Labor Talks: Season On The Brink …

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Your anger is understandable.

Mostly because the actions of so many are indefensible.

With this latest breakdown in talks between the two sides in the NBA’s labor madness comes a sobering truth about this entire process. It’s never been about saving the game or even preserving it for the fans. It’s about two sides fighting over a billion dollar pie and each one wanting the biggest piece. Someone has to win and someone has to lose, compromise be damned!

We knew as much when this thing started, but we seemed to lose sight of that in the past few months with all the details tossed into the fray to deflect our attention from the fundamentals of this dispute. Our confidence has been betrayed by the men who have asked for that very thing from us, the basketball loving public,. And here we stand, just days away from what should have been the start of a season, staring at a potential season on the brink.

When the federal mediator both sides agreed to let dive into the middle of this battle packs up his stuff and heads for the door after three days of listening to everyone talk, it’s clear the “gulf” between the positions NBA Commissioner David Stern spoke of last week is greater than most of us imagined.

Unlike many of my less cynical colleagues here at the hideout and beyond, I wasn’t expecting a resolution to this process this week. I did (foolishly) assume that some tangible progress this week could lead to a deal sometime in the very near future.

But not after reading these words from NBPA attorney Jeffrey Kessler after the Board of Governors meeting:

“This meeting was hijacked. Something happened at their [owners] meeting. This is not the move where the owners were yesterday. We were making progress, as you heard.

“They came back, they came without the commissioner. They came with Paul Allen. We were told Paul Allen was here to express the views of the other members of the Board of Governors. And that view was: ‘Our way or the highway.’

“That’s what we were told. We were shocked. We went in there trying to negotiate, and they came in and said, ‘You either accept 50-50 or we’re done. And we won’t discuss anything else.’ “

Point fingers in whatever direction you like. Both sides are doing the same now without hesitation.

We’re inclined to take the index fingers on both hands, point them in both directions and remind the owners and players that they are playing with the one sacred item in this entire affair. If they think the fans, die-hard and casual alike, will simply assume the position and wait in the parking lot until someone frees them all, they are mistaken.

The owners and players should be mindful of the sacrifices that need to be made or risk sacrificing all that’s been built in recent years and risk doing any further damage than they’ve already done …

Welcome To The Circus

Ken Berger of What happened Thursday was irresponsible and gutless — which shouldn’t come as a surprise in sports, where the irresponsible and gutless go to make their millions (or billions) and play us for fools.

They take our money to finance their palaces, gouge us for pretzels, beer and parking, and laugh all the way to the country club. All they want, said labor relations committee chairman Peter Holt of the San Antonio Spurs, whose arena was built with $145 million in public funds, is the chance to “make a few bucks.”

Do me a favor, Mr. Holt: Leave the condescending cowboy talk in Texas where it belongs.

When they pick up the phone in a day or two — and they will, they always do — they’ll expect you to care that they’re getting together to try this again. Don’t. Don’t get played again.

When the news release goes out announcing the canceling of another chunk of your games, they’ll expect you to understand — and come back when it’s all over.

Do that at your own peril.

I’m mad at everybody right now, but do you know who I’m angrier at? The owners. Why? Because I believe Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher when they say it was an ultimatum from the owners that shattered these talks Thursday night. Let me explain why.

After 24½ hours of seemingly productive mediation over two days, strange things happened Thursday. The heavy lifting that had been progressing over the previous two days was over the system issues upon which a turning point in the talks seemingly hinged. This is what we had been told when all hell broke loose on 63rd Street outside the Lowell Hotel on Oct. 10 — that it wasn’t about the money anymore, it was about the system.

And you know what it’s about in sports when they tell you it’s not about the money? You guessed it: It’s about the money.


No Surprises Here

J.A. Adande of Simply put, it’s in neither side’s best interest to do a deal right now.

The players won’t start missing paychecks until next month, and they have almost $200 million returned to them from escrow to tide them over for a bit. As Spurs owner Peter Holt reportedly said during negotiations, the players haven’t felt enough pain yet.

It makes sense for the owners to wait to see what the players have to say when their bank accounts start dwindling. It’s the difference between offering someone dessert after a full meal or offering a fruit roll-up after a cross-country flight.

The players have to hold on to the hope that they’ll get a favorable ruling in November from the National Labor Relations Board, which could ultimately impose an injunction that lifts the lockout, at least temporarily. It’s a long shot, but it’s the only hope for leverage that they have.

You know a deal is nowhere close when the owners’ side has Dan Gilbert telling the players to trust him. Yeah, that’ll work. It’s the same Dan Gilbert who went from sweet-talking LeBron James and offering him $125 million to shooting arrows at his back after he left. Put it this way: How seriously would the owners take it if LeBron came into the room and told the Cavs’ owner to take the players’ proposal and trust him on it?

For now, the only thing the players have to say that will get the owners’ attention is lowering their share of the basketball-related income. They’ve already come down from the 57 percent in the old collective bargaining agreement to a proposed 53 percent. They have offered another idea of a “band” ranging from 50 percent to 53 percent, depending on the league’s annual revenues, but probably would average more than 52 percent by their calculations.

Naming Names

Zach Lowe of’s The Point Forward: Allen’s presence had the union convinced that “something happened” in the Board of Governors meeting, Kessler said. And the implication was clear: The hard-line owners who weren’t typically involved in key negotiating sessions wanted their representatives to take a firmer line, and they sent Allen to make sure that happened.

“We were all befuddled, bewildered,” Hunter said. Hunter and Fisher then checked with Holt and Silver: “Is that a take it or leave it?” Hunter asked. “And Peter Holt said, ‘Yeah, basically, it is,’” Hunter recalled, adding that Holt indicated the owners would not discuss system issues unless the union agreed to the 50-50 split. The union leaders retreated to their private room, believing the talks were over, only to have Cohen coax everyone back into the same room again at least once. Hunter again asked if they might “park” the revenue split and discuss the cap and tax system; Holt and Silver again said no, per Hunter’s detailed recounting of things. “There’s no way in the world we are ever going to agree to 50-50 if we don’t know the system,” he told reporters.

Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert suggested at one point that the players could “trust” the owners to deliver a fair system provided the owners first got a commitment on the 50-50 split, Hunter said. “It was Dan Gilbert who said to me that I should trust his gut,” Hunter recalled. “And I said, ‘No, I can’t trust your gut. I’m going to trust my own gut. I’m not going to trust that you’re going to be open and amenable to changes to the system we find appropriate,’” Hunter said, citing almost line-by-line dialogue.

Hunter didn’t stop at calling out Gilbert and Allen. In the union’s most direct and specific attempt to portray the owners as divided, Hunter mentioned by name four owners –Jerry Buss of the Lakers, James Dolan of the Knicks, Mark Cuban of the Mavericks and Micky Arison of the Heat — who are, according to Hunter, ready to make a deal. “They want a deal,” Hunter said of those four owners. “A group of owners from small markets are dug in, and they are carrying the day. The guys who are anxious to cut a deal don’t have the votes.”

It was an extraordinary public accounting of a private negotiation, one clearly fueled by anger over the alleged misrepresentations [Deputy Commissioner Adam] Silver and Holt gave reporters a few minutes earlier. We have seen nothing quite like it so far in these talks. It is discouraging. And the anger matters. The two sides need to cool off now, and it is unclear when they will meet next.

Getting Uglier By The Minute

Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle: As he and Fisher made their charges, one can imagine Stern’s flu-driven temperature rising. But they were not speaking to him. They were not really trying to sway the public.

Mostly, they were angry. They were tired and disappointed and frustrated. But more than anything, they were angry.

NBA players were no doubt watching, or if not, will hear every charge repeated as word spreads why the union believes negotiations ended on Thursday. They will soon be as angry and determined as Hunter and Fisher.

If the league is, as Hunter charged, trying to break the union, that display solidified it.

The problem with venting all that indignation is that it does not get the sides closer to a deal. It does not apply pressure on the owners. The public was not watching. The media covering the lockout and negotiations will be influenced and will report what the sides said, but that is not going to somehow soften the owners’ position.

Calling the other side liars might have felt right, but will only make things worse.

Things have gotten so bad that the mediator, George Cohen, saw little point in wasting his time, announcing in a statement that “no useful purpose would be served by requesting the parties to continue the mediation process at this time.”

Yet as much as they differed about why talks ended again, they — and the obvious levels of mistrust — showed why they can seem so close to accord and find themselves ready to set fire to the 2011-12 season.

According to Silver, the players indicated they might be able to give on their share of the basketball related income if the owners compromised more on their demands about the system. The NBA, he said, consider those to be separate issues in which they must have major changes.

“We have certain core beliefs we feel are absolutely necessary to achieve before we continue to play NBA basketball,” Silver said.


A New Villain Emerges?

Ben Golliver of‘s Eye On Basketball: You want stubborn? Allen rode his pipe dream of running a cable company all the way to the ground, losing billions of dollars and eventually declaring bankruptcy.

You want off his rocker? He’s currently being sued by his own ex-military bodyguards for allegations of illegal activity, his helicopter recently crashed during an excursion to Antarctica and, oh yeah, he’s gone through two general managers and a vice president of basketball operations since the 2010 NBA Draft. He passes his time, including on Thursday morning, exchanging tweets about what rock song the Seattle Seahawks, his NFL franchise, should play at practice. [Seahawks coach Pete] Carroll plays along, of course, because he, like every Allen employee, knows his job depends on it.

You want “uninformed” on the state of the negotiations? Allen deputized team president Larry Miller to attend Board of Governors meetings and labor negotiations on his behalf. He put exactly the same amount of blood, sweat and tears into the possibility of a labor agreement as [Kevin] Garnett: none.

You want emotional? Allen recently wrote an autobiography that included many unflattering stories about, and a recounting of decades-old grudges towards, his Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, one of the world’s greatest philanthropists. The book led to a falling out between the two men, who had been friends since high school, with Allen admitting during a television interview that Gates had stopped talking to him.

And, of course, there’s the money issue. All you need to know about that is that Allen has a private island for sale, owns multiple yachts (one of which cost $200 million to make, nearly as much money as Garnett has earned during his NBA career), and has a helipad on the roof of the Rose Garden, Portland’s home arena. Forbes pegged his net worth at $13.2 billion on a recent list of the 400 richest Americans, a figure that made him worth more than the next two richest NBA owners on the list, combined.

Why, you might be asking, would the owners pick Allen, of all people, to deliver the hard-line message to the union that ultimately led to the disintegration of talks and all sorts of harsh accusations on Thursday?

Because he’s so rich that he’s immune to the criticism, as capable of buying silence and peace of mind for himself as anyone on the planet. A man who has been cleanly divorced from the common man for decades. A man who claims to have lost a billion dollars on the Blazers in his two decades of ownership and therefore couldn’t care less about the fallout that results from a nuclear explosion in the middle of labor talks.

Same Old Song

Tom Powers of the Pioneer Press: Meanwhile, it’s easy to dwell on the wretched excesses of the super-pampered, multimillionaire athletes. They are not the Little Guys going against The Man anymore. The owners are the Little Guys, albeit still virtually unlikable.

Only the NFL players were worthy of sympathy during their most recent lockout. They truly were getting a bad deal, all things considered. And they deserved whatever they could pry from the greedy, cigar-chomping owners.

The NBA situation is particularly ludicrous. The owners are holding out for the right to tax the hell out of each other. Unable to control their own spending, they want to implement an ultra-hefty “luxury tax” that penalizes anyone whose payroll exceeds a certain level.

This is the equivalent of a serial killer scrawling on the wall of his latest victim: “Somebody stop me before I do it again.”

Meanwhile, the players say they are all about free enterprise and the good old American way. Yet one of their demands is that the owners agree to more revenue sharing as a way of propping up ailing franchises. It doesn’t quite seem consistent.

I think most people have stopped caring during all of the recent labor disagreements and simply tuned it out. If and when play resumes, they likely will turn their attention back to their favorite teams.

But overall, another pro sports work stoppage is extremely irritating on so many levels. Salary caps, luxury taxes, revenue splits … all these lockouts look and sound the same. Just plug a sport into the headline. NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL – they are all interchangeable.

