Del Negro Firmly On Hot Seat

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The last time we heard about some coach “losing his team”, Mike D’Antoni was out of a job a few days later in New York.

So if Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro is a feeling a little uneasy this morning after hearing about this ESPN report from Chris Broussard that he has indeed “lost his team,” we should all understand his plight:

With the Los Angeles Clippers in free fall, tensions are high in the club’s locker room, most notably in the relationship between coach Vinny Del Negro and his players, according to several sources close to the situation.

“Vinny has lost the team,” one source said. “They don’t want to play hard for him.”

With the Clippers having lost 11 of their past 18 games to turn this once-promising season into a mess, Del Negro’s job security would certainly seem to be in jeopardy. As it is, Del Negro is in the final guaranteed season of his contract. The Clippers hold a team option for next season.

Most of the players, according to sources, believe it’s time for a change. They cite the uncertainty of Del Negro’s rotation as a major problem. With the front office adding several players to the roster throughout this shortened season — Reggie Evans, Kenyon Martin, Bobby Simmons and Nick Young — plus Eric Bledsoe‘s return from injury in February, players’ minutes have fluctuated from game to game.

We went through plenty of this yesterday, highlighting the fact that the Clippers were at the crossroads of their season. But that was before the Clippers got sideswiped in New Orleans, losing to the Hornets in Chris Paul‘s return trip to the Big Easy that turned into the Big Ugly.

It’s hard to see anything saving Del Negro’s skin if the Clippers’ season bottoms all the way out. We’re talking about a coach who is working on his second stint with one of the league’s elite point guards (he had Derrick Rose in Chicago, before the Bulls took off under Tom Thibodeau) and couldn’t make that work.

Even the passionate defenders of Del Negro have to recognize that the results do no back up whatever argument they’d make in his defense. Kevin Arnovitz of offers up an impassioned plea for change, without coming right out and saying it, due to the fact that the expectations for the Clippers this far exceed anything Del Negro was ready to deal with:

Management cleverly scratched and clawed to acquire a megawatt talent like Paul, but there’s something fundamentally flawed about the on-court product:

This is a team that doesn’t know what it is.

And there is little evidence that Vinny Del Negro, the person in charge with forging the Clippers’ identity, has the imagination and direction to cultivate one, despite being furnished with an impressive collection of talent.

Try to chart the team’s maturation since Christmas night, when they dispatched an inferior Golden State team, and you’d be hard-pressed to come up with specifics. The offense still relies on the simple diet of high ball-screens with Paul and Blake Griffin, isolations for Griffin and, of course, Paul’s magical improvisation with the ball when things get hairy. The Clippers rarely go to counters, secondary actions or misdirection. In-game adjustments are far and few between, and simply inserting Kenyon Martin to check a terror like Pistons center Greg Monroe last Sunday is regarded as monumental progress.

Opponents are now prepared for that pick-and-roll, and back-line defenders are ready to rotate to Griffin when there’s even the hint of a dive or a spin to the hoop. After a confounding loss to Phoenix recently, Del Negro confessed that the team’s fourth-quarter offense was predictable and disorganized. Players have confirmed as much.

You hate to see things come apart like this for a man who has done nothing but put forth his best effort, but Del Negro is firmly on the hot seat for now until the Clippers’ season ends. And it’s anyone’s guess if he’ll be around to see the end of it from his seat on the bench …


  1. LobCity says:

    This game was a tough loss for the Clippers, but look at them now. In my mind the Clippers have reached their bottom for this season, but have yet to hit their peak. I know they have the talent to make a run in the playoffs, but coaching is going to be a critical factor. No doubt this shortened season is throwing a few people off of their square and health is an essential factor. Without Williams in the lineup the Clippers have stepped up and continue to play their brand of basketball.

  2. NBAisMylife says:

    Vinny Del Neg won’t get the job done. He simply doesn’t have the high calibre coaching ability to lead his squad to a championship. The Clips should hire Nate McMillan. He is one of the best head coaches out there who’s not coaching right now.

  3. clippersfan says:

    The Clippers have lots of potential and it can be seen sometimes. That is the problem they are lacking consistency and are not playing to their full potential. The Clippers have to bring it together as a team and really play their brand of basketball with the playoffs right around the corner!

  4. ClipsFan says:

    @Rubirosa couldn’t agree with you anymore. The Clippers are climbing out from under and are about to really solidify their existence in the Pacific Western Conference.

