Double Reverse On LeBron’s 53-footer

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The replay made it clear that LeBron James didn’t get the shot off in time.

His 53-footer at the third quarter buzzer of Tuesday night’s NBA TV Fan Night game between the Heat and Cavaliers was initially ruled no good, despite the replay clearly showing that game clock was started before James touched the ball.

Lead official Ed Malloy overturned the no-good call, after a nearly 10-minute review of the play, and ruled the shot good and the Cavaliers started the fourth quarter with a five-point lead (75-70).

Upon further review, this time from the league office, it was ruled after the game that the shot should not have counted. Stu Jackson, the NBA’s Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations, explains:

Glad we got that cleared up … even if it didn’t end up being the play that totally shifted the momentum of this game, as some folks probably feared it would in that moment.


  1. jono says:

    bucks will scrape into the 8th spot and then sweep the lakers in the finals

  2. Jenna Livesy says:

    I agree with you Gary on some level. The Cavs could have easily won this game but the fact is that it’s not just about winning games, it’s who you play against (match ups) and being smart they want to match up with a team (especially the first round) that they have the best chance of beating so playoff positioning comes into play. They don’t care about losing to a team that they know they can beat, they’re mostly concerned about their playoff match ups to give them a better chance of advancing.

  3. Hi says:

    LeBron always travels.

  4. BasketballGuru says:


    If you’re going to criticize people for typographical errors, you need to ensure that your writing is perfect beforehand and learn proper capitalization and sentence structure. For example,

    “its just basketball your not playing…”

    should be:

    “It’s (it is) just basketball, you’re (you are) not playing…”

    “Its” and “your” are possessive words, not the verbs you meant to use. On another note, anyone who feels that Miami lost the game or played down on purpose is a total idiot. Even if they didn’t care about this game, they needed to win it for playoff position and home-court advantage, so no one is giving up any games on purpose. Please learn the game and the mindset of good athletes before you make idiotic comments.

    • TheMattyLee says:

      Well stated.

      The last part, anyways. I didn’t particularly need the spelling/grammar lesson, but I can appreciate it.

  5. lambo says:

    wow people on this website need to learn how to correctly spell words before they just rush on here and throw something down just to be the first one to get a point across….its just basketball your not playing “whoever gets the first comment about how i hate lebron or the heat wins a million dollars”……no lives……get a life

  6. drick says:

    iHAVEaPOINT you’re ryt and wrong…how can they face the pacers if they keep on losing.1st seed VS 8 seed in the first round..

  7. drick says:

    guyz…the heat let the cavs win to stay in the 3rd seed because they want the sixers in the first round not the nicks..

  8. mj23kb24...=p says:

    @karl jhon ..your a big said wade won the championship by him self…on that time shaq still cant win the championship without shaq..wade is great player i admit it..but kobe is too much for wade…i love wade than lebron..but this two star player both dont have shooting touch and killer instict like kobe bryant..lebron are strong player not a great player…lebron can get a ring if he stole from jewelry

    • Gustavo says:

      ummmm do you remember the last 2 games the Heat and Lakers played… if I can recall correctly Wade stole the ball from Kobe in the last seconds of the game to seal the deal and over scored and defended Kobe to the point he was only allowed single digits in the 4th quarter. Kobe my friend is getting old and Wade is in his prime…I’ll say it again, if the Heat can advance to a Lakers vs Heat finsl, the Heat will take it in 5 games.

  9. jon says:

    WOw….heat and boston are so stupid. Wtf!! Your team lose because their want to lose…ha ha ha
    How stupid can you be? …….



  11. Andrew says:

    yeah it didnt seem like they were trying hard even wen they had a 20pt lead the crowd and everyone else sensed they were gonna come u can just c they gonna be a problem come playoff my only problem is Bosh he got owned by a no name player again he is soft get that weak stuff outta here

  12. Gustavo says:

    Yes it will read that and i will also read the other 3 games which we won by wider margins so I don’t know why your bloating about a team who had the WORST consecutive losses in NBA history, has the worst record in the NBA this year and pretty much had to dismantle their entire team half way through the season; if that’s your idea of “Cavs rule” then koodos to you for making your life easier and less painful.

    • tre' says:

      Because I can own up to that. I’m proud to be a Cavs fan.
      But here’s the difference: I’m a LEGIT Cavs fan. You’re a bandwagoner, just like everyone else in this thread.
      I’ve stuck by the Cavs since the ’00-’01 season; when did you become a Heat fan? 2003, when they got Dwade? How about this year, when they became relevant for once?

      I can accept my team sucks.
      You, on the other hand, represent the Miami Heat in every way: Crybabies.

      Also, I’m not “bloating” about my team, I’m “GLOATING”.
      Nice to know you’re as dumb as you seem.

  13. rein says:

    i really wish the MIAMI and THE LAKERS will meet on the finals. interesting game. a high rated one. AND THIS DEBATE WILL BE OVER! uhhhhh maybe! because there still the fact that lakers are aging. lol

  14. rein says:

    how come your saying dwade won a championship without a help? did he average a 80pts a game? stupid! this is a team game. you need everyone! it is a matter of how you carry your team or how you make them improve. and thats what kobe is doin best!

  15. Backlash says:

    I’m not really a heat fan ..I’m a lebron fan but I’ll have to admit , the cavaliers wanted this more than Miami did.. so they out played them, they fought them for it and they came out on top..there’s no other way around it , whenever Miami loses a game ..people automatically hit the “panic” button ..and start talking all this none sense “oh what’s wrong with the heat” these analyst and people in general look way to much into there win’s and losses, if this were the playoffs I’ll be concerned then but it’s not, this is the NBA ..any team can beat any team on any given night and that’s what happened here ..I’ve seen elite teams losing to sub 500 teams all season and this isn’t any different ..they come into the game thinking it’s going to be easy and get surprised ..anyways good win for Cleveland.

  16. drose says:

    I don’t think the Heat lost this game on purpose. The Cavaliers just played hard while the Heat underestimated them. Cavs have also won against the Lakers and the Knicks this year. Why does this keep happening between not-so-good teams and good teams? For example, the Raptors have beaten the Celtics, the Bulls, the Magic, and the Mavericks…..the ones that they have lost against good teams have been tough and competetive games where the good teams feel the sense of urgency and they win.

    B.T.W= Miami not gonna make it past the semifinals, so there’s no point arguing,,, they gonna lose to bulls, celtics or magic!!!!!

  17. tre' says:

    I’ve been waiting for this game. I’ve stuck by the Cavs this entire season, through the losses, and I still had faith in them.

    It paid off.
    We’ve beaten the Celtics, Lakers, swept the Knicks, and now the Heat.

    Cavs rule.

  18. JJ says:

    I honestly think the Cavs wanted it more. Idk about the whole playoff seed thing, but this game def. went to the team that played their hearts out, and it was the Cavs. This does not really prove any much, maybe to the Cavs fans it does, but it honestly does not prove much of anything. The Heat still are the better team either way. Oh and for the Ring talk, Lebron will have his rings when the time is right. Kobe fans talking about rings annoys me. Players win Awards, Teams win Championships.

    • Gustavo says:

      Bump* Besides Miami did NOT need to play their “hearts” out; would you want to risk your most valuable players putting all in the court a few weeks before the playoffs and against the worst team in the NBA just to prove a point??? DON’T THINK SO! Yeah the Cavs played their hearts out and even with doing so they almost lost the game and gave up a 20+ lead; I believe the consolation is there for the Cavs in regards to Lebron leaving which seems to have left a very deep wound in Cleveland but winning the game does not do anything to console the pathetic season they had this year.

