Labor Pains … Here We Go!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — At least we can all agree on one thing where this lockout is concerned, no one — and we mean NO ONE — is happy about it!

The news out of New York Thursday afternoon prepared us all for what was to come, the NBA’s first lockout in 13 years commenced at 12:01 this morning. It didn’t take long for the feedback to start rolling in from the assembled punditry.

Here is a brief morning sampling of opinions from around the country …

Ian Thomsen of How long will this go on? Union chief Billy Hunter anticipated that another meeting will be called in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, he and union president Derek Fisher must consider the unlikely option of decertifying and putting their case into the court system, if they believe they can’t get a fair hearing from the owners.

The alternative is to continue to talk over the summer with the small goal of finding some minimal terms on which both sides can agree. As the next season approaches and both sides are confronted by real pain — a loss of income for the players, and a loss of fan support for the franchises should games be canceled — maybe then there will be a willingness to meet in the middle, with an understanding that their shared business must continue on, even if neither side is particularly happy with the terms.

Or maybe the owners are determined to have their way at the high price of canceling next season, even if that means turning millions of fans into enemies. And maybe the players are unified and stubborn enough to sacrifice an entire season of pay.

The owners can draw on all kinds of anecdotal evidence to show that an extended lockout can be survived. They can focus on how popular the NBA grew to become following the lockout that resulted in a shortened 50-game schedule in 1998-99. They can note that the NHL has recovered quickly from the season-long lockout of 2004-05 that enabled owners to install a hard cap while instantly slashing player contracts by 24 percent. They can also point optimistically to their own ever-improving international market, which provides long-term promise for NBA growth beyond the U.S. The question of the NBA’s ability to survive an extended work stoppage at home doesn’t take into account the larger goal of eventually creating profitable markets around the world.


Chris Sheridan of All the goodwill the NBA has spent years developing is about to disappear like LeBron James in the fourth quarter of a championship series.

All of the casual fans who had taken a decade off from watching basketball, only to come trickling back last season during a popularity surge that swelled like a post-retirement Charles Barkley, are at risk of being lost, too, in a chorus of “they’re all a bunch of greedy [fill in the blank].”

As he piloted his jet into the unknown, NBA commissioner David Stern looked like the grandfather who tells you he is going to go on a cross-country drive that will not be a problem because he has made cross-country drives before, albeit at a younger age. You looked at him and said to yourself: That man has no business going on a cross-country drive at this juncture of his life when he can just as easily get from Point A to Point B on an airplane.

But Stern, 68, is a man who is dead set on driving his bus down that bumpy road, even if he is putting himself in danger of driving it off a cliff as he pushes the gas pedal harder and harder.

“There will be collateral damage as we go through the summer,” Stern said.

Yeah, no kidding.

The weird thing is how Stern and the owners are going down this mad path so matter-of-factly, treating this fork in the road too much like a detour instead of the route to self-destruction it could easily become. Their lockout has become a self-fulfilling prophesy, and now the consequences begin.

“I’m not scared,” Stern said. “I am resigned to the potential damage that it can cause to our league and all the people who earn a living from our league, and as we get deeper into it, these things have the capacity to take on a life of their own, and you don’t ever predict what will happen.”


Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe: The NBA offered the players a $62 million “flex cap” that would have pared the aggregate salaries to that figure and substantially lowered the maximum amount a team could pay its players. The Los Angeles Lakers spent more than $91 million on salaries this season and the league wanted to lower that cap to in the $70 million range, which could have lowered salaries league wide.

“We have made several proposals to the union, including a deal targeting $2 billion annually as the players’ share — an average of approximately $5 million per player that could increase along with league revenue growth,”deputy commissioner Adam Silver said. “Elements of our proposal would also better align players’ pay with performance.

“We will continue to make every effort to reach a new agreement that is fair and in the best interests of our teams, our players, our fans, and our game.”

The players association called such a plan a “hard cap” and in no way wants an NFL-type system where veteran players can be released without compensation because of their salary. Hunter told reporters in New York that the sides would meet in two to three weeks but league sources say this lockout could cost regular season games.

The league’s last lockout in 1998 did not end until January and the season was reduced to 50 games.

“I’m probably upset, a little frustrated because we just want to play basketball,” New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul said. “But at the end of the day we got to do the things that are right. We just want a fair deal and we want to hook. Like I’ve said before, it’s all about our fans. The worst thing about this situation is our fans, they want to see us play.”


Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports: So the NBA leveled the lockout at midnight on Thursday, and there’s a real chance the NBA is gone for a full year now. This has the makings of the NHL’s labor war of 2004-05, where the cost of instituting a hard salary cap cost the sport a complete season. The union elders don’t want to give into that, nor do the agents who could be rendered far less relevant in an NBA world where there’s no middle class of players. Stars will get paid, and everyone else will fight for the scraps left under a hard cap.

“The key for this comes from, say, Sept. 1 to Sept. 15,” says a source involved in the talks. “The owners have always been willing to blow off July and August, but once they cancel the first part of the season, that’s when we find out if they have the stomach to go the distance.”

For now, Hunter has the support of the players, but the agents could eventually erode it. Mostly, the agents don’t see a way out here. They don’t see a chance for Hunter to negotiate them out of harm’s way. “I honestly have no idea what our strategy is here,” one prominent agent said this week. “Do we have one?”

Privately, the agents will keep pushing for union decertification. They’ll push for the courts, for chaos, and pray the threat will get the owners to back away from their nuclear demands. The union still hopes those less adamant over the hard cap – the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat, for example – will wrest control from the hardliners, including the Phoenix Suns, Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The union wishes the owners would solve their competitive-balance issues with revenue sharing, but why should they? They want to make the players do it, and who’s to stop them now? The players also have never been so prepared for a work stoppage, so educated on the issues, the ramifications and that’s a testament to Hunter, Derek Fisher and the information age.


Marc Berman of the New York Post: The sides did agree to meet again in two weeks, which Hunter seemed encouraged by. The NBA will enter its second lockout in 13 years. In 1998, it took a month before the sides reconvened following the start of the lockout.
“This will be a faster pace and should be shorter than 30 days,” Hunter said of the ’98 lockout, which caused the regular season to be reduced to 50 games. “I’ve been expecting this lockout for 2-3 years. So, it’s here. I’m glad it’s happened, now we can really begin to negotiate.”

Hunter said the meeting was “very cordial,” and the “economic issues are still the elephant room.”

“We were all shaking hands,” Hunter said. “See you in a couple of weeks and have a good July 4th weekend”.

The union contends the owners’ last proposal — in contrast to the current system — shifts $8 billion in the direction of the owners across 10 years. The owners want a hard salary cap that will promote non-guaranteed contracts.

Asked if the sides are closer than they were on July 1, 1998, commissioner David Stern said, “I don’t think we’re closer. It worries me we’re not closer. There’s a huge philosophical divide. We’re pretty far apart.

“It’s great we understand it’s nothing personal, but the lack of animosity doesn’t get us any closer in respect to the underlying philosophical divide.”


  1. bigboy11 says:

    all these lockouts suck

  2. OKC says:

    lol to all the people who said to the players nba doesn’t need you.

    So let me see lebron, kobe, wade, durant, chris paul, derrick rose etc. should all leave since the nba doesn’t need them.

    Ye whatever you say imagine a nba without the stars that don’t agree with the paycuts.

  3. KG says:

    Fact is many owners are losing money year in year out. That is a recipe for lockouts. Owners lose cold hard cash while personally, I think players are over paid in current economy situation. This is not going to work ! Will NBA resume? Yes, but when? I think players need to put down their egos and think about what is best for the game. It’s not like they risk losing money or whatsoever. Just take the pay cut and spend less on luxury goods. It’s not like you really need the extra car or house. If players really mean it when they say they love this game, they should act on it.
    I am a big fan of the game and I believe that a balance is needed to make it work.