  5. Armin Halvadzic says:

    Jerry Sloan or Nate McMillan …dream case Phil Jackson 🙂

  6. Steve says:

    Phil Jackson… Nuff said!

  7. flip says:

    Jerry Sloan i think would be the answer for them, his pick and roll offence would be great for chris paul and blake griffin

  8. Rubirosa says:

    TELL me that WAS NOT the CLIPPERS at the beginning of the SEASON that played today…Any REAL ATHLETE knows you need to hit your lows before you hit your highs…I think the CLIPPERS are going to PEAK at the right time…And once NICK YOUNG gets situated, watch out! Blake hit majority of his free throws today, 5 players in double digits scoring wise thanks to the maestro CP3, only good things coming up for the Clips! And yes THEY CAN DESTROY THE SPURS AND THE LAKERS if they are firing on ON CYLINDERS!

  9. LAClips says:

    CP3 needs to score about 24+ points and average a double double and BG has to improve FTs, shooting, and develop consistency

  10. bball says:

    Sorry to break it to you but clipper players may have some potential but are not there yet.
    The best “power” forward of this team has no post moves and no shooting ability,
    Most of the players have no actual playoff experience.
    I tried to watch some whole clips games but i couldnt…. a guy dunks jumping over 2 people….
    and when given the ball in a perfect position for some low post move like a fake move or a little hoop or something
    he doesnt even hit iron… please stop jumping over cars in practice, if thats what you do.
    Work on your basic baskeball skills.
    As a basketball fan (and only that) i was outraged to see Love and Griffin being compared.

    P.S. Please get us Chuck and Kenny back

  11. TS says:

    Coach McMillan {cough, cough}

  12. mk says:

    Why is George Karl not on the hot seat? Can someone please write about him

  13. CLIPPING says:



    this is making no sense the clippers loosing has nothing to with the coach i mean i can say nothing it has something but majority problem is that griffan,evans,and jordan all are poor poor freethrow shooters so throughout the game they consecutavely keep missing free throws and pile up when the game is close they miss freethrows which costs the team and with cp3 arguably the best pg in the league loving to run the pick in role he can’t possibly do that cuz the opposing defenses will know to foul the poor shooters. So what the clippers need to do is improve on their freee throw shootinng or down the stretch to bench them. #2 billips was down true but they have mo williams nick young randy foye they still have alot of offense they cant lack off billips being injured yes billis was a huge part of their offense but the still have a lot of pieces..

  15. Sam says:

    I hope they fire him I hated him when he was in Chicago, I can’t believe they picked him over Doug Collins at the time. The Clips deserve a better coach. While Del Negro should leave the league or go to the Bobcats or sometin

  16. Paul says:

    They should of hired Dwane Casey instead of Del Negro last season.

  17. Austin says:

    The point guard runs the offense…D’Antoni is the answer..

  18. Dontworryaboutit says:

    Hey to all the people saying the coaching isn’t the problem (aka the Lakers fans who are just haters),
    If Kobe was allowed to whine about the coaches 10 years ago, our Clippers can do the same. He cannot handle the talent he’s gotten. We could do better with Jerry Sloan or Larry Brown. Heck, I’d even like to see Brian Shaw coach our guys. Del Negro is not making plays in the post for our guys. His coaching style seems to be “try to draw the foul first, worry about actually playing next”. He has to get it through that these refs are not on our side. They haven’t been all season. Del Negro is a D-League level coach with an NBA All Star roster.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Agreed that it’s just a bunch of LAL fans on here hating. Clippers will be fine and even better come playoffs. Chris Paul nearly killed the Lakers by himself last year. Imagine what will happen with Blake, Mo, Butler, Kenyon and even Foye & Young. So much talent it’s scary!

  19. Belizeboy says:

    It’s funny how half (or more) of the people commenting are LAL fans, and of course their team is doing good so they come out to rant. Enjoy the good times now because in the playoffs you won’t see the same thing I guarantee. As for my Clips, I’m just glad they aren’t bottom of the barrel and will be making a playoff apperance.

  20. nonbiased fan says:

    Clippers will be stuck being just a highlight team with good dunkers and a superstar point guard if they keep Viny on the bench. they need a coach to mold their identity and give them a system that they can believe in. I say Macmillan, Sloan, or better yet the Zen Master.

    @prix come playoff time Clippers won’t be there the way they are playing now. everyone else is stepping their game up and the Clippers tend to do the opposite, i’m sorry to say this but i don’t think you know much about basketball if you think they can beat the Spurs/ Lakers especially in the playoffs.
    Clippers are far from being a championship contender, right now they are just a 1st rounder and I even doubt that they’ll make it to the post season.

