Kobe Says Keep Team Together

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — For those people advocating wholesale changes in the wake of the Los Angeles Lakers’ early exit from the playoff this season, Kobe Bryant has a message for you.

Forget about it.

The Lakers’ star made that clear Wednesday morning after his exit interview with Lakers’ brass at their practice facility. Sure, there are going to be changes. Phil Jackson is done coaching this team. So a new era will begin one way or another. But Bryant is convinced that the nuts and bolts of a team that spent the past four season winning (two), losing (one) and competing for NBA titles needs to return intact if the Lakers plan on chasing another ring next season.

Bryant said the much-discussed “decline of the Lakers” — as it was phrased by one reporter during the half-hour session Wednesday — is a figment of all of our imaginations.

“This is nonsense,” he said. “I remember [the Lakers] had a pretty good era in the ’80s and they didn’t win three [titles] in a row. They didn’t break that team up.”

Bryant said he’ll leave the particulars of where to tweak the roster to Lakers’ general manager Mitch Kupchak, who was scheduled to speak later today along with Jackson. But he has no doubts this group can get back to its championship form with a little rest and refocusing between now and the start of next season.

“If you’re asking me do I believe we can come back and do it again,” he said, “I absolutely believe that we can come back and do it again.”

While so much of the chatter of the past three days has been about the Lakers’ playoff fall and inability to complete their threepeat quest, Bryant spent more time talking about the Lakers’ uncertain future and what it could bring.

He was clear, though, about what this season looks like to him now. “A wasted year of my life,” he said when asked to describe it.

Like every one of his teammates, he expressed his support for longtime Jackson assistant and former Lakers player Brian Shaw as the Lakers’ next coach. But he stopped short of making a pitch for Shaw and said he will not make a case for Shaw or anyone else until someone asks his opinion.

“We don’t know who’s coming back, we don’t know who the coach is going to be and we don’t know if we’re going to have a season next year,” Bryant said, referring to the potential of a work stoppage this summer, depending on how the labor negotiations between the players’ union and the league progress between now and June 30.

Bryant made it clear that he will come back energized and ready to go for his 16th season. In fact, while others might be staring at the inevitability of the end of a Hall of Fame career and thinking and reflecting on the five championships he’s won, Bryant has done nothing of the sort.

“What I think about is shutting up the mofos that say I’m done,” he said and smiled. “That’s what I think about.”

With all but Lamar Odom coming before him in the exit interview process, Bryant had an opportunity to address many of the things that came up during those sessions. He joined Pau Gasol in dismissing any rumors about some rift between the two of them based on some off-the-court issues involving Bryant’s wife Vanessa and Gasol’s girlfriend Silvia Lopez Castro.

Gasol classified the rumors as “absolutely false” Tuesday afternoon. Lakers co-captain Derek Fisher defended Gasol and Bryant and apologized for not recognizing how much that drama played into all of the foolishness that plagued the Lakers as their season swirled down the drain against the Mavericks.

“I don’t read as much and listen to as much of the news and articles and blogs, so I don’t think I or we as a team fully understood the things that were being said about what people thought was going on with Pau,” Fisher said. “If there’s anything I regret, I regret the fact that I wasn’t able to fully understand it and speak up sooner on his behalf. To say that I think it was ridiculously wrong to assume some of the things that were being assumed, and to place the burden of how successful we were or were not on his shoulders.”

Bryant went a step further, blasting anyone willing to buy into the perceived pseudo-drama.

“It made me laugh,” he said. “People reach for absolutely anything when you struggle. They’ll fall for any crap or BS they possibly can. They’ll even invent things. It’s ridiculous.”

One thing Bryant made sure to address was the comments from Lakers center Andrew Bynum wanting an increased role with this team offensively. Bynum said Tuesday that he is looking to come back as more than just a third or fourth option and the Lakers’ defensive anchor, a role he played to near perfection this season while healthy.

But Bryant made it clear that the food chain for the Lakers won’t be changing anytime soon, at least not on his watch.

“Well, it’s tough to do on this team,” he said of moving Bynum up on the list of offensive priorities. “Ultimately, he’ll have to fall in line. Because I’m gonna shoot the ball. We all know that. Pau is going to get his touches. He’s no. 2. And then [Andrew]  will have to fall in line.”



    I Know why they rebuilt the lakers staduim magic was not there

  2. pakastallion says:

    Kobe is right, dont blow this team up… BUT he is wrong if he thinks he and the lakers think he is still the best player in the league. They need to pick up an athletic point and limit kobe to 15-17 shots a game while getting Pau and Drew 20 a piece:


  3. MJ says:

    First of all, you need to learn your history or reasearch what you’re talking about. MJ never got swept, The Chicago Bulls did. MJ in the 1986′ playoffs he scored in the 2nd game 63 points and averaging 25 points and up in the playoffs against the celtics that year. In 1987, the Chicago Bulls got swept, not MJ again. Like I was saying, he was averaging 25 points and up not like Kobe averaging 15 points in 2 games of the playoffs against the Dallas Mavericks. Nobody is comparing Kobe to Jordan in Titles, people compare him, or say that he’s better than him, and you know, at least if you’re in your 30’s, you know that’s not true. Mj is the best of the best, nobody’s higher than him and nobody’s closer to him. MJ is the god of basketball, the Godfather of Basketball, and MJ is in another level of basketball. So people stop comparing Kobe to Jordan because he’s not even close to him.

  4. Mokono says:

    Why never people talk about MJ career in Wizzard/Washington? was he playing better than this actual Kobe playing time?

  5. KOBEIDOL says:

    for ME KOBE is THE BEST ! ! !

  6. Rodney(lakers lifer not just a fan family) says:


  7. Rodney(lakers lifer not just a fan family) says:

    I have another commit for all those so called Chicago Bulls fans. You need to know your history of your team or your favorite player before you speak positive or negative of MJ, KOBE, your favorite team or the team you hate the most. THIS IS A STATEMENT THAT I KEEP HEARING”MICHAEL JORDAN NEVER GOT SWEPT” WRONG. MICHAEL JORDAN GOT SWEPT TWICE BY THE CELTICS.

  8. Rodney(lakers lifer not just a fan family) says:

    To all of the people that does not really know the game of basketball. I would like you to go to nba.com and do a comparison on Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan’s stats and you will see that they are almost equal. 2 of the best closer to ever play the game is Kobe and MJ. Next in line is Reggie Miller not Lebron. It takes a team to win a title. Boston Celtics always had 3 or more star when they won the title. Lakers, Bulls, Heat, Spurs, Rockets, Pistons, Sixers, had 2 or more stars when they won the title. Their has never been a team with just 1 star to win a title.

  9. SANTOSIA says:

    You’re Right @ selfish… Kobe can turn things worst if he can’t get the ball.. MJ is great so as to KOBE.. BUT….. they are different.. The Era of basketball today is all about teamwork… He kept on trying awful shots.. weird…. LOL!!

  10. 16XChampions says:

    Sorry, not FIBA but the various leagues like the Euroleague, Spanish league, and others.

  11. 16XChampions says:

    We’re also lucky that Jordan and Kobe played here in the NBA instead of that 2nd rate league FIBA. They had some great players too but the very best 5 of FIBA history vs. the NBA’s best 5 and that NBA team would absolutely mop that FIBA team off the floor. With all due respect to the international players. :=D

  12. Neutral says:


  13. Jason says:

    Lakers should bring Howard to the team if they want to go back to the Finals!

  14. jealan says:

    jordan is best. when jordan played basketball no one is better than him in his time. WE ALL THAT!!!! now kobe’s time… his 3 peat wasn’t his, it was shaq’s time… evryone didn’t debate who’s the best on jordan’s time. in kobe’s time.. a lot of specalations that james is better than kobe and i believe it. well i’m sorry he is not close to his airness…he is not even close to lebron.

  15. Reezy says:

    Notice, it took jordan until after his 6th or 7th year until he won a ring, oh and got scottie and rodman to win his first ring, showing you hwe couldn’t do it by himself. Same for Kobe, he got one earlier in like his 4th year but he had Shaq and other great roleplayers and clutch shooters.. Anyways this isn’t the first time that a great franchise team has gotten swept nor the first for the Lakers, actually it’s the 3rd time it has happened in LA, and they are still one of the greatest franchises EVER! And in my opinion Kobe and MJ are kinda the same just MJ was more demanding..

  16. Selfish Mamba says:

    Kobe keeps on blaming his teammates when they’re on slumps but now he doesn’t want change. Its obvious that he’s afraid of the lakers getting dwight howard. He still wants to be the mvp-laker (his aging body can’t keep that up anymore). He wants to hog the ball so much that if he doesn’t get it going, he rather see his team lose and blame his teammates rather than let a teammate take the no.1 laker spot (just like what happened to Pau on the early season). what a selfish snake.

    • 16XChampions says:

      “just like what happened to Pau in the early season.”

      Spoken like a true Lakers and Kobe hater. That “selfish snake” you’re referring to was 2nd on the team in scoring and Pau Gasol lead the the Lakers during the early part of the season. If MJ was better than Kobe or you just plain hate Bryant, WHO CARES!!!!!! It doesn’t matter. You have to admit, love him or hate him, Kobe is a darn great ball player who is worth the money to watch an NBA game even if you hate the team he plays for. I hated the Bulls & Jordan, but I would appreciate and watch with awe what great players like Mike would do on a nightly basis. MJ >Kobe, MJ<Kobe? Who gives a crap? All I know is we are all so lucky to have experienced two of the greatest shooting guards in NBA and basketball history.

  17. lynn says:

    hey Laker losers , try this. Put Jordan on the Lakers when he was 31 and take Bryant off and the Lakers win that seres easily.

  18. mike89 says:

    anyone realize that Lakers beat Dallas by 20+ to close out the season, also Lakers were up 16 to start in third game one and we all know the Lakers are one of the best third quarter teams? how did they lose? why did they lose? just take a look at the betting lines and your answer will be right there? its not about Kobe but he is the best right now so all you of you haters live with it

  19. JD-86 says:

    Why is this even being debated?… Kobe is a legend but MJ is hands down the GOAT.. And i’m a Lakers Fan..

  20. BUKOL says:




  21. john says:

    Whenever you ask someone older, their response is they can do it. Older people think they can do it but the younger ones are more stronger & faster. How could you win a championship game when you lags behind. Kobe said keep the guys together and they can do it. I think someone should tell Kobe the reality. All is just a Kobe’s dream now.

  22. Michael says:

    Kobe is still the number 1 priority on the team, Pau number 2. It’s easy to compare Kobe and Jordan, same coach, similar team in terms of the way they were put together. Pau vs Pippen Jordan vs Kobe and Rodman vs Odom(or even Artest). they just have to get rid of players like Walton, Ratliff, and Joe Smith. get some youth. yeah they have some young players but they have to shake things up and trade up for a TRUE potential star, Kobe is on his decline as much as i don’t want him to be, Pau is 30 now so he will start to go down, they need a real player to fill the future empty seats of the Staples Center, because face it Bynum isn’t and won’t be a “franchise guy”. With Blake Griffin growing up quick they will be bringing in bigger and bigger free agents, people come to L.A for the market, and with Kobe getting quieter and quieter, their arena neighbors are going to be a team to watch out for very soon. So Kobe, please hang up the kicks before people start hating on you. you are already a legend with five rings, and an mvp so you are good to retire. don’t let the people out there put an asterisk beside your name by pushing your career to a bad end like Iverson…

  23. john says:

    Hey a lot of people try to give to give to much credit to phil jackson. The truth is that at chicago he had jordan and the lakers he had kobe and shaq. Also in the the series with the mavs he didn’t do anything to counter the mavs. just did the same old thing and it wasnt working. The truth is he should have went small ball against the mavs. the line up should have been steve blake shanon brown kobe lamar and gasol. and they would have won like that. thats how the mavs lost last time. but phil saw his team losing and didn’t do anything. I think he was to scared to do anything new same old same old stuff. honestly i think rick adelman is the best coach in the league. he has done more with what he has then anyone else and always builds good chemistry.

  24. MsYola says:

    As Laker fan I believe with Phil or not if they keep majority of the players on the roster anything is possible. For the exception of Gasol, Blake, Ratliff, Barnes and Walton need to be traded for better players. Fisher is DONE who should retire soon. The productivity wasn’t consistant which has cause the Lakers to be swept. Gasol especially in lala land very unfocused. Kobe couldn’t do it alone. Kobe is not Jordan because they are different but competative. Kobe will retire with his 6th ring accomplished. Because Kobe is good at what he does…compete. But the Lakers will be back next year with a vengence.

  25. jojo eve says:

    to clear something put kobe during jordan’s era and he will win mvp’s and ring what jordan had, ….put jordan in today’s era and he will win maybe 1 mvp and 1 ring…….

  26. jojo eve says:

    kobe undeniably close to jordan or more, jordan excel during his era coz of not too much physical type of play versus at present. remember jordan excel due to hand checking called foul, how about kobe excel with too much physical and how about putting kobe in a hand checking foul, maybe 81 becomes 101……….

  27. romano says:

    I’m an MJ fan, but Jordan is Jordan, Kobe is Kobe. Both are great players, maybe number 1 and 2 in my book. Give both some respect.

  28. abs says:

    you mention that the only reason kobe scored 81 points was
    because raptors suck. well what about wen he scored 62 points
    in three quarters of play against dallas? Or wen he scored 50 plus against SAS

  29. KOBEismyIDOL says:

    KOBE is The BesT player in the WorLd..

  30. stacey says:

    look people if Kobe played back in the 80’s if would be better than Jordan. Every year there is always players that are bigger and faster and stronger and smarter. So you can’t say Jordan isbetter because of the era he played in. Name 5 really good players back then when Jordan was in his prime. and they cant be old. You cant do it. when Jordan was in his prime Magic was gone Bird was gone and the other good players was old. Look at the NBA now. Jordan would be good if he played in todays game but he wouldnt be the best. Back then do you remember and 7 footers who can shoot 3’s and play like a point guard? thers alot of them in todays game. Just look at Durant he is almost 7 foot tall and look what he can do. Game and players change every year u cant say Jordan is better than Kobe. Yes he has more MVP’s but that only because they didnt have the players they have now. Look at way back in the days 50’s 60’s and 70’s hell they could barly dribble the ball between there legs. but Bill Russuel has 10 or 11 rings so is he the greatest. NO because of the era he played in. So stop comparing. KOBE is better and one day someone will be better than Kobe. Look at Lebron he is a beast. Nobody from anytime of the era can say they are better than Lebron. Now is isnt a great shooter Yet but he will be a great shooter with sometime. When Jordan was in his prime at the age of 28, just take 11 other players from that time and take 12 players now and we would beat them by atleast 30 points. Today’s game has changed and so has the players and 10 years from now it will change again.

    • imonkobesnuts says:

      Shaq, Gary Payton, Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olijawan, David Robinson, Karl Malone, John Stockton, just to name seven other hall of famers that played during jorans prime you are sooooo dumb MJ at 40 was out playin most people in the league still he avg. over 20 pts. a game aginst kobe, tim duncan, and all those fools playin for the wizards. Jordan could play with everyone in todays game and his bulls of 96 or 98 would be better than the bulls of today dont ever be so ignorant i love kobe i think he is up there with jordan i would even say best 1 and 2 all time ever but dont ever think that those guys would get beat by todays kids thats just ignorant.

      • KingSaulie says:

        The same way jordan eat all those guys alive when they got old and he was in his prime being a real Kobe fan i remember when jordan was a wizard already past his prime the game in staples kobe dropped 50 on his once great all nba defense at the shooting guard position thats what happened when jordan came back and tried to play in this era against the new breed of players.

      • KingSaulie says:

        P.S that 50 was by halftime

  31. wes says:

    kobe will never b jordan thats rite but there will never b another kobe either 5 rings for kobe so ppl can say wateva but kobe is 1 of the best and for ppl who say he sucks ummm why arent u bums playing in the nba couldnt even make it in the d league

  32. YAHKuru says:

    Its time for Kobe Bryant and his rediculous contract (that he should have never gotten to start with), and Vanessa Bryant to go!!! and take Luke Walton, Steve Blake, and Pau Gasol along with them. They are clearly hurting this team. Dr. Buss, if you can’t see this, I then, must openly admit, I can longer have the respect for you that I have had for the past 30 years. Your vision has become as thwarted as Kobe’s selfish and out-of-control play. He is no threat to any other guard in the league now! They are all blowing by him. Infact, they can’t wait to play the Lakers now, just so they can showcase their talent against him, and they all are doing a remarkable job. There are some names you just can’t touch, simply because…they are the future of the Lakers. They are Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown, Matt Barnes, Derrick Character, Devin Ebanks, and Derrick Fisher, Joe Smith, and the other center-casualty needs to be gotten rid of as well. Magic Johnson said it right….”THE LAKERS HAS NO LEADERSHIP ON THE FLOOR”. Its time to start looking at high profile guards at the college ranks. You’ve got to get talent, youth, speed, and athleticism back in L.A., or you will suffer the consequenses from the fans and long time supporters like myself. You’ve got to send the message, that NO ONE IS BEYOND CONSIDERATION, and that all are susceptible to change if thats what it takes to make sure the Lakers never see the crap beat out of them like we’ve seen in this years 2011 second round playoff series with the Dallas Mavericks. One final point, I hope the new head coach along with upper management will very strongly require Andrew Bynum to hit the gym, and don’t come out until he has developed a specimen that will bring fear to the league at the center positon.

    • imonkobesnuts says:

      dude they just won two championships and went to three nba finals in a row…. like that was last year lets not get to crazy here hahaha

  33. mikocuaderno says:

    keep the team together is good dwight is the answer

  34. kb24fan says:

    Like Jordan is in a league of his own…..no one can be compared to Kobe as well. Kobe is in a league of his own. & still has a long way to go…..Best wishes to your next season Kobe. Go Lakers!!!!!!

  35. willie says:

    a championship caliber will always come back..like lakers..you already have a good players just add a good guard like chris paul and lets see if the team will not improve..of course pick a good defensive coach and you will solve the problem..

  36. Carlo (LA fan) says:

    I’m a Lakers fan and i like to see some changes too like changing their center maybe they can trade andrew bynum to Dwught howard and trade D fisher to CP3 don’t get me wrong but D Fish is a little too old but he can still play like a young roster but CP3 is fresh he can make incredible plays

  37. willie says:

    to all lakers haters…la still back to back champion as of now..whatever you say..hard to get back to back championship and if this team failed to do three peat..this team has a lot of championship memories..I expect them to come back soon with a little change with the core of the team they can still do it…just pick a good coach..and we will come back
    to those la haters you never prove anything yet…

  38. woww says:

    kobe needs almost 30 shots a game to be in the topten in scoring next season…to convince people that he is still the best player in the world… so to kobe, keep shootin’! KEEP BALL HUGGIN’!!!

  39. bretg43 says:

    Hey you all look at the basics jordan changed the game of basketball when it was close to dying in fan support, Jordan provided players today to thrive off his legacy. to compare the two is foolish because Jordan retired after 12-13years with those numbers and stats, Kobe will never do that cause he’s not there yet and he is going on year 16. If you want to judge a person on how good they are by stats alone, then the best player of all time, is playing right now provided he has no serrious injuries it will be Lebron James. just finish his 8th season with 17,775 points about 6,000 points ahead of where kobe bryant was at that time in his career so what???? lebron is avg. about 2000 pts a season and at that rate statistically if he plays another 7years he would have around 34,000 total points in 14yrs while kobe has 27,000 at 15yrs rings or not stats wise if he remains healthy he will be next to kareem as the best player ever. So you kobe loving fans need to accept the loss like kobe has and hope that next year they can get rid of ron artest bynum, and a few others for D.howard and then maybe then we can talk championship. oh yeah that is if Dwight does not pull a Barkley and goes to Miami for the cheap 1million, just to make a dynasty.

  40. jokercloe says:

    just remember one thing ,kobe has played against better teams and players then jordan ever did .what malone and stockton ? be real.and those talking mess because our exit .remember we just played in the last four finals how about your teamm??

    • Robert Como says:

      First get your facts right last years

    • Rods says:

      yah i agree they are not mentioning their team maybe the one in the bottom with no championship ring hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah

  41. celtic says:

    even though im a huge celtic fan, i like the lakers, but i would like to see a few changes in their line up. i think they have the most potential of any team in the league, really, with a scorer like Kobe and two lengthy centers in Gasol and Bynum, and then Odom of course coming off the bench.
    i’d like to see the lakers get a new point guard. love fish, but i think in this rising generation (bulls, OKC, etc.) it’s all about explosiveness. if LA were to get an explosive PG to play with Kobe and Gasol/Bynum, they’d be that much better. not that i think this will happen, nor do i want it to happen, but imagine a russel westbrook-like PG in LA. that’d be mighty powerful for the lakers. and maybe that’s not what the lakers need, with all the offensive punch they already have. a rondo-like point guard would be great in LA too. LA has a lot to build off, i’d like to see something new there…

  42. 3peat says:

    LoL Their time is different

    Kobe got solid competitors like (D wade, Lebron,Durant,Nowitzki,brandon roy, Dwight Howard,D rose,CP3 ,Spurs big 3 and also Boston’s)

    MJ didnt have that kind of opponents in his time lol

    Kobe’s still 32 going 33 lol he can get 5moreyears on his career win 1 or 2 championships and also win the all time scoring list lol

  43. QWERTY says:

    People have said Kobe is the closest thing to Mj and I agree with them, but to even say that kobe is jordan or even better is just bull…Jordan is better statistically and in terms of how he plays

  44. KingSaulie says:

    When i hear the conversations of kobe bryant against jordan it makes me laugh cause the reality is jordan is the first great shooting guard yes who paved the way for the kobes and wades but in jordans era when he started to win championships after the birds and magic johnsons were old man might i add he had no competition from 90 to 97 there was not one more dynamic scoring shooting guard in the league then he rised to greatness while defending the likes of thunder dan majerle, clyde the guide, kenny smiths, chris mullins, jeff hornaceks need i say anymore thus the defensive player titles hell if i was 6’6 i could of locked those fools up defensively fast forward now to the most competitive nba era ever with almost every team having that dynamic scorer with guys bigger stronger taller and more athletic than kobe bryant he has dominated the most competive era ever agint the brons, wades, durants, joe johnsons, pierces, and that list could go on and on i could call so many more names yet kobe these past years was clearly the best if that isnt greatness i dont know what to call it if jordan played in this era he wouldnt of been the shining gem it would of been kobe bryant

    • vin says:

      Amen, Jordan just got over rated by the fact that he was the only one of his caliber in that era. Kobe fought in this era with
      great players and still achieved much. Was there any Wade nor Lebron in Jordan’s era? please

      • imonkobesnuts says:

        clyde drexler, larry bird, I thomas, Charles Barkley, Hakeem olijawan, David Robinson, Karl Malone, John Stackton, Gary Payton, Magic Johnson, Worthy, Joe dumars, Shaq, Penny Hardaway, Tim haraway, Alanzo Mourning, that is just naming a few great players so to say that he had nobody to play against is kinda dumb. just to let you know if you ask who was the best power forward ever? peole say Karl Malone and now they are saying maybe tim duncan, best centers of all time Hakeem, Robinson, Shaq, 3 of the best all in the MJ generation, who else hmmmm…. oh ya Magic Johnson, Gary Payton, and John Stockton some of the best Point Gaurds ever I still say Kobe is up there with Jordan ive watched them both and they are both proven winners but to say MJ didnt have competition is just plain dumb

      • KingSaulie says:

        you called alot of good players most of them are hall of famers but none of the names you mentioned where dominate scoring shooting guards or small forwards bird was one but jordan spent miserable years of losing while the birds got old for him to finally beat them in the playoffs in todays nba why its more competitive i watch a game with kobe finishing with 35pts and a lebron scoring 38pts in jordans day mj with 40pts the next teams opposing shooting guard 18pts if there lucky. jordan played a era of man to man defense not zones all those barkleys david robinsons karl malones didnt defend jordan neither did he defend them mostly every night jordan laced up his tennis he had the night off on the defensive end he had no one to lock down cause there were no other wing men even close to him back then.