And the only thing we know for sure is that ticket prices eventually will go up.

Stern Isn’t The Only One Sick

Randy Hill of We thought we had a testosterone filter. His name is George Cohen. The federal mediator, who worked with the NFL during its work stoppage, has considerable experience occupying the “no-finger-wagging zone” in meetings that co-star professional sports league owners and the wealthy athletes who play on their teams.

So, with someone like Cohen on hand to help steer the emotion out of these chats, there had been reported progress.

The biggie was an alleged push toward a level split of the BRI. Before Cohen rode into these sessions, the mere suggestion of getting near 50-50 inspired Kevin Garnett — backed up by Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce — to stare that notion into a withering retreat. We’re at 53 percent, the union’s biggest names declared, and we’re not going a drop less!

But this week, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban — who’s more often been a pain in the neck for Stern over the years — was credited with helping to make both sides see the potential merits of more equitable sharing. With the talks on life support Thursday evening, we might be wise to assume that a few members of the players’ committee viewed footage of Cubes on “Dancing With the Stars” and returned to what they thought were their 53-percent senses.

With 50-50 looming as the qualifying agent for further talks, the latest adjournment did not include any plan to reconvene.

We also should point out that a more reasonable penalty for exceeding the luxury tax was rumored to have been on the table. According to an insider who knows the cousin of someone connected to an agent’s brother, the owners’ previous super-luxury tax proposal was brutal; it required the offender to hire Kurt Rambis as head coach and outfit him with a five-year contract.

Speaking of bad contracts, owners and players also have been looking into some kind of amnesty clause. Including the word amnesty doesn’t mean Eddy Curry would have been free to return without penalty from wherever he’s been hiding, but it could allow a team to dump someone with his contract-performance profile a lot less painfully.

If all of this would have taken us where we need to go (back to the arena), I was all for it. Optimism — even if it turned out to be misplaced — seemed to be better than absorbing more bad news.

But with a surge of hope now dissolving into expectation of more whacking of scheduled games, we now move closer to the nuclear options of decertification and measuring the teeth in lingering lawsuits.



  1. Trey Aaron says:

    For the ignorant and uninformed

    Basketball is a GAME.
    The NBA is a BUSINESS.

    Now define the difference.

    • Tal says:

      If the NBA is a business, why do they go hat in hand to the taxpayers and demand them to pay for new stadiums or they’ll pack up and leave.

      You don’t see GM or Bank of America coming hat in hand to the taxpayer for a bailout….

      Well on 2nd thought….LOL…

      The problem is with sport franchises, is they do give pride to the communities they represent, but when they screw up business decisions and go in the red, they hold a gun to the taxpayers heads or I’ll leave..

      I’d really like to hear Bird’s, Magic, Hondo’s, Unseld, and other greats of the past take on all of this.
      I want baskeball, but I hate to see it devolve into a pro baseball type thing, where the same old teams, most years compete. The NFL has acheived parity with their current CBA. I would think it would be in the NBA’s best interest to achieve the same. And it’s hard to do when you got ALL the superstars picking one owner, to play for, and leaving everyone else with the “Lesser” players, this Players Union is trying to protect. I don’t get it…

      It’s turning point time, and I hope the players and owners realize it, or when watching another year of NOT watching….

      “Not One Championship”
      Not 2 Championships”
      All the way to 7…
      Lot easier to talk about it than do it…

      Dirk is my hero for last season….

      Signed a rockets fan waiting for the return of the next “Dream”…

  2. Trey Aaron says:

    Some of the comments in favor of the owners are downright stupid. What have the players invested is a recurring question. TALENT! What is talent worth seems to be the real question. This dispute is recurring, not only in professional sports but in movie production, music production, etc. The owners of these companies feel like society owes them something. It is as if they believe we should have children for them (the owners), let our children work for them and pay them litterally pennies on the dollar (I know it might be hard for a lot of the uneducated to grasp that a guy making $15 Million a year is getting exactly that) while making them a fortune. Owners in general seem to feel that society owes them everything and they owe soiciety little if nothing.

    The NBA cannot and will not be equitable. Ever! Equity is an idea that is rarely achieved. Los Angeles will probably always have more appeal for star players rather than Minnesota, And trying to stop teams with larger budgets from dominating the market seems unreasonable and unrealistic. The Dallas Mavericks are not full of stars bull is full of starters. So they dont have Kobe and Lebron and Dwade, they are still deep.

  3. Paul says:

    I think the players are way overpaid. I have no problem with the owners stance. Average NBA salary in 2011 was $5.1 million ….get real ….too much! If the players don’t get real their average salary in 2012 will be $0 which is fine with alot of people. Thanks.

    • Tal says:

      And it just goes on.

      A former NBA superstar (Kevin Johnson), trying to milk the Taxpayers of Sacramento to vote, next year, to put up yet another stadium, to keep the Kings in town. Another small market team, Greedy owner threatening to leave town, without a new facility, for HIS players to play in. Which at this point in time is doubtful they will even play again.

      NBA = Economic development for the community????
      or for that matter any pro sports franchise.

      I wonder what all those people did in Memphis, and OKC before the NBA hit town. I guess they didn’t go out and participate at local eateries, bars, bowling alleys, concerts, etc….All those pro franchises did was move those dollars from the local economy to the owners of the franchises. Oh and BTW…If you want to have this economic wonder..”NBA” in your town. fork over several 100 million dollars taxpayers for a new stadium, and then we’ll consider keeping our team in your town, or moving a franchise to your fair city. Then you can have the pleasure of not only sucking your money out of the local economy, you have the pleasure of dealing with the spoiled players as you spend a night on the town. and listening to them call you suckers.

      The little guy gets it again.

      Guy from Houston, whose taxes are stil paying for the Astrodome, which sits idle and unsused.

  4. Jerry says:

    Actually, I’m finding I don’t miss the NBA as much as I thought I would. I used to follow the NHL closely, watching most games on TV (no local NHL team in San Diego.) But I was able to “divorce” myself from hockey, and now, even though the games are on Versus, I rarely watch.

    Down here in San Diego, we don’t have a NBA team. I used to go the a lot of Clipper games when they were in San Diego, but have lost interest over the years.

    I guess eventually the money will go somewhere, but it won’t come from me. I haven’t been to a pro sports event since 1996 and have never paid for a televised event beyond local cable.

    Not bragging, but it does make me feel good.

  5. Jimmy Hoffa says:

    I’ll give him an offer he can’t refuse. The owners are running the show. They write the checks, and if they don’t want to write checks anymore to greedy, spoiled basketball players, then guess what, THEY WON’T!! What about for the LOVE OF THE GAME. The NBA is not popular without true heros who can light it up in the playoffs. If it was 1996, the fans would stinkin riot if they could’t see Jordan play. Now? Nobody cares. They don’t have the $$$ anyway, and who wants to pay to watch the best player in the world wilt under pressure…Lebron may be the best ever at getting to the Finals, but he can’t close the deal. He is not a closer with an unguardable shot. Jordan was offensively unstoppable. Even Dirk was more offensively dominant than Lebron, and Wade was only making it interesting. They say Defense wins championships, but it was offensive execution that triumphed in the Finals. Putting the ball in the basket changes the score, and changes the tenor of the game. The fans wanted their hero, but it was not to be. Until the fans find a hero, then the NBA can stay locked out indefinitely.

  6. deanroc says:

    As much as I love basketball,Letrs face it millions of dollars to throw a rubber ball into a hoop????? honestly???,My trash man must be worth about 8 million a year then because he actually contributes something to this world,he takes away my trash which is FAR more important than ANY sports figure will EVER be.Look this is how it is ,the owners call the shots ,they OWN ,they are in the drivers seat ,I really hope they cancel the season and let these tattooed, child abandoning,’pierced ,adulterous, slandering, self centered,fatcat ,egotistical players go a year without their salaries,the majority of them don’t know how to handle $5.00 let alone millions ,they’ll be broke soon,blowing it on cars ,cocaine and women.

  7. I think most columnists don’t paint the talks in the proper perspective. If you look at Billy Hunter in the same way you look at Scott Boras when he’s negotiating a player’s contract wtih an owner, you get a better idea of what’s really going on here. It’s simply a case of playing your cards as close to your vest as possible in the hope of squeezing the most out of the money-man and the owner trying to make the best deal he can for his franchise. The only one interested in the fans are the owners because that’s their money source. The players agent attempts to use that to extrapolate every dollar he can.

  8. BFoulds says:

    I speak for all fans. We are done with this. Make a deal or don’t make a deal, you have lost us. Have fun fighting over percentages, you won’t get are money regardless. Greedy bastards.

  9. PedramSpurs says:

    I have an Idea,:
    We fans should step aside and don’t buy tickets and etc, until we reach to a 50-50 profit agreement with the The owner’s.
    I think it is a good idea to claim our percent in money.huh?!!!!!!!!

  10. TOES says:



  11. Francis says:

    Why the owners are being difficult? The owners just want to be greedy and want to keep all the money!!!!! Listen, when you have a good employee that does a good job and that employee is asking for more money what do you do? You give your employee what he or she wants so that you can have a happy employee if you don’t offer them what they want then that employee will look for another job. Let all the NBA players go abroad and play basketball and forget the owners here in the US.

    • Tal says:

      The only problem with that is the owners will just get a new batch of “Super Stars”, fresh out of the NCAA. The EX players will be forgotten in about 3 to 5 years. And the “New” batch of superstars will all want to play for the wealthiest owners, and major media markets. The entire league needs to be blown up.

      As far as critism for the owners and the league. They go into these small markets that can’t support a team. They snooker the local taxpayers into ponying up Millions for a new stadium to play in. And then they make boneheaded moves guaranteeing failure financianlly. And guess who gets stuck with all of it..

      Yep..Us little people, who live and die for the game.

      You want to solve all this?
      Cut the number of teams down to about 16. You wouldn’t have all those “Lesser” player salaries or small owner revenues to consider. Let’s see…..The banks were too big too fail, so we had to bail them out. The NBA??? Give me a break.

      In “Real” life, your company rewards your good deeds, but us “Little” people are in it for 30 to 40 years. Not 5, with 10 being an extraordinary long career.

      “Not going home after work to my mansion in my Bentley.”….LOL…

    • AL RODRIGUEZ says:

      Francis this is not about compensating a good employees, is about greed from the players they make way too much money and they want more than 50% revenue sharing come on!!!!! Imaging working for Sears and going to your boss and saying you want 53% of the revenues Sears makes. Like I said before the owners or the players don’t care for the thousands of jobs that all the arena’s employees are going to loose. “THESE ARE THEY EMPLOYEES THEY NEED TO COMPENSATE”

    • AL RODRIGUEZ says:

      Francis this is not about compensating a good employees, is about greed from the players they make way too much money and they want more than 50% revenue sharing come on!!!!! Imaging working for Sears and going to your boss and saying you want 53% of the revenues Sears makes. Like I said before the owners or the players don’t care for the thousands of jobs that all the arena’s employees are going to loose. “THESE ARE THEY EMPLOYEES THEY NEED TO COMPENSATE”

  12. vince says:

    the lockout continues… millions of fans don’t have basketball… thousands of people connected to the NBA lost their jobs or have pay cuts… many businesses connected to the NBA are severely affected… what’s that commercial they show on the game every time..? oh yeah… NBA Cares.

  13. AL RODRIGUEZ says:


  14. dsi says:

    (a) The owners refusal to offer a full proposal that covers both BRI and system issues….

    …together with ….

    (b) bringing in a mummified Paul Allen to give the players his infamous “death stare”…

    …together with ….

    (c) David Stern conveniently missing the last mediation session…

    Come on, folks… haven’t you ever played cards? The owners are scared of showing their hand! They’re acting like a sucker that’s put half his chips in the pot with on a straight draw, didn’t get the card he wanted, and now thinks he can save the day with an all-in bluff!

    The financially rewarding part of the season is right around the corner. I believe the owners are about to get alot more reasonable. Season will start before December 15th.