  4. Skillzthatkill says:

    If the owners aren’t lying and they really are losing money on these teams, then they absolutely have the right to demand a higher percentage of the profits generated during the season. The NBA is a business first and foremost, ladies and gentlemen and the main objective (the only one that matters) for a privately owned business is to make a profit. Sure it is these players that make them the money in the first place but that doesn’t change the fact that they are employees (albeit extremely highly paid ones) and have to listen to upper management just like everyone else in the working world. This whole thing has gone on far too long and I for one partly blame the owners for giving these players and their unions so much power in the first place. This whole thing is ridiculous to the point that it is laughable, where else do you see employees having the power to dictate how much of the gross revenue they get and the changes would still keep them as some of the highest paid employees in the world? Also look at what they do to earn all this cash? Play ball, an occupation which I’m sorry to say doesn’t do much at all to improve the world in general.

  5. Well no NBA doesn’t stop us from thinking about the future! Here is what I think will happen in The offseason as soon as my beloved NBA starts excludin what already happened.
    Bulls- i was thinking OJ mayo in a trade rumors but J-Rich is better and has a bigger chance to land in Chi- town
    Magic/Hawks- Jameer and hedo for Josh Smith and marvin. DH12 stays.
    Hornets/Pacers-Knicks- David West to Pacers for free agency and hornets trad Cp3 for Billups, Fields, and Tony Douglas.
    Clipper/Spurs- Richard and Tony for Kaman and Mo
    Nets/Sixers- Iggy and Spieghts for Lopez and vuagic. Huge rumor and very likely
    Heat- sign a center. Samuel Dalembert or DeAndre Jordan
    Celtics- what can they do. the closest thing i heard they can do is sign michael Redd. its worth it. they are no center for them in hte market.
    Kings/Nuggets- sign n trade NeNe for Jason Thompson and a future 1st round draft pick.
    Suns- Carter was supposed to be traded but now what can they do with him besides resign him. just resign him
    Blazers- Roy is staying!

    These are MAJOR not small moves that i think will happen. if anyone disagrees please tell me.

    • Parai says:

      I don’t disagree with you MR. DIE HARD BULLS FAN, but you gotta wake up coz you are just dreamin..
      all of that moves are possible in a computer game..haha wake up young fellah coz we’re in the midst of a LOCK-OUT!

    • Elk says:

      there’s no way the Clippers will trade away Kaman if they lose DeAndre Jordan to Free Agency

  6. hibachi zero says:

    i’m a huge fan of the NBA, but this has got to stop. it’d be nice though, to go about a year or two without NBA basketball, which will be good for the league coz the fans are gonna miss watching the stars. it’ll also be a good time for the owners and players to set themselves right. i mean, cmon guys, you all make millions, your fans make hundreds. show some prudence and maturity.

  7. MsBevBlack says:

    I agree with the famous words of Rodney King,
    “Can we all just get along?” lol


  8. Joe says:

    I do not see any greed on any sides.

    The owners have to organize and finance the teams with the hopes of a great return. No owner buys a team just for the fun and love of the sport. Yes, they may have other factors besides money. But, at the end of the day, it is a business and these business professionals know it! I could understand, if I were paying $91 million on player salaries, and additional costs for staff, I would want a very handsome return for my investment. But, the owners must learn that the players’ salaries are not the reasons why they are not making the profits they desire. They have to look in other areas to find more effective ways to earn the profits they desire. I hope they find a way to earn higher profits next year. If they succeed, the fans will reap the rewards! However, I would never put a cap on the amount of money an owner can earn, and I hope they do not enforce that control on the players. A free market is the best option for all.

    The players are the the total attraction! They work so very hard and sacrifice their lives for a few years in the NBA. I never watched the Dallas Mavericks to see Cuban in the crowd! I feel these players need freedom to earn any salary a team is willing to pay. Their should be no punishment nor guilt in earning money. But, these players should not expect more than 50% of league revenues. At the current level of 57%, the players are the true owners!!

    The proposed 50-50 Cut of revenues is a much more fair option. But, for this to be reached, the league should:
    1. Remove both the salary cap and the minimum salary requirement.
    2. Allow the Players Union greater access to prevent price setting and league cartels.

    I hope they can find an agreement soon! I cannot wait for the new season!

  9. parai says:


  10. EC-905 says:

    Though this wouldn’t happen, it’s too bad the two sides couldn’t agree to a sort of 1 year extension of the current CBA to guarantee a 2011-12 season and then throughout the season continue to refine their respective proposals/counter-proposals. It would be a shame if the league lost the momentum in the growth its had the last few years.

    As a fan of both NBA and NFL, I would really be disappointed if both leagues locked-out and the only major sport on during the fall/winter months is hockey. Being from Canada, I am already subjected to enough hockey highlights and stories filling up all the sports channels.

  11. Maori boi says:

    And if you think players are being greedy you’re being sucked into sterns media hype.
    The fact is that if the players agree to take pay cuts they get on a slippery slope…I think its more about principle from the players pov.

  12. Maori boi says:

    This is all on the owners. Who do you think pays the players?? Its not like the players are filling in their own contracts. Players get paid what they’re worth on the market.
    This talk about giving every team a chance to win a title is crazy!! The opportunity is already there for every team, its just that some know how to run their business better than others. The fact that these owners have to cry to daddy stern to fix their fail business shows how incompetent they are. And the best solution they can come up with is to pay their workers less? hurt their golden goose?

    Seems like stern wants a dictatorship NBA where he has total control and players are millionaire slaves because this is a move to control what is currently a free market. Why not just turn the NBA into the WWF and call every game.

  13. GP20 says:

    What I don’t get is why are the players getting compensated for what the business itself makes? They didn’t pay a cent towards the business yet want a cut of the profit?? I actually haven’t read too far into this lockout, because honestly a worker should work and the owner pays the salary, so I just automatically don’t bother because I think it’s a joke. Because honestly, these players are getting paid absolutely stupid salaries (and yeah yeah it’s a fulltime job with all other sorts of bs attached to it) but to then make a stand and say to the owners “I want a cut of your revenue through ticket sales and everything” is an absolute joke. If I said that to my boss I’d be sacked in a second. Yet the owners even said “well we’ll just cut the percentage that you’ve been getting all of this time” and the players still didn’t agree. Plus I agree with the owners not wanting to overpay underachievers, what is wrong with that? All salaries should be performance based, like everyone elses in the world. Just sack the lot of them, get rid of the union and everyone just watch Euro ball.

  14. Heat H8r says:

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about, personally. I think the players need to sit down, shut the f–k up, and take the money that’s being offered to them! They’re whining about salaries being lowered, and there are millions of people across America who don’t even HAVE jobs! The players are getting paid to play a kid’s game: I mean COME ON. In the long run they aren’t saving America from terrorists, helping our government run more smoothly, educating the future leaders of tomorrow…they’re playing a game. They’re lucky to be getting paid at ALL! They should just sit down, shut up, and be grateful that the worst-paid among them makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year (and mind you the President only gets paid $400,000 a year!)

  15. specialfriedrice says:

    this is so dsiappionting the players should be ashamed they get padi alot a money to play ball for a living, its as simple fact that your employer/bussiness needs to make money so their employees can be paid, i work a crap kicking job (like most people) at a servo for crap money i ran the risk of being shot by some smack head everynight for $100 and i dont get anything more for it than my minimium wage, pay me my servo wage to play ball and ill do it!

  16. watcher says:

    Stern and the owners have kinda brought this on themselves in a way by creating a marketing culture focused on showcasing individual talent. Now these premier players (I can think of one in particular) view the league as a vehicle to greater exposure, greater sponsorship deals, greater riches. They also happen to play basketball occasionally. The modern player is wise to the money floating around the league, even though it may not be coming from the owners themselves. In ’99 the owners had to save themselves from themselves with the agents running the asylum and the owners doing nine figure contracts to marginal talent, and eight figure deals to duds (Jim McIlvaine anyone?). Now its the players turn to save the league from itself by admitting 57% of BRI and a perpetual soft cap is just as bad for the game atm. Otherwise I’ll be advocating Buck Williams to come back and negotiate behind closed doors on behalf of the Pleyers Union.

