Cousins: Clippers’ Griffin Is “An Actor”

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — When you have served up as many facials as Blake Griffin has in his still young NBA career, you don’t make many friends on other teams.

So it’s no surprise that Kings forward DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t appear to be particularly fond of Griffin. But he took it to another level after the Clippers slugged past the Kings last night. Cousins had choice words for the Clippers star, calling him out and calling him names after they had some physical exchanges during the game.

Griffin declined to discuss it after the game. Cousins, however, did not. More from Pedro Moura of

“Of course that’s what Blake is going to say because he’s in L.A., where actors belong,” Cousins told reporters in Sacramento. “He’s an actor, so of course he would say that.”

Cousins fouled out in only 18 minutes of play, finishing with just eight points and three rebounds. Griffin was only whistled three times in his 38 minutes and finished with 14 points and nine rebounds.

“If they’re going to let it be physical it’s usually physical on both ends,” Cousins said. “You saw the game so I don’t really have to say much.”

Asked about the fifth foul he received for a play with Griffin with just over a minute left in the game, Cousins indicated that he felt Griffin was faking.

“I guess the wind from my hand hit him in the eye and I guess he got fouled by the wind,” Cousins said. “I’m not sure.”

The Kings and Clippers play again Saturday night in Los Angeles, the only home-and-home the Clippers will have this season.

That takes care of at least one item on Saturday night’s to-do-list!

Another round of the action we saw last night is a perfect way to spend a Saturday night:


  1. durantuala says:

    Blake didn’t respond after the game because he already did all his talking on the court. Someone’s just mad their team is done for the season.

  2. Demarcus Cousins says:

    I am a crybaby and I am jealous that I am not and I will never be as good a player as Blake Griffin. Also, my team is doing awful this season so after every game I go cry in the car.

  3. Michael says:

    am i the only one that watched that video up there? If any of you Clip lips would stop and watch the last dunk, you would see that after posterizing gasol, blake stood over him, taunting him and wasn’t even gonna get called for it. DeAndre Jordan had to knock him off his 500 ft.-tall high horse and push him to keep him from taunting. No call.


    When Blake leaves the ground, the refs stop officiating and start spectating.

    That is why he always gets away with murder. When are people going to see that?

  5. Ben H. says:

    Every single player in the NBA plays up contact, some are just better at it than others. With Griffin you notice it more because it’s usually during a highlight dunk, and he throws up a lot of them. But you can’t tell me that any of the players in the league that were mentioned on this blog haven’t exaggerated contact to get a foul call. Refs are watching so many things during a play that they can’t always see contact when players are fouled…so players exaggerate to get the point across. Now, I personally don’t agree with it. I think that you should call a technical on someone if they “act”. But as of right now it’s allowed, and until rules change EVERY player will do it.

  6. NOOOB says:

    Chill out people

  7. charles says:

    Cousins can choose to take the route of the great ones like Michael jordan, Larry Bird ro Magic Johnson who simply showed their frustration on the playing field or he can go call Griffin names. He went down the wrong path. There is no benefit to this. Just go score 30 points 10 games in a row and you’ll see the ref’s give you all the courtesy you deserve.

  8. Lorena Rizzo says:

    Ok, Frequent Flier, is that a good nick name?

  9. justplayball says:

    @scotty…….I’ve been watching(not just on tv) for 35yrs so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the nba…sooooo, ScotTroll …..why don’t You ‘get off the internet’… obviously can’t spot a troll when you read these entries…. And have something pertinent to add !! just sayin’ NHF

  10. Francis says:

    Damn! Refs should always check out Griffin’s elbows when he’s doing those dunks! Hitting someone with an elbow is a big NO NO even if the dunk is spectacular.

  11. Troyerz says:

    I must admit: that first dunk! by Griffin over Pau was one of the best and nastiest things I’ve seen all season! I kept replaying that (and hollaring) like… 20 times. It will obviously be the BEST PUT-BACK DUNK Of The Year!

    But his second on Pau was kinda suspect -both threw elbows -Griffin used the guy as a ladder to complete the dunk – looked so silly… Reminded me of his over-rated ‘dunk’ on Perkins (twas what is commonly known as a ‘half-dunk’ folks – and I’m surprised that this even managed to get mentioned in the ‘Dunk of the year’ talk, a half-dunk? come on…

    LeBron’s ally-oop over John Lucas III was highly spectacular! But Jerald Green’s ally-oop windmill on the break? His airness… these 2 stand out.

    Really, someone please tell Blake to work on his shot! (or at least get 1) From here he doesn’t look like he’ll ever be a 25 and 10 guy. Looks like he’ll always be 2nd to Kevin Love too.

