#TeamShaq Rules Rising Stars Draft

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With the 11th hour additions of both Jeremy Lin and Norris Cole, the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge draft got an extra dose of last-minute drama from the game’s honorary commissioner, TNT’s Kenny Smith.

By snagging both of the late additions to go along with No. 1 overall pick Blake Griffin and rookie point guard sensation Ricky Rubio, Shaquille O’Neal nailed his first ever draft (he showed up wearing the “Black Pat Riley” t-shirt) and Team Shaq goes into All-Star Weekend with the clear advantage over Team Chuck (Barkley).

Team Chuck has the sort of balance you strive for when putting together a team for the grind of an 82-game (or 66-game) regular season. But Team Shaq has the star power at guard, point guard especially, that you need to win games like the one we’ll see on All-Star Friday night in Orlando.

That didn’t stop Barkley from talking smack after he passed over Lin for a rookie point guard sensation of his own in Kyrie Irving with his first pick.

“It wasn’t very difficult [to pass on Jeremy Lin] to be honest because [Lin’s] only been playing for a week and it’s been a fantastic week,” Barkley said. “But Kyrie Irving is terrific and he’s going to hand it to [Lin] and if Ricky Rubio wants some…he can come get some too.”

You’ve got to ride the hot hand Chuck. And no one in basketball is hotter right now than Lin.

Team Shaq didn’t even get the endorsement of NBA TV’s Dennis Scott, Shaq’s best friend and former Orlando Magic teammate. “As I go through the [rosters], at first I thought Shaq had the upper hand but he has too many point guards,” Scott said. “Shaq has more playmakers but Charles has more finishers…I think Charles may have the upper hand.”

Et tu 3D?

Being the long-range bomber that he was (and remains, to this day) 3D should know better than to bet against the guys who will have control of the ball throughout the game. Team Chuck’s bigs will need someone to get them the ball. All of the best playmakers other than Irving and John Wall will be working for Team Shaq that night.

Mark it down, we’re predicting a big win for Team Shaq that night!

Full rosters & a poll after the jump:


TEAM SHAQ (#TeamShaq)
Blake Griffin – Los Angeles Clippers (Sophomore)
Jeremy Lin – New York Knicks (Sophomore)
Ricky Rubio – Minnesota Timberwolves (Rookie)
Greg Monroe – Detroit Pistons (Sophomore)
Markieff Morris – Phoenix Suns (Rookie)
Kemba Walker – Charlotte Bobcats (Rookie)
Landry Fields – New York Knicks (Sophomore)
Norris Cole – Miami Heat (Rookie)
Brandon Knight – Detroit Pistons (Rookie)
Tristan Thompson – Cleveland Cavaliers (Rookie)

(#Team Chuck)
Kyrie Irving
– Cleveland Cavaliers (Rookie)
DeMarcus Cousins – Sacramento Kings (Sophomore)
Paul George – Indiana Pacers (Sophomore)
Derrick Williams – Minnesota Timberwolves (Rookie)
MarShon Brooks – New Jersey Nets (Rookie)
John Wall – Washington Wizards (Sophomore)
Gordon Hayward – Utah Jazz (Sophomore)
Tiago Splitter – San Antonio Spurs (Sophomore)
Derrick Favors — Utah Jazz (Sophomore, injury replacement for Splitter)
Kawhi Leonard – San Antonio Spurs (Rookie)
Evan Turner – Philadelphia 76ers (Sophomore)


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  2. Matt says:

    Hey Sekou, it was a meaningless game but your pick couldn’t have been more off. Shaq’s team was not drafted well…too many guards, not enough big men, as Dennis Scott said.

  3. anonymoose says:


  4. Dan says:

    Funny how most of you went rooted for Shaq’s team but they lost…
    Chuck did choose a much well balanced smarter team. For me Cousins was a great stand out choice. It amazed me hot Shaq picked a team consisting of 5 PGs. Irving is just overall a smarter player than Lin tbh and seems more versatile. For Lin he needs to add more things to his game, as well as improve his dribbles and Rubio/Wall too.

  5. Arky says:

    Yep, looking like Team Chuck is wiping the floor with Team “5 point guards and no size” Shaq.

    Kyrie Irving comes out of this looking like a lock for rookie of the year, as he deserves to be on the season so far.

  6. kobe says:

    i remember when all-star weekend used to be worth watching…what a joke it has turned into.

  7. iNFAMOUS says:

    PG all over the place for Shaq and to be quite honest I like it. Why? Because how this game plays out is very depending on the tempo of the game. I believe that Chuck’s team although has a strong interior defense cannot and will not defend well against the perimeter onslaught that is Shaq’s team. I also believe on the fast break and transition offense Shaq’s lineup can attack you so many different ways that chuck’s team is going to have a hard time to defend. Spread Chuck’s team out and let lob city begin! Again Shaq team’s perimeter work is going to win this game for them and the fast break. The only thing that can save Chuck’s team is getting their big man involved in the low post that’s the only problem. But when the energy that Lin and Rubio and the other PG’s on Shaq’s team is going to be too much for the starters on chuck’s team.

  8. justenjoywatching says:

    I wouldn’t say JLin is a already a superstar, skill set wise. (not that he doesn’t have the skills) Its just that the title of being branded as a superstar in the NBA is earned, it it takes a period of time to do it consistently, but if Linsanity continues his good play and be really consistent plus he can manage the PG spot well, he can be. As far as him being better than say, Kemba or say, JWall or Kyrie. Not really, but the guy is hell of a competitor it takes some form of heart to carry a team like what he did and win. I mean, obviously most guys definition of better here is “athleticism”, I’d say most of those guys are a lot more athletic than he is, but the guy has heart and that fire that you seldom see, thats rare now in the NBA, most guys that settled in their doesn’t bring that fire like say, Kobe or Jordan does night in and night out. Id say Jwall and Kyrie a lot better maybe in shooting and athleticism, but heart id say Jlin easily makes up for it. As far as court vision and feel for the game, I’d say Rubio leads the pact but honestly, to say which is better i think it should be judged after the season is over given that Jlin only played a portion of the games this season. But athletically, Jwall, Kyrie and Kemba are a lot more gifted have a headstart given their athleticism, but to say which PG is better it wold need a full season to judge that,

  9. Kobe Bryant says:

    How come its not rookie vs sophmore anymore?

