Beasley, Crawford On the Move …

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley could be on the move today with the trade deadline just hours away. So could Trail Blazers guard Jamal Crawford.

They could be a part of the same deal, if the reported three-team deal between the Timberwolves, Trail Blazers and Lakers has any legs. Dave McMenamin of has one version of the potential deal:

The Lakers revisited talks to acquire Minnesota Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley on Wednesday, multiple league sources told Several variations of the trade have been discussed. One would land Beasley on the Lakers in a three-team deal that would send Portland Trail Blazers guard Jamal Crawford to the Wolves and Luke Ridnour from Minnesota to Portland. Los Angeles would give up one of its two 2012 first-round draft picks in the deal and use its $8.9 million trade exception, acquired when it traded Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks in December, to absorb Beasley’s approximate $6.3 million salary. Portland would also receive the Lakers’ first-round pick.

As of late Wednesday night no deal was completed, but a source familiar with the negotiations said, “the sides have momentum.”

Our man David Aldridge adds the following about the deal:

Rumors of this deal broke Wednesday evening, but Blake played for Los Angeles in the Lakers’ overtime win over New Orleans. Crawford did not play for Portland in the Blazers’ blowout loss in New York, but Beasley accompanied the Timberwolves to Utah, where they were to play the Jazz tonight. A source involved in the discussions said Thursday morning that the deal was on the table but not yet agreed upon.

Crawford was held out of the Trail Blazers’ loss in New York last night, the official reason given was tendinitis in his right knee. But it’s no secret that Trail Blazers have been exploring their trade options for Crawford.

Beasley would give the Lakers an option at small forward that they have been searching for. And Crawford gives the Timberwolves a short-term option in the backcourt (he is expected to opt-out of the final year of his contract and become a free agent again this summer) to help ease the blow of Ricky Rubio going down for the season.


  1. (NOT) Fanboy says:

    Losing one game doesn’t mean your out of the league… and the lakers are once again legit after this trade but face it they’re not better than miami or Chicago. Props to them for finally putting Fisher to rest, the guy was probably the worst starting pg in the nba (right now, of course). But they’re now relying on a decent point guard and an inconsistent forward to make a title run… i dunno we’ll see i guess.

  2. Glosh says:

    I dont care about the heat, Lebron STILL didnt win a championship. Not like kobe he has won 5 championship next season will be the lakers win

  3. danny says:

    @priz Im a Timberwolves fan and im just as mad as u r with rubio hurt but the Lakers didnt purposlly hurt him and does anyone know why Beasley didnt play today against the jazz did we trade him or no

  4. jayrad says:

    are heat chokers yes get that noose ready for lebron when playoffs come home boi about to choke

  5. OKC Fan says:

    Really the lakers want Beasley a player who smokes too much weed and gets in trouble by the law wayyyyy too much and sessions u really think that would make a difference? No. U guys are gonna get swept in the Playoffs AGAIN Hahaha

  6. jabongga says:

    We got sessions already… If we get Beasley.. Our guard and bench rotation will be solid… If we get this done, I believe LALA land will be going all the way again… Keep your fingers crossed!… Sessions alone might actually do the trick… 🙂

  7. lil Jayy says:

    What happened with this trade they didnt say if they agreed or didnt?

  8. jpy says:

    prix it shows that u are a dumb man!!!!

  9. sentt says:

    lakers + sessions = CHAMPIONS

  10. Tony says:

    Bring Beasley back to Miami for Shane(Do-Nothing) Battier.

  11. flesch says:


  12. LAKER - MAKER says:

    L.A has aquired R. Sessions! Beasley talks are currently in the works. Early indications is that Beasley will be a Laker. Sessions, KB, Beasley, Pau, Bynum. Immediately puts us in the contention. 6 perhaps?

  13. NbaGuy123 says:

    Wow the Lakers actually might pull off a major deal. Beasley to the Lakers would be very interesting, I bet Kobe likes this trade rumor.

