Opportunity Knocks For LeBron

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — So what’s after “now” and “never?”

Game 6.

In its own way, much more the crucible than a seventh game could ever be.

Once The Finals get to Game 7, the intense, smothering pressure is back on both teams, the glaring spotlight as potentially blinding for anyone who stares into the moment rather than just plays.

Now LeBron James finds himself dangling over the edge of the cliff for the first time in these “it’s-all-about-us” playoffs.

Never will King James and the Heat live down this monumental flop no matter how many future championships — “not five, not six, not seven…” — are out there over the horizon.

Pull it off and he rides into glory. Come up short and anything that comes later will look like a limousine with a license plate reading: 2LTL2L8.

This is the platform that James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh put themselves on ever since that night last summer when they danced and celebrated amid the smoke and noise on the stage.

But nobody set themselves up more than James, who put himself on the dissecting table with the nationally-televised “Decision” and brought the basketball world to this point with what was previously believed impossible– delivering an unsatisfying triple-double of 17 points, 10 assists and 10 rebounds.

That’s because when the game was on the line Thursday night, James evaporated in the final six minutes, missing two of his three shots, had no rebounds, no assists and a turnover.

“Only two free throws,” said Chris Webber on NBA TV’s GameTime last night. That’s not as aggressive as he should have been, especially with Wade hurt.”

“Never got into the full attack mode,” said Kevin McHale.

Our man Mike Wise of the Washington Post discusses the fascination with LeBron as the vise turns tighter and the stakes get higher:

Either way, an intense fascination continues, a curiosity that draws parallels to Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Mike Tyson in their primes, a burning to see what happens next to the fabulously talented, if flawed, supernova.

Will he rise up from the first back-to-back postseason losses of his team’s season? Or crash and burn on the account of great expectation, ego or both?

Really, what’s behind the psychology of a two-time MVP taking one shot in the fourth quarter of Game 4 of the NBA Finals and making just 1 of 4 in the final 12 minutes of Game 5?

Did he “check out” as DeShawn Stevenson suggested? Was his fear-of-failure quotient so high he needed to let someone else decide the game? Or did he resort to the facilitating point guard he always wanted to be and forget how big, strong and skilled he is as a scorer?

“It’s Now or Never,” he tweeted to his followers, almost impossibly heaping more pressure on himself than all of his detractors and the Miami Heat’s’s bewildered fans.

The truth is that the Heat are hardly in unprecedented territory as they go home needing back-to-back wins to claim their title. Since the NBA switched to the 2-3-2 format for The Finals in 1985, only three teams — the 1988 Lakers, the 1994 Rockets and the 2010 Lakers — have returned home trailing 3-2 and defended their turf to claim the title.

The connecting thread, of course, is that each of those teams was led by an undisputed alpha dog that simply would not, could not, shrink from the moment. Nobody was ever going to find Magic Johnson, Hakeem Olajuwon or Kobe Bryant standing on the perimeter rather than going to the basket to score a bucket, draw a foul or do something.

Johnson’s Lakers had to withstand one of the greatest individual efforts in NBA history in Game 6 when Isiah Thomas sprained his ankle, then limped back onto the floor 35 seconds later and pumped in a Finals record 25 points (of his game high 43) in the third quarter.

Olajuwon’s Rockets were barely clinging to a one-point lead over the Knicks in the final minute of Game 6 when John Starks came wide open on the left wing and launched one more jumper. But Olajuwon got there in time to get the tip of one finger on the ball and preserved the win.

When Kendrick Perkins went down in the first quarter with torn knee ligaments, Bryant and the Lakers wasted no time seizing the opportunity and thumped the Celtics to get themselves to Game 7.

So it can be done. It has been done.

Now it’s LeBron’s turn.

Never a better opportunity.


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  2. Enzo says:

    Just a few more hours and it will be game 6.
    To those saying that the Dallas Mavericks is being backed up by the refs that’s just ridiculus. As you can see, Miami Heat gets to the line more than the Mavericks so how are they being backed up by the refs? Stop accusing the refs of the errors that the players make.

    • islander says:

      Hey enzo
      Can you talk about the offensive fault call against Lebron, that cost potentially three points to Miami at the end of game 5? That was commented on TV by Bruce Bowen as decisive wrong call in the game…

      • Queiros says:

        When Wade got hurt going into Brian Cardinal he got 2 free throws when it was clearly a charge! You wanna go there?

  3. err yeah... says:

    it’s funny because if they hadn’t thrown a party and said not 1 not 2 not 3. Getting to the finals there first year together wouldn’t of being considered bad at all. That being said, the mavs haven’t won yet.

  4. islander says:

    ERIK SPOELSTRA, DO YOU WANT TO WIN?….STOP BEEN AFRAID TO LOSE!!!!….Stop playing your best player for 45 min. plus trying to win. That’s way Lebron cannot be 100% in the 4th quarter, that’s why his jump shots are off (no legs), that’s why you are hurting his confidence, and the entire team by default. That’s why media insists that Lebron “disappear” on the end of games….His is tired, and obviously, he won’t tell…. Erik S. Do you want to be great and be recognized?….Be professional, or go back to the videos.
    Min. played:
    Dirk: 40,42,41,39,39
    Terry: 32,31,32,35,30
    Lebron: 45,39,45,45,45
    Wade: 38,42,38,39,34(hurt)
    What do you prefer: Lebron 100% for 38 min. or Lebron 75% for 48?…..
    Only once Lebron played below 40 min. (39.37), and only once Dirk played above 42. Terry plays with no sweating and is always fresh, and Wade has been pretty much as per the regular season. Obviously there is something wrong in the way E.S. is using Lebron.
    In the series with Chicago, Lebron did well against Rose, because Rose was overplayed also!!!!…both were tired.

  5. KING JAMES says:



  6. LABRYANT says:

    Lebron does nothing in the offseason to impove his game..his he talented? yes ..he has more talent then anyone that has played the game..look at his size and what he can do..the problem is he is built for the regular season..he dominates but the playoffs espically the Finals are a differnt ball game..its half court bball..he has no post up game and doesnt move with out the ball..he is good one on one and in transition..he just stands and watches DWADE SLICE TO THE HOLE..all he has to do is move and cut and DWADE WILL FIND HIM..PROBLEM IS HE ISNT CLUTCH DOESNT WANT THE BALL IN HIS HANDS IN CLUTCH SITUATIONS AND LOOKS LIKE A DEAR IN HEADLIGHTS MOST OF THE TIME..do i still think Miami can win ..of course ..home court is huge..BUT IT WILL BE BECAUSE OF DWADE WHO IS THE TRUE LEADER OF THIS TEAM..

  7. mabbyy says:

    it’s really now or never for king james, fact; he can score a 3 double/game but if he don’t have any championship ring(s) it’s useless…

  8. Ceasar says:

    James was not as aggressive as he should be. But 2:27 to go, Mavs was leading 102-100, when James attacked the basket and he was called for a charge. The defender was moving and stepping on the line of the no charge zone. That bad call affected James’ self-esteem and the pace of the game. That single basket late at the game, and 1, could have given James the boost that he needed. That is one opportunity that he missed, but that is not his fault. i still believe he can bounce back and show what a great player he really is.

  9. rochen1 says:

    The Heat don’t believe in themselves anymore. Whatever can be said about LeBron’s performance thus far does not change the fact that they lost their composure in the 4th quarters. The Mavs, on the other hand, have produced in the 4th quarter when when the outcome of each game was being decided.

    That cannot be coached/taught at this point in the season. Right now, more & more Heat players are playing not to lose, rather than to win. The Mavericks, on the other hand, are playing to win. Expect a Mavs victory tomorrow night.

