Film Study: Scoring Without Rose

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Derrick Rose is the reigning MVP, and that ‘V’ stands for “valuable.” For 113 of 121 voters last season, Rose was the most important player in the league.

But if Rose is so critical to the Chicago Bulls’ success, how are they now 14-5 without him this season?

We’ll save the debate on whether Rose should really have been the MVP for another day. For now, we’ll just break down how the Bulls have managed to maintain the NBA’s best record despite his absence in 19 of their 53 games.

Starting with the basics, they’ve done it by maintaining a high level of play on both ends of the floor, according to

Bulls efficiency

With or without Rose W L Pace OffRtg DefRtg NetRtg
Games with Rose 28 6 92.6 106.5 96.2 +10.2
Games without Rose 14 5 90.7 104.3 95.8 +8.5
Total 42 11 91.9 105.7 96.1 +9.6

Pace = Possessions per 48 minutes
OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions
DefRtg = Points allowed per 100 possessions
NetRtg = Point differential per 100 possessions

That the Bulls have continued to be excellent defensively without Rose is no surprise. Tom Thibodeau is still their coach and they’ve always been strong defensively from top to bottom. They protect the paint, prevent corner threes and keep their opponents off the free throw line.

But to see the Bulls scoring more than 104 points per 100 possessions without Rose is a pretty big deal. That’s a rate which would rank Chicago as the seventh-best offense in the league … without their best player.

Most of the Bulls’ key offensive numbers are down slightly in their 19 games without Rose. That includes turnovers, which helps make up for the shooting regression.

Bulls offense

With or without Rose 2PT% 3PT% OREB% TO% FTA Rate AST/FG
Games with Rose 48.6% 38.3% 32.5% 15.3 .265 61.8%
Games without Rose 45.9% 37.7% 32.9% 14.8 .255 60.4%

OREB% = Percentage of offensive rebounds obtained
TO% = Turnovers per 100 possessions

The Bulls’ offense in games without Rose has been pretty balanced, in regard to both scoring and usage rate. Rose is among the league leaders in usage, using 30 percent of the Bulls’ possessions when he’s on the floor. And his load gets spread pretty evenly when he’s not able to play, with five guys having a usage rate between 20 and 25 percent over the 19 games.

Carlos Boozer leads the team with a usage rate of 25 percent in those games, and he’s been a slightly more efficient scorer than he’s been with Rose. One thing we might have started taking for granted over the last two seasons is that Boozer is pretty good (offensively, at least).

He missed 23 games last season and had a pretty poor postseason. So having him healthy and playing well is a boost to the Bulls’ offense, whether Rose is playing or not.

Boozer in the paint

According to Synergy Sports Technology, 24 percent of Boozer’s plays have been post-ups. He’s comfortable on both blocks and with using either hand to finish near the basket.

In addition to straight post-ups, that 24 percent includes most high-low action with Joakim Noah. The Noah-to-Boozer hookup ranks second in the league in big-to-big assists.

Most assists, big to big

Player Assisted by FGM
Andrew Bynum Pau Gasol 46
Carlos Boozer Joakim Noah 44
LaMarcus Aldridge Marcus Camby 37
Pau Gasol Andrew Bynum 28
Al Jefferson Paul Millsap 28

Noah is obviously one of the league’s best passing big men, and nobody does a better job than Boozer of taking advantage of the defender fronting the post by sealing that defender and opening up a passing lane …

Deng’s versatility

Averaging 16.9 points, Boozer leads the Bulls in scoring in the 19 games without Rose. But All-Star Luol Deng isn’t far behind at 16.5.

Deng is as versatile as they come offensively. According to Synergy, he’s scored at least 10 field goals in eight different manners this season. And in the 19 games without Rose, Deng has scored 122 points from in the paint, 132 from outside the paint, and 59 from the line.

A little less than one third of Deng’s offense comes from spot-ups, catching the ball on the perimeter and scoring with a drive or jumper …

Second-chance points

The Bulls rank sixth in the league in field goal percentage, but their misses are actually a big part of their offense. They lead the league in offensive rebounding percentage, grabbing a little less than a third of their own misses.

The Bulls are slightly below the league average in converting offensive boards in second-chance points, but only the Utah Jazz get a greater percentage of their scoring from second chances.