  15. AndreDash says:

    The NBA owners are too cocky and self centred. As a loyal basketball, i am completely, hurt and disappointed.
    This is really ridiculous.
    We want basketball.
    We want basketball.
    We want basketball.
    We want basketball.We want basketball.
    We want basketball.We want basketball.
    We want basketball.We want basketball.
    We want basketball.We want basketball.
    We want basketball.We want basketball.
    We want basketball.We want basketball.
    We want basketball.We want basketball.
    We want basketball.We want basketball.
    We want basketball.

  16. iampinoy says:

    no season is good to just to end the nego….let’s just watch the world series..nhl…pacquiao and marquez..and ufc fights…no nba no harm

  17. Bricioz says:

    Basketball fans, pls do not buy any basketball merchandising, let´s make a strike of sales to end this story!

  18. A Real NBA Fan says:

    To most of the fans who commented above me.

    Did you actually read the article? Do you know what is going on?

    Let me break it down for you. As a true NBA fan, i will watch the NBA play no matter what because i love basketball. The players also love basketball, but for them it’s their life. Sure you can throw out statistics that say that “the average NBA player makes $5.5 million” but think about it. Would you pay Adam Morrison $5.5 million? Kobe Bryant $5.5 million? Absolutely not. What the players are doing are essentially that the owners are doing, which is looking out for the little guy. The player who makes the minimum salary. The difference between the owners and the players though, is that these are NBA players who stake their lives on their career. The previous generation that built the NBA back up from the ground gave their blood, sweat and tears to create a CBA that was favorable for the players. How would you feel if your boss said you should take a pay cut for the mistakes that he or she made.

    Thats the point here. For most of the NBA owners, owning an NBA team is a HOBBY. There are a few out there who put there heart and soul into the team they purchased, like Mark Cuban and Jerry Buss, but how many times do you see other owners watching their team play? They waste money on stupid contracts like Eddy Curry, Rashard Lewis, draft ridiculous players in the 1st round like Kwame Brown and Marvin Williams and then tell the players that they will pick up the slack for the owners mistakes?

    Don’t tell me that the players are greedy when they are looking out for one another. Although i want to see an NBA season this year, i’ll understand if the players choose to hold out. Because they are clearly in the right.

    One more thing. Paul Allen, who presented the “take it or leave it” offer of 50-50, has $13 billion. If the NBA is locking out the players so that smaller budget teams like the Timberwolves can have equal footing (more or less) with the Lakers, why are the owners asking the RICHEST OWNER IN THE NBA to tell them this? Because they don’t actually care about basketball, they care only about, as peter holt said “to make a few bucks.”

    So for the so-called NBA fans. Learn about the situation and make an informed comment afterwards. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut and let the players do what they need to to preserve their livelihood.

    • Tal says:

      Real NBA Fan is a moderator?????
      Guess it’s HIS discussion and the rest of us “NOT REALLY REAL Fans” should just shut up and….
      Turn it over to him and read his upcoming comments with intense interest.

      Is that the sound of Crickets I hear…LOL…

  19. notgreedy? says:

    “We just want a fair deal. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about,” Chris Paul said. “We want a system that works and we want a split that’s doable. So, we’re not being greedy or anything like that. We just want a fair deal.” What do you call it when 400 players need to be paid more than $2 BILLION DOLLARS to play a “game they love” for “fans they love”? Save your breath, Chris Paul, you sound dummer than the owners.

  20. lewis says:

    who cares about the lockout anyway, the NBA was much better in the 90’s and early 2000’s anyway.

    I think during the lockout players and owner as well as everyone else involved in the NBA should take a look at how the NBA was back then and try their best to focus on how to get it back to that, and before anybody thinks about it…Jordan is too old to come out of retirement again, sorry.

  21. John says:

    a) Instead of an ultra-heavy luxury tax, or a hard tax, the owners should just settle on a slightly stiffer luxury tax. The issue of competitiveness should be relatively unimportant to them compared to making money, and if the wealthy teams are paying the small teams a hefty luxury tax, why should the small teams be so concerned about competing? They’re in a small market anyway. They won’t generate big revenue even if they’re competitive. Take the luxury tax rewards as compensation and shut up. The salary cap would probably be better if there just weren’t any exceptions at all, and you were taxed on everything that exceeds the cap. I wouldn’t be opposed to something limiting the super, duper high payrolls, whether it be a hard cap at $82.5 million, or a second tier of luxury tax for anything above $70 million.
    b) NBA players make too damned much money. Considering how much the players make, and how many organizations are struggling, the logical conclusion is that the organizations shouldn’t be signing players to such large contractions. But if the small market teams just make smaller offers to players, there’s a good chance that the big market teams won’t only monopolize good players even moreso, but they’ll probably be able to get them at slightly cheaper prices. A good way to keep big market teams from driving prices up, and therefore give small market teams the option of making slightly smaller offers (and thus pay players what they’re worth, rather than more than they’re worth), is to just stiffen the luxury tax a bit more.
    c) Any changes to the luxury tax would surely penalize teams who are already exceeding it, since it’s too late to go back now and change the contracts. I would make it so that stiffer luxury taxation phases in gradually over a period of several seasons, or I would offer some sort of one-time opportunity to renegotiate contracts to suit new salary cap guidelines.
    d) I do like the idea of an amnesty clause. It doesn’t seem fair to have a team on the hook for $20 million for a player like Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis, Eddy Curry, or Allen Iverson at a time when they just don’t contribute anything. Of course, for the players, amnesty is a threat to their financial security should they get hurt. Organizations probably should be punished for signing a player like Eddy Curry to an exorbitant contract, they shouldn’t just be able to make bad decisions and get off scot-free. But they should ultimately just strike a compromise on the amnesty situation, i.e. a team can dismiss a player, but they’re still on the hook for 15% of the original contract.
    e) The band (I dunno if that’s the most logical name for it), seems like a good compromise. If you’re gonna ask the players for more money to ensure that you at least break even in the bad times, then you probably should also give the players more in the good times. If the organizations are getting between 47-50% of the revenue, that’s a big improvement over the 43% they were getting, so quit complaining and take it.

  22. big D says:

    Anyone willing to cut their paycheck by fifty percent?… Anyone…? No?

    The players salaries are a result of the healthy free market mechanisms. By depicting the players as greedy and ignorant, the owners and NBA, seem to have thought it to be easy to make the NBPA agree to a deal. They are not fighting bankrupcy, they`re fighting to keep increasing their own paychecks. Basketball doesn`t need the NBA to survive, but it will always – without a doubt – need players.

    Daniel, Norway

  23. kliffrichard says:

    6yr or more the deal with the nbpa and player and nba nbpa player 60% to 40% nba ownwers to finish this lockout in nba pls think about it because i am not waiting anymore nba season 2011-2012 pls think about the all fans of nba pls fast to finish the lockout
    i can not wait any no longer
    fans of nba

  24. kliffrichard says:

    nbpa player 60% to 40% nba ownwers to finish this lockout in nba pls think about it because i am not waiting anymore nba season 2011-2012 pls think about the all fan of nba

  25. Rickerdy Doo Dah says:

    “NBA Cares”


  26. joe 2 says:

    there should come work at walmart with me and feed a familly of 4
    cancel the whole season and seasons going forward!!!

    power to the average don’t support this garbage!!!

  27. anma120 says:

    why don’t they just make a decision already,i want to see the entire season, not part, but ALL OF IT. i so tired of all the meetings they are having. JUST MAKE A DECISION.

  28. Pepe says:

    140 00 people working for the NBA show will lose their jobs!!!!

    1. A new BNA ( instead of the NBA)
    2. No Unions.
    3.2 years contract.
    4. 60% for owners and 40% for players.
    5. 100 games ( instead of 82)
    6. Hurt? ..a month to heal yourself

  29. Tal says:

    I hope the owners blow this league up. I have been a NBA fan for years, A diehard Rockets fan. From the Tex Winter days to the Murphy, Rudy T era, to the present. Was really looking forward the McHale era. But the truth be told, speaking as an average fan, In my 40 some odd years of following the sport, I have went to attending a game about once a week, to once a year. The ticket prices have just skyrocketed to the poin that for my family of 3 to park, get a few concession, souvineers, and farly good seats, it’s around $400. to view a game live.

    And now the players want to turn it into a baseball type game, where only major cities, with deep pocket owners can compete. The smaller franchises, just battle for the crumbs.

    I say, blow the whole thing up like Hockey did, and bring the game back to an affordability level that the average fan can afford to view in a live venue.

    Now on the other hand if this happens, and the salries are slashed, small market teams can make a profit and comptete, and the affordabilty of attending live games does not happen. Owners….You will have my undying disgust, as most of the players have already earned undying disgust with their comments like…

    “So What I didn’t play very well. I’m still a Superstar go to my mansion in my Bentley, and my super model girlfriend, while the rest of you LITTLE people, have to go on with your miserable little lives.”….

    A real fan who has to watch the NBA on TV. Not by my choice..

  30. Cynnba says:

    NBA franchise owners – take the 50-53% band the players are offering and move on! It’s more than fair you spoiled brats. We don’t spend the kind of money we spend for you…we spend it to watch them. Give them a fair deal and go back to your hidey holes and count your millions. And those of you in smaller markets whining about taking losses, maybe you should look to the millions of Americans who have lost their savings on investments in recent years…owning a franchise of any sort is a gamble/risk. And those of you who ask, what risk are the players taking? Well rrist of all, they are employees, and as such they aren;t required to take any risk…but they do. Everytime they step on the court for you they risk career ending injury. In fact, everytime they step off a curb wrong, they risk career ending injury…or at least diminished value in terms of playing ability.

    • BFoulds says:

      this is not the players business. this is the business of the owners. The owners are the bosses. Negotiating paychecks with your boss? get real. Lockout until players accept the 50/50. greedy bastards.

  31. cjohn fan says:

    someone suggest that palyers do 50/50 split with cap on how mush owners can proffit. ie. if bri was 100 mill last year than each % is worth 1 mil. owners cap would be the 7 mil that players give up. each year of cba each percent is based on bri and owners cap is 7%… ie 200 mil this year, cap for 2012 is 14 mil.therefore if 300mil this year owners only get 114 mil= 50/50 split on 2011(100 mil) and cap ( the players 7% x percent worth=14 mil) players get overage back. fine tune it make it work. cap on owners proffit.

  32. Byron jackson says:

    Since the lockout is still going on after all these talk’s they are losing fans every minute, second, hours, days..they ain’t thinking about the fans because that’s who really giving some shares. We pay to go look at the games. So I think the lockout should end by nov. 1 or I’m going to have to watch another sport or old highlights of Kobe and Durant

  33. Pathetic says:

    As a casual fan of the game, it drives me crazy that these two sides cannot find a compromise. Bear in mind that the CBA deal being set up here will likely be challenged again in 10 years or so, and it can be altered. the players and owners need to be reminded that this isn’t the final agreement in NBA history… they need to look around, and see the long term damage they are doing to the sport.

    Regarding the BRI split, 50-50 seems fair. But, if owners gain 5% (47) and players loose 5% (52), then players should be able to retain something they want ie. hard cap.

    If you take away all the little issues, what you end up with alot of greedy people, looking to retain and guarantee their wealth, when there should never be a guarantee. This whole situation started out concerning, then ugly, and now it’s just pathetic and sad.

    And once fans loose interest, then who really cares.

  34. TS says:

    The “hard-line” owners are losing too much bread, and can no longer afford to be the training grounds for the big city teams. Look, we saw like 48 fans attend a Nets game a while ago. I’m glad the NBA is trying to level the playing field as best they can.

    The quest towards the NBA championship is like a bumpy roller coaster ride. And it may be a more exciting ride when you get to drop in from higher up on the track. But if you’re the fans rolling real slow in circles on the little blue hippo with a flashing light and a bell , , guess what? It’s really not a very fun ride at all.

  35. Joe McNair says:

    I for one never got over the last labor dispute so watching this train wreck is sort of enjoyable. Before that last lock out this sport was on a real network and now ….. TNT…..when this is over the pie the fools will have left to split between then will be even smaller…..I am betting the “NBA on the Home Shopping Network” with SIr Charles and company handling the sales pitches between games,,,,”only two more minutes left to get your bra that lifts and separates”….if you don’t act now it will be terrible.”

