Chandler Won’t Take The Bait

DALLAS — If Thunder center Kendrick Perkins is looking for a dance partner for the technical foul tango he’s trying to cook up in the Western Conference finals, he better find someone other than Tyson Chandler.

The Mavericks center made it clear that he’s not interested. And he did it before Perkins called him out before Wednesday’s practice.

“Me and Tyson never got along. I’m serious,” Perkins said. “He don’t like me, I don’t like him and that’s pretty much how it’s been. Everybody always looks at me as kind of like a dirty player if you’re on the opposite team, but he’s just as dirty as anybody else.”

Perkins appeared to be the instigator of the friction in Game 1, getting into Chandler’s chest in the first minute, resulting in a double-technical for the pair before either one of them had worked up a good lather.

“He came at me and I think it was just a situation to keep the game under control they tech’d both of us up,” Chandler said. “But I’m not going to get into it with him. I’m not buying into all of the crap.”

That aforementioned “crap” Chandler spoke of would include the bad blood between two big men that Chandler suggests is a figment of Perkins’ vivid imagination.

“No, there’s no history at all,” Chandler said. “I have nothing against him. He won a championship with the Boston Celtics, and that’s where I’m trying to take my team. I mean, I’ve got respect for him, what he was able to accomplish. But all the chippy stuff, the after-the-ball stuff, that’s all nonsense and I’m not going to get involved with it.”

“Honestly, my motive is not to get into it with Kendrick Perkins,” Chandler continued. “My motive is to make my team better when I’m on the floor and give my team an opportunity to win. My team is not going to be better with me off the floor, so there’s no reason for me to get into it with him. The only benefit that’s going to have is me off the floor and giving them a better chance to win, so I’m not getting into it with him.”

When I raised this issue with Chandler Monday on Episode 56 of the Hang Time Podcast he laughed it off and insisted that there wouldn’t be any problems between he and Perkins.

But we knew better. When you take two of the most intense and feisty big men in the league and tell them they have to share the same space in the paint for anywhere from four to seven games for the right to play for a championship, there’s bound to be some chippy behavior.

This series can do without the technical fouls. There’s too much quality basketball to played without someone turning this thing into some Knicks-Heat-style slugfest from yesteryear.

There’s no doubt that both of these guys are physical players and neither wants to take a step back. Chandler is right, though, there is nothing to be gained by either team if one or both of these guys is on the bench or tossed out of the game for any foolishness.

For the sake of our viewing pleasure, keep it clean fellas.


  1. Dude says:

    Nice stats. 30 minutes played 5 rebounds… 2 points…

  2. Mr Director says:

    KG encouraged Perkins just like all the guys in Boston to be tougher defensively and to use intimidation tactics. Its not being a thug. Its using skill with the use of mind games. Rasheed Wallace did it and after the Pistons got Sheed in 04′, they became a championship contender and spanked the GREAT LAKERS for the ring might I add. When Boston got KG & Allen to form the BIG THREE with Pierce in 08′, they became a championship contender. In addition, I ain’t never seen a player like Ray Allen shoot beautiful misses. His shooting is like magic. Chicago was already a championship contender with Jordan and Pippen, but when they got Rodman they became something serious. (72-10) Rodman has 7 rebounding titles. Charles Barkley talked trash but he is legendary. Isiah Thomas and the Bad Boys of Detroit (Bill Laimbeer, Rodman) pretty much bullied the whole league. NY Knicks of the 90s,(Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley, Patrick Ewing, John Starks??) C’mon ain’t nobody gone shoot nobody. Most guys shake hands after the game anyway. Its the same way in street ball. Most of these guys first started playing basketball at the local parks back home and thats the way the game is played in the streets. Its been that way since Bill Russell. Do you think Bill Russell was a softie?? You don’t get 11 rings being a softie.
    Why did the Lakers get Matt Barnes, Ron Artest?? Hello, they needed toughness. Every team is going for the same prize, its bound to be some tension. Kimbo Slice is the same way in the UFC, but he can get his tail whupped too. But he scares the crap outta you. Mike Tyson could knock you out with one punch with either hand, it scared you. Most of the fights were won before the bell rung. Well before he started getting hungry. Nobody ever says anything about hockey or baseball, refs just let you fight. If you talk trash in basketball, u get tossed out, fined and label as a thug. If you fight in hockey or baseball, you get to go sit in timeout?? Please!! KG was like a big brother to Perkins in Boston. KG was getting on Big Baby too, why u think he started crying?? ” ok man, i f*ck up, i f*ck up, leave me alone” LOL!! Oh that was priceless. KG was about to take off his belt!!

