There’s no bloom off this Rose

Don’t buy into what Derrick Rose is peddling.

“It was me,” he said after the Bulls’ late collapse failed to prevent the inevitable and sent Miami to The Finals. “Turnovers, I guess fouls, if you call it that. If anything, you just learn from it and just try to do better next year. At the end, I told you it’s on me. Everything is on me. Turnovers, missed shots, fouls. I wasn’t tired. I was just making dumb decisions, and it cost us this game. The series is over with.”

That is an admirable approach by the league MVP and the face of his franchise. But it’s not the truth, which is, quite simply, the Bulls aren’t good enough.

At this moment in their still nascent development, the Bulls are Rose and a basket of question marks, as noted by Rick Morrissey in the Chicago Sun-Times:

LeBron James has Dwyane Wade. Wade has James.

Rose has . . . somebody help me here. Carlos Boozer? We’ll get to him in a moment.

You couldn’t help but be reminded of the talent disparity in the final minutes Thursday night, in the way you can’t help but be reminded of the mallet that just hit you in the head. James and Wade looked at each other, nodded, went to work and surgically separated the Bulls from their hearts.

The Heat won 83-80, moving Miami into the NBA Finals against Dallas. The Heat won the series 4-1, which is as it should be, too. The Heat is that much better.

Rose missed a free throw with 26.7 seconds left that would’ve tied the game at 81. After two Chris Bosh free throws, Rose had a chance to tie the game on a three-pointer but found himself staring into the chests of James and Udonis Haslem. The ball and the Bulls were going nowhere.

Wade has James, and James has Wade.

Whom does Rose have? Rose has Luol Deng, OK? I like Deng, but the next time he creates his own shot, the game will be stopped to commemorate the rarity.

It is easy, too easy, to blame Rose for 1-for-4 shooting with two turnovers in those final, sinking three minutes. It is wrong, so wrong, to say that M.J. would never have let that happen.

The fact is, when faced with having to carry a similarly unprepared lineup early in his career, Michael Jordan couldn’t do it either. In 1989 and ’90, when a young Scottie Pippen was still learning to become perhaps the greatest shotgun-rider in history, the Bulls lost to the Pistons in six games in the conference semifinals and in seven games in the conference finals.

Against the best defensive team of the era, Jordan was not able to single-handedly overcome constant trapping and smothering and attacking from two or three opponents. So why would anyone expect more from Rose?

The Bulls need a wing shooter/scorer either at the two-guard or small forward spot. And they need to find a way to get consistency for all that money they spent on Boozer.

It was a season that began with nobody really talking about the Bulls as a true threat to win it all and after 62 wins and a nice run through the playoffs, it’s going to take more than Rose beating himself up to change that.


  1. Chicago Lover says:

    To all you Derrick Rose haters, Miami is the city of weak shoulders. I can’t wait to see Lebron and Bosh crying on D-Wades shoulder. Even your coach knows. Bunch of cry babies. I predict Lebron will be biting his nails against Dallas.

  2. Chicago Lover says:

    “The Heat is Hollywood as Hell”…Thank you Joakim Noah for your honesty. I’ll tell you Heat fans one thing. The Heat barely beat the Bulls. If barely winning two of the 5 games by a few points is the Heats best, then I feel sorry for them against Dallas. You guys and gals better ride Lebrons and D-wades coat tail for as long as you can for beating the Bulls, because Dallas has more talent, more weapons and a more deeper bench than the Heat. As soon as Miami loses to Dallas, I believe the Miami fans are going to turn on their three stars. Bulls fans are the loyalest. Bulls fans are everywhere. That’s how you measure how good a team you truly are. The Heat are suppose to win with three all stars on the roster. The Derrick Rose led Bulls will be right back at you next season and I guarantee that the next time they face Miami in a playoff series, it will be a different outcome. Remember MJ’s speech while he was getting inducted into the NBA hall of fame, “All you guys threw gasoline on the fire”. D-Rose is Chicago Born and Raised and He is from my hood Englewood, where Survival is a way of life. He will learn to adapt and overcome Miami’s so called Heat. I will give the Heat Respect when they have those six championships Lebron promised when he signed with them. And as for Scottie Pippen’s comment, “He was just being sarcastic because the Bulls lost”. Lebron ain’t a king yet. He ain’t His Airness. I am on full Miami Heat hater mode now.

  3. Heat Fan says:

    You know what? I LOVED D-Rose BEFORE this series. But the fact is, he lost ALOT of fans respect when he couldn’t give the HEAT CREDIT for playing smother D and an all around great game against him and the Bulls. NO respect. The Heat gave ALL the credit to the Bulls for winning the first game (even though they were STILL CELEBRATING their Boston series win) but yet D-Rose after Game 2 and 3 culdnt even utter a aword of credit toward the Heat. So you know what? SCREW D-Rose, he’s humble, but not humble enough. He could of EASILY given credit to Lebron Wade and the Heat, but he has just chosen to call either “o I was just missing shots, or it was foul calls “I guess” , or it was this, or that”..but NOTHING about the Heat.

    So you know what D-Rose? You just lost ALOT of your fan base when you DIScredited the Miami Heat for playing a SPECTACULAR series against you. You could’ve easily stayed all humble like you always have, but you ruined it for ALOT of fans.

    So now, I’m GLAD you lost. MVP? ssshhhheeeeit EPIC FAIL D-Rose



  4. I'm really MJ says:

    And I’m not impress with “It all on ME”. It’s a team game. He doesn’t recognize his team at all?

  5. Clyde Martin says:

    All I have to say is game one was officiated fairly and the Heat got blown out………..after that the refs realized that it was going to take 8 against 5 to stop Rose and the Bulls………….enough said.

    • IX says:

      STFU!! Rose gets sneezed on and he goes to the free throw line, The refs didnt lock rose down on D, it was Lebron that shut him down. Take the beating like a man and stop whining. Rose=Overrated

  6. joblagz says:

    wow heat haters are retards… they fail to see reality and the inevitable outcome of this year’s playoffs…
    swallowed by hate, yall go blind and make yourselves look like a fool…

  7. NOAH FANS says:

    Totally agree with you

    Great comments

  8. TREBLIG says:



  9. watcher says:

    Apparently Boozer, Deng (both a previous a 20+ppg scorer in this league) and Korver all had subpar performances in the playoffs and the minset is that Chicago ‘needs another scorer’ to go all the way. Exuse me if I haven’t already seen this flawed logic before with a number of explosive ‘shoot first’ guards that failed to reach the promised land. Rose is a superb athlete. We all see that. But those that look can also see that Rose’ 25+ shots per game (45% regular season, way worse come playoffs) and Thib’s relentless (or living-in-denial) promotion of his style of play, will NEVER get the Bulls the LO’B trophy. I’m not sure if it’s MVP love or those crazy moves and mad hops that seem to sway everybody. This team needs a better offensive scheme, not a whole bunch of helpers. We’ve seen what happens when the prevailing logic of “bring in more scoring support’ happens with LBJ in Cleveland and now with Dwight in Orlando. Heck, we even saw the Suns go the opposite with ugly results. Fact is, Thibs and Chicago have a brilliant D and solid cast which needs a bit of off-season offensive tweaking, not a roster overhaul.

  10. louie says:


  11. louie says:

    basically bulls lose thats all u can say i dont have a flavor team i only have a flavor player and i follow him so critize i whoever miami heat lost against the bulls all season and they knew they was gone play the bulls again in the final so they did they homework and won simple as that and its not d.rose fault they lose its the bull fault they lose its a team sport miami played as team and won as a team but the bull did play good just not harder then the heats thats all (and i hope dallas win they been wanted to get back here for a long time lol)

  12. Lemw says:

    Joakim Noah said the Miami Heat are a ‘Hollywood’ team.
    I disagree.
    Two kind of teams:
    1) ‘Look at me’ type team or player is a hollywood type eg. Walt Frazier
    2) A team with a large media or press coverage is a not a hollywood team. eg. San Antonio Spurs like the Miami Heat are a great team without the press coverage. Press coverage should not be confuse with hollywood image.

    • B211 says:

      I think when Noah said “hollywood” he meant actors as in floppers! That’s why Kenny & Charles were laughing their butts off afterward. Kenny even commented that Noah not only keeps it real, he keeps it right. Which plays into my Theory that the refs gave the Heat a giant gift!

      • HeatWave says:

        Noah can’t even shoot properly, you think his defense is any cleaner? I suggest he take shooting lessons first before he tells a ref how to make a call.

  13. watta says:

    As for the Chicago Bulls fans.. Its okay to lose here.. you have a young team with the lack of experience you have the youngest MVP at 22.. he still have long years of playing for your team and u can go again at the playoffs to try to make a run for the title.. Its okay to lose as Coach Tibs said “EXPERIENCE IS A GREAT TEACHER” there is always next time.. When I stop and think about it Rose is a scary player.. The way he drives to the hole and can cradle the ball and contour his body mid air for an amazing lay up.. Its WOW really WOW.. I’m a Heat fan and i am amazed by ur MVP…It’s not his fault for losing the game..of course he is till 22 he lacks experience he was under what wade and lebron experienced when they are a one man team and their teammates are only being shadowed by their ability to play both offense and defense.. there is always next season and i guarantee u Rose will still improve and u can to try and make a good run again..

