Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy Confirms Report, Dwight Howard Wants Him Gone!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Well, there’s no need for anonymous sources anymore.

Magic coach Stan Van Gundy confirmed it for the world to hear this morning in Orlando. Dwight Howard has asked management to replace Van Gundy as coach, confirming a Wednesday report from an Orlando television station. The Magic coach confirmed it to reporters moments before Howard came in and hugged Van Gundy in front of the crowd and denied the story, not realizing that Van Gundy had just confirmed it (more from the Orlando Sentinel):

“I know he has,” Van Gundy told reporters after the Magic completed their shootaround. “That’s just the way it is. Again, I’ve been dealing with that all year. It’s not anything real bothersome. You go out and do your job.”

When asked about the story, Howard did not deny Van Gundy’s claim. But he did ask the assembled crowd of reporters to reveal their source.

The tweets from some of the reporters in attendance provided a blow-by-blow and illustrated the surreal nature of the event:

Today’s crazy turn of events is just the latest in a bizarre, season-long trail of foolishness involving Howard and the Magic. From his training camp trade request to his 11th hour flip-flopping about staying or going, to his deciding to stick around for another year in Orlando to this latest mess … when will the madness end?

Next stop is TNT tonight at 7 p.m. when the Magic and Knicks square off at Amway Center.

You have to wonder how coach and superstar handle themselves with the entire basketball world watching now that the truth, according to Van Gundy, has finally come out …


  1. BFoulds says:

    NBA just necro’d their own blog. Amazing.

  2. Travis William says:

    This is why i don’t watch the NBA anymore.

  3. Travis William says:

    he put the jack in jack a$$

  4. Travis William says:

    Howard is a coward. He is what we thought is was.

  5. Dave Z says:

    Can we somehow fire both Van Gundy brothers??? I’m tired of these Celtic haters… If things need to come in threes then fire Brent Barry too… Go Celtics!!! One last ride…

  6. Pacers Rock says:

    All I gotta say is watch out for the Pacers, I know ya’ll are going to say no way and that is ok but watch out.

  7. Orin says:

    This has to be joke. It is April 19th and they are showing an article written two weeks ago….WHY?

  8. bj says:

    this only shows that DH stayed due to loyalty and where fishing for another team he wants.
    DH should have left if the right team came up to the plate, he has been at Orlando for soon 8 years, its time to leave if he wants a better shoot at getting a ring,
    they have had 8 years to build something around him…
    my advice, go to Lakers they soon have to build for a time after Kobe-Era or go to Spurs they have lots of players on the verge of retirement, or Nuggets because it would be cool. Or maybe Celtics need replacement for KG, and they will get more rings in the near future…, sadly there is no room for him at the Bulls without messing up their style and sending current players away.

    as for SVG no comment

    by the way Bulls will take it this year (with lots of hope and luck) love tha Bulls

  9. charles says:

    Van Gundy failed to connect with the player on his team that can bring the hardware to Orlando. That is a failure in coaching and reason enough to fire him. Orlando needs to do it quick and management needs to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for it. Management failed to see that coach and player were not getting along and instead of resolving the situation, they sat on their behinds. So it is their fault. Time to act. Exactly what are they waiting for? MOVE.

  10. rhonda says:

    Maybe Dwight should buy the team and then he can hire and fire anyone that he wants. Until the players become the owners, they should stick to what they do best.

  11. Axel says:

    how many years has Dwight now been the uncontested Superstar in Orlando with nothing more or less than role players around him? No wonder there comes a time where he just gets too much attention and with all of his frustration still being without a ring and one runner up “title” only it boils over. Whether or not it is true that he wants the coach out makes no difference to me. Fact is he is in the middle of this mess and he is as much to blame for this leak as SVG himself. Most likelhy SVG knows best how to handle this situation as it is a deja vu back in the heat days. Shaq has said that he cannot continue anymore with this team and needs to be out even before the next game. How does he know? Can he look inside of the players and the coach what’ s going on there? In the end maybe it isnt such a bad thing that there has been a boil over in Orlando. Now that frustration has been let out (of course far too much in public) maybe they can go back to playing good basket ball. Even wtihout Turkoglu who to me is one of the most talented but also mentally weak players in their team.

  12. Art says:

    Well….I personally dont think that Dwight asked the managment to fire his coach..I mean Dwight might see something negative about Van Gundy’s coaching and the managment could see that…thats why they told Van Gundy that Howard wants the coach out.

  13. BBallMan says:

    Fire Stan and hire someone who teaches some defense. A good fit for the Magics is Nate Mcmillian.

  14. Kaiily says:

    There are many people like Dwight Howard who do not know how to call it quits and just walk away.
    Before they leave they generally tear the house down, such as what Dwight is doing. He is an extremely
    talented basketball player, and Stan Van Gundy is a talented coach, as well. But, Dwight is making it clear
    that as long as Stan is coaching the Orlando Magic team that he is (uncoachable) not able to be coached
    by him.

    This is an extremely serious situation, for what does management do when they feel that they have hired
    the best in a coach, and 1 (one) of their players for unknown reasons, gets a bug up his butt? Do they
    second guess themselves, or do they eradicate the bug? What prevents Dwight from doing this to any other
    team that he may go to, or any of the other players in the NBA, from exhibiting such spineless ways of saying
    they want out, by declaring Off With Your Head?

    My vote is that Stan Van Gundy stays and Dwight Howard grows up and leave the nest!

  15. benz says:

    They have a very small point guard… That is there problem…. Having a small point before works, but that was before… How can jameer nelson defend derrick rose, russel westbrook and lebron james… I know lebron is not a point guard.

  16. Jibi says:

    Is it just me or I find Howard quite annoying now? Magic sets a very bad example of spoiling a player like this. Bad parenting will result in bad kids.

    If the coach is bad, the owner will decide. Players should just keep playing at their best level. Has Howard been playing great? Last night he only got 8 pts and missed 8 free throws? Yeah, that is the coach’s fault.

    I am not a Kobe fan but I know he doesn’t like the new coach much but he is professional enough to play at his best and let the owners decide what to do. Kobe may be unhappy at times but he still goes out and plays his best basketball.

    Howard sounds like he wants to complain and complain.