  3. Marshall says:

    everyone is so blind. Chandler acts like he is doing nothing while constantly throwing small elbows to face, throat, chest. He is as dirty as it gets, he is good at playing innocent. Just because you throw your hands up and say “I’m innocent” doesn’t mean you are

  4. just thinking says:

    Has anyone ever seen Kendrick Perkins smile……. once….. even the slightest…. guy makes ridiculous amounts of money and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him resemble being happy.

  5. Roldan says:

    Perkins is such a mess… what a shame on him…

  6. FRANCIS O says:

    Perkins maybe overrated to some of you, i mean a lot of you, but to be honest he has done a good job on the defensive end. Why do you think did the Thunder acquire him in the first place? The Celtics never lost a series when Perkins was healthy. Do you call that overrated?

  7. ryder13 says:

    fyi to those who hate perk..he is not chosen by the okc bec. of his offensive skills..he is hired because okc needs a BANGER inside, who is not scared of any contacts and hard blows…

  8. watcher says:

    Perkins with the tech trash talk and flagrant bs here. Spices things up a bit, but also means the refs will T em up if they so much as look at each other for more than 2 seconds on the court. Not smart.

  9. let us play basketball says:

    The worst thing to ever happen to this game, since they tried to change the ball, was the arbitrary and loose calling of technical falls that began this season. What is a normal, non-violent reaction, often occurring even in elementary school sports, is often punished unnecessarily. Stern and Jackson – listen up – there are emotions when you are playing the game and not collecting checks from your office, in your white collar. This may be news to you.

    Also, why are both players punished in the large majority of these calls? You only need to look back at the Boston series, or the Lakers series, and I’m sure you can draw multiple examples. Punish the instigator, and nobody else, if you’re going to give out technicals like it ain’t no thing. Let them play the game in peace, and maybe we can watch the game uninterrupted for a change.

  10. yo says:


  11. fan of the game says:

    Perkins is a big trash talker. Good defensive player, but that’s it. I’d take Chandler on my team anyday over Perkins. He has the complete package for a big man. And the monster dunks! Perkins has to talk to make himself look good. Chandler does his talking on the court!

  12. Jefferson says:

    It’s just Playoff trash-talk, right? Been happening since the dawn of NBA time, lol. With more or less evenly matched teams, (1 game to 1 game) teams will be looking for any advantage.

  13. AHardt says:

    1) Why do people seem to think “great inside defender” means “the next Dwight Howard”? Only a fool would think that, but Perkins is a (good) role player, clogging up the lane and making things hard for the other team. Hustle players get no love from the score sheet, and neither do solid defenders.
    2) Who cares if Perkins has a terrifying face, or is ugly, etc? The NBA isn’t a beauty contest, and frankly we could use a return to the toughness of the earlier years.
    3) Fact is that OKC has been a better defensive team immediately since bring Perkins back from his injury, by a heckuva lot (I think it was like 10 ppg, but don’t quote me on that). Just because you don’t like a guy or his team doesn’t mean he’s any less than he is.

  14. Diddy says:

    Wasn’t it earlier in the season when Kevin Durant was calling Chris Bosh a “fake tough guy”? He definitely should be looking into his own team and labeling that ugly bum as the same thing because nobody is as fake a tough guy as Kendrick Perkins. If Nene was going to throw down, believe me when I tell you KP would run(if he was smart). He doesn’t fit this team either. If Tyson Chandler was on this team, OH MY. OKC would be a lot better off because he is a versatile defender, with a little offensive game. Perkins doesn’t even rebound for heaven’s sake. LEGIT BUM.

