Magic Fan Fighting For Dwight

PORTLAND — Ryan Totka is an entrepreneur, celebrity booking agent and perhaps most important for our purposes here at the hideout, an unabashed Orlando Magic fan.

So he owes us no apologies for advocating for his favorite team’s best player, that would be three-time Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard, to fight the growing trend and stick around when free agency hits after next season.

Totka has already debuted a website,, T-shirts and a digital billboard in Orlando to kick off the campaign. Whether it works or not remains to be seen. Howard has a long time to go before he makes a decision on his future.

All that does is give Totka more time to intensify his efforts, which he clearly plans on doing, based on an email conversation we had with him as he awaited Friday night’s Game 3 of the Magic-Hawks playoff series.

We asked Totka if “The Decision,” last summer’s LeBron James free agent-palooza on ESPN, had anything to do with his campaign. We figured it was a logical conclusion considering the similarities in the dilemma facing both young stars, choosing between the city and franchise that sheltered you as you grew from a potential star into a full-blown megastar.

“I think LeBron’s decision stunned his hometown people the most, the one’s who see his face on a daily basis, driving to work seeing his face on signs and billboards around the city,” Totka said. “In Cleveland, he was the first person people talk about with their family and at work from the moment they wake up. Dwight is Orlando’s LeBron, the same way the city brands him around the town.”

That’s why Totka said he wanted his campaign to get rolling before the free-agent hype kicked up for Howard, while also giving local fans a chance to chime in with their support during the playoffs.

“The reception has been great among local businesses around town,” Totka said. “It’s interesting talking to the owners of restaurants and bars around the Amway Center, and truly explaining the economic impact a player like Dwight has in downtown Orlando. Many restaurants are doing what it takes now, creating menu items called the “D12” Burrito and “Superman” hotdog. I live 200 yards from the arena, so I get to see everything first hand.”

While Totka has not yet had the chance to speak to Howard face-to-face about the campaign, he has bumped into others that speak the Magic center on a regular basis. He’s made sure to spread the word to anyone willing to listen. And that includes Magic assistant and Howard’s mentor Patrick Ewing.

“I ran into (Ewing) at the Apple store yesterday and I actually had my StayDwight shirt on,” Totka said. “My buddy who worked there introduced me to him and he loved the idea, saying ‘We Need Him’.”  Magic VP Pat Williams wrote Totka to set up a lunch meeting and he’s even corresponded with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Totka said he emailed Cuban the billboard he put in and said he got an immediate response:

Meet Dan Fegan. Dan meet Ryan. Dan is Dwight’s agent.  Dan, Ryan does off court promotions and bookings for celebs. He has gotten me engagements. I have known Ryan for a while now

You guys should know each other if only to keep in touch on the keep Dwight effort.


In the end, it’ll be up to Howard to decide his own future.

A new collective bargaining agreement should be in place by then, so there is quite a bit about this situation that is still to be determined.

“I’m really torn about what I think Dwight is going to decide. It’s great to hear everyone’s strong opinions around town,” Totka said. “Some think he would never leave … others think he has one foot out the door to Los Angeles, and not the Lakers, but to play with Blake Griffin and the Clips, which would be a change of the guard in L.A.  Being an entrepreneur, I’ve realized that money is not always the motivation. You have to be where your heart is. Deep down inside I think he is going to stay in the city that loves him, O-Town!”

Only time will tell. Howard’s connection to the fans in Orlando is strong. And he’s a hit with fans all over the place, he’s got Twitter followers galore and has built a global following (check the video below) thanks to the supersized personality that matches his superstar game.

But one thing is clear, Totka isn’t going anywhere.

In fact, he’s just getting started with his efforts.


  1. Howard for MVP! says:

    this is ridiculous, everyone on here is dreaming bout having howard, he will either stay, or go to the next team with a big plan like miami had last off-season. no team will look the same, just minus 1 player and plus howard, if howard goes to a team, the team will be basically brand new except maybe 2-3 guys. being a magic fan i hope he stays but Otis Smith needs to do a good job this off-season and whoever he brings around howard cant be under achievers like the players we got this year, its ridiculous how much they lean on howard to get everything done, and how much they play to the level of their competition at times. in the end, if the magic dont do something next year (since digging out of a 3-1 hole the way they are playing is basically impossible) then i guess howard should have the right to walk off without being boo-ed cause he tried his best here and i honestly feel bad for him. just dont do it the way lestupid did it with a huge tv announcement and go to a superstar loaded team.