  10. Mark says:

    I don’t see why people can logically say Shaq has the better team. Yeah he has the bigger names but think about it, Blake Griffin won’t play much in this game seeing his has to play in the all star game too and after him and Monroe their bigs aren’t as good as Chuck’s. The thing I think is the biggest advantage for Chuck is that Shaq only has 1 wing player and 5 PGs. Landry Fields is the only person that can play the 3 on team Shaq who’s going to play there when he’s not in the game? Shaq will have to play 3 PGs a lot against the 5 wings that Chuck has 6’10 Paul George, 6’8 Hayward, 6’7 Brooks, 6’6 Turner, 6’7 Leonard. Who on Shaq’s team is going to guard them besides Fields? I also think Irving and Wall isn’t a step down from Lin, Rubio or whoever you choose from Shaqs PGs to match up with them. If you look past the big names on Shaq’s team you’ll see Chuck has the better team.

  11. dropdimes15 says:

    lol. love it. sorry but i love that first 6 for chuck i gotta go with that squad. how does wall fall that late?! not sure about how either one of these guys would do as a GM lol still a big fan of both. but come on irving cus george derrick brooks and wall thats tasty

  12. BigBadBlake says:

    I believe in J-Wall before.. but i guess he hasnt done anything for the wiz.. he is only good for himself.. No improvement on his team for couple of years now.. Minnesota is already a .500 team .. and the knicks has risen from the depths.. with big contributors from their PGs.. Rubio and Lin have brought back TV appearances to their teams.. and they are also winning it..

    Just trade J-Wall for Metta World Peace wahahaha

    • comella says:

      ok your point bigbadblake Rubio and Lin are both on decent teams who does Wall have exactly no one… Also if Wall was on either the knicks or minnesota ppl would actually see what this guy can do man! Wall is was talented player

  13. mpwyw says:

    lin is an american, not a chinese. and i must say america is our nation.
    also i remind you all he is a harvard grad which of course indicates his other talent outside a court.
    playing with rubio and griffin he would be even more awesome. witness by yourselves

  14. matthew123432 says:

    you guys are crazy john wall is alot better then Lin, Wall HANDS DOWN IS THE BEST PG IN THIS BUNCH!!

  15. nobody says:

    it will be fun to see how much will Lin get abused when he plays against Rose

  16. Kemba4Heisman says:

    What about Kemba? LIn is way overrated. Westbrook puts up those numbers every game and he dosn’t get all the hype. And Kemba is way underrated he plays for the bobcats so no sees him play:he can ball.

    • matthew123432 says:

      kemba4heisman you already know Lin is way to overrated both Kemba and Wall are underrated beacuse they both play terrible teams, if kemba or Wall played for the knicks people would be paying attention to how good kemba and Wall actually are!

  17. buzzkillington says:

    Team Chuck. John Wall will make all non-believers pay.

  18. nbafan says:

    to all the lin fans I think he is a great player but we havent seen any consistency. he is doing good now but maybe he might have a bad game and he might go back to doing bad. also their is too much attention on him and he has raised the bar really high and he might end up being a huge let down. he has been doing good against average teams. the lakers and dallas arent doing as well so that might be the reason he beat. we have to wait and see until he plays against one of the mayor teams such as miami or OKC

  19. Tom says:

    haha lin is better then kyrie? hahahahahahahahahaha funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Played for 2 weeks, hahahahaha can’t wait for lin to fall off the map GO KYRIE IRVING GO CAVS

  20. Dejan says:

    Kyrie Irving, John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins!!! Team Chuck will win!

  21. basketballguru says:

    only dumb people would pick kyrie over jeremy lin look how average the cavs are

    • kobe says:

      cavs have no one ..lin has stars…Irving is better than lin ..no contest…lin cant go left ..was exposed by miami last night..shouldnt your name by nonothingaboutbball instead of basketballguru…hahahaha

  22. I know 80% of Team Shaq’s roster and 70% of Team Chucks roster. team Shaq will win the fans and win

  23. Onat Yilmaz says:

    Shaq’s team will dominate… where is Enes Kanter!!??

  24. NBA fan says:

    I like Shaq and I like Lin, but it looks like Chuck’s got this one. Who drafts 5 PGs and 1 SG??? Also, Chuck’s team has a huge height advantage. Chuck’s team has a little of everything at every position. Sorry, Shaq.

  25. kirk says:

    Why is a guy with 46 games with 7 starts all coming in the last week get a all-star nod, while others get SNUBBED?

  26. Dwayne says:

    this is stupid, what ever happened to rooks v sophs. I think they just wanted the two twolve players from ganging up on the sophs

  27. Zubby says:

    I’ll never understand why the Lin & Rubio always hate on K. Irving?
    He is doing an awesome job on that Cavs team, with less talent then either MINN or NYK(even w/o Melo & STAT)

    And Yea Chadler Parsons of the Rokets should of made the list, Rockets never get love smh

  28. Ace Curry says:

    Parsons should have been in over Cole. Idiot Kenny.

  29. ko0kiE says:

    shaq probably didn’t consider that the playing time of blake griffin will be limited since he plays also in the all-star game

  30. Andrew says:

    If Nikola Pekovic was in this game, which he should have been in, he would destroy everyone in this game.

  31. Joe says:

    This is a close call. This game will not be determined by the lineup but, how the lineup is used by the coaches and Team Chuck has an edge with the Czar and Mo Cheeks.

    Let’s break it down anyway, pick for pick

    1. BG – obvious choice, great finisher, strong rebounder.
    2. Irving – this one surprised me. Though Irving is a solid all around guard, I would have picked Rubio over him.
    3. Lin – much debate, but I like the choice. Lin is a combo guard, he is like Steph Curry in that he has very high basketball IQ. He isn’t the best “skilled” player, but the guy knows how to play within a situation.
    4. Cousins – Great choice for a big. Nobody on the list would be able to match him inside.
    5. Rubio – THE point guard. No matter what others say, Rubio has what it takes to be ONE OF THE BEST point guards of all time. Skills are there, he just needs more tenacity with his teammates + a lot more will to win.
    6. George – A good position pick. got a PG, got a big, picked a wing player. A great all around threat
    7. Monroe – Awesome pick for the Black Riley. this gives him a big other than BG to help with Cousins.
    8. Williams – nice, almost Blake but not quite, whatever he lacks against BG, he makes up for it with an outside shot.
    9. Morris – another big, can be used to pullout Cousins away from the paint
    10. Brooks – Honestly would’ve wanted that Chuck pick Wall ahead, but since Chuck went with Irving. It makes alot more sense to choose another shifty player
    11. Walker – great guy to create a spark off the bench.
    12. Wall – Now that the lineup is filled from 1-5, why not draft the best available PG. This shouldn’t have been where Wall is but, they drafted situationally. I would’ve picked Wall over Irving because of experience
    13. Fields – could have picked a wingman higher up
    14. Hayward – another wingman to spread the floor
    15. Cole – now why would you pick another guard when you only have 1 wingman and 3 bigs? could have opted for Leonard or Tiago
    16. Splitter – to complete the inside. Solidifying the team’s rotation

    It’ll be exciting to see team shaq. But the depth and completeness of team chuck with its awesome coaching staff should make the the difference. Still impossible to say which team wins for sure but I like Team Chuck’s chances.

