Boos are fuel for Heat

PHILADELPHIA — They boo pretty harshly here in this city, and they treat the visiting teams even worse. Yes, Philly is notorious on players because everyone gets booed. Well, except one time, when a vicious hit nearly paralyzed Michael Irvin at the old Vet Stadium. Then there were cheers.

“They have a reputation,” said Chris Bosh.

But what Philly fans have discovered is LeBron James and company have been there, done that and definitely heard this and that. The Heat have a name for the hospitable (emphasis on “spit”) reception they get: fuel for thought. They channel all the hate on the road into positive energy, which of course only encourages more hate.

The road treatment Miami has received all season, which unofficially ranks as the harshest all-time in the NBA, prepared Miami for anything they may see in the post-season. What was once deemed a distraction by the Heat back in November and December has actually hardened them for the intensity of the playoffs. So something good did come from that profanity-filled first road game in Cleveland. And New York. And Boston. And … you get the idea.

If they indeed feed off it, as LeBron has said countless times, that makes them gluttons for punishment.

“It has brought us together as a team,” he said. “It’s made us tougher and more determined, when we’re on the road. We always expect the worst, so therefore we’re ready for the worst.”

At 28-13, the Heat tied the Mavericks for the best road record in the regular season. And the pressure is only intensified here in the playoffs, which of course didn’t affect LeBron and especially Wade in the fourth quarter of Game 3, when Miami pulled away at the Wells Fargo Center.

At this point, with the Heat up 3-0 on the Sixers, the fans at Wells Fargo probably won’t even bother wasting their breath for Game 4. The real test will come in the next round, should the Heat as expected play in Boston. Emotions will run high in that one, because the Celtics handled Miami fairly easily in the regular season, and because the Heat are the biggest threat to the defending East champs. Oh, and they hate LeBron in Boston, too. We should mention that.

“It’s nothing new to us,” said coach Erik Spoelstra.

A series with Boston could put an even hotter glare on LeBron, though, given how meekly and suspiciously he played last spring against the Celtics. He has demonstrated an ability to take it all in stride, even exchanging barbs with fans in Philly at one point. Of all the Heat players, LeBron takes the most abusive by far. And yet, by now you might say he “eats” well on the road, which is a feeding frenzy for him.


  1. HEATSUCK says:

    @ heat all day please STFU you and your stupid heat will be at home watching the Celtic’s play in the ECF again. Lechoke will never get a ring unless he buys it!!!!

    • Heat All Day says:

      HAHA Heatsuck keep on hatin baby. CHUG that haterade! LOL. Pathetic people like you make me laugh.

  2. Celics Fan says:

    I think people are forgeting the Celtics already beat Miami. Three times in a row I believe. Miami may have raw talent but they are not deep enough. Plus, the Celtics have Rondo. Who is gonna stop him?

  3. Max says:

    I see all the Heats fans have shown up to comment. There are more commenting on this story that was in Miami’s stands during the regular season. All Heat fans seem to be new Heat fans. Miami isn’t a big basketball town. They don’t really deserve a team. Cavs were the next to last team in the regular season and they were 3rd in attendance. Miami can’t even match the seat fill rate in the playoffs to most other team’s regular season attendance. Pathetic town of phony fans.

  4. Law064 says:

    @ Moneyball The heat are winning it all?? LMAOOOOOOOO They still have to worry about Philly then they play the Celtic’s who are on a roll. 4-0. Stop making excuses that Amare and Billups was hurt. Even 100% NY might’ve got 1 game tops. the Heat are having trouble with Philly and all you Miami fans said that’s a eazy sweep. Not so easy now huh. Just hope your 3 man band can finish off a series looks like Lechoke has done it again failed to deliver in the playoffs. Boston will crush these losers 4-1 6 games tops

    • Heat All Day says:

      WOW law064!! HAHA

      You are driving yourself CRAAAZZZY about the HEat and Celtics. ANYONE can see it. Yea you’ve repeated the same dam thing about 20 times now. SO KEEP TELLING YOURSELF THAT, and you’ll be able to actually go on about your day like a good little boy.

      Trouble with Philly? LOL Yea, cause they made a couple 3s in the last minute? THose were terrible shots UNTIL they went in, sorry bout it. It happens, I gave Philly a game anyways, and hell I even said maybe 2.

