Heat-Knicks Series? Wade Can’t Wait!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If form holds and the Heat and the Knicks meet up in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, Heat star Dwyane Wade can’t wait.

You know Knicks fans and Heat fans alike will be licking their chops at the prospect of their respective “Big 3s” having the chance to match wits in the postseason.

“It would be great for the game of basketball if Miami and New York play,” Wade told Newsday. “The story lines, the history, the players. There can be a lot talked about. It really brings a lot of excitement to the first round of the playoffs. Both teams would love it.”

But beyond those with a clear rooting interest, the series holds all sorts of interesting subplots that could make for entertaining fare beyond those intimately involved.

Barbara Barker of Newsday is already priming the pumps:

The teams have a lot in common. Each boasts a pair of players among the top 15 in the league. Each lacks size. And each is composed of new players who are struggling to understand their roles and trying to jell.

OK, maybe it would be more accurate to say the Knicks have two of the league’s top 15 players in Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire and Miami has two of the top three in [LeBron] James and Dwyane Wade. But that only lends some David-and-Goliath excitement to the matchup.

Except for Kobe Bryant, no one is a better closer than Wade. He’s the only one of the four to have won an NBA title and generally is a force at the end of games. James is the best all-around player in the league.

So why should Miami fear the Knicks? Well, the No. 1 reason is that the Knicks beat them at home this season.

OK, the Knicks’ 91-86 victory in Miami remains inexplicable on many levels, most notably on the level that the Knicks, who had been together for less than a week, were a better team on defense. But the win does bring up some questions about the Heat’s ability to execute down the stretch. It also gives the Knicks a feeling that anything is possible heading into the series.

It’s hard to imagine a first-round matchup with more story lines: the LeBron Drama, the Melo drama, a court full of superstars, the revival of one of the fiercest NBA rivalries, flashbacks of Jeff Van Gundy riding Alonzo Mourning‘s leg . . . the list goes on and on.

Yes it does.

And Barker didn’t even mention the Pat Riley connection, which might be the most intriguing aspect of all!

This could very well be the most entertaining of all the first round series, if it happens.


  1. KD says:

    psst people seriously believe the Knicks can win this series ? They have no defense whatsoever, the big 3 will light them up. The Knicks’s win against the Heat last time was simply due to the buzz they got after the Melo trade and the Heat ‘s slump during that month, Knicks need a big man and a better bench if they want to go far in the playoff.

    • NY LEGEND says:

      Lol are you joking? There are so many people who jump on the bandwagon of the “knicks play no defense”, but they are starting to prove that can get steals and blocks and that they can close out close games. I’m pretty sure Amar’e stuffed the hell out of Lebron the last time they played. And Wade the best closer? How about Carmelo Anthony? Didn’t he have another game winning shot in memphis? Didn’t he shoot it in lebron’s eye last year to force tears? Isn’t Chanucey billups a finals MVP and doesbt he have a championship ring with the alias “Mr. Big shot” ? Let’s face the facts, when the Knicks are shooting double digits in 3 pointers, there are very few teams that can contend; and if it comes to a close game, like the playoffs usually do, NY has the upper hand.

  2. SMOOVE says:

    Hey guys come on let’s get decent here. Rose is definitely the MVP. Just the way this season has turned out for him and the Bulls. It’s something definitely fascinating. Unfortunately, I don’t think he can carry the Bulls past the Celtics. Not just yet.

  3. KIngKobra2 says:

    you are an idiot cryami heat. Your brain is as drug filled as THEHEATSUCK’s brain. Pathetic. I”m prestty sure your shot i s as ugly as joakim noah’S HAIR.