  10. LA AC says:

    I don’t see how anyone can predict that the Mavs will shoot over 68% on their threes in Miami. It is always harder to shoot in someone else’s building. Barring D Wade’s injury’s being worse than it seems, the Heat are more likely to repeat the performances of the first two games, in which, except for the last six minutes of Game 2, they dominated, especially at the defensive end.
    If Miami gets any kind of help on offense from Miller, they should absolutely triumph. If not, the games will be closer, but the home team should prevail, as I do not see Spoelstra’s allowing them to put it on cruise control too early, as they did in Game 2.
    If Wade’s injury is limiting, the Heat’s defense will suffer from the loss of a rangy and quick help defender, LeBron will get more tired having to chase around Terry all night, and his fourth-quarter offense and defense will suffer. Dallas could triumph in such a scenario.

  11. regarding LBJ i think it comes down to this. he doesn´t trust his jumpshot in closing moments. it´s quite apparent in the fourth quarter he loses his confidence and when you don´t really believe your gonna make the shot, most of the times you won´t. Dallas is taking advantage of that, cheating on the pick and rolls and playing of him, letting Lebron shot off the dribble. the same strategy San Antonio used in 2007. i´m not saying he can´t shoot. just that his streaky and in no way clutch, which is evidently playing right in to Dallas´ gameplan.

  12. WG says:

    When are people finally gonna see that WADE is BETTER than JAMES. This is the time to prove it and Wades doing it just like he did in 2006. LeBron doesnt have the killer instinct in him, the heart.

    So dont compare James to greats like Jordan and Tyson n Woods. That should be Wade’s name in the list, not James.

  13. BeliSRB says:

    Don’t compare queen with Kobe..like a bb gun to 50mm sniper..ono more heat idiot..

  14. Des love the Miami heat says:

    Lebron… if thats his name is soft, i never thought i would sat that but this guy doesn’t show up for a game like this magnatude..
    Come on …no wonder he got dunked on in the early part of the year.
    He has not shown up for defense or offense.
    He cant shot.
    He cant drive
    He make Merc…guarding him look like a super star
    How can you call this guy even close to jordon…please
    Jordon never made anybody shut him down.

    Lebron is a joke I wish I could play against him i would probubly beat him.

    Heres a bet to anyone thats got the balls to challenge me i got the money.

    I challenge lebron to a game a one on one for my year salary $120,000.00 i can beat him.

    Period Lebron sucks yeah Miami do you need a point guard I m here

  15. noel says:

    Oh, I forgot to add…..Michael Jordan works on his game……that is why he has a HARD TO DEFEND fall away shot, similar to what Dirk has.

    So sad to say, I think it is ominous that Maverics will win the Championship….this coming from a Heat fan.

  16. noel says:

    The Lebron Myth that is already the Greatest player after winning the Rookie of the Year (which I believed should have gone to DWade) was a MEDIA creation. The media quickly crowned Lebron as the One. A great player and will even be greater as he gains more experience.

    Unfortunately the members of the Media who promoted Lebron was wrong again.

    So after seven years, we don’t have a greater Lebron but a more tentative Lebron. But I still think we can cut Lebron some slack considering that Michael Jordan won an NBA championship 8 years after he joined the NBA. The only difference is when Michael plays, he demands the ball, when Lebron plays, he wants Wade to have the ball.

  17. dark days ahead for the overrated king of choke.
    Rashard Lewis banged his chick and again he’s gonna choke on game 6. miami will lose to the mavs
    and will never enter the NBA finals ever.
    so for the hardcore HEAT fans since april 2011, keep cheering for your choke king.

  18. olan ignacio says:

    If only Le Bron do his task and not be emoionally unstable Miami will win and have their second ring…Mavs do the right thing so far in all fairness i’m quite impress…get the game six Heat prove it before you make any comments for the game 7…

  19. olala says:

    If only Le Bron do his task and not be emoionally unstable Miami will win and have their second ring…Mavs do the right thing so far in all fairness i’m quite impress…get the game six Heat prove it before you make comments for the game 7…

  20. islander says:

    Hey 24>6.
    I would like to see Dirk or Terry playing 45 min. They would sit down in on the floor asking for mercy. That’s why I blame Eric S. It is like a runner (James) making two laps in the track pretending to win over other guy that only goes in the second….common sense. And buy the way; I think Dallas is a great team, the best…behind Miami.

  21. JWEman says:

    Only NBA hates “not only scoring” superstars, this is sad. Only in NBA team-player supertar is underrated 😦

  22. KOOBEE says:

    theres another year without ring with LEbron and dont say that you can make battle LBJ Versus KOBE Kobe is more better with playoffs and has more titles….. has anyone made three-peat after MJ and Chicago? This is KObe and Lakers… Now DALLAS is on top and i will be happy if they win

  23. jowell says:

    all these mavericks fans are just bandwagoners. they are Heat haters, lebron haters, its because their overrated Kobe got SWEEPED in the playoffs what a useless player wahahaha, this im going to say Go Dallas!!! im giving mavs the jinx now woohoo!!!

  24. gem says:

    miami will lose this championship. it’s because half of the talent, body and mind of lebron are still with cleveland. 100% of cleveland’s population are simultaneously praying for their loss. lol!!!

  25. CARTER71185 says:

    im a laker fan when the mavs whoop my i was like damn they got it this year i dont see no team beating them in the finals cause they play good team work and everyone can shoot 3s!! its so crucial to guard dirk cause if u double team him u leave one of the 3 point shooters open and if u dont double team dirk hes gonna back u dont and shot fade away jump shots on one leg the dude is in beast mode right now i kept telling these heat fans its over the heat should of never let mavs get 3-2 i do not see heat winning 2 in a row this is not 06 plus i said this earlyer if the mavs win game 2 or 4 its over for the heat people are saying the hat can win it now cause they got home court which is false mavs confidence is on another level right now and wade hip is half injured lebron plays good in all 3 quarters but cant show up in 4 quarters chalmers shoots 3s and cheer like he win the game and the bench is not that strong mike miller can dribble everytime he dribble all u gotta do is trap him the corner and u got the ball mavs got it this year and i repsect them for playing so good even tho i was mad about them beating my LAKERS but i will still give them props!

  26. gem says:

    it’s bad in the eyes of god and people when you laugh at a person who’s sick. just like what lebron and dwyane made to dirk when he played with 101 temp in game 4. the result? mavs won!!! let’s go mavs!!!

  27. DW says:

    When Scottie Pippen was comparing Lebron to Michael Jordan in his moronic “best ever” comment, he failed to consider one thing that all of the greats of the game have that Lebron lacks… HEART! Sure, lebron is one of the most physically gifted athletes to ever play the game with his combination of size, speed, and skill level but he severely lacks that killer instinct that Michael had and so many other legends. I am a Celtic fan so this is a completely unbiased comment but Kobe Bryant has the same killer instinct that Jordan had, which is why he is dominant and able to take over games. If Lebron ever wants to reach the level of the aforementioned individuals he has to stop being an immature crybaby, look himself in the mirror, and realize that he is a 6’8 250 lb MAN. MAN UP LEBRON!

  28. RIO says:


  29. HeatVsMavs says:

    The officiating in this game has been absolutely HORRIBLE and in favor of the MAVs. I hope they do the same down in Miami in favor of Miami.

  30. Stan says:

    Heat will win for sure. LBJ and Wade are kings of flop.

  31. MO says:


  32. MO says:

    LET’S GO HEAT!!!