  17. cb says:

    Get rid of unions – they only screw things up. Let the free market work!

  18. Carter says:

    simply put, nobody should be purchasing any professional franchise to turn a profit. Purchasing a multimillion dollar franchise is like buying a multimillion dollar yacht: money spent to enact a return in pleasure. Owners of NBA franchises have obviously proven to have numerous means of accumulating wealth, and their NBA team should not be operated as such. Many owners today with the obvious exception of Jerry Buss and Mark Cuban are too concerned on turning a profit rather than creating the best team possible and by doing so the fans suffer as a result. On the other hand, it is completely fair and utterly American to expect a financial return on one’s investment, but operating a franchise in the same manner as a CEO of a fortune-500 company is selfish and petty to the fans of a particular franchise. More teams should take the example of the Mavericks and the Lakers, who by opening their wallets with solely the priority of winning have remained among the most profitable and successful franchises. Ownership has a legitimate argument requesting profitability, but has lost sight of how to properly attain it.

  19. Bob says:

    The owners create a business plan, invest their money and that of others, hire the workers, promote the business, and hope that the business is successful. If the cost return ratio is out of balance they take the risk of making a profit or losing part or all of their investment. The players play basketball and make millions to play, and in MOST cases, play to an level that doesn’t warrant the millions the make.

    The average NBA player makes $5,000,000 per year. I make $50,000 per year. $5,000,000 divided by $50,000 equals 100 years of me working to get what the average player gets in one year. Hmmm. I’m supposed to feel sorry for them?

  20. Orlando says:

    and i had to buy season tickets for miami… why couldnt i wait, i hope we get our money back if they take away games

  21. giulio says:

    I think about john stockton and that’s what i have in mind: agents! the former utha playmaker didn’t have one, he was able to negotiate his contracts and he never had maximum (even if he deserved) because he was’t that greed (probably one of the few “healthy” players around) and the difference between a 8 millions contract and a 1o millions one is that he hadn’t nothing to do with someone who talks for him trying to take more money. Owners are facing losses, and try to avoid those is totally legitimate, i haven’t heard complaints when stoudemire signed a 100 millions not guaranteed contract, this enormous amount of money is simple too big, the all world is facing a fall of the economy, a russian billioner bought a team, america is not so stron anymore, and players? they complain of a proposal, it’s legitimate, but when i read that players earn 57% of the total and owners are facing losses and propose a 45% what they do? propose 54,50!! why not 50-50???for me is unbeleavble, just say: don’t touch the guaranteeds (i think is the only risk for players and i understand is a good battle, but if isn’t this the problem please explane fans the difference between 5 million and 4 million (70 mils salary cap against 60) for me, is anyway richness) but we want you to recover from losses, so, let make 50-50. they (the players) say: few players would take the big money, i understand: few players, the superstars and their agents, control you. Stokton: “we should’t forget what the nba gives us”. People will never understand a battle between millionaires.

  22. i_want_to_ball says:

    You should have known
    Ev’ry boy wants to go pro
    Ev’ry richman wants to grow
    Ev’ry fan wants a show
    You should have know
    It’s all about the dough!

  23. willie says:

    stupid players! i hope the owners wake up and hire replacement players, paid at a fraction of the salary of these greedy superstar prima donnas.

    we love to watch basketball, if the players don’t want how the owners run their company, they should go find another job!

  24. o J says:

    i have been watching NBA the last 10 years. since it’s lockout. i am going to wach European Socce

  25. spokes says:

    for me the lock out does not matter since i do not watch pro sports any more. I do not make enough money to make a living myself and yet why should i invest my time watching people play basketball i do not even know. the only people who should watch these players play is their parents and children. that is about it, no reason why all these sheep keep watching it.

  26. Tash ... says:

    In the end when when the bulls battle the calf is the one that suffers…fans n players making minimum salary, other staff n employees making their living from NBA while 10 percent of top stars n the billionaire. Owners will be just fine ridingl their yatch or ferrari’s into the sunset …..better. settle this lockout ASAP…..just wannabe see the summer league n the rookies have a good experience …..after all its about the game…..

  27. Golden Kamikaze says:

    The owners give the jobs, so it’s normal they are paid way more than NBA players. And 22 out of 30 teams are losing money…Truth is owners don’t make their money THROUGH NBA TEAMS, they often make their fortune with their own other businesses. So it’s normal that players should also be paid, in overall, less (90% of the players are overpaid, even Kobe who is making like 21million dollars a year, is overpaid). But it’s true that owners have also to be respectful and don’t ask players to cut half of their salaries. I think the salaries should be more harmonized, that’s a real problem.

    So it’s easy to blame only one of the sides (Stern and the NBA, the owners or the players) but it’s not the cause of only one of the parties…

    All in all, you have all the ingredients for very hard negotiations.

    Long live basketball! We love this game.

  28. shaq32ftw says:

    the only good thing about this lockout is that bismack biyombo will get more time to practice his offense

  29. kobeisthebest says:

    People that say professional sports are overpaid and I agree they are overpaid but I will tell you why they get paid so much first off, .let’s take a look at players from the 3 major sports in America , that in the NBA , NFL and MLB these guys sweat everyday and most american workers don’t sweat that much plus the average American worker gets 3 or 4 days off work these guys only get 1, and 1 more thing there is 365 days in a year and the NBA has 82 games and the NFL has 16 games and the MLB has 100+ games so add all that together , thats 198 games and that don’t include the playoffs, training camps. People also don’t know why an NBA player who earns millions of dollars live paycheck to paycheck , the less the checks they receive that means the more money they are losing thats simple math. I also not taking sides I just want this lockout to end.

  30. Denise says:

    NBA is no more greedy that NHL , Baseball or Football players these guys sacrifice that whole lives and bodies , and the owneres either pay or not, owners pay top dollar that want to take it away, when it looks like the players are gaining more control. rediculas! of the owners,

    • Heat H8r says:

      They’re playing a kid’s game for money. The players just need to sit down, shut up, and be thankful they have jobs.

  31. malcolm says:

    It’s all greg oden’s fault !!!

  32. Ryan says:

    The fact is, as most of us in the work force in the United States can and would admit, professional sport athletes are over-paid. I don’t care if your LeBron James or Kobe Bryant, they are both over-paid. C’mon, they make millions of dollars, “playing” basketball. Yes, they have endorsements and make millions just to represent them, they don’t need 10 million dollars showing up to practice and playing 48 minutes every other night. Same with football, baseball, NASCAR, tennis, golf etc. They are all over-paid, our country is in a whole financially and economically, yet were paying these athletes millions of dollars/billions a year for these athletes when they are not even benefiting the country other than for entertainment “wants”. Notice watching the sport is not a “need”. I say limit to what a player can be signed to per year of a contract. Kobe should not be making 100 Million over a 4 year contract. 25 million dollars a year? Forget it. limit these “superstar” players to a max of 10 Million a year. 7 years for $70 million? Should be fine, no need for hundreds of million dollars put into these people that run up and down a court, when half of them outside the NBA are complete ****’*. I love basketball don’t get me wrong, but put all that money somewhere that the country really needs it instead of these guys.

  33. Spurs Fan says:

    In the AFL in Australia, players are fighting for 25% of all revenue earned and the league is reluctant to agree to those terms.

    In the NBA players are earning 57% of all revenue. I think the players should take the slight cut in salary to ensure the league continues. As it stands, unless the players change their minds, I don’t think they’re will be an NBA season this year.

    • Elk says:

      I’m not sure about the AFL players “fighting” for 25% of revenue earned. In Australia sport is much more about the teams community (and how the club works within the community) and so players aren’t greedy and so don’t fight over the percentage of revenue they earn.

  34. KIngKobra2 says:

    who cares. All of yall should enjoy summer and just not be paranoid.

  35. Noizy says:

    5 million per player. Not the best ones, just the normal average income for a player. Well, ask someone else about this amount.

