Lakers Preparing For The Brown Era?

DALLAS — So it begins, the Mike Brown era in Los Angeles.

Well, almost. The deal hasn’t been finalized just yet. But from all indications, the former Cavaliers coach is set to replace Phil Jackson as coach of the Lakers.

Of all the names tossed out for that job, Brown’s came seemingly from out of nowhere. Rick Adelman was rumored to be the front-runner early on and there was always the Brian Shaw option.

But it appears, as Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times reports, that Brown is the choice:

The Lakers have put together a deal to hire former Cleveland Cavaliers coach Mike Brown as their new coach, an NBA official who was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter said late Tuesday.

If Brown agrees to the deal, he’ll sign a contract worth between $4 million and $4.5 million per season, the official said. Brown would sign for three years, with a team option on the fourth season that would give him partial pay if he was not retained.

Brown, 41, became the front-runner because Jim Buss, the team’s executive vice president of player personnel, was impressed with his defense-minded style.

Brown doesn’t seem like the Hollywood hire that the Lakers would have needed to fill the void left by Jackson. But who would have been?

As far as his credentials, Brown is as strong a candidate as anyone on the list. In five seasons with the Cavaliers, Brown compiled a 272-138 record,  leading LeBron James and crew to the top of the Eastern Conference heap. Twice during Brown’s tenure the Cavaliers piled up the best record in the league. Brown was NBA Coach of the Year in 2009 and led the Cavs to the NBA Finals in 2007, when they were swept by the Spurs.

But the real test for Brown — and to a larger extent for the man behind the move, Buss — is how Brown resonates with Lakers Nation.

Only time will tell.


  1. Ray says:

    I got a better idea…are you guys aware the Rudy Tomjanovich is under the Laker’s payroll? Championship caliber coach, coach an international squad to gold medal…what else do you really need for a resume?

  2. Milos LAL says:

    Lakers will bounce back. This was a debatable move, though. If the team embraces Brown and begins to take things seriously, then there will be no stopping us. L4k3r5, I don’t think that giving up our “twin towers” will be the solution. I agree, however, that we need a new starting point guard. For all the Kobe haters, give up on trying to make us give up on our team. It’s not gonna happen! Also, Artest must not be traded. He has his flaws but they do not outweigh his advantages (defence). We do need a change, and hopefully Brown will be that change. LAKERS FOR LIFE!

  3. L4K3R5 says:

    I think if Brown focuses on Defense, this team will win a championship. The biggest issue we had vs Dallas was our defense. IT was pathetic this year. The second biggest issue was focus and the third was injuries. This team needs a new system and a new voice. I love Brian Shaw, but it would be another version of Phil. Adleman never showed me anything that was amazing.
    Brown did a great job in Cleaveland, but LeBJ gave up. He flat out gave up on the Cavs. I would not blame Brown for an egotistical player who decided it was best to pack it in for the summer.
    We have a lot of players I want to see gone or pulled out of the starting lineup. Artest should be gone next year. Luke Walton should retire. DFish needs to be the backup pointguard. Odom goes to the 2nd team where he is the best 6th man. I would look to trade maybe Bynum or Gasol depending on who we can get. I think a lot of Laker fans are going to love our rookies from this past year. We won’t be worried about a big body very soon. We trade for a top flight Point Guard. We have more than enough length to give up one of our 7 footers. Hate to see either of them go, but I think our first move this offseason is to land a Point Guard who can start. I like Blake and maybe he will be better next year but I don’t want to wait around and hope when we still need someone else if DFish continues to slow down.

  4. Herbert says:

    Only time will tell us if he’s a great coach for the Lakers or not. In Cleveland the main problem was that Lebron was selfish. I believe he couldn’t handle Lebron. Maybe the same problem he’d have with Kobe. But if Brown would have that problem… Imagine Shaw handling a team ???? He is not an option. Kobe would take decisions for him. I also beleive the Lakers need a big deal. In my opinion CP3 is more necessary than Dwight.

  5. neonato says:

    guys lets give this guy a chance… come on… lets support our team… go lakers! LETS GET DWIGHT!

  6. NICK says:

    Mike brown , hubie brown , brian shaw, rick adhelman, jeff van gundy…. Really doesnt matter when you have KOBE bryant on your team… plus the addition of pau gasol and lamar odom (maybe even deron williams) .. Kobe is the greatest basketball player we will ever witness and he will bring champions to the city of los angeles with whatever coach because he has the will… we will miss phil jacksons greatness but mike brown wont hurt with his great defensive skeems! … NO WORRIES LAL CHAMPS 11′-12′ AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!