      • tre' says:

        While what you said may or may not be true, think of this: the score from this point on, looking back any day in the future, will still say Heat: 90 Cavaliers: 102. Not Heat: 90 (but they took the game off, so it doesn’t matter) Cavaliers: 102. You Heat fans ride LeBron so hard, it’s unbelievable. Own up & stop crying like LeBron did after losing to Chicago. A pathetic player WOULD have pathetic fans.

  19. Tonx says:

    All the Labron haters, you all need to get over it…… HE LEFT CLEVELAND FOR MIAM!!!!!!!!!!!! When he played for Cavs he was the best player in the league. Now that he has left Cleveland he is still the best player. So shut up and accept the facts. Better luck next season to Cavaliers… GAME OVER for you all.

  20. Gustavo says:

    @Neil: Wait didn’t the Heat sweep Lakers?? If and that’s a big IF , if the Heat make it to the finals against the Lakers, Heat will be champions, NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT.

  21. Chris says:

    Sorry but the heat clearly lost on purpose…either the heat and the celtics don’t want to face the knicks in the first round. Why some elite teams drop easy games!? If you look at last year standings the cavs lost their 6 last games (and they still won 62 games and had the best record…they were resting at the end of the season. So the heat yesterday lost on purpose to :
    – stay on the 3rd spot
    – rest
    – if you have to drop some games, you drop it against teams that you like (lebron still have some love for cle) or against the worst teams in the league (where the lost doesn’t mean anything).

    And if you bring to me the argument that it’s more important to have home court advantage…for some teams it’s very important like for the lakers; but for the heat, sorry but the heat are a road team, they are better on the road than at home (unfortunately for us the heat fans). The heat play better on pressure.

    An other point : the only elite teams that the heat didn’t beat this season are the mavs, the bulls and the celtics and by april 10 it will be only the mavs and the bulls so it’s not bad at all…
    On the paper the heat are just the best team right now, if you look at the power rankings the heat have the 3rd offense and the 5th defense in the league. No team, even the lakers which are “#1” can match those numbers.
    The heat are just the best balanced team in the nba right now, enough said.
    And we don’t care at all about the cavs, we look at the top, not at the bottom!

    • tre' says:

      Yeah, LeBron would totally purposely take the game off against his former team.
      The tension between these two is huge; do you HONESTLY believe he’d do that?

      Quit riding LeBron & making excuses, you’re crying as hard as the Heat did when they lost.
      Own up already.

    • TheMattyLee says:

      If the Heat wanted to lose the game, they wouldn’t have played LeBron and Wade for 40+ and Bosh for 30+ minutes in a late season stretch where they could clearly use the rest. The idea that they lost the game on purpose to keep the #3 spot is rediculous.

      The only teams worrying about their first round matchups are the teams that aren’t confident that they’re going to make it past the first round. You really think the Miami Heat is worried about a seven game series with the Knicks? THE KNICKS? If that’s the case, you really need to reexamine your team and your expectations. You can’t be worried about the Knicks in the first round of the Playoffs and expecting a championship by the end of the season.

      If the Heat seriously wanted that trophy, then they would be chasing every advantage. That means getting their Big Three healthy and rested. That means ensuring home court in the tough matchups rounds 2 and 3 (and against the Lakers and Mavs, just in case). You don’t win the Finals by playing to the first round. You win by playing to the Finals.

  22. lambo says:

    im so tired of laker fans and celtic fans who just get on here to bag on the heat because they lost to the cavs….uhm dummies didnt yall team lose i mean the lakers blew them out the first time but got beat the second time just as with the celtics….so when its the heat turn to get beat by them i see some names i have never heard of with their comments about a 3 peat with kobe…stop being little girls….if kobe lost in the playoffs you can best believe i am going to be in on this website talkin MAD trash about that 3 peat that never was. and yeah yall need to stick with talking about your own team i can believe how many no lives that just hop on here to down a team when their team went through the same thngs as my heat….im not a bandwagoner i can accept the loss but dam man yall need to get it together

    p.s. the cavs did outplay the heat to be honest… but who’s going to be in the playoffs cavs fans?????….thats what i thought LBJ all the way #6

  23. Ryan D says:

    im a heat fan and a huge LeBron fan. I give credit for CAVs for the way they played the game. I don’t think that the HEAT is trying to hold on to the 3rd position because I’m confident that they can beat any team in the EAST in a 7 game series with WADE and BOSH playing the same level as they did with houston rockets. MIAMI HEAT all the way! LBJ6 hooyah!

  24. Dragonslayer says:

    the league interpretation of the last play of the half makes no sense. It rewards the home team by discounting the points and as VS said deducts the amount of time the player had the ball in his hands. Based on this new interpretation, what stops timekeepers from doing the same thing in order to give the home team an edge. Sounds like a great defensive plan. The officials used some common sense and the shot should have counted. It wouldn’t encourage future incidents. Change the rule.

  25. shinja says:

    First off…. Give credit where it’s due. Clearly, the Cavs won the game by BENCH PRODUCTION (just see the stats) and hustling, hard-nosed, hard-fought defense, and a somewhat rare “glaring” performance from Baron Davis (I liked him a lot during his stint in GSW where they swept the No.1 seed Mavs).

    Next, for those who says the Heat don’t wanna face the Knicks on the first round, well, watch out. Don’t underestimate the Sixers guys, they’ve been playing great TEAM basketball orchestrated by DEFENSE. On my point of view, it would be easier to face the Knicks than the Sixers on the first round (It is easier to outscore a nondefending team than to outscore a defensive-minded team).

    In accordance to seeding, it is much much more important to have a homecourt advantage at most of the playoff games. Therefore it is more important that the Heat should aim for the No.2 seed if they want a better shot for the title.

    Peace out! ^_^V

  26. JMoon says:

    I am speaking as the voice of reason no behalf of all Cavs fans everywhere.

    I think it’s funny that Miami Heat fans can rip the Cavs to pieces when we lose, but they can’t take the ridicule when we beat them. They can sure give out a bunch of smart remarks, but then when we win and we rub it in, they say “Just leave us alone.”

    C’mon. I’ve had about enough of Miami fans telling me how bad we are. Sure, we have a lousy record. Sure, we’re not in the playoffs. SUre, you are. Sure, you have a lot of talent. But I don’t frankly care.

    You’ve given out an awful lot of criticism and sarcasm and ridicule, but you can’t take it yourselves without getting all upset and crying and pulling your favorite word (“haters”) out of the hat.

    I don’t hate the heat. I hate the fact that their fans think they can say whatever they want, but when we say the same things to them, they can’t take it. You didn’t hear us calling you “haters” when you criticised us for losing by 50 pts to LA.

    All I’m sayin is it’s our turn to laugh at you for awhile. And if you can’t take it like a man . . . maybe you should find a real man’s team to cheer for.

    If you’re a Cavs fan, give me some cheers or something.

  27. nba fan says:

    after watching the game, CLE really played hard and deserved to win, anthony parker made some tough shots, ryan hollins pwned CHRIS bosh. Regarding the comments on miami trying to lose on purpose, you cannot really deny that they DIDN’T lose on purpose.noticing the celtics have been losing some easy games as well….the question then becomes, would you wanna deal with carmelo-stoudemiire-billups in the first round? come on people.. use your brains….. PS. im not a heats fan or a lakers fan, like many of the morons here

  28. Neil says:

    Prdiction: Lakers and the Bulls will play for the championship. Most likely the Lakers will pervail. That will end all the early hype about Boston making up for last season and the Heat boasting about multibal championships. If the Bulls take it all, they will be the favorite to repeat in 2012. Lastly, No team except the maybe Bulls could beat the Lakers in a seven game series.