  33. jake says:

    now games 6 and 7 will headed to miami, it’s all about lebron and wade’s job to win a title together. it’s like to see them both carrying the crown & sharing the fruits of their hard labor, the hardships that they experienced this season was simply an inspiration and motivation for both of them to do a better job.
    í’m just wondering why lebron’s performance shrink into an instant or fast in the furious moment, is there something wrong with him or i mean something that bothers him to play at his best. you know what i mean guys, i think there’s a third party involve, games 6 and 7 are impossible for miami if lebron won’t play at his best if he thinks that he will give up somthing. somebody try to ruin his greatness. i don’t like it. GO HEAT..opportunity knocks only once, grab it since you still have enough time. play at your best. use the home court advantage, crowd , miami heat fans let us cheers and make some noise. go go go

  34. Stevie-Jay says:

    I can see it in his eyes man, Lebron WILL live up to his name…

    He will choke once more… he’s nothing more than a spoiled kid whining to get your attention, and when asked to show something, he completely messes it up.
    This kid needs a reality check, and the mavs, they’ll give it to them, just like they did thursday. :]

  35. mylez says:

    lets go heat .. dirk and da dallas defeat in game 6 …i believe miami wil win this series..because the big 3 is there ….welcome to south beach dirk

  36. CJ says:

    I belive the miami heat can win these games (6,7). But i saw in Labron James something very unusual on him, I saw fear in his eyes, if you remember the movie ROCKY lll, you’ll know what I mean. Only him is the only one who can figuer this out. It’s NOW or NEVER” . GO HEAT!

  37. Memphis-All-The-Way says:




  38. MaxImunExposure says:

    as a heat fan i gotta feel good coming into game 6 down 3 2 why? because as bad as the big 3 played lebron not giving us nothing in the last minutes wade either and his injury bosh being bosh and mavs shooting over 50 percent making all 3s shooting lights out and we still had a chance to win the game lebron gives us JUST 7 POINTS ATLEAST in the last minutes well be ok.

  39. victor says:

    i think the peoblem is with lebron….his pysche is down…..someone who knows him good should probably talk to him…or team psychologist watsoever. he is a great player and team leader and everyone is expecting him to rise up to the occasion and make the difference., like dirk is always living up during the 4th quarter. something is probably wrong with lebron, either he believe in some wrong information or he is trying to experiment something new, but this is not time for experimentation, its time to do wat u know how to do best…i cant believe this is lebron, he become a shadow of himself….he lost ideas. heat suppose to win this series….they won game one, lost game 2 by over confidence…..won game 3, game 4 and 5…..lebron became a shadow of himself….he is the villian…he should wake up, shake off the dust and rise to the challenge….he is more than capable, but he lost his confidence watsoever….he should remember wat he has done, and spur himself up…..and this team mates will fight with him and the battle will be made easier…right about now, they all fighting but he is not. wake up lebron…in the heat of the moment, the heats needs u more than ever before….pls remember where u have fallen and rise again….this is ur time to win the ring

  40. sheed07 says:

    remember 2007 season when shaq got hurt..??
    miami end up with one of the worst record that season..??
    and lebum,he’s just a coward..!!just talent..
    those two are good,but ain’t great..never!!

  41. Quinito Henson says:

    Dirk NOwinski will choke…truly his name suggests he will NOwin in miami!!!welcome to miami an venido a miami!

  42. Peter says:

    I don’t know if this NBA Finals will end up like the one on 2006. The only way Miami will have a chance at beating the Mavericks is by keeping LeBron off the court and give some of their extra bench players some minutes.

  43. Mugsey says:

    How many writers does it take to write another article that doesn’t mention lebrons decision,celebration and whoop haa.
    Really this is getting old a bit like you writers and the way you can’t come up with any new information.

  44. TJ says:

    Well the Miami Heats 5 starters only Bosh, Wade and Lebron score so I think they need to start Mario Charlmer at the Point Guard so they get some some points from him early in the game

  45. Tim says:

    I think the biggest problem is miami’s coach.. He is forgetting his very good 3 pointer, JAMES JONES. He would have been the key for their victory if their coach only let him play.

  46. Office Blvd says:

    Either LaBrawn or Wade said “we got two chances to win this at home….”

    NO, you morons! you have one chance! and if you blow it, there IS no second chance.

  47. LALBall says:

    Haha. Lakers fan here and I don’t mind the hate has turn to heat now. Everybody’s got something to say. I in fact dislike heat so much I’d rather root for mavs to win.. and that’s because heat has such great players – they become cocky and arrogant. but more so because they are a threat to my team. yes, that’s right. people hate them because wade and james are too talented to even play in just 1 team. kind of unfair.

    More than a Lakers fan, i’m a basketball fan. And i’d give credit when it’s due. Heat have a great team, I can imagine they’ll be a threat for many years to come.

    People hate those who would potentially be a threat to them. People hate those who crushed their teams. People hate because they’re team has been defeated. So, I understand when people hate my Lakers. There’s no winners without losers. Somebody’s got to lose. And those who lost, often retaliate through hate.

    This year though, I think Dirk and Kidd deserve the championship more than anyone else. So Mavs in 6

  48. Miami’s Big 3 reduced to 2 & 1/2…..

  49. lbjf06 says:

    lbj will return .. they will win 6 & 7..

  50. boss lei says:

    LETS GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS DO IT IN GAME 5. GET THE ULTIMATE PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE DALLAS MAVERICKS ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DIRK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. rbc says:

    Lebron is a very strong and talented player. If only he’ll be aggressive in attacking the basket and fight for the looseball and do the intangibles, the numbers will come and it will be easy for the whole team to get a “W”. It ain’t over till its over Miami, ITS REALLY NOW OR NEVER! Show what you got BIG 3!

  52. Al says:

    Lebron,dont be afraid.dont be afraid,,you can do it…just do ur best and give your life in game 6@WE HAVE FAITH ON YOU

  53. underdog says:

    “if u ask lebron for a dollar, he’ll only give u 75 cents cuz he doesnt have a FOURTH QUARTER!” -hahaha I love this comment saw it in youtube..XD

  54. Rishan says:

    I still believe Miami can win the championship . Good to have a player like Dennis Rodman under the Ring for Rebound and I believe Haslem Udonis is most suited for that job.Dirk is only player who plays well for merwicks , rest useless.

  55. james says:

    mafia . thats the bottom line for lebron’s bad performance. same tih michael jordan

  56. AusRob says:

    Miami fans’ excuses are almost worth saving. A warm up season? You made the Finals, I dunno if the “it’s just a warm-up” works, especially when two of the players are future HOF’s in their prime. All three can score a triple-double? Yeah, maybe against the Timberwolves, but not against Dallas right now. And as for how James will definitely “step it up”, we said that last game. And the game before. And the game before that. And the game before that.

    I don’t think Miami’s issues can be fixed in under a week, I think they need a good long hard summer to think about the dynamics of their club. Let’s not kid ourselves – LeBron is no slouch when he gets going. He’s a two-time MVP, and does nobody remember the 25 straight he scored against the Pistons in Game 5 a few years back? I wanna know where that fire went.

    Now here comes the interesting bit – who wants to take the backseat (next to Rebecca Black) next year? Right now Wade’s the one who’s earnt it, he’s shown its his team. But LeBron is the favourite, or at least, he’s the sun in which Wade is his orbit. But think about this point – there are NBA players sitting in their mansions around the country watching this, everyone from Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Kobe, Amare, Steve Nash, hell even Danny Granger who’d tell you “If I played in a pre-season game the way LeBron’s played in these finals my coach would pull me out of the game and tell me to sit down and think about what I’d done.” Why is LeBron out there? If it was any other player he’d be on the bench. But they need to justify his investment. It will cost them a championship.

    So think about that Miami fans. LeBron came to win championships. When the Mavs lift up the trophy after one season, LeBron’s championship contribution tally will sit at minus-1.

  57. abc says:

    i agree but what do u expect from a bad coach

  58. HEAT4DWIN says:


  59. Hello everyone, I just love basketball & i cant seem to understand why people need to say nasty things about opponents of their Idol team. I’m a big Wade fan but not that of lebron, I also like Dirk Nowitzki but Im rooting for the heat in this Finals. My point here is just we dont have to wish for the opposite team to suck & get injured, we must not hate because it’s never good. If we want our team to win, we just have to hope & pray that they play a better game than the opponent. Respect is very important & I believe we have to respect the players not because we are better people but because most of us aren’t even half of what they are capable of doing, in the BASKETBALL court, so let’s sit down & relax, & enjoy basketball at it’s finest. :))

  60. bonik® says:

    @MAVSFORTHETITLE, your right, im just saying that dwade cannot win this alone, as well as for dirk, its proven, so dont need to argue, bother other’s opinion, ok? 🙂

  61. gatong says:

    james is nothing right now.nothing to proved,is this the two time mvp?