Most second-chance points per 100 possessions

Chicago 5,154 832 16.1% 2 1.14 19 17.1
Utah 5,141 843 16.4% 1 1.23 3 16.9
Minnesota 5,224 817 15.6% 4 1.22 6 15.9
Sacramento 5,017 789 15.7% 3 1.13 23 15.8
L.A. Clippers 4,949 742 15.0% 7 1.19 9 15.7

In their 19 games without Rose, six different Bulls are averaging at least one offensive board per game, with Noah (63 total), Omer Asik (52) and Taj Gibson (50) leading the way.

Deng has 30 offensive rebounds, but leads the Bulls with 58 second-chance points in the games without Rose, taking advantage of his teammates’ work on the glass…

The Bulls obviously need Rose to win a championship. But they’ve proven this year that they won’t fall apart offensively when Rose steps off the floor. And if they have home-court advantage throughout the playoffs, it will be because they found ways to score without their star.


  1. charles says:

    I think the real reason behind their exceptional performance is the coach.

  2. jan_279 says:

    If you’re basing your notion that Derrick Rose is overrated solely on statistics, you must have never even watched him play! There’s just an engine in Rose that drives him to strive for wins, dude gives his heart and soul for the game. You can see it and hear it every time he steps in the court and in interviews. I really hope he gets a ring ’cause he deserves it.

  3. Carlos says:

    With Rose ….. 28-6 ———————————————– This is unstoppable
    Without Rose 14-5 (A 28-10, 28-11 most likely) — This isn´t

    Yep, i was wondering if no one else noticed this too.

    I´m not a bulls fan either but i truly believe they are gonna beat Miami this year, i´m one of those that think the house is the key for the victory in that series and so far they are getting it so why not?

    Rose deserved the MVP he has now, period.

  4. sllbjustin says:

    Certainly neither Lebron nor Wade can ever be MVP if this is the measure. However, comparing last years team with this year (a team with a year of being together and a year under Thibs) isn’t logical at all.

  5. Just M says:

    I’m so tired of people including Dwight Howard in any conversation of MVP or elite player. He is so physically gifted, his numbers should be off the chart. There is no possible way Kevin Love should even be in his neighborhood. But that’s the problem. Dwight doesn’t live or die by basketball – which, like it or not – is what separates the good from the great.

    Saying Dwight Howard EVER deserved(s) MVP over Rose is laughable at best. Yes, Howard can fill the stat sheet. But he doesn’t have that most important intangible – basketball isn’t a priority to him.

    Rose bleeds basketball, it’s what defines him. Kobe, Wade…there’s not denying what’s the most important thing in their lives. But Howard? For him, basketball is a path to fame.

    God help the league if he ever decides to make basketball his priority.

  6. EROCK says:

    Mohkk is correct. Bulls are 14-5 without Rose…but 28-6 WITH him is ridiculous.

    John questions Rose deserving an MVP…but the stats he provides just prove that yes, Rose absolutely deserves it.

    A 28-6 record is insanity… That’s about 68-14 in an 82 game season…very 1990s Bulls-esque.

    John chose to focus his story on the 14-5 record. What he should have done is written a story about how they’re good without him, but if Rose was healthy all season this Bulls team may have one of the best records in NBA history. Their record with Rose certainly says so.

    I’m an NBA fan in Boston. Not a Bulls fan.

  7. Steve says:

    DA BULLS!!!

  8. Big P says:

    Can all of you please do me a tremendous favor? Can you please continue saying that Rose didn’t deserve the MVP.
    Becuse just like another player that played in Chicago some years ago, he absolutely feeds off that kind of talk. A couple of things that can’t be measured are heart and killer instinct. Rose has both in spades. Bird had it, Kobe has it, Lebron does not have it. Remember you this from me 1st, Bulls over heat in 5 in the eastern finals! Bulls 4 life !

  9. nadlor says:

    as a player rose is overrated… but as a leader of Bulls he is underrated… you may compare him to ‘OTHER’ superstar but his leadership is excellence. he brings back the winning tradition to chicago… so even without D-Rose, the team can win because he influenced his team through his hardwork and dedication to his game to get W.. go BULLS…

  10. fazza says:

    love how all the bulls fans are quick to forget. last season the only reason why rose won mvp over lebron was supposedly because he was more valuable to his team. lebon destroyed him statistically and did so every time the two squared up. the fact bulls are still dominating without him disproves that argument and shows he did not deserve that mvp.

