Clippers At The Crossroads Now

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s about time someone closed the door, stopped focusing on all of this “Lob City” stuff and lit into the Los Angeles Clippers.

Someone had to do it.

You lose 11 of 18 games since Chauncey Billups went down for the season with that Achilles injury and it’s obvious to us that someone has to step up and say something.

Enter Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro, the man who will no doubt shoulder the largest amount of blame if things go awry down the stretch of this season, and his postgame tirade (of sorts) after last night’s humbling at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder. You could hear him through the walls, according to Broderick Turner of The Los Angeles Times:

The Clippers coach used words like “approach,” “compete” and “defense” in his emphatic message after the Clippers dropped a 114-91 game to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

“I’m big into how you approach games and how you compete,” Del Negro said. “We have to get the mentality of we have to play a certain way to win right now.

“And it has to be through our defense because we lack certain things. In order for us to score enough points to take pressure off of us, we have to be able to guard better.

“But our overall approach and everything to the game has to be better. That’s what is disappointing to me. We have to do a better job of being in the moment from the get-go and not waiting to get into the game.”

Del Negro got his first technical foul of the season.

The Clippers gave up more than 100 points for the second straight game in their three-games-in-three-nights trip that finishes in New Orleans on Thursday.

Del Negro probably had a receptive crowd in that locker room.

Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the crew know that they are at a crossroads. They realize they can finish one way … or the other. And they have to know that the city they hoped to take by storm is currently being reclaimed by that “other” team that calls the Staples Center home.

You either get this fixed — and now — or risk becoming another footnote in an abbreviated season filled with teams that had the look of a contender (just ask the folks in Portland if you’re unclear on what we mean) before reality ruined the party.

Paul called the uneven play of the past seven weeks “embarrassing.”

“A couple losses here and there and we’re out of the playoffs,” he said. “So, we’ve got to play with a sense of urgency. But most of all, we’ve got to be better.”

The Clippers have to get better in several ways, starting with an offense that is more than just lobs to Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, although we’re fine with plenty of those highlight plays being sprinkled into the mix.

But it’s not easy developing bread and butter basics when, as Arash Markazi of points out, your roster changes as much as the Clippers’ has this season:

Outside of simply losing Billups, the biggest reason for this change has been the Clippers’ continually changing roster and the inconsistency of the team’s rotation. Since Billups’ injury, the team has cut Solomon Jones, signed Kenyon Martin, signed and later let go of Bobby Simmons, sent down and later called up Travis Leslie from the D-League and traded Brian Cook for Nick Young.

The Clippers haven’t had anything close to a consistent rotation since Billups went down and that was further highlighted against the Pacers as Young, who just joined the team on Friday and made his debut on Sunday, started the game ahead of Randy Foye. Against the Pacers, Foye, who had started 28 games this season, registered his first “DNP-Coach’s Decision” of the year. Against Detroit, Eric Bledsoe, who has given the Clippers’ spark off the bench and played 13 minutes against Indiana got a “DNP-Coach’s Decision.”

No one can figure out the rotation, let alone their role on their team. When Simmons was called up from the D-League last month, he was suddenly playing crucial minutes in the fourth quarter a few days later and defending Kevin Garnett while starting center DeAndre Jordan sat out the entire fourth quarter. Two hours after Young found out he was cleared to play on Sunday, he played 29 minutes without fully understanding the offense. Two days after his first game, he started and played 36 minutes for the Clippers in Indiana.

No one enjoys the Clippers at their best more than we do here at the hideout (well Clipper Darrell does, but no one else after him). And who couldn’t appreciates their effort in trying to reshape the franchise in such short order?

But there has to be some substance to go along with all of this style. As Del Negro told his team after that loss to the Thunder, there needs to be some serious looking in the mirror going on with their season on the line.

All of the work that it took to get to the top four of the Western Conference standings can be undone with another 18-game stretch like the one they are living through right now.


  1. bugz says:

    why is it. that every lakers fan. the only thing they can throw in your face is 16 championships. PLEASE! Kobe Bryant is not the best player in the league he still plays with his talent and not with his experiance. that is why the lakers will not win it this year. a great player gets better and better every year. yes you win with KB but u loose with him too. admit it laker fans its A. Bynum’s team. oh by the way laker fans jumped on Bynum’s D*** JUST LIKE A LAKER FAN

  2. bugz says:

    Clippers #1 fan. im new here guys. take it ez on me. i beleive the clippers need an aggressive 3rd option on offense mr. butler is looking old and tired.

  3. kae says:

    it was a big question to me as to why Nick Young is on the starting the time he got cleared to play when he only got very little time of training with the team. Hopefully Clippers would bounce back as the playoffs is only getting closer.

