Report: Ricky Rubio Done For Season

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Ricky Rubio‘s celebrated rookie season is over, according to a report in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The Timberwolves’ point guard has a torn ligament in his left knee that will cost him the remainder of this season and possibly the Olympic games this summer in London.

This is devastating news for the Timberwolves, who are chasing a playoff spot for the first time in years behind the play of All-Star power forward Kevin Love and under the tutelage of first-year head coach Rick Adelman.

Rubio went down in the final seconds of Friday night’s loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, his knee buckling before he collided with Kobe Bryant. The fear Friday night was that it was a potential season-ending injury. Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune confirmed those fears this afternoon:

Just when the franchise finally had reversed four long, losing seasons by surpassing .500 to become a playoff contender for the first time since 2004, Rubio was injured late in Friday’s home loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Rehabilitation time for such an injury usually is six to nine months, which means Rubio also likely will miss playing for Spain in the London Summer Olympics that begin in July.

On Thursday, the NBA introduced a commercial on its TNT doubleheader promoting Rubio’s passion, “unbridled joy” and ability to see things before they happen, which is why the commercial’s tag line is, “So he already knows El Futuro Es Big.”

That, btw, means The Future is Big.

On Friday, Rubio fell to the floor clutching his left knee and shin after he went to help defend Lakers star Kobe Bryant. He planted to his left foot in an attempt to block Bryant’s path with the ball and his knee appeared to buckle just before he collided with Bryant.

He was called for a foul on the play, an infraction that sent Bryant to the free-throw line for the eventual game-winning free throws in a 105-102 victory.

The Wolves not only lost the game on the play, they lost their starting point guard and a player who finally, after all these years, has made them internationally relevant again.

Rubio was helped to the bench, where he held his hand over his eyes while the team’s athletic trainer probed Rubio’s knee with his hands.

He tried to walk during an ensuing timeout, but only made it a few steps before the knee gave out on him and he was helped back to the bench. Teammates helped him to the locker room at the game’s conclusion and he later left the arena walking with the help of a friend.

As of Friday night, Rubio and fellow rookie Derrick Williams were the only Timberwolves who had played in all 41 games this season.

The Timberwolves have point guard depth, with Luke Ridnour and J.J. Barea on the roster. But Ridnour has been rumored to be on the trading block, with Thursday’s deadline looming, and Barea hasn’t ever been a full-time starter.

Losing Rubio leaves a gaping hole in the backcourt for the Timberwolves and robs them of their young floor leader and one of the most exciting players in the league.


  1. Patrickmarc says:

    I am not blaming Kobe, and I am sure he is confused about that. Nothing intentional of course, Kobe is a gentleman.
    I believe it’s only bad luck..

  2. Patrickmarc says:

    Kobe did something dangerous, but he didn’t want to hurt Rubio that way.

    Rubio is very young and I believe he will be ready in less than four month.

    He will come back stronger, better scorer, with more muscles.

    I think he wolves will be a serious team next year,

    • kobe says:

      how did kobe do something dangerous..cmon people stop blaming kobe for a freak accident..rubio got called for a blocking foul..its not like kobe pulled a tonya harding and took a bat to his leg..

  3. Kinn says:

    I believe Kobe knew exactly what he was doing.

  4. rubio fan says:

    dude rubio is a dang good pg. hopes he gets better cuz the dude is entertaing as hell.

  5. Lakers R Us says:

    I was just sick when I saw this happen to Ricky Rubio! This is very unfortunate for the Timberwolves! I like the Timberwolves and Kevin Love! I hope he heals quicker than usual and is not out for the season!

