 of those 450 spots.
    Lamar get the help you need. Take the time to heal your wounds. Lick those scars and come out hungry and ready to play ball next year. You can make a team very happy, and give them hope for a possible championship, and give yourself a chance at redeeming yourself and reclaiming your tarnished name. Best of Luck to you Lamar Odom

  49. Michael says:

    I agree with Seikou. Lamar can only blame himself with what’s happening. Yeah he got problems. So what? He should show some professionalism. You get paid millions for what? Underachieving? Come on man. you were traded to the defending champs but what did you do? it’s not like you were traded to those teams in the bottom. at least the lakers management were thoughtful enough to send you off to dallas. so you can have another shot for the title.

  50. whyOwhy says:

    Hmmm I wonder why so many women are commenting on this…. But yeah, Odom should get his act together, PERIOD! (No pun intended)

  51. p00kienrayray says:

    Lakers were bitter that Dallas swept em last season, so they traded Odom to Dallas to sabotage their season. It was all one clever conspiracy! Lol.

  52. Miguel says:

    blame this useless trash!

  53. Bob says:

    I agree with everyone here…

    What an utter failure…life goes on man

  54. J-head says:

    Yeah, although on the one hand his life is ultimately his responsibility, I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose so many important people in your life as a young guy. The people who say that’s what he’s paid to do have never lost a loved one. No one is paid to accept family tragedy. I guess ppl in America are so confident that $ solves everything. It certainly hasn’t solved our problems!

  55. Oz Laker Fan says:

    Whether you get $25k per year or $9 million per year, being traded from the company you were hired by to another city, company and change in staff (team mates included) would be a hard pill to swallow. The biggest issue I have is the lack of professionilsm. You know when your in the NBA or most American pro sports (Australian sports don’t trade players) that you can be traded at any point, so why not show a bit of intelligence and try to make it work. If you try and it doesn’t succeed, you can at least have that on your resume when trying to negotiate your next $9 million payday………

  56. Edjumacator says:

    Good move by Kupchak. It’s just too bad about the Hornets trade. Too bad the Lakers had to bow down to King David’s stern.

  57. HS says:

    Lamar Who ???

  58. Ted says:

    C’mon. Lamar has got to take the blame here. Pau Gasol dealt with this professionally even though there are a lot of trade rumors. You got involved in a trade and then you are suddenly asked for a trade? C’mon. The lakers got nothing in return too. (Yea they got a trade exception but it wasn’t even used this season.)

  59. nztr22 says:

    bring back lamar to lakers,

  60. jonski22 says:

    as a Laker fan..i just love LO…but i have to agree that it’s his fault. But doesn’t matter now, he can start again, get his act together. Hope to see him in Lakers uni again…him being in LA (the land) is one less distraction for him.

  61. Aye says:

    He’s only human and money isn’t everything.
    He’s had a bad year. Let him get his mind right.
    He will bounce back. The ninja can ball. Period.

  62. NBAjunkie says:

    Ofcourse Lamar is at fault Unless your name is Kobe Bryant or Dirk Nowitzki (no trade clause), you should KNOW a trade is bound to happen at one point or another. At the end of the day it’s business. The Lakers needed a PG under Mike Brown’s system and CP3 is one of the best in the league…why WOULDN’T they sacrifice their sixth man to get him? Especially with Murphy, Gasol, Bynum and McRoberts on the roster – the Laker’s front court is probably one of the best of the league…what they needed was another perimeter shooter and LO was not that guy.

    Unfortunately he let himself get caught up in all that Kardashian hype and started believing he was LA royalty because he had all those tweens that worship the Kardashians swooning over him. His head wasn’t in the game in the post-season last year and clearly not this year – is it a coincidence this all happens just when the “reality” show is happening? Seriously, Khloe and him seem to have a genuine relationship but why exploit him like that? Why derail his career like that?

    As for the off-season issues, LO is no stranger to tragedy in his life, but he’s always been able to push that aside and deliver on the court. Why was this any different? Other than the simple fact that he let himself buy into his own celebrity status and literally believed he was untouchable. Sorry, LO but the NBA is not operated by E! or the Kardashians. This wasn’t the first time he was traded but this is the first time he throws a fit? A seasoned professional should not be doing that – look at Pau, look at Fish, despite trade rumors they GET the fact that they are PAID to PLAY. Not only that but the ultimate sign of immaturity came from the fact that he asked to be traded to the Mavs – the team that swept LA, as a huge insult to the Laker organization.