  4. EZfoRPREZ says:

    i have a feeling this years finals will be the finals of the underdogs. . . . IMJUSTSAYIN.

  5. ClipNation says:

    Balance and consistency have been two stumbling blocks for the Clippers the entire year. The injury of Billups; like many thought, was a big loss for the team. Now with the addition of Nick Young I think the Clippers really have a chance to find themselves as a team and pull it together before the playoffs start.

  6. joe says:

    super teams do not work unless you got two of the top 3 guys in the league like the heat. other superteams are going to fall short

  7. Mozgov the Avenger says:

    Griffin has to decide whether he’s only a good player or one of the top dogs on his way to the HOF. This season K.Love is whooping Bad Blake’s a##. The hype is gone and the Clips have to start playing some real ball.

  8. lakermig says:

    I am amazed it took so long to start falling apart but i knew it would happen sooner or later, not to mention it was just a matter of time before teams started stopping them well.They’re not good defensively and they’re a 1 trick pony offensively, you clog the paint up a bit and then what they gonna do you cant win on fast break points alone, and no one in the team besides paul and billups has an all round game offensively.If the Clippers get to the playoffs which i think they will they would be quite lucky to get past the first round.(i’m not a hater by any means, i’m just stating what most smart clips fans already know)

  9. Milo says:

    SEKOU-They realize they can finish one way … or the other. And they have to know that the city they hoped to take by storm is currently being reclaimed by that “other” team that calls the Staples Center home. WOW! this is you being stupid. first of its LAKERS town and it will never be clippers 0 titles? come on dude. i bet i know more basketball than you do. Stop comparing and saying its clippers town because its not. its Lakers town. KOBE is the King of LA not CP3 nor Griffin.

  10. Milo says:

    LAKERS 16 titles. CLIPPERS 0 titles. LA is Laker town end of story. Sekou is stupid dont know anything about basketball

  11. The Offseaons Counts says:



    LAKERS STARS: Shaq, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Kobe Bryant, etc…
    CLIPPERS STARS: Elton Brand?

    … Something here is wrong with people saying that the Clippers have taken over Los Angeles. I admit, the Clippers are stronger than ever, but they are definitely NOT the kings of the Staples Center. If Chris Paul or Blake Griffin couldn’t have led their team to at least the Semi-Finals, they have a slim chance of even getting to the finals. Also, more people means more money to spend out. I wonder what is going to happen for both teams…

  12. Stu.D says:

    I think the clips should consider Nate MacMillan, great coach who got dogged by his team whether or not he is available this season is debatable though. He has a proven offense and defence and I have to agree with most people on this board, this is what the clippers are lacking. They do have shooters in their roster, they do have big men, they also have arguably the best PG in the league and a reasonable amount of depth.
    They should be a contender but probably not this season and probably not with Vinny Del Negro. I would like them to prove me wrong as I am a huge fan of CP3 and also Caron but without a different coach I don’t see it.

  13. Sosay says:

    My man chauncey went down and everyone was all, well they’ll be fine without him… right.

  14. mattman says:

    i still like the Clippers to take the West, but I spoke about their defensive issues right around all-star break..they were ranked 15th in team defense back then…

  15. James says:

    Obviously Jordan can’t play in the 4th quarter because his FT is around 50%. Those Ft in the 4th quarter is crucial, this writer is looking at everything stat wise without even realizing basic Basketball IQ.

    • Jon says:

      Blake is awful also. That’s 2 out 5 starters they can’t keep on the floor at the end of games

  16. Amitpal says:

    Clippers have the talent to go deep in the playoffs, but have probably the worst coach in the nba. VDN has no clue how to run a team. There’s a reason Chicago let him go, even though he got them into the playoffs. They knew he is a terrible coach. Clippers have been winning on talent and cp3’s clutch play down the stretch. But at the end of the day CP3 is only 6 ft tall and has a tuff time getting his shot off. If the clippers are going anywhere next year they need a new coach and a good coach. I’d look at Jerry Sloan and see if he wants to comeback. Nate Mcmillan is an alright coach, Mike Antoni will make this probably the best offense team and a high win regular season team but will never go deep in playoffs. The best coach out there avaiable for this team is Jerry Sloan, and he has experience dealing with good PG and PF.

  17. Kobe@Manila says:

    No matter what you do or say.. It will be LAKERS vs CHICAGO.. That’s it.. 17 championships and tied for the most!!

  18. Wade3 says:

    I don’t think the Clippers will go very far in the playoffs. Chris Paul has to score much more, Nick Young has to start averaging 16 points per game as he did for the wizards, and BG has to be a major low-post threat. I hope they get better because it is entertaining to watch them

  19. giovanni says:

    i think they should look for another head coach.

