Blogtable: Coaches on the hot seat

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Which NBA coach will be the first to go once the regular season ends? Care to weigh in on who should be the first to go?

Steve Aschburner: Detroit’s John Kuester, only because he works in the Eastern time zone and the Pistons might be asking him to clean out his office before his team leaves Philadelphia on April 13, whereas Golden State’s Keith Smart will be finishing up that night three hours later against Portland. Both of these fellows will get zapped because of ownership changes, on top of mostly miserable seasons. Who should get the gate? Sorry, can’t urge someone out of a job in this economy.

Fran Blinebury: Whether he’s been set up to fail by his veteran players or G.M. Joe Dumars or both, there seems little question that John Kuester has lost respect and control in Detroit.  Once that happens, there’s no going back.  The once-proud franchise has to get its ownership situation settled, turn the page and move on.  Now.

Scott Howard-Cooper: This is clearly not going to end well for John Kuester in Detroit or Keith Smart in Golden State. But I don’t know who crosses the finish line first. That’s about internal schedules as much as anything – one general manager may choose to immediately end the uncertainty and deliver the news after the final game, another owner may prefer a few days of a post-season cooling-off period before sitting down with his personnel boss. Same difference, though.

Shaun Powell: No question, in Detroit, John Kuester will fall on his keister probably before the final buzzer sounds, beating Joe Dumars to the door. Although the quicker exit should be Paul Westphal, who hasn’t gotten anything out of Tyreke Evans all year, and the Kings are truly tear-ee-bull. Dishonorable mention: Flip Saunders.

John Schuhmann: The four obvious candidates are John Kuester, Kurt Rambis, Jay Triano and Paul Westphal. And it’s possible they could all be gone by the time the playoffs start. I wouldn’t want to say that any of those guys deserve to be fired, because none of them have been given a lot of talent to work with, and I’m not in those locker rooms or on those practice floors every day to see if they’re the problem or if they just have too many knuckleheads on those rosters.

Sekou Smith: This is easy pickings. Just glide down the standings and start plucking names out of the hat, John Kuester, Jay Triano, Keith Smart, etc. But if any coach has endured a more disastrous season, on and off the floor, than Kuester has in Detroit he needs to show his face now. No one else had their steam stage a shoot around boycott this season.


  1. majoyenrac says:

    What about Scott Skiles????

    The Bucks spent a ton of money over the summer, and what has it yielded for them? Nothing but misery. SUre perhaps they overspent on some guys, but whatever, it seems everyone there is having a down year, and that team has some talent, it shouldn’t be nearly this bad. I know Jennings got hurt, Bogut’s not been fully himself, ETC ETC ETC….but Skiles team seems eerily reminiscent of the last year of Skiles in Chicago….he’s burnt out his players.

  2. FLAKERS says:

    Kurt Rambis sucks! he’s using a triangle but he cannot fully utilize Darko and he pulls him off the game everytime he’s playing well and uses that reserve center that does not even know how to set a screen lol. if the Timberwolves want to go somewhere with their triangle offense, they should hire Brian Shaw. or it would been great to see Capillari coach the NBA

    Darko Millicic Kevin Love Micheal Beasly Ricky Rubio it would be a waste to have these talent/speed/size on a team and all Rambis does every loss is tell the team to be patient. comeon its time for Minnesota to rise since the lakers are in the midphase of their downslide

  3. mario says:

    larry drew and rick sund get the heck out of atlanta let jeff teague start at point, and let the rookie(pape sy) from overseas play

  4. RDub says:

    Kurt Rambis. The timberwolves suck this year just as bad as last year and they have an all-star on the team, something no other losing this bad teams can say. With the year Love has had and some decent players around him I figured they would at least have a year more on par with the clippers then being near the bottom of the league yet again…

  5. ddddd says:

    Kuester lost the team loong time ago. Detroit has a severely unbalanced roster in which made it hard for Kuester, but thats no excuse for losing the team. pg–below average talent… sg-above average, but way to many of them, sf-see sg, pf-below average talent and c-average to below average with potential for the future. Noting I did not say star in that analysis like most teams can boast…. What about the future of the pistons though??? It only helps when there are good influences on the team for the younger players to look up to.
    People have moved east, but the east is severely top-heavy. The west is still pretty tough. Golden state was at a stage where they only expected a 10 game improvement. I think due to that Keith Smart is pretty safe this year. Next year though it could be different.
    Bargnani was supposed to be “the next Dirk”…. Not even close! Insult to all Mav’s fans everywhere I say. In Fiba play they don’t emphasize the defense like they do in the NBA, but at least Dirk plays D!!!!! Dirk can also grab more than 5 or so boards a game! Then instead of kicking some vigor of d into the rest of the roster, Triano allows Calderon to get away with his horrible D. Also when Turkoglu was in Toronto, all Turkoglu was able to do in the offense is stand in the corner and occasionally shoot…. Its ironic how when he got back to Orlando he started actually playing decent. (In defense of PHO they had Nash)… Point being… Triano does not know how to maximize the strengths of his players and Toronto management wonders why Bosh mentally checked out of Toronto midway last season!!!! PUH-LEASE!!!!!
    As far as Spo and Mike D…. Neither one will be gone this season. Mike D will be given the benefit of the doubt due to the timing of the Melo trade. Spo has Riley behind him right now in spite of the Lebron on 5 or Wade on 5 play that seems to have trickled from the days of CLE and when Wade was alone.
    Flip Saunders will also be given the benefit of the doubt. Wall is a rookie. Lewis has been injured (probably from even before he left Orlando)…. Arenas is gone (needed to happen)…. Howard had his injury… The rest of the roster is just barely out of their prom tuxes.
    Rambis will also be given the benefit of the doubt this year due to the Rubio situation. Next year however during Johnson’s sophmore year and with Love and Beasley having another year under their belts, if it doesn’t start coming together Rambis will be gone. The triangle is a complicated offense which takes sophisticated players and sophisticated minds to master. That is not Minnesota yet.

    Out of anyone though, Kuester and Triano are 1a and 1b on the most likely to be fired list.
    I think that for this year its all going to be in the East….

  6. Coach says:

    The guys that need to be gone is: 1) Flip Saunders – when he had talent veteran team, couldn’t win; 2) D’Antoni in NY – offense ONLY looks good during reg season, DEFENSE wins championships – what did his offense win in Phoeniz?; 3) Larry Drew in Atlanta – Josh Smith is a 6th man, not starter material, but high energy off bench, M Williams is not a true SF, definitely need something at PG as well as move Hortford to natural PF position; 4: Van Gundy in Orlando – you got the MOST dominate player in league and you don’t use him correctly, along with what to do with Giblert A; 5) Del Negro in LAC – how he got this job is beyond me, they should be in the playoff this year, but he dont’ know how to use his personnel; and probably 6) Eric Spoestra in Miami, it should be this difficult getting 3 guys who know HOW to play to play together, also Jamal M should be their starting center (he’s physical, can score, rebound and block shots), but he’s not even used – if he was the center, they probably would have the best record in the East.

  7. Nolan Moore says:

    Kieth Smart is a very good coach.

  8. Robert says:

    Phil Jackson since this is his last season

  9. watcher says:

    Kuester’s gone but perhaps shouldn’t be, Larry Drew, Jay Triano and Westphal should be gone and Smart and Skiles must be hanging by a thread. Who knows what Utah will do?

  10. Cones says:

    Drew needs to go. Atl plays horrible on most nights and has way to much talent to get blown out as much as they do.
    Westphal should be safe. He has not had much to work with. It is not his fault that his star player has been hobbled all year. He challenged Cousins and has him playing great. The team plays hard every night even when their home situation is in such turmoil.