  2. celtics champions says:




  5. LakerHater says:

    Mr. Dwight Howard…Welcome to Miami 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    The internet is full of idiots.

  7. Henry says:

    Dwight needs to come to Boston to team up with Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green. This is the future, the post big-three era.

  8. Meek says:

    Im a Dwight Howard fan so where he goes i will support him. He my favorite player ever.

  9. memory dream, bayombong says:

    i wish siperman will stay on magics uniform… cp3 is not the answer for howard to stay.. i want to see howard and jameer grow together just like d’fish and kobe.. the best thing that otis smith do is to stop sorruonding him a bunch of 3 point shooters,, that is stupid.. we all know defense wins championship..give him someone who can create his own shot like kevin martin or monte ellis,, is doesnt to be a super star like cp3,, give also a defensive stopers and a solid back up bigman.. malmalmalmal.. gwapo yo…….

    • jane says:

      i see i see malmalmalmal… :))
      if a fan fights for his basketball player idol… me will fight for memory dream. ahaha. gwapo yoh! i love youuuuu..:))

  10. zoomjason says:

    thats fo ‘ sure.. there will be another superman in L.A. ~ j-zoom

  11. zoomjason says:

    thats fo ‘ sure.. there will be another superman in L.A. ~ j-zoom

    • KnicksDude says:

      yea I agree because Knicks don’t have Defense and amare is having injuries so they really need a big man. And personally for me they also need a good PG, not so celeb will do

  12. knicksfan says:

    he needs to come to the Knicks!!!! it would be the best front court in history melo, stat, and howard def better then miamis big 2 1/2

  13. Come to Portland Superman, your the only one we need, we’ll get rid of oden and some guys to get you .. we have a legitimate playoff team right now and with your addition, we could sky-rocket to a championship built team .. miller, matthew/roy, wallace, aldridge and you, superman – what a nightmare lineup opponents will be facing, even lebron will be scared with that

  14. LeQuit says:

    Surely he will come to CAVS. Dwight and Cavs will teach LeQuit a lesson.

  15. Osmosis says:

    If they don’t win the championship I don’t see Dwight staying, unless they remake the team. Dwight can fit ANYWHERE he’s the best center in the league LOTS of pressure. I would see Dwight doing a shaq and looking for a Kobe or Dwayne Wade, which I think at this moment and time would be Chris Paul. I don’t see him in NY because they don’t play Defense. I think he would fit in Memphis with players like Marc Gasol, Z-BO, Rudy Gay, and CP3 (if possible) they also have a lot of good role players. Another good stop would be Denver for clear reasons. Thunder is great to, Kevin Durant and Westbrook would make things a lot easier for Dwight.

    • allaround baller says:

      No way D12 moves to memphis, why don’t the opposite? rudy gay to orlando?
      Denver isn’t better than staying orlando.
      Oklahoma would be too good to be true, they’ll be better than miami big3. But isn’t that too much for this league?

  16. allaround baller says:


  17. 3-6-1 fan says:

    come to miami D12,trade bosh,miller and chalmers..

  18. Jeff says:

    Ryan Totka is a MARKETING GENIUS!!!

  19. deheat fan says:

    I’m hoping that Howard stays in orlando. though they should get rid of otis smith for those bone-head trades. as for cp3 they have a good point guard they should get someone who can create their own shot instead of 3 pointer specialest as for him going anywhere I like the idea of him going to the clippers I would rather him come down to the heat but i’m hoping riley goes after greg oden.

  20. fan says:

    chicago bull and thunder have room for dwight’s future. they are the next teams that meet each other during playoff final.
    lakers will most likely keep drew, i dont heat can get him, and boston only have rondo left by the time dwight is free

  21. Amway Arena Maintenance Man says:

    Dwight Howard is under a lot of pressure now. These billboards that say “Stay Dwight Stay” and that sort of thing will just make Howard look bad, the same way LeBron had billboards everwhere, it made LBJ look worse. Dwight wouldn’t wanna look like a traitor so this publicity could be bad. It’s up to Dwight if he wants to move, but when I see him in the locker room or home games, it looks like he loves it here in Orlando. Go Magic!

    • allaround baller says:

      right, this billboard thing choke him a little. now give him a space to think and sure a real combo. hard to believe that both carter and (especially) arenas flop

  22. OKC FAN says:

    Dwight might end up in NY all he wants is a big media market and NY would have cap space and im sure that Amare and Melo would take pay cuts. I still hope he stays put nothing wrong with ending a career ringless as bad as it may sound.