  17. sissy says:

    big disrespect from dwight to the magic organization, and the nba tradition, its like a slap on the face of big red,
    the greatest coach ever.
    wish one of the greatest centers mr. ewing would talk some sense and respect to the young star,

  18. Jimmy P. says:

    I’m not a Magic fan at all but I ABSOLUTELY think Stan Van Gundy is a great coach. He’s one of the only coaches that can be serious and honest with his players while being a genuinely down to earth nice guy. SVG is the kind of coach you’d think players would WANT to play under.

    “Big Baby” Dwight Howard needs a reality check. He’s not GM, he’s not owner, and he’s certainly not playing how a franchise player should be playing this close to the playoffs. What is he at this point? Dead weight. Wake up “Superman” and understand YOUR role.

  19. Dave says:

    Dwight, you 7 foot tall idiot!

    Just play the game, you don’t have the experience yet to be demanding who should be coaching the team, work with what you have.

  20. Ad says:

    US have got it all backwards, having players be more important than groups and institutions. magic were there before shaq and before dwight and they ll be there after. no respect.

    Such a kid, lost a lot of respect for him, such a clown!

  21. Moses says:

    Many are forgetting a few things. 1. Dwight is an elite center who had the opportunity to go to just about any team AND SET HIS TERMS. Almost any team would give him and his “demands” serious consideration cause he is worth it at his current state and level of play (If he didn’t improve one bit in the next 7 yrs.) 2. Orlando Management has had him and not produced a ring from obvious failures of other personnel. They have floundered since their finals appearance and have clearly tried to make moves that blew up in their face Howard could have ended all this by leaving but chose to stay and give them another shot (one of his prime career years btw) 3. From what I saw SVG just outed some laundry at the shoot around in the afternoon. NO COACH SHOULD EVER BRING ANY STRESS TO THE MEDIA! EVER! In his defense It could be a moment of weakness but it still counts as a negative ON HIM not the people he is talking about. “We have to stay together” is what Howard presented to the media after all that cause they have a game to play THAT NIGHT! we wanna talk about immaturity but SVG is at least a little older than Dwight and can’t hold his tongue instead spouting some sideways remark and obviously showing the press he has no desire to be around his star player. I would say to him a part of his job is to present himself at least in a professional manner to the press and if he can’t do that what else is he failing to bring to the table cause he is in a bad mood. The team plays hot and cold and SVG can’t seem to do anything to stop that. 4. Media must be taken with a grain of salt. They exist at this point to boost viewership or otherwise make a name for themselves so try reading between the headlines and watching more than blurbs and short segments of interviews.

  22. Ted says:

    You know, the problem with Dwight is not his free throws, i mean Shaq made into the top 10 all time scoring list while bricking free throws. Its his lack of post up game. Shaq was a beast down low and can still do post moves. Bynum has developed some moves as well. Howard does not have a go to move down the post. No big man can win title with that.

  23. Mr. Smith, take it from Shaq…. svg is not a good coach.. not good enough to win a championship. That is the reason the Magic management is giving Howard the options to fire him. It happened in Miami… history repeats itself. SVG has proven again that he is not up to it!

  24. RichTan says:

    So Dwayne Wade was RIGHT after all when he laughed at Dwight’s pronouncement of loyalty to the Magic franchise when he didn’t get traded. It’s not about loyalty but rather a BLACKMAIL to the Magic franchise, that if they don’t replace Stan at season’s end then he’ll sign with another team after next season.

  25. Ort says:

    I am happy Superham and Spam Van Dummy are not on the celtics.

  26. LakeShowFoSho says:

    Looks like Orlando’s got 3 BABIES now! LOL

  27. zen says:

    d Howard cannot win championship because of his attitude….

  28. akosiBonik says:

    well, it feels like somebody is taking the place of lebron as to being hated. i think dwight should really growup and be serious, and hey, he scored just 8 points today. is that a player you want to keep?? i’d rather lose him than giving my team subpar perforamnces. he has a nice point guard with in jameer nelson, so it’s not an excuse to say that he needs a supporting crew, unlike lebron in cleveland, he should be thankful for orlando, for giving him what he wants.

  29. Jon says:

    Dear Dwight,

    You are one of my favourite player in the NBA, but all your decision making and things you had said….Men grow up! let your game do the talking, and for SVG, leave him alone. If you want to go to different city to play, you do that. Your becoming like Cris Bosh and Lebron James.

    And stop goofing around! people are paying to see you in the arena to see their team win not you smiling there and trying to be a nice guy.

    Go get your name back…..


  30. Eman says:

    If this is true…
    Good for SVG, he will find another job in less then a week.
    Bad for the Magics. They will not find a coach better than SVG anywhere.

  31. phillip says:

    I think orlando should just trade dwight howard to the Denver Nuggets

  32. Jay says:

    Dwight is a lowlife for telling everyone that Stan Van Gundy is no better than his motor mouth brother who used to coach. Dwight should be sent to the Lakers for saying that about Stan….

  33. hungry_mamba says:

    Hey I want Mike Brown out of the Lakers too! I want Bryan Shaw as a coach & get me Deron Williams for next season! OR ELSE!!!!

  34. Jay says:

    WINNERSONLY>>> Would you still say that if Dwight decided to come to your beloved Celtics? Didn’t think so….

  35. Jay says:

    Don’t worry about Van Gundy and Dwight. Dwight will be gone next year and Van Gundy will be unemployed by Thanksgiving, if he can survive with a bottom dweller team that long. Didn’t management tell Dwight he could pick his coach if he stayed? Well, what’s the damn problem….

  36. Jay says:

    Bye Van Gundy… Take your staff with you because Dwight Howard has not learned a damn thing since he got to Orlando. That includes keeping his mouth closed but once again I blame that on the coaches and handlers.

  37. WINNERS ONLY says:





  38. Ba says:

    The rest of the magic squad are way past their primes.( sorry jrich love your game but man youve been struggling) Dwight hasnt even reached his full potential and is pretty much still a high schooler mentally. HOnestly i feel like he’s game is over exagerated. Dwight “inflates” his teamates actual game. and his teamates “inflate” his. He’s the only option down low. he gets his team shots and his teamates can do anything else but shoot so dwight gets rebounds and all the defensive praise. Andrew Bynum and Demarcus cousins are have more game than dwight. Plus honestly i think they have better egos. Dwight’s ego is worst then bynum and cousins has actually been in check all season. Dwight just covers it up during media coverage.