  21. Shreyyyyyyy says:

    Looks like another bounty program needs to be looked into.

  22. DangITClips says:

    Completely Agree! –> “With the front office adding several players to the roster throughout this shortened season – Reggie Evans, Kenyon Martin, Bobby Simmons and Nick Young – plus Eric Bledsoe‘s return from injury in February, players’ minutes have fluctuated from game to game.”

    And with Foye thinking hes the top 3pt shooter in the NBA! (Yesterdays game 1/14 FG 1/6 3PT) Is def getting to many minutes! Nick Young another set as a starter that hasnt shown anything.! This Coach just looks confused and just doesnt know who to start or give minutes too, seems he faces the bench with his eyes closed and who ever the finger lands on goes in!

    Sad cuz alot of the players in there have talent! Its just not being properly managed.

  23. John Ashton says:

    Clippers players need to step up, ther’re playing lousy basketball ! Del Negro not shooting air balls, or taking bad shots it the players they need to step up, make some free throws, play some defense.

  24. LemW says:

    Michael Dunleavy coash the Clippers from 2003 – 2010. Vinny Del Negro deserve time too.

  25. Rocket33 says:

    I don’t care for Vinny Del Negro but I’m sick of reading about it being the coach to blame for everything this season. Is it really his fault that Blake Griffin can’t shoot free throws? Or that he has new players being thrown in the mix all the time. If you ask me it ties in more with Billups getting injured.

    D’Antoni got the blame because Carmelo Anthony couldn’t be bothered to play for him. Flip Saunders was responsible for that mess in Washington and not bum players like JaVale McGee. Jerry Sloan got run out of Utah by Deron Williams last year before he bolted to New Jersey, where he’s probably gonna leave again. And that will be Avery Johnson’s fault right?

    • Right On says:

      Nowaday….. players are bigger then coaches. How sad.

    • Mino says:

      I agree, if they keep having changes in the coaching dept. the players will never connect with the coach and vice versa. Change the coach ever 1 1/2 seasons and just watch the result. that would be failure.


      all with their team for 3+ years,

  26. Eric Adrian2004 says:

    CP3 is the only player in this team who is serious enough of being in the playoffs and winning a championship ring the rest of the team are all about show off dunks! Lakers still rules L.A.!!!

  27. Bobby says:

    The Clippers might be one of those type of teams that are regular in the regular season but gets better in the playoffs like Dallas of last year or New York in 99. But if the players don’t like the coach I don’t know.

  28. Clips Fan says:

    yess indeed its time for change if they are not willing to give it their all for him at the end of the day all the owners want jewelry

  29. infamousball says:

    Clips front office is messing up team chemistry. adding to many new players. Previous champion teams like pitsons 04
    celtics 08 lakers09-10, and spurs07,05 made few changes to roster. All of these teams made it to the finals twice. Team chemistry was huge in their runs. The players were very close with each other, Clips are rushing it, when billups went down they still had Mo who pick up his game foye and bledsoe coming of injury. This year for Clips is a wait and see how far they go into the playoffs then add pieces. Do they really think Blake Griffin will win a championship in his 1st season of playoffs bball

  30. clippers. says:

    I don’t think Griffin has the size to play the 5. He’s athletic but he doesn’t have the build to be effective against bigs like Bynum and Dwight. With that said, I think he needs to grow up and learn some foot work in the post.
    Phil Jackson will not come back and coach, he left for a reason; he’s tired. I don’t think any amount of money can change the fact that PJ can’t do a lot of the things that an active coach does (and if you think a coach just sits on the bench and shouts plays you don’t know basketball)
    the problem with the clippers is not the coach and it’s not the players. It’s a combination of the two. The players aren’t playing with intensity and the coach is enabling this by not demanding more out of them.
    I’d like to see the clippers make the playoffs, however I don’t like their chances of getting very far if this keeps up.

  31. Giargo says:

    This Clipper team has everything needed to get to the playoff, exept a good coach.
    His constant switch of strategies reveals he has NO IDEA of what he’s doing…
    So fire him, he’ll get back to the NBA when he’s come up with some good ideas…

  32. coco says:

    i think there is no winning chemistry within CLIPPERS, when i saw GRIFFIN for the first time i knew the guy could jump high but still he got some chapters to complete he never hit threes, he doesn’t move the ball around smoothly like a pro, so dunk dont bring championships, and BUTTLER + WILLIAMS should get more time than they do today cause they can get hoops form far, and JORDAN supposed to seat on bench and MARTIN start, cause he is experienced

  33. Prit says:

    Mike D’Antoni is available, he won’t complain not having a caliber point guard…Get Mike D…please. Missing Mike-Steve magic in NBA.

