D’Antoni Out, Woodson In As Knicks’ Interim Coach

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Mike D’Antoni won’t get the chance to fix whatever ails the New York Knicks. He resigned as coach Wednesday and is being replaced on an interim basis by his assistant and former Hawks head coach Mike Woodson, as first reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports and since confirmed by sources to NBA.com.

With rumors rampant and the Knicks falling out of the playoff mix with an ugly 0-for-March stretch — they’ve lost six straight games — something had to give. D’Antoni leaves in what was reportedly a mutual parting of the ways. But there were rumblings that D’Antoni had lost the respect of the players in his locker room in recent weeks.

The glow of Linsanity and Jeremy Lin‘s rise to fame was washed away in Carmelo Anthony‘s struggles and growing discomfort in a system that didn’t feature the All-Star forward the way he was used to being featured. D’Antoni’s departure marks a major mood swing for the Knicks, who just last month this time were the talk of the league and the global sports world with Lin as the centerpiece.

They won seven straight games, got back to .500 and did almost all of that with Anthony out injured. But they suffered losses in eight of their next 10 games and simply could not get Anthony, Lin, Amar’e Stoudemire and the rest of their key players on the same page.

TNT’s David Aldridge weighs in with even more details on a rift between D’Antoni and Anthony that might have led to the “mutual parting of the ways”:

A source with knowledge of the discussions says D’Antoni and Knicks chairman James Dolan mutually agreed to terminate D’Antoni’s job with New York after the two met this morning.

D’Antoni, the source said, had been advocating that the Knicks attempt to trade Anthony to the New Jersey Nets for guard Deron Williams, a deal D’Antoni believed would be beneficial for both franchises. But Dolan categorically declined that request, and the “conflicting visions” between the owner and head coach about Anthony meant there was no way forward.

D’Antoni had hoped the Knicks’ inspired and winning play with Lin as the centerpiece — while Anthony and Stoudemire were injured — would convince Dolan the Knicks could win without Anthony. Bringing Williams from the Nets would also have eases the burden on Lin, D’Antoni believed, allowing Lin to settle into a three-guard rotation.

D’Antoni asked for the meeting with Dolan after his relationship with Anthony had deteriorated sharply in recent days. He will be paid the remainder of the $6 million he’s due in this fourth and final year of his $24 million contract.

Woodson has plenty of experience trying to turn around a struggling program. (He is, after all, the mastermind behind the Knicks’ defensive renaissance this season, they went from 21st in defensive efficiency last season to 10th this season.)

He spent six years in Atlanta, using a star-friendly system that helped Joe Johnson and, later, Al Hoford earn multiple All-Star nods.

Woodson was criticized for his “Iso Joe” offense that relied almost exclusively on Johnson either making or creating plays in half-court sets, but he had great success with that style. The Hawks made three straight playoff appearances in his final three years with the team and rang up the fourth-best season in the franchise’s Atlanta history with a 53-29 record in 2009-10.

“Woody’s on the hot seat again,” a league source said and then laughed. “That’s just the way he likes it.”

Woodson is also known as a defensive specialist, something the Knicks knew they needed in August when they hired Woodson to join D’Antoni’s staff.

He proved in Atlanta that he was capable of working under duress, as the Hawks endured on- and off-the-court drama from the moment he took over until the day he found out his contract would not be renewed. Woodson’s first Hawks team won just 13 games, the worst record in the league during the 2004-05 season.

The Hawks won 26, 30, 37, 47 and 53 games in the seasons after that, making it to the Eastern Conference semifinals in each of Woodson’s last two seasons.

But whatever challenges he faced in Atlanta, he never faced the sort of attention and pressure he’ll see now with the Knicks, even if only on an interim basis.

Our man Scott Howard-Cooper was in L.A. to see some of Woodson’s former players on the Hawks take on the Clippers:

Joe Johnson: “I have no idea how he’s going to do, but I’m sure he’ll try to have those guys ready to go. They’ve got a lot of talent. Hopefully he can bring the best out of them.”

Johnson, on dealing with the scrutiny in New York: “I’m sure he’ll be able to handle it. I haven’t talked to him in a while. But this is an opportunity for him. It’s presented itself again. I’m sure he’s going to want to make the most of it.”

Zaza Pachulia: “You really can’t compare Atlanta to New York. It’s totally different with everything – the team, the city, the organization, media. Everything. One thing I can say it’s every assistant coach’s dream to become a head coach, so I’m sure he feels great about it.”

Pachulia, on Woodson’s prospects for success in New York: “I’m sure it’s going to be hard. Especially taking over near the middle of the season and not having time to practice. It’s tough. But I’m sure he’s going to try his best.”