  12. Clutch says:


  13. JERRY says:

    Clipper Darrell= g’dup lol…jajajajajajaja

  14. Really? says:

    Some of you must really be snorting lines of coke. I’m all for a spectacular dunk, even if it’s my team getting smashed on. But, come on, Griffin fouls the hell out of people on his way up. I thought I was watching a Jon “Bones” Jones fight with that elbow to Gasol. Some contact with the defender is bound to happen, but when you’re throwing ‘bows? If that was a guy like MWP (going all Ron Artest) or Bynum, Blake would have been on his back after that nonsense. Clean up the game refs. Physicality is great, but blatant offensive fouls like that are intolerable. Furthermore, Griffin is making himself a target for guys who are fed up with this sort of thing. If he’s not careful, one of these bigs is just going to take the suspension and drop him. Nobody likes to be elbowed in the face.

  15. flop city bandwagons says:

    all the flop city band-wagoners are showing up

  16. mush says:


  17. JERRY says:

    DA FREAK needs to be in WWE……

  18. Etan says:

    will you all stfu and enjoy the game? Good lord………

  19. g'dup says:


  20. g'dup says:

    all blake and clips haters are fanes of teams that was lob victims you haters are so lame refs make money of calling or not calling not players or fans

  21. g'dup says:

    damarcus you maaaaad

  22. g'dup says:

    clips in the play offs thats why u mad thats y u mad

  23. TS says:

    Don’t listen to the haters Griffin! Just keep dunkin’ on these fools!!!

  24. Herr says:

    It’s why the Clippers have become a cancer to the NBA. They symbolize what the NBA wants – money. Griffin doesn’t just offensive foul. He constantly camps in the key, constantly travels, constantly pushes people to get a rebound, constantly flops, and constantly offensive fouls. He gets away with it all the time. CP3 went to LA because you can only win a championship in a big market, and look at how much he likes to complain too. All the Clippers always complain.

    Look at the Portland game for an example. They complained non-stop, but the Blazers never did until the final seconds in which Wesley had a wide open layup until Blake Griffin put his shoulder into his chest. No foul at all. Blatant as hell. If you have the entire broadcasting crew of biased ESPN/TNT guys questioning where a foul was, you know the refs are idiots.

    The league, run by Stern, once again, rigged the NBA draft so that Blake Griffin, who would surely be the first pick, would go to LA, where the best actors and flashy moves are. Just like how he rigged the draft to give the suffering franchise in Washington the number 1 pick, and gave Cleveland the number 1 pick last season to have “LeBron’s little rival”.

    The Clippers are a cancer to the NBA. The Lakers, the Saints of the NBA, should have Bynum take out Griffin, then both franchises won’t be hated as much.

    • justplayball says:

      you are …….. pitiful, or is it…………….. pathetic, yes it is pathetic..!! PS: small markets win championships…. BUT you probably have a PATHETIC excuse for that too, brainless! …….blogs=people talking through their hats!!

  25. Lorena Rizzo says:

    Yeah! Those were definitely offensive fouls. Even that Kia Optima got fouled with the air of his feet… just review the play. I hate how he has become a frecuent flier over big men. But I wouldn’t mind have him in my team and win some rings along the way. Can we call him Frecuent Flier?

  26. Blair says:

    I hope to see the clippers vs memphis in the 1st round .. i doubt blake griffin would win the physical battle with big Z come playoff time .. totally different game

  27. edwin says:

    so dont vote blake as an all star guys!

  28. Jordan101 says:

    Seriously guys, some of the dunks he made were offensive fouls but some of them weren’t. Are you telling me that the elbow to Pau was offensive when he was jumping to check griffin and not to mention being in the restricted circle. You say this guy flops, but you do see him get hit hard a couple of times. A little acting in the game can sway a decision and anyone stating otherwise is an idiot because it happens in all the games. Most of you say he can not learn, you are pitiful. The guy has been in the league for 3 years (1 with injury). Give him time to develop and soon he will get an all round game. Yeah he may get highlights but im sure anyone in the league who can do the stuff that he does, would do it on a nightly basis

  29. D-Rose says:

    I’m Bulls fan, but i always watch Clipper games , just because it’s an enterntaining team. It’s obvious Griffin decide to player much harder and tougher lately. He got hit so much in games (often without any call) that he’s just fed up with it. He’s thinking: if you hit me i can hit you too, and he’s completely right about this. He had enough of it. Go get them Blake.
    And who cares what cousins thinks anyway. He got some talent, but not the brain or the right attitude to become a big player in the NBA, i wouldn’t want him to play for the Bulls thats for sure. Well the Bulls aren’t crazy, that will never happen

  30. sheed says:

    I know blake revived the clips but, i agree with cousins, and furthermore i couldnt be a fan of someone who does anything for a call, its disgusting, and on top of that blake is too big to be flopping like that, get in there and man up, anytime he is touched he flails. Lebron does the same thing, these dudes are too big to be flopping, if the refs would follow the rules and use their common sense, flops wouldnt be called and there would be technicals when there needs to be. Too many times these “stars” complain to the ref and are not T’d up like theyre supposed to be.

    and come on Seikou, The reason why cousins doesnt like Blake is exactly what he said, he’s a fake an actor, i would use stronger words… not cuz he dunks on people.