  20. infamousball says:

    Clip manangement need to get it together, before Billups went down, the team look like a contender. Clips management went crazy aquiring so many new guys that Vinny does not even know who is gonna be in the team next day. They probaly even told him to play the new guys large minutes to find out whether they will stay on team. Boston getting the BIg 3, Lakers getting Gasol, the Miami trio and ShaqMiami, Suns geting Nash all made conference finals, 3 of them won the Finals in 1-2 seasons, only Miami made huge roster change and won. In a short season and Blake 2nd year all they needed to do was see how far they would go and then add pieces. By the way Mo and Foye could have held it down till Billups and Bledsoe return. Only good mad was Cp3 and Kmart.Shows Clips inexperience to handle a possible contender

  21. Andrea Smith says:

    Prix makes the most useless comments on every NBA Thread

  22. Romesh says:

    I am not really sure why Clippers fans exist. What’s the reason to be a Clippers fan?

    • Larian1983 says:

      If you hate the Lakers and live in L.A., I guess.

    • never says:

      exactly…its a lie if anyone claims to be a “true” clippers fan. like lebron’s hairline, dont exist. 99% of clippers’ fan are bandwagoners. #fact

  23. nonbiased fan says:

    meh, i suggest they do what the Chicago Bulls did. fire Viny. Clippers have the right weapons to be a contender but when a team isn’t ready then they will never get over that hump. it is more than personnel, they need to have the competitive edge every single night to win and not just show us some highlights.

    oh and that ridiculous comment above that Clips are better than Lakers *facepalm*

    Clippers will be better no doubt but I think it will take them3-4 years to become a super elite team. Oh and fire Viny 🙂

  24. vit says:

    Vinny has to go , hire Jeff van gandy ,……………

  25. rae says:

    i think. phil jackson is the fitted coach for the clips,.triangle offense is good for the clippers

  26. swagger says:

    iN THE FINALS it will be bulls vs clips the clips will be close but the swag bulls will win

  27. swagger says:

    Clips r swag where do these people get this dumb stuff from????? Just because the clips lose some games doesn’t mean a thing. I’m not even from LA and i admit the clips are one of the best teams in the NBA RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  28. celticsfan9 says:

    clippers win a championship? definitely not. i knew they were only a tv entertainment team

  29. Lakers4Life says:

    im just glad the Lakers finally got rid of Luke Walton 😀
    the FORCE is with you LUKE!

  30. Milo says:

    To SEKOU. get some NBA lessons because you dont know what you’re talking about. I bet you i know more nba history than you. LA will always be a LAKER town. Clips needs to move in a different city because they will always be number 2 in LA. Clippers fans win 16 title first before you compare the clippers to the Lakers. Lakers are champions and Clippers are losers.
    coming from a OKC fan

  31. Milo says:

    Clippers will always be the Lakers little brother. Chris Paul plus Griffin ain’t a championship tandem. Griffin has no game at all. all he does is dunk. SEKOU needs to get fired because he don’t know what he’s talking about. The city of LA never belongs to clipper. it will always be a LAKER town stupid. until the clippers win 16 titles then theres no comparison. Sekou fat boy who doesnt know what he’s talking about

  32. cLiPpErS-42-50-32 says:

    ive been with that clips and its a big step from bein thea worst team in the nba 2 years ago to now be going in the playoffs… If they can execute their offense and defense really well then they have a chance. Acquiring Nick Young was a good idea but the team needs to bond and work to execute their offense together

  33. BebeJones says:

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  34. Jay says:

    Look reality is setting in and yes the loss of Billups is HUGE. Either way you have a team in a shortened no practice situation with too many new faces and little coaching when it comes to finding the right rotations. VDN needs to tighten it and I agree you play DJ as you just paid him $$$ for 4 years. We have no BIG as a back up either KMart and Reggie are role players but no way can they stop the BIGS in this league. And last a team that shoots 50% from the line will NEVER be a winner. Tighten the rotation. Use what you started the season with and place Young or Foye in Bllups spot….. keep it there. Sub either Reggie or KMart but not together as the offense dies when VDN does that. And Blake stop talking to refs it is a tough league on newbies…. deal.

  35. Waldo says:

    If the Clips don’t finish 5th or better they can kiss goodbye to any hopes of a first-round series win.

  36. daniel.b says:

    everyone was so quick to jump on the clippers in the begining of the season, now look at them,
    GO LAKERRRRRSSSSSSSSSS… never doubted the lakers, just maybe tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny doubt, but thats just becuase theres a new offense and at times what heck is happening lol

  37. LobCityLoyal says:

    Del Negro’s substitutions boggle my mind as well… Regardless, I still see CP taking the Clips far in the playoffs. GO CLIPPERS!