  62. pacman says:




  64. Memphis-All-The-Way says:

    GREAT PLAYERS DON’T SCORE 17, 8, and 17 in the NBA FINALS. Obviously the KING is not a King after all and goes to show that D.WADE is a lot better than Lebron. Wade should be the one in the same conversation as MJ and KOBE and not Lebron who is scared and shaky when it counts most. Lebron is just the King of the regular season where the pressure and competition is not as tight.

    Quit dreaming Lebron Fans. I know he’s a good player, but does not belong with the all-time-greats obviously. Not even in the top 20 all-time. Wade and Dirk are much better players. I’d even go for Terry over Lebron who sank a dagger-three right on the face of Lechoke in game 5.

  65. it's funny says:

    I would like Dallas to win. They deserve it and they won’t have as many more chances as the younger Miami Heat.

    About Lebron: as long as he doesn’t have a post play, movement without the ball and higher basketball IQ he can not be considered a great player. In fact he would be better of playing football.

    If the Heat win you have to give the credit to DWade, Mario Chalmers and the coaching staff.

  66. HEAT BELIEVER says:

    bet you this goes to game 7..
    LETS GO DWADE ur still #1..

  67. Western Conference´s Fan says:

    -When Dallas Won Againt My Lakers I Know That noone cant Beat Dallas
    -Dirk OMG Best Big Guy Shooter EVER!!Lamar Odom Is Big as Dirk and he couldnt Block him!!
    -Wade Is Miami Right Now is hurt and Bosh is not Deal For the Mavs
    -LEbron and Bibby II dont know why erik spoelstra let them play in the final 5 minutes!! the useless !!Mario Chalmers Got more balls than LBJ and Bibby in this series.
    -Onces again LBJ is more Stats player than a winner!! triple Double no ¨W¨!!!
    -He Win Gold medal in the olimpic cuz LBJ(BlackHole) cant sucked All that Shining Stars in USA Basketball Team
    -Next time LBJ or i should call you Karl Malone II(2)!!

  68. King James says:

    Lets go Mavs! lets go Mavs! Let go Mavs!

  69. MiamiWillWin says:

    Miami in 7. DWade all day.

  70. 24>6 says:

    now poor heat fan blaming the coach…LMAO… just accept it. Dallas is better than your trio. you want people to ask lakers… where r u dude..when dallas swept the lakers…by the way ur heat beat the celtics…..and the suprs? they got upset by the grizzlies…

  71. JamesJonesmustbeIN says:

    can’t understand why eric spoelstra didnt let james jones play inside..They need better shooter, and it must be him, like terry of the dallas. He can prove that his better owning the 3pt championship at all star

  72. jbest says:

    Man c’mon. Lets all be fair here. Dallas did a good job defending the heat and coming up with the win late in the game. Dirk is their main man but the bench are also doing their job. With dirk’s fade awaw J, nobody can block that. The mavs also get the advantage of home court that’s why most people here think the reds are with the mavs. But, if and when the MV3 do their jobs right I guarantee you they will win. Haven’t anyone seen that most of the games the mavs were trailing? The only problem with the heat in those situations is they focus too much on dirk and then thats the start of their defensive collapse. But if you know the law of averages the heat are bound to win and lebron is bound to have a good game. So GO HEAT!

  73. Alejandro says:

    I’m a Mavs fan and I’m not a Heat hater just for clarifying. The only thing they can do to beat the Mavs is to use LeBron.. He’s the real key to win the championship. They beat the Celtics and Bulls because of his huge contribution. So if LeBron still has a mental problem with himself, even Wade can’t do it by himself.

  74. ideasman says:

    i think mavs is more hungry because this is their last chance dirk, and kidd is gettin old, but this will be nice if the heat wins game 6 and the series will go to game 7 =)

  75. CarlosV13 says:

    If miami looses this the haters are going to hate like crazy but this is miami’s 1st season together. come on think about it 1st season this is a warm up. ok thats not a good way to put it. well if miami goes to looses their going to remember and want it more every 6 other seasons and they will win some but some ppl just dont understand who knows why. I know lebron got swept in 07 and ever since than he couldnt do anything but loose the post season but he can change it here thats why he went to miami. i dont love it but its whatevers get over it thats what i did and lets just watch and see how this goes

  76. OUTLAW says:

    I want the Mavs and Dirk win!

  77. nick l. says:

    The difference with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant with Lebron is that when those two go down, they go down shooting. They never faded in the background when the game is on the line. And that is why Lebron will never be as great as those two, limitless talent or not. Mental toughness, desire and no fear when it comes to losing. Wanting, no, demanding the ball when the game is on the line is not a talent. It comes from somewhere deeper. You can see it in their faces when they played. In the dying minutes of every game they want the ball in their hands whether they’re having an off night or not. It’s their moment and they never backed away from it, unlike Lebron who did it last year and is doing it again this year. The most talented player to play the game? Maybe. Will he be atleast become one of the greatest? Sorry, but I haven’t seen anything to render that vote.

  78. Rich says:

    MAVS winning game 6 will be sweet. But the sweetest way and I certainly won’t mind is for Heat to get jobbed by the refs on their own home court so they would know how it feels back in 2006. The MAVS have already proven that their the best team this season. Rubbing it on Heat’s faces would feel so much better.

  79. MIAMI 2011 CHAMPIONS says:

    REMEMBER WHAT PHIL JACKSON SAID: “IT’S LIKE A HOME WIN BY WIN GAME”, when you got 2-3-2 home court series, IT’S NATURAL that the series will be 3-2, both of the teams reclamed their home court lose in game 2 & 3.
    EVEN MIAMI dont have Johnson,Olajuwan or Kobe, We still have the BIG THREE, all of them are capable of getting triple double like thes three superstars from Lakers & Rockets to win the championship! LET’S FACE THE FACT THAT WHEN YOU ARE ON THE ROAD refs calls are UNEVEN. AND GUESS WHAT? CHRIS WEBBER SAID (about James)?“ “That’s not as aggressive as he should have been, especially with Wade hurt.” HERE IS THE BRILLIANT ANSWER, FOR ANY ROAD TEAMS, Drawing a foul is NOT THAT EASY if your not at home!!!REF is VERY UNEVEN of visiting teams SO GUESS WHAT?JAMES is just waiting to switch the series back to MIAMI TO DRAW FOULS & GET MORE FREE THROWS MORE AGGRESSIVE MORE ATTACK MODE THAN EVER!!SIMPLY BECAUSE WHEN YOU’RE ON THE ROAD REF WONT GIVE YOU FAIR CALLS!IS THAT SIMPLE!SO KNOW YOU KNOW WHY YOU CANT DO THAT “ATTACK MODE” when youre on the road!!SO BRACE YOUR SELF DALLAS!& START TO LOSE HOPE!& THROW YOUR AMBITION to become a champion coz DWADE LEBRON & BOSH WILL BECOME A MOSTER TO WIN BACK TO BACK GAME!BEST OF ALL, DONT EVER EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE “HEART OF THE CHAMPIONS” Eddie House, Haslem & Wade have ALL THE CHAMPIONSHIP Experience & know how to WIN the chamionship!