  4. cryami heat says:

    @Usuck are you joking rose not the mvp? hahaha well go cry to your mommy hater they have the best record int he east and sure thing rose will be the mvp

  5. cryami heat says:

    the knicks will upset the heat just like in 99 and 2000 season.. when allan houston nails the last second shot and beat the top seeded heat. history repeats itself

  6. The Heater says:

    Ill take the heat in 5 games. The knicks def is garbage yes they can score but miami has a much better def then the knicks. I believe miami had the number one def in the east for three months and the only reason they have slipped a lil is because coach spo is working so hard the last month polishing up for the playoffs on offense. The heat will get back to their D for the playoffs now that the O is clicking. As for melo covering LBJ no way not in his life time will he ever be able to do it. Billups is one of my fav players and is great come playoffs but he is getting old. Amare will take care of bosh no question. But wade knows what it takes in the playoffs and hes a beast ( the second best closer to only kobe) playing today. As for Bosten they did miami a fav buy getting rid of perkins shaq is hurt jermaines knees are done so i think the heat can beat bosten in 7 the only team that stands in the way of the finals is the bulls. Yes miami has holes at PG and C but i think the only team that can really make them show is the bulls. Big Z and joel A can take care of b davis and J oneal for bosten. But yes any team can beat any team on any given night but will they be able to take a series. The team that wants it more and plays with the most heart will be victorious.

  7. maliky says:

    i certainly agree with ice pogi even though i like the knicks but i wouldnt say carmelo had dragged either of his teams down …& i would love to see the miami heat win the championship

  8. malick says:

    i certainly agree with ice pogi even though i like the knicks but i wouldnt say carmelo had dragged either of his teams down …& i would love to see the miami heat win the championship

  9. r0naldoDSANTOS says:

    the knicks can beat the miami…. even the no.8 can beat the no.1 seed… remember ” impossible is nothing” LoL… the NYKnicks is a nightmare match-up for the HEAT

  10. jero Celtics says:

    Be careful what you wish for, the ball is round and anything can happen, remember golden states(8) beat dallas(1).

  11. Ice Pogi says:

    I may pick Denver now than the Knicks to play with miami heat on the playofs…only if they represent eastern conference… Knicks have no chance at all…. If the trade comes a little early maybe….Look how the HEAT are playing now…. Also the Nuggets are much better now w/out MELO….. Who will lead the Knicks MELO STAT??? How far did melo reach when he was at denver??? At least LBJ have taken the cavs to the finals…. and he knew he need someone to lead them to the glory land… comparing their past teams of Melo and LBJ… the nuggets are far better than the cavs…. with K.Mart ,J smith Nene
    Birdman and billups….but MELO dragging them down… how about the cavs??? virtually nothing surprise me… Mo Williams??? who else???overrated Jamison??? It has been all LBJ…. look at the cavs after he was gone….
    @ marcus
    Hey do you really know anything about basketball??? Heat No Bench???? How about the knicks???? who else the got??? beside tony douglas???? Who else??? how about Chalmers House Haslem Miller Jones J Anthony??? Knickss 39-38 Miami 54-23???

  12. marcus says:

    Ill take the Knicks over the cryami heat. If the games gets close down the stretch which is will the knicks will pull it out. Heat fans seem to forget how much their team chokes and they have no beach. I suggest Wade bosh and james play the full 48 or they goin down in the first round. Which wouldnt be a surprise.


    Miami Heat has the two best players in NBA, they will win it all

  14. D Sands says:

    The Knicks cant beat miam. Miami have to beat themselves for the knicks to win and i mean not closing out games and not playing together down the strech of the game

  15. max says:

    ny definitely has the best chance with the heat. boston, chicago, and orlando are all around better teams because they play as a unit, as compared to both the heat and the knicks, who function as a group of superstars. the knicks might have had a better chance pre-carmelo, but that doesnt matter now. im pulling for a heat-knicks series because that gives the knicks the best chance of going further, and also itll bring back memories from the ewing-alonzo era

  16. nyk says:

    you are some stupids fans melo chauncey and stoudamire sure can beat the heat the only weapon of miami is name wade cause i never seen lebron james in a closegame doing something productive in close games he sure sucks stupids and is prove that lebron sucks closing games he cant even tie one in overtime or a winning shots he doenst have heart to do dose things bosh is a cold and hot player if he got a good night he will do some damage….im a big melo fan but i know that were gonna loose that series with the heat cause we are not in rithm

  17. nbafan says:

    don’t forget that the five stars (including bosh) are all from the same draft year. it’s gonna be epic.