  15. panget says:

    perk is nonsense. if im the ref, i should always call him with a tech coz his face is so friggin’ scary. .lol

  16. TMinYoEar says:

    u have to go through those chippy things to grow up as an an nba player, dont u?
    its good for the game
    refs doin a great job!

    good, hard basketball


  17. UD-WADE says:

    As a Heat fan i tell u something… i always said Tyson Chandler is the perfect Center that can feat in the system… No question… he is a better player than perk… Perk is probably a better low post defender but Chandler is a better shoot blocker. he is quick and athletic… Frankly Miami need a Center CHandler is for me the perfect guys for the job… With Joel as back up we will be just monsters defensively… And those pick and rolls involving Chandler should results on many nasty allley oops… I really likes this guys and i really hope Riley will make a serious run at him if he get the occasion…
    Guess what… i bet Steeve Nash is on the plane for next season… Phoenix is definitely planing to separate ways with steeve by signing a starring point guard in Aaron Brooks. An a Veteran with no ring and needing one desperately, he got 2 real choices: lakers or replacing Bibby in Miami next year. I think Miami is proving to have a best shoot at the ring… More important i think Nash will really help Miami reach it real potential with both wade and James playing off the ball with Nash!!! That will be really sick!!!
    It”s a dream but its a realistic one.

    • Deron Williams says:

      Why not hire Howard for Center position… and some other PF forward for PF…your mind set says…you could only win if you have ALL STARS in your lineup… losers… hahahahha

  18. Lemw says:

    Its the idea of making your opponent a foe results in victory. This kind of thinking is great for a ‘Rocky’ movie script. I think Kendrick Perkins needs to evolve and play up to date mind games.

  19. Cazmo says:

    Perkins just needs to hush up and play ball. If he paid more attention to the defensive side of the ball and stop Dirk from bustin ya behind. Unlike boston, he don’t have a bunch of grit and size to back up his talk and obviously disturbed demeanor on the court. I don’t think he helps OKC much in this series. Dirk plays perimeter for the most part and Perkins ain’t going out there. This ain’t a rivalry so no one cares that you don’t like each other. Just Ball!!

  20. Dirk at Work says:

    Let’s go ahead and take a 2-0 lead tonight. 🙂

  21. growupkendrick says:

    Perkins said the same things about Nene in the frist round, and then refused to shake Tony Allen’s hand in the semifinals. It was he who tried to irritate Chandler in that double technucal situation.

    He most definitely has not mastered the game of basketball but he seems to have mastered obnoxious behaviour. Grow up Kendrick.

    I don’t think however that Chandler will bite the bait, he’s too experienced.

  22. jerkins says:

    perkins was the missing link in LA’s killabee mentality: kobe, barnes, perkins.. just think about it! not that bynum and odom didn’t do a great job on the dancefloor while bustling and hustling. but gasol simply(!) sucked to much (on dirk digglers fingertips).. and talking about bynum: he is mr overrated. yes, he is just a big guy on roller skates (and thats true) plus he needs drugs and meditation from the zen master just so he can suppress (or conceal?) his fragility.
    but back to perk: he needs to shut his mouth. and what about all that trashtalk on the floor? he needs to get from flipmode into attackmode. a good start would be, by choosing another rolemodel. instead of beeing a KG-wannabe, he shoulda have a look at florida. i’m not talking about haslem – although he would be such a great rolemodel – and i’m not even joking – – its more around disneyland. There you will find all your local heros: the good, the bad and… the dirty. the dirty will not only show you how to be a tidy fella, but also how to LOL about yourself, even when you get rejected. Thats the spirit!
    – end of story.

  23. Dude says:

    You gotta to be bad if u r ugly. :/ So back to topic. Chandler would have been a better fit :/ Then OKC would be hellish :/

  24. Sayid says:

    Perkins style has won them a championship, Chandlers soft style has not done him any good. I hope Perk keeps it up.

    • Glac 1000 says:

      Keep what up? The past few years, Boston has consistently been the worst rebounding team in the league with Perkins. Check his stats vis OKC and come to grips with reality. Vs Memphis he totaled 6 rebounds in game in, 5 in game 2, 13 (decent) in game 3, 8 in game 4, 3 in game 5, 7 in game 6, and 3 in game 7. Come on!!!

    • Rich says:

      OK let’s use your logic, DJ Mbenga won 3 championships already !

      • Glac 1000 says:

        Seems that I lost you. My point is not necessarily that he’s a bad player. Its that he’s way “overrated”. His stats at his previous and current team prove that. That will become clearer for you as the series continues. Good thing you mentioned DJ Mbenga cuz he’s almost as productive as him. Similar stats.