  23. brandon smith says:

    i a heats fan and would love for you to come but stay in orlando don’t be like camelo and leave and be on a losing streak losing 9 out of 10 games

  24. Brian says:

    The Orlando Magic aren’t capable of putting you with the talent you need to be surronded with to make it to the next level. You need someone like Chris Paul (or maybe the original and better version of Chris Paul). Go to New Jersey where they have the salary room and Deron Williams. You will tear the league apart as a part of that dynamic duo.
    Good luck,
    Deron and Dwight fan

  25. SCOTT says:

    The only reason that he would stay is no state income taxes. (And that’s a pretty big dam.n reason, in my opinion.) That’s easily $8 Mil in the pocket on a $100 Mil contract. That isn’t chump change to these guys, no matter what you think. Most people could never have to work again with $8 Mil invested CONSERVATIVELY! Florida and Texas teams have a significant advantage from that perspective. All that being said, he definitely wants a championship and knows he’s in a one-horse town… they have a lot of roster work to do to be the next San Antonio.

  26. diamatthew says:

    hey Dwight, remember how a superman from Orlando once left for LA and got 3 rings? LOL

  27. fran says:

    Thank you for your efforts, i agree, we gotta keep Dwight here, being a season ticket holder for 14 year, I can speak for many of us who have been loyal to this team, we do not, repeat, do not, want to go through another “rebuilding” season, so with our new arena, we gotta keep Dwight. As a loyal fan, people tease me all the time saying “Dwight’s going to L.A.” some people insist they have “inside info” on that. I don’t believe that, I believe with our love and support, Dwight stays here, so yes, let’s let him know how much we appreciate him and start a campaign to keep him

  28. Alejandro says:

    i think dwight should stay, i myself am a huge fan of the team and although they may not be the greatest team ever they can definately be molded into one, look at miami they were supposed to beat jordan and the bulls record of 72-10 and they didnt even come close and they have 3 huge superstars on there team plus a large # or great role players, if the dwight stays and the magic can get one more good young key player theyre guaranteed to win a championship

  29. somedude says:

    To all laker fans wishing Howard on their team, I wouldn’t trade for him because Kobe is clearly getting older and in a couple of years I just think he’ll be done considering he’s been playing NBA basketball since coming out of high school. So basically, u would have a washed up team with Howard at the center position. In other words, u would be wasting Dwight’s potential. Lakers fans have to face it, rebuilding mode is gonna come sooner or later. Same for the Celtics.

  30. lakersfan says:

    id personally love to see Bynum traded for howard and the Lakers either drop blank and fisher or have fisher reduce his contract so we could also get CP3…… Imagine CP3 (point), Kobe (guard), Artest (at small), Gasol (at power), and Dwight howard at center with lamar and shannon brown and fisher for the bench…. scary idea… 3 or 4 more rings would be possible

  31. dwight aint goin anywhre says:

    hes gonna stay and i aint a magic fan im a lakers fan but hes gonna stay he loves that place

  32. Jao says:

    no k22. it would be a 1-0 punch because Kobe will be 0.

  33. mofo biachh says:

    stay in Orlando you guys arent the same anymore as 08 why D wiGht y?!

  34. elliott says:

    I think orlando should get memphis star rudy gay who is a free agent and aslo chris paul i think the team would be more dominate and get rid of arenas nelson and turkagloo

  35. ALI says:


  36. oaxaca12 says:

    man, thats not fair. Dwight has to come to the lakers, he will never win a ring in orlando

  37. k22 says:

    Dwight needs to come to LA, kobe and dwight would be a great 1-2 punch just like the old shaq and kobe days.

  38. steven isherwood says:

    Titles mean more than money!
    Loyalty may give Dwight more money but it will most probably stop him getting a title. The Big 3 at Miami set a great standard by settling for less to be real contenders.
    Dwight needs a SUPERstar team mate..not just star teammates.