  45. Dash10 says:

    yah its true that kobe earned his mvp not as early on mj.. but he has a two stolen mvp. 1 from nash and 1 for dirk. that time kobe is in his mvp performance..

    • Rondow says:

      Are you serious? Kobe-led lakers didn’t made the playoffs and are #8 in seasons NASH -mvp and DIRK- mvp respectively. Why is that a stolen MVP? HA?

  46. russo says:

    mj is grossly overrated…kobe is far and away a better outside shot, and every bit as good a defender…let’s not canonize our athletes…phil jackson is largely responsible for all and any of either player’s titles.

  47. kurt says:

    my two cents here – it’s pointless to argue about who was the better player for the simple reason that basketball is a team game so comparing wins, rings, even individual stats is meaningless. this reminds me of the arguments about who was the greatest boxer of all time – an equally pointless exercise because you can’t get Joe Louis in his prime to fight Ali or Marciano in his prime – and boxing is not a team sport. MJ was great, Kobe is great as well. So were Bird, Magic, Russell, Chamberlain and West and on and on.

  48. Jim Perry says:

    If Jordan was the greatest player of all-time why did it take him 7 years to even get to a conference final? The only reason he finally won anything was because Detroit,Boston,and L.A. all got old…He couldnt beat any of them for years until their teams fell apart because of age and injury…Look at the teams the Bulls beat in the finals,they were horrible…Neither Jordan or Kobe could ever be the player that Bird or Magic was in their primes…

  49. Kraven says:


  50. Debbie says:

    You jealous haters make sure you come back next year after Kobe proves he’s not done. Can’t wait to see what you’ll say then. 🙂

  51. Jhale5 says:

    here are Jordans career stats CAREER AVERAGES
    84-85 CHI 82 82 38.3 .515 .173 .845 2.00 4.50 6.50 5.9 2.39 .84 3.55 3.50 28.2
    85-86 CHI 18 7 25.1 .457 .167 .840 1.30 2.30 3.60 2.9 2.06 1.17 2.50 2.60 22.7
    86-87 CHI 82 82 40.0 .482 .182 .857 2.00 3.20 5.20 4.6 2.88 1.52 3.32 2.90 37.1
    87-88 CHI 82 82 40.4 .535 .132 .841 1.70 3.80 5.50 5.9 3.16 1.60 3.07 3.30 35.0
    88-89 CHI 81 81 40.2 .538 .276 .850 1.80 6.20 8.00 8.0 2.89 .80 3.58 3.00 32.5
    89-90 CHI 82 82 39.0 .526 .376 .848 1.70 5.10 6.90 6.3 2.77 .66 3.01 2.90 33.6
    90-91 CHI 82 82 37.0 .539 .312 .851 1.40 4.60 6.00 5.5 2.72 1.01 2.46 2.80 31.5
    91-92 CHI 80 80 38.8 .519 .270 .832 1.10 5.30 6.40 6.1 2.28 .94 2.50 2.50 30.1
    92-93 CHI 78 78 39.3 .495 .352 .837 1.70 5.00 6.70 5.5 2.83 .78 2.65 2.40 32.6
    94-95 CHI 17 17 39.3 .411 .500 .801 1.50 5.40 6.90 5.3 1.76 .76 2.06 2.80 26.9
    95-96 CHI 82 82 37.7 .495 .427 .834 1.80 4.80 6.60 4.3 2.20 .51 2.40 2.40 30.4
    96-97 CHI 82 82 37.9 .486 .374 .833 1.40 4.50 5.90 4.3 1.71 .54 2.02 1.90 29.6
    97-98 CHI 82 82 38.8 .465 .238 .784 1.60 4.20 5.80 3.5 1.72 .55 2.26 1.80 28.7
    01-02 WAS 60 53 34.9 .416 .189 .790 .80 4.80 5.70 5.2 1.42 .43 2.70 2.00 22.9
    02-03 WAS 82 67 37.0 .445 .291 .821 .90 5.20 6.10 3.8 1.50 .48 2.11 2.10 20.0
    CAREER 1,072 1,039 38.3 .497 .327 .835 1.60 4.70 6.20 5.3 2.35 .83 2.73 2.60 30.1
    Playoff 179 179 41.8 .487 .332 .828 1.70 4.70 6.40 5.7 2.10 .88 3.05 3.00 33.4
    All-Star 13 13 29.4 .472 .273 .750 1.70 3.00 4.70 4.2 2.85 .46 3.23 2.40 20.2

    84-85 CHI 3,144 837-1,625 9-52 630-746 167 367 534 481 196 69 291 285 2,313
    85-86 CHI 451 150-328 3-18 105-125 23 41 64 53 37 21 45 46 408
    86-87 CHI 3,281 1,098-2,279 12-66 833-972 166 264 430 377 236 125 272 237 3,041
    87-88 CHI 3,311 1,069-1,998 7-53 723-860 139 310 449 485 259 131 252 270 2,868
    88-89 CHI 3,255 966-1,795 27-98 674-793 149 503 652 650 234 65 290 247 2,633
    89-90 CHI 3,197 1,034-1,964 92-245 593-699 143 422 565 519 227 54 247 241 2,753
    90-91 CHI 3,034 990-1,837 29-93 571-671 118 374 492 453 223 83 202 229 2,580
    91-92 CHI 3,102 943-1,818 27-100 491-590 91 420 511 489 182 75 200 201 2,404
    92-93 CHI 3,067 992-2,003 81-230 476-569 135 387 522 428 221 61 207 188 2,541
    94-95 CHI 668 166-404 16-32 109-136 25 92 117 90 30 13 35 47 457
    95-96 CHI 3,090 916-1,850 111-260 548-657 148 395 543 352 180 42 197 195 2,491
    96-97 CHI 3,106 920-1,892 111-297 480-576 113 369 482 352 140 44 166 156 2,431
    97-98 CHI 3,181 881-1,893 30-126 565-721 130 345 475 283 141 45 185 151 2,357
    01-02 WAS 2,093 551-1,324 10-53 263-333 50 289 339 310 85 26 162 119 1,375
    02-03 WAS 3,031 679-1,527 16-55 266-324 71 426 497 311 123 39 173 171 1,640
    CAREER 41,011 12,192-24,537 581-1,778 7,327-8,772 1,668 5,004 6,672 5,633 2,514 893 2,924 2,783 32,292
    Playoff 7,474 2,188-4,497 148-446 1,463-1,766 305 847 1,152 1,022 376 158 546 541 5,987
    All-Star 382 110-233 3-11 39-52 22 39 61 54 37 6 42 31 262

  52. Jhale5 says:

    About Kobe scoring 81 points he played a team that had one of the worst defenses in the NBA. so really that dont count. When Jordan got his 61 and 69 points the defense was great for gods sake he got 61 points against the 80s Boston Celtics!!! The other thing about kobe that pisses me off is that everytime something goes wrong with him whether its an injury or personal he dont play or skips practices. JORDAN NEVER QUIT PLAYING BALL!!!! When jordan broke his foot in the early 80s he still practiced and played on his own time and the NBA made a issue about it but that didnt stop him he still chose to play the game he loved. THE FLU GAME…. Remember that? Jordan running a high fever and severely sick and he chose to still play when warned it could hurt him and Chicago won. Kobe is good no doubt but he is no jordan and will never come close to accomplishing what jordan has. The only thing kobe is close to in accomplishing what Jordan has and that is Titles. Kobe is too stuck on himself and doesnt care about his teammates and how good they can become. Jordan Made everyone of his teammates better in some way. Stop Comparing Kobe to Jordan!!!!!

  53. Chris says:

    @TL really bro?! You mention kobes 81 point game??? Yeah huge achievement, but I watched that game, Kobe did nothing but shoot nearly if not everytime….Jordan never needed to score 81 points, not to mention MJ knew how to get his team involved, something Kobe hasnt seem to accomplish yet.

  54. JAMES says:

    bring back phil jackson plus three of the best three point shooters in , then you will have a better chance to win. dr. bussy please get ridoff mitch cupchek he is the reason why lakers were eliminated in second round, because he traded the sharp shooters.

  55. jordan did get swept in playoffs as well went to two =game 7s says:

    i beleive it was 1986 when jordan was swept bythe celtic’s (larry bird) in the first round and jordaqn has went to two game 7’s, but he did win both. i think wade well inish the closes jordan when it is all said and done

  56. AdiZero says:

    You know you’re good if haters compare you to Jordan.

  57. scott says:

    the lakers are a great organization.jerry buss put a lot of time and energy, into bringing the right amount of talent to the team in order to win championships. when phil jackson left the bulls he wanted to go with the team that he thought had the best chance to get back on top. there was a huge blowup in chicago with krauss and rinesdorf,and phil wanted out, and unfortunately for the bulls he brought the entire coaching staff with him tex, frank hamblen, jimmy cleamons, they all went to the lakers. kinda funny though is’nt it, as soon as they went to the lakers, what do you know, the lakers start winning titles. thats not the only reason the lakers have five titles in twelve years now.but without phil and the entire bulls coaching staff, doubtful they would have one,in the kobe era, anyway.as far as kobe goes he’s a great player, but he was and always will be a punk, watch him when he does interviews, he,s studied michael and he try’s to look exactly like him. all he cares about is winning more titles than m.j. so he can prove to the world that he is the best.unfortunately for him thats not going to happen. and all you laker fans out there, its going to ba a while before you get another one, so enjoy your recent five, if you think i’m full of it WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR.

  58. Austin says:

    kobes the greatest player ever to play the game.. even phil jackson said it “kobe is more dyanmic scorer he has the best footwork i have ever seen, jordan could catch anything, his hands were like mits.. but kobe bryant is the best ever” phil jackson
    AND BY THE WAY kobe doesnt have as may MVP AWARDS was because the NBA commissioner david stern hated kobe for the whole rape case so he didnt win ever and when the NBA commisiioner said kobe im sorry for everything i know you didnt do it he won MVP and jordan had 7 hall of famers on his team every year.
    kobe had 2 or 3
    KOBE is by far better then jordan

    • MPI says:

      I give props to Jordan and Kobe. You can’t compare the two because they both play hard and play to win a championship. But for real all you Kobe haters out there you’ll know he can ball any day! You just hating because you probably not an NBA fan. Kobe got robbed by Steve Nash when he won the MVP, but I hope you’ll see when Kobe dunk on Nash and that’s the MVP poster… If Jordan was really good, why didn’t he win a championship when he went to the Wizards? hmmm.. now think about that!

  59. Michael says:

    Kobe is better than jordan

  60. paul says:

    lol.. kobe? 81 pts? against who? a non playoff team toronto raptors..
    jordan = 63 points nba post season. against who? the boston celtics. number 1 defensive team that year..

  61. glenn says:

    what if kobe-gasul-howard will be seen next season…? would it be a great….2nd option for offensive/defensive attack will be artest-odom-brown… lakers have just busted and not there time even they poured every sweat they have… i saluted to kobe and lakers team for doing everything that they can but simply they cant bounce back and and dallas were just very lucky on that…

  62. heatsuckmonkeynuts says:

    the heat are brutal, jordan is the greatest of all time a legend, kobe is a legend probably top 5 greatest players all time, he’s the closest thing to jordan weve seen, lakers will be back just wait you’ll see , you think this stuff rattles kobe he juss smiles and gives his smart comments,lol, cuz he knows he’ll be back n get it done, just remember what happend the year after he lost in the finals, he had this pissed off look on his face all year n he destroyed everyone, so watch out everyone lakers will be back next year! in the mean time lets go bulls destroy the heat for the 4 th time this year!

  63. get down or lay down says:

    Please Stop Comparing Kobe 2 MJ Mike’s A PitBull And Kobe A German Shepard theres no Comparsion we All No Who Wins that Dogg Fight Just Stop It People Kobe is Kool But He’s Not DUDE.

  64. A.R. says:

    First of all Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest players of the NBA and he is not comparable to Michael Jordan. Let me tell you something about the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers have been in the NBA finals for the past 3 straight seasons so what can you expect? They are already tired. Kobe Bryant is playing hurt and I agree to that but one of the main reasons why they were defeated by the Mavericks is the lack of team chemistry. The thing about the Lakers is that the rest of the team is not helping Kobe and the result is losing and don’t expect Kobe to make game winners you should help him. The lack of defense, you can’t just leave the 7 foot high Dirk outside making 3’s and same to other players. The offense, as you can see the Dallas Mavericks made a great defense on Kobe, there is no ball movement by the Lakers, lack of 3 point shooting and Phil Jackson didn’t make any adjustments like the minutes of Kobe in the 4th Quarter playing just 6 minutes. I have to admit that Kobe made some mistakes in the game. Kobe Era is not done yet guys and he will be back again to regain his title. To all Laker fans out there, I believe that they will win again. Go Lakers!

  65. watcher says:

    Astonishing. Kobe is Kobe. Jordan is Jordan. They’re both champions and have had epic careers, so arguing who is the best is both pointless and fun. It’s Jordan btw :p Kobe is only 32 and has a few more years left in him so I sure wouldn’t say he’s done.

  66. leo says:

    its going to be the rise of the fallen next year..thats for sure..we all have our favorite team..each ball players are different man so comparing kobe to his airness..he maybe far from being like mike but no doubt his just simply amazing..go lakers

  67. jer0m3*24 says:

    go rose….beat miami’s big three..i know you can do that!!!
    but next year..kobe will be back….im sure lebron will cry again like a baby!!! hahaha

    go lakers and kobe

    kobe your the best!!! show to them all that your the true M.V.P

    sukcs you all kobe haters!!!

  68. RHON LOPEZ says:


  69. RHON LOPEZ says:


  70. KB8vsKB24 says:


  71. j0ecor says:

    shut up u all against laker commentators…… we all know that lakers is the best !

  72. Zohan says:


    Right on every single word. Best comment. Enough said.

  73. Vince Kenneth says:

    Don’t mind those people whose intention is to pull you down and demoralize Kobe. I don’t compare you to MJ since you are two different person. Be what you are brother… stay with the LAKERS. You have nothing to prove to these people because you already had great moments of your career and I am certain, you don’t stop there. True there is a lot of expectation from you and your team, but you have to learn to accept defeat so you can have the reason to comeback. BE STRONG KOBE!!!

  74. Kgarland says:

    Kobe and jordans stats are identical if u take away 3 years from jordans career, jordan played 3 years in college and kobe went straight from highschool, start them from the same age and it is the same

  75. JiNx says:

    I`m Hoping the Bulls will do it again. ( no brags, no dramas )
    Go Bulls! i know you guys can beat The Heat, 🙂

  76. gian says:

    @Goatee – your a tool… pacers took the bulls to 7 in 98. its obvious your just a kobe hater (like so many others on here) because you get on here n troll n make unsubstantiated comments. perhaps if you provided some sort of solid argument you would sound like you know what youre talkin about, and we would consider taking you seriously.

  77. dude says:

    I am a Lakers fan and very much dis-like the Celtics. I would choose Russel over Jordan. Number 1 player in the history of the league(hurts saying that). Who in the east really challenged the Bulls? A sporadic Knick team, Pacers, Heat? Really….all those teams were one & done! Bulls did not really have any true challenge until they played the Sonics. It took them 6 games to win & that was the team that won 72 games! At least in the 80’s, there were the Lakers, Celtics- 76ers in the early part of the decade and the Pistons in the later part of the decade. Bulls had an easier schedule overall.And yes, overall….Jordan was a better player but Kobe’s drive & heart I believe was even stronger than Jordan’s.

  78. NBA fanatics says:

    DONE is DONE!!! if lakers things will be better for the next season that’s good if they cannot win a title for the next season then you all lakers fan shut up , i’m not pointing things around but the sequences that if you are good like kobe than no swept will be involved … This things get worse i guess

  79. MJ > Kobe says:

    @every Kobetard
    Are you kidding me?Where do all these “Kobe is close to MJ” arguments coming from? Kobe’s not even close to MJ. So what if he scored 81 in a single game. Did he ever win DPOY? I don’t think so… Did Kobe ever average 37 PPG in a single season? Did Kobe ever average 39 PPG in a finals series? (Oh wait, he sucks every time he gets to finals). He didn’t even deserve the last Finals MVP he got. Pau Gasol was totally robbed. Kobe’s only one ring away from Jordan but let’s remember he got three of those when he was riding the coat tails of Shaq. Jordan never played second fiddle.

    • 16XChampions says:

      Hey kid, are you like 17 yrs. old or something??? “Jordan never needed a dominant big man to win a ring?” So you’re practically saying that MJ did it all by himself unlike Kobe, who needed someone else to help him. You made my day little one. You’re absolutely right. Jordan never needed that chump Scottie Pippen, he sucked! Didn’t play any defense or rebounded. That idiot Rodman who has low post defense like Luke Walton, none. Let’s not forget Steve Kerr or J. Paxson who couldn’t hit the timely shot. Jordan needed those players to win just like Kobe needed Shaq and Gasol to win it all. Good job youngster!





  81. phamie says:

    No Onecan better the LEGEND Michael Jordan, EVER!!!!!!!!!!

    • 16XChampions says:

      Here is one of those “kids” I mentioned. Probably just started watching basketball in 1990. Probably never heard of Julius Erving in the ABA, or Elgin Baylor, The Iceman, Alex English and some more prolific scorers basketball has ever seen. I didn’t even mentioned The Stilt. Talk about scoring machines. In the end, MJ can be debated as the best 2 guard in the game but not solely as the best. Good try though.

      • MJ > Kobe says:

        Here’s one of those people who’s never heard of MJ’s complete game and the fact that he was one of the people who didn’t need a dominant big man to win a championship. He wasn’t just a scorer he played defense too. Unlike these ringless or one and done prolific scorers in the 70’s and 80’s

  82. Rj Davidson-Alomar says:

    Well, as a Laker fan I think this time Kobe is wrong. Because we all know that Pau Gasol is a good player one of the many skilled big men to play in the NBA. But his defense aint that good, the past two yrs that the lakers won the title, Pau was doing a better job defending the paint but this yr hes gone soft period. And the lakers honestly dont need that kind of distraction to happen while in the playoffs. I honestly feel that the Buss Family is proud of the lakers for 2 won championships but now its time to trade some players to make the Lakers more of a threat when playoff time comes around.

    A new point guard? Possibly trade Pau Gasol??? who knows??? this is why im actually excited about how the Lakers off-season is gonna turn out.

  83. dtp336 says:

    No one can be the best ever,better players will always spring up,so guys and even the whole gat to resist brainwashing.
    Basketball is more intensed now than in the era of MJ’s prime years.
    When Phil Jackson was asked,he mentioned Kbe is a better basketball player but MJ is a better leader being the coach to the two i think he has the best answer and that answers all these puzzles.
    MJ is great and Kobe is also great,for guys to win titles and awards pls give them their props.

    • WrldChampnLKRS says:

      Basketball is not “more intensed now” than before. How about McHale’s clothesline foul on Rambis and the variety of push-offs and bumps during the Laker/Celtics hay-days. Most of those were 2-shot fouls. Shoot two and that’s it. If the NBA is more intensed now, in your words, than in the past then stupid fouls like Bynum’s cheap shot on Barea and Odom’s push off in Game 4 would just be regular fouls. Or Dirk Novitki’s elbow on Game 1 would be a non-call or just a scolding from the refs. Now David Stern and his cronies change how players play with all this “respect for the game” crap, double technicals, and other bogus calls. NBA more intense now than past years, it is not. I miss the 80’s and early 90’s when basketball was played with more pride and intensity. More than half of today’s players wouldn’t hack it during the Bird/Magic era. Even though I think highly of Derrick Rose and CP3, I’d like to see those guys drive down the paint in those days and watch them get their noses flattened by the likes of Moses Malone, Wes Unseld, The Detroit Bad-Boys, and others who didn’t take kindly to little guys interfering with their territory. That my friend is intensity.

  84. 16XChampions says:

    Can all the “kids” stop claiming that MJ is the best player ever. You can’t say that because the game has position players for a reason. MJ didn’ grab 20,000 rebs. or dished out 10,000 dimes. MJ could be the best #2 guard in history but not the best player ever. So please get off the MJ “greatest of all time” bandwagon.

  85. BIG DADDY J says:


  86. romero79 says:

    All I’m reading is about mj this kobe this! well my all time favorite is Irvin “Magic” Johnson! he won his 1st championship his rookie year! and he had to play center and he was a point guard!! niether kobe could do that or MJ! he played in a championship almost every year in the 80’s! against some of the best talent of the nba! the celtics, detroit! they were no joke in the 80’s! he got 5 rings! he’s won 3 MVP tiles and 3 championship MVP’s! my dad broke reclining chairs over some of the lakers lost’s in the 80’s! if it wasn’t for him Mj nor kobe would had someone to be better than! 1 Earvin Magic Johnson, 2.kareem abdul jabar, 3. Michael “AIR” Jordan, 4.Kobe “Bean” Bryant,5.Wilt the stilt Chamberlain! all time greastest! but i love some Bryd thou! but he wears that celtics green! lol so pipe down! Lakers will be back! Kobe ain’t messing around when said they can win another one! he wins one more he’s goin straight to number one! on my list!

  87. @isaac from ny says:

    hahahah no one can stop kobe? hahah hey dude dallas just did hahahahah and kobe cant do anything about it hahahha losser

  88. in your dreams !!!!!!!!! says:

    another 3peat??? hahah are you kidding me? hahah kobe is in the wheelchair that time hahahaha

  89. carlo says:

    weh are you sure that Miami will win the championship again what a comment you ful

  90. John Andrea says:


    • gian says:

      i see what youre saying, but it doesnt apply to this series vs the mavs, or this whole season for that matter. case in pt – pau was a bust the 2nd half of the season, n blake ended up being a bust the entire season. barnes didnt bring the defensive presence we are all used to seeing from him, n the bench jus didnt produce points. kobe was forced to try to takeover alot more this post season than the past 3 yrs. its called not having enough help… had he not tried to go off in alot of the games this season, they prolly would have ended up getting blown out. the team just wasnt as hungry this yr n it showed. kobe took it upon himself to keep the team from losing, n its the reason why he was given late season consideration for mvp.

