Blogtable: Is Dwight Staying Or Going?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Who will Dwight Howard be playing for after Thursday’s deadline? And why do you think so?

Steve Aschburner: Orlando. Why? The Magic don’t want to lose him, now or later, and haven’t been wowed by the offers to do a deal now. Owner Rick De Vos would prefer that Howard re-up with his team now and for the rest of his career, and any chance of making that happen ends the moment Dwight gets traded. His passive-aggressive statement Tuesday about wanting to stay for the rest of this season – likely intended only to stop his destination team (Brooklyn?) from gutting itself the way the Knicks did for Carmelo Anthony – still fuels some false hopes in central Florida.

Fran Blinebury: Orlando.  In the absence of a Pau Gasol-Andrew Bynum package from the Lakers, I believe the Magic front office will look at what is available in trade from the likes of New Jersey or Dallas or Golden State or Houston or whomever and conclude that they’re willing to try to draw to an inside straight by holding onto Howard and convincing him to re-sign over the summer.  It’s a high-risk move, for sure. But with the exception of a Lakers two-fer, everything else merely dooms Orlando to mediocrity.

Scott Howard-Cooper: The Magic have been betting on having Howard for years, not months. They’re prepared to play it through to July and their ability to offer him the most money in the only professional home he has known.

Shaun Powell: Barring a last-minute change of heart about staying with Orlando, he’ll be with the Nets because there’s really nowhere else for him to go. The Magic don’t like Brook Lopez; actually, they can’t stomach him. But they’ll take him and a No. 1 ever so reluctantly and hope they can spin lottery gold again with that pick.

John Schuhmann: New Jersey, because the Magic have to do what’s best for the long-term health of their franchise. It’s clear (as it has been for a while now) that the Nets are Howard’s first choice and he’s going to get to Brooklyn either via trade or free agency. The Nets will have the cap space to sign him outright, so the Magic need to get what they can for him. They should obviously explore other trade options, but it’s hard to see rental teams giving the Magic what the Nets can. Billy King could play hardball, but I think the Nets should get Dwight now, rather than wait and take the risks that come with waiting another four months.

Sekou Smith: The Nets. If the Nets want him and are so sure they can get him in free agency, the Magic need to work the phones like crazy to force the Nets into offering up some assets of their own to make sure they get Howard now and don’t have to play the waiting game. There are no guarantees in free agency, as all of the teams that thought they had LeBron James locked up before The Decision found out. The Magic would be wise to remind the Nets of that in every way imaginable before 3 p.m. Thursday.


  1. Bart says:

    I think that he will go to Chicago. He has got chance to win a championship…

  2. sshameless says:

    Here’s a clue for Blinebury. Dallas has no one to trade. No one but Dirk and a few scrubs under contract at the end of this season. Cuban trashed his roster like Riley did in ’08 to steal Howard and Williams this summer for nothing to the Nets and small market Orlando.

    Riley knew by the ’08 Olympics that he would get James and Wade. That is why he threw away two horrendous losing seasons. I serioulsy doubt Cuban destroyed his championship roster w/o knowing also ahead of time that he was getting Howard and Williams.

    Cuban spoke out publicly supporting the pressure applied to Commisioner Stern to veto the Laker trade. Scared that Howard would join Chris Paul w/ the Lakers. Cuban said the purpose of the lockout was to ensure that big markets did not trade for small market talent. Yet, he was just fine w/ Paul going to big market L.A. in the later trade, just as long as it wasn’t the Lakers.

    Cuban said that players could not tell their GM’s which teams they would be willing to be traded to. Cuban said the right way was for big markets to steal talent from small markets in free agency w/ no compensation. Ethics, morality and honesty have never benn characteristics in Cuban’s possession.

  3. Gloria says:

    All I have to say is Tracy McGrady. He went to Houston to win a championship with Yao Min!!!!!!! LOL. Dwight’s best chance is with Orlando. Bring in a star point guard, rather than going to New Jersey, or Brookling or whatever is going to be, bring Deron Williams to Orlando!!!!!!!

  4. nevoj says:

    howard should move to dallas!!!!

  5. edg2t says:

    can the boston celtics get howard when howard becomes a free agent? rajon rondo and howard and resign allen and kevin for next season. banner no. 17-19 in the making.

  6. FG says:

    What i see is that teams will just wait for Howard to become free-agent. There will be no team that will take the risk and watch Howard move to another team at the end of the season. if the league only approve the previous 3-team trade, orlando might not be on this situation again.

  7. jayrad says:

    i dont think spurs will trade for dwight cz it will mean moving at least 2 of there 3 stars. I think someone is going to steal dwight if he doesnt sign a new contract. clubs are going to offer way less if he doesnt sign and the magic will have to settle for the best deal cause if they dont trade him then orlando got nothing when he leaves.