  36. watcher says:

    I recently stared at a pile of money for a while. Then went out and watched my vegie patch growing. Turns out the vegie patch was way more entertaining than the NBA pre-season. Results were fruitful with no celery problems at all.

  37. Macp86 says:

    I have read many of these comments and I conclude that many of you all have some legitimant arguments. From a political standpoint I always prefer to stand with the underdog. However, I do have to agree with Denis Rodman’s statement. The mind set of today’s NBA player is due to the popularity of Michael Jordan. Not saying that it was Jordan’s fault, but when Nike and other companies started giving him all these endorsement deals and then the NBA coddling him because he was the league’s franchise player, especially in his final two seasons (hey, there is argument of him becoming the new NBA logo). Many of these players nowadays walk-in this league with that mentality, that egotistic sense of entitlement because of what they saw with MJ. You had Garnett get that huge deal from Minnesota back in the day and hadn’t won a championship with the franchise, Kobe Bryant’s “too much too soon” success with LA, Allen Iverson’s “I don’t need to practice”, Stephon Marburry thinking he’s the leagues best point guard and the list I’m can go and on and on. I’m just trying to point out the results of MJ’s fame and how it has influenced modern day NBA players for nearly the last two decades. NBA players should be humbled considering where most of them come from with all the opportunities they currently have.
    To add to that, I’m not much in favor with the owners, it’s hard to sympathies with someone who can buy everything and anything (yes the same can be said of professional athletes). At this point, cancelling the whole season is not a bad idea (less distractions).
    If the players really want thing to tip in their favor, they should come together and create an exhibition league during the lockout season which will taylor to the fans and take the money and give to a local charity in each city. It will compel the fans to side with them and take away some of the leverage the owners have.
    Other than that, If that doesn’t happen, I say all fans of the game boycott the league for two seasons after the lockout is done just to send a message to the league and it’s players: “Don’t let this nonsense happen again!!!”
    Just food for thought.

  38. Phillip says:

    I think the owners need to quit being so full of themselves and give a little leeway to the players. I feel that the players do care about the game and they do care about us fans. I mean come on to go from a guaranteed 57% all the way down to 53% is quite a jump. They players even came up with a great idea of the 50 53 band, they want to earn their 53% and the owners wont even let them do that. The players also agreed to the possibility of accepting a 50 50 split but the owners wont even give them a whiff of the cap system is like, its like the owners arent even trying. Their no further talks about the system, or about anything for that matter, unless they are guaranteed 50% proposal almost seems like they are trying to pull one over players; its like they want to get as much as they can out of the nba during a struggling economy as if the millions they already have arent enough. From all the information ive gathered it seems like the players are putting forth as fair of an effort as they can yes they could be doing a lot more, but i think its a sad fact that in todays society once a person is earning a certain amount of money it gets to their head, which is why i think the players arent trying any harder then they already are.( Admit it players the money is a big part of it to you) Its ok though some of us fans understand what money can do to a person so we havnt given up on all you players or the game. The bottom line is that with all greed pushed aside the players are putting forth a fair offer and the owners just refuse to meet them half way

    • Cynnba says:

      I agree with you for the most part. People do get stuck though on how much players get paid, and I understand that. This is how I see it though…the money is out there, why shouldn’t they get a fair share of it. Why should someone else get paid more than them for the natural talent they possess and their hard physical work on and off the court? The band seems fair. The League should take it and move on to the other issues.

  39. Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

    If you get the chance read Bill Simmons article on about the lockout, hits the nail on the head !

  40. Exactly John from Liverpool says:

    I got no beef with soccer fans hell to play the right way takes significant stamina. I dunno haha I guess I’m too much of an American to like soccer haha, I think a large part of it us just where we grow up all that, especially here in Boston a town where babies are squeezed into Red Sox onsies on day one, where even the kids who don’t like sports all remember the first time we went to Fenway Pahk with our Dads, and how we remember as teenage boys being drunk as hell and watching Patriots Red Sox and Celtics win their first titles in our lifetimes, its the same thing on your side of things cept that my dad never took me to a soccer game in the same way yours prob never took you to a baseball game hahaha. I agree the way Stern and the players and owners have carried themselves is shameful, though I don’t think I can stomach boycotting a whole season. That being said though when this lockout does end, I won’t watch 82+ games like I have in the past, sure Lakers vs Chicago and Miami Dallas and Boston Oklahoma I’ll tune in for, but I wanna make these whiny small market owners pay, cuz if you ask me, these idiots are the ones most likely to kill this season, and I want these fools to realize killing the season will not increase your revenue, its gonna make you seem like a greedy fool from a loser town whose attempts to legislate the league into winning trophies and revenue will bring neither to loser arenas like Quicken Loans and the Bradley Center, to them I say nobody would bat an eye if your team no longer existed, and most of the people who fill seats at your arenas are only showing up cuz the insert Mavericks Heat Lakers Bulls or Celtics are in town, so either spend your money better, or sell your team, cuz I’ve had just about enough of that pathetic Weasel Dan Gilbert crying crocodile tears because poor wittle Cwevwand has been unable to win a title despite having netted two #1 draft picks over the course of the past decade. Its not the system thats unfair, your just a loser owner who owns a loser team in a loser town and as obnoxious as Lebron was, I think the major reason Cav’s fans got mad is that he died the thing that everyone in Ohio secretly wishes they could, he moved the out of that rusted shell of smokestacks and shattered dreams and moved to where the weather is nice and theres plenty of sand and warm sunny beaches and a vibrant night life and culture, its like picking the pan seared mahi mahi fish in the cuban spiced lime chilli sauce over a bologna sandwich , and any and everyone who carries the loser stench of being from Ohio would grab the chance Lebron took in an INSTANT. I’m honestly kinda glad the Celtics Cavs opener got cancelled, what a lousy way to start the season against these third rate cavalier clowns.

  41. Grif n $hit says:

    The way I see it, it’s the principle of being forced into a deal by higher powers. The man vs. the little guy. I know in this case the little guys are still millionaires, but why should we condemn the players when we know the owners (who are probably in the top 1% of America’s wealth) could handle a 47% share. I’ve been a crazy C’s fan for my whole life. I can wait for another year if it means the players get the deal they deserve, because sheeit, we gon lose the Kobes and the Lebrons to Spain or other counties willing to give a better deal.

  42. stephan says:

    and i have nothing against derick fisher.. and i guess he has to represent the players as best he can, but i really think he could be doing more as the NBAPA president..

  43. Juan says:

    I was a die hard nba fan. I live outside chicago so it was all about the bulls….have almost every jersey of our starting five (except bogans)….outside of that i was a bigger fan of the league….now i see the garbage…First a Miami super team planned years ahead of time which was completely illegal…then the heat get like 20+ FT a game all playoffs destroy Boston and Chicago and loose to….Dallas? Then they all go on strike and cancel half the season…..Billionaires and Millionaires Shouldn’t be fighting over money!!! when the numbers your dealing with are so astronomically high that 3 percent represents 500 million does it really matter? this is just about douche bags being douche bags……Billy Hunter Derrick Fisher David Stern just a bunch of chumps who could care less about the fans.. Dont know if i can go back to supporting this league

  44. stephan says:

    i cant understand that a multi bollion dollar organistion like the NBA can let it get to this when there is so much $$ to share around, it really is greed on the players behalf i think. If the owners are running a losses than they should have th right to make money after investing such huge amounts.. As a fan i feel betrayed and angry that a resolution STILL hasnt been met, and by the sounds of things still very little progress has been made..its obvious that both sides really dont care about the fans like they make out they do.. idiots i say..

    • Cynnba says:

      Where is it written that anyone in this country is entitled to a guarantee of return on investment? And why shouldn’t the players be able to share in the money that is being made on their backs? I think we should respect their ability to fight for their slice of the pie at a time when most of the power has been taken out of the hands of the people who are actually DOING the work and being handed over to greedy corporate America, I’m not saying that being a franchise owner is a walk in the park and there is no work involved in it, but the fact of the matter is I don’t show up to watch the owners. I show up to watch the players. They make the game. Are you a fan of the League and it’s corporate construct or are you a fan of the game? The game only exists when human beings show up to play it. Don’t blame the players who are fighting to keep history from repeating itself.

      • stephan says:

        i agree that we need to appreciate the talent of the players but you know as well as i do that a large portion on the players are being over paid..

  45. Paul Jones, Liverpool, UK says:

    This is a truly awful spectacle; watching billionaires argue with millionaires for the remaining hundreds of thousands of doallrs. OK, simplistic, but this is capitalism at its ugliest. Us fans need to show them where the power TRULY lies with some sort of boycott, either of their porductsm their appesarances and better yet, when it all starts up again, the actual games. Empty arenas would scare the owners and emasculate the players too, albeit temporarily. Sure, the players are trying to secure a batter future for themselvesa and the next generation (I don’t buy the 2nd part for an instant), but none of these guys is going anywhere near the poorhouse, so put the violins down. We, the people, do not buy it.

    • stephan says:

      haha love the idea.. and totally agree with the fact that this is capitalism at its ugliest.. boycott i say!

  46. Landbarron says:

    Lets see here…the players currently get paid ridiculous salaries, they have EVERYTHING handed to them in the way of free flights, meals, accommodations, they get huge endorsement deals to boot AND they got 57% of the BRI??? What’s wrong with this picture?? They have absolutely NO risk in the losses to which the owners have shown were huge!!
    Yes, they are the product, yes, people are buying food, clothing, memorabilia…but why should the players get a cent of that??
    I am a huge basketball fan but lets remember that these players either don’t know…or worse, don’t care about the economy around them. The average fan cannot pay for the tickets to come see their “talents” and when the stadiums start showing more seats than people..what then?

    I’m on the side of the owners…players, the owners have a business to run and you have broken the system.
    It’s billionaire battling millionaires…who do you think is going to win!

  47. soccer is lame says:

    @ JCPortugal If you dislike b ball so much then why are you here? The fact that you need to gloat on the NBA website about the global popularity of a game which nobody in this country cares about, (aside from 7 year old weaklings munching on orange wedges at the pahk down the road from my house) is kinda lame. If you don’t care about our game then get lost and go back to watching a bunch of effeminate European weirdos flutter about and whine about when people use their hands. “Oh good gracious heavens Nigel Farringsworth of Twickentickleshire Hotspunk FC kicks it down the pitch past Joan Diego El Fuego of JC Ceveche FC ohhh!! and the game ends in a 1-1 tie!!!! how riveting!” ZZZZZzzzzzZzzzzz yawn! Yeah soccer is lame with a capital LAAAAAMEEE its incredibly stupid and extremely boring. To compare the NBA Finals to the world cup is like comparing a race car to a 1993 Geo Metro hahahaha I don’t care how popular it is its not nearly as universally beloved as you’d like us to believe and Americans don’t like stupid soccer, have never liked soccer and will never like soccer. Europeans and Asians by contrast particularly amongst Eastern Europe and in China and the Phillipines are discovering more and more how fun exciting basketball is to play and watch, and not even the NBA lockout will change or stop this, deal with it.

    • Paul Jones, Liverpool, UK says:

      Ha ha, good stuff. I love my soccer as you call it, but this was funny. We don’t have these kind of disputes in football, but it has it’s own issues too. Most ‘traditional’ fans shall we say, are being priced out of most sports, which is why it’s hard to watch these super-rich bitching over money. Hopefully, bball will emerge unscathed.

  48. Nickanderson25 says:

    Yep it`s a greed. There is no other sport in the world where they can get more even when they doesn`t play. If they want more money let them try to play golf, oops sorry they dont have that much talent xd

  49. Paolo says:

    stop being guys earn a lot of money already considering there are players that don’t deserve to much salary per is the best time to show that you really love this game not because of money its because you love to play basketball for the fans to make them happy…

  50. Carlos Mercado says:

    We all now this is not about the fans, us the people that made these bunch of ungrateful players famous. It was never about the game, the love of playing. Its always about the money. It sickens me to see these players, owner fighting about a billion dollars, while we fight the economy everyday hoping we won’t loose our job. Something these players don’t ever have to worry about. To these guys the difference between 53% and 50% could mean the difference between a Bently or a Lamborghini. Ridiculious. Let them go play over seas, let there be no nba this season. Lets see who is going to be more affected. I watch the NBA years ago when you could see the players play for the love of the game. Now players like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, derek fisher, etc have ruined the beauty of this game. So long NBA, not even worth it any more.