  11. jae summa says:

    bulls 2012 champs.who gon beats up OKC.LOL.durant reminds me of a 6’11 allen iverson.score all-day,but will never get a ring.

    • HeatFan27 says:

      Yet Durant just beat you. OKC is a better team than the Bulls. If Rose was in the team then it would be close but without Rose, OKC win by a blowout.

  12. It’s doesn’t matter how great or bad the stats that reflect on a player. The important things are, how he plays, entertains and his desire to win.

  13. Mark Lee says:

    I love and agree most of what John writes, but. I think its wrong to say that the reigning MVP doesn’t deserve to be MVP.. I mean come on John.. No disrespect or anything, I love how the Bulls have been playing with or without rose, I still think Rose deserved the MVP last season b’coz he is obviously one of the BEST in the NBA… Come on John… Give Rose and the Bulls a break, I usually agree with most of your columns but this one is just, Nevermind… I know you will keep writing dude, but come on!

  14. Kris P. says:

    MVP is for best player in best team at the end of a season. End of the story.

  15. Real Talk says:

    Cant we just give another MVP to Dirk or Kobe? Throw one Howard or Dwights way maybe???

  16. Jam Town says:

    Well, The bulls will have to wait until the playoffs to truly test there ability with out rose on the line up. remember the playoffs is all about match up. hopefully wen they pla the heats in the conference finals he does not miss anymore games.

  17. Diego Quevedo says:

    I think the Bulls are a great team with or without Derrick Rose. But to say that he didn’t deserve to win MVP last year is wrong. He stepped up when Noah and Boozer were injured and led the team into a deep playoff run. People say they miss Ben Gordon, and that they wish he’d never left but DRose is taking the Bulls places were they haven’t gone since Michael Jordan was around. Where is Ben Gordon taking the Pistons? The 10th place in the Eastern Conference.Last year DRose took the Bulls to an NBA best 62-20 record and now the only difference is the whole team is doing while DRose is injured. Wait until Drose and Rip are healthy you can call the Bulls the 2011-2012 NBA Champions.

    Go Bulls!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Scuba Steve says:

    I really don’t get why everyone is so convinced that the bulls are just as good without him by this logic. Let’s do a little math, 14-5 equals a winning percentage of 73.7%. 28-6 equals 82.4%. Double the amount of wins with only one more loss is hardly a strong argument unless you are suggesting the bulls can go 14-1 without him. As stated before, for the purpose of the MVP debate, Miami could go 14-5 without James and no one would blink an eye. So you can throw out all the offense numbers you want (which almost every single category is higher with Rose anyways) but the only thing that matters is the standings column at the end of the year. 73% will get you in the playoffs, 82% will get you home court advantage. Good teams win, great teams refuse to lose.

  19. turk says:

    Is it just me, or does nobody here know what they’re talking about.

  20. Peter says:

    “The MVP is often given to the player who plays in the best team in the league (DRose) or the one that surprises all critics (DRose). So, much deserved for DRose and really, there’s no controversy’

    The title “Most Valuable Player” suggests otherwise. The one who surprises the critics is a different award – most improved player.

  21. Wesley Orlowski says:

    Bulls this year, are the best team in the NBA. Hands down. Miami and OKC have maybe a bit more talent, well a lot more talent, but the Bulls this year, have a complete, true, basketball team. They have all the pieces filled in, from the starting 5, to the 7 off the bench, they have the heart to win, which id say only OKC has, and they have a real coach, which again, only OKC also has. For all Miami fans, sorry, but dwayne wade and lebron james dont count as coaches, nor do their egos allow for anyone to say they have heart. CHI vs OKC in the finals this year, so sunday should be a very interesting game. (oh, and i forgot to mention, the bulls have the best defense in the nba, and while they also had the best defense last year, replacing keith bogans this year is a huge difference for us!)

  22. pogs says:

    giving the authors point of view seems to have a discreet to d rose capability.for instance that d rose is not in the bulls bench ever since.would you say so to that?the bulls have rise again because of him. d rose is a leader.who make good moves to impress and to lead his team.his leadership makes his team inspired even his in uniform or not.i guess d rose deserves to be the mvp because a mvp leads a team and not only to his personal comparison to other you think they can win even with out their superstar?the authors is good but i am angered as a bull fans.because his introduction seems d rose is not needed in the bulls bench.