UPDATE (11:45 p.m.): Finally, we have this from NBA.com correspondent Mike Slane, who hung around to talk to Knicks after their win over Portland on Wednesday:

Carmelo Anthony: “It was an unfortunate day. From a basketball standpoint, we had a lot of fun on the court. We responded well with our backs against the wall. Under the circumstances we put everything aside, played basketball and had fun. It was a good way to come out and get a ‘W’. In life there are times change can be for the better. It is an unfortunate situation with coach Mike. He said he stepped down for the sake of the team. He felt like the team needed change. I wish it was under better circumstances but it is what it is.”

Amar’e Stoudemire: “I’m always a guy that’s going to listen to my coach and also implement whatever strategy for us to play towards that goal. They watch more film than we do. They study the game a lot more than we do. So they have a better sense of how to play the game. With that being said, with him being gone now, Mike Woodson is our coach and we have to have the same respect for him as we had for our previous coach.”

Jeremy Lin: “For me, personally, I’m a little more emotional, losing a coach or anyone that was there for me the whole season. Obviously, him and the staff did a lot for me and did a lot for the team.”

Steve Novak: “I was home and I was very unhappy. The opportunity he gave me and the coach that he is and more than anything the man that he is. It is going to be tough knowing that he is not going to be working with us the rest of the year.”

Tyson Chandler: “Obviously, at the beginning when I found out the news about coach it was disappointing. I was excited about playing for him throughout the year. I understand that things don’t always go the way you expect them to. I will always have respect for coach and I will always respect his decision.”


  1. Al says:

    New coach will get them far. D’antoni was letting their Point Guard do whatever he wanted and it stopped working cuz everyone learnt his moves. I think Nash was just being nice and letting D’antoni think he was coaching in Phoenix. But thats what a true Hall of Fame point guard can do.

  2. pacoy says:

    Melo… a lazy overpaid player… get rid of him and the team save a lot of money…

  3. pacoy says:

    I’ll trade Melo for a cup of coffee before the deadline…. simple as that…

  4. khryz says:

    ball movement and defense, knicks will go to finals

  5. Sam says:

    Lets go Melo out of the team. They were winning without him and it was a fun team to watch. At soon as Melo came back, everything mess up.

  6. Cfutpower says:

    With Melo huggin the ball and “thinking” that he is Jordan, I don’t think Knicks will ever have a chance with any coach.
    I still think Melo for Howard is a good idea, but o well.

  7. the main problem with the new york is the presence of carmelo anthony,the Yankees will enter the play off and will win their remaining games without the selfish carmelo anthony and without their superstar players,the knicks will win with the linsanity and with their rookies.just like he did last february.so its better carmelo will be junk to new jersey with deron williams with the knicks.it will ease the responsibility of my idol Jeremy Lin the Linsanity fever

  8. the knicks will enter the play off without carmelo anthony,with the presence of my idol Jeremy Lin,with the Linsanity fever, just like he did last february. the knicks will enter the final with deron williams who will be brought to new york with carmelo anthony will be junk to new jersey.it will ease the burden of my idol Jeremy Lin.you carmelo anthony the selfish one.

  9. KnicksFAN says:

    Love D’Antoni and his work, but trading Melo for Deron is not such a good idea I think. I think the is solution, is to play Lin off the bench and start BD. Lin can still contribute even if his not a starter, play him with JR off the bench. BD can sets plays for Amare and even Melo, the game would be slower but I think is more productive. but all of this would not be possible if Melo doesn’t want to share and wants all plays to run through him, I know Woodson can figure it out.

  10. Ben says:

    “Cravallo” Anthony should not be on the Knicks team. His attitude stinks, he is arrogant and selfish, and by far is not a good player. In my eyes, he is a cry baby and should not wear any uniform in the NBA.

  11. nonoy says:

    Carmelo come back form injury proved that he does not fit in the system D’mike wants, they were winning w/o Carmelo,now hes back, look at the numbers,,, trade Carmelo…

  12. MeloMan007 says:

    D’antoni is a great coach with his unique style of system.. it’s just it does not fit the players or should i say some of the players.. there were two options.. change the system or change the player/s.. and here is the answer..

  13. Ben says:

    Carmelo Anthony is a misfit to the Knicks. He is arrogant and selfish. And thus the team would fare better without this character.

  14. Renato says:

    It was about time.I mean,even if the pieces don´t fit togheter,New York has enough talent to be in the top 8 in a really weak conference.They are behind a team that has won 18 in 42 matches,that´s just terrible.A team with Amare and Carmelo can´t struggle that much for such a long time.Dantoni has had more than enough time to make the Knicks at least decent,and he couldn´t do it.