      Your Celtics GOT LUCKY with Knicks injuries just like Lakers in the West have all year with the Mavs, Spurs, and Hornets. Its funny how you say o yea make excuses about the Knicks injuries. But yet you EXCUSE the last Heat BEATDOWN of the Celtics by saying the Celtics were in a slump. NOPE SORRY. They were AMPED up for that game, and they even said so, and guess what? THEY GOT BEAT DA ****K DOWN!!

      • Celics Fan says:

        Miami also got beat three times. Remember that?

      • Heat All Day says:

        YEa Celtics Fan, by what, 3, 5 7 points? LOL. In the first few games of the season when the HEat didnt have ANYthing figured out? Yea ok, THATS why they lost. The Heat CRUSHED the Celtics late in the season, which is a much better indicator after Miami was able to fine tune their team throughout the course of the year.

  5. bean town says:

    spoelstra doesnt have the coaching skills like doc rivers does. the c’s have been here and done that b4 they will be rested and ready. their better defensively and know how to play without the ball heat dont. 2nd round upset celtics 4-2

  6. moneyball says:

    the heat are winning it all boy! i don’t care what anyone say. boston won because chaucy billups was hurt and amare too. all them cavs fans hatin on lebron should shut up. you guys were luckey when you beat him and you talked all this crap about how he was weak and he’s kickin butt right now. dan gilbert must feel stupid saying that the cavs would get a ring before lebron would cause he’s gonna get it this year!

  7. Law064 says:

    The Heat will be eliminated in 5 games. @bong the heat beat Boston 1 game and that gives them the edge LOL you people on here are crazy. I hope to see all the Miami fans on here when the heat are crying after they get killed in 5 games. I give the heat 2 wins at the most. I’m done because you heat fans need to worry about game 5 and don’t make a mistake and let a game 6 be played. The only reason NY got swept is because Boston swept them. No Amare in the 3rd game but it was a blowout game 3 and 4 at MSG… Sorry Boston haters we’ll see what happens when this series begin. Please Worry about Iggy and Philly for now


    i agree with BONG nothing else to say…@GREAT GAME no question you are a CLEVELAND fan,pls try to move on stop hating Lebron..

    a great matchup between HEAT and CELTICS, good job J O’Neal for playing better in the series but sorry the HEAT will win in 7games..

  9. bong says:

    celtics won because of ny players injuries…look at game 1. they cannot established defensive stops.they cannot guard amare.they won because key players are injured….now u know..

  10. bong says:

    the celtics cannot beat miami…u c in regular season game 4 their outmatch…the reality is they are too old for the s like interior defense when perkins depart.garnett has no longer that kind of strong legs like before..u c when allen is guarded he cannot shot above 50% of his regular output.. rondo?no shooting hands..the heat rank no 3 on defense…defense is the name here

  11. David says:

    No Perkins No Problem. POINT BLANK

  12. great game says:

    Miami fans, i don’t want to offend you, but bringing James in to the team was a mistake. Why you need that guy? You got D WADE, who’s born champion, man with the ring, man who played finals and clearly show that his the man. Bosh ? Thats great , for bringing him. But bringing hyena like Queen, who plays good only when the match is already decided, when the game it;s not soo important, man who is swept in finals like garbage is a mistake.

    Born champions doesn’t leave their teams if they are good ones and Cleveland was a solid team. Example M Jordan, K Bryant, M Johnson,T Duncan and many more. doesn’t leave. Their teams were not great all the time, and so what, maybe a little fight with the directors for bringing a good player and that’s all— they don’t leave like Traitors . YOU bring this kind of man in your squad = big mistake

  13. tata says:

    MEMO- Miami is no longer “Two and a Half Men”. New name= “Three Men and a Bibby”

  14. Law064 says:

    @Gary excuses excuses all these morons said upset NY will beat them LMAO. The Celtic’s didn’t play good in the 1st 2 home games but still managed to win Both games. Then had 2 blowouts in MSG so don’t say they barely won. Miami barely won game 1 & 3 then these losers lost game 4. @Chris you get off miami’s nuts your a band wagon hopper wake up put down the meth your really trippin. @ Usuck we all know you suck literally. Stop suckin ballz lil boy I can’t see how people keep hatin on the Celtic’s. The only team to sweep this season, Miami can’t even sweep Philly don’t say the got cocky or that was a practice game they just lost bottom line. Boston Won at home waiting for the next round.. Keep hatin Boston 4-1 over the overrated 2.5

    • Usuck says:

      @Law064 I know your very concerned about your Boston coz Celtics one leg is already your concern will just pour your hearts out after Cs will be destroyed…

  15. moneyball says:

    Oh, and I think the heat can shut down boston we can beat them any time we want. Who cares that boston won the series? If they can beat them then tell me who pushed them down to the No.3 spot for the playoffs?
    The HEAT!

    and then Miami will beat ANYONE who comes out of the west!