    He needs to step away from all this “reality” drama and get his mind back where it needs to be. LO you’re not getting any younger and with your numbers don’t think you’ll be pulling a Fisher/Duncan type residency in the NBA. You have at most 5 or so years left in your career – make them actually MEAN something…either in the NBA or abroad (wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in Europe/Turkey next year).

  63. Mark Williams says:

    Unfortunately for Lamar Odom, one of My favorite Lakers during his tenure in purple and gold, and a favorite of Mine with the other LA team, he has failed to accept that professional sports (and college for that fact) is a business. I was sorry to see him being offered for trade in the Chris Paul deal. However, in retrospect, given Paul’s performance versus Odom’s, Mitch Kupchek would have made the right business decision.

  64. mavs fan says:

    because of lamar’s horrible season with the mavericks, the mavs are struggling to get to the playoffs. the franchise spent a lot of time and effort (not to mention money) to make lamar’s game better. he just wasted the season of the mavericks. i still hope that he gets his issues fixed and play better basketball next season 😦

  65. nbalove says:

    where are you prix??

  66. jman says:

    eh and on top of that its not just lamar its the whole team that have underperformed this year, dont forget, well they were 0 and 7 when lamar hasnt played. idk what has happened the last couple games.

  67. jman says:

    so harsh people, have some sympathy i kind of think the mavericks have fault and lakers for trading him. odom is too good of a player to have such low numbers. i think from the start he did not get enough playing time and therefore did not get as much of a chance to find his groove with the team. he has played with the lakers and the same guys for such a long time it is not easy to adjust especially with another 7 footer on your team who can shoot, which is kind of lamars role. i just do not think mavericks is a good team for him. if he still were with the lakers this season he would have been much better and the lakers too.

  68. Mikel says:

    Well Lamar,

    No matter how much money we make, I feel for your loss, and yes, being taken away from something you’re used to does affect you, and I think this might help you remember what is most important in life. I will be praying for you, and don’t worry about everything so much, remember why you ever played the game…enjoy life on the court, and try to figure out why you were really sent to play in Dallas…Jesus once asked “can you see truth”…look for it.

    You can do it.

  69. CAVSMAN says:

    Odom is B1tch

  70. Memar says:

    Maybe Odom just wanna championships, so he goes to a champion team. Why don’t you play in OKC Odom?

  71. Alan Hollway says:

    It is easy to point the blame at Lamar in his obvious failures with the Mavs, but just because he is a millionaire sportsman doesn’t really mean that he cannot be treated like a human being who has had some terrible family issues affecting his life and work performance. If you were a normal high paid executive for a major firm the obvious solution was to have provided him with time off, any person who loses a child and a relative will carry some baggage and being forced into a compulsory trade and having to move his family and perform under high expectations with such gruelling personal issues affecting his performance is a little unrealistic. Lamar was the 6th man champion of last year so he has the ability but no trade is an automatic guarantee of success, you still have to fit into the roster. It serves as an example of which there are many that no trade is an automatic success and no doubt with some time off Lamar will return to being one of the NBA’s quality elite. The Mavs are simply finding it hard to go back to back and have learnt that winning one is one with but going back to back is even more difficult, the Spurs serve as the obvious referenc e point here and maybe we should be giving more regard to the Spurs who have maintained the presence in or close to the top as being demonstrative of an outstanding franchise.

    • Pascal says:

      If the only problem was his psychological condition I’d agree. But he didn’t even try, he was always out of shape, never got in a condition where he could help the team if he didn’t have any psychological issues.

  72. rareair1 says:

    That’s BS. The guy’s obviously got some issues he needs to deal with. After being involved in that horrific accident, being uprooted from his home in LA, and having a history with illegal substances it’s obvious that attachment issues are to blame. Yea he gets payed the big bucks, but he’ s only human. Parting ways probably wasn’t the way to go, I would have sent him to the best psychologist I could find or maybe give Tony Robbins a buzz…lol

  73. Mavs fan says:

    I can’t believe Odom did that to the Mavs. I mean, sure, he had a tough offseason, but he’s being paid 9 million…. I am seriously miffed… thought Odom would benefit the Mavs… guess I was wrong 😡

  74. Memar says:

    Let’s go Celtics!

