The Dunk of The Year (That Wasn’t)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Your legend is safe Timofey Mozgov.

Thanks to the offensive foul called on Clippers All-Star Blake Griffin on this dunk over Suns center Marcin Gortat last night, you can rest easy knowing that you remain Griffin’s most famous victim this season.

Despite Griffin’s protestation to the contrary, Steve Javie felt that Gortat was in place before Griffin elevated over him for the Dunk of the Year (that wasn’t).

For the record, Griffin did take off a good foot and a half from the circle underneath the basket. Gortat was just happy to come away without any cuts or bruises.

“I was just standing there, and I hoped he wasn’t going to crush my face,” he said. “I think it was a good charge. I think it was the right call.”

Suns coach Alvin Gentry didn’t care that the dunk was wiped out by the charge. He also didn’t complain much about Griffin fouling out on the play, with more than four minutes to play in a tight game. But he knows a monster dunk when he sees one.

“That might be as impressive of a dunk as I have seen in the NBA in 23 years,” Gentry said. “I don’t care if it was a charge. … That might be the best dunk he’s had since he was in the league.”

We will have to defer to our main man LeMont Calloway over at the Dunk Ladder and see what he thinks about, coach Gentry. But it was wicked, even if it didn’t count.


  1. TJ says:

    I agree with the people who think his dunks are overhyped.I mean this guy is 6foot ten and his dunks really are not that impressive.I like his talent so don’t get me wrong but i just don’t like it that everything related to dunks has to have his naame on it.

  2. Rein says:

    maybe what alvin gentry meant was seeing it live. the greatest dunk he saw live, not on tv or the internet lol. coz for me the greatest dunk was by vince carter leaping over a 7 footer on the olympics 🙂

  3. grenceharvey says:

    it’s a difficult call. but i think it was a charge bcoz Gortat started the move by a few mili seconds b4 blake did the roll…

  4. KarlJohn says:

    Lol… Thats not a foul… @Gman… Wades dunk for I know is fine, but if you watch the video again, He dunks on a center in two feet with one hand…. Give him some credit… No doubt Vince Carter’s dunk is also one of the best, but man, it was the past, the future is Griffins posterizing dunk… Im not a fan of Clipppers but I just love watching Griffins dunk over and over again…Xp…

  5. JC#4 says:

    Gortat’s feet where either on the line, or his heels where above it and he had just slid into place meaning he wasn’t set. this is a clear defensive foul.

  6. KTRAIIN says:

    get off the Griffin bandwagon..yes we realize this dude can jump but that doesnt mean we cant call fouls on him. That was a clear charge, and he had a stupid reaction. this guy is good but not as good as what you people make him out to be.

  7. Jonathan says:

    lol at hakim warrick

  8. rey says:

    D.WADE’S latest dunk is alot better than this no way is this a dunk of the year..

  9. This is way better than DWades dunk. Wade is expected to do that and he didnt even jump that high. High Griffinition jumped over the Staples Center and Gortat and threw it down literally. Bad call and this is the Dunk of the Year. Wade got nothing on this. GO CELTICS BABY

  10. Phil says:

    How close was gortats left foot to being on the charge circle line??

  11. P Dizzy the Man says:

    Ok, I’m tired of people saying Wades dunk was better. It was beast but he is expected to do that stuff and it wasnt a high flying jump over a building dunk! High Griffintion took off and jumped over the Staples Center and Gortat and threw it down…literally. Bad call and this is Dunk of Year. Go Boston!!!!!!!

    • Law064 says:

      @ P Dizzy the man he did NOT jump over him he jumped into him. Vince carter jumped over a 7’2 defender OVER him not thru not into him like Blake did. This play do not deserve a blog the dunk was not that great.

  12. lbj son says:

    he travelled…. watch closely

  13. Derrick Rose says:

    Dude, if you check it out, Dwight Howards “Superman dunk” in the dunk contest wasn’t a dunk….He just threw the ball in the hoop.