  23. Jin says:

    Bulls were a totally different team last year than this year.

    Last year, drose LITERALLY carried the entire team ON HIS BACK.

    If you don’t remember, his two bigs weren’t even there half the season.

    This year, there is much better chemistry between the players and as Rose himself mentioned, he doesn’t have to be the primary scorer anymore. Boozer got his game back, the bench mob stepped up their offensive game, and most importantly, they are healthy.

    Anyone who questions Drose’s mvp award last year is stupid.

  24. chi-town in vero beach says:

    i am a Bulls Fan for the 80’s till now. And one thing I know is Derrick Rose put his heart and soul in everything he does on and off the court. For anyone to say that he is or was last year over rated need to have their head checked. it just goes to show you that one should not have a column. Even though I might be a little bias when it comes to Chicago teams, because thats where I am from, I still give credit where credit is due. The bulls are a complete team with Rose and if he was not injured, I feel that he would be in the talks again. But lets stop looking at the past and enjoy this season, because remember, we almost did not have a season.

  25. Sal says:

    The Bulls of late have been very under credited lately while some of the other teams with the more star players *cough* Miami *cough* are being well recognized by the media, but I do understand why the media focuses on those other teams its because the other teams really make a lot of highlight plays where the Bulls keep it nice and simple which is why they have the best record in the NBA. Just thought i should voice my opinion.

  26. Mohkk says:

    Did you notice something?
    The W-L With Rose 28-6
    without Rose 14-5

    So what are we talking about?! When this guy on the floor, they doubled the number of wins. Are you kidding me? Isn’t this an MVP?!! with all due respect to the writer of this article, it’s misleading. What he should say: The Bulls are still good without Rose and much better (best record) with him!

    BTW I’m not a Bulls fan!

    • HeatFan27 says:

      They have a better record with him because they played more games with him. That comment would have made more sense if you had compared win percentage.

  27. Madhouse on madison says:

    Rose is not overrated. If you think so, please tell me why. Also, with or without Rose he’s not big deal? That’s insane. Without him they beat Miami.

  28. Bulls2012 says:

    LETS GO BULLS!!! 2012 CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!! Miami Heat are to soft to beat us THIS Year…..LEGGO PLAYOFFS!!!

    btw sorry all Knicks Fans about Jermey Lin!! HOPE HE HAS A FAST RECOVERY!!

  29. Ben says:

    Anyone who thinks Derrick Rose is overrated has obviously never seen him play. Get on that first, then come talk here.

  30. bheinteh20 says:

    uhmm.. how’s the bulls record against the top teams? anyone?

  31. aabb says:

    @ioriyagami, the Bulls have beaten the Heat, the Celtics, Philly, the Magic, and the Hawks without Rose, those are all the other top teams in the east.

  32. Michael Jordan says:

    Well said: “Individually Rose is a top 10 player in this leauge but not top 3 and hardly top 5. KD, LBJ, Kobe, Wade, Howard, are all at least as good or better.”

    The MVP is often given to the player who plays in the best team in the league (DRose) or the one that surprises all critics (DRose). So, much deserved for DRose and really, there’s no controversy.

    Having said that, I think that this year, a player like Dwight Howard should have more chances of winning it Vs. LBJ and KD.
    Cause the Orlando Magic are a below average team without him and the structure of the Magic is solely based on him.
    I say that even though I’m an LBJ fan.

    • Bulls2012 says:

      D-rose is way better than Wade? itn goes Durant, Prince James, Drose, Howard, Kobe, Kevin Love, Wade, Dirk…IN TODAYS NBA

  33. ioriyagami says:

    with or without rose is no big deal, hope you guys noticed most of the opponents of bulls are losers! and the schedules are on the bulls favor!

  34. bb6600 says:

    .824 with Rose vs. .737 without him – that’s the difference between a dominating 1st place and 3rd or 4th place. It’s also the difference between a deep playoff run and early elimination.

    This game is so much more than just statistics though. Don’t try and belittle teams or players just on numbers.

    • Peter says:

      Really? Because if you took Garnett or Pierce out of Boston they would drop from 0.569 to about 0.300, and it’d be the difference between them beign the 4th seed in the East (as they are now) and having the 3rd worst record in the East.