  51. Paolo says:

    50 – 50 is great deal.the players and owners need to accept it if they really want the NBA to continue.NBA is not all about the players and the owners…Without the FANS,there will be no NBA…

  52. D Money says:

    This is so dumb. Just go 50 50. its fair. Do you care about your fans at all?

  53. Matt says:

    I wanna send my collection of jerseys back to the players. Since I wont be watching them anymore.

  54. RIP NBA says:

    When it comes to this point where players have no more love for the game, it is time to stop. I ve been watching nba since the late 80s when they played harder and better than nowadays and still there were no lockouts and you could feel the love. Since the early 2000s I think nba started to lose credibility until get to this point now. Lets not have this season or maybe 2. We need a new breed of players that play more for the fans than for the money.
    nba, see you in a year or 2!

  55. MM says:

    You will probably all hate me but I don’t care. Most of the people commenting are not looking that this lockout problem correctly. All you see is that the rich are arguing with the rich but in reality it’s all perspective. Yes I agree that it’s a shame that well off people have to negotiate about who will get more money but this is no different then any other job. If we take away the huge amount of money that is at stake and just look at the core problem that is being negotiated it’s very simple: Players feel like they are being mistreated and are standing up for what they believe they are entitled to. It’s no different then a blue collared workers union striking against unfair working conditions the only difference here is that this involves a HUGE amount of cash.
    Don’t bring up your problems into this lockout; yes it’s a shame that they have so much and you have so little but so what?! It happens and it’s called life! I don’t want to talk about who is wrong and who is right in here, my main comment is that everybody seems to only see “poor me, I have a hard life,they are all so rich, why are they arguing?” because we are not them. And you know that if it came down to it, for us “normal Joe’s”, we too would protest at our work place if we feel an indecency was occurring.
    I too want this lockout to end. And I too hope that the outcome will not result in “super teams” but keep in mind that many baseball and football players can be paid into the $20+ millions per year where its really rare to have anybody in the NBA reach that salary (Not including endorsements, only Kobe breaks it making $24 million, Rashard Lewis is next with $19.5) and they are a much more worldly sport then them.

    • Shareese says:

      I see what you saying but I just don’t think they are being treated unfairly. Unfair would be being made to travel from arena to arena at their expense, or staying in roach motels, eating ramen noodles for dinner, making them seek their own medical treatment for injuries. If that was the case, I’d be behind the players.

      These guys sign contracts for a salary and get paid if they play or not, but they also want a percentage of BRI. Why should they be entitled to a percentage of every hot dog or popcorn bucket sold? They should get the salary they are promised and that’s it. The players make the argument that they are the talent that makes the money, which is true but who would they play for without the team owners? How lucrative would being a basketball player be if there’s not a league or teams to play for?

      The players need the owners just as much as the owners need the players…actually, the players need the owners more. Individuals who can afford to own a sports franchise are far and few between. you can find decent basketball players in every neighborhood, school, college, and semi pro leagues. I say if the players don’t like the offer, let them try their hand at playing in some other pro league (foreign or domestic) and see how far they get with their outrageous demands. If the owners didn’t pay them so much, maybe fans could get a hot dog and soda for a decent price at the arena.

  56. nada says:

    Greed will kill the this league!!! Both sides, struck a deal now…together!… for the fans, for the people who are working behind the scenes in every basketball day, for the vendors..for their families. 50/50 is still big money for all!!!

  57. dannywilliams0356 says:

    This is ridiculous!! I’m so tired of all this garbage!!! What a bunch of over payed babies!! I totally understand that this is a business and if the owners aren’t making enough for their business that’s understandable in this economy BUT, it seems we have an ego money hungry issue here! My whole life I’ve been the biggest NBA basketball fan, BUT with all this talk about money it’s just not entertainment anymore. I mean isn’t that what basketball is? entertainment? Why are we paying these guys so much? They claim they play for the love of the game, but they’re not playing their game….BECAUSE OF MONEY!!! I have a beautiful wife and two little boys, and these over payed athletes make more in ONE GAME than I’ll probably make in 4 years!!
    Looks like I’ll be watching NCAA! GROW UP JERKS!

  58. baller1 says:

    just get the money that they are offering you, it is enough.

    • Eric Zap says:

      I’ll miss the game, but won’t miss being bombarded by Dwayne Wade and TMobile. Funny that he’d have the nerve to talk back to the owners after what they’ve made of him by promoting him constantly. He’s rich beyond belief.

      Sorry KG, you’re the ish, but you get paid too much. I shouldn’t have to dish out 200 dollars to sit and root for you with a decent view. I’d come every night it the ticket prices were reasonable.

      I hope the owners get what they wan’t. I’m willing to sit out the season or the decade if that’s what they choose to make me do. College BBall is still good to to watch.

  59. Marcus Vinicius says:

    The season, now, it’s up to the owners. I think these people have enough money to loose, with no pain.

  60. bernzz says:

    pls! if they really love the game like they used to advertize. enough of the money talk! i want to watch bcoz I LOVE THIS GAME. let the game begin!!!

  61. Anthony Daniels says:

    I can’t speak for the other soldier but im in Afghanistan and was looking forward to the NBA to get me through this deployment ive been a fan since I was four years old and I hate that we are losing games because you are being greedy 50-50 is a great deal. There are alot of people out of a job because of this and can’t support their families because you want more money. You guy make millions let get it done already and play the game you say you love. I dont even want to speak on the owners.

  62. A Real Basketball Fan says:

    This is disgusting. All they care about is money, not the fans, not the goddamned game of basketball. The players live on playing a friggin sport, and make lots of money doing so already, just with their stupid already overpaying salary. Jeez, if they had to actually work and see that they get way too much money for PLAYING, their egos would drop, get real players, please. They say you dont have much time to earn money since their careers end sooner than that of a normal job, I say invest, be SMART with your money instead of spending it like an idiot. Im with the owners on this one. Players play and get a salay out of it, they are the employees, as simple as that, if a car company sells a car, do the manufacturing employees get 53% percent of the income, NO, they get their normal friggin salary thats how it i supposed to be. There are way to many things I could say about this, I just wanted to see Steve Nash on his (probably) his last season, I wanted to see the Bulls flourish even more, I wanted to see if the Celtics still had it in them, and so on. I don´t feel attached to the players any more, they are doing this to me, I HATE THEM.

  63. I am the biggest spurs and NBA fan, and it truly breaks my heart to see the game that unites these players and owners is bringing them apart.

  64. jeffrey_sailor says:

    all yah are talkng about millions, if you make a 50-50 deal, you will still get a lot f money, so just go there and play, you are all earning a lot and you all love your jobs. so y bother for 50-50 DEAL, nba has made you famous not only in america as well as other big countries. so please, lower your pride, make the deal this is waht LOVE oF game is all about, not love of money…

  65. Steve says:

    This is great! Australian basketball fans are watching their own national league right now and enjoying seeing guys play for the love of basketball. The owners here downunder scrape to make ends meet, and genuinely work hard to keep their players fed and clothed. Many of us will not return to watch the arrogance of American’s fighting over an already huge “super-size-me” slice of the financial cake they refuse to share with the rest of the world. I feel for the kids who watch this childish display. It’s enough to make James Naismith emigrate. But please, don’t send us any NBA players to bide their time until they force the price of tickets in American stadiums even higher. We just don’t need the greed contagion. We’d just prefer to get on with it and give everyone a fair go.

  66. Chad Wofford says:

    I don’t know what’s up with either side. I just remember when you competed to win, and played for the fun. just to entertain the fans. now days all you know is crying for money and whining for fouls. Be real, shut up, play ball.

  67. D says:

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand” – Abraham Lincoln – This rings true in politics to run a nation and sports politics. I am tired of both right now. Recently I had to take a cut on my salary for my ocmpany to stay afloat, you see in times of crisis you have to lower your expectations and lower your standard of living. I don’t feel any sympathy for either side and will never watch an NBA game again. PATHETIC! GREEDY! PIECES OF EXCREMENT! I am tired of hearing pussies cry over spilled milk.

  68. . says:

    Time for change to true basketball game. The TRUTH!

  69. raspuzan says:

    enough is enough… This is not good at all.

  70. Rad says:

    I hate to admit it but I think I’m losing faith in basketball specially the NBA, I think as a fan its about time to just leave basketball because the players and owners are becoming greedy crocodiles. I rather have the NBA end their organization now, so tired of waiting, negotiating with terrorists is much more easier compare to this. I’m done with the NBA never gonna watch it ever again and I know there are people who feel the same way, Hope you players and owners are happy pushing us fans away with your inability to compromise and your lack of respect.

  71. Shakenbake says:

    Where NBA Cares (ehem about the money)

  72. J. Torres says:

    Boycott the NBA….$40 for nose bleeds, $10 for a beer, $8 pretzels… Both sides act as if they make $30K per year.!!!! True fans of the GAME watch at the playground, where it all started!

  73. Max. W says:

    The NBA has a goal, and that goal is for every team in the league to have an equal chance at a championship. The goal for the future is to become the NFL and not fall down the ranks and became the NHL.

    The owners have pleaded strongly that the NBA is extremely lopsided when it comes to talent. That the big market teams have more of a chance for a championship.

    Howard Beck from the New York Times wrote that the last four NBA champions had payed a luxury tax given to the biggest spenders. The other stat was that the 10 highest spending teams over the last 6 years have an average of 48 wins while the lowest 10 spenders averaged 34 wins. Although the stats may be convincing, I believe this argument came a few years too late. Maybe 6 years ago this theory could’ve been true but this season really proved this theory wrong.

    To read more go to

  74. sick of it says:

    Get rid of all of them. I am sure there are 336 other people in the world that know how to play the game of basketball extremely well and if given the oppurtunity of practicing everyday will be at the same caliber as the majority of players in the game right now.

  75. Will says:

    Give and Take,

    They should give some and take some. But all I see are both sides wanting to Take and not Give anything.

  76. nbaisanogo says:

    I think its all a greed of man//and its being showed right now/its almost like going back to slavery these masters are trying to pimp out there slave owners when all they do is negotiate and get fat/its time to play over seas i would say forget NBA because of what has become/they have the money but they don’t want to distribute it smh by bye NBA for me

  77. Da Rupe says:

    Televised Lawn bowling is gonna make a huge comeback, as did poker with the NHL lockout. Yay!….. Lawn bowling…….

  78. Anthony says:

    Nba player are greed.
    people can play basketball

  79. G~Rod says:

    This changes from “NBA Cares” to “NBA doesn’t give a damn”. These guys make billions a year and yet they are not satisfied, what the f#%& is wrong with them. There should’ve been protests since the last week if NBA fans cared about this lock out. I am looking forward to 2012 doomsday so it put an end to all this bull@&*

  80. LEo says:

    I think This Players only wants money.. they dont care about the fans anymore.. they dont care about the feelings of there fans cause all they really care right now is on how they will get richer everyday.. how about those vendors? how they can vend if the arenas are dead.. common.. you already threw 2 weeks on the regular season.. how much do you think those vendors will cause? accept the 50 – 50 offer so you can start the NBA

  81. Tseuoa says:

    I agree, get the people who are delaying deal out of sight, a deal will be reached, this is too greedy now, in Gods eyes, ots a sin, please let them relieve us and give us the sport we love, i think those Rookies are even thinking of going back to college……….*disgusted*

  82. Javier says:

    I really want to see how good the players go without that “terrible” and “unfair” league… please go on and see how best they can do in ANY other place.

    If I have one (and really, only one) place where I could do five or ten or even more times my salarie, I wouldn´t hasitate to work there.