  6. Shank says:

    how does this trade sound: Michael Beasley and Luke Ridnour or JJ Barea for Steve Nash and one more. It would be perfect cuz nash would be a legit starting guard, and once Rubio heals he can really learn from Nash

  7. Nicholas says:

    Well if they really need help Allen Iverson is still out there so is Gilbert Arenas I cant belive nobody has signed Arenas I understand that Iverson is probaly washed up but Arenas hasn’t even had a real chance, If I were the clippers and could’nt get Ray Allen or Jamal Crawford, I would Give Arenas a Shot and see if he could play as good as Billups did at the SG.
    I would bet that he could.

  8. kd mvp says:

    hope rubio gets better. Man all these kids sound so childish blaming kobes name in the injury. Lebron broke mike millers thumb omg he did it on purpose remember that. It couldn’t have been a accident lebron wanted to break millers thumb so he could use it an excuse for his champ fail.

    anyone can say bs like that. obv it was a accident why are you kids so ignorant. Are you guys like 12 year old. Like I don’t understand do these kids exactly believe what they are saying like they just sound stupid lol.

  9. david says:

    this is very unfortunate for the timberwolves!, but on the bright side david kahn had predicted this by drafting “too many” point guards in the draft

  10. almonds05 says:

    when ricky rubio came to NBA, wolves games are really exciting to watch. but lets accept the fact that this kind of circumstances happen when we least expect it. lets not blame anyone for the incident. lets just hope and wait for ricky rubio’s strong comeback for the next season.

  11. hP says:

    What a shame! Rubio was a great player for the Wolves and a hard worker. Hopefully he can come back better than ever next season.

  12. sb says:

    time to get nash wolves… rubio knee buckle wouldn’t have helped with kobe crashin into it .. its a bunch off factors. ricki will be back .. and stronger next year … timber wolves wouldn’t have made the finals anyway…

  13. jmndodge says:

    Feel bad for Ricky, more for the Olympics than this NBA season. We saw tonight the difference that he makes to the wolves. He should be able to come back and be as good physically, and become much better with NBA experience. Thought he had position, but the knee gave way when he planted. Kobe’s play was just good hard basketball, such a close play it likely would have been called a charge, if Kobe had planted and Rubio driven into him. Still I don’t think Kobe is responsible for the injury, I’m sure Ricky would love to have a career as successful and long as Kobe.

  14. Migz says:

    Why couldn’t it be Rick Adelman the one who got injured?! LOL..
    In all seriousness, its still a big loss to the T’wolves. Hope he gets better a lot sooner.

    I still believe that he deserves a spot at the All-Rookie First Team by the end of the season.

  15. oneLOVEBASKETBALL says:

    this is much worse than chauncey billups….. in fact, its the worst news ive ever heard in NBA…

  16. Nebs says:

    What a disappointment :/ I’d been pulling for Rubio ever since I saw him in the last Olympics, and he and Kevin Love are one of my favorite NBA duos. I really hope it doesn’t take him long to recover from this, he has the potential to have a really, really successful career, especially since he’s only 21 years old. Big loss for the T-wolves this season and possibly for Spain in the Olympics. Best wishes to Rubio, get better soon man.

  17. james says:

    im not a wolves fan but I like Rubio..I just hope this wont stop his career

  18. Jeremy says:

    I actually dont think that kobe caused the injury it looked like after rubio’s little jump stop he locked his knee pretty bad but kobe happened to run by at the same time which makes it look like it was his fault. Feel bad for Ricky though hope he recovers well

  19. Jp says:

    Rubio is only 21. Just hope he can mentally endure the next couple of months to get into tip top shape. No doubt he can comeback strong.

  20. Mohammed Ali Ashlam says:

    They should try to get Rajon Rondo. He wants to be traded any ways, or even Josh Smith can really help. But if they can get Rajon Rondo, it would be tremendous.

  21. Happy says:

    Hey, think of the positive part.
    Without Rubio, Minnesota will lose more games, which will put them in the bottom of the standing.
    Then, Minnesota will get another top draft pick next year, who with Rubio’s return, will make a great team.