    Even a very good (the best…) soccer players earn only about 10 million euro (about 13-14 million $). 130 million, over 6 years (21,6 million pa) is a lot. If you consider, that any good european soccer team earns more money (barca, real, manU etc.) than even really good basketball teams (economical, like the Lakers or Celtics), the NBPA looks somewhat greedy and stupid. The average expense for players in a good soccer team reach 200 million euro (team loans).
    Barca has a stadium with 93.000 seats. The cheap ones will go for 30 euro (40 $).
    Smaller teams like ManU have 60.000-70.000 seats ready. The net worth of good teams reach 800.000.000 euro (1,2 billion $).

    350 million $ for a NBA team? 280 million euro? But 20 million for the “franchise player”?

    No offense, but a Lionel Messi or Wayne Rooney have more fans worldwide than Kobe Bryant has. Just count the amount of sold t-shirts worldwide. The NBA is great but who cares about the NBA in asia? Or in South America? Or in Africa? In Australia? You would find more fans of cricket or rugby there. Cut the salaries for 50% (more or less…) and everything is in place. 10 million for stars like Kobe or DWade would be enough. 7 million average? About 25 million for a superstar? Just sick! Not even funny

    • Goldy says:

      Completely Agree,

      Have a look at Sachin Tendulkar, this man litterally has BILLIONS of fans world wide and a public holiday named after him in India, yet would get less than $1M (US) a year in match payments.

  36. QuestionMark says:

    I don’t get why players are whining over not getting paid enough, they love what they do and they are getting paid millions, I would even do job I love for less. Players should have a limit to how much they make because alot of them are getting overpaid for sitting on the bench.

  37. NBA_Fun says:

    what will happen to the people that who are working in the stadium? Do they get salary even a lockout? Yeah players and owners are looking after themselves.. what about the people working behind the scenes? what about the fans? not really good publicity ….

  38. Elk says:

    every player is overpaid anyway. What is it to them if they make a few thousand less on their million dollar contracts. Plenty of people can live on a single years wage of an average NBA player for their entire life

  39. Joseph V says:

    I hope this thing ends soon. The NFL is o like day 115 of theirs. If you want to see the things we’ll miss out on if the louckout forces the cancellation of the season, click on:

  40. michael says:

    i say we put all these nba players back on the street where they came from. i’d like to know what REAL veterans from the 60s-80s feel about players today. you think a guy like brian scalabrine is complaining about how much $$ he makes for riding the bench all year? what happened to “for the love of the game”? i’m 100% on the side of the owners. it’s their money, it’s their investment, it’s their damn team. if they don’t like it, go play overseas. i’m sure that allen iverson or stephon marburby would play in the nba for six-figures if it guaranteed them one more shot.

  41. Kamote says:

    It’s just sad that this lockout focuses much on Players vs Owners… on who’s who gonna make more/lose more millions of dollars as compared to the other.

    I’m not gonna venture anymore about basketball and “the love for the game”. So fans like us really won’t get that much affected since we have some other leagues and sports to watch… or we can just enjoy playing the game ourselves.

    But the sad part (as the economic effect the lockout is concerned), is about those people who make a living out of the league. From the ball boys, to the arena cleaners to those who have their simple establishments near the basketball arenas. Players and owners talk about billions of dollars they have to haggle between themselves, but these other guys who just make a living out of the NBA games are more affected by these.

    I just hope this lockout would end swiftly. Sad to say, but an economy has already been created by this league and a lot of people would get more affected than the players and the owners

  42. Jason says:

    By the way, you spelt Labor wrong. Its spelt Labour.

    • Dirk is Da Maaaaaan!!! says:

      It’s not wrong: Labor = American, Labour = British you dimwit!!!

      Learn more about the general world of international English, tosser!!!

  43. Rudy says:

    The NBA is making a fortune and this is all about greed and people wanting to get a bigger piece of the pie. I personally do not want a hard cap because it will lead to a stepford wife league, everything being equal and a bunch of teams with 41-41 records.

  44. Trav says:

    I’m sick of the players saying stuff like ‘we feel bad for the fans’.

    If they felt bad they would sign whatever deal came their way and enjoy driving home from the meeting in their luxury sports cars to their luxury mansions,

  45. wilson says:

    Screw the NBA….. the NBA is not as exciting as it used to be back in the 80’s and 90’s… i will stick with just collegege basketball its still more exciting than the NBA now and days…

  46. Don't Care says:

    I still don’t give a **** either way. BOTH sides make too much money and I really can’t show sympathy for either one of them. An NBA player living paycheck to paycheck on MILLIONS? Please…. I can care less. Learn how to manage your finances and not buy all this expensive crap and maybe you won’t have to live like we do. I know if I had that kind of money I wouldn’t ever need to work again. Just resolve it and play basketball. Its bad enough players are over privileged and owners are dissatisfied with profits they are already making (most of them have many other investments). I think fans should lock out the owners and the players see how they like it. Refuse to pay for tickets to go to games, watch them on TV, and buy merchandise and see how we feel.

  47. no nba fan no more says:

    just play for the love of the game. As if your being paid a minimum wage just like any other that gonna be affecting by this lock-out. Players are already millionaires. be fair give the fans their due. We just want to want competitive basketball.

  48. Jay-ar says:

    Just solve this lockout and play basketball.

  49. Nick says:

    Good, now some players will bring smiles and even mre NBA appreciation around the world playing in Spanish, Italian, and other European leagues. Not bad for the NBA!
    It’s the ‘normal’ employees that are the only ones damaged by this lockout, which is bad.
    Players on the other hand have money coming out of their ears and fans can find out some other sports, why not?
    Players should pay cleaning staff and other hard workers that make the NBA happen OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS, if they really want to be good people.
    And as far as the game’s concerned, now why not concentrate on the US national team a bit more, whose- I hope it’s a mistake- next game is scheduled for 2012??? C’mon, they can do better to be No.1 again.

    Bye everyone

  50. Michael says:

    It doesn’t matter how rich the owners are. They have invested heavily into these teams and, as with any entrepeneur in a capitalist society, they expect some return on their investments when the business (NBA) is doing so well. 22 of the leagues 30 teams ran a deficit last season despite the huge boom in overall revenue the NBA generates. The reason for this is the problems with the old CBA, namely insufficient revenue sharing and an unfair amount of total basketball related income going to the players.

    The NBA is a business that can’t exist without incentive for owners to invest money into it. With the old CBA, most teams could not reasonably achieve this. The players need to make some concessions, namely a 50/50 split of basketball related income with the owners (as opposed to a 57/43 split from the old CBA) and the league needs to fix it’s revenue sharing system to support small-market teams.

  51. Adam says:

    If you have nothing to watch people have a look at Rugby league in Australia!!! No helmets padding and guys throw themselves at each other for 80mins flat out for abour $200K on average a year!!! Players should watch that and think themselves very luck indeed!!!

    • knuckleninja says:

      my point exactly here in Australia you never really see this sort of crap, I mean you’re doing what you love, therefore any money is good money, most athletes down here still have another job…

      • Goldy says:

        What are you talking about. The AFL are doing the exact same thing, Although the players are fighting over 35% of game related revenue.

      • knuckleninja says:

        yea and when I last checked 35% on reasonable contracts is far less then 57% on ridiculously bloated contracts.

  52. someguy says:

    Said it on the older prelockout blog, which is gone. It’s the fault of contracts like Ben Gordon, Corey Magette, and so on. Pay them a garantee that’s reasonable and the rest based on performance that is settled on signing day.
    IE. instead of paying Joe Johnson 127mil$ pay him 60 and if he fullfills the requested stats pay him another 5 a year, weaker stats less moneybonus, get the team to 50 wins another 3 mil for that. Payed afterwards of course, but which employe gets payed before he works?

