NBA 2011-12 Schedule On The Way

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Even in the midst of a lockout you have to be prepared.

And as you know, we’re always ready for whatever here at the hideout.

So when the NBA’s 2011-12 schedule is unveiled Tuesday afternoon, and NBA TV will serve as your one-stop shop for all things schedule. NBA TV’s schedule-release special will air at 2 p.m. ET, and we’ll have all the details for you here as well.

Just a few words to the wise, the 2011-12 schedule is on the way!


  1. Jodi Jezz says:

    I’m soo tired of everyone hooping on the Heat and Knicks bandwagon!!! Please stop! Whats next, a bunch of Mavericks fans…LOL

  2. NBALOVER says:

    I’ll be happy if i get to watch any game opening night, i’m not asking for any particular teams i just want to watch the game. I dont care if its the two worst teams in the NBA i’ll still watch it and love it.

  3. Choosen ! says:

    Oh, and the first game should be……Free to all hometown fans wearing a home team jersey!!!! Showing their diehard loyal support!

  4. Chris says:

    I think its pretty stupid to play the heat and the mavericks they should play the heat and lakers ,mavs and bulls

  5. Steven says:

    Heat vs Mavs will be played on X-Mas day, that is confirmed.

  6. Anthony says:

    it would be wonderful if there was going to be a season. see you in 2013

  7. This should be opening night.

    Bulls v.s. Mavs

    Thunder v.s. Lakers

    Heat v.s. Knicks

    Christmas day

    Bulls v.s. Heat

    Lakers v.s. Celtics

    Thunder v.s. Mavs

    This is the schudle according to Espn

  8. Yelsyn Webb says:

    Opening Night it should be Orlando @ Bulls LAL @ Dallas New York @ Heat and OKC @ Boston

    Christmas Day Boston @ Lakers Miami @ Bulls and Memphis @ Portland

  9. Darius says:

    The perfect lineup for opening night of the season would be….mavs @ heat, bulls vs. thunder, lakers vs. denver and celtics @ magic…tell me what you think give me feed back….thanx

  10. luminaire says:

    So excited to see Jimmer play for the Kings!

  11. myith says:

    alright check this out, TNT will host the Celtics@ Lakers at 8PM ET followed by the Spurs @ Grizzlies at 11:30 PM ET. ESPN will have Mavs @ Heat and OKC @ Nuggets(same times) and ABC will have Magic @ Bulls and Knicks @ Phoenix (same times)

  12. DWADE123 says:

    And for Opening Night –

    Doubleheaders on TNT, ESPN, and NBA TV

    on TNT: Chicago Bulls @ Dallas Mavericks, followed by, Oklahoma City Thunder @ Miami Heat
    on ESPN: Los Angeles Lakers @ Boston Celtics, followed by, Atlanta Hawks @ Orlando Magic
    on NBA TV: San Antonio Spurs @ Memphis Grizzlies, followed by, Portland Trail-Blazers @ New York Knicks

  13. Ben says:

    The opener has already been set..Bulls @ Mavs….

  14. DWADE123 says:

    For christmas day-

    12:00 p.m E.T – Chicago Bulls @ Boston Celtics (on ABC and ESPN)
    2:30 p.m E.T. – Atlanta Hawks @ Orlando Magic (on ABC and ESPN)
    5:00 p.m E.T – Dallas Mavericks @ Miami Heat ( on ABC and ESPN)
    8:00 p.m E.T – Los Angeles Lakers @ Oklahoma City Thunder( on ABC and ESPN)
    10:30 p.m E.T – San Antonio Spurs @ New York Knicks ( on ABC and ESPN)

  15. barea fan says:


  16. HEATNATION says:

    I believe it was announced the first time the Heat & Mavs will meet this year is on Christmas

  17. Crooklyn Nets says:

    Nets vs Knicks.I would like to see AmarME and Melony fight for the ball while D-WILL takes over the game for Nets win.

  18. I think that on opening day that it should be
    Bulls @ Mavs
    Thunder @ Heat
    Lakers @ Celtics
    Spurs @ Grizzlies
    Hawks @ Knicks
    Kings @ jazz
    I wanna watch jimmer take on the Jazz!