  14. Brandon says:

    Sessions at PG, Kobe at SG, Beasley at SF, Pau at PF, & Byrnum at C < beastt line up

  15. Munks says:

    lol look at all these Laker haters and these Miami bandwagons..16 time champions would b hated on… the only fans that can actually stand in the presence of Laker fans is the Boston Celtics..Call me when ur franchise has 16 titles or 17……

  16. Bersem says:

    The Lakers should keep Gasol…otherwise Bynum won’t have the same impact on the floor… they just need a good SF with a nice 3pt-range, who can defend and feed the big guys inside… Artest is no more able to do that since he got his champion ring two seasons ago…Should try to get Grant Hill (if Nash is traded)

  17. hell yeah... says:

    im a good fan of lakers ……. its a nice trade… getting beasley from the wolves… he will surely fit in the oach brown new lakers system…… . Point guard is the real problem in laker nation….i appreciate blake’s help this season but for me its not enough…. get R. FELTON or R SESSIONS… PLZZZZZ……….^ ^

    ps… dont trade GASOL… gasol is still one of the best PF in the league… ^ ^

    lakers GO GO GO GO!

  18. Bill COsby says:

    I’m pretty sure Luke Walton has more championships than both Lebrick and the rest of the Cheats combined

  19. fritz says:

    HE can be a power forward like odom did.. good move lakers!!!1

  20. Gerson says:

    How many titles did Miami win? ……..Just one. In other words, 1 more than zero. Compare that to 16 and 31 appearances in the finals. The so-called Big Three in South Beach lost in 6 to Dallas. Let’s see when they win the first of the 8 titles promised by those 3 bozos. Talk is cheap, Miami.

  21. markis says:

    man the timberwolves need to keep luke ridnour if they are getting rid of beasley, that would be the dumbest thing they could ever do is to give both players up. ridnour has been a beast and to lose him would be a blow to the head unless people think jamal crawford is waay better then I dont think this trade should go down

  22. Ray says:

    Hmm What I don’t get is why go for a forward ? you have Metta World Peace a primer defender who has been playing exceptional basketball in recent week and Matt Barnes who also is a primer defender. Now what i think is a PG is a great move for the Lakers because this whole season they haven’t been capable of sticking that position with PG’s like Jose Calderon, Jarrett Jack, Lou Williams, Jeremy Lin, etc who put up big number’s against them. So i will go for a solid PG who can DEFEND and score !

  23. Baller101 says:

    if the Lakers do send Blake out and keep the pick this might be a master stroke, Beasley is out of contract this season, he’ll want to prove his worth especially on a contender, he adds fire power to the bench (where i would use him) athleticism as well as versatility. Though if this move works out and Beasley plays a big part this off season, I would trade MWP as soon as the playoffs are done, get a pick for him and save some cash, then talk to Beasley and re sign him as a free agent (restricted if they make an 8mil offer) this way the first round picks can be used to:

    A) get the Lakers a decent Point Guard
    B) add some bench strength in the event MWP is traded out and Beasley stays on (this would push Beasley in the starting line up)
    C) get some young talent and legs…

    This deal also provides the Lakers with one last shot at the title with the core of Bynum, Pau & Kobe… Regardless of if they win or not i’d trade Pau in the off season, get a young star with a more flexible salary.. If this happens then you wouldn’t have a long transition from rebuilding to contender, you already have an All Star Center to build around, if they get another star for Pau, and picks along with that, i can see the Lakers staying a contender for the near future…

  24. gwapoako says:

    i dont think clips is the king of LA. i would still go with Lakers, they are number 3 in the western conf.

  25. LAfanboy says:

    to all heat fans worry your team instead IF they will make it to the finals.. LOOK your miami lost to bulls WITHOUT D-rose… oh hey..bulls lost to miami once right? yeah it because deng wasnt playing that time(bcos of injury).. if ur just a kobe haters,keep hatin while kobe is once again getting another NBA ring.. how the hell that Lbron compared to kobe if who is the best BTW?i dont see any point to see Lbron is better than kobe give me a reason pls..coz i can give u reasons why kobe is better than ur lebron..
    1.yeah Lebron may be good at his FG than kobe..WHY? coz most of Lbrons shots was just dunks and lay-ups(why do ppl want to watch dunk and lay-ups than creating shots on your on and clutch shots BTW,can u see any fun on watching that?) while kobe most of his shots was fadeaway and clutch shots(that’s bastketball)
    2. let see if Lbron make difficult shots like kobe always do?can Lbron do it?the answer is a big NO.. coz lebron has no talent to make shots like kobe always does..
    3. why they r comparing Lebron to Kobe btw?Kobe can only compare to MJ(GOAT) because they have the same talent.. creating shots on their own which Lebron cant do.. Lebron will never be compared to MJ and Kobe..
    4.Ur Lbron still hasnt proved anything to be the best player in the league. how many rings does he have btw?(do you want me to answer that? ok ill tell you, its a big 0)

