Boozer’s Son Picks A Side In Rivalry

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — LeBron James stepping on the head of John Lucas III for a dunk was one of the more remarkable things we saw this weekend here at the hideout.

James riding his bike to work was another pleasant surprise. Who needs that Phantom anyway?

But the unquestioned most staggering video of the weekend had to be this shot of the oldest son of Bulls forward Carlos Boozer chanting “Let’s go Heat” as his dad and the Bulls battled their Eastern Conference nemesis Sunday afternoon.

I don’t know how they’d handle this at the Boozer residence, but somebody would have some explaining to do!

Clearly, young Boozer doesn’t realize (or doesn’t care) which side of the rivalry his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches come from …


  1. matt says:

    Well in fact, before makin any comment on diz.. I just wanted to say that: who really cares about a 6 year old children being a fan of the heat or whatever teams…lol. and whoever is father is… re-LOL.. you guys (reporters) surely have nothing really smart to talk about,… or is it??
    headlines: u never gonna believe this…. boozer’s son is a fan of the heat !!!! wow .. incredible !! u get my point… so

    my comments:.

  2. King James says:

    Now stop saying Lebron is a choker because Rose and other NBA superstar players had their choke game even MJ had choke in his first 6 years.. Kobe also choked in the finals against Celtics in 2008 and Game 7 in 2010.. remember their are also humans… stop hatting just move on… Lebron is better than kobe period…

    • killin it says:

      Jordan, a choker? I don’t know where to begin flaming you really…. You obvioudly don’t know the definition of a choker.

  3. ThankGod Umoru says:

    Remember this is just a child and sometimes these things don’t matter to kids. The kid was just being a kid/child, I am sure BOOZER will not love his child less. So people pip it down, mostly if you have a child, stop saying insitive words and let the child be a child.

  4. 010203 says:

    You can clearly see that he just wanted to get into the chant. If you’re a kid, and a whole room is full of fervor and festivity, and people are chanting something simple and fun, you want to be a part of that feeling. Now imagine an arena.

    Also, he’s just a kid. On top of that, who cares. xD

  5. Knickfan212 says:

    Boozer is invisable in games, his son probably didn’t see him playing. It’s hard to cheer for Boozer, all he does is yell to make it sound like he’s playing hard.

  6. Law064 says:

    @Alvin who stopped him?? He missed 2 FT’s choke and Leebron missed 2 FT’s Choke but the biggest move Rose made was flippin up that floater over 3 guys when Rip was open. Lebron & Rose had great games but at the end it came down to the missed FT’s and the last play where Rose made a bad decision. Good game and the 1st goes to Miami they did enough to pull off the win

  7. zeeemteam says:

    his family lives down here in miami im sure the kid has gone to other heat games and done the same just no against his son’s team. I know firends of Boozer who are heat fans so maybe they take his kids to the games some times but the kid should know that day who the heat were plating dad’s team his other kids were not chanting that and he was the only one not wearing a bulls jersey? Either case im sure the kid wants his father to do well. I know if he was my kid he wouldn’t be chanting that ever.

    • Janice says:

      It is just a game. The child can root for anyone he wants to. Let’s just leave it as a game and not a family problem. His father still got paid. Thanks.

  8. alvin says:

    c’mon! rose was unstoppable? if rose was unstoppable the bulls should’ve won the game. I’d say rose just choked. We can call him d-choke^^ lebron also choke ahahahaha but both of them put a great show. 35 and 34 pts while just shooting around 20 shots. if that was kobe he would have shot around 30+ for 30+ pts ahahahaha

    • Stranger says:

      rose took 28 shots and lebron took 23 in that game. kobe is the current scoring leader with 40-50 FG percentage. Learn your facts before you post.

  9. Law064 says:

    Burned alive? The heat escaped simply cause of the 2 missed FT’s by Rose. I wouldn’t call that burned, that was a great game and Miami pulled it off. No Deng No Watson to back up Rose, Rip playing poorly and lose by 4 I say that was a great effort from the Bulls. LBJ unstoppable I wouldn’t say that Rose unstoppable yeah kinda. Good game should be a good season & Playoff series. Play of the game LBJ over Lucas head simply amazing and was very funny as well.

    • Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

      Agreed man, these are two great rivals and the heat will always just be a little bit better.

      • Mac says:

        The look on Lebron and Wade’s faces at the end said it all…they were relieved to get that one and could tell it easily could have flipped the other way

  10. Padre Damaso says:

    his son just feel the HEAT…. 🙂

  11. Belizeboy says:

    Damn that’s just sad. Let’s go Heat!

  12. prix says:

    The boy got some good taste…I´m sure he´s a great fan of Haslem.. poor Bulls, they´ve got burned alive by the Heat…better luck next time or should I say….more practice…