Trade Chatter: Dwight Calls The Shots?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s no secret that the Dwight Howard drama — Dwama or Dwight-mare, your choice — is causing a strain on the Magic franchise. Here we are, 48 hours or so from the trade deadline, and there’s no resolution. This isn’t something the Magic want to stretch until the last moment.

But is it causing friction within the organization? Perhaps.

It’s already well-known within Magic circles that Dwight and general manager Otis Smith, once chummy, have a frostier relationship. In fact, the task of sweet-talking Dwight was assumed long ago by Alex Martins, the team president. Dwight and Smith haven’t always been on the same page with regards to trades and signings. And making things more complicated, Dwight in the past has also clashed with coach Stan Van Gundy.

Now comes word, via, that the Magic have told Dwight, in so many words, that he can choose his coach and general manager if he re-signs with the team this summer. That would bring a whole new meaning to the term “franchise player” because, if true, Dwight would really own the franchise then. Here’s the story from sleuths Marc Stein and Chris Broussard:

One source close to the situation told ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher that the Magic have promised Howard that they will add a quality player before Thursday’s deadline and that Howard can decide the fate of both GM Otis Smith and coach Stan Van Gundy at the end of the season if he signs an extension. Bucks swingman Stephen Jackson, frustrated in Milwaukee, is available and sources say he and Howard have talked about playing together.

Giving Howard the keys to the kingdom would border on insanity. And knowing Martins, I’m not sure he’d do that.

Just recently, Martins said Howard isn’t bigger than the franchise and, if necessary, the Magic would trade him at the deadline, however reluctantly. In addition, Martins is a huge fan of Van Gundy. Finally, how would Howard come off, in public anyway, if he gave the “off with their heads” signal to the Magic? He’d never live it down, although there are more than a few Orlando fans who wouldn’t be too sorry to see Smith replaced.

As for Van Gundy? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time he ran afoul of his big man (see O’Neal, Shaq).

By Monday afternoon, Martins was quashing the Dwight-as-GM rumors with the following statement obtained by the Orlando Sentinel:

Magic officials released a statement from Chief Executive Officer Alex Martins that read: “The only person(s) who have the final say on coaches and management is the Orlando Magic ownership.”

Beyond that, Martins would not comment. As he has before, Martins cited an agreement that he has made with Howard in which both parties pledged that they would not divulge the details of their conversations.

Martins has taken the lead role in attempting to convince Howard to remain with the franchise, and Martins has kept in almost daily contact with Howard since Martins was promoted to the CEO’s job in December.

Howard would not speak with reporters after the Magic completed their shootaround today to prepare for tonight’s game against the Miami Heat.

As with all things Dwight-a-palooza thus far, though, a statement doesn’t signal peace as far as this is concerned. Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski says Howard’s wishes for the Magic to build him a stronger team where he is and then he’ll stay put is looking like a ruse:

With the combination of Howard’s disdain for confrontation, desire to be liked and a pragmatic belief that a trade is no longer in his best long-term interests, Howard has created an illusion with the Magic that there are factors that could cause him to sign an extension with the team.

“Dwight’s gone, and [Magic CEO] Alex Martins is the only person who doesn’t believe that,” a league source with knowledge of Howard’s intentions told Yahoo! Sports.

Howard is privately telling people the acquisition of an All-Star player and more complementary players could sway him to stay, league sources told Y! Sports’ Marc Spears, but that scenario is far-fetched given the limited appeal of Orlando’s trade assets. A proposed three-way trade between the Magic, Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks, which would send Andrew Bogut to Golden State and Monta Ellis to Orlando won’t happen unless Milwaukee also finds a team to take Stephen Jackson. And the Magic are hesitant about accepting Jackson’s contract, which has one remaining year worth $10 million, unless they’ve been assured Howard will re-sign.

Magic general manager Otis Smith and coach Stan Van Gundy have known Howard the longest. They know he will leave them and they want a deal done prior to Thursday’s 3 p.m. ET trade deadline. The gulf between Martins and his basketball operations staff has become vast, full of mistrust and animosity. “Otis and Stan want the circus to end,” one source close to them said. “They want a deal.”

…Orlando has few assets that teams want but is still the team that can escalate payroll and absorb talent. After taking on millions of dollars more in future money on the salary cap in the Gilbert Arenas trade a season ago, Martins is threatening to do it again at the deadline. For all the talk of a potential Ellis trade to the Magic, the Golden State Warriors have been adamant they won’t make any deal with Orlando that doesn’t bring Howard back as a rental for the rest of the season.

For the first time on Tuesday, Van Gundy seemed to publicly push back on upper management’s undermining of his GM and himself. “Sometimes, I feel like our coaching staff are the only people in Orlando who care about the results of games,” Van Gundy told reporters.


When you’re talking about the Celtics and trades, only one player comes to mind: Rajon Rondo. He’s young, an All-Star, has a reasonable contract and therefore is an asset. Of course, the Celtics could also hold onto Rondo to help them transition from the pending breakup of the Big Three. Which raises another question: Should the Celtics get a jump on the breakup and just do it now, rather than waiting?