    GO HEAT!

    • tata says:

      Miami couldn’t beat Memphis or ANYBODY from the west. But we will never know……

      • Flo Rida says:

        Glad to see you defending your son’s team on every other message, good job miss Allen; regardless, the celtics are an aging relic of a once stong team, watch for the wheels to fall off in the second round agianst Miami

    • Law064 says:

      @Moneyball Let’s throw a party because the Heat got the #2 seed. Boston was like the 4th seed last year. How many times have the heat beat Boston?? Ohh yeah 1 out of 4 if they can beat anyone anytime why didn’t they beat the Bulls?? Why did they lose game 4??? Choker James is not a closer. Boston 4-1 over cryami. remember you heard it from me

  16. moneyball says:

    when I look at the down at the bad thing about the heat, I alway see the analyst taling about them not hitting the big shot in the game. THAT IS NOT THE WAY YOU WANT TO WIN! Clearly this is their first year together and they do not know which person shoul shoot the ball between lebron&dwade. To not get stuck in this they must go HAM from start to finish the also cannot let the other team crawl back into the game like that.

  17. Gary says:

    @Law064, you seem real concered about the Heat, and you should be. Boston is looking good, but look at what happend. They beat the Nicks who haven’t played great since the trade, and minus Billups plus for the most part Amarie. Look at game one, they BARLEY won it at home. Game two almost went the same and probably would have with Billups there. Miami may have not swept the Sixers but it’s not like they didn’t put beatings on them. They just got cocky and besides themselves the last few minutes and it cost them. To quote the Laker fans on this forum, “That was our wake up call”. How about we all just wait and see what happends round two?

    • Heat All Day says:

      O yea Gary, law064 is DEFINITELY concerned about the Heat, thats why he’s CONSTANTLY on HEAT BLOGS RAGGIN on em lol. All the time he responds INCESSANTLY to ANYone who disses the Celtics AND/OR who is a fan of ANY team that he isnt. He will respond to EVERY SINGLE COMMENT LOL. Yea Gary, he’s definitely got some MAJOR issues.

      • HEATSUCK says:

        HEATSUCK They can’t even finish a close game LMAO to all you band wagon new heat fans get off the blogs your comments are pretty much pointless. Boston will beat Miami bottom line. Heat All day you make comments on every negative comment about Miami so STFU your heat SUCK BALLZ

      • Heat All Day says:


        NO I DONT LOL. You just have no other comeback, cause your weak. You would see my name 60 times if I commented on every negative comment. On the OTHER hand, both YOU and law064 reply to everything, because your SCARED of the Heat, thats why all the hate, bottom line.

  18. Law064 says:

    @3:16 Boston will finish the heat in 5 games I give miami maybe 2 wins. Boston has beat them on they’re home court. Wade has not done anything vs Boston all year. Team D is the name of the game Bosh on KG.. Bosh will shoot jump shots all day. 2 and a half men can’t beat a team. Wade on Rondo, last time what happened? Ray Allen killed Chalmers or whoever they had trying to guard him. Wade can’t stop Rondo just like he can’t stop D Rose. Heat won 1 out of 4 games get real they’ll be lucky to win 2 games. I can’t wait for this series to begin. Miami needs to worry about Philly in game 5. If it’s a close game miami will choke unless they give Wade the ball

    • chris says:

      quit living in smurfland!
      just wake up!

    • Usuck says:

      Pray and pray dreamboy coz your balls is already right up your throat.. lol

    • Heat All Day says:

      Whats funny though law064, is D Wade can definitely slow down both of those PG’s, but in turn Rose and Rondo CANT STOP D WADE LOL. And who stops Lebron? HAHA. Noone. You funny man, real funny.

      • Law064 says:

        @ Heat all dat When has Wade stopped Rose or Rondo?? team D will stop Wade & the Choker Bosh is not a problem Boston 4-1

      • Heat All Day says:


        Your retarded because TEAM D also stopped the Celtics to the tune of 77 points in their last game with Heat. You can’t stop D Wade, nor can you stop the L-Train. Miami’s D is ranked top 5 in NBA overall, so their team D can just as easily shut down Boston, which they already proved LOL. Hater.