  32. Marvin says:

    And I will include Lebron as a good example. Lebron didn’t get that much hyped that what Lin has now. We all know that LeBron James is living in hyped but Lin is overhyped and overrated cause he get to much praised in just a week. You can’t say that Lebron James is overrated cause he proves as a good player that he can carry the whole team by only himself. I can’t believe that LeBron carries the hopeless Cleveland Cavaliers into the Finals but they fall short in the Spurs way back in 2007 with his stupid and useless teammates. I never see a player in my whole life that carries the whole team by himself into the playoffs and go in the Finals with his stupid teammates and useless bench. If you’re going to look the roster of Cleveland back in 2007, you will notice that it is one of the worst team ever if you don’t include him. LBJ is a true great player cause he got something to prove. But if you’re talking about Lin, he is too too far from Lebron, Kobe, Nash and etc. You can’t be over proud to a player that is just started to play for a week. I mean you can only prove how great he is after 5 or 7 years.

  33. Marvin says:

    I think few people only understand the game of basketball. First of all, Lin is over hyped and overrated. He is just started to play in the NBA for a week and too much praised you are giving to him? All players in the NBA are also doing what Lin’s doing every game but what? these players like tony parker, steve nash, eric gordon, Kyrie Irving and others didn’t give that too much hyped that what Lin has now. And Charles Barkley is right I think Kyrie Erving is the best rookie point guard today cause he can carry the helpless Cleveland team in his back. It’s natural if Cavs lose cause they have no any best talent on the floor unlike the Knicks. The Knicks have chandler, staudemire, lin, melo and anything whether if it’s a starter or a bench but guess what? they still lose to the Hornets. I like Lin because he has a fantastic week but Lin and the Knicks lose to the Hornets and that should end the discussion. Lin is too much hyped and overrated.

  34. Nick says:

    I understand if the NBA doesn’t want to look like Knick lovers…but I feel like Iman Shumpert should have made this game over Norris Cole. Coming from a Nets fan too lol

  35. kitwhanna says:

    Team Chuck is more balance and Team Shaq has a pretty small line up.. I go for team Chuck.. =))

  36. jan_279 says:

    In a game like this, it’s really hard to tell which team will win. You can’t just say one team is gonna win because of one player. For example, some of you people say Team Chuck will win simply because they have Kyrie Irving…well, YOU CAN’T JUST SAY THAT RIGHT AWAY! Come on, you have to remember that Team Shaq has Kemba Walker and Brandon Knight who can outplay Kyrie Irving! I say this is an unpredictable game.

  37. winn says:

    AND 1 MORE THING…..people say just wait till lin play with an elite team and see who he really is…OK just pretend if the knicks lose to heat ,you cant judge 1 game, what if that day he play hurt, off day,or wasn’t feeling rite.YOU CANT JUDGE ON THAT 1 DAY,ITS A TEAM SPORTS NOT JUST 1 OR 2 OR 3 GUYS. but over all what he become is not LUCK,he defiantly got SKILLS.

  38. Rich says:

    Chuck’s team, anyday !

  39. winn says:


  40. Chuckster says:

    Chuck’s team will win this easily, shaq hasn’t got any size on his team and there is no way the clippers and pistons head office are going to allow shaq to play griffin or monroe any longer than 20 minutes in a showmatch while they are so important to their team. With his only 2 decent bigmen gone, shaq is gonna get crushed down low every time, easy win for chuck.

  41. Justin says:

    I predict Bad Blake’s gonna get a lot of points.

  42. colooneo says:


  43. Travis says:

    Don’t mistake this game for game 7 in the playoffs! All Star games are dominated by guards and wings who can score. Team Chuck has the better ones in Irving, George, Wall and Brooks. Don’t sleep on Brandon Knight in this type of game. He may out shine Lin and Rubio. Team Shaq will win the highlights with Rubio/Lin to Griffin but Team Chuck will win the game 150 to 140!

  44. Shaun says:

    Since Chuck has Irving then their definitely going to win cause hes just an outstanding player and very consistent. he also adds a lil old school to his game and with john wall with him its going to be a scoring tear also Chucks team will control the boards and will win easily. Team Chuck and Team Cavs

  45. coolknicksfan says:

    if this was a real game, Chuck’s team would win, no question. But defense won’t be a factor in this game, that’s why team shaq will win, but it is a lot closer than most people think, team chuck will keep it close, but J-Lin will lob it to Blake for the winning basket.

  46. lin says:

    people should really stop saying that Jeremy Lin a “American born chinese” he ain’t no chinese people he’s friken TAIWANESE!!!

  47. welcome back to reaLINty says:

    im an asian i like lin i love his game but i think i’d pick kyrie over lin allday.. it’s been seen that lin has a great games and stats prior to that winning stretch but that wouldnt be enough to tell he’s better than the no.1 overall pick this year.. he has to do it night-in and night-out and consistently to prove all his doubters wrong.. but right now i’d pick kyrie over lin.. let’s just wait knicks to face miami heat and lebron.. with their pg chalmers wingmen wade and lebron it would be really tough for lin to play his perimeter games bcoz those 3 i just mentioned are one of the best perimeter defenders on nba and admit it that heat are the best perimeter defenders on nba right now.. after that game is done we will definitely se JEREMY either he go back to earth to face reaLINty again or we will be the one to see the reaLINty that jeremy is the real deal..

  48. Darin says:

    Blake Griffin will not be playing hard at all and will try to sit out as much as possible. He has to play in the All-Star game on Sunday. That’s why I’m going with Team Chuck. Plus, John Wall’s game is made for the pick-up/charity/all-star type of games.

  49. Mike says:

    Why is everyone voting for team shaq? Chuck has the better team. Wall and Irving are going to tear Rubio and Lin apart.

  50. C'mon Son says:

    “All of the best playmakers other than Irving and John Wall will be working for Team Shaq that night.” I guess Evan Turner wasn’t that during the time he was in college…Chuck has a solid squad and I think they’ll win…So many people get caught up in the moment… To call Lin one of the best players in the league after a week of basketball is Linsane… Dude has been turning the rock over a lot and also is no Gary Payton on the defensive end.. He’s not even a Moochie Norris when it comes defense if you get what I’m saying… When the black hole comes back to that squad Lin’s numbers will decrease and will people still consider him one of the best in the league???

  51. miami heat all in says:

    they got norris rubio griffin and linsanity……SHAQ ALL IN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Fontaine says:

    For all the Lin haters, who want him to drop 50 a game…remember that he’s a PG! He’s doing whatever it takes to win the game. 7 in a row and counting. He’s making his team better, and doing it in a humble way. Thats his main talent. He obviously has skills, as anyone else playing in the league. But he’s doing what a true PG does… not drop 50 a game, but he leads his team to a win.



