Rivers Sounds Off On Rumors

BOSTON — Doc Rivers calls it “silly season,” when trade rumors fly left and right in the weeks leading up to the trade deadline.

Rivers’ Celtics are caught in the middle of the the rumors, with reports of general manager Danny Ainge “aggressively trying to trade Rajon Rondo and “trying to land” Josh Smith for Kevin Garnett. And Rivers isn’t happy about it.

“I don’t mind any rumors that are true,” Rivers said before his team played the Nets on Friday. “I think I’m pretty up front with [the media] about it. I do get upset when they’re not true. In my opinion, sometimes news is created. And then people report on the news that they created. And when that happens, I’m not really happy with it.”

These Rondo rumors are the second round of headlines surrounding the point guard, following a rumor that the Celtics were discussing a deal with the Lakers that would bring Pau Gasol to Boston.

“That’s two already this year I haven’t been real happy with, because there was no truth to that,” Rivers said. “The Gasol rumor was even crazier. That was just ridiculous. I don’t know where it came from. When that stuff happens, it bothers you, because it’s being created by somebody outside of your touch, and you can’t do anything about it.”

When Rivers was asked about the Garnett-Smith story, he said that it was the first that he’d heard of it.

“If this is the first time I’ve heard it, what do you think?” Rivers responded when asked about the credibility of the story.

And as far as any issues he might have with Rondo, Rivers said it comes with being a coach.

“Everybody has issues,” he said. “Some issues are harder. Some are not. But it’s called, to me, human relationships. And if it’s worth anything, you’re probably going to have some issues sometimes. It’s never going to just be vanilla. That would be nice. I would probably sleep more, but that’s never going to happen in any place.”

There are still 13 more days until the deadline, and Rivers knows there’s nothing he can do about all the talk that will surround his team until then.

“It’s a day-to-day thing through that stretch, and there’s no other way around it,” he said. “You’re up front as much as you can be. And that’s all you can do.”




  1. beantown says:

    good job doc keep those other teams off rondos nuts and sign that boy for the longhaul. Hes definately the triple double machine that holds this team together. media needs to shut up and stop the silliness they are making my green blood boil!

  2. anonymoose says:

    its the media trying to sensationalize things. they create news that are not always true just so they are read and talked about, its kinda cheap but that’s how they run the show. pathetic, really…

  3. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    The Garnett-Smith trade makes COMPLETELY NO sense for Atlanta.

  4. Amitpal says:

    The celtics made one mistake. They should have blown up the big three at the beginning of the season. Get a couple of first round picks and start all over with salary cap, draft picks and rondo. Can u imagine them drafting Austin rivers with rondo and sign some post players. Brook Lopez needs a new contract.

  5. theultimatecelticsfan says:

    the Garnett-Smith trade makes sense for boston. They need younger guys and Smith plays a lot like KG. Besides, Rondo and Smith were teammates in highschool, or was it college? Don´t matter. The point is that it would be good looking forward for the Celtics.

  6. prix says:

    Maybe Rivers just don´t admit that they are not competing anymore and Boston needs some fresh legs..look at Garnett, Allen and Pierce play…my Grandfather plays better than them…Rondo´s talent comes to waste.