According to A Sherrod Blakely of, you can forget the Rondo trade talk — at least that’s what Danny Ainge told him:

A number of Boston Celtics players will continue to be the subject of trade rumors up until the 3 p.m. deadline on Thurday.

But there’s one player that isn’t going anywhere — Rajon Rondo.

“Rondo’s not being traded,” Danny Ainge, Boston’s president of basketball operations, told prior to the Celtics facing the Los Angeles Clippers. “I don’t know how many times I have to say it. Rondo’s not being traded.”

“Rondo, from the beginning of this year, has shown a lot of maturity in dealing with all this, back to the Chris Paul rumors and stuff,” Ainge said. “Rondo and I have had open dialogue and conversation. He knows where he stands with our organization and how important he is.”

Whether Ainge’s assurances end up being true or not, I’m in the camp that says the Celtics should ride it out with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen the rest of the season and see what the playoffs bring. Of course, the Celtics are hardly championship-quality at this stage, with KG and Allen well on the downside. But it’s better to just give them one last shot at glory, let their expiring contracts slide off the cap this summer and then make a move. Very likely, Rondo will have to hold it down until Pierce’s contract is up in two years. Then the Celtics can build in earnest.

Owner Wyc Grousbeck is on board with whatever Ainge decides here in the stretch run of the trade deadline, according to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe:

Management’s activity before Thursday’s trade deadline could determine the state of the franchise in the coming years, and whether the Celtics remain a contender in the Eastern Conference. Co-owner Wyc Grousbeck  said he believes the team is playing better and could be a contender this season.

“I just had lunch with Doc [Rivers] and he was saying he likes the way they’re playing and they’re coming together and I do, too,’’ Grousbeck said. “I see energy and heart. I do see [Sunday against the Lakers] as a game of energy and effort and we could have won it. We didn’t. I like the way they’re playing.”


The next-best big man on the block might be Hornets center and former All-Star Chris Kaman. In truth, he was on the block the moment he arrived from L.A. in the Chris Paul trade, so discussions for Kaman have gone on for quite a while. Strangely enough, the Hornets would be trading a double-double big man; aren’t those the kind you’d like to keep? Anyway, Kaman becomes a free agent this summer and evidently,the Hornets either believe he’s too old or will demand too much money for them to keep, so it’s better to send him along now.

The Warriors, who are a complete long-shot for Dwight — check that, they have no shot — are warm on Kaman, believing he can elevate them to playoff contender if he’s paired with David Lee. The obvious trade bait is Monta Ellis, born and raised in the Bayou area (Mississippi) and brings plenty of scoring punch to a team that could use it. Odd that the Warriors are looking to make moves now, when making the playoffs would seem a stretch, rather than waiting until summer. But new owner Joe Lacob is the anxious type and wants to make a splash.

Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle doesn’t seem so convinced that the Warriors are serious players just yet:

The Warriors have become big trade scuttlebutt themselves this season, being mentioned in discussions about Orlando’s Dwight Howard, New Orleans’ Chris Kaman and New Jersey’s Brook Lopez. Warriors sources said the buzz about Milwaukee’s Andrew Bogut is “nothing more than hype.” It can be argued that the Warriors franchise has shown progress just by getting into these conversations. But the rumors can also affect the usually harmonious locker room that has “Just Us” written on its wall.

Coach Mark Jackson saw the need last week to address the rumors with his team. He said it would be ridiculous for the Warriors to trade Monta Ellis to Orlando in a deal that didn’t net Howard. Other than that, he offered no promises.

“They understand that we’re in this together, but they also understand that this is a business,” Jackson said. “You never want to get it twisted and think that you’re going to be here, or anywhere else, forever.

Kaman would be a big help to a championship contender, and in the past, the Spurs showed strong interest. Obviously, the Hornets are looking for youth and/or picks for Kaman, which would help them find … a center that can put up numbers similar to Kaman.


Interesting interview from Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times with Mitch Kupchak, who essentially says all is well in Lakerland, despite what you might have heard. Kobe Bryant? He’s happy. Pau Gasol? It’s all good. Jim Buss? Far wiser than you know, says Kupchack. Of course, you’d say that, too, about your boss.

Anyway, he’s the most interesting passage from Kupchak:

Bryant went public with a trade demand in 2007 but had since cooled his opinions because he had “great faith in the organization, the front office and ownership,” Kupchak said.

“There was some frustration a few weeks ago, but really, that’s the first time he’s spoken out. I’ve sat with [Bryant] and talked to him since then, and our relationship hasn’t changed. I’m not any more inclined to tell him what’s going on day to day, although I’ll ask his opinion from time to time on a player, which is what Jerry [West] would do with Earvin or Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar]. I think that’s what most general managers do.

“But you can’t keep players in the loop day to day. He doesn’t want that. He wants to be remembered as one of the greatest players with the most championships of all time. He doesn’t want to be involved in the criticism that may come with being a part of something that runs” a team.

Bryant was mainly looking out for Gasol when he told the front office to make up its mind, Kupchak said.