  22. mr. ed says:

    like how a good amount of people actually don’t read the whole thing nor watch the replay.

    very unfortunate news for rubio and the wolves. wish him a good recovery back from this.

    i certainly hope that this isn’t the first of a string of injuries that would turn his potentially fantastic career to one scarred by injuries.

  23. Kobe Bryant says:

    As you can see, Rubio tries to trip me…when his leg is out, our knees slightly hit each other which causes his leg to slightly hyperextend…if he didn’t try to accidentally trip me…he wouldn’t have gotten hurt.

  24. Monna says:

    I think it’s a though lost for the muskies,i mean it’s a though lost for every team to lose a valuable player but i think that there are other players there in the team who wanna make the job for R.R(Ricky Rubio)til he returns to play again.But til he returns the team would have to play as good as ever to try to get to the playoffs and for them that would be a great acomplishment,they don’t get to playoffs since 2004.There my favourite team so i will cheer for them and of corse for KEVIN LOVE!!!!!!!

    Pienso q es una gran perdida para los muskies,quiero decir es una gran perdida para cualquier equipo perder una piesa invaluable,pero creo q hay otros jugadores en el equipo q quieren hacer por Ricky Rubio hasta que el regrese a jugar de nuevo.Pero hasta q el regrese el equipo tiene q jugar tan bien como nunca para tratar de llegar a playoffs y para ellos eso seria un gran logro,ellos no llegan a playoffs desde 2004.Son mi equipo favorito asi q voy a gritar por ellos y por supuesto por KEVIN LOVE!!!!!!!

  25. terry kwan says:

    they should get Jeremy Lin from the Knicks to continue the run

  26. Ryu says:

    It was Blackmamba’s venom.

  27. dsd says:

    dang… too bad for rubio and the wolves. (Not Kobe’s fault tho. He didn’t even try to sell the foul.) As long as Love, Williams and Peko’s there, they have a chance to get into the play-offs. GOOD LUCK RICKY!!!!

  28. Belizeboy says:

    It wasn’t Bryant’s fault, but man that was a blatant charge that did not get called.

  29. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    Come on, man! This is so unfair!!! I felt the same way when Billups went down, these guys who made the game more beatiful, really don’t deserve this kind of things 😦

  30. erich says:

    get well soon Rubio.

  31. Highlander says:

    read the atricle, then watched the replay, then watched again, nota Kobe hater, , but feel it is actually his fault, looked that way to me, just saying what I saw

  32. T-Wolves says:

    its not kobes fault and im not a kobe fan rubio planted his leg hard hope rubio recovers well

  33. BusdiKobe says:

    Rubio collided with Bryant, but their knees did not.

  34. BusdiKobe says:

    0.44. No collision of knees.

  35. jose says:

    when bad things happen!!! I am so sad!!

  36. LAL says:

    WOW guys who think it was Kobe’s Fault. It clearly wasn’t. and Kobe isn’t a cold player who injured Ming, Perkins, and even his own teammate bynum. Kobe is Kobe, he may look bad to u but he really isn’t he is just trying to help his team win a game.

  37. fygon says:

    ricky was a great point guard, it’s just sad for the wolves to loss a player that contributed them much in the offensive play. I hope ricky will get recover, and it wasn’t kobe’s fault, nobody’s fault , it was an accident, the game was very close and both teams just wanted to win.

  38. TT says:

    be strong RR from POland

  39. Patrick says:

    What a shame rubio had to get injured, but its nobody fault that rubio had had to hit the masked mamba….


  40. Sacfan says:

    I like Rubio and it is sad that he will be out for the season but I don’t feel bad for the wolves. When was the last time they played Kevin Love againts the Lakers? Seems like they sit him everytime they play those fools. Had they played Kevin Love the game would not have been as close and this would have been less likely to happen.

  41. Helen says:

    I feel horrible for Ricky Rubio. Best for the recovery.

  42. Farhan says:

    Wow sorry for the wolves they had such an amazing team! Hope he recovers in time for the playoffs.