  91. John Andrea says:

    I just wish Bynum would have committed that foul on Barerra on Pau Gasol. Yes Bynum’s foul was bush league as the announcer stated! But when Andrew Bynum goes 8 for 11 in game 2 and 9 for 16 in game 3 and gets two touches in the 4 the quarter for both games combined common! That is also Bush league. The blame falls on three people Pau for having no heart and Phil and Kobe for not recognizing when a player is in a zone. Great teams Gel and have each others back the lakers didn’t have that this year! The Zen Master looked like a little bit of a disaster!

  92. The lakers are still title continders even if the team say together or not, i love the lakers and i love kobe he insirpsers me every day to play basketballand i look up to him. post it sekou

  93. kobe bryant is still the best player in the nba and no one can stop him,lakers can still win with out phil jackson because they still no his way of coaching,i also belive that kobe bryant will come out and avg 30+ points next season and win th mvp and close the season with the trophy the larry o bryant trophy that is and we might get howard lol

  94. efrain says:

    ????? why is it that the words are backwards

  95. Laker fan says:

    Actually I’m happy the haters just keep plugging away. This motivates Kobe Bryant more than ever, as it does Lebron James. Keep on hating! lol.

  96. LVLAL says:


  97. sethpogi says:

    individuality – stop comparing MJ and KB

  98. AirTech says:

    After reading all these post. It amazes me people act like MJ never lost a playoff series or MJ never had a good team or MJ plays with 2 Hall of Fame players. MJ have played in a 2 games seven for sure against Pacers in 98 and NY i believe 92-93. Kobe is as good as MJ. He carried the NBA after MJ left. Kobe did not leave and go play baseball. They both love the game. I remember Kobe 3rd year game 7 against Blazer 4th quarter WILLING his team back to go to the FINALS AND WIN NBA CHIP. It amazes me that KB has won early in his career and late. KB is playing against some major TALENT in this ERA and still winning SHIPS. LIKE IT OR NOT KB WILL ALWAYS BE COMPARED TO MJ. WOW HE DID PLAY THE SAME SYSTEM AND SAME COACHES. WOW lack of knowledge on here. KB was once young and amazing. People forget KB was young at one time. GIVE KB credit and stop hating. People act like MJ never had a bad game or bad playoff game. TEAM WINS RINGS. TEAMS. Don’t discredit a player because he won a ship. He the only player or team that has won back to back titles in the star crazy league. Dont act like Lakers went thought BUM TEAMS TO WIN A RING. IT dont matter how many games 7 you play. If you win you win. Next LBJ AND WADE DURANT AND ALL THE NEWCOMERS WILL BE COMPARED TO KB after retirement. Imagine if MJ BULLS went up against the Talent of today. MJ won his 6 RING and KB won 5. BE blessed and love basketball. SO many hater. People just hate on KB because he is GREAT AND WON. This guy came out of high school HIGH SCHOOL WOW.

    • bballwiz says:

      You know why we hate Kobe and his bandwagon of bootlickers? Because Kobe Bryant is so arrogant and so full of himself that he almost always gives credit to himself when the Lakers are winning and almost always blames others when they’re losing. Look at the last series with the Mavs. He didn’t take the blame, he said he did what he did (he shot bricks all over the place, in their homecourt!) and that he’ll continue to do it because he believed he’s doing a great job. He told the media that it’s his teammates that needed to step up and play. pau Gsol said that he wanted to have more touches to be effective. But look at his stats, he only took 13 attempts. And Kobe? He averaged 25+ shots with 40% accuracy. Now you tell me why we hate that Jordan wannabe.

      A good leader always takes the blame for himself for not doing a better job of motivating and leading his teammates to play better. He doesn’t point fingers at anyone but himself. Because being a leader is a big responsibility. But look at him. Can you honestly say that he’s a good leader? Or he just wants to take as many shots as he could and his teammates need to get ready for a rebound? Do you think he makes those around him better? Or his teammates gradually decline and hide their shells when Kobe gives them the stare? You be the judge.

      As for the Jordan comparison, it’s so far-fetched. Kobe should NEVER be compared to Jordan. Their style may be close, and some will point out that Kobe is the better 3-point shooter, but they’re a whole different player. Jordan is still considered the best of all time. Ask anyone. And it’s not just because of his skills as a player, or his personality, or his impact in the game and to the world and how he revolutionized the game of basketball. But because Michael Jordan is a true leader and a great motivator who almost always take care of his teammates day in and day out. He’s the glue that held those Bulls team to their success. He’s the one who checked their egos and made sure that everyone understood their roles. He’s the one who made the right plays, not just as a scorer, but a facilitator and initiator on offense when it matters most. And when he needed to take over games, he didn’t force himself to do it but it just came to him naturally. Yes, he had bad games, but not when it mattered the most. He made sure of that. If he’s not having a good shooting game, he becomes the decoy and facilitator so his teammates can finish the game (check the Portland series in the Finals.) Jordan is everything that Kobe is not. Skills may be the same, but the comparison stops there.

      Now, AirTech, you tell us why hate Kobe so much. You tell me.

  99. love says:

    ohhhh my oohh my im still lakers fan….

  100. Karen says:

    No Matter what happens I love Kobe so much!!!! I don’t care what others say!! you can do it again next year Kobe.. This is a “give a chance to others’ year”….

  101. Da Beast says:

    For those of you that are so called Kobe haters but MJ lovers. understand this MJ is and will forever be the greatest player from his era. The same can be said of KB. When it come to coaches they both had the best coach ever. What blows my mind is that it seems everyone HATES on Kobe for what happened in Denver. Everyone forgets MJ had some fouls out side of basketball as well ( Gambling Problem, Cheating on His Wife Too). Who the hell cares about theses mindless debates about who is or was our who will ever be the greatest just be thankful we all were blessed to see two of the greatest to ever play the game. Cause truth be told the difference between loving or hating Kobe is he never played for your favorite team. Because if he did the haters be on his jock…….You all be good to each other

  102. First all Kobe is not a better shooter, I don’t know what stats or made up highlight reel you’re watching but MJ has a higher field goal percentage than kobe does. So how does that make kobe a better shooter than? Are you talking about the same kobe who shot 7-28 and similar performances throughout this year? You kobe lovers make me laugh.

  103. for all you people that dont know jordan played in a easier leauge than kobe does and now fans vote for mvp. mj is the greatest ever but kobe is better at alot of things first hes a better shooter handeler and perimiter shooter than mj but kobe and mike are very different and its bad if they are alike you dont need 5+ mvps to be the best ever you have to give your heart and soul day in day out and this is what makes both men great not fancy skills but work ethic and determination.
    P.S. jordan himself said there is a best for every generation

  104. Drose#1 says:

    @LOLakers dont think that the heat will win a championship,,I DONT PAY RESPECT to that team,,I think it is a LUCKY-win against the Boston Celtics,,Im not a laker fan but dont I dont think that the LOss heat will win a championship.,,

  105. Dione says:

    Im a Laker fan, Kobe will get 6 rings, Heat wont win this year cause 1st they played a super young team and then they played a super old team but next they got to play the BULLS who swept they a$$ and can do it again. Kobe is nothing like Micheal at all i will admit that but if your looking for a superstar legend in their era, Micheal for his, Kobe for his, Bird n Magic for their’s, Russell and West for their’s and Rose and James and Wade for their’s. You cant compare stats and awartds cause none of them will match up besides by amount but by what they brought to the game IN THEIR ERA is what should be compared. so for his era, Kobe is the closest to MJ, just my opinion

  106. Dan Meadows says:

    The thing that bothered me most of all was how tentative Gasol got as the season wore on playing next to a healthy and energized Bynum. Because of youth and injuries, he hasn’t really had to do that at any point since he came to the Lakers. It could just be that a 100% healthy and confident Bynum and Gasol just can’t mesh. Based on what I saw from him in the playoffs, If Bynum’s 100% next season and the Lakers don’t make him a bigger feature of the offense, it’ll be an enormous mistake, whatever Kobe’s opinions are about the pecking order. They might still be playing if they had continued to feed Bynum in the post against the Mavs. This is precisely why they need a strong head coach next year and not a player favorite that’ll maintain the status quo like Brian Shaw.

  107. eastcoastlaker says:

    Yoooooo- all the this foolishness about kobe being done is just people talking who don’t or can’t play the game. True the young guys in the game today are crazy good, but lack basketball smarts.I ‘ve played this games(at this level) and coached it for 11 years now, and i definitley can tell you the a player like kobe is not done,maybe his game will change but so did MJ- and lets not talk about someone who has not played in years, keep it current-some of you guys on here just hate the lakers-well get over it-like some people hate the celtics-its easy to hate on a winner, and cry because your a loser, man up!!!Mark Cuban was smart knowing he had to beat the lake show in order to make it to the finals, thats why Dallas was put together in that way this season-good for them.I can personally tell you its very hard to repeat as champs because even the sorrist teams will play tuff when playing the champs-for me as i got older and made more money the game became just that a game, family life became first for me, and i could not wait until the season was over- with nothing else to prove it didn’t matter if i won another ring or not i got money,rings,the game was not as important to me. Maybe the lake show is at that point-atleast some of the players r.

    • marcel kobe fan says:

      why does everybody think jordan was 5he best..wat about magic or wilt. everuthing mj did he did it with no competiotion

  108. kb024 says:

    all of u laker haters especially kobe haters u guys are all stupid!! u don’t acknowledge a good player because u just hate his personality..as much as i hate Lebron James i still admit that he is a really good player who has an amazing talent.. Kobe’s personality has nothing to do with his talent. If you guys know anything about basketball you will know that Kobe Bryant is one of the best players in the league and he is not done.. Stop comparing him to MJ.. Kobe is Kobe and MJ is Mj.. two totally different people with amazing talent.. Just because Jordan did one thing does not mean that Kobe will do the same.. Respect Kobe for who he is and let him be his own person.. Jordan is history whether u like it or not and lets move on from it!!

  109. wannabedj says:

    actually Micheal Jordan was swept in 86 and 87 by boston… 86 when he scored 63 points but no one cares that they still lost cuz we are all brainwashed to worship jordan… honestly by far the greatest is and always will be magic… 1-5 positions… 3 different championships in 4 years on 3 different levels of competition

    • wannabedj says:

      just to clarify… i meant high school , college and nba (finals mvp as a rookie)

      • bballwiz says:

        The Bulls were swept by the Celtics in the playoffs. That’s true. But you’re forgetting something: Nobody expected them to win against the great Boston Celtics led by Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish in their prime. The Celts were clearly the better team in all angles and aspects than the Bulls. Plus, MJ just got back from a serious injury that cost him most of the regular season. Still, he scored 63 points against the superior Celtics defense in their own home court, a record that still stands today.

        This is so different to what happened to your boy Kobe. They were EXPECTED to win the series. Heck, you guys are even arrogantly talking about a Finals appearance and a three-peat before the season even began. Nobody expected the “lowly” Dallas Mavericks to win the series. They were even expected to lose in the First Round against the Blazers. Well, we all know what happened. You’re a witness. You saw how your boy Kobe threw bricks and continuously blamed his teammates. He didn’t even try to defend anyone in this series. We’re all witness. (Oh, and Kobe even got outplayed by Chris Paul. Tsk.)

        You brought up about Jordan being swept before to justify Kobe’s incompetency during this series. What a sore loser. Just like your boytoy hero

        (Oh, if we were brainwashed by Jordan, I guess the whole world also got brainwashed because almost everyone truly believes that he’s the best ever and no one even comes close. No one. So sue the world.)

  110. Kita Mac says:

    What makes Kobe great is the fact he still works hard at his game….he dont rest with where he is as a player….we compare him to Jordan but theres no need…..rather he is good as Jordan or better….he is still one of the greatest to ever play the game…..and he should be well respected…..Kobe is awesome!

  111. Gareth says:

    honestly arguing abt whose better kobe or MJ is jus stupid cause they are both good players and they both came into the league and did what they had to do and help their team win a title and they just like MJ when kobe retire hes goin to be talked abt a lot and hes goin to become the measuring stick to the new up coming player so hate kobe or not he does what he have to and he do it right so yah arguing isnt goin to change the fact that kobe has 5 rings and hes goin to get another b4 he retire well thats my opinion

  112. bucho says:

    lebron james nor dwade have improved much since they came in the league, i don’t see a post up game like kobe had when he came in the league, if any they both have become better athletes not better basketball players

  113. laker nation says:

    man f#@k all you haters! kobe still got it! hes the only f#@ken player u can ever compare to jordan! and another thing most of u fags saying that jordan was better most of u idiots never saw him play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. bluesnaketb says:

    They actually need a new system to run besides the triangle because the Lakers dont have any young athletes or shooters. By Phil leaving they may find a new identity that can work. Kobe is not washed up and should be mentioned in the same sentence as Jordan. Im not saying by no means he is a better player. Jordans likeness is better, he was better for the game & he made players better. Kobe and Jordan games are very similiar but Kobe lacks all the intangibles. Plus many people do not like him because of his cockiness.

  115. Oh ya and head to head match ups, Lebron owns him 12-5 and outscores him head to head.

  116. 1st.Wow all this talk of how great kobe is and no numbers… so he scores 81 points in a game but what did he end up with at the end of that season again? Answer no ring without shaq, cuz we all know that he was his sidekick. That’s all kobe is an overrated sidekick, he ran shaq out of LA thinking he can do it by himself but what happened? Nothing then Gasol comes and he starts winning again. Gasol is the most important part of that team if you don’t believe it then how did they do this year when he struggled? Kobe should never be mentioned in the same sentence as MJ NEVER, MJ was a once in a lifetime player, he changed the game and how players play now. Mj did it all, not only scored but rebounded, blocked shots, had more steals, and so on then Kobe did. Doing all this at an older age than kobe. If you dont believe me go look up the stats of both players and compare them. 2nd. Lebron is a better player than kobe is. Why? Same reason as Mj, ALL AROUND BALLER. He not only scores(7 seasons of 2000+ points, kobe barely got his 7th this year) but does pretty much everything. Once again if you don’t believe me than look at the stats and compare. And for the rings argument that will be squashed this year when he wins his first of many to come. I WONDER IF LEBRON WOULDVE WENT TO A TEAM WITH A HALL OF FAME CENTER AND COACH HOW MANY RINGS HE WOULD HAVE BY NOW???? CAVALIERS ANY!???? KOBE IS OVERRATED!!!!!

  117. Steve says:

    You guys are all idiots.

    Jordan is Jordan. GOAT

    Kobe is Kobe. Top 5 all time.

    All the blind Kobe fans need a reality check. Look at Jordans stats. They are so far superior to Kobes it’s not even funny. More MVP’s, more scoring titles, more rings, more playoff mvp’s, defensive player if the year, rookie of the year, high scoring average, etc. Kobe could win the next 12 championships and still wouldn’t be considered as good as Jordan.

    That said, Kobe is undoubtedly the 2nd greatest shooting guard ever. There’s no shame in being 2nd to Jordan. So quit with the comparisons.

    To all the Kobe haters. You’re not proving anything by saying Kobe isn’t as good as Jordan. Nobody is. So really, you’re complimenting Kobe by even putting him in the same sentence as 23. Kobes career speaks for itself. 5 rings, MVP, 2 finals MVP, 9 first team all defense, 4 all star mvp’s, multiple scoring titles, legendary 81 points etc.

    Is Kobe as good as Jordan? Nope. But he’s the best we’ve seen since Jordan and he deserves credit for everything he’s accomplished.

  118. Patrick says:

    I agree Lakers will be ready, but I don’t know for Fisher, Steve Blake, and Mats Barnes.
    May be they will start again with the same players.
    They had to loose one day, it’s not bad, they will have less pressure next year by not being defending champion.

    The level is still higher. Much higher than before. When you see the wolves playing, clippers, Toronto or Sacramento, you realise how difficult it is in N.B.A. now. Hope these teams have success one day, they have very good players, they work hard and give beautiful game

  119. poboscov says:

    Hey Mitch, its simple.
    1) Trade Artest/Bynum for Howard.
    2) Sign NENE (PF/C) as a free agent (rebounding and D).
    3) Put ODOM as starting SF.
    4) TRADE GASOL FOR AN ELITE PG (CHRIS PAUL)!!! Get rid of Blake.
    Thats how we should look like (reserves in brackets):

    PG Paul ( Fisher and some young explosive reserve who can shoot an occasional trey and guard the best PGs in the league)
    SG Bryant (Brown)
    SF Odom (Barnes+someone from the draft)
    PF Nene (someone better than Walton please)
    C Howard (Smith, but depending on rotation could be Nene too, and Odom as PF).

    Now u have 3 offensive options (4 counting Odom), a team with lockdown D, versatility, a farily good 3 point arsenal, a reasonable bench and 5 guys who can handle the ball.

    • bballwiz says:

      Great idea, poboscov! Nice team. That would definitely win it all in the NBA…. Now why don’t you drop that control pad and put off that crack and let’s get you somewhere nice, like a mental ward or a rehab center. Don’t worry, they’ll take good care of you there.

  120. angel says:

    u guys are stupid kobe is way better than MJ hes not done!!

  121. Gil says:

    Just the fact that everyone compares him to Jordan speaks a lot in itself.

  122. Centrix says:

    Kobe Bryant and the Lakers are living in a FANTASY WORLD. It’s all over. The entire current Lakers players should be changed. Start fresh with brand new talents, doing away with this old aging current roster, would be the wisest thing to do by the entire Lakers organization. The current players is not anymore capable of getting into any championship run. They have to let go and move on. NOW is the right time to break up the team as its current players, especially Kobe, is good only in words … action is zero. That’s proven by their being swept by the Mavericks eventhough they had one of the best NBA coaches in history. Kobe and others, just let go and everything’s gonna be alright. Go find other teams. Let the Lakers rebuilding begin, including both its management and coaching staff. Go fresh Lakers go…

  123. ya not smart says:

    kobe is nothing close to jordan so stop talking about kobe like if he is close to jordan he will never be anything close to jordan 81 points any sh1t is only one game he got lucky thats it lets talk bout now Sweep jordan never got sweep in da playoffs

  124. bballwiz says:


    You guys are the most amazing fans I’ve ever encountered in my life. At the all-star break, you guys flooded all blogs and NBA sites and arrogantly put comments about how the Lakers will three-peat and that Kobe is the greatest ever. You guys kept trash-talking and egotistically counting other teams and players out, saying that Kobe is the best and the “Black Mamba” and the Lakers will eat every one alive come playoff time. When the Lakers are down 3-0 against the “lowly” Mavs, you guys still backed the ever-arrogant and way-over-his-head overrated Kobe up with his “words of wisdom” that they will win the series in 7. The same Kobe Bryant who never took the blame and lashes his team mates for poor play (I feel sorry for Pau, Andrew, Lamar and Ron) every time the Lakers loses and always hugs all the credit when they win (again, I feel sorry for Pau, Andrew, Lamar and Ron.)

    WHERE ARE YOU NOW HUH!?! The NBA cyberworld is lot quieter and better without you guys. And it’s the best thing that’s ever happened here! HAHAHAHA!

    Lakers fans will always reflect their “superstar” personality (in this case, Kobe): arrogant, self-centered, ball hog, sore loser, arrogant (oh, did I say that twice?), irresponsible, stubborn, conceited, bad leader who blames others and take the heat to himself, overrated, sore loser (oops, my mistake), and just plain air head. You guys are not even the best fans in the NBA (that’s Portland fans that stays loyal to the Blazers for 40 years) but you act as if the whole world bows down to the Lakers and Kobe.

    I feel sorry for Phil, though. He’s the best ever at his profession. He had the greatest player ever in Michael Jordan and the best side-kick ever in Scottie Pippien. He had the most dominant player in his era, Shaq O’neal. It’s a shame he ended his career with a pretender and overrated “star” like Kobe. But still I’m happy for him. His legacy will forever be respected and admired all over the world. AND, he doesn’t have to deal with a nut-case like Kobe anymore. Now that’s a very big sigh of relief for him, a great consolation prize of losing to the Mavs in a sweep.

    SO WHERE ARE THE LAKER FANS?!? COME ON AND MAKE SOME NOISE! Write about how Kobe and the Lakers will come back and start a new era next year with a new coach. Go on and talk about how great Kobe still is and why he’s the best player on the planet. Talk about how the “Black Mamba” will strike again next year, hungrier and feistier.



  125. bayar says:

    steve blake and matt barnes are not LAKERS’ player. they didn’t do anything for regular season and playoff. do you agree?

  126. dtp336 says:

    I have nothing against no player and as a matter of fact,all u guys talking rubbish about a player Kobe in particular should abstain from such dirty acts.how many of u have been in his position and situation and could make great names for themselves?
    Kobe is great,he is old now and sure not 100% and logically u dont expect that excellent efficiency from such guy.lets be realistic sometimes and not just be sentimental or hate,he is the best BB player in this era any other great BB players are just coming up and climbing the ladder.
    Lakers are sapped and all they need is just re-energized and get going again,i am sure they can still have shots at winning again.This is a team that has played 77 postseason games in 3 yrs.lets call a spade a spade,they are a very good bunch,unfortunately the lost focus right the game 1 against dallas which they never recovered from.
    Kobe would have had about 4-5 MVPs by now if not for his personal shortfalls,but he’s gotten over it.
    Lets not allow our emotions or love we have for a player get over us,use ur head while u write cos what u write would make people adjudge ur level of mentality.

  127. Darin B. says:

    The Lakers will be fine and need only to address their horrendous bench in order to be right back in the championship mix next year. People seem to forget that this nucleus has gone 3 years without any form of real rest compared to teams that lose early or don’t make the playoffs at all. Now, they will have an extra month and a half rest that they haven’t had for 3 years and that will be very beneficial. GM Mitch Kupchak must go out and sign or trade for a proven PG that is quick and can shoot (Tony Parker), a reliable 3 point shooter or two off of the bench and a backup center that can actually be used (unlike Joe Smith and Ratliff) ala Deandre Jordan of the Clippers who is a free agent. Do those 3 things and the Lakers are champions again next year.

  128. CAPS says:


  129. CAPS says:


  130. jimijames26 says:

    Kobe is not done!!! He is a great player…. BUT He is not a better player than Jordan was, and someone said that Kobe had done everything Jordan han done exept for winning a sixth title….. He has not won a defencive player of the year award..If you want more fakts check out this link: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/408237-bryant-vs-jordan-theres-still-no-debate-jordan-is-king

    Do not try to compare Kobe to Jordan, they have similar styles of playing the game, but no team Jordan was on, collapsed like the Lakers did against Dallas, that includes his disimal years in Washington…. He was simply a better leader and a better decition maker in clutch situations and games. Jordan got to play 6 nba finals, if you know your history you know the results.

    As for the 81 Kobe put up….. That was a mindblowing exebition of exelence, but it also shows that Kobe is a selvfish player so was Jordan but at least he has the wins to back it up.

  131. ESCURA says:

    Kobe has more time now to rest, he should take care of his body because that’s what he lacks we all know he can drop 30 multiples games if only he’s healthy. I think that a lot of people make very fast conclusions, everybody said earlier in the season that LBJ could not even make a shot in the final minute and we see yesterday against Boston. I think Kobe can get back to his level if he’s healthy and can make a last trip to the Finals.