  14. tonelts says:

    go heat 4-1 again thats for sure dirk is good but not better than lebron is he wiil dominate again and again games 1 and 2 to miami 3 to dallas 4 and 5 miami the end heat is the chapion lebron finals mvp avg points 30 rebounds 12 this finals

  15. tonelts says:

    ok lets see how lebron will do i guess he will dominate again this finals rose is not that good lebron is see his stats

  16. Bulls says:

    62 wins

  17. Bulls says:

    To all you Miami Heat Fans you know you guys just got lucky that the so called big 3 decided to pick your city. Wade wasnt doing anything by himself. So all you haters that just want to talk on the bulls look at your own team because the bulls came up from scratch not 3 all stars deciding that they wanted to win a championship. Wade Lebron or Bosh will never be real champions until the can bring a team up on there own. They score 75 percent of all the Heat overall points. Thats why they cant be respected. Wheres the rest of their so called team. Derrick Rose Led the Bulls to 61 wins this year and get the best over-all record in the NBA. Tom is a way better coach than Eric. In his first year as head coach taking coach of the year. Those are real champions. they work hard to build what they have. Not crying that they cant win a championship on there own so build a dream team. thats a bunch of crap and the league shouldnt have allowed that. Its all about the money though whatever brings in ratings.

    • Tenki says:

      So Jordan. Pippen and Rodman isn’t great because they averaged 60 points and 31 rebounds?

      How about Wade, who will always be a championship ahead of LeBron?

      Stay sober and clean.

      • Carolina says:

        Are you kidding me?? Did you NOT see the NBA finals in 2006 Heat vs Mavs??? That was ALL Wade don’t put Wade into this because even though he had Shaq, Shaq was just a rebounder and a target to be fouled. D-Wade, personally, is the better player of the three. Even though he has been slacking but he’s got an injured shoulder. Did D-Rose do that? NO and besides he has all these great players surrounding hi, too! Oh and btw….History REPEATS itself!! So get ready!

  18. bigboy11 says:


  19. bane says:

    Congratulations to the Heat for winning the EC finals. Its all just about the experience.The pressure of playoffs is impossible to withstand. Why do you even argue about did he deserve mvp? or about bulls not being a great team, and that he has no one to rally on? Did this playoffs made already forget that this season BULLS team won 62 out of 82. Its simple as that. It is great achievement and Rose as its young leader should be proud of not only himself, but all of them.

    For this series blame is on Tibs if on anyone. He over pressured his starters, especialy in game 3 and 4, and by my count, its unforgivable to lose 3 strait games, and apply exact same tactics next time. He acts like only rose and deng are playing on the court, and trust no one else. If you ask me, cj watson goes out every time too early, every time he warms up and has two or three more shots to make. Same thing with Taj. Tibs just kills their pace with subs.Perhaps they should send him to the europe for the summer to learn something about that 🙂 greetings from Serbia 🙂

  20. Bulls says:

    You guys dont know what you are talking about. the heat didnt build on their own. Bosh, and James decided to go team up with wade cus none of them could do it on their own. The Bulls are young and it showed in this series. They will be back next year. Rose is only 22 years old and he will bring this team to the top i GAURANTEE IT.

  21. B211 says:

    I am a Bulls fan & without a doubt Derrick Rose is incredible & will only get better(scary). With that aside, speaking from a “basketball fan’s” perspective, I couldn’t help but notice & am really curious as to how on earth the MVP and the Bulls couldn’t get a call to save their life. It really makes me wonder if it was fixed. The shockingly unbalanced amount of free throw attempts for the Heat IS what won the game. If they didn’t get the benefit of all those calls, even with the Lebron heroics (& even though I am not a “fan” I can admit that he is an amazing player) in the fourth quarters of those games, the Heat would have lost. Look at the numbers, it is ridiculous. Boozer got called for that “flagrant” & while yea he swung his arm (the ball was close to Lebrons face at the time). That call turned the momentum when it looked like the Bulls were gonna win. Derrick Rose also got smacked in the face by Chalmers but it wasn’t deemed a flagrant. Taj Gibson got called for a tech when he screamed out as he was walking away in frustration (not directed at anyone) from an iffy call but Wade actually yelled at the ref (you could hear him clearly) about a foul he felt he should have gotten but nothing… no tech. Crazy!! How do you call it one way on one side & then totally different on the other? How do you win that way? I think the league higher ups wanted a re-match of the Mavs/Heat. Maybe the odds in Vegas are better with the Heat in the finals, who knows??? Most things today are all about the mighty dollar$$$. All I’m saying is it looked a bit “fishy”!!
    On a side note: People are knocking the whole Bulls team and forgetting that it was with that same team that they won 62 games this year (& swept the Heat in the regular season, & dominated them the first game). Could Rose use a more consistent counterpart?… maybe. But nobody, not Kobe, not Lebron, not Wade, not the MVP, or even the greatest ever “MJ” could get to where they have alone, so I still think that the team should be proud of what they DID achieve this year..Well other than losing to the refs ummm… I mean Heat….

  22. NBAFAN says:

    I do think that Rose does deserve the MVP title, but LeBron, Wade and Bosh are all better players. The Heat do have a better Team than the bulls but Rose single handedly brought the bulls to the Eastern finals.

    Dwight should change teams to bulls, Rose and Dwight would work great as a team.

    Don’t put all your hate deciding who deserves MVP, hence LeBron is a better player but Rose has all the character.

  23. HeatFan!!!!!! Before Lebron or Wade says:

    Im tired of everyone sayin heat fans are fake dont confuse us with the lebron followers those are the worse type of fans. Also rose deserved the MVP because he carried the team all year if it wasnt for rose the bulls would be in the playoffs period. Its not his fault he had no one he could count on and it showed in the heat series when on one could make the big shot when it counted so the heat took advantage and double him and made him get rid of the ball cause obviously no one else would make the shots but rose. I feel sorry for the bulls cause if things stay like this i see another The Decision Special this time with rose

  24. @swagg123 says:

    Derrick Rose did all he could do. He played his heart out everytime he was on the court. Why do you think he one MVP. Lebron is one of the best today,but he has Wade and Bosh. Lebron and Wade can score whenever they want heck they rarely have to practice cause they have the skills naturally. And we all know if the Mavs werent playing this good and Lebron was with the cavs and bosh was with the raptors Kobe would once again be in the finals. And think about it when Lebron was with the cavs who one MVP? He did cause he had to carry a team by himself. But now he doesnt have to give a hundred percent because he has hall of famers surrounded by him. For all those who think D-Rose shouldnt have won MVP i dare you to try to get as far as he did basicly by himself.

  25. KC says:

    After watching the game last night, I can’t help but think that Chicago has a tendency to get away from winning basketball late in the 4th. Earlier in the game, they were moving the ball well and executing their offense. Late in the 4th, they were trying to ISO Rose and see what he could do with the ball. I don’t think that’s a winning strategy for a guy that 1) the Heat are expecting to shoot and 2) is shorter than his defenders.

    Really, it comes down to several factors, not just Rose. Yes, Rose needed to make better decisions, but I watched the game and it looked like his teammates were tense and scared to shoot and started moving poorly without the ball. Also, why didn’t coach T. call some better set plays? They only needed one or two more good possessions to win that game.

  26. jmk says:

    His size was a problem down the stretch.
    Among some other thing of course, but his size was the main problem.

  27. FLASH 40 says:

    I am sorry but this is the lastseries that the Heat will win there is nooooooo way they can stop Dirk. He isnjust wayyyy too good and the Mavs bench is amazing. Mavs n 6!

  28. cris says:

    now give the kid all the credit…i didnt see him rest in the 2nd half..tom thibodaeu just watch his star break into pieces untill that run by the heat…

  29. asdasod says:

    rose and dwight should come to lakers 🙂

  30. ideasman says:

    respect to rose he is only 22 and he is a great leader

  31. Haris says:


  32. marqueeeeeeeee says:

    he’s not a score first point guard.. he needs to score because he’s the scorer of the team.. And fyi you fag, rondo has pierce, allen and kg ,and kidd has dirk.. so they don’t need to score that much because their teams have scorer. what about chicago? It’s about rose.. You gotta use your head before you say this..

  33. Mr. eleven says:

    I just wondering before the series started, they had said: TWO AND A HALF MEN CANT WIN AGAINST A TEAM! Any comments from you guys???

    • Tenki says:

      Correct. Two and a half men can’t win against a team, let alone a man (Rose) and a woman (Boozer)

  34. NBAFAN15 says:

    and dude i dont know, he just is.

  35. NBAFAN15 says:

    Alright they didnt fail miserably..? But as much as i LOVE THE BULLS AND DERRICK., i give a ton
    of credit to the miami heat’s defense, and their whole team. they really proved against the bulls that
    they truly are an outstanding, && championship team. plus, they have 2 really great players. and
    before this series i DESPISED miami. and lebbron. but now i see how much they have improved, and
    im actually proud of them.
    ~Bulls Fan.

  36. Mr. eleven says:

    FACT: IT WASN’T D-ROSE FAULT… IT WAS THE DAMN SUPERB MIAMI HEAT’S DEFENSE! D-Rose still young and got plenty of Seasons to come, just be healthy, dont be humble so much, so much humbleness is pride. Way to GO HEAT! A ring for James and Bosh 😀

  37. alexus cooper says:

    Its not on rose its a team effort and if his teammates are not playing well stretch then your team might lose and they did

  38. txema says:

    why is rose better than wesbrook?

    • alexus cooper says:

      they are the same in some area but rose has to carry a team and westbrooks just can some time sit back and not have to be a major factor

  39. txema says:

    why is Rose better than Westbrook?

  40. Iphr0z3nI says:

    No doubt Rose deserves mvp, as it is a season reward.

    Also the word itself is an acronym, for MOST VALUABLE PLAYER, not best player. And Rose was certainly the most valuable player to his team, this SEASON.

