Kobe And LeBron In The Clutch (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The seemingly never-ending debate surrounding the late-game prowess of both Kobe Bryant and LeBron James went under Kenny Smith‘s microscope last night on TNT.

It’s as concise an examination (with video assistance) of their late-game strengths and weaknesses, and what it all means their respective teams, as we’ve seen. So we figured we’d share for those that might have missed it:



A little more info on Kobe and LeBron in the clutch, courtesy of my main man and NBA.com’s John Schuhmann (aka StatMasterFlex):

Thus far this season in clutch time (last five minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime with a score differential of five points or less), Bryant is 8-for-23 (35 percent) from the field, 1-for-4 from 3-point range and 7-for-8 from the line, with five assists and five turnovers. James is 5-for-15 (33 percent) from the field, 0-for-3 from 3-point range and 7-for-12 from the line, with 10 assists and four turnovers.


  1. KOSRAE says:


  2. kose says:

    Lebron most points 61 ? Kobe 81 MVP Lebron 2 Kobe 1 MVP is when you are in the best team in NBA Lebron 2 mvp’s in playoffs 0 mvp’s 0 championships in 8 years this is his 9th Kobe has 5th who knows if he end with 6th and he will get his 6th ring to Lebron reach 6 championships he has to make 6 in a row that will his 14 NBA season the fact is that will never happen clutch’s takes you to championships and Lebron doesn’t have that. for the hall of farmers i don’t know who is paying you maybe its Jordan or David stern lmfao but seriously some one is paying all of you to credit Lebron if your going to compare Lebron Kobe clutch s do it career vs career and you will see that you can’t compare Lebron to Kobe because Kobe is and will be superior to him. by the way Kobe the best player ever in NBA history hate the fact kobe haters

  3. gars says:

    how come the hall of famers are with lebron and the other one is against him?

  4. Unsung says:

    Kenny the Jett left out a lot of key points during the Kobe vs Lebron debate. Who cares how efficient you are in the last 2 minutes of a game. If you go 5 for 5 in the last 5 min and lose who cares about the efiicient. The point is to make plays when needed and when the other team scores to stop late runs and momentum. Kobe accomplished that by making three shots from the last 2 minutes of regulation all the way through overtime and first and foremost , he went perfect from the stripe throughout the entire game …Lebron fell short..he could not make plays when chris paul was (he couldn’t stop that late run of the clippers) He fouled a three point shot and he couldn’t hit FREE THROWS!!! That is a big part of closing out a game and Lebron still has problems with that type of pressure, where as kobe has welcomed and endured that pressure since he was 21 winning championships and hitting clutch FREE THROWS in the Post Season…you cant deny it!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Being effiecient means ALOT actually, if you miss a shot that gives the opposing team an oppurtunity to the run the ball down your throat, especially a team like the Clippers with Blake, CP3, Butler and Jordan who can run the floor.

  5. gorgonia magalpok says:

    it was a good play by the #miamirefs, lebron travels, you all know it, and missing free throw

  6. nba fan says:

    NON-SENSE!!! Stop comparing them! And also stop with this Lebron best player Bs! Lebron is the best ATHLETE in the nba! The most talented! But to say he is better than Kobe? unbelievable. Kobe takes those shots, miss…but the fact is his misses give the Lakers offensive boards because there is NOTHING you can do to stop Bryant…just hope he misses. On the other hand, Lebron everysingle team encourages Lebron to shoot. Can you imagine playing a zone against Kobe? lol…whens the last time you wrote an article about a zone working on Kobe? thought so. Lebron is over-rated BIG-TIME!

  7. Wait a Minute says:

    I would still want Kobe to have the ball.

  8. Drose-Kobe-Durant says:

    Kobe Bryant has worked harder than anyone over the span of their careers.
    And is Rightfully the 2nd Greatest Player of all time.

    Lebron James on the other hand… should take this advice from the greatest player of all time.

    “Maybe Its my fault. Maybe i led you to believe it was easy when it wasn’t.”
    “Maybe i let you believe my highlights started at the free throw line and not in the gym.”
    “Maybe i made you think that every shot i took was a game winner. That my game was build on flash and not fire.”
    “Maybe i made you believe that basketball was a god given gift and not something i worked for. Every day of my life.” “Maybe i just destroyed the game. Or maybe your just making excuses.”

  9. Drose-Kobe-Durant says:

    Lebron lacks effort. He could be as good as Kobe if he actually put in the work like the mamba does.




