Knicks Are ‘Melo’s Team Now

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Jeremy Lin‘s season is most likely over.

The Knicks announced Saturday that Lin will undergo surgery next week for a “small chronic torn meniscus” in his left knee. The injury will keep Lin out of action 6-8 weeks, so the only way we’ll see him again this season is if the Knicks win a playoff series. And that probably ain’t happening.

In fact, there’s a very good chance that the Knicks don’t even make the playoffs. And that possibility has little to do with whether or not they have Lin … or Amar’e Stoudemire, who’s out 2-4 weeks with a bulging disc in his back.

Through Saturday’s games, the Knicks hold a two-game lead in the loss column over the Milwaukee Bucks. But Milwaukee holds a clear schedule advantage down the stretch and host the final meeting between the two teams on April 11.

The Knicks do have some momentum, now 9-2 under interim coach Mike Woodson after Saturday’s win over Cleveland. But it’s impossible to get a real gauge on how they will play in April because they’ve been so streaky throughout the season, sometimes playing their best basketball when their roster was most depleted.

Here’s the thing: the Knicks’ best offensive player, Carmelo Anthony, and best defensive player, Tyson Chandler, are still (relatively) healthy. Lin and Stoudemire are both defensive liabilities, so as long as Chandler is on the floor, the Knicks will be fine there (though it would help if Jared Jeffries returns soon).

The numbers thus far show that the Knicks are clearly better defensively when Stoudemire’s not on the floor…

Knicks efficiency with Carmelo Anthony on the floor

Combination MIN Pace OffRtg DefRtg NetRtg +/-
Anthony + Lin + Stoudemire 417 98.7 99.1 100.6 -1.5 +4
Anthony & Stoudemire, no Lin 495 95.6 98.7 102.9 -4.2 -34
Anthony & Lin, no Stoudemire 88 96.3 110.9 98.1 +12.9 +22
Anthony with neither 433 95.7 101.8 90.7 +11.1 +84

Pace = Possessions per 48 minutes
OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions
DefRtg = Points allowed per 100 possessions
NetRtg = Point differential per 100 possessions

The absence of Lin and Stoudemire might not be so awful offensively, either. It will certainly simplify things on that end, because Anthony has yet to really show much chemistry with either player. Anthony just needs someone to bring the ball up the floor and have a couple of guys to knock down shots when he draws the defense’s attention.

With Lin out, it would be nice if Baron Davis was completely healthy and a little more nimble … or if Toney Douglas had some confidence left after sitting for the last two months. But make no mistake about it, this is Melo’s team now. And whether or not the Knicks make the playoffs will largely depend on his ability to carry the offense, while also providing some effort defensively.


  1. Extremedriver says:

    Melo’s the man right now! We need him as healthy as possible for the rest of this season. We don’t need to loose him like we did Lin. And we certainly don’t need to loose him to the “Questionable” status like Stat is in right now either.

  2. MELLOOOO^ says:

    Melo helped run through Orlando .. just saying 🙂 39 points last game … and he chucks because the team allows him to

  3. 100man says:

    Lets see how this plays out hes been playing like he did in Denver lately.

  4. Choker says:

    but at some point he’s out of control, Melo is great but still….. yeah. Knicks are Melo’s team for now

  5. Ray says:


  6. Samer Musa says:

    knicks are garbage….LETS GO BULLS:)

  7. WakUWaku says:

    Melo’s Team Now –
    Result – loss

    Melo is not fit on a team game, his a best one on one player. He should try wrestling, tennis or chess.LOL

  8. osama23 says:

    i think that the knicks will make the playoffs

  9. killerecho says:

    John, why don’t you post those same efficiency stats without Melo. Then we’ll see who’s the real defensive liability.

  10. Mike says:

    Knicks have always been Melo’s team. With or without Amere or Lin, Knicks is and always will be Melo’s team, so long as he’s there.

  11. How about some sense?...smh says:

    If debating who should take the most shots? absolutely Melo

  12. How about some sense?...smh says:

    Nothing any of you say matters. Who’s team it is is such a pointless argument, because the correct answer is its the owners team and any debate other than that has no real answer so it makes no sense to debate it. As long as everyone plays good, takes good shots, and plays defense idgaf whos ‘team’ it is.

  13. ogmusicmom says:

    neither god nor fraud, melo is just a damn good player. you win some, you lose some and it takes more than one to get the job done.

  14. Extremedriver says:

    Ok! Here’s the Dream Team, lineup I would love to have if I were the Knicks owner right now. So please tell me what you guys think.