  80. cloyzeppelin says:

    Better to trade LBJ for d.howard nxt saeson, it would be a better and complete big three for themiami heat, bosh will complement with howard down low,and wade holds the ball for the pressure/clutch minutes of the game, having LBJ on the floor at the same time with wade is not good,, wade can carry the heat with his talent not needing a guy who goes emplty during clutch minutes

  81. islander says:

    The Miami Heat is the best team in the League. If you go to the stats in the regular season, and you make the math, they are the best team overall by far. Compare to the Mavs, they are better offensively 8 to 4, defensively 8 to 1. If the heat loses, all the fingers shall be pointing to the coaching. Miami coaching has been a disaster managing the timing of their player, not mentioning personality and character required to lead a team like this one… James playing 45 min. plus all the time with no air to fallow Terry that comes out of the bench fresh as the other side of the pillow in the fourth quarter. Plus also fatigue limits him (James) offensively at the end of games, and all together hurts his confidence.
    How in the world a solid shutter and defender like James Jones hasn’t play yet in the finals?
    How in the world Dampier or other big guy hasn’t come out at lease to counterpart for some minutes Chandler? Udonis and Joel only can foul him trying to get rebounds ‘cause the size differential.
    Terrible personal management, not using the talent of the team at his best and hurting the confidence of everybody, mainly James and the bench, and taking out of the rhythm the entire team
    That only means insecurity by Eric S. himself. Nothing personal. A great team needs historically a great coach….Ask Lakers, Celtics, Spurs…
    Hope their talents can overcome such mediocre leadership.
    Note: Carslile is not perfect, but at least better.

    • MIAMI 2011 CHAMPIONS says:

      I agree on that coaching issue, I also noticed that Chalmers is more efficient in both ends defensively & offensively, so why not have him start the first five. Also Dampier & Howard are good on defense as well so why not switch them so james can rest & get FRESH LEGS on four quarter. Jones & Eddie house can be also a BIG FACTOR to make more buckets. MIAMI’s Coaching staff should know how to shuffle the team roster like what dallas did putting Mahinmi & Cardinal on the floor. Well as we all know, Howard, Jones, House got more talent that Mahinmi & Cardinal. So better trust them=)

  82. Kobe Bryant says:

    My question is why is Lebron considered by most people the best player in the league when he isn’t even the best on his own team? Lebron’s game 4 was unacceptable for any player of his status. Kobe or Jordan might shooting bad in the finals for a game but they never would go 3 for 10 for 8 points. Like in game 7 last year Kobe went 6 for 24 but got 23 points. Shooting the ball only 10 times is simply showing no heart. He may have gotten a triple double in game 5, but that was the quitest trouble double in the history of history, and he didn’t present any kind of prescence. Even if the Heat do win this series the Finals Mvp should be Dwayne Wade even if Lebron gets 60 points each of the next 2 games.

  83. 13k says:

    lebron james must go inside so that the mavs will be forced to call a foul..so that some of mavs big man will be in foul trouble..

  84. charles says:

    I only wish that Lebron will play like how he is known to be a very dominant player. I hope that he doesn’t waste this opportunity in Game 6 (and 7 if ever) like how he did in Games 4 & 5. Judging from how the series is going, Miami can easily bounce back if their 3 superstars play their game……aggressive and always in attack mode!

  85. Teddy says:

    Unless Lebron reappears and not chicken out, the Heat is doomed. Coach Spo must devise a play for him down low when Kidd guards him. The ref must also watch out the Mavs cheating on defensive alignment. Chandler/Nowitzki won’t get out of the free throw area even if Bosh/Haslem is 15 mtrs away from the basket.

  86. this stupid..im a miami heat but i show some respect to mavs fans.. to tell you the truth there doing a good job on both end of the floor.. but the is miami heat doesnt play like they use to play the game of basketball..

    heres the thing if lebron cant show that hes one of the best player who evers play the game.. that good for dallas because its going to be the end of this series.. but still.. lebron is lebron.. and no matter what happens. hes a great player. so please show some respect.. there just human.. heat haters really dont know how to play the game of basketball thats why there so mad at lebron.. and this is stupid..

    great players means great responsibility.. and thats what dirk is showing! good luck to both teams. and hopufully spoels should stop saying that he will envolve lebron in scoring.. he should find a way how to stop the 4th quarters plays of dallas.. lebron is a great player. he know what to do.. all you got to do is boost him up.. lack of confidence is the problem here.. lets go heat! its still a 7game series

  87. James says:

    Screw u Heat haters..We are gonna take this series in 7..and LeBron will shoot the winning basket over ur Nowitzki..

  88. Sounds Fishy says:

    What do you mean dear writer?

    So it can be done. It has been done.

    Now it’s LeBron’s turn.

    Never a better opportunity.

    What’s your point??? Sound’s like the NBA is up to something. Don’t tell me the officials are gonna decide this. You aint giving the HEAT gazillion freethrows amd call their so-obvious flops especiall Wade.

  89. Yunaks says:

    The game is basically a matter of…..
    1. The shots of the mavs are falling, of course they will win
    2. The defense of heat could hold back the gunners of mavs…heat wins

  90. DREI says:

    and lebron really likes to be called KING??? what a JESTER!!!!!LOL



  92. GniK911 says:

    there’s no doubt Lebron and dwade is among the top players in the nba or maybe 1 of the best players today but they are not the best of teammates….what use is their talent if they cannot use it to win a championship….better to have all average players in a team that has excellent teamwork than 2 (or 3?) highly skilled players….

  93. Iván says:

    They can’t win with all those superstars. They act like gods or something like that when they dunk or make a shoot, and for the same reason they can`t beat the heart that Dallas sure have and “NEVER” will be legends.

  94. Clobitto says:

    The heat will win if some mafia will Tell the Mavs to lose the game…

    • jake says:

      mafia for mavs? i think on lebron’s part, see his performance in last two games compare in the first three rounds playoffs he was tremendous and efficient at both ends. but now he was showing very obvious scenario of being afraid of something else, alot of worries when he’s playing at the court, you always see him putting his two hands at both side of his hips, thinking at far far away. he was not focus on his job…i think this is the same situation with the great michael jordan , the only difference would be if lebron will give up his game/s or he will try to fight for what is supposed to be done as miami heat superstar. Heat needs him badly for the upcoming games. go heat. go LEBRON JAMES . THE KING WILL RUIN YOU… MAVS!

  95. bronny says:

    you guys do realize dallas will be slaughtered in GAME 6 in miami. I see no chance for dallas in these next two games because they won’t be able to match the energy of lbj and wade.

  96. 3peat says:

    Kobe is still the best player lol its proven right here in the finals

    Lebron overrated hahah

    DALLAS in 6

  97. leavelebronalone says:

    hey i just want to say f#} you to all lebron haters leave him alone for the sake of the world. he hasn’t played fine so what the series ain’t over and we got two games at our house so give my man a break and wait for him to bounce back big in this games.

    • Crucialcigar says:

      Leave Lebron alone?!

      Who went on National TV to announce he is going to south beach?
      Who introduce themselves like they are in a celebration after a championship?
      Who said they are going to bring mutli championships to Miami?

      Now you want us to leave him alone??? I don’t thing so. As a matter of fact, we should do a special NBA TV program on Lebron and co to interview their thoughts on losing the final and getting his axx kicked..

      As Sir Charles said. Lebron, don’t act like you are a victim here. you brought this to yourself..

      Rick Carlisle and coaching staffs deserve tons of credit, they broke down Miami’s offences beautifully…
      erik spoelstra can apply to his coaching staff and learn a few things as he did nothing after Dallas show him what he was about to see in game 4 and 5. and game 3 he was just lucky…

  98. One big fan here! says:

    I agree with the bloggers here that are giving the Dallas defense credit! It’s not so much that Lebron is playing badly. The Dallas defense is locking him down pretty good. They’re taking him out of his game at times, especially in the 4th quarter, when it counts the most. It’s ironic that a team that’s never really been known for defensive prowess is now a lock down defensive team. Ya, there are lapses sometimes, but for the most part they are doing the job defensively. And their offense is performing at a high level as usual.It’s going to be tough to close it out in Miami, but i think Dallas is very capable of doing just that!