  14. drose says:

    that dunk was really bad….why does everyone like all his dunks even though they aren’t very good? he should have been out in the first round of the dunk contest….demar and javale got a higher score than him. demar had 95 and griffin had 94!!!!why does the nba allow voting in the contest? since blake plays for L.A, he got votedin.

    BTW=car dunk was horrible, check out demar’s reverse which was obviously the best dunk of the night (charles barkley’s words)

  15. jared says:

    uh……its charging…..AND it isnt a dunk.

  16. Fang says:

    Definitely a wrong call. The video didn’t show the best angle. If you simply look at the picture on the mainpage which directs to this blog, you will see that Gortat wasn’t standing right between Griffin and the rim.

    Based on the rule book, the defender need to establishde the postion in the offensive player’s path to the rim.

    Gortat didnt even get hit in the front. How could you draw a charge using the side of your body?

    Wouldn’t say that’s the dunk of the year if it counted. A wrong call on a godd play, that’s it.

  17. Herch says:

    It’s a bad call..definitely, it’s a bad call.

  18. Slam Dunk in your Face! says:

    I can’t believe some of the things I’m reading here! To call this man’s dunks overrated! He posterized that man! Give him some credit! And for those of you that say that it was a charge, study up a little more on basketball and what constitutes a charge. When a players foot is inside the restricted area, it becomes a block. If there’s any movement on the defensive player’s part, it becomes a block! I’ve seen a lot of great dunkers over the years and Griffin ranks with the best of them!

  19. Derrick says:

    This dunk is not impressive at all it was sloppy and was clearly a charge he was set end of story… I also think Blake should not have even won the dunk contes there were way better dunks in it then his final dunk anyone in that dunk contest could have dunked over the HOOD of a SMALL car pretty much anyone in the NBA could have done that (who can dunk) yes some of his dunks are impressive but people glorify his every dunk when wade and rose and everyone else are throwing some sick dunks down and they get nothing for theirs most of blakes dunks are over rated

  20. Rohan says:

    OK. It was a good dunk but it was and obvious foul. Gortat was not in the restricted area and he got there before BG jumped. C’mon guys.

  21. jerichvc says:

    lol on Suns reactions haha

  22. special'k says:


  23. swenexXx says:

    I agree with you Gman. Yeah, he’s a power dunker, can do highlights but why does he always got the props in the name of DUNKS? There’s a lot of players around the league that can dunk better than him. And about this dunk? It’s so clear that Gortat is set to take the charge. What is he yappin about? Rookies!

  24. max says:

    The Mosgof dunk was way more exciting, plus Griffin has great power and size but guys with smaller builds like D Rose and Shannon Brown are more impressive in my book… not to mention the L Train!!!

  25. Kaleb says:

    Regardless of if wade actually “dunked” it, wades dunk was better because of the move he pulled to get there plus the way he elevated and just crushed it on perkins head. Im not saying this dunk isnt impressive but its not better than wades or alot of vince carters dunks. Maybe its the greatest dunk that never was but its not the greatest dunk ever. It didnt even count for the two. sad to see it called but it was a good call. saved gortat from autographing a lot of posters thats for sure haha

  26. Marcel-Pierre says:

    The dunk should of counted. Blake is one of the best dunkers I have ever seen in my whole life. I may just be a 14 year old high school student, but i know talent when i see it, and that dunk should of counted as a point. It was a clear defensive foul. Who ever disagrees with this knows nothing about true potential when it comes to basketball.

  27. BlackMamba says:

    wth was the technical for…

  28. Waz says:

    Great dunk but clearly a charge. If you watch Chris Kaman, you can see he’s just waiting for the call. It’s only really Blake who is protesting that call.

  29. BlueBear says:

    The reason why it wasn’t offensive is clear…. Gortat’s left foot was in the restricted line so its clearly a blocking foul… case closed!