  26. B Bus says:

    Wait, why do the Lakers need an option at the 3? They already have artest and barnes

  27. Charles says:

    I think the lakers don’t need to change anything..
    they have a scoring machine – kobe
    they rebound well – bynum and gasol
    and most important thing – bench players

  28. Kobe@Philippines says:

    You are going to add Beasley then you would not use him, the same what you did with Kapono.,, A high percentage shooter but still not being used.. good luck,, what we need is a real pointguard..

    • Rodney says:

      I Think the Lakers made a mistake when they decided not to take Gilbert arenas c’mon the guy has been a 3 time all star I know injury’s and lockerroom issues are bit problem but c’mon if u are handling a crazy maniac like metta world peace having a guy like arenas wouldn’t hurt the Lakers in fact it can help the Lakers ge is only 30 compare to dead fish one foot in the grave he still can put up 15ppg plays average defense so big upgrade at point why is still not a Lakers I don’t know??? If it was me I would of trade Rondo for gasol and then I would put beasly at of so our lineups would look like this. PG: Rajon Rondo SG: Kobe Bryant SF: Jason Kopono PF: Michael Beasly C: Bynum then our bench would look like this PG: Fisher,session, Sg: Andrew Goulock Sf:Metta World peace PF: Troy Murphy C: Rasheed Wallace (which we didn’t end up signing either which was a very big mistake he could of help our center position anybody agrees with me????

  29. Jay says:

    Lakers !

    Why not ! Beasley is an option to full fill the guards… We have Gasol/Bynum doing great, Kobe the Godfather of Basketball and now Beasley.. Blake, morris etc are not worth playing for the Lakers…

  30. Geo says:

    @prix – Ahahaha.
    That is all.

  31. Rodney says:

    The Lakers owned the heats,lebron chocked last time against Metta World peace,Kobe is still the best player in the league,Lakers are championship caliber team all they need is a decent point guard so c’mon Mitch push for that I don’t mind having Beasley but we are already loaded in forward position the lack of a point guard is taking away all our hopes for being champions again,please don’t waste Jones career we can’t wait we must act now,Lakers should get. Pg:Ramon Session Sg: Kobe Bryant SF:Michael beasly of: gasol c: Bynum and we are set to win it all c’mon its not a rocketscience we are only a pg away from going back to glory days so c’mon Mitch please make it happen

  32. Mcky says:

    A pretty decent deal. Beasley can score in bunches, but that’s not really what the Lakers are looking for. And Blake has been consistent all season long, And Crawford still has a chip on his shoulder AND should affect the Wolves offense right away.

    But if I was the Lakers, I would go and get Crawford instead of Beasley just because of the simple fact that they’re need of a PG is well-documented. Crawford has that PG-mentality and can really help the Laker line-up in a very huge way.

    But hey, I’m still gonna expect anything until the TRADE-DEADLINE is finally over.

  33. HeatLatinoFan says:

    naturally i hate the lakers cuz i am a heat but some of you you miami bandwagon fans are really stupid make me feel ashame
    @prix you are a hater
    the whole world saw kobe knees didn’t hit rubio.
    They are doing better than Clippers and they are ranked 3 in west definitely not out of the league
    i am proud of heat but seriously east is too easy and we got two of top 5 players and still couldn’t catch rank 1 in east
    aside from Sacramento and New Orlanes all west teams play well and are tough this year , if Heat play in west it will be hard to get rank#2 i will say it wll be come like 3,4 or 5 . so don’t be a stupid u can hate all u want but don’t be a stupid cuz that make all of us real heat fans look bad.