      Same thing if you took Nash out of Phoenix, Dwight out of Orlando, Josh Smith out of Atlanta, Iggy out of Philly, Paul out of the Clippers, Love out of Minnesota…IMO those guys are the MVP’s.

  35. inkybreath says:

    There is a strange caveat in all this talk about how important Rose is to this team.

    He has helped dictate this play on the court and, first, led by example and then, in addition, by direct leadership. So, it is not so easy to just look at them without him on the court. They are also playing ‘for’ him, as well as Thibs. Noah plays very hard, but he also has been inspired by Rose and given something/someone great to play for… Boozer, for all his faults, real and estimated, also loves Rose and you can see that we get the best of him due to this inspiration. Now, inspiration is not the best word for what we are talking about, but it should serve.

    Let’s say it this way, Rose is not on the Bulls and you put this current team on the court – do they perform as they have? I say no. Rose has an impact on this team that is hard to really put to words.

  36. El Mariachi says:

    Well, of cause in term of statistics D-Rose is overrated as the last year MVP. But what about the team spirit. I think D-Rose improves his game a lot every year, which makes his teammates work harder. Just listen to all these talks by LeBron James of whether he shall of shall not take the last shot. D-Rose just does. Taking responsibility is one of the most important features of a true leader.

  37. David Liu says:

    This guy, John Schuhmann, is a Bulls hater. This article is his reaction to his fellow writer, Sekou Smith’s 3/29 article, BULLS BALL OUT WITH, WITHOUT ROSE, in which Sekou wrote “Maybe Rose has known all along what many of the critics who suggested he wasn’t worthy of his MVP trophy last season (yes John Schuhmann, I’m talking about you!) have been screaming about since last season, these Bulls are much more about the collective than they are about any one player.” It is ok that you are a Bulls hater, say it straight, but do not do the “cheap shot”, like this article. Without Derrick Rose last season, the Bulls had no business into the conference final. 14-5 is a small sample statistically wise. He is abstracting some statistic data without really knowing statistics to his favor. That’s why it is a cheap shot.

  38. Efrain Rodriguez Jr says:

    The Bulls have enough to win. The game is not about talent, it’s about desire and fire to fight every night. If you don’t have that the talent can’t help you to win it all

  39. Amad says:

    The bulls of this year are entirely different than the team last year. Boozer is finally healthy and the guyz have one year of playing together under their belt. So its unfair to even question if Rose deserved the MVP last year. Do you really believe the bulls team last year could go 14-5 with Rose in the lineup? i think not!

  40. El Mariachi says:

    As far as I remember, last year the situation was quite the opposite one. Rose was making it, while Noah and Boozer were sidelined with injuries. And thus, MVP title was well deserved. So now it’s their turn to take it while he’s recovering.
    Agree with Kristyn, the opening paragraph is awful. Hope D-Rose stays cool with all these talks around him.
    Go Bulls!

  41. Edub says:

    *Waits for that 1 person to say “Miami heat will still beat Bulls in he playoffs in 6”.*
    They’ve pretty much had this in them since last year except for how comfortable they were with each other. And not to mention they weren’t healthy. If they re 100% healthy then it will determine how far the Bulls can go in the playoffs. Without Rose, they are AVERAGE team, maybe a little above. With Rose they are an elite team. That’s the difference maker and people have yet to see what Hamilton can bring to the team.

  42. isd87 says:

    This year’s Bulls team and last year’s Bulls team are different. Rose played 81 games last year and shared a lot of his minutes with Kurt Thomas and Keith Bogans. Noah and Boozer both missed large portions of the season last year, this year they have been completely healthy. The Bull who has missed the most time this year has been Rip and he wasn’t on the team lat year. The Bulls scored just enough to be an elite team last year (Bulls offense 12th overall) and that was largely due to Rose’s play on an offensively undermanned team. I get that Rose was a controversial choice for MVP last year and that the Bulls roster is underrated, but to take a pot shot at his MVP candidacy last year based on what has happened this year isn’t right.

  43. Ben says:

    I gotta agree with the other two posts. The Bulls are a great team in general, but you can’t dismiss Rose like that. Even though the Bull’s stats are almost the same without him, you can still see an improvement with him playing. Also, last year the Bulls lost to Miami in the playoffs because Rose didn’t have much help, but now they have other scoring threats because they’ve learned who will step up when Rose is out or having a bad night. This means they are a bigger threat than they were last season…which is a good thing.