  39. Dutch_NBA Fan says:

    people where talking about Stan van Gundy, that guy is a fine coach imo. The Magic have a decent record and sitting perfectly on the 3rd seat atm. There serious contenders for the playoffs…. but its sports and everybody wants a ring. Nothing as unpredictable as basketball, every fan, coach and player knows that. Dwight Howard just pisses me off, he IS a superstar, he IS probably the most dominant center atm but greed gets the best of him only he cares about is rings blaming everyone around him first the team now the coach. The guy needs to grow up, they should nickname him big baby instead of davis he deserves the title a lot more. He is surounded with talented players and a awesome coach stick the heads together and make something of it….. more chance of making the hall of fame by being a “underdog” and still coming out on top. Stop blaming people and start believing…. every guy on the Orlando court has a talent I bet when they play smart and go for it they could win there is enough inside power with nice perimeter shot guys. Teams have got rings with less talent then the current magic team. Im am a lakers fan, I bleed purple and gold but wouldnt want DH there, even Bynum annoys me with his frantics, Would rather see Pau at C and a nice dominant PF on the court then these high and might guys….

  40. Basketball Fan says:

    And people went against Lebron and how he handled his decision… Seriously whats Dwights doing is far far worse…

  41. TC777 says:

    This seems to explain the sudden losing 5 game losing streak – Dwight must have learned it from Carmelo. One more loss (the magic 6). and out goes coach D’Antoni. Can’t believe NBA is that dirty and these players make millions and still are not satisfied and so immature and unprofessional.

  42. BullsFan22 says:

    Dwight should be punished. Trade him to the Bobcats!! LOL. The ultimate punishment!!!

  43. Ryan says:

    Dwight is lazy and I hope he doesn’t end up on my fav teams! Wouldn’t mind Stan coaching them tho!

  44. swaller36 says:

    Dwight Howard is nothing but a big a** baby!! I can see the team execs making deals with Dwight to keep him in Orlando. They know that in order to keep Howard they have to make him happy.

  45. Bulls6 says:

    Dwight is a big whining baby. I’m glad he stayed in Orlando a while longer, no one needs Big Baby Howard coming in and complaining another team into the ground. #12 is more trouble then he is worth.

  46. bigZo33 says:

    Coach VG is a bum.

  47. 134124 says:

    Great players talk with their coaches if they have any complaints. Michael Jordan and Kobe are two great examples of players who go directly to their coaches and address their complaints. This is how they are able to talk about the game together and merge two different opinions for the better of the team. What Dwight does is act like he’s not angry but he complains to the managers about how the team is performing. You don’t see him discussing with Stan about the game, but you see him joking around and just sitting at the end of the bench quietly when he seems to be pissed off.

    He’s one of those guys who expects everything to come perfectly to him. He doesn’t even treat Stan as his coach. If he’s not going to listen, he’s not going to win.

  48. emails says:

    Man up Howard Coward…

  49. Highlander says:

    Its not often you can read almost every blog and even tho they have such differant views you can see how all are correct to a point. Some times ( often ) its just time for a coach to move on players stop listening. They may well be at that point! The second option perhaps is to change and freshen up the team if you have confidence in the coach. Dwight is a good commodity to get 2-3 good buidling blocks for that . Finally as it stands, Dwight does appear to be growing into the poster child for the prototype NBA brat . AS it stands he does need to work on parts of his game, he does need to establish or re-establish credibility and you have to wonder really what going on in his head. Is he really worth it, can you win with him , is he the cancer or the cure ? He certainly is high maintainence.
    Simply they are history as a team , wont win anything this season. Do they stay with Dwight, who can coach him? Can you win with him ? Will he work on the basic fundimentals to win ? Or wil he be like Iverson and as soon as his physicle gifts fade he will have nothing to fall back. on and be out of the leauge in no time because he is just no worth it and there is no upside to his BS
    Food for thought, Im not a fan or hater of either, but I would see Dwight comercially as a comodity, move him on and get on with the business of winning, aint going to happen as it is at the moment

  50. Mino says:

    Dwight howard you little girl. Man up. Grow up.

    • Mike says:

      Thank you!! Im a Dwight Howard fan but if you cant own up to being wrong, then shut the fk up. Period.

  51. Wayne says:

    I think Van Gundy is a good coach.Dwight Howard should learn how to be a leader, or he will never become a true super star!

  52. blah blah says:

    umm in europe they change soccer coaches all the time if the coach cant do nothing with the talent. the team only gets older not younger and money being wasted so yeah fire the coach cuz he cant coach right and they should get NATE MCMILLAN

  53. lateralus says:

    I don’t get why this is going on when we are already in april. Now it would be the time to think about getting a nice position for the PO, but it seems they don’t consider themselves as a contender team anymore. When somebody within a team is selfish for any kind of reason, it is like a rotten apple and the feeling is spread all over. No team, no ring.

  54. Alan Hollway says:

    What a circus Orlando has become I not blaying any one indidual the whole madness has affected everyone i this franchise. Stan Van Gundy should have just said ” no comment”, Dwight Howard for not putting his team first and the administration for allowing this mess to escalate. Once Howard indicated his preferance to leave it should have been done instead the franchise has degenerated into a farce and the stupidity has affected everyone. Van Gundy committed the cardinal mistake of publicly lambasting his star player. His star player for undermining his coach, the administration for just allowing the mess to fester. Van Gundy is a great coach, Howard a great player but between them is one mediocre administration.

  55. Roy says:

    Man, I really don’t think Stan is the problem. I like Stan as the Magic coach. I think the real problem is, dwight’s supporting cast. If anything, I think we need a new GM and fix our roster next season.

  56. Vince says:

    VanGundy speaks the truth, is blunt, and probably doesn’t tell Dwight he is awesome all the time. Dwight wants a coach that will kiss his rear but that doesn’t push you to be better.

  57. kb24ever says:

    i wonder where is the real owner of this team???? what the heck ?!! u allowed this weak center to play through his emotions?? its very simple magic should trade him this off season!! don’t let d12 run this franchise on his own demands….i think they should fired the gm!!! he cant handle the situation….they had the opportunity to trade him before???