  7. kingJAMES. says:

    if i was shaw, i will resign and join miami.. hahahaha!

  8. kingJAMES. says:

    now we will see how kobe handle his new coach, i think we will see kobe CHOKE more!LOL!

  9. Lakers are the team says:

    By the way, I love Brian Shaw. I just think the Lakers are looking for experience. They always have. Good luck Brian. I hope you stay on with the Lakers!

  10. Lakers are the team says:

    The Lakers are still in the mix! Adelman is too old. Mike Brown is young and he’ll bring the defensive mindset the lakers need. Give him a chance. He might even have Pau playing tough defense. I think we’ll see a different Lakers team next year. GO LAKERS!

  11. AusRob says:

    I can’t blame the Lakers for going for a defensive-minded coach. But I do think they’re going to miss Brian Shaw a lot more than they think. There’d be plenty of teams who’d love to employ his use of the triangle offense, which also will be interesting to see how the Lakers handle the transition away from that. Will Brown learn the triangle offense himself to keep some familiarity with the players? Or will he overhaul the playbook and get the team playing a new style for better or worse?

  12. Richard says:

    I am a Laker fan they need to add something else to their system Phil’s system has worked but the league is changing and if you keep running the same system teams will eventually find a way to beat you, I love Brian but he does not have the coaching experience of Mike Brown, and becuase he has been by Phil Jackson’s side for years does not make him Phil Jackson, plus he is to buddy buddy with the players, that is not what the lakers need…………..They need someone who can challenge them to be their best Brown brings that to the plate more than Shaw.
    Some other choices Jerry Sloan would have been nice, Byron Scott, Magic Johnson.

  13. Richard says:

    I am a Laker fan they need to add something else to their system Phil’s system has worked but the league is changing and if you keep running the same system teams will eventually find a way to beat you, I Brian but he does not have the coaching experience of Mike Brown, and becuase he has been by Phil Jackson’s side for years does not make him Phil Jackson, plus he is to buddy buddy with the players that is not what the lakers need…………..They need someone who can challenge them to be their best Brown brings that to the plate more than Shaw.
    Some other choices Jerry Sloan would have been nice, Byron Scott, Magic Johnson.

  14. Rick says:

    Mike Brown is not a terrible coach in Cleveland, the problem before is that Lebron was only the consistent all-star in that team; unlike Lakers, they have 2 consistent all-stars Kobe and Gasol.

    P.S. Yes, Shaq is a consistent all-star but he was not as much productive in Cleveland (until now…. you know why)

  15. Pat says:

    I believe Mike Brown will be a good coach for the Lakers, and I believe the Lakers will be champs next year if they trade in a superstar.

  16. marapo says:

    i dont know what everybody is talking about if it didnt work for phil with this roster why would it work for anybody else using the same system LA needs new players then we can talk about bringing a true coach for now the cheaper the better.I think brown is a good distraction and a scapegoat for when everything crumbles.

    ps. what no one seems to have in mind rigth now is that Miami and OKC will only get better from here on out.

  17. Hamzah Azam says:

    I cannot believe he is the coach! He has been doing a great job of bringing the Cavaliers into a better franchise when he coached them. I believe that Lakers having Coach Brown as a Coach is going to bring them at least 1 more championship if Kobe Bryant stays. I can’t wait to see him coach and see if he changes up anything in the winning are or the losing area. Good luck Mike Brown!

  18. ddddd says:

    So its going to be the Kobe on 5 play now????
    Mike Brown might be a decent defensive coach, but his offense leaves a lot to be desired. Brown had plenty of pieces to be utilized throughout his time with the cavs, but ultimately chose to under-utilize his pieces in favor of Lebron. Now this is not taking away from Lebron’s talent as he was and rightly so the man on that team…. Mo Williams was severely under-utilized due to a couple times he choked under pressure… A couple measly times! Antawn Jamison was severely under-utilized. Then JJ Hickson showed promise and Brown under-utilized him severely in the crunch in favor of his aging veterans. Look at where Z and Shaq are now…. Z is sitting on the bench in Miami watching Joel Anthony battle down low (rightfully so as JAnthony is the most underrated player on the heat squad)…. and Shaq is watching the playoffs from his summer home as the Cs got eliminated as he was yet again injured over half the year.
    Now the best choices were Adelman and Shaw with Adelman taking a slight lead in my book due to experience and the awesome job he did with his severely depleted rocket squad. However Shaw being a Phil understudy is nothing to sneeze at given the roster that they are dealing with….. But why Mike Brown??? Seriously! Mike Brown never had control of the cavs and will probably lose control quickly if he trys the same whack stuff in LA…..