    Centers – 1. Dwight Howard
    2. Kosta Koufos
    3. LaMarcus Aldridge

    Power Forwards – 1. Kevin Love,
    2.Blake Griffin
    3. Amar’e Stoudemire, or Chris Bosh

    Small Forwards – 1. Labron (King) James
    2. Carmelo Anthony
    3. Kevin Durant

    Shooting Guards – 1. Eric Gordon,
    2. O.J. Mayo
    3. Toney Douglas, or Kawhi Leonard

    Point Guards – 1. Derrick Rose
    2. Chris Paul
    3. Aaron Brooks, Marco Belinelli, Jerryd Bayless, D.J. Augustin, or Jimmer Fredette

  15. Knicksboy says:

    They are called the big 3 of NY Knicks! So that means, the 3 of them are face of the franchise!

  16. Solution says:

    All knicks need is Rondo

  17. michael ling says:

    look at how much Melo get paid vs Lin , 18 to 1 million. iHe did not shown to be18 time better

  18. Meloteamny says:

    Morons!! Its melo’s team!!

  19. Ben H. says:

    Let’s look at facts here:
    Melo has been playing better than people say he has, and while he won’t win defensive player of the year anytime soon, he’s still been stepping it up since Woodson took over. Heck, all of them have been stepping it up defensively.

    Lin and Amare are important to the Knicks. You can argue all you want about their chemistry, but the roster changes have been aggravating. Meaning that there hasn’t been enough time for cohesiveness. I think Lin has been both over and under hyped. He didn’t win all those games himself when he first took over, but you can’t argue with the numbers he put up, and the clutch shots he made. His downfall are his turnovers, which are very high. But what do you expect from a guy that hasn’t played a lot of professional ball? Give him some time haters.

    Finally, let’s looks at the biggest reason the Knicks have been winning lately, DEFENSE! When they played against the Cavs the game was pretty low scoring. The Knicks scored 91 and held the Cavs to 75. Now, to be fair the Cavs were without Kyrie..and lets face it…it’s the Cavs lol. But still, if the Knicks can hold teams down with their defense, they won’t need to score 100+ a game to get a win. Give the Knicks time, I know this season was supposed to be their dominant one, but let the new additions fit in this offseasos (Lin and JR mainly), and watch how good they will be.

  20. knicks says:

    Knicks are definitely melo’s team… and that’s why they’re not even going to make the playoffs.

    offensive god… (melo season avg 40.7 FG%) LOL. what a joke. knicks need lin

  21. narniatrumpet says:

    If the Knicks are Melo’s team then kiss the playoffs goodby. Basketball is a team sport. Melo is not a team player. His game is one dimensional and all about himself. Best thing for Knicks… trade him now.

    Just sayin’
    – Nuggets Fan

    • Genius says:

      narniatrumpet, you are just mad that you guys don’t have him anymore. We love Melo in NYC. Hater LMAO

  22. flip says:

    Lets not forget what melo has done when he was back with the nuggets. hes a great player. i think the knicks will have a big push for the playoffs bacause of melo, but i think in the future if they want to win they need to get thmselves some better defenders on the wings. they have more than enough offense

    • Knickwits says:

      Flip your nuts Knicks are one of the best defensive teams…… Landry and Shumpert are some of the best defenders in the game even JR and Novak are buying into the D…. My question would be where are the missing 30 points from STAT and Lin gonna come from……

    • Knickwits says:

      Answer Shumpert. JR Smith and Novak……… Knicks have the pieces!!! Whats gonna make them spark MELO THATS WHO

  23. Sean says:

    And that’s why New York don’t win championships today… There is no player on this earth that can say It’s my team now. Team consists of 12 players workin at it. And the chances of NYC going through the first round now are even worse then before. Irritating drop “my team now”

    • Knickwits says:

      Word Sean a team of unsung heroes…. Linsanity was only as good as Chandler and Jefferies Novak Shump and Landry stepped it up to be…. No disrespect to Lin’s clutch 4th quarter performances they helped a whole damn lot, but where are the Knicks now you got guys like JR, Shumpet and even Novak on the boards everyones buying into the Knicks where they need them to. It’s more then Melo, more then Linsanity, more then A’mare and Woodson….. It’s the Knicks and whether you like or not they have been the most injury plagued team in the NBA and see how they’ve rallied from Melo and A’mare’s original winning streak to Linsanity and now to Woodson…. This is the Knicks better then your bad english and #1 in Atlantic….. Bring it!!!

  24. TradeMelo says:

    Linsanity = 7 game winning streak
    Melo returns = 6 game losing streak

    I rest my case.