  53. Miik3 says:

    Im with the players on this one… they want more money because the NBA just came from the biggest season since the Jordan era, and also even with all the millions players make sometimes its not enough because of the cost of being an NBA player (they have cant live like regular ppl, they’re celebrities and they represent the NBA plus most of them stop playing at 35 so they need to take care of them selves and their families). Also if players want to play with other superstars then they should be able to do so, because id rather play with Howard and Paul instead of Calderon and Bargniani. My point is without the players there is no reason to watch the NBA, though granted the owners put the money many of them get richer from the players (like Dan Gilbert did with LeBron) but if the owners dont get that then good luck with a team that has no players therefore no revenue … while NBA players can get some big contracts playing in Europe

  54. Tom says:

    This is ridiculous. Even the worst players are making millions of dollars and the ones in the middle can’t take a pay cut to keep the league going on. They’ll still earn more than i can ever dream of. It’s pretty selfish imo.

  55. ZZZZ says:

    In matter like this I always side with the players. In general, I suppose, the superstars and the bench players are the ones playing their hearts out on the court. Team owners and referees do not do that. It’s just right that the share should be at least 50/50 in favor of the players. I do not see officials, team owners and referees getting injured, making highlight plays and getting the pressure to win. What players should do is put the officials in their place by finding investors for a new league. The NBA has been lucky to have monopolized American professional basketball this long. They should thank their players that they do not go playing for other leagues with bigger shares. I KNOW!!! WHY DON’T THEY ALL PLAY IN EUROPE OR CANADA???!!!! THEY HAVE BIG MONEY THERE TOO EVEN IF THE TAXES ARE TOUGH!!!! NBA players aren’t perfect but any guy who spent his pre-NBA life preparing to get into the NBA did some hard work too. Everyone knows it isn’t easy to get your game in an NBA level even if you happen to be tall and athletic. Better shares are deserved by anyone who trained that much even if they happen to be obnoxious NBA players. This just pisses me off because even if the NBA got the best skilled labor for producing the greatest basketball league, they still do not give them that much value share-wise.

  56. Francesco Longo says:

    I’d just also like to add that if the owners had been the least bit reasonable in their financial dealings, they would all be in great shape. No one made the Bucks give a huge contract to Gooden, it was a risk they chose to take. The CBA doesn’t force teams to take those risks, it simply allows them to if they wish, in the spirit of American freedom.

    So a man like Cuban can invest in his team, building it from the worst to the best, banking on the future earnings that will create, if he can weather the costs to get there. That’s a perfectly fair business model. If the owners are too incompetent to keep from spending themselves into destruction, how sympathetic should we be?

    People talk about ‘rich’ players, but it’s the owners who are ‘wealthy’, as Chris Rock would say, it’s a whole other level. And a few players make sick money, but most will have a short career at near minimum money. If you look at those numbers, and average out that most professionals last 40 years in their field instead of 5, they aren’t really making all that much money, the vast majority of them.

    The financial problems in the NBA right now have been caused by owners, and their GMs, making stupid financial decisions, most of which any man or woman on the street could tell you was stupid and irresponsible.

    And maybe some of those owners work really hard, I’m sure a few do, but that’s not the idea of wealthy old men owning sports teams we all have. These players dedicate their whole lives, can’t drink or anything fun, they work out until they all look like body builders, push themselves until their feet become mush [plantar fasciitis], their ligaments fall apart and their bones fracture. Many NBA players leave the game on crutches and never walk without pain again. These are the sort of sacrifices few people have made, and it burns me to hear so many people criticizing these guys. So many players don’t make it, with so much talent. For me, the guys who make it earn every single penny they make.

    People don’t come to watch 5 red Bulls Jerseys, they come to watch Derrik Rose, Noah, Boozer, Deng and Gibson thrill and amaze us. The owners have nothing without the players. Without the teams, people would still gather to watch these ball players, and someone will put it on tv, and it will all start over again.

    Let them free them out, let the league fall, let the players start a new league that THEY will own, where the teams can run as non-profit with everything going to the players and the local communities. The owners of those giant stadiums need someone playing there to pay the bills way more than anyone needs them, they’ll be happy to rent the places out to the LA Hope and the New York Peace.

    • fisherman760 says:

      If there whole life is only working five years then I really do not feel sorry for them. <aybe they should stay in school get an education (paid for and free) and get a job after basketball and have a thirty year career in something else. What since they played basketball (a game) then they shouldn't have to be like the rest of the people that pay there salaries (fans and owners) and work till they are in their fifties and sixties. Hard to feel sorry for people playing a kids game and making millions doing so. If they do not like it go to the CBA or Europe and play.

  57. Bleep says:

    There was one member of the media who asked Silver and Stern if the players already forgot the value of earning money, and if they can learn from a trip to the sausage factory.

    I get what his point is.

    What I cannot fathom is that the NBA players are still disputing despite of their millions of earnings. What, they’re disagreeing with the new financial system because they won’t be able to support their lucrative lifestyle?

  58. Bryan says:

    This NBA lockout is crazy. We basketball fans just want to watch and enjoy our favorite teams go against the other 12 players on the other roster and just ball out!! The NBA is always showing these NBA Cares commercials and talking about, “WE THE NBA AND THE PLAYERS CARE ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY.” But, I guess it’s just a big fat lie because if you do care about your community we wouldn’t be in this so called NBA LOCKOUT!!! However, you the NBA and your owners, players, and staffs are all busy talking about who gets this amount of money and how you guys are going to make or gain more money and how you forget what’s important and that is to just play the game you grow up with and love the game you got attach to and that is basketball. Just remember people of all ages from toddlers to senior citizens look up to this SPORT Organization that we all call the NBA. It’s sad how money talks and controls people. You the NBA and your owners, players, and staffs don’t realize that there are kids that look up to you like role models and heroes. Just imagine what those kids that look up to you like role models and heroes are thinking now. Their probably like what kind of role models and heroes are this people and why are they all obsessed about money. So the bottom line is, “Wow you the NBA, Owners, Players, and Staffs are really GREAT ROLE MODELS AND HEROES!!!!!!!” CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ACHEVIEMENTS!!!! I HOPE YOU THE NBA IS READING THIS!!!

    • Angelo says:

      I Know Huh Seriously!? This Guy Is 100% Right! Oh Im Sorry Did I Say 100! What I Meant Was 1000000000%!

  59. Winston says:

    Reading this comment section hurts my brain. Firstly as a general comment there’s seem to be a lot of jealousy towards players in general. The general gist of these comments seem to be if they don’t want to take a pay cut hire college players who would glad to take 1,000,00. I’m guessing all these hate stems from the haters own frustrated basketball dreams. You see a guy who has made it to the pinnacle, you didn’t make it and now you see a person who you’d like to be be turning down cash you can only dream of. The problem is, the players aren’t you and won’t settle for the money yr own crap game would justify.

    to the idiot who said that the CEO of a fortune 500 company earns a 100X more than an employee, can you think of a worse analogy to illustrate your point. The success of a fortune company is supposedly determined by the CEO. In the NBA the worth of a team is largely driven by players. For example the worth of Cleveland and Miami fluctuated wildly of one player. Market size is also a factor, but if you’re in LA and your best player is Brian Cardinal, you’re going to have a problem, in the profitability stakes..In the real world there is no cap on how much a company spends on their personnel. Companies don’t get together and agree, “right we all agree we’re only taking on 65 million of payroll”. The big swallow the little, its as simple as that. The NBA is different, because in order for the big teams to be successful, there needs to be little teams. Professional sports DOES not resemble the real business world. Otherwise you wouldn’t have complete idiots buying teams for hundreds of millions of dollars which they KNOW don’t turn a profit. One of the main points was the hard cap. Its very simple, if you can’t afford a player, don’t pay him! Go the development route such as OCK or Ajax in soccer. As a final point, if you were in an employee who had wasn’t subject to the ridiculous wage difference to which employees are subjected to in fortune 500 companies, would you put up a fight about it? If you don’t, well you can’t be that intelligent.