  29. NEAL says:

    LOl WATCH AGAIN! The time should be 1.9 the time comes back from 2.1 to 2.9 take a LOOK after the Cavs player shoot that BALL! SHOULD COUNTED.

  30. David says:

    Cavs simply played better basketball
    Bosh got blocked twice and nobody wanted to step up at the end and be the closer missing shot after shot

  31. Riseofthegoat says:


    Just because he was the MVP last year, does not mean he will be this year. Lebron has had the support of two superstars all season and and the Heat are in third place. Players like Derrick Rose have had to carry their team through the season while his main support has been hampered by injuries.

    Sorry, but LeBron won the MVP because he did spectacular things with nothing in Cleveland. Derrick Rose has been in nearly a parallel situation in Chicago, off and on, all season and continues to keep his team in contention.

  32. JC says:

    I’m a Heat fan but I am happy for the Cavs win. Any team can beat any team any give night in the NBA. Even the greatest teams in history lost games. Its a matter of fact! But Stu Jackson is an idiot… how can you reset the clock and take away a great shot (fluke but nonetheless great) because YOUR officials screwed up? 2.9 seconds is more than enough time to get that shot off and it would be stupid to take away a made basket because of a scorekeeper error.

    • Stache says:

      It wasn’t 2.9 seconds, It was 1.9 seconds. If you look at the replay, when the Cavs player hit that three, there was really 1.9 left. For some reason 2.9 showed on the tv, than quickly changed to 1.9 at the inbounds play. He may have still got it off on time, but the NBA rules clearly state that when that happens. the basket doesn’t count and there a redo. The crazy thing is, it took them 10 minutes to get the call wrong, which makes you wonder about the quality of the referring.

  33. EZE says:

    eff the big 3,…lakers bout to 3peat.haa

  34. vs says:

    If we follow Stu’s interpretation, Miami loses not only the 3 points, but also the amount of time the ball was in Lebron’s hands. All for NO FAULT of their own. That does not make sense.

  35. LAKER STARR says:

    GO LAKERS!!!

  36. Ron says:

    All I see are “I HATE THE HEAT”, “I HATE LEBRON” “HEAT SUCK” and “HEAT WANTED TO LOSE” comments. OMG would you guys all shut up? Cavs; I’m sorry but look at your record. I don’t know about you guys, but where I’m at (Miami), NOBODY cares about LA, Boston, or Cleveland. We feel competitive, but certainly not hatred. Unlike you guys in Ohio, who follow your games AND to top it all of, wear “Beat the Heat!” jerseys. You guys had a party, but it’s not like you’re in the top 8 spot, or will be for that matter. Worst record in the league for the 10-11, after LeBron left. What does this prove? He carried the Heat. Bosh is a key factor, so don’t hate on Bosh. He’s inconsistent but plays well when it counts. Wade’s tech was bad and he was clearly fouled. Now, LeBron had a triple-double…So nobody can tell me he played bad at all. I’ll give this win to the Cavs, they clearly played well but IT DOES NOT MATTER. Heat are going far in the playoffs, and they will for years to come.

    So…To end the whole Cleveland-Miami drama, I’ll end things with this; At least we don’t have Anti-Cav merchandise. At least we don’t have the worst record in the NBA. At least we have the leagues MVP and 3 all-stars. At least we have the 3-point king (Who isn’t playing too well, unfortunately.) At least we’re in the top 8 in our conference. At least we’re in the top 3 in our conference.

  37. Riseofthegoat says:

    So a team does not want to be tested in the playoffs? Wouldn’t a test in the first round, though tiring, be a good way to judge how well this team can compete under pressure??? Isn’t that what the playoffs are all about?

    I mean, I am sure teams would like a cake walk through the playoffs. However, every team that makes the playoffs obviously has some aspect to them that helps them compete against the elite teams in the league.I understand the fan aspect of the game. We all want our teams to win. That being said, the Heat have proven nothing to me other than that they are a team who can string together wins and then drop one or two to a somewhat lower ranking opponent.

    However, like I said in my previous comment, if a team is willing to drop games to get a certain seed in the playoffs, it makes them no better than a team dropping games to get that number one pick.

  38. the 3 kings says:

    Stu Jackson keeps repeating the time was 1.9sec but the game analyst was repeating to Stu Jackson that the time was 2.9sec. which actually make sense.. the time that was left was actually can make another shot to beat the buzzer.. also the clock started earlier without james touching the ball.. so as u can see it actually counts.. 2.9secs. without touching the ball is equals to another shot to beat the buzzer.. you can see it clearly in the video… the referee is clearly correct about the call!

  39. a friend says:

    I think they lose because they don’t want to play with Knicks their first play off series.

  40. denis says:

    im a really big fan of miami, but to tell everyone the truth fuk them cuz when they go on the winning streak they always end up loosing to one of the worst teams. fuking dissapointing.

  41. Alejandro Perez says:

    What are you talking about guys James is the best player on the planet. It looks like the Cavs are still suffering for James leaving that their only hope will always come from their only hate(James) Is very sad to see the fans in cleveland so frustrated but you can not blame him for that. Comment to the Heat: yesterday it seems like the television series two and a half men. Were was the big 3, Bosh need to be more consistent, that is all Im saying about my Team… Go Cleveland Indians you are their only hope…

  42. Key says:

    What a heck is Stu Jackson talking about, what interruption??? It is obvious that they had to either count the shot if there was less than 2.9 sec used for the play, or replay the whole 2.9 sec. This is basketball, not science, made me really wonder what a heck are they thinking there the way he talked.

  43. KinG james says:

    clara tizik bekela

  44. KinG james says:

    Lebon James is the best player in the nba wether u like or not, im sorry its a fact, u can keep hating all your life its not gonna change, and basically it is the reason why u hate him in the first place.

    • All about #18 says:

      Ok… hey man, i dont care if you have the best player in the nba, good for you. But do you have the best team in nba? Does your team have a good bench? Good point guards? Good centers? No. Just no. Players don’t win championships. Teams do.

  45. Riseofthegoat says:

    Sorry, but the Heat did not lose this game because they were tossing a bone to a team that seems fishing for the top pick. Using that thought process, wouldn’t the Cavs just purposely play like garbage so they secure that top pick? Looking at it from the outside, the Cavs outplayed the Heat. Sure, LeBron had a triple-double, but that means nothing when barely anyone else on your team is producing.

    And as for trying to secure seeding in the playoffs, I would not want to play either the Pacers or the Sixers. Both are extremely hungry teams that, if they continue to play at the level they are and with the same hunger, will be dangerous to anyone they play. Look at the widest point margin the Sixers held against Chicago on Monday. Look at how the Pacers have been playing.

    Maybe Miami should have spent more time adding depth to their bench, instead of going after big name players in order to produce revenue.

  46. redbanzai says:

    i think miami heat is just letting the team loose coz they are trying to hold at third place position until the playoff comes just to meet the 76ers. coz 76ers didn`t get a win this season against the heat that`s why i was thinking that the heat has a plan in their playoff time.

  47. bulls91 says:

    ahahahahahahahaha most of you people are unbelievable, especially you cav fans, you all loved him to death when he was there then he realized how terrible of a franchise you have and got out of there, your most recognizable player in your history behind lebron is big z, thats pretty sad bro, dont get me wrong i love big z but he also left you too so enough said, stop hatin and move on, your team sucks more then the raptors, now thats a sin

  48. Francis says:

    Hey Jmoon, you said “The heat looked like a bunch of idiots” I’m stiil wondering how the cavs looked liked when they got beaten by 50 points. whose more of an idiot now.

    • tre' says:

      You, considering your team is 0-9 vs. the big name teams and still believes they’re going to make it past the ECF.

