Fisher to Oklahoma City, Naturally

HANG TIME WEST – This is strangely perfect. Not the part about Derek Fisher in anything other than a Lakers uniform. That was a double-take when he played for the Warriors and Jazz and it will be an adjustment now that he has signed with the Thunder for the rest of the season, the final stop after being dealt from Los Angeles to Houston and then agreeing on a buyout with the Rockets.

But Oklahoma City is close to an ideal landing spot, in all ways apart from Fisher believing he could still start for a contender, and starting obviously won’t happen with Russell Westbrook there. It’s a good fit, though, so good that it had been logical as far back as two summers ago when Fisher was a free agent struggling to get the new contract he wanted from the Lakers. Fisher knew it then, too.

He goes well with a franchise that puts a high priority on character guys, rather than simply talk about it the way a lot of organizations do. Kevin Durant sets that tone internally in OKC and Fisher will be a continuation, not an adjustment. Along those lines, Fisher understands better than anyone how to ride shotgun to a superstar and maintain a strong leadership presence while being a complementary player.

As general manager Sam Presti said in making the Fisher signing official before Wednesday’s home game against the Clippers: “We’re looking for certain things, and not everybody fits that criteria.”

The Thunder have liked veterans with positive personality traits in the exact role before, backup point guards like Earl Watson and Kevin Ollie. Fisher, of course, is the epitome of the player whose greatest contributions won’t be tracked by statistics. He is about leadership and playoff experience and clutch production, all factors Oklahoma City wants as it tracks to a finish as the top-seeded team in the Western Conference.

“Considering I basically had the opportunity to basically chose the best situation and the right fit, there was no doubt after speaking with several teams that this was the best place and the best fit,” Fisher said.

Maybe he even gets to face the Lakers in the playoffs, with the additional motivation of the chance to show management there it made a mistake in acquiring Ramon Sessions from the Cavaliers to be the new starter and then splitting up the proven Kobe Bryant-Fisher backcourt. If nothing else, Fisher will have two regular-season reunions in Los Angeles, March 29 and April 22.


  1. Magic Johnson says:

    I like Fisher (do not agree with him sometimes). He’s a very good addition to OKC, even if he does not play at all. He’ll be the guy that whispers on Durant’s and Westbrook’s ears what to do when the game is on the line. Plain and simple.

  2. Zen says:

    Maybe he thinks he is a bigger Fish by going into a smaller tank.(OKC)

  3. NOT a D Fisher Fan says:

    Is this why Derek Fisher was so vocal as a player Rep during the strike? So he can “Decline” a trade that he or any other player doesn’t like ?…Of course if you have millions of dollars, its easy to “buy out” a trade. This is why the league is so unbalanced. Why should he have the “right” to “Buy out” a trade?…Does that team need the money he bought out for, or a “player” ???….C’mon man…like you NEED a fifth championship?…..Rockets weren’t good enough for you?…..As a player, a NBA fan and NOT a Laker or Rocket fan…I and others look at Derek Fisher as a BIG baby !!!

  4. NOT a D Fisher Fan says:

    Is this way Derek Fisher was so vocal as a player Rep during the strike? So he can “Decline” a trade that he or any othe rplayer doesn;t like ?…Of course if you have millions of dollars its easy to “buy out” a trade. This is why the league is so unbalanced. Why should he have the “right” to go to the team that he was traded to?…Does that team need the money he bought out for, or a “player” ???….C’mon man…like you NEED a fifth championship?…..Rockets weren’t good enough for you?…..As a player, a NBA fan and NOT a Laker or Rocket fan…I and others look at Derek Fisher as a B*t*h !

  5. Amused says:

    Now more than ever we can look forward to a Thunder-Lakers matchup in the playoffs, what Barkley would no doubt call a gud surrizz.

  6. Nada says:

    OKC made the right move otherwise they can not go far into playoff. Westbrook is good but he shoot too much and tend to loose control often. Last year playoff against Dallas OKC only win one game with Westbrook sitting on the bench. Come playoff time experience and control are very important and Fisher can definitely help.

  7. Rugger says:

    Fisher is a LIBILITY on defense and will be taken advantage of when he is in the game. True, he may make a few 3’s, but that DOES NOT justify the MONEY that OKC (used to be my 2nd favorite team) is going to pay him. He should have just retired and continued trying to get more MONEY for all the NBA players from the owners so FANS could afford to go to the games.