    @Gabriel for a bandwagon fan you got this one right. you said and i quote ” Did We try? No.” exactly. we lost because we didn’t try. last year finals we lost cuz we didn’t. and we are losing to one star teams like lakers and orlando cuz we didn’t try.

    for the trade i think lakers pick up a good one. i am so mad miami didn’t keep MB

  34. john says:

    remember the play of Kobe against Yao that kept Yao out for the Playoffs last 2009 when they faced the rockets in a 7 game series? kinda like Rubio’s.. tsk tsk..

  35. Shane says:


  36. Shane says:

    fuc* LBJ a.k.a. QUEEN 6 , dwade, boshraptor face.defeated by roseless bulls.and bulls fans..i think u will win the Eastern Con this year but not to FINALS WITH THE L.A.LAKERS.!!!

  37. L>akers says:

    @Busy b for 3
    1) how many rings did lebron have?

    1 and only question

    answer = big O

  38. Christian NORWAY Bodin says:

    Just thought id say., Lakers are in NO urgent need of a point guard.. Kobe can run this team on his own. Beasly is a good pickup. Lakers want one last push at a championship, to give kobe as many rings as jordan.. Dont think it will work, but next season i think the lakers will look to rebuild, so aquiring beasly this season, puts them in a slightly better position to win than without him.

  39. sshameless says:

    Beasley would be a horrendously terrible trade for the Lakers. The draft is deep this year. Blake is not that good, but by far the best PG they have. Sessions would be worth a draft choice.

  40. LALA says:

    stupid move there by the wolves, giving us their probably “best scorer” and acquiring only Jamal Crawford who takes bad shots and is not consistent. Beasley’s a good fit for us, a good scorer and could handle the scoring load when Kobe is having a bad night. Rebounding has always been his problem, but we don’t really need him to rebound we have Gasol and Bynum to do that for us.

  41. cinnalocks says:

    Miami could not even beat CHICAGO without D Rose. The Heat will be exposed once again when the Playoffs start. Last night against Chicago in the 4th quarter where was LBJ? OKC will put it on them if not the Lakers. KOBE KOBE KOBE!

  42. RL says:

    This would be an excellent addition for the Lakers! It will help them in the future as they know have a solid young guy to complement the Big Three. Jim Buss is probably holding out this trade and looking to add Felton in the mix as well since Lakers would lose a point guard, I think this is the only thing that’s causing this trade not to happen. We will likely throw another guy on this trade with value like Barnes or McRoberts for this to happen. Otherwise its going to be a waiting game till the 3PM deadline.

  43. Realist says:

    Anthony, well said you are one of the few who has put some thought to your post. Lakers: Lockout, New coach, new system, and lost Odom without anything in return all due to Stern the D-bag. Miami, Chicago have the same team from last year, in other words continuity. If they (Lakers haters) would admit, because they know that the Lakers are getting it together with this new system. they would realize that they will be dangerous come play off time.

  44. i hope we do get micheal beasly because if we do that means that lakers are going back to nba finals and will win so we might need a great point gaurd look what derek fisher did all these years he a great denfensive and a hell of a 3pt shooter so mayybe we could bench derek fisher and let morrius and gaudelock get a ring nad will lakers will back on the top has the nba worlds greates defensive scoring and free thorw team of the leazgue kobe going for 6 hop lakers get a ring to beat the celtics and be the best nba team

  45. Busy b for 3 says:

    It simply is irrlevant……… Miami is going to destroy everybody…….. 1) who can guard lebron… 2) who can guard wade? 3) They have experience…….. 4) lebrons not even near his peak…….. nobody can touch them….. ESPECIALLY not the old, slow, and jacksonless Fakers

  46. Stacey says:

    Stupid move MN. Keep him, he’s got a future ahead of him. But typical MN sports, why would we make a move that actually makes sense?

  47. Magic Happens says:

    I think Beasley in Lakers will have a opportunity to help Lakers to go to the Western Coference Semifinal. Beasley may or may not have a great chemistry with the team but still he is better than the what World Peace.

    Crawford is used to be the sixth man, so I’m not sure if he could be the starting point guard for the Wolves. But Portland is certainly the loser now. Blake now is not who he was in Portland. The trade won’t help Portland this season, maybe the pick could help Portland though.