    • mario says:

      i agree with you larry drew sucks and the general manager(rick sund) sucks to both need to go and jeff teague needs to start and let the rookie from overseas play i know its off topic

  11. jacoby says:


  12. Filip Petrovski Petrovski says:

    Damn people,i hate to say this but i am fan of Detroit i can say i am dissapointed in Joe Dumars.I couldnt understand why he fired Flip Saunders when he was every year Eastern Conference finalist at least.And now we are nothing a one big nothing.So he need to get another coach with an experience like Mike Woodson or maybe to get Flip back.I cant see another solutions because the players are great, just Charlie knows how to make a little mess with his shots, but he can score better.All we need is better coach and the things will get better.Believe me

  13. NBAfan says:

    I need to go! to the bathroom!

  14. caleb says:

    paul westphal should be fired!!!!! tyreke evans, marcus thorton, beno udrih, sam dalembert, and crybaby demarcus cousins and they cant win???? very very talented group of youngs and they cant stay consistant….most nights seems like a playoff team for 3 quarters and then score like 12 points in the 4th quarter…he tries to run the offense through cousins too much and cousins always turns it over, throw it way high n away or travels which he almost always does.. dude thats y cousins was lasted until the 5th pick and if kings didnt take him he probaly wouldnt have gotten drafted. biggest crybaby ever and westphal has too much faith in him

  15. Jodi says:

    I agree, Detroit should of won against the Heat last night…But its hard to win when Kuester lineups are horrrible!!! This guy has played Gordon only 11-13 mins a night in the last 5 games and expects him to score 15-20pts a night…I dont understand what Kuester is doing!! Fire Kuester and trade Charlie V in the off season…Joe Dumars is next if we miss the playoffs next year!!

  16. Raps says:

    Jay Triano is not for the NBA , maybe college. Nobody knows how to play defence. He only talks, only talks but the result is zero. Only words is Transition Defence, Guys are tired, swears and the defence is empty. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Guys don’t know what their doing on the court in terms of defence. we miss alot of shots. I am very dissapointed with the management and the coaching staff as well as the players. I stopped watching and Triano is a lost cause. We need Mike Brown as head coach or Mike Woodson, get a go to superstar, some nice defence like a Bynum, Nene, or Chandler. Need to trade some young guys for figure players in this league. Plus we have cap space. But he is Canadian, so nothing wil happen.

  17. MoaningRomona says:

    Jay Triano and Bargnani both need to gtfo. Hell even get rid of those annoying commentators they have as well. Just blow it up already seriously

  18. Raps says:

    I cannot hear Jay triano and his transition defence. Thats all he says in interviews. He really knows how to talk out of a tough situation. Bye Triano April 16 is your last day.

  19. awesomeman says:

    Perfect Situation for Detroit –

    Kuester goes, Dumars goes, Hamilton and Tayshaun leave (No Offense) Stucky and Gordon should have room to work. If Wallace retires thats fine because Greg Monroe is shaping up to be a top 10 center in the near future,

    They will have decent cap space, and primarily young players too. They just need to keep drafting wll.

  20. suffering! says:

    1.Teams with better records have fired their coaches.
    2.He’s had more than one season, so he’s had enough time.
    3.P.J.Carlisimo & Alex English are RIGHT THERE!
    4.Team will not go into a nosedive without him (they’re already there)!
    5.Sam Mitchell was fired with an 8-9 record!

    Why not?
    1.Team owned by Teachers Union, so they don’t care about wins, just money.
    2.Only other responsible person is Colangelo, whose goal it seems is to create a team where no more than two players speak the same language (Italian,Spanish,Lithuanian,Brazilian-Portuguese,French…would be more if Peja wasn’t traded) rather than winning.
    3.Apparently, defense is illegal in Canada! Or the players & coaching staff have never heard of it!

    By a vote of 5 “yeahs” and 3 “nays”, Triano is sentence to float away on an iceberg (Canadian style)
    ps. I am Canadian!