    • Pete BR says:

      Lol…. I love to see how Miami fans are so excited about this big 3 thing that they think they can bring anyone to their team… Miami taking D.Howard is not only impossible (he loves Orlando and would not betray the Magic for the Heat) but would be no fun either… I mean, first of all, James and Bosh should have never left their teams, because it actually gave the league some depth in teams with stars, forcing people to watch more games, therefore more attendance, therefore, more fans, therefore more money…it’s simple.. But now if someone wants to see all-star stuff, they just plug into Miami, Lakers, Celtics, Bulls Tv and watch it…

    • hahaha says:

      “set a great standard by settling for less to be real contenders ” hahahahha

  39. PF!!! says:

    That’s what the Magic really need a PF also get rid of Arenas and depending on his playoff performance Hedo
    They need a young all around sf + a PF I’d love to see Love in a magic uniform but I doubt the Tolves would trade such a player for arenas and draft picks orlando really needs another star if they wanna be contenders and the only postion in need of one IMO is the PF

  40. laxsav says:

    Magic should get rid of the coach and they can just by improving rotation of the current roster get on to the championship wagon. Current coach is just glued to Jameer Nelson and is not giving consistent minutes to Gilbert, thus not letting him have confident shots.

  41. Jericho says:

    “Deep down inside I think he is going to stay in the city that loves him, O-Town!” O-town like Oakland! come to the Golden State Warriors, we need a center of his stature. Warriors are a playoff caliber team with a third string center for a stater. Warrios biggest flaws are defense, especially interior, and rebound differentials. Dwight solves both of those in spades. Come West but forget LA, it’s a frickin’ wasteland.

  42. DAVID says:

    Having Dwight Howard can make any GM job easier because adding the pieces to build aound a supersar center is much eaier than having one of the other star positions to build around; after having said this I believe Otis Smith has done one of the worse jobs I have ever seen in destroying the Magic potential. Take a player in Mikael Pietrus who was one of the best perimeter defenders against Lebron James when they beat the Cavs to go to the finals a couple years ago and Marcin Gortat is probably the best backup centers in the league; all of these young pieces take a few a few years to mature together with Howard to get to the final goal of a championships. Often when a team comes so close, it only takes a small tweaking to get over the hump. I would bet if they have kept all the pieces except trade Rashard Lewis for a better fit lunchpale hard worker unknown such as a Carl Landry for example which would add to team chemistry then they would be much improved right now and be the favorite in the east.
    When I heard they traded those two for Gilbert and Richardson I knew it is a step back for Orlando; team balance and chemistry is destroyed, it such a horrible job by the GM.

    • Brydon says:

      There’s more that goes into it. Lewis has that enormous contract, so you can really only swap him out for another player with an enormous contract (ie. Arenas).

  43. wootsiWoots says:

    GET ALLEN IVERSON!! or STEVE FRANCIS! those two can create shots!

  44. hola says:

    He should come to Toronto

    • derp says:

      lmao yeah he should come to toronto for sure

    • QuestionMark says:

      I live in T.O and I know thats not gonna happen, no matter how sweet it would be, only way Raps can get him is if they somehow become a Playoffs team next year, and even if they do, they have like a one percent chance to get Dwight. If they do get him atleast Howard will have a star to play with in Derozan, rather than carrying the load all by himself in Orlando.

  45. lalala says:

    Stay or work with Nash ….

  46. hola says:

    hi big man

  47. tata says:

    Miami should trade Frenchy for Howard. They will never win with him on their “squad”.

  48. milos trendevski says:

    He should come in San Antonio

  49. james says:

    I hope Dwight stays in Orlando. Consider this: The only other pro sports team in the Orlando Area is the AFL’s Orlando Predators. They aren’t a huge media attraction. Basically, Dwight Howard is the face of Orlando sports. It would be a shame to see him leave.

  50. Laker Idiot says:

    After the Lakers lose this year Howard will end up in LA in a blockbuster trade that sends Gasol, Artest or Barnes, and Bynum to Orlando for Howard. Lakers will release Fisher and possibly Blake in hopes of clearing space and salary for CP3. New Big 3 is born with with Bryant, Howard an CP3. Lakers 2012 champs!

    • Pete BR says:

      L.O.L MY DUDE.

      Where did you get this idea from? Your dreams? must be from there, ’cause there ain’t NO WAY the Lakers are giving up Gasol, Artest, Bynum and Fisher all at once!

      Fisher signed a 2 year contract, he stays until the end of NEXT season, and they’re not going to kick him out, specially with his I.Q, clutch, leadership and personality.
      Artest will most likely stay due to his ability to lock down good players, (if he’s focused).
      Gasol is just too good of a player to leave, I.Q, personality, clutch, size.. He’s currently the best (P)F in the league.
      Bynum is a possibility… But he’s showing just how good he is this season, and how dominant he can be. Remember, he man handled Howard BIG TIME. Big I wouldn’t mind having Howard instead of Bynum either… 🙂
      Barnes could leave… I love how he defends well and shoots the 3-ball well, but he could fit other teams better than L.A.
      Blake is MUST leave… Jesus, I thought it was a good sign, but he’s awful this season, and is simply a poor poor replacemente for Fisher. L.A needs a young P.G to lead the way, specially one who fits the triangle and can defend.