  48. alfred says:

    yeah the lakers beat the heat once. remember the heat swept them last season.. and the first match up this season, the lakers lost despite no wade… and yeah they beat the heat once. no bosh. ONCE. NO BOSH.

  49. xad says:

    not a good move for LA,.for Minnie either,.

  50. keke lexis says:

    THIS IS A GOOD moove for the lakers and a bad one for the WOlves they are so stupide .. beasley has the potentiel to become a star if he keep on devloping his game ! i dont understand those managers some time ( sorry for my spelling iam a french guy )

  51. Ben says:

    Am I missing something? Ridnour and Beasely for Crawford? Other than the fact that Crawford is 6′ 5″ and can defend against the 2, that’s a lot to give up for player who’s only decent. Crawford turns 32 in a couple days, so he’s not a long term solution. I like JJ Barea, but I think he works best coming off the bench. If JJ has to start you’ve got a munchkin defending the 1. So trading the Ridnour won’t help the Wolves make the playoffs this year, and renting a 2 guard on the downturn won’t help when Rubio’s back to 100%. I hope there’s another piece to the trade that I’m missing. Maybe Kahn’s trying to dump salaries to snag a free agent 2-guard this summer?

  52. mario says:

    Great move for Lakers. They desperately need a small forward and Beasley is the best they can get! He has the potential to be one of the top 5 players of the league IF he works hard. Still if he stays as he is he is what Lakers need right now. Now look to Europe for a pg. There are 2-3 better pgs than Rubio..

  53. Rio says:

    people been doubting the lakers yesr after year in all they did was win…and i’m am in no way a laker lover but they are just that damn for those bynum haters that boy ballin out there right now…everybody all ways quick to throw up the injury thing….those two injurys were freak injurys both by team mates could have had happen to anybody…and last but not lease the miami heat…smh..that team is a created team off of a 2k12 or somthing…and they still cant get it right yeah they good in the reg season but the playoffs are a differnt story(labron)

  54. pg needed says:

    please get a new pg and get rid of the fish…

  55. LakeShow says:

    @PRIX Do your homework dumba$$, you sound like a retard!

  56. Pau 2 atl says:

    Luke walton is a laker because his dad bought shares in the team. He’s insurance

  57. Pau 2 atl says:

    love how people say the lakers won’t be there in June, out west okc has the #1 Seed but they know that the Lakers, Spurs, Mavs, Nuggets are all threats to them. 0-2 vs Houston also. I think it’ll be either LA vs CHI, SA vs CHI, OKC vs MIA or CHI

  58. kp says:

    can y’all beat me no

    Am i the best Yes

    Kobe is the best in the league

  59. Pau 2 atl says:

    @rubio took one step and injured himself, nobody even touched him !!

  60. winning123 says:

    i think the Lakers should try to get a better player than Beasley. He’s not that good and absolutely not worth what there giving away. But maybe surrounded by the talents of Kobe, Gasol, and Fisher…. and he has potential.

  61. Raymond Acance says:

    I like this trade but only if they get felton as well
    or they get sessions right after
    i get why beasley is coming but thats the second priority right now
    well it should be
    trading blake makes the pg situation even worse but the bench situation much better

  62. Hace row says:

    I like Michael Beasley . He might do some good things for us with the new system that we have , however we need a point guard. Derick Fisher is old and cannot compete with the leagues elite pg’s. I say trade Pau and get Rando and we will get the ring.

    • LakersAllDay says:

      the Rondo trade will not happen.
      Rondo is entering his prime and if the Celtics want to consider being in the playoffs the cannot let go of
      Rondo no matter who or what the trade is.

  63. Jake Henry says:

    darius morris will be a good addition once he’s back and healthy, so this is a sick trade for the lakers leggo

  64. drakd says:

    WTF? why are there ppl saying rubio injury is because of a dirty play by kobe?. kobe dint stick his elbow or what , he just made the right move by aggressively driving when rubio is not in a proper defensive position. HOW IS IT A DIRTY PLAY WHEN IT IS KNEE TO KNEE CONTACT?