      • Rich says:

        Glac, my message above was meant for Sayid. And I was going to add – since Howard has not won any ring yet, is he also playing soft ?
        Geez, some of these OKC fans doesn’t really make any sense. Not surprised… (sorry can’t help it)

  25. boom says:

    Oh please, I already read from an old article that Kendrick admitted that he uses technical fouls to get on the opponents nerves, what he calls “good technical”, and this article just wants to stir up the drama. BOO!!!

  26. knickfan212 says:

    Perkins is a make believe bad guy. I bet he’s really a big punk that uses his expressions to try to intimidate opponents.

  27. Felipe Pelayo says:

    As long as the Dallas Maverick maintain consistant offensive and defensive I would not be surprised they have what it take to be NBA World Champion they are gettng better and better every time they get on the floor Go Mavs

  28. onnie says:

    thats why he was traded because nobody likes him even in his old team…such a baby! (Perkins Suck!)

  29. Kevin Coles says:

    Its just a technique to try to get Chandler to stoop to his level. Like talking smack when your a lineman in football. Any thing to get under the opponets skin…if it works its brilliant, like holding, or any other advantage. Perkins is good, Chandler is a difference maker in Dallas…

  30. jer says:

    Perkins can at least contain Chandler defensively but offensively Chandler is overall more talented. If Perkins can rebound and block shot effectively and at least rattle Chandler on the court, they have a chance to win some games. Neither one can shoot from outside, so it will come down to 50/50 balls, which superstar is going to get it going with his team and endurance. I think Dallas has a great shot to win the title but I wouldn’t count out OKC because Durant is looking a lot like the next close thing to MJ.

  31. DallasWillBeChamps says:

    Miami is doing their thing in the east but Dallas is a match-up nightmare for any team. Perk didn’t really hold Chandler to 3 points, it’s just that scoring IS NOT Tyson’s role. He’s a defender and a hardcore rebounder and Dallas is at their best not just when Dirk is sizzling from everywhere, but also if Tyson does his job effectively. No disrespect to Perk but he needs to get better. He’s a good stopper (coz he’s wide and strong) but not much of a blocker, he doesn’t also score so he to me is an over-rated player. Sorry Perk but it’s true. Anyway, Game 1 has proven that OKC dont really have a recipe against Dallas’ experience and match-up advantages, and those 2 things aren’t things you can get in 2 nights. Dallas will come out of the West for sure, and Miami will probably go out from the East (unless Bulls’ shooters stay consistent and aggressive + Boozer to be effective). Bottom line is, Dallas will be champs this year. Lebron can guard Dirk for all I care, but Dallas isn’t a 1 man team. 2006 FINALS REMATCH THIS 2011!

  32. philly480 says:

    Dont matter how many championships perkins has because at the time the celtics won a championship perk was a complete role player or maybe less. Perkins is nothing but a wanna be tough guy with a little defensive skill. He’s like the Cortland Finnegan of basketball.

    • JamesJones4Three says:

      You sir deserve a hand shake, as a huge boston the real fans know that PJ brown Powe and KG were the main bigs who were producing in the finals. Perk sat on the bench and watched along with that fat blob Scalabrine aka Scalablob.

  33. SEko Toure says:

    Big Baby Perkins “Grow up”

  34. Doucheku says:

    Perkins Championship rings= 1 Chandler Championship rings= 0


    • Rich says:

      Replace Perkins with any of the other center and they would’ve still won the ring ! Why do you think he was traded ?

    • sbfern says:

      hahaha! DJ Memga 3 rings Perkins 1 ring…what is your point? Let the games begin…

  35. Texas Ya'll says:

    Chandler > Perkins

  36. HeatWave says:

    People on here just love to use the word overrated. It’s like a trend almost. Perkins is not overrated. He is solid defender and that’s that. But his attitude is very bad and he needs to stop starting stuff.

    • AAG_SR says:

      U just over rated his Defence! come on Dirk dropped 48 easy points in this “solid defender’s” face. be real duded

      • HeatWave says:

        I had no idea Perkins guarded Dirk the whole game. Just don’t say anything else cause you obviously didn’t watch the game. BTW the guy he was guarding(Chandler) majority of the game had three points…go figure huh? Lol.

        Also please no one take that the wrong way about Chandler cause he is better than Perkins but on that night Perkins did a good job defending him.