  83. Hansen1 says:

    I’d play in the NBA for free. Many people would. It would be a privileged to do so. Don’t have anything negative to say about both parties. The owners want a 50-50 deal. Come on, COMPROMISE. If you really love the game then what’s so bad about making a few dollars less? At the end of the day, you can’t take it to your grave and enjoy. Money come and go. Just like how the players have to depend on the owners, we, the workers, have to depend on them in order to work and support ourselves and families. We need to move on from all this.

  84. Cristian U. says:

    what’s wrong with 50-50 split?..dont be greedy!

  85. no body says:

    Nba is dead, just as it started to get better every year,, i reckon its going to suffer for the years to come,, if they agree or disagree nba will suffer and people will turn to other sports cheers

  86. Joe says:

    Man y dont the owners fire all there players and hire new guys from europe, asia, and north and south america, i bet all these nba players who will be out of cash will beg the owners for a spot on there roster in no time, get over the damn money and play the game like your a rookie and privlidged to be in the nba.

  87. joe beban says:

    I’m officially done with the NBA!!! I have converted back to the NFL for entertainment and with two kids I don’t have time to watch every national league out there. So when they resume play some day I will be gone and I hope that this is how a lot of people feel. It would serve them right to experience an unorganized simultaneous exodus of fans from the sport. What a laugh it would be if they all end up making less money after there squabble is done and a large portion of there fan base is gone. Most of the players have a diamond earring in each ear that could by my house and the owners are unimaginably rich and they can’t strike a deal at 50/50!!!???!!

  88. Michael says:

    Why doesn’t american sports open the door to regulated gambling. Do you know how much money companies around the world are exploiting your sport. If your country wasn’t full of puritanical thinking you would be making a killing a killing on gambling compnay tax. Lobby the Goernment to accept companies like Betfair etc to sell your brand properly.

  89. Chris in NC says:

    I’m praying they will go ahead and cancel the entire season so I can get ALL my money back as a full season ticket holder. I’m quite sure a majority of season ticket holders feel the same way as I. Players and owners – I plead with you to PLEASE continue to be greedy, hold your ground, and don’t come to a settlement, so that I can get all my money back and never, ever buy tickets for an NBA game again!

  90. WildWilli says:

    Develop a system where each team can have one major player (say at $15m), plus two players (say at $8-10m) with the balance of the players being less than $5m each up to the hard or soft cap. It would be mandatory that the first two categories ($15m & $8-10m) be met by all teams. This would leave the owners in major markets with surplus monies. My system proposes to allocate a part of this surplus for two purposes: (1) teams with a loss would get an amount that would overcome the loss plus a profit, (2) place a part of the big owners surplus into a players account that would go toward players retirement, sick & dental care, and family support (in case of player demise), similar to how military treat their retirees (yes, I’m a retired Army Lt Colonel). The details of this plan can be negotiated by persons of goodwill. One caveat, allow owners in major markets to keep a fair profit on their investment. -the Bill Harrison (MBA) system

  91. nada says:

    Greed = Lockout.. Hey, put your acts together (players and owners).. much better i guess to have 45-45 split for the BRI, then give the 10 to the people working behind the scenes for each teams,.

  92. J. Pla says:

    It’s a digrase .All this people just think about money.No love for the game,No respect to the fans, No honesty for theirself,Just money the reason ,the love and praise.SHAME!!!!! SHAME< SHAME!!!! Bunch of HYPOCRITES

  93. I am beyond disappointed and upset with the recent lockout. Hate to point the finger here because we all know this is business, and both sides are somewhat at fault, but if you asked me, I blame the owners for not having reached an agreement in the latest of bargaining sessions. I hate to be blunt, but in all honesty, the NBA just plain sucks right about now.

    I look forward to the NBA season every year, especially now with Carmelo Anthony traded to NY. This lockout just Sucks!!!!! To make maters worst, the economy is not that great these days, and with all those employees that work in the arenas going on unemployment, (due to the selfishness of both sides if I may add), it’s only making the economy worst than what it already is. I mean just the mere thought of a bunch of millionaires and billionaires arguing over money in today’s economy makes me think whats the world coming to?

    I say split the Basketball Related Income, fix the system issues, and don’t stop the talks. Lets get the season going already. Geez!

  94. chris says:

    What I don’t understand is how people are saying both parties are making money. 22 of 30 teams are losing money. I think the owners are being a lot more reasonable than the players. They’re basically being told to shut up and take a loss. The players put no money into the league they should just take what they’re worth.

  95. Seriously says:

    This really is ridiculous, America is bordering on depression and one enterprise that can fund jobs is threating not to go ahead for no decent reason. As you can read from above fans are sick of it. The fans should think of a boycott themselves- If this season does not go ahead, guess what- we won’t be interested in the next one. A couple of generations ago people fouhgt and died for their country, and these guys aren’t even willing to play basketball for theirs. Why don’t they set up a temporary one year deal then they have the rest of the year to negotiate a proper one? Whats wrong with that Idea? Dont players realise if they dont play a year their career stats will be lower than players of other eras? That a team will miss out on a championship, perhaps the only one they will ever win? That without a season some players will lose their flow and not get back to the same level? The lockout prevents any gains the players make because the weeks off take their pay away, If the owners dont want the players to get so much money why dont they agree to only offer them so much? Its only rival teams driving the pay up, no one in the world is offering anywhere near the same money to basketball players. The players can make as much money as they want via endorsements ( even lesser players can endorse smaller businesses in their team’s city or state.
    Hopefully common sense prevails, but we are not seing a lot of it now

  96. endlockout says:

    if the players and the owners understood how we feel they would stop and get a deal done. I don’t even think they even care about getting a deal done anymore, they just want the other side to cave in and admit that the other side had the better offer. Millionnaires and billionaires fighting over millions over dollars while the people that make their jobs possible are losing their jobs as a result of the lockout. We need players on the committee that care about the fans and would be willing to sacrifice a little to get a deal done. These guys could not care less about what is happening to all the people affiliated with the team. While they lose their jobs, millionaires and billionaires whine about their paychecks. This is the most selfish greedy thing i have ever seen in my life.

  97. Jobless says:

    I work behind the scenes for one of the NBA teams. I have a family to support and because of the GREED I am unemployed ..and DENIED unemployment…all I can say they are doing nothing for us because of this LOCKOUT

    • natefilewood says:

      Im really sorry to hear that! This is what gets me so angry about this lock out- guys like you who are trying to feed their families!
      Honestly, i dont care about the NBA anymore. Stern is a dictator and a bad leader. Dfish is trying hard to set himself up for when he hangs up the boots and players, well, they are playin the game. Extended holiday, bogus international contracts, hot air about thier business acumen and love for the fans; and the owners- if you aint happy, sell up your team and go buy into some other sport… you DO have the money…

  98. Fed up says:

    The players a selfish greedy monsters. I have a mortgage a kid in school and I just lost my job. The players should realize just how good they have it. it could be way worse than making millions to PLAY basketball!

  99. Jon K says:

    In light of the worst economic standards since the Great Depression (unemployment, standard of living, etc.) this lockout has become one of the most unethical business practices in history.

  100. Shareese says:

    Personally, I think the players should just get the salaries stated in their contract. I don’t see why they should get a cut of every hot dog and pretzal sold also. Maybe they can get bonus’ based on specific achievements throughout the year but that’s it. At my job, I get paid the salary I’m promised. I don’t get a cut of the profits my company makes….and my raise is based on my performance…not written into some contract like the NBA players. They don’t know how lucky they really have it.

  101. Dylan Robichaud says:

    I feel like the NBA doesnt think about their fans as much as the NFL did in their lockout

  102. Ron says:

    Just hope all the fans give up and realize that the owners or players don’t give a DAMN about you. It’s obvious by the way they are acting like children not getting the toy they want. There is definitely more to life than watching a bunch of selfish money hungry men arguing over billions that in large part you as the fan have contributed. TAKE YOUR BALL AND GO HOME!!!!!!! DON’T COME BACK!!!!!

  103. Max says:

    The NBA has a goal, and that goal is for every team in the league to have an equal chance at a championship. The goal for the future is to become the NFL and not fall down the ranks and became the NHL.

    The owners have pleaded strongly that the NBA is extremely lopsided when it comes to talent. That the big market teams have more of a chance for a championship.

    Howard Beck from the New York Times wrote that the last four NBA champions had payed a luxury tax given to the biggest spenders. The other stat was that the 10 highest spending teams over the last 6 years have an average of 48 wins while the lowest 10 spenders averaged 34 wins. Although the stats may be convincing, I believe this argument came a few years too late. Maybe 6 years ago this theory could’ve been true but this season really proved this theory wrong.

    To read more go to

  104. Will Brown says:

    hmmm. so the players would be willing to lose millions of dollars if the season is canceled, but won’t accept the owners deal that doesn’t have them losing nearly enough money? yeah that makes perfect sense
    Sincerely, brokenhearted nba fan

  105. Greed Kills says:

    Those players and owners are not much of a different than the crooks in wall street. Money first , screw the people.

  106. Federico says:

    I had enough of all these money talks. I mean, it’s interesting knowing how things work in the NBA, but there are many other things to do in real life, many other serious businesses to take care of. Basically I follow NBA for fun and because I just love the game. There are so many stories to be written, many games to be played…and I’m sick of reading about a bunch of rich guys fighting for their money. If I want to read, I buy a newspaper or take a book. At some point, I would like to watch some more NBA basketball again. I don’t blame players or owners, they’re just doing their business. I just want them to bring US back OUR game, that’s all I’m asking. They say this cannot be a win-win situation. HOW SO? They’re all riches, they can have whatever they want, for themselves and their children. Is this a WIN situation or WHAT?

  107. fiftyfiftyBS says:

    Bottom line is if you own a business and need a supplier to give you something to work with and make a profit (in this case the players are the suppliers) and you signed a contract with your suppliers making your business not profitable, don’t blame the same suppliers for making your business unprofitable, YOU SIGNED THE DEAL WITH THEM!

    It’s owners getting caught in the moment and seeing championship opportunities where there isn’t and overpaying for those players that caused the problem, what were the players supposed to do? Tell the owners that they should make less because it doesn’t make sense from a business perspective?? Stop hiring GMs that spend money you don’t have and don’t rely on lockouts to make up for your horrible management skills…

    • Odysseus says:

      Sure they signed a contract. And that contract had an expiration date. The business world is an ever changing environment, and just because a contract signed 6 years ago, seemed profitable at that moment, doesn’t mean it can continue to be profitable today. In which case it completely legit for a new contract with new terms to be signed. The owners are under no obligation to continue under the current agreement period. It’s only sensible that if it wasn’t working, they seek the changes to make it work. Otherwise they’d be plain stupid.

      On the other hand, what the supplier (players) needs to ask itself, is who else is buying its product? The answer here is obvious. The players need the NBA to get paid their millions. They can’t make this money elsewhere, period. The NBA doesn’t need the players. There will always be more players just as good waiting to play. Nobody’s irreplaceable. You only have a handful of star players, but the rest of rank and file players, can easily be replaced.

      So really the players are being just plain stupid. They are costing themselves money they won’t be able to make back, because in the end, they will sign whatever the owner’s want. It’s that simple. I mean I don’t even understand how they propose to continue under a system that will eventually bankrupt the NBA. All that talk about future generations is BS. If they are willing to bankrupt the league, that means that all they care about is themselves. Not the future generations, not the owners, not the vendors, janitors, salespeople, and especially not the fans.

      Mr. Stern, lock these players out for the rest of the season. They deserve it!

  108. Tired says:

    one more thing. The NBA doesn’t care. It’s funny because I never really watched football much…but do now!
    And from now on I’d feel stupid arguing with someone about which basketball team is best. i agree with the guy before i feel like a sucker. A sucker not only for caring about the 11-12 season, not only a sucker for actually logging on to this website daily, but a even more of a sucker for writing this response. Now i feel like I’m a sucker if i watch the season when it eventually comes back. I’ll just watch reruns of the Jordan, Magic, Bird, Miller, Barkley times a call it a day.
    Good bye basketball, you’ve officially lost one fan!

    • daive says:

      that’s what i been doing lately, watching finals games from early 90’s currently. better ball playing anyway.