  31. Don says:

    Cousins talking smack after a loss and the numbers he put up? That’s why Sacremento will never win with that guy. Griffin does flop, but he also gets pounded every game just as much, if not, more than Dwight Howard so it equals out as far as I’m concerned. You take a beating you should be able to draw the phantom fouls as well.

  32. JERRY says:

    3blind mice

  33. Stop Hating on LA says:

    Stop hating on LA. Blake,Chris & DJ bring in revenue to the franchise & fans like to see flashy plays. Yes, I agree at times Blake does act, but officials agree to make the calls so there is nothing we can do. But it does not mean he is not a great player, he still needs to develop an outside shot & work on his free throws, but that will come in time.

    As for Demarcus Cousins’, i respect his comment & understand his fustration. He needs to work on his attitude cause he’s always worried about calls not made, but he needs to stay focused on his own game.

  34. terrance says:

    yall are all hating on the clippers and on blake griffin.

  35. gary says:

    cousins is a spoiled child and as such will never get the benefit of getting calls.

  36. darqknight says:

    those dunks are nice offensive foul or not people dont care.. its what sells tickets plus he really is a monster dunker thats what he is built for. so stop all ya hatin babygirls

  37. darqknight says:

    @1greatplayer = hater lol
    stop whining baby girl

  38. I dont know if Blake is tough or not. When he’s got the chance to taunt,he seems to be the toughest guy in the game but when he received the hard foul from Perkins in OKC, he turned into a puppy scoring the lowest points since hes rookie days,7 or 8.

    • tdistor says:

      I totally agree. It’s so easy to be tough on Gasol, because he’s not very strong and just focuses on playing. I hope Cousins would stay for long in the game tonight and we’d see if Griffin, playing at home, acts as a bullyer again or becomes a puppy.


  39. 1greatplayer says:

    i dont want to see griffin hurt but i cant wait for a player to wack him hard it gets tired seeing his constant flopping and offensive fouls..the nba and david stern will continue letting this go on until a player is seriously injured by one of blake’s BLATANT offensive foul..i hate chris paul, blake and deandre they will never win a championship

    • Quit hating says:

      Jason smith fouled him hard and he still does it. He gets hard fouls all the time and he’s bleeding all the time but that’s not stopping him. Only Dwight gets fouled more then him those never get called. Blake gets fouled a lot those don’t get called.

  40. kristian says:

    Look guys, this is simple. Blake plays for LA. Stern loves LA. Refs report to Stern. Done Deal.

  41. matthew says:

    the clippers are pretenders not contenders because and all blake can do is just get offensive foul dunks which the refs dont call

  42. aditya says:

    lost in all this, mark cuban was right from the beginning….the officiating in the NBA THIS SEASON has been atrocious….im a fan of the officials, but officiating has been bad….

    talking about blake griffin, this guy flops soo much, its not even funny….i have no idea why he wasnt given a technical foul for dunking on gasol (the 2nd time) ….he stared him down for 2 seconds before deandre jordan pushed him off….(btw why wasnt that an offensive foul)…. how many officials are on the court at one time? 3…..we need probably 5 referees to see the taunt….

    • justplayball says:

      …what Mark C says…….lol…………….. gotta be kidding!!!

  43. Bruce says:

    That dunk on Gortat was definitely a charge. He was set, while only moving vertically, and outside the circle.
    Definitely an offensive foul

    • Amitpal says:

      First r u talking about pau. Next pau wasn’t moving vertically he was moving at an angle. It’s a foul on pau first.

      • Stranger says:

        @Amitpal, can’t you read? he said gortat. Your first is invalid and your next is irrelevant.

    • justplayball says:

      ….can’t MOVE…period especially vertically!!! learn the rules before you comment on their usage

      • pdsd says:

        People who don’t know the rules shouldn’t be posting…..and last time I checked hitting people in the head is automatic flagrant foul………emphasis this yr…(but swinging your arm out while your dunking and blasting someone in the face is ok) it’s nothing more than favoritism and the league wanting nothing, but highlights.

  44. gali says:

    those dunks of griffin against timofy mosgov, perkins, and pau are offensive fouls bcoz he used his left arm to ward and elevate higher to get those dunks. i dont understand why the referees are not calling offensive fouls on that. come on blake, dunk legal for you to become the best slam dunker ever. i dont understand also why lebron praised the dunk of griffin against perk. i think his dunk over john lucas III is better.