  34. BC says:

    “We’re talking about a coach who is working on his second stint with one of the league’s elite point guards (he had Derrick Rose in Chicago, before the Bulls took off under Tom Thibodeau) and couldn’t make that work.”

    That basically says it all, within a year the Bulls are a total different team under Thibs compared to when Del Negro coached them.
    He’s just not that good of a coach, I say let him go.

  35. Ninja says:

    Mike D’toni 😉

  36. Eric says:

    The Clippers are just being the Clippers…same old sack of a JV team that they always have been and always will be. I’ve been wathing them since they were Buffalo. Most of you didn’t even know that this is where they even started. And they were mess in San Diego too. They’re just the Cliipers people, its that simple. Destroy the Lakers and Spurs…which idiot said that one? Good Lord.

  37. BULLS2012 says:

    when vinny was the head coach in chicago; he did a good job,,He brought the team into the playoffs as an 8th seed and almost beat the celtics when they were the 1st seed and won it tht year….vinny needs some respect but i just think the Clipps are overrated a little…they have no consistent shooter or any center threat…i expect the clipps being a contender in the next two three years…

  38. never says:

    whats with these over paid players lately? if things arent going right for them, they blame the coach and force him out of office?? wtf! just play!!!!

  39. dredd5150 says:

    “I think it’s important for guys to go out there and play off instinct instead of, ‘Go here, go there,’ or whatever,” Del Negro said recently. “I like guys to play. I like guys to get a feel for what we’re doing and how we’re doing it and work off the instinct and play. I think guys enjoy the game that way a little bit better. Some guys you have to put into specific spots, whether it’s because of a skill level or a strength or a weakness or whatever, but you want your guys mainly to just go out there and know what the game plan is and be able to execute it at both ends.” – this is not what an NBA coach should be recorded saying TO ANYONE. Yes, the game is fun but it is also a VERY HIGH PAYING JOB. You are a coach for a reason. Get a system together or ship out.

  40. Ade K says:

    I really don’t understand why coaches get fired. Unless their philosophy is not “Win Every Game” or they have poor organization it’s no point in firing a coach. I believe we are in a day and age in which PAID PROFESSIONALS play for their pay checks. In the real world workers adjust to their bosses not the other way around. These GMs allow athletes to control the team instead of the coaches like back in the day. How can you get paid over 10 million dollars and not be able to adjust to a system. Athletes say they want to win championship but i don’t the any champion has given up on his coach. In my opinion coach need to drop their balls and let these superstars know that this is their team and the players will play the way the coach tells them. Kind of like Phil Jackson (he has coached kobe, jordan, pipen, rodman, shaq, fox, malone, just to name a few)

  41. Nick F says:

    I am a Wolves fan. And I think a team that lost three time to the Wolves who are struggling getting into the Playoffs should not be considered as a title contender or a strong team. Sure. It is A good team with a lot of highlights to watch. But you can not win games simply with that. It is more about fundamentals. Post play and defense. I do not know it is the coaching, or the players who do not want to win or anything. But with the roster they have, they should make something happen. I do like to see K-Love sinks the Clippers every single time. But the Clippers should give more challenges. If you ask me which team the Wolves love the most, the Clippers! Cause we always win.

  42. Del Negro needs to put all of his focus on the defensive end..the clips offense comes naturally for more..take a look at the playoff preview

  43. dom42 says:

    That wasnt even a proper tackle…..dude shoulda wrapped him up at least lol

  44. Nick F says:

    Get Jerry Sloan. You will have a old Jazz like team. Griffin works on his post and a new Marlone will not be far. And I think CP3 is a physically upgraded Stockton. Butler or Young could be the Hornacek.

  45. AtothaJ says:

    I agree. Not only that, but have you guys noticed the poor clock and timeout management? Down the stretch we are always out of timeouts! Good article. Hope we make the adjustment necessary to save the season.

  46. Nate says:

    Damn, this has nothing to do with the topic but… that hit on Griffin from Smith was way out of line. Has anybody heard what the league is planning to do for punishment? He should be out the rest of the season for that hit i think. It was like he went for a tackle and didn’t even make a play of the ball. Freaking New Orleans, football and now basketball too……

    • Nate says:

      and worst of all I can’t believe the fans were applauding that kind of play too…… how sad…..