  19. CARTER71185 says:

    LMAO!!! at the dude that said its the end of the kobe era smh why case he loss this year the lakers won it twice in a row and just couldnt get it done this year but there not done kobe is far from done now he can rest and get his self ready for next season i hop they get either steve nash or deron williams or maybe dru hill for point guard

  20. John says:

    Make no mistake about it: Lebron James was the coach of the Cavaliers. In the playoffs, Mike Brown was missing, no where to be found. Every play he made was based on giving Lebron the ball and seeing what he can do with it. He cannot formulate effective strategies in the playoffs. He is a good defensive coach, not a great one. And he certainly is not a legendary coach like Phil Jackson or Pat Riley.

  21. Job Org says:

    The worst thing the lakers did was when they traded Farmar and Vujacic. Those 2 players were always hot coming from the bench. Farmar can explode anytime and Vujacic can spread the floor with this 3s.

  22. kiki says:

    Right choice I think, Mike Brown is very potential and experienced coach.

  23. MIke Locke says:

    What’s all the talk about he might not be popular with the Lakers fan base. I’m as big a Laker fan as it gets….born and raised in LA and Mike Brown coming to the Lakers is HUGE!!!!! Its been too long since we had someone to focus on defense. I love this pick up.

  24. realtalk says:

    i think shaw shudve been given a chance, brown is a good coach, but in all fairness shaw shudve gotten a chance. and all u ppl who say the lakers are finished, the same team dat won 2 championships, u surely know nothing of basketball. they are still a force to be rekon with next season and many seasons to come.

  25. J says:

    scrap the triangle and make kobe play defense.. he’s losing it

  26. Sergio says:

    This move makes me think there is gonna be some big trades for the lakers in the next months..If shaw stayed then they would run the triangle.. This means trades im telling you….

  27. Jay says:

    Mike Brown would be a perfect fit. he was able to get the cavs the best record in the east two years in a row. Guys on that team that wasnt that good shined while playing for Brown. Its up to the team to do the rest come playoff time. Lakers need a new offense because the triangle is way too slow for today’s game. They only need a good young point guard and its ring time again.

  28. Greg Martin says:

    History will show this to be an unwise move in my opinion. Lakers need a point guard who can create his own offense by penetrating or shoot the 3 ball in the clutch.

  29. Andrew@LA says:

    I don’t hate Brown, but I was hoping for Shaw. Atleast could’ve put Mike has their defensive coach.

  30. Rich says:


    1. A better point guard than Fisher.
    2. A tough coach, and of course a good one, that would hold together the big players. I believe Avery is in the market and won the Finals as a player and learned a whole lot being a coach in the Finals as well.
    3. Give away Luke Walton (and his salary) to any role player. Almost anybody would be an improvement.

  31. Sean says:

    He didnt coach the Cavs to anything; Lebrown brought them to the Finals, Lebron won 62 games, Lebron got Mike Brown that Coach of the Year Award; This the same coach who best offense set in the playoff series against the Magic which they lost was to give Lebron the ball at the free throw line and let everyone watch

  32. CRS says:

    It doesn’t matter who’s gonna be the new coach as long as they don’t get some new guys in their team. This series proved that this is a young man’s game and Lakers are lacking young players. They need a new point guard, Fisher just sucks.. he’s old, slow and he has a very poor FG %. It’d be great if they got Dwight Howard too, although I don’t see it as necessary as a new point guard.

  33. MJ? says:

    The problem with the Lakers is that they are going into next season with $91M in player salary with a 9-man roster that includes Luke Walton (he could be more effective for the Lakers if he wore a cheeleader outfit), Shannon Brown, and then D-Fish and Steve Blake for oprtions at point. Sorry to both, but Steve Blake is too old to run that offense, and Blake is just not good enough. That means the Lakers are looking for salary room to hire a solid point guard, and are opting to go cheap on the coach. Because, lets face it, you are not going to put the exact same team on the floor that was swept in the second round this year and rest your hopes on brining in a coach that will outcoach Phil Jackson and recapture the Champoinship next year. So, you figure you bring in a decent and cheap coach, shop around for a start point guard, and let your highly paid veteran players do thier share of coaching (like the Boston vets have done for the past 3 years). So then why not just stick to Shaw if the players wanted him? Well, in a team at the heart of Hollywood, and in a League where the balance of powers have so drastically shifted to superstars, a guy like Jim Buss just wants to show that at some levels, he still running the show.