    • Knickwits says:

      You’re not very correct look at the schedule Melo came back to also Lin’s been out for 4 games and look what the Knicks did to Orlando….. Its a team game, dont point fingers…. I rest my case
      Also they went 6-0 with D’An so wheres that stat….. Woodson is 9-2

  25. Please pray for Melo says:

    When melo was in denver, he was unhappy coz their bigs always got injured. Nuggets never really played full roster( nene, andersen, martin 100%). Melo still played his game, went to WCF and nearly upset the lakers.
    In NY it is happening again but not only with the bigs. but to all positions. Melo’s game is almost back to his Dominating days, we should hope for the best and pray he gets his game going in the final stretch of the season on to the 1st round of the playoffs.

    Go GO GO melo!

  26. jan_279 says:

    It’s not just up to Melo now for the Knicks to make the playoffs, it’s more about the play of his backups. You see, Melo can score 30 or more points for the rest of the Knicks schedule but the Knicks would still lose because of lack of support. John Schuhmann’s right: if you compare the remaining schedule of the Knicks to the Bucks’, the Knicks’ closest competitor for the 8th playoff spot in the East, the Knicks have the tougher schedule. The entire Knicks team would have to play their best basketball if they are to end their regular season run with a playoff spot, although it still might not be enough. I hope they do get a playoff spot because I’d love to see them in a playoff matchup against the Bulls! =)

  27. jan_279 says:

    It’s not just up to Melo now for the Knicks to make the playoffs, it’s more about the play of his backups. You see, Melo can score 30 or more points for the rest of the Knicks schedule but the Knicks would still lose because of lack of support. John Schuhmann’s right: if you compare the remaining schedule of the Knicks to the Bucks’, the Knicks’ closest competitor for the 8th playoff spot in the East, the Knicks have the tougher schedule. The entire Knicks team would have to play their best basketball if they are to end their regular season run with a playoff spot.

  28. ed87 says:

    It’s all about who makes the other players play better, get other player involve, enhance team chemistry. How about getting the stat of other players scoring with or without Melo. You know its still a team game. This is on top of the fact that they win more with Lin and without Melo.

  29. NBAfan says:

    How about comparing the numbers with NO ANTHONY, just Lin and Stoudemire?

    I like Melo’s offensive game, and he is a “superstar”, but I think he’s a lower tier superstar, because he’s not consistent, and that’s what superstars need to be…consistent…not at the same level as Kobe, Durant, Lebron, Wade, Dwight, Rose and yes….the newest member of the group…KEVIN LOVE!

    The writer calls Stoudemire and Lin “defensive liabilities”, but Melo isn’t going play D anytime soon either…

    It’s sad the Knicks started winning without him and started losing when he came back, but Melo needs to keep winning NOW without Amare and Lin to show that it wasn’t him…

  30. ee says:

    has anyone actually been watching melo play he is putting in 100 percent on both ends of the floor if you dont respect that you dont know basketball. you wanna blame someone for the knicks woes take a look at amare and the other guys putting in no defensive effort, dont blame melo he is doing everything he can. yea they gave up to much to get him but how is that his fault and i would have gave up a clown like raymond felton for free

  31. peter says:

    If they cant play together trade themthere are so many available talent wanting to play for NY.

  32. MeloMark says:

    go melo

  33. tonyt says:

    As a Denver transplant from NJ, I became a huge Knicks fan again when Melo was traded. I think the numbers point out what Melo really needs…Melo. The numbers spell this out. Watching him in Denver for years, he’s a great pressure player. Don’t give up…he’ll put the team on his back if he stays healthy.

    Getting JR was the right trade to get the Nugget mojo. With JR, the Knicks have the one two punch the Nuggets had that lead them to a near late season upset of the Lakers just a few years back.

    Amare on the other hand is a liability and seems to play “me” basketball when the pressure is on. I was kind of shocked a Melo trade was mentioned watching Amare single handedly blow late game leads during the last short slump. I see why they let the coach go…he clear wasn’t even watching the games.

    If the Knicks can get Lin and Melo in sync, this team will be dangerous. Lin will need to adjust to let Melo play his isolation game. Melo should also be looking to Lin when he draws attention as his “eyes on the floor”. The trust and chemistry doesn’t seem to be there on either end. That takes time to developed and frankly they’ve not played enough together to make any judgement.