      Now, outta L.A, talk cp3 and Howard….
      CP3 stated he wants to be a Laker, but I highly doubt that will happen… If that happened, L.A would have no bench as Bynum would be a must trade offer in order for the Hornets to trade him away, forcing Odom to be a starter… Then the bench would be (if stayed like it is now): Walton, Blake, Barnes, Ratliff, Fisher, Brown. I mean, how bad is that bench?

      Howard to the Clippers… Listen, he said he wanted a championship contender team… Not a team that has been in the league for quite some time now and has failed over and over again… (Look at their draft picks and what they have kept… Do you really think they can hold Griffin in there for his entire career? lol..) Plus, the Clippers don’t have enough cash to afford him, Griffin, Williams, Foye, Kaman, Gordon.. In order to bring Howard they would have to rip it all up, by sending Williams and Kaman (or who knows, Gordon) to Orlando and keep a poor bench with only Griffin and Howard… Chances are just so small that Howard is going to the Clippers….
      If the Lakers traded Bynum and Walton (please send Walton or maybe some money in the way Orlando, do you think they would hesitate to accept that offer? Bynum’s 23 and has proven to be a major force, and has dealt with his injuries very well, he’s just as dominant as Howard when he’s healthy and focused, he’s proven that, not only 1 or 2 times.

      But as a Laker fan I recommend the staff above to make the right decision… Don’t get too excited about trying to bring CP3 or Howard… Take that time to think it over, look at the NBA’s roster, choose and pick players that would fit the Lakers style of play, which is, defense.
      The Lakers are in need for a young PG that fits, and bench.
      With Blake out, the young PG in, and Fisher sitting, that’s already a good bench.
      Barnes out with Walton to bring some depth, someone like Batum not only would fit but would bring youth to this team. (not saying he will leave the blazers and go to L.A, just a suggestion..).
      Giving Caracter more playing time would be a good thing, he’s a good defender.
      Ebanks is a high flyer energizer, just like Shannon Brown, giving (Ebanks) more playing time would be ideal..
      And Shannon Brown could replace the young PG that comes in from time to time instead of often forcing Kobe to play the 3 spot (F).

      In the end, it’s up to the people upstairs to decide… All we (fans) can do, is cheer for the best..

    • ? says:

      Ladies and Gentlemen, if your not sure what crack will do to your brain, just read @ Laker idiot. The Lakers will trade Bynum for Dwight before the trade Gasol for Dwight. And the Lakers will not lose this year, dispite what people may think.

    • Laker Idiot says:

      Your right. They won’t get ride of Gasol, they”l drop Kobe and then rebuild with Howard. Laker’ 2012 champs again baby. Sorry but we’re losing to N.O. in this series.

  51. dandadda says:

    Unfortunately, the only great players left who will be free agents, or the bulk of them, are point guards. Orlando already has a pretty good point guard in Jameer Nelson and he and Dwight are already the core of the Orlando Magics team. I don’t think that bringing in a new point guard like CP3 or Steve Nash will solve their woes. What they need is more from the grossly overpaid and underachieving Gilbert Arenas, consistency from Richardson, and for Hedo Tur*&^%$ to step it up. The new acquisitions aren’t much worse than the ones they gave up to get them, but they definitely are no better off. what they need is to try and land a decent small forward or shooting guard who can consistently give them 20 points a night. This, they do not have with any of their new acquisitions.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Actually Nelson is great, but hasn’t shown he can score 20 a night, CP3 and give them a double-double every night, what they need aren’t scoring SG and SF, but defensive minded SF and SG to stop players like Pierce, Allen, Wade, Lebron, Kobe, Johnson, Crawford, etc. I think if they land CP3 in a trade, they can try to get Ariza along with CP3, and hopefully give up Arenas and Turk. I would keep J-Rich since he has shown more consistency than Turk, but J-Rich needs to start scoring in the paint or making mid-range jumpers.

      Chris Paul, Orlando will be waiting for you! Even though I live in T.O, I would love to see you play with Magic.