  19. chaddy ozz says:

    I wonder who would win if cavs vs. minnisota was on opening night.. id have to go with the cavs, kyrie and thompson will hopefully get em going in the right direction

  20. d-wade says:


  21. makis dragon says:

    the best matches for the first night are miami vs dallas, celtics vs lakers, cavaliers vs timberwolves,hornets vs bobcats, bulls vs thunder,

  22. MemClaw says:

    Typically there are 4 games on Opening Night and I think TNT and the NBA should up the ante and go for an Opening Night triple-header (on TNT). Here is a realistic lineup that the NBA could go with. (All times Eastern)
    New York Knicks @ Orlando Magic 5:30pm TNT
    Milwaukee Bucks @ Chicago Bulls 7:00pm NBATV
    Memphis Grizzlies @ Oklahoma City Thunder 8:00pm TNT
    Portland Trail Blazers @ Los Angeles Clippers 9:30pm NBATV
    Los Angeles Lakers @ Dallas Mavericks 10:30pm TNT

  23. Emanuel el patron says:

    Knicks vs Celtics
    Heat vs Mavericks
    La Lakers vs Trail Blazers

  24. DH12 says:

    The first game should be Magic vs Lakers

  25. Scoots says:

    @ JTravir: how could the Lakers and Clippers play at home the same night, plus who wants to watch the Clippers?

    Also, what is everyones fascination with the Timberwolves and Cavaliers? Both teams are SOOO bad, they should be banned from national TV.

  26. AusRob says:

    My tip would be:

    Opening Night:

    Lakers @ Mavericks
    Bulls @ Thunder
    Celtics @ Heat

    Christmas Day:

    Heat @ Thunder
    Lakers @ Knicks

  27. calvin says:

    no more heat and mavs this time.. it lakers payback time.. hahaha

  28. dyboy says:

    suprising that heat and mavs aret he favorite on opening night, almost no one want to watch lakers when 4-0 happened LoL, but i also want to watch memphis vs okc and bulls vs pacers and knicks vs nuggets or boston vs miami or mavs vs thunder

  29. Marlonlee says:

    last year was just a warming-up

    2012 gonna be all Heat!!

    LBJ ft Wade

  30. chito says:

    alaska vs b-meg.. go james yap!!!

  31. NBA FAN says:

    i just want the lockout to be OVER. Great News.

  32. MavsFAN says:

    it’s OPENING NIGHT. and it’s the time of the year that DALLAS has the limelight. THEY RECEIVE THEIR RINGS at opening night. and yet you guys want DALLAS face MIAMI or LA on the road? wtf?

  33. J.Travir says:

    To honor the NBA, on opening night there should be games on ABC, ESPN, NBAtv, and TNT all in one night.

    ABC: Hawks @ Grizzlies followed by Magic @ Clippers
    ESPN: Knicks @ Nuggets followed by Bulls @ Thunder
    NBAtv: Timberwolves @ Cavs
    TNT: Heat @ Mavericks followed by Celtics @ Lakers

  34. jandix says:

    1st games:
    Memphis@Dallas, LAL&Miami, Chicago@Boston

  35. Basketball says:

    Hey! Anybody out there just hear what I say! Forget about anything and just play the ”game” and do not make the whole world unhappy with a decision like lockout. You cannot do this to us! We want to watch the greatest athletes on earth while they are playing the greatest game ever! Hey both sides! Just make a decision to prove that you love basketball.

  36. weh? says:

    San Beda Colleges vs Miami Heat

  37. Skillermile says:

    I just read from a source that the Mavs will play against the Bulls on opening night (Nov 1).. Then Mavs and Heat will play on Christmas day..

  38. Matthew Lausmann says:

    Maybe Kendrick Perkins Return To Boston Also Carmelo Anthony Return To Denver Plus Mike Brown Return To Cleveland

  39. Blue says:

    Do people not know there is a lockout going on? I want there to be a season so badly, but it’s almost guaranteed there wont be. Shouldn’t this be titled the 2012-2013 schedule?

  40. drew says:

    i think it should be

    Mavs vs Heat
    Bulls vs Thunder
    Lakers vs Spurs
    Boston vs Orlando
    Nuggets vs Knicks
    Hawks vs 76ers
    pacers vs bucks
    bobcats vs pistons
    nets vs jazz
    wizards vs raptors
    cleveland vs minnesota
    clippers vs worriers
    trail blazer vs hornets
    grizzles vs rockets
    suns vs kings

  41. DJ says:

    The Heat probably wouldnt win because they already had an emotional summer of losing and if the first game reminds them on how they lost, then theyll lose for sure. especially since most likely Dallas is gonna be the home team (yeah im a heat fan so)

  42. allan says:

    I’ll go for
    DAL @ LAL
    MIA @ CAVS
    BOS @ NY
    POR @ DEN
    OKC @ LAC
    MEM @ SAS

    Christmas- DAL @ MIA, CHI @ BOS, LAL @ NY

  43. chitoM_CDO says:

    2011-12 season… PURLE & GOLD. mavs! los-los…!