    Hope LAKERS made a good trade , a point guard would be ideal. If not worst case scenario , beg philjackson to come back.

  65. Uwa says:

    this trade is enough to make lakers a contender again. sorry haters but beasley can give the same amount of points as odom, plus they would have artest behind him, who can defend. it is a great trade for the lakers, in the short term. if gasol staying, i think they will deal him at the end of the year.

  66. seventeen says:

    *correction (not certainly miami)

  67. orayt says:

    1 thing’s for sure even if they will get the trade or not. LAKERS aint going to the finals this year.

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      I dunno, the only two teams I think L.A. woul have lots of problems with are OKC and San Antonia (Parker would drop 40 on them…somehow) but OKC has mental lapses at times as well so it’s really anyones game now for winning in the Finals thats another case but you can’t jsut say they won’t make it.

  68. seventeen says:

    @prix do u even think what ur saying?the lakers is just getting better..they may be owned by the bull and okc (but not ceratinly not miami). you can’t overlooked the emergence of andrew bynum and the championship DNA of LAKESHOW!

  69. Lala says:

    WE just have one full wish! ADD A GOOD POINT GUARD!

  70. armin halvadzic says:

    good trade for lakers. they don’t lose anything. just add something. bad move for the portland.

  71. Joseph_08754 says:

    The Lakers are still just a elite point guard away from contending again. However to use the Odom exception for Beasly, however if Beasley learns to play D from Artest then the lakers could have an elite wing defender to help the masked mamba out in the wings.

    I still hope they find someone before march 15 to plug that gaping hole at the point, even Jarret Jack was spectacular against the lakers.

  72. imafilipino says:

    Ramon Sessions next for the Lakers!

  73. Zeke says:

    If LA can find a way to add Blake to the deal and send him to Portland for Felton I think that would benefit both teams. Blake will be at home and Felton can be productive in a system he would probably feel more suited to.

    Btw at the first comment Lakers have beat the Clippers and the Heat.

    I would love to keep are big three and add Beasley and Felton and maybe are bench will be different which could be a good thing because it’s the worst I’ve witnessed as a Laker fan.

  74. Other Way Around says:

    What would actually be good for the Lakers is Jamal Crawford not Michael Beasley.

    Lakers are looking for a “faster” pg that can score at will.

    Enter Jamal Crawford. He’s a great scorer and a pretty fast and athletic. Why not trade for him instead of beasley. Why do you need a 4th foward??? You’ve already have Artest, Barnes and a couple other guys. This makes no sense. Beasley isnt even that great anyways.

    • KB24MVP says:

      The Lakers need bench scoring, regardless of position. Beasley is perfect for that. Keep MWP in the starting lineup, with Beasley and Barnes being the leaders of the bench. Matt can back up Kobe, and Beasley comes in for Metta. The Lakers DO need a PG, but most importantly is bench scoring in any facet. Plus, Beasley is much younger than Crawford, and he brings toughness and athleticism to an aging roster. Beasley and Bynum can stay together for years to come. The two of them are a good foundation for a strong team.

  75. Haters make me LOL says:

    Lakers beat the cHeat. They also are ahead of the Clippers in the standings. And Rubio’s injury happened when he planted his foot wrong chasing the ball in the closing seconds of the game- no one touched him.

    And as far as Beasley, yeah that’s a great pickup- but keep in mind they just gave away the reigning Sixth Man and one of the most versatile players in the league for nothing. And when did the Lakers “leave the league?” Even if that was the case, are you saying they shouldn’t try to make changes to improve?

    If you’re gonna talk junk, at least have some clue what you’re saying. Spare us all your nonsense.

  76. Lakers! says:

    What about Ron/Metta? Will he play from the bench if this deal were to complete? man.. fill the point guard spot!

  77. L>A .com says:

    thats basketball! all of the teams wants to be a champion,, L.a is a championship caliber team as always they do every decade… and about rubio`s injury did you really see the game? seriously~~~ dirty plays?

  78. Hawthorne says:

    Prix what are you talking about? lakers are out of the league? What league are you watching? lakers are like 3rd in the west (ahead of the clips btw) beat the mavs twice beat the heat they picking up some momentum definitely as the season draws near and that kobe play on rubio was not intentional…smh trolls..

