Chris Singleton is Getting Offensive

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Once, his rep was strictly as a versatile defensive standout, a small forward strong enough to muscle around with some power forwards at 6-feet-9 and 230 pounds and fleet enough to check some shooting guards, and that was enough to put Chris Singleton of Florida State in the mix to be drafted late in the lottery. It just made him seem one-dimensional.

But now that Singleton has been touring with a series of team workouts typical for most prospects, the perception is changing. He is showing an offensive game that didn’t much light in college. He has been better on that side of the ball than even some, or many, executives and scouts realized, an admission that comes from front offices themselves.

Singleton has shot well enough in some auditions that the success has jumped out. He has shown some low-post moves. In short, he has helped his stock heading toward the June 23 draft when it was in good shape to begin with.

There are two possible explanations: Dedicated players with good agents and trainers who understand the perception game will prepare for the workout process by focusing specifically on the areas that need improving, wanting to address perceived concerns as they travel from city to city. And, the 3-on-3 format typical of the team auditions is much more conducive to breaking out than the 5-on-5 setting. Two fewer players on offense means more opportunity to shine.

Or there is the other possibility. That Singleton was always better than the 13.1 points per game and 43.4 percent from the field of his junior season in 2010-11 and that was overshadowed by the defense.

“Some people don’t think I can score the ball, just because of me not taking enough shots,” Singleton said a few weeks ago in the early stages of individual workouts. “But I feel like I can score the ball. I’ve just got to go out there and show them I can score the ball.”

He is doing just that.


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