  43. Antonio says:

    Ricky is only 21 and an athlete..with technology, he will bounce back strong next season. To look “positively” at this development, he now can watch film to see hif flaws and work on his shooting to make him more lethal at the Pick and roll, and transition spot-ups. Its now clear and important for the wolves management to invest more in Rubio, make him better, thus position themselves for a run next season.

  44. Bok says:

    Good luck on the rehab & hopefully he can come back in time.

  45. NBA fan says:

    To everyone that is saying it’s Kobe’s fault, how is it his fault? Don’t be quick to point blame on somebody. It was an unfortunate accident. Kobe didn’t purposely want to hurt Rubio! Rubio came to defend Kobe on the play and it just happened that they bumped knees. Injuries happen, but don’t accuse people like that. My best wishes to Ricky Rubio, I hope you get better!

  46. Giovani Rimini says:

    I feel awfull about the bad news. My favorite player out for the season. Hope he has a good recovery and hope his apperance in the Olympics Game.

  47. xfactor says:

    Wow so many kobe haters. As a Twolves fan, kobe did nothing wrong. It was an accident. If anything, i’m not being biased here, it probably should’ve been called a charge on kobe. Rubio came over to double, had position, feet down and got ran over by kobe. I guess thats a call that could go both ways but in my eyes, it looked like a charge. Sometimes i see guys that jump in a players way at the last second, doesnt even have position, still shuffling their feet and some how manage to get a charging foul called. Makes no sense. At least in this case he had his feet planted and just stood there with his hands up and got ran over….. With this injury, we’ll finally get to see malcom lee play. From what i’ve heard he can play both guard positions.

  48. KOBEFAN says:

    if you’ll use your pause button, or slo-mo feature, you’ll note that kobe was already moving BEFORE rubio planted (hence, the blocking foul against rubio). note how rubio literally stuck out his leg and tried planting it directly in kobe’s path. what was kobe supposed to do? stop and change directions just because an opponent was coming his way? that’s why there exist charging fouls and blocking fouls. i guess the ref got it wrong, too, huh? yeah…okay.

  49. Giovani Rimini says:

    All my support to Ricky. This player make me stay many night in frot the Tv. All the best for your rehabilatation. Greetings from Italy

  50. filip says:

    i hope he recovers by the time the olympics start coz i figure spain will be the only challenge usa has.

  51. Mobb says:

    he never had serious injury playing in Europe, then he comes to NBA and damn there goes the knee!


    RUBIO OUT ALL SEASON !!!!!!!!!!!! what a shame , his rookie year’s over,he had a change of being the best rookie this year.

  53. Max says:

    In the final seconds of the Wolves’ lost to the Lakers last night, the entire stadium went silent. Not because the Wolves were losing by 3, but because Minnesota’s saviour went down and unfortunately, didn’t get back up. He won’t be getting back up anytime soon either

    To read more go to

  54. Tyler says:

    This is terrible news. Ricky is such an amazing talent, and was having such a great season. I hope that he has a fast recovery and gets well soon.

  55. andy says:

    O my! The Rockets actually have a chance of making the playoffs now!!!

  56. K.Sh. says:

    I wish Rubio a fast recovery, i love watching him play! I’m sure it was just an accident and Kobe didn’t mean to do it. Get well A.S.A.P. Rubio!

  57. very sad to hear about rubio’s injury..he was great for the nba and was a rising star for the nba global community…always a tragedy when young players suffer serious injuries like these in the early stages of their careers…rubio was on track to have a fantastic season, not just for a rookie, but for a top ten caliber pg..i hope that for the timberwolves sake, ridnour and barea can pick it up down the stretch..i look forward to seeing him return next season

  58. Timberwolves has beaten big teams in this season showing a big potential to come in the games before finals. The young celebrated Spaniard has made a lot of contribution for that foresighted entry, not only simple plays but applauded moves. He must be coming back. We’ll pray for him. Mama Mary loves him for sure!