  79. Hireta says:

    LA just need PG instead of a dead Fish ?

  80. Kobe Bryant says:

    We don’t need Michael Beasley Matt Barnes is already what we need and there is someone which we don’t use it Jason Kapono adding Michael Beasley is not a good option and its waste of Money and the deal is very much bad giving 2 1st Draft picks is a Kinda Hell Deal.

  81. MZ says:

    This does not make sense! Why would MN give up two of its most valuable players for 1 guy who isn’t anything special. I really hope this deal does not go through!! I just bought season tickets for next year and I’ll gladly cancel if they make a stupid mistake like this. SMH!!!

  82. After the trade deadline LAKERS COULD BE WORLD CHAMPS AGAIN!!!
    F: Gasol,Beasley,World Peace, Barnes,Ebanks,Walton,McRoberts,Murphy,Kapono

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      If they got a decent pg w/o giving up Gasol I might put them into a spot for contention, but without one its jsut rough to say they’ll be able to take these teams that play up tempo with point guard play.

  83. WADE says:

    I just do not know why the lakers havent gone after Aaron Brooks who is playing in China. He would be a bargain price and he has carved us up every time he has played us. On another note, why the hell do the lakers keep on their roster and keep PAYING an OVERPAID Luke Walton? He has done NOTHING for years yet we keep paying him. 😦

  84. Mabs says:

    Keep the 2012 picks man. Its a deep draft. And even if you were, your gonna tarde them from michael ‘no buckets’ beasley? Haha

  85. jmndodge says:

    This trade helps the LAL as Beasley is the most talented player, young and has grown up a lot this year. Beasley however does not fit with the new Timberwolves, Luke will not be in the long range plans, but is needed for major minutes this season. Jamel, is stop gap, the wolves are looking to next year. They have AT, Darko, Webster and possibly Ellington for trade, Jamel also might fit that possibility if they can move him before the opts out. This trade is likely to happen, with a LAL pg going to Portland, Beasley to LAL and Jamel to MN.

  86. Claudiu says:

    how can they trade a future 20 and 7 dude like Beasley for draft picks…it’s just insane…this is a very,very,very stupid move for the Wolves…if they want to trade Beasley they need to search a better deal….

    • MinneLakers says:

      They are trading Beasly for 2 reasons… 1. They are pretty clogged up in the SF position and rotation.. 2. Chemistry issues within the team – Beasly has been one pain in the head for the Wolves… They lost Rubio to this season so they are looking ahead and take a quality player to fill in the really needed SG spot, some draft picks that they can use moving forward to build on.. This is something that OKC have done before. Look where they are now….

  87. marky says:

    Beasly would be a nice fit..He would look good in a Laker uniform..

  88. Kmyr-j Cruz says:

    thats a great deal.. accept it.. the lakers will be tough to defeat.. fisher,bryant,beasley,gasol,bynum…

  89. prix says:

    that was sick..Lakers just couldn´t accept the fact that they are out of the league right now and owned by Miami..Bulls..OKC and even the Clippers..after destroying Rubio´s career with dirty plays and physicality, now they add another beast…BEASTLY:::

    • Hater says:

      They beat the Heat….

      • Heat says:

        They lost without Bosh so … 🙂

      • Amit says:

        yeah they did beat the heat…once.

      • Haterade says:

        And the Clips…

      • Anthony says:

        @prix how are the lakers out of the league were number 3 in the west and 5 in the league. We beat miami, chicago beat us by a point on the first day back after a lockout and with a new team/coach. Both Miami and Chicago have the same players and coaching staff since last year. With a new coaching system, new players, and a loss of Odom i think were doing pretty damn good. If we get Beasley that will put us back at the NBA finals. From your comment you just sound like a HATER on LAKER NATION!!!!! 16 franchise championships

      • bob says:

        goodjob lakers finally beat miami once LOL

      • Gabriel says:

        They beat the heat? LMAO

        We’re we missing Bosh
        Did we try

      • Lala says:

        you’re right,, they beat the heat.. Beasley on the LALA will be the best move and remain Pau in the line up, they should acquire good point guard as well.. GO lakers!!