  34. gege20703 says:

    GUYS @ the top stop arguing.. IM a NYK fan.. since melo arrived in Broadway.. but i i love LIN and Amare.. so I dont care If this is Melo’s team or not.. HE’s a Superstar in this team.. and He is my man.. the most important thing is this is a NEW TEAM.. thanks to coach MIKE… Please stop arguing.. the KNicks are playing good though on the other hand We both sad i guess because of the injured Roster.. :(( just keep faith to melo until the Other cast arrive..ok?

    • Huh says:

      Let’s all hold hands and sing kumbaya too while we’re at it. Also, why would anyone thank Mike D’antoni? Even if it was sarcasm, it wouldn’t even make sense. Last I heard, Melo had to BEG him to even play Lin and if there is someone to thank, it’s the owner for trying to make moves to turn NYC into contenders.

    • Knickfan212 says:

      @gege20703 that’s the best comment on the board. Who cares who’s team it is ? It’s our team !!!!
      IMO, we have the peices but given the short season, injuries, back to back to back games, no pratice time, etc. We’re going through the same thing the other teams are going through. We have hope this season but next season (once again) with everyone healthy and a full training camp we’ll go far. Short season equals no rest and according to the schedule we might have to play two or three good teams in a row with travel. I said at the beginning of this season that injuries will determine who gets the ring.

  35. Knickwits says:

    Melo is awesome and all the hate on Melo comes from people who keep judging him on a team performance. Melo is the best team player on the Knicks roster and leads the team every night. It’s a team game and the Knicks team is the Knicks team and Melo is one piece of the puzzle. Melo has been playing out of his skin through shooting slumps and without much help from anyone, I gotta feeling that Melo is just warming up for the playoffs. People have been saying that Melo slows the play from the low post, but they forget he’s got a killer transition game as well. Melo, JR, Fields and Shump all thrive in transition and thats a major points factor especially with all the steals the Knicks get, Getting the ball to Melo isn’t slowing the offensive and I’m not sure why ppl say this, normally Melo draws the double team in the low post straight away and Leaves Shump, Novak or Smith open on the perimeter, otherwise if no double team comes melo will put up a shot straight away or drive to the basket, it is isolation plays but its not slowing the offensive anymore then STAT sitting on shoulder of the Key or Lin turning the ball over… True? Whether or not its this year or next year Knicks have got the pieces together to go well into the playoffs and Melo’s the kinda player that can bring it home for the Knicks……

  36. BlackDove- says:

    knicks were best when amare first arrived,
    if we had kept that team (pre melo) wed be top 3 east position right now

    • Knickwits says:

      Thats just silly, so Felton playing like trash at portland an infured Stoudemire, injured Gallinari and Chandler going to China are all better then a healthy Melo? With out Melo trade they couldnt have got Chandler and JR Smith…. Also if Melo hadn’t asked coach D’An to put J-Lin in we might not have seen Linsantiy….. I think you should stop living in the past, im not crying over Stats 65million dollar untradable uninsurable contract lol

  37. BlackDove- says:

    Melo Melo Melo
    street ball, one on one. great player,
    orhanised basketball bad player

  38. ralph says:

    even if the knicks won about 7 games with lin i dont remeber how much exactly, they werent going no where without anthony, u cant say anthony doesnt help the knicks , hes all they got plus stoudemire is good too,he takes pressure off other knicks players since they have to guard him tightly coz they know he can score

  39. Randy says:

    Knicks might not win a playoffs series WHAT!!!! Since Woodson been coaching the Knicks look like the 3 or 4 best team in the East. I hope Knicks keep this same unit, make Woodson the Head Coach and get some more big men to help out Chandler and Amare I PROMISE KNICKS WILL BE TOP IN THE DIVISON NXT YR DONT BE SHOCK THEY DONT WIN IT ALL!!!!!

  40. dustzilla says:

    Melo and the knicks got so many good players, but why are they loosing. Compare them to the sixers, Iggy is the only all star on the team but still they are winning

  41. Josh says:

    Lin w/ neither
    pace: 110
    offensive rating: 120
    defensive rating: 115

    with neither= LINSANITY and 7 game win streaks

    It was always Lin’s team and always will be. Try going to the Nets Carmelo

    • Knickwits says:

      What so Deron Williams can come back and sink another 8 3 pointers and school Lin again with Melo on the same team, that is actually scary lol

    • Genius says:

      Your are an idiot lmao, Lin is trash. The only reason Lin is playing is because Melo asked the coach to let him off the bench. You much be a NEW basketball fan AKA Asian LOL

      • Huh says:

        Let’s see… he broke the scoring total record in his first 5+ starts and had some astonishing 4th quarter games (and a decent PPG and APG), yet he’s trash. What do you call all the veteran bench players in the NBA who have performed at a lower level thus far in their career if Lin’s stats thus far in his career is trash? If you used the word, “inexperienced,” sure, but trash? I’m not supporting Josh’s comment whatsoever because he clearly IS a J-Lin bandwagon rider and is a complete moron, but your (Genius) statement that all Asians are “new basketball fans” shows just how ignorant you are and that the definition for the word genius in your mind has a different meaning than what it really is in the real world.