In a weird way, Gasol has earned Kupchak’s sympathy, even though the four-time All-Star isn’t guaranteed to remain on the Lakers’ roster until Thursday’s trade deadline passes.

“This has been a really hard, hard period for Pau,” Kupchak said. “He’s been ridiculously professional. I can’t imagine going through what he’s gone through the last two or three months. The way the whole thing unfolded with what took place in training camp, it’s just been one big unavoidable mess, and unfortunately Pau’s in the middle of it.”

My take on Pau? He signed a contract with the NBA, not the Lakers. Trade talk, and trades themselves, are all part of being a professional. He should deal with it in the same manner that he dealt with being traded from the Grizzlies to the Lakers. How’d that work out?

Besides, it’s not like the Lakers are talking about reducing his salary ($60 million over the next three years) or shipping him to the NBA D-League. So play on and don’t worry about things you can’t control.


The Sixers are one of those teams in a bind. They’re loaded with solid young players who may become potential stars. Or maybe not. At the very least, they’re assets that can be used in a trade, although at this point with the Atlantic Division title within their grasp, the Sixers will probably stand pat for now. It helps that Evan Turner has stepped up his game considerably; he’d be the most likely name to be thrown into the mix.

The Sixers, however, need a bonafide star. The dilemma for any team in Philly’s situation is weighing whether to be patient and wait, or package a player or two and grab a star from a team that can’t keep him. Here’s what vice president Rod Thorn says, courtesy of the fine Daily News writer Bob Cooney:

As for the trade front, president Rod Thorn didn’t say the Sixers wouldn’t do anything, but it sure sounds as though nothing will happen.

“There’s always a lot of talk going on at this time of the year; we’ve talked with most of the teams throughout the league,” Thorn said. “Right now, to say if anything is going to transpire or not, you just don’t know. I couldn’t say one way or the other. You listen to everything and try to see if there’s something that could help your team without breaking it up.”

Around the All-Star Break, when the Sixers had lost eight of 10 games and were offensively mired in muck, a move not only seemed like a good idea, but probably was necessary. Now, with Turner bringing new life into the offense and the return of [Spencer] Hawes on the horizon, staying status quo seems to be the way they’ll go.

Still, if I’m the Sixers, I’d at least look into getting Josh Smith from the Hawks. He’d form a good frontcourt tandem with Andre Iguodala and would bring some excitement to the building. Plus, Smith is still in his prime and would likely connect with coach Doug Collins. Worth exploring, at the very least.


Apparently, the Jazz, threatening to become mediocre, are hoping to make some noise by Thursday. The Deseret News spoke to GM Kevin O’Connor, who said:

With Thursday’s deadline approaching, Jazz general manager Kevin O’Connor admitted the team is “actively looking” at trade scenarios.

“In the job that I have, one of the responsibilities is to improve the team,” O’Connor said. “Now you can’t improve the team without looking to make trades, and that’s what we do. There’s 29 other guys that have the same responsibilities to their teams, and they do the same thing. There’s a lot of conversations.”

O’Connor noted that not much trading has gone on yet around the logjammed NBA. But he likes the Jazz’s “flexibility” approaching this deadline and in the offseason.

“We’re active. We’re listening,” O’Connor said. “We’re aggressive in trying to talk (about) things.”

Which means: You can have Devin Harris if you want him. Hello? Anyone?


  1. Choker says:

    If he calls the shots then he should have left the Magic by then

  2. ABE says:

    There is no shot in trillon years dwight landin in NY!!!!!! ur not tradin melo an chandler as a rental which would be the case since dwight aint extending #1 wants sup star pg all credit to linsanity think dwight rather dwill #2 wants complete control an proven by melo who spoke to grunwald ONCE he aint gettin it #3 he has proven time and time again brooklyn is his #1 destination

  3. Tal says:

    Really … I wouldn’t want that kind of a player anywhere near my favorite team! He can do well with the babies and ego maniacs over at Miami though. There are two breads of players, one is with players like CP3, Drose, Kevin Durant, Nash …
    The other is with the ego maniacs …

  4. ??? says:

    ARE YOU ALL IDIOT?.. WHY ARE YOU TRADING DWIGHT?…Trade Stan Van Gundy to Phil Jackson… Dwight needs a new coach…

  5. Tom says:

    Dwight Howard is even more pathetic than LeBron or Melo. He is a traitor to Magic as LeBron was traitor to Cleveland fans, but LeBron had theatrical event called “Decision” although he decided long ago to join the Heat. Howard is worse because he already decided to leave Magic, but he cannot employ “Decison”-type strategy because he saw what happened to Lebron afterwards. So he chose Melo’s strategy by producing “Dwight-mare” based on “Melo-drama” model. But, then again he saw what happened with Melo in NY in terms of Melo receiving Christmas cards from George Karl and Knicks winning without him, with some guy called Jeremy stealing the show. And now our poor hero Dwight Howrad is concerned same would happen with him and Deron Williams in Brooklyn. To make things even worse, as trade deadline approaches, Orlando is probably the best team in the league and Howard is confused. So, he says he doesnt want to leave immediately. I hope Orlando Will trade him to some unwanted team and get fair value.

