Hang Time Podcast (Episode 50)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Who knew 50 would feel this good?

We had no idea how much fun it would be turning the big Five-O! But we have a little help celebrating on Episode 50 of the Hang Time Podcast.

Dallas Mavericks forward Caron Butler (formerly of Final Four participant UConn), Idaho Stampede forward Antoine Walker (formerly of Final Four participant Kentucky) and NBA.com’s numbers guru John Schuhmann all made their way to the hideout for the big party.

It’s a huge week for Butler’s Mavericks, who face the Lakers tonight in a showdown on TNT at 10:30 p.m. ET, and his Huskies, who will be down the road from Butler’s Dallas home this weekend in Houston for the Final Four.

Walker’s schedule is pretty busy this week, too. The former NBA All-Star will finish off the regular season with the Stampede this weekend with a doubleheader against Utah. Don’t be surprised to see him in Houston if the Wildcats reach the title game.

We asked them both to break down the hottest topics in basketball — the NBA MVP debate, the Final Four, Butler’s possible return from a knee injury and if and when Walker will return to the NBA, among other things — and then had our main man Schuhmann run the numbers to help us make sense of the Derrick Rose backlash that seems to be gaining momentum as the NBA regular season comes to a close.


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  1. Eatmytachat says:

    Lebron’s getting mvp so you can all go over to the cornver and count something

  2. michael delgado says:

    see this is an argument said by a person that only souly goes by stats. A guy that doesn’t watch games and see a players true impact for his team. If a person could just watch the bulls for a week or two they would realize that without rose on the team they would be fighting for the 8th seed. He said that the bulls offense ins’t that good and yes they aren’t and the reason why is that rose is the offense. Rose is also shooting 44% which isn’t the greatest but isn’t bad either especially with the amount of three’s that he has put up.

  3. Lebron shoots over 50% a game kobe shoots 45% derrick rosee shoots 44% n Dwight Howard shoots %9 nearly 60% n LbJ n Hoiward carry there teamnnearly every night if dere has to be an mvp it is Lebron james oo Dwight howard because kobe an arrogane ballhog and Derrivk roe is atheltic but shoots a very low percentage.5

    • Pacers_fan says:

      D-Rose shoots 45% and you call that very low? He’s a POINT GUARD. There’s a reason we don’t look only at shooting percentage; centers and low-post PFs will ALWAYS have a greater percentage because they take shots from so close in. Dwight Howard for MVP…how can we give the MVP award to a guy with that many technical fouls? He’s a whiner, a poor sport, and while he might be a great player he hasn’t been good enough to lead his team to a higher seed than 4 in a weak division this year…Rose has the Bulls at the top of the East, and if we’re arguing about who has the better supporting cast I would give the edge to the Bulls, but not by a lot. I don’t know what this guy in the podcast was talking about, D-Rose is a great defender. Look at the matchups he has dominated this year…CP3, D-Wil, Rondo…there are many more. Also, what is this nonsense about the Bulls being better defensively without Rose on the floor (I think the guy even said SIGNIFICANTLY better)? Of course they’ll allow fewer points with their bench out there…they have a good second unit, that plays good defense, going up against the OTHER TEAM’S SECOND UNIT. Put the Bulls bench out there against the opposition’s starters and they won’t look so hot. Lebron has missed too many clutch shots this season…his numbers are about the same as last year but he took a MUCH weaker supporting cast to the top of the East, and this year playing next to D-Wade and BabyBosh he’ll be lucky to end up with the 2 seed. LBJ will get some votes, but he’s not the MVP. Take him off the Heat and they’ll still be a top 5 team in the East. Kobe…eh, I’d be ok with Kobe winning the award this season, but I think D-Rose does everything Kobe does with worse players around him. People need to give intelligent arguments for me to take them seriously, and I’m appalled that this Schuhmann guy is considered any kind of basketball expert. Watch an entire Bulls game then an entire Magic game, or better yet watch them play each other, and then try to tell me Dwight Howard is the MVP. No way.

  4. Gerry Bacor says:

    Yes, Kobe has won only one MVP award, simply because he deserves ONLY one.