    • mark says:

      cosidering lakers beat the heat last week im not sure how your logic is working

      obviously you are a laker hater calling that dirty play to end rubio’s season

      personally though i dont really like this trade unless we are going to trade MWP somewhere to clear some cap or get rid of steve blake to keep the extra draft pick beasley is good and all but we couldnt fit him in our rotation by only releasing a draft pick

      • MrNC says:

        @Mark. I agree! They should trade Blake, cause losing 2 first round draft picks for Beasley is big! Lakers are 5th overall, and adding 2 first rounders would make Lakers more dangerous!

    • LakersKid says:

      Son where in the news have you seen that the Lakers have been out of this game. Kobe, Gasol and especially Bynum are working harder than ever. Yeah so what if Rubio got hurt. It’s a part of the game, and Miami got owned by the Lakers

    • Jones17 says:

      (a) Lakers beat the Heat (b) Lakers are ahead of Clippers in the standings (c) Rubio is out for the season, not his career (d) He was injured with Kobe driving to the hoop i.e. no dirty/physicality involved and (e) you’re a bandwagoning moron

      • sshameless says:

        Looks like the Heat is “out of the league”. They just lost to Chicago w/o Rose. And they had Bosh. Homers are always blind sheeple.

    • ohyeah says:

      @prix just couldn’t accept the fact Lakers are still a top team but really, LAL needs PG

    • sshameless says:

      Just wondering….. did the Heat players cry in the locker room again after the Lakers beat them down? That’s what Spoelstra said they do when they lose.

    • Jay says:

      wow! out of the league?! Clippers are a mess losing 6 out of 10 games, and Miami is on a 2 games skid, losing to a team against a DRoseless team! And you go OKC who hasn;t proved anything in the playoffs other than a Western Conference outerS! Lets not get ahead of ourselves and remember whos won 2 out of the last 3 NBA championships! something I cant say for OKC, BULLS, CLIPPERS(HA!) or MIAMA or as I’d like to call them MIA! Missing in ACTION!

    • LA ALL THE WAY! says:

      Prix U have to be the biggest hater of all time to say that the lakers pulled a cheat shot on Rubio! If it was anyone’s fault it would be Rubio’s fault because he stepped into kobe’s path. The Lakers were never out of the league, they struggled early because they were learning a new system after knowing the triangle offense for 10+ years! U have to be stupid to think that they were ever out of the league. With the emergence of Andrew Bynum the lakers could still have a chance to win another title, but with the addition of micheal beasley the Lakers would be solid title contenders. Besides the Los Angeles is still Laker town anyway, just because the clips are flashy doesn’t mean that they will win games, as seen by their losign streak at the moment.

    • fan says:

      1. that wasn’t sick
      2. they’re still on the league ( there are still 30 teams last time i checked it)
      3. Rubio got injured because he can’t guard kobe (watch the game’s highlight)
      4. the Heat, Bulls, Thunder and Clippers never owned the Lakers, it is owned by the Buss Family
      5. Michaels Beasley’s surname isn’t spelled as “BEASTLY”, neither with three colons

    • mikey says:

      i believe the lakers are in 1st in there division and i believe the t-wovles are not winning there division your just a laker hater and they beat the heat and they dont play the bulls this year so u cant say that the bulls are better they havent played yet !

    • Mr. Batez says:

      Obviously a Laker Hater, or just someone with no knowledge of the game. How did you manage to find this website? Lakers are third in the west and this move only makes them better! Sounds like these Laker Haters are afraid of this move. But this guy is just looking for attention!! lol & theyre only giving up one 1st rounder not two fellas.

    • CTran says:

      Actually Rubio was playing pretty physical fpr a small PG, and he got hurt when he blocked Kobe, I don’t know how you concluded it was a dirty play, what game were you watching?

    • gfd says:

      prix is just a lil bitch

    • M.Beasleyblowingblunts says:

      and thats cause they had the money to take away any other stars from other teams. Which they can’t do as much anymore cause of the cba but you lakers gonna be pretenders for a few more years than we’ll see if your management can build a championship team without being able to throw money around.