  58. kb24ever says:

    i wonder where is the real owner of this team???? what the heck ?!! u allowed this weak center to play through his emotions?? its very simple magic should trade him this off season!! don’t let d12 run this franchise on his own demands….i think they should fired the gm!!! he cant handle the situation….they had the opportunity to trade him before???

  59. Kane says:

    Dwight Howard is a disease with no people skills. Grow up baby Dwight!!

  60. John Spokes says:

    I lost allot of respect for Howard

  61. Stan says:

    Dwight likes to stay in the news. Long as their talkin bout me it’s ok Atleast they are talking about me. That’s what his publicist says.

  62. empking says:

    Dwight is an immature brat. The Magic were third until he began whining for a trade and messing around with his team. Then you guys dropped to 5th. BIG SHOCKER…. >_> Now you want to have the coach fired right before the playoffs. No team is going to seriously want Dwight now. He’s a big child. After his “Superman” dunk (which didn’t even touch the rim), I saw this guy as flashy fool who will never ever get a championship.

  63. Gabriel Zita says:

    Van Gundy is a fine coach. Howard has some growing up to do…. Hopefully for the good of the Magic they can work stuff out.

  64. 20yrmagicfan says:

    I am ssoooo sad to say that this is well on its way to being worst than Lebron.. At least Lebron didn’t destroy the team chemistry and chase out the coach the season BEFORE he made his “decision”. Does Howard really believe that this approach is going to earn him a championship soon than later!! I watch every game and trust me, when this team is focused they CAN beat anyone… I don’t understand what more D12 wants?? How many players would trade their situation for an opportunity to contend every year. Dwight has proven over the last few months that HE is more negative than Stan!! SVG’s negativity (publicly) is directed toward making the team better, D12’s negativity (privately) is tearing it apart. I just hope he IS being honest about wanting to stay in Otown and win a ring. Because if he leaves next year, after all of this B_S!! He will be THE MOST hated player in Magic history.

    Please prove me wrong Dwight!!!

  65. luis figo says:

    howard is always joking around in games. he need to mature and be a freaking man and play with balls…if i was a coach i will punch him in his big as head

  66. luis figo says:

    If Howard doesn’t want Van Gundy than he can come to the Heat and Orlando can get Spoelstra lol. Yes, i’m a Heat fan…best comment i ever see…so true….miami need a coach like van gundy…if miami was out spoelstra this 100% MIAMI WAS 49 – 4…howard is a cry baby …..andrew bynum is 1000% better than him

  67. angie says:

    Man, talk about awkward!

  68. Choker says:

    who replaces SVG then? Dwight dont whine….. its rare that you see great coaches like Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers, Alvin Gentry, Tom Thibodeau, Pat Riley nowadays

  69. nba fan says:

    Dear D.Howard
    First of all i wanna thank you for all the excitment and highlights that you’ve been giving showing us since you came in the NBA.
    Second from a neutral point of view I really think that you should forget bout all this drama and start practising on your shooting skills.Being your size , strenght and ability to attack the rim you should average atleast 25-30ppg.I know it’s not easy but if u wanna win the championship you must start practising the leadership couse your team needs that.That’s all i have wanted to say bout this.Wish you luck and all the best.
    PS: SVG is a great couch 5 years aint little time keep that in miind.

  70. jimmy says:

    I am an orlando magic fan and have to say DO YOU CALL THIS LOYALTY HOWARD.IS THIS LOYALTY OR IMMATURITY.As an orlando fan magic need howard really bad but this is power abuse by an nba player.From my view i dont see kobe threatning the lakers IF WE DONT GET A NEW COACH ILL LEAVE and lets pretend what i said was his free agent season neither LEBRON JAMES.This is wrong if howard went to the lakers and team up with kobe we ALL wouldnt have this nonsense.Sure howard probably knows what is best for the magic but as a nba player your job is too player not manage.David stern job is too manage I LOOK AT david stern and cant see he is interested in basketball but only management.HOWARD JUST PLAY BASKETBALL!!!!!also dont miss your free throws and shoot 3 in the all star game thats how we lost.

  71. Comp says:

    If Magics does fire Van Gundy, they should go after D’Antoni and Nash this summer. Powers would be slightly shifted in the east again if that happens.

    • JK says:

      LOL HA HA HA HA!!!! Dantini?!? Please hire him go ahead… give my Knicks a better chance to move up next season. Danitni’s chop-liver.

  72. TTKIN says:

    “I’m just too loyal”

    Good job proving it there Ace.

  73. Tony says:

    Van Gundy is not the problem, Dwight Howard is the problem. I mean come on, they went to the finals in 2009 because of him. Dwight Howard could not make his mind up all season long if he wanted to stay. It’s not about loyalty, it’s about what Dwight gets. Dwight is the baby. HE IS A CHUMP.

  74. Nate says:

    Oh man, what a bad set up, if there ever was any…. Howard comes in right after Stan confirms that he knows Howard wants him out… lols, then Dwight acting all like he’s innocent…. As a player, I still think D12 is the best center right now… but i’m starting to question his morality. Stop complaining about your coach, and get better as a player, that’s how you’re gonna win championships. You can’t win championships if your team can’t count on you to hit free throws at crunch time Dwight. Get some more post moves and a softer touch shooting the ball, then maybe you could help your team win more games and a championship…. even if they fire Stan, the Magics still won’t win a championship with the team that they have, so it’s a pointless move.

  75. Magicfan89 says:

    You guys do know that Dwight and the Magic are not the problem. It’s the media and you guys. You guys keep giving them attention and the media is just trying to get more ratings, with all of this drama there making a lot of money. So it’s you guys that need to stop feeding into the drama and caring about what these guys do.

  76. Why all of the hate towards Dwight? It is a team sport after all. The players as much as the coaches are responsible for the team losing. Spoelstra is just as bad if not a worse coach. The only reason the Heat win more games is because of LeBron. Stan does not know how to fully utilize and coach Dwight. Every player and management is liable for the team’s winning and losing record. Why don’t the Heat take Stan and the Magic can have Spoelstra. LOL

  77. JTastick says:

    If Howard doesn’t want Van Gundy than he can come to the Heat and Orlando can get Spoelstra lol. Yes, i’m a Heat fan 🙂

  78. bradfordpark says:

    The way Dwight Howard put his arm around Stan Van Gundy looks exactly like Tony Montana right before he kills his boss lol.

