Gasol Doesn’t Expect To Be Traded

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — After hearing his name tossed around in trade rumors for months Pau Gasol does not expect to be traded by the Los Angeles Lakers today, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times.

The Rockets, Bulls and Celtics have all had conversations with the Lakers about Gasol, who was still unsure of his status after the Lakers’ win in New Orleans Wednesday night:

Before Gasol headed to the team bus, he thanked a handful of reporters, shaking their hands in the locker room … just in case.

“One way or another, time’s going to tell,” he said after scoring 18 points and taking 10 rebounds.

Gasol is not expected to be traded Thursday despite talks with Boston, Chicago and Houston in recent weeks. “I might wake up after the deadline,” Gasol said, alluding to the fatigue he felt from a chaotic few months.

The Lakers are actually working to add Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley to their roster in a three-team deal, shoring up a need at small forward. A Gasol, Beasley, Andrew Bynum frontcourt would give the Lakers one of the top trios in the league.


  1. michael says:

    no matter what happen pau can trade . FOREVER LAKER’S FUN……………………………..GO LAKER’S

  2. til/lakers says:

    AS avid lakers fan, dont trade Gasol, What we need also strong small forward and point guard as well to have a formidable first five.

  3. Leave Gasol in LA uniforms, He is the standout during which we won two championship. Appreciate M. Beasley in the small forward. We need also point guard to strengthen the Lakers one of the formidable team in NBA.

  4. Daniel says:

    all i gotta say is the moves that the lakers made are good for the team , but im very sad for fisher departure he was a great shooting and defently one of the most clutch left hand shooter , RESPECTT D FISHHH hope yu can retire a lakers

  5. RVN says:

    if they trade gasol they loss the chance to win tittle remember without gasol in 2008 2009 2010 they wont win 2 tittle

  6. kony 2012 says:

    if the lakers can add beasley and sessions that would be big in helping the two positions that they are struggling with

  7. Larry says:

    gasol need to stay. That Kobe to Gasol to Bynum triangle offense leading to an alley oops in the late game is unstoppable right now. It will not work without gasol

  8. Fernando Maya says:

    If Lakers could add Rockets Scola and Lowry in enchange for Gasol the team would improve in the next playoffs.

  9. Ron Prince says:

    Y’all probably will disagree with me but let me tell you. I’m a huge fan of the Lakers but despite that I think Gasol should be sent to the Rockets in return of Scola and Lowry as you might have read about this option in the topic about the trade deadline. Let me tell you – Gasol is awesome but still I see Bynum being the new force in LA when it comes down to underneath-the-basket game. He dominates this year and Gasol is not so fabulous. Just imagine if we get Scola how cool would it be. Not only is he my favourite player in the NBA outside the Lakers but he is also a tremendous post move power and has excellent mid range game and layuping abilities. Also, Lowry, this guy can mean a lot to the Lakers if he steps it up – y’all know how much of a difference a point guard can make – huge differences. And this whole thing might actually help the Lakers once again be dominant and maybe win another title this year or if not this year maybe next season.

  10. Charlie says:

    Today is the trade deadline and there is still a possibility that Gasol might get traded. We have to be realistic here. I love the lakers and they definitely should keep Gasol. He is playing more aggressive this year. Obviously the lakers need help in the point guard position. Hopefully they could get Michael Beasley. That would help out a lot. If they do get Beasley, I could see the lakers in the finals this season. Go Lakers!!

  11. LAKERSALLDAY says:

    We supposedly landed Ramon Sessions for a 1st Round Pick. Can anyone confirm this? Just saw it on yahoo.

  12. Aloha says:

    metta, walton, blake to nets

    deron williams to lakers

    try in nba trade machine will work

  13. Big Al says:

    Get Iverson or Arenas to start for the PG spot. Fisher needs to be sent to the bench, then ship Blake elsewhere. Keep Pau; we wouldn’t have won a couple of championships without him. Trade Murphy, Walton, McRoberts and Ebanks as you like.

  14. KB24 says:

    PAU should stay.. LAKERS management is making move again but hopefully PAU stay in a laker uniform.. I think BEASLEY will fit as a laker.. another lefty like LAMAR.. BYNUM, GASOL, BEASLEY, KOBE, ??? they need a point guard.. get atleast ramon session.. GO LAKERS.. run for a championship again..

  15. Alex says:

    Pau is the skillest frontcourt player in the world (K.L. permitting), he definetly should stay in L.A. Add Beasley, and… Ok, Lakers are going to suffer any point-guard in the league, but what about staying with Kobe, Beasley, Pau and Bynum ? Ok, also our bench is not the best but we can beat anyone. Pau 4 president!

  16. Fleur Wallace says:

    I’m a staunch Lakers fan who was hoping against hope Pau would not be traded. He adds so much to the team, and to the Lakers brand. His numbers are great, as is his height! I look forward to watching him in another Lakers championship season.