  45. tdistor says:

    After Griffin’s nasty attitude vs Lakers the other day, it was so funny to see him vs Cousins yesterday, i think he was almost scared.
    I don’t know why people is talking bout him as a future star. The guy can’t even score a free throw. He would need a very intense guidance on lots of personal aspects, beginning with being able to display his abilities respecting the other players, but he does not seem the kinda guy that would have any learning capability anymore. I think the way he is now is the way he’s going to be forever.
    We’ll see a few months later if referees and, last but not least, the rest of the players are still willing to allow this guy to do the things he’s doing. Cousins has been the first to let him know, and won’t be the last.
    It’s gonna be funny. The whole thing about the Posterizer just makes me laugh.


    • Amitpal says:

      First of all he is a poster boy. Yeah he looks down but who doesn’t. Every player who dunks like he does shows off. Only problem is they do it like once a month and he does it at least once a game if not more so u notice it more. He doesn’t get extra treatment. People need to chill out and stop hating on him. He’s doing it for the fan. And the millions u guys pay to watch him. The dude sells tickets that means people like seeing what he does.

    • kupalnaputi says:

      i heard once that blake is not an olympic player worthy. all he can do is highlights

  46. garv says:

    totally agree with him. the refs in that game were terrible

  47. Amitpal says:

    It’s funny cousins called grifffin a baby when he’s the one crying. When someone plays a bad game they need someone to blame. Had kings won cousins wouldnt have said anything but since they lost and cousins had played a bad game he needed someone to blame. Grow up. Big men are so immature these days. Cousins Bynum Greg oden has had his moments. Guess god gave them size but no brains.

  48. Jeremy says:

    Blake Griffin is a little punk, drama queen, always looks at the ref when ever he does not make a basket looking for a foul when there was not one. He dose FLOP, he is 250lbs flopping around like a damn fish be a MAN Griffin and stop being a little floper like your point guard Chris look PATHETIC. And you wanna know why he gets” hit pretty hard” because he wants to throw elbows and bump hard and then guys start doing it back and he wants to start crying about it to the refs like a little baby.

    • Liz says:

      Griffin is a nerd trying to be tuff!!! He’s always trying to dunk over people and most of the time they are offensive fouls. When he gets hit he cries to the reffs. He is nothing but a punk! His dunks are overrated i’m over them because thats all he can do he cant even make a free that’s funny!!!!

  49. LakersWillWin says:

    hahahaha the wind from my hand must have fouled him.

    • justplayball says:

      …..EVERYone knows who the REAL la la FAKERS are, and ALWAYS has been……… the Lakers….. & they will win NOTHING…..PS: What’s the matter little laker fans….. can’t STAND sharing the attention with the Clippers???? …get used to it, ’cause they’re not going away…. just getting better. You can live with that, right? Not gonna be a problem, is it? All you have to do is be a real team instead of collection of good players and 1 supersupersuperstar!!

      • K says:

        Dude please; what have the Clippers done? How many banners do the Clippers have hanging in the Staple Center? The Clippers are having a good season but until they win their first championship let’s not be so quick to held over the keys to the City to them just yet! Their an exciting team to watch and CP3 has clearly taken them to another level; however, in a seven game series between the Lakers and the Clippers, I still would take the Lakers!

  50. Zak says:

    I used to enjoy watching Blake but now it seems that after every bump he takes a huge dive and acts like he’s trying to stay calm. I appreciate it if he goes up for a dunk and is over 4 feet of the ground, but sometimes it’s on strips and physical rebounding where he just falls over.

  51. True Story says:

    Demarcus Cousins is just telling the truth. All blake griffin does is foul people and flop. refs never call anything, because he can do nice dunks.

  52. Demarcus Cousins says:

    I hate how Blake Griffin and the Clippers get all the calls and the love. The refs were so bad when Blazers played Clippers, and all everyone talked about was how the Clipppers played a great game… Wesley was fouled!

  53. Man everybody is floping and acting in the league, cousins needs to step his game up and not worry about the calls or other players, the league is filled with cry babies

  54. Godalmighty says:

    FLOP CITY for sure

  55. Michael s says:

    Blake is always flopping. Him and Chris Paul. FLOP CITY

  56. kobe says:

    what do u expect from a Sacramento Queen…he is right on one point.when Blake does throw down a monster dunk he usually taunts the person he dunked on by standing over him and never gets a T

  57. clay says: << apparently he's more of an accomplished actor than initially thought.

  58. Cobra Commander says:

    he’s just jealous coz he can’t dunk like blake XD! just sayin

    • the man says:

      yeah cousins dunks without fouling the defender, unlike griffen moving the arm of everyone he dunks on

      • Joaquin says:

        The only Griffin dunk in which he did that was the second Gasol posterization, all the other ones are clean

  59. Tired of Haters says:

    Lol that’s some funny commentary from Cousins. I don’t really know what to make of it cause I’ve seen Blake get hit pretty hard in just about every game and he is usually bleeding.