  44. mr.15 says:

    1st game of the season? Heat vs. Mavericks.. let’s see if ticket sales don’t go up.. LOL

  45. marijon says:

    it a great idea that dallas and heat on the first night of the opening season, that would be a fantastic game…

  46. Tarun says:

    Opening day I would love to see Lakers Vs Heat….I know we all want 2011 NBA Finals rematch, but dont u want to see what cud be the 2012 NBA finals matchups with the biggest player rivalry in all proffesional sport? Forget about the past, Mavs vs Heat rematch wud be nice but LA vs Miami sounds better. Also the whole Houston Vs Lakers thing was’nt great last season on opening day. I would prefer to see OKC (emerging Western powerhouse) on opening day taking on a Eastern powerhouse (Bulls maybe?). If the NBA doesn’t want a East vs West team rivalry on opening day. I would like to see a rematch of the Eastern Finals (Heat Vs Bulls) from the East andfrom the West why not Lakers vs Mavs. Lakers wud definetley love that matchup (After getting swept by the Mavs in 4 in the Western semis)

  47. Quinito says:

    Ginebra Gin Kings versus Miami Heat

    Alaska Aces versus LA Lakers

    Meralco Bolts versus Cleveland Cavs

    Air 21 versus Chicago Bulls

  48. bob says:

    i just wanna see an opening night
    this lockout has been driving me crazy

  49. Jesse says:

    These fans are lovely. You can just provide them some minus. They feel blessed.
    Wake up! Guys! The lockout has not yet been settled. Get a live somewhere else.

  50. D. Kenton says:

    Lakers @ Heat, Thunder @ Dallas, Cavs @ Washinigton, Celtics @ Bulls

  51. KaLiL says:



  52. Brindan says:


  53. okay why are people saying Mavs and Heat? toooooooooo early. this is the opening night.

    Bulls@Heat- Bulls win 101-94. lineup: Rose, Ellis, Deng, Boozer, Noah
    Chamelers, Wade, James, bosh, Dalembert

    Lakers@Celtics- Celtics win 95-88 lineup: Rondo, allen, Pierce, Garnett, Green
    stuckey, bryant, Artest, Gasol, Maxiell

    Mavs@Thunder- Thunder win 107-103 lineup: Westbrook, Harden, Durant, Ibaka, Perkins
    Kidd, Butler, Marion, Nowitzki, Chandler

  54. Tray-Tray says:

    Opening Night-

    LA Lakers @ Dallas Mavericks
    Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat
    New York Knicks @ Oklahoma City Thunder

    Christmas Day-

    New York Knicks @ Memphis Grizzles
    Boston Celtics @ LA Lakers
    Oklahoma City Thunder @ Miami Heat
    Chicago Bulls @ Orlando Magic

  55. melo says:

    i think it should be celtics @ knicks and miami @ lalakers

  56. Tray-Tray says:

    Opening Night-

    LA Lakers @ Dallas Mavericks
    Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat
    Washington Wizards @ Oklahoma City Thunder

  57. Fabian says:

    Mavericks will face the Bulls in their opener (ESPN reports) and they will meet the Heat on Christmas Day (Miami Herold reports)

  58. A.Young 34 says:

    Heat VS Boston…. LA VS Dallas… Bulls VS Thunder… New York VS Denver… best games to watch for the season opener

  59. DWILL8 says:

    heat @ thunder Bulls @ mavs

  60. celtics says:

    i want to see celtics @ lakers = old 3 @ old kobe

  61. Kobe_2481 says:

    James vs Kobe, the two better player of the NBA right now in the opening night!!!! christmas day Celtics vs Lakers is the OLD rivalry!!!! LAL Champs 2012 and SWEEP MAVS 4-0 FINALS Kobe vs James!!!! everyone want to see that 2009 LBJ fails, 2010 LBJ fail, 2011 Kobe Fail, 2012??