    • Heat All Day says:



      Looks like ALL your theories just went out the window huh? That was some killer defense that bibby and chalmers played on rondo, and they frustrated the hell out of him. It was excellent TEAM D overall and it STIFLED the Boston offense all game. The Heat DOMINATED the CELTICS in every way

      Now whos laughin chump? LOL

  19. Tenki says:

    I see Miami play zone against the Celtics most of the time in their series. Ray Allen has been struggling with his shots recently, although I have to give him credit for his heroics against New York. That being said, I would rather see Miami losing with Allen hitting contested threes than Miami losing with Pierce, Garnett and Rondo scoring inside the lane.

    Defense will be the key to both teams if they are to advance in the conference finals this year and face Chicago.

    • Really ? says:

      i find it really funny how everyone is just putting chicago in the eastern conference finals just like that lol have you guys been watching the playoffs lately majority of the teams everyone THOUGHT was going to steamroll in the playoffs are playing for their lives right now and derrick rose is making the bulls look the way they are and ill tell you guys this when chicago plays the hawks they can very well lose that series and if they play the celtics THE BEST defensive team in the league better believe derrick rose will not get those layups he has been getting so far and please dont try to bring REGULAR SEASON NUMBERS because in a 7 game series adjustments can be made meaning someone OTHER than derrick rose needs to step up or else the overrated bulls are finished. And if the bulls play the heat the bulls will be outscored by a hungry heat team that has something to prove to the sportsworld and themselves.

  20. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:

    so hard for the HEAT to beat the C’s that’s the reality for the 2nd round match up but much harder for the C’s to beat the HEAT..

    It goes to 7games heat win..

    for the HEAT fans: Help me pray we can beat the strongest team in the playoffs headed by the most DIRTY coach in the nba..

    for the BULLS: Watch out for the HAWKS,,they’re much stronger than the PACERS..

    • Usuck says:

      Boston Celtics is just easy game to come… no metz

    • HEATSUCK says:

      The heat can’t beat good teams point blank Philly and Indiana are under .500 The weak heat couldn’t even sweep the series. Lequeen james the choker LMAO They might not beat Philly and have to go 7 games.. If the Celtic’s don’t beat Miami then the Bulls will. They are 1-6 vs Boston & Chicago. Can’t wait til Miami lose and is sent home. Crybabies

    • HEATSUCK says:

      The heat have no chance at beating Boston or Chicago 1-6 this season vs these teams. The Heat can’t even sweep Philly and might go 6 or 7 games now. Lequeen is a Choke artist that’s why the weak heat couldn’t beat Philly. It’s not going to be so hard for Boston to beat them they already kicked them up the behind 3 times. Heat won 1 time and now you pathetic band wagon jumpers think they can beat Boston in a 7 game series. I predict 4-1 maybe a sweep Boston will dismantle Miami. Mark my words

  21. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:


  22. Jamal says:

    Sorry Heat fans but the Celtics will win. Rondo is too hard to guard. Bosh is too weak to guard KG. Ray goes around screens. Pierce can get to the line a lot. Shaq is too strong for the Heat centers. Heat have trouble against over.500 teams. Their bench doesn’t produce much. Mike Miller needs to step up or their bench won’t be able to take the Celtic’s. Big Baby is Dangerous. You also get O Neal, Krystic, Green and Delonte. Celtics Defense is just too good. With Good Defense comes good offense

  23. KarlJohn says:

    Lol @ Boston haters. Why dont Miami play NYK and Boston play Phili? You guys are really not thinking. Phili cant even handle Denver when Melo was there and now you expect Phili to beat NYK OR Boston? Look at the series man. Miami lost to 76ers while Boston didnt lose even once. So far, I can only see Boston and OKC playing well. If you say Miami against ATL, I bet ATL will win cuz Miami only relies on their big3 while ATL has a good star players and also bench players. I dont find Miami will beat Boston or ATL. Boston needs to worry about ATL and Jamal Crawford. And seriously Bosh is softer than Garnett, look at how Garnett play, even in his age he can out rebound Bosh and also outscore. U guys should watch more of their games cuz I watch every teams game. Bosh cant even match with Amare. So far, only Wade is the one who is stepping up for Miami. Miami can’t be aggressive as Boston. Im seriously more worried about ATL than Chi or Miami. Well, if Boston swept the knicks bcuz they have no chemistry, when will u expect them to have a chemistry? Next year? Well, no need to argue if thats the case because its next year, and seriously you guys should just admit defeat. If Boston gets beaten then they are beaten, there is no reason why they didnt win. For 3:16 its really easy for you to say that Bosh will match up with Garnett and the other Miami dudes will Match them up when they only have beaten Boston once in the season. So far, Boston is really playing great, better than the regular season, look at their percentage shoots and their defense, Boston is different from the regular season. Im not a hater, but im just piss on how a guy can say Bosh can match with this and that when he hasn’t even proven it yet.