    • Rebound says:

      FYI … the Ont Teacher’s Union has their portion of MLSE up for sale.

      You also may have forgotten abou a thing called the salary cap … it affects what all teams can do regarding to getting players. Peja was strictly a salary cap move, nothing more

      Triano is not the worst but I would like to see a guy like Jerry Sloan.

  21. gc says:

    keuster’s problem is that he just can’t coach. why is he tinkering with lineups in march? he shows an inability to resolve issues basketball related and otherwise. he has achieved no positives. the pistons are undersized inside but very talented on the perimeter. there are teams doing more with less.

  22. Bimby says:

    Detroit should fire Keuster, this coach really needs more time to maximize his resorces and learn more coaching decisions, Detroit has a good lineup, and a good team deserves a nice coach. If ever Jerry Sloan change his mind, I hope Mr. Dumars land him in Detroit.

  23. Angel says:

    Bye Bye KUESTER.HAPY 2011/2012

  24. cg says:

    Jay Triano needs to go. and Bargnani too. Toronto may be good offensively, buy they have sucked at defense for toooo long..They need a strictly defensive-minded coach, who can teach decent defense to the young players early in their careers, so they’ll know how to defend and be legit players as they develop. Bargnani can score, but can’t defend the paint for his life..Triano been developing players well, but we all know that defense wins games, and the raptors just cannot defend as a team and won’t learn with this guy. POW

  25. SAS says:

    kuesters gotta go cuz if you look at detroits actual line up, they are pretty stacked (t-mac,richard harmilton,prince,charlie v, ben gordon,stuckey and so on). also dumars gotta go too cuz he’s a horrible gm. they should bring back larry brown LOL

  26. minela talic says:

    detroit is a good team they only need new coach

  27. JeremyB666 says:

    Kuester will be the first coach fired for sure. He has completely lost the Pistons and as a Pistons fan it is sure tough to bear. Maybe Dumars should head out too. One thing is for sure Pistons need a new owner NOW!!

  28. carlos says:

    The owner of toronto needs to get a superstar player next season

    • suffering! says:

      Amir Johnson & Linus Kleiza aren’t big enough stars for you =)
      No “star” in his right man would come to the team AS IT IS.
      No if there was some kind of a MAJOR revamp of the team…MAYBE.
      Don’t hold your breath!
      We kinda need to draft the next Rondo or Ginobili (somebody COMPLETELY off the radar and THAT GOOD!) PLUS ANOTHER SUPERIOR ROOKIE (ie. the next BLAKE GRIFFIN)

    • Rebound says:

      … and how do you get a superstar next season? Explain how you do that! Don’t just make the statement and walk away. Do you just make one up? Maybe the Clippers will give up Blake Griffin and Chicago will also give up Derrick Rose. Considering salary caps and outside endorsements, it’s not just a simple task for a GM to go out and do.

      Besides, with the new CBA which will probably do away withe the MLE, balanced teams will probably be just as far ahead as those with a superstar or two.

      I would like to see Jerry Sloan as the Raps coach. Coloangelo is fine and is better than many GMs out there.

      • suffering! says:

        Rebound, why so pissed?
        “don’t just make a statement & walk away”…you sound like you’re suffering PMS!

        I’m just sayin’ the situation in Toronto requires a MIRACLE! I didn’t ever say it was easy & simple to fix, I’m saying it would take the biggest draft steals in history to save Toronto next year.All they can “realistically” do next year is over-pay a so-so player, not attract a star player.
        as for Jerry Sloan, nobody sends resumes for the position of Captain on the TITANIC!

  29. Jao says:

    on some of these teams, the GMs deserve to go more than the coach.

  30. bulb says:

    Kurt Rambis should be be out of there, how is he not even discussed? The most important thing for the timber wolves is to keep kevin love, and it was Rambis who pulled him and broke his streak, you need your coach to be on the same page with your star. Not to mention they’re record speaks for itself.