  62. Dontrell Datoneguy says:

    Lakers @ Okc
    Boston @ Spurs
    finals rematch
    Bulls @ Hornets
    Knicks @ Trailblazers
    Magic @ Hawks
    Kings @ Bobcats
    Cavs @ Timberwolves
    Suns @ Rockets
    2 days later Heats @ Cavs lol

  63. Greg says:

    The first day of new season: lockout vs. lockout.

  64. ironhead2k says:

    C’mon you know the NBA lockout is gonna eat next season. This isn’t anything to get excited about

  65. Lloyd says:

    I think a finals repaet is something that they wpuld reserve for Christmas Day

  66. Chris says:

    Pacers vs Knicks! This is gonna be a rivalry again 2 of the 3 games were decided in the last 2 minuts last year!

  67. what schedule? 2014/ 2015? 😀

    The lockout will be looong. watch out guys: all the dumb contracts (arenas etc) have to expire before the nba will start over. Maybe there will be a “NBA global”. That is the reason why Toronto and the Nets played in London last year…

    A league with clubs from Europe, China, and of course America(s)… D Will was maybe instructed from Stern to promote in Turkiye. Kobe will be next. Durant, Wade, Bosh, etc. and of course LE BRON.

    The game will change, nothing will be same. Only 2-3 games per week. Global with max. 30 teams…

  68. Chris says:

    Bulls@Pacers! Best playoff series last year other than Heat mavs! Pacers are gonna be contenders in east! could be one of the eastern confrence semifinals!

  69. Drew says:

    Opening Night: Miami @ New York, Chicago @ Dallas, Portland @ Orlando, Boston @ Lakers, Clippers @ New Jersey, and OKC @ Atlanta

    Christmas Day: Boston @ Miami, Lakers @ New York, Denver @ New Orleans, Charlotte @ Washington, Dallas @ OKC, and Philidelphia @ Indiana

    MLK Day: Denver @ New York, Lakers @ Clippers, Cleveland @ Minnesota, Orlando @ anyone?

  70. celticpride says:

    i would love to see celtics vs. oklahoma miami vs. cavaliers lakers vs. jazz and last but not least heat vs. mavs

  71. Heat Big three says:

    Heat vs Maveriks on christmas day would be good and Heat vs Lakers On 1st january 2012


    This lockout is going to be over soon and the east fans have to be worried about the the beast in the east Miami Heat will wins this year. its going to be a record braking season….



  73. Franco says:

    Season Openers:



  74. Michael says:

    I believe it should:

    Thunder @ Lakers
    Celtics @ Miami

  75. Hector says:

    one of the Opening Night games will be Chicago at Dallas

    I thought it would be LA Lakers at Dallas too, but because Bynum & Odom will each be suspended for the first few games of the season, I can see why these two won’t be playing on Opening Night

  76. Adam_06 says:

    So what happens now?
    Can you buy tickets once the schedule is released? Or will you have to wait for the official announcement that the CBA stuff has been sorted?

  77. mailman says:


  78. thunderFTW says:

    there is NO WAY that we should have heat/mavs on the first night. its better to have it on christmas than opening night

  79. Celtics18 says:

    Going for the 18th!!!

  80. NetsMagzine says:

    Dont really care who starts opening night….just want 2 c D-Will and my Nets play.

  81. hEaT says:

    Heat vs Bulls already confirm on November 10th, first day of action . Lakers vs Spurs Mavs vs Thunders Celtics vs Knicks Grizzlies vs Nuggets Magic vs Hawks

  82. Peter says:

    Everyone here forgets what the L.A. Lakers has done during the past 3 years. I mean, they got to the NBA Finals in 2008 but they were unable to win. However, in 2009, they got back to the Finals and crushed the Orlando Magic. If this wasn’t necessary to you, the L.A. Lakers also went to the NBA Finals in 2010 and won, in an amazing way, the title.

    All in all, if after having done all this isn’t necessary for you to ask the L.A. Lakers to start the season, but the Mavs, you really don’t understand anything of basketball.

    Someone might remember: “Oh, but the Mavs swept the Lakers in the WCSF”.

    So what? The Lakers had some issues. That’s all. I not only believe they will be back with all they can. I also believe they will win the 2012 NBA FINALS.


  83. Bill says:

    Why does the NBA expect us to care about releasing a schedule that, at best, will only see half of the games on it played? I really hope there aren’t a lot of people out there dumb enough to invest in season tickets for a season that could very well not be played at all.

  84. Marcus says:

    Well, first we have the lockout’s issues…
    It’s all about money! Huge money!
    As a fan, I’m disappointed with the way both sides handle this situation.
    It’s a completely lack of respect!