  8. kenzoi says:

    very simple. take the laker offer.
    gasol, world preace and ebanks for howard & torkuglo

  9. 14dimes says:

    enough of this trade talk and rumours, nba your better than that

  10. Glosh says:

    There is no future to the nets,Go to the lakers. bulls, thunder, spurs or gsw he might win a championship.

  11. luis s says:

    Do you think the spurs have a chance

  12. VGB says:

    Dwight Howard should go on the Sacramento Kings

  13. Orlando fan says:

    Force him to sign tonight. Orlando needs to step up. You just can’t simply let a player changes the emotion of the team. Dwight is a great player, I want him to stay and get other super stars in Orlando. But he needs to make up his mind now. Orlando needs to force him to sign contract or trade him before 3pm Tmr.

  14. Daniel Martins says:

    If Magic going to trade him, try this:

    1 cenario with the Knicks (carmelo is unhappy)

    Carmelo and T. Chandler

    2 cenario with Houston Rockets

    K Martin, Scola, Lwory and Patterson for Howard, Duhon and Wafer

    3 cenario com os Denver Nuggets

    Nene, Gallinari and Mozgov for Howard and Q. Richardson

  15. Daniel Martins says:

    This is Disneyland… True or false? roll the dice? Enough of this nonsense!
    Either he signs the extention or will be replaced! If he stay, point guard D WILL must sign for the Magic!

  16. Craig Ewers says:

    I understand Howard’s desire to win a championship! I also see how the frustration of losses after playing the games where you see your teammates giving half effort can make you look for the exit door! This is where he needs to step up & be a leader to the team inspiring them to play better not leaving! If he goes to another team who’s to say it won’t be the same there or even worse? Playing with another superstar on the team does not guarantee you winning the games or championship! Look at the New York Knicks & Los Angeles Clippers or even the Miami Heat they are finding this to be true! You need to bloom where you are planted & not jump from pot to pot!

  17. charles says:

    Dwight is gone. Now he just wants Orlando to keep him till the end of the season? What a schmuck! I mean he just wants Orlandians to enjoy the pleasure of his company and leave him with nothing. Do the deal with the Lakers. Nets have NOTHING. Their center is not even a top 5 center. Bynum is a solid player and you get him for some time and chances are, that you’ll still make the playoffs with less drama. Let Howard go and start a comedy act in LA which is probably his dream. And lets give howard some credit: He’s smart enough to know he’s not the alpha dog and wants to join one in Kobe or Deron to get him a championship…..ciao baby.

  18. Brandon says:

    he going to the nets

  19. all i got 2 say is #1-#12 should b 2gether more ringz den u can count wit our coach D-fence will b unbreakable O i aint gotta say nothin D.R-DH will supply punshment 2 da whole NBA bullz should b his first team.

  20. Jaredov17 says:

    howard needs to wait till next year his team is in the playoffs and if he is on the nets now they might not make it to the playoffs he should go to the nets next year and start off fresh with a 82 game season

  21. Jae Merril says:

    Trade Him once the Season is over the magic will be the ones’s looking lost when he leave’s

  22. Mehul Patel says:

    I don’t get why Orlando is not interested in Andrew Bynum he’s been a beast lately. Just because gasols not in the package, thats no reason to back out.

  23. Big Bet says:

    He stays. He says he wants to stay. Then he leaves with free agency during the summer. This clears up the salary cap for Orlando who will go for big in the upcoming draft as well as a point guard.

  24. Mooki says:

    Just a question, why would any team want to trade with Magic right now knowing that Howard will be a free agent this summer? Isn’t it better to just sign him later this year without giving up their entire roster?

  25. O' Canada says:

    They aren’t going to trade Dwight, he’s going to exercise his option to stay in Orlando one more year, and we are going to go through all of this next year too.

  26. the title of the article reminds me of that song: “should i stay or should i go now”..anyways this seems like a poorly planned or poorly timed question considering that dwight just went on record saying that he would like to finish the season in orlando..based on that alone, im going to take his word for it since he runs the show for the magic nowadays..want more:

  27. Glosh says:

    Dwight really have to make a move to his future and championship that’s all about.

  28. DW says:

    The whole city of Orlando is delusional.. just give it up, he’s not gonna stay there after the summer.. might as well get some young talent and picks while you still can

  29. Loser2012 says:

    They should trade him. he isn’t going to stay as soon as his contract is up. If they keep him they will shoot themselves in the foot because he has been asking out and will find a way to leave. If by some miracle he stays they had better give him exactly what he wants or he will not preform or be productive for the franchise.

  30. Andovi24 says:

    He’s gonna stay, and the Orlando front office will roll their dice on him this summer