  15. Ray says:

    Melo is an amazing scorer, no question. But he’s not a great player, a Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or Lebron James because he doesn’t make the players around him better as the Knicks record since his return has shown. He’s the problem.

  16. Vic says:

    – This is downright disgusting to see Mike D’Antoni resign. Did we all forget about what D’antoni did last month when Lin was the focal point of the team without the 2 so called stars Melo and Stat. The Knicks were 7-1 with Lin the focal point running the offense.. Then here comes Carmelo aka Willie Beamen demanding the ball.. its pathetic.. So the solution was simple. . . you trade Melo send him to New Jersey – Deron Williams would have been great in Mike D’Antoni’s system! I wish you the best of luck Mike D’Antoni in the future.

  17. Tanuwijaya says:

    Melo is always burden. Back then in Nuggets and now in Knicks. I dont know why some people still favoring him. He’s like spoiled kid!

  18. reprezentedmami says:

    It’s obvious that the Knicks do not need Melo. He seems to confuse the entire structure of the team and everyone loses their roles in his presence. He is a player that requires special needs, he has to be solely dependent on in order to be productive. When Melo was out the Knicks relied on playing team basketball which in fact proved to have a successful effect on the dynamics of the team. It allowed players who were over shadowed to have an opportunity to shine and it unlocked a lot of weapons the Knicks never knew they had. It was an artillery of hidden talent that allowed more ball movement, a faster paced game, more transition, and WINS!! When Melo came back into rotation he slowed the game down again, played more isolation and more times than not was ineffective, then towards the end of the game when the Knicks needed their “So-Called” superstar the most, he wasn’t able to come through. This in the end only hurt the team and disrupted the chemistry they had prior to Anthony’s return. Franchises need to listen to their Head Coaches more often because they know their players better than ownership. They have a personal and intimate relationship with the team and want to win just as bad as the owners. Instead of letting your head coach walk away try taking a different approach and checking the players or in this case PLAYER.

  19. celticsfan9 says:

    i think the whole thing is wrong. carmelo is the BIG problem, he has no teamwork in his DNA and he’s a selfish player. i feel really bad for d’antoni he was a GREAT coach and i get where amare is coming from with his anger in d’antoni leaving. hopefully they realize its carmelo who is the problem and get him out of ny

  20. diddy ho says:

    Lin, Amare, fields, chandler to magic Nelson, howard, hedo, big baby davis to nyc
    NYC – win. melo + howard + nelson + davis + davis. This lineup can let melo show up his talent with howard
    magic – win too
    with jeremy lin + chandler and amare.
    highly recommend

  21. Firius says:

    Melo is the problem. Fire him, not the coach.

  22. Van says:

    Amare’s not the problem like u were saying. He played well on the 7 game winning streak that they previously had. I believe that he’s a team player, remember when he’s playing with Nash in Phoenix. D’antoni is a great coach, his system was good and working until Melo came back from injury. I’m a Knicks fan and would love to see this team in the playoffs. But Melo’s “me first” personality would most likely be the problem.

  23. J. Rankin says:

    Carmelo is the ultimate ball-stopper, by definition! He has to always play in the space where Stoudemire made a living last year. He not only stagnates the offense, he takes away Amare’s mid-range and pick-n-pop game, which he thrived with last year and in Phx w/ Nashty….’Melo is the root of ur problemo! And ur best defensive team on the floor doesn’t include him. What star player can he guard in the east? He can’t guard a wet paper bag. Team ball and Defense wins.

  24. RockyRoadriguez says:

    It is obvious, Melo is the problem! Get out of there and find a team that suits your way!

  25. charlotte phillips says:

    Self-centered MElo’s nickname should be “ME.” It’s no coincidence that Denver got better once he left. The Knicks did great while he was out and started losing once he came back and returned to his ball-hogging ways. What’s wrong with the owners that they can’t see that he’s a detriment? They need a coach who’ll make him be part of the team, or better yet, insist the owners trade him for ANYONE who’s a team player. I wish D’Antoni the best; I liked him a lot in Phoenix, but with Steve Nash and Grant Hill, coaching is easy.


  26. candy............ says:

    i say larry brown wll b the best coach for new york.peace out

  27. Lakers R Us says:

    It’s not D’Antoni’s fault! Just think it’s bad chemistry with the Knicks! Melo and amare do not seem to be doing real well together; even though they are both very good individual players! Too bad really! Jeremy Lin is the spark for that team!

  28. Lin says:

    Please go with Mike.D,Melo

  29. DD says:

    Lin, Amare, fields, chandler to magic Nelson, howard, hedo, big baby davis to nyc NYC – win. melo + howard.