  38. Craig says:

    The Clippers have no outside game. Griffin isn’t a complete player yet, give him a three point shot that needs guarding and watch out.
    As far as the finals go, the West is all Thunder, no other team has what it takes to get past them. Fisher gets the last laugh on that one.
    I think the Clippers will be lucky to get past the first round. They are currently in 5th and will most likely get overtaken by Dallas. Which I think gives them a good first round against the Spurs. If they play any other of the top four, they are out.
    Chances of beating any team in the second round with Billups is zero.
    With Billups, they are the second best team in the West at least.

  39. Sweet-rose says:

    I think this is the Coach fault. He doesn’t put the right lineup in at the right time. When they get a lead, Coach change the lineup. Randy Foye should be a starter. In the fourth quarter, the starters should be on the floor. And the team foul too much, should get more rebounds.

  40. Dale says:

    lets be honest here LA still belongs to one team and one team only just look up in the rafters and see which team has the championship banners once they win nearly anywhere near the amount they have then this conversation of the clippers been relevant can matter thats why the lakers are still the number one team

  41. Chazoo says:

    I would just like if the clippers could have a real coach that is all we need i think chris paul is smarter than VDN and should just player coach.

  42. GO LAKERS says:


  43. Bulls2012 says:

    The clippers are close to being an elite team like Chicago, Miami, and OKC..they need a couple of consistent shooters….THE CLIPPERS WILL GET TO THE SECOND ROUND BUT I THINK NEXT YEAR THEY CAN REALLY BE A CONTENDER…good luck Clipps hope Billups can recover and come back next year ready to play.

    • daniel.b says:

      i dont think they will make it to the second round, they got lots of unexperience players that havnt been in the playoffs and showing right now that there are some things that need to be fixed. comes down to experience and knowing what to do, dont think the clipps could make a stronge push, but who knows maybe next yr?

  44. Luke says:

    In my opinion Nuggets now have a better rooster (very young and talented) than Clippers and LAL, only are focused on 2-3 all star players that have but in a long run and especially in the playoffs have a deep bench is the key for the success… Who wins last year the ring, the big three or Dallas?

  45. never win says:

    Clippers could add Dwight, Lebron, and Kobe and they will still lose. It’s just a Clipper thing.

  46. NOVAKain says:

    I think the clips need to get blake more involved and not have him be just an athletic freak show. They need to use him as a one two punch with chris paul on offense if they want to improve and contend for a championship

  47. Leo says:

    Looking at the standing doesn’t mean that the Lakers are better than the Clippers, just a few days ago the Clippers were ahead of the Lakers, out of 4 games including the preseason, Clippers won 3 out of 4. The Clippers major problem is the coach, losing Chauncey did hurt them, but they still got the talant to go far this year.

  48. Belizeboy says:

    The Clippers started out pretty good and now they are looking tired. Let’s look at things this way. This team next season will be much better and this is just their first year together. They are still going to make playoffs and who knows what can happen there once the gamse are more spread out. I still love them and know they need to improve but they are much better than most teams, and just have to figure out the best rotation of players and work on defense.

  49. Mark says:

    Finally, all this talk of “Lob City” is coming to an end. This team was overhyped from the beginning. Sure they lost Billups, but even then, it was still the Lakers’ city. And all this talk of the Lakers “reclaiming” LA is ridiculous; they never lost it in the first place, and they’re proving that now, especially with the huge addition of Sessions, who is a beast. I’m not saying the Clippers are a bad team, but until they prove otherwise (which I don’t think will happen for a while), Los Angeles belongs to Kobe and the Lakers. LAL vs OKC Western Conference Finals. Should be a good series folks.

    • NOVAKain says:

      You have some good points but the clippers not improving for “a while” is ridiculous they have all the pieces all they need to do is find thier identity and make sure blake gets “ITS” touches so that it can become a star.

    • Leo says:

      The Lakers had a better team last year and they got sweapt by Dallas, they’re not going anywhere this year, end of the story…

      • Mark says:

        Actually, now they are as good, if not better than last year’s team. With the addition of Sessions, they have become a true contender. Did you even watch the Lakers Mavericks game yesterday? It was all Kobe, Pau, and Sessions. If one of them has an off night, there’s Bynum to back them up. And now, since they have Sessions, the other players on the team are benefiting. The Lakers have a great shot at the Western Conference title this year, if not the championship. End of story Leo.

      • Larian1983 says:

        we are talking about the Clippers in this article, the Lakers can get swept again, and it doesn’t matter, because this is not what the main subject of this article is. Lakers haters express their hate anywhere they can, and this will essentially curse their own teams.