  85. rose vs westbrook says:

    bulls vs thunder
    final score 99-98
    winner: twolves

  86. DiogoSilva1997 says:

    It should start by this way:

    Mavericks @ Spurs Nuggets @ Jazz Trail Blazers @ Thunder Lakers @ Suns Hornets @ Bulls
    Heat @ Hawks Celtics @ Knicks Grizzlies @ Magic Cavaliers @ Clippers Timberwolves @ Bucks
    Kings @ Warriors Rockets @ Nets Pisons @ Raptors Bobcats @ Pacers Kings vs Wizards

    It’s a great start and it’s very competitive.
    Hope you like it.

  87. specialk says:

    what about heat/ mavs lakers /celtics bulls/knicks and suns/rockets markieef/marcus

  88. mavs23 says:

    mavs vs heat! or mavs vs l.a

  89. D_Mula310 says:

    No one wants to see dallas play getta outta here defending champs they arent going no where this year i put a mil on it. Lakers vs Heat, Thunder vs Blazers , Cetics vs Knicks, Spurs vs Grizzlies, Bulls vs Clippers perfect opening night.

  90. macmac says:

    for the first game, it would be TURKISH TEAM vs GERMANY hehehe go Dirk!

  91. Mello Baby!!! says:

    Knicks Vs. Celtics would be great cause the Knicks are back and they gonna take down the C’s


  93. AlexRobertson says:

    I want to see the rookies play specially derrick and kyrie.

  94. choker says:

    Nooo….. MAVS VS HEAT is too early

    How about :

    Lakers vs Mavs

    Heat vs Bulls

    Celtics vs Knicks

    That would be awesome!!!!!

  95. Joner says:

    Not fussed what the schedule is, don’t care who plays on opening night…just as long as there is an opening night in October, i’ll be happy!

  96. Lewis says:

    I wanna boston whip maimis bum again or see t-wolves go up against knicks or 76ERS

  97. totoy mola says:

    heat at mavs..i wanna see dirk kissing his championship ring in front of big three lebron, wade and bosh..

  98. TRIBINSKI says:

    cavs vs heat…this will be a sold out ticket for cavs. i wanna see lebron cry on opening night..and i wanna see the underdog defeat the heat.

    dal vs lakers would be the best in west opening night.

  99. PartyOnFigueroa says:

    Lakers @ Mavs or Celtics – Bring Em!
    Bulls @ Heat
    Grizzlies @ Thunder
    Nuggets @ Knicks
    T-Wolves @ Kings Or Clippers

  100. Karlo Garcia says:

    I hope sooner rather than later 🙂 .

  101. A! LakeShow says:

    1. MAVS @ HEAT

  102. LHEXUZ says:




  103. Fil says:

    Talk n Text vs Barangay Ginebra kings

  104. Hector says:

    according to ESPN, it looks like it’ll be Bulls at Mavericks on Opening Night on Nov. 1st

  105. oaxaca12 says:

    i hope Lakers play the cheat still

  106. nuke says:

    LA @ Dallas , Bulls @ Heat. 😀

  107. kobeisthebest says:

    I just want a game on opening night

  108. markaine17 says:

    DALLAS @ MIAMI RIVALRY WILL sure be a hit to both maverick and heat fans…can u please broadcast n.b.a. to etc channel on philippine teritory? i’am very disappointed when it was transfered to channel 23.please?????

  109. Jay says:

    MONTA ELLIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Nick says:

    I think the perfect idea of an opening night would be Wizards @ Heat and T-Wolves @ Mavs.

  111. Denver Nuggets Fan says:

    don’t worry people the Lockout will be lifted they are soon gonna come up to a new CBA (Colletive Bargaining Agreement) soon enough so that the season will start if the players weren’t worried about the Lockout us fans shouldn’t worry about the Lockout they will take care of it I’m sure they will

  112. xProRussian says:

    Celtics vs Knicks and Heat vs Mavs would be a great double header for tip off

  113. Berne the Great says:

    first match Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Lakers (Kobe’s revenge)

  114. michael says:

    i think heat vs mavs would be a sick opening game, also wana see some of the top roookies play, so like maybe bobcats vs cavs

  115. Matthew says:

    Mavs vs Heat,Celtics vs Lakers,Bulls vs Magic,Knicks vs Spurs,Cavaliers vs Timberwolves,Tunder vs Hornets.