    • Law064 says:

      @Chris you have no clue and probably never played on any level grammer school or High school or College. We will see what happens. You better hope they can win tomorrow and avoid a game 6 vs Philly. The heat are not going past the 2nd round. With all the talent you still need a supporting cast and teamwork. Maybe Miami can’t close a series like they can’t close games. Game 1 & 3 were close games but Miami is so great then they lost Sunday LMAO get real chok artist # 1 Lechoke will never be Kobe cause he can’t close games. No Clutch Miami please give the ball to Wade in the final moments Lechoke will continue to fail for the rest of his career. Choke Choke Choke. Let’s see if the most overrated team can close this series tomorrow. They look real good on paper LMAO

      • Heat All Day says:

        Funny though law064 how Lebron has more game winners over the last 5 years than KB. MUHAHAHAHAHA

        Choke artist? How bout KB chokin in the playoffs with his performances against the Hornets? HA. KB’s getting SCHOOLED by CP3 there if you havent noticed. But thats right, you really don’t watch ANY of the games, just check some boxscores. Thats why you have no useful insight on ANY game, EVER. Its ALL HATE.

  24. 3:16 says:

    Miami will finish Philly at home. And Boston in 6 games.


    Boston has no single lock on defender, they defend as a team
    Chris Bosh WILL matchup to Kevin Garnett
    Shaq will ( if he comes back from the injury) still will not be effective
    Wade will guard Rondo, put bibby on allen
    Miami has home court

    If Miami create plenty of fastbreak opportunities and if they can have better late game execution, miami will definitely win. Boston has a chance if they can guard the faster, more athletic Heat for all 48 minutes and if the Big4 especially pierce must play BIG.The only chance that miami will lose if they come back to taking lousy jumpers, stop the ball movement and lose leads in crunch time. I think for miami’s big 3 especially JAMES AND BOSH will have a certain drive in these series in search of their 1st ring.

    • tata says:

      Bibby on Allen? LMAO

      • Law064 says:

        @Chris Billups went out in game 2 the Knicks were not depleted in the 1st 2 games they just got the a bad break with Bippups and Amare going down. Even without the injuries the Knicks didn’t beat them in the regular season so stop making excuses. Boston still not playing with Shaq either even though he’s not a big scoring solution they still need him. @Chris a lost is a lost 5 points or 25 it’s still a L. The only reason that Miami even beat Boston in that game was the slump that Boston was in. They got support from the bench and they won that game but it took them 4 tries to win once plus Boston was still not playing well for weeks before that. Wow but I can tell you that the heat will lose to Boston in the post season. The Bulls will even put Miami out. 2 and a half guys can’t beat a whole team.

      • Law064 says:

        @Chris the Knicks came into the playoffs ready. They lost Billups then Amare but the 1st 2 games they came in healthy. Don’t make excuses. Your chart has no value a loss is a loss 5 or 25 points it’s a L. The only reason Miami won a game vs Boston was the slump that Boston was in. It took them 4 tries to get 1 win, what did they prove? They beat a struggling Celtic’s team. Boston already beat them 3 times they just avoided the season sweep. Chris you don’t know nothing about the game. They don’t fear them anymore? LMAO they better fear Philly before they think about Boston. Boston Heat 2nd round 4-1 Boston. Wade & James eliminated in 1 series. @Chris they are so young and athletic but that still don’t mean they have some advantage. They have home court but that’s all. Lebron had home court last season Choke it up again. I can’t wait and I want to see you maimia band wagon idiots on here after that series is over. Upset yes because cryami is the 2nd seed. @Chris the only team that has been crying is Miami and they will really be crying after they’re headed to Boston for game 3 down 0-2

      • chris says:

        @Law069 Obviously I know the game better than you do! Just watch and see it happen!

      • Heat All Day says:


        RIIIIGHT RIIIIIIGHT here you go everyone. More excuses from Mr. law064 bout his beloved Celtics….so its OK for him to say the Celtics were JUST IN A SLUMP, when they got pounded by the Heat the last game. But NOT ok for the Heat to be JUST BEGINNING AS A FRICKIN TEAM, and in a SLUMP though right?