  132. Kobe is Gay says:

    Kobe is a rapist

  133. Greatness Kobe says:

    Kobe doesnt need to be the leading scorers , defensive player or mvp CUZ HE DOESNT EVER AFTER IT! he is making plays for his team mates! giving them the moment to shine! LETTING THEM IMPROVE IN THEIR PLAYS! heat will be a better team without the championship chaser lebron! CUZ YOUR ARE TRULY GREAT IF YOU WANT TO BEAT THE BEST! NOT JOIN THEM! THE THRILL OF THE GAME IS TO COMPETE WITH THE GREATEST PLAYER WHO EVER PLAYED THE GAME NOT RIDE ON THEIR D!CKS!

  134. stupid lakers says:

    If they were good the way they were, they would be winning the championship again. For all you people who think they are still the #1 team in the NBA, think about that. I personally hate the Lakers and think Bryant is overrated.

  135. jamal says:

    Phil jackson is the great one 11 rings.

  136. jiggs ginatilan says:

    jordan just came first thats why you compare kobe with him.. but got the moves.. just his footwork which jordan didnt have.. and kobe is a pure shooter than mj… and during mj’s time, he is the only athletic player in his time koz most of the players of his time are white and most of them didnt have much time in the gymn unlike nowadays when almost all of the players get to gymn.. if kobe was on mj’s time, for sure no one can stop him.. the point is JORDAN JUST GOT LUCKY ALL THE TIME..

    • Snack O'meal says:

      You can’t be LUCKY ALL THE TIME. But yes kobe is a pure shooter and about the white thing yes.

  137. kobe says:

    kobe is best player everr

    nash took 2 mvps from him b.s

  138. Wags says:

    The lack of logic in this post is proving limitless. Don’t compare? How’s this, you’re a GM and the team president comes to you and says, “hey I can get Lebron or Wade, who do you think is better?” And your reply would be “whoa… don’t compare them, that’s crazy… Lebron is Lebron and Wade is Wade.” To which the president replies, “YOU’RE FIRED!”. You absolutely have to be able to compare one to the other… strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and how all that best fits your team. For us non GM’s, we just compare for the fun of it… for the great debate of it… for our Fantasy leagues… for our video games. However or wherever, the comparisons are simply a requirement of sports and our nature to know WHO IS THE BEST.

  139. Bah! says:

    People comparing Kobe to Jordan are simply ridiculous. Jordan was a good player, a great player even but he was not near as good as was projected by the NBA and the media. At the time Jordan came into the NBA, the NBA was losing its flutter. It’s viewings on television was down, seats were empty in the stands, and the NBA was on the verge of being bankrupt. They needed a star player, a hero to save the NBA. Along came Jordan. He had enough natural talent that with some ‘help’ he could be the hero the NBA needed. If you go back in Jordan’s career, you will see that he got away with countless travels, charges, and defensive fouls that helped him along his way to all of his MVPs and championships. Even to this day, when certain athletes are allowed to get away with multitudes of minor penalties it is called the “Michael Jordan Effect”. So yes, Jordan was good, had a lot of natural talent but was not the god they saw him as. Michael was great, Kobe is great. Each have their strengths and weaknesses.

  140. aj says:

    you can say whatever you want. but kobe is great. people can choose their favorite player. but kobe is kobe. he doesn’t need to be jordan to be great, he had his own legacy.

  141. Big Vicc says:

    Well in my opinion the lakers are going out ot get them a point guard which would throw the name chris paul out there or they could be looking for a potenial to since my boy kobe gettiing old someone like dwight howard becuase at least in L.A. you can have the ability to win a championship. But on a good note go lakers

  142. SAD AURA says:

    JORDAN is JORDAN… KOBE is KOBE… JORDAN has 2 three-peat champion… KOBE has a three peat and two peat… both of them is a GREAT PLAYER and with a GREAT TEAM and a GREAT COACH therefore we can conclude that NBA is not about the PLAYER ONLY but IT IS ABOUT THE TEAM so stop comparing with players only… WE ALL KNOW THAT IT TAKES A TEAM TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP… A GOOD TEAM THAT IS!!!

  143. Patrick says:

    Sorry, I mean: “Yoakim is very similar to his father…“

  144. Patrick says:

    I agree with people who think we can’t compare players. For instance Kobe and M.Jordan. Stop comparing. As we can’t compare The great Mc Enroe or Connors or Sampras, with Nadal or Federer, No sense at all. Training, material, mentality, even their shoes are different.
    Kobe is certainly more altruist player now. I didn’t have this feeling with Jordan (one of the greatest player we ever seen) and Pippen, big egos. I remember the caprice of S. Pippen when Jackson at the end of a match gave the last shot to kukoc.
    After 1990 there where some “big headed“ in N.B.A. (do you say swankers? we say “crâneur“ or “frimeur“ in French, and we still have those specimen in France unfortunatly) The respectfull player where called “soft“; We still have some who show their muscles, but not as before.I remember the way they spoke slowly, the way they walked, and all this intoxication. To my opinion Kobe is more humble man now, and most of best players in N.B.A are: look for instance Durand, Paul, Rondo, Randolph, M. Gasol, Lebron , Wayde, Novitski, P.Gasol : big fighters but gentlemen.
    I am sure there is less trash talking between them than before. They are not all graduate from Bekerley or Oxford, there are not angels, but comportments have changed. Of course I.Q. make difference: Yannick Noah left school at 11 years old, he is very similar to his father but he went to university and learn disciplin.
    Now they focus mainly on the ball and have more respect for the opponent, so I like it.
    it’s only my opinion, may be I am wrong, but only an opinion, a feeling I had.
    Of course Lakers is still a great team for next year ! I hope Kobe (if he has no big injuries) will play until fourty! He is a great player.

  145. Tony says:

    They can win in the WEST with some parts of this team, no one can match the frontline. THey need speed and to utilize the bench more often(hard to do when no one is playing well) Barnes is much better than showed after the injury, Blake is much better than he showed and Brown disappeared since he got married. They need shooters(not Kobe, Artest) and some bulk and to play folks in their right position. Again, very few people can match Artest in the paint. He doesn’t have to score twenty, but giving you 8-14 down low and the load to guard him. He is not a 3 point shooter, so they aren’t utilizing him as effeectively as they should. Give Bynum a few more touches, especially if he is playing with the second unit(He should be avg 15 and 15) Theo Ratliff can stay. Replace Luke Walton, Joe Smith, develop Trey Johnson( he avg 25.5ppg in the DLEAGUE. there is a reason you called him up!!!!!) Ebanks and Caracter need development and playing time..none of which you get on the bench. THe problem is they are unproven, but you never know until you play them. Look at Dallas, they go 8-10 deep and no reason the Lakers can’t do the same. OKC goes deep, SPurs go deep, THey can’t just play 6-8 deep, it doesn’t last unless you are a younger team. Phil didn’t utilize that bench much at all.. Play those guys!!!! They were down by thirty, I would have played those guys!!! No need to have 12-15 guys on the bench if you are going to play just 7-8, not over 82 games and you’ve been playing deep into playoffs for the last 4 years, cmon MAN!!!
    I want to see a shooter or two, another big… either Blake is the PG or make a trade for someone now. Perfect fantasy fit would be CP3… Mike Redd is a shooter and HUNGRY..Tayshaun Prince…Peja.. Josh Howard..Rip Hamilton(should goto Boston), Greg Oden, Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, Andre Miller, Caron Butler, Jamal Crawford, Wilson Chandler(defense off the bench)

  146. Toppa says:

    Well guys, remember what happened when the Magic-led showtime lakers of ’89 won 11 straight playoff games? They crashed 4-0 in the finals to Detroit, but does that make the lakers a bad team? No, it means that the Pistons were a better team. Same for this case. It’s not like you don’t remain a contender after a 4-0 walloping, you just need to tweak around and hopefully find a way to win. However, the way things are going, the reasons most give here are limited to just ‘because Kobe’s not Jordan, stop comparing those two and so on’. If you want to win, you have to win as a team, that’s the nature of the game that has to be emphasized, no matter how much star power you have.

  147. Wags says:

    These guys have to and want to be compared. Why? Because they want to be known as the best. If you don’t compare people or things, then how do you know what or who is the best. To say you don’t want to be compared is basically saying you don’t want to compete.

  148. champ says:

    its ok Lakers its a nice season for all of you guys proving all the talents that you have, its just a matter that 1 must win and the other will loose. yet by re-grouping the team for the next season and adding some new talents based from the management I knew you guys can make it big… a huge comeback! goodluck L.A. Lakers Im still with you guys and to all the players, stay healthy and God bless, Kobe your still the best gametime win clincher, yet its also nice that D’rose won his 1st MVP awards bacause its proven from the play and game improvements that he showed throughout the season on each night thay played win or loose not as being bias yet i know you both are good pals on the cour and off the court Black Mamba and D’Rose.

  149. Denise says:

    Bynum better fall in line finally he is healthy and he was not all that dominate as he thinks, he fouls out he runs out of enenrgy.. Bynum. know your role now. Kobe is the leader, you could be coming off thhe bench and Lamar could be starting. Lakers could be back in the finals you haters know this! with the team they have .

  150. LAKERS SUCK says:

    New team, not knew team, sorry!

  151. LAKERS SUCK says:

    Looks like Kobe’s still CRAZY, it’s over Kobe, stop living in the past, in this league, its about winning, and your group is amazing… NO was AMAZING, everybodys old now, just face the facts, now its time to get a whole knew team and try to win some more championships!

  152. C-bar says:

    Any team with Kobe can contend, so they aren’t done just yet…however, I think Bynum will be gone for disgracing the uniform (not by hitting Barrea, who wouldn’t! but by tearing off the uni on his way out), I think they will dangle he and Odom to Magic for Dwight. That moves Gasol back to PF where he is much more effective.
    I hope we get back, I can’t stand to see Miami CryBabies winning anything!

  153. malvin23 says:

    @mike: mmg

  154. Delandis Turner says:

    idk why we try and compare players to others. no player is like the other player. there will never be another kobe, there will never be another jordan, and there will never be another wade. so stop comparing each player to each other.

  155. bigmike23 says:

    to all the Laker/ Kobe haters, i like Jordan as much as the next person but let it go he is gone, other players have come along and carried this league, Kobe included, since his retirement. Kobe never said he was as good as Jordan,or even the”Heir Apparent” the media and over-zealous fans did that.All u haters says Lakers r done and Kobe should retire, or he could neva win another title w/o Phil, all this could possible be true but any true NBA fan knows u neva doubt great players or teams, and say what u want but Kobe is a great player and the Lakers r a great team, 5 and 16 championships don’t lie. To those who say MJ won more MVP’s so that means Kobe isn’t great, plz, the Hall of Fame is littered with players who neva won MVP honors. I love My Lakers (shout out to Rick Kamla @ NBA TV) and will support them 4ever, so all u haters celebrate now but the Lakers r the second greatest winning organization with 16 trophies, they r the most popular organization in the league followed by New York and i’m sure if u ask players what team they would like to play for most they would say L.A. So haters enjoy this loss in the playoffs now because if there is one thing true NBA fans know is that u could neva keep a good team down 4 long

  156. Cha says:

    May 12, 2011 at 7:10 am
    Several facts:

    1. Kobe has won 2 rings (the other 3 were won by Shaq)
    2. He is nowhere close to MJ in any category (he will be in total points but only because he will have 6-7 more seasons than MJ.
    3. Kobe is an MJ wannaby
    4. He never puts himself where his mouth is (he said they’ll win 4:3) ))))
    5. He is disrispectful (even towards Phil)
    6. Nevertheless, he is still a great player (top 15 of all time)

    OKC – CHI in the finals
    – Biggest and most Biased HATER. Lol. Shaq won those? Last time I checked it’s a team sport and no matter how good you are, your teammates are there to make you 10 times better. Yeah, Shaq was the man, so to speak, but even a guy from the street who knows nothing about basketball would tell you that for a machine to work properly, you need each and every part working together and correctly. Shaq didn’t win those, he co-lead them with Kobe. He just gets ALL the praise cause you can’t face the fact that you’re precious MJ has someone in his back, Kobe, he is after all the closest thing to MJ. Better Skills but MJ is the greatest of all time. Yeah, I said it.

    • doconwhitechucks says:


  157. Cha says:

    Each and every season, people just find a way to doubt the Black Mamba. And each and every time, he silenced them. That’s what he does, he takes the challenge and beats it with grace. Y’all can talk all you want, it’s cheap. Kobe will still be doin’ his thing, ayt? Call him Old. Call him washed up. Call him over. And he’ll make you eat your words. It’s funny how so many of you guys keep insisting he’s done with yet he ceases to amaze us.

  158. eesa says:

    why is everyone dissing Kobe whilst comparing him to MJ? Kobe isnt MJ and MJ isnt Kobe. Kobe was (and still is)is a great player nontheless, was he as great as MJ thats debatable, but why not debate it in a good manner?

    Even MJ himself commented on Kobe in his early years saying he (Kobe) was more developed a player than him at that age.

    Kobe has almost mirrored MJ’s career with numerous championships, slam dunk contests titles, MVP etc and still only in his early 30’s.

    I personally prefer Jordan over Kobe but I must say that Jordan always had Pippen, Kobe didn’t always have Shaq therefore making his last 2 championship rings more credible!

  159. Can't we all just get along... says:

    Your talking nonsense…First of all,Kobe said long ago that he doesn’t want to be compared to MJ(“Let me be me”).As for his team,MJ had many stars on his team as much as Kobe does(I never saw Gasol or Bynum get an award def player of the year…).Next thing: Jackson himself said Kobe has better jump shot coz of smaller hands(probably)and that he relies more on his shots than going to the basket(like MJ did,and not so talented LBJ(who was called next MJ only because of the media) does-hoping to get a faul),and this only proves that MJ was much more stronger and physical player,nothing more.And if you want to say that Kobe won his 5 rings just coz of Jackson than you can say same thing for MJ…I mean,LBJ got many MVP awards like Jordan but still haven’t even made to the finals(for those who don’t know,Kobe and the Lakers were in 7 finals in the last decade,winning 5 of them).MJ had big nights with many points,rebounds and everything else,but come on,Kobe did aswel,give a guy a break and some credit.If Kobe would have(lets just say)Dwight instead of Bynum and a younger Fisher,they would dominate NBA for atleast next 5 years,depends on Kobe’s health and other players problems.Oh and btw,i never saw MJ going on a right hand finger surgery and still shooting 45%(here’s your Greatness).

  160. coolbeans20 says:

    @tl the only reason why kobe scored 81 points was because they were against the raptors. and i think most of you will agree with me taht the raptors suck. jordan did 69 on cleveland in ’90. and cleveland was hot back then. clevelnad made in the playoffs to which means they were really better than the raptors. so dont compare kobe to mj, coz nobody can get all tha mvp awards in a season. mj got the all star, finals, season and olympics mvps

    • JK says:

      Cleveland was never hot until Lebron went there. Not to mention Kobe never went off and joined a bs baseball for a year so his body could heal. Maybe Kobe should go play baseball

  161. herdy15 says:

    With Phil Jackson out of the way, Kobe can now fully unravel his utilize his unconscious shot jacking mode so he can now shoot 35% from the field in 82 games next season just to show how inaccurate and what a stupid shot selector he really is as it’s been covered and bailed out by media propaganda.

  162. Wags says:

    The fact we even compare the likes of Jordan and Kobe says a lot about Kobe. But we have to put aside the stats and the accolades to find what really separates Jordan from all the great players now and then. The difference is drive and determination. Working hard every game of every season and every practice. Willing himself and his team to be better. Is Jordan a better technical defender than Kobe, probably not, but he played hard defense every play. Does Kobe, DWade, Lebron, etc… I think not. So to me, it’s not the stats or great talent which they all have, its the work ethic that creates the separation. Jordan would NEVER get to a game 7, put up 30 points in a losing effort, and claim his team needed to learn. He would say give me the ball and get the hell outta my way! :- D

  163. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    d wade and lebron james are the best players in the game today i don’t want to disrespect the heart of a champion but you all keep putting kobe as a big overachiever…he made it to first defensive team. the nba just gives him accolades year in year out to build is resume He was no where near d wade (couple five bock games). Miami heat was either second or third overall in the league in defense. One man doesnt cause that that is a team stat. To me Joel Anthony should of made that teeam d wade should of made that team brewer should of made that team deng should of made that team bogut should of made that team that award is worthless and totally bias. In 09 the fans voted d wade for MVP and lebron got it (no disrespect bron) but it doesnt make sense telling you this stuff because you would hate to admit it. last year kobe did not deserve finals MVP Pau did the year before that against orlando was a team effort with fisher hitting most of the clutch shots and now you wanna trade or bench him LOL you got to be kidding me (ask kobe if he would trade fisher watch his response) that would probably be the last one they trade he keeps the team together he is the leader oh and one more thing the league can not take away from you, FINALS MVP won by D wade in 2006 when he went off on dallas take that away.

  164. Wow says:


    One of the best, if not the best comment I’ve read on this site.

    • Wow says:

      ** The comment I’m referring to is the one about the past and present. Shoulda specified.

  165. kk says:

    well they better get rid of their whole bench Dallas bench killed them in that series and they need more outside shooters and maybe keep Lamar, Fisher needs to go, he shouldn’t have been a starter or even Co-captain, what is the point of having Luke walton there and he does nothing except warm up the bench and yet he’s due to make alot of money he needs to go and so does Theo Ratcliff and Joe smith i would have rather them keep sasha and Farmer than bring in those two dudes that didn’t help them in any way possible, they need a young point guard like a Deron williams or chris paul since they are the one’s that will be available that is if williams doesn’t sign a long extension with the nets and chris might end up with the knicks but i will go after them while i can, and umm if i will pick Dwight over Bynum.

  166. Jvive says:

    Ok I am probably one of the biggest Kobe fans you will meet, BUT he hasn’t reached MJ level though. Probably the most comparable to Jordan and the nearest thing we have seen to a second coming, but at his Level I dont think so. Jordan was just amazing in every level of the game. But, Kobe @ 100 percent with his team all on the same page , is a force to deal with. The way he approaches the game is what makes me a fan of him, and his resume of what he has accomplished is amazing as well. Even during the 3 peat with Shaq we had some crazzyyyyyyyyyy stats, during the season and in the playoffs.

    • doconwhitechucks says:

      micheal&austin wake up! you are dreaming! wake up! you’re dreaming again! blaming on the commish stern for the incapabilities of KOBE hehehe. wake up! it is late & you are still in your nighties, hahaha. kobe is very very very very very far M.JORDAN in greatness. kobe is even the only 2nd greatest laker, because magic is the greatest laker ever.

  167. Wow says:

    First of all, your initial comment was skewed and showed only part of his entire message on the subject. There was a question about Drew wanting more of a roll in the offense. And he said he’d have to fall in line, because obviously the game plan for the Lakers has been for Kobe and Pau to be the main parts of the offense. While Drew’s main part has been the defensive side of the floor where he has been the vocal leader. So he would have to fall in line on the offensive end.

    I don’t know how you compare my comment of primary and secondary shooters to Allen Iverson. I can’t really comment on Allen Iverson’s game, I was busy watching Kobe and KG in Minnesota. However if you watch Kobe these past few years, the usual game plan is for him to get the team going in the first quarter by either getting some points on the board, or feeding it to the bigs inside. While in the second he can be silent many times with only 1-3 shots. In the third however he just shoots, maybe 10 shots in the Q. And the fourth… well its the fourth is get the ball to Kobe and see what happens time. Sometimes win sometimes lose. Like in game 1 and 3 of the Dallas series. I happened to notice you hating on his game in the dallas series, while he was the only one who was consistent. The only thing I’ll concede to you is him missing the winning shot in game one, and game 3’s lack of results in the final minutes. The reason they lost was no defense in crucial stages of the game, with great offense by Dallas at the very same time.

    I think the main problem you have with Kobe is not necessarily him, it’s the fact you have an MJ crush – and the fact people compare Kobe to MJ angers you. Not saying it’s wrong to be a fanboy of MJ, I mean he IS the greatest of all time. However it’s unfair to compare people of different era’s. How can you say Kobe doesn’t deserve to be arrogant? He is/was the best player of the past decade. You say he has done nothing to deserve his constant arrogance, but I say he’s done more than enough. So instead of you constantly hating on him because you’re living in the past with your MJ hard-on, stop the Kobe hate. Cuz frankly your comments make you seem like a, what could be described as another term for “Donkey”. You know the point.

    • True Celt! says:

      Totally agree with Wow! Michael is the greatest of all time, and Kobe was the best player of the last decade and still a dominant force in the NBA today. Not a Lakers fan but gotta recognize.

  168. whatthe..!!! says:

    yes i am a true blue laker fan since childhood. and for what i have seen, i can say that they were great in those times that they conquered, and look frail upon defeat. but i stick with them thru the rough times. it’s just my honest opinion, but being a true fan, you really also have to feel the bitterness every elimination, to grasp the greatness of hoisting the trophy and wearing that ring. i’ve been watching since the late nineties, the dawn of kobe’s career. in a most humble manner i would just like to say that i stick with my team coz it produced one of the biggest names of this(late 90’s to present) generation (shaq to kobe to fish/pau/odom) and during the process, bagged those rings. saw them dominate, falter, get eliminated, now swept. but until i see another team get those threepeats/back to back, produce MVP’s, reach the playoffs in a regular basis, coached by a GOAT in Phil, and do so in Lakeshow fashion….then i would have to say frankly, LA is still the team to beat. period.

    okay if i might ask, how many times have you switched teams as a fan? or how would you define yourself as a fan. it may sound irrelevant, but not as irrelevant as some of the posts of random trolls out here. just sayin you know. too much negativity. let’s just pick up the ball, i’ll play you guys one on one. win or lose….i’ll prove my every point here in a nice game of one on one or five on five. if only that’s possible hahahaha!!!!

  169. kam_soluusar says:

    I always laugh when I read comparisons betwen Kobe and Jordan. In saying this, there is one big thing that people forget in the Kobe Vs Jordan debate. and that is the game itself. The Bulls ran Iso plays all the time for Jordan, and given he was in the weaker Eatern conference, look at who he had to “stop” him. Craig Ehlo, Reggie Miller, Dee Brown, just to name a few, in a league that considered Zone Defence illegal. Half the time, Jordan was going against guys half as good as him, in a conference wher teams that are regularly under the .500 mark, still make the playoffs, and there are teams in the west that have a winning record, and don’t make the playoffs. Now look at who Kobe has to stop him and what Defence can be used also. Notice Kobe only gets half as many open shots in the lane, because there is help Defence there to stop him? See where I am getting at?

    It’s a pointless debate. I think we can ALL agree, that they are both 1st ballot Hall Of Fame players, and rightly so.

    FYI, I’m a Rockets fan, and am not jocking either of their nutz. This is part of the reason I really don’t care much for Michael Jordan. Because half witted idiots, that were maybe old enough to tell their mother, that they crapped their pants and needed their nappy changed, when Jordan was dominating the league. And have really only seen Kobe play and feel a need to compare players. It can’t be done, so just leave it.

    As entertaining as it is to read these inane opinions.

  170. Purp & Gold says:

    Why is it that every time someone hates on the Lakers they try to shove Kobe down, just accept it that Kobe is one of the bests!