  116. GMAN says:

    whats up with everybody liking the heat so much. jeez people

  117. izzy says:


    #1 pick of 2003 vs #1 pick of 2011

  118. miguel! says:

    onemore time! boston at miami 1st game in regular season! it was a very huge and criticed game! HEAT CHAMPION! NO 3, NO 4, NO 5, NO 6, ! MORE THAN 7 TIME! miami heat is still the best team in the entire league! because! everybody said that miami doesnt have good team! and where is all those team wich could beat the heat! and miami doesnt have, coach, center, point guard, bench etc….!
    the nba will be better than ever if the get a conclution! every team will give the best of them! so! i hope see you this year much better than the last one! so, good luck!

  119. renz_garnett says:

    opening night

  120. MEM 10 says:

    All i wanted see is my Grizzlies play thats all

  121. chitoM says:

    it should be THE BLACK MAMBA against THE KING on opening night.

  122. lazylays13 says:

    christmas day games: lakers-celtics, heat-mavericks, thunder-bulls, spurs-grizzlies, and magic-knicks

  123. Fredrick Wells says:

    Opening night should feature Bulls @ Heat followed by Mavs @ Thunder. Dec. 25th line-up should feature Nets @ Knicks, Heat @ Bulls, Mave @ Lakers, Hornets @ Suns and Rockets @ Blazers.

  124. i can tell u guys how i think ur favorite team will look whenever the next year starts. then u can decide upon that. i am gonna say wat the team is going to add excluding wat already happened.
    Bulls/Warriors-the Bulls are getting Monta Ellis cause Mayo is not the guy n J-Rich will take money instead of rings.

    Lakers- Odom and barnes for Maxiell and Stuckey

    Celtics- Jamal Crawford here we come

    Magic/Hawks- Dh12 stays cause Nelson n Hedo for J-Smoove and Marvin

    Clippers/Sixers- Iggy for Kaman

    Nets- David west to Nets

    Blazers- sign Khris Humprhies

    Pacers- Carl Landry

    Hornets/Knicks- Billups, Fields, and Turiaf and 2nd round pick for Cp3 cause West is gone.

    Heat- sign Samuel Dalembert

    Nuggets/Kings- sign n trade Nene for Jason thompson and 1st round pick. then the Nuggets sign J-Rich.

    Mavs- resign all guys

    Suns- trade a 1st round pick and cash for Mayo.

    Raptors- get ready for a 15-67 record. lol.

    Timberwolves- sign Jr Smith n keep Beasley cause no one wants him.

    the only thing i don’t know is where are the former all-stars gonna go like Vince Carter and T-Mac. can anyone please tell me n say someth’n if u disagree!

  125. DSNAP says:

    Doesn’t matter what the opening games are gunna be cause everyone jumping ship over seas lol!!!!

  126. Flyyguyymikee says:


  127. NYKNICKS says:


  128. GSP(Dirk) says:

    I’m pretty sure that mavs will have a repeat.. can’t wait to see my boys getting that gold again..

  129. Abel E, Jimehez says:

    Mavericks/Heat to open season is too early

    I like Bulls @ Heat

    and Lakers @ Mavericks to open the season.

  130. Peter says:

    In my opinion, the first night’s games should be:
    Thunder @ Magic 12:00 PM ET
    Spurs @ Celtics 2:30 PM ET
    Heat @ Mavs 5:00 PM ET
    Hawks @ Nuggets 8:00 PM ET
    Bulls @ Lakers 10:30 PM ET

  131. Lakers Fan says:

    Lakers Vs Mavs- Lakers win
    Bulls Vs Heat- Bulls win
    Grizzles Vs Thunder- Thunder Wins

  132. rrrilop says:

    raptors vs lakers

    wna see the new raps roster. should be a good season for them

  133. Steve says:

    I really do not why they are even releasing the schedule for a season that never will be.

  134. jazzfan says:

    i would like to see the jazz new team take on the LAKERS! that would be an awesome game.

  135. nbafan says:

    people don’t realize one thing. Heat went to the finals and lost
    It wasn’t the end of heat, IT WAS THE BEGINNING OF HEAT!!!!

  136. Robert Ruffin says:

    Thanks for the info It gives me hope that the lockout would end soon!

  137. BlackMamba24 says:

    Kobe gonna come first game and score about 50 pts. Kobe is gonna be hungry, cant wait to see the goat play once again!!!!

  138. naww this should be the first night games.