  44. isd87 says:

    I agree and its not like this years team and last years team are exactly the same. Last year’s team had Keith Bogans and Kurt Thomas playing major minutes. Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah missed large chunks of the season last year and this year they have been completely healthy. Richard Hamilton has been the most injured Bull this season and he didn’t play for them last year. So Rose carried a team that was constantly changing rotations due to injury and was in it’s first year with a renovated roster and a new coach. Those are the extenuating factors that led people to believe that Rose had value last year. I get that Rose was a controversial choice for MVP, and people have long underrated the Bulls as a team, but to take a pot shot at his MVP candidacy from last year based on what has happened in an entirely different year is uncalled for.

  45. BelizeBoy says:

    Well to me it’s simple. The Bulls play hard everynight and are just really focused. I’d say that just about every NBA team could be this good if coached properly and the players do their jobs. Still these are great stats and facts.

    • JamieBluth says:

      Its very true. Most teams should be capable of this kind of focus and its sad that so few do. Credit has to go to the coaching staff for being able to push the team every night and keep them focused on one game at a time.

  46. Kristyn says:

    I must say that I think John is a great writer but the tone of the opening paragraph is super unprofessional. So because the Bulls r good without DRose THIS YEAR means he didn’t deserve MVP LAST YEAR? Huh? It’s ridiculous. Both front runners 4 the award this year (Lebron & KD) have a pretty good team around them. Do they not deserve to win? I’m sure Westbrook and Harden could lead OKC to 14-5 without KD with the same schedule, so could DWade and Bosh. The Bulls just have the perfect pieces around DRose they aren’t super flashy players or high maintenance but they work their butts off and just want to win. I just don’t think it’s fair to discredit Rose because his teammates have stepped up.

    • BelizeBoy says:

      Well…it’s the truth. The Bulls were good but not great last year until Boozer came back. Rose was playing hard and getting recognized but they were still behind Miami, Boston and Orlando until about late January when Boozer returned, then Noah came back and they were pretty much unstoppable. So yeah Rose is good but his team is very good and he reaped the benifits of that.

    • WLRocks says:

      It is not discrediting Rose, it is the truth…

      Although Rose is a very good player unfortunately he is overrated. How do you measure a players value?

      Rose was not at the top of any field in terms of statistics, in fact he was more or less similar to Westbrook and Westbrook was not even nominated for the award.
      Rose was argued to be the leader of Chicago and the “only” reason why they improved so much which was plain insult to his teammates. Chicago is great because of their great defense, deep rotation. Chicago matured as a team but people were showing it as if it was all Rose who changed and turned it around. Now we have he opportunity to see that and finally “even the fanboys” are realizing that it was the team altogether not only Rose is behind this success.

      So there he is, not that great individually he is also not as valuable as people make it to be as a team player but he is the “youngest” mvp. Chicago’s success made him the Most Overrated Mvp.

      Individually Rose is a top 10 player in this leauge but not top 3 and hardly top 5. KD, LBJ, Kobe, Wade, Howard , areall at least as good or better. He is a combo guard, not really a pg…

      And the comparison to Miami is really meaningless. Miami is a different animal, they have 3 superstars in their prime and they are “SACRIFICING” to be able to play together, Wade is NOT a role player, he is probably better in a lot of ways then Rose. If one should compare LBJ, he should look at what happened to Cleaveland when James left, Cavs had the best record, James left and they immediately had the worst (last season they got a total of 19 wins and 63 losses) that is the impact of James.

      I strongly believe, though some Chi fans like Rose’s award, for the rest of the fans it hurt his reputation more then it helped. He is overrated and still has a long way to improve and prove himself…

      • ReallyMan says:

        While it’s true that Westbrook and Rose had somewhat similar numbers last year, Rose was above him in every category and had less TOPG and a better ast-TO ratio by a long shot. Also, Rose didn’t have a Kevin Durant on his team carrying the load on offense, that’s where the big difference is. It’s easier for Westbrook to blow up his apg when having a teammate like Durant, while a career-low FG% from Boozer doesn’t help you that much.. It’s also easier to recognize Rose’s attribution because when Chicago wins it’s him highlighting the box score while all the other stats are evenly spread out, whereas the case in MIA and OKC for instance everything is pretty much within 2-3 players. A box score of 7 players with 4 points doesn’t bounce off the screen as much as one person with 28 🙂