    • knuckleninja says:

      Winston I couldn’t disagree with you more, the NBA/sport can be viewed as an industry, actually it is, and in any business sustainability is key. you want to keep your business alive to make more money, simple as that. in the end these athletes are employees, and if they weren’t as shortsighted as they are they’d realise what they actually have a lot to lose from this. I don’t know if you realise but we are fighting through a recession, and barely doing so at the most, with every household finding it harder to find money for tickets, the owners are actually being quite reasonable, asking for a larger cut of the BRI and to tighten salaries so they can remain profitable, IN ORDER TO STAY IN THEIR CITIES!!!!! you neglect the fact that these players have no job to go to if the NBA folds, and then they’re unemployed anyway, so no it wouldn’t be stupid to dispute it, getting your wage cut to the point where you can’t afford to live, well that’s different, but when i last checked the only guy who question whether he could feed his family on over 100k was latrell sprewell….

      and yes businesses do have rules and guidelines to follow much like teams and their salary caps, it’s a little thing called government enforced regulation, to which a lack of has caused the financial crisis we are facing today…

      so please if you have no business knowledge, don’t rant, you waste time doing so

  60. Knicks Fan says:

    I don’t care which side is right or wrong, but as a fan and ticket holder I’m slightly ticked off. Hoped this issue is resolved pronto, or the league will lose all the fan base they got back since the last lockout.

  61. rigosc says:

    “I’ve been expecting this lockout for 2-3 years. So, it’s here. I’m glad it’s happened, now we can really begin to negotiate.” HUUUH? So all these meetings held and the cost to arrive at such place was just to blow up money? Not until after the deadline you are going to begin negotiating? WOW!
    Mr. Stern said “There’s a huge philosophical divide.” Indeed, this is no longer about money, fairness, not even us fans. Idealist mind set has crept in sports. Those who understand what is going on in our society will understand what is this fight about.

  62. Mike says:

    I can’t imagine a season with no NBA basketball, but I would like to see a hard cap in the NBA and not because of the owners but because I would like to see the NBA’s signings as more statigic and see some of these stars being payed less and I know that means some of the role players will be payed less 2. Sorry but I am a fan not someone who has a financial connection to anyone in the NBA. I will be so incredibly sad to see a season go though… so very sad…

  63. Coby says:

    When a businessman invest in a team business he have the right to do whatever with his team. To me a player should not get more than 25%. Fisher said he’s not afraid because he is an old man who is about to retire with a lot of saving. Let these players flip some of the hamburger to feed their family and see what they’ll say.

  64. Ern says:

    No NBA season i will definitely cancel my Comcast, that’s the only reason I am still with them because of the NBA. Once I have no NBA to watch, I wont be paying their over inflated cable price

  65. tata says:

    If you don’t know how to run a business then you shouldn’t buy the company. The bottom line is that the owners offered these huge contracts and now want to cry about it. The real fact is that the economy as a whole is in the gutter and people are losing their homes. It must be surprising to a billionaire when he loses money too. Maybe the NBA should ask the republicans to give them tax breaks like the oil companies get. Chris Paul “just wants to play basketball”, but won’t do it for less than 54.3% of BRI. They should pay all the players a standard wage of $1 million each plus 50% of their own jersey sales. Then if you are a star like Kobe or LeBron you still get your compensation. Any college kid would be glad to make a million dollars per year upon graduation.

    • kleenex says:

      I don’t know man, When my company not doing well, and we all get a pay cut, we didn’t complain, we just glad that we still got a job instead of layoff. However those NBA players just make me sick.

  66. jjdubs22 says:

    To me it seems like both sides new this was going to happen 2 years ago maybe longer. This is a slap in the face to the fans who dish out their hard earned cash to watch their favorite players play a game we all thought they just loved to play. apparently thats not the case. why does it always come down to the money? shame on the NBA for allowing this to happen. and not doing anything to prevent it.

    Oh well, Guess what the NCAA will have a great season. Some great players decided to remain in school this year (Harrison Barnes, Jared Sullinger etc.) Thats what ill be watching while selfish millionaires/Billionaires resolve their financial Problems lol

    go Kentucky Wildcats

    • McLovin says:

      I know, I wish some of the more profilic players had stayed in college for one more season… I mean, they did know that this lockout was coming, why worry about getting drafted then sitting on your can for a year losing some fire you may have had? Would have been great to see another year with players like Irving, Fredette, Kemba Walker, etc. continue to develop and dominate. I like that some players will be back like Barnes, but it’s hard to really say who will make a splash every year.


  67. wdf says:

    love JESUS he died for you

  68. Francesco Longo says:

    People *may* have some animosity towards players who make pretty big money, but considering the lifespan of an NBA career and average salary, they really don’t make more than other professionals.

    I personally have no sympathy for the owners, and am completely on the side of the players. If the owners think they’re going to come out of this looking better than the players, they’re delusional. Think of all the support that the attacks on the Wisconsin teacher’s, police and fire fighter unions created.

    The way the owners have been treating the players is insulting, trying to hold a work stoppage over their head to intimidate them into accepting an extremely poor contract, from the players perspective.

    To me, the owners have shown no sign of honestly trying to find a middle ground, and are rather looking to con the players.

    It’s sad, I think this will end up being like the baseball strike of the 90’s, at the height of popularity everyone gets greedy, and the league will destroy itself. No reason to be upset about it, seems to be human nature.

    I for one would like to see more analysis of the dollar amounts. That is really all we’re talking about, and there seems to be some confusion over what the real value and income of teams is. What we need is an article that shows what the real deal is. So many owners have made stupid decisions signing players to huge contracts that no one made them choose, they wanted to take risks and spend into debt, that was their choice, and now they want the players to pay for that in reduced contracts? It’s an insult, and the owners deserve what they get. If the last agreement was so unfair how did the league ever survive? The answer is that it was fair.

    • Odysseus says:

      Wow…. Did you really say “considering the lifespan of an NBA career and average salary, they really don’t make more than other professionals”?. Did you really say that? Just how ignorant are you? If right now they are making an average of 5 million a year, then a single year is more than most people will ever make in their lifetime. Say 50k a year is the average salary in the US. 50k/year * 35 years = 1.75 million over a whole lifetime of work. These guys are making 3 times as much for one year of PLAYING a game, that a lot of people would gladly play it for free. Learn to do some simple math before posting dumb comments like that.

      • Michael says:

        Exactly. The fact of the matter is that so long as players can get a contract and the minimum salary isn’t reduced much below the current 450ish thousand dollars per year, the poorest of NBA players can live a relatively luxurious lifestyle for their entire life. The way I see it, all 30 owners have a right to a reasonabke profit from owning a team when the league is generating so much money. The players deserve to be compensated for the incredible talent and hard work they put in and we want young basketballers to dream of making it big in the NBA but they can live a great lifestyle without earning 60 million dollars over a 12 year career. And that’s just an average salary.

  69. CARTER71185 says:

    i think nba players be on here posting comments just to see what every ones answer would be lol or maybe not but who knows well back to this lockout blog i think its crazy that neither side can agree on 1 thing everybody wants to keep or earn more money its not that serious both side act like its the end of the world if a couple of mills fall off that check ur already a millionare what more do u want smh

    • Richo says:

      So you would be OK taking a paycut just because your boss paid one of your other work colleagues too much would you? Didnt think so.

  70. thevangundy says:

    First Dirk is caught with PEDs and now the lockout. Rough times in NBAland:

  71. Anonymouse says:

    You make it sound like 13 years ago was aages, like 130 years ago. It was only 13 short years ago we had the same fiasco!

    I’m flabbergasted there has been even one, let alone 2 in 13 years.

    There is too much money involved. They all should be on a flat rate set by the fans, (we pay their enormous and frankly outrageous wages) no matter how good or who they are. lol

  72. acehigh says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me about this whole situation, man. There was a deadline, and it wasn’t met. It is nothing short of unprofessional and disrespectful to the fans that they couldn’t get an agreement done. And now they’re going to wait 2-3 weeks to meet? To all parties involved: get your behinds together and work to get this done, until an agreement is reached.

  73. Andre says:

    It´s such a shame.. Ineffective management leaded to this problem. I can understand the players that they refuse cuts of their paychecks. I hear always that 22 Teams are losing 300 Mio $ combined. To make that whole debate transparent those teams should open their books and show their fans how they lose that money. Otherwise its hard to communicate that number to the fans and it sounds to much of a mantra. If the biggest part of expenses are player salaries they has to be decreased. But not retroactive. Pay the player that what you think hes worth. It´s not like the players are filling out their own contracts. Overpaying is the key. And that key is in the hand of the owners and GM´s.