        In OTHER WORDS, what hes saying EXACTLY is this.everyone. When the CELTICS WON, the Heat were playing ABSOLUTELY AT 100% OF THEIR POTENTIAL. Miami could not get ANY better than they played those games, they are NOT capable of improving because they have reached their peak already, in their very first game together, and also in their 9th game together, and again in their 54th game together. ALL of these times the Heat were as good as they will EVER be.

        law064 Do you realize how pathetic that is? Your such a hater that it blinds you to any facts or just simple common understanding of the game. Your hate for the Heat EATS at you everyday, I see it on these blogs. And really I actually feel sad for you.

        You make the most pathetic comments on here. Your ridiculous man, for real.

  25. lebron420 says:

    r u crazy? boston only swept the knicks bcoz they dont have chemistry, plus no billlups and amare is not 100 %. Miami would also swept the knicks if they met. Miami would win against boston, no perkins means no win for boston. oneal is not gonna matter also jeff green. he is ineffective without big time minutes. lebron and wade are goin to kill the celtics. plus chris bosh is better than ever. Playoffs is different than the regular season, boston beat miami in th early part of the season bcoz they dont have chemistry, but their last matchup miami won by 20. miami would win the championship ds year. Against kobe the white chocolate.haha. peace!

    • Law064 says:

      @Lebron420 R u krazy? the only reason Miami beat them at all was the slump the Celtic’s were in. How the hell can Miami sweep NY if they can’t sweep Philly? Miami might’ve lost in the 1st round if they played NY. D Wade has not been able to get going vs Boston. Boston will repeat last season eliminating Wade & Lebron.

    • Law064 says:

      @Chris The Knicks were on a roll before the season ended. The Celtic’s were in a slump get your facts straight. NY got the 6th seed because they were playing well towards the end of the season. The Knicks are better than Philly and Indiana.

      • chris says:

        The knicks WERE better than the 76ers and the pacers before the playoffs but you forgot to mention stoudemire back spasms and billups injured…it was a depleted team…you can’t argue with that! It’s like the heat without wade and bosh…and actually knicks bench is even worse…And Doug collins is a better coach than D’Antoni, everybody know that; it’s a fact!
        Celtics/Heat matchup during this season :
        – 1st game of the season celtics 88 / mia 80 (8pts) (celtics : a solid title contender, together since 2007; heat ; together since summer 2010, no team chemistry, miller injured…)
        – 9th game of the season celtics 112 / mia 107 (5pts) (same thing)
        – 54th game of the season celtics 85 / mia 82 (3pts) (I give you this one)
        – 80 game of the season celtics 77 / mia 100 (23pts) (It’s what we call a real blow out!)

        So for me its 1-1 !

        Bulls/Heat matchup during this season :
        – jan 15 2011 : bulls 99 / mia 96 (3pts) (lbj didn’t play the whole game, injured)
        – feb 24 2011 : bulls 93 / mia 89 (4pts)
        – mar 6 2011 : bulls 87 / mia 86 (1pt) (What a blow out!)

        That is why we are so confident!

        Why we will win the secound round vs the celtics? Because the heat (since the blowout) don’t fear them anymore. The celtics lost their chemistry since the perks trade (it’s not the same team anymore); the heat are way more athletic and young (just look Pierce running like a grandpa…).

        I just want to see Pierce, Garnett and Allen crying while losing their last chance to win a championship hahaha!!!

    • Law064 says:

      @Heat All day 4-1 watch what happen to these losers, they’ll go into Boston down 2 games and playing on the road. Miami might get swept .. Let’s praise the heat for winning 1 out of 4. Then the 1 they did win was vs a struggling Boston team not the team that held the #1 spot for most of the season. 4-1 miami might get 2 wins but that’s it

      • Heat All Day says:

        Right Right @ law064

        Because the Boston wins was against a Heat team that really had it figured out early in the season, and was really the BEST that they’ll ever be LOL

        Your thinking is SO pathetic. Hater.

  26. derrick/james16 says:

    the celtics bearly swept the knicks not 2 mention with no billups and an injured amare sooo what

    • Law064 says:

      So that means even with the injuries to Billups and Amare they are better than Philly and guess what they’re done for 2011. Miami let Philly beat them LOL They barely won game 1 & 3 so this means Boston will be resting while Miami try to finish this series. They might can’t close a series like they can’t close games. Boston 4-1 over Miami I mean Cryami. Dayum bums

      • chris says:

        the depleted knicks are the worst team in the playoffs this year…the 76ers are way better, young and healthy and they have doug collins > mike d’antoni, carmelo, stoudemire back spasms and billups injured…any other team could have sweep them. I won’t give a medal to the celtics for that! In fact this serie just showed the cracks (that all of us already know) of the celtics. If the heat beat them in round 2 they will be the 2011 champs.