  49. Tonx says:

    What the heck is wrong with you Cav fans? YOU HAVE THE WORST RECORD IN THE LEAGUE!!! You win one game against an elete team and it is all “were great and Heat is not” if you all were savy , unbias basketball fans, you would just take the victory, celebrate for a day and hope your team comes up with w’s for the remaining 8 games to get momentum into next season. Because you are obviously not in the Play offs.

  50. MiamiCryBabies says:

    I wonder if Miami cried after this loss? (I want my mommy!) hahahaha Losers. Can’t wait to see those 7-8 rings Lebron said the Heat are going to get. XD

  51. suckerz says:

    just stop with all this nonsense…

  52. DAN BOWHERS says:

    the heat stink, they smell like my gym socks but taste like cat food

  53. suckerz says:

    the heat just lost..thats it…

    there should be no excuses..

  54. KinG james says:

    Jmoon, im a heat fan and like all the other heat fans we say to u : we dont care about cleveland , u got lucky u won a game , grats , it happens the heat had an off game ( with a triple double from the king btw ) see u in the playoffs in 2088

    • JMoon says:

      You care more about Cleveland than you want to admit because you call us haters all season long. If you really didn’t care you wouldn’t say anything.

      Besides, we don’t hate you!! We just aren’t particularl fond of LeBron, for obvious reasons. And it’s hilarious whenyou say “get over it” because if dwade would have left you guys in the way lebron left us, you would still be mad at him too! Don’t even try to say you wouldn’t!

      But the fact is that Cleveland fans get under your skin because when they say something true, like “the Heat don’t play tough”, you don’t wanna own up to it, so you just pull the magic word (Haters) out of the bag and then act like it’s all our fault.

      Unlike Miami and their fans, I’m willing to admit when my team makes mistakes. You guys aren’t, so when a Cavs fan or anybody else points that out, you quickly change the subject by calling us “haters.”

      Just sayin.

  55. JIMBOB says:

    How many steps was that?

  56. JMoon says:

    Another thing … what’s with LeBum not coming out during the announcement ofthe starting lineups. It’s like he was afraid. He didn’t want to face up to all the boos.

    Well, be a man LeBum and face them because you earned every last one of them for how you treated us Cleveland fans.

    If that doesn’t show that the Heat won’t win a championship, I don’t know what does. They are too cowardly to own up to their mistakes, too sissy to fight hard and play D, and too egotistical to do the dirty work and get on the floor diving for loose balls.

  57. JMoon says:

    Hello everyone. I am a Cavs fan. For five months or so now, I have put up with all the ridicule, the people calling me a hater, and everything else, but I didn’t quit on my team.

    Well, now it’s my turn to speak out! I am PROUD to be a Cavs fan, and I am PROUD of the way we whomped on Miami last night by completely outhustling them. Nobody thought we would win, but we did. We deserved that one because we fought way harder for it.

    Who’s laughing now, Cleveland haters?

  58. Jao says:

    the Heat lost this. and it hurts them real bad because this was a chance to overtake Boston in the standings. and believe me, Miami wants HCA against Boston. this is just a simple case of the hungrier team winning the game. believe me, if the Heat came into this game on a 0-6 losing streak, they would not lose. you would notice that anytime Miami starts getting overconfident they start losing.

  59. KarlJohn says:

    Lol… Miami still lack experience playing together and thats that. Just like whats happening to Knicks and Boston. Lol @ cory, even if i’m not a big fan of both Miami and Lakers I think D-wade is much better than Kobe. Thats what I think. Why?
    1. Kobe is aging and is shooting really horrible.
    2. Wade knows how to play defense and the prove is him blocking T-Duncan.
    3. Wade is much quicker and more unselfish than Kobe.
    4. When wade won the Championship, it was all Wade. He didn’t have any Paul Gasol,Ron Artest,Derek Fisher or Lamar Odom. He just had S.Oneal who was also aging.
    No offense to Lakers fans but thats just how I see it. But I think when it comes to playoff Lakers could still beat Miami.
    Lol. If Miami gave this game away, how the hell can they even score in a high percentage?
    You guys just cant admit that Miami lost.Xp. Oh well, I guess thats how it is. Just to tell you guys, It not a surprise if Cleveland beats Miami or Minnesota beats Boston because all NBA team can reach the level of the game. There are no weak teams on the NBA, its really about who is on their game and who wants it more.
    BUT, Boston won’t go down without a fight.xP.

  60. KinG james says:

    No team will lose a game on purpose that’s just nonsense , the heat just lost the game because the cavs were playing better, its just dumb to say that they lost in on purpose in order to play the pacers instead of NY , homecourt advantage is all they play for and having home court adv against boston will be the difference maker when they ll face off deep in the playoffs, plus this game has bragging rights and gave the cavs their first and only win against miami which is all they needed to make a point. Plus if you didnt watch the game you wouldnt understand how happay the commentators were , laughing with disrepect , i found it lame like they couldnt even believe it, we ll guess what, cleveland is the worst team in the nba and there is not much to be proud of except that Bosh had another bad game that cost us the game.

  61. I AM A LAKER says:

    no one will let they’re team get lost against this team like cleveland.. there is no way in nba giving when it comes to winning..

  62. Tobz says:

    Just accept the fact that Heat is consistently inconsistent. ’nuff said.

  63. paul says:

    Hey don’t hate miami heat because there caoch is nfilipino……..

  64. cory says:

    how can you be a heat fan? The heat aren’t any good and they play in the eastern conference which is weak compared to the west. All 8 playoff teams in the west would beat miami in a series. (Lebron has no post game has an inconsistent jumpershot and is WAY OVERRATED). Bosh is soft. D-Wade is a Deadmans Kobe.(P.S that means Dwade is just OK, While kobe is amoung the greatest of all time.) Say what you want “Heat Fans” the heat will get roughed up come playoffs.
    LAKERS!LAKERSlLAKERS! back to back to back championships on the way(and many more to come)!

  65. Monzki says:

    I think Miami intended to loose this game mainly for positioning. It is very evident that the loosing streak of Boston has something to do with the possibility that they could face the Knicks in the 1st round. Doc Rivers is smart…huh? Knicks is so desperate this season that’s why they spend a lot of money to at least go the east confrence finals.

    Miami has 8 games left with 2 tough to beat teams such as Boston and Atlanta. If they will win 6 of those 8 games there is a possibility of a #2 spot. I think Knicks will win “ALL” their remaining games because the are the hungier team right now they have a possibility of #6 spot. To Boston they should start praying now that Miami will loose 3 or more games haha…

    I’ll go w/ Lebron this is his time to have a NBA Championship ring!!!!

    • JMoon says:

      Dude, you’re just l;ike LeBron — trying to make excuses for your team losing. Admit it — the Cavs played better than your stinking Heat because they wanted it more.

      It’s not like the Cavs even had to win it. They’re already out of the playoffs for sure. One game isn’t really gonna matter. They could just forget the rest of the season and start looking to the future.

      But they didn’t.

      They wanted to make a statement plus they wanted to give the afns a win they would talk about for a long time.

      So stop downplaying our win by saying “the Heat intended to lose”. Any team that goes into any game intending to lose is a bunch of losers anyway.

      • Francis says:

        Hey Jmoon, you’re just bitter cause LeBron chose the heat over the cavs. Will the cleveland fan’s just knock it off, LeBron already made his desicion and you people still hate him. Its like a sissy girl crying over her boyfriend that cheated on another girl.