  30. special'k says:

    plus he traveled if you look closley he took 3 steps

  31. special'k says:

    yeah he did’nt touch the rim it’s just a layup

  32. JON says:


  33. GeeBronx says:

    Dobrze tam Gortat. Polska na parkiecie 🙂

  34. Odb says:

    To be ohnest, that was a good throw-dunk but m.Gortal had his feey out side the lane look carefully so for me a very good call :]

  35. cp6 says:

    bad call. it was a clear jump, gortat wasn’t set. though he might have been out of the restricted area since he was still literally on his toes. they just got to the area almost at the same time and gortat did some acting falling backwards. ’cause other players just wanna get out of blake’s way.

    anyway, did you seem hakim warrick? he had a good laugh didn’t he?

    this was a good dunk, though not the DUNK of the YEAR.

  36. Nemanja says:

    And JR’s dunk in december wasn’t an offensive foul?

  37. bigtruckdriver_666 says:

    i know that griffin was a good dunker and a high leaper,but i dont agree on gentry 23 years???man that includes the late nba baller Shawn “The Reingman” Kemp..does anyone remember him?…

  38. poopchute says:

    The next Larry Johnson!!!

  39. JC says:

    It was not even a dunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ball was released before he even got close to the rim and he never touched rim! He is good but stop making hype over nothing

  40. SteveG32 says:

    Tough call. Could have gone either way. As far as the Tech – NEVER mess with Steve Javie.

  41. cris says:

    how is this dunk of the year he did not top himself. that dunk where he spun and than threw it down on dat knicks player is way better and this one he threw da ball in da net.that was not a charge tho gortat’s left foot was on the line

  42. Tdub says:

    also ME, with the same build as d wade (ya right) you are obviously a liar and know nohting about dunking on people. having someone planted in front of you means you have to extend over them. your body stops where they are. which means you have to be elevated high enough to reach for the rim. it is extremely hard. dunking on someone you can be completley extended vertically.I have dunked on plenty of people who have tried to block me. but I could have never in my wildest dreams done what griffin did to gortat.

  43. Tdub says:

    shudda been a no call. that was a weak charge. Gortat got scared scrambled out of there like a girl and his foot was on the line. whether his feet were planted or not it doesn’t matter because he didn’t take it like a man. That dunk is incredible! who cares if he didn’t touch the rim. he was high enough throw it down. that is extremely hard

  44. JMAN says:

    Gortot definitely MET Blake to the spot..did not beat him to the spot..and Im sorry dwayne wades dunk was nice..i mean but who in the NBA couldn’t dunk like that on an open net..lets not forget perkins is still hurt..let him try that on the 2008 perkins that helped the celitics win the championship..plain and simple Blakes dunks is crazy and there’s no need to top himself every night because no body else dunks come close to his.

    • Waz says:

      I enjoyed both dunks but your point about Wade’s being on an open net is the reason Wade’s dunk was so good. The guy is 6″3 and attacked a protected rim and was able to hang in the air long enough for the defence to disappear.

      • Law064 says:

        Agreed Wade was still rising while perk was coming down. This charge from BG is a good play butthat dunk was nothing plus it didn’t count. Wade’s dunk was vs a challenging defender not someone taking a charge.

  45. ME says:




    • Jake says:


  46. Max Hunt says:

    gortat’s left foot is drifting away from the line as contact is made. if his foot wasn’t on the line then his foot wasn’t set. bad call all the way. maybe not dunk of the year but for sure in the top 10.

  47. MAJKEL523 says:

    Not only clear charge but also He traveled 🙂

  48. DOMDOM says:

    Did anybody noticed the smiley at the top of the page 😀

  49. DarenG says:

    Uhhhhh. What dunk?

    From the 10th floor highlight it initially looked like a dunk. However, after the replay?!?!?!! That clearly was not a dunk. He threw the ball in. Also, really close call but it appears to be a legit charge as well.