  34. K says:

    I like the choice of Mike Brown; I’m glad someone gave this guy another chance to be a head coach in the NBA. Adleman or Shaw would have been a good choice also, but Mike Brown is a proven winner. The key thing for Brown this upcoming season is hiring an offensive minded coach to sit next to him on the bench. With the core group of Laker players returning next season; all offensive minded type players (Kobe, Pau and Lamar), the Lakers with some subtle off-season moves will still be a force in the West nest season.

  35. Joe buck says:

    Mike Brown is a good coach, he is a great defensive coach. I don’t know if he can deal with the egos in that locker room either. I don’t know if kobe and LO and Drew will always listen to him. Wonder how the triangle offense will be next year. When he was in clevaland his offense was give lebron the ball and everyone else watch. Overall not a bad choice.

  36. Butta says:

    Shaw would be a better candidate for the Lakers head coach. He’s known Jackson since he was a laker and he knows the triangle offensive just as well as Jackson himself. Bryant gave Shaw his endorsement, along with other players. If it aint broken why fix it? I think the only problem is trying to get a team together. idk how Brown is gonna do with the Lakers, but lets hope he gets us past the semi-conference finals and conference finals for the next 4 years..

  37. Xesus says:

    The lakers have a roster with talent players, and Rick Adelman is the perfect coach for these players

  38. marcos says:

    whatttttttttt mike brown is not good thats y lebron left now he comes to LA fro what ? thier better coaches out their

  39. LKR4LIFE says:

    Brown is the Wrong Choice. Sure he’s a solid defensive coach, but has no offensive instinct. The major reason why that Cavs team had success was because of LeBron, which many times seemed like he was the real coach on the floor. Lebron himself criticized his coaching style. They should have gone with Adelman or Shaw. And it’s not likely that Shaw would’ve demanded more than 6M a year, if money is what they are worried about. Well, hopefully the Lakers will give Shaw an opportunity in their coaching search, which will probably be in about 2 years or less.

  40. NOT KWAME BROWN says:


  41. Pat Brown says:

    You guys talk about Kobe as though he is ancient. There are players much older than Kobe and is playing just as good. Of course he’s older, you keep living you going to get older too. Give me a break. Lakers are still the best team around and in my book Kobe is still the best player. It just that there are so many Lakers and Kobe haters out there. Anyway Brian Shaw is my best choice, but if Brown is the chosen one, so Brown it is.

  42. Pete BR says:

    Nothing’s done… But if he’s the head coach, I welcome him with open arms.

    Defense is what lacked for the Lakers this 2010-11 season. And with a new and decent bench, this Lakers team could go back on top to the Finals. Some might say that only with 25 losses, I might be going crazy when saying Defense is what lacked… But if you realize how poor the Lakers played at home, when they’re supposed to be unstoppable, the defense lacked big time, they weren’t able to defend home court on big games against the Celtics (beat ’em at Boston, that’s good enough of a cover up) lost 2 straight Play-off games vs the Mavs, which cost them the three-peat option, 1 game vs the Hornets, too, in the play-offs, which caused them trouble, lost against the Clippers (let’s face it, Staples Center is much more a Lakers stadium than a Clippers stadium, the only thing that changes is the colors, by the way, Clippers, get outta L.A, you’re a joke..)

    Going back to the head coaching subject. If he arrives at L.A, welcome sir Brown.
    And Kobe… Drive to the basket more often, remember those KB#8 years, please..

  43. Mr. sports says:

    I agree with one of the comments , Mike Brown should go to a club that is in a rebuilding process. There is going to be too much expectation with the Lakers and their latest meltdown.

  44. yeezy says:


    • NOT KWAME BROWN says:

      why does it seem like the Lakers are falling apart? West, Kareem, Pau, Lamar/Khloe Kobe…

  45. Bear says:

    What few people seem to remember is that the Cavs did so well with only one solid All Star while the teams that defeated them in the playoffs had, not only a team full of All Stars, but a bench full. In spite of that fact, the Cavs had the best record in the league for two years. Brown can be given some of the credit along with LeBron. The Lakers would be lucky to get him.

  46. asdf says:

    this sucks. this comes from a laker fan, if this is true, i don’t believe the lakers will get any further than this postseaon. get Adelman Buss, come on its time to start again with something new

  47. Mahni says:

    Will Brown use the traingle? no, because he is not very offensive minded, so I understand defense, but Shaw knows Jackson’s system both offensively and defensively. The only problem with Shaw is that he is unproven and we don’t know how much respect the players would give him.