    With that being said, his post season run is nothing to write home about. He manage to get to the conference finals defeating pacers, and Atlanta. Their first true test was the Heat, and they failed miserably.

  41. Carolina says:

    Don’t flatter yourself Rose. This game was not JUST on you.

  42. Dallas2011Champs says:

    Heat fans are fake fans…Dallas will beat the Heat…LeBron is a chump. Dallas 2011 NBA Champs!

  43. jonah says:

    rose needs to go in the paint more and stop taking jump shots

  44. Heat for 2nd ring says:

    Drose is great player. But Miami Heat showed their potential. Where are you Miami haters???
    Miami 4-2 agains Mavs….!!!

  45. Unknown says:

    Gotta love this hypocrisy. If Rose get’s his Bul blown away in series, an chokes everytime on the clutch he’s not perfect…but if Lebron misses ONE shot in the clutch or had his worst than the bulls team in the Cavs eliminated in a BETTER PERFOMANCE…he’s said to have no clutch, to be unable to carry a team, and so on. Gotta love this game…

    • KC says:

      Actually, people (sports writers) are writing that Lebron is clutch now that he’s playing well in the playoffs. This very web site,, has posted several articles saying that. And, if you do some searching on the web, there are definitely sports writers that are bashing Rose right now for a poor performance in the Conference Finals.

      But lets not discount the fact that the court is more open for Lebron because Wade, Bosh, and Haslem are on that court with him. Defenses can’t just collapse on Lebron like they did when he was in Cleveland because the Heat have multiple scoring threats. The Heat had the luxury of suffocating Rose because it’s obvious who the Bulls are going to down the stretch. Remember what the Lakers did to poor Chris Paul? The Lakers weren’t even good enough to avoid getting swept by Dallas, and yet they were able to destroy the Hornets because, like the Bulls, the primary scoring threat was a little point guard. CP3 is a SICK baller but great point guards need teammates that can SCORE to do well.

      • Tenki says:

        Well said. Critics are having their moment serving Rose’s head on a platter. They blame everything on a player who did everything he can and yet the team didn’t respond to the challenge. I am a Heat fan, but what I like about Derrick Rose is his approach to the game. He didn’t back down from the responsibilities of a leader. If Chicago fans would continue to balk about Rose’s game, I hope he goes to another team that acknowledges his strengths and is willing to step up to limit his weaknesses, particularly Memphis, and let’s see what he can bring to the league.

  46. cdceff says:

    human choker stick.. that’s all i have to say

  47. Giraldo Montes de Oca says:

    The reason the Bulls lost wasn’t cuz Rose was making bad decisions. But because the Refs were making a lot of horrible ones. I’ve always disliked James. Even when he was in Cleveland. My reason being is because he’s almost as much of a celebrity as he is an athlete. All that being said….I respect his game and skill as a basketball player. What I DON’T respect is all the flopping that Miami’s “Big 3” were doing. James has never been much of a flopper but daaaaaayum he was putting on a show. Acting show that is. I even heard the analysts during the game say he had flopped a couple times. Even went as far as to zoom into his face after the call and you could see him winking. Don’t believe he’s a flopper?
    and I’m sure if you’re interested enough you can fin plenty more FLOPPING videos of Lebron. I know this specific flop wasnt in these Conference Finals but a player doesn’t just FLOP outta nowhere. They do it consistently. Also Wade isn’t much of a flopper but he DOES do alot of acting on the floor. Most of the time he “acts” is when he is in his shooting motion. As proven by : while i probably don’t even have to talk about Bosh…cuz we all know who he is…I’ll show you yet another video for fun. =) LMAO! Their big time scorers because they get free-throws on some big time acting. As is evident throughout the league people who get to the line are major scorers. Some are earned like when DW12 gets hacked. Others not so much…like when Ginoboli flops and gets the call. My point in all this being the Heat won because they were getting calls because of all their acting. The Celtics not only handed the torch down to the Heat for a new Big 3 but also gave them acting lessons. ( Pierce/ Garnett) When you get to the line you not only get a chance to score but you stop the other teams rebounding and therefore also cut down their transition offense. Which killed the Bulls only major advantage and made their already weak offense half-court oriented. People are acting like the Heat dominated the Bulls. But their last 3 wins were close and Bulls eve had the lead a couple times. They arent THAT great. They just executed when it counted most which is in the final 5 minutes of gameplay. Call me a hater. I don’t care. I just enjoy watching players humiliate themselves by not having enough manhood to play like their not some teenage girl getting chased in the forest by some pedofile in the middle of a storm in the forest. In other words… a WUSS!!!!!! I dont hate any team. I hate specific players. and I hate specific players for specific reasons. My biggest peeve is floppers. What happened to the good ol’ days? No blood, no foul?

    • alexus cooper says:

      stop hating on the bug three and I agree with the flopping on the court that isn’t professional and it fair for other player.

  48. 裴凡強 says:

    Chicago should win this series! Heat is not a so formidable team, they just have some careless moves, and the whole game is lost……..

    • Carolina says:

      Well if you think Chicago should have won this series, then why didn’t they? Yeah Heat had some careless moves but we bounced right back and got it together in the very end. Remember everything happens in the game of basketball in the last 5 minutes of the game. Chicago did play really good, but Miami won four games in a row. Does that not prove that Miami is the better team?

  49. Rocket33 says:

    Good blog! Says it very well. The kid is only 22 and has a lot of room for improvement. And thats a pretty scary thought considering he just won MVP. And yes he deserved MVP. The Bulls had the best record simply because of him. Boozer and Noah both missed lots of games during the season and Rose carried that team. Howard was good for a bad Orlando team but had too many technicals (thats the league’s fault). And LeBron had too much help to be considered. So I think the right guy won MVP. Just wish we hadn’t all been told he’d won it a month before it was announced.

    Anyway, nice for Chicago and OKC to get good deep playoff runs under their belts. Durant and Westbrook will come back improved and hungry for more and so will Rose. Just hope the Bulls get him some help.

    As for this year, Miami have hit their stride at just the right time, gonna be tough for Dallas. I hope they win though. I’d like to see Kidd win a ring, he’s been a great player over the years. Dirk deserves one too.

  50. James23 says:


  51. James23 says:


  52. Notorious says:

    LoL Drose suck.. ups seriously. What was everybody saying when the Cavs lost to the Celtics last year ?… Lebron quit..lebron is a choker. Lol.. so called ” Fans ” of the nba don’t know squat.. apparently if you even compare the Cavs of last year to bulls of this year. The cavs had.. Mo Williams, Delonte West, Varejao, JJ hickson, Jamison.. and Shaq ?!. The bulls have… Boozer, Deng, Noah, Gibson, Asik. I honestly think.. Deng or Boozer is a better option then Mo Williams.. even CJ watson’s better then Mo williams. So thats a pretty.. bad comparison.. But i have to admit D-Rose is a great player.. and all.

  53. Ventruck says:

    Been a while for me to really grasp it, but his attitude sounds reminiscent of T-Mac when Houston couldn’t advance. TNT made a great point about how Rose is inevitably seen to take all the glory or fall for whatever happens – whether or not it’s true. We know it’s not necessarily his fault, but if the Bulls were to win the series, it would realistically have to have been through Rose.

    MVP definitely sits with Rose even through this series as Miami didn’t have much of a standout player that would do total carrying. LeBron gets some credit through for working the key late points. The match up between the two teams has always been in Miami’s favor really. It was just a matter of if and when they’d learn to play right.

    I’m sorry, but the Bulls aren’t too different from previous years’ Cavs. Name one actually-good guy that deserves a #2 spot behind Rose. Maybe Deng, or Watson, but they hardly compare. Noah wasn’t being the key big man he had (or was expected) to be, and I’m somewhat storing my hopes in Asik developing. Analysts are right that this series was somewhat lost by the lack of a last-second trade for the Bulls. Yet who? I would’ve thrown two players under the boat and some body parts to yank Igoudala off the Sixers. Stats not entirely there but he adds presence and versatility – more than other players on the Bulls roster.

  54. kris says:

    Rose did a great job this yr and he shown that he is a true leader. The bulls did a great job winning 62 games and proving ppl wrong about them. But over all there is something missing and Rose needs a back court partner that can step up when he gets doubled team. Boozer must work on his game and Noah needs to work on his as well. Rose u did a super job…but u cant win the big game by yourself…mj never did but when it counts he can take over a game but he had pip to help him and he had a great bench and some powerforwards that did the dirty work….so keep your head up and we will get the big one next yr…..

  55. BeLikeMike says:

    they need to drop boozer. plain and simple. tell him to man up or get out.
    it’s not like old age has gotten to him so he can only show up in a few games.
    75mil are being thrown at him for just being on the court. his offense was poor and his defense has always been poor. what ar they paying him for? standing on the court?
    resign him for a lesser valued contract or trade him this offseason cause with what lebron did all the franchises are locking down on their players and eventually there’s going to be a nice little drought that’ll be the end of the bulls.

  56. alex_td21 says:

    D-Rose is MVP hands down guys. What he did the whole season is HEROIC.

    The Playoffs is another story though. Give the guy 2 to 3 years more like what they’ve predicted how OKC will be a contender, and guess what, they’re already at WCF.

    Now, if only my man TIM DUNCAN can turn back time. haha Still! Go! Spurs Go! good luck next season.

  57. Dre says:

    Nothing but respect for Rose, but this series just proved that stats can be dead useless. Better luck next year to CHI and OKC. The young will take over.

  58. Forsythe says:

    All you people talking about Rose is a point guard unlike any other… Did you forget about AI? Allen Iverson.. Ya… He was the same style only better than Rose at this point. Also you call Lebron a ball hog… Then what is Rose? Rose is a point guard that looks to score first… I’d take Jason Kidd or Rondo any day over a score first point guard.