  53. Larrell says:

    Norris cole isn’t talked about because of Lin or
    Irving. If he get mins he will show why Pat Riley
    Pick him Go Team SHAQ

  54. twolves21 says:

    If this was a real playoff series Team Shaq would win hands down. But since its just an rising star game which people usually play one on one most of the time anyways, it could be pretty competitive. If you look at the two rosters, Team Shaq has more guys that are team players which will be better for team chemistry. Team Shaq also has the two TRUE PGs in Rubio and Lin. Wall and Irving are shooting guards playing PG. Yes they can score but the only problem is theres only one ball. Team Shaq has better bigs also. Blake Griffin for team shaq and DeMarcus Cousins for team chuck? Blake Griffin all day! Cousins has a horrible attitude (looks like he’s pissed off all the time and always complaining.)

  55. Tony Snow says:

    team chuck.

    cousins and wall

  56. SixersFan7688 says:

    Wow! I’m shocked to see John Wall be “drafted” that late. Seriously this guy is putting up ok numbers this season. Just because he was expected to became a superstar this year he’s not playing bad at all right now. His numbers were bad and he struggled at the beginning of the season. But he’s now 0.42 from the field whats not extremely awful and i think he will and the season with 18 points 8 ast and 5 rebounds and you’re just talking bout’ jeremy lin, kyrie or rubio. Rubio and Lin are both soooo overrated just because they had a couple of good games. Kyrie is a good player, but i think that everybody is laughing about this discussion in a few years, because j wall will destroy all of these young pgs because he’s a major talent who’s just not shooting the ball well and he has the most selfish team around him. I think in a few years when he decides to go to another team he will put up 20,10,6 per game.That is my opinion.

    • wow says:

      This draft was a joke. Nobody who plays or knows basketball would pick Irving, Lin, Rubio, Kemba, and Brooks in front of Wall. I understand that his team blows but in a showcase of raw talent and watchability like this game, he should have been one of the first couple off the board. Also for those people saying Lin outplayed Wall last time they met must have a pretty good seat on that ESPN band wagon because that didn’t happen at all. Wall dropped like 30 and 6 on him including dunking on his head on a fast break…smh.

      • What a true PG does says:

        Irving, Rubio, and Lin are in front of Wall when you choose PG. They take their teams to a different level instantly. And Wall’s excuse is he has a bad team? Individual stats are important only when you are SG, good point guards like Rubio and Lin read the game and control the flow and you don’t need to run and jump crazy to do it. You use head.

  57. NBA Commissioner David Stern says:

    I’ve examined the teams and I can tell you guys this, tthis is going to be a great game these guys have potential Hall of Famers on their teams and as I look at it is that I can see this game coming down to the wire

  58. Amitpal says:

    Defense wins championship so go Team Chuck. But Where’s klay Thompson, he’s arguiably the second best rookie this year.

  59. Chico says:

    Maybe Shaq’s team has better players(right now, how they will develop is a mistery) for the game, but his team is small, when Chuck’s team is very taller. I remember 2010 World Championship game, where Brazil and USA faced on the 1st round(one of the best games of the tournament, since I’m Brazilian). USA teams had star power, but lacked height, where Brazilian team was strong(considering we have Huertas to feed the big man). USA won the game, but it was pretty tight, much more than they expected, and I think that size is something that really matters nowadays. It will be a close game, but I think Chuck’s guys are taking the win.

  60. Marco Polo says:


  61. Jose Pedro says:

    Hey! Griffin and Rubio on the same team! That will be fun. Make them play together. Alley-hoops all night long…

  62. Souvik says:

    Really couldn’t think of a reason why Pekovic was not selected in the Sophomore section. One of the best sophomore Centers at the moment. Only Cousins measures up to his production.

  63. tux says:

    WALL and IRVING cant win with their own teams…you cant compare them to LIN….you people are just haters…just watch them get schooled by LIN

    • rome says:

      what do you think of irving now. you guys should watch him he is by far the best of the young point guards and he has the least amount of talent around him.

  64. MrE says:

    A good balance team like Charles is doing is a good strategy, but NOT for just ONE game and in a game where none of the players have much time playing WITH each other.

    Again with LIN. He’s gonna be a wild card like he as been labeled all 7 games so far. I’ve read through the comments and everyone seems over look the fact that Lin may have the advantage in that he has proved that he can play PG and do it well and have done it with 4 players he has only played with for only 7 games. If he can find chemistry with average players, can you not imagine he is capable of doing the same with all-star calibur players?

  65. Cord says:

    J Wall and Kyrie will unleash a speed drill on Lin and Rubio….this is going to be fun to watch. Blake Griffin on Shaq’s team is just unfair, he is one of the Top 15 players in the NBA! Cmon….leave this game to the up and coming stars.

  66. George says:

    Ever since Barkley was dissed by D’Antoni, he has it out for any NY player. The guy is like some pathetically jilted teenager. Its rather sad.

  67. HeatEastOfKings says:

    I want to win shaq’s team because of griffin and Lin, but i think chuck’s team will win this game. Because of john wall. We all know that all star game has no defense right? with in terms of scoring in the guard position, I think john wall has the edge for all the guards. I was wondering why they didn’t pick john wall after blake and demarcus. Wall will just dunk and dunk the basketball in this game. Another thing is that, team shaq has 1 big finisher and thats griffin, while chuck’s team has many finishers like, cousins, hayward, derrick wiliams. team chuck has most finishers that will dunk the ball in the rim compared to shaqs team. not unless shaq’s team will win this game in shooting thats a different story. But for what I observe in all star games, most points are usually from the paint, and usually a dunk. or can be a lay-up of foot-back. that’s why i say that chuck’s team will win.

  68. RealFan says:

    Why is everybody concentrating on the selections and personalities? The story here is that Shaq made the wrong choices and a very bad GM by selecting 6 guards (though Landry can play 3 also) out of a total of 10 player selections. What was he thinking? It’s just all-hype.That’s 5 point guards or a lot of undersized shooting guards and small forwards!

    Ricky Rubio – PG
    Jeremy Lin – PG
    Kemba Walker – PG
    Norris Cole – PG
    Brandon Knight – PG
    Landry Fields – SG/SF
    Blake Griffin – PF
    Tristan Thompson – PF
    Markieff Morris – PF
    Greg Monroe – C/PF

    Chuck is the better GM. His team is…a team, with the right combination of players with complementing roles.