  171. Percy Jackson says:

    It’s OK If The Lakers Fall Early, I Love L.A Even If I’m A Filipino, It Doesn’t Matter To Me If They Cannot Win The Finals, Atleast They Reached The Playoffs, And Besides, The Lakers Can’t Be Always On Top, They Have To Lose Even If They Don’t Want, As For Phil Jackson, He’s A Great Coach, I Wish He Will Not Retire Because The Lakers LOVE Him And The Lakers Win Because Of His Teachings. As Long The Lakers Have GASOL, ODOM, FISHER, BYNUM, And BRYANT And All Laker Player I Will Love Them. GO L.A!! KOBE!!!

    • Naiym says:

      whoo my dude! That is one run on sentence you got going on there. commas….no bueno.

  172. Corey says:

    I notice a lot of Kobe vs MJ talk. Kobe is an awesome player one of the greats, but MJ is uncomparable. Younger fans may not remember that once Jordan won he never played a full season and lost! The dream’s Rockets won two while MJ was dealing with tragedy, but never actually beat the bulls to get a championship. There was none of this Detroit or San Antonio that Kobe has shared the crown with. It was all Bulls! Jordan had solid teams that he made even better, but never had the caliber teams kobe has had. Sorry but people need to give respect to Shaq daddy. He was the one who won MVP and DPOY during the first 3peat. Pippen was great but is not mentioned in the top 10 sometimes top 5 of all time like Diesel. Props to Kobe, they gave it a shot, but Mavs are tough this year. I am sure it is not the last we will see of Kobe.
    I love how another hang time article turns into how we all want to BE LIKE MIKE. Forever 23.

  173. whatthe..!!! says:

    we learn from the best of the past (MJ, and the legends) and try to apply it to the present(kobe) and the future(lebron, wade,lots of em out there). we all evolve. doesn’t mean we have to overcome the stats from the old record book to prove a point. doesn’t mean we have top all that to be better. we just keep playing good basketball. we watch, we entertain and we get entertained. i’m a baller. not just your typical bandwagon fan. now if we just keep comparing all the things we have now with the stories of the past, then what’s the point? why do you keep watching NBA today if you just keep on mumbling about your old heroes who doesn’t even play anymore? we honor them. build them statues. but for heaven’s sake, if you deem it necessary to keep comparing the past to the present, then stay away from NBA today, and just surf for old and retro videos on youtube. i get kicks from watching old and new highlight reels upon getting ready to play. i get inspired. and from a fan’s point of view, i greatly appreciate the level of play of today’s game as much as what was in the past. but instead of comparing it to previous great ones, i’d rather be curious and looking forward to what’s more in store for the future. let go of the old record book. you don’t have to bring along a bible, you just need to live up to what it teaches. dig? THIS IS AIMED TO ALL THE POINTLESS COMPARISONS AND ALLEGATIONS HERE THAT ARE WAY OFF TOPIC. READ THE TITLE OF THE BLOG, BEFORE YOU COMMENT.

  174. dikster says:

    i hope pau gasol will be traded to miami heat!pau would be a great value to miami!


    This deal works because the Magics get Kevin Love

  176. Chan says:

    can you people stop mentioning Kobe’s name in the same sentence with Jordan’s. There is no comparison except they played the same sport. Jordan is a player who can only be compared with himself, not another NBA player.

  177. jer0m3*24 says:

    please show some respect to the player…..kobe is not jordan thats all period….
    maybe heat have a huge big 3 but don’t forget d-rose n mavs…
    this is the time for the kobe haters …because kobe is now loose…but he is only a man
    sometimes you win sometimes you loose…hey can a ask you
    in jordan generation how many title he won 6 titles only if he is the best why he cant win 10 or more title like bill russel on his prim 11 titles…. kobe had 5 titles this is not bad one more ring he will compares jordan titles but how many titlr had lebron nothing!!!! im so sorry james but rose will win the title!!

  178. jer0m3*24 says:

    hey you all kobe haters shut up your mouth kobe is not a gay because all kobe haters is the gay you all act like a girl loosing his panty…hahahaha i will make sure next year you will eat your all of yours bad words again kobe…
    and next did kobe tell that he is the next jordan ha….kobe said stop the comparision kobe is kobe and jordan is jordan
    you all kobe haters is gay…

  179. myself says:

    Several facts:

    1. Kobe has won 2 rings (the other 3 were won by Shaq)
    2. He is nowhere close to MJ in any category (he will be in total points but only because he will have 6-7 more seasons than MJ.
    3. Kobe is an MJ wannaby
    4. He never puts himself where his mouth is (he said they’ll win 4:3) :-)))))
    5. He is disrispectful (even towards Phil)
    6. Nevertheless, he is still a great player (top 15 of all time)

    OKC – CHI in the finals

  180. J_nott23 says:

    kobe still good. they got swept because dallas just played better. i do believe some changes should be made, especially the bench…they’ve got to have some players who could consistently score, gotta help lamar down there. Its best for kobe to be limited for him to be still liable for the next 5 yrs, he’s still 32 or something. He can’t fake the toll on his body, but still able to perform at the top of the game. But here’s one thing, not bad if bynum will be traded for dwight…hehe just my wild fantasy though hehe..

  181. Kobe says:

    Do realize the game is totally different now. Offensive and defensive plays. Jordan wouldn’t be as good as he was in his prime playing todays game. So everyone can shut up about the Kobe sucks.

  182. RESpect?? says:

    @ Tenki

    your right about that. jordan has twice the accolades as kobe had and you had to just wonder how did he do it without even having an internet. you just have to wonder how was he able to be known around the world without to much media.

  183. Tenki says:

    @Maro Hilapo Malig:

    Upon re-reading the comments here, I stumbled upon yours, and now I remembered why I made my last comment prior to this one. Try reading it, and learn your stuff.


    How about me? Can I join the Lakers?

  185. Mark R says:

    The Lakers shouldnt dismantle this team and will find it hard to with contracts they have in place – Pau Gasol is owed $57 million over the next 3 seasons which makes him hard to move, maybe even more so after the new CBA! If they can trade for Dwight Howard i think they have to (Bynum is the most obvious to go the other way), as Howard is an upgrade at the position and is way more healthy than ‘Drew – Bynum has average 55 games a season over the last 3 years to Howard’s 79.

    Orlando will prob be looking to move Howard in the same way Utah moved D-Will for fear of losing him for nothing and becoming the next Cleveland. Lakers also need a PG, so maybe Nelson gets thrown into the deal with someone like Odom coming back the other way.


  186. Ice Pogi says:

    KOBE 2 consecutive championships… Yeah!!!! That’s impressive… Co’z That time they didn’t play the mavs… So I may say that kobe got lucky!!! Yeah and last season he beat Wade with his thugs…. Imagine whole Faker Team against Wade… Wow…. With the fluke shot kobe made against WADE…. That was SUPER… What a pity they got swept by the MAVS…….. What most MIAMI fans wanted to see is the lakers and HEAT at the finals…. To settle the score…. Maybe HEAT might get bored!!!!Co’z some of those faker fans made that kind of excuse when the lakers are on decline…. Bynum Got Bored??? they can’t release the A Game during regular season…. So they what want to skip to the playoffs…. My oh my…Aren’t they they act a little cocky on those times???? Air Head Bynum can now enjoy BOREDOM…all he wants…NO disrespect on mavs I’m on aiming this to those faker fans early in the season…Most of them says… the HEAT won’t get past the 1st round lakers 3peat… yeah 3 feet below the ground and that’s how low you are fakers… I respect the mavs and most of all DIRK!!!!
    kobe this kobe that his work ethics….how about Dirk??? Almost every International game he plays…Not until he got injured and couldn’t play for Germany… After the playoffs he hurry back to europe to regroup with his team in germany… Hows that for WORK ETHIC… And he never complain on what he got!!!! Now he is blessed with good team mates…. 2006 FINALS REMATCH HEAT VS MAVS…

  187. Blake-show says:

    Stop comparing Kobe to MIchael. Michael is no doubt the best player to ever play the game. Kobe Bryant cannot be Michael Jordan. Kobe is Kobe. So please stop comparing them with one another. Michael lived in a different era and so is Kobe. It’s like Lebron is Lebron NOT Michael, Wade is Wade NOT Michael etc.. Shove that into you nut cases. Okay?

  188. Jerry says:

    oik… enough please i love basketball and grew up a Lakers fan and enjoy watching the game from high school to college to the pros and around the world teams as well. If you grew up watching it and enjoying it, then you would recognize the differences of generations as well as the fact everyone who made it to the top will eventually fall. MJ was definetly one the greatest ever to play the game, but its funny how now one ever recognizes his struggles and when he didn’t win. Same with Kobe and every star that played this game, Lebron, Wade, CP3, Magic, Larry, etc. Yes the league in 80’s to mid 90’s was full of talented players, but compare the league then to this generation? Who did Michael have as competition then beside Magic, Larry, Barkely, the dream, and the bad boys? Compare to Kobe, Lebron, Wade, CP3, Pierce, and all these rising stars that seemed to be tough to handle? I mean come on now, back then MJ was one of a handful who can score 30 easy, and what everyone now has to work to score thirty plus. And these stars now can do it game to game. What I”m saying competition is a lot more different. Its like comparing a beautiful 67 mustang and 2000 Porsche 911 lol what? hard right? different body style? different year? model? engine? competition in years makes a big difference! I love old and new, doesn’t make me a mustang nut love or a bandwagon porsche nut love lol one more thing, did anyone ever remember what happen to mj when he did play for the wizards? he started his 17th year with them with no ring either

  189. Alex says:

    Yes Phil Jackson was and it’s one of the best coaches that the NBA has seen. BUT LET ME CLEAR UP ONE THING, nobody can compare Jordan with Kobe, if you want to compare Jordan with somebody, compare him to Magic or Dominique Wilkins. Like you cannot compare Shaq with Dwight Howard due to the xp in the league and age. Compare Shaq with KG and you will see some outstanding results. But LeBron, he is no future Jordan, he complains too much, and he needs to get his act togheter, because there is no “I” in team. And if somebody wants to compare Kobe, compare him with Dwayne Wade. Never compare old school with new school. And never forget that the game has to be fun

  190. GK says:

    well well well, now that the team lakers is out everyone hates kobe!!!!y blame him???/he is doing his part and yet that is all he can do..dnt expect more from him he not like a machine that work as fast or as u want.. in this thing i notice that when kobe or some of the all star make a worng decisin or have lost a game like kobe…eveyopne talk about it in week,. month even years but when he did sometihing good poeple only talk about it once or twice but not as much. why we all look for the bad side…we all know that he is a star but dnt thanks that he is somekind of god that can do everythng that eeryone expect..he is a human being..and in every game there is always a winner and a looser.!!!for those that says that kobe is done please dnt because i dnt think that u can do what kobe can do!!!!!!!!!and if u hate him that is yor problem and it doesnt matter if you talka about him that bad and what not he is not dying or loosing a finger or what its you that wil be tired and yet you wil be out of words and then make up some ting…that is why we slow down…..imagaine if that is you i dnt think that you want people to talk abt you that much…..

  191. John says:

    Hey if anyone here can play like Kobe or Mj do? If not shut ur mouth and respect the talent they have. stop talking all those nonsense. Kobe is Kobe and MJ is MJ. you can’t compare them, they are 2 differnt type of players, differnt team and differnet era but we all knw one thing those guys really love basket ball and they are hard working players not like most of the other n.b.a players. so respect there basketball talent they have. ohh, one thing, u r stupid if u say kobe still in his prime. c’mon he is near his 35 still say he is in his prime? BS

  192. Paul J says:

    It’s not an issue Lakers will go down the drain as weaker team next season. Kobe is right to say the words that floats around is just figmentation of mind. There is no doubt to this fact they will be in for a good run once again. There is no need to fix the roaster. They still are formidable bunch of players capable of playing at the highest level. All they need is rest, forget the past and rejuvinate physical and mental. Let’s cheer for a great team!

  193. topyxyz says:

    And that is a perfect example of a selfish player.

  194. shervood says:

    its not gonna work like this for lakers,kobe wants it all for himself.and thats not the way to play baskteball

  195. esy says:

    surprising how there is such a HUGE lack of knowledge by supposed “fans”, and i’m not even a Lakers fan.

    Jordan openly criticized his teammates. so don’t say he never, ever, ever, ever, ever criticized his teammates. he did that very openly without remorse when he played for the Wizards, but he even did that with the Bulls, although a bit more candidly.

    Jordan also got swept. he got swept twice, if i remember correctly. so, whoever said that he never got swept, is completely wrong.

    BTW, one thing that Kobe has going for him is that, by my count, he’s had more playoff appearances than Jordan had. Jordan played 14 seasons, appearing in all but two, i believe. Kobe is in his 16th season, and appeared in all but one.

    either way, Jordan was a great player. Kobe is a great player. leave it at that.

  196. meeky says:

    you win some, you lose some….. it’s not their year and so is the Celtics…. lets just wait and see what the final 4 will offer…. it’s all water under the bridge now…

  197. Mjordan23Dwade3 says:

    Guys, enough about MJ and Kobe! I am the best basketball player of all-time. 🙂 PEACE!

  198. 4everLAKERS says:

    .. trade bynum for howard .. brng back ariza .give up bench players .. like luke . and old veterans like joe smith and ratliff .. for enough slary cap .. rebuild team roster .get a good quality pg ..

    dont trade s. brown and odom ..

  199. lakers baby says:

    kobe vs mj for real by the time kobe is doen thats when we will really know for real but as for me kobe is if not better is is like jordan the only wrong thing kobe did was he came after jordan thats all the rest he is good as jordan .

  200. Michael jordan 23 says:

    Michael JORDAN is d best PERIOD. ALSO MANNY PACQUIAO hahahahaha… this 2 man is the BEST….

  201. blackmamba04 says:

    here we go haters… hahaha.. by the way, jordan did win MVP because everyone like’s him.. MVP vote is not just numbers but the press and other players and the fans of course.. when kobe hit 7 game winning basket last year and won the championship he didn’t won the MVP.. Why not? because everyone loves lebron.. he never even carry his team to a conference finals but he still won the MVP. how ridiculous… well, that’s kobe haters. and to tell you honestly, there is no player in the league that plays hard as kobe bryant.. thats a fact, playing with broken fingers, ankle and leg injury and back spasm, but he never blame his injury if he wasn’t able to shoot the ball well. and he never change team when he wasn’t able to win championship.. not like other who desperately needs a ring thats why went to other teams.. wahahahaha.. so kobe haters! your all BS… his a legend and will always be the best closer of the game..

  202. OkBasket says:

    What about Dwight Howad for Pau Gasol?

  203. Brajaeka says:

    Kobe is Kobe, Michael is Michael with the different personality and goals, but both of them are great player who makes NBA is different

    • therealgeneric says:

      hahahaha gotta love fanboys! look how far this blog went from the lakers staying together to a jordan vs kobe comparison to some people calling other people (who they most likely dont know) names. Brajaeka is right people! Michael is Michael and Kobe is Kobe! stop comparing coz lets face it, Jordan in his prime and Kobe in his prime will never face each other so there’s no way of knowing.

  204. Tenki says:

    Maybe it’s the other way around. You don’t know anything about MJ.Kobe might me in par with Jordan’s hard work, perseverance, persistence, and the so-and-so intangibles, but you forgot one crucial factor: the end result. Jordan has twice the accolades Kobe had in his entire career. Not an easy feat, considering that Jordan retired TWICE before calling it quits. The funnier thing about that is, Jordan has sown seeds of success, and he reaped it with all the world has ever witnessed. Kobe sown similar seeds, but garnered different results. Why? It’s because of his attitude and EGO. Jordan wanted it so bad that he was willing to do everything, and when he did everything right, his success was unparallelled. Kobe never learned from his past mistakes, and this resulted in a SWEEP against Dallas in HIS prime. I said countless numbers of times before, never make the mortal sin of comparing Kobe to MJ because MJ will be justified in his title as the greatest of all time.

  205. d q says:

    from everything i read its simple…yes kobe was more than hurt. i mean the ankle sprains the knee issues. all of that.

    the difference between kobe and jordan…


    the defense now is more supportive. back then you HAD to play man to man now u can play zones and help and stand in the paint as long as there is someone within arms reach. back then again…YOU HAD to play man to man defense. same thing with shaq.

    the ppg shaq and kobe had would have been staggering had the defense stayed the same

    another thing…shortening the length of the court so players wouldnt be so exhausted…you guys really dont remember the modifications the nba has issued have you. now you can score in the hundreds easily whereas back then 86-82 was a GREAT GAME…

    lastly another thing jordan and kobe both realized that people like greg oden amare stoudemire and tracey mcgrady didnt…

    dunking…you realize all the heavy dunkers had bad lower trunk issues because of shock and wear and tear. thats why jordan later in his years relied on his jumper than dunking on people. go back to kobe when he would play 60 games because of injury. ask tracey…who til this day aint 100%.

    kobe is no jordan but he is the closest there will ever come to him. you cant say lebron because jordan already dismissed it in his interview about hall of famers not taking the low road and joining forces to win championships. but as far as skill and knowledge kobe is close…i tell you like everyone else..the only person that can guard kobe is kobe. plain n simple

  206. bullsnlakersnumber1 says:

    bulls will beat heat in the eastern conference finals then take out the nba finals! 🙂

    just thought i’d focus on something positive.

  207. lalalakers says:

    for those who do not believe in kobe bryant, and those who says that he’s playing in his prime years,
    you better ask yourselves!!! are you as good as kobe bryant? can you do what he does best? and why do you keep on comparing him to mj.he’s done okay! he’s era is over! it’s old basketball..can’t you get over with that? you just keep on looking on the bad side..
    another point is, dallas mavericks is really a good team. they have players with really great potentials. so don’t say lakers can be easily beaten up..
    watch kobe’s videos on youtube and see how great he is!!

  208. T.J says:

    Kobe haters are pretty pathetic. The Lakers just came off going to THREE straight finals winning two of them. they lose in the playoffs and suddenly Kobe is done? LMAO!!! its funny only Kobe haters try to compare Kobe to Jordan never his own fans. Kobe is so good that all y’all can say is OOO KOBE WILL NEVER BE JORDAN!! no sh!t you idiots. he is Kobe Bryant. a completely different human being. the guy got 5 nba titles stop hatin!! the same trash fans hatin on Kobe will be hatin on Lebron even harder here in the next couple years, yalls team suck so y’all hate on whoever is on top

  209. WTF IS A WAKKA!!! says:

    Also, for all idiots comparing MJ and Kobe lol are you fn serious?!! Mj played when they hand checked and dam near tackled you..lol Iv seen J up close bra, that dude was GOD in shorts n sneakers.Iv seen kobe n person too he’s crazy but No comparison man none! Um Im a Knicks fan hard 2

  210. Bryan says:

    To all you Kobe Haters.
    First of all Yes Jordan is better than Kobe.
    Kobe has gotten close but will never get there.
    You all just got to remember when Jordan played he had Scottie, and yes Scottie made a difference.
    When you play with someone on your team that is as good as you, it helps your team and make you get better competition
    ways. Jordan had to make sure that he was better than any of his players if he wanted to be the best.
    I bet most of you aren’t even Basketball players and are talking crap about Kobe.
    Kobe never had a better player on his team while he was playing.
    Oh yeah there was Shaq but Shaq is a CENTER.
    And yes Jordan has won more titles than Kobe, but back then there weren’t as good players as there are today.
    3 point shooters, Dunkers and people who will cross the daylights out of you.
    So stop hating give them credit and give credit to Dallas (who I am not a huge fan) who gave them a butt whooping and hope that the West players get the Championship.

  211. Tenki says:


    F**k Jordan? F**k Kobe? Well, F**k you. LeBron can’t touch Jordan, let alone be the best all-time. I like James’ game, but Wade is the reason why LeBron took his talents to South Beach. Heck, he is nowhere near Wade in terms of leadership. Statistics mean nothing in terms of achievements. Prior to James’ stint in Miami, what has he done so far? Rookie Of The Year? Two MVP titles? Zero championships? LeBron is Wade’s Pippen. How about MJ? Five-time MVP. Six-time Finals MVP. One of two players to win MVP and DPOY. The list goes on and on.

    Get your head fixed. I am a Heat fan, and your post makes me hate Miami’s second best player.

  212. mavs41 says:

    ALL I CAN SAY,..lakers dynasty ended in a sweep???? what a shame!!! LOSSERS!!!haha..

  213. M.J All the Way says:

    If heat wins this championship… i don’t think u can call that champions…

    beat the best superstar players of the NBA! including your 2 superstars teammates………..

    Untill U do that.. u deserve my respect by winnning the championship

    But i respect of what they accomplished

  214. WTF IS A WAKKA!!! says:

    Now, Im gonna be objective here: Kobe has hinted himself he’s on the decline. The dunk on emeka he said he doesn’t do that any more and saves them for sepal plays. 16 years is a lot a wear and tear and hes been having long seasons on the regular. I must say this is the end of an era, not kobe yet:(

  215. RESpect?? says:

    @ Tenki
    thanks bro i just stated the facts unlike the other kids there who’s just looking at one’s accomplishment.

    they tend to forget who’s the other greats that really delivers at the game of basketball.

  216. james jordan says:

    If iam Howard, i will not play in LA to be just the 2nd or 3rd option offensively and under the shadow of Kobe. I wold rather be the head of the cat than the tail of the lion.

  217. Dan says:

    The Lakers should trade Gasol and Bynum for Dwight Howard.Keep there shooters Artest and Odom

  218. Cry baby says:

    @Yes you are total idiot and a guy who cant accept the truth. Now youre telling people that Kobe is not playing 100% in the playoffs, and that if he is 100% he can make 81 points or even a thousand.points in a game. What a sore loser you are man. Try telling that to Iverson and all other NBA greats who have played on even with a debilitating injury.

  219. BLM73 says:

    I hate Haters, does that make me a Hater Hater?

    Anyone saying anything other than the Lakers need to make some SIGNIFICANT roster changes is an idiot, their getting swept by Dallas in the Semis is a joke.

    So, to all you hardcore ballerz who vomit up the word Hater everytime someone says something about your team that you don’t like, try to think for yourself for one second and access the situation instead of acting like a Pavlovian Dog.

    The Lakers are done winning chamionships until they make some significant changes to their roster, accept this as fact, and resist the urge to type Hater over and over again in a blog, it accomplishes nothing other than making you look like the close-minded fools you are 🙂

  220. RESpect?? says:

    what defense? the no hand check?

    defense on MJ’s time is more intense than the defense today!

    ever heard the comment of phil jackson saying if this kind of defense was implemented on jordans era how much would jordan score per game?

    50 ppg game baby

    search and click kids

  221. Marka says:

    I’am amazed of all that talking, who is closest to MJ, and the answer – Kobe 🙂 brilliant. Biggest Deja Vu I haven’t seen nowhere. MJ was beast, excelence in movement, joy to watch. But listen, Kobe is same great, if not more. MJ for his time, Kobe for his. All of you are talking like Kobe depends on Jordan :)). Cut the crap. @ great players, each one in his style. And let me ask you, who is closest to Kobe?.. MJ :))

  222. Tenki says:


    This is the best comment I’ve read so far. Enough said.

  223. pilantropo says:

    i’m a fan of NBA and not a fan of KOBE, he better get in shape next season to add excitement for the 2011-2012 season. forget about retirement.