  59. Yeaahhh says:

    poor richy , anyways tha gives a chance to BAREAAAAAA to prove he can WIn

  60. Maria says:

    Animo Ricky, espero de que te recuperes pronto aunque no puedas jugar los juegos olímpicos todavía te queda muchos partidos en la NBA porque te vas a poner bien ya lo veras. ESPAÑA ESTA CONTIGO RICKY

  61. Hahah says:

    he never gonna get his sixth ring anyways with that horrible team. just sit down Kobe. stop tryna ruin other peoples careers.

  62. damn says:


  63. Miami Heat says:

    Guys if u really watch the game Kobe didn’t hit Rubio.. Rubio buckled his knee before making contact with Kobe so I don’t think that is Kobe’s fault im not a Lakers fan im Miami heat fan so Im just saying what i saw

  64. charlie says:

    how about rubio trying to walk off a torn ACL. Reminds me of steve nash playing with a broken nose. These guys play hard and want to win. Hopefully Rubio recovers fast and gets to nash’s level someday.

  65. Shanta says:

    just as the t-wolves looked like they were building a solid core group, rubio the center of it all is lost…
    It will be interesting to see how other players step up and maybe derrick williams can become the offensive support they will need now

  66. Barry Lird says:

    Shame smh

  67. Seve says:

    …Too bad for Minesota and worst for Ricky… Spain want Ricky for olympic games!!
    Ánimos desde España Ricky!! recupérate rápido

  68. Johnathan says:

    It was not an intentional move by Kobe Bryant, go look at the video haters?
    ended yao’s career? is that so, he didnt step on Yao’s foot, he didnt grab a bat and smashed it?
    He didnt injure Perkins either

    Look this Basketball, and whether anyone likes it or not, injuries are part of the game, its human beings playing, not some cyborgs…only those that have actually played Basketball and had injuries understand this as a fact.

  69. NIgel67 says:

    Tremendous setback for the Wolves. I´m sorry but no way does Ridnours keep up with the level Ricky gave to the team
    I could eaasily see them winning in the first rounds of the playoffs. Now it´s a big ?

  70. The Fact says:

    Rubio’s knee gave up on him before the colide with kobe, meaning that it was a natural injury.
    T-Wolves should get Jamal Crawford or Raymond Felton

  71. daniel25 says:

    Te deseo lo mejor richy con noches mejores y peores has hecho que me quedara dormido en clase para verte, aprobecha y recuerda que cuando un muro se pone en nuestros caminos no es para detenernos sino para mostrarnos cuanto lejos podemos llegar. Entrena el tiro, las penetraciones, sigue siendo humilde y muchisima suerte en todo, Grande ricky

  72. Kawu says:

    Oh no, it always happens to the good ones… best wishes from Germany, my new favorite player lost for the season… 😦

  73. Nuno Santana says:

    Man, what a shame… I was really liking the excitement surrounding this ‘Wolves team and Rubio was a huge part of that. I guess now it’s important that they don’t try to replace him for the remainder of the season. They can still trade Beasley or Ridnour but they should do a trade already thinking about next season when Rubio is back.I can see Wesley Johnson getting more minutes now, he’s a good player and can be a big part of this organization getting further forward and i think he has the talent to get out of his 2nd season slump.

  74. Vinícius Manhães Andrade says:

    Noooo!!!!! I had him for my ROY! I mean, I don’t know if he would have won, but he was my favorite rookie by far… Now there’s no doubt, Kyrie Irving is gonna be the Rockie Of the Year…

  75. Seth says:

    Terrible news for the kid. Great player and a very nice, cheerful guy too. Too bad.