    • TheMattyLee says:

      Even if this were true (it isn’t), this is a bad idea. They then put themselves in worse position when they then have to play Boston in round two. Instead of trying to stay cozy in the 3 seed, what they should be doing (and what I believe that they ARE doing) is trying to get the number 1 seed. They’re only a handful of games behind, and all it would take is a slump or an injury for them to get around Boston and Chicago (and the Lakers and Mavs in the West). No team counts themselves out of the number one spot until someone has clinched it. Right now, it’s still up for grabs (in both Divisions) and the kind of teams that will make it to the finals are the kind of teams that are going to keep on grabbing every advantage that they can. That includes getting healthy and chasing down tiebreakers.

      Once you’re in the playoffs records don’t matter. Except when they do.

  66. ronald says:

    …well that doesnt matter if counted or not…miami is a big loser…they cant even go to the second round of the playoffs…

  67. Bosh Weak says:

    I’m not sure if he’ll be a factor in the playoffs! When he was in Toronto he’s not like that! Bosh wake up man!

  68. Matt says:

    …….he travelled

  69. alex says:

    why does stu jackson say 1.9 seconds??? it’s 2.9 seconds…where does he get 1.9 seconds from?

  70. Stu u suck...Stern u suck says:

    I totally agree with ROCKETS! Stu Jackson didn’t know what 2 say, he was just making poop stuff up hahaha Stern n Stu should get fired really bad oh yeah and Stu i guess u like 2 steal coaches and players money n yeah u too Stern especially when Van gundy talks his mind out, i guess he speaks from da heart u speak charging 25k for commeting on a technical foul C’mon with that bull stuff out of here…enuff said prrrraaaaaaaa

  71. Allan says:

    And I had voted for a different game for fan night. Thank You everyone who voted for the Cavs and Heat.

  72. What? says:

    Sounds like Gary is one of the closet Heat fans, who tries to sound like the voice of reason by posting everyday in Hang Time. Making excuses to make them sound it’s a matter of fact. Pathetic

  73. Poyser says:

    First of all, who cares if the shot counted or not? The Heat lost the game, period. Arguing over a shot that didn’t make a difference in a 12 point loss makes no sense. Second, Heat haters need to go blog about how much they hate the Heat and Lebron James somewhere else. Nobody cares if you don’t like the Heat or Lebron, you only hate them because they are good. Same reason people hate Kobe and the Lakers, or the Celtics, or the Spurs, or the Mavs. Lebron is the single best player in basketball, nothing you can do about it. And thirdly, the Heat didn’t lost this game to fly under the radar. They lost because they played lousy and weren’t focused against a Cavs team they demolished last time at the Q, almost saw the same thing happen to the Blazers against a depleted, slumping Spurs team.

  74. Anon says:

    Hey, there were former MVP’s that didn’t have ANY championship rings. Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Allen Iverson to name a few. :O

  75. madeinwade says:

    even if lebron career is over and didn’t win any championship the guy will still be a hall of famer kinda like karl malone who is a 2 time mvp as well or charles barkley who reach the nba finals but loss but the thing is when lebron went to the nba finals his team got swept whereas wade lead his team into championship back in 06 against the mavs. BTW we might c a rematch this year heat v mavs but i agree chris bosh plays sometimes frustrates me and i hope this wont happen but i think they might trade him in the future if he still play like this

  76. hahaha says:

    ah as a heat fan sometime i really really hate bosh……i have no idea what he did today…he just didnt look good tonite….if he perfroms like this level in playoff series, i think there will be no chance for miami heat to win the championship, i mean not even get to the eastern conference final. I know that lebron and wade are two best players in the league but without any decent size in the paint, i really can’t imagine miami to get a ring…… ppor should have went to chicago…

  77. ROCKETS! says:

    The whole officiating of this game was terrible…not just the whole shot in general, but in the middle of the third, dwayne wade was clearly fouled on a 3 pointer, the shot sails out of bounds and instead of calling it the officals decided on themselves to make it up to the heat by giving them the ball saying it came off boobie gibson, which is clearly did not, then seconds later on the inbound play , asif the officals changed there minds again and decided to make it up to the cavs, lebron was called for a travel when he was clearly pivoting in the lane, seriously make up your mind refs and dont let the crowd influence your interpretation……
    in my opinion the shot should’ve counted and the ref’s actually made the “right” call, not in the sense as “right” in the rule book, but it was “right” call for common sense, how can you punish a player for making a 52-foot 3 pointer when it was the home team’s time keeper who screwed up…? giving him the ball again n asking him to repeat the shot is crazy and i for one am glad they gave james the points, im not even a heats fan…i think common sense should prevail

  78. blackmamba04 says:

    excuses.. excuses.. excuses.. why can’t people accept the fact the cavs beat the heat… simple as that… there’s always winner and looser.. there’s always good night and bad night… the cavs won the game with D’, the heat are not playing good D’. the cavs move the ball good, the heat wants to have a one on one play always.. that the real thing, not because they want to lose the game.. common on guys, its playoff time.. who wants to lose? everyone is aiming for a better spot to have an home court advantage… damn…

    • iHAVEaPOINT says:

      That’s it !!! You said.. A BETTER SPOT!!! Miami lose to Cavs coz they want their present Spot…. which is better than the Second spot…. hahaha… anyway we understand the Cavs fans (hungry of winning)

  79. Hello says:

    There is no way to beat around the bush on this one. The Cavs clearly outplayed Miami. Of course being a fan of Miami, it sucked to watch them lose, but no excuses, they simple got out played.

    • JMoon says:

      You’re a Miami fan, and I’m a Cavs fan, but I don’t hate you. You said the truth, you did’t make excuses.

      Thank you very much.

  80. LIbro Ni James says:


  81. Ron says:

    Ha ha, Lebron was on top of the regular season last year when he was with the Cavs. What a frigging circus clown. Too bad he ended up on the Kobe era, Mr. Six Rings after this season.

  82. Alexz Marulanda says:

    Silmply wasn´t basket… Greetings From Colombia

  83. Juneauz says:

    I hate Lebron James.
    But damn he’s good.



      • TheMattyLee says:

        People don’t dislike LeBron because he’s good. People dislike him because he’s got a bad attitude, he makes excuses, he’s not extremely well spoken or charismatic…

        No one is going to say that LeBron isn’t a great athlete. Plenty of people just plain don’t like him because of his personality/attitude/work ethic/etc.

      • DWill1 says:

        CLEVELAND FANS SUCK The only idiot in here is you with you! You got about as much brains as the middle of a doughnut, ZERO! What a screen name, you must have stayed up all night to come up with that one.Lebron was here seven think we don’t know what he can do. We know him way better that you. but the truth is with all that talent he truth is he has no guts and you will find that out. He will quit if you dont win a title just give him time. Now he has Wade to bail him out and he should win, but I doubt it. As great as he is he’s still a Quitter!

  84. Cool down game says:

    i agree i didnt even feel any energy in the Heats game bosh wasnt moving…LBJ wasnt attacking didnt even try like he usually does…It definitely is a lay-low game…

  85. supermin5 says:

    either way he still traveled… lol

  86. Pmart says:

    Nba has a lot of idiot fans.

  87. eyeville says:

    the clock got mixed up… it should have been 1.9 sec not 2.9 sec when it was inbounded. watch how the clocked ticked, after the last shot by eyenga. the shot should not have counted… man, the ref missed it again, as they did miss a lot of calls the whole game. bad referees. that’s why these officials don’t get to ref in the finals for their bad judgement and bad eyes.

  88. bandwagoners says:

    The call that REALLY needs to be reviewed is MELO’S TRIP on JRICH in yesterdays game. This actually had an affect on the outcome of the game! I’m not a Magic fan or a Melo hater but that was an appalling show of sportsmanship from a guy who is clearly not performing. MELO should have got the tech and the 3 from Turk should have counted. Orlando got robbed, that was rubbish. Melo showed his real colours with that play, a spoiled brat who can’t handle getting stripped by a dude who works hard and actually plays some defense.