  224. DARK MAMBA JERST says:

    DWIGHT HOWARD+KOBE+ ???? = ????

  225. ansel says:

    it is a comparison of two best players in the NBA… but! they were in different time or era, while the two greatest of their time (bird and magic) are about to exit, jordan blooms, no doubt that he elevated the game into the higher level, when jordan waving goodbye then bryant came, and also elevated the game into the next level, so these were two different players that gave us what we did’nt see and what we want to see in basketball…

  226. Ice Pogi says:

    Why would be the LAKERS the talk in NBA??? When It should be MIAMI and DALLAS………Dallas swept fakers… Then kobe the most talked of the town??? I don’t get it…….. Heat dominated the boston…. Still boston coach wants to return… all of the sudden they’re going to win it again??????? Wow…..Give credit to where credit is DUE….. Why Because they’re old they deserve more???? How about mavs they’re old too….. MIAMI with 3 guys and a lot of scraps… They still win…. Before the season starts its always been lakers boston in the finals….. now they are both eliminated and still their names came out BIG…. If that’s the case then watch the HEAT destroy the NBA with STATS and WINS………..

  227. BigBadWolf says:



    • LakersDIDNTWin - EPIC FAIL says:


      Noone on earth can stop KB? Yea ok, because Wade and Lebron didnt SHUT his butt DOWN in the 2 games they played him this year. Wade MORE than proved that he is definitely now officially BETTER than KB.

  228. Critic&Fan says:

    Hmm…you can hate kobe or the whole Lakers Team, but in the end the ball will do the talking and us we’ll just remain as their critic or their fan. Because we don’t know how hard they play, how much they have given just to please us specially you haters, and since you expand more time to hate them you don’t know a thing about their heart to win the title. You don’t even noted the injuries that they endure on their way to playoffs because you simply hate them, and it’s even harder to play in their home court playing with boos of their home crowd. And please don’t compare MJ to Kobe because the defense now is a bit different as compared to Kobe’s time but thanks to MJ and the other legends because they’ve caused this changes to make the game more exciting.

  229. Wu-tang says:

    коби лучший!

  230. hatershateme says:

    drose to LA!

  231. RESpect?? says:

    haha top 5 all time includes kobe lebron and dwade?

    what a kid.

    how old are you again?

    first of all im a lebron fan but i dont consider him as top 5 all time… for now because he has about 7 years to play

    kobe greater than magic? haha the leadership that magic brought to the lakers is much more than what kobe can bring.

    compare first kobe to magic johnson.

    pippen makes jordan? jordan was already a leader before pippen came.

    unlike kobe, he was just blossoming when the lakers got shaq thats why shaq was the mvp on their last 3-peat. shaq was on his prime. kobe was riding.

    check the facts kid

  232. XXXXX says:

    have anyone of you remembered the 2007 playoffs? the young chicago bulls that time swept the defending champs heat. and theres no need to worry about that laker team because dallas is obviously a tough and good team.

  233. Tenki says:


    You are correct about that. That was when Chicago was rebuilding, way before his prime. And how about Kobe in his prime with Shaq and Payton? Badly beaten by Detroit in ’04. With Gasol? Mauled by Boston in ’08. Not to mention getting swept by Dallas. Jordan in his prime? Six championships. Six Finals MVP awards. With Pippen alongside.

    The point is, Jordan made his teammates better. He trusted them, even in the crucial stages of the game (i.e. Paxson, Kukoc, Kerr). This is what basketball experts call “the Jordan effect”, where players tend to play at his level, because he was THAT good. Was Kobe that good? I don’t think so. He is a choke artist who made more flukes than anybody in the league. Game 7 against Boston? Artest and Gasol won the game for him. They bailed Kobe out, not the other way around. He was nowhere to be found in their series against Dallas. Don’t make excuses that Kobe is approaching the twilight of his career. When MJ was 40, he schooled everybody back in Washington. And he was back from his second retirement. Kobe is like what, 32? Do the logic.

  234. HelloEveyone says:

    Is they keep this same team they will continue to lose especially without phil jackson. They need at least one other good player, kobe cant do it on his own

  235. Hey.comparing Jordan To Kobe.It seems close.well.Its not just the awards,its the character.Kobe have the same character,determination,greatness and perseverance like Jordan.In the 90’s,the defense is not that good compare to this years.Well,u can see that.Its not just the awards fellas.Kobe is not 100% and still playing great,HOW BOUT THAT?!.Kobe has an injury in his knee,ankle,neck and still playing great.WEW guys,Be balance!YOU DONT KNOW KOBE BRYANT!

  236. Larian says:

    All you Lakers haters can just………………………, because lakers won the most championships in the previous decade, people started to hate, I feel you guys, but curse Kobe to go down isn’t the way to go, you know the more you want him to go down, the more he stood up to disappoint you haters.

    And you haters try to sound reasonable, but how can you be reasonable and fair with so much hate.

  237. Phoenix Suns Fan says:

    A buddy of mine knows someone who knows someone who slept with someone who works in Don Sterling’s office. Apparently, the last time Howard was in LA, Bryant played realtor and was showing Howard houses – because Howard’s moving to LA. To join Blake Griffin!

  238. RJ2 says:

    F**K Jordan. F**K Kobe. Lebron James. Greatest of all~time. Would dog jordan, has dogged kobe on the court. Lets not forget lead the sorriest team ever to reach the finals in his second year. Now that he has a pippen and grant. or should i say a Shaq and Horry or a Gasol and Artest he will win more rings than jordan or kobe. It’s a new age, all the beef he took from joining miami, now he will own miami. Sorry D.Wade, jordan, and especially kobe fans, but numbers dont lie. All kobe and jordan ever did was score. Lebron does everything. One of these years he might just pop out a triple-double average.

    • bullsnlakersnumber says:

      james can’t be the best of all time, his time hasn’t come to an end yet. so until that time comes, and only then, can he be considered as the “best of all time”. maybe.

    • boss023 says:

      @RJ2, bro, seriously???? Lebron is unbelievable, i love him, but really?? Jordan & Kobe only scored? Lebron does everything? Lebron would dog Jordan?? Thats a bit of a far stretch, and a STUPID, UNEDUCATED comment!! Dude how many rings has Lebron got????, watch some old games of mj in the late 80’s & 1990’s and Kobe in the past 10 years!! it may will help you see more clearly, and wait until lebrons career is over before you speculate on it. And dissin DWade? He’s on your team, and Lebron probably wouldn’t be there if wasn’t for DWade!!

  239. Semaj says:

    A lot of stupid comments around here. c’mon people we all know Jordan is still the best player who have ever played the game but we cant deny the fact that Kobe’s one hell of a player. to cut this crap short just shut up and lets wait for next season. and for the record i hate LA. bwahaha 4-0 .

  240. Woot says:

    Even being able to argue that Kobe is or is not as good/worse that Jordan says a lot about Kobe itself. Whether he’s better or not he is going down as one of the greatest. No one in the current NBA is really in the discussion in being able to be compared to Jordan.

  241. ayyyyy says:

    lakers rule man

  242. PACMAN says:

    kobe also said that they would come back from 0-3 deficit.. so.. yeah.. time to break it up.

  243. MJ says:

    All I have to say is Kobe sucks. In two of the play off games he only scored 15 to 20 points; and people compare him to MJ. MJ is the best player I have ever seen and I’m not a Bulls fan. MJ is the best of the best. There is no one higher than him and no one close to him; he is the god of basket ball period. Stop comparing him to Kobe and other basket ball players. MJ is in a league of his own!

  244. CN says:

    I think a lot of the Lakers and/or Kobe haters are just bandwagon-haters. That or they hate a team more than they support another; which is stupid..

  245. johnny says:

    jordans the best no doubt about it. but never got swept. please do your research. he got swept twice by the celtics

  246. HeatFan17 says:

    i dont think the lakers are done, if they make the right moves in the offseason i think they will be fine. now finding a coach as good as phil jackson is HIGHLY unlikely. that was a major blow to the lakers franchise, but if bynum played like he did in game 4 and gasol picks it back up AND kobe iz in good shape, i definitly think that they have a good shot to win next year.
    dont get me wrong, I HATE THE LAKERS. but i know that they are a superior team than most. the heat are taking it all the way this year tho and its gonna be a intresting era in the nba starting next season. GO HEAT!!!!

  247. spursnation says:

    The Lakers don’t take decades off a time like the Celtics. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up with Howard over the summer. Big men like to play for LA and they thrive in LA. If you put Howard in the triangle with either Rambis (TWolves weren’t fit for the triangle and he is a true Jackson alum as well) or Shaw as coach, you’d have a monstrous team. To be honest though, the triangle is a pretty boring offense. But it is the most successful offense of all time (unless you count Red Auerbach’s 16 titles as a coach/executive).

  248. LAL says:

    kobe is still one of the top players of the nba..no doubt about it…but the lakers need more younger players to make the team in the pace…one more thing…..if kobe is done why does they defend him that much?????

  249. John says:

    Can you stop comparing the two…

  250. RESpect?? says:

    and should i say also MJ is the NBA finals MVP of all his championship of his team…

    so did you already see the difference kids?

    learn to look back because great players are known because other great players considered him as the greatest

    not by only his fans and himself

    ask clyde, magic, malone, isiah thomas, and all of the other greats

    wake up kids!!

  251. Whips24 says:

    @sup one man doesnt make an mvp either everything in basketball is having to do with the TEAM… and everyone knows that kobe got ripped out of about 3 mvps at least

  252. Armando says:

    MICHAEL JORDAN season record in first three years without SCOTTIE PIPPEN ???

    1985 WAS 38-44
    1986 WAS 30-52
    1987 WAS 40-42




    • FFT says:

      OK OK We get it man. Phil was not there and Jordan is still young. And your saying it as if Scottie is better than Jordan!

      • Naiym says:

        Armando WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argument….Scottie Pippen and Grant were literally reaed by Jordan’s greatness..they themselves said they just wanted to have his sthic, and work as hard as he did. Jordan would not be ‘Nothing” without him…that’s the difference btweent he NBA now and then…great players DEVELOPEd and made great teams… ( even with Kobe and the LAkers) they made eachother better ( or a Basketball God)

        so this is a ill weighted argument…..he got another teammate..and he was ALWAYS on Pippen..making him WORK! That’s greatness./…Kobe has it too..i’m jsut POStitive it’s not at Jordan’s level.

  253. BULLSfan says:

    I admit Kobe is a great player but Jordan was a cut above the rest. There will never be another. Stat wise maybe.

    Put it this way Jordan’s bulls 3peated twice. All Six PLAYOFF MVP’s went to Jordan. He did take the load, demanded the ball everything that Kobe does however how many PLAYOFF MVP’s does Kobe have?

    I dont think its over for Kobe he will still dominate but everything points in the right direction at the moment and thats down.

  254. RESpect?? says:

    and people need to remember shaq is the mvp of of that lakers team 2001-2002

    not kobe.

    there a reason for that.haha

    shaq was the franchise player that time

    not kobe

  255. teddi says:

    Ron Artest needs to go and somebody like Travis back to speed up the game.

  256. Armando says:

    MICHAEL JORDANS playoff record without SCOTTIE PIPPEN was???

    1-9 … thats right AND GOT SWEPT TWICE, without SCOTTIE PIPPEN there would be no MICHAEL JORDAN.

  257. Right Coast Dweller says:

    Kobe is an egomaniac who has limited respect for his teammates and none for the rest of the league. He lives in a fantasy that the other teams are really not that good, and that the Lakers lost purely because they played poorly, and that he’ll be the best player in the game as long as he plays. I hope that the Lakers follow his advice and make no changes other than Phil. If so they are finished. I won’t miss their tears, resentment and thuggish behavior.

  258. Mjordan23Dwade3 says:

    Cabal Online (PH)

  259. Mjordan23Dwade3 says:

    Top 5 All-Time
    1 Michael Jordan
    2 Kobe Bryant
    3 LeBron James
    4 Dwyane Wade
    5 Magic Johnson
    *Best players are the one’s playing the 1 or 2. Those big dudes like Shaq only looks good because of their size but not because of talent. To all of you haters, i don’t give a SH*T about your opinions. Dwyane Wade could have been at number 2 if he was 2 inches taller.

    • Francisco says:

      jordan 1a lebron 1b wade 2

    • rickety. says:

      how can 3 of the top five be all playing RIGHT NOW? look into the past mannnnnn

    • doconwhitechucks says:

      i am lebron fan now, MJ fan before&now. but i disagree your ranking because YES YOU ARE CORRECT WITH #1 MJ, but why is kobe better than magic? talent wise, magic is point-forward and is kobe shooting guard and being a shooting guard is not as difficult as playing point-forward. and where is bird? i am lebron fan but as of now bird is better than lebron.

  260. Mjordan23Dwade3 says:

    Dwyane Wade is the one closest to MJ. MJ handpicked Flash to endorse his product. Plus Dwyane Wade doesn’t have a tatoo, just like MJ.Go HEAT!

  261. PleaseStopComparingKobe/Mj says:

    Kobe could never be as great as Jordan, however it shouldn’t matter what Mj did, what Mj didnt do, or what Kobe did and what Kobe didn’t do. Only one thing matters, the future of the Lakers. I agree with Kobe, this Lakers team is a great team and still have what it takes to make more runs at the championship. Think about the fatique factor the Lakers faced for the past 3 seasons. Been to the finals 3 times in a row, winning 2, playing game 7 vs boston last season. This had a HUGE toll on all Lakers players. Kobe already have a staggering amount of injury in which he played through, now the fatigue is also setting in. In the Dallas series we saw a tired, injured, worn out Lakers team thats been battered for every mistake they made by the media, vs. a well rested Dallas team that did not play many games in the past couple playoffs. I’m not here to say that it was all due to the fatigue and injury that Lakers lost to Dallas. Dallas in the series was the better team, but you have to reconsider the Lakers situation. Kobe’s legacy should be as it was meant to be, “Kobe’s Legacy”, not “Kobe vs. MJ Legacy”. He should be evaluated and memorised as his own achievements, not in aspect of MJ’s achievements. Go get em next season Lakeshow.

    • LakersDIDNTWin - EPIC FAIL says:

      Dude PLEASE!!

      Kobe gets compared to him why? Because he’s ALWAYS tried to walk, talk and act like him. THATS WHY. He’s done it to himself! Every mannerism, acts of celebrations, EVERYthing, hes ALWAYS tried to basically BECOME MJ. He’s got some MAJOR issues upstairs is what he has.

      THOSE right there are the reasons I, and many people, while admitting KB has talent, also DESPISE him.

  262. a load of crap says:

    ok… there has been just 1 michael jordan , period … no one except his airness could win a championship without no help , so let´s stop comparisons cause they´re annoying . Second of all , kobe is a terrific , the kind of player you want to give the ball in the last second , but he needs more help … maybe another PG , if its a guy who scores some points better , so the defenses wont be focus on him all the time , someone like Derron Williams . Also they need some deepness from the bench , cause in this playoffs it was seen that the bench , didnt do much to help for the cause . Bynum when healthy could be a real help for kobe . I´m a spurs fan , and even tho i was very happy after the lakers loss , i didnt like the way , they´re a better team that the one who played against the mavs . If they add some youth and one or two good players to help kobe , i think they´ll get another title .

    • wootsiWoots says:

      His airness didnt win all his championship alone… there was a sidekick PIPPEN and a coach PHIL JACKSON… what ignorance you have.

  263. Adel says:

    Remember, the Celtics won a championship and then lost in the second round the following season. One season later, there they were back in the Finals (against the Lakers once again). I believe that LA could do the same thing if they are able to replace Phil Jackson to the best of their abilities (as he is virtually irreplaceable) and keep the core of the team together.

  264. albert says:

    People need to remember that the first round of playoffs in Jordan’s time were best-of-five.

  265. Ice Pogi says:

    Fakers Gone Fishing Along with BOSTON……… GOOD BYE DIRTY OLD GUYS!!!!!! See You Next DECADE……….LOSERS

    • tingyman is back says:

      Of Course, we and the celtics are losers despite winning more than half of all the championships in this league? get ouy of that room filled with hash and paint fumes and grow a pair fool…


    Forget what Kobe Bryant says I know he will like this trade and Mitch Kupchak and Jerry Buss will too!

    Imagine a Lakers line up of Starters : Howard, Gasol, Artest, Bryant, Rubio. Bench Bynum, Odom, Brown, Fisher, Lawson, Ebanks, Caracter, [Trey] Johnson (THIS DUDE IS A SICK SCORER YO!, BETTER THAN LEBRON AND WADE! WHEN KOBE RETIRES, THIS IS HIS TEAM!!)

    This is my trade. A four team trade involving Los Angeles, Orlando, Denver and Minnesota. The Lakers should not care about draft picks to much because they are trade geniuses!

    Lakers Get – Howard, Rubio [HE WILL LOVE LA & PLAY FOR LAKERS!], Lawson (Wolves second round draft picks in 2013)

    Magics Get – Barnes, Galinari, Love, Cash [9 million from Lakers], (Denver 1 round Draft Pick 2015)

    Nuggets Get – Blake, J. Richardson, Beasley (Lakers 1 round draft picks 2012 and 2014) (Orlando 1 round draft picks in 2013 and 2015)

    Wolves Get – Walton, Nene, Nelson, Lakers 1 round draft picks Every two years (odd) until 2019, Magic 1 round draft picks every two years (even) ( until 2018)

    • LAsteve says:

      all LA would give up is blake, barnes, walton and draft picks?

      seems like to even have a dream of dwight LA would have to part w/ gasol or bynum (not both) AND one or two other lower level players…

      i am no master of contracts or how it works but from a elementary point of view it would seem like that. far fetched but everyone loves speculation.

  267. Jukxz_24 says:

    It’s not about the coach,playing together and healthy can make them back in the driver seat and become contenders again .just keep ther championship roster and stay together .

  268. Joaquin Jerez says:

    Kobe is great player but no one believe me no one is near to be the shadow of jordan…he was a great leader too much of a competitor too clutch too effective too graceful… he was a prolific scorer (the most prolific scorer) and his FG % is in 50.5 Jordan never was red-hot in a game he birth red-hot. btw “im gonna shoot the ball we all know that” lol i like his honesty.

  269. ME says:

    KOBE retire? you all want kobe to retire because with him still in the league other good players will have a tough time to get to those RINGS!

  270. RESpect?? says:

    yes kobe is the best player of the last decade

    but he’s no G.O.A.T aka Greatest player of all time. That is MJ and stop comparing him to kobe because kobe will not ever be the GOAT…

  271. trophix38 says:

    man,we can’t compare any player to the other about greatness…during the time of Magic,competition was less then they were able to catch Jordan at his prime…just like Kobe being there already & now here comes the new batch of good players like Wade,Lebron & Melo…all I can say is that,they are all great players…Jordan was also a ball hugged during his younger years,during the 90’s he matured & got rings.

  272. John Daron says:

    Kobe better than Jordan never. How can an immitator be better than an original. kobe even stick his tongue out to immitate Jordan. Nevertheless his highlights never impress me much. Go watch on you tube, The best Jordan vs the best of Kobe. Jordan never need a powerful center to win chanpanship as did Kobe. I can do without shaq or Bynum and Gasol. Now, I need Dwight for another title. The bad news is even with Dwight, he wont win another one. Who did Jordan had as a Center? Kobe never retired and came back to retake his crown, only one man did. All you Kobe belivers stop hiping him up. He is done !

  273. RESpect?? says:

    We shall see… but for now lakers fans

    shut the hell up your not in the playoff run.

    comeback here next year and we shall see again haha

    so full of yourself what a pity

  274. il0v3k0b3 says:

    omg…kobe is kobe. He is not trying to be Jordan. Get over it!!! Everyone is always talking s**t. Why do guys have to hate!

  275. asher says:

    jordan didn’t win it by himself either he had alot of great players and its a new era.
    the lakers have a huge shot at winning a title next year

  276. uljin says:

    Go Lakers, we’re at you’re back!!!

  277. levitaht says:


    100% agree!

  278. bullsnlakersnumber1 says:

    you all seriously make me laugh. when you make the nba, then you can start making little game plans and “what’s best for the team” opinions. nevermind comparing him to jordan. yes, jordan is probably the best player that ever bounced a basketball but there’s no need to compare kobe to him. kobe is great in his own way, the same way every other nba star become great, they’re all unique. no need to hate, that’s just the way it is. i’m bummed they didn’t make it thru the playoffs but they’ll be back. kobe will be back. i’m still a fan thru and thru.

    bulls and lakers run thru my veins!

  279. Nyamaa says:

    HAHAHA i wanna to say to DALLAS thank you and to LAKERS bye bye!!!

  280. john doe says:

    The Lakers should trade this average player to the Timberwolves. Everyone is interested in Lebron.

  281. levitaht says:


    I love it! that’s what I call shutting everybody up! hehehe HATERS DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE U TALK! OTHERWISE U ARE COMMITED TO S..TALK!

  282. blackmamba24 says:

    kobe is different than jordan we all know that! but for sure kobe is the greatest player in the world now! no doubts about that.blackmamba will come back for revenge that it.period

  283. Koke stinks says:

    The Black Mamba is old, slow and fangless!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will see every team as a mongoose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. LakersYeah says:

    Kobe has won many championships WHILE PLAYING A KEY ROLE IN EACH ONE OF THOSE CHAMPIONSHIP VICTORIES! And people still think Kobe is not good enough. So hey laker fans, let these kids waste their time…pfftt

  285. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    I am a miami heat fan and the only person that needs to be traded is kobe and for cp3 if you really want to win dwight is not a factor i’ve said it before you’re not a gactor if you score 46 poiints and grabbed 19 rebounds and loost to atlanta hawkss and lost the entire series4 games to 2 that team is weak he is good defensively but thats it

  286. Chris Mason says:

    Man I bet Lebitch james is happy cause he beat the Celtics well its good because if I could remember it we beat the heat 1st round and the cavs 2nd round so you had to put three on the same team to beat us

  287. Alon says:

    This was the same guy who said that he was ‘sick in the head’ and still thought his team could win it against dallas after being in the aforementioned 0-3 hole. To me this sounds like a little too much overconfidence from Kobe Bryant, and if Magic Johnson says this team needs to be “blown up” – a quote in which Jerry Buss has not disagreed with – than the Laker team does need to make some changes.
    Times have changed, a new generation is ruling the NBA world right now, and the if the lakers roster remains the same, father time will take its toll.

  288. dandan says:

    keep lamar odom as the sixth man

  289. dandan says:

    trade andrew bynum , a self centered player. he has a heavy feet.
    get a decent point guard and put fish on the bench.
    trade all the bench players except for s. brown.
    send luke walton ” the biggest joke in the NBA” for early retirement. he’s been overpaid by the lakers.

  290. lakers says:


  291. chefj says:

    Win mvp? Kobe won 3 titles faster than MJ won 1. Not sayin he’s better but the disrespect for his talent and killer instinct is crazy!!! One thing to not like a player but when you don’t recognize the skill of the best player of the last decade you are just a HATER!!!

  292. levitaht says:

    all of you against kobe are just a bunch of jealous haters!! we all are clear nobody compares to MJ, but I’d like u just to choose the one closer to him. So, who’s the one?? I bet all of u haters will say Lebron. but I ask: Lebron?? someone else? Please just find the closer one to MJ! Stop being so envy people!!!