  76. Ali says:

    Although this is loss for the timber wolves in all honesty this season for the Wolves rides on Kevin Love shoulders, if everyone pulls there weight and he get 25 and 15 nightly like he currently is they can still make a run.
    That being said that team is suddenly less entertaining to watch 😦

    • Jose says:

      I agree with you. In my opinion Wolves still have some chances. It is Love the one who mainly marks the difference, at least at present. With Williams and Pekovic in good shape and Rednour and Barea (if there is no trade) “taking advantage” of this situation, they can still be a very competitive team. Rednour and Barea, if not traded, need to grow up a little bit. Be more accurate, decisive.

    • KING says:

      Depending on how well the Wolves do from here on out could make a big impact on Love’s MVP standing.

  77. Pj says:

    It is Kobe’s fault he hit Rubio’s knee

    • OMG says:

      Kobe didn’t freaking hit Rubio, Rubio’s knee buckled right before.

      Please read the article and wtach the video closely before accusing a player.

      • rhenjo says:

        im not kobe’s fan,,, but this insane how can this kobe’s fault men,,,, kobe want to win like rubio that’s why he double kobe but before that kobe run and that’s they bumf and it’s not a fault. it’s a “ACCIDENT”

    • rich says:

      Lebron’s fault…

  78. Giovanni says:

    what is your problem Kobe Bryant think what are you go to do before you do it is bad what you did to him

  79. Roy says:

    NOOOO this is terrible, now the wolves probly wont make the playoffs, and damnit I wanted to see more highlights from Rubio to Derrick Williams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Miguel Angel says:

    I hope you can recover soon enough to go to the Olympic Games. Spain needs you to get the gold medal.

    My best wishes for your fast recovery!!!!

  81. Schoowow says:

    Surprised ? Kobe has a long list of victims : finished Yao Ming’s career, almost finished Kendrick Perkins Career, and now this.
    Remember what he said just last year, after Bynum got his own skirmishes ? “I’m proud of him” is what Kobe had to say
    this is a culture of players that never went to college, do not respect their collegues. I hope he retires soon.
    He is a dirty player. period.

  82. Lu says:

    Wow…. That is really unfortunate for the TWolves, this is a franchise that really hasnt been even close to a playoff contending team since KG played there, and then came Kevin Love, Rubio, Beasley, Wes Johnson and Derrick Williams, all good players, but now with Rubio out i really think this will hurt them… I dunno if they will even make the playoffs only being in the 9th place in the West… Just really unfortunate, hope he’ll be better to play for Spain

  83. celtics4life says:

    u know what it looks like kobes gonna win a championship by getting rid all his competition forist it was yoa then perkins and now rubio why doesnt he just retire seriously

  84. 2gILD says:

    Huge loss for the wolves. Lost Rubio in his developmental year. I do think that the reserve point guards are enough to make a legitimate push for the playoffs with healthy love. Rubio will lose valuable learning time and must recover both physically and mentally from long layoff. Being said, for those of you who want to shield Kobe and saying Rubio buckled on his own, that is not true. It’s not kobe’s fault, but he ran over rubio just when Rubio was stopping which put tremendous torque on Rubio’s knee. This is like football inury when RB trying to make cut and stop for a second, and the Linebacker puts his weight on the knee of RB causing ACL damage. Yes kobe didn’t intend to harm Rubio by any mean and the contact was rather soft, but to say Rubio’s knee buckled on his own is nonsense.

  85. Luis says:

    Lo he visto varias veces y no creo que existe intención de Kobe de lastimar a Ricky, simplemente pasó en forma fortuita. Es una lástima porque es una de los animadores de la Liga. Pero su juventud lo hará regresar con fuerza la proxima temporada, tiene un gran futuro en la NBA.

  86. Carlos says:

    Me lleva la chingada, nadamas veia los juegos de los Timberwolves por rubio….

    • karude says:

      igualmente … ricky es uno de esos jugadores por los que merece la pena ver un partido. Que tristeza!

  87. chus_ki says:

    How can put as an official note something that a journalist says in the Star Tribune? Can you not call the Wolves and post a note plausible?