  75. JJGreen says:

    Gasol was in the very same trade that got squashed, he din’t wine or pout about it, he just went to training camp like nothing happened, and if Lamar did the same he would still be a Laker. I think the reality show is getting to his head lol, making every little thing such a over-dramatic spectacle

    • TTKIN says:

      Not only did Gasol show, but he is having a monster year that is being overlooked cuz of Bynum. Gasol is man, Odom is a boy. Odom gets millions without earning it…he is definitely a true Kardashian now!

  76. hope is here says:


  77. gary says:

    he californicated the mavericks

  78. Robert says:

    I like what Sekou had to say here

  79. mike vee says:

    The problem with Lamar is between his ears until he gets that corrected he might as well just hang it up, basketball career that is. He had a good run in the NBA anyaways 13 yrs not many players can say they played for that long.

  80. james says:

    y is everyone blaming the kardashians what did they do its not their fault things didn’t work out.

    • Shut up fool says:

      That La-La Land lifestyle and hangin’ out with those wannabe T.V divas sure as h3ck didn’t help the guy. Get a clue before opening that dumb trap of yours.

  81. SuperJun says:

    seriously you go from sixth man of the year to a d-league downgrade to be waived? odom is a quitter, a big baby because he had to leave LA.

  82. aaron says:

    completely lamars fault. show some professionalism at least. its funny cuz vince carter, when he was on his way out of toronto, kinda did the same thing, but even he played a million times better for the raptors (even if he didnt want to be there) than Lamar did for the Mavs. its like Lamar felt so betrayed that he 4got how to play basketball…and its not like his world ended, he still gets paid, he still gets to play in the NBA and for the defending champs no less, what more can you ask for if you get traded? grow up Lamar and accept responsibility

  83. Reynaldo Saso says:

    Dude, BBBBBBBanishhhhhhhhh to ignominy. You bring shame to nobody but yourself. In the first place You dude is
    suppose to behave like a professional that you should be. What with the millions that come with your job. You should had
    never accepted this Dallas job in first place. NBA pros are for grown ups and the strong if you know what I mean.

  84. matthew says:

    i dont get it does he not understand nba stands for no babies allowed

  85. Stu Brew says:

    I don’t blame Lamar Odom for struggling this season, I blame Rick Carlisle for always benching him and not putting him in the starting line-up which they should’ve done right from the start of the season. But Dallas, I felt underused him way too much. I’d like to see Lamar go back to the LA Lakers or the Miami Heat.

    • Mino says:

      He got benched because he cant make a field goal, rofl. Watch a mavericks game before you talk.

    • MellyBear says:

      That is simply not true.If you think that then you do not watch the games. For the good part of the season Odom was given a considerable amount of minutes and was often allowed to play for a lot longer than he should have. There was a game against New York earlier this season, a loss, that he played 20 ATROCIOUS minutes of basketball that seriously hurt our chance of winning the game. Rick Carlisle was trying very hard to get him going and implement him into the rotation. But he never gave it his all. He never tried. Do not blame Rick Carlisle. If he wasn’t Lamar Odom, he not have been allowed to play as much as he did. As a Mavericks fan, it was extremely frustrating watching them leave Odom in for long stretches in which he looked completely worthless. It was only the last couple of games that Carlisle has been pulling him and not using him as much because it was obvious he was hurting the team and flow of the game.

  86. nba fan says:

    dude lamar odum is a good b-ball player. but dang man you are on a championship team an you blow it cuz you dont want to be in dallas. and then he got paid 9mill. the heck is wrong with that dude. id say he is the blame for not playin like he supposed to. that dude could of had a shot at another championship if he was playing rite. but he blew that big time yo.

    • nba fan fan says:

      listen Bra
      if u gonna name someone (who’s names written all over the page) u might as Well get it right
      its not because you don’t fit into a system that your a dead baller.
      ya’ll better listen to Coach “D”

  87. For The Love of The Game says:

    America! America! Americaaaaaaaa!