    • Tenki says:

      Try bringing in Kidd or Rondo in place of Rose and let’s see how they fare against Miami.

      • Levi Montana says:

        Rose is not a ball hog. he tries to facilatate the team, but was does that help if his teammates cant knock down the shots. Ive seen plenty of times this year were Rose let his team do what the team do early and kill late in games. And a reason why he jacked up so many shots in the playoffs is because NOBODY else were making any SORRY to say

  59. final shawty says:

    Don’t buy into what Derrick Rose is peddling.

    “It was me,” he said after the Bulls’ late collapse failed to prevent the inevitable and sent Miami to The Finals. “Turnovers, I guess fouls, if you call it that. If anything, you just learn from it and just try to do better next year. At the end, I told you it’s on me. Everything is on me. Turnovers, missed shots, fouls. I wasn’t tired. I was just making dumb decisions, and it cost us this game. The series is over with.”

    That is an admirable approach by the league MVP and the face of his franchise. But it’s not the truth, which is, quite simply, the Bulls aren’t good enough.

    At this moment in their still nascent development, the Bulls are Rose and a basket of question marks, as noted by Rick Morrissey in the Chicago Sun-Times:

    LeBron James has Dwyane Wade. Wade has James.

    Rose has . . . somebody help me here. Carlos Boozer? We’ll get to him in a moment.

    You couldn’t help but be reminded of the talent disparity in the final minutes Thursday night, in the way you can’t help but be reminded of the mallet that just hit you in the head. James and Wade looked at each other, nodded, went to work and surgically separated the Bulls from their hearts.

    The Heat won 83-80, moving Miami into the NBA Finals against Dallas. The Heat won the series 4-1, which is as it should be, too. The Heat is that much better.

    Rose missed a free throw with 26.7 seconds left that would’ve tied the game at 81. After two Chris Bosh free throws, Rose had a chance to tie the game on a three-pointer but found himself staring into the chests of James and Udonis Haslem. The ball and the Bulls were going nowhere.

    Wade has James, and James has Wade.

    Whom does Rose have? Rose has Luol Deng, OK? I like Deng, but the next time he creates his own shot, the game will be stopped to commemorate the rarity.

    It is easy, too easy, to blame Rose for 1-for-4 shooting with two turnovers in those final, sinking three minutes. It is wrong, so wrong, to say that M.J. would never have let that happen.

    The fact is, when faced with having to carry a similarly unprepared lineup early in his career, Michael Jordan couldn’t do it either. In 1989 and ’90, when a young Scottie Pippen was still learning to become perhaps the greatest shotgun-rider in history, the Bulls lost to the Pistons in six games in the conference semifinals and in seven games in the conference finals.

    Against the best defensive team of the era, Jordan was not able to single-handedly overcome constant trapping and smothering and attacking from two or three opponents. So why would anyone expect more from Rose?

    The Bulls need a wing shooter/scorer either at the two-guard or small forward spot. And they need to find a way to get consistency for all that money they spent on Boozer.

    It was a season that began with nobody really talking about the Bulls as a true threat to win it all and after 62 wins and a nice run through the playoffs, it’s going to take more than Rose beating himself up to change that.

  60. Zain says:

    also rose takes whole blame for team losing and he plays with heart don’t worry d rose with ur talent and heart wont be long until u get a ring

  61. VM says:

    I think it’s funny how during the regular season, when the Bulls were winning and Rose was MVP…everyone said they were unstoppable and easily the best team in the league. People said they had a dominating front court who were a force to be reckoned with. And now? The Bulls lost, and Rose didn’t have any support blah blah blah. Maybe it’s because Miami just straight up shut them down. Rose hucked up too many shots, his teammates didn’t create, and their defence didn’t pull through against the Heat offence. In the words of several commenters..”Give credit where credit is due”.

  62. jaVoo says:

    i respect rose 4 his hard work congradulations derrick rose …… may god bless u

  63. james says:

    team up with D-12 in orlando rose ^_^

  64. Zain says:

    magicball you are retarded rose is one of the best and the best at pg tenki i completely agree with u but im no heat fan

  65. jaVoo says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmm………. even if the heat defeat the bulls … heat will NEEEVVVVEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!! win a N.B.A championship………… KOBE is d king of ringzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Carolina says:

      They already have in 2006 against the Mavercisk. I don’t know where you have been but you can be able to watch it again live because history repeats itself.

  66. Povilas says:

    I from Lithuania and I like NBA my best player is Lebron James he awesome. And fun that he help Miami Heat access in NBA final. I for Miami Heat.

  67. WhiteHotHEAT says:

    Let us stop comparing LBJ from D.Rose because they are 2 different players with different positions, and distinct personalities. Gotta love both of them play as basketball superstars.

  68. Gomez says:

    I really admire his humbleness in this case although im sure he’s definitely aware of his success with the bulls, he’s still putting the blame on himself which shows boldness and leaedsrhip. It wasn’t entirely his fault the bulls wasn’t that good of a support to him in the court especially against the heat’s three. It was more like Rose against Wade, james, and bosh on his own. I wasn’t surprised that heat would win this conference finals but i was surprised that heat won 4-1 almost a sweep. Big ups and respect to Rose he’s the 2011 league MVP for a reason.

  69. Dom V says:

    Trade booz for a decent SG, and give gibson his minutes… gibson is young and is already out playing booz give him minutes and he will only get better and better.

    the cap space would work

    for a trade like this although i doubt grizzlies would be intrested but it would be a good fit for bulls


    First round pick.

  70. Levi Montana says:

    Will everybody stop coparing drose to when lebron lost in the finals. Also stop saying that he need to leave and team up with somebody else. First off drose and da bulls getting to the confrence finals was way before their time. And drose did not choke, i mean give credit to the Miami (Lebron in particular) for making life rough on Drose. Me being a die hard buls fan perdict that the bulls wil win the East and Boston den Miami following. I also predict Drose will win MVP because of the simple fact before the season he said why cnt he win MVP. And he did what he said. What I see from dis kid is da same AMBITION Jordan, Magic, Kobe have. He a true WINNER. But after dis series I know am a true believer of LEBRON, hes a badd mamajamma. From his acting skills to his basketball IQ. when its all said and done he MITE be the best player ever. I beleive the bulls should try to get dwight howard even if it means giving up a Joakim Noah (hate to say that) and pick up a guy like ray allen, oj mayo, OR one of my fav players since college Steph Curry and da bulls is clearly a better team den MIAMI. GO MAVS!!!!!

  71. OKC vs. Bulls says:

    I can’ wait for next years finals. Durant and Rose got an impression of how it is to lose close to the finals. They will do anything they can do to prevent such a destiny in the future. Dallas should be the Champ of 2011, but for years to come it will be Bulls vs. Thunder…:-)

    Miami will fall apart after their loss to the Mavs.^^

  72. Mir says:

    Rose is great, but the author of this article is really under selling how good Deng is and Noah isn’t even mentioned.

    Noah IS the greatest defensive bigman the Bulls have had since 1989 when I first started watching basketball. I know a lot of people will argue Rodman is better, but Noah’s length and speed make him a more versatile defender. I was at UCLA the year Florida beat us so I was biased against Noah, but he has quickly become one of my favorite players due to his defensive excellence.

    I actually agree with Rose in that it was his fault the Bulls lost. Aside from game 1, he did not have another good game using D Rose standards. I understand that the Heat were trapping him, but he needs to be able to drive and kick or draw the foul.

    The Bulls team simply needs to go some more 3 pt shooters. If they could get a big man who can drain threes like Matt Bonner and another sg/sf who can drain threes when Korver is off, this team should be fine.

    Having Boozer show up would be good too.

    • STFU_ALL says:

      noah vs rodman? dont even think about it.. argue it with me the moment noah’s will and tenacity will reach rodman’s on rebounding… also only the moment noah will have 10+ average on rebounds….. if not then.. read my name….

    • Tenki says:

      I’d rather have Rodman right now.

  73. Tony Melasa says:

    GO Mavs!!!!!

  74. Diio says:

    This is lame. It’s incredible how after the first game eveybody was talking about how the refs made the Bulls win. And after game 2 nobody said absolutely nothing. If it weren’t for the refs, the Miami Cheat should have lost yesterday. Period

  75. jons says:

    hope you will be next M.J. rather than next Iverson !!cant wait to see ur improve and supportive teammates ,of coz the championship as well!!!

    • WhiteHotHEAT says:

      Talking about support, eh? The CAVS management did not even bother searching better players for Lebron to fallback.

  76. LOOK says:

    Lebron had the exact same problem for 7 effing years…all these years he was inarguably one of the best players and still couldn’t win. The King without a crown. well,,,ring.
    Rose has a long way to go, i’m sure Chicago will find someone to support him better next season

  77. John says:

    All the respect in the world for Derrick Rose. He is incredibly talented and equally humble, which is why he is so well liked. His time will come. He is only 22 and has a decade and half to accomplish his goals. It was NOT his fault his team lost. As a matter of fact, it was because of him they went so far. The Miami Heat were just better equipped. There was a time when Lebron James took his team to the NBA Finals, at age 22, was swept by the veteran Spurs, and Tim Duncan told him, “In a few years, this league will be yours!”

    Derrick Rose, in a few years this league will be YOURS!

  78. Dirk Fan says:

    Dirk should have been MVP

  79. Daver says:

    Rose will continue to get better, Boozer will continue to disappoint!