  79. 2Cents says:

    By going public with this, Van Gundy is being pretty manipulative too. Is it even true? Certainly puts a lot of pressure on the management.

    And who’s losing out? The rest of the team. Can’t even imagine what the atmosphere in that locker room is like.

  80. Hibachi says:

    Magic used to be one of the tops 2-3 yrs ago. They had guys like Pietrus, Bogans, Barnes, Lewis, and MIP Turkoglu, These guys could cause so much mismatch trouble for the opposing team on both sides. Once they had that dominating defense and size on offence, Van Gundy’s “4 shooters surrounding Dwight” offense system could actually work.

    However, the change of lineup made them lost the size on the perimeter, also the mismatch advantage. That’s why their defense dropped and the offense got even worse.

    With player like Dwight, you can always easily rebuild the defensive system by bringing in a few tough defenders and making everyone else more commited on their defenses. But their offense won’t easily get better unless they can get a perimeter star who can handle the ball and make plays, like the old Turkoglu. Besides that, a few more taller guys would come in handy.

    But don’t forget that Orlando spent 5yrs to put up a squad that got into the finals. This time nobody would wait another 5 yrs. Letting go Van Gundy would be reasonable because the team is not getting better and he’s already lost control of this team based on all these dramas, not to mention that some of them were already confirmed by him. His step-down would give Orlando an opportunity to reconstruct their offensive system.

    And if this still won’t work, then it’s just the fate that this team needs to star over again, meaning departing with Dwight.

  81. Stijn says:

    Wow. That arm around SVG´s shoulder was a Judas´ kiss if ever I saw one. And then putting the words in his mouth (What´s it all about?), SVG just got humiliated. I can’t imagine them working together for much longer…

  82. Rafael says:

    Dwight Howard is a tremendous idiot and his offensive footwork lacks greatly, in comparison to, say, Pau Gasol’s or LaMarcus Aldridge’s.

    • E247 says:

      Shaq didn’t have that footwork either neither did wilt or moses but they were effective winners pau and lamarcus don’t impact the game like dwight neither of them play d plus pau is cotton swab soft

      • kei34 says:

        What games have you been watching? Shaq had excellent footwork for a man his size and girth so his name shouldn’t be mentioned here. D12 is his own man. He needs better teammates, not necessarily another coach because coming down and jacking up threes without giving the most dominant big man in the league today more than 5 touches a game is not going to win anything. If he was on another team with better teammates, the results would be instantaneous and definitely result in more wins and better orverall team morale. Everyone hates to lose and everyone loves winning. Both individuals are being unprofessional and management should be fired because they are the cause of the whole problem. Bad decisons on personnel has gotten them exactly where they are today. Minus D12 spells lottery for a long time.

  83. Dominic says:

    Any better are you serious, who you know throwing doubles like dollars on stripper erasing shot like you number to pencil winning games? ill wait. plus he’s the only center/big man that changes the game for teams on the block son.

  84. Gang green says:

    Wow are they ever both unprofessional.

    First of all, you shouldn’t be feeding the media’s desire as a coach, SVG still has a team to take care of.
    Second of all, Dwight Howard’s credibility is now next to none with his statements.

    Man D12 has to smarten up in these situations or just avoid the media as much as possible.
    Get on with your jobs guys…don’t make it out to be hollywood.

  85. LINO says:

    I don’t understand the logic of NBA owners to hire a coach, who has been previously fired.. If you look on the achievement
    and statistic of coaches of hired and fired and rehired, at least 80% of them never win a championship. So why rehire a fired
    coach, most of them are dodo birds. Get a new fresh coach..

    To give some examples:

    1. Current Philadelpia coach
    2.New jersey Coach
    3.Houston Coach
    4.Memphis Coach
    5. Charlotte Coach
    6.Orlando Coach
    7 Cleveland Coach
    8. Phoenix Coach
    9. Denver Coach
    10. Detroit Pistons
    11 Milwaukee Bucks
    12. Indiana Pacers
    13. Washington Coach
    14. LA lakers Coach
    15. LA Clippers Coach

  86. The Watcher says:

    Dwight: “where are your sources?…Where are your sources?”

    Reporter: Why?

    Dwight: So I can get them fired too!

  87. Candy says:

    How do you expect to win a championship with the way you play. Live by the Jump Shot die by the Jump shot. The Magic play stupid anyway. Everyone is shooting jump shots when you have a dynamic center who can deliver in the post.

    • Gang green says:

      This is so true. For the times I’ve watched the magic play this season they were all frustrating. They don’t exploit the post with Howard nearly enough. Until the team realises that they are going nowhere.

  88. Dominic says:

    No stan what matters is winning. ask derrick fisher 5 time champ with a team that can’t win with him. loyalty and business don’t mix period.

  89. Rey says:

    Even SVG, Howard is not going to play any better. Howard needs to practice more freethows, and commit less faults. A coach cannot go ahead on the field and play for a player. Once the coach does his job on the practice facility, it comes to the players now to go out and play basketball.
    I think SVG deserves more respect from a sorry Dwight Howard. I firmly stand behind you coach SVG….

    • E247 says:

      you can’t be serious. i think shaq has 4 rings and couldn’t make freethrows. svg can’t coach all those 3’s they throw up. you can’t win like that. and D12 is the most dominant defensive player since the dream the other magic players don’t even think defense.

  90. Bullface says:

    Howard is awesome! AWESOME! He can say and do whatever he wants… he is way cooler than Lebron will ever be. Does he want changes… yeah… does he like being goofy… yeah… but he is still dominANT!!! Dont mess with the best or you die like the rest.

  91. Dominic says:

    But you can also tell by this interview that stan & dwight don’t see eye to eye. did somebody say sarcastic lolllllll

  92. Dominic says:

    You can’t coach winning, but you can coach winners it’s either you have it or not.

  93. karo iyash says:

    sad but true. reality is SVG doesnt have wat it takes to win it all… 3 pointers arnt the solution… no offense truth is someone like nate mcmillan is the one to go.. half court oriented n defensive minded…..Sorry SVG… love ur personality…ur much better coaching an up n coming team…

  94. Varcity says:

    Dwight Handled that well.
    Hope Melo, Amare and the rest Handle the press the same way.