  31. houston says:

    Rick Adelman for coach of the year.

  32. loser city says:

    i think mike d’antoni needs to go. he is just plain, he does not know how to defend. with that team, without defense ny will me miserable against east’s top defensing teams.

  33. mazz says:

    For the Raptors the main reason is the system. Yeah, Triano is not a defensive minded coach, as we can se! But what you think about the players?! The best defensive player on that team is….Ed Davis! A rookie!! What about trade Bargnani?!
    (and guys, I’m from Italy)

  34. Badboys says:

    I beg to differ with commenter “Schumann”. The Pistons is a team with talented players. They could and should have won last night’s game against Miami. The same is true of their previous game. The glaring weak piece is the Pistons’ coach. The problem is that the players are made to look inept by a useless coach Kuester. Kuester cannot determine a firm roster, and most importantly he sets these guys up for failure with his thoughtless manipulation of players time on the floor. Other coaches know this and stage their offense/defense accordingly. Playing time in basketball isn’t calculated based upon the theory that if you defy me I will screw up your ability to effectively play the gam (do your job)e, i.e., playing time for those players that did not oppose him in the past. It is painfully obvious that Mr. Kuester should not coach any basketball team, professional or otherwise.

  35. zaz5 says:

    Jay Triano.

    Reason? There are plenty but lets just say he simply sucks. Ownership kept him around to sustain some ticket sales… hey no superstar on the team, but at laest the coach is Canadian. Toronto is a big market, therefore its easy to sell tickets, and thus ownership makes profit without much effort say like…. “WINNING DAH”… come to think of it, Charlie Sheen can probably be as good a coach as Triano.

    • DJ says:

      Name one good defensive player on the Raptors. There you go. I say trade Calderon for a good solid pg, and with time their young team will be very good. Just takes a couple years. A coach gets fired because their teams are a bobbled mess, like in Detroit, Washington, or Sacremento. Teams like Toronto and Cleveland simply lack talent, but still have a composure about them, and you can tell because they get better throughout the year. Another example is Miami, where Eric throws out a bunch of extremely good players to play street ball, instead of instilling a strict system based on his players talents (triangle?)

  36. Raghu says:

    If some or all these coaches (Keuster, Triano, Westphal, Drew) are fired, what are the other options in the market right now. Except Jeff Van Gundy, I do not see any good coaches available.

    • BIGmatta says:

      ummm Hello…Mike Brown is itching to get back in there and show everyone it wasnt just LeBron.

  37. bruvva says:

    don’t think Triano will be canned in T.O., he is a good mentor for those young gunz, along with alex english and PJ carleisimo. However, if there is no improvement next year (especially on D) then Triano is toast.

    • Raps says:

      Don’t mention Carlisimo, another guy who does not know what he’s doing. OKC was 3-29 under hm. With Scott Brooks they were 50-32 almost knocking of the lakers. WITH THE EXACTY SAME TEAM!!! no changes

  38. MaimiONE says:

    As per Triano, he is not the Raptors problem; you can bring in Phil Jackson and the Raps still wont make the 8 spot. FIRE BRYAN COLANGELO!!! this guy is of no good to the Raps. Every season has been a rebuilding season since this guy was hired. Complete garbage!

    • Raps says:

      Yes Colangelo and Triano and the young “studs” Put a bow tie around them and ship them out of Toronto. They are struggling for past 3 years. I mean with mitchell we made the playoffs but not with Triano. What a gerat season last year but we couldn’t make it? Look at his interviews He does not know what he’s talking about. He does not know how to run the defence as well.

      • Rebound says:

        Sam Mitchell is still worse than Jay Triano.

        Raps made the playoffs and then sumk like a rock under Mitchell.