    Much ado about nothing. Maybe the article should be renamed to “The Almost Dunk of the Year” or “The Best Throw In of the Year”.

  50. POLEMIC says:

    NO NO NO!!!!

    DUNK OFF THE SEASON 2010-2011, goes to:


    Got damnnn!!!!!

  51. KUBUS says:

    Marcin did a good job on D….
    Give him a credit!!

  52. crp says:

    Gortat just destroy Baby Blake 😉

    He kicked him from the game! Gortat is one of the best centers at def right now.

  53. loser city says:

    go to write vince carter top100 dunks, then decide what is a “sick” dunk.

  54. I WAS THERE says:

    Anyone who has anything bad to say about Griffin hasn’t seen him play in person. He’s a man amongst boys in person and worth double the price of admission.

    if you saw this dunk in front of your eyes- – in person, it was fast, explosive and brought everyone to their feet. It was just as mean as the Mozgov dunk which is still the best dunk I’ve seen in person after 9 years of watching basketball inside STAPLES Center.

  55. Andrew says:

    This one is definitely no where near as impressive as Dwayne Wade’s dunk the other night where he spun and rose up over the center and dunked with two hands. That was one of the filthiest dunks I have ever seen in basketball. Wade is smaller and has to jump higher than Griffin, why isn’t that dunk getting any attention?

  56. leonidas says:

    he wasn’t set…he tried to jump for the block but wasn’t fast enough…by the time blake reaches him,his legs are off the court…

  57. Luis Gustavo Schuck says:

    He walked anyway, would not count.

    He walked.

  58. special'k says:

    your right and One his feet were set and two the dunk over timofey mosgov was’nt a good dunk in fact it wasn’t a dunk he did’nt touch the rim it was just a weird layup.

  59. Skip Johnson says:

    Gortat foot was on the resticted cirle line, tht should have been an and 1!!!!

  60. kuczerxtr says:

    gortat rules – blake no watch on move marcin

  61. Luke says:

    First of all, I think the call was good.

    However, even if it wasn’t there is at least one reason why it doesn’t compare to the Mozgov dunk: Gortat specifically tried to take the charge, so he wasn’t defending the ball. Mozgov, for better or worse, was trying to defend against the drive. It’ must be a heckuva lot easier to dunk over someone with their arms down protecting their chest than a guy whose arms are up and actively defending

  62. mikegreen says:

    Marcin Gortat was on the line. Tremendous defence. Gortat for the Kia Sixth Man Award.

  63. jacob kane says:


  64. M. Jones says:

    bIg deal … definitely not one of the best dunks ive seen and yet it’s so overhyped. ive never seen an article on any other better dunks than this so why should their be an article on this dunk that doesnt count. btw 13 point deficit is NOT a tight game with 2 minutes left

  65. Cleopuhs says:

    Clearly his left foot was in the restricted area. Clearly not the best dunk of the year. Clearly his dunks on the knicks went harder. Clearly Wade’s dunk on perkins is the dunk of the year

  66. Ruben says:

    i think this shouldnt have counted first off gortat jumped into him and created the contact and his feet were on the line. juss watch again he hops up under blake. def a defensive foul

  67. Labrat says:


    My bad DD1 is really a single/single. You get my drift though.

  68. jason adkins says:

    If you all take a moment to look on the homepage for under the tab videos the last choice to click on is about officiating vids. It is very interesting (to me anyway) to watch this. They identify how clearly Gortat’s feet are set outside the circle before Griffin’s feet leave the ground. So as far as the rules go, yeah, its a charge.


  69. Labrat says:


    In that case they should grade double doubles.
    DD-1 = 5/5
    DD-2 = 10/10
    DD3 = 15/15
    DD4 = 20/20
    DD5 = anything over 20/20

  70. rocktheboatyo says:

    His was like on his toes when he took the charge his feet weren’t set. Wrong Call to Me.