    Bulls@Heat= Bulls win
    Lakers@Celtics= Celtics win
    Mavs@Thunder= Mavs win
    Magic@Hawks= Magic win

    • Celtics#18 says:

      I Agree. I want celtics to beat lakers once more before they all retire!!!!!!

      • sbfern says:

        Zeeshan! bahahaha i want to see you bet on those games! see how many you get right and how much money you lose! Bulls at Heat?…right! lost there! Lakers at Celtics? …lost there also! Mavs at Thunder? best possibility but WRONG again. Magic @ Atlanta? idk if you know, but the roster is still the same for Orlando, WRONG! Seriously bet on them see how great you do!

  139. TechBA says:

    First matchup should be Celtics vs. Bulls and Lakers vs. Heat

  140. Pastor Robert Allen says:

    Well I’ll be! I caint wait for this good ole season to start! I wanna see Jimmer and the Kings against Kenneth Faried and dem Nuggets! Now that right there would be a nice game…

  141. MIAMI HEAT says:

    heat vs. mavs bulls vs. lakers

  142. Eeeeej says:

    I would like a game in the opening night T.T

  143. Mj says:

    Lakers vs Mavs & Heat vs Bulls

  144. saad says:

    i just wanna see blake griffin come out and dunk over everyone!

  145. question says:

    Im just mad because d-wil wil posibly play in turkey so i dont mind

  146. Vincent Wheeler says:

    I would love to see the Nicks do quite some damage this season and same with Los Angles Lakers

  147. celtics says:

    celtics vs lakers and mavs vs heat perfect for first night

    • Dylan says:

      Heck ya !!!! I think people are dismissing the celtics this year because there old. But they have atleast a 55 win season this year!!!

  148. Verk says:

    my votes for cleveland vs minnestoa. Get one of those guys off to a good start at least lol

  149. Nick says:

    On opening night, I want it to be Bulls vs. Thunder and Heat vs. Mavericks. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!


  151. Karanbir says:

    Mavs at Heat!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. Karanbir says:

    I want to see Lakers at Kings!!!!!!!!!
    Celtics at Kings!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Dinos says:

    I just wanna see an NBA game…dudes (NBA & NBPA) dont “lockout” our entertainment and dreams!!!

  154. sledge says:

    i think it would be better if LAKERS vs DALLAS and BULLS vs heat!!!

  155. Andrea says:

    That’s great they are releasing the schedule, since they have not set a meeting up since the lockout started. I thought I read or heard Fisher they were going to get one set up & have one by this time frame? Is this a sign to come that a schedule was made for no reason? Before any thinks down of me, this could be a bright side of having a full season. Alright, guys! Let’s get the pedal to the metal! We are burning daylight! Burning rubber on the black top! Let’s get this SHOW on the road!!!

  156. soloflightboy says:

    i wanna see a brawl on the first night lakers vs dallas

  157. Joe says:

    Cavs vs Heat, I wanna see Cleveland beat Lebron one more time.

  158. Luke says:

    I’ll just be satisfied as long as there IS an opening night on the date it should be.

  159. Carlos says:

    L would like to see Bulls-Heat and leave the re -math against Dallas when both teams were in better physician conditions.

  160. lord p says:

    lakers vs dallas..bulls vs miami

  161. Josh Reyes says:

    The ESPYS were the best leaving the Dallas Mavs to celebrate with confetti in a memorable ending of the show, so I would have to agree with Mike, Heat/Mavs opening night 🙂

  162. pandabear says:

    LAKERS VS MIAMI would be so good .

  163. Valts Mitenbergs says:

    1st match need to be mavs vs.heat!!!!!!!!!!

  164. Aaron says:

    Ya you are right that would rock

  165. Jakaroz says:

    I can’t wait to watch this coming season..

  166. Mr. Wright says:

    Last season is done and over with so is all the hype about the Miami Heat……that team is just like a one hit wonder. They will not stay together even though they sign those long contracts after this season one of if not all three will be gone.

    • Ben says:

      …dude what are you talking about? I’m a hardcore Lakers fan and hate the Heat but just dismissing them like this is quite simply ignorant. They blew all the way to the Finals in their first year (handily beating some serious opposition along the way)! Will they win their hyped up endless championships? Unless LeBron loosens that noose around his neck thats got him choking so violently then obviously they wont, nevertheless I loathe to say this but theyl be a force to be reckoned with for the years to come. Last year wasn’t the end of the Heat; sadly it was but the beginning.