  80. Nash says:

    Just imagine steve nash had a good center such as Joakim Noah and good forwards such as Boozer….both will end up hitting 25-30 points….look what happened to Amare when he left Nash where he is now?
    besides the 7-25 … that still his team fault he gets 7-25??

  81. Felipe says:

    Heat haters, u know why u hate the heat? cuz ur team aint good engouh to get to the finals.

  82. Ed says:

    Rose had a great game! Boozer and noah was the ones creating fouls and Heat got like what 10 free throws in like 1 minute? …. Is so much Rose can do … he can’t carry the team.

  83. CHICAGO FANS says:

    rose was better than wade and james. the problems is . bulls are not enough to defeat the heat. they have a lot of allstar players and STAR of every team. ROSE YOUR THE MAN! NEXT SEASON . 😀

  84. Tiras says:

    Bulls loss but no one expected them to win 62 games, have coach of the yr, have the best record in the league, make it all the way to the eastern finals and definitely not have the MVP. Bulls gave it all they had. If you going to jump 1 person in a fight, youre more confident as if you were by yourself. So Get off Rose, its not his fault. Bulls overachieved and out of all the games, they still could have won so that says alot about the bulls and less of Miami

  85. Hong Kong Bernie says:

    Definitely not Rose’s Fault, it’s just nobody can score well in this series against the Heat. Deng is good, he does well on D and O, but that’s not enough to be the Champ. Bulls is a great team on defense, but not good enough on offense. i feel upset when Rose taking everything on him when the fact is not like that. So, i pay a lot of respect on Rose.

    For the last shot from Rose, i think he should not dribble the ball while James is guarding him, Rose never get advantage on James, so, there should be somebody like Waston dribbling the ball if he has the guts, and then find the 3 points shooter like Deng or Bogans or Korver. Rose is never gonna make the three in front of James plus Haslem. Rose should just draw the double team but let the guys shoot it. This is Coach’s decision.

    Throughout the games, no matter there is a double team or triple team on Rose, the rest of the players cannot make the play very often. This can be improved next year.

    well, 4 -1, that means it’s fate. the fate of a good defensive team cannot always D up the good offensive team in 48 mins. The lose is about the whole team, if we blame on any players, the Bulls will fall apart. that’s why Rose taking everything on him.

    Finally, i hope the Dallas win the Champs. it’s gonna be a very excited series. yeah……….

  86. go miami 3 says:

    All these people saying Rose is good but needs a better team are the exact same peoples lamenting Lebron James for joining better teammates. MVP award is a curse, it just means the most prolific shooter (ball hog) on a subpar team.

  87. djmj says:

    “The Bulls need a wing shooter/scorer either at the two-guard or small forward spot.”

    they should have signed t-mac, even if not at 100% he can still create his own shot, especially with good managed court time, and some rest before playoffs!

  88. wilbeerg says:


  89. Lickedz says:

    Rose deserves to be the MVP, but other than that, its not his tongue alone that should be licking the face of Miami, its not just enough, finals needs not the title it has but a team becoming as one, as Rose moves & shot, the team moves or it can be someone in the team can give a hand to Rose…but the fact, Bulls are not yet the Bulls as it was back then when MJ rip his tongue out..they are not ready to lick someones face as of now..but soon..very soon…Bulls will be Bulls…

  90. oh by the way the bulls needs to start working as a team and helping each other out when it comes to the team work everybody needs to be helping derrick because derrick can not do it all by his self and that is the truth . I MEAN COME ON NOW THEY KNOW BETTER WHEN IT COMES TO WINNING YOU WANNA WIN AND NOT LOOSE EVERYTIME YOU PLAY A GAME. I mean they know this and all of them right now needs to be blamed on right now for that game that they played last night against the miami heat . truly not Derrick by himself being the work of the team that is my Player and he is defintely a true M.V.P. TO ME HE DESERVED IT HE WORKS VERY HARD WITH THE BULLS AND HE KNOWS THIS HIMSELF AND PEOPLE NEEDS TO STOP MAKING BAD REMARKS ABOUT THE BULLS THESE YOUNG MEN ARE GOOD PLAYERS THEY NEED TO JUST WORK A LITTLE HARDER THIS IS MY TEAM I LOVE THE BULLS WITH ALL MY HEART AND I BELIEVE IN THEM AND DERRICK ROSE STAY UPO GUYS LOVE YA JSUT PUT MORE EFFORT INTO WHAT YOU DO THATS IT AND THERE WE GO WE GOT A HOT TEAM THATS THE WAY WE WANT IT NEXT YEAR CONGRATULATIONS TO DERRICK FOR WINNING M.V.P PLAYER HE DESERVES IT FOR REAL KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DERRICK LOVE YA

  91. Joaquin Jerez says:

    to me rose wasnt efficient enough to become the mvp cuz howard was his competition… but its not that he mess things up its that the heat is that good defensively… for real they did the same to a veteran team that was known for the ability to close out games due to the effective offense that involves all 5 players. cant blame rose for not scoring against LeBron James and very often Lebron and someone else… thats setting the bar to high.

  92. kudosent says:

    Now, we must all know how Lebron felt. There’s no way Rose says in Chicago if they keep losing… Not enough talent/closer plus they have no room in the salary cap to buy better players…. $80 million dollars to boozer, for what? To sit out the whole 4th quarter along with Noah… Who’s the real MVP? LeBron or Rose, Lebron is the most dominate player/closer. Rose showed you how much he is overrated. Rose won the MVP because he won 62 games, not because he the best player in the league or must valuable to his team.

  93. jdd says:

    i wanna see rose and blake in 1 team after a while (2-3) I think they’ll be unstopable

  94. I think Derrick Rose is a great Player I am a true Bulls Fan and that I do not blame nothing on Rose for them not winning
    these last games although they should have won that game last night , They were making dumb mistakes and I mean dumb ones. Derrick gets all of my Credit for what ever he did he is a great player to me and I love Derrick Rose the bulls will always be my team even though many people look at Lebron James ok he gets enough publcity his self he really does
    I want many of these people to think about the Bulls as a good team and a team who challeges the great teams who are a
    little bit better than them and Carlos Boozer needs to get it together he really does because he could be a good player but i do think that he sometimes stares off when he is playing ball stop doing that please stop that I do not like when you do that it is very irritaiting to me when you does that but Derrick I know you work hard as Hell to get your team to the top and i give all of my respect to you for you doing that i really do just keep practing derrick you will be at that top next year and that will be a promise your true fan #1 STAY UP BULLS LOVE YA

  95. jessehunt85 says:

    No comments on how the ref’s gave the heat game 5? and game 2? The weak flagrant call on Boozer. Then the bogus “T” on gibson. I was at the game and watched Wade and LBJ throw their hands up and yell right at the ref’s for not calling fouls. Worst officating i ever seen.

    • Guy says:

      ye its the ref’s fault that derrick rose shot 7-25

    • ... says:

      That flagrent foul was legit. It’s because of James position in the air. Officiating has cracked down on those fouls because they can cause serious injury. I can understand your complaint if it was a Flagrent 2, but if you understand basketball then you can see that it was an obvious call.

  96. Keith says:

    Good on Lebron for saying Rose earned the MVP, but ask yourself….did he really? Do MVPs whine about foul calls when their defense is all brawn and no brains? Do MVPs watch as a team annihilates their lead with an 18-3 finale? Thats not MVP. That’s choke artist. And the foul whining just makes Rose look like a child. Teach Noah how to get rebounds without nearly fouling out every game, and teach Boozer to get them without facepalming James and then you may have something worthy. Until then, I think I speak for a majority when I say that I am thoroughly unimpressed, Derrick Rose. With you especially, supposed leader.

  97. JA7 says:

    D.ROSE deserves it. ANYONE in sports may lose no one wins all the way . in basketball the ball is round everything may happen. look at SA SPURS they are the toughest team in the west but see how the top 8 defeated them . LBJ is a great player, I can compare D.ROSE to him for shouldering the team up to the eastern finals with no consistent 2nd man . D.ROSE is a great leader and a player . For me the blame shouldn’t be on him but to the whole team . I watch all the chicago’s playoff games this season their main problem and why they are collapsing is the DEFENSE, I could blame NOAH for giving a weak defense specially with BOSH . I watch the first 2 rounds playoff games f MIAMI and BOSH was silent because he was guarded well with Elton Brand in First Round and Kevin Garnett in 2nd Round but when they face BULLS he scores 20 up because of the weak defense in the painted area. so ROSE shouldnt blame alone but the whole team. but still ROSE gave his best up to Eastern Finals so he deserve the MVP award .

  98. FastDontLie2011 says:

    I think we should go ahead and credit Miami having to guard only 2-3 players on the Bulls for Rose having such off games… Even though there were flashes of his brillance, credit Miami. They REFUSED to let him get in any kind of offensive rhythm. If you can’t find a rhythm, your shots are not going to fall, especially late in games. Miami just didn’t have to worry about anyone else on the Bulls team. Derrick was a BEAST in both the Pacers and the ATL playoff series and he was injured to boot. Miami took the Pacers playbook to heart, but they were disciplined enough, talented enough and experienced enough to really take Rose out. Like Granger said, “stop or slow down D.Rose and so goes the entire Bulls team…”

    He deserved MVP and anyone who says he didn’t is just being silly. The Bulls w/o D.Rose are a lottery team… This years Bucks if you will. Not even the Bucks because they have more offensive threats. Good job Derrick. Work more on your jumper and some post moves. Can’t wait to see you at the UC again in the Fall.

  99. haha says:

    its so funny that the media gives credit for D-rose even though he proves that he has to improve damn shooting. If lebron is in this situation, the media would have killed him for not being a clutch guy. Don;t get me wrong. I also think d-rose is the MVP for the season but it is also true that he got better members than lebron when he was in cleveland.