  50. parker says:

    Now all of the bandwagoners are starting to jump off. No more the Clips are the Future NBA team of L.A. which was rediculous from the start. Just like Linsanity the Glory has now dried up. I am a Laker Fan and not a hater of any team’ i just get tired of all the Hype before anything has been proven. Highlights make you feel good, Titles make you proud. People need to realize that before you start crowning someone king.

  51. Alex says:

    I don’t really follow the Clippers so I might be wrong but weren’t some (at least two) of their wins in the last week or so very close and relied heavily on Paul’s great late game performance? Of course, a win is a win but that doesn’t bode well for them. Normally I would say they need time, as every team does – but the question is how much time do they have (considering Paul’s contract).

  52. JDish says:

    OH And every NBA team at this point in the season better take note. OKC Thunder just got an important player in Derek Fisher. No Fisher isn’t a 3rd or 4th option on offense at all. BUT what he does bring is full championship experience and the ability to hit those clutch daggers in playoff games. Maybe it isn’t a big deal, or maybe it is. Fisher is a proven veteran player that can still run a team at point gaurd for a stretch or two in important games. Remember, what you need most in fourth quarter playoff situations is a guy that has been there multiple times and plays with ice water in his vains.

  53. Bear says:

    I think its funny when all the Lakers fans want to talk about the Clippers. Hey talk about KB=Keep the ball bitch.

  54. Adam says:

    Could be that the Clippers were over rated? That the Clippers really relied too heavilly on chauncey?

    Excuses are a dime a dozen. Look at the Bulls. No excuses…just wins no matter who goes down.

  55. SuperBabe says:

    Clips are overhyped,overrated not going to make Play-off team

  56. got_watcha_want says:

    Big men win titles and everyone in the NBA believes that fact! Clips and Thunder are good at the transition game just as the Heat are……BUT when the playoffs start the teams that will struggle are the ones that can’t play the half court. The Clips would have a shot if Jordan and Griffin actually posted their man up to score, the Thunder and the Heat will struggle with the half court game because they don’t have the personel. The Heat and the Thunder will make it deep without the big men, but the Clippers need their low post offense to improve greatly if they want a deep run. Poor CP3 has never played with a quality “back to the basket” big man. D. Jordan needs to get as good at offense as he can be with that athelticism he has………

    • JQing5 says:

      I hope you mean a big men that can score, because the Thunder do have big men in Perkins and Ebaka. Perkins have won one with Boston with his DEFENSE and occasional scoring. Ebaka is a terrific shot blocker and can score 10+ pts on certain nights.

      I think the Thunder is the team to beat in the West. Their only problem is they don’t seem to play as a cohesive unit at times.

      • Danny says:

        You telling us that the reason Boston won was because of Perkins, had nothing to do with Pierce,Garnett,Allen,Rondo?

  57. LBJ says:

    In my opinion the Clippers are not all that good. Yes, they do have Chris Paul(one of the best players in the league), but thats pretty much it. I mean i love watching Griffin dunk but that the only exciting thing about him in my opion Griffin didn’t even deserve to be an all-star. Clippers are tiny bit overrated

  58. Will says:

    SEKOU says, “And they (Clippers) have to know that the city they hoped to take by storm is currently being reclaimed by that “other” team that calls the Staples Center home.”.. REALLY? Being Reclaimed? The Lakers spent last night beating the World Champs… at their home… what a crazy thing to say SEKOU! How many West Div or NBA Championships have the Clippers won?.. It only takes 20 games in a shorten season where the Lakers switch coaches and offenses for the Clippers to become the kings of LA, huh?

  59. JDish says:

    I can’t remember the last time 3-4 coaches have been let go in a stretch of about 20 games, or even in a complete season (well a shortened season anyway). I think we started the season with Paul Westphal getting shown the exit in Sacramento, then Flip Saunders in Washington, and then the last couple of weeks with Nate McMillan and Mike D’Antoni. All because of the low morale and loosing confidence from their players. Vinny Del Negro better straighten out and do more than give it to his players. C’mon coach, You have a loaded roster, this team should be like top 6 or 8 in the league right now. I sense a coaching change coming soon.

    • Simon says:

      Agree with JDish. Coach needs to get stuck in and wind these guys up. Wheres the intensity, and some quality hours working on appropriate 3-pointers. Apart from the San Antonio win we’ve been dying from range. Someone needs to get inside Blake Griffins head too and get him out of this free throw funk! I love the clippers, but this last month is frustrating me! Dont prove those LakerLovers right!