  11. Law064 says:

    Over their careers you can’t even compare Kobe & LBJ it’s no competition Kobe by a land slide. Let’s see a 33 year old Lebron and compare his numbers to Kobe. When Kobe was Lebron’s age he was clearly a better clutch player than Lebron point blank. I’m not a Kobe fan but I am a NBA fan and if you think LBJ is better than Kobe your really out of your mind. LBJ has size and speed Kobe just has flat out skills. On the skill level it’s no match. Kobe’s a better post player but he’s smaller LBJ with all his size is not a good post player. Kobe has killer instinct LBJ does not sorry Kobe by a landslide ohh Kobe just put up 40 again lol as for best player in the league as of now is Kobe sorry LBJ fans. Lebron will have great stats but until he can prove himself as a true leader he will always be under Kobe. He’s the 2nd best on his team

    • QuestionMark says:

      You do realize he is hurting his team by putting up 40, yes its impressive for a 33 year old player, but Lebron is shooting MUCH more effieciently than Kobe this season, Lebron: 57% FG, 30% 3 Pointers, Kobe: 46% FG, 25% 3 Pointers, meaning Kobe is going roughly 19/41 from the field to get to 40 pts and shoot 46%, while Lebron is going 15/26 to score 30 pts and shooting 57%. Truthfully if the Lakers want to win, Gasol and Bynum have to be scoring 16+ ppg, both are skilled bigmen that can shoot a high % from the field.

  12. sunsman says:

    After reading and watching I see a lot of valid points… my two cents worth though is that Lebron is the most gifted athlete in the NBA, He is not the best player yet… He understands what he has to do, but yet he hasn’t proven that he can shut out all the distractions and just do his job. Free throws are a mental game – especially for a guy as gifted as LBJ.

    Where is the post work, to help him get his feet set and go up strong – Spolestra needs to set up better plays, I agree that the ball should be put into Wade’s hands for the drive, but with LBJ at the post, not out at the 3 point line. Keep Bosh at the elbow, and two shooters spreading the floor. If LBJ fixes his post work he can blow past bigger PF or over power any other SF in the league and he has the hops to shoot over any weak side help, then get those FT’s in and Miami will win their championship. Until then, LBJ is just an amazing highlight producing athlete whom is wasting his opportunity to become the best he can be.

  13. Samuel says:

    Kobe Bryant has killer instincts. Lebron does not. That is a very important factor to the game when the game is on the line. When you drop 50 points, but then miss the game-winning shot, No one will pay attention to your 50 points. No one cares about the stats or anything. Everyone just wants the Win. Lebron in the 2010-2011 playoffs he was beast in the Celtic and Bulls series. But he acted as if that was all he needed to accomplish, to beat the Bulls and Celtics. Then when the real deal came when they had to face the Mavericks, Lebron completely shut down, took wild shots in the 4th quarter. When it comes to Lebron vs. Kobe in Clutch. It will be Kobe because he is a beast. He sees everything different from Lebron when the game is on the line. Every time Lebron gets called for a foul or misses a shot, he starts throwing his hands in the air, crying, and complaining to the referee. Lebron also lets the fans get to his head, with all the booing and cheering. Lebron is still young and has time to develop killer instincts. All Lebron does is drive and when that doesn’t work he steps back and fades away and that most likely results in a miss shot when the game is on the line. Kobe has an arsenal of moves to get past his defender.

  14. Kobe is different case….I´m not Lakers fan so I´m not concern about it.

  15. and TNT is AWESOME!!!.

  16. Hey give me the reason:

    Do you remember Lebron´s CLUTCH against Boston ans Chicago last year? Sorry but all those plays were in the 4 quarter…nothing to say. OVER. All of you are heat haters when you say Lebron is not good clutcher. ENVY.

    • bronbronsux says:

      that’s why bron has a ring, right? you must be a bandwagon heat fan or else ud remember tha last time thee heat had a BIG TWO… SHAQ couldntdo anything to slow down the mavs and wade had to basiclly put the heat on his back and will the heat to a chamionship. make no mistake bron is a good player but the heat are only gonna get their ring, WADE’S SECOND, with wade in the clutch. if dwade is similar to kobe in any way, its his ability to forget mistakes and go for the throat, that killer instinct u hear about. pushed? push bac k, push harder. bron comes along and u forget whos team this is. dont forget bron came to miami… because its wade who will get it done in the end. hopefully the heat remember that somewhere down the line.

  17. Butter says:

    Kenny made an excellent point about how different these two people are in clutch time. lebron executes good plays and makes great decisions that can lead the team to victory. But seeing these past two games against GSW and LAC, they really need to forget about the past and execute better the next game like Kobe has always. thats what makes him a great player in the clutch.

  18. cpaulii says:

    go and check the prior game. heat vs warriors… and LA vs PHO, then come back and comment… that’s what kobe does game after game after game…

  19. I was disappointed in Kenny actually. His analysis wasn’t all together accurate. Michael, Kobe, Larry B, etc… even LeBrick will miss clutch game shots or game winners. It’s going to happen period. Michael J missed some clutch shots even in the playoffs. But the main difference I see between KB, MJ, Larry etc and LB James is he has issues hitting free throws. He ALWAYS has. A couple games a year he will lose games or get really close to lose because of his inability to deliver in the clutch (btw D-Wade should have had the ball he is much better than LeBrick in those situations). LBJ highest free throw % is 78%. KB LOWEST is 79.4% In other words, Kobe’s worst is better than LBJ’s best. That’s pretty sad when you think he has had 9 years in the league to fix his free throw problems. So, back to the topic KB, LBJ, MJ all are going to miss shots but the main difference down the stretch is LBJ has a difficult time hitting his free throws.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed, but Lebron’s shot in the video was better than Kobe’s, he drove into the paint which can get him to the line for two FTs or get an And-1, Kobe’s lowest FT % is 79%, meaning if Kobe did the same thing as Lebron, the Lakers would have a better chance win, but even in clutch situations, Kobe has the lowest FG%, which is why Lakers are the 12th best team offensively in crunch time, while being the best offense the rest of the game, that is over Kobe’s whole career. Kobe’s FG% is lower than Lebron because he takes too many jumpshots. People say Kobe is clutch because they see more clutch situations involving Kobe than Lebron.