    • Tenki says:

      Nobody criticized Iverson for taking 30 shots for 30 points. Kid’s just 22 with a lot of weight on his shoulders. I tell you, he’s nowhere near his prime.

      • Law064 says:

        @haha Lebron has hit the bottom his entire career Rose is in his 3rd year the youngest MVP ever. The Bulls were not even considered contenders so GTFOH. The Clevland team had people that could score the bulls have people that can defend. Lebron was in his 5 & 6th season so STFU Lebron had Mo Williams who can shoot Delonte W Anderson V. They had good pieces that could score the Bulls don’t have those type of players. I bet if Ben Gordon was still on the team they would’ve won that series. The bulls were just missing 1 consistant scorer. Rose is the only threat vs 3 threats for Miami.

  100. Law064 says:

    Great season from the Bulls and D. Rose, he said the modest thing it’s all on me. It’s not all on him how about that waste of payroll Carlos Loser? 5 points in a elimination game? To bad the bulls only have 1 dependable scorer and the rest of the team are not a big threat scoring. Hat’s off to the MVP. He’s 22 and by next season his jumpshot & 3point shot will improve. If the Bulls had someone like Ben Gordon still on the roster they would’ve had a better chance. The Bulls were lacking a scorer outside of Rose. I agree his shooting% was horrible but when your the only 1 that’s willing to take shots and your being watched because your the star of the team. Good season Rose and hopefully the Bulls get rid of that piece of crap Carlos Loser he’s a waste of payroll

    • Heat ALL Day says:

      Great season from the Bulls? I don’t think so. Their goal was a championship. Guess what? Bulls = EPIC FAIL. Funny how when the Cavs won 60 plus games 2 years in a row, but failed in the playoffs, then EVERYone *HIT on Lebron James. But with Rose, its ok. We’ll just BABY him. Awwww its ok Derrick, you had a great season.

      NO…they DIDN’T

      They FAILED to reach their goal because they got handled by a far superior Heat team JUST LIKE BOSTON did.

      TOO BAD.. Better luck next time Chicago.

      • Law064 says:

        @Heat All day your a1 of the million bandwagoners plus your a hater epic fail NO the bulls have 1 true threat Rose and nobody else epic fail is Miami cause it looks like it won’t be easy to beat Dallas. If your heat loose that’s an EPIC FAIL

  101. marlon says:

    wait till he becomes…just 2 more years and d rose will be d rose!!!!

  102. In Heat says:

    Yeah, gotta respect D Rose. However, must admit Lebron just showed who the true mvp is. Stats wise he was > than D Rose in the regular season. Lebron’s clutch misses in the regular season pretty much sealed the mvp trophy in favor of D Rose. But look who’s back, LBJ making the big plays in the playoffs.

    I disagree with this article though mainly because the Bulls’ lineup was never in question when they were reigning the east in the regular season. All of a sudden, after getting an awful beating by the Heat, his supporting cast is being questioned. The Bulls take pride on their defense. They are who they are. This loss has more to do with what the Heat have done rather than what the Bulls were lacking. Lakers fans were right, wait til the Playoffs to see who the real deal is.

    If they were lacking the personnel to make it this far, then are we saying the Chicago Bulls going the distance is a fluke? No. They were good. Really good. D Rose deserved the MVP trophy. But right now, Miami has come together in just the right time. And this time, there is no doubt they are second to none in the East. Perhaps second to nobody this season. As Noah said in the post game interview: “You gotta give credit to where it’s due.”

  103. cesc says:

    Rose is going to become sooo much better that LBJ. the boy’s 22 and has already taken his team alone to the conference finals. LBJ instead has already proved (more than once) that if he doesn’t have someone consistent around him he won’t win a championship to save his life. mind these words, Rose’s first ring won’t come with Dwade at the 2 or Bosh at the 4, just let him get some more experience in the game and he’ll get his championship even with boozer and korver.

  104. JoJo20 says:

    its not roses fault that hes the only all star in chicago while the heat have 3

  105. Bulls Fan says:

    Look, I’m a huge Bulls fan. But Derrick Rose didn’t deserve the MVP award yet. You can see that he still has some flaws in his game, but he’s still only 22, and when he is LeBron or Dwyane’s age, he will be much more dominant on the court. The Bulls had asked for a lot out of Rose, but the MVP should be able to handle a workload like that. Rose will work on getting better for next season, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out next year with around 30 PPG and 10 APG. He’s hungry, like he said. If you say 30 and 10 is unreasonable, look at his progression since his rookie season. He’s only getting better.

    • Jay says:

      when he is lebrons age he will be much more dominant? Lebron took Cleveland to the finals when he was 22 with a less talented team and Iverson was better than Rose at the same age Rose aint nothing we aint already seen before

      • Tenki says:

        And Rose is a point guard who barely made 6 feet of height. LeBron is like what, 6’8-6’9 and 270 pounds? Your argument doesn’t make any sense.

      • Jay says:

        yeah your an idiot and a hater he said D-Rose would be more dominent and then somebody else also said Rose was MORE dominent at age 22 and yes Iverson was was better than Rose he was a better scorer in his third year and had 25 more steals on a 50 game season iverson was a better defender and a better scorer neither can touch Lebron Rose is a good player GOOD player but nothing special that we aint already seen before

  106. Mike says:

    Rose came into Chicago three years ago and took a poor team to another level. He’ll get his championship. He’s a point guard unlike any other I’ve seen and I’ve been around a long time. The Bulls looked stifled all through the playoffs but still managed to win two series mainly due to the presence of Rose. He’ll figure out what it takes to win just like Lebraon and Jordan had too. He deserved the MVP as much as anybody. After all his team did have the best record in the regular season and that’s what is voted on not the performance during the Playoffs. I still thik it’s Dallas’s year. I take the Mav’s in 6. Lebron will have to wait another year, sorry Lebron.

  107. Gary says:

    Being the leauge/regular season MVP doesn’t guarantee you a title. It still takes a team effort. Rose is still IMO the MVP for the regular season but the Playoffs are different, thus there’s an MVP award for the best player in them.

  108. it wasnt Derrick Rose fault. as a matter of fact he should proud of himself. 2011 League MVP.. He diserved it and theres always next year. I respect bulls because they can learn from there mistakes. At least hes not a ballhog. He has fun playing Basketball with his team. Everyone thinks Lebron is good hen he ballhogs. Notice: Every Miami Heat game except 1 or 2, Lebron James is Player of the Game! Bulls is different. Sometimes it will be Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah, Tai Gibson or Rose etc. Just speaking and opinion. D.ROSE 2011 LEAGUE MVP

  109. In game 5, MJ’s spirit was roaming around in Chicago’s arena, legend says every crucial times it goes and possess the true chosen Next MJ… To make the story short…. Miami got the win

  110. heat Fan says:

    All the stars have went through what drose did, you cant really say lebron just scores off athleticism cause his shooting has come in to play now he is knocking it down consitently, dwade is just the best overall best shooting guard, and bosh is a beast double-double every game got to have him. Go MIAMI!

  111. alex says:

    I love Rose. Simple as that.

  112. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    that dude has heart but the refs treating my boy d wade bad not getting all his calls and called that bogus taveling violation on him and boozer clearly had his hands on the ball. I know thib was trying to get wade off his killer instinct mood by calling that time out when wade shot the ball to make it 63 69 bulls. but we cleared his mind and played loose ezzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyy

  113. Goldenstaes says:

    Rose get Blake Griffin and KD to discuss matters. pick a team (I prefer Thunder and Bulls), get on board and have multiple championships together!

  114. Carlos Manzano says:

    We can never compare with MJ Rose. Never mind that MJ played for the
    bulls, rose does not have the necessary focus and the talent to be compared
    MJ, carefully

  115. Cali0083 says:

    Derick Rose is pretty much going through what Kobe had to go through with the Lakers, what Lebron had to go through with Clevelend, what Michael Jordan had to go through with Chicago.

    I mean, he’s 22 with 3 years of experience…and he’s taking all the blame. Guy is still green, but I strong respect his attitude. I also agree with the article, he needs a 2nd man to turn this game around. I think Magic and Kareem would ring a loud bell on this one in 1980…and Magic was 21 at the time.

  116. Crousher says:

    I think it is pretty much the same with James last year. He didnt have a great Series against the Celtics. Because he didnt have any help from his team, so he tried to do it all alone on the offensive end. But that cant work

  117. think says:

    Rose… much like KD ang Westbrook… are just getting much heat for losing really great teams.

    KD and Westbrook we’re beaten by the Mavs team that swept last year’s champs.
    Rose was beaten by the Heat’s Big3 that demolished Boston’s Big3.

    The truth is… these kids have already overachieved this year. Rose lead a relatively new team headed by a new coach into having the best record in the league, while all eyes are into the LA 3peat, Boston comeback, Miami’s new 3, Melo-Amare and all the media-hugging story lines. Rose deserves the MVP, and you guys gotta admit he’s done a better job leading a team than Kobe, Lebron and other stars you can think of when they where 22 years old.

    But as any playoff games go, it is a test of experience more than anything. And Lebron has gone deep into the playoffs, and Wade has gone deeper… what more if these two joined forces??? Buy you gotta respect the kid for playing his heart out, going against the 2nd best defensive w/o any team mate that can create his own shot.

    You just got to understand basketball to see how phenomenal this kid has been this year.

