Blogtable: Most Outrageous Performance

We’ve asked our stable of scribes to take one last look back at the 2011 NBA playoffs.

What’s the single most outrageous performance in a game from the 2011 playoffs?

Steve Aschburner: Russell Westbrook‘s 12-of-30 shooting night in Oklahoma City’s Game 4 loss to Denver in the first round was a glimpse into Westbrook’s brash game. It was a sign, too, of how this incredible athlete, more lively than heady at times, still can be a love-him-or-hate-him player who can dominate a game in ways good and bad. Sure, he scored 30 points, but he was 0-of-7 from the arc and had no business jacking up 12 more shots than Kevin Durant. As Denver’s Kenyon Martin said afterward: “We’ll take that. Jeez boy. We’ll take that. If he can get 30 up and miss 18 of them, we’ll take that every day.”

Fran Blinebury: This is an easy one.  It’s Dirk Nowitzki scoring 48 points on just 15 field goal attempts — without a single 3-pointer — in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals.  He was inside, he was outside.  He shot over, twisted to go up and under.  He set a record with 24-for-24 from the free-throw line.  In all, Dirk took 39 shots on the night and he made 36 of them.  He made the game look amazingly simple and breathtaking at the same time.

Shaun Powell: Brandon Roy stole a game from Dallas and a night from the playoffs with 18 points in the fourth and hit the game-winner. The Blazers were down by 23, and Roy, a man with no knees, was supposedly down for the count. Not on this night, he wasn’t.

John Schuhmann: LeBron James‘ personal 10-0 run to end the Celtics-Heat series. The Celtics were in control of that game (up six) with 4 1/2 minutes left, ready to take the series back to Boston and likely extend it to seven games. But the Heat tied it up and he then LeBron ended Paul Pierce‘s season with a pair of threes in his grill, like LeBron was Ray Allen or something.

Sekou Smith: LeBron James had a number of outrageously bad performances in The Finals, but top honors here go to Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki and NBA scoring champ Kevin Durant. They combined for an outrageous 88 points in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals, Nowitzki dropped 48 in a Mavericks’ win over the Thunder while Durant shot back with 40 of his own. Nowitzki was a perfect 24-for-24 from the free-throw line and also shot 12-for-15 from the floor. He aimed the ball at the rim 39 times in 41 minutes of action and found the bottom of the net an amazing 36 times. Durant shot 18-for-19 from the free-throw line and made 10 of his 18 shots from the floor in his 42 minutes. Outrageous!


  1. Mark says:

    dirk/durant combining for 88 points (dirk 48 12-15/ 24-24) no threes
    dallas hitting all those threes (terry 9-10, peja 6-6)
    dallas finals game 2 comeback
    lebron closing out boston

  2. fırat says:

    you always talking about roy nowitzki carmelo or lebron what about kobe ı think the best perfromabce of the playoffs is kobe’s back to back 17 point games against mavs nobody talking about kobe’s performance in 4 games against dallas kobe had just 1 layup and no dunk wow old fag

  3. shadori says:

    No doubt about it. It’s got to be brandon roy and blazer’s furious comeback. That was the largest comeback in the 2011 playoffs, and it was against the current champs.

    • justin says:

      how about the 17 pt lead in just 6 mins left in game 2 of the finals? but as a mavs fan roy was unbelievable!

  4. Ron says:

    most outrageous.
    Lebron dressing up for the finals games. he should have stayed home.

  5. ROY says:

    Ohh MY ROY!

  6. artifex says:

    That game 4 of Brandon Roy was great. Though being a Mavs fan, I have to admit that, especially considering his role. Nowitzki is great no doubt, but being the star he gets the ball if the team needs the push and I admire his great games he helped to win for the Mavs, but Brandon was out for so long and struggling between what he once was and what he was into, and this night he showed everyone, that there’s still that BRoy of old in him. I wish for him, he’ll come back well next season.

  7. my boy brandon roy says:


    enough said. that game almost made me cry.

  8. AlphabetMurderer says:

    obviously brandon roys was the most outrages performance it was the biggest comeback in this years playoffs and something that is not explainable if u were watching it most of u guys are just saying dirk because either u only watch the finals or u guys forgot

  9. doug says:

    Brandon Roy.

  10. God says:


  11. asdf says:

    notice something… all of a sudden no heat fans. Even with a vid of a really sweet moment when they kicked boston out of the playoffs, no heat fans. I don’t know what is more saddening, the fact that LeBron choked so hard in the finals after finally starting to build a reputation of coming big in the big stage, or the fact that heat fans just prove to be bandwagoners all the way.

  12. pat pinoy says:

    ofcourse brandon roy’s 18 pt come back!! no doubt he can still play so why are they forcing him to resign? if blazers dont want him other teams will surely need him..c’mon..

  13. dirksuper says:

    what about 3 point shooting in the Dallas vs. Lakers in game 4???

  14. pat pinoy says:

    roy can still play ball

  15. Tres says:

    I was not that impressed with dirk’s 24 – 24 free throws, its just a proof for superstar treatment in that game for him.