  18. smart says:

    I think the celtics played it smart, specially Doc Rivers, i honestly think tat the celtics know the knicks are going to be dangerous come playoff time so they kept losing games to avoid facing them, dont b surprised if the celtics lose to the heat if their records are the same

  19. javy says:

    Heats 4-0

  20. Man charo says:


    MIAMI BY 5

  21. awesomeness says:

    knicks doesnt have a weakness in their point guard like heat does so :/ its a 50-50 game it could go either way.

  22. this would be a better first round…boston and knicks….cuz heat won’t have 2nd place in the east….boston wins in 6 and heat lose in 6 to pacers or sixers…..hehe

  23. i would like to see this series being a true nba fan….i beleive melo, billups and stoudemire versus wade, bosh and james would be a sure game 7 series….although I don’t care for either team…on paper i would go with the knicks….

  24. Jake says:

    This series would be dope!

  25. numerouno says:

    i say its were just gonna have to watch but it might go to seven games but the celtics ill crush em both and the bulls will win the east and the lakers are going back to the finals! believe dat!

  26. SMOOVE says:

    I’m not a Heat and certainly not a Knicks fan, but I do agree that when it comes down to the final seconds, Carmelo’s gonna win it for the Knicks. But that’s only gonna happen if the Knicks will play defense to even come close in the scoreboard against Miami.

  27. Watch out for LA says:

    Well first, after reading this article…the only comment that stuck in my mind was the “James is the best all around player in the league.” Which he isn’t. Always amazes me of the things Kobe Bryant does, and he’s still labaled “the best closer.” Get outta here with the non-sense, he’s by far the best closer, the best since Jordan and is easily the best player in the league. People really need to calm down on giving Lebron all this credit, when he hasn’t done anything. I admit, the one year he won mvp, he deserved it, but the next year he didn’t, simple and plain. But if any low seeded team can upset a high seeded team, it’s New York. And it’s the New York vs. Miami series where it could likely happen. But we’ll see…till then heat fans, hope all is well!!!

  28. Become Legendary says:

    This lady is on crack!!!! Besides Kobe D-Wade is the best closer….hhahahahahaahaha If this is true how come Lebron is taking the last shot in the games on the line????…Miami does not have a Carmelo Anthony(who actually is CLUTCH) to lead them down the stretch plus New York has Mr. Big Shot…this is a 4th quarter team who will win the series if it is close goin in to the 4th quarters of the series

  29. SMOOVE says:

    Mike D’Antoni’s style is just not suited for the playoffs. It all slows down come post season. Yeah he did it with Phoenix but it was completely different back then. Do you think a team that wants to win by outscoring their opponents will get anywhere? Psh. Give me a break. Please.

  30. HeatvsKnicks says:


    Heat lost because they collapsed on defense. When was the last time that happened? After their skid they never allowed themselves to give up a lead (which this article forgets) and then lose. They have more discipline on that.

    Heat have been playing better D, better team ball, and in this game WADE did not take over. Also Miller was in the damn game for so long and did nothing. Heat finally using other players, but Spo’s rotations STILL SUCK. If Heat get their rotations right, Knicks will get swept.

    Lol, Wade excited? He’s going to blow Knicks out of the water.

    ALSO with Bibby now, Heat have MORE offense.

    Knicks bench has more depth? Only Tony Douglas, the rest are there for “defense” but we’ll see. Heat’s bench is still better when they get their damn shots. I wish Miller didn’t get injured, and he shouldn’t play longer than 20 minutes.

  31. Spidermaan says:

    yo you guys listen, the knicks know we aint gonna win no champ this season but if for nothing at all mayne, we will beat the Miami Heat…its the only thing we go to lose, we will beat them, i don’t care how many games its gonna take but definitely gonna beat them. defense will come in the playoffs and we all now lbj’s playoff history.