      • Usuck says:

        Pray and pray for the Philly dumbhead coz ain’t gonna happened… Let your Boston rest for a while & they will rest in peace next

      • Heat All Day says:


        Your an idiot.4-1 Boston over Miami. LMAO

        Heat CRUSHED those Celtics the last game of the season, which is MUCH more of an indicator what will happen considering in the beginning of the season the Celtics mustered what 5, 3 and 7 point wins when Miami was still jelling and figuring things out? LOL

        You have pathetic hate for the Heat because you are absolutely TERRIFIED of the ridiculous potential they have. Bottom line.

  27. Tenki says:

    I can’t see Boston play the Heat as confident as they had in the regular season because: 1. Wade elevates his game in the playoffs, and; 2. the Celtics are not as healthy as they were in the early part of the regular season. That being said, I still have to say that Boston is still the team to beat in the East. If Miami is to win against the ’08 champs, Chris Bosh should post similar numbers in the first round against KG. Wade and James are great players offensively and their nightly contribution should pose a problem to Doc Rivers. And Erik Spoelstra should learn from their loss against Philadelphia because they pretty much have the game in the bag and let Doug Collins snatch it away from them. In short order, Miami should execute better in the final minutes of the game to get the desired results.

  28. Khan says:

    Gotta beat the Celtics sometime why not be now??

    • Law064 says:

      @Usuck what am I affraid of?? The Celtic’s are going to kill them. Miami needs to worry about game 5 first before they can worry about anything else. Usuck you really do. Your a band wagon loser get real Miami season will be over soon. You should be affraid

      • Usuck says:

        maybe it’s the other way around miami will kill BOSTON lol… I want your presence in the blogs to come after miami destroy your Cs Law064.. Your Celtics will be beaten badly by bibby haha

      • Heat All Day says:

        Yea kill them right? No I believe Miami KILLLED Boston by 23 points LOL. On the other hand, Boston had measly 3 and 7 point wins against a team struggling to find itself, while Boston has been playing together for years LMAO. I said it in the beginning of the season, and I’ll say it again. THAT was the best Boston had against the Heat? PATHETIC

    • Law064 says:

      @Heat All day Wooooowwww the heat can’t even sweep Philly, they’re done next round moron. If Miami played NY and got the same injuries I can bet that Miami would not sweep them. Let’s see if those losers can close the series out today. If it’s a close game I think Philly force a game 6

      • Heat All Day says:


        Why are you here? You toss around pathetic attempts at hurting peoples “feelings” with your stupid rants. You have some SERIOUS SELF-ESTEEM issues mang 4 real. You need some psych therapy, and quick. The hate built up inside of you will eventually destroy you.

  29. great game says:

    I’m La fan and as you know my most hated team is Boston. But, in my opinion they will take down Miami 4-1 in the playoffs , maybe 4-0 . They are far more better team than Miami, just my 2 cents

    • CHRIS says:

      I bring my 2 cents too.
      If Miami beat the celtics in round 2, Miami will win the 2011 championship.
      If LA win the western conference, the heat have better chance to beat them than any other team (celtics included). But honestly I don’t see the lakers doing anything this year. Actually, like someone said, they lost their chance of 3-peating in 2008.

    • Usuck says:

      u think your Celtics and LA can win over Heat?? your teams have no chance LOL.. Watch for the destruction of the Cs in round 2…. i’LL make your 2 cents into 4 haha

      • Law064 says:

        @Usuck LOL the heat can’t even sweep the 76er’s. Look what happened to NY 4-0 stay home no more season. Miami will get the same. 1-3 season series it’ll hake miami until game 3 to get a win. No chance you come straight out a comic book.

      • Usuck says:

        @Law064 LOL it’s just a practice game u dumbhead… i’ll give ur Celtics +10 every game haha… be afraid be very afraid!!!