  48. HJP says:

    I think that the Lakers should hire Rick Adelman, because he knows the Lakers quite well due to the NBA Western Conference Finals in 2002, when he was part of the Kings. I think that Adelman should be the next Laker Head coach instead of Mike Brown. I just don’t want the Lakers showing off when they have Mike Brown and that wouldn’t be fair to the other teams. Hire Rick Adelman Los Angeles Lakers!

  49. Chris Y. says:

    Brain Shaw is the best and possibly the only option for the Lakers since he has been with the players, and the organization for many years now. He knows the system, players, and the style of play better than anyone else. Plus, the chemistry is there. Lebron carried Mike Brown to his success, not the other way around. Kobe is older, he wont be able to carry the team alone anymore. Stick with Shaw!! The system Phil ran was perfect, no need to bring a whole new system

  50. Nisha- Let's Talk says:

    I would have never thought that they’d think about hiring him.. I thought that Brian Shaw had it all! Wow.. I’m speechless.. I bet Kobe and Fisher aren’t satisfied.. 🙂 YAYYY!

  51. Bobman says:

    Let’s face it, adelman is one of the best coaches in the game. The kings were way better than the lakers in early 2000s but stern wanted lakers in the finals.

    If you realized how good the kings were you would definitely be screaming for adelman. The cavs never felt like a legitimate team, the kings did.

  52. Teddy says:

    Defensive minded?
    If the Lakers are looking to boost their defensive intensity, then coach Brown is the only choice. Larry Brown. Let’s not forget about one of the greatest coaches of all time whom left a winning legacy with every team on his journey, from San Antonio, Indiana and even the Clippers. Yes, I said it, the Clippers. The man took a sub-par Clipper team in the mid 90’s to the Playoffs, where they had no business existing.
    It would be a shame for the most underrated coach of all time, in any sport, to have his career dissolve due to the tantrum of one the team’s grumpier personnel. Jerry Sloan, anyone?
    Bring Larry Brown back to LA!!!

  53. LA HATER says:


  54. mike says:

    Mike Brown is a good coach and he and his previous team “Cavaliers” had success in the past. Nevertheless, I really don’t want the Lakers to make a foolish move by compromising cheapness with success. Brain Shaw in my opinion should be given an opportunity to show his worth as a coach in the NBA. If the Lakers were so concern about money, why paying so many players on the Lakers rooster huge salaries and they are not performing up to par; another example is Ron Artest for Ariza. Stop being so petty and spend the big bucks for excellent talent. I wouldn’t be surprise to see that they turn their backs on Brian Shaw because they did the same thing to Ariza when he played excellent during the Lakers last championship run. Spend the money and get a good coach and players, stop invest in slow and veteran players who can’t complete in this age NBA. Let’s see if history repeats it’s self?

  55. KobleedRoseted says:

    I believe that everyone can be a defensive minded one. And for me Mike Brown was on top because of Lebron. Yeah. And do you think he can handle a team with so much talent and was frustated with their performance that needs to bounce back and bring back their motivation? Nope. He lacks experience. Do you think in a tight situatuin games, he can create plays like Phil does? No! I BELIEVE PHIL IS STILL BETTER THAN BROWN. AND PUTTING AS A COACH WILL JUST DEGRADE THE LAKERS ABILITY TO WIN ANOTHER TITLE.

  56. noteynote says:

    well done now get ariza back and trade artest

  57. Gary says:

    He would have been perfect for the Clippers! But not LA.

  58. Bill says:

    The Lakers would be lucky to get Mike Brown. He’s an adaptable coach which fits very well with a star-studded team. You don’t want a Larry Brown for example that will impose his will or bench the players. Plus look how Spolstra in Miami managed to get the trio play together by doing nothing!

    Lakers should let go of Bynum and Gasol for Howard and CP3. The trio of cali meeting the trio of south beach for a finale of dreams! I say go for it and let those middle of nowhere teams play with rookies. I only watch the NBA in the playoffs anyways!

  59. think says:

    Im not a Laker fan, but I am still into basketball.

    Brown was a good coach in bringing a really dangerous player out of Lebron (which in any way will happen because he is a basketball specimen). But the problem with Brown’s system was the whole offense was focused on LBJ running the show. In regular season games when LBJ was out, the whole team struggles, and in the playoffs where teams focus their defenses on James… well we knew what happened. The defense was great, but on offense its all about one man.

    I don’t see it working with LA. Kobe’s dominance is evidently decreasing with age (might have a bigger chance when Kobe was younger, probably during Rudy T’s tenure). While Brown has the knack to handle divas, the system wont just work in LA… not anymore.

    Adelman wouldve been a great choice… but do you think he’ll be able to sell a “workman’s attitude” in LA?