  69. GErardo says:

    actualy Blake is not going to play that much…. he is got the all-star gmae, so….I guees that will afect the game

  70. Paulo says:

    i wish they had keneth farried from the nuggets there. or in the dunk contest…. that kid can fly

  71. ChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

    I look at both of these teams and I go back and forth as to which is better…and then is hits me…which group of guys has more to prove…hands down Team Chuck. With Griffin, Lin, Rubio, Walker and even Cole…them shaq is oozing with hype. If I look down the Team Chuck roster…is see a group lessed hyped, but not less talented player (griff aside).

    So with the “Whose got something to prove” factored in: Team Chuck runs Team Shaq in to the ground.

  72. Youngindy21 says:

    I have to say Team Chuck is gonna win. Chuck can just have Paul George Guard Jeremy Lin. Chuck also has both Kyrie Irving and John Wall. Marshon Brooks is also a pretty decent shooter.

  73. Lin + Rubio + Griffin . . .its fantastic plus super rookies and super sophies … this would be soo exciting to watch..

  74. Peter says:

    This games for fun so it’s going to be all about the PLAYER MAKERS and DUNKS … Advantage Team Shaq regardless you need a good play maker to be a good team

  75. NBAfan says:

    Barkley has a more balanced team, and if this were to be a real game where they’ll play defense, Barkley’s team will win 8 times out of 10…Irving and wall is a good backcourt combo, with williams and george as the two forwards and cousins eating it up down low, with hayword as the designated shooter and evans as the utility guy

    Shaq’s plan seems to be centered around Blake with rubio and lin lobbing to him…if kemba gets hot, he can score buckets, but they got no balance whatsoever…but that’s fine….it’s an allstar game that doesn’t really matter…the guys are just going to go for the highlight play while avoiding getting injured..so in this kind of format, Shaq has the advantage

    Barkley seems to have picked the better group from a basketball standpoint, but Shaq picked a good team to win an all star game that doesn’t matter…

  76. SteveM says:

    Let’s not forget the name of this event… Rising Stars. In my opinion Blake Griffin is not a RISING star, he is an All-Star on a team contending in the West. My opinion is that All-Stars should not be allowed to play, regardless of their time in the league. The criticism of Lin and Rubio is unfair. The personify exactly who should be picked for this event. Rising name, rising performances, rising acknowledgement = Rising Star.

    I like the Monroe, Cole, Fields, Brooks and George selections a lot. I think most other positions have been given based on draft position rather than on their impact in the league so far.

    I think Team Chuck will win. There seems to be more balance in the backcourt and a monter rebounder in Cousins. Should be a great game and a chance to celebrate the fantastic young players in the NBA.

  77. JayNYK says:

    I still dont understand how Iman Shumpert was left out of this. mind boggled.

  78. JD says:

    John wall will be one another Gilbert Arenas

  79. sirreel says:

    i still dont get the big deal about griffin? hes the best dunker in nba by far, but eventually u need some 1 who knows how to play the actual game… dunking is his only way to score for the most part

  80. Fefe says:


    I wonder here how many people really know about the NBA. Like for example, Nikleman: Blake, Lin & Rubio the only good players in Team Shaq????? Are you kidding me??? Do you know about Greg Monroe, arguably the Most Improved Player this year??? Or Kemba, or Landry Fields???

    But I do agree that Team Chuck is more balanced and they should win the game, if it’s a “real” , competitive game.

  81. ChuckFTW says:

    Team Chuck is going to win the game.

  82. juke_jopat says:

    Lin and Rubio can play together, and when they play together expect Chuck’s team to have trouble. Both of them are good point guards, but Lin can also take the ball inside and create his own shots. Expect Griffin to have a BIG game because of these two, and maybe Landry Fields too!

  83. ???¿¿¿¿!!!!¡¡¡ says:

    Everyone’s forgetting how good wall is. If you’ve ever seen him play, he’s better than most in the league. He just plays on a horrible team.

    • twolves21 says:

      well if you’re a good PG you make your “horrible” team a better team. Lin was winning with the Knicks “horrible” team (without melo and stat). So don’t give me that “horrible” team thing. The thing with Wall is that he only makes himself good, has no effect on his team mates. Rubio and Lin makes their team better whenever they’re on the court because they distrubute the ball and control the tempo.

      • Mikeyj says:

        Wall has made a half decent player out of Javale McGee, Jordan Crawford, and even to a point Andray Blatche. The sad Truth is most teams wouldn’t trade their backups for any of the Wizards (minus Wall and Nick Young). I agree a good PG makes his team better, and Wall needs to become a better leader but the Knicks even with everyone of their starters injured are still a better team than the Wiz Kidz. And don’t get me started on the difference in coaching.

  84. Strife_dx says:

    Better watch out haters and non-believers of the LINsanity….BIG BAD BLAKE + RUBIO+Jlin====watch the lobs hhaha

  85. Michael says:

    I’d like to defend Rubio. In my opinion one of the best basketball players in NBA. He is not very good at shooting, and probably he still loose too many balls, but he is still 20 years old, and he has stats of a 25 years old guy. He still has to improve physically and mentally. Don´t forget that this guy was playing on the spanish league when he was 14 years old. he has name and something else to do that (even more against teams like Barcelona or Madrid).

    • twolves21 says:

      Rubio will be one of the top 5 best PG once he develops his shot. Thats the only weakness I see in him right now is that he’s not really an offensive threat because he can’t hit his shots on a consistent basis.

    • Avo says:

      Ricky Rubio for the win!

  86. JosePaolo says:

    Team Shaq has a huge advantage. You have two great point guards in Rubio and Lin. You have a dunking machine in Griffin and you got a bunch of good role players who aren’t so bad themself in Greg Monroe, Landry Fields and Markieff Morris.

  87. Griff says:

    Yeah, maybe rubio and lin are overrated, but still… the team that gets griffin is just better… are you kidding me? monroe – griff are to lose with cousins? srsly? 😉

  88. Fefe says:

    Where is Pekovic??????????????????????????? And Shumpert????????

  89. Nikleman says:

    I cheer for Shaq, but to be honest.. Team Chuck will win 🙂 I mean: Erving, Williams, Cousins, Wall, George 😀 They are going to dominate! Shaq only have this 3 guys.. Blake, Lin and Rubio, and that’s all.. 🙂

    • twolves21 says:

      The only thing Cousins is going to dominate is arguing with the Refs and getting pissed off. LOL. Blake Griffin will own cousins all day! You know why Shaq only has Blake, Lin, and Rubio? Because thats all its gonna take! Lin and Rubio makes those “not so big name” guys play like big name guys and Blake Griffin alone is better than all of team Chucks big men.