  60. NBA fan says:

    So lets clear this up, Vinny Del Negro has to get his head together or else the clippers wont make the playoffs because the way he coaches at the moment just doesnt work; rotations are mind boggling, half court offense is terrible, and DJ focuses too much lobs instead of what matters, interior defense and rebounding. Again in this condensed season its hard to judge how well a team can do that is pretty much built together on the fly ie: K-mart, young. this 18 game span is showing what the clippers lack; which is defensive consistency for 4 quarters of the game and a failure of a proper offensive set. I think Vinny should really be re-evaluated after this season if he cant come up with a proper halfcourt set. The talent is clearly there with cp3,young,butler,BG,DJ,MO,K-mart, among others just no system in place. SMH VDN

  61. well I'll be says:

    Clips need a new coach plain and simple. Nothing against Vinny but just isnt the right guy for the job. Hell just look at thee plays they run. Just not a playoff caliber coach in my opinion. It was all good when the clips were the below avg squad they were used to being. but now they have a legit roster…they just need a new coach: ENTER Dantoni

    • JQing5 says:

      Becareful what you ask for, defense wins championship. With CP3 running the point I do see why this is a viable choice but when the buckets stop dropping like it has been for the Clippers they’ll be in real trouble

  62. Nikolai says:

    I don’t think any player on the Clippers are intimidated by anyone. I do however, believe the players are no longer buying into VDN. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen something like this in all my years watching the NBA. The players (like Blake Griffen last night) have checked-out and are now completely frustrated with loosing and the coach. This Clippers team can be among the best if they get on the same page.

  63. AnnoYouLater says:

    the only reason why the clipps lost was the OKC got a higher score than them at the end of the game…..
    the only thing the clips need to win a championship is to get a higher score than their opponents at the end of the game…

    MY brain on beast mode!!!

  64. Clipper Fanatic says:

    I love my Clippers… But,,just seeing how the clippers set up there defene and there offensive plays comes down to the coach. It’s confusing and garrbled. They no longer attack the basket. They always kick to tthe outside shot. Blake Griffin doesn’t get help to attack. They need to go old school.. Pound the boards with blake, DJ, Kmart. then use CP3 and Mo as outside threat. OWN THE PAINT…

  65. the guy says:

    don’t forget to pay your rent clips

  66. Bossing says:

    They should’ve taken DFish for veteran presence like what Chauncey did. i don’t understand how VDN run his rotation…i mean not playing RFoye? that’s a bull ‘coz he is one of the best shooter in the team that can open up the plays for the team…

  67. Matthew Schmitz says:

    The clippers are not a good team. I watch them every night and unless they have a fast break dunk they cannot run the half court offense. They shoot way to many threes and the only time they wil is when they make 75% of their three pointerrs which hasn’t happened much lately. They also are one of the worst free throw shooting teams in the league. Someting needs to change or they will not make the playoffs.

  68. Tj says:

    Clippers are losing, veteran teams are winning. Mid-season eh? lol

  69. emil says:

    by the looks of it billups is more valuable than cp3 i think..

  70. LA Fan says:

    Of course this is still Laker town but let’s be honest. It wasn’t just Chauncey that made this team good it was how they played. Young is great but definitely needs to learn the team before being a started. Randy Foye has definitely earned his role. But Blake has changed his game 180 degrees. He’s an off the ball player. He’s not a post up player. When he’s the post up player, clippers are average, when he’s an off the ball player the clippers are near the top of the western conference. When Blake gets the ball i the post he needs to fake the rise to the rim, and then ally oop it to DJ. Once the Teams start to guard DJ, it will be Blake time. The guards which The CLIPPERS NEED TO UTILIZE(No other team comes close) could be swinging the ball around the perimeter until Blake get’s his spin lob ready and then ally oop it to the beast. If he doesn’t get his positioning hoist up the three or a 20 footer. Stop posting him. Lakers post it to Bynum and Gasol, but that’s their game. Blake is athletic, not a big. If you stop posting Blake, he goes back to the Poster Child, and he stops getting beat up!!!!! Simply, the Clips needs to let themselves start winning again and stop trying to make it happen. Too much force!!! There is no try just do or do not:)

    • Clipperfan says:

      I cant stand it when Griffin is in the post. he looks.. LOST… and he has the same move. He faces the basket then one crossover dribble and hope for the best. UGLY. He needs to learn to have his back to the basket.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      all this talk about the clippers and lakers, lets get to the real issue, BG just got completely owned by Perkins (no slam this time) Nobody could stop Durant or Westbrook and that will be the theme of the reast of the season. The X factor being James “Fear The Beard” Haden. As good as the lakers have been for a long time this season belongs to OKC in the West!

  71. Jon says:

    The Clippers will be lucky to make the playoffs this season. Better just hope to get Billups back next year.