  30. DD says:

    yson wont be happy so to magic and + magic defence. Magic: Happy too. Lin + amare

  31. Coupe says:

    Melo lost his presence in the team when Lin is playing. Basically he just want the spot light. If you watched D’antoni’s time with the suns, he works well with a team with a good point guard. This is the reason why they lost early in the season. When Lin shined, its going well for them until Melo came back. Basically, Amare has no problems, Melo is the big thorn in the side. The Knicks really need a second PG for back up cases and D-Will will help make them better but the management thinks that Melo is superstar and is rare. They completely forgotten the main goal, winning the championship. If they want a good team, try thinking whats best for it. Mike isn’t the problem, its the player’s ego that goes into it.

    • J. Rankin says:

      Carmelo is the ultimate ball-stopper, by definition! He has to always play in the space where Stoudemire made a living last year. He not only stagnates the offense, he takes away Amare’s mid-range and pick-n-pop game, which he thrived with last year and in Phx w/ Nashty….’Melo is the root of ur problemo! And ur best defensive team on the floor doesn’t include him. What star player can he guard in the east? He can’t guard a wet paper bag. Team ball and Defense wins.

  32. SlashHendrixLAX says:

    even Jordan had to learn to share the ball and trust his teammates to win the title. how come this Melo guy just seems doesnt understand that. does he play like MJ? NO!!! not even a mile close. does he play bigger ego than those hall of famers or hall-of-famer-going-to-be? hell YAHH! when a team comes with a big head ego player, its just purely a recipe of disaster. Melo a proven record player? proven of what? did he ever help the teams hes played with to win any titles? NEVER! 21.3 PPG DOES NOT tell a true story of a player, nor prove anything in any term. do not say Melo is a proven record player before he actually accomplish anything. TRADE MELO. NYK doesnt need a player like him just to add another page of drama or joke in its history.

  33. KC says:

    It’s an unfortunate coincidence that shortly after D’Antoni resigned, the Knicks obliterated Portland by 42 points. The two events are probably not related, but it probably makes the transition a little easier for all those still with the organization.

    Probably the game says more about where the Trailblazers are right now than anything about NY. Still, time will tell.

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      It is an indictment on the team that they played like this tonight. Shame on you Knicks. Definetely related. It always happens though doesn’t it! The trailblazers are certainly sinking fast though aren’t they, they are well off the boil offensively the last month and a half.

  34. Stone says:

    Seriously… some of you didn’t even watch one whole game, when i take a look at some comments. D’Antoni coached like my granny… and the best thing to happen was that guy to leave NY.
    Next step: Give Woodson a chance to improve the teamplay (espcially with Anthony!)… then we’ll see.

  35. gianluca cara says:

    thanks for all coach I wish you the best of luck in your future ventures.

  36. hellfest416 says:

    Is it possible of for a Melo Josh Smith trade? Will it work out if it happens?

  37. Proud to be Non-Am says:

    Melo did destroy the Knicks’ chemistry when he returned from injury. That’s what ball hogs do to team 1st teammates.

  38. Harry says:

    I am from Europe , and Mike D’Antoni can fit ONLY in European Bball.. A team like NY (or C’s . or LA , etc etc) , with strong franschise name, and huge history cannot rely on an average European coach.. I was shouting all those years , D’Antoni out of the NBA now !!! I watch a lot of European Bball, my team is European.. The Basket here is 100% different , D’Antoni (and every..D’Antoni) doesnt have those extras needed for NBA.. He is good for a European team , but not even average for the (hypothetically) worst team of NBA … Not even to mention a team at .500 or above (like NY)

  39. Ray says:

    How about Melo and Tyson Chandler for Dwight Howard?

    • Renato says:

      The Magic could certainly agree to that deal.But i dont believe the knicks are going to offer this trade.

  40. Tonio says:

    Sorry for d’ antoni…..melo should be trade instead of d’ antoni resigning.

  41. matthew carballal says:

    There is no point in discussing a trade or alternative scenarios. The Knicks will always be horrible because James Dolan has zero understanding of business or basketball.

  42. Sam says:

    The problem is an easy fix. Trad Melo or hire Phil Jackson.

  43. Pokiee says:

    Now if someone could just get Dolan to sell the Knicks to a person competitive enough (and wise enough) to invest some actual thought into the process of getting this once proud franchise back on its feet, We can call this season progress.

  44. jmills says:

    Dolan is a fool holding on to Anthony, but Mike D still had to go in my opinion. I don’t know much about Woodson but defense is more reliable than offense.