  89. lol says:

    ur all geeks

  90. Joseph says:

    Do you think that the Miami just giving up that game? That’s a big no no, That game was important that will lead them to number 2 spot in the playoffs, so they can gain home court advantage to their rival boston celtics. I think the cavs outplayed miami, that’s a big night for the cavs. Look at the Lakers they are rolling right now, but don’t forget playoffs is still different, and tha LAkers are tested and proven that they can flip the switch in playoffs. I think the Lakers will be again a different team in playoffs, a better team than you see right now…LAKERS will win it all….Thats a fact, believe it…

  91. Afshin Barani says:

    it was clear,the shot clock started to coming down early,when lbj touched the ball the shot clock was on 2.9 s.

  92. LOL says:

    lebron travelled

  93. L337 says:

    Stu is talking cos it doesn’t really matter now that the Cavs have won. But what if Miami won by 3 points or less? I wonder if he would be talking. I doubt or maybe we’ll have another reverse. Maybe Stu Jackson will say the shot should have counted. LOL.

    Another thing obvious is that the Heat are ducking the 7th seed Knicks. They’ll gladly pick the 3rd seed.

  94. togz says:

    shoot nga nsa rule book eh…

  95. DAN BOWHERS says: better watch out, Stern is going to fine you for posing questions regarding officiating.

    • LMVB says:

      Great point. Or maybe he will call the boss. Then tell the media, “I will call the owners and that will make sure he never says anything like that again.” Sounds a little like dictatorship to me…

    • DWill1 says:

      David Stern SUCKS!

  96. Yo says:

    I can’t wait for the Scottie Pippen statue to be put up at the UC!

  97. Enthusiastico says:

    Well said ANDY and besides the so called KING just had a triple-double to add up his beautiful pure statistic based career. Why the hell would they want to fly low? They are still aiming for homecourt advantage. DUH!?! Think again or just admit it that they LOSE! By the way the so called “KING” acted like a “QUEEN” in the part where starters were being called for a team. HAHAHAHAHA that’s what you call the “KING” that would bring glory to Cleveland… ooops did he just promise that.. nah… “QUITNESS”

    • ignorance says:

      im glad your in touch with your femme side… queen Enthusiastico! Im also glad you can play better than lebron and everything.. o wait no wake up he does in real life what you try to leanr in video games. learn to give credit where credit is due. its like people who say kobe sucks or wade sucks none can play better than them so screw it. and he did bring glory to celeveland as$face 62 wins one season n 61 in another? one person cant win a title so shush and go play on your computer somewhere ma’am

      • JMoon says:

        Hey dude, just so you know, LeBron promised a championship and left before he got it. He said I’m not gonna quit until I bring a championship to Cleveland.

        But it was harder than he thought.

        So he quit.

        And I agree, he acted like a sissy during the announcement of the lineups.

        So stop hating on Cleveland. Who won, huh?

  98. Bulls Fan says:

    Lebron, it is a big shame, DUDE!!!!!!! I got no words to say……

  99. JC says:

    dudes the heat just let themselves lost because most of the bets were on them..

  100. AMac says:

    What the refs agreed upon makes much more sense than Stu’s desire for the rule, but it needed to go one step further.

    If there was 1.9 seconds left.
    and .9 seconds when Lebron touched the ball, (thus a 1 second error by the clock tech)
    and it took 1 full second for him to make the shot…

    Then, count the basket and put 0.9 seconds on the clock for the other team to have the ball.

  101. steve says:

    logically that should’ve counted. i’m not all the way there on some NBA rules.

    Jacksons explianation is just dumb, it sounds like hes just making up points to prove himself right. How is it right in anyway to take a few ticks off the clock and inbound it where he touched the ball? lame just lame.

    the main rule that i think is awful is the replay rule. replay is great final 2 minutes or whatever love it. BUT if you replay a call and see something that was blantantly missed its just a joke to have to over look that “oh wow yeah player A pushed player B out of bounce but were reviewing the out of bounds call so…” that makes the game hard to watch honestly.

  102. lakersfolife says:

    Only on a video game will the heat win a championship!

  103. Lenny says:

    C´mon have you really ever seen a play like that..?? That you count a basket after a time runs out?? It was a mistake by a scorerstable or refs or whoever controls a clock but i´ve never seen anything like that. Should´t you just put some time back on a clock and play it all over again..? It didn´t effect to the result of a game or anything but wow.. Nice shot anyway Mr James:)

  104. rein says:

    cavs won 3 straight against new york, won against the lakers, now against the heat. if only cavs will always be consistent, then they would be a good team.
    @gary the cavs outplayed the heat. lol dont tell us the heat did it intentionally. if they did it, their big 2 shouldn’t play 43 goddamn big minutes! 32 only for “fake tough” bosh. he’s been soft vs the cavs this game lol

    • heat hater says:

      im glad your such a computer athlete!!!! moron you keep caling players fake and soft, im sorry what sports do you play? 2K11? seriously get a life. Bosh is good player as are Wade n Lebron and apparently even the lowest ranking player would still be higher than you… because they actually play SPORTS!

  105. alfredk5 says:

    “karma is a bicth…” Guess who said those when Cavs got clobbered by LAL on their 1st meeting in LA this season… OK, lemme add my own 2 cents: “The world’s shaped like a circle–what goes around, comes around… Indeed, karma is a bitch, tonite”…Nuff said!!!

  106. krux_11 says:

    he didn’t touch the ball first when it was inbounded, i wonder why the clock was still running…

  107. nameless says:

    Where Amazing Happens.

    they should evaluate the referee!!!!

  108. and order says:

    btw love your work sekou!!!!!!!!!!

  109. The One says:

    ppl buggin out about the Heat too much its easier to hate than love i dont understand why ppl keep dogging lebron he;s freakin better at his job than anyone who hates him …. they’ll be fine next year they just gotta either work on improving the bench or get better backups …its simple

  110. EL PRESIDENTE says:

    i guess it was poetic justice, hahahah. Heat got away with a call but the Cavs still won. good interpretation of Stu. it shouldnt have been counted.

    • and order says:

      hahahahhahaha hey mr presidentteeeeeeee your real funny, you maked me laugh literally…. out loud! haha 😉 yeh counting was wack as ayeee, anyways im off to wirte some poems, peace y’alllllllll

      • SpursFan says:

        There is no such word as ‘maked’, learn to spell before you get all high and mighty

    • What? says:

      Stu wants to sound important, since his GM and Coaching gig didnt work out for him

    • boboheads says:

      well the cavs got away with hollins elbowing 2 people and no calls were made so it is what it is ive never seen a game with so many damn fouls. the first 5 were on lebron hope they enjoy the small victory

  111. Fahim Ghani says:

    btw there was 2.9 seconds not 1.9 stu jackson

    • Fahim Ghani says:

      this is not the reason the shot shouldnt have counted. when the ball was inbounded, it touched lebrons jersey, if you look at it from a different angle, which was shown during the game. thats why the clock started, and time wouldve ran out, thus proving that the shot shouldnt have counted.

  112. Czariel says:

    Amm , Cleveland fought hard through the game , Miami , championship contenders , hard to beat . Cleveland just showed off that despite of the worst record this season , they can beat big teams with big guys ..

  113. Max says:

    Ok the explanation of what should have happened sounds ridiculous. The refs got it right and the rule should be changed to let shots like this count, not screw over the team by giving them the ball out of bounds just because the guy controlling the clock made a mistake.