    • Rich says:

      Perkins become over-rated after someone started to hype him unreasonably ! Maybe the better all around word for it is – exposed. Yes, he was exposed after leaving the Celtics. He was under the radar there because of the 4 all-stars and those all-stars were quick to compliment their center everytime even if he hasn’t really done most of the heavy lifting when they win games. Damn, Big Baby Davis is even more effective than he is !

      • hahaha says:

        clearly ur underrating perkins if u think that big baby davis is more effective than he is, thats just a bit too much. sure there are better centers in the nba, but i think perkins is more effective than kristic so they benefit from the trade anyway. i don’t think okc played bad defense against dirk, that guy just went nuts, the way he played in game 1, no1 in the nba couldve stopped him. don’t take away credit from the defense, just give more credit to the offense

    • AAG_SR says:

      I watched the game enough to know that The took him off dirk after he got the chance because he was INEFFECTIVE against dirk. It is just common sense which u actually lack. If he was sooooooooo good defensively like u said the coach would have been able trust in is ability to defend dirk but he CANNOT! If he was sooooooo great defensively why can he stop dirk ……………………………………………..its because his is not great defensively so shut up. u are so stupid that u dont even know u are stupid! how Sad……….for you that is! peace out biatch

      • HeatWave says:

        Hey dummy, would you have Perkins defend Jason kidd? No cause him on Kidd or Dirk is a mis-match moron. Anyhow I never said SOOOOO good. I said solid meaning he defends well on the people he matches up with. Anyhow nice of you to respond then run away.

  37. Triple-D-Town! says:

    Big Baby Perkins should’ve been his nickname for all that whining that he does…..’Someone get a Binky for baby Perkins!’ Also he would win for the ugliest player in the NBA! Just saying. I feel like Chandler gets fouls just because he’s a center, because most of the times he doesn’t even foul….on Tuesday some of the foul that was called on him was a block or just a good play!

    Chandler might be the reason that the Mavs have made it this far without Butler…NBA Finals 2011 champs!

  38. Edwin says:

    What does mother Teresa have to do with basketball?

  39. benji230 says:

    This style and type of behaviour worked in Boston but it won’t help the Thunder. In boston he feed into, and they fed off this type of play because that was the type of team they were. Physical, aggressive and defensive. This behaviour won’t help th thunder team and it will have no benefits. This ain’t the celtics and it won’t work against this Dallas team because they are too good. Play basketball or get off the floor- you’ll be gone soon enough if you don’t and Dallas will be moving on.

  40. Mike says:

    Wow… Perkins overrated? Please, is there anyone else out there that does a better job defensively on the star centers in the league? The answer is no. Tyson Chandler may be better offensively but Perkins gets the job done on defense.

    • Rich says:

      hyuk, hyuk, hyuk… joke of the week !

    • sbfern says:

      hahahahahahahaha! hahahahahaha! and more hahahaha! “is there anyone else out there that does a better job defensively on the star centers in the league?” uuuhhhhh YEAH. THE STAR CENTERS OF THE LEAGUE! which by the way is Howard, Chandler, Bynum, an injured YAO, Jokaim noah, Marc Gasol, and Tim Duncan. that is not even naming players who CAN play center positions and still school Perkins!

    • Glac 1000 says:

      Completely overrated. The past few years, Boston has consistently been the worst rebounding team in the league with Perkins on the team. Now that he’s at OKC, its clear why. Check his stats vis OKC and come to grips with reality. Game 1: 6 reb, 2 pts. Game 2: 5 reb, 2 pts. Game 3 (decent): 13 and 6. Game 4: 8 and 4. Game 5: 3 and 5. Game 6: 7 and 6. Game 7: 3 and 4. Come on!!! And if you think he does all the “intangible” work… He’s so intangible that were he not such a loudmouth he would be invisible.

  41. Glac 1000 says:

    Perkins is one of the most overrated players in the league. He fit in well with Boston cuz he had great defenders around him in Pierce, Garnet, Allen, and Rhondo. At OKC he’s being completely exposed. He’s at best the 3rd best big man on his team. Ibaka and Collison are better players and fits for the team. Who has this guy stopped since coming over to OKC? His rebounding numbers are weak, he has no lift, no skill, and he is a complete liability on offense. How many layups is he going to fumble or miss? OKC plays better when Perkins is on the bench. And he needs to stop with the attitude. The refs have him under the microscope due to his constant complaining, stares, pushes, etc. That does not bode well for OKC who has legit big men in Ibaka and Collison who are trying to play tough. Am I crazy or does anyone else see this?