  16. pat pinoy says:

    ofcourse brandon roy’s 18 pt come back!! no doubt he can still play so why are they forcing him to resign? if blazers dont want him other teams will surely need him..c’mon..

  17. Rainman says:

    and cosign @ andrew: Manu was absoluely amazing, especially after new of his arm actually being BROKEN.

    Spurs would ahad a big change had they been fully healthy

  18. Rainman says:

    John Suckman chose a LeBron performance…no surprise there! lool!

  19. JW71 says:

    try mounting a 10 point comeback and an equalizer point+24 points in the 4th quarter in the playoff’s with no knee’s

    brandon roy,simply amazing

  20. JUH says:

    Brandoy Roy’s no doubt. Dirks performance was amazing but that outburst from Roy came outta nowhere, everyone thought the game was over. When Roy hit that stepback 3 and the end of the 3rd you kinda had a feelin somethin special was gonna happen….and the rest is history.

  21. andrew says:

    How bout manu’s game 2 comback with a broken arm?… he averaged 20.6 points against the griz in that series… with. a. broken. arm.

  22. lakerfan006 says:

    brandon roys performance was the beast!! he had 18 points in a 4th quarter alone when his team was down 23, cmon if you saw that game you would know!!!

  23. Duckmaster says:

    Brandon Roy’s game was the best.

  24. Chief says:

    What about Carmelo Anthony’s 42 point 18 rebound game?

  25. MAVSALLDAY says:

    What about when my Mavs went on a 20-2 run to even the series against Miami. That game was a series changer. The mavs were lookin brutal and then they pulled that. PURELY OUTRAGEOUS!

    • Sweet Potato says:

      Yeah! And that’s the time I felt the Mavs are gonna win it. AND THEY DID! 🙂

  26. goozdail says:

    Definetely either Terry’s individual performance in Game 4 vs the Lakers (9-10 3 pointers… unbelievable, had to hold my breath at every one of his shots, since I’m a Lakers fan 🙂 ) or the collective performance from the dallas bench in this game (Stojakovic 6/6 3 pointers…). That was truly amazing, even though I’m a Lakers fan, I just told myself wow, this is an epic performance from a great team

  27. Carlo says:

    How about when Rondo dislocated an arm and then came back to with a game against the Heat? He even used the dislocated arm to steal the ball from Bosh.

  28. Dominican A.I says:

    No doub Brandon Roy that a history game 18pts in the 4 with the game winner

  29. robbay2 says:

    Roy was crazy in that game, just give him a top 3pt iso and watch him go.

    Dirks 48 point night no doubt. 24-24.

  30. Truth says:

    Lebron’s 8 points in Game 4 of the Finals… Although he had a near triple double, his stat line looked like Jason Kidd’s. The difference is that is Jason Kidd’s role. LeBron was near irrelevant. His presence was not felt defensively throughout the entire game. I am not a LeBron fan and even I was shocked that all he had was 8 points.

  31. Joko says:

    The most outrageous performance was James just standing around doing nothing in the fourth quarter of all the finals series. Was the fix in?

  32. CanRottleHead says:

    KD’s game 7 peroformance against the memphis grizzlies.. they needed that win and KD show how to get that W .. KD !!!

  33. kiwifan says:

    how bout dwights 46 and 19 in game 1 vs the hawks?

  34. Xepherius says:

    the best performance is when wade drag down rondo on purpose and injured rondo’s arm

  35. Jake says:

    No question that it was either Dirk’s 48 pts. or Brandon Roy’s straight-out-of-a-sports-movie comeback performance against the Mavs. No other performance can compare with those two.

  36. Lebbigfan says:

    I say Lakers going down 4-0 to the Mavs( Now 2011 Champs). For a 2 time champs, it was outrageous to see them struggling, not even wining a game, wow!

  37. Donnie says:

    dirks 40pts performance against okc in a(nother) tremendous comeback win!

  38. YeeDog says:

    what about zach randolph’s 21 rebound game ?

  39. LAKETHEGREAT says:

    JET game four against Los Angeles. He was 9-10 for 3!! Nine treys. Jason Terry…

    • Nick says:

      Yeh that was unreal. I hate the prick!

    • manu says:

      If you want to credit a performance in that game, then you should probably bring up both JET, and Peja.
      Jason Terrry shot 9-10 from 3-point range, Peja shot 6-6 – they combined to score 45 points hitting 93.75% from the 3-point line !!

      From any angle – that’s simply outrageous!

  40. Rich says:

    When MAVS was closing out the defending champs – ‘Raining’ 3 pointers from everywhere, topped it off with Bynum ‘s malicious hard foul on JJ Barea.

  41. Yeah! says:

    miami flops on chicago Most outrageous and oscar worthy.

  42. 24 Black Mamba says:

    The brandn roy performance was amazing

  43. wade360 says:

    Nowitzki’s flu game wasnt all that bad either,

  44. TRIBINSKI says:

    No question Dirk Nowitzki’s 46 points and a playoffs record of 24-24 perfect FT performance in game 1 vs OKC.