  17. Oğuzhab says:

    C’mon. Gasol will end Done, stay here.

  18. jack says:

    keep Gasol the right thing to do… Beasley and a young point guard can do the showtime lakers shine again… ty lawson / brandon jennings or possible get Rubio!!!

  19. nailtekk says:

    Trade Luke please…. not Pau..should stay…trade Luke Walton PLEASE !

    • steve says:

      Luke Walton doesn’t have value why would you give him up.He is one of the players who doesn’t complain to sitting down on the end of the bench.There is not many players that would like that.But no value no need.What would they get for him? A player worst than him or aplayer maybe with a little more talent but with baggage.

  20. Jean_Phi says:

    Ron Artest is really inconsistent but I think he could be useful for a playoffs run. This guy is not excited about regular season games but maybe that will change when playoffs times come around.

  21. nailtekk says:

    LAL can’t trade Pau….why not Luke Walton…does any ever want him at all ? he is not playing anyway, traded him !

  22. steve says:

    I like Metta World Peace to stay with the Lakers.He brings his defense that is why they have them there ,even coach Brown said it he is there for defensive reasons when World Peace said that coach Brown was a stats guy.World peace is one of those rough guys you need to have on your team to intimidate the weak minded players or just get other players frustrated and make them play out of rythm. Trying Sessions and Beasley may be a good thing but without giving up Gasol,Bynum,Fisher(playoff experience reasons and sentimental also I like the guy),World peace,Barnes and of course not Kobe.

  23. Eric says:

    The Lakers need a point guard more then a small forward. Beasley would help us, but not as much as a point guard would. Someone like Stephen Curry would be awesome, a guy who can dish and score. Too bad Golden State will not trade him. Because he’s off the block, Ramon Sessions, anyone?

  24. LAL says:

    That’s fine for me if they can at least land beasly, because something has to change, but yes i agree with those who said, WE NEED PG, and fast,,,

  25. TTKIN says:

    Leave Gasol in purple and gold! We won 2 championships with him as our second best player! He is NOT the problem. In fact, the Lakers dont even have too big of a problem it seems right now. soul possession of third place in the west, and Bynum made no secret that he wants the Lakers in 1st. SA and OKC, we are coming for you! The Lakers have clear weaknesses at the 1 and the 3, if they can even kind of fix those, the NBA better look out.

  26. Jim says:

    Gasol is an outstanding player. Lakers need a good playmaker, but without changing Gasol for another player.Lakers need more better players to support Kobe, Gasol and Bynum cost the rest to fhe team have not the level for a championship.

  27. heihei says:

    Soo, no PG then?….Other teams will just rip as apart at PG positsion, just like they have done it so far

  28. Celticsrck says:

    random trade i put in ESPN trade machine:
    GSW gets:Gasol
    LAL gets:David Lee,Ray Felton,Brandon Rush
    POR gets:Matt Barnes and Nate Robinson

  29. blue3635 says:

    trade deadline is not over yet and dwight howard still have a decision to make will he opt in or opt out. if he opt in than the nets will have to trade deron william and the lakers might want to get in on that mix, so pau gasol might still be on the move.

  30. Antonov says:

    Kobe Bryant and his contract is the main problem of Lakers. Sorry Gasol is half of a problem in this team. with 50 million$(Kobe and Gasol’s contract) Lakers can get an amazing player for the future to play and win anoher time in 2015.

  31. jroc says:

    we don’t have to get a star point guard, we just new a new quick point guard that got handles. Ramon Sessions from Cleveland would be a upgrade from what we have now

  32. steve says:

    Nobody got Dwight means no need to move any of the two big men Lakers have.So that means Lakers still have the upper hand in front court.So you play front against back court and remember it slows down in the playoffs. So the slower the better for bigs not for point guards (Because it’s a set defense). So Lakers have a great set defense and help defense.Dwight Howard: If he had gone with a team with a good point guard (playoff team), then it would of made more sense for the Lakers to be trying to get a good point guard.

  33. finally! says:

    If they can get Beasley, grab while we still have the chance!!

  34. ba says:

    pau is a good player and idk y they would trade him. wht 4????

  35. Antonov says:

    Lakers need a guard for the future as Lowry, Wall or another but Deron Williams may be the best option for the next couple of years, but with Gasol inside to win twoo titlws more!!. In 2015 let will be see for a Lakers without Kobe.

  36. Jcmata says:

    Man.. This one was a close one… I can Agree that Gasol is not the best in the business but his not the last and not the middle.. his above average… I could not see the Lakers making two horrible mistakes in one year! Lamar should have never goes, he worked perfect with the squad they have right now. And losing Gasol would have been the end of the Season.. Now getting Beasley is my kind of talk.. Lets get more Length and Bring on the Finals…

  37. yoyo says:

    Trade Metta World to Houston!! haha,

  38. Tramell says:

    will the hawks make any moves by the end of the deadline?

