Heat Hoping D-Wade Stays Off DL


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Dwyane Wade was thrown a surprise birthday party over the weekend by LeBron James, who got T.I. and Rick Ross to rap until the break of dawn. Best part of the night? Wade didn’t break a leg on the dance floor.

That comes as much relief to the Heat, because as we know, Wade isn’t the sturdiest of superstars. Reliable? Of course. A gamer? Absolutely. Championship-tested and true? You bet. Brittle? Unfortunately, yes.

Let’s keep this in context, before we go on. Wade has never missed significant time in the postseason and his body always seems to get itself together for the big games and big moments. And yet, the guy just can’t make it through a season without grabbing a body part and putting Miami on alert. The scary part is that Wade isn’t getting any younger; he turns 30 on Tuesday and therefore these tweaks and pulls must be taken a bit more seriously than before.

At the moment, Wade is nursing a bad ankle, which he injured late in the loss to the Nuggets. In the past, it’s been a list of ailments that managed to keep Wade from playing a full 82 games. At this point, it wouldn’t be a normal season without the sight of Wade sitting on the bench in a designer suit. That may be good for the designer, not so good for the Heat. Not really, anyway.

Israel Gutierrez, the fine writer for the Miami Herald who has followed Wade for years, believes the injury can be a blessing in disguise, if only because it forces LeBron to work solo and other players to step up their game.

And here’s Chris Bosh:

“He needs to just chill out right now, get better and we’ll hold it down until he comes back.”

Yes, there is something to be gained by Wade sitting, from a performance standpoint. And in this abbreviated season, with games coming fast and hard, it’s better to sit Wade as long as necessary. But the issue is Wade’s body and whether it can be trusted in the spring. How many times can Miami count on that body to stay strong enough for the playoffs? At what point does the Heat’s luck run out in that regard?

In the meantime, LeBron will feel like he’s in Cleveland again, although he does have the presence of Bosh, who’s better than any teammate LeBron had with the Cavs. With the Spurs and Lakers up this week, and no guarantee we’ll see Wade on the floor, this will be an interesting week for the Heat.

Better to keep Wade out these games now, so he can be healthy in case Miami sees either team again this summer.


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  2. BID says:

    everybody keeps saying stuff about norris cole and nobody gives credit to mario chalmers who is having a wonderfull season with his FG and 3p %

  3. Bobby says:

    ^ Guys like these think it’s funny to use people’s name just so he can bash other people on behalf of the guy. Just like this guy named “Dan Gilbert” and “Pat Riley”
    You guys are more pathetic than haters….. Just saying

  4. ???????? says:

    LOL LAbron is a chocker? Just like He made Cleveland Choke the day he said I am takeing my talents to South Beach lol

  5. JDee says:

    I like Pat Riley’s answer 😉

  6. Pat Riley says:

    Keep dreaming dan because we are going to win this year and you’re garbage trash team which is the “CLEVELAND CAVALIERS” still the worst team in the NBA.

  7. Dan Gilbert says:

    Lebron James will not win championship until my team “Cleveland Cavaliers” win one. Kyrie Irving is the true king not Lebron James he is a choker Cleveland fans does not need a choker like him. Don’t worry Lebron you will have a championship someday if you choose to go back to cleveland to win championship BUT the question is “IF I ACCEPT YOU TO MY FUTURE TEAM”..

  8. Dan Gilbert says:


  9. bo0diep0p says:

    @viktor oppeneheimer, I don’t understand why fools like you end up on blog like this. You don’t like basketball then that’s fine, but don’t tell us what’s not to like. We love Basketball man simple as that. We idolized this guys because they make the game that we love more beautiful and amazing. We don’t care how much they are paid, what we care for is how they play so if you don’t like basketball then get the F*CK out of here.

  10. Celticsrck says:

    @viktor oppeneheimer,uh,if you didn’t like basketball you could have just said that instead of of writing a big paragraph about how you don’t like the Heat. -.-

  11. ?? says:

    It’s last year news all over again, they made the same question last year, and Wade had a very good playoff run(except for the bulls series, which he still made crucial plays).

  12. Trade Dwight for wade! says:

    Wade is on the decline yet Dwight is in his prime

  13. viktor oppeneheimer says:

    Wade, Lebron, Bosh and the rest of the NBA players are a bunch of millionaires playing b-ball. As fans, and the League hypes it up, we follow all these players like if they were semi-gods which they are not. When was the last time Wade paid your rent or electrical bill? Does Lebron care whether you are employed or not? The answer is no. Yet here we are talking about whether the Heat can win without Wade, about his ankle, etc. Whether the Heat wins a championship or not, all of you Miami fans will party, enjoy the moment and that is it. You won’t get a dollar to pay for soda period. So enjoy the games but do understand that LIfe has more important things than to be worrying about a young millionaire celebrating his birthday or whether he will be able to play this week against the Lakers.

  14. I can´t keep on you guys until my boy D wade comes back as well as I relief of my temporary disease. Keep moving forward despite 4 losses.

  15. iceman says:

    Any NBA team can another NBA team on any given night. Just because thy won 1 game without Wade and James don’t mean that they are good players. Even the Wizard have 1 win…that don’t make them a good team. Without Wade the Heat is the Cleveland Cavaliers..They can win without Lebron, they can’t win without Wade.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Please read what I said. I’m not talking about just one game. Give credit were it’s due and the Miami role players deserve it.

  16. BelizeBoy says:

    Why do people act like Miami has the worst players outside of the 3 stars? They’ve already shown that they can be good in the playoffs and even beat one of the top teams without the two main stars. I guess until you get a ring you really are nobody.

    • LOL says:

      THey act like it cause their haters sayin the Heat suck. Its ok not to like them, but they hater things like they suck, when EVERYONE knows it aint true. They do it because they are jealous and scared of the ridiculous talent that Miami possesses, and wishes their team had it.

  17. ?? says:

    The Heat will be fine. This will simply give Norris Cole (who is looking like a ridiculously talented late first round find and just what the Heat needed at pg) and others time to play together and grow as ball players. Even though the Heat are of course not as good without Wade, they will be fine when it matters most, the playoffs. THATS when its winning time. Wade turning 30 is of no concern so I’m not really sure why you are making it out to be. He started later than most players and is just now in his 9th year. He hasn’t played every year in the playoffs, and doesn’t have anywhere NEAR the mileage on those legs at the same age as someone like KB. So his age is a non factor, he has YEARS left at a very high level.

    Now we just wait on all the haters to make their way to this blog and say how happy they are that Wade is hurt, just like they say they wish Lebron would get hurt. Nothing but pathetic, and sick!

    • Moving2Miami says:

      I truly agree with you let d-wade sit out as long as he needs to so that he will be ready come playoff time ,

  18. Wow says:

    david gonna come out and say Miami need a center and they need to trade for DH12. (might even say sign cp3 next year too)
    and then he will add Eric Spo is best coach in the NBA

    LOL will blindly denied every valid point that other commenter say about miami and keep saying miami is the best team ever. (even to the extend of better than the US dream team)

    and we all gonna read their comments and have fun laughing those.