  45. melo great says:


  46. Oneil Edwards says:

    You guys are missing the real issue. The team has no floor general. This isn’t college basketball. Pro basketball teams need to know their pecking order and they need a leader. During Linsanity, The team accepted him as the floor general. After Melo returned, things got foggy. Melo is not a leader and neither is STAT.

    Without a clear, vocal leader (not an overgrown child with a great jump shot) this team is going nowhere.

  47. NBA Fan says:

    Carmelo should have been traded…

  48. John says:

    Everyone is pointing the finger at Melo has anyone watched Stoudamire this year. He is awful. He is turning into 1 of the worst contracts in the NBA. Amare looks finished

  49. MeJoe says:

    who among you here thinks that he shall coach clips? because i think VDelNegro is close to being out of Lob City 🙂

    • Prit says:

      That is an awesome suggestion. MikeD coaches Clippers. Clippers have evrything Mike needs to run his system. Why didn’t i thought of that. I was hoping that they will get Steve Nash, what you suggested is even better

  50. jp says:

    Wow, D’Antoni’s idea of the trade for Williams was a brilliant one but unfortunately, the Knicks chairman, Dolan, can not see things correctly and believes the overrated Anthony can still lead the team. We’ll see how the season rolls on, Dolan.. would not be surprised if the Knicks continued their losing streaks.

  51. tupark82 says:

    melo has ruined everything the knicks have built. finally, the knicks were starting to play the brand of basketball mike wanted since last season, and then they trade the whole team away for this offense only pony. smh

  52. NIck says:

    The Knicks worked Great without Anthony and should trade him. He doesn’t fit in this type of offence. Maybe they could be getting HOWARD in a trade. Mike D’Antoni offence would FLY with these guys in the line up. New York made another huge mistake and will end up not even making the playoffs.

  53. Wizardman says:

    Melo is a scorer , that’s what he gets paid to do. We as Knicks fans need to understand the sport Ists a team game not one player it’s not tennis the blame is on everyone.

  54. Good move says:

    Now the Knicks have a shoot at winning a playoffround

  55. RIo says:

    Im sorry for D’Antoni but I love the decision made by the Knicks. Melo and D’Antoni’s system didnt work well together plus i dont believe D’Antoni’s system is capable of winning a championship. I honestly believe with the players around him if mike can incorperate his iso style ball with Melo (who is much better than Joe Johnson) he can win. Then if and only if he can get 48minutes of consistent solid defense they could win a championship(s). They had no chance on D with D’Antoni.

  56. Akshay Pandya says:


  57. Akshay Pandya says:

    Couple of Blockbuster Deals that will make all teams involved better in the long run. Both trades work Salary Cap wise. New York Recieves: Dwight Howard
    Orlando Receives: Carmelo Anthony New York Recieves: Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams
    Atlanta Recieves: Amare Stoudemire, Iman Shumpert and Tony Douglas Why this makes sense for NY: They need to part ways with Melo. They have a good point guard in Lin and a good defensive big guy already in Chandler. By trading away Melo, they get back the best Center and defensive player in the NBA to put along side Chandler, who could then play PF (to form the best defensive frontcourt in the NBA) as Chandler is more of a face up post anyway when he’s not in transition. Melo is a ball stopper and while he is a franchise player, he plays halfcourt ball and the Knicks need to Run to get the best out of Lin and Chandler. The salaries match for both Anthony and Howard.
    Next, trading away Amare for Joe Johnson will give the Knicks a go to scorer who gets it done and is not a selfish player like Carmelo. The Knicks also get Marvin Williams, a long 3 man who can fill the void of Carmelo at the 3 spot. The Knicks would then Have a starting line up of
    1- Jeremy Lin
    2- Joe Johnson
    3- Marvin Williams
    4- Tyson Chandler
    5- Dwight Howard
    Bench: Landry Fields, JR Smith, Novak, Jefferies Why Atlanta does it:
    Marvin Williams wants to be traded and Joe Johnson has not been his moneys worth in Atlanta thus far. By trading for Stoudemire, ATL moves J-Smoove to SF giving them a front line of Horford, Stoudemire and Smith. This also gives them the luxury of being able to trade Smith for other pieces since they have Amare at PF. ATL also gets a backup guard in Douglas and a future stud in Shumpert. Why Orlando does it:
    They are not going to get any thing better than Carmelo Anthony (arguably a top 5 player) for Dwight Howard. I am not a Knicks fan but this is what I would want if I were. These moves w

    • Orlando fan says:

      Keep dreaming lol. Giving best defense in Dwight to 0defense 0rebound Carmelo? Lol Orlando would never allow that to happen. Plus melo is a team chemistry killer.