  90. rama says:

    i think shaq team is better than chuck team

  91. David Stern says:

    wtf shaq, why would u pick 5 point guards?? lin and rubio woulda been straight already… chuck team is more baanced.. if this was rookies vs sophmore, sophmore would DESTROY!!! blake, lin, monroe, fields, cousins, paul george, john wall, gordan hayward, tiago splitter and evan turner.. dang woulda been over

  92. Kesa88 says:

    Shaq is mad. He could easily destroy Chuck’s team before the game has even started by picking Cousins with the second pick, and with the 3rd pick there still will be rubio or linsanity available. Then you take Derick Williams over Greg Monroe and the game is finished. You aren’t any color Riley, Shaq. 😀

  93. BigBadBlake says:

    lin just destroyed john wall recently

  94. H3N says:

    chucks team is way better, cousins is gonna eat shaqs team alive. griffin isnt a good defender, and thompson or monroe against that bear? cmon..

  95. Gino says:

    I agree on what Dennis Scott said, and probably most of you think including me, based on the roster above, Shaq’s team is composed merely five players on PG position.. playmakers as Dennis Scott said, unlike on Chuck’s Team all of his Guards are a strong finishers either can use a vision or drive to score. But! This is just me, I think Shaq’s real plan is go on Blake Griffin, that’s why he got Ricky Rubio, JLin and Norris Cole on his team, these 3 PG’s has an extensive court vision and the ability to drop dimes specially on High Risers on their respective teams. Chuck on the other hand I think will go for a much bolder and bigger team, with each of its players specializes back court finishing.. Having Cousins, George, and William on the back court is like facing a wall in defensive and a charging bulldozers on offensive adding a great finisher PGuards like Irving and Wall would a flush for Shaq.

  96. Henry says:

    I am sorry to remind you guys that whatever you think about JLin, you have to look at the STATS before you commend on anything: most point scored in the first four games in the NBA history, not even AI, LeBron or even Michael Jordan reach that. We all have our own ideas of how good or bad he is but man, this STATS is no joke! I am not implying he is better than those legends but please think about this before you have your own comments.

  97. petery says:

    lin throwing ally oops to blake all day. end of story

  98. DARKR00 says:

    All these people saying Lin will be destroyed by Wall, well Lin did pretty much handle him in there last match up. Also While Shaqs team on paper looks decent with all the stars eh the spread of postion worrys me alot. Barkley may win this if it comes down to stamina. As a Knick fan i would take Kyrie over lin anyday but, with Lin and Rubio i dont care how over hyped they both may seem throwing lobs to Blake could be all over the highlight reel.

  99. DR says:

    Kinda funny that teammates will play each other for once in the rookie/soph game

  100. Jones17 says:

    I’d take Wall, Brooks, Cousins over Lin, Rubio and Griffin just for pure scoring, which this game is.

  101. Jack Bauer says:

    Where is Enes KANTER from Jazz?

  102. danny21 says:

    man…… all u lin fans are wacked……. yeah sure hes good but you guys are making him sound like hes superman or something…. rondo didnt even get this much hype when he stepped his game up….. lin is way overrated… its the nba you have to be good in the nba

  103. harry says:

    shaq’s team is good, only thing is i feel he drafted too many pgs, shouldve gone for maybe turner or lenard at the end there

  104. 123germany says:

    irving, cousins, wall, williams turner – no, there aint no way the shaq-team can beat them.
    blake cant carry them all alone. no way!

  105. Luiz says:

    Who cares about Lin and Irving, Chuck has John Wall

  106. Jpen says:

    John Wall is gonna tear it up, he’s probably pissed he got picked so low in the draft.

  107. James says:

    It’s kinda funny when some people call Lin overrated when in fact he’s been underrated for more than a season. Undrafted. Waived twice. Sent to D-League. Gets NBA garbage minutes in his rookie season. And boom! in an instant. Linsanity arrives. 7 and O, because of Jeremy Lin Show.

    • rexb says:

      err, don’t think he was even rated. No one knew how good he was until given the chance. Credit to Lin stepping up when needed.

      Jimmer Fredette on the other hand was highly marketed, but failed go deliver when given the chance to run the point when Tyreke gog injured.

  108. Arcek says:

    “All of the best playmakers other than Irving and John Wall will be working for Team Shaq that night.” – Mr. Sekou what more do you need at point, other than two first overall draft picks that play that position. Team Shaq has no one to man the 3 spot and only one center. It pains me to say it, being Shaqs fan but, Barkley has a good all around roster and he will destroy Shaq.

  109. DARealist says:

    Let’s get the facts straight. John wall got out played by Lin in their match up. In 7 games, check his stat line. I do believe he turns over the ball too much but the guy produces wins. On a team that had Amare and Melo and couldn’t do the same. When they went down, did you ever expect the Knicks to win 7 straight? I’ma recognize skills for what it is, a team that was once out of playoff contention, actually seems to be a dangerous team with this boy at point, and even though he doesn’t have the best jump shot in the game, is it me or has he not been drilling 3s at a very consistent rate.

    Anyways, Team Shaq does have too much guards so I wanna give a slight edge to Chuck, but if anything Shaq’s team is going to be probably the most entertaining thing to watch, and I’d like to see Lin put Wall on a poster.

  110. Will says:

    It’s the All Star Weekend… Do you guys really think they gonna play like they do in the regular seasons?
    Basketball is a team sport, John Wall, Rubio Kyrie .. they are all awesome players.. but other than the Cavs, what happened to the other 2 teams that played the Knicks?

  111. Andrej says:

    @Sekou: Et tu..is wrong. The correct short question is “Et toi..?”

  112. Patrickmarc says:

    Respect for chuck, he made the right pronostic last year with dallas and Kenny smith was wrong.

  113. Wade Spam says:

    Iman Shumpert #4 in rookie ladder but not included in the game.. WOW!

  114. Warriors/Lakers Fan says:

    Glad Lin is in, but too bad Klay Thompson was snubbed from this. :/

    • Zack says:

      How can you be both a Lakers AND Warriors fan? I smell a Lakers fan. The Dubs despise the Fake Show. Get outta here.

  115. dutch says:

    Shaq`s team is all flash.Chuck`s team is waaaay more fundamentality sound. Gonna really be an interesting game. Shaq`s squad needs to get out and run while if Chuck`s team just needs to play sound hoops. If it is a straight streetball game Shaq wins. If it is a real basketball game Chuck will win with M. Fratello at the helm.

    • Nate says:

      Remember this is Allstar weekend, do you really think defense is a priority? No, so expect to see a lot of run and gun.. this is not going to be a grind it out, low post game people. Shaq’s team gets the nod for Allstar weekend, Charles team would win in a real game.