      To simply put it, Kobe would be far better driving in the lane and getting fouled rather than pulling up for jumpshots in the 4th quarter.

  20. NBAer says:

    The point of the whole discussion is to make the right play… either making the shot, or giving the shot to a team mate the would make it.

    As for Kobe, he isn’t the player he once was. the footage really shows him just trying to win it by himself. It’s a good point Kenny said about bouncing back the next game, but what if its the last game you’ll play for the ring? If anyone watched LAs 7th game vs Boston, Kobe almost cost the game from them. Good thing there was Fish, Artest and Pau… and even Phil have to sit Kobe for a while because he’s just trying to win everything by himself. Great players need to be closers, but its about making the right play. MJ to Kerr, anyone???

    As for Lebron, I’d say he made the better decision on getting to the foul line at crunch time. But then again, Lebron has that knack of crumbling down. He still needs to be that player in the clutch (and why isnt Wade the one having the ball in the 4th???). Sure he had his finest moments in offense (last game against Boston last year) and defense (almost shutting down DRose last year), but if want the ring, he should be a great player til the end (hmmm… against Dallas?).

    Its all about doing the right plays. Its all about winning WITH (not for) your team.

  21. nrojb says:


  22. Robert Zenon says:

    WOW! I think Shaq miss Kenny’s point totally and Charles missed it too, but for some reason decided to make the exact same point afterwards. Kenny made a great point in that it doesn’t matter to Kobe if you misses the big shot in a game, bcause he will come back the next night and put the world on his back and try and win the game again. Kenny’s reasoning is Lebron might not have that instinct and he needs to have it. Kobe has won 5 champoinships with that attitude. Shaq is right if Labron makes the shot and they win we aren’t talking about it, but that is precisely why we are becuase he hasn’t made the shots and Kenny is trying to say even when you don’t be confident and comeback the next night with the attitude that you are.

  23. Reeves says:

    Shaq makes a great point. If the SKILL of an individual is enough to carry a team to a win in late-game situations, then there isn’t too much to debate. That player is simply good enough to make it happen. At the same time however, LeBron clearly executes better than Kobe from a decision-making standpoint (at least in this ONE game). I can agree with Kenny that LeBron is too-harshly criticized for his late game play. As constant critics of the game, we are often quick to boil one’s career down to a specific last minute instance. More stock is often placed in an incredible shot as the clock expires, rather than smart decisions and ball handling. Yes, the Lakers won. And, yes, the Heat lost. But it seems unfair to credit Kobe and LeBron as the sole factors of these outcomes. LeBron’s crunch-time play deserves more respect than it is usually given, or is even reflected upon by score at the end of the game. Revised Decision: “I will be taking my 4th quarter execution and decision-making abilities to South Beach.”

  24. Fr3D says:

    I love Shaq as an analyst and I agree with Chuck, Lebron is the best player in the world. No matter what.

    • bballjunkie says:

      Spot on, except Lebron has not had a coach with the basket ball acumen to coach his rhythem talent that allows his athleticism to be a natural part of the game for 4 quarters. (Phil Jackson would have a ball coaching this talent) With the exception of early Cleveland days when they got to the play offs on his athleticism alone its been pretty much down hill from there. He has not matured to the point where he’s more vocal, about the offense or expressing his dissmay of having to work uneccessarily hard on defense against poor teams because of insane, erractic, substitution patterns, and a self coaching philosophy that inhibits the Big 3, Miller, to be used effectively and consistenly blow big leads. I think another loss in the playoffs will bring that. Kobe on the other hand this is what he does talent around him or not, he is not restrained triangle or not, he is allowed to play in his rhythem and can be seen directing traffic on the side lines. Even coach Brown knows better than too try and change his offensive prowless. Lebron has hit game winners, a big 3 with .1 on the clock in finals with Cleveland, because he was in rhythem. He now is being coached by a guy who doesn know what he has in him or his team, who is bent on driving the car in 5th gear when there are 10 more gears. Don’t believe me go back and look at Dallas series. I was hoping Miami would jump on Sloan, or Mark Jackson personally. Coach Carlise read it perfectly (Celtic pedigree) inserted Bera (speed) and we made no adjustments to insert Eddie House until it was over 2 and a half games later. Sad.

    • Alexzo says:

      yo Sekou, I’d LIVE & DIE with the ball on the Mamba’s hands!

    • Alexzo says:

      Luv how shaq ended this clip. “Had lebron made the shot, aint nothing were gonna talk about!” PERIOD!

    • Alexzo says:

      Loved this show even before shaq came along… LUV IT EVEN MORE now that he’s on board. Cant wait for Him & Charles to “GO AT IT!” for real! lmao!