    Sea lo que sea, un abrazo muy fuerte Ricky

  88. pete says:

    This is a setback, no doubt. I just really hope it doesn’t hamper him long term, and I’m confident it won’t as others have bounced back into form after the same type of injury.

    Ricky is great for the league and is a prime pillar in the resurgence of the Wolves. Get better. Bright future ahead.

  89. NBEATZ says:

    Remember the Rubio is ONLY 21 years old and if he has a career like Nash, he will be around for a VERY long time at least 17-19 seasons IF he can stay healthy, Also people have to remember he has went through injurie beofre he has been playing pro Ball since he was 14! He will be fine Mentally. Wolve just need Williams to gain he legs for next year and they will be top 5 in the West next year. Rubio is quikly becoming one of my favorite players and I AM A MIAMI HEAT FAN, so that is saying something.

  90. Mateo says:

    damn I’m too sad to hear this… hope everything is all right Ricky. u gotta work hardest than ever right now to return better than before. we love u!

  91. jalisco says:

    te envío toda la fuerza y animos, por la belleza que generas cuando tu juegas al basket.
    De verdad, que te recuperes lo antes posible.

  92. Telmo says:


  93. EMMAN says:

    and one thing more for kobe HATER’s out ther why would kobe take a risk of banging his knee when he had an injury there a year ago,…DOn’T be a hater…your making stories up look closely bryant evaded his knee to avoid knee collision..

  94. Anthony says:

    Trade Curry to the T Wolves!

  95. pajares says:

    Ricardo muereteee, ojala se te gangrene la pierna y te la hanputen, feto que eres un feto

    • karude says:

      Pero a los anormales os dejan escribir aqui?? Ignorante … amputar se escribe sin H …. deberias saberlo … ya que a ti te deben de haber amputado el cerebro. Retrasado!!

  96. pud says:

    Man just when Derrick Williams started proving himself too… given he plays like he did this game, A trio of Rubio-Williams-Love would have been scary, really feel bad for Wolves fans

  97. Juan Carlos says:

    What a lost for the show and for the europe followers. All my love to Ricky. For me the rookie of this season. Tears in my eyes. !! Todos Somos Riicky.!!

  98. EMMAN says:

    To those PEOPLE who keep involving bryant’s name as a culprit..your so LAME…LOOK at 0:43 and 0:50 it never hit…for WILL what do want bryant to do give the ball…???it’s obvious he would move there…it was just a misfortune for rubio’s knee that it buckled that hard but there were no contact in the knee’s… u know your a hater together with grime

  99. king james says:

    Kobe it’s a bad man after you say Lebron it’s bad look kobe before !!!

  100. Canary Islander says:

    So Sad for this bad news. Ricky made me enjoy and made me stay stay awake a lot of nights to see him and wolves. a BIG lost for the Nba. Spain and Europe feel the sad of the injured. Come Back stronger. We love u Ricky. defintley No rooky for Ricky Rubio

  101. fabio says:

    Vamos ricky animo, que cuando vuelvas lo hagas tan bien como lo estas haciendo

  102. Eric says:

    As someone alluded to up there, Rubio’s knee buckled BEFORE Kobe actually made contact with him. Freeze the frame right when he comes in at Kobe and tries to stop. That’s where his knee actually shears 😦 Poor guy… I just went through this, so know how he must feel.

  103. EMMAN says:

    LOOK at 0:43 and 0:50 it didn’t hit…he buckled his knee…kobe didn’t do anything

  104. Willl says:

    &@%% the lakers. I watched that game and it was so obvious that kobe did it on purpose so he could get a foul. Typical Laker basketball: intentionally injure another player so things can go your way. Saw it with Artest (World peace), Bynum, odom, and now Kobe. I hope the get what they deserve. They just ruined the timberwolves playoff hopes just so they could get a meaningless win. Lakers are spoiled brats and sore losers

    • prix says:

      Bro it was accidental. If it was your fav player and team it would be all fine though wouldnt it? Ignorance is bliss

    • Larian1983 says:

      what a pathetic hater, just becaue all the hate you have, you unintentionally cursed your own team.