  116. jasonC says:

    I gotta say that the whole “Linsanity” things annoys me. It’s a great story, but do we always need to be looking for the next media darling, and then over-saturate the whole world with it? It’s just coming off as (and being explioted for) “good PR” more than anything. Let’s allow some time b4 losing our minds over him. John Wall WILL destroy him in a game like this. Same as Kyrie, take your pick. I’ll take either ALL day over Lin. I’m not the biggest Demarcus Cousins fan but, no one can gaurd him in this game. Rubio will shine in a game like this, in my opinion. And Paul George is my favourite player of all in this game. Not saying he’s “the best”, just my personal fave. I might not make any friends with this but, based on potential, I would even take Brandon Knight over Lin in a draft. Way more upside and he’s a hard-worker, same goes for Kemba. I hope the best for Lin, but he’s got some falling on his face to do still, all young players always do! Let’s see in a couple years time. Looks like it’s Team Chuck, to me!

    • coolknicksfan says:

      J-Lin also has a great work ethnic and brandon knight and kemba aren’t playing as good as Linsanity.

  117. spinner says:

    How is Iman Shumpert not in this game

  118. In my opinion the only reason why he is a phenomenon is because New York. He could have played for another team like New Horleans and the result would not be the same. All of us know very well that New York is a big city ( actors, theaters, broadway, park avenue, east and west, downtown, st. mark, east village and so on.) that that factor make him appears much bigger than that he really is. He is not so good as he seems.
    New York fans are fanatics and Wall street is there, period.

    • Zak says:

      Shaq is in serious trouble here, no SF’s, too many PG’s and weak back up bigs. Chuck has all his bases covered with good, solid back ups at every position, and Kyrie will limit turnovers and make smart decisions. Added, Blake Griffin will probably be resting up for the All-Star game, so don’t expect to see as much from him as we would all like.

      Despite my opinions here, I’ll still be tuning in on the 24th for “Earthquake” Blake being fed by Ruby-vision and Linsanity.
      Let the games begin!

    • Don says:

      heatlatinofan, i dont think it would matter where he played. He’s getting recognized due to his underdog background and how much points and distribution he has committed these last couple of games.

    • baller says:

      We’ll see about that. And besides J.Lin deserves all the media hype or attention he’s getting in. You could not imagined how many hardships he’d been from the colleges, getting scholarships, gone from being undrafted, playing with the D-League, Sleeping in the couch with his brother and team-mates, cut out by two teams and almost cut out by the Knicks, won 7 games but still get the least minimum salary in the NBA. He deserves all the attention, and what’s great about it is that it happens to a humble guy like J.Lin.

    • pp says:

      Right – an wallstreet citizen like Harvard guys (it;s their fellow almamater) – LOL

    • coolknicksfan says:

      NYC helps but the biggest part is the underdog story. from unwanted out of high school until harvard got him to havard grad to undrafted to cut twice to NBA phenom.

      • Dakota says:

        It is all about New York. If he was playing for Utah or New Orleans no one would care what so ever because it would be getting very little media attention. He is a strong player but it is mainly because of New York. Heck, he got an ESPN headline story for scoring 20+ on the Nets, THE NETS, come on. If he played for a small market team, no one would have cared and ESPN wouldn’t have made it a headline.

  119. wea weaaa says:

    Team Shaq jaja! I like it!

  120. titus says:

    LINsanity baby…..

  121. Alex says:

    John Wall is going to unleash the fury on everyone that night. Lin and Rubio stand no chance this game

  122. Ti says:

    This is not even close- Cousins absolutely owns games like this- the due lives for these street ball type games. Chucks roster is far and away better, and Irving is going to take it to Lin- 30 out of 30 NBA GM’s would tae Irving over Lin for one game- guarantee it. Chucks team will dismantle the other group- who will not- I repeat will not be able to guard them. Is everyone somehow forgetting how good John Wall is??? The dude will eat Rubios lunch during this game. I can’t believe anyone would think this is going to be close- Seduko- you are either clueless or friends with Shaq.

  123. Kempleton Pack says:

    Where is Enes Kanter? He is playing as well as Thompson and Williams!!

  124. I think Lin is still only the fourth best player in this game. It’s: Griffin, Monroe, Irving, Lin, Cousins in that order. Irving is amazing and has been playing just as well as Lin has in his past 7 games. 21.7 ppg, 4.0 rpg, 5.4 apg, 2.1 tpg, .504 fg% in the last 7. And unlike Lin, he can shoot from behind the arc and NOT turn the ball over. Nevertheless, Shaq should prevail with the two best players.

    • DrPepper434343 says:

      what about John Wall?

    • baller says:

      Irving has played a starter ever since he played the NBA. Jeremy only got his first start since game 6 of their winning, and all of its winning was because of him. Imagine if Jeremy has given the opportunity that Irving got in the NBA season which is to lead a team?

      • Amitpal says:

        Imagine if Lin was with the cavs. He would do terrible. It’s the system and he’s played bad teams. Besides the lakers no one else had a winning record. And lakers can’t guard the pg. Come on people lin is not as great as everyone thinks he is. He’s no star.

    • SteveM says:

      Put it this way, if your team traded for one of Lin, Rubio, Irving or Wall, which one would you take? Personally my order of preference is: Irving, Rubio, Wall, Lin. Irving is a stud and going to be Rookie of the Year, Lin has had a great 2 weeks but the Sheriff in NYC is still Melo and can be sure Lin’s numbers will plumit when Anthony takes over every game!

  125. Aiko says:

    What I don’t understand is how did Tristan Thompson makes the team and man Shumpert didn’t? I mean seriously… Tristan Thompson barely had any performance and has a FT% worse than Dwight Howard? I didn’t know that was possible

  126. TY17 says:

    This is a close call, I like how both teams stack up. If I had to pick one to win I have to give the edge to Team Shaq. Everybody gets excited about the “big names” on these teams like Lin, Rubio, and Griffin which is understandable, they are all fantastic. But I just have to say that I think Chuck made a good pick with Gordan Hayward, that kid has improved so much this season, he’s not a star, but you couldn’t ask for a more solid player! Good luck Gordon!

  127. 3 0 5 says:

    #teamshaq all the way. Soooooo happy kenny added norris cole but:

    “Norris Cole – Miami Heat (Sophomore)” yet hes a rookie…

    • baller says:

      Are you blind? He was in the Rookie section. Go check out the video… the two additions were(to make each team balanced): Norris Cole from Rookie and Jeremy Lin from Sophomore.

  128. Irwin "shake" says:

    Team Shaq is unbalance, they have 5-6 players in the guard position, they will have a tough time stopping attacks to the baskets and guarding the post. Team Chuck are winning it!

  129. Team Linsanity says:

    Chuck will pay for by snubbing Lin for Kyrie. Add the Chucksters to the list of unbelievers who did not give Lin a chance. Lin, Blake and Rubio will make you pay! Go Team Shaq!!!