      • Roderickp87 says:

        Think the Heat can beat Boston??? Not a chance. They cant even sweep the Sixers. Look at the regular season record against my C’s. In a seven game series the Heat have no chance. If it comes down to a game winnig shot who on the heat can maybe make it? Wade? maybe. On the other hand, who does Boston have for a game winning shot? Pierce, Allen, Garnett, and maybe even Rondo. Lebron is a joke and always will be. He will retire with no championship, will never make the Hall of Fame and will be forgotten about. Oh yeah, and what about the Celtics players? as of right now all of our core players have a championship, maybe another one coming, will be in the Hall of Fame, and we can retire Shaq from our team who is another Hall of Fame player. Boston is a star studded veteran team and has the best chance of taking the east. Have fun back in South Beach with your “Talents” in a few weeks. See Ya!!!

      • Usuck says:

        @Roderick P. even if you put all the hall of famers in your BOSTON you still can’t beat the Your Cs is the one who has no chance!

      • Usuck says:

        Roderick Paulate go back to showbiz and do what u do

      • Heat All Day says:


        LOL WOW Lets celebrate a Celtics team that barely beat a Knicks team in the 1st two games, while NOT having to contend with a 100% healthy Stoudamire, and no Billups. WOW. Yes MUCH praise to the Celtics for beating the Knicks who had ***1*** of their big 3 at 100%


  30. CJ says:

    Its tough to tell when the C’s and the Heat collide, both are my favorite teams
    and there’s no telling wether knowledge and experience (Boston) will prevail
    agains youth, talent and athletecism.. either ways the may the best team wins..

  31. dabigk says:

    the first game in cleveland the heat won it shows what u no

  32. kit says:

    go heat! kick their butt…

  33. Brandon Roy says:

    @hhe thts nothing, Boston and Lakers lost their too and where are they now down in bottom of the food chain hoping for a talented draft that can make a difference to the franchise.Cavs wont get a talent like LeBron for about8 yrs. or maybe longer

  34. LeBron_James_MVP says:

    hmmm FYI the heat lose in cavs in james’ 2nd return because they want the cleveland to win because as we see their record 19-63 right and that night is a given night to the cavs the heat is not scoring that high because they want cleveland to win that game uhmmm

    Miami heat Easter Conference Champion 2011
    Miami heat Nba Champions 2011

    MvP LeBron James

  35. heatlover says:

    the heat arent a bunch of rookys who cant take a boo there more than used to this if fans DONT BOO it wiil do more than if thay do

  36. alex_ says:

    i cant wait until boston faces the heat in round 2….i am sure that the heat gonna loose this series like they did in regular season series…wordaapp

  37. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    it will be nice but the Cleveland game was a Regular Season Game not a playoff game so far we are PERFECT in the playoffs now I am not saying we will stay that way but judge us now in this moment this is why they came together for this moment ( how you like those apples).

  38. SMOOVE says:

    They’re gonna get burned by the Celtics if Rondo plays like an MVP and the two O’neals are healthy. It’s gonna be interesting how LeBron and Wade will deal with the team that sent them home packing last post season. We all know that the Celtics can handle the Heatles defensively, but we’re not sure how the Heat will guard the 4 All Stars, Jeff Green and the two O’neals. This series will be all about defense and execution down the stretch–and the Heat are not known to be the best closers in the game.

  39. doctor 'k' says:

    HEAT fuel off anything, they kick evrey body no matter when,how.who, or where. 2011 NBA CHAMPS!!!!

    • BLKBEAUTY says:

      I totally agree. If EVERYONE plays @ 100%……….They can TAKE IT ALL!!! 🙂

      • tata says:

        They are playing against a .500 team with a bunch of playoff rookies. I can’t wait until they get their wakeup call in round 2. Bye bye.

  40. hhe says:

    what about the cleveland game they cant take the crowd…they lose that game

    • asdasdsa says:

      You think they lost that because of the crowd? LOL. The second time the crowd wasn’t even that hostile.. What happened the first time when the crowd was hostile? Oh yeah, 40 point win lol

  41. Punisher says:

    Like them or Hate them, they are the most prepared squad other than the Bulls (not C’s cause they almost lost two games at Home) they were ready for the playoffs cause everytime they go on the road, they get Playoff intensity they got a BULLS EYE on their back like the Lakers. they were challenge but comes through with it.
    To secure their chance of getting to the FINALS and that Trophy they just now need to know how to finish games with title contender teams like what they will face in the 2nd round.

    Keep it Up Heat! Caliente!
    DWade=Finals MVP 06
    King=2 time reg. season MVP
    and Bosh. XDDDD

  42. Blueprint says:

    They’re borderline masochists now.

  43. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:

    hahaha SHAUN POWELL no comment…GO HEAT!!!