  5. Kobe4Value says:

    Let’s face it. LBJ is actually the most talented individual player in the NBA. Does this fact give him the the right to be MVP for third straight? No, he’s not been able to win much and his teams are not famous for the group but for single players. DRose is an incredibly talented player as well, with potential for even more improvement as a leader, but still has so much to prove, as far as consistency in the first place. Would have this one been his second or third year at today’s quality levels I’d have not much of a doubt, but not today.
    Today my vote goes to Kobe, who’s proven consistent at top levels over the years (so many years!), has won so much, proven to be a leader and tough competitor (his save against Dallas!). And most of all he is winning (same record as Chigago in a much tougher conf) with his team (very talented of course) which he leads and has learnt to lead with increasing unselfishness and over good and bad times (remember in december?).
    Besides, he’s won MVP only once…with five rings…no way. What else should he do to be MVP once again? On his side he’s got stats, wins, team leadership, his game has evolved over the yrs.
    If we MVP is only a single picture of a player’s talent than you could choose LBJ or DRose, but if it frames a leader, a winner, a competitor and a talent at top-top-top levels over times…go for mr. Bryant!

  6. juju says:

    dwight should be the MVP. the talk has always been with the scorers, when will there be an MVP who also affects the game besides scoring?

  7. man... says:

    idaho stampede antoine walker…thats so sad…i am a boston fan since 2000…
    he was good back in the day…but then he fell in love with the 3 point shot…
    and kinda disappeared just like that

  8. ALLStAr says:

    I have been listening for about 20 episodes and let me say this :I can’t wait for the next one and the next one.You guys are entertaining to say the least.Greetings from Romania,,you have fans even here!
    This is my first comment btw but i couldn’t stay quiet;HAPPY 50th EPISODE SEKOU AND THE GUYS! Let’s make it 100 😀

    • tingyman says:

      your better off watching the bs report and watching the russilo podcast, this podcast fails in comparison with them. Sekou, as much as it hurts to say it, but your knowledge for the game is severly lacking

  9. Sanchez says:

    If you guys had better mics I’d listen to this podcast. Super annoying quality.

  10. Genn Sahipa says:

    Well, for this season 2010-2011, the rightful heir for this award should go to Lebron James. Statistics shows, the downfall of the Cavaliers when James left and the Heat’s image keeping its head above water. This criteria alone justifies Lebron’s right to the MVP award. Come on, let us be honest, watch every game and see with critical eye and then compare as to who is the brightest and the most qualified to have the award. Lebron James, has proven himself when he was with the Cavs and with presently the Heat, there shall be no question about it neither a stint of doubt, Lebron James is consistent and undoubtedly the team leader and his presence makes every player confident with high morale. He is incomparable in his athleticism and a player par excellence.

    • jan says:

      dream on….its gonna be Rose you alien

    • ? says:

      @Genn Sahipa dude your a moron. Lebron James has never proved anything other than stats, which mean absolutely nothing. Championships dude, championships!!! Thats what real ballers play the game for, and ahhh how many does your boy Lebron have, thats right, say it with me 0. So if there were a MVP award for personal stats, he gets it. But all around game TEAM play, CLOSING games, consistently beating teams over 500, not just teams under 500. The real MVP award should go to D Rose. And this is coming from a Laker fan.

    • tingyman says:

      What? lebron for mvp? noooo fool, you got that wrong. first off, the downfall of the cavaliers can be attributed more to the season ending injuries to antawn jamison, anderson varejao and the discombobulattion of the roster and chemistry that foolowed more than just lebrons leaving. next, what has lebron given the heat? a worse record than the cavs last year? a 0-6 record against the 2 top eastern teams? ignorance….

  11. Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

    What’s happened to these podcasts lately ? They used to be two a week, then lately theyve gone down to one ?

  12. Rose4MVP says:

    3rd one. Happy 50th. Rose for MVP!!!!!

  13. prix says:

    Now that the West is surounded by strong teams the Mavs would certainly needs Butler help…I cant wait for the Mavs to have a healthy complete roster, It would definetly challenge L.A SPURS,OKC or Portland for the west playoffs and could probably win the west finals…still a solid kidd fan!