      • Brandon says:

        The Heat got lucky last season. Far as serious competition in the playoffs:

        Sixers: Good talent, but not contenders yet
        Celtics: Trading Perkins and Nate hurt them big time, otherwise, Heat would have got beaten by them
        Bulls: Derrick Rose shoots too much

        The Heat’s real competitor were the Mavericks, who got them in 6.

      • kaare says:

        unfortunatly, i believe your right about that. they may very well win 3 in a row or more, which i find boring. no clear-cut favorites like the 2010-2011 season is what i find interesting.

      • al - respect the game says:

        iam not sure what or who u consider serious competition. is it philly ?? young and very inexperienced team??
        is it boston??? beat up and busted elbow rondo?? no center with shaq hurt??

        is it chicago?? who struggles with inidana and only have one player not as good as the best 2 players on the miami team??

        common, miami won handily,but those were not great teams they beat.

        DALLAS on the other hand…. 1. swept the 2time NBA champs.
        2. Lost only 1 game to OK CIty( arguably the 2nd best team in the west last year). !!

        Iam just saying. dallas made it look easy but it was farrrrrrrr from that. AND dallas beats miami 3 straight times, a team that hadnt lost more than 3 games all playoffs. comon people, HATS OFF TO DALLAS…. THE RIGHTFUL DEFENDING CHAMPS

    • That Damn Good says:

      One of them’s heading to NY by this time next year, I guarantee it,

  167. bryan wanges says:

    way to go guys. stay positive. 😀

  168. wally says:

    i agree

  169. Eric Zap says:

    Now tell those greedy greedy greedy players to get over themselves and get back to playing ball. What the heck am I supposed to do for 3 nights a week or more without the NBA?

    • wadefan says:

      its not just on the players.. the owners are the ones who make the decisions.. if they are losing money its cause they spent it.. the players cost money.. but after they get their checks they dont drain more away.. if the owners agree to pay inflated salaries then they have to deal with it

    • shaggy says:

      yea so true

    • joe says:

      its all on the owners. they are offering the players the worst sports agreement in the history of sports

  170. Michael says:

    I want to see a reply of last season conference finals matchup, Bulls vs versus Heat, Thunder vs Macericks on its first night!!

  171. Mike Bradley says:

    Heat vs Mavericks NBA finals rematch first night would be perfect!

    • Marko says:

      Yeah, that would be awesome.

    • HEAT says:

      The First Day should be Mavericks @ Heat, Thunder @ Bulls, Cavaliers @ Minnesota, and Raptors @ Kings, and Clippers @ Wizards.

      • McLovin says:

        Surprisingly good lineup HEAT, I agree wholeheartedly

      • HEAT says:

        The First Day all Teams should play: Mavericks @ Heat, Thunder @ Bulls, Cavaliers @ Minnesota, Raptors @ Kings, Clippers @ Wizards, Boston @ Lakers, Knicks @ Nuggets, Warriors @ Nets, Pistons @ Bobcats, Hornets @ Hawks, Sixers @ Rockets, Blazers @ Magic, Pacers @ Jazz, Bucks @ Suns, and Spurs @ Grizzlies.

      • Ryan Taylor Ireland says:

        Tunder vs bulls would be could and celtics vs NY knicks hopefully theres alot more games on espen

      • robbay2 says:

        that would be an unbelievable first night for all of those teams.

      • Joner says:

        I hope you mean that in reverse order otherwise 95% of people would turn off after Bulls game..

      • mailman says:

        oh no no no no no. i can personally guarantee you that the jazz will play the denver nuggets on their first game, if the season starts in time, where did you even get pacers vs. jazz from?

      • #TeamHEAT says:

        The Mavs would have to be at home to get their rings

    • T. Lane says:

      HEADLINES read “Dallas Wins Back To Back”.

      Texas NBA teams all with championships Rockets, Spurs,and Mavericks. You ain’t got to love it but you got to respect it.

    • JordanFan#1 says:

      I say yes to the Mavs V.S. Heat 1st game idea it sounds good because both the teams could possibley come back better then ever next season and the game will tell us witch team really came ready for that season.

    • Pastor Bob Hope says:

      I love Jesus. ❤ I also love baseball<3 Chicago Cubs vs. New Orleans Saints opening day!!!! Praise Him!!!

    • Gary says:

      Who cares about a rematch in regular season? We just choked on a title shot and unless we play Dallas again in the finals there’s really no redemption.