  109. fiftyfiftyBS says:


    I hope all of you people backing up the owners in your comments open up a business one day and realize that you control your own expenses and that the players didn’t offer themselves those overpaying contracts in the 1st place.


  110. Tired says:

    We’ve done everything we can…. They are stubborn….There’s really nothing we can do…. Wow..
    This is stupid. It’s for sure not news worthy. I’d prefer that they just tell al of the fans that they have decided to cancel the season. Plain out cancelled. THen if they surprise us with a deal, great, but for now cancel the whole darn thing so they we turn off the channel. Stop pretending to work on this agreement. They are not working on an agreement, let’s be honest. They are playing the media to pretend like they are trying so they can come back at the end and say they made a deal.
    This all a bunch of crap and it’s not interesting. The annoying part is that basketball players are respected highly. We look at them like they are basketball gods which translates to our belief that they are professionals and business owners. They are proving that they are simply basketball players that are greedy, playing basketball for greedy lazy business owners that have nothing to lose. AND FINALLY LET’S BE HONEST, STOP SAYING YOUR UPSET, BASKETBALL PLAYERS AND OWNERS HAVE LITERALLY NOTHING TO LOSE, AND REALLY COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT THE FANS OR THE EMPLOYEES, AND SURROUNDING BUSINESS THAT GET HURT. THEY HAVE NO HARD ISSUES, NOTHING IS DIFFICULT TO DEAL WITH, THEY SIMPLY COULDN’T CARE LESS. THE FANS AND THE SURROUNDING BUSINESSES AND RESIDUAL EMPLOYEES ARE THE ONLY ONES HURT IN THIS WHOLE THING, THE OWNERS AND PLAYERS DON’T CARE!! LET’S BE REAL!!

  111. Tired ... says:

    I too am tiring of all the theatrics … I have been a die-hard fan of the NBA for 25+ years … How much do players need to survive? All this talk about fighting for the next generation and how hard the players have sacrificied in the past is nonsence. They play a game … That’s all … They aren’t risking their lives daily (i.e. – police, fire, ambulance etc.,) nor are they educating future generations (i.e. – teachers, mentors etc.,). I for one am siding with the ownership. Yes, they may be guilty of giving the players outlandish contracts but in a contracting economy the players need to take concessions (like the rest of us). I’ve managed to live with less but am thankful to be employed … Give your heads a shake players … When is enough, enough? Thank goodness the NBL Canada is here … $150,000 salary cap and they managed to fill their rosters. Go London Lightning!

  112. george says:

    I am very dissapointed with the latest circumstances about the NBA lockout. I am a diehard basketball fan and i wanted so much to watch the new season. But instead of basketball I watch insatiable greed from both of the sides. Let’s be realistic. They are making an amount of money. In this tragical economic situation throughout the world (i come from Greece and you all know about our economical status) it is at least disgraceful to quarrel about millions of dollars.

  113. Jimbo99 says:

    Disgusting Disgusting! What disgusts me the most is when Fisher and Hunter is now involving the NBA staff when they defend their side of the revenue. Don’t get me wrong, I have always thought that what is missing in this negotiations is the livelihood of the NBA staff who works day and night to prep up the stadium and make fans feel at home.

    But when the union are now using the NBA staff as “shield” to protect their side of the revenue and blame the owners of not considering the staff is just below the belt. Regardless of what happens here, whether the owners get what they want or not, they WILL always take care of their staff as part of their cost!

    So it’s disgusting that Fisher is now using them as a leverage to sway the public, saying this and that but in reality, they are saying this to keep their side of the pie!

    Rodman said it best..”players are not playing for the game anymore, they are playing for money.” Take Wall for example, a rookie last year, but now talking big about money and making it big time! I have nothing against Wall but this shows how the players are money-driven now. I know a lot will not agree with me but this gives you a different perspective when Wade, Lebron and Bosh accepted LESS money to win championship.

  114. Danger says:

    I don’t care who is right or wrong anymore. I’m from New Zealand and we get basketball on TV verly seldom. I didn’t realise how much I loved the NBA game until it is gone. Stuff the players and stuff the owners, just play ball! The thing that really bugs me is that I’m such a fan that I’ll check every day and hope that this comes to an end and every day I get my hopes up and every day I feel like a sucker.
    This sucks all round 😦

  115. CAPITALISM says:

    Both the players and owners have the right to hold out for the deal they want. They owe nothing to you and me as fans. NOTHING. Let them fight and bicker, they know most of the angry fans will return. History proves that over time fans will fill seats buy jerseys and contribute to advertisement. Spoiled NBA players and owners? Our whole nation is spoiled in comparison to most other countries. Recommend we just enjoy our lives and let the NBA take it’s course.

  116. BrownMamba says:

    the mere fact that NBA players moved 0.5% and expected the owners to take them seriously is comedy.
    at this point the NBA really is meaningless. the players need to remember why they chose to practice their whole life to get where they are.. THE LOVE OF THE GAME.
    tell the owners i’ll play for free.

  117. BrownMamba says:

    You’ve got to look at it from the perspective of both sides.
    Obviously as a player you don’t want to take a pay cut because you’re already comfortable making as much money as you do, and i’d like to note that its commendable that they’ve come down from 57% all the way down to 52.5%.. but at the end of the day 22/30 franchise are still losing money whilst all the players contract money is guaranteed regardless.
    I was initially on the side of the players because of course after a season full of drama and action like the 2010-2011 season i would think “how could they possibly agree to take a pay cut?” but after stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, teams were still losing money, players were still making 57% of all of it.
    my question is, WHAT’S WRONG WITH A 50-50 SPLIT OF BRI?…

  118. Jon says:

    One thing i dont understand is how they players are asking for “more money”? the last CBA the players received 57% of the BRI, now the max the will get is 53% that looks like less money to me not more. Or is my math backwards??

  119. Hyacinth says:

    There is so much back and forth foolishness I can’t keep up with who’s getting the short end of the stick from who’s not. At the end of the day, they are all making boo-koo bucks and the only ones suffering is the fans. No basketball season? Can you imagine? I spent damn near $2,000 on home game tickets as a birthday gift for my man, and now what?!?!

    • daive says:

      the good news is that you will be reembersed with 1% interest on every cancelled game. not that it softens the blow too much. if they understood what a feat that is for us to get those tickets then this wouldn’t even be an issue.

  120. BFoulds says:

    Players: You do not understand our current economy nor do you understand what it takes to run a successful business inside of todays economy. You’re selfish money hungry pigs. 2.5% from your offer to make a deal and you won’t budge down to that? You don’t care about your fans, you don’t care about people losing their jobs for your greed. You don’t care about basketball. You’re in the wrong. Wake up.

    Owners: Lock them out until they accept the 50/50 deal. You can not be more fair than an even split between two parties.

  121. Timmy says:

    Go get 400 new guys that will play for a reasonable amount

    • Barry D. says:

      I vote for that. I’m all for unions, but give me a break, these guys don’t need a union, they are millionaires!

  122. dan says:

    I’m a big Lakers fan. Living in the East Coast, I usually stay late at night to watch them play and it does gives me great pleasure!!! Lately however, especially last season, I found that I no longer has the same level of interest in watching them play for whatever reason. Not just them. The whole NBA league as well. So, this time I say, GO AHEAD BOYS! CANCEL THE WHOLE DAMN SEASON FOR ALL I CARE!!!

  123. George Mensah says:


  124. Shootinguard81 says:

    I doubt for the players it is as much about how much money they get, it is more about how much owners are allowed to actually spend on their teams. A $62 million cap followed with a $4 Luxury Tax on every $1 they spend over that cap is the most revealing sign of owner greed and pure lack of allowing business growth ever. The childlike jealousy of the majority of NBA owners would rather see large market team owners simply pocket all their money, then be able to spend it on highly talented players and a better team…They want a pure socialistic league where no player can let their talent earn them a higher paycheck unless they want to be on a team with players who can barely dribble……what in the world do you expect owners in large markets to do with their billion dollar TV deals? Spend it on more cushy seats for the stadium? Wake up owners and realize we live in a world where good business brings profits and talent is rewarded with a better paycheck, not one where more rules make the playing field easier for you to compete, even with your handicaps. I promise you, this is the players’ main concern. No one wants to work in a socialistic business system, in fact it is an oxymoron.

  125. Greed says:

    OK, I understand both sides being greedy, but the level of hypocrisy is bordering on ridiculous… How can you continue saying you CARE about the livelihoods of people, who will lose their jobs because of the ruined season, and keep on telling how everything is done for the fans, and still be stubborn stupid idiots going over and over and over the same “blood issues”. Only one word truly describes the attitude of both sides (more the players’ side, though) – HYPOCRICY.
    This is really heading in a very bad direction – it took me 5 years to start watching NBA games regularly after the 1998-1999 lockout, but this time it could be more.

  126. George Mensah says:


  127. dawolf says:

    Fans have to decide, not awners or players….. Ok with Brian comment….

  128. George Mensah says:


    • HandsomeFan says:

      Writing in all caps doesn’t fix anything

      • daive says:

        it helps get the led out a little bit. feel free to shout brethren. by the by, does anyone remember the, what was it, two decades of lakers v boston in the finals consistantly, where do the owners get this idea that it’s a new thing that there’s not enough competition?

  129. Gustavo says:

    One thing I found VERY funny was how the union said it would go from 53% to 52.5%…I’m sorry but that is a slap in the face of whoever your negotiating with and the owners were right in getting pissed of with that counter offer; half a percent?? really??!! That’s how much your supposedly “willing” to work out an agreement so we can everyone back to work?? Go somewhere else with that BS.

  130. Former Fan says:

    I’m done with watching these guys. The fact that they are willing to hold off on getting paid shows us how well off they are, yet they want more money.

  131. Brian says:

    I wanted to watch amazing slams and swats.
    I wanted to see the bulls, heat, lakers, and thunder, to name a few.
    I wanted last second shots and blow outs.
    I wanted to sit on the edge of my seat.
    I dont see any of that.
    This game depends on the fans. With no fans no games.
    I dont know if I will come back.

  132. miammiwade says:

    I disagree with the union. First of all world’s economy have been in resection for last 3 or 4 years so i thought 50 50 split would be a fear deal.
    Secondly i agree with the league speaking of system issues because NBA have become so predictable, today small market teams have no chance of winning the championship and that is really boring.

  133. Dont care anymore says:

    As far as i can see the owners and players keep them sad faces on becasue at the end of the day the fans pay all there income. They so worry about this season losing money but next year they going to lose even more money, like every fan have said plenty of time they can end this lockout and get back to playing ball but it all about money to them so forget them and they’re not getting anymore of my money

  134. vince says:

    let’s not have a season or two. let’s see which side blinks first.

  135. Jax says:

    My cousin dropped out of school so he could work more hours at the Staple Center to pay some bills. Obviously he can’t work, and now its to late to get back into school. The NBPA and the Owners might say and continue to blurt out “people’s livelihoods are a stake”.

    I’m starting a new website called

    Please subscribe late October….

  136. Ari says:

    It seems that the owners are the more unreasonable party here, but I am fed up with both sides. Enjoy squabbling over a slightly larger slice of an ever-shrinking pie!

  137. Janice says:

    I don’t think the owners should jump to 53%. Just like with any business, the owners have to make a profit. I believe 47% is good for the players. Do you know of any company that would give 47% of their business to the workers? Wake up players, it is not about you. It is just business.

    • Jon says:

      Are you telling us that if u already got 57% of the income from a business your boss told you make to much money and you need to give them 10% back off your income you’d be “sure why not”!! Because if my boss told me to take a pay cut no matter how small or big it was I’d tell them to get lost cause it aint gonna happen! It’s a business and a 50-50 split is 52-48% in favor of the players they give up 5% and the owners gain 5%.

      • Enough says:

        Would you rather take a 10% pay cut, or get laid-off? I think that they should count themselves lucky to have made 57% for so long. It should be 50-50.

    • Mark says:

      The players are the business. Is anyone going to the arenas to see the owners?