    Shaw is the safest choice. He’s been under Phil, so the system would still fit. They just have to make some adjustments so the offense won’t be “Kobe-heavy” the whole game, so Kobe can preserve his energy and be dangerous at the crucial stages of the game.

  60. Carlos says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t think Mike Brown is a good choice for the Lakers. He did not run a proper offense for Lebron with the Cavs – they were basically isolations and pick and rolls. The only reason the Cavs were successful under him was because of how good Lebron is! He CREATED the Cavs’ offense, not MIke Brown. This will not work with the Lakers, because Kobe wont’ be able to carry the team the same way Lebron did.
    In short, Lakers are screwed if this deal goes down.

  61. EKD says:

    Mike Brown is the worst coach ever! Stupid move Lakers! Guess noone will have to worry about Lakers winning a championship in the next four years…Brown has been out coached by every semi-decent coach in the league. Brown only has Lebron to thank for any “accomplishments” he has on his NBA resume.

  62. Darryl says:

    There’s the correct answer!

  63. LA steve says:

    holly crap jim buss, this must be bad reporting hopefully. Shaw and adelman are WAY better options. the only reason they wouldn’t go with one of those two is if buss is bored with the slow non highlight producing lakers offense, thus trying to shakee things up get some showmanship back into LA instead of slower deliberate methodical basketball.

    i guess he’s not as bad as van gundy, that was rumored for a while… ewww.

  64. Tom says:

    I think he was a horrible coach in Cleveland and I think he’ll be a horrible coach in LA. He was lucky to have Lebron, He was out coached in the playoffs every time they lost a series.

    • Tom says:

      actually even in some of the series they won a lot of the games i watched i feel like he was being out coached and was lucky he had Lebron James on the floor.

  65. LaFan4life says:

    I am gonna have to agree with the decision of choosing Brown. I mean yes shaw would be a good coach because he has been around for many years and its not like they are gonna get rid of shaw unless he accepts a head coaching job somewhere else so he can still be around to help Brown with the O while they can use Browns D-coaching and should be set cuz you know Kobe will get inside Browns head and manipulate things ha, but as someone already stated is they will get Brown for cheap, which in return will give them more money to rebuild the team, such as getting Howard and also I am a big D-fish fan but he does need a fast pointguard around, one that can keep up with the smaller, younger pointguards in the league, maybe try and get CP3 or ad maybe get rid of Blake, and have Shannon run point when Paul is not out there, Jerry Buss knows what he is doing (obviously look at all the talent he got) so if he thinks Brown is the best choice for coach then hey it must be the best choice for the Lakers at this time

  66. Huge Lakers Fan! says:

    Mike Brown is a good option for the Lakers, but I don’t think they can win a championship for 2 more years at least under brown. Under Shaw, however they can succeed. The only problem is the lack of NBA head coaching experience that Shaw lacks. But both are good choices. Final Choice:

    Brian Shaw

    Also that lakers should trade derek fisher for a younger and faster PG. Kobe is fine. Gasol needs to be out of his slump. But LA really needs to trade that age for athelticism. They need to defend better too. Brian Shaw is a great choice.

  67. to lakers management the team should reorganized need to build more on speed/ agility,.. need a buddy on kobe so the ball could rotate and defense will not focus on kobe alone ..

  68. Henry says:

    Rick Adelman is the most qualified choice, but I didn’t expect Jerry Buss going for the former coach of the once-successful Sacramento Queens. Also, I didn’t expect him tailoring his every whim to Kobe and Derek Fisher; this has gone on long enough. And thus, Mike Brown emerges.

  69. Jon says:

    Oh my. why mike brown? the most routine coach. everything he do is predictable. not a good choice 😦 I prefer adelman among all coaches. proven winner! eventhough with not so good roster at houston he still carry them to be a playoff contender

  70. moneyball says:

    I honestly thing that nothing can get the Lakers the ring right now. the Kobe era is over. also they really do not need d12. bynum is the best big man in the game. he’s he can do every thing d12 does and can hit free throws, unlike Howard. they need to trade derrick fisher for little Nate Robinson.

    • Tom says:

      Bynum is no where near the defender Dwight Howard is. Bynum is no where near the rebounder Dwight Howard is. Bynum is no where near as strong as Dwight Howard. Dwight also seriously improved his offensive game this year and will probably improve it just as much if not more next season .And on top of all that dwight isn’t injury prone and doesn’t have any preexisting problems with his knee. you my friend are either seriously overrating bynum or seriously underrating Dwight. i’m not even a lakers fan bugging over bynum or dwight i’m a knick’s fan and we are in desperate need for a big man so you already know where i’d like him to go even though i know there’s like a 99.9% chance that’s not going to happen haha.