      • gameon says:

        and I am one of them, good job Smith, knock that poser sorry excuse for a forward to the ground, body check that foo!

      • JQing5 says:

        I guess New Orleans have bounties in basketball too… such a foolish foul. The fact is these type of fouls can be career ending. I think harsher penalities should be impose for this kind of action, like a lifetime ban. The league can’t afford to have people out there just to hurt someone.

  47. rene sumoba says:

    hey guys, it’s not the coach nor the players…it’s the chemistry within the team. I play basketball, too, before and I understand how this sports works. It’s the absence of Billups that affected the team. They should play him (when healthy), and Mo Williams more often. They should not rely too much on CPaul and Griffin. Teamwork and chemistry is the name of the game.

  48. kobe says:

    phil to clipps..wouldnt that b a slap in the face to Mitch and Johnny

    • Scooter says:

      I don’t remember when it happened, but there was a big thing where Phil was talking junk on Sterling. I think it would take a new owner to get Phil to coach the Clips.

  49. Nick says:

    The players crack me up. When they are winning it’s because of them, when they lose it’s because of their coach!

    • @@@@@@@ says:

      Welcome to the NBA

      I though NBA stand for “No Baby Allowed”…. , but these players are a bunch of cry babies when they’re loosing and starts pointing finger, and blaming on others but themself.

  50. jubim says:

    i think billups need to retire and take the coaching job for the clipps 😀

  51. Waldo says:

    While Del Negro is definitely not the greatest of coaches, somehow I think this has more to do with Blake Griffin not being as good as people think he is. He needs to learn how to play Centre or this team is going nowhere, because they don’t have enough guards to compensate (their only other good one is out injured).

    • gameon says:

      Griffin is NOT good, you are totally correct. He has absolutely no post play if he is not running for the lob or running to the basket for the dunk he is doing NOTHING. He needs to wacth some Barkley tape and learn how to be a true forward. ugh he disgust me

  52. Sosay says:

    here’s a thought, and fools might think i’m crazy, but go ahead and fire him, cuz he really has to be one of the worst coaches in the nba, and let chauncey billups coach the team for the remainder of the season. dead serious. then go for mcmillian or sloan or anybody for the love of god but vinny.

  53. Yoshi Nunokawa says:

    I don’t think the problem is Vinny. I have been watching, and have to say, that my heart drops every time the “energy team” bledsoe, evans, etc come on the court. The thing is, they do just fine out there! The problem is, is the starters get cold when they come back in. You can’t rely on Chris Paul to make the game happen for you every fourth quarter, and though i love the lobs, it can’t be the only source of offense. I’d even look to see if the Knicks offense has anything to offer in a turnaround streak for the Clippers. I also agree with that guy up there^. If you really DO have a problem with Del Negro, then play for the ring or your kids or your fans, or YOURSELF. If that’s what the problem really is, before you point fingers at the coach, point it at yourself. If you have a problem with coaching, bring it up. Turn it around guys. It’s my first season really watching the nba, and I’ve been rooting for you guys. You guys can win it all. Don’t give up. and DONT GIVE UP DEL NEGRO. let him finish out the season. It’s not like they have any time to practice or have any chance of growth in between games this season.

    • N.YMARK says:

      I think the coach is to blame somewhat, but for whatever reason when Billups went down the teams intensity went down offensively and defensively. Sure they’ve won some games in that span but that was due to late game heroics by Paul. Blake has taken a step back in my eyes in his post game. Last year he was a hundred times more effective with his back to the basket. His post and face up jump shot was MUCH better last year. Blake you got all those accolades last year and you got full of yourself and forgot how you got their. You had counter post moves, now your go to move is a 360 crazy spin. GET BACK IN THE GYM. Find time because your regressing instead of progressing. True Clipps FAN

      • Kenny says:

        @ the “true clipps fan”, for whatever reason???… humm the reason is that chauncey billups, the most underrated guard in the league, was a key element to ur offence. and as for blake, I think its less of him taking a step-back but more of other teams having figured him out.

  54. jip says:

    i reckon the clips should give del negro’s wage to mr big shot. playing and coaching on the floor like a real boss.