      • dieing fan says:

        The players may be the product and but they would be know where with out the owners hiring them to play this game. The team and the players belong to the owner as long as they are under contract or someone buys out that contract. Either way the players should only get what the business owner decides to give them for a paycheck, just like any other business.

  138. JCPortugal says:

    There will be some people laughing at all this. The FIBA ( International soccer body) and UEFA ( european socker federation)… Any thoughts that Basketball ( and NBA in particular) would one day cast a shadow over the world domain of Socker has to be a the days main joke amongst all Socker Fans worldwide, specialy in Europe and Asia… Better stop thinking about expanding behond the USA Mr Stern!

  139. Daniel S. says:

    I think Dennis Rodman said it perfectly “The players today don’t give a damn about the game. They only care about the money.”

  140. sactownmack says:

    Now I’m Mad … I made my last payment on my season tickets on the 17th .. days after Stern’s “Gut” told him there would be no basketball on X-mas …. It’s time that the media and the fans wake up to the reality that the “Players” are the 300 best Basketball players in the world, they earn what ever money they receive the owners on the other hand .. none of whom are founding members of the NBA / ABA are simply businessmen who had the money and luck to land a franchise ( They are not Ray McDonald founder of McDonalds ) If you are an owner and you can’t find a way to make money or can not withstand loses SELL … THERE ARE BILLIONAIRES STANDING IN LINE TO TAKE YOUR FRANCHISE ! Last year the Sacramento Kings spent 44 million on player salaries – The Mavericks spent 85 Million
    those numbers represent 25 % below the 60 Million cap as well as 25 % above the cap with BOTH teams doing business under the same collective bargaining Agreement. That tells me one thing the Owners had the flexibility under the “untenable” previous CBA to spend at a level that made sense for their business model .. The team that spent 44 million in salaries ( 25 % less than they were supposed to theoretically ) The Kings reportedly lost 5 million or so … The Team that spent 85 million in salaries ( 25 % above what they were supposed to ) reportedly turned a profit ….

    The owners woes have nothing to do with player salaries and everything to do with Revenue sharing

    Kings TV deal 10 Million – The Lakers TV deal 1 Billion

  141. I Was and will always be part of a union. This dos not mean that I back the players demands or the ouners side but each side has made a great dell of money and like other rich people they do not care about the people they are puting out of work or the fans.
    These people only think of their future, not the game or the people that lose their lively hood. they do not even care about the fans so maybe we should just not care about them any more. If they do get back to the game we should not go to them and the workers should get different jobs and when the stands are empty maybe they will remember that it is the fans that pay their wages not just the teams.
    A Fan That might not be thair this season or maybe never again.
    Richard Flanders

  142. Pathetic says:

    Leaving the system issues besides, a proposed 50-50 split in all practicality for the players means taking a paycut. It’s that simple. In the current economic situation, the vast majority of working Americans will have to take a paycut, accept furlough days, or even get laid off. It’s where we all are right now. Our employers make less money, their costs surge, and as a consequence they are forced to cut our earnings, jobs. The NBA and the teams are the players employers. Simple. If they said (and I believe them) they lost money (22 out of 30 teams), they have to find a profitable solution. For the players to not agree on taking a paycut is simply detached from reality, unaware and not-caring about the current economic situation, self-centered, and pathetic. I know they already agreed to take a paycut, going from 57% to 53% (or 52.5%). I grant them that. But we are not talking about a paycut that puts them on the brink of not being able to makle a living. They will still earn millions every year even with 50%. If they love the game as they said and cared about the fans as they said, it would be so easy to agree on a 50-50 split (and still earn millions).

    Don’t fool us. Don’t play us for stupid. I was a die-hard NBA fan for many, many years. I lost every sympathy I had for the players. I truely hope there will be no season. I sometimes hope none of those player millionaires will ever wear a NBA uniform. There are enough young players, coming out of college or just entered the league, who would play for that money they would get under the owners’ proposal in a heartbeat.

    It is simply not understandable, not acceptable in fact. Over and out.

    • thinkee says:

      be an NBA player to for you to know if that 50-50 is just fair or not. its the players that brought the millions to the owners and not the owners bringing the millions to the players.

      • daive says:

        in reality, most of the owners made millions, billions, or whateverillions, before buying teams, they’re already cashing in on x number of business ventures. paul allen example.

      • Mark says:

        I agree with that (thinkee). Even though it seems as if players are the ones to blame, you cant say they’re the greedy one and owners are not. My thing is that same hard line deal of 50/50 split will still be enforced next year by the owners and the players will be in the same position. Fisher and Hunter better be sure that when next season comes around they wont cave in and sign that same deal they could have signed this year. Thus making their players miss out on a whole year of pay FOR NO REASON. If your gonna stick to your guns, then be prepared to stick to them for at least 2
        + seasons. Stern is obviously on the side of owners. Trying to squeeze the players by promising to cancel Christmas games by last Tuesday if no deal is met, then not doing it in hopes of the players getting scared and signing that deal. CANCEL IT ALREADY STERN. That just proves their(owners+stern) intention all along. That compromising in good faith the owners were trying to display a few weeks ago was for us fans to believe they werent greedy. Paul Allen has emerged with his my way or the highway stance. Players you guys still hold the key. Itll probably take two years to unlock that door. If you guys can withstand it. Be sure you can, No one is gonna understand why you signed the same deal next year. It would make no sense and definitley not prove a point. I agree with the owners somewhat. The league does need to be more competitive. I think the league does need a hard cap so smaller markets can compete. Id rather watch a league where more than about five teams have a realistic chance of winning. Why cant players accept a hard cap ,but keep their BRI at 57%?

  143. Alexzo48 says:

    Dear Sekou,
    I’m not even interested to follow the proceedings. This lock-out drama has created enough damage to the sport we all love. At this point, i honestly dont even care if there’s an NBA season or not. As a fan, i have lost interest in the league thus far & it’s owners & players as well. It is true that i am angered by this event, but it is also true that it has de-valued the league, the players & the game. Enough of this crap already! Mr Naismith’s rollin’ over his grave!
    All that The love for the game talk is BS! (excuse me pls) It’s all about “taking care of business” in this Lebron James day & age.
    For this reason, i have always put more value on internationalcompetitions like FIBA…where players play for pride & honor… NOT MONEY!
    As for the owners… I have one request. Pls do not play God!

  144. Boston4Ever says:

    Disappointing. Fans are hurting, economy’s hurting. And for what? Money? Shame.

  145. Valentin says:

    They dont care about the fans nor vendors. All they care about is money…and business has be able to earn money, I mean, at the end of the day players get paid by owners who make money on them. That’s how it works….but if owners dont make any money how are they supposed to pay those inflated salaries???

    Stupid greedy greedy players

    • thinkee says:

      think before you click

    • Gibber says:

      Stupid players!? I agree that millionaires shouldnt be arguing over money, and Im sure some other people agree with that….BUT you have to look at the owners, and of course, Mr. Stern, you dont believe any of that is his fault? I think he puts the owners up to everything they do, and then steps away (flu-like symptoms……right) and lets the players take all the heat from fans. Both sides are wrong, but at least give Dave the credit for some of it, because lets face it, before this stupid situation, no one knew half of the owners’ names!

  146. Nate Dampier says:

    I am very disgusted with both sides in this battle of millionaires versus billionaires Both sides are obscenely wealthy and apparently are not satisfied with their cut of the riches of playing a child’s game on a high level.

    Both sides are ignoring what remain fans of their product. Over the last few years the economy has done into a depression and over Forty (40) million Americans are receiving Food Stamps just to try to stay alive. Then there are an unknown amount of persons who have applied to receive Food Stamps and were denied for various reasons. And still, the owners and players continue to whine and complain about who they are being mistreated by each other.

    I’m in my early 40’s and have survived heart valve replacement surgeries back in the late 1990’s and now that I have a very serious health problem, there are No jobs for people like me. I have been repeatedly denied for Social Security Disability and have been told multiple times that I am not disabled, even though I have a pacemaker and take different prescription medications for heart related functions. I am told by Social Security that I was able to do an office-type job where I am not required to lift weight of over 10 pounds. Yes, SSD did verify my health issues.

    I really wish that the owners and players would stop being so damned selfish and think about how blessed they really are. The owners and players don’t have to worry about scrounging for food each week or how they are doing to pay for their prescription medicines for serious health problems. I wish the owners and players would stop acting like they are the victims of an armed robbery.

    The bottom line for the owners and players really need to stop being so greedy and selfish. If both sides are determined to destroy their Goose who lays their Golden Eggs, then they will get what they deserve: Real Life, with Real Problems.

    • AB says:

      well said….when you bring a perspective like this, i almost dont care anymore(and im a diehard NBA fan-go LAKERS)..yet i also happen to have my own set of real problems that makes this pale in comparison.

  147. dsi says:

    Relax, all. Yesterday was more theater than anything else. Stern knew that the owners were going to blow up the mediation, and conveniently excused himself in order to retain his credibility (such as it is) with Hunter.

    I continue to believe that the season will start sometime between December 1 and December 15. The owners have nothing but losses during the pre-season and the first few weeks of the regular season. Whenever you read about how much the owners are ‘losing’ during the lockout, keep in mind that it’s crap. Yes, they’re losing revenue, but they’re also avoiding expenses. So their actual net losses during the lockout are MUCH LESS than what they otherwise would be.

    Here’s the point you MUST remember: The owners have NOTHING to lose by a late start, and – who knows? – if they can get the players to panic, they stand to make millions more over the next few years.

    Beginning around the new year, though, every day lost creates real losses for the owners in the short term and, we can probably all agree, in the long run.

    Hang tough, Players. Give them 47% percent of BRI (and let Kevin Garnett buy you a dinner – they gave you 57% last time?! Holy smokes!) Agree to an increase in the luxury tax, with a paired agreement that any such taxes paid are ADDED to the next year’s salary cap. See you in December.

    • Dorken Wackenburg says:

      Your comments are both naive and simple minded and lead me to ask you a question…Are you one of the Beverly Hillbillies?

  148. Enough says:

    I think it is interesting that the owners say that jumping from 53% to 50% isn’t that big of a jump. If that is true, why don’t the owners jump from 50% to 53%? I really liked that 50-53% band idea. Let the players earn their 53%.

    I also think it is interesting that the players act like they are powerless to end the lockout. They could end this thing right now. Sure, they would have to take a deal that they wouldn’t like, but if they did, the lockout would be over. So it makes me wonder if they care about the fans, the vendors, etc. as much as they say they do.

  149. Si Pap says:

    I hope there will be no season this year. Everybody will go broke. I don’t really care if the season resumes or not. They don’t share revenues with me anyways. No season this years means no headachs for fans for at least one year.

  150. darx says:

    When I imagine buying jerseys and equipment with their names on the back, I feel sick. Never gonna watch these dudes again. This is all bull.

  151. Gustavo says:

    It has been an hour since this article was published and no comments…That’s how the fans mood is right now….DEAD

    • stephan says:

      i think everyone is getting fed up..

    • Dorken Wackenburg says:

      The OWNERS should just nuke the rest of this seasons games right away. If I had known that the AVERAGE NBA player makes 5.5 MILLION dollars to play I would have Never paid hundreds of dollars for seats for each seat for my family and everything else that we spent. I’m sick of millionaire moron athletes thinking that they deserve to be treated like gods. I say WE boycott the NBA this year even if these tattooed pierced freaks do decide they will accept the owners proposals.

    • sonny says:

      all these players each one is making millions of dollars should be shipped to europe or china and let them play for $100000 a season. i side with the owners who invested hundreds of millions. What did the players invested?

      • Syed F Akbar says:

        Er … only their entire lives.

        As a toddler, while you were blowing soap bubbles … they were shooting hoops.

        As a youth, while you were groping panties and learning to undo a hook with one hand … they were shooting hoops.

        As an adult, while you were busy making babies … they were shooting hoops.

        Don’t burden your brains, I’ll do the math for you … the NBA players are the top 0.000006164% of the talent in the game.

        The franchise owners, you so praise … try getting a job from them, out of their generosity … nothing fancy … just mopping floors. If you succeed, I swear I’ll salute you the next time I see you mopping in an arena.