  95. Dominic says:

    The NBA” is an industry that pays athletes for there practice’s. not champions for the ability to win chips winning is the sole purpose in why these athletes play the game, and are drafted to the highest level to share that mentality is what we spend our time being entertain by.

  96. E247 says:

    Stan is not a good coach. That’s why Shaq and Dwade got rid of him. He’s a screamer and a whiner, he also panics in crucial situations. Also you really don’t think D12 practices Freethrows, he just doesn’t have touch or finesse. Like Shaq, Wilt, and other power players. Plus the ball is like a grapefruit in their hands.

  97. Sean says:

    Dwight is a joke. How can you ask for your coach to be fired, then put your arms around him, as if everything is ok.
    Orlando as a team, will suffer because no coach or really good players will ever want to play with or coach Dwight.

  98. kngdom of Jogis says:

    I agree also that instead Dwight Howard demanding his to resign, he should practice his free throws.

  99. Dominic says:

    Coaches finds ways to when with talent… but gifts find ways to keep giving and thats what dwight has been doing. but more giftings are better then one when it comes to basketball in which the MAGICS don’t have alot of.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Guys, listen to the interview. Stan said that the management told him that Dwight wanted him out. He never said that Dwight said he wanted hmi out. Its all about interpreting statements. I don’t like how the media digs into this stuff just for so called “entertainment”. Let the Magic do their job and mind your own business.

  101. Salim says:

    This what make the whole of US routing for Dirk and Mavs last year. Dirk stick with Dallas with both ups and down, and when he finally wins a championship it was well deserving, being the only player in the team who is a all-star, and at the same time being humble and credited his teammates and couching staff for the their effort. Dwight need to check Dirk advertisment and reflects and may be can learn something… Here is dirk ads

    “There are 7 billion people on earth. How many can hit a fadeaway jumper? A 3-pointer with a hand in their face? A free-throw with the game on the line? How many can survive for 48 minutes?
    How many has what it takes to play smart, tough, unflinching, focused, hungry, loose, composed, paced, relentless, cool, cerebral balanced and fearless?
    How many can win a championship with a city on their shoulders? 7 billion people, how many can come up BIG.”

    • Mark says:

      “Ohh! Mama, there goes that man”.! What a playoff Dirk had, we will always remember and cherish those moments in our lifetime.

  102. Dominic says:

    If you understand winning all you sports life or life itself, The recipe to losing is not somthing you like to cook-up later in you life period.

  103. kiwifan says:

    nate mcmillan anyone???

  104. TopT says:

    I don’t keep up with the NBA or the Orlando Magic. I would rather work on my money for my wife and kids than spend wasteful hours watching someone else make theirs. Anyway, the only mistake I saw Van Gundy make that cost him a world championship was when he allowed a selfish player to return to the lineup that was not ready after an injury and remove Rafer Alston which killed Orlando’s momentum against the Lakers. Everyone who knows basketball knows that one mistake cost the Orlando organization something that could have ignited future championships. Dwight Howard needs to be honest and stop being a people pleaser. It’s time to grow up.

  105. luis from miami says:

    dwight needs to man up and stop being a baby so much. van gundy is such a good coach. he lead you guys to a finals. you need to start making free throws and working on your game rather than complaining so much.

  106. Mike says:

    I love watching Howard from a psychological perspective. This has to be one of the most immature and ungrateful players that I have ever seen. He will never be a champion because he never takes responsibility for what HE DOES. Every play, he is whining. He should have gone to college where he could have learned to be a man rather than try to force others to follow his orders, the way a four year old would. Like he says, “Im a player”. SO WHY DON’T YOU ACT LIKE ONE AND FOLLOW THE GENERAL’S ORDERS, YOU BRAT!!

  107. Troy says:

    Hard to think of two NBA people I dislike more than Ron Van Jeremy and Dwight Howard. Pretty sure I’ll have as many championship rings as those two clowns combined when their respective careers are over.

    Reading about players like this makes me love Derrick rose and Durant even more. Just shut up and play Dwight.

  108. Brian E says:

    You are just playing basketball and entertaining fans. Despite Howard and other players act like what they do is important in the world the fact is that it is not. Just play on, earn your money, go home and shut up about this and that. Respect management and understand who pays your salary.

  109. chubbena says:

    I turn on the tube and what do I see
    A whole lotta people cryin’ “Don’t blame me”
    They point their crooked little fingers ar everybody else
    Spend all their time feelin’ sorry for themselves
    Victim of this, victim of that
    Your momma’s too thin; your daddy’s too fat

    Get over it
    Get over it
    All this whinin’ and cryin’ and pitchin’ a fit
    Get over it, get over it

  110. you can’t believe nothin howard says

  111. likedamaster says:

    I believe coach has been the problem this whole time. Coach doesn’t instill confidence in them, he instills fear. Not a good formula. He was the problem in Miami, and has been the problem in Orlando for a while now. Enough’s enough. Out with the coach or it’s Dwight that will be taking his talents elsewhere.

  112. winner 35 says:

    D@a Dwight.. You should have went to college you probably would make better decisions.. Im glad the league has banned high school kids coming straight into the in NBA, but LB and Dwight I think you’ll guys had the wrong publicists and are not showing u true NBA business. Dwight ur skilled u been a around for a minute. Man up get u a back to the basket game work on ur free throws and really really work for those millions. Can we see 30+ and 10+. Stop playing


    So Dwight wants to have the 3rd best coach in the east fired because of his teams turnovers? You can’t blame the coach because you can’t take care of the ball. Stan is one of the top five coaches in the entire league. You can’t replace him right before the post season.

    Take care of the ball, make your free throws and shut up.

  114. NY Vlad says:

    they both know this is their last season together dwight and SVG have been together for like 7 years. i dont think this will effect their chemistry if anything it might push them to give it their all in this last rodeo. u gotta remember that Wade didnt like SVG either but that dont mean the coach doesnt get respect just that dwight wants a change because the system in place hasnt worked as well as they wanted for the past 5 years. Dwight does appear to be one of the top goofs in the nba but he isnt immature (think shaq)

  115. Bryan says:

    Bynum has a better OFFENSIVE game than dwight, he can hit close jump shots and free throws! Dwight, work on a shot!!!!