  6. LebronKing says:

    This is off topic. But LA LAKERS does not need a big man! They need an average point guard, who can shoot, drive and pretty much another threat for the LA Lakers big three. Laker cannot get D. Williams or even Rajon Rondo on a lakers uniform. The lakers should try and find a decent PG , lakers dont need to break up their pieces to get another star. LAkers should get JOHN WALL!!!! if that works oh mann! lakers will dominate for sure.

  7. Dorfito says:

    Please leave the LAKERS out of the trade talks! WE DON’T WANT DWIGHT! We just need to move on from this trade deadline and have PAU back again with us a 100%. I like it that the Lakers are under the radar, let’s just wait for the playoffs to begin!

  8. helloo says:

    I would do this if I was the Kings…

    Kings Get: Howard (Orl) and Goudiloks (LA)—- it may seem like a rental for some but really, we are getting a new arena, we need a big name…Howard is a big name player! We need him right now… need a reason to watch basketball and get that arena DONE! He would love it here in Sac with all these great gaurds running around…. Tyreke will come back to averaging 25 ppg with Howard in the paint! Two young stars will get some wins, may even make playoff (wishfull thinking)

    Lakers get: C D.Cousins (Sac) and Salmons (Sac)— they shed off about 6 million in cap space with the deal, get a young energy Center who is a star into making! with the sheded cap space they will be able to afford Gasols contract for a few more years! thus they wont be forced to trade Gasol and get a high energy young Center

    Magic get: C Bynum (LA) C Hickson (Sac)– Its always hard to give up a player like Howard but they have to, The Bulls trade is ridiculas and wont happen (the Bulls have their squad to win the championship…) The Warriors trade is lame…. getting Buynum is the only logical thing that works… it also helps getting a young PF along with him! plus 2 mill open in cap space… they will have some $$$ to sign a FA next summer (especially if they get rid of Hedos contract) and stay in the running with a team built around Buynum and Anderson

  9. Dylan18 says:

    HOWARD to Memphis??? HOWARD = GASOL+MAYO or ALLEN???

  10. cLiPpErS42-32-50 says:

    i think KG for Derick williams
    and D12 for J Oneal and Chris wilcox
    tmac for jameer nelson!!!! (not sure on that one)

  11. NDJC says:

    its all about big 3 n rondo, i think the management will remain as is.. but rather look for at lease big on center. like howard or p. gasul..

  12. Nothinbutthetruth says:

    The truth is this,. Dwight should stay in Orlando. Orlando has a good team to compete, they’re easily the third best in the East, and the fifth best in the NBA behind heat, thunder, bulls, and spurs. What Orlando needs is a new SF, try to get someone like Ariza, Chandler, or Batum. Orlando has two good bigman who are Anderson and Howard. Nets have to clear huge cap space.

    • MackDaddy says:

      3rd best in east?
      5th best in league?

      Dude…. Howard wants rings, and Magic have taken years away from his career and not achieved that promise. Time to move on.

  13. Sandez says:

    What about this?? Trade with Boston..

  14. sir MJ says:

    three team trade: BULLS, LAKERS and MAGIC!

  15. i didnt like it that paul and bynum will be trade to howard you know what bynum is greater than howard

  16. bleepstall says:

    Alex Kennedy, NBA Reporter
    Otis Smith wants to trade Dwight Howard, but ownership isn’t ready. “Otis has two days to persuade ownership to trade Dwight,” said source.


  17. BIGBIRD says:

    LAKERS: Trade bynum to the magic, maybe a second round draft pick, recieve dwight howard. then we trade pau gasol and a first/third rounder to the knicks for stoudemire


    Lakers: Trade pau to the rockets. trade bynum to the magic and a second rounder
    Houston: Trades lowry and scola
    Magic : Trade dwight to the lakers

  18. Toa Tia( The Heat Fan) says:


  19. TJ says:

    How is this for a Win/Win trade……Dwight to OKC…….Harden, Perkins (and maybe Cook) to Lakers…….Bynum and Gasol to Magic. Kobe gets a point guard, a three-point shooter and a half-decent centre. Magic get a top 3 centre and a top 5 power forward. OKC get Howard without losing Westbrook. The other option is to trade Westbrook instead of Harden to Lakers.

  20. Dwight Howard is a great player that won’t ever win a title without another allstar on his team..similarly to kobe, Lebron, Jordan etc., he is realizing that he cannot do it alone..I think the best situation for him would be the bright lights of Brooklyn, but without brooke lopez, the soon to be Brooklyn nets don’t have many trade tokens…RUMOR: DWIGHT HOWARD TO BE NAMED HEAD COACH AND VAN GUNDY WILL START AT CENTER..SOURCES SAY THAT VAN GUNDY IS ALREADY REQUESTING A TRADE

  21. asianpower-_- says:

    dont get bynum he’s got one more season under contract after this season
    guessing the magic don’t want to go through this again

  22. Zzoe says:

    There was another ego-trippy player that always wanted to pick his coaches, (and got a few fired) — would go down in history as the greatest scorer and set many records. Yet he only won two championships, and many books and former players suggest it was because both of those were under coaches he LIKED. But yet he was regarded as many who played alongside him as a selfish player and chemistry killer, who could’ve won many more if not for his attitude. His name? Wilt Chamberlain. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Wilt, watched him play in L.A. as a kid. But I’ve read so biographies that pretty much back my opinion.
    Howard needs to be moved, I’d take 2 tough, serviceable big fellas (PF & C) and a scorer just to get rid of the tension, his contract, and his attitude. Blazers and Celtics should just stand pat and wait until next season when they’ll have $ to do what they need to do. Knicks–lots of talent but no chemistry, need to do something. Philly, your’e playing well..if the boat ain’t leaking, don’t look for holes. Chris, Businessman, and Vinch have great ideas.