  58. Stefan says:

    The Knicks have been such a better team and had better team chemistry,melo wants the ball,but Jeremy Lin needs the ball.So melo is making the Knicks worse .But,we will see how Woodson will be coaching the Knicks,if that fails then trade Melo.

  59. NYMC says:

    Dump Melo’s contract Sign Phil Jackson for the $$$.

  60. Kevin says:

    The Nets would not have traded Williams for Anthony no matter what the Knicks included in the deal. Williams is a superior player and his presence will likely bring Dwight to New Jersey/Brooklyn. I can’t blame Dantoni for wanting to come out ahead, but that idea was pretty unrealistic if the information is factual.

  61. wallace says:

    He did not hold those guys accountable. they showed up when they wanted too and it cost him his job. I still feel bad for him because he took this job when the knicks was really bad and promised him they will build a team that can win and what they kicked him in the teeth. no good. Anthony been missing open wide shots for 2 months now. what about that?

  62. Knicks Fan says:

    i’ve been saying i don’t like melo trade and i don’t like the coach also
    but if i have to choose between those two, melo should have been first to go
    heck if i am knicks owner i will take that advice for D-Will for melo
    melo won’t work for knicks even with Zen master is not gonna work cuz melo is not kobe or MJ
    kobe and MJ swallowed their ego and made peace with the coach and listened to coach to win the titles
    i don’t think melo got that in him. so mike.D is gone who’s gonna be next?
    i would say Jeff Vand Gundy or Jerry Sloan should be nice.

    how is this sound
    Orlando got Amare + Tyson Chandler
    NY got D-will + Josh Smith + DH12
    NJ got Anthony + Pachulia + Turk
    ATL got hamphries + Lopez + R.Anderson

  63. Roy says:

    YES this is great news!! I am so happy D’antoni is out, he was the main reason this team was doing so bad. They have the talent but his bad coaching couldnt put it together. What else can you expect from a guy who only tells his players to score and not play defense, good riddens. I was hoping he would get fired earlier in the year but better late then never right?

  64. g chaffee says:

    anthony for j crawford woodson & crawford did great together in atl

  65. Armin Halvadzic says:

    Well I don’t think Phil Jackson is coming back to coach the Knicks. Now Mike is gone and yes it was his fault for the loses but not entairly. It’s Carmelo’s fault to. He’s supposed to be what Kobe is to LA and KD is to OKC. The leader who makes it work. It seems like New York just isn’t capable of putting a good team after Patrick Ewing era. They don’t know where is the head and where is the tail of the team. Jeremy Lin. That’s the only bright spot for the Knicks this year and that came up with allot of luck. They did a good job of brining all this talent to the city now only thing they have to do is to MAKE IT WORK !.

  66. ktouch says:

    People keep saying that during the streak, NY beat only the bad teams. Lakers and Mavs (Minn and even Utah before they went cold) were decent teams. Cameras don’t lie, if anyone of you watched the games during the winning streak, the team had good chemistry and everyone was smiling and excited. Heck, they even played verily good team defense. And now eversince Melo came back, look at their faces now and look at the effort the Knicks are putting up. D’Antonio’s coaching style may not bring you championship, but his coaching style, with the right players, will give a team good team chemistry and a playoff spot. The Knicks were playing the D’Antonio style during the streak, but once Melo came back and did his “iso” again, the chemistry goes south. Team chemistry means more than what people thinks because it determines if the individuals on a team are willing to play with each other. I am not fully blaming it on Melo (we all know Melo can score), but the players that the Knicks have does not fit his style. Melo needs a team that are built like the Lakers where there are two bigs rebounding at all times and players that will only spot up and shoot when he’s doubled, but not players that create plays. If the Knicks want to solve the issue and must build around Melo, they should trade players like STAT, Lin, and JR Smith away. This is more of a management issue than anything, they simply just don’t know how to put a team together with the right talent and character to create that chemistry. You can’t just slap a bunch of players that are known to be talented and expect everything to gel. I feel sorry for D’Antonio that he’s the scapegoat (someone has to go), but the way it is going, Jeremy Lin and JR will be elsewhere next year also. Even with a new coach, this Knicks team, if unchanged, will only go as far as first round.

  67. alberto mauro says:

    Melo rules… they had to keep Gallo… NY will never get to playoff

  68. jj says:

    ’twas bout time

  69. papa johns says:

    lebron travelled.

  70. TOMG says:


  71. Jack says:

    that just tells you that he wanted Carmelo to be dealt and they did not wanna get rid of him so hes walking away and hopefully he can take the job of Coach Mike Brown in LA next season.