    • Thinking says:

      Lebron made it to the NBA Finals when he was 22. He scored Clevelands last 25 points in game 5 too. Pretty good leadership

  118. Kobleed says:

    Every player deserves a respect. Rose deserves it. He gave a wonderful series. My Miami Heat is just too good but thanks to the Bulls, Miami Heat’s defense got better and stronger. Because of the Bulls also UD and Miller made a surprise comeback and we learned, we have someone to lean on. Because of this series LBJ showed how a closer he is. Sixers-Boston-Bulls gave Miami a hard time but they came strong. Now its a whole new Miami team, A Championship team, I guess.

    And Fans should also learn how to give respect to the opposing team. They deserve that, they earn their win every night, though its hard seeing your team lose. Thats what just a great sportsman is. Standing up.

    Go Miami Heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. heater frm india says:

    now i believe d-rose will understand hw lebron felt wen he was der fr 7 yrs in cleveland………….

    • Hi says:

      Rose is not like Lebron. He’s not arrogant, and he’s very humble. I don’t think Rose would want to ditch Chicago..

  120. leonard says:

    I salute Tenki’s comment above. Rose will have his turn. This is how sports work.

  121. Pido says:

    Gotta respect Rose. All star MVP in training. Taking that responsibility and accepting the load early in his career is truly remarkable. But I cant help but relate his words to his Adidas AD “It’s all on me”. hehe

    Anyway, hats-off to Chicago. Thank you for giving this wonderful series. It has been awhile when I last saw a fast paced offense-defense game.

    NOW BRING DWIGHT HOWARD TO CHICAGO. PLEASE. (Since everyone is doing it)

  122. long memory says:

    Rose is not the blame. Lebron is. And as far as him having wade. Other than Wade coming through in some tough moments… Wade kinda stunk it this series. Boozer and Deng contributed in games 3 & 4 taj gibson and the “bench mob” outplayed Miami’s bench (like the whole league does) but the MAIN reason it was tough for chicago & Rose on offense and defense is simple. Lebron. You saw it but few wanna admit it. Rose is a great player and a great kid. Not his fault at all. Chicago lost 4 straight because of 1 …Chosen 1 reason.

  123. sa says:

    Airballed? But he was fouled and no call was made for that LOL. IF that was KOBE then he’d blame his teammates.

  124. respect says:

    much respect to rose. He is only getting started. Go ahead and criticize him, to whomever does. Just know, he is still 3-4 years away from his prime. He is only going to get better.

  125. drose deserved it, but he is not as good as LBJ, kobe, or wade.

    good luck drose!

  126. SR says:

    Pretty interesting to here people compare the quanitity of all stars from one team to another now to justify a Miami win. Before the series and even before the season started, it was about the team aspect of the game. Lebron, Wade, Bosh? This just wouldn’t work, its overhyped, their egos were too big, Lebron and Wade would fight over the ball, Boston and Chigago were too much “Team” for Miami to handle. And yet at the end of the game, Lebron and Wade proved that even down 12 pts with 3 minutes to go, the Bulls weren’t “Team” enough to beat them. At this level of play, a few stars on a team makes the difference between a championship and going on an early fishing trip. Sorry Chicago… maybe next year?

    • ballerallday39 says:

      At the start of the season the best most people thought the Bulls were gonna be was the 7th seed Rose made them number one. Chicago was not in the conversation of being to much “team”for the Heat to handle.

    • KC says:

      People remember what they want to remember. Actually, when the 3 of them came together, several pundits were already saying how the Heat were going to be a contender immediately. Some folks thought they would win 70+ games. It wasn’t until they started the season with a poor win record that people started talking about how the Heat would need time to improve and learn how to work together. So, yes, you are techincally correct in that some people said what you quoted them saying, but I can just as easily find a slew of writers around the league that jumped on the Heat bandwagon immediately.

  127. Kevin says:

    Its not his fault? The guy missed like 80 shots all series long,airballed game-winning balls in games 3 or 4,the guy turned the ball over yestarday and missed a game-tying FT.

    You guys shouldnt protect him.

    He had a great season,and a HORRAWFUL playoff.

    • Sylvester says:

      I woun’dt go and say weak MPV. This guy was thee most valuable player to the bulls and heck to any team. Did you forget how many shots he opened up?? It was easier for him in the regular season but being stuffed all playoffs he still got those shots open. Give credit where credit is due, yes he made some dumb decisions but he had only so many options and so little time. And he’s still young, whereas Dwight and Lebron theyve been in this game a while.

    • KC says:

      I’ll agree that Rose’s decision-making needs work, and he doesn’t handle (immense!) pressure as well as more experienced players. He missed a lot of a shots because his shot selection was poor, and he’s not very tall–these combine to make life difficult when attempting jump shots.

      Having said that, we need to give credit to Lebron (and Wade) for defending him so well? Watching the games, you see how beastly they are on defense. They make life difficult for any shooter.

    • IX says:


  128. Magicball says:

    hes the weakest “MVP” ever. period. he didn’t deserve it. and the media needs to stop glorifying him, now they wanna back him up and blame it on his team because they know they messed up by not giving the MVP to lebron or dwight.

    • notaheatfan says:

      weakest MVP? i don’t know how you define weak. you don’t have to fill up the stats sheets to be an MVP (even though rose did this). they league mentioned it already that lebron may have had better stats than rose, but rose’s character stands out the most. i doubt you’ll ever find such a humble, great, player like rose again. and the media only backs him up by what they see. winning teams always have some sort of stable duo (kobe/shaq, kobe/gasol, mj/pippen, wade/shaq, etc, etc). truly, who does rose have that can give consistent results? to get this far without having a glorified team says a lot about his ethics. it’s almost the same story with lebron. i’m not a lebron fan, but i recognize that he’s a great player. by himself, he made the cavs a top ranking team. if a player can carry the team on their shoulder AND be this humble about it. they deserve the MVP award.

      • Teuu says:

        True, but who did LeBron have before coming down to south beach? No one, so he made the right decision and people who followed him are his real fans instead of bandwagoners.

      • IX says:

        haha filled up the stat sheets with 33% fg

      • Hi says:

        Please enough of the “Lebron didn’t have anyone stuff” He had Jamison, Mo Williams, Delonte, and Shaq. When they were all healthy, they were good. When some guys went out with injuries during the playoffs, Lebron would give up. Now he’s got Wade so hes motivated to play. Thats not the heart of a champ. Guys should give their all everynight.

    • airJORDAN..fanatic says:

      hahahha..weakest comment too…

    • baller says:

      what r u saying? rose did more for his team than lebron or dwight did for their teams..if heat didnt have lebron, sure they wouldnt have had the same record but they would still be a pretty dam good team with wade, bosh, and anyone else they could have picked up with cap space…as for dwight, magic only fiished with a decent record and got raped by atlanta in the first round, if chicago didnt have rose where would they be right now? if kucky they maybe could have gotten into the first round but not likely…so please know what u r talking about before you say something.,

    • JakeHenry says:

      That is such bull. Rose did as well as any guard could possibly do, and he took a team single-handedly to the eastern finals. No one else on his team was even close to as consistent as Rose was. He deserved just what he got: the MVP award. And why say Howard? Howard was eliminated with his team in the first round. He, too, didn’t have any other consistent players. Lebron had 2 buddies who were consistent; Bosh not so much as Wade. If it weren’t Rose who got the MVP, it would’ve been Howard. Or at least should’ve. Rose is beast.

      • ha says:

        Yeah he got beasted in this series by lebron turn him into a jump shooter and he is garbage

      • Maine Bulls Fan says:

        Hats off to Lebron for being athletic enough to guard a quick guard like Rose. But to compare Lebron to Rose in my book is wrong. Lebron is a forward and Rose is a guard. Rose gives up 6 inches to Lebron. The Heat just like every other team needed to guard Rose with two players or a much bigger player. Rose got very few open looks at the basket and the swarming athletic defense of the Heat hurt the Bulls. The Bulls defense hurt the Heat, but in order to play their best defensive team the Bulls gave up way too much on the offensive end which made the Heat defense look even better. Miami had the better team and in a game of match ups the Bulls could not match up. Rose now knows what MJ went through and the Bulls will make the adjustments to continue to compete and challenge for a championship. The Heat are not unbeatable and will not be handed championships upon championships. Nobody thought the Bulls would get this far and everyone thought Miami would break the single season wins record held by the Bulls, that is why the games are played. Already looking forward to next year. As for the finals I would rather see the Mavs win but this Bulls fan sees no need to watch any of the games, if the Bulls aren’t playing it is not worth watching.

    • lakerville says:

      the MVP is stands for most VALUABLE player. not the best player on the best team. And LBJ isn’t even that. He’s the most athletic. his actual skills are 2nd to wade’s. And how is he the most valuable? that heat team would be in the conference finals without him. The bulls without rose would be seeded 6-8 if that. Not saying LBJ isn’t good but alot of his points come on shear athleticism not skill. KD, rose, Kobe, nowitzki, they’re all better BSKETBALL players and more VALUABLE to their team because they aren’t surrounded by 2 other hall of famers.

      • rosko says:

        Hate all you want, I do, but James is a generational talent. Nobody in the league now is in his category including Kobe. Wade is notch or two or three below both of them. He’ll go down as an all-time great.

      • showbaba says:

        I think you don’t know what you are talking about may you are not sure in NBA today LEBRON is one of the best to be humble if not the best PLAYER. When you said Rose, KD is better skilled than LEBRON, you just made me to think you either don’t know what you are talking about or you are in denial with Charles Barkley.

      • Teuu says:

        WHO ARE U? LOL PRO..