  23. Prophete says:

    For NY can be fixed, Amare has to be on the post and Melo has to play 3-point-shooting guard. Terefore, Lyn will have his explosive’s game going.

  24. Shooter316 says:

    First of all, no one in the NBA is going to let Howard come to Chicago because that would be “IT” for Chicago. They’d be unstoppable, and yes even the Heat wouldn’t stand much of a chance if Howard came to Chicago. So go ahead and discard that possibility, don’t forget there’s also Howard’s shoe deal. Having said that, Howard’s best bet is to stay in Orlando and bring in Nash and maybe another shooter. He second choice would be some kind of trade combination that would sent Howard to the Nets. I don’t think he would be a good fit for L.A.

    • Baller101 says:

      I disagree, technically speaking if LA get Howard for say Bynum + Blake/MWP/Walton (its a big if right now) and use Lamar’s exception to get a PG someone who isn’t wanted by their franchise, Augustin (a first rounder for Augustin would work for the Cats they’d get cap space and a pick for someone who isn’t an elite guard while letting Kemba Walker take over the face of the franchise) then the lakers would have Augustin, Bryant, Barnes/whoever else they can pick up with the remaining cash in the trade exception, Pau + Dwight… that there is a scary team, i think LA would fit Howard perfectly they’d be a top 2 def and top 10 off team if they can pick up a scorer in the wings.

  25. Jae William says:

    The idea that a player could pick a coach and GM is absurd. If that were the case, why not go “old school” and make him a player/coach. This scenario would be impossible, even if it were true. As far as a trade, they already screwed themselves. In a short season, how much are you going to get for him for 30 or so games? As a Nets fan…I hope they dont trade for him and just pick him up for free at the end of the season. D Williams , B lopez, and D Howard would be a nice foundation to compete for championships. All would be needed is a few role players that can shoot open jumpers and play defense. Those are the easiest players to find in basketball.

  26. topher says:

    I think monta ellis should go to the Cliippers .. He will form a perfect tandem with chris paul and blake ..

  27. Jimmy says:

    Monta Ellis could be that duo with howard that reshard was almost or jameer

  28. midnight dj says:

    try this trade, it will benefit all the 3 team…

  29. Baller101 says:

    If i wanted to trade Pau, get cap space, a young PG and a decent big, i’d look for something like this, now what this trade does is it gives Kemba Walker the back court with Kevin Martin, and after this season a solid 5 mil in the bank, they also get rid of an unfit Boris Diaw, LA gets a solid consistant big, and the young PG they want, along with the pleasure of knowing that Diaw in the off season gives them some cap relief and they can always get rid of Walton in the off season as well, is it just me or does anyone else think its crazy that Luke Walton, Boris Diaw together combine for the salary of say Josh Smith + 2 mil?? that guys an All Star and these two would be lucky to make the bench in the euro league….

  30. Dom V says:

    you guys honestly think golden state would want kaman for monta? monta is a top scorer in the league kaman is a has been washed up centre.

  31. DIE HARD NET FAN says:


  32. james dexter says:

    Kevin + Avery bradley * Petriuk for D-howard ….go Celtics

  33. Fleshlight says:

    Thaks for post They never had a chance to go into a season wiht the same team ever since melo got there, every year theyre something new in the lineup and or off-season.

  34. FACT says:

    Chris Bosh and Ryan Anderson to New York Knicks.
    Carmelo Anthony and Udonis Haslem to Orlando Magic.
    Dwight Howard and Toney Douglas to Miami Heat.

    This trade doesn’t work for some reason.

  35. Sideliner says:

    Boston trades—Keyon Dooling and Marquis Daniels for Michael Beasley (they make room for Beasley’s contract, create depth, give Minnesota a back up point guard for their loss of Rubio, and give Minnesota a hard-working small-forward/shooting guard). Minnesota doesn’t want Beasley…so why not make that deal? That would really help Boston’s bench. Imagine having Pietrus and Beasley to pull from your bench to fill in for either Ray Allen or Paul Pierce. It really makes sense.