    • Jordan says:

      If kobe wanted to take a player out intentionally, I don’t think that’s the way he would do it. Accident bro

  105. carlo says:

    i’m so sad…….

  106. GrimeWizard says:

    Kobe broke Brynum’s knee and now Rubio’s. Man, that guy is bad luck

  107. EMMAN says:

    bryant didn’t hit rubio…that’s why they say his knee buckled….wew…you guys must know how to read…his knee gave out without even touching kobe because he stopped his left leg immediately with speed then it gave off..and became an injury

    • Greg says:

      You must be blind if you don’t think Kobe lowered his shoulder and shoved Rubio to the ground. Missed call by the refs and an unfortunate injury.

  108. Paige says:

    Kobe’s fault

  109. gijoe says:

    no bueno poor guy get well soon

  110. kenny says:

    too bad for wolves..

  111. CML says:

    I feel bad for Rubio. Oh man, why does this have to happen now? I mean, everything is going up for Minnesota and I for one want to see them play in the playoffs. I hope they get through this. I suppose trading Ridnour now would be a problem unless of course it’s a PG of great value. If only they kept Flynn instead of trading him. You also have to add that Barea is not 100% all season. He needs to step up now more than ever. Rumor has it that Sessions is on the trading block as well. Why not work a way to get that PG. It won’t be as hard because reports said that the Cavs are not really looking for anything big in return so might as well go for Sessions now or have 1 healthy PG in Ridnour and a less healthy one in Barea.

  112. lud says:

    bad news for the wolves this guy so unpredictable he offerd lots of options to his team ..barea and ridnour seem more consistent shooting the ball, and more reliable in money time , that should compensate….shame for him tho, this young man was fun to watch

  113. Cade P. says:

    Us timberwolves fans can’t catch a break… Hopefully Ricky gets better I really want to see him have a great career with us!

  114. P-I-M-P says:

    Talk about a cold shower…

  115. Roy K says:

    There goes Kobe killing off his rivals off slowly but surely. In this case, in the literal sense. Kobe is a bad man. Hated man that is.

  116. Javier says:

    Go Ricky! Good luck with your rehabilitation!!

  117. Tj says:

    When you look closely kobe didn’t really bump into him real hard. I don’t really see what happened. Look at kobe’s left leg and see for yourself

    • RJ says:

      Like the article says, his knee buckled right before they collided. And it did.

    • Akif says:

      ACL and other major injuries sometimes just happen… when an athlete is just walking or in the middle of a play their knee can buckle (rubio) out of nothing. I feel bad for rubio, but provided he seeks the proper medical attentiona and take good care of his body during rehab he should be able to make a strong comeback.

      i wonder how the wolves will go now?

  118. tupark82 says:

    a true shame. really hope he can recover fully from it both mentally and physically

    • Hometown says:

      I hope he can too man! He kept getting better and better! There’s nothing good about Rubio geting injured but, it is a positive that now we’ll go back to a conventional lineup! Instead of starting 2 point guards (personally I was getting tired of seeing that because every team goes right to that miss match) ridnour will move back to the point, Wes back to the 2 and insert D-Will in at the 3 where he belongs( coach Adelman hasn’t realized that yet but has no choice but to now) for a big lineup and with the consistent scoring from Ridnour and the emergence of D-Will, we should fair well until Ricky gets back! Then by that time coach Adelman will know that Kl, Bg Pek, and all of our top picks Rubio, Wes Johnson and D-Will is the best product that you can put out on the floor to win! We should still make the playoffs and Rubio can focus on getting better and be 100% ready for the season next year! Things are still looking up for the wolves! Let me throw this out there too…………..our next pick we need to try and get is Fab Melo from syracuse1