  42. Real says:

    I remember Chandler was getting a lot of techs in the past 2 seasons. Somehow I think he ‘s evolved and matured up (kinda like Z-Bo in Memphis) and he receives positive response from teammates and coach. When a guy is always dubbed trouble maker he tends to make even more troubles. But if people start to appreciate and show him that he is appreciated then this guy tends to mature up and change. Maybe 2-3 years ago Chandler would play along with Perkins but now, he has grown up to the next level. While Perkins, on the other hand, seems to have a big ego (ego is fine, but how you express it defines you as a professional sports player), thinking that he is the one with a ring.

  43. Real says:

    Perkins hates that Chandler is taller than him, that’s all.

  44. Hunter says:

    It’s about time articles are being written about how this macho crap is nothing but destructive competitiveness and it only hurts the game. Im tired of this mantra of this phony toughness, it’s about time “clean ball” is being hailed for once and not thug street ball.

  45. Ryan Gracey says:

    Man Chandler is starting to sound like He’s scared of Perk.

    • Fingerbang says:

      You clearly don’t understand the article. You are probably 11 years old since you believe that when a man avoids giving into silly conflict like Perkin’s attempt, that he is afraid. You sir, need to grow up.

    • Rich says:

      Thanks for providing us the “Joke for the Entire Western Conference Finals Series” !

      Perkins know he doesn’t have any advantage against Chandler on the court. After MAVS win the Final, Perkins is always welcome to fight with Chandler on the street. Let’s see who’ll continue to cry then.

  46. artsaveur says:

    If there is a dumb blonde, Perkins is the dumb bully! If Perkins dont want to play ball, Pacquiao is always ready!

  47. Xaled says:

    Perkins is overrated? i’m afraid you meant Chandler, Chandler is one of the most overrated centers in NBA history, he always choked, when he was Bull, when he was a Hornet, and also when he was a Bobcat, while Perkins is one of the reason why OKC are doing good in the playoffs, his presence let Ibaka play much more comfortably, and let soft players like Durant & Westbrook find much more opportunities to score

    • Paschal says:

      Eeeeeeesh, what garbage. What happened to the Bobcats this year after Chandler left? What happened to the Hornets after Chandler was traded? What happened to the Mavs after they signed him? Whether you like him or not, he’s a good player, there’s no way around it. Perkins is too short, has a big ‘ol head and short little arms (for his size anyway). His biggest impact is on the bulletin board, not the stat sheet.

      • Dylan says:

        Well said sir, well said. I am a Laker fan, but I can admit they lost to Dallas largely due to the toughness and effort that Tyson Chandler brings to the middle. He deserves credit for what he can do to a teams defense.

      • Ahmed says:

        What happened to the Celtics when Perkins was traded?

      • mavs-fan says:

        I don’t know how to reply to Ahmed directly, but that’s a ridiculous comment. Perkins was injured most of this year so his trade didn’t impact them much this year at least. the Celtics are just getting too old and you need to give credit to the Heat for nocking them out.

    • Rich says:

      Simply put it like this – OKC would be much, much stronger if they signed Chandler. Don’t tell me you would take Perkins over Chandler ? Also if you would rank the current centers in the league right now, Chandler would be like in the top 5 and perkins would only be in the top 20. But you know what, let’s not ask you, because you don’t know s**t about basketball.

      • kgcrib says:

        CHANDLER over perkins anyday to fit into the OKC lineup.

        but looks like we will have to do with perkins and still win !

    • BBALL STAR says:

      Chandler Over-rated?..thats the dumbest comment i’ve heard all day! Perkins is not a good fit for OKC at all whatsoever. The reason the mavericks are even as far where they are is because they are the overall best rounded team in the playoffs right now. Tyson Chandler brings strength, rebounds and blocks..not to mention emotion which fires everyone up. Dirk is ungaurdable and Dallas is going to the finals. OKC is a very young team which will be great in the following years.