  74. Bobdabanker says:

    So the players do not make enough money….. Thata pretty much what Im hearing…. If the players do not like it why not go and find another profession? Ohhh wait…. You wont make the kind of money you make now anywhere else.
    You all should be ashamed of your greed. If I were the owners I would ditch the union and hire the non drafted college players that would love to play for a modest what $400k?

    Us as fans want to watch Basketball! Thats it! Get rid of the greedy players and let them find another profession! In the real world there is a boss and an employee. If you dont like the bosses terms then you leave and find another job. End of story. All these million dollar cry baby players should stop complaining. They should remember life before the NBA and then make demands. Everyone is replacable! EVERYONE!!!


  75. caseybledsoe says:

    will the summer leauge not happen because of this lockout

    • brian says:

      nope that shan’t be happening along with everyting else NBA related until this is solved

  76. vectorsigma says:

    Both parties are greedy. These people can still live luxuriously with the lockout. What about the other employees who are depending on this? And the fans like us who enjoy watching?

  77. Tom Smith says:

    If its all about the fans why dont they take a paycut lower the prices of the tickets so the fans can afford to go and watch the games. I’m sick of hearing the players saying ” its all about the fans, but they want more money”. When they have fan appraction day , i still cant afford to go to a game. Like LeBron James said ” we have our life and he goes to his life”. We go back living paycheck to paycheck and they go back living the large life. I dont think i will be watching any more NBA games anymore. In the end its not about the fans its all ABOUT THEM.

    • BballFan4life says:

      You fans are stupid. You’ll be back. You’ll see.

      ^^Fan rights… pfft.

      • parker says:

        You are so correct. They complain and then go running back like crack addicts. People will never learn who the real stooges are. I have already decided i will not be subscribing to the new Laker Time Warner deal, if Kobe cannot buy his wife another 4 mil dollar ring after another one of his sex follies to so be it. The players and owners will get their money because the faithful fan ( LMAO ) will make sure of it. So in short quit crying over the CBA and don’t buy into how much they care about the fans. It is and always will be about the money.

  78. Game Winner says:

    I’m pissed. First of all I’m sure everyone out there would give the right arm (In the Future) to play Basketball for Millions. As a fan, the cost to go to a game is ridiculously high. If the player gets more money, than ticket prices have to go up since 22 teams are not making money. This lock out is about greed and the people it hurts is the fans that spend their hard earned money to support their team. I say that we stand up for our fan rights and say. If this thing is not solved in 30 days, then we the fans will boycott the NBA for 1 whole season. I bet the Owner and Players rush to solve this. I say let’s start a petition.

    • jc says:

      agreed. im with you

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed, I actually hope we don’t have another 50 game season, I would much rather start fresh the season after, because rushing to a 50 game season, would mean the players won’t have the mentality to play, rather I would give them a year and start fresh.

  79. Jacob Radke says:

    The problem here is that the players have decided that this is THEIR league, even though the last time I checked, they don’t own ANYTHING. This isn’t just about money anymore, it is about entitlement. When you have players conspiring together to build superteams instead of letting the owners and GMs do their jobs, it shows that the players and their advantageous prior CBAs have created a culture where the players think it is all about them. I can’t think of very many jobs where the employees get to decide who gets hired (or fired), who is going to call the shots, and when they are going to work. Oh, AND where the AVERAGE salary is about 5 MILLION dollars. And they still get paid, even if they are no longer doing the jobs they were signed to do. These whining, overgrown crybabies need to sit down and look at the numbers again and realize that they are playing a game they love for a living, and making more off their rookie deals than many Americans will see in 10 years or more. The owners aren’t saints…I doubt anyone in a position to own an NBA is without some level of greed, but they are the ones that put up 300 MILLION or more to own these teams. They are the ones taking the financial risks, and they should receive a Majority of the profits. Any player that doesn’t like that fact, go find someplace else to play, because the NBA doesn’t need you.

    • Odysseus says:

      I completely agree with you. It’s just ridiculous that the guys risking their money (doesn’t matter if they’re billionaires or gazillionaires) do what their employees say. Heck, a lot of people refer to the players as the product. So from this point of view I’d like to say: I don’t think I’ve ever heard a story where an Ipad complained to Steve Jobs for not being paid enough. I didn’t realize the NBA was a commie haven, because if that’s the case players, then maybe you should also donate 90% of your salaries to combat poverty. You’d still have on average 500k a year which is still top 1% of the population. Grow up babies!

  80. Jimbo99 says:

    Such a stupid move on both sides. Aside from the damage the lockout will cost on the public interest, now people will start perceiving the league and the players that they are just plain being greedy (hence, decreasing public interest further). Makes you question whether the players are really playing for the love of the game or just playing for money. Owners…what’s wrong with revenue sharing?? Ya sure, you may have a good team or lucky that the people in your city loves basketball. But you just own one team and without the other teams, then who are playing against? so it’s the whole league that’s attracting business, not just your team, so I don’t see the reason why revenue sharing is not fair.

    Just plain stupid. Time to move on to another sport.


    Football Season (Soccer) begins in August. I would suggest NBA and NFL fans, start brushing up on your European Football knowledge and come enjoy the spectacle. Manchester United vs Chelsea / Barcelona vs Real Madrid / AC Milan vs Inter Milan; welcome to the world’s favourite sport. :-). It’s a shame this lock out had to happen after my Mavs won the title though. Glory glory Man Utd.

    • jc says:

      go somewhere else and talk about soccer. soccer sux

      • The Eagle says:

        Soccer is and would continue to be the greatest sport on earth. There is a reason it is the number one sport in the world except the US. It is called FOOTBALL and not soccer because you play with your foot and not “football” you play with your hands which I call HANDBALL

  82. Vlad says:

    i don`t think the players are greedy. Sure they have salaries of millions of $ but the fact that the owners want more than 50% is just outrageous. First of all most of them are billionares (not millionares). I totally understand the huge expenses they have and the high cost of mediocrety but a lot of that happend because of bad managment not the CBA (why on earth would you give Joe Johnson or Rashart Lewis max 6 year 127 or so contracts????? this is only 1 example, there are many more).
    A 50 50 split sound cand sound resonable but i don`t agree with that either. Players should get more because all those money that come into the NBA come from the fans, the public. And the fans pay to see players perform. PERIOD. No one gives a dead rat for who owns the team as long as the team has good players. This is an athletic competition and it`s only normal that athletes come first. The players should get more just by the simple principle of the thing (even if it is 50.000001 %)

    Talent must be rewarded.

    The players get 57& now. From what i read if that numer is arround 52 or something then the losses are covered. They keep throwing this excusse that 22 teams are loosing money (big ods that is a lie) but they want more than 50. That is just infinite greed. They don`t want to stop loosing money they want to make a lot more money.

    If they solve this percentage problem than everything else will come to place slowly.

    In the end, all resumes to this. Who do you want to be payed more ?

    The players, who bring the talent and basically the game itself.
    Or the owners, basically guys that….. allready have money that you me or any ordinary human can’t even dream of

    • tata says:

      The CEO of any Fortune 500 company makes 100x the salary of the average worker in the same company. CAPITALISM Why don’t the top 150 playeres form their own 10 team league and do all the tv and arena contracts themselves? Then they can see how much money there really is. The NBA should start over with 450 college players that are ecstatic to make $1million/year.

    • tata says:

      If you invested $400million to buy a team and made less money than a guy working for you that invested ZERO you would be pissed off too.