        By the way, who cares if Melo was the reason why Lin got to play? Oh I see, because Lin got to play due to Melo telling coach to play him, Lin’s accomplishments and abilities are completely irrelevant and will always be considered trash because someone told another person that he should be given a chance… Moron. That’s how every star and every average NBA player is discovered, whether it’s by word of mouth or seeing the talent personally. Do NBA players fall from the sky and right into the scout’s clipboard? No, talent it discovered by word of mouth and eventually everyone will be given a chance when every coach talks about the talent pool on draft night.

      • Kidz says:

        and you’re a bigoted racist…. sure Melo’s better than LIn, but I bet Lin would run circles round fools like you TRASH…. and he graduated from Harvard in 2010 with a degree in economics and a 3.1 grade-point average…. What about you Genius?

    • Knickfan212 says:

      I’m tired of saying it but it is not Lins team. And to say its always been Lin’s team is stupid. A few months ago you didn’t know Lin’s name. Actually, a few months ago people were yelling for his head before he was sent to the “D” league.
      Melo is the common denominator now. Melo and Stat are the stars and everyone else are pieces added to our puzzle.
      With Stoudemire hurt, where do you think the team would be now without Melo.

  42. Cpt says:

    I hope they take this as an opportunity to find some combinations with the bench. Pull deeper. And maybe next year there’d be more to watch out other than the return of Lin and Amare.

  43. TwacaZone says:

    in weeks, D3 will be out 🙂

  44. Johnschmuckman says:

    Really…Ever since melo came to the knicks its been his team….Really!….The team is built around carmelo…since they got rid of everyone to get him….Really!….Jeremy Lin was supposed to get the knicks into the 2nd round…smh…Jeremy lin is a bum…& for your information its been Melo’s Team

  45. Mark Miller says:

    The reality is if the team doesn’t embrace a “defensive mind set first’ it doesn’t matter who Melo is playing with!! Hopefuly Coach Woody can communicate this to the team and then they execute the strategy. If not, get out your rabbitt foots out for a chance to get M.K.G…..with the right ping pong bounce!!

    p.s. for your novices…that’s Michael Kidd Gilchrest from U.K.

  46. Storm says:

    so let me get this straight:
    Melo causes a bunch of drama to get off of a team because he had no supporting cast and they were not winning, so he messes up the core of an entire franchise because he was sad that he was on Denver, and now he is back at the exact same place he was on Denver…smooth move Melo

    • Genius says:

      You sir are an idiot… This team is way better than the Denver team.

      • Kyle says:

        Ok. I’ve been reading every comment because I’m bored in school. I’m not one to participate, but “Genius” you just made the most idiotic comment out of everybody. The Nuggets would beat the Knicks.

  47. Roy says:

    Its a shame this team is having these injuries hit now. When they are totally healthy I believe they can contend in the East. They have a solid team with almost everything you could ask for. And they are finally playing DEFENSE!!

  48. Rawle Toney says:

    i really think people should just give Melo a chance! remember how hard he fought for the Knicks last season in the P/O all by himself after Chauncey and Amare (again) dropped out… he did his best! he will deliver, since LIN arrived, fans forgot how good of a player Melo is, its no secrete, he’s the BEST player on the Knicks! …. im a Melo fan since Oak Hill and a Knick fan all my life, so i believe he will… just be positive about this Club and cheer them on!

    • DAvevonte says:

      the only problem was last year u had billups remember that and melo did his thing. lin has giving ppl hope and for the last time where would the knicks b without lin out the playoffs

  49. yimanseisj says:

    I’m worried for the new york nickys. This is Melo’s team now, wow. Good luck next year, when stat and Lin comes back. Melo’s team usually don’t do that well, ask denver. It was chauncy billups that took the nuggets to the conference finals.

  50. mleeblog says:

    whats wrong with the guy who wrote this article, everybody know the knicks been carmelos team since he went there. I don’t understand why people keep throwing him under the bus, Yes he needs to work on defense, but check out his stats he’s a very solid player. The knicks are playing well now because of melo check out the last couple of games he played and his stats. I think we should be fine if the bench provide us with the push we need, and if they give carmelo his touches to score.