  52. lambo says:

    i agree with lebron that the league should have every nba team with its own big three so there can be more close games rather than blowouts…..perfect example.. the chicago bulls vs the kings…..who do you thinks gonna win?? but if the kngs had chris paul, dwight howard, and shannon brown ( i just threw him in there, totally random) you would never know who would win unless you had those die hard chi town fans who always say the bulls are going to win but yeah just something to think about

  53. lambo says:

    lol if he goes to chi town im going to stop watching tv all together but imagine this………LAIDIES AND GENTLEMEN WELCOME #12 FOR THE MIAMI HEAT…DWWWWWWWWWWWWWWIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHTTTTTT HOOOWWWWWAAARRRDDDDDDDD

    • jonathan says:

      The miami heat would b broker than broke if that happened. lol

      • celtics2011 says:

        if dwight went to miami, i think we should just use the miami heat vs the western all stars in the all star game

    • ? says:

      Another crack headed heat fan on the site. Over three hundred million on the heats payroll. How would they be able to pay Dwight Howard? This is why a lot of people dont like heat fans, you people are not realistic.

      • @ ? says:

        Where on EARTH did you come up with $300 milion in payroll for the heat? They actually have about $65 million this year. Lakers have abou $91. Magic have about $88…I don’t know what team you root for, but if you’re representative of your team, I don’t like you fans…

    • QuestionMark says:

      Heat will have to give up half their bench for Dwight, even though that starting lineup will be good and dominate every other starting lineup, the bench will die against other benches, even by the Cav’s bench.

  54. Kevin says:

    Though rumors say that Dwight will leave for the Lakers, I don’t believe he’s going to leave Orlando. I’m a Lakers fan but I do not see him leave the Magic, his time will come soon though.

  55. #2 Magic Fan says:

    Apparently I’m the #2 Magic fan.

  56. Pagiho says:

    Ican see Dwight leavin Orlando, because they nothin to offer him except an early playoff exit

  57. Chris says:

    I know it’ll never happen but just imagine if he went to Chicago, that would be a great sight!

  58. Magic Fan says:

    Hope he stays. If the Magic get far in the playoffs and made good free agency moves Dwight Howard should stay.

  59. Blueprint says:

    Unfortunately, I can see Dwight leaving Orlando. He’s logging in colossal minutes for somebody that gets banged around as much as he does. Plus, the team basketball that Orlando has been playing the past couple of years is clearly not getting them anywhere, yet Otis Smith brings in a ton of 3 point shooters. My goodness, when will he realize that living by the 3 point line won’t get them anywhere? If they manage to ship out all the excess 3 point shooters on that team, they might have a shot at keeping Dwight if they net a guy who can actually create his own shot.

  60. Zzanzabar says:

    I knew a guy once who could make a complete car out of parts from completely different brands of automobiles. He would take an axle from a Chevy, a radiator from a Ford, Motor from Chrysler, air compressor from a Volvo, stuff like that. When he was done the car would actually work. Now it wasn’t the BEST car a person could get, but it ran pretty well. That’s what the Magic have right now as a team. Van Gundy has done a remarkable job just getting the pieces he has to even WORK together, but they are all pieces to a different team.

    Howard is no different than any other superstar in today’s NBA, the minor accolades like DPOY, or even MVP are nice but he wants the whole enchilada. If the Magic are not going to sign a Cris Paul (or someone equal to him) then he is going to leave Orlando to somewhere that already has the pieces in place.

    • Bryan says:

      wow, that made me hungry, and want a new car lol, but I would have to agree 100%. Of course being a Magic fan I resent the thought of Howard leaving, but if we leave him no choice. I believe if we don’t make an impressive playoff run this year then Otis will pull any strings he can to change his roster for the better. He was going for the whole “create for themselves” offensive player when they signed Carter, but he really failed big time. CP3 would be awsome but i would hate to see them get rid of Nelson, he has always came through in close games, likewise for Richardson. So, I really don’t know what moves need to be made, but something has to be done

      • Zzanzabar says:

        I think that Van Gundys ‘live by the 3, die by the 3’ offensive philosophy has got to go. The parts he has now just cannot be depended upon to deliver consistancy night after night. When Hedo actually drives to the basket he is FAR more effective both for himself and the team. All they have to do is step INSIDE the 3 point area and they would have 17 – 20 feet jumpers all night and the rebounds from those shot are far easier for Howard to get than the high bounces from 3 point misses. Putting an injured Arenas beyond the arc is rediculous, let him drive (while his knees can take it) and then dish off to Howard or Turkou.

        Right now Atlanta is willing to let Howard score 30 – 40 points a night as long as the rest of the team keeps throwing up 3 point bricks. Get closer, get fouled and get to the line and you will defeat most teams in the Eastern Conference.