    Laker trades—If I get rid of Pau Gasol, I want something not necessarily of equal value, but of need, and what to the Lakers need? A solid point guard (not an all star necessarily) and a stronger bench. They have Mcroberts who can fill in Gasol’s position–even though Mcroberts isn’t as good as Pau. A trade to Houston for Kyle Lowry would be a good trade for the Lakers, but I don’t see from Houston’s perspective how they would want to give up anything more than one player for Pau, least of all Kyle Lowry. So if I’m LA, I think a trade to Atlanta–Pau and Artest for Josh Smith and maybe Jeff Teague–would be good. That would be a strong line up for LA, and Pau would definitely help Atlanta. But really, what they can get for Pau is still a mystery to me, not because Pau isn’t good–he’s great–but because the Lakers need a lot in return, and I don’t know how many teams want to give up a few strong pieces for just Pau, and what else does LA really have to offer without giving away Kobe and Bynum?

    Orlando–keep Dwight and do something fantastic, or trade him for other solid players (Chicago or LA or Dallas or something!). If Orlando wants to make their team better with a Dwight Howard trade, they need to have a three-team-trade. Howard to OKC for Westbrook and Perkins, or Howard to Philly for Elton Brand and Lou Williams, or Howard to Chicago for Noah and Deng really are the only trades that make sense when you don’t involve a third team.
    Maybe what Orlando should do is send Turkoglu and Andersen to New Orleans, Kaman, Glen Davis, and Jason Richardson go to Golden State, and Ellis and Lee go to Orlando. Just a thought. But since Orlando is short on strong trading pieces, they pretty much have to blow up their team to get stronger pieces.

    Utah—the Jazz do have players that could be of good use to other teams. CJ Miles needs to be put on a better team with a coach that can really mentor him and bring his talent out. Devin Harris could fit in somewhere. Milsap is a great trading piece—though I don’t know why Utah would want to trade their best player unless they got something really good in return. Someone said Dwight to Utah for Jefferson and Milsap once haha that wasn’t too bad of an idea. But if you’re trading Dwight to Utah, you should take Derrick Favors, not Milsap. Al Jefferson, Derrick Favors, and Devin Harris for Dwight and Jameer wouldn’t be a bad trade.

  36. Michael says:

    The Lakers can also trade “World peace” for maybe michael beasly it will be a fit for the lakers

    • Baller101 says:

      Doubt thats realistic, the wolves know they can get a better deal than that, Beasley is a solid young piece i’d think they’d try to trade him + Milicic for Kaman, or maybe Beasley + Barea for Harris, i mean Utah are looking to unload him, though that might just over crowd an already over crowded front court in Utah, If anything i’d like to see the Lakers use their exception from the Lamar Odom trade to get Nash, i mean it sounds like the best solution the Suns would get cap space and picks they might have to take either Blake or Walton to make it work but i’m sure the Lakers can throw in sufficient picks to entice em, maybe a couple second rounders and a first? they could try the same trade for Harris, LA may need Beasley but the wolves do not need MWP or anyone else on the LAL roster outside the big 3…

  37. DANITo says:

    lakers should look to get rondo, nash or deron williams. if they can get any of the players they can win a championship. thats all they need

  38. mr-plow says:

    Who really wants a big-man that (because of his poor free-throw shooting) is a liability at the end of close games?

    • Shaq says:

      Like me?

      That’s no reason to diss a big man, you just need to put the rock in the right player at crunch time baby.

  39. tony12314 says:

    @ hoop shirts. Exactly what you said, it’s a business and a player is going to do what is best for them, not the team and that’s how it should be. The magic have tried and have failed at making dwight howard happy.

  40. dewayne says:


    • TTKIN says:

      Because it’s trading one crybaby superstar for another. Melo is easily the worst superstar in the NBA over the last couple years when it comes to forcing his way out. he is a MAJOR reason the lockout ended. But he ended up with the team he wanted. If he gets shipped to Orlando, it’s trading one guy who complains about the franchise for another who will say the exact same things. the difference: Howard still tries his hardest, pretty easy to see Melo wont try his hardest in Orlando.

    • TTKIN says:

      The only part of the deal I dont like is that Orlando doesnt get a big man in return to help Howard out a little bit. Hedo is sadly one of Orlando’s biggest players, and he’d be shipped off. Then again, there arent too many bigs in the NBA these days (ironic wouldnt you think). But hell ya, other than that, your Orlando Magic squad looks good. You even included a decent PG to get all those shooters involved, good thinkin.

  41. Nekno kayrog says:

    Lou WIlliams and Elton Brand for Dwight Howard!

  42. NK says:

    Deng and Noah for ”superman”? What a joke!
    SEE RED!!!!!!!

  43. nimzoray says:

    NY-Orlando: Amare, Chandler for Dwight, Turkoglu
    NY-Atlanta: Melo, Douglas for Josh Smith, Hinrich

    As we all know, Dwight and Josh are long time friends. Putting them in one team would increase the chances of them re-signing for that team. Its a dream trade for NY, I’m hoping it comes true.