  72. drew2212 says:

    clips better than and more dept than the lakers, thats stupid and ridicolous they aint got nothn on the lakers yall should watch espn more often and see the standings 3 seed lakers 6 seed clips now we got a baller in sessions thats all we needed is point guard

    • Amitpal says:

      Ok i get that lakers are better as a team but the clippers are more deeper. There bench, Williams, Randy Foe, Eric, K mart, Reggie Evans. Lakers bench, Steve Blake, some three point shooting rookie, Matt BArnes, Troy murphy, Jordan Hill, Jeff. I think I’ll take Clippers bench over lakers. Mo and Randy can really light it up sometimes. I don’t see anyone of lakers bench who is capable of getting 10 point a night. But the lakers have a better Starting Five and better coaching staff.

  73. charles says:

    They made the right move with Nick Young. If they want to have a shot at anything resembling an NBA championship, they have to have a guy who can score in bunches in the two guard position. Now it is a question of stability. If Del Negro does not create stability of rotations, clippers will be in deep trouble come playoff time. Chris Paul is Mr. Dependable. Griffin needs to be Mr. Energy. Jordan needs to be more of Mr. Rebound and more Mr. Defense. Kmart and Williams bring in a solid and playoff veteran 6th and 7th man. Now is the time for the coach to mesh the players and have them peak in the right time….

  74. ClipsFan says:

    The Clippers have a tough schedule for this shortened season. As they embark on the last 1/3 of the season it is critical they take the extra precauitions in order to stay healthy throughout the season.

  75. Cbad says:

    The alley-oop is something you do to put the game away in front of the hometown crowd when you have a big lead; its not an effective way to get back in the game, But it sounds like Vinnie has no workable offense and is plugging short-time journeymen in and out of the lineup hoping someone (anyone!) can make a big play.

  76. never says:

    the city was never the clippers’ for the lakers to “reclaim”

    • bynum over dwight says:

      dude, the exact same though went through my mind when i read that…i guess it’s really a fact so i should say the exact same fact went through mind when i read that

  77. kobe04 says:

    What? clippers better team than the lakers??? prix, go to the then press standing… then look for western conference, then look for pacific division then you’ll get my point…. people sometimes comment on things they just don’t know and understand… it is still Lakers Town dude..

    • Chris says:

      @kobe04 HELL YEAH

    • NOVAKain says:

      The magic have a better record then alot of teams, doesnt mean they are better then any of them. Not saying that the clips are better the lakers your arguement for them is just not a very good one

    • Hi says:

      Well, Lakers are not going to win the ring, so get over it, and let the Clippers have their time as a good team. At least they didn’t trade Fisher 😛

      • Danny says:

        “At least they didn’t trade Fisher”. Is that some sort of dig? That was a good trade for the Lakers, Lakers have more of a chance at winning the title than the Clippers

      • Jason says:

        I didn’t see the Clippers knocking on Fishers door vice versa. Why? Fisher doesn’t want to go to a sorry team like the Clippers, and the Clippers don’t want a sorry player like Fisher.

  78. TheRealGM says:

    Trade Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and a 1st rounder for Dwight Howard and Ryan Anderson. If they make that move next season and manage to sign a free agent like Ray Allen, they’ll be the Best in the West.

  79. Loggerhead says:

    Just like I kept saying…Blake and Clippers better stop all dat dunking and start winning! Pathetic. How’s that “decision” working out for you now, K-Mart? Shoulda taken your “talents” to SouthBeach! LOL!

  80. CanAmBaller says:

    Clippers need to play the guys they paid. DeAndre and Caron need to be playing and Blake needs to get more then 10 shots. CP3 is great, but needs a more Nash like mentality of setting up the others then scoring. Billups loss is the final nail. He brought toughness, experience and defence (even if his shot was a bit absent). Keep running playing the guys who will take you where you want to go. Time to limit KMart and Evans.

  81. Danny says:

    Huge loss for the clips when bilups went down…cp3 and blake cant even carry a team??

  82. Kendall says:

    Once Billups went down it was kinda down hill from there.Start randy foye until young learns the offense and let paul and griffen play those big minutes,griffens a tough guy.,but at the end of the day i see L.A being a laker town 🙂

  83. cp3allday says:

    i think so to prix and we do trust chris paul the only thing is we have to stop making so much changes because it messing up the rotation of the team and some people are not playing good becaue they dont understand the plays that the clippers are doing. but other than that we are good and i think they could win a ring this year

    • phil says:

      hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Same old clippers, no chance they take a ring home. Chris Paul is already starting to realize he’s on the wrong team in LA.

      • JQing5 says:

        CP3 wanted to be on the other LA team to begin with, it was Stern who said no… not going to let this happen. The ironic part is New Orlean is going to get nothing out of the trade. Chris Kaman is pretty much done there, Eric Gordon played 2 games probably gone by the end of the season. David Stern probably got a call from Mark Cuban saying something along the lines of… you can’t allow this to happen or I’m going to cry to the media for the rest of the season.