  32. Ice Pogi says:

    NO way knicks??? with that kind of defense??? ohh what defense??? Before the trade maybe??? but after that no way!!!
    I’m not saying that Amare, Billups and Anthony are not a great player… But comparing those two teams I think the Heat has the upper hand on their bench… I know Miller Jones House J.ANthony are not flashy players but they can do their job pretty well…most of them have a playoff experience…. If the Knicks retain Galo and Chandler or any of the 2 maybe they have a chance… But for now… NO WAY………

  33. Solomon says:

    This is a series where its hard for me to say which way I think it will go. Now the easy thing is to say Miami but Melo has a history of beating all of Miami Big three… He really gets up for these games and I think he will dominate where him and Lebron will cancel each other out which mean Lebron will avg 30 and so will Melo. The big difference is Billups and the Knick bench if they play well and AC come’s off the bench and plays defense on Wade like he did and the Knick win against the Heat early when the new Knicks got together then the Knick will win. But that is a lot to ask for so given respect to the Basketball gods I say Heat in 7…..

  34. SMOOVE says:

    I’m not on anybody’s side, but I really think Amare’s gonna eat Bosh. Heat will obviously win this. Guys, come on.. Carmelo can’t defend. He’s one dimensional and all he does is score. What’s worse is he’s a ball hog. Knicks shouldn’t have gotten him in the first place. How could you throw away Raymond Felton who’s having a heck of a season (18ppg,9apg with the knicks)? Crazy.

  35. Whozdat says:

    I agree it would be entertaining. The most entertaining for me is whoever the Bulls is playing hands down, but sure let these two teams go for it. I can already see it being a seven game series.

  36. Heat says:

    Bosh wont be able to get anything done, its basically Melo and Amare vs James and Wade. Billups will just light up chalmers or bibby, whichever gets in his way

    • chin says:

      you said nonsence! bosh is very good unless you are blind!

      • Sean says:

        bosh is a pretty good player but he chokes in the playoffs thats why hes never made it past the first round and a couple years ago when the raptors were the 3rd seed and the nets were the 6th the nets won because bosh choked and couldnt carry his team

  37. heat1 says:

    heat will win the first round, ONLY.

  38. Smitty Weberjagermanjensen says:

    The only reason the Knicks beat Miami less than a week after the trade was because they were still feeding off the momentum of the trade. There is no way Knicks can beat Miami, I ain’t of fan of them either the way I see it Miami is the new Two and A Half Men, but the knicks have poor defense just piss poor and Miami is like having a threesome with one of them being a selfish lover, someone’s not finishing.

  39. fan1 says:

    Dont forget that the knicks have alot more depth than Miami. The knicks will receive big contributions from toney douglas, anthony carter(who can guard Wade), and others

    • DBowe says:

      “Anthony Carter can guide Wade” please! Kobe can’t even guide Wade. And if they help then Lebron or Bosh will go off or one of the three point shooters. Wade is a beast who has “chosen” to take a back seat to Lebron. He can turn it on when he wants, and play some very good defense as well.

      • DBowe says:

        sorry “guard” not guide

      • Pad says:

        Right, maybe Rondo or Rose could guard Wade. (Rondo did a good job on LeBron, although the Refs didn’t seem to notice the fouls in the last matchup und Rose did a good job on Wade). But sincerely, they can make them score 20 or something but nobody, really nobody, can keep Wade and Lebron from Scoring less than 20 except for themselves.

  40. Tootsilog says:

    The problem with this is that you’re dwelling in the past for quite too long. We can see how the two teams are doing in their past games(which I believe will set the trend in the post season). The Heat have improved tremendously in the past weeks, while the Knicks seems to be still in the closet. Numbers don’t lie. See the Streaks stats of both teams. If you see it as the heat trying to avoid the knicks, why don’t you see it the other way around? History may leave its mark, but it is up to the heat to make the thing of the past STAY in the past.