  99. Just Stating the Obvious says:

    D-League players > LeBron James

  100. NBA FAN says:

    People need to give Dallas more credit. They are playing excellent basketball right now and are winning with defense. All of their comebacks have been sparked on the defensive end. They are locking up Lebron, taking Bosh out of the game, and making things tough for D Wade when it matters most. Concerning Lebron’s ineffectiveness, the reality of Lebron is that he is a ONE DIMENSIONAL SCORER. He is not as creative with the ball as a Dwayne Wade, or even a Derrick Rose. He has no mid range game, and does not know how to weave through defenses. His strongest attribute is his athleticism, but if you take away a direct path to the basket, he has no other go to game but jacking up bad outside shots. This has been evident all through his career (which is personally why I feel he is somewhat overrated). It especially showed in the series versus the Celtics last year. If the Heat are going to win, Lebron is going to have to stop being scared of the moment and find a way to do more. But at the end of the day, Dwayne Wade is going to have to carry them home.

  101. jUSTIN-m says:

    @perder…. wat a nonsense comment dude…

  102. Heat ALL Day says:

    The KING will come back with a VENGEANCE in Miami, and prove ALL you haters WRONG.

    “And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and FURIOUS anger…”

    Miami HEAT 2011 NBA CHAMPS

  103. Hey pippen! where’s your greatest player now?
    I cant understand what you were saying while LEchoke’s D!ck is on your mouth. hahahaha

  104. perder says:

    Miami and Dallas should just play 96 minutes on Sunday for Games 6-7.
    If at 48 minutes Dallas did not win, continue for 48 more minutes.

  105. DBowe says:

    The fans and the media need to realize that the Alpha Dog in Miami IS stepping up. That’s because it’s Dwyane Wade. Let’s go Heat!

  106. MIAMI HEAT... says:


  107. ats says:

    Now everyone in the country will realize what a spineless choke “Le Loser” really is. He will go down as the next Dominique, all flash and no rings.

    D-wade on the other hand is amazing and the true superstar. Can he carry this team in game 6? if so, no way Dallas wins game 7.

    Go Mavaliers

  108. 3 Many stars says:

    1. James, Wade, and Bosh are all rythym players. The tough defenses, the double teaming and the fact that there’s only 1 ball to 3 athletic superstars on a single team, with no real offensive sets is what’s causing James’ poor performance on offense. He can’t get into rythym and let’s face it, Bosh is overrated. It’s not a coincidence that James’ points went up when Wade went out. James had more touches on the ball with no one to defer to. The HEAT does not have a real system on offense, it basically consists of James, Wade and Bosh trying to create thier own shots, without any prior set up or a specific system intended to create shots for them or at the very least have a much more balanced distribution of the ball.
    2. Now that Dallas perimeter shots are going in, it’s only going to spread the floor even more, make defenders commit more to the perimeter shooters which will result in more, higher percentage points in the paint.

    Law of averages tell me Mavs in 6. Plus I think Carlisle found the crack in the Heats defense by speeding up our offensive tempo and slowing down thier offensive tempo by defending at the back court to further get them out of rythym. A slower tempo basically means more half court offensive sets for the Heat, of which they don’t really have.

    • LA AC says:

      There’s virtually no way Dallas hits that high a percentage of its threes in Miami, no matter how much they “speed up” their offensive tempo.

  109. JR says:

    I’ve been a Lebron James fan since before he entered the NBA. I remember thinking this guy would ultimately become the greatest player of all time. I mean, how could you not think that? With a body like his he certainly has the potential. He put up ridiculous numbers year after year, to no one’s surprise. He amazed us with his athleticism and all round play, no doubt. There was one thing missing, however, for us to consider him ‘great’. The word great is used to describe not just how some played basketball, but what they achieved and how they went about achieving it. As a huge Lebron James fan, I have been rooting for him to win a championship for many years now. There was a voice inside me that told me he would never rank up to Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson or any of the all time greats because of how he entered the league and how the world has treated him. He entered the league an 18 year old kid. They crowned him a KING, and placed 90 million dollars into his bank account before he even played one game in the NBA. Any intelligent person with life experience knows what that is a recipe for. And then they placed insurmountable pressure on him to become a multiple champion at such a young age without any real help. But all that doesn’t matter any more because he is much older, much more experienced, and has lots of help from superstar teammates D Wade and Chris Bosh. The problem with Lebron is though, he wants to one of the “Greatest of All Time” for the sake of being remembered as one, whereas Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant want to be one of the “Greatest of All Time” for the sake of actually BEING ONE. That is the biggest difference I have noticed with Lebron and the Greats in the 17 or so years I have been an NBA fan. I do not understand for the life of me why Lebron James, with all the potential in the world to become the single greatest basketball player to have ever played, has not to this date, worked on developing a low-post game or attempt to become one of the greatest jump shooters. He has been blessed with a super-human body and has wasted it by not developing one good low-post move. He would certainly be “UNSTOPPABLE” to the exact definition of the word if had developed a low-post game. Why if he wants to be one of the ‘G.O.A.Ts” does he not show up four hours early to a game to work on his jump shot like Ray Allen, the KING of THREE POINTERS, does every single game?

    Lebron James, as one of your biggest fans who has followed you and admired you for so many years, I am telling you that if you ever want to be considered as one of the greatest of all time to play this game, if you want to win multiple championships, if you want to truly dominate the league for the next decade, then you have to dedicate your life right now to developing yourself into a truly unstoppable force. Work on your low post game. Get help from the legends like Dwight Howard has done. Come to games four hours early and work on your jump shot. Come to practices hours earlier and stay hours later to work on your free-throws and three pointer shooting. And most important of all: STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE TELLING YOU WHO YOU ARE! Stop being afraid of failing to live up to the expectations. Dedicate your life to basketball, to developing your game and never being satisfied with it, to becoming the Greatest Player of All Time, not to be remembered that way, but for the sole purpose of actually being the greatest.

    Best of luck to you in the Finals!

    • Crucialcigar says:

      Great analysis JR. nicely done.

      but I think Lebron must know or someone have told him.
      how come he didn’t do anything about it? I think he and his “king pride” is in the way….

      He didn’t learn his lesson on 2007 final when he got sweeped..
      exactly the same player.
      he thought but joining force with other, he can do the same stuff and no body can stop him…
      I think the Whole Miami was thinking like that and it work to some extend as they got to the final.
      however it is the FINAL. Defence win the game here…

  110. OKC says:

    Barea is so good that I wouldn’t trade him for Westbrook!!

  111. – I saw LeBron today and asked him for $1, but he only gave me $0.75, I asked him “where’s the rest” and he said “I don’t have a 4th quarter”.

  112. MavsForTheTitle says:

    The only reason Miami managed to catch up to Dallas is D-Wade and MARIO CHALMERS! GIVE CREDIT TO WHO IS RIGHT NOW THE BEST 3-POINT SHOOTER ON YOUR FREAKIN’ TEAM. Wade rarely hits threes, and only does so when Miami is down and he is trying to rally back. Lebron hasn’t even made any threes worth, and Chris Bosh doesn’t shoot threes at all. Mario Chalmers scored 4 threes in the first half of Game 5! He’s very creative in making plays on the offensive end, and his defense is spectacular! If only Mike Miller and Lebron James could say as much, then Miami would have this in the bag, and this is coming from a Dallas fan. Mavericks are much more organized on BOTH ENDS! So…MAVERICKS FOR THE TITLE!

  113. LBJ Rules says:

    Lebron james is seing an illusion right now, and that doesn´t let him play at his best. The enemy is not Dallas or the trash talkers terry and stevenson, the enemy is himself. If he just plays the game the best he can and realizes that all that curse thing is just an illusion it’s not real, then he will have either a good or bad game but it will happen playing at his best. There are good days and bad days for all people in life, but as long as we see how things really are and don´t get caught on illusions (like thinking that we are cursed for something, believing that no matter what we do things won´t go our way) then eventually our goals will be reached. So will lebron see the reality?