    • max heat says:

      it does sound ridiculous hay! that guy contorlling the clock was so wack hay, like who gave him the clock anywayssssss, like i totally agree with you dawg hay, like i dont even like the cavs but the ref ,an was out of order hayy!

    • KingROP says:

      thats a dumb reason to make it count… The rule is the way it is clearly cause it gives both teams a equal chance to redo the whole situation… just as it seems unfair that the shot should count look at it this way… the cavs jump on their mans to play good D then the buzzer goes off and the half secound that they let their guard down to walk to the locker room lebron takes a shot which seems like he’s just shooting for the heck of it as most players do at the end of quaters or whistles so therefore for it to be unfair that miami not get the shot because it wasn’t there fault so they couldn’t react according to the issue (which they did as we all were told by lebron himself) its the same for the cavs cause who’s playing D on a team after the buzzer. I understand what your saying about why it should count but to keep things ultimitly fare the best decision is the one explained by stu so both teams can have a fare chances to redo a issue not caused by them.

      • Al says:

        The rule is ridiculous… I rather replay the whole 2.9 seconds instead of getting rob for the .9 seconds and replay it. How are player going to replay the in the air shooting of 0.1 second too late. In bounding that 0.9 seconds is meaningless. The rule should have stated if it is problem of the clock operator, too bad so sad. I believe the ref is making more sense in calculating time. They are trying to defend James with no success. It is not like they drop the guard once the time expired.

  114. Mada says:

    uh i think it was 75 -70 . and for me tht should have beeen counted. 2.9 and when lebron touched the ball in became 1.5. see. he would totally made tht sshot. but anyways they still lost. but its fine because HEAT are still in the playoffs and Cavs arent. HEAT u might just want to stick with the three position in the east it better for u to face the sixers with no stars than the Knicks with two stars even though the sixer are playing much better than the knicks

    • Fire Gorilla King says:

      that’s the idea.

    • ,,,, says:

      it was a travel anyways so it should of counted. nba superstars need to go back to the basic and learn how to take 2 steps

    • #TeamHeat says:

      If we stick in the 3rd seed, we wouldn’t have homecourt advantage against BOS. But your right with the NYK, PHI thing.

    • TheMattyLee says:

      Yes, Mada. We understand the math. But that’s not how the rules work. It should not have counted because that’s not the way that stopped clock issues are supposed to be handled. Doesn’t matter if the shot went in or not. Doesn’t matter if it was a 53 footer or a 10 footer. That’s not how the call is supposed to be made.

  115. LakerFanatic says:

    now Miami Fans gets a dose of their on medicine..
    mocking the Lakers lost to Cavs eh??.. IDIOTS!!
    show some excuses now, morons

    • Beejay says:

      Yeah, perhaps when the Lakers manage to win against the Heat for once, then you’ll get some excuses, moron.

      • unikr0n says:

        the heat will never beat the lakers in a 7 game series. the lakers have much more heart. don’t get me wrong. i love dwayne wade and lebron james but phil jackson is leaving with his 4th 3peat and kobe & fish with thier 6th rings. 🙂

        p.s phil jackson is 3-0 when it comes to 3 peats, soon to be 4-0. once he’s his team has reached the finals and one just once, they’ve 3 peated every time. chew on that 🙂

      • Deejay says:

        ^EPIC comment Beejay

      • TheMattyLee says:

        Unfortunately, the Lakers won’t get to play the Heat again this year, since the Heat won’t make it past the second round 😦

    • boboheads says:

      miami didnt play as good as we shouldve we lost big freakin deal the cavs had a good game theyve dropped the spurs lakers celtics n knicks.. but at the end of the day all the idiots booing lebron end up the real losers theyre team is one of the few teams already 100% certain have no chance of making the playoffs! At least now they can be happy for an entire day =)

    • heat hater says:

      amazing no matter what happens the idiot lakers fan has to make a comment no one in miami cared when the lakers lost to the cavs! we care when our team plays were not like the morons that you guys are that watch heat games just to pray n hope we lose and then follow up on a team we dont like follow YOUR team cheer for them! Root for them!!! but stop being a hater besides none os the article had anything to do with the lakers

    • #TeamHeat says:

      HEAT fans don’t care about the LAL, at least I don’t; unless we play LAL. It’s just one game. Look at who CLE has beat this season:
      BOS, LAL, MIA, NYK twice.

      I’m glad CLE finally got their revenge. Now they can STFU and move on with their lives. Besides, we have more important things to worry about when the playoffs come around. Like how to stop RONDO/ROSE; how to control HOWARD/SHAQ/BOOZER; how to get out bench to be productive; if/when HASLEM comes back, healthy/productive is he going to be.

      A loss is a loss, doesn’t matter who you lose to. This game was more for CLE fans than it was for the team

  116. law says:

    LeBron you’re a loser. you will end your career with ZERO championships

    • angelo celona says:

      couldnt agree more enough said

    • and order says:

      law your a loser, you will end YOUR career with MINUS 10 championships. HAH!
      sincerely your and order. 😉 ❤

      • ncisluvaaa says:

        yehh dont attack lebron like that law, thats was out of order 😉 🙂 and you and order, you should be nice coz your acting hella hypocritical! anyway sekou you are a legend!!!!!!!! your blogs are amazing! ❤

    • kantankruz says:

      You probably need to calm down dude. Get over it he left nearly a year ago, you won the game. Might be time to move on.

    • Oz fan says:

      you think LeBron will read your comment??
      Yeah, I think not.

      Why did u bother typing at all fool?

    • iHAVEaPOINT says:

      LAw…..YOU still CAN’T MOVE ON… about THE DECISION… it really hurts… haha

      • JMoon says:

        doesn’t hurt as much anymore. Last night was sweet payback.

        Wil Cavs haters get off our back please? You’re just angry because your great and mighty heat looked like a bunch of idiots last night and lost to the ‘lowly’ Cavs. SO you’re saying just what you want to say.

        Heat fans are all talk. I don’t care what you say. The scorebook says we won last night.

      • YV says:

        u think heat fans are angry bcause we lost one stupid game, please give me a break, we all know miami has game like this every 72 games, its not that the cavs played good is that the heat played horribly missing open shots and layups, watch the replays. and by the way we dont hate the cavs, we feel sorry for them for loosing so many games, at the end of the season all you cavs fans are going to be watching the heat in the playoffs, so enjoy and dont hate bcause u have another 25 years to get there





      • DWill1 says:

        At least we are real fans Our games are sold out every game and we do show up. last time I checked The Lakers were the Champions not the HEAT!

    • DWill1 says:

      Lebron is a coward! He couldn’t face up to the Cleveland fans booing him! No heart at all, what a leader!

  117. Gary says:

    I honestly think Miami let themselves lose this game. Sounds like straight denial as a fan but really we all know they could have beat this team easily. I think they are trying to just fly low so that teams underestimate them in the playoffs.

    • Andy says:

      thats stupid no team would what to fly low so that teams underestimate them in the playoffs, they lost the game because clevland played better then them on the day.

      • Gary says:

        Yeah they did play better but it was like Miami wasn’t even trying to d up. I just don’t get how all these teams top teams (Miami, Spurs and Boston) are dropping easy games.

      • Allan says:

        Lakers also lost to the Cavs. It’s not that they let the Cavs win it’s just that Cleavland came out and played hard while the Lakers had a bad shooting and defending night. I doubt the Lakers or Heat decided to lose the game on purpose while trying to be the top seed in their conference. This loss though really hurts the Heat.