  41. KIngKobra2 says:

    The knicks had only amre and they had great supporting cast and other people. New York got lucky idiots

  42. C-C@$# says:

    Meaning for this season . Sorry 4got to put that there in my comment.

  43. C-C@$# says:

    did you guys notice that there is one team the bulls have not beaten? That would be the Knicks. Don’t believe me check the scores and schedules section for yourself

  44. Rip Greenfire says:

    I don’t think this is gonna be exciting at all. Anthony and Amare still have no idea what they’re doing yet, and if Billups gets hurt, it’s all over. Fields was a nice pickup, but this is gonna be his first time at the playoffs, he’s gonna get nervous and become a non factor. Even though both benches leave a lot to be desired, I’m picking the Heat’s bench over the Knicks, especially when the Heat get Haslem back. NY has got no shot unless if one of Miami’s big 3 go down. Miami in 4, and that’s coming from an Orlando fan.

  45. KIngKobra2 says:

    I’m going real and sying amare should have stayed in phenoix because he went from one of the best power forwards in the west and in the western conference team of the suns to the overshadow of the knicks. Heat are equals with the three biggest superstars in the same draft. he knicks thought melo would bring the knicks to the lvel of competness of the rose bulls. Heat win 6 games because the HEAT ARE THE BEST! Knicks fans are dumnb. Look Knicks you don’t have any heart and any guts. BYE BYE KNICKS

  46. jwhite says:

    this wud be a fun matchup………….however as much of a Knick fan as i am i know they will not be able to beat the heat in a 7 game series…………NOT THIS YEAR!!!!! LOOK OUT NEXT YEAR!!!

  47. Zzanzabar says:

    The Eastern Conference has the Heat/Knicks match-up and the Western Conference has the Thunder/Nuggets, it is going to be an exciting first round (if everything remains the same). Although the winner of the rebounds and a teams defense tends to determine the outcome of playoff games, this will not be as important for this particular series. In the Heat/Knicks showdown they are equally matched as for style of play since defense is NOT number one in their list of game priorities. I expect a barn burner with Melo coming up big.

  48. yungdeuce says:

    i think the series will go atleast 6 cause billups is a monster in the playoffs, melo does what he wants, and amar’e will handle bosh cause he is angel soft,but the x factor for the knicks to win the series will be landry fields and toney douglas if they can provide some scoring along the ny 3’s they have a great chance of winning, but the heat’s x factor will have to be chalmers cause if he can contain and slow down billups the heat can run away wit it cause billups is the key because he sets the tempo

  49. Marcos says:

    Heat all day baby!!! exciting first round!!!

  50. Gary says:

    Judging Miami vs NY based of that ONE loss is dumb. Miami is a way better team and I don’t see them needing more than five to close out NY. But sine we’re talking about one game, how about when Miami killed the Nicks at home with all the players that are now in Denver earlier in the season when NY was hot. They let one slip at home so what? We’ve seen that NY is not close to where they want to be and won’t just magically be there within the next few weeks.

  51. LBJ4MVP says:

    Oh yeah, I’m a Heat Fan but the Knicks are going to be team Miami wants to avoid entering te post-season. The Knicks have almost the same amount of stars how can really pu the ball in the basket. For example, It ain’t gonna be easy for Lebron to score with ‘Melo on his tail, and Bosh will be burdened too with Stoudemire. The only person who won’t be defended that well is Dwyane Wade so he’s gonna have to put up some monster numbers if the Heat want to win. Not saying LeBron won’t score, its just going to be harder than usual. Bosh on the other hand will get blocked by Amare every time he goes in the paint, considering he gets blocked by people like Ryan Hollins…wtf?? Oh crap, I totally forgot about Chauncey Billups. Yeah, so the knicks are going to hard beat but I am pretty sure the Heat can win it in 7, if not 6 games.