  8. Kevin says:

    Also, I think it’s a little premature to say Fish won’t have much of an impact on the Thunder’s future success. Fisher is the type of player we really needed since our backup PG–Maynard–went down. Like he said this is a perfect fit for him. He’ll be coming off the bench which means he’ll probably play at least 10 less minutes a game. So he’s going to stay fresher and probably be more effective. He knows how to run the offense effectively. So that in and of itself is an improvement from the way our rookie Jackson was handling things. I was at the game last night and was pretty impressed with what he was able to do considering he signed with the team 2 hours before. Lets just wait and see what happens.

    • Lake(ers)Washington says:

      Maynard? Really? You’re clearly a big fan if you don’t even know your team’s players.

  9. lakermig says:

    im a laker for life but even if the okc get further than us (which is a huge possibility) it wont be much thanks to dfish and it still wouldnt mean that we (the lakers) didnt do the right thing we got rid of a very expensive old player who was putting up horrible number you gotta admit and we got a great cheap replacement who just yest put up 17 pts,9asts and 5 rebs i dont think fish managed anything like that all season. But the funny thing is that if OKC win the title which they are more than capable of doing if not this year next he would get a 6th ring before kobe does..if kobe ever does

    • Kevin says:

      Hey Laker. I think both organizations needed to make the moves they did. Lakers probably made one of the best trades that day.

  10. Kevin says:

    @ FisherLOL

    The reply isn’t working but I just had to say this to YOU:

    Dude considering Westbrook is 5th or 6th in scoring since Feb 1st I really don’t know what anvil you are tlaking about. Oh ya, and Thunder are atop the Western Conference. But I guess that was all KD according to you. And I don’t even need to respond to your outrageously stupid Fisher comments. Keep making ridiculous comments and we’ll keep laughing at you.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      not only since feb first, westbrook is # 5 in the league in scoring for the entire season, not to mention career high FG and 3pt %!

  11. joe says:

    i have been watching fisher all season. I do not get why people think he’s such a huge liability on defense and offense. The guy plays solid d, and his offense is lacking but he can do alright.

  12. Brett says:

    He’s still a little bitch, and even though I was pulling for OKC to make it from the West this year, I just changed my mind just so I can laugh at Fisher for trying to steal a ring that he doesn’t even deserve.

  13. Gimli says:

    This will definitely make OKC a much better team. Fisher is definitely NOT an elite PG, but he is a good and strong one. Plus, now he’s in the backup role, so instead of going up against D.Will, D.Rose, Rondo, etc.; instead he’ll be facing the like of Jordan Farmar (who couldn’t take Derek’s starting spot back in LA), Avery Bradley, and yah well, Steve Blake of the Lakers (will soon be back to his backup role). I’ll take Fisher over any of them with no hesitation. Plus when he doesn’t have to guard other strong PG, that means more rest for Fisher, and I’ll bet his 3pt % will go up for sure. A very good move for a young team like OKC.

  14. twolves says:

    Should have joined the heat and win your 6th ring.

  15. Mike M. says:

    Why do people even bother commenting? You’re such a lowlife that you have insult the professionals far ahead of you?
    1. Tons of people can’t even spell or use proper grammar, or at least use decent grammar.
    2. Derek Fisher is the last person to insult, sure he isn’t legendary in stats but as many say he is a true professional and doesn’t do anything to deserve such hatred.

    All of that aside I think he will boost any team he goes to with his leadership, and OKC is definitely a championship contender. I’m not going to say an automatic because while love Durant and Westbrook, Russell probably takes too many shots and often the game is lead by those two alone. They’re deep in talent but like my Lakers they need guys to step up more often.

  16. Leeboy says:

    man dat iz crazy, never thought fish was goin to OKC!

  17. Good Deal says:

    This is a great situation for Fish, even though I’m not really a Laker or OKC fan, I believe it’s ok to grant Fisher the choice to play wherever he chooses, I believe in Seniority, and after being somewhat efficient and loyal throughout his career he deserves this kind of respect.

  18. RW_0_SG says:

    now they can put Westbrook at SG since he shoots more than KD

  19. Roy says:

    Guy’s dont worry Fisher can still contribute, hes been flopping like a fish his entire career to get to the free throw line when they need points the most, how do you think the Lakers won so many championships with him?

  20. jerome says:

    fisher and kobe are best of friends, why compete? if fisher got first his 6th ring, kobe will be happy for him, the same way if kobe gets first.

  21. Bulls2012 says:

    good fit for OKC…Good luck OKC..Cant wait to play you guys in April

  22. kdljmjcp3 says:

    Whoever thought that this would be a good signing should get a rip Derek Fisher is TERRIBLE he can contribute nothing to the thunders already great offense he would probably make them worse. If this trade somehow happened to me I would make him sit out every game. The 2nd string point guard Jackson is better than him and wait until Eric Maynor comes back. I have nothing against Fisher as a person I only have a problem with his basketball skills.