      • iHAVEaPOINT says:

        yeah you’re right Gary.. Since before the game i knew they let the Cleveland win this one. I believe that Boston did the same too because they obviously like to grab the 3rd spot on the Eastern Conf. Standings. Boston like the 3rd spot so that they will face the Pacers instead of dealing with the Knicks which have a better line up. Both Miami and Celtics didnt want to deal with the Knicks because it’s more dangerous for them… they like to play against the Pacers which is in the last position.

      • iHAVEaPOINT says:

        yeah you’re right Gary.. Since before the game i knew they let the Cleveland win this one. I believe that Boston did the same too because they obviously like to grab the 3rd spot on the Eastern Conf. Standings. Boston like the 3rd spot so that they will face the Sixers instead of dealing with the Knicks which have a better line up. Both Miami and Celtics didnt want to deal with the Knicks because it’s more dangerous for them… they like to play against the Sixers which is in the last position.
        THIS IS THE FINAL COMMENT,,,, of all my comments haha

      • Jeremy says:

        @ gary

        I’m a little Biased but The reason the spurs have been declining, first starts with Tim duncan going down, and little bit of Failed performance in the clutch. The teams teams that they have faltered against were all playoff teams capable of taking any team in the west to 6 or seven games. Manu has recently been injured as well, In the most recent game, parker, manu or Tim did not play. Spurs are my team but the reason for their success this whole year has been the fact that they have stayed healthy.

      • prix says:

        when the 21pt. lead of the Cavs disappears and Miami tied it…all Miami player lay low…it was like everybody is praying for the Cavs to win and Miami just let it…there’s a funny scene there when Cavs is leading in the fourth and no Miami heat player wants to shot the ball as 24 sec violation…Miami just let them win to make the Cavs fans happy because we all know they are the worste team right now…just give them a break

      • frank says:

        honestly playoffs r right around the corner so any teams winning or losing really doesn’t matter right now, unless they are fighting for playoff position. (remember the lakers last year and what Kobe said in an interview going into the playoffs)
        Miami was fighting for playoff pos. in this game, they fell below boston and that’s why its a big game. they, the heat, did lose this game themselfs, but only because they let the positions they don’t have go off on them. meaning the big man and the point…. plus anthony parker couldn’t miss….cleavland just stepped up this game.

      • Mr. In School Guy says:

        Your Right. Boston Celtics is my team and they have been losing to teams under 500. that makes me worry

      • bubblebuster says:

        @ Gary they drop those games because it’s a very fine line that separates the good from the bad. It’s not like those other teams aren’t trying to be good basketball teams. Except the Clippers, of course. Donald Sterling for Comissioner!

    • HOP OFF THE SACK says:

      You’re not a basketball fan, you’re a Heatles groupie. Your excuse is straight up dumb, and you need to leave the post-game analysis to people with common sense.

    • firas says:

      Gary that was crazy comment. . . . NO ONE will under estimate Lebron and wade in playoffs. . . are you crazy?? They just lost it. . . all nba teams are good and can win any game. . . Heat played bad. so bad and thats it

    • What? says:

      +1. Sounds like Gary is one of those ‘closet’ Heat fans. Coming in Hang Time everyday to post. Trying to sound like some kind of voice of reason

    • NAJ says:

      Lakers could beat this team easy as they won be a season high difference the 1st game same as the last time Miami played them. That’s sports for you…anyone can win on an odd occasion!

    • lakerfan says:

      umm would yo have said the same thing about the lakers when they lost to cleveland…..odviously no cleveland is a good team they are desperately trying to get a #1 pick to shut lebron up and get more publicity so that they dont lose their team like sacramento did

    • iHAVEaPOINT says:

      yeah you’re right Gary.. Since before the game i knew they let the Cleveland win this one. I believe that Boston did the same too because they obviously like to grab the 3rd spot on the Eastern Conf. Standings. Boston like the 3rd spot so that they will face the Sixers instead of dealing with the Knicks which have a better line up. Both Miami and Celtics didnt want to deal with the Knicks because it’s more dangerous for them… they like to play against the Sixers which is in the last position.

    • iHAVEaPOINT says:

      SORRY… not the PACERS….. the Sixers…. The Celtics and the Heat like to deal with Sixers…. so they let their last opponents to win their last games….

    • Cheezz says:

      That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

    • Bernardo says:

      So do i. I mean, i could see clearly that D-Wade and LeBron werent giving their best on the field. They could also be saving themselves for the game today, which is harder. So they didnt played their best yesterday.

    • JMoon says:

      OK, a couple of things.

      First of all, GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! You’re making excuses (just like Queen James) for losing. Cavs wanted it more, fought for it more, AND WON IT. LeBron always makes excuses when something doesn’t go his way. The goaltend in the game yesterday, he questioned that. Way back in January or whenever when we played them, Samardo Samuels blocked LeBron big-time, and Lebron didn’t want to look like an idiot for being stuffed by a rookie, so he tried to say he was ‘fouled’. All season he has been making excuses for why his new team isn’t doing so ‘hot’.

      Gary, he has trained you well.

      Second, even if Miami did “try to lose”, that makes them more of a bunch of losers than I thought. C’mon now, what team actually goes into any game and tries to lose? That’s poor sportsmanship, laziness, lack of heart and competitiveness, and just plain DUMB!!!

      Admit it, Cleveland hater, the Cavs outplayed your stinking Heat.

      • Lee says:

        I agree that Lebron is a cry baby. He is a great ball player, but he is soft as cotton. And until people that guard him realize he not a tough minded player. Road map to beat Lebron. Get up in him and be physical with him and you will be successful against him. He can not take pressure he is use to refs giving him favortism at the highest level. Make him earn what he gets.



    • #TeamHeat says:

      I feel like CLE played their heart out and beat the HEAT. At times though, the HEAT looked like they weren’t interested in the game. Late in the 3rd and the early 4th quarter is the only time i saw the HEAT actually trying to win. We needed this game to jump BOS for the #2 seed, but we couldn’t get it done. CLE made alot of tough shots that gave them alot of momentum and the HEAT couldn’t recover. I’m a HEAT fan, but congrats CLE.
      S/N: should the HEAT be worried?…Not at all.

    • al respect the game says:

      sorry gary but that does not make any sense. no one drops games. miami wanted to win. they did not want to get emotional because you do not win games like that on the road. they tried to reamin calm and they did. but cavs made shots at the end of the game. simple. there is only so much D you can play.

    • craziness? says:

      These are all grown men who want to win. No way the Heat would give up on a very winnable game when they’re fighting Boston for the 2 seed and home court in the second round – which is the only real consequence of this game. Good win Cleveland!

    • Gerry Bacor says:

      Miami will have better chances of beating up the Sixers than winning against the Knicks.

    • Deejay says:

      Thats not the reason why they lost. They aren’t trying to lose, they stated in their interviews that they want to get into playoff attitude during these last final games. Heat just suck at momentum. They allow shots to be made and this is what happens.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      LOL the Heat lose to the Cavs and they try to lose.
      The Lakers lose to the Cavs and they suck can’t make it in the playoffs no one thought they’d be the 1st seed or even the 2nd.
      We could very well be #1 by seasons end.

    • DWill1 says:

      Come on man! Do you really believe that LeBron wanted to lose to our Cavs! in CLEVELAND! No! They came in here thinking that this was going to be an easy game and got caught and couldnt turn it up because they were not ready. What it did do was expose Miami’s weaknesses big time. 1.That they have absolutely no interior defense and cannot protect the paint at all. If they can’t stop Ryan Hollins, and J.J. Hickson in the paint. The Celts, Bulls and maybe even the Magic will exploit that waekness in a seven game series. 2. Great point guards kill them Rose, Rondo, 3.Their bench is garbage. 4.Chris Boss is way overrated. What a dumb statement!