  72. Rick Carlisle (Not Dallas Mavs) says:

    If you ever read this Mike D’Antoni, we all want to wish you and your family the best during this time. I understand how hard it can be to coach under the lights especially in Madison Square Garden in New York. Yet, I believe D’Antoni gave it his all during his 3+ years in New York. I am happy he was able to leave on his own terms after meeting with the GM this morning and I wish him nothing but the best. I know he will definitely find a job suitable for him somewhere in this league. Once again, best wishes to you and your family Mike..

  73. trade says:

    they need to trade melo and fast, trade him to some loser team and there he can play hes selfish basketball

  74. lando says:

    d’antoni should be hired by the miami heat after the end of this season if they don’t win the title this year… run and gun offense would be sick with all the athletes miami has… and the heat are already good enough on defense so they wouldn’t be the typical “Antoni” system – missing the D

  75. Rick Carlisle says:

    If you ever read this Mike D’Antoni, we all want to wish you and your family the best during this time. I understand how hard it can be to coach under the lights especially in Madison Square Garden in New York. Yet, I believe D’Antoni gave it his all during his 3+ years in New York. I am happy he was able to leave on his own terms after meeting with the GM this morning and I wish him nothing but the best. I know he will definitely find a job suitable for him somewhere in this league. Once again, best wishes to you and your family Mike.

  76. heat25 says:

    D’antoni bring your talent to South Beach that would be awesome!!!

  77. KD35 says:

    They Need Phil Jackson!

  78. kyle says:

    what the hell…….. d-antoni is still a great coach…… noone in his 3 years and a half remember tha he never had a really play and also that in his first year he had the contract of someone like eddy curry and rose soooo u guys remember that his type of offense is based on a play????? in nyc he never had it cmon….. and the trade with the nuggets????? carmelo is like iverson great talent and…… nothing PS i’m a knick fan

  79. Belizeboy says:

    Nicks will continue to lose because the problem wasn’t D’Antoni, it’s Melo.

  80. NYMC says:

    A shame honestly. Phil Jackson would be my first contact.

  81. TOMG says:


  82. TOMG says:


  83. sbstern says:

    Anytime a team bends to a player you will have issues. There is a reason the Knicks won without Melo in the lineup – they were an unselfish team and had great ball movement. Ball movement stops at Melo when he is in the lineup – was that way in Denver and the Knicks won’t be a better team with him.

    • mel says:

      That’s right! thats the reason why denver nuggets traded Melo coz he is selfish..since then denver played well without him..

  84. Flavio says:

    Thanks God. I have never understood why Knicks’ GM was support such an inefficient coach. D’Antony had no plan for each game, it seemed that he just says to players: go and play as you know. However, I also think that Mello is playing below its pottential. It is justo to remenber how good he was under Karl´s coaching. But also, Amare is not playing well and he is part of the problem as well as Mello. And what would be the best way to get out of this situation? I would hire a defensive mind coach as a head coach and let him decide in the summer who he wnats to keep in the roaster and who he doesn´t.

    • coolknicksfan says:

      D’Antoni is a great coach, he just had the wrong players. Plus check your grammar and spelling

  85. yo says:

    Too many big egos in this “team”. With Anthony and Stoudemire on the field, it’s simply not a team, it’s just being egos playing individually, competing against each other to see how’s gonna score the most points.
    Too bad d’Antoni is leaving. whoever will take over as the coach of this team will face the same issues.Trading Anthony would be the best thing for the Knicks for sure!

  86. kanuk says:

    carmelo anthony is the most overrated player in the league.

  87. Alan Neville says:

    Although we will never know the whole story where is the accountability for the players? I am a big Carmelo fan but when are the prima donna players going to listen to their coach and be held accountable for their play or lack of play?

  88. A. Jaffa says:

    Why not settle the debate by forming two teams: one featuring Lin, Chandler and the young group that cooperated so well with Lin; the other starring Anthony and Stoudemire and players used to their style. The competition between the two groups might even improve results all around.

    • WhereWinningHappens says:

      Because the team NEEDS to learn to play together, especially during a close 4th quarter, where you want your best players to finish the game.

  89. paul quinones says:

    Enough already, someone please call Phil Jackson!

  90. Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

    Agree with trying to trade Melo, doesn’t do enough for the TEAM ! Wouldn’t be too happy with him in Brooklyn , but if DWill were to not sign, I’d take him !

  91. AnotherGSWbadmove says:

    I dont know about the personality of Woodson but i think knicks needs a coach who earn the respect of some players with a strong one.