  293. Tenki says:


    You’re a complete imbecile. I remember such remarks in Philadelphia, and that team never won against the Lakers when that comment was made. Have you ever watched Allen Iverson? The guy who attempted 30 shots to make 30 points? It’s as if Kobe wants the Lakers to win and die by that situation. If so, they’d better hire Larry Brown, because with him at least that kind of mentality would bring him to the Finals. Otherwise, he can spend the rest of his career fishing in the shores of California.

    It’s understood that Kobe doesn’t have much in his team to work on offense, and he’s willing to take that responsibility. It so happened that the way he delivered his remarks entices me to ridicule him. Jordan was WAY arrogant than Kobe, but he never said such stupid things, at least in public scrutiny. Besides, Jordan’s arrogance is backed up by his game. Kobe can be arrogant for all I care, but his game is totally BS; thus, his arrogance describes him as another term for “Donkey”. Get the point?

  294. dee says:

    kobe doesn’t have a wingman like pippen or high percentage 3 point shooter beside him. jordan is jordan and kobe is kobe.

  295. Rez says:

    Im no Lakers fan and especially not Kobe’s, but the truth is Kobe has still got it for at least 2 more seasons. He is steadily declining but he had his explosive spurts on offense that serves as a testament to what he is still capable of. And everyone knows that he is still as dangerous a closer as he was when he hit all those game-winners back in 2009-10 season. Not saying that he’s almost like Jordan, but Kobe’s the closest thing this era of basketball. Another fact, Jordan won his last title when he was like 36-37 years old. They just need a little tweaking in the PG department and a revamp of the bench.

  296. Joe says:

    Face it, Kobe. You’re as good as done. You can’t bring another championship to this Lakers team without Phil. You can say all you want about how good you are, but at the end of the day, YOU’RE JUST AN OLD DUDE WHO TALKS A LOT. You better retire to save your face while you still can. 🙂

    • gian says:

      lol u have no idea what your talking about… they jus won bak2bak n had gone to the finals 3 str8 yrs… you make no sense

  297. drosetoLAL says:

    if they bring drose to LAL theyre gonna win next season

  298. mr. mvp says:

    ok2, but much better to acquire dwight howard and trade matt barnes for shane battier, i think its going to be good for LA if they can get both of this man.

  299. Rob says:

    i hope lebron never wins a title…kobe doesnt need 2 other superstars to help him win it

    • FFT says:

      He had Gasol..

    • HeatWave says:

      Not two superstars, just a superstar coach, and all-star center, the 2nd biggest center in the league(Bynum), the former face of the Clippers(Odom) and one of the best defensive players in the league(Artest). Yeah he didn’t need much.

      • gian says:

        lol an ailing bynum w a bum knee, a lamar odom that shows up once every 5 games or so (and anyone can b the face of a team when it sucks), n a ron artest that is well on the decline of his career n nowhere near the defensive player that he used to b – not as agile anymore, n no more lift (getting blocked by the rim on layups)… wade, lebron, n bosh r all still in the prime of their careers, n r all still able to carry a team on their own

  300. LAKERSFOREVER says:

    Get rid of Soft and Hardheaded players, accessory players! Trade,trade,trade them!

    • lakeshow says:

      There’s an ATTITUDE PROBLEM among the players. They Lack cohesiveness, intensity, and NEVER-SAY DIE attitude!

  301. asdf says:


  302. titing abolaryo says:

    kobes is done unless he could come to meet me i had anting2x that i will give to him…. its very effective power… 99% shot you can made….

  303. CAA24 says:

    i’m so tired of how the lakers play the game. everything is so predictable,oh im so sorry, He is so predictable,the play is so predictable,everything is so centered unto Kobe. Iwanna see Odom , shanon brown,artest ,bynum,gasol and the others take on the game. A game isnt won by one or two men taking on the game but by the team as a whole. Jordan brought out the best in pippen,rodman and the rest of the bulls, not shouldering all the responsibity but involved his teamates as well. I hope Kobe could do as well. Kobe is Individually great, i wanna see him bring out the best with the rest. Re-acquire Trevor Ariza

    • gian says:

      go back to the jordan days – he did shoulder alot of the responsibility… early on he went thru what kobe went thru in not trusting his teammates. but at the same time, they run the triangle system, which revolves around your best player, so the offense is predictable, but even so, its not what you do in basketball, its how you do it. dont blame kobe for being the focal pt of the offense, blame the system. mj was also the focal pt of the offense in chicago, n while he did defer to his teammates, he took most of the teams shots n had the ball more than anyone.

  304. SanMan99 says:

    Lakers are too old. They shouldn’t have let go of Farmar or Vujicik, I know I am going to get crap for misspelling his name. Ratliff & Barnes did no help as they were hobbled all year. Ariza would have been nice to keep as a hometown boy since I have never been impressed with the compsure of Ron Artest. You guys shed your locals like they are candy I am a Bulls fan and really wanted to see the Lakers in the Finals, IF WE GET THERE. People need to realize the Mavs are just that good too. They lost in all those playoffs before because defense wins championships and that is not what they had. Lakers could not bust a grape on that D. You guys need some speed on the court though and another good coach. I said it all last year weather the Bulls were going to get a LeBron James or Boozer, we still need a good coach to help us win. Look at Atlanta. They are a better team than the Bulls, but they are going to lose because Thibadeaux is coaching the Bulls on Defense and that is what is going to win this series. I hope we can beat the Heat next. They are even more athletic & they are looking real good now. I am glad they don’t have Van Gundy as a coach anymore though because they would be just that much better. I have said enough. Good luck Lakers & Go Bulls!

  305. jhe says:

    the management should start investing on Dwight Howard…

    • NR says:

      CP3 would be a better investment now, then try for Howard next season, the Lakers should offer Bynum straight up for Howard, just so Howard knows the Lakers are interested and maybe Howard will stay in Orlando and play one more season and go to LA ??

  306. rose says:

    i believe that the core is fine, they just need young bench players, i dont understand why they trade sasha vujacic and release jordan farmar, those are decent young bench players compared to steve blake and matt barnes . and pls get howard next year. hahah

  307. Nick says:

    It’s nice that Bynum apologized for excessively fouling Barea, but I have my doubts about the behavior not “being him” or representing how he was brought up as he said because he fouled Beasley even harder earlier in the season. Beasley bruised his hip and was lucky not to be seriously injured.
    I don’t know why the media and commentators think Bynum is so great anyway. When Pau does the same numbers as Bynum they all criticize him as “not showing up to play”.

    • gian says:

      pau is an all-star and a seasoned veteran… bynum is still an up n coming C that is only 24

  308. will says:

    no kobe!!!you need to speed up your point guards..gotta let fish go…fish, if he’s smart, he will retire. and get blake out of there!!! and speed up the bench?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  309. srocky says:

    you”re not michael jordan KOBE open your eyes and hang up your jersey.YOU”RE DONE!

    • JAY-OW!! says:

      He’s not trying to be MJ, you all need to stop that,nobody wants to be MJ they just want to be who they are and win all you ID10TS are the only ones who’s saying he wants to be MJ. If you ask any NBA player what they want when they play in the NBA, its winning championships not want to be a certain player, its all about getting the rings. Why do you think LBJ went to MIAMI, is it because he wants to be like MIKE? No he wants to win RINGS which he knows he’snot gonna get in CLEVELAND. Why do you think SHAQ signed with LA back in 1996, because he wants to win RINGS an dbe with a CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBER ORGANIZATION, do you think Howard will stay in Orlando if he really wants to win a RING? He’d go to either Boston or LA, there’s no room in Miami, maybe the Bulls, do you think he’s gonna go to the Clippers? even Blake Griffin will start thinking of moving somewhere to win a RING…..

      • JAY-OW!! says:


    • Daem says:

      fool stop hating on kobe ,hang it lol you joker

  310. Peter chang says:

    why do people say he is so arrogant? he is the team leader and co captain he has to be confident show his confidence in the lakers team! and HELLO have you not seen his resume? shhhh id be the cockiest mofo round with half of that resume or less!
    next season the PG needs a face lift and have Fish would be a great off the bench to say NASH????

  311. Stan says:

    Looks like Kobe’s still in denial. We’ll give him a few months and see how the lockout goes, then see if LA is still championship material. I think they need a solid PG to replace Fisher in the starting lineup. Not a superstar, just a good game manager that can drive or knock down the occasional J.

    Rodney Stuckey is a possibility – Detroit appears ready to start over at the point, and he would be best utilized on a team as a secondary ballhandler. He’s an upgrade over Steve Blake and Shannon Brown, and should be able to integrate into a solid Lakers team. This would be a much better move than knee-jerking on Dwight Howard, unless Orlando is actually serious about moving him (which they’re not).

    • gian says:

      orl may be unwilling to trade him, but that is really not up to them… if DH wants out of orl, they will have no choice but to trade him to LA, or they face losing him in the offseason and getting nothing in return

  312. Karl Thomas says:

    You guys do not get it Bynum thinks because he had good stats in the playoffs that he is ready to carry the team as a second option. As good as Bynum is he is not better then Gasol yes defensively maybe but I do not see him drop 20 every night and let’s not forget about injuries he is a walking bomb !! I think he at least need to make couple of all-star trips before calling shots!! And Kobe was being a leader by saying things won’t change because you ask it you just have to prove yourself and until you do stay in your place. Sometimes a leader has to give the rest of the crew a slap to make them remember how things work!!!!

  313. DR1 says:

    Kobe is crazy. He said it himself. he’s gone nuts and no player can help him or his team to another championship

  314. nbeatz says:

    Bynum and Gasol for Howard and Ryan Anderson next season. Howard and Odem down low keep Artest for defensive purposes ONLY, Bryant on the wing and trade steve blake for another dual gaurd that can play PG or SG like Jarred Jack from the hornets or Delonte West. Give Brown a chance as the starting PG. and give up Barns and a deep bench player for a decent bench player like a rarley used Corey Magette or PHO bench player in Childress( Defence speed and athletic).
    So starting five
    C- Howard
    PF- Odem
    SF- Artest
    SG- Bryant
    PG- Brown
    SG/SF- some one like Corey Magette or Josh Childress
    PG-SG- some one like Jarred Jack or Delonte West
    C- Ratliff (FOR DEFENCE AND 6 FOULS agame
    PF/C- Some one like Lou Audmenson (Bench player for Golden state, Great husler and defensive presence)

  315. Tex "Triangle" Winter says:

    For those who believe that the Lakers will possibly be gone, done, over, finished or whatever you guys like to call it, we all know that you haven’t seen the last of them. Sure, Phil Jackson, an excellent coach in his own right, has dominated the Finals in the past two decades, winning 11 of the past 20, Does that mean that the Bulls and Lakers wouldn’t have won without him. Maybe, but that doesn’t mean Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal or Kobe Bryant couldn’t win a ring with their own talent. Maybe they would win less, but just because you didn’t win a championship doesn’t make you a great player. It does put an icing on the cake though. The Lakers can find a winning combo once again. It all started with Mikan. Then they went to Wilt. Elgin Baylor came up. So did Jerry “Mr. Clutch” West. Kareem Abdul Jabbar flew in too. Great position players like A.C. Green, Gail Goodrich and James Worthy came packaged with Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Then came Kobe and Shaq with D-Fish. It could be a bad thing when you pretty much had the same coach for the most part of your career and won so many championships. People start to think twice if it was really you or the coach. Since MJ, everyone is under pressure to be as good as the greatest. Kobe felt that, yearning for 6 Rings. We can’t say that he failed. If someone came before Michael Jordan and took the NBA by storm, MJ would be criticized for his failures much harder, just cause he can’t live up to the expectations. But that didn’t happen. History repeats itself. The Lakers will rise to the challenge and pick up conjure up a championship caliber team after Kobe Bryant is gone. When he is, we will realize his impact, his influence on the NBA. They’ll get that team before you can say “The Laker Dynasty has fallen.”

  316. Joseph says:

    Lakers are nothing without Phil Jackson and thats a fact

    • JAY-OW!! says:


  317. Leborn James_23 says:

    the heats are are gonna to win the nba champship for the next three year and we are LeBron James& Dwayne Wade& Chris

    Brosh is the best three players that cant not be stop so the heat are the new number 1 team in the Nba.

    • NR says:

      Really, I guess Chicago beat them 3 times this season for nothing. Have you noticed that except on a occasion the Heat barley beat teams. I think Chicago will have alot to say about who will lead the East and I’m not even a Chicago fan !!!

  318. nka says:

    @Tenki: I don’t think Bryant will be upset with himself. I believe that is how he actually thinks. He was less guarded than usual with the media for some reason. Perhaps it was the frustration. He is an arrogant player, but most great players are. He is the primary force on the team and will be until he is done. Despite his less than stellar performance this series, he is still one of the top 5 players in the league today. I think he needs to incorporate a little more of the Buddhist philosophy that he keeps talking about, because I don’t see it on the court or when he talks to the press.

  319. AndyLakers says:

    Please shut up & listen all you Laker haters and especially you Kobe haters….You guys were probably the same MORONS who said the Lakers couldn’t win a Championship without Shaq. Shut you up didn’t it??? Listen all you haters, you keep forgetting one thing there is a flipping reason why the Lakers have won 16 Championship rings…..thats right…let me say it agian 16!!!! What has your damn team done?? Jach S… is what! So unless your a Boston fan you have NO reason to open your mouth! The Black Mamba will come back to bite you in the a.. and when he does..Im gonna laugh my a.. off!!

    True Fans stick wtih their team, through thick and thin not just when their winning. Some of you haters seriously need to do your homework before opening your mouth…Seriously!! We’ll definetly see who has the last laugh… the guy wearing the 5 Championship Rings or should I say when hes wearing his 6th!!! HA HA HA

  320. hc says:

    Just admit it everyone, it’s Lebron’s time…finally!! whatch out for Sacramento they’re the future!!

  321. pinguis says:

    they should also retire derick fisher he is to old, lakers really f up when they got blake he is so slow and a bad shooter and know did regret not signing jordan farmer and trading sasha.

    • gian says:

      lol ur a moron. kobe sucks big time? lol do u watch basketball?? obviously u dont follow it, and ur just a casual fan, or else u would know that farmar wanted out of the lakers cuz he wanted a bigger role. n they had to let go of sasha for cap reasons, so that they would b able to keep shannon n sign barnes… that was a no brainer

  322. pinguis says:

    they should trade kobe bryant now he sucks bigtime, he did not do anything in the playoffs they should trade him for blake griffin best player in los angeles, hes to old and hes done.

  323. obetsky says:

    Trade the bench players except Brown. They need a good point guard (scorer), center, and 3 point shooters.

  324. haters will always hate says:

    so many haters on this blog… i say if ur gonna hate on a player who is the best in his generation, u should come out and tell us who your team is and who your player is. and when u do, we’ll all know 1)whoever u put wont be better than the lakers or kobe 2)whoever u put ill destroy in 5 secs. enough said.

    • ballerallday39 says:

      How bout My team is the Heat and not because of wack Lebron but D-Wade What problems do you see with him?

    • HelloEveyone says:

      Thunder, Durant. You cant really say anything about him because hes still very young and hasnt been playing as long as kobe has.

    • Goatee says:

      Whats wrong with hating? And why do you hate the haters?

  325. Jun says:

    All I can say is that now that the Lakers are out, it’s not even worth watching the playoffs.

    Regarding Phil Jackson, he is a great coach, but he has never coached a crap team. So he can’t really take all the credit for his success.

    The Lakers have won over ten championships, more than half of it without Jackson.

    Kobe is more important to the Lakers than Jackson. Lakers as a franchise will be fine and will always be…………….

    • Naiym says:

      you must not be a basketball fan..>Well a TRUE basketball fan.. There is some GREAT ball being played, and you are missing it. So if you’re only watching the NBA to watch K24 and the Lakers…then…your loss.

  326. Troy says:

    Kobe should really stop doing interviews. I always feel like he’s auditioning for some terrible sports movie with the way he speaks at these post-game press conferences. It’s like a really long extension of that post-rape conference in front of his wife.

  327. MIA - OKC says:

    WOW. Talk about being so stubborn and selfish. All those Kobe lovers get off his nuts, cause he is not going to do NEARLY as good as he did in the years before. He could have answered anyway, and said whoever is hot will shoot. But no, he has to go all gay and say, I will shoot the ball, everyone knows. I will laugh when the Lakers get knocked out next year cause of this mentality. and Dwight, DO NOT go to LA, since Kobe is a selfish ball-hog. LA is not going to win anymore with that mentality. Then, Dwight would be the fourth/third option. HOW THE HELL DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? GO to OKC Dwight, they will appreciate you. Unfortunately, that is probably not going to happen.

    • Bews says:

      ^^haterism…..buffoonery…..unsatisfied with his own life type of tone coming out of this dude, don’t let the Lakers keep you from sleeping.

      Realize Kobe is a professional athlete, 95% of professional athletes will “sink” if they dont carry a mentality that they are the “ish”.

      Kobe’s one of the greatest to ever do it. I’m a self-admitted MJ groupie, but Kobes the closest thing to MJ that we’ve seen and will see for quite some time. Hall of Famers like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, coaches, and even current NBA players have been quick to identify Kobe as the closest to Jordan. Unfortunately he’ll never quite get there, but to be considered with MJ as the greatest is something only Kobe can claim and everyone knows this.

      I think Durant and Rose might have Lebrons number within a few years.

      Gotta love the NBA

      • Goatee says:

        Too much “ish” for Kobe. Bynum wants the ball. Odom wants the ball. And here he says that him and Pau are 1 and 2. Where do you put those guys? It’ll be a hell of a season next year for the Lakers. The Lakers dominance really ends here. And those comments by Kobe are not helping. Its a one track mind. And this time it wont work. It wont help his team. And it wont help him attract good players to come and be a Laker.

  328. fro says:

    only phil could coach kobe to some extent, nobody else can do it. now kobe will fall in misery

  329. Easy E says:

    The lakers are the worst team in the NBA Bryant is a wannabe Micahel Jordan. The Lakers are too old ant new to bring in young new talent. GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • NR says:

      Have you ever heard Kobe say that he is better than MJ, he never has, quit being so stupid, in fact it was the other way around MJ gave Kobe high praise during an interview, because he respects him and his game. It takes a great to know a great !!!!!!

  330. DW says:

    Is it just me or is Sekou Smith a really bad writer? The info’s there but his writing is god awful. Even for an online blog/article. Kobe “makes it clear” like a hundred times in this nonsense.

  331. Tenki says:

    “Ultimately, he’ll have to fall in line. Because I’m gonna shoot the ball. We all know that”. Wow. Talk about someone really self-centered and egotistic. Is that a player whom you can call as someone who makes his teammates better? Or care about getting the job done right and set aside those personal agendas? Or at least care about the team itself, ingraining the “team first” mentality? If that is my kind of leader that I’m supposed to follow, I’d rather hand him a mirror and let him do the talking to himself. I bet he’s not going to get angry at me because he’s gonna be angry about himself when he realizes all the things he said without thinking about it.

    • Anders says:

      Tenk: Is it possible that that comment was a bit tongue in cheek?

    • LakersWillWin says:

      You are an idiot. The position Kobe fills is SHOOTING guard.
      His first priority is to SHOOT. I don’t know what people don’t get about that.

      • Francisco says:


      • LakersWillWin says:

        Hey Francisco Manu Ginobli is a SG and shot 38% so how about you shut your mouth. I know you hate Kobe, that’s great and all.. But a man who is 6th on the all time scoring list and can still score the ball the way he does should never be counted out. 45% for mostly jumpshots is GREAT. Jordan’s fg% was 50% because he was more athletic and could drive it to the hoop more. Plus there weren’t guys like Dwight Howard guarding the rim back in Jordans day.
        Kobe is 2nd to Jordan in 30 point games in the playoffs with 80, and he stands alone with 30 point CLOSEOUT games.
        By next season he could be #1 all time playoff scorer, he was tied with Ray ALlen for 3 pointers… He’s about to break a steals record.
        HOw can you hate this man? Really? To hate any player shows your lack of respect for the sport. Grow up man, appreicate Kobe while he is here. There won’t be anyone like him for a while.

      • Goatee says:

        IDIOT. During Jordans days the NBA was filled with great centers. Jordan played against Jabbar, Olajuwon, Robinson, Ewing, Mourning, and a young Shaq. These guys are multitalented compared to Dwight. PLEASE stop making stuffs up. It shows your intelligence.

      • HeatWave says:

        @ LakersWillWin, where do you get your facts?

        Tied with Ray Allen for 3 pointers?Misses maybe. About to break the steals record? What 17th place?

        Also Dwight Howard plays against Kobe may 3 to 4 times a year. How are you using that as and excuse for his shooting percentage? BTW Jordan played in an era with all these great defenders, maybe you’ve heard of them. Gary Payton, John Stockton, Charles Barkely, Dikembe Mutombo, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, Joe Dumars, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kevin McHale, Manute Bol, David Robinson, Charles Oakley and their more than that. How many defensive threats can you really say there is against Kobe in his era?

        Kobe is one of the greatest players of all time, but don’t throw these ill-informed comments out there about him because it makes you look…well, dumb.

      • FFT says:

        @ LakersWillWin First of all, get your facts straight. Your just writing out of blind rage tht you forgot all those great centers back in those days…breaking steals record? I’d rather have CP3 do it and most of all, tying Ray Allen for 3 pts? He’ll have to get past Reggie Miller first and thts a lot so is he gonna take like, what, hundreds of 3pts next season? He’s a guy who prioritizes mid-range shooting and layups (Well at least thts what I see from him every game)

      • LakersDIDNTWin - EPIC FAIL says:


        Hey man don’t you think its time you changed your name to something like mine?



      • LakersWillWin says:

        Are you guys being serious? Look up Kobe’s play off stats before you call me an idiot.
        And I’m sorry, but there were no guys that looked like Dwight Howard back in the day.

      • gian says:

        @ Francisco so according to your logic of 45% being bad, ray allen must by one horrible overrated shooter, being as kobe has a higher shooting % in both fg n 3pt

      • Lakers 3 Peat Quest = EPIC FAIL says:


        Right right…because there was no such thing as Shaq a.k.a The ORIGINAL Superman in MJ’s day. And Shaq isn’t bigger than Howard or anything. This 7’1 325 pound monster has just been a figment of everyones imagination for the past 19 years thats all. Cool.

        Wow…you really are young and dumb and have no knowledge of anything pre 2000 I guarantee it. You’ve gotta be about 18-20 years old is all. Go back and look at the league in MJ’s day, and you’ll see what we all talkin about.

    • KB24 says:

      Of course Kobe thinks that way. So did Jordan. Do you honestly think any of the greats thought different. Wake up.

      • Goatee says:

        I dont think the greats thinks the way Kobe thinks. They’re not arrogant pricks.

      • DG says:

        @kb24. good point

      • gian says:

        @Goatee – erroneous. LBJ is hella arrogant, n so is wade… n definitely so is MJ. CWebb accounted for the story when MJ n Pip sat in his convertible waiting for the road team bus to show up before game 1 of the playoff series. Once the players began to exit the bus, MJ n Pip lit cigars ala Aurbach did w the celtics when they won the championship, insinuating that it was over before it even started… so dont say no one is arrogant (cuz if thats not arrogant then i dk what is), when the majority of the greats are and have always been arrogant. grant hill years back said it best when he said that in the game of basketball you have to have a certain level of cockiness.