  48. im a HEATER. says:

    where are those blogs about miami?/im so excited to read them but non appeared!these reporters are so biased!

  49. Dude says:

    LOL Perkins is sooooo overrated. I love the Thunders… But why did they gave him that kind of contract o_O

  50. Eaham says:

    Perkins is over rated. Ibaka would have been a good center and OKC could have waited till free agency then make moves. I would’ve liked to see Dwight howard there but it isn’t possible anymore since the “multi-million” perkins contract extention went down lmao. Perkins Celtics days were so great because he was surrounded by veterans who made him a good fit. I don’t see him as a good fit in OKC cause he has to do alot of one on one things, and I think that is too much to ask from Perkins. Nothing but a big body. Another eric dampier in the making, without the jason kidd 🙂

    • Joe says:

      dwight will come to OKC as soon as LA, NY, NJ, ORL, DAL, CHI lose their franchises. OKC fans really getting out of touch, come on back to earth guys.

  51. Paschal says:

    He’s right, Chandler’s the better center and I think Perkins knows that. I they both get tossed it favors the Thunder. Don’t get me wrong, Haywood’s an excellent backup, but him and Collison are much closer in skill than Chandler and Perkins. Just ignore him Tyson, he’s trying to make it about something other than basketball because he knows you’re a better player.

    • Rich says:

      That’s what really Perkins is all hoping for to get effective – get Chandler engaged on meaningless contact to get T’s. But Chandler surely knows better.

  52. Mark says:

    good old school playoff basketball. thats a good thing. too many softy centers in the league these days.

    • Paschal says:

      I don’t think old school basketball involves running your mouth to reporters. Talking doesn’t make him hard, boards and blocks do…and he didn’t do much of that.

  53. lb6 says:

    if i were the referee i would just call a technical on perkins just for his ugly face

  54. “thug wannabe” yeah you know what you’re on about…… lemme guess Laker or Heat fan?

  55. david says:

    how is that a tech? that’s weak.

  56. marco fromtropoja says:

    perkis is like garnett, a thug wannabe, look at him everytime a call is called, he always whine and complain like he did nothing wrong, mother teresa of basketball.

  57. jack says:

    Kendrick Perkins please grow up.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      i just see a lot of haterism in this blog, both are good physical centers, call KP over rated if you want, didnt chandler only score 3 points in game 1? sounds like Perk did his job to me. Didnt OKC just bet the #1 points in the paint team in a seven game series? How did they do it? beat them in points in the paint! force randolph and Gasol away from the basket. i wouldn’t take anything away from either of these guys. and yes pre game talk is a part of the game, Phil Jackson was the master at pre-game comments to instill a feistiness within his teams. lets just watch some good basketball, think about it people the center position is the most physical position in the league as the players are the biggest and it is their job to protect the rim from everyone.

      • BBALL STAR says:

        you don’t necessarily have to score alot of points to be known that you are a great player. you are talking about “haterism” sound like you just hated on chandler. Look, i’m gonna be unbiased here and just look at the overall picture from this series ( I know it’s not over). OKC has no answer for dirk..if you double team him all he’s goin to do is just kick it out to the rest of the other players who are excellent shooters. Youth vs experience? I will take experience all day…since what happened to dirk in 06 against miami he is playing like there is no tomorrow and may be one of his few last chances to win a nba championship. OKC has proved to be a great team…but again they are a young unexperienced team..but i definately see them developing into year to year playoff caliber team. KD is an amazing player. Unfortunately for who ever disagrees..The Mavericks will walk away to win this series possibly to have a rematch against Miami again maybe.

      • Rich says:

        OKCKD35 is back – better half of KnowledgeandTruth !
        But your right Perk did his job, because that’s all he can do. It really wouldn’t take much for him to do what is expected of him.
        So just go and watch and enjoy basketball. After 5 more seasons maybe hopefully you would have a better, deeper, understanding of the game.

      • merrrrr says:

        Perk is not good. I watched him on the celtics, as i live in boston. hes not good offensively, and defensively he is just a huge body in the paint. tyson doesnt need to score. he brings intensity, energy, and defense skill. if it wasnt for defense, the mavs wouldnt be up one game. I would take a taller, more athletic chandler any day.

    • jwy of Singapore says:


      though Miami Heat is lack of bench players

      LET’S GO MIAMI HEAT !!!!!!