  116. Cody says:

    This is awful, are you kidding me? Otis Smith and Van Gundy and the rest of the Magic team shouldn’t have to be going through this. Trade him off, I never seen such a cancer to an organization. Do what the Rockets did and ship him out and get back role players and chuck-full of potential young guys for him. Worst superstar in the NBA, some people hate Lebron but atleast he goes out everyday and tries to win and not piss off his organization in the process.

  117. racarter says:

    I didn’t think Stan Van Gundy should be fired until now. Going public with this at this moment in time is not only unprofessional and selfish but it undermines their entire season. Can you now imagine this team in the finals with all this drama? Yeah right. Good luck with that.

  118. Jim says:

    Man I am so sick of the superstar players of today, whining about everything, demanding trades and their coaches removed. Stop being such a selfish baby and play basketball for your TEAM. These guys don’t even care about winning games or their teammates. What’s he doing demanding a trade and deciding where he wants to go, then demanding the coach leave? Your team is trying to make the playoffs and win a championship. How bout you shut up and play basketball, spoiled little millionaire children

  119. Cwigg says:

    …..How long before this type of thing is a constant in the league?
    Between the refs and the players, this league is going to go down fast.
    Pre-madonna players are infecting the league at a dramatic rate.

    • Spursfan007 says:

      Pre-Madonna??? I think you mean Prima-Donna!! And Howard is just that!! What day in age is it, where a PLAYER DECIDES THE FATE OF THE TEAM’S COACH?? UNBELIEVABLE place where pro sports are headed!!

  120. Cwigg says:

    …..How long before this type of thing is a constant in the league?
    Between the refs and the players, this league is going to go down fast.
    Pre-madonna players are infecting the league at a dramtaic rate.

  121. Colin says:

    This man is making ‘the decision’ look like a PG-13 film.

  122. Let us make this clear… right from start of these rumors, it is not Howard who wants to fire out his coach but it is the Magic Management who gives Howard an option to have the Coach fired, etc. etc. To make things sweet, they are giving options to Howard. Why now the media want to make it appear that it is Howard’s wishes to fire Van Gundy? You people are great in creating rumors. This the same reason why James was hated too much… now you make Howard the villain. Give him a break… If the Magic wants to fire Van Gundy, do not blame it to Howard… it is all Magic’s design. Do not look for a fall guy!

  123. NG Blaqq says:

    I was was the Magic GM I would blow up the whole team AND get a new coach. The current team is going nowhere.

    Trade Howard to whatever team he wants to join, take as much as you can get in return AND get a new coach. Just like Cleveland did after LaBron went south.

  124. bman says:

    Dwight needs to get out of Orlando already. All the good point guards are taken and the Magic are probably still a few seasons away from getting what they need to compete at a finals level. Dwight will have to buy into Orlando for the LONG term if he wants anything to happen there. If he and the magic want to be better NOW, a trade needs to happen.

  125. Marko says:

    It is the truth that magic need some changes,but changing the coach is not a change what they have to do.You have to understand that magic can`t win the championship with this team.You need at least superstar point guard with Dwight and more guys like Glen BABY and his energy that his bringing to his team.
    I hope that the magic will understand that before they lose SUPERMAN!!

  126. shawn says:

    do you people know anything about basketball?this team can win a title with dwight and a couple of changes but not with a coach like stan who is lost!do you even realize what acoches job is.stan does none of it good enough,end of story!!

  127. flip says:

    damn howard needs to grow up. stan, as crazy as he is sometimes, is a very good coach, if they fire him i doubt they get anyone much better, the problem lies in the roster they have, they cant win with this team. i hope howard realizes that and i hope management does too

  128. J. KUSH says:


  129. 100man says:

    I’m not a magic fan but I’m skeptical about replacing Stan. Remember in 2009(3 seasons ago), the magic were in the finals. The Magic are also 5th in the East right now, so they aren’t in bad standing. But Dwight does need to practice free throws so his scoring will shoot up. I mean did you see what Bynum did to the clippers? How many times he went to the line and then converted. Thats why he scored so much. If Dwight could make free throws regularly, he could easily average 30points. His scoring and rebounding could escalate the play of the Magic even more.

  130. Comte says:

    I do feel sympathy for Stan Van, but watch, I’m tired of all of you hating on Dwight. I, who isn’t a fan of Dwight, knows he’ll do better in another team, and will produce significantly compared to what he did in the Magic. Dwight is an exceptional player, I’ve seen this.

  131. shawn says:

    listen up you dreamers in orlando,i’m from Boston where we know basketball.Stan is a horrible coach,he doesn’t know when to call a time out,substitue players,develop a bench,take a tech, amongst other things.I knew the magic were not serious about getting a championship when they kept him this season.the only reason they are doing something now is because dwight is forcing their hand.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just sayin man. Just because your from Boston doesnt mean you know all about basketball…

  132. Bcrawf says:

    Dear Howard,

    Stop being such a baby-back-b1tch!

    But really…. stop.

  133. alex says:

    im a magic fan and even i get tired of stans b.s every thing is negative with him , this has to wear down a player after a while . Shaq even said many of the same thing about stan when shaq and dwight agree on a subject (getting stan out )maybe it has merit maybe stans not the guy for this team

  134. miguel says:

    its hilarious how “supermans” attitude changed as soon as they told him that vangundy comfirmed the statements!lollollololol he went from joking around to almost pissed off!!

  135. annie middleton says:

    I think if you are not satisfied with the coach, be honest about it. Not owning up to your inner most feelings will only stress the problem for you Dwight.

  136. Sea Pea says:

    I’m not for anybody asking for someone to get fired. If you want to be traded, fine. If you want to test the market, fine. But don’t try to take food out of someones mouth. You don’t try to destroy something someone else has worked hard to build. Dwight must have forgot that God blessed him with height and he wouldn’t be in the League without it because he sure didn’t bless him with skills. I lost a lot of respect for Dwight for that. He needs to retract his request and apologize like a man.

  137. islandcross says:

    Coach can only show the path of WINNING lest players start WHINING!

  138. redman says:

    yeah well atleast dwight isnt stuck with mike brown

  139. egess says:

    Orlando’s loss will be the leagues gain!. As a Knicks fan I NY considers Van Gundy if Orlando releases him.
    Would much rather see Stan next season than John Calipari.

