Paul understands Howard’s plight

Orlando — Chris Paul knows what Dwight Howard is going through. To a point, anyway.

Like Howard, Paul twisted in the wind during the final days in New Orleans, unsure whether he’d have to stay an entire season after informing the team that he wanted to leave. Nor did he know where he’d end up.

“It was a confusing time, man,” he said. “Crazy.”

And yet, unlike Dwight, Paul was jettisoned rather quickly, before the season began, and landed in a spot that perfectly suits him and his style.

“The weather’s great, the team has been amazing, and I’m playing with a guy named Blake Griffin who isn’t too bad,” Paul said. “I ended up in a great spot. It worked out great for me.”

Funny how it worked out for Paul. When NBA commissioner David Stern, acting as owner of the Hornets, vetoed the three-team trade that would’ve sent Paul to the Lakers, the situation turned vicious and viral. Stern was depicted as evil and Paul was seen as a sympathetic figure, odd for someone who demands a trade (see Carmelo Anthony, Howard, etc.). But what happens? Paul is traded to the Clippers, joins Griffin and is directing one of the top-three teams in the West. Meanwhile, Stern continued to take heat for … whatever.

Paul is thrilled he didn’t end up in a Dwight situation, an unsolved drama that threatens to overtake the All-Star Weekend and disrupt a rather decent Orlando Magic season. That’s something Paul wanted to avoid at all costs. He has some sympathy and advice for Dwight.

“At the end of the day you’ve got to go out there and do what you can do, control what you can control,” he said. “And that’s what I said in my situation. I kept going to the gym, I played hard and worked hard. I knew what I could control, and what was beyond my control.”

Right now, he’s controlling the Clippers, who are threatening to take over basketball in Los Angeles. They have Paul for at least one more season, but at this point, is there any doubt Paul has finally found his home?


  1. Not to bus any fan’s bubble, but putting all of these all-star players together does not guarantees a Championship, look at what happened when Shaq/Kobe/Glen Rice first got together, yeah they eventually won, but it wasn’t until the LAKERS[My team] signed the great PHIL JACKSON, which also won w/o SHAQ and Glen Rice, The point that i am making is this, just because u take 2 or 3 of the best players off of their current team, dont mean that u r going to win , even though Miami looks like they r going to win it this year, and they do have a good Big 3, but be aware of that good team by the name of OKLAHOMA THUNDER, they r real good and they r being coached well, and that’s what really can make the difference, but where ever Dwight Howard go, if your system consist of run’n your offense through him? You r not going to win, no disrespect to Dwight Howard, but that is not his game, the caliber of player that he is, is better suited for a Chicago style of offense or Miami or if u just know how to use him.

  2. crazylittleliar says:

    I am a fan of the Magic since I’m fond of Hedo and Dwight, but if D12 wants to go, he must have his reasons.

    And oh, I heard Deron Williams wants to team up with Dwight (he wants to go where D12 would go).

    Also as Mavs fan, I hope they’d decide to go with the Mavs, since 1) Cuban has been clearing his cap space for them, 2) Mavs need a real center, 3) they also need someone to succeed JKidd, and 4) working with Dirk isn’t a bad idea.

    Just imagine 3D in Big D: Dwight-Deron-Dirk taking on Bosh-Wade-LeBron, Durant-Westbrook-Harden/Ibaka, or Melo-Amar’e-Lin. 🙂 It’s a fatal front court, and an efficient back court. Odom, Carter, Jet, Marion, or West could work in the background. 😀

  3. fran says:

    you guys know nothing, everyone wants Dwight, we in Orlando saw him grow-up here, we want him to stay and bring us a championship, if he stays he will be the biggest hero in our eyes, so shut up those of you who want him to leave

  4. Kira says:

    prix, your just a laker fan thats why you don’t appreciate stern’s decisions.

  5. SHB says:

    Go to dallas dwight..and they”ll give you what you want..a world championship

  6. prix says:

    Howard deserves a better team with great team mates, hope Orlando can do that..nobody wants him to be the next Melo..Paul is doing fine with the Clips but I don´t think he´s the best point guard right now..maybe behind Rose, Nash and Kidd..or even Westbrook..Lakers need to take a bath…and Stern is a disease…

    • catalyst says:

      seriously? paul, not the best PG? i see some argument with rose but please nash, kidd and westbrook? if you are talking about the PG spot, CP3 is hell way better than nash, kidd and westbrook, no offense but have you seen turnovers/game of these guys your saying, they hardly keep themselves out of the top 5 in TO/game. And between CP3 and Rose, rose have the edge in offense but CP3 is a True Point Guard which means offense come in second

    • Really?.. says:

      dude, you have so much hatred in almost all your post.
      And what, do you mean the next Melo? Right now the Knicks are doing fine, well of course because of Lin, but if you gave them enough time, they would be a real threat to reach the finals with all of their key players healthy

  7. gee says:

    I think stern made the right move. as a celtics fan paul to the lakers would be bad for the celtics.

  8. Belizeboy says:

    Well on the plus side for Laker fans they finally get to see Paul + Kobe + Bynum play together lol.

  9. charles says:

    Without Paul, the clippers are a horrible offensive team. Kmart was a great signing but we’ll see if they can do much damage in the second half without Billups.