    Together with God we stand. Come on man! Its a basketball game. They come, they go, and they come again. If there is a problem, Americaaaaaaaa we can solve it. This will happen!!! Go my son! Get help, for God is with you. America, enjoy the games. Sincerely, Coach “D”.

  88. dq5 says:

    What ever happened to unbias journalism. I really don’t like the fact that the author of this article would bring up this mans personal life. When a person is in the spotlight they tend to have problems. No one is exempt. It’s hard to believe that professional journalist would stoop to this level. I see why no one respects your opinions. Yeah, they read your articles but they openly complain about about your incompetence. Everybody has any opinion but sometime journalist should hide theirs and report the facts.

    • rareair1 says:

      Dude, they’re journalists. They are a bunch of theorists who have never played the game at a high level and will never really know what it’s like to play at the elite level. They re payed to highlight stories that will evoke highly charged emotional states in people. Pretty sure it worked…

  89. LORD P says:

    Can’t understand a grown man like him after all he’ve been trough in his life not being able to act like a real pro..this is business homie not your house!!!

  90. yham says:

    What is it that Odom wants? Why is he not playing in his full potential?
    For sure it is not the system that he doesnt fit in, right! In the first place he
    should ask to be traded before trade deadline to what team he likes to play if he
    is going to be like this so that both parties are happy. Now Mavs have a big whole to fill
    in with their rotation. Thats why they are in the bottom of the standings. If they dont play with
    their heads, they will say good bye to the Mavs fans and have an early vacation. Only few losses
    and SUNS,NUGGETS and JAZZ will take their place.

    • dedefr says:

      im pretty sure that the hornets and bobcats are at the bottom of the standings, not the mavs.

  91. Marybelle says:

    The Mavericks are said to have the best mental health program in the NBA–full time mental health staff. The help was there for Lamar.

    We had contrasts in players coming to the Mavericks. We had Lamar with many problems who didn’t seem to want to play. And then we have Delonte West with a boatload of problems-bi-polar being one and Delonte throws his heart and soul into every, single game.

    I hope Odom finds his way but he had it made in Dallas. Cubano and Carlisle covered for him far too long.

    • Marybelle says:

      The Mavericks are said to have the best mental health program in the NBA–full time mental health staff. The help was there for Lamar.

      We had contrasts in players coming to the Mavericks. We had Lamar with many problems who didn’t seem to want to play. And then we have Delonte West with a boatload of problems-bi-polar being one and Delonte throws his heart and soul into every, single game.

      I hope Odom finds his way but he had it made in Dallas. Cuban and Carlisle covered for him far too long.

  92. Bulls4Life says:

    Maybe he should have the nick-name “Big Baby”.

  93. partizan1999 says:

    Odom is the biggest disgrace in Dallas Sports history and Odom should have stayed with the Lakers. LA is his home. Hope the Mavs get something in return for Odom.

  94. NBAFAN says:

    Many fail to realise Odom has been through alot in his life. More than the majority of you guys who critisize him. He had some personal issues with his dad going on and I believe it has affected him. With everything the poor man has endured in his life I really can´t see how people who really have no idea what is going on in his personal life can sit back and say what this man should do. All we can say as NBA fans is hope he gets it all to gether and we will say a prayer for the man to overcome whatever problem he may have and leave it as that. So to Lamar Odom, God Bless you and I hope you can get back to the form that made you sixth man of the year.

    • gary says:

      he is not a poor man…..if i owned the mavericks we would be in court……i guess he is an emotional cripple, how else would kloe conroll him?

    • alo says:

      A professional athlete who gets paid millions to play ball does not just quit because he’s “been through a lot” in his life. If he can’t cope, he can try some other job.

    • Mino says:

      So because he is going through hard times the mavericks staff should have given him a pacifier and let him play for 20 minutes each game shooting 10% of his 3’s or whatever? No, he is a grown man and when life meets your job thats when problems occur. Is it fair? hell no. But he needs to do his job, and if his mind is affecting him, then he shouldnt have played this season. instead he stayed and kept that 8 million contract going and put in about 16 minutes a game of garbage

    • olteal says:

      Excuse me???!!!! What in the world does his personal life have to do with his situation????? He had these same problems last year and was the 6th man for crying out loud…. He’s married into glamour and money…….. he’s on EASY street. And as for other personal problems, I lost my mom, my spouse, and even my pet and do you think for one minute I got away with the pouting he did???????? NO………. Man up MR Kardashian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Kenny says:

    I’m a Suns fan, and usually I’d embrace the laughter of a LAKER GONE WRONG but I can’t stand to hear these multi-million dollar making Athletes cry and pout their way on a team of there choice. (won’t be surprised if he lands in MIAMI). I’ll take 80 grand a year and washed the uniforms myself and sit the bench for my career and this “LITTLE GUY” is doing this???? Get EM OUTTA HERE!!!! NO SYMPATHY for this clown

  96. Donna Stern says:

    I cannot believe that everybody wants to get on the ‘diss Lamar Odom bandwagon.

    Let’s take a look at the whole history of this year.

    The NBA Owners had a lockout on the players. For Weeks. No one knew when the players would be back on the floor. And then the minute the season is saved, L.A. turns around and wants to trade Lamar off without any warning. Is it part of the deal, yes but you still are talking about a human being with a family, uprooting the group to move to a strange city. Any of us may have found ourselves in a place where we were having trouble focusing. But everyone wants to stick it to him that “he has his realty show” and he is “mixed up with the Kardashians”. He isn’t mixed up with them – THEY ARE HIS FAMILY.

  97. another random NBA fan says:

    Sekou is right

  98. Renato says:

    He clearly screwed up by leaving the Lakers.He was the third best player on that team by the time he decided to leave.He knew the system,and he fitted perfectly on the Lakers needs.He knew his teammates,had the chemistry needed to play in a high level.He was stablished in LA,personally,knew the place.You cant simply get all that back after moving to a totally different place.It takes time.And I think Lamar didn´t have any idea of how tough it would be for him playing in another franchise,when he dumped a team that really needed him.

  99. Concerned Fan says:

    Yeah, ok so he got traded.. BIG DEAL.. Money and status dont make a good player and neither did the city in this case. Odom had some person issues that needs to be addressed. Maybe he needs to take some time off and get his head together and then come back with a clear head and clean slate. He is a great player that has a few more good years in him. He just needs to get it together!

    • He wanted to take the year off but his wife encouraged him to play. He should have listended to what his body and mind were telling him and take that year off because he did his reputation a disservice. He has had a rough time losing his daughter, cousin, and then the 15 year old that died when that motorcycle hit his car and then hit and killed the 15 year old. Plus, his Dad has been really sick. Instead of requesting a trade from a team he really didnt want to leave he should have requested a leave of absense. He wasnt in the right frame of mind when he went to Laker mgt requestiing the trade. Then, they traded him to their rivals, the Mavs! Still not an excuse, but he was not in the right frame of mind to be playing. I hope for Lamar’s sake he gets everything straightened out and comes back stronger than ever. He is a great guy and can offer a team alot if he can get back to the way he played in last year. As a huge Laker fan, I am rooting for him to succeed, wherever he goes. People go through bad times in their life, he deserves a second chance, lets see what he does with it!

      • Mino says:

        I agree, that would have been nice for him. But overall he just wasnt bringing it.

      • razzle says:

        he’s had more than a couple of chances. For such a big man, he is such a big baby dang. As a maverick for life fan, he was a disgrace the way he played for us. Go back to Lakers and redeem your manly hood, lam lam kardashian…

  100. welcome back to reality says:

    nobody is to be blamed.. it’s had for anybody to do what you don’t love.. i know odom loves basketball but does that mean he loves playing in any other team?, sure he’s paid sure he’s a pro and have obligations but it really won’t work if in the 1st place he don’t like playing there.. the best phrase to tell everybody to relate from what odom is going through is “what’s the reas you wake up every morning?”

    • MissDallasMFFL says:

      How does anybody know they won’t like working somewhere if they don’t even give it a chance? It’s like my 7 yr old telling me he won’t eat something because he doesn’t like it…but has never tasted it in his life. That’s ridiculous!

      • King_Gee says:

        missdallasmffl Totally agree with you, it would be a different story if he gave 150% playing and it didnt work out, i’d be like ok he gave it his all and it didnt work out. But because he didnt, we will never know how great they would have been with him. And he went out like a little b@#$%!!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Why would you not like to play with Dirk? Plus your playing something you love and getting paid for it, I would happily play for any team.