    • Wasabi Mcgruff says:

      another band wagon though lin is good, id take kyrie over him anyday kyrie was basically drafted out of highschool because he was injured through his year on duke when he got drafted, lin is good but he is not as clutch or a better shooter then kyrie (21 points in 4rth qaurter, 500 percent FG as a pg, and 2 game winners)

      • BrianC says:

        I mean considering Lin’s only been playing for a week now…. and he already has one game-winner while irving’s played for the entire season and has 2? I think simple math favors Lin in tht category

      • jay says:

        excuse me, but linsanity is definitely legit. When you look at lins track record he has been nothing but great since high school. even in the nba, when the knicks put him in the d-league his first game there he had a TRIPLE DOUBLE!!! thats not a coincidence, thats skill.

      • anonymous says:

        Lin is better than Kyrie. adding on to BrianC’s point, so Kyrie has 1 more game winner than LIn, how many times did LIn have to hit a game winner? Also, look at the Cavs record. and how many times should Kyrie have hit game winners?

      • chance says:

        ill have kyrie over Lin allday boi. but shaq has a better team with MR BLake

      • bryan says:

        Irving any day. He has better eyesight and can also score.
        FYI: compare both players turnovers per game.

      • bryan says:

        But Shaq does have a better team with Griffin, Rubio, Fields, Cole, and Kemba.

    • linhoo? says:

      Lin and Rubio are by far the two most overrated overhyped players in the NBA. Rubio was a bench player in Spain and his stats are mediocre in the NBA at best. He’s just a name. And as for Lin, it’s easy to stand out on a sorry team. Wait till they play a real contender, he will be put back in his reality.

      • DrPepper434343 says:

        agree, 100% agree.

      • David says:

        A benchplayer?? haha.
        * FIBA Europe Under-16 Championship MVP (2006)
        * 3× FIBA European Young Player of the Year (2007, 2008, 2009)
        * Superbasket Magazine’s European Player of the Year: Mr. Europa (2008)
        * Euroleague Rising Star (2010)

        Silver 2008 Olympics Beijing National Team (17 years old + starting)

        FIBA European Championship
        Gold 2009 Poland National Team
        Gold 2011 Lithuania National Team

        He debutet as a Pro with 14 Years of age.
        Man he’s has more gemes played as a pro then Blake, Carmelo and their mothers will ever play!

      • b-easy says:

        U must hate tim tebow as well.. lol

      • 123germany says:

        i had a good laugh looking at the box-score after lins “most-carrier-asist-carry-game” seeing 8 (!!) turnover at lins name 😀

        but hey guys, u discuss about rubio, irving and lin – im suprprised u would take all of them over john wall?!?

        and yes, i really like irving. he just plays very consistent at such a young age and in addition i dislike this mega-hype with rubio and lin aswell ! rubio puts some nice top-plays, and of course lins first impact is impressive but first of all let them bring it!
        WHen lin puts 50 points in lebrons face and carries the knicks to a win vs the heat i might join ur fanclub :p

      • baller says:

        We’ll see about that. And besides J.Lin deserves all the media hype or attention he’s getting in. You could not imagined how many hardships he’d been from the colleges, getting scholarships, gone from being undrafted, playing with the D-League, Sleeping in the couch with his brother and team-mates, cut out by two teams and almost cut out by the Knicks, won 7 games but still get the least minimum salary in the NBA. He deserves all the attention, and what’s great about it is that it happens to a humble guy like J.Lin.

      • Jorge says:

        I won’t argue about Lin cause it’s still too soon to say he will this or that.
        I do think he deserves the hype and it is a great story.

        but Rubio was a bench player in Spain??!! Are you Linsane? or just talking out of your ….?

      • Jorge says:

        hey 123germany. how many players in the nba are you fan of?
        Considering your criteria…

      • Nate says:

        Lin and Rubio brings more then just stats to their team. They control the tempo and they make everyone around them play harder thus making everyone and the team better. These are important things in the game that doesn’t show on stat sheets.

      • Lin MVP! says:

        youre right! the knicks were a sorry team b4 lin came, sorry teams dont go on a 7 game winning streak! lin is making that team better, u know whats sorry, is that the knicks were 7 games under 500 with all those good players they have. Stop hating on lin cause hes making a sorry team winners! lin MVP!

      • LinFan says:

        Ummm he scored 38 points on Kobe and the Lakers……….

      • coolknicksfan says:

        Jeremy Lin and Ricky Rubio are not overrated! J-Lin is the best story in the nba, i know that most of the games were againist bad teams, but he outdueled Kobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for Rubio, he was not a benchplayer. He was amazing for most of his time in spain. And J-Lin/Rubio’s contributions to their teams extend far beyond the boxscore, the knicks were a sorry team before Lin came on to the court againist the nets, then magic happened. sorry teams aren’t supposed to win 7 straight, and the knicks didn’t even have melo and STAT! Rubio bought life to a dead franchise, the reason why the t-wolves are good is because of not only Love, but Rubio. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when the J-Lin NBA championship trophy.

      • Justin says:


      • Greg says:

        Wat a hater. You probably don’t believe in rising stars because you’ll never be one yourself. ever heard of tim tebow?

    • BalLin' says:

      i think he did not snub JLin on this one, rather he went logical on this. Irving has been playing good consistent basketball this season while Lin for just over a week. still, i’d love to see chucks face when JLin starts throwing alleyoops to Bad Blake and breaking down defenses with his slashes

      • baller says:

        Lin played only for 2 weeks since that was only the time he got good minutes to play. If he had got the minutes from the start, that would explain everything.

    • Amitpal says:

      Come on now. Lin is no where near Kyrie or Rickey. Not a hater and am happy for Lin but u have to admit Mike’s system is part of the reason he’s doing so good.

      • twolves21 says:

        LOL. The ole “mike system” argument again. Suddenly D’antoni is a offensive genius. You could plug any PG into his system and they automatically become a superstar right? LOL. Just because Lin is humble and gives D’antoni credit, make no mistake about it. Jeremly Lin just saved D’antoni’s job for him. Were the Knicks a good team before Lin? NO. They’re winning now because of Lin. Lin would be good on any team that gives him the same minutes that the Knicks are giving him right now. Lin was showing signs of greatness his rookie season with the warriors too, but with all rookies it takes a while for them to adjust to the NBA game, plus Lin wasn’t getting any meaningful minutes. Give credit where credit is due instead of saying ridiculous things like oh hes only good because of the system, oh its only because no one is playing defense on him. hates are always going to hate.

      • he would not be any good in any of the power house teams system because he is a fluke and one on one he could never beatany of the best players.

    • team shaq says:

      lin has not play a tough team yet. kyrie is a better play.

    • lin is a fluke he has just started in the nba he is going to fade off in a few games and then no one will remember who he is or was.

  130. Todd Smith says:

    I think chuck’s team is better. I also wish Jimmer would have been chosen that guy is fun to watch.