    • pmichael says:

      Bynum definitely has the ability and size to be as good as D12, but he’s not there yet. Their numbers are very different, and he’s always injured. But yeah, give him time, and Bynum will be the face of the franchise. I also think they gotta trade up the PG. Robinson could work, or JJ barea. Cp3 would be the best option. Should be an interesting summer.

      • sean says:

        when D12 was as young as bynum(and hes not even much older) he was already better than bynum is right now
        bynum is a good player dont get me wrong but he will never be as good as D12
        (did bynum average a double double in his rookie system?) D12 is just a beast

    • DM8488 says:

      thats a idea as a Thunder my question is what are offering for Nate? lol

  71. Aditya says:

    Dis agree with people who dont think Mike brown is a great coach.

  72. No to Brown says:

    Seriously??? Brown had LEBRON, that’s why he had those records. It’s NOT because brown is a good coach. HE SUCKS.

  73. Me says:

    Brown should probably pursue a young team that is rebuilding. I think he would be perfect for that. Not a hollywood team that has won back to back championships recently and has recently had a meltdown in the playoffs….expectations are too high and could make or break his career in my opinion. This is a trap…I wont give my other opinions on him of all coaches being hired to this position though because it would cause too much of a stir.

  74. Aditya says:

    Mike brown is a good coach. This is a great move.

  75. miami sucks says:

    i don’t think its a bad move for them..c’mon stop comparing the cavs and lakers..lakers are way way way better than the cavs when they still have i think he will do really good..

  76. Kyle says:

    I was kinda expecting Adelman to get the job, but perhaps Brown might do just as good. Should the Lakers rebuild their team along with Brown as coach, things should go smoothly…

  77. mark says:

    hell no! id rather take JVG than him. that decision is awful. lakers will be doomed! i was hoping for adelman!

  78. Cavs Suck says:

    He’s the reason cavs failed. Period. I voted the third.

  79. Lebran says:

    oh..they need someone that kobe can shout and manipulate the coach. trust me..just like what happened after phil left them last time. Lakers should just offer phil $10 mil a year .he will be back.

  80. Lebran says:

    Brown? as coach for the lakers. Come on. His a playoff coach choker. During the playoff….that person doesa not know how to rotate players. he always rely on the first five.

  81. kingJAMES. says:

    maybe BROWN is less expensive.. they need to cut off there bills because they will need big money to catch DWIGHT and CP3 while they are fishing!LOL. 🙂

  82. Ruben says:

    damn! i was expecting that Rick Adelman or Brian Shaw were the top picks, why Mike Brown? damn.. shame on them

  83. LETSGOSHAW says:

    Seriously, Mike Brown and Defensive-minded doesn’t really match up. During his time with the Cavs, their D was full of pores which the Spurs (with the 2nd best coach in the league behind Phil Jackson, Greg Pop) quickly recognized HENCE sweeping Brown’s Cavs in the Finals. Sure he led a team with the best record in the league for 2 times but hey, he HAD LEBRON. Now what the Lakers need isn’t only a coach that for me is a bit over-rated, they need a roster fix (particularly the point guard position — i love D.Fish dont get me wrong but he needs a younger, faster, promising PG beside him) they need to get faster, and they need to get SHAW as their head coach. SHAW has been with Phil ever since he was still a player. If one can sit beside a master chef for success in this league for a LOOOT OF YEARS, then SHAW can carry this Laker team with the same system that has proven to be effective, and EVEN enhance it. SHAW is young, mastered Phil’s system, has been a solid Laker whom the roster loves, hence chemistry will be instantaneous. SERIOUSLY, SHAW IS THE BEST CHOICE. WHY LOOK ELSEWHERE WHEN THE BEST CANDIDATE HAS BEEN IN YOUR BENCH FOR SOLID LONG YEARS NOW?

    • alpha barry says:

      you’re right

    • pmichael says:

      That is really well said. I absolutely agree.

    • Dave says:

      Man, such wise words. Totally agree

    • sean says:

      yea and shaw has been through a lot he deserves to be the coach

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I don’t understand why they wouldn’t choose Shaw. Brown is a great coach, but I am not a fan. Not as excited about next season as I was. Hope this was the right move.