  114. king says:

    Kobe is the closer, Lebron is not capable of the fundamental abilities to win games that are close. He doesn’t have have that killer instinct of mental toughness to do so. Kobe and Jordan always found ways to way in their championship runs. Perfect example was in last year’s game 7 Lakers vs Celtics. Kobe had trouble shooting the ball and was 6 for 24. But in the fourth quarter he drove to the basket to draw fouls and scored 10 points from free throws, which still made him clutch in game 7. But the biggest attribute he had in that game was his monumental 15 rebs. Kobe Bryant remembered from the scouting report that the team that won the rebounding won the game. Kobe knew how to win in these situations as the Lakers went home to win games 6 & 7 and the odds were against them, but the Lakers had a player who always seizes the oppurtunity to win when he sees it. Thats why Kobe Bryant is the CLOSER and Lebron is the CHOKER.

    • bobby says:

      The reason the Lakers won that game 7 was not because of Kobe. It was Pau Gasol and Ron Artest that came through for him.

      • LABRYANT says:

        and your point is..at least kobe demands the ball in clutch situations..he still scored 10 points in the 4th quarter of game 7 last year..Lebron is afraid of those situations ..he doesnt want ball..in 5 games in the finals he has scored a total of 10 points..And Bobby stick to sometyhing you know cause it sure isnt Basketball.when the Bulls won all those tiltes Steve kerr and john paxson hit big threes that won them 2 titles..if they dont hit those they lose..MJ EVEN said that..superstars need help to win ..thats why you always get unsung playoff heroes in the finals…KERR PAXSON HORRY MARIO ELLIE FISHER ARTEST SHOULD I GO ON…

    • LA AC says:

      I’m no Celtic or Heat fan, but the Lakers won Game 7 in 2010 more because of Perkins’s injury than any ther factor. The Celtics absolutely dominated the game until their lack of depth caused them to run out of gas, especially in the paint.

  115. LABRYANT says:


    • KINGJAMES says:

      Lebron > Kobe that’s it. That’s NBA.

      • U-K-W says:

        U got urself a nice dream, young fella

      • Memphis-All-The-Way says:

        King with 17pts. 8pts. 17pts. in three consecutive Finals game. what a loser. you call that great? or better than Kobe? get real brother. Kobe wouldnt do such crap as your Lebron did. If you’ve watched the Finals I know you are starting to realize how scared and shaky your LBJ is in the big stage. Great players dont get shaky and loose their game in the Finals. That’s NBA is, and great players are.

        KING JAMES? King of what? oh yeah. King of the regular season, where the competition is not as tight. King without anything too.

  116. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    series is not over yet there is atleast one more game

  117. lord p says:

    James have to be sick cause..i couldn’t believe that ‘the choosen one’ came to miami to change his trend after 7long years of losing in clev..still not able to step up..by giving his contribution..nobody ask him to be the ‘guy’like in clev but to be effective on the floor and play like a superstar..like a man..!!Terry don’t have the half of the talents that God gifted to bron..he only need to be a man and get the respect he deserve by DOMINATING the next 2games!!!

  118. TOTOY MOLA says:

    @ STFU.. STFU!!!!

    • STFU says:

      Its always a trash article when it doesn’t benefit you! or it CRITICIZES your player — RIGHT GAY?

  119. TOTOY MOLA says:

    another trash article

  120. Levi Montana says:

    Lebron CHOKED enough said!!!! Mavs got this!!! Cant wait to see what lebron will have to say in the confrence room when Dallas is in their locker room having a champaign shower. Still got much luv for Dwade tho

  121. STFU says:

    MAVS…. burned them now, 1 more win and the heat are toasted. and if JKIDD resigns next season, hell get IVERSON please — 2 trashtalkers for them, JERRY adn IVERSON!!!! hell YEAH!!!!

    • Levi Montana says:

      Im feelin allen Iverson on dallas my alltime favorite player would be nice to end his carear on a good note with a ring

    • LA AC says:

      If Kidd retires and the Mavs get Iverson, the only ring that the Mavs will see is the one in the toilet bowl down which their season will be flushed.

  122. Go Go Go Mavs says:

    Mavs are going to take the title in Game 6. As a collective unit, they are better than the Heat. You can’t buy Championships, it takes hard work and true grit. This is what Dallas is all about. the cHEATers don’t deserve it. It’s time to give it to the good guys, the underdogs, the guys who paid their dues in this league, moved around to different teams and felt hardships throughout their career. Dallas deserves it more. They are the true symbol of AMERICA.

    • sean says:

      true that buddy!

      • cheaters says:

        Funny how you call the heat cheaters when the mavs abviosly paid the reffs look at all cr@p call they made bosh’s chargewhen kidd umped sideways to take it that should have bean a blocking foul or all the times they called boch anthony haslem and howard for fouls when they hadnt even touched th people they were defending
        as i was saying funny how the heat are cheaters

    • ZzzZzzz says:

      Moved around different teams, felt hardships? So basically you’re saying that someone young and talented should not win a championship? Will you say that Derrick Rose should not win because he has yet to “pay his dues”? Seriously man, You’ve got tunnel vision. I bet you weren’t even rooting for the Mavs at the start of the season. I wouldn’t be surprised if you just jumped on the bandwagon of those who support the mavs not because they like the mavs but because they hate the Heat.

    • sadfadfasdf says:

      how are Mavs the hard workers? have you seen how stacked their team is? and their only terry and dirk are the ones left from the 2006 finals, get real just because the heat did a make over to their roster

  123. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

    There has been too much talk of Lebron this whole series …

    This is a team game and the TEAM is what will win or lose …

    There are a lot of GREAT players on the court who ALL factor in to the final outcome.

    The bottom line is STOP MAKING THIS SERIES ALL ABOUT Lebron!!!


    • mr. eleven says:

      the first time i agree with you, guess blame it to article, they keep on making one on lebron, being the hottest and most hated player in nba history. do or die game, go heat >.<

  124. STFU says:

    this is what happens to a tripod — when one leg gets hurt — IT BREAKS.

  125. Mark R says:

    In the last 6 minutes of the five games in the NBA Finals so far, Dallas has outscored Miami by 75-43. LeBron James in the Finals has 0 points in the last 5 minutes of games when the score is 5 points or less – to say he has ‘evaportaed’ or ‘checked out’ is being polite…


  126. Blueprint says:

    To be fair, the Mavs’ #1 priority was making sure LeBron had the hardest time of any Heat player. They have been doing a superb job of double teaming him whenever they see him as a threat.
    Still, this is on LeBron. For god’s sakes man, don’t dribble BACK after you have a screen set for you. Do an ATTACK dribble and collapse the defense on you and CREATE. That is the reason you have been the best player on the planet for the past 3 years (honestly don’t know if this year counts….you’ve turned into a jump shooter): you can attack the rim and create for your teammates like no one else. Stop settling for 3s in the 4th quarter. Be aggressive.
    Somebody on the Heat coaching staff also has to light fires under the Heat big men. A lot of their picks are really half-hearted and barely even graze the ball handler’s man. They need to get right in front of them and actually impede their defender.
    Oh yeah, Wade needs to stop trying to dominate the ball. He takes LeBron out of the game when he does that. Since LeBron’s a better PG than him, Wade should be cutting off the ball.

    • DBowe says:

      @ Blueprint. You’re obviously a former Cav and lack the ability to be objective. Or maybe you just don’t know much about basketball. But D Wade can handle the ball FAR better than Lebron and it’s his team. So you and the media need to get it out of your mind that Lebron is the closer on the Heat. If we are going to win, then our leader (Dwyane Wade) has to have the ball in the clutch.

      • wink says:

        @ Blue print: Wade didnt dominate the ball, how can Wade dominate the ball if bron gets almost 10 apg.. That just stupid. We all know that wade struggled in the EFC and Bron was the best player in MIAMI. Wade still scored 8 – 10pts in the fourth quarter even bron was on hes game. I think its not Dallas defense on LeBron, its just LeBron not the player hes was.