  71. Labrat says:

    Look closely at his feet as soon as the ball is in his hands he might have even walked.

  72. Stainless says:

    Blake that was a nice dunk but D-Wade had a much better dunk!

  73. swizzboults says:

    Dwyane Wade is my faviourite player and up until the other night i was a bit disapointed with the amount of facials that the heat had been laying down. Thankfully that all changed. Wades was a culmination of skill athleticism and power and dancing. This is just bad D followed by a really big jump. Wade is under rated. Everyone go youtube those olympic dunks of Wades. Will never forget that windmill alley oop, or go back further on the reverse alley oop from J Will in 06 while he was rocking those crispy white Wade 1s.
    And on another note. Lebron hasn’t really dunked on anyone for years. clearly Fallen in love with left hand layups

  74. determinism says:

    Hay Labron you know basketball is 4 quarters not just 3 go to school and learn more than just athleticism, learn how to be coached. Labron pick a position, a point forward just makes it easier to defend your team mates.

  75. determinism says:

    You guys are primed for another fixed series, How many people here actually understand marketing, let alone basketball? The feet can pivot from one point (the ball or the heal for balance), but the feet cannot leave the floor and a defensive player cannot switch the pivoting part of the foot when impeding offensive movement towards the basket, Just as an offensive player cannot leave his feet or switch pivot point, but the difference is that a defensive player cannot lift to switch between two pivot points when setting a defensive position.

  76. esy says:

    it actually should’ve been called a travel violation before it was an offensive foul, which it was.

    still not impressed with blake griffin, considering the hype that he gets. yes, he has gotten a lot of double doubles, but that should be expected from athletic big men. period. most PF/Cs should be getting at least, AT LEAST, 10 points off of scrap points, putbacks, oops, etc. those same PF/Cs should also be getting at least some 10 boards as well. efficient box outs will make boards that much easier. they should be getting double doubles, but they don’t, which is a shame. but for athletic big men (i.e. blake griffin in this instance) a double double should be extremely commonplace.

  77. Aaron Tharpe says:

    Hey Smith…time to get griffin’s junk out of your mouth. hardly the dunk of the year….probably not even the dunk of the month.

    i do however have a growing catalouge of overplayed and overrated moments in blake griffins blooming career…courtesy of and the likes….

  78. Joaquin Miranda says:

    Im a HUGE Blake Griffin fan, but that was a foul. I dont really agree with the best dunks anyway. The Dunk ladder says that Blake’s dunk over Danilo Gallinari it his best, but Mozgov’s posterization is, to me, the sickest dunk of the year, sicker than this one. But I see Gortat is right there, set, outside the circle, before Blake elevates, so yea, good call.

  79. Bryce says:

    That’s the most emotion I’ve seen out of Blake Griffin all year!

  80. Woa i am suprised there are Blake Haters out there. Really haters? What the hell did you found about him to hate? Because he hit rookie wall and not doing 22-12 as a rookie but doing stats like 17-9 after all star break?

    It s god damn 17-9 as a rookie. Nothing gets appreciated to the hell with ppl like you.

    By the way check gortats feet it s bad call imo.

    What kinda argument is this someone saying D-Wade dunks on 7 footers regularly. Lets see him dunk from THAT FAR CRUSHING the defense like that. No one Dunks like Blake. because no one with his height was able to jump like him. D-wade is hell of a athlete. Vince is a legend. But since they short they are better? isnt it more valuable to be taller and jump like they did better/worse tiny bit maybe.

    i like d-wade and stuff and not a miami hater. But sometimes it just gets…. dumb. heads should be out not in your as..

    • Me too says:

      It’s just Internet nerds that like to try peoples emotions because they are unfulfilled in their own life or don’t know about ball. I see the comments too and think how could anyone dislike a player because of the media giving him attention? Just jealous I guess.