    • Odysseus says:

      Yes, nobody cares who the owner is, but understand also that without the owner, there is no basketball. There are no arenas to play in, no television deals, etc. So you can’t have one without the other my friend. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know their faces, and if what they bring to the table seems irrelevant to you. The fact remains that these players are overpaid, whining babies. You know what would be great…. that the owners all “cash out”, and then let’s see the players invest their money into infrastructure and pay for their own salaries. Let’s see if they still believe that long term contracts should be guaranteed, that no cap is needed, and that they deserve 57% of the revenues. These guys are spoiled brats. They make a ton of money with absolutely no risk on their side, and playing a game that does nothing to solve the true problems of the world and still they complain that they want more. Modern values are so fkd up. I love basketball, and as much as I enjoyed this season, and loved watching some of these guys play, I completely disagree with them. If there’s a lockout, it’s the players’ fault, not the owners’. Strike that, I guess it’s also the owners’ fault, but only for letting things escalate as much as they have and for allowing the players to get so much power. They should’ve shown who’s boss a long time ago.

      • Hwayne says:

        I totally agree with you on this Odysseus. If you put things into perspective, in a company, if the Owner of a company decides to lower your pay due to loses, there’s really nothing much to do. Cause if the owners decides to invest their money elsewhere, who’s to stop them?
        Having a hard cap to me is good too because people, think about this, the victory of Lakers and Dallas already proves to you that this should not happen! If you can only win with such a high salaried team, then it forces the other teams to do the same to keep up, because no one will support a losing team. Take for example NJ Nets last season when they even have to give out free tickets to entice fans!

  83. paolo says:

    SO fans would really be dissapointed o well :((

  84. Chris says:

    “The union contends the owners’ last proposal — in contrast to the current system — shifts $8 billion in the direction of the owners across 10 years.”

    Ok — let’s do the math on this $8 billion…that’s $800 million per year. Divided by 30 teams, that’s less than $27 million per team per year…so guys, let’s split the difference, call it $13.5 million per team per year ($4 billion total,) and call it good.

    @Anthony — You are correct — unfortunately, we aren’t even a consideration in these negotiations. However, the NBA-consuming public ABSOLUTELY has a voice…they may vote with their wallet or their television remote once this is settled. Baseball lost me in 1994…

    Look at the bright side…without NBA basketball, college basketball gets better!

  85. Anders says:

    this is just getting stupid… Chris paul says thep layers just want a fair deal, how is 50/50 not a fair deal?? all these players care about is getting more money.

    if i were them making as much money they are i wouldnt complain at all! they all forgot where they came from as soon as they made the first million

  86. j says:

    wow its weeks later and were on a total different subject and here comes chris sheridan with the lebron james comments….lebron was right chris you need to go back to your horrible life hahaha

  87. got_watcha_want says:

    No Football and no Basketball, I am going to start watching water polo. Anyone know when that season starts?

  88. Relevancy says:

    This whole thing strikes me as a bunch of greedy people, owners and players included, out for all they can get, and definitely lowers my opinion of the league as a whole.

  89. Manu says:

    I cannot believe players are not ashamed.
    Even the lesser gods in the league – under any agreement – earn more money a year than your average John Doe Nba fan who’s willing to pay to see them play.
    So, a split in revenue at 50/50? I’m raising my hand.
    A hard cap? Maybe not, but agreeing to the point above may render the owners a littre more flexible towards concessions at the second issue.
    But hey, who are we? Just the fans being left in the cold.

  90. Florence Panting says:

    Chris Sheridan is not funny at all. I don’t care if he’s a Miami Heat fan or not but one thing is true he has no humor.

  91. All the discussions are about two sides and how they can or cannot come to an agreeable solution; no one seems to be talking about the third side which is the reason the two sides exist in the first place. Its the paying public; be it be paying for the tickets at the games or watching on TV so that the commercials can be profitably paid for or the merchandise can be sold, or the ……………………….
    Its the Payers who should be calling the shots; without them there is no Owners or Players. Please……………… And I am pretty sure, with the economic situation as it is, if the lockout continues, there will be repercussions and there will be no additonal money to pay to either side. Here we are talking about 53% and 47%, etc……….. 53% of a reduced collections is not the same as 50% of an increased pool.
    Not sure who the accountants and lawyers who are advising the young and the old.
    For once the paying public should take a stand and deliver an ultimatum. Guys sort your stuff out; or else you all will be taking home 53% of ‘ZERO’

    • tata says:

      I second that endorsement.

    • OzHeatFan says:

      Exactamondo!!! Well said.

    • kaare says:

      me too. the players and the owners are acting like little brats, unable to share the abundance of wealth. though i think the owners are the biggest sinners. i´ve followed the nba for 17 years and remember the mid-90´s where the owners went crazy (along with Glenn “big dog” Robinson), and created the “100-million-dollar” contracts. Juwan Howard was offered one from Miami, forcing the then Washington Bullets
      to sign him for that price in order to keep him. at that time he was a big talent, but his production dropped and he turned out to be extremely overpaid. what i mean by this, is that the owners are pulling the shots and there for must make responsible buisness decisions. it the same in every other field of buisness and the owners must realize that the nba is not guaranteed money.

  92. NBA will lose a fan if games are missed says:

    David Stern ‘s ego is going to ruin the NBA. NBA should stop lying. Teams are not incurring huge financial losses” That’s misleading and a lie. Sure some teams may be facing big losses but that is not a fair characterization of the entire league. It is just typical lawyer spin from Stern.

    • Rich says:

      Really, what do you know ? Fact is owners are losing money, some of them (to a good number of them) are. Fact is players are not losing money, some of them to a good number of them are even over-paid. None of the soulutions being provided to the players will not make these players lose money, they will just have to earn less, a mere small dent to the millions they’re earning.

      • Big EZ says:

        Now Rich how about you go in tomorrow and tell your management team you want to give back a part of your salary knowing he makes more than you on a bad day. Why not think about the billions the owners are making sitting back kicking it for 20-40 years as an owner while most players do not make it 10 years in the league and at the end of their career their body is no good. If people stop looking at the fact that young black men are making millions of dollars and put themselves in the players position they could understand why these players are asking not to be capped when the owner makes money off of them on and off the court. I guess nobody read 40 million dollar slave!!!

      • tata says:

        If WalMart paid all their employees $500/hr and then started crying that they were losing money who should we feel sorry for?

      • McLovin says:

        I agree with you completly Rich. The owners are given the daunting task of running a full on business, and sometimes even when things may look good to the players (lots of fans in the stands, maybe they have a winning record), it doesn’t always mean that the people at the very top of the chain are raking in the cash. Sure, no one is this situtaion is poverty stricken and you won’t see any NBA owners or players working at McDonald’s anytime soon, but when you run a business, you need to be making a substantial profit, not a little profit or breaking even. Then it becomes a charity, and I doubt any owners are running their team for the sake of having jobs for players. These players are actually being QUITE selfish in not accepting a pay cut, and that really just skims the top of the water on all the issues. Look at the NHL, as referenced in this article. They are fine, the players are fine, the owners are just fine. Amazing hockey still happens every year and their hard cap didn’t ruin the game. Oh so the Lakers won’t be able to BUY every chamopionship they get anymore? TOUGH! Do it like Dallas did and build around one or two guys are surround them with quality players, rather then emptying your pockets to have a shot at the golden trophy. One would be surprised how fast both the owners and players would adjust to the hard/flex cap, they just have to be willing to make small sacrifices , but then again, if they were willing to do that, I guess this wouldn’t have happened in the first place

      • Xepherius says:


      • mcriswell3 says:

        Slight error in your logic, McLovin. The Dallas Mavericks spent the 2nd most on their players this year.

        And to the people complaining about the owners spending too much on the players. It is the teams who have spent the most money on their players who are typically making the most money in return. Lakers, Mavericks, Heat, etc.

      • Jake says:

        I believe the players should be willing to take a pay cut, but what the owners are asking for is ridiculous. Plus, I have a really hard time believing the numbers the NBA is throwing out about teams’ financial losses. Fan attendance, TV ratings, merchandise sales etc. all point to increased revenue. Also, people complain about players being overpaid (and there are plenty of overpaid players), but the fact is that no one forced the GM’s and owners to give them a bloated contract. Teams are throwing their money around haphazardly and then complaining when they start to lose money.