  92. Joel says:

    A pity. He’s a good coach who got caught in the “me first” web of carmelo. Obviously was thinking 10 steps..or make that months ahead when D Howard would probably come to the knicks to be with his friend Deron Williams when he suggested the trade. Also Melo would have the limelight all to himself in Brooklyn. If I were NJ, I would give NY Deron and Anthony Morrow and accept, Lin, Fields, Novak and Chandler. As an NJ fan, I think thats a great lineup (combined with Brook lopez)

    • coolknicksfan says:

      are u suggesting to trade Lin??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Not in your lifetime, who would trade LIn anyway, the guys a geat player and a marketing machine.

  93. RK says:

    hopefully he’ll go back to the suns and give nash a shot for the title

  94. cristian says:


  95. pauloswhite says:

    Didn’t see dat coming…..But I think if he did apply the run and gun method it might have worked here. anywaz I wish all the best for the team

  96. Butta. says:

    I feel bad for D.Antoni. I feel like when it wasnt huge superstars (Ex: Melo and Amare) They were doing so good and on a hot winning streak. But when Melo came back, everything went down hill. Some want to run D’Antoni system, Melo doesn’t wanna change his ways. It was bound to happen i guess one way or another.

    Could anybody imagine Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov still have been playing with Lin, jefferies, and novak? that would be such an underrated team.

    • lakers+duke=awsome says:

      this isnt amare fault he was the superstar last season and they got to the playoofs its really just carmelo.amare doesnt get the ball half as much anymore.

  97. adam zelnicker says:

    im sorry dantoni that your fired wait are you fired or you quit?

  98. N09P says:

    The answer to the Knicks problem is easy: trade Carmelo.

  99. Hugh says:

    Zen Master back in New York?

  100. What A Shame says:

    What a shame that a great coach has to defer to a punk made in the mold of Iverson.

    • Exactly! says:

      Exactly what I thought. I’ve always see Allen Iverson in him. They’re both full of themselves.

      • TeamPlayah says:

        Iverson matured and deferred to coach Brown and they had a hell of a run. Melo is all about Melo. D will would be a much better fit for the team.

    • KC says:

      good coach? he’s an awful coach. what has he ever done? his coaching scheme is if you are in a spot that you can get the ball to the rim, shoot it…and its worked wonders for him..

  101. kobe says:

    well it was either him or melo..and we know who makes the most money..

  102. Rich says:

    finally what took them so long that offense wont work 7 sec or less that turnover city and street ball

  103. kiwisepp says:

    you play for championship. Why do you get a Coach who does not know how to play D while the common knowledge is that Defense wins you a ring.

    • Krish says:

      It’s not the ring always, Basket ball should be fun to watch and I would prefer my team fun to watch even if it did not win a championship. If everyone is a defensive team in the league, then it’s better not to watch NBA anymore.

  104. RandyBenn82 says:

    That trade would have been a good trade, since D Will can put up the same numbers as Carmelo, while providing a bit more defense.
    The Knicks have shown that they can win without Carmelo. I’ve always thought that trade from Denver to be bad for the Knicks……and so it has proven.

  105. UKFan says:

    kinda think he opted out purely based on results not going his way from a neutral perspective if the linsanity craze was still strong and won the games they played for example against the Bulls he wouldnt have resigned.

    in saying this though the promise he had with the team specifically would show they have a genuine chance maybe its off court drama who knows, but one consideration to take into account anyone else think teams will go after carmello or amar’e?

  106. dan2020 says:

    ….the writing was on the whole for D’Antoni a long time ago, and the fire seemed gone from his belly a while back. At no stage this season has he really been settled with the players at his disposal. NY has a big problem on its hands now regarding Anthony and Stoudemire – a trade seems inevitable but who is willing to give up significant players for Anthony who has shown his limitations and mediocre star rating in recent months or take a risk on Amare who, even if fit, probably can only manage two more seasons maximum until his knees give out. There is only one man who can sort this out…..Big Phil Jackson

  107. José says:

    Melo should go back to Denver…

  108. Da Gooch says:

    Your welcome!

  109. newyorksteelo says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh, man what a blow. Sorry to hear that @ Mike D’antoni. Wish you the best of luck in your future ventures.

    As for the move, I think for the team it’s a positive one. If Woodson or whatever new coach the Knicks get cannot fix the issues within the team, now it would be safe to say that the issue is within the players and not the coaching staff. This to me is one step closer to solving the problems with the Knicks. So much talent, yet the Knicks continue to lose. Anxiously awaiting to see some positive results.

    • Belizeboy says:

      That’s not safe to say if Woodson doesn’t turn them around, but I’m already convinced it’s Melo and not the team. D’Antoni seemed to have this team doing fine before that trade last year and they have floundered ever since, so I’d say it’s safe to say it’s Melo that is the problem.