    • Reggie says:

      I respect your opinion but I think you’re missing the point. This decision signals the beginning of a new regime in L.A. Jerry Buss made no secret that he was never really a fan of the Triangle he felt that it was’nt exciting enough. He acknowledged that it was effective and as long as they were winning rings he would tolerate it and Phil’s insane salary. I seem to recall during the summer after beating Boston in the finals there were rumors that Buss wanted Phil to take a pay cut. The die was already being cast. They wanted Phil out now you bring in a younger coach with less experience but solid credibility and experience with coaching a star and eager to get a ring and prove people wrong. Let’s not forget the biggest caveat he’s not likely to be a headache to management. I love Phil but it was time to go anytime you say at the end of a sweep in the second round of the playoffs it’s obvious that your flame has burned out and that lack ou fire influenced the players as well. We need a whip cracker now and not a philosopher.

  84. HeatWave says:

    Bad move for LA if they do it.

  85. go-lakers says:

    now the lakers are DONE, that guy is the reason why lebron never won a champioship in cleveland, hes a terrible coach

    • QuestionMark says:

      Terrible coach? Lebron left because he had no supporting players to help him, Mike Brown is a terrific defensive coach, look what he did with the Cavs, only solid defenders on that team was Lebron, Varejao and maybe Parker, and yet they were tops on D, that shows how defensive minded he is, and with the Lakers size and defenders, Brown wil fit perfectly.

      • @ says:

        Lebron left the cavs becasue he is sorry. He didnt have what it takes to carry a team, and never will.

    • showbaba says:

      My friend Brown is not the reason. Lebron could have stayed after Brown left. But no, because Cavalier org is the reason they are not ready to surround Lebron with superstars or all star players. Please do not blame Brown or Lebron for the Cavalier nonsense.

    • bam says:

      The Lakers still have a lot of peices in place and at least 3 starters, in cleveland not one Cavalier that left cleveland started anywhere and only one or two current players with the team will start next season J.J. and Baron, so good luck mike brown, think he’ll fit in, and give the Lakers a lift in their defense.

    • sean says:

      that is a really ignorant remark did u even read all the credentials that mike brown has?
      cleveland lost because lebrons supporting cast couldnt help him when he needed it and lebron quit on the team cause he just wanted to get to miami already

    • iHateIdiots says:

      mmmhmmmm…… Terrile coach? The reason why Lebron didnt get a title? You’re kidding right? I’m hoping you are under 10 years old and a Lebron fan.

      • King James says:

        I guess you Hate yourself then. Mike Brown never used the right personnel in the playoffs. He let Jamison guard Garnett for 6 games straight. Jamison gave him nothing offensively and was horrible defensively and he kept playing him. Varejao had far greater success defensively against Garnett. But the Idiot Brown never made any adjustments and let Garnett beat us in that series.

    • Karma23 says:

      ya that is tru.. Mike Brown messed up last year in the playoffs… Cleveland could’ve won if Brown would’ve played Hickson at the right moments…
      whats gonna happen when the games get real intense? is Brown gonna throw in Walton instead of Odom?
      kinda the wrong coach to hire LA…. smh

    • @@ says:

      He carried the cavs. They went from best regular season team to worse regular season team as soon as he left them. He’s also carrying the heat alright in the ECF atm. I guess you’ve never watched a Lebron game and the only thing you watched was his pathetic one hour “Decision” instead of him playing basketball so your ignorance can be excused.

  86. EmJay23 says:

    Life’s been hard to Mike Brown the last years. After being nonsensely fired by Dan Gilbert trying to show LeBron he was doing every kind of madness to keep him there, he is now thrown in this falling-apart team?

    Being the Lakers’ coach is a good job, it can’t be denied, but I think Brown (and his historic proves it) deserves more. Maybe a complete rebuild would fit it, but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

    • ? says:

      do you speak english?

    • EmJay23 says:

      Cmon, Mark. Don’t you think it’s time to push the panic button and do a good number of changes in L.A.? Do you really think putting Brown there would turn the Lakers again a championship team?

      I understand if you are a great fan you should be optimistic about your Lakers, but since the regular season they are not the team they were for the last seasons. Even though I think on the paper they have better players than they had the last two seasons. It just didn’t work out, and I am sad about their playing this season.

      • TF says:

        Try to keep Brian Shaw as an offensive coach b/c I don’t see that in Mike Brown (wish he went to the Knicks as a defensive coach), and then maybe trade Bynum and Gasol to Orlando for Howard. Even if none of that happens, still no need to push the panic button. Their 2nd rd loss seemed to be an enternal problem.

  87. Luke says:

    He’s not going to be terribly popular with the Laker’s fanbase, but I think it is a good choice as he will do a solid, if unspectacular job. Was a big fan of Adelman’s Kings teams of the early noughties though. The expectations will probably be huge on Brown too, good luck to him!