  39. steagle says:

    I hate to say it, being a longtime Jazz fan, but I’m not sure Tyrone Corbin has what it takes to shape and lead a championship contending team. I know the circumstances of his promotion were sudden and unexpected, and he’s done the best he can, but with all the roster and staff changes I think it may be time to look for another head coach during the offseason. I doubt it will happen – the MIllers want to give him an opportunity to prove himself, and half a season isn’t really enough – but I cringe thinking of Utah wallowing in the bottom of the Western Conference again next year with their rich winning history and all that diverse talent. Maybe it’s time to take Karl Malone’s offer to coach seriously? Now that would be an exciting Utah team to watch…

    • I think Malone would make a better strength and conditioning coach than a head coach. Now Stockton on the other hand…

      • Eric says:

        I agree with Malone being on the coaching staff, but as big man coach. He’d whip Favors, Jefferson and Millsap into shape in no time (not to mention bring out the best in all of them). He might even make something out of Fez! My only worry is that Malone and Corbin may get into a power struggle. Thats where Stockton comes in….

  40. Kevin says:


  41. Orejon says:

    The problem with firing the D’antonys and Spolstras is that they do not have a whole lot of time with their “new” team.
    Also they have the so-called “super-stars” that are very difficult to coach and pretty much set in their ways. This could change with time.

  42. genius says:

    Larry Drew needs to go. I am a huge Hawks fan, and I am disappointed in this so-called motion offense. All of Drew’s motion plays involve putting Josh Smith at the top of the key! People blame Smith for jacking up so many shots, but he wouldn’t have to if the coach didn’t put him up there in the first place. We need a coach more than a center right now.

    • celtic says:

      agree. i think they need to make some changes in atlanta, starting with their coach. the combination of joe, smith, and horford is a very good one. drew just doesnt know how to use it effectively. atlanta wasnt incredible last year, but they were more efficient under woodson. they need a more than decent point guard packaged with a couple of good bench players and a solid coach and they will be a much bigger threat.

  43. Devoted Knicks Fan says:

    Mike D’antoni NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!

    • OJ says:

      Why would D’antoni go?
      He’s one of the best if not THE best offensive coach in the game
      Not the mention he hasn’t had an actual sustainable roster in any of the years he’s coached
      He’s never had a roster that hasn’t changed for a while; which is dumb because you’re going to need to get everyone integrated into his system and then they leave and you gotta get more people integrated

      All D’antoni has to do is instill SOME defense, because with the talent on the knicks team they dont need the best defense in the world or even a top 10 defense to beat teams. A top 15 defense would be suffice; since they put up ridiculous numbers whenever they want to, scoring wise

  44. SAM says:

    its easy to fire the guys on the losing side of things, but what about erik spolstra and mike d’antoni?
    they have under achieved in every acpect with the amount of least the bottom coaches can argue the amoutn of talent on the team but what about the coaches with the team but not right leadership?

    • steagle says:

      I still don’t think Spoelstra is that bad of a coach (and I’m a Boston fan) but I will say the Heat in its current incarnation stand a better chance of winning another ring with Riley at the helm. Look at how he inspired his team in the 05-06 season. The players were striving for something, not just individual glory. I don’t see that same drive right now despite what they all say in press conferences. If the Heat don’t make it out of the first round, there’s a chance Spoelstra will get the boot but I still doubt it based on Riley’s endorsement of him this year. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

    • Neither of those coaches have done a phenomenal job this season, but they haven’t done anything that warrants firing them. The Heat had unrealistic expectations coming into this season, and anyone who thought the Melo trade would instantly make the Knicks a true title contender is foolish. Both teams have a lot of talent, but they’re missing some key pieces and they’re both trying to figure out their chemistry. It’s going to take time regardless of who’s coaching. Instant gratification doesn’t work…even in the NBA.