  55. CESY says:


    • teno says:

      this post…it’s obvious that if you’ve never had it, you don’t know the value of a championship caliber coach. these are the same people that think PJ was over-rated despite his 11 rings. it’s no coincidence that the last time the clips actually made a strong run into the playoffs as a legitimate contender was when y’all had larry brown at the helm. it’s never just about the players and their heart. stop hatin’! understand it’s a freakin competition. any given night, the opposing side is going to field a team with probably just as much talent on their roster if not more. yes, heart and professionalism are essential (see one kwame brown) but that can’t get it on its own. you also need a bonified championship level coaching staff, and a front office that’s in synch with the players and the coaches. the clips seemed to have finally taken a step in the right direction with the new gm replacing years of futility under elgin baylor, and they’ve put a really high quality roster together, that on paper should be able to compete with any team in the league…now just go out and get a championship caliber coach to complete the trifecta. you’ll be in position to hand some banners like the lake show…16 and counting…

    • Jon says:

      Stop yelling man,,,

    • Amitpal says:

      Hey bro the coach doesn’t get paid millions to put on a suit and look good. He gets payed to coach. When ur running basic stuff I don’t care how good u r it’s easy to defend u. There’s a reason great coaches like Pop from spurs can make d league players look like starters and coaches like vinny make starters like butler and young look like d league players.

  56. prix says:

    Chris Paul should know better… they can defeat any team if they come together…coaching is not the answer for the Clipps.. watch the playoffs and it´s pay day…they will simply destroy the Spurs and the Lakers…

    • kobe says:

      they r not that good of a team..all they do is alley oop..they have no post player and no half court offense which is what the playoffs are about..besides butler who is hot or cold and young who else can shoot outside..they dont play any d..if u think they will destroy Spurs and Lakers just goes to show how much Prix really knows the game..

      • gameon says:

        Thank You they are so non exsistent in the post it is sad.

      • Coltyboy says:

        Clippers would easily out the lakers in a 1st round match up. Clippers would be a match-up nightmare for them. As far as the Spurs, only Memphis, OKC, and Dallas really have a shot at them, Clippers no way could beat the Spurs in a 7-game series.

      • kevin says:

        Did you just say mo williams can’t shoot. Chris Paul can’t shoot. Chauncey “Mr Big Shot” Billups (when he was healthy) cannot shoot. Kenyon Martin can’t play the post. Just because they like to throw lobs does not mean that is the only thing they can do. And judging from your name I am guessing your a laker fan, who are having a terrible season from deep.

      • kobe says:

        kevin i never said lakers r a good 3 point shooting team cause they r not…never said Billups cant shoot cause he can…williams is hot or cold and u know day he knocks everything down then he can go 2-3 GAMES without hitting the pacific ocean with a rock..Paul is ok from distance and ur telling me Martin is a good post player ..hes just average..playoffs are all about half court bball and thats why clippers will struggle ..look out league he comes Mr.SESSIONS AND THEN REST OF THE LAKERS..

    • Shut Up says:

      @ PRIX

      You’ve got to be kidding me right? the Clips will destroy the Spurs and Lakers?????

      I think you meant the Clips will “GET DESTROY” by the Spurs or Lakers right………

    • Sideliner says:


      Man, you really need to figure out that “Lob Angeles” is just that: “Lob Angeles”. Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Kenyon Martin, Bledsoe, Deandre Jordan, they all have to learn to play as a team. Talent + Team = pay off. Or should I say playoff? The Clips need to work as a team. Griffin still has a lot to work on as a player: man, this kid’s got so much potential. I think he’s great, but he needs to work on perfecting the whole-ness of his game. And Jordan, he’s tall and athletic, but he’s got to learn to be more than an alley-ooper, otherwise when he’s boxed out by the likes of Dwight Howard, he won’t be effective. With Chris Paul running the point, and with the likes of Bledsoe and Nick Young playing off him, it really comes down to Griffin and Jordan to play defense and strong offense, including consistency with a jump shot from 15-18 feet.

    • NOWAY says:

      “taking accountability”. let them do just that. most overhyped phenomenon of 2011, other than jlin. clippers have some good potential going on, but like lbj once said in his own defense, rome isnt built in one day. now clippers were getting so much hype that for some reason they thought they were gonn go from a joke franchise to the champs in one season. now supposedly its del negro’s fault.. theres only so much a coach can do to build team chemistry
      p.s. @prix good luck simply destroying lakers & spurs in playoffs

  57. sahil chawla says:

    or Jerry Sloan

  58. sahil chawla says:

    coach nate McMillan 2012-13

  59. tupark82 says:

    they need to let the guy go. the team isn’t playing to its full capabilities with him controlling things unfortunately.

  60. sahil chawla says:

    coach nate McMillan d answer