  127. I love the game says:

    I believe Miami will prevail as well! All I’m saying is the key to Miami’s victory is, who cares if Dirks gets 40-50pts, he’s their guy. DO NOT LET THE OTHER PLAYERS SCORE! BOTTOM LINE. Its no way Dirk’s 40-50 pts can beat the big 3 if they each have 25 pts a piece and a few of our bench players have 7 or 8. THERE IS NO WAY! LETS GO SOUTH BEACH!

  128. Belmont says:

    As much as I don’t like the Heat and LBJ, you have to give the Mav’s some credit here. They are playing James very tough and he does not play well when he is smothered on Defense. He looses his confidence and starts changing his game. D-Wade is different. He will keep attacking and shooting regardless. Dallas is as tough of a team to play as they come and is playing tremendously as an entire unit. When Wade, Bosh and James are all locked in at the same time, they don’t loose. Problem is Dallas has figured out a way to shut 2 of the 3 down at a time and living with the others buckets. Instead of writing these repetitive articles about the same old crap. why not give praise to a team that is playing as an entire unit and coming up big in the 4th when it counts. Who gives a crap about what happened last summer? If you haven’t noticed, it’s almost this summer now. Time to write about something else and enjoy some great basketball games. The question is, will Wade or Bosh cry if they loose the title on their home turf?

    • Maurice says:

      great comment man. Wish some of the writers on here would pay attention to the Game itself and not the old news they are bringing up.

    • wink says:

      Come on!! Dallas, i really dont see dallas had a good defense on LeBron, its just that Bron hasnt been the player like he was in the celtics and the EFC. If wade can attact, why cant lebron.. And its just stupid that they just let go of wade, and put much defense on lebron, its like you defend Dirk and just letting go of kidd and terry.. I do credit Dallas for their great game, they are more deserving for that ring than LeBron.. I am Miami and DWade fan, I do not hate LeBron when hes still on Cleaveland, I just believe that Wade is a better player than him. You can see his game in finals, but not enough for this MAVS team, Everybody struggles, but the struggles of James is worst than wades in EFC.

    • LA AC says:

      Dallas played great offense in Game 5, but the fact is that the Heat dominated all but six minutes of the two previous games in Miami. While many experts are picking the Mavs because of their momentum of the last two games, it seems that Dallas is extremely unlikely to hit around 70% of their threes, open or contested, on the road. A more likely scenario would be the Heat’s return, after two days’ rest, to the defensive form of the first four games, and, should it get offensive contributions from its role players, especially Miller, pulling away in Game 6.
      Game 7 should then shape up to be another defensive struggle, which, except for the above-mentioned six minutes, have so far greatly favored the Heat in Miami.

  129. John says:

    “Since the NBA switched to the 2-3-2 format for The Finals in 1985, only three teams — the 1988 Lakers, the 1994 Rockets and the 2010 Lakers — have returned home trailing 3-2 and defended their turf to claim the title.”

    How many of the those Finals have been 3-2 in favor of the away team. Without that info, for all I know, maybe every time the home team has defended their title?

    • JMW says:

      John, read it again. In all three of these examples the the away team was up 3 games to 2 going into game six and the home team won game six and then game seven. The article says that any other time the away team was leading 3-2, they ended up winning one of the last two game to take the title.

    • joe says:

      How many of the those Finals have been 3-2 in favor of the away team. All of them if you took the time to read the damn article it states ” have returned home trailing 3-2 and defended their turf to claim the title.” Key word trailing!!!!

    • LA AC says:

      The quote means that, since 1985, some teams have returned to their home court for the last two games trailing 3-2. Of these, three teams have won, in 1988, 1994, and 2010. The significance of the quote is that it has happened only three times in 26 finals, no matter how many of the 26 finals have involved teams returning home trailing 3-2.
      One team that lost after returning home trailing 3-2 was the 2006 Mavericks, who lost in six games to the Heat. The home team trailing 3-2 also lost Game 6 in 1985, 1993, and 1998.
      You can find out such facts, and more, by clicking on the “History” link at the bottom of the nba.com home page.

  130. Heat 4ever Meyor says:

    I think that Heat will win game number 7, i have faith in that, see this prediction http://sportales.com/sports/miami-heat-the-2011-nba-champions/ , i hope Lebron will grab this oppurtunity, i know he can do this , for me he is the best player in the NBA right now, he just need not to Defer to D-Wade http://sportales.com/basketball/top-five-nba-players-of-all-time/ , and if Lebron plays bad, D wade Will Surely Take the game in his hands http://sportales.com/shooting/top-10-nba-shooting-guards-of-all-time/ , We can say that Mavs is in the Upper hand right now, but, There are still things to consider, the next 2 games would be Miamis Home Court, http://sportales.com/basketball/nba-mythical-five-of-all-time/

    • sean says:

      dude get a life sports writers dont know everything they get paid to do that so they HAVE to write somethin all the time
      we will see how this pans out by watching the games
      if dallas wins game 6 u will feel like an idiot

    • Kobe says:

      How can the Heat win game 7 when there is no game 7!!!!!!!

      • Kristina says:

        Ha! 😀

      • OUTLAW says:

        I agreed you!

      • AustinVLebron says:

        It’s okay if you insult the HEAT! Cuz u r depressed about the HORRIBLE lost that Kobe and Pau delivered in only 4 games! I’m here for u! DON’T CRY! 😦

      • Moreeze says:

        Recently in some Afroshop in Dallas:

        „You know what? I met Lebron James just a couple of hours ago.“

        “No way! You for real?”

        “Hell yes I am! And you know what I did, brother? I asked the man for a Dollar”

        “You asked LeBron James for a Dollar?”

        “Hell yeah. And you know what? All he gave me was 75 Cents!”

        “He only gave you 75 Cents when you asked for a Dollar??? Why is that?”

        “Well, that’s because HE NEVER HAS A FOURTH QUARTER!!!”

  131. bonik® says:

    i never would have thought miami will be in this situation, but for now we miami fans need to settle that dwyane wade and lebron james are superstars, and they’re out to win this all at home, i know for sure, win or lose, this is a great series, the mavs showed more composure, they took advantage of miami’s weaknesses, now they are 1 win away to championship. i still have faith on miami, it aint over yet, but if they dont do something quick, this is essentially over, one word is needed for miami heat to win, it is LEBRON. 🙂

    • MavsForTheTitle says:

      Hey, Heat fan.
      You seen Lebron in Game 4?
      You seen D-Wade in Games 4 & 5?
      D-Wade plays a heck lot better than Lebron does in the Finals.

      • sameer patan says:

        Doesnt matter. When Lebron plays well Miami wins even if Dwyane plays bad but not the other way around!

      • wink says:

        yeh.. lebron had a good game in the celtic and efc, but, i didnt see wade standing around like bron did. wade still attacks. I now think that dwade is a lot better player than bron because if bron had a good game, wade is still on his back. I really do remember wade struggled in the EFC, but only on first to third quarters, but not in the fourth. But ryt now, i really dont understand what LBJ has been doing. I dont believe he checked out, its more of he just dont knw how to adjust when wade plays good..

  132. ElKabitenyo-DWade4Ever says:

    I still believe Miami will bounce back. DWade will be like in 2006 Finals and win Game 6 and 7.

    • Alemanya says:

      I still believe Miami will bounce back. DWade will be like in 2006 Finals and win Game 6 and 7.

      YUCK FOU! Go dallas and win the crown. serves you right all fans of the king and dwade! losers!

      • ElKabitenyo-DWade4Ever says:

        Hater! If ever Dallas wins the champioship, good for Dirk but it won’t stop me believing to Miami Heat and of course DWade.

      • Debbie8025 says:


    • Rich says:

      Only way 2006 happens again is if the refs do it for them again.

    • J Brown says:

      I’nt think Miami got what it takes to win the title because the chemistry is there some guys don’t know there role on the court and they’re not rotating and playing guys at the right position I really think the team was forced and they’re desprate to get a ring and you cant force something that doesn’t fit I think the coach doesn’t know who the real star is I think the people of miami think it’s LeBum but I’nt know because it’s suppose to be WADE County but who knows JB over and out