  44. Willy says:

    At last Ainge said no Rondo trade!!! What I was hoping for. He’s the second best PG of the league, behind D-Rose, and the best in setting up others, though Nash isn’t far behind. D12 wants a team that gives him a leadership, an uncontested leadership. Send him to the Bobcats! Sure he’ll get a good leadership! XD
    Pau shouldn’t be traded because he’s still the key to the Lakers’ frontcourt rotation, and even though he’s not the 2009 Pau, he’s still a good guy

    • TTKIN says:

      I like your thinking. GS gets a shooter to replace Ellis, they get their big man, orlando gets the piece to keep Howard, my only crticisim is the Hedo Turkoglu part. everyone talks about how outrageous his contract is, and that trade would land him with the David Stern-owned Hornets. If he wont let Scola/Martin/Odom come to NO, I doubt he’ll be ok taking on Truk’s huge contract considering he was kind of a crybaby about playing in Toronto (a team he voluntarily signed with), imagine his attitude when he is forced to go to the lowly Hornets.

    • wadefan says:

      crazy as it seems.. why not break up the big three and do this

      or create a new big three and do this

  45. TTKIN says:

    Honestly, as a die hard Laker fan for the better part of 2 decades, it is getting tiring hearing Pau’s name brought up. Why does everyone think the Laker big 3 is the problem? Are Gasol’s numbers down? Well I guess if you consider like 10 straight double doubles for a guy playing out of position ‘numbers being down’, then ya, trde him! But here’s what I say if you’re the Lakers: you’re not going to win this year, everyone in the world knows. But the Big 3 are fine. Goudelock is the most exciting Laker rookie I’ve seen since Kobe (Bynum’s was moot due to inujiries the next several years). He’ll be a GREAT backcourt backup, Jason Terry status. Get to the offseason, throw every penny you have in the Deron Williams pool, if he doesnt sign, go get a DECENT pg, doesnt need to be the best, but decent. automatically the team is upgraded. see if you can get a decent wingman (maybe in a trade for Barnes). The Lakers arent going after Dwight because they dont need to. Bynum is playing insane, and with him and Gasol in the backcourt, theyre better than 1 Howard. and considering Orlando wants both for Howard, that means you’re getting worse as a team.

    • TTKIN says:

      There’s been a lot of NY trade chatter as well (what a shock coming from a team doing that horribly yet have that many big named players). So the begs the question…what the hell has happened to Amare Stoudemire? Last year by the all star break, people were talking about him for MVP. Right now, he is playing exactly like I expected him to…at age 36. He’s playing like an old man who doesnt have it anymore. When he came to NY, i know he said he wanted to play under the big lights and all, but i also seem to remember him being a good teammate to all the guys. So it’s not like he’s pissed everyone else has the glory. Is it just due to injuries? Not meshing well with Melo? Anyone know?

    • NBEATZ says:

      I Agree with you stating that the Lakers BIG 3 are NOT the problem, the problem is they need a reliable 3 and better upfront bench playing, and they are short 1 at the gaurd position. They need to trade WMP, move on from Murphy, trade Fisher and give Goudelock the starting position. Blake is a good Back up, Barns is reliable for his defensive abilitys and he has the abilty to give you 10PPG on any givin night if he had the minutes. Keep MCBOB for the 4 position and bring in a young athletic 5 to play 10-20 minutes a night and keep the paint clear.
      C- Bynum
      PF Gasol
      SF ????? (Jamario moon would be a perfect fit, he played well off of Lebron in Cleavland and can play the 4 against other small 4’s)
      SG Bryan
      PG Goudelock
      C-??????? (Someone like Miamini from Dallas)
      PF MCBOB
      SF Barns
      SG ?????? (Someone out of the WMP trade WITCH NEEDS TO HAPPEN)
      PG Blake

  46. gurzang says:

    Dwight Howard is overrated, awesome player, amazing athletic capabilities, but he is not a leader or a clutch player, he alone would never be a championship winner. For that you need to be intelligent, have solid fundamentals and score your free throws. Think about the feeling someone like Steve Nash or Kobe Bryant gives you. Do you feel the same for Howard? Never. He´s going to screw up if indeed he wants to be the superhero and not joining the Lakers or the Bulls or teams like that for strange mental compositions about players in the past or be someone taking office decisions.

  47. 2gILD says:

    Can’t Give a sympathy to Gasol? The guy have been involved in a trade that was confirmed with teams but not by NBA. This wasn’t just “trade rumors”. Being professional is one thing, and he’s shown the utmost professionalism by keeping quiet and playing the game, but when you are actually involved in a trade (not just rumor, the trade itself), the guy’s heart is no longer with the team. And you ask to forget everything that’s happened and play your hearts out every day? Just Look at LO. Lamar Odom was too dissappointed by the organization and asked to be traded no matter what, but Pau didnt. Isn’t this the professionalism that we’re talking about? Give the guy some sympathy because he deserves it

  48. Linsanity says:

    Come to the KNCKS
    We will give you Amare and Anthony
    We will get Hedo too 🙂

  49. Eaham says:

    Melo is a star though, he just needs the ball in his hands a lot. I think the knicks will be fine with melo, as long as they mesh well. If you haven’t noticed but the Knicks keep adding new players and this season they had emergence of Lin. They never had a chance to go into a season wiht the same team ever since melo got there, every year theyre something new in the lineup and or off-season. I say the knicks just need a nother season, and they should be alright. Oh and laker sun is gown down ahahah its ova

  50. jacknohara says:

    Talking about trade, I just NEED to say something.