  140. Mike L says:

    I find it hilarious (in a sad way) how Dwight acts like the rumours aren’t true RIGHT after Stan said how stupid it would be to deny them. To me, Dwight is the most spoiled player in the NBA, messing up his whole team with his demands, playing GM for himself.

  141. Mick says:

    Is it just me or did Howard come off as a manipulative douche there?

  142. Yavuzzi says:

    This is so sad man! I mean come on your coach announces public that one of his main guys want him out! See what position Dwight put himself! I feel so bad for Stan. I am not saying Dwight is the bad guy. That guy has a good heart you can that. But all these rumors, public talks are horrible for the spirit of the team and for the fans as well.

  143. Marko says:

    It is the truth that magic need some changes,but changing the coach is not a change what they have to do.You have to understand that magic can`t win the championship with this team.You need at least superstar point guard with Dwight and more guys like Glen BABY and his energy that his bringing to his team.
    I hope that the magic will understand that before they lose SUPERMAN!

  144. ry says:

    D FISH new coach next season

  145. Samuel says:

    Now that’s what I call LOYALTY!

  146. Rob says:

    theres too many emotional games being played in orlando… if Dwight wanted to leave he would have left its not like teams dont want him… And he gotta stop tryna make everybody happy its a business not a party

  147. Rick Rob says:

    This is not the time for all of that Playoffs is coming soon. Do not put a effect on the rest of the team with this nonsense . D12 and SVG needs to tighten up

  148. Howard Of Magic wants Van Gundy fired !
    Magic Of Lakers had Westpaul Fired !

  149. 12345678 says:

    dwight you are such an …
    van gundy is an excellent coach. if u would work on your free throws instead of talking – the magic would be on a much better condition than today. if u don t like orlando or your coach LEAVE!

  150. Ivan says:

    Dear D Howard,

    Making it to two east finals and a Finals in you short career is a feat not too many superstars have done. Look at Deron Williams, Chris Paul and Joe Johnso for example.

    To blame your coach as opposed to hitting some free throws and developing an away from the backet game is why you are not succeeding. You could easily average 31 ppg if you worked at those aspects of your game instead of looking for people to blame.

    You are not mature and would have done well to go to college, this is clear after your blatent childish publicity of your “wishes” in recent time.

    P.S I’m not even a Magic fan, just a NBA fan and what you are doing is worse then the DECISION.

    Thanks, Work on your shooting.

    • TAYLOR says:

      I completely agree from the aspect of an NBA fan he and other players doing the same S&%@ as Lebron are ruining the game … just play and improve on your weake areas …thats it

      • Ed says:

        Totally agree with that.

      • Amac says:

        i dont feel that LeBron did anything wrong going o miami, he didnt want to be in clevland anymore, he didnt thnk that they were doing enough for him, and he wanted to be on a contending team for once, 1 player doesnt get you a ring, he needed a team

      • JTastick says:

        Lebron’s weak area was his team, so technically he did improve on that.

      • KR says:

        lebron gave 7 years of good service to the cavs. they couldn’t give him what he wanted, another employer offered him a better opportunity, so he left. as we all would. dwight too.
        “the decision” was ugly, but that was due to the media beating it up since before the season started. why should you tell an employer that you’re committed to for 1 more year that you will possibly leave them if you haven’t made your mind up that you will? i don’t believe he was trying to bargain with the cavs, but dwight was. or ransom is a better word.
        and “the decision” was surely not LBJ’s idea to produce, and was done with proceeds going to charity. he made the best of an ugly thing, i think. dwight’s just been ugly about it.

    • Slider821 says:

      Ivan +1. Agree. A decent basketball player of Dwight’s size and athleticism would easily average 30+ ppg and be unstoppable.

      • BIGMatta23 says:

        Shaq never averaged 30ppg. Olajuwon never averaged 30ppg. Ewing, Robinon etc etc….How in the hell would you expect Dwight to EASILY do that. Cmon guys be realistic. 25-26 ppg would be a more reasonable expectation. There has been plenty of much better big men than Dwight that never got close to 30ppg.

  151. Nathan says:

    I thought Orlando was done with this drama…

  152. ko0kiE says:

    dwight should better be practicing those freethrows instead of demanding a trade, trades for other teammates and getting the coach fired.

    • TWizz says:

      Howard practicing Free Throws? HAHAH. During the summer and lock-out, do you know what he did? Not practice Free Throws. I was watching TV yesterday and guess what I saw? A preview for The Three Stooges with Howard in it. Lets not forget he did a commercial for CoD:MW3. He is too worried about being on TV than practicing Free Throws.

  153. Louie says:

    I want him out too!!! lol
    I can see why dwight wants this creeo out, just to see his whining face after every play is enough to make me want to punch him in his fat face but howard needs to man up and stop being a hypocryte, come out and say it already, sign a contract and move the f@# on!! bunch of little girls in Orlando

    • luis from miami says:

      van gundy is a good coach. dwight is the one who whines alot. he needs to make up his mind. van gundy is a good coach he led the magic to the finals. instead of complaining so much on your game dwight needs to learn on how to be a leader and work on his game

      • MagicFan says:

        This is not about Stan vs. Dwight, and the timing of this BS is just incredible. Both Dwight and Stan are hurting Orlando Magic and Orlando Magic fans — shame on ’em both. They should’ve both kept their big mouths shut and dealt with whatever this thing is internally!.

    • KayGee5 says:

      Remember when mama said if you dont have anything nice to say, keep your dayum mouth closed… SVG.. stick to coaching and quit being a whinning little female dog.. You go on national TV and blast your superstar.. Are you trying to give him a bad rep so no other team would take him.. Remember Sprewell choked his coach and he got another team. Cut the Horse manure and quit trying to play mind games. You are unarmed. 12 Games to either secure your job and a championship or to the unemployment line. Dont know why you had to tell us you put money away. Doesnt sound like your heart is in coaching.

      • Jordan says:

        Lay off bro. He’s the one dealing with loosing his job. Not dwight. The best thing you and anybody else can do is ignore it if you don’t like it.

      • KR says:

        you think SVG went running to the media? it’s part of his job to field questions, and the media’s prerogative to drill him about this matter. he will just end up at another franchise if management decides, as they should, that dwight is more important to them. but SVG has done a fair job with what he’s had without being the best coach in the L, whereas dwight is the best big man and hasn’t met his expectations.