  45. Micah says:


  46. Xavier Moreland says:

    Larry Drew should be out the door as well. the players dont repsect him , he is soft and a Mike Woodson clone. Atlanta is a major city starving for a “REAL” team…

  47. MUBWAR says:

    Jay Triano gotta go. I know he is beloved first canadian head coach and all but he gotta go. It’s been 3 years with nothing to show for. Why did the raps fired Sam Mitchel again?

  48. Kevin James says:

    I don’t think Jay triano should be on this list. The raptors had lost an all star and they don’t have much of a talent on their roster and the only reason that they haven’t fall like the Cavs is triano.

    • Sean says:

      i am a big raptors fan but i disagree with that statement
      i think jay triano doesnt know how to coach his players properly defensively there always late on there rotations and dont have that hustle that other teams do
      it seems like the players dont like playing for him and half the time he looks like he doesnt know what to do anymore
      the raptors need to bring in a defensive minded coach, they have the second youngest roster in the league which means they need to use there youth and athleticness to play some half decent defense

      • Raps says:

        Kevin ure really stupid. They don’t know how to play defence, all he says in interviews is “transition defence” and has a red face. He sucks. period. get the “spaghetti ” guy out of there too.(Bargnani)

      • DJ says:

        I’d like to point out a couple things about your comment. Players are late on their rotations, and they have the second youngest roster in the league. The Raptors aren’t about coaching right now, they are about a largely young, undisciplined team. Think of the Raptors as a rookie team. They have their sparks of showing greatness, give them a couple of years together to gain experience and I think we will see another bit of Colangelo ingenuity.

  49. sourD says:

    Wow no one mentioned mike dantoni?? Seems since the main problem of the knicks is Defense it might ring in someones mind to get a defensive minded coach.. Amare says the mike daantoni system works?? really now?? where is the rings??.. If i am ignorant please let me know.

    • Thor says:

      No, you’re not being ignorant. Just stupid, flat out.

      First off – How can there be any rings? This is Amar’e first season as a Knick. And ofcourse D’Antoni’s system works, almost every player on the Knicks roster is offensive minded over defense, if you bring in a defensive minded coach in MID SEASON it’ll be havoc, pretty much the same as the Suns in ’09.

      Then, D’Antoni has a $6M contract, do you really think the Knicks have unlimited Staff budget?

      • CARTER! says:

        You don’t need to show rings to show that the system works…
        That’s like saying the Orlando Magic system doesn’t work because there are no rings
        D’antoni has already taken the suns DEEP into the playoffs; his system is different in the playoffs; but you’re obviously oblivious to that. He slows down his game in the playoffs, and plays a lot more half court then the up tempo

        As per defensive minded coaches?
        Look at Kurt Rambis and Minnesota, it doesn’t look like it’s working there does it?

        You can’t always blame the defense on the coach; watch a knicks game PLEASE and tell me that other than a few people; there’s barely any talking or communication on the defense. It’s not the coaches job to communicate; it’s the players

    • SpursFan says:

      SourD, your smoking too much sour-d lml. D’antoni’s system worked for PHX when he was with them why cant it work here. As for defense it’s up to the key player’s to step up on that end, once they do that everyone else will follow

  50. Yes, Golden State would be fighting for the 8th spot in the East.. with a East schedule they would be in a playoff spot

  51. joe says:

    eric spoelstra is definitely on his way out for being a real incompetent coach who could be likened to a player with a double full house in his hand but would rather have straights…guy doesn’t know the difference between a free throw and a free pizza

    • DBBJ-HEAT FAN says:


      • DJ says:

        No offense to Mr. Riley, but they kinda do have big men, but if you really look at what Spolstra has done in the locker room and during games it really isn’t much. Last year Dwayne Wade coached the team, and when LBJ and Bosh came in there really was no coach which is why they started off horribly. Thats the reason Cleveland could never win with LBJ, because he was above Brown, and he is now above Spolstra. Look at how Doc, Gundy, Jackson, and Carslile all are in charge of their teams. Miami didn’t turn their season around until their “players only” meeting, which is an obscene insult to Eric. Chris Webber said it best when he said his speeches sound like ones in high school. Even Phil Jackson said their game is like watching a video game, because their offense isn’t coaches sets, its LBJ and Wade going to town.