    Please, the Knicks should get rid o Carmelo Anthony. Trade him for two solid role players or a bag of magic beans , whatever comes first. He´s useless.

    Why we need a scorer who can´t win the game for us ? Anthony is a guy who´s going to score 20-25 PPG for loosing or borderline playoff teams. That´s not what the Knicks want to be. Suddently, the knicks have a nice group, but he´s screwing everything because D´Antony says that “Anthony need´s to be our leading scorer” WHAT FOR ?? the´s Knicks had won 26 games out of 59 with him in the lineup, with a winning percentage of 0.441 . JUST GET RID OF HIM !! Trade him for greg oden, trade him for derek fisher, steve kerr, oprah, i don´t care, just trade him away .

    By just removing him , the Knicks are good enough for maybe the 7 seed in the east, maybe 6 with some luck. With him, the knicks are going to miss the playoffs to the Bucks ! yes, the Bucks, that northern team that has a center with only one shoulder …

    • Jamel says:

      MAn i hear what your saying but its not dantoni himself saying melo needs to be the leading scorer its the front office there paying him almost a 100 million they want to see there money do something through him. I believe the knicks will be bertter next year once the chemistry comes together and dantoni is GONE

    • dd def says:

      i can’t help but agree with you, it was a bad move to trade half their roster to get melo in the first place leaving them with two stars and noone to fill in the gaps. but his and amare’s styles don’t sync up, and they’re both kind of conceted hotshots. (although i feel amare is more willing to make the play between the two)
      with lin coming up, landry fields playing well, and amare and chandler in the middle, melo has no place and is only gumming up the works. i’d say trade him off for a solid and flexible wing man, a good bench player, and maybe a draft pick. at the very least.

      btw: i’d take you up on that oden trade lol

    • voice- says:

      Hate to say it, but I agree. Linsanity was partly about Lin, and as much about the absence of Anthony. When he’s off the court teams start playing team ball instead of looking for him, and they win more. It happened to Nuggets when they traded him, it happened to Knicks during Linsanity…get him out of there already!

    • The Aggressive Napkin says:

      I actually feel like it’s more D’Antoni than Melo. i think they need a coach who focuses on defense rather than offense. i feel if you took Melo off the Knicks and put back Gallo, Chandler, and Felton or any other good role player/6th man all you have is the Phoenix Suns all over again or the Denver Nuggets. I think we need to be patient and try another coach first because Melo’s talents and what he bring to the table is what makes this a championship team. And if a defensive coach can teach them how/convince them to play defense 100% of the time they’d be a really good team(p.s. defense creates offense a lot of the time). I think if they could, I might trade Stoudemire for Josh Smith I’m not sure if the Hawks would do it but Josh does want to be traded and we need another big man that plays defense and rebounds. And he would bring more balance on the offense as far as players getting their share of touches. Also Lin should come off the bench and Davis should start. Lin plays soooo much better with the second unit and Davis with his experience can play much better with the starting unit. Those are just my opinions though, I don’t think they’re too crazy. I just still have a little faith, i believe in the players we have i just don’t agree with how Mike D’Anotoni is coaching/playing them.

  51. J-Watts says:

    This Trade would work for Everyone! Add in a few picks + Cash incentives for Orlando!

  52. vinch says:

    i really hate the way coach del negro’s strategy on the clips. why play bobby simmons and not deandre jordan. when deandre can give you a much more explosive plays rather than bobby simmons. and with deandre in the center blake PF, butler SF, mo SG and paul PG they will be unstoppable. and make k-mart the sixth man together with evans. and if they get either ellis/crawford/jsmith they would be a team that you wont messed around it. they might go for the championship.

    as for the lakers they really need a point guard. i really prefer that they should sign Arenas/Alston as PG because i know that Arenas/Alston can give you explosive plays just give them enough playing time to prove that they deserve to be a laker. also if they can get a deal between blake and gasol/bynum for howard then both magic and lakers are winners in both trades.

  53. businessman says:

    Ellis to the Magic, Kaman to the Warriors, and whatever New Orleans wants from Orlando to get them to do it. Something like this: but with picks, cash, more young players, whatever. I don’t care what NOLA wants to get this to happen, but it would keep Dwight happy.

  54. chris says:

    ellis, brandon jennings, dorell wright, andris biedrins,josh smith, and steve nash to the magic with howard staying put according to my sources. spread it around.

  55. hoop shirts says:

    Dwight needs to stay with the Magic and let the front office find him some pieces. Maybe add Monta Ellis and/or another legitimate scorer. He needs to trust that the Magic have his back. These superstars egos get in the way. They just need to play and trust the business.

    • Pick says:

      The Magic really have no one of value to trade. There most desirable player is probably Anderson, and that ain’t going to get you much, definitely not Ellis. Magic have too many mediocre role players.

    • dd def says:

      not to mention trusting the franchise to put talent around him hasn’t had much affect. when they DID have a good roster that got them to the finals they traded everyone away. so i understand his desire to move.