    • NOVAKain says:

      win a ring this year yea right they cant even score in half court set

  84. N.YMARK says:

    Thunder were fouling Griffin so much i wish Clippers sent Kenyon or Reggie Evans in the game to lay someone out. I was so pissed Blake was getting punked.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Yeah that happens a lot to him, but they need to send a message to other teams. Clippers will still make playoffs but I was hoping they’d hold down the 2 seed.

      • NOVAKain says:

        HOLD down the second seed! they never had it and never will this season

      • Belizeboy says:

        @NovaKain, they had it probably around the end of January or start of Feb. Not sure but that’s what I saw. Anyhow they are still playoff bound which is all Clipper fans want right now.

    • well I'll be says:

      Perk offered a bounty to whoever took him out

  85. gwvangel says:

    There is a reason why the coach usually takes the first and prime blame for poor morale and performance…there is a reason that D’Antoni understood this finally…there is a reason why Paul Westphal was fired by Sacramento…there is a reason the Bulls fired Del Negro and got Thibodeau…Now maybe Del Negro should take a cue from D’Antoni

    • JQing5 says:

      I agree here, with the talent the Clippers have they really should be at least a 4th seed, now they’re in a tailspin of sort. I mean just look at the bulls from going from your peripheral 8th seed under Del Negro to the top seed in the East for almost 2 seasons. Get Phil or Jerry Sloan to coach this team and you’ll see different results.

  86. N.YMARK says:

    Hopefully. Love the Clipps but yesterday game was pathetic. Blake disappeared. Perkins took him out of the game after a hard foul to Blake’s face. They were ultra physical with Blake and he checked out. I love the Clipps but Blake cant allow hard fouls intimidate him. Foye should start until Young learns the offense. Billups is sorely missed.

    • Joel says:

      Same thing happen when the clipper’s played Boston. KG took him right out of the game. Blake like’s to push people around but when some body pushe’s him around he retreat’s. He is not mentally tough enough and i doubt the clipper’s win a play off serie’s.

    • NOVAKain says:

      Blake wasnt out of the game by choice alone the coach doesnt go to him

  87. dredd5150 says:

    Coach needs to find a system. He obviously does not have one.

  88. Chris says:

    It’s funny that VDN called them out since it’s his mind-boggling rotations and substitutions, and complete lack of anything resembling an offensive or defensive strategy that is the cause for their woes.

  89. prix says:

    Clips will be ok..we can trust Paul in the playoffs.. I think the Clppers are much better team than the Lakers..more deeper and I think they will face OKC in West finals……

  90. prix says:

    Clips will be ok..we can trust Paul in the playoffs.. I think the Clppers are much better team than the Lakers..more deeper and I think they will face OKC in West finals…

    • Brock says:

      Dumb….. My eyes hurt from reading that nonsense

    • Kaninux says:

      prix you lose any argument you had with the use of these words “more deeper”…..smh

    • sbfern805 says:

      Dude can you EVER SAY SOMETHING WORTH SAYING? you have no basis on any of your arguments and are clueless when it comes to NBA basketball!

    • kobe says:

      prix u r wrong the playoffs the game changes so much..its more half court bball..all the clippers do is run ..and when they get into half court games they struggle..besides butler who goes hot and cold who can knock down outside shots ..where as the LAKERS have Gasol and BYNUM AND ADD SESSIONS THEY R EVEN MORE DANGEROUS..

      • Hi says:

        Sessions wishes he was dangerous!! GO JAZZ!! 😀 (oh, and don’t go, Lakers. I hate you!!!! (refering to the Lakers, not one person specificly))

      • Matser says:

        ofcourse and when things go wrong for Kobe he still has his sharp elbow to use, ask bibby ask jameer

    • jack says:

      Paul is a tremendous game closer, but in the playoffs every game counts, no margin for mistakes, I think
      Vinny del Negro should run some other plays, get some kind of off-screen for nick young or chris paul, for them to generate open shots (under the rim or three pointers, doesnt matter)

      • JorbotheBorb says:

        You confused Vinny when you said off-screen. He only knows what a “pick” is because it’s part of the “pick-and-roll.” He only understands offenses whose names described how to do them.

    • Hi says:

      I agree with Prix, as in anything against the Lakers.

    • Larian1983 says:

      The article didn’t mention the Lakers, so why are you bring them to your argument? Because taking over L.A. is not as easy as some of you guys hoped right?

    • Ruben says:

      hey prix, are you a bandwagoner or just a Lakers hater? i think both.. heat-clippers bandwagoner