  52. Aaron says:

    Miami taking this one, better team defensively and their offense can be ridiculous at times. More consistency is needed from the Knicks

  53. FACTS says:

    Chauncey Billups is scary during playoffs even Lebron himself knows that….. so Miami Heat be careful what you wish for unless someone guards him but if they use either Lebron or Wade against the old veteran, that would left Melo and STAT unguarded. But again, this is the only chance Miami Heat had since there is no guarantee that they could defeat Sixers without going seven games. This is a benefit for the Boston Celtics, so in order for this matchup not to occur, the Knicks and Heat both should win their remaining games. I believe Knicks can beat Celtics in a seven game series. Billups despite being old, can outdo Rondo.

  54. A FAN says:


  55. Lebron says:

    the Knick’s aren’t gunna stop anybody. They are in no way a defensive team (especially with D’Antoni as their coach) and they rely 100% on their offense. Zero percent chance they’ll beat the Heat in a 7 game series.

  56. DBBJ-MIA says:


  57. SMOOVE says:

    Heat at 5. Then again..here come the Celtics.

  58. Max says:

    I say if the Knicks start playing D. for real and I mean real D. they might have a litlle chance. But for that they will have to stop one the Big 3, Bosh, James or Wade. If you can stop 1 of the big 3 you have a great chance of winning. But can the Knicks do it? I don’t think so, I think it’s too late and too close to the playoff to set their D. So the series will b interesting for sure but we all know the outcome, we will all watch it for the love of the game. If the Knicks win then that would be a huge and I me HUGE UPSET.

    • Elmer Aure says:

      the ball is round better to know that fellow,anybody or any team can win the ball game with their hearts and spirit to win.It’s not just a talent laden but it’s a matter of luck and execution down to the last ticks of the game.They are all in the NBA if they’re not a good player or the best so to speak.It would be an interesting match up between the player itself so let’s just wait who will win the ballgame.

    • LAjonny says:

      sorry bosh fans but even though we have seen some flashes… miami i still only a big 2 1/2 !! if the heat want real sucess in the playoffs they gotta get some production outta thier big men.

  59. Mr. Washington says:

    Can’t wait for this series to go down. It will definitely be competitive but I am giving the Knicks 2 wins at most. I think the Heat are a much better team on both ends of the floor, and will be able to put the combination of defense and offense together more consistently than the Knicks will be able to. We know the Knicks can score the ball, but when they are having an off night, they don’t play enough defense to fight through and win games. I wish the playoffs started tonight.

    • Jamir says:

      I think the Knicks will fall short in this series due to the fact that they’ll rely on Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudamare entirely to much as well as shooting the 3. I think the Knicks doesnt have what it takes to get back to stop the transition offense that the Heat tends to when shots are missed. I believe the Heat will win the series 4-2, Lebron James and Dwayne Wade will be to much for the Knicks because they do not enough or any defensive stoppers to contain them when the game is on the line.

      • Mett says:

        I think the Bulls will slip to No. 2 by losing to Boston, Orlando, and the Knicks, and will therefore play the Knicks in the First Round, but if it is Heat-Knicks, Heat will sweep in 4-0 series. Billups cannot guard Wade, and this will be the difference in the series.

    • prix says:

      Heat will win it no doubt..maybe Knicks have a chance if they face Boston, now Boston is really weak inside with Kristic and Jermaine havent prove it yet, Amare can do everything he wants in the low post…Boston have the worst defense inside, Big baby Davis is strong but short, KG is old and weak this season..the main reason they lost a lot of games!!!

      • Law064 says:

        @Prix how can the Knicks beat Boston if they can’t beat Miami? Sorry to say but the knicks are in a slump and the Heat would beat them in 6 games I think. If NY face Boston I give the knicks 1 game. Prix you know nothing about the game

      • Brydon says:

        Boston has the worst defense inside!? Are you serious? I’m far from a Boston fan, but that’s ridiculous. The Heat have the worst frontcourt defense.

      • LAjonny says:

        hahahaha i think you all have some good points but none of this matters cause the bulls are going to romp everyone on the way to the finals. only to lose to the LAKERS who nobody can beat in a seven game series!! 3peat babay!!!!!