  23. likedamaster says:

    Overpaid, overrated. Stats are a joke. He didn’t need to make clutch shots if he only contributed more. What a bad joke this guy is. It’s beyond me how long he lasted as a starter in the Laker org.

  24. steve says:

    Hope the best for Fisher.Hope your back in LA next year.

  25. Overrated says:

    Derek Fisher would not have seen the court on a healthy Rocket team.

  26. Overrated says:

    Derek Fisher wants to win another championship, so he refused to play for the Rockets. GO ROCKETS!!! WIN AND MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE THE OVERRATED TRASH HE IS!

  27. jonski22 says:

    i hope he got his “6” before Kobe does..i want to see a very pissed Kobe!

  28. jose says:

    Some people on this blog really do not know how to write. For some posts it took me forever to read and some I was not even able to read at all.

  29. lol Mavz! says:

    fix your grammer Mavz! no idea what you just said

  30. aussiephil says:

    all the best fisher ( as long as you don’t beat la in the playoffs though) you were a star and great leader

  31. LAKER 4 LIFE says:


  32. Steve Blake says:

    yeah.. Derek Fisher will just show up in the playoffs.. losAngeles made a mistake.. who els besides Kobe has the experience to be a leader (of some sort)

    • all time LAKERS fan.....!! says:

      with 5 rings ? the fish will really , swim deep 4 points 2 contribute for OKC!!!!

  33. Mavz! says:

    That is why they him (L.A) bcoz of NO production no contribution..trully a headache even he has experienced though lack of numbers…Durant would probably said better in L.A than OKC

  34. No idea says:

    Fisher L0L – you have no idea what you are talking about. You’re a joker.

  35. loyalty2 says:

    So Mitch blindsided Fisher because he wasn’t sure “how Fisher was going to handle the news about being a back-up.” Now he’s a back-up with OKC and seems poised, happy, and optimistic. Boy, Mitch and little Buss – were you wrong. I’ve been a Laker fan for 30+ years, but if OKC and LA meet in the playoffs, I’ll pray that Fish drains a 3-pointer to finish your season off. Go OKC!

    • Theror says:

      true that.

    • jeff smith says:

      beenalaker fan since 1981 and it wouldnt bother me a bit if fisher hits the winning shot against the lakers in the playoffs.. i always defended kobe before but his fallaway 20 footers are killing me

    • sbfern805 says:

      Im a Lakers fan and i definitely would not mind that Fisher Shot!! He had to remain a Lakers but i guess thats business…

  36. Bunsenburner says:


  37. Susan says:

    I Belive Fisher is going to Get his 6th ring before Kobe
    – isn’t he supposed to be in houston ?

  38. freshprince says:

    good for him he deserve if hes a good guy

  39. Amused says:

    Well, the whole character thing now seems more than a bit suspect with Fisher never even bothering to at least show his mug in Houston after the trade, leaving everyone wondering what was going on…

    • Jordo says:

      Are you kidding me? Fisher is a professional. He would have met the with managers, who would have understood his position to want to get buy out. Fisher was no fit in Housten, and is much better off coming off the bench in the finals for OKC… reguardless I think he deserved to be a laker for the rest of his career.

      • R U SERIOUS? says:

        Why does this generation admire and glorify those who take the path of least resistance? Derek Fisher is a leech and needs to be on super teams to win his championships for him.

      • R U SERIOUS? says:

        How could he not “fit in” at Houston?

      • Pastorlg says:

        Tell me the payer that does not have to rely on their team mates to win a championship or even a single game? No one man can win a championship….Derick you have made the thunder my second team…I am a lakers.

  40. bob says:

    Go Go Go *Ahem* Globetrotters

  41. bob says:

    hi people

  42. Fisher L0L says:

    As if Kevin Durant didn’t have enough to worry about with Westbrook shooting too many shots. Now he has another anvil around his neck to worry about by the name of Derek Fisher. The man can play a VERY minimal amount of offense and little to no defense. Good job, that experience is gonna help.

    • Jordan says:

      actually he is pretty good at 3’s. you will see

    • Fisher Da Bomb says:

      Dude Fisher is a beast. Kevin Durant won’t have another anvil it will be even better for him

    • jeff smith says:

      u dont know much about basketball. fisher dont shoot alot of shots

    • QuestionMark says:

      Might wanna start watching Fisher’s old games, OKC gets a clutch shooter, and this can help alot since players will be rushing to guard Durant, Fisher is a liability on defense, but he is a great shooter and can hit big shots, OKC also gets a good mentor for Westbrook, only problem with Fisher is he will slow down the team, and isn’t good on defense, other than that, good get by OKC.