    • DAvevonte says:

      it all about the money but remember point blank were would the knicks be this season without lin out the play offs

      • Genius says:

        What are you talking about? They are winning without Lin, the problem was not the team it was the coaching. I am amazed that Lin is getting all this credit for helping them beat a bunch of terrible teams. Lin has not done ANYTHING against the big name PGs in the league, he got destroyed by D-Will, he got destroyed by Rondo, and Miami as a whole shut him down. He will probably a good player one day, but he is nowhere near the hype that is “Linsanity”. Melo is the start of the team, he is the best player of the team and that is that.

  51. mleeblog says:

    whats wrong with the guy who wrote this article, everybody knows thats the knicks is melos team since he came there. He’s there best player. He need to work on defense alitte more, but check out his stats he’s a very solid player, i dont understand why people keep throwing him under the bus give him some credit

  52. zerg says:

    Lin and Stoudemire are both defensive liabilities???? Lin is a heck of a defender….

  53. Drexler says:

    Lin wasn’t a defensive liability, i’d be more convinced if the author said at times an offensive liability despite his scoring due to his turnover averages. Jeremy always played good defense and he’s usually fighting through screens which means help defense is needed. On the other hand, Amare has put up relatively decent blocking averages as well so the author can’t make it an inherent liability for him.

    Also, the tone in this article is so biased i can smell a die hard melo fan within the author.

  54. jacknohara says:

    Anthony is like Iverson, looks like he plays better when he’s all by himself. The problem is that better for them means only .500 in the season standings and a first round exit, but hey, “don’t blame it on me, i’m putting near 25 PPG “

    • tommy says:

      mehh.. what you say is somewhat true, but you gotta remember ‘Melo took the Nuggets to the Western Conference finals a couple years back

      • Ben says:

        That is true, but your point is invalid.

        Iverson took the Sixers to the NBA Finals in 2000.

      • Huh says:

        Now what YOU say is somewhat true. That Nuggets team had AMAZING depth, which is why they got to the WCF.

  55. Jandy says:

    As long as Melo is wearing the NY Knicks jersey he will always be the team’s main man

    • NYKnicks7 says:

      For the Knicks to work they need their full healthy roster. They also need to drop Fields from the starting role and put in J.R. Melo is a beast and he is a scoring dynamite. A’mare is alos a beast he needs to get tha ball down low and draw in tha defense and kick it out to Melo. Lin is a in-experienced point guard who puts up big numbers against smaller franchises and crumbles against real contending teams. This whole team is good, if they played like they wanted to win, could win. They need effort from all players and they need to have Melo. Next year, (under the coaching of Phil Jackson) the Knicks will be in the top 4 of tha east. They r a good team no matter wha anybody says. This team needs Melo tho, he is 25% of their offense.

  56. Eddie B. says:

    Unbelievable. Knicks has always been ‘Melo’s team.

  57. Melo says:

    Melo is the best player in this team whether you like it or not.Consistency is only the problem both defensive and offensive way down the court..Lin & Amare helps a lot..but try to see ..Melo is still the Man of the knicks,thats why he’s there

  58. ko0kiE says:

    I still wonder how good the pre-melo-deal Knicks would be just with Amare as only starplayer.. he and raymond felton developed a real nice chemistry which is clearly not there yet with any PGs of the knicks and/or melo..

    • Huh says:

      Exactly, imagine this roster competing in the East:

      – Felton
      – J.R. Smith
      – Landry Fields
      – Amare
      – Tyson Chandler

      – Lin
      – Novak
      – Wilson Chandler
      – Gallinari
      – Jefferies
      – Mozgov

      If they were able to get Kenyon Martin rather than the Clippers (which they probably could with this team), then this would actually be a great team with a lot of depth.

      • Say Wha? says:

        Fields as a starter over Gallo? Really?

      • Knickwits says:

        Ok this is absolute rubbish, A: the only reason they could pick up Tyson Chandler is because they waived Chauncey (who was in the Melo Trade) B: JR and Melo have the same agent hence Melo used his swagger to talk the Knicks into using the veteran exception.
        Galo is injured
        Stat is injured
        Felton is rubbish see how he’s playing at portland?
        Wilson Chandler went to China and was a restricted agent only reason Nuggets got him is they traded Nene to free up cap space……

      • Huh says:

        @ Say Wha: The choice between Fields and Gallinari was my only toss up, but when I consider Field’s defensive and rebounding abilities, I’ll have to choose that for my starting line-up and have Gallo’s offensive abilities as a 6th man of the year option.