  101. Its his fault he being a lilltle **** about it since he acting like a sore loser hey should just kick hm of NBA it khole and her family fault to he had carmaras guys and everything while he be working out with the Lakers all they wanted was make money off hum and his team look wut happened it lost him his job and everythin to these people all about money but of day that al going to get too Ken away

    • RCG says:

      What? What??? Spellcheck, grammar-right a dictionary and a thesaurus couldn’t help you. Parents…teach your kids to read, write and spell before you let them play on the computer. Daaamn!!!

      • gary says:

        it willl take more than a spelling check to make that understandable…

      • jd says:

        Agreed. If you are going to post anything on a site where others might read, could you take a couple seconds to see first if what you have typed is spelled right and is grammatically correct?

    • Roderick says:

      Damn you are a dumb idiot!!!! You can’t even spell or type correctly, please kill yourself

      • CL says:

        Really…KILL yourself??? Does the punishment fit the crime there? Telling someone to kill themselves is a bit worse than not being able to spell. How about YOU give YOURSELF an uppercut son..!!

    • nba fan says:

      damn, it is very hard to read your comment with all those incorrect grammar and missing punctuations. I am not an English expert, but at least try to read your comment first and try to understand it yourself before actually posting it.

  102. ZULU says:

    Lamar, what have you done to yourself? As a Laker fan, I was miffed that the team didn’t get anything in return for Odom. It really seemed to be all upside for him and the Mavs. Slow take off okay, I could even understand that. But the continuous down slide into seemingly ‘job’ depression. Hey you’re only making millions and it ain’t like you can’t get back to Kloe on days off. Heck, the reigning champs, Americas Center and Mark Cuban. Bet Kobe wouldn’t have sat down on that deal. Fisher got the ‘boot’ as well and he’s has shown what a person with self-confidence and pride does. Step right up on the new job site and try to fit in. I thought having Lamar back after this season in Dallas would be great for the Lakers. After this meltdown. Maybe he will be better off trying to be the next Bruce Jenner, let the girls run the show.

    • gary says:

      apparently he is worth nothing.

    • Keith says:

      Zulu, you are 99% Correct about everything except for the part about Fisher. He was traded to Houston and didn’t even show up and cried to get his contract bought out so he can go play else where. He’s luck the Rockets even obliged and bought out his contracgt so he can leave. Just saying. Lakers stacked with a bunch of cry babies.

      • Pascal says:

        Dallas was seen as a title contender at that time, houston never was. Fisher wouldn’t have bought himself out o a good team just didnt wanted to spend his last 2 years fighting for a playoff spot.

    • J-203 says:

      In all honesty. Fisher didn’t even show up to the team he got traded to and was eventually bought out of his contract. Then he got the chance to play for the team of his choosing. In the case of Lamar, he kept claiming that he was going to improve and it seemed that he was until the Memphis game. He cried about not being use to the Sm Fwd position and we all knew he didn’t want to play in Dallas in the first place.

  103. Marsha says:

    Childish and unprofessional — but what else would you expect from “Lam Lam” who has been emasculated by the Kartrashian bunch. Just sad for all of those who never made the NBA cut and would have done anything to have these opportunities. Hope he returns to LA, crys on his wife’s broad shoulders and simply goes away. Disgusting!

    • HEY!! says:




    • manny says:

      come on now, Lamar Odom has never been a consistent player and regular season never meant match to him… but this is not the lakers team who slept through the recent regular season and still manage to get first or second seed. Everybody knows how lamar odom and other player of the lakers team used to play hard 1 out of 5 games. Dallas is not the team to mess around during regular season

    • Julia says:

      Well said, Marsha!

      Odom destroyed Mavericks chemistry and betrayed Dallas fans. He doesn’t deserve to be a professional player.

  104. Laura says:

    yeap he deserves it. that’s what happens when you try to become a kardashian. he forgot about basketball to focus on reality shows and this is the result

    • sbfern805 says:

      L.O. i dont care what these people say… You can do this man!! you have proven it!! Im a Lakers fan, but the Mavs actually NEED you ( just like the Lakers do) so take a couple of weeks off to send off all the bad vibes and show them you are the true 6th man of the year… and you still have it in you!!! GO L.O.

    • Rich says:

      …And Odom made it look like that the Kardashians are more real than what he is !