  39. kikoman16 says:

    Beasley would be a great addition.. but we need a good point guard!!!

  40. cris says:

    oh the hyprocrites on here, now that there is word Lakers are trying to get beasley everybody is now all for keeping Gasol.Just weeks ago you so called Lakers fan wanted him traded.Ya’ll some ungrateful folks after the man helped win two titles for the team you cheer for you guys were all ready to chase him out of town. I for once was never with the idea of getting rid of Gasol and i hope he stays a Laker. peace to everyone

    Lakers for life

  41. Solution says:

    Lakers need Devin Harris!!!

  42. steve says:

    right move to keep Gasol crowd loves him plus two skilled big men are hard to to find specially two who know how to play with each other(they compensate each other). If you give up Gasol now, not only will you need a forward and a point guard but also a backup center.Just let me know who can compete with these big men?There is no one in the league who have not even close to what the Lakers have.Kobe and a good enough point (By the way I sure learned not to underestimate Fisher in playoff games) is good enough.Know they are saying Beasley it might be o.k. but still not sold. But Lakers can sure use more shooting power. So all in all I’m glad Pau Gasol is still going to be with the LAKERS and I’m sure the league is scared of this none move.

  43. ahl castro says:

    pau is still one of the best forward in the league,hoping he will not be trated….go lakers!!!

  44. CMRobinson71 says:

    We won two titles with Gasol, and got him for nothing (i.e Kwame Brown). We need Gasol and we should keep Gasol. Michael Beasley would be awesome, but a point guard is what we truly need (Deron Williams please!!).

    • Jones17 says:

      We didn’t get Pau for nothing. Along with Kwame, we gave up Marc Gasol who has turned into a top 5 centre without doubt and they got cap room, which has since been used to get Randolph. Not sure Grizz were complaining when they got as far as the Lakers last year

    • TTKIN says:

      As far as I know, we gave away Kwame and Marc Gasol to get Pau…and after a few years and Marc getting an All-Star nod…I still think Pau was worth it! Keep him and Bynum and Kobe together. If they get deron Williams, ill be so stoked, I will pee my pants at work and post the video on youtube haha!

  45. jhun24 says:

    keeping gasol is the brilliant decision made by LA.

  46. CLobitto says:

    WE need GASOL!!!

  47. Luis Lalican says:

    Gasol will stay in Lakers since the team knew very well is face value look whose after him……. he will still keep on improving and regain is real form. Beware Lakers will be back in Playoff deadly form and adding Beasley is improving the lakers bench……………..real PG will come soon and need to rush…………….

  48. Jose says:

    Beasley would fit Lakers very well, wouldn’t he? Just get him for a second round pick like indiana has done over Barbosa.
    and problem solved. Smart guys in Indiana.

  49. lukasoln says:

    if LAL adds Beasley they will sure be in a good race for a tittle.. Metta is really bad his consistancy is like sh** .. and Barnes isnt alot better. even altough i prefer him over metta. They should get rid of Metta, but prob. noone wants him anyway ..

  50. J.M. says:

    would be a smart move

  51. prix says:

    Lakers think that they have the full arsenal with Gasol staying plus Beastly added…The won´t accept that without the Zen master they won´t stand a early exit for the first round and another sweep by Dallas..they are far behind from what OKC or BULLS or Heat that dominates the game…even the Suns with aging Nash and Hill just blow them sad..

    • Carl Johnson says:

      Sounds like wishful thinking.

    • Bruce says:

      You should really learn how to type in English before posting your nonsense.

    • Ventor says:

      Did you mean to say that or did those words just kind of fall out of your mouth?

    • LakersRWorthy says:

      First things first….Quick point guards give the Lakers fits… and Gasol can be soft down on the low block.. But Gasol is an important piece to the Lakers puzzle. By adding Beasly and hopefully Sessions would give the Lakers enough fire power to handle ANY TEAM!…

      Remember that!!!!

    • michael says:

      this made me laugh so hard ! thanks for this post! stay in school or at least watch more bball man …hahaha

  52. Myron says:

    We need him! Gasol will stay!

    • Toni says:

      Thank Goodness! – He is my favorite Laker and like I have told numerous people here in Portland, the Lakkers cannot and SHOULD NOT give up their length!

    • corkyc says:

      I agree with Myron.. We need Pau. I hope this deal for Beasly comes through… and why not add Gilbert Arenas too??? dump some of the dead weight at the end of the bench. add those two and the Lakers are back in the hunt for a title. We all love Fish and want the best for him, he has been GREAT for the team… but we need help at point guard as well as small forward. Beasly starting, Artest backup… Fish, Arenas and Blake point guards…. I would say that shores up the loose ends…. hope it happens…. watching the news….. go lakers