        @ Knickwits: “The only reason they could pick up Tyson Chandler is because they waived Chauncey,” that’s my point exactly, they would’ve had the cap space to sign him anyways if the Melo trade never even occurred. As for J.R., just because they have the same agent, it doesn’t mean that you can rule out the option that would ditch Denver to go to the Big Apple to play on the big stage with Amare and their roster at the time. As for the Gallinari and Amare injuries, those (and all other injuries to athletes in the NBA) are unpredictable, especially in a shortened/fast-paced season like this, so don’t even use that a CON in this debate. As for Felton, would you be motivated to play well when your entire team just got blown up to rebuild? Did you even notice his stats during his chemistry with Amare in NYC? And Wilson Chandler, “only reason Nuggets got him,” only reason they got him is because NYC traded him to the Nuggets in the first place and are out of cap space to bring him back to NYC.

      • Knickwits says:

        @ Huh, Knicks didnt have the cap space to resign Gallinari and W Chandler and then add Tyson Chandler on the big 13mil contract lol the only reason Chandler went to Knicks was cause the money was good. JR would have gone to either LA Clippers (relationship with Chris Paul) or would have gone with his good Friend Melo (they are the god parents of Smiths two children). Knicks roster prior to the Melo trade last year had 2 players coming off rookie options and they would be set to part ways with big amounts of cash to retain them so they had a choice to loose 2 potentially good small forwards or a future hall of famer in Melo….. If it wasnt for the melo trade and how the knicks played it out alot of the current roster wouldnt have been possible. I dont think questioning “what if” is going to help anything with the knicks because current healthy roster is a zillion times better then the line up you layed out up top also the fact the 2 of your starters wouldnt actually be in the squad……

  59. Daniel says:

    Bench is the key for the Knicks, especially JR Smith and Steve Novak. Baron Davis should also play one heck of a job to get Knicks’ Offense going. In short, Melo should have a great backups from the team Offensively and Defensively (from Chandler & Shump).

  60. MS says:

    ^me too. Melo is best suited for slow paced game, which is boring to watch. it clearly shows on reaction of Garden crowd too. they are much less louder now compared to when Knicks were running the floor with Lin and rest of the pack. Knicks are winning now, but it’s not as exciting to watch as it was durign the older 7-0 run.

    i hope they can at least make a playoff with Lin and Amare gone and tough schedule ahead. if they can manage that and win a playoff game or two,it would be mission complete for this season given the circumstances.

    • Huh says:

      Of course a fast paced game is more entertaining, but to say that a half-court game is boring to watch is ridiculous and shows that you’re not even a true NBA fan. And of course NYC was more rowdy during the 7-0 run in February, that’s because they had a rising star (who is Asian-American) who took the Knicks OUT of their losing streak without their stars. Oh well, it’s not surprising to see such ignorant comments from someone who doesn’t even enjoy watching a half-court offense such as the Lakers, Spurs, or Bulls.

      • Genius says:

        New York Basketball has never based on a fast paced game. Do you even watch Bball or are you one of these NEW Lin fans? The Knicks until recent years (D’Antoni error – Not a misspelling) has always been a hard nose defensive team that punished teams on the boards and pounded the low post on offense. They were always a half court team. These New basketball Fans (Flip) I tell you. SMH

  61. NYK says:

    I say lets see next season wen they are all healthy , full time coach proper training camp and regular season then we can see wat the three can accomplish . Btw melo is an offensive god

    • BelizeBoy says:

      LOL, that’s what was said last year. Melo is more of an offensive fraud, than god.

      • Derek says:

        LMAO… Melo would drop 40 on a team of LeBron, Dwight, Tyson Chandler, Tony Allen, Kobe, Mike Conley, etc. Get the point yet? He’s not a fraud by any means. One of the best scorers in the league hands down, don’t play my dude Melo.

      • NY says:

        Melo might be an offsenive god… he’s still a defensive fraud…

      • Knickfan212 says:

        Melo used to be a fraud on defense, now i think he’s the second best defender on the team. And I agree with Genius, Lin is not a star he’s a role player. Don’t get me wrong, Lin has game but the Knicks were playing so bad , Ronald MacDonald would’ve got the fans excited if he could drive and dish…. Right place right time thing with Lin. He was on his way back to the “D” league until Shump got hurt. He was smart enough to know this might be his last chance and he went for it and came off.
        With Stoudemire and Carmelo being the stars, they just needed someone to get them the ball in the right places. As far as Melo holding the ball, who else would you want to have the ball with the shot clock on 5. He’s the only one on the team able to get his shot in 5 seconds or less all by himself.