    • steagle says:

      Spol ain’t going anywhere. Miami is #3 in the east and has a chance of hitting the #2 seed before end of regular season. Riley has endorsed him and his word is as good as gold in Miami. Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean he’s incompetent.

    • Imad Akel says:

      im going to drop some knowledge on you guys right now:
      It’s HARD to coach SUPERSTARS with their EGOS
      only really veteran coaches, like jerry sloan (retired) and pat riley (retired) and phil jackson (soon to be retired) and greg popovich and doc rivers (come on now, how are they gonna get him?) and possibly tom thibodeau (who learned alot from working with doc in boston, but again he’s set in chicago) know how to coach teams with alot of talent and big heads.
      Actually i don’t think you can even count it the same as doc rivers because he is coaching older superstars who know they have limits now (and so their egos are somewhat limited to). And tom has YOUNGER players which also makes it easier because those players egos are still developing (lebron wade and bosh are veterans now. they’re not really old but they’re minds aren’t exactly blank slates either..)
      Dumping spoelstra would be a really bad decision. It took him a while to get used to the team, but he is improving more and more with them…And remember he’s only had one season with this roster and it hasnt been that stable (star infusions then wade injury in preseason, then other injuries, then media, then trades, then media again…)
      But spoelstra’s a work in progress trying to learn the team just as the team is trying to learn each other…It’s really not that simple to play this combination of players.
      Also one more thing, the heat’s record is not bad at all…If lebron hadn’t missed so many game winners they would be first in the east right now. And no1 can blame lebron or spoelstra for those misses because lebron used to make those last year. (ofcourse, we can blame them both from NOW on because clearly they need a new strategy for those last plays)
      But seriously almost .70 season not bad for first season…Remember those players arent like ray allen, paul pierce, and kevin garnett 3 years ago who have VERY complementary skill sets. Nor did the heat get lucky with a point guard like rondo (drafted 21st pick!!!) who turned out to be an all star PG and a true team leader especially in the playoffs…
      Cut spoelstra and the heat some slack. Even if they stop short this season next season you know they will be the team to beat…

      • DBBJ-HEAT FAN says:

        true that.
        That’s what people don’t understand, spoeltra is still learning about coaching this team and btw it ain’t a easy job. There is no better coach than spoeltra to coach this team, because it ain’t no way that phil jackson, doc rivers, popovich, tom thibodeau etc are coming to miami, so eric is the best man for the job, but some advices from pat riley would help him out

  52. Jake says:

    First to go= John Kuester
    Coach who deserves to go= John Kuester
    I think I have more respect from the Pistons team than Kuester does right now. That’s a problem.

    • prix' says:

      Fired Smart…that what they should be done long time ago…with the Warriors talent they could be in the playoffs…they just have same talents as the sixers and Bulls except that Rose play exceptional…

    • triptin says:

      2nd to go kurt rambis after he pulled out love with 4 mins left and just 4 points to get his double double to keep the streak alive. that was the worst coaching decision in resent memorie. love only needed 174 more to get the all time record dam you kurt!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hasib says:

      Fire Jay Triano I’m raptors fan and he sucks lol lets get someone like Rick Adelman (if he’s free after this year), someone like Byron Scott, some other coach which gets fired but has a good reputation

      • McLovin says:

        I agree that Triano should leave Toronto (sadly). When you have a 7-foot European player who is averaging 20+ points and you are not preaching rebounding the way you should be, you deserve to be ousted. The Raptors are a couple pieces away from actually making the playoffs next year, and Triano will not help them get there….. bring back Sam Mitchell!!!!!

      • Rebound says:

        Sam Mitchell is a backward step. If only jerry Sloan was available … wait!!!! Is he still young enough though.