    • Wow says:

      Man, you’re a damn idiot.

      Many teams have a primary shooter, secondary then the team. The Heat, Bulls, OKC, Dallas, NYK, Magic, the list goes on.

      This is how a lot of teams work, and you picking on how he said it is pathetic. So what if he is egotistic, every player is, every athlete is. Kudos to him for never being one to hide it.

      Just the fact of him being on the flow makes it easier for his teammates to score and be better. And you seem to forget the part where he mentions how hard he rides them in practice, where they get better.

      Sigh… You haters should at least think before you say something.

  332. HeatWave says:

    Kobe also said that they would win that series. Leave it to management to decide and just roll with it Mambo.

  333. Rob says:

    i disagree with kobe….they need at least one more high profile player to match the celtics or heat. i suggest trading bynum for howard in the offseason, then lure chris paul from the hornets hahaha wouldnt that be awesome!?

    • fed says:

      that would be if Otis Smith is a complete idiot…
      with all the injury history of bynum…
      i think it’ll be hard to trade him

      • JAY-OW!! says:

        He’ll be more of an idiot if he signs with another team and don’t get anything back in return like what happened to LBJ and the MAVS…

  334. al respect the game says:

    wow, kobe is stil full of himself.

    • uoykcuf says:

      I think that makes him sucessful. He is pretty competitive.

    • JAY-OW!! says:

      what do you want him to say I QUIT I DON’T WANNA PLAY ANYMORE? No competitive player will say that, even Michael came back with the Wizard and he sucked, remember that?

  335. roger says:

    How the H**L did Kobe get 1st team defense? He was getting crossed up, blown past, shot in the face basically all year.

    • fed says:

      yeah…anybody but him…
      he was good defensively..however i never thought he was good enought to be selected even on the 2nd team…
      he never plays defense for 48…he does it in stretches and almost always with a lot of help behind him…
      its a typical award thats given out to compensate his other area of excellence…or prior experience…
      good defensive players are never truly rewarded or noticed…i mean
      guys like Battier…Big Baby…Tony Allen…JASON KIDD…are all very underrated defenders…

      • Zeradius says:

        I know right? Tyson Chandler made all defense second team? Kobe a better defender than Tyson Chandler or am I thinking that defense is something other than getting rebounds, altering shots and getting blocks and steals? I could see Ron Artest there, but definitely not Kobe

    • DG says:

      ur dumb. kobe is and has been an amzing defensive player. something lebron cant do

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      aye look …all nba team and all defensive team are selected by the NBA COACHES!!!

      So you normal fans out here who want to complain and say this and this about who deserves what need to shut up because yall dont know anything! Are you guys actually on the court with these players, NO?

      I take a coaches decision over any ordinary fans anyday ..thank you very much

  336. karlos231 says:

    “Because I’m gonna shoot the ball. We all know that”. But we also know, that his shooting ability and percentage drops year by year. How about 2 points in the 2nd half of the elimination game ???? Please dont tell me he didnt have touches, because he did. What stoped him was good Mavs team defense…. but mainly defense of the 38’s old Kidd.

    • Ozwald says:

      you are screwed!!!!!!! he had 30-40 points in almost half the season and he still’s fricken injured with a broken finger and a hurt hip

      • Zeradius says:

        Lol, its a hurt hip and broken finger is the excuse now? Last time I heard, it was an ankle……………….. man you Kobe fans are so good at making crap up! Just gotta love it! Dirk showed Kobe how to shoot………… maybe Kobe shud do some one foot shots more often. Ugly as hell from Dirk but highly effective (Dirk shooting nearly 60% from the field and nearly 80% from 3 point range in the series). The numbers dont lie

  337. LakersWillWin says:

    “What I think about is shutting up the mofos that say I’m done,” he said and smiled. “That’s what I think about.”

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about.
    Will they win it all again? Who knows.
    But if Kobe is that confident that his body is okay, than I am real happy to hear it.
    The haters are going to love this blog.

    • Kb24 says:

      Hell yea

      • TONY says:


      • LakersWillWin says:

        LOL I think Tony forgot his meds

      • DG says:

        haha tony is on crack

    • uoykcuf says:

      I have no hate for KB24 but I do hate mindless kobe fans.

    • Goatee says:

      But Kobe got swept. It ends there. Hes done.

      • JAY-OW!! says:

        DUDE… I guess the MAVS played against KOBE not the Lakers then. ID10T MAVS swet the Lakers not KOBE.

    • LOL says:

      We aint haters, KB is a great player.

      But I say now though, that any person with basketball knowledge should be able to see that KB is now too old to carry a teams load. He needs a second solid 20 ppg scorer to be able to contend again.

      • Naiym says:

        This is true.

      • NR says:

        I can accept that and it’s up to Mitch to get Kobe the help he needs and hopefully they will realize that Fisher and Ron Ron is at best a 2nd unit player, so hopefully they can work something out for CP3, Williams or Mayo and find some consistent scorers for the 2nd unit !!!

  338. think says:

    no need to break them up… just have a better PG (fish can move to the bench)… have scorers off the bench aside from odom that can step-up so the starters can afford to rest.

    the major adjustment they’ll be having is Jackson leaving. LA’s recent successes is greatly because of jackson (to Kobe fans, we knew what happened when Jackson left before).

    Truth is, Kobe is getting older as well… playing through injuries all these years has taken its toll… he still can dominate a game and shoot in volumes, but sometimes that wouldnt result into winning. It isnt about Kobe being “the man” or “the closer” anymore. If the Lakers still wanted to win, it should be about the team and not about the star and his supporting cast.

    • Goatee says:

      i TOTALLY AGREE. The Lakers should learn to play team ball to keep them winning. Unfortunately Kobe is not a natural team player. Therefore Kobes carreer is done for.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        you know what you need to keep quiet.

        Kobe cant win for losing i swear man….if kobe takes over a game then he isnt a team player and blah blah blah

        But when he doesnt score much, and gets everybody touches on the ball (like he did in the first two quarters of game 3 vs mavs) then people say he didnt step up and close the game out for his team

        so what do you want from kobe, huh???? either way he does it you people have a problem with it

      • gian says:

        your argument makes no sense. if his career is over cuz “hes not a natural team player” then his career should have been done before it even started… yet, its still going. hmm, i wonder why? stop being a troll

      • think says:

        @LAKERS… thats the thing and I just hope you dont blind yourself by being too much in love with Kobe… what he did in phoenix when they lost the series though they we’re up 3-1 was just telling the whole organization that “you can’t win without me” and that’s a lot of BS… every player must do their role, especially if youre the franchise player.

        This year, they’re just totally outplayed… the Mavs were a better team. The same plays didnt work… Kobe can’t take over a playoff series anymore. If LA and Kobe (and his fans) would want to keep racking up those rings, strategies must change… get Bynum his touches… get Kobe paced the whole game so that he can be effective when it matters.

        The truth is Kobe wont be the most unstoppable offensive force in the coming years… and he didnt have the qualities to be called the team leader (he wins by scoring, not by making his team better)… and for LA to win these coming years, i just hope he’d stop being a diva and just play team ball.

  339. Felix says:

    Ya, forget about the Lakers, they lost in the 2nd round its old news, focus on the current playoffs and its over, till next season.

  340. Borgia says:

    Kobe is basically done as well. He did not realize he was just a puppet on a finger of Master. Very talented , but puppet.
    Now it’s better for him to retire to avoid humiliation.

    • IX says:

      Retire? Retire? Are you serious?! Im not a Kobe fan but even i cant let something that rediculous get said. You do realize that the lakers just came off a 2peat right? And Kobe is still without a doubt one of the best in the League. Seriously everyone needs to Calm the Flip down about Kobe being done and all this Start from scratch with the Lakers crap. Once again i am NO lakers fan. Happy when they lost, but lets not get carried away with talking pure stupidity.

      • bads says:

        I agree IX.

      • uoykcuf says:

        actually what you are talking about is pretty ridiculous. Sounds like a kobe fan indeed!

      • TONY says:


      • Zeradius says:

        Couldnt agree with you more IX, definitely not a Kobe fan, completely hater or whatever everybody wants to call it…………… but no way, the team is definitely good and solid enough to make another run, Kobe isnt done yet.

      • Naiym says:

        THANK YOU!! I loathe Kobe b/c he is a cocky bastard who backs up his stuff!!!…. Kobe isn’t done he has a solid 3-4 yrs of EXCEPTIONAL bball to be played…to compare him to Jordan, is….well doable …because he is the only other person SINCE JOrdan that has had that athleticism and skill..Is he better or as good as…nope? and I mean that.. Will we ALWAYS have this argument…..probably…. But Kobe’s not done…any level headed bball fan can atest to that.

  341. js says:

    “Because I’m gonna shoot the ball. We all know that” bahaha gotta love the straight forward answer. lakers will be fine as long as add some youth to the bench

    • Ysleiro says:

      Are u being sarcastic?

      Or do u expect Kobe to simply play the role of Derick Fisher? We don’t have to agree that Kobe is THE GREATEST or whatever but the man has a nasty jump shot.

      So yes he will shoot the ball and we know this..

  342. mike says:

    it wont matter if they keep the team together or not…without phil jackson they have no shot at winning anything…thats been proven, so all u people on kobes nuts can get off them cuz hes done…and by the way, theres no way kobe is even close to as good as his airness was…so please los angeles get off kobes nuts

    • JerryZ says:

      As much as you are on Jordan’s nuts? Of course we won’t, cause not everyone is as gay as you.

      • sup says:

        kobe isnt even close to jordan. how long did it take kobe to win 1 mvp? and how many did jordan win? kobe may be close in titles, but one man does not win a title

      • danny says:

        @jerryz how true you are, but go lakers

      • JayZ says:

        As much as you are a kobrick dikrider? Of course you are, cause not everone is as gay as you.

      • tl says:

        @sup: so what if it take kobe a long time to get his 1st mvp? i dont see jordan scoring 81 points in a game too. Kobe is the cloest player at this moment that people can compare with jordan.

      • Ysleiro says:

        @Sup U are really ignorant u know that? U over here talking about how long it took Kobe to get an MVP as if we all don’t know Kobe deserved MVP MANY times and he was denied for personal issues that had nothing to do with his basketball performance on the court. Kobe would have had as many or close to as many MVPs as Jordan did, had he not been jerked by the “game”.

      • Tek says:

        The sad thing is Ysleiro is right. Also if Jordans personal life exploits would have been thrown out there he would have had the same outcome that kobe did with MVP, because the league doesnt want to make a “dirtbag” MVP, it’s a big a$$ political scam. If the game was just the game we all know kobe would have at least 4 MVPS…so for all you kobe haters which im sure were Jordan haters when he played…unless you’re 15. GET OVER IT, a great is a great..Kobe is a great and if your only argument between his status compaired to Jordan is that he only has 1 MVP..thats weak.

      • Goatee says:

        Yes, Jordan didnt score 81 points in ONE regular season game. But also Jordan did not reach a game 7 in any playoff series his Chicago team was in and more so Jordan did not get SWEPT in a playoff series. LOL!!

      • wootsiWoots says:

        @SUP — so i guess DERICK ROSE is better than MJ since he got his MVP award earlier than him right? … WATTAFOOOL

      • dymatize says:

        @sup dayum these guys are killing you… lol

    • R4 says:

      I totally agree about kobe being anything next to mr jordan. Truth be told. MJ never gets sweep by any team in his prime. Every team that played jordan had to work hard for the win. But for kobe it seem that anyone can sweet him. Now I finally can tell my boys to be quiet because Jordan doesn’t get sweep in the playoff. Kobe may win another ring if he joins a team… wink wink New York city…

      • Yes says:

        A lot of people don’t even realize that Kobe is playing hurt. He is nowhere near 100%. Yes Jordan is the better player, but Jordan has had more of an advantage over Kobe regarding health, and overall physic. I can’t even imagine how unstoppable Kobe Bryant would be if he’s 100%. But the truth is, he may never be 100% ever again. For all who say Kobe is in his prime years are wrong. If you want to see Kobe at his very best, look at highlights from the years where he is dropping 81 points and what not.

      • tingyman is back says:

        a lot of you fools dont even realize that yes, the lakers lost in a sweep, and im not making any excuse for it, but Dallas is a championship team this year. Dallas isnt no shrimp that came and took the lakers down, they are a legitimate team that can and will hustle down with anyone. So for those fools that say the lakers can be beaten easlily by anyone… go and continue riding lebrons womanhood.

      • JD83 says:

        You must be kidding…Since when does only one person on a team get swept? You cunts act like Kobe was the only one playing. He can’t do it all and neither could Jordan… It’s a team game…the whole team got swept…The bulls only had 1 team to worry about back then. not to mention one of those titles were clinched because of Jordans push off! You know what i’m talking about…Offensive fould anyone?

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


        dude kobe is PAST his PRIME YEARS….so what are you saying? If Kobe was still in his prime in this playoff series I think it would have been a different outcome

      • KB says:

        Kobe dropped 81 points yes, but who was it that he scored that against? And unlike MJ Kobe can’t even play an alround good game, yeah he can score but that’s it and he just takes so many shots to get the points he gets it’s just terrible, Now I don’t hate Kobe he’s great to watch but honestly he’s not even close to MJ.

    • lol says:

      your a real bum kobe will be way betta than jordan wen he done -playing

      • HeatWave says:

        How do you figure that? He’s out his prime and yeah he can get more rings but he’ll be missing the scoring titles, defensive player award and MVP’s Jordan got. Not hating cause Kobe is a legend already, but be real, he nor anyone else can compare to MJ.

      • namehere says:

        kobe is already done!

      • LOLakers says:

        LOL! Kobe plays like an old man who can’t hit the broad side of a barn let alone a basket! You should be happy they got swept by the Mavericks because the Heat would have ANNIHILATED them in the Finals and made them wish they never played basketball! Heat are superior in every way to the LA LOSERS!

      • hastang says:

        maybe in kobe’s dream… even if he is playing 100.1% we cannot compare him to a legend like M.J kobe is only a POSSER!!! yah!

      • David Dawson says:

        I have to agree, ever since Jordan won a championship, he never was swept in a playoff series. Also Kobe has arguably 3 other all star players on his team, Gasol, Bynum, Odom. Jordan had Pippen and Grant in the 1st three peat, Harper and Rodman in the 2nd. There is no excuse for Kobe to make his team unravel like that, not only is Jordan an overall better player, but it shows Jordan is a better leader, who wills his team to win. By the way everybody plays hurt in the NBA and know one is 100% healthy especially in the playoffs, so this to makes Jordan more resillient and stronger than Kobe if you want to use that argument.

      • Goatee says:

        Kobe is done playing and hes nowhere near his airness MJ.

      • tellthetruth says:

        First of all jordan is the greatest player of all time hands down
        kobe is also one of the greatest players of all time hes in the top 10 in the nba
        so everyone stop comparing the two
        no two players are gonna have the same identical career ever, its impossible, let alone have the same great season
        imma laker fan all the way to my heart and even i noe jordan is greater cuz nobody compares to his level of skill, determination, and will
        as for kobe hes the 2nd greatest shooting gaurd behind MJ
        and for everyone saying the lakers are finished, yeah theyre finished this season, but kobes still under contract and hes got a few more good years in him and tats all he needs along with gasol to win a title
        do i need to remind u that kobe is no where near 100% and he was still able to win two titles in a row, which is a difficult challenge in its own
        im proud of what the lakers accomplished but not how they went out, but other than tat give respect to the lakers if ur an nba fan becuz theyre champs and i giv respect to the mavs cuz they put us away and respect to miami cuz they beat the celtics (altough the were at a disadvantage with the injuries, especially rondo) but respect the lakers and kobe cuz hes a great and a legend and the lakers r champs so stop hating, respect teams that’ve gone all the way
        no matter what Los Angeles Laker fan till i D-I-E
        amd dnt worry we’ll back next year and we’ll be hungry for a title. believe that

    • ohhgee says:

      get me a parachute to hope of his nuts!

    • The Smart Mike says:


      • uoykcuf says:

        Next season? Oh i forgot! They got swept by the mavs!

      • TONY says:


      • boss023 says:

        @the smart mike, and anyone who believes Kobe is as successful or as great as Jordan, you are the stupid ones! Kobe was and still is a awesome player, but Jordan was actually humble and a team player!…Kobe is as good a player as he is arrogant! Kobe should not be compared to mj as mj isn’t comparable, he is the GOAT!! (Greatest of all time for the slow ones) And if it wasn’t for Phil, Kobe wouldn’t have the rings he does and we wouldn’t be comparing him to mj!

      • Goatee says:

        @Stupid Smart Mike Kobe better win more MVPs, Kobe better win a defensive player of the year award. And Kobe better erased the fact that his team got swept in the playoffs. Oh wait it already happen. AND IT CAN NEVER BE CHANGED.

      • tim says:

        wow you’re really dumb! maybe you should check your grammar before calling other people “stupid”.

        I can’t believe how stupid you are The “Smart” Mike. Your comment is totally funny!

      • DG says:

        @boss. didnt jackson coach mj to his rings too ??? so without jackson mj wouldnt have won those either

      • boss023 says:

        @DG, fair point, but Phil wouldn’t be the coach he is today without mj…… and yes mj may not be as great without phil, but Kobe and the lakers benefit from all those years of experience Phil got from coaching the bulls teams with michael & scottie, horace & cartwright, paxton & bj, so on & so on, those bulls teams would take the current lakers team to the cleaners!. I go for Boston and hate no teams but grew up watching mj & the bulls and thank god I did cause a few bloggers here obviously didn’t have that privilege and have no idea what they are talking bout…

    • d q says:

      how is it kobe was 5th in the league in scoring but yet he is done? that just makes no sense at all

      • Goatee says:

        Because next season hed be 7th or 8th in league scoring. And hate to tell you that aint enough to win you anything.

      • HeatWave says:

        Because the takes the most shots. He’s also climbing the ladder of most shots taken and missed.

      • ungasis says:

        @ heatwave so was ai, tmac and all the leading scorers when they lead the league in scoring…u cant score f u dont shoot fool!!! ai was firing 30-30+ shot a game when he lead in scoring

      • gian says:

        @Goatee so as long as you have a top 5 scorer you automatically win a chip? so the other 11 players on your team dont mean squat n dont do anything for you? lol troll much??

    • kam says:

      Absolutely.Phil Jackson is a legendary.I believe that the lakers must be traded.

    • JD83 says:

      Another one of those Jealous MJ fans…lol Get over it dude…The Lakers can win another championship without Phil Jackson. Just because the Bulls couldn’t do it doesn’t mean the Lakers can’t. Your holding Jordans jock strap to tight…let go of it!! Jordan is HISTORY!!! Loser!!!

    • hasi says:

      Phil Jackson doesn’t win games, it’s the players. Kobe it saying keep the core together, but that doesn’t mean they can’t upgrade the roster.

      • cris nyandoro says:

        the lakers should bump up the team roster kobe bryant has face adversity ever since he came here michal was loved. kobe could have more mvp’s than jordan right nowand i reckon that kobe will leave wit 6,7 or 8 rings

    • John Andrea says:

      Phil Jackson is the Most overated coach of all time! He didn’t make one adjustment and thats why he got swept to a less talented team!

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        For one you need to give dallas some credit, they are a legit champioship calibur team….

        You talking about less talented??? There entire bench is 2x better than ours….our bench sucks, outside of brown and odom. And did you forget Pau wasnt even playing like a allstar forward.

        The mavs played better than us, our most consistent player was BRYANT and ODOM, everyone else seemed to be no shows or take one or two games off. You need a TEAM EFFORT, or you will fall!

      • marcus24 says:

        I totally agree the Mavs are a championship team. They beat my team honestly. Gasol didnt show up not one game. The bench and his play really killed the dream ending for Phil Jackson.

    • dave says:

      mike bringing up jordan everytime kobe is in discussion is ridiculous. I was a huge jordan fan growing up and now kobe is my favorite. He is far from done if you even watched the playoffs. He was the only one clearly giving 100 percent. Youre just a hater like the rest wake up and quit living in the past.

    • Heat Fan says:

      What I think is BS is that noone has even mentioned the fact about how the whole team of Boston except for Allen and West walked out and to their locker room after the game without even shaking hands or congratulating. Before I go on, first let me say **I** personally don’t care. Back in the day most players really didnt do it much anyways. 80′s and 90′s that I watched at least. They were such rivals most of em were too proud to give each othe props for a good game. Its the heat of the moment and its what it is. But this is also the reason that I said when Lebron got blown up for it 2 years ago against Orlando that the negative scrutiny he got for it was completely unjustified.

      We ALL remember how Lebron James got BEAT DOWN for it like he just committed a crime right? I’m sure we all do. How could you guys forget? All you haters out there right? Every sportswriter, commentator, analyst, critic, and alot of current and ex-players were all criticizing him. FUNNY how I haven’t seen not one article, blog, or even glancing MENTION of how Boston walked out on them. JUST as they walked out also in their last regular season game that featured the 23 point BEAT DOWN that the Heat gave em then too. Not EVEN a mention.

      Funny how theres a double standard huh? Its PERFECTLY OK for anyone to do it other than Lebron James. Boston did it. So didn’t Kobe years ago. MANY other players throughout history have done that. NOTHING when they do it. It’s really sad how someones always trying to find any miniscule thing to bring someone down that is so widely praised.

      It is simply the perfect example of how people LOVE to hate Lebron. The actual proof is right here before us. Just the simple fact that I’ve been scouring the Internet for the 2 days following Game 5, and to find absolutely not even one glancing mention of how 3 out of the Big 4, and most of the rest of the Celtics team, walked out on the Heat.

      But thats ok though. Remember how Paul Pierce taunted Lebron by tweeting when they barely pulled out a win in Miami early on in the season? I’m SURE we ALL do. He said and I quote:

      “Its been a pleasure to bring my talents to south beach now on to Memphis”

      Who’s laughing NOW Paul Pierce and you Celtic fans?


    • victor says:

      man, mike ur just one of those laker haters, the lakers will not split up and we dont dont need phil jackson to win another championship, if brian shaw comes in as the head coach, guess what idiot he worked with phil jackson for years dork.

    • imonkobesnuts says:

      dude your right you can’t just do it with one player jordan and lebron found that out the hard way MJ played 7 NBA seasons before winning Kobe didnt have to he won with shaq right away so probs to him he did his solo act already and he already wised up just becuase he doesnt put up 30 every night doesnt mean he isnt great becuase we know he is capable. Kobe is the best player in this league i still say joran was better but to say he isnt even close is just stupid just ask someone who knows like maybe Phil Jackson see what he has to say about it

    • dan heat fan says:

      kobe is over rated as a basketball player and only cares and helps himself kobe is a great athlete but does not make his teammates any better. without shaq or gasol kobe would have no rings let’s remember how good a coach phil jackson truly is and stop inflating the ego of one of the leagues biggest cry babies kobe. also what sore losers the lakers are for the thug like behavior in their final game. both ridiculously flagrant fouls should result in a full year suspension and all i can say after that is let’s go heat