  62. Kelwin says:

    Right, and what are the numbers of Lin and Stoudemire without Melo?
    That’s the way I liked the Knicks most.

    • Genius says:

      That’s a funny comment, so you like the team that can beat all the below .500 teams and can’t win against the big boys? Yeah… That’s a good way to bring a long awaited championship to NY. Lin is not a star, he is a role player. The sooner you people get that the better off you will be.

      • killerecho says:

        Funny, I seem to recall Melo’s Knicks losing to those same sub 500 teams before Lin showed up. They also beat Utah, Lakers and Mavericks all with better records. Since Melo came back they’ve lost to Nets, Raptors and Bucks. Explain that one, unless your title was meant sarcastically.

  63. aldstar says:

    This is Melo’s team now? What do you mean ‘now’?? It has been his team since he arrived there, aint no such thing as ‘now’. What? It was Lin’s team?! I dont understand the use of the word ‘now’ here….

    • mleeblog says:

      I was thinking the same exact thing man!

    • taylor says:

      i know what u mean it was his team since he arrived

    • LOL says:

      Actually it is not every players team. Technically, its Mike Woodson’s team.

      • phillip says:

        or spike lee’s even…….

      • DAvevonte says:

        without lin the knicks would be no where in the playoffs it was his team he brought life into the garden b4 that it was dead people was booing and didnt wanna watch the knicks. LIn help the knick out in many ways when in the fourth win melo not off who step u lin so it once again melos team

      • Knickfan212 says:

        Actually, it’s Dolan’ team. He’s the one with the last word. That was proven when he traded the whole team.

    • Huh...? says:

      Actually it’s Stoudamire’s team since he was the first star to arrive in NYC. If NYC is Melo’s team, is Miami LeBron’s team? …Right.

      • Stupid says:

        How can u even say that? Stat and melo came within a year of each other and are both new to the team. D-Wade was there for 6 years b4 LeBron came. D-Wade won Miami’s first championship. Miami is definetly D-Wades team.

      • Huh says:

        Doesn’t matter if they came within a year, the person who should be named the team’s captain should belong to the person who made the team relevant again, which was Stoudamire. It’s not like Deron Williams going over to the Nets where there is no superstar present, the Knicks already have a superstar that could score with the best of them when healthy. The only reason you can even “consider” that Knicks team new is because they traded their entire roster for Melo, which most people agree that the Knicks were better off keeping Gallinari, Mozgov, Wilson Chandler, and Felton.

      • Huh says:

        By the way, if Shaq never came to Miami and help Wade win a championship, then they would’ve remained irrelevant in championship talk all those years until LeBron and Bosh came to town. But the reason why it would remaiin Wade’s team is because they would’ve at least contended for 8th seed and he was the face of the franchise during those hard times. Amare had the same ordeal when he first came to NYC, the Knicks signed the $100M contract to make him the face and potential franchise player to make them relevant again, which he did. Melo being traded over was to help them go from contending for 8th seed to being a championship contender, which is the same over in Miami.

      • smello says:

        Agreed with Huh…? on this one.

        ive been a knicks fan for a LONNNNNG time, through all the bad years. The off season signing of amare made me so excited and anxious, and the first half of that season with Stat and Felton made the knicks relevant, being over .500 and even thinking of the playoffs for the first time in a while

      • smello says:

        also, if you live in NYC, as I do, you know that the whole city above ground, and in the subway, went from having nearly no MSG Network or Knicks advertisements to suddenly being complettely plasted with Amar’e’s face all over. Being the first franchise player in a handful of years made it his team before Melo, regardless of wins/losses.


      umm not really its AMARE’S team… he was a NYK before Melo & KILT AS AN NYK before Melo. if it was melo’s team wouldnt he have beat boston instead of getting swept? =(

    • Doug says:

      DUde its always the point guard’s team. SO its lin’s team. Lin brought like to MSG. Bro Carmelo hogs the ball. hes not a team player. Melo is solo. he cant even make it paST the first round of the playoffs in Denver.

      • D-Rose Ya Boy says:

        Its always the PG’s team? Do you mean to tell me that Portland or Miami is Felton or Chalmers team I didnt think so.
        The Player that runs the team is the one that can lead the team every night and steps up when needed, and I think that would be Stoudemire.

    • Knickfan212 says:

      I was thinking the same thing too. When he came it became his team.

    • @boweezy24 says:

      Agree. When He Arived And Took Over, The Team Went Down Hill!

  64. Stack says:

    Seems Melo does better either with Lin or by himself. Even if Knicks don’t make the playoffs, there’s always next year.