    • jim says:


    • Law064 says:

      @Magicball your the best Rose Hater of all time. Dwight Had a outstanding season but he also had the most tech’s on his team too. Magic lost in the 1st round some MVP huh 4th seed getting knocked by #5. @Magicball stop hating D.Rose is the Bulls moron without him there is no #1 of the NBA or East. Get a like hater

    • Derrick says:

      Have you lost your mind? You apparently haven’t been watching this young man dominate the court. He has garnered praise form all of his peers in the NBA. There are few players that coaches fear and he has been added to that short list. Rookie of The Year…All Star…MYP by the age of 22…with a work ethic rarely seen these days in sports. He obviously needs help in the form of another bonifide scorer. James has Wade/Bosh….Pierce has Garnett, Allen, and Rondo…Amare has Carmello, Kobe has Pau/Odom…Recognize and respect the young Brotha for a great young career and God Willing, a great and long future in the league…

      • mv3 says:

        i agree with lakerville,. lebrons the most athletic but hes not as skilled as people make him out to be,.
        wade, kobe, durant are all more skilled then him

    • Chi Town says:

      dude D Rose took the bulls from 8th seat to the first also he took them to the eastern finals which it hasnt been done in arround 10 yrs so hate on that D Rose prove to be the MVP and he does not have an other all star to help him, not atleast one that is consistent oh n D Howard is great but they got eliminated b for the bulls, so yea they did worse oh and Bron has Wade and Bosh.

    • knucklebiter says:

      Magicball you are a moron, weak? the guy carried the bulls to top seed. when lebron did the same with the cavs he got his MVP, MVP has nothing to do with stats…

  129. Tenki says:

    I salute Derrick Rose for being a leader of this team, just like when Garnett was in Minnesota, just like LeBron when he was in Cleveland. Most people (particularly those bandwagon Bulls fans hopping on the Dallas bandwagon) tend to overlook what Rose can do for the next seasons to come. He’s only 22, an age most guys would rather play 2K11, party-till-you-drop nights, cars and dating than accepting the responsibility of carrying a team to the Eastern Conference Finals. OK, we can’t just cross the street and find someone with the same talent as his, but it is because of his dedication and hard work that he made it this far in the postseason. I give him credit because it is rightfully so. He earned all the respect that I can give to him as a player and as a person.This coming from a Heat fan. No reason to hate a great young guy like Derrick Rose.

    • Th3Tr00f says:

      Heat fan? Bandwagon? Pot calling kettle black.

      • Gary says:

        Not even close. Miami fans have been on here all year befor we got this far and when everyone was saying they wouldn’t. Yes some followed James but a real bandwagoner is a person who goes from winning team to winning team. I.E. Laker fans to Chicago to Mavs.

        @ Tenki, great comment.

      • ... says:

        Just because someone is a Heat fan doen’t automatically make them a bandwagoner. Don’t generalize, same could be said for Lakers, Celtics, and Bulls fans.

      • AgntStorm1 says:

        The Heat fans may have been on the blogs but definitely not the arena until the playoff came about.

    • LUCKY says:

      i am a great fan of miami coz i love Wade.and i love this kid also Rose i hope he will be greater next season and be more concern on finishing touching.God bless you man

    • Tenki says:


      Thanks dude.

  130. HeatWave says:

    Rose is still the MVP and if he was on any of the finals teams they would be a shoe-in for the title.

    • HATER says:

      yeah thats a joke Rose over Lebron yeah right

      James, LeBron MIN 225:55 FG 42-94 3PT 7-18 FT 38-44 REB 39 AST 33 PF 15 STL 12 TO 18 BLK 9 PTS 129

      Rose, Derrick MIN 209:26 FG 42-120 3PT 7-30 FT 26-32 REB 20 AST 33 PF 13 STL 5 TO 19 BLK 1 PTS 117

      and Lebron made Rose look pretty bad when he guarded him Im not gonna go as far as Scottie Pippen and say hes better than Jordan but hes the best in the business today for sure

      • AgntStorm1 says:

        You make no sense buddy… I’m not even a Bulls fan, but i think it’s kinda hard to get around someone with the agility and wingspan of Lebron. Jordan never one a title on his own. He always had a goos upporting cast… some Hall of Famers even. No way that Rose would be able to put this eries away on his own.

      • knick fan says:

        so you admire the talent of lebron hahaha

      • IX says:

        @agent storm,… do me a favor, name goos of support for me besides Scottie, and leave rodman outta this convo just for now. Who else are HoF with MJ??? Kukoc???

      • Gibbs says:

        Luc Longley hahaha

      • HeatWave says:

        I’m not saying that I want him over Lebron. I’m saying that if he was on Dallas, Miami, even Oklahoma that those teams would be unstoppable. I’m a big Lebron fan but respect a young star like Rose.

  131. Joe buck says:

    Rose did all he could to try to get bulls a W. I blame for this lose though. His team had the lead and he made bad desicions down the stretch. Two turnovers and a missed free throw. Miami’s defensvie is great but the MVP of the league has to find a way to close this game out. Rose is a great plaeyer and is on his way to being on the all time greats he went from rookie of the year to all star to MVP, in his first three years sky is the limit for this man.

  132. Fastbreak says:

    Heat fan here, but I give Rose a lot of respect not only as a player but as a person. With all the hype and building up he could of easily gone on a ego trip. People concentrate on stats and try to put him down, but the kid is simply amazing, and deserved the MVP for turning the Bulls franchise around to its former glory.

    • LUCKY says:

      Rose is a player that the chicago bulls would not want to loose,he is really a great player. dont give up man whwen your time comes,nobody gonna stop are a winner

    • Gibbs says:

      Nice comment man. You said it really well.

      Rose at 22 has an enormous career ahead of him. Good luck to him.

    • Angelo says:

      At last, a Heat fan with something good to say. Thanks man, that was a breath of fresh air. More Heat fans need to be more like you, instead of constantly pulling other teams fans down and talking arrogantly and ignorantly. Props to you Bro!

  133. Memory tinme says:

    At least they did something good, they became a tool for lebron to be lebron ore more again. now that this conference finals will be a lesson for them that 1 all star cannot match 3 all star .. eventually heat will win the nba finals see this and lebron james being a playing legend of this time so at the beggening of the series there is no way that Bulls will win the series, maybe nextime rose.

  134. kingJAMES. says:

    i pity rose, great player, but just like that, goes fishing.. maybe go to miami and we will show you what support is all about,

    • asdflj says:

      support? lebron james is a real good example of support? He left cavs and went to miami to suck wade off, wade has a chip, your king doesn’t, james needs wade.

      • ... says:

        Oh shut up already and get over it.

      • BlackSheep says:

        If i’m not mistaken but for the past couple of play-off Wade counld not get out of the first round. So even with a chip Wade needs Lebron just as much as Lebron needs Wade. And stop hatin on Lebron just to hate it is starting to gett sad

      • LUCKY says:

        i object that James and Wade need each other they great players and Bosh. I hope they can continue playing like that as team and not personal

      • lds says:

        Wade with Heat, Lebron with Cavs and Rose with Bulls all faced the same problem: one strong man trying to carry an entire team. Its not going to win championships. Its not a matter of Lebron needing Wade and vice versa. They both need each other. One man cant do it alone. It was Wade/ Shaq that did it in 06′. And good players/teams understand that. Thats why Wade, Lebron and Bosh all came together. So they are the perfect example of support, right along with the Celtics. And trust Chicago understands that too and im sure they will work on it for next year. But give Lebron credit, he is a great player.

    • Mz.Rose12 says:

      I believe Lebron is a great player but he’s not tha best. He couldn’t colse games 3months ago remember they where just cryin in the locker room so he cant be the one to show me what support is

      • knick fan says:

        that was 3 months ago… what about now? your so funny hahaha

      • Rickyyy says:

        KEYWORDS:3 months ago.. LeBron has closed every gamee these playoffs for the Heat wether you like it or not..

      • larry23 says:

        wat 3 month ago??? look the one game against philly in the 1st round. lbj wasn’t clutch!!!

  135. Lessgo says:

    Gotta respect the kid. I love James, Wade, but Rose is a brave kid.

    • AL says:

      rose is a great player but he needs a better team. theres only so much one man can do.

      • sameer says:

        Rose is great player but too many kinks to be fixed.

      • Mr. eleven says:

        Rose is already a best player thats why he was chosen to be the League MVP and he is already in the best team thats why they are the NBA #1 for 2010-11. It’s just happened that the HEAT are better, that those who called 2 and a half men a.k.a. catfish is better than there FULL TEAM! So where are your now Bulls Fan who said and mock Heat that they cant win this series? I’m wondering and for sure, you are all rooting for Mavericks AGAIN…LOL

        I respect ROSE so much, you’re still young, you need MORE to Learn. Goodluck to you next season.

    • IX says:

      haha the funny thing is yes it is his fault! When the bulls win he gets 100% of the credit! So why is it when they lose he gets 100% of no blame on him!? Im tired of the Media babying D.Rose! Hes a good player… not great. Understand that about him first. He shoots a HORRIBLE fg% on the regular… Nothing great about him, he makes shots more difficult then they have to be as if he’s trying to make SC with every play. He’s good but seriously, STOP BABYING HIM!!!! If he gets to reap ALL of the rewards!! He should also have to shoulder the blame of losing, especially with his abysmal numbers. his non-efficient play KILLED his team.

    • Gibbs says:

      Yeah Rose has heart and he is a tough kid especially at 22 to carry that much for so long. Hats well and truly off to the guy.

      He had his chances to win games in this series and he did fall apart in game 5. If he hit that shot in Miami and kept it real in game 5 we would be reading a different story.

      He needs someone else. Hopefully the Bulls can trade in a good spot shooter or dominant centre/forward. Boozer is good, Noah can be good and aggressive but they are not championship good.