      • Sanny says:

        The reason D-Rose was MVP was last year because, as the award suggests, he was the most valuable player. Nobody else in the league meant more to their team than he did. Simply put, he led the Bulls to victories- no, if any team would have suffered more than the Bulls were you to take out their star player. He created, he distributed, and he scored. He gives defenses problems, and he’s arguably the prototype for his position. While the Bulls are good team overall, they were lacking in a few places, mainly the injuries of their starting bigs and a hole for an efficient two guard. With those shortcomings, he was still able to lead them to the best record in the NBA. Remove him from the equation, and add in the injuries they had, the team would play like an Atlanta Hawks- not bad, but not going far into the playoffs, either. Watson, Bogans, Deng, Boozer / Gibson and Noah / Thomas would be the starting lineup, and simply not having Rose at that time would have been a horrible hit. So, while it might be controversial at best, Wade, LeBron, Durant, Howard, and Kobe- they might do better stat wise and production wise, but he meant more to their team than any of those guys, with maybe one exception. Now, while it may seem weird that we have the exact (extremely similar) team, that brings the question of how can be doing so well now if theoretically, we would be playing horrible last season. Aside from our healthy bigs, overall improvement as a team is the answer. Ronnie Brewer now has a better jumper, Luol Deng is more consistent, and Boozer is simply playing up to the level we expected when we signed him. Along with our stellar bench play and the breakout of John Lucas, the level at which we are playing at including the versatility of our bench makes us a severely better team, even if we haven’t changed much, and such as D-Rose isn’t our only true offensive threat, and the pressure on him is reduced as we are truly a team.

      • Ben Bowden says:

        WLRock if LBJ was a great player like you say he is. He would have won a championship in Cleveland with the team he had when Shaq was there. That also prove he can’t even win with another superstar on his team. Now he has two superstar on his team he didn’t win last year Vs the Marvick and Miami should have won it last year. I don’t think LBJ will ever win a championship cuz he is to Selfish. I still think Chicago will win the Championship this year cuz of Rose and his play. So i think you totally wrong on Rose being a overrated MVP. IF any player is overrated it is LBJ cuz he talk his game but he cannt back it up at all. Talk about team that is stack with Star power it is Miami. Chicago has one star power guy only recently they have gotten another one cuz the really superstar make the player on his team better and Rose has made Loul Deng better if he has said that. So Think before you type something like that.

    • Kurly1997 says:

      I agree about that first paragraph. The simple fact that people are still trying to debate it is rediculous. It happened dude…let it go…cause you sound like one of the 8of 121 who didn’t vote for him. And the notion that this season has any bearing on last year’s MVP race is has rediculous as Trayvon Martin’s tweets having any relevance on him getting shot.

      But beyond the notion that you’re still holding on to the ’10-’11 season…

      1) Boozer and Noah are playing much better tother than they were even earlier on THIS season…let alone last season. 2) Lets not underestimate the impact of JL3…he’s won a game or two for them
      3) They’re getting more production from the 2 position
      4) Even though they are 14-5 w/o Rose lets not act like he was having a bad year. He was arguably in the MVP debate when he was healthy…Look at the Knicks game in NY, the last second shot in LA, the last second shot in Milwaukee, the list goes on and on and on…

    • cesar says:

      All of you are bad critics except for kristyn. last season and this off season you were all nagging about how bad our team was, even laeding up to the trade deadline saying we need dwight howard to make a ligedimate run in the playoffs and to be able to compete with those up in southbeach now all of asudden you are crediting everyone on the team besides derrick saying maybe he wasnt the reason why we made it to the playoffs. yet last season you same writers were saying he was great up and coming playerand now saying he is overraded.
      im not saying joe, deng, boozer,watson, and lucas are bad but they sure have steped up allot. and trust me they are not the reason why we made it to the playoffs last season because none off them played like how there playing now except for deng. if they played last season how we are playing with out rose this season there is no dout in my mind that we would have been the champs in stead of the mavericks.yes kd will be the mvp this season but unlike rose he has the LUXARY of westbrook who he himself has the poteltial to be mvp. so i dont know were everyone even the author of the artical is discrediting rose. he is without a dout the only reason why we made it to the playoffs, and at the end of the day every singal team would love a great young player like the REIGNING MVP derrick rose