    • cris says:

      i guess you are too ypung to remember a guy named shawn kemp who did dunk like that and was a big fan.

      • cris says:


      • Gary says:

        I remember Kemp and he was my favorite during his years at Seattle. But let’s not forget that once he put on weight and was probably the same size as Griffin and his dunking went out the door.

      • Nah man i m 23 y/o nba analyst/editor of a long time nba e-magazine. i m young yeah but i do remember kemp = )

        enough of my bragging . kemp was one of the best at taking off but like gary said he s not strong as blake. Kemp was dunking with amazing fierce power and he was really storng. but when you think how strong blake is as a rookie he s a step ahead imo.

        i just did a top 10 dunker of all time and kemp snatched no 6 at my list. if anyone cares i guess not here s my list = )

        10- Darrly ‘Chocolate Thunder’ Dawkins
        he made dunking fun
        9- Clyde ‘The Glide’ Drexler
        see his in game dunk against lakers with blazers uniform. thats a true glide.
        8- Larry ‘The High-Ayatolla of Slamola’ Nance
        2 balls was impressive.
        7-David ‘Skywalker’ Thompson
        1.94 height and doing what he does at at 70’s. some ppl might have toughted he come out from ship with neil armstrong. and he wasnt there when ship left off from earth! Did he actually took a penny from top of backboard?
        6- ‘Reign Man’ Shawn Kemp
        not the Rain Man. If he was that smart he would be away from off court issues and become a ‘BETTER’ legend and waay more rich
        5- Jason ‘J-Rich’ Richardson
        The dunks did at dunk contests was extremely difficult to pull it out. Can you god damn blieve when ppl think he s Darius Miles he become Kyle Korver. Combine both and become an all-star man. but that ship already sailed i think.
        4- Dominique ‘Human Highligt Film’ Wilkins
        I respect too much to him to type bs.
        3- ‘Doctor’ Julius Erwing
        he showed to all how this think gets done.
        2- Michael ‘Air’ Jordan
        he showed to all how actually this thing gets done at BEST. best of the best gotta do it best.
        1- Vince ‘The Prince’ Carter
        The creativity. The flair. The hang time. 2000 Dunk contest gives him no.1 spot

        1 last thing. to be honest after i have whatched Mix of Jordans in game Dunks i think Jordan deserves no.1
        I ve put a lot of research in that but i have never saw that dunks of MJ. Well all i have got internet at turkey. NBA tv is higly restricted.
        Hear me STERN. 80 mil ppl living in turkey and basketball is very popular and there are talented people. All you care money and you miss it by seeing us like other Middle-east countries.

  81. cezzy says:

    cant help but feel bad for gortat

  82. andychoi says:

    if your arm comes up short to the rim, and you throw the ball in the basket, if it still counts as a dunk?
    Keep in mind that his hand never touches the rim

  83. Basque guy says:

    sick dunk n that wasnt offensive foul lol

  84. Sarai says:

    If this was an offensive foul…then “See Man Fly” by JR Smith should have been an offensive foul too. It was basically the same situation. I must say that dunk by JR Smith is the best dunk this season not DWade’s XD

  85. Vince says:

    It was a fine call, stop whining. This is exactly the type of situation where its up the ref and the ref made the call. Can’t believe you whiners crying over something like this compared to the calls that are so blatantly bad you can’t even believe.

  86. aaron says:

    i have to say its about as impressive a dunk as you’ll ever see but it’s also about as close a call as you’ll see so in the end of the day it’s up to the referee
    in my opinion though i would say for the good of the game you have to count that dunk after all that’s what keeps fans (especially clippers fans) interested in this game this is part of the greatness of our game and you can’t loose it for anything
    now you can’t blame the referee either because it was a close call

    the last thing I’ll say is that any referee looking back at this one would call it a fair dunk because when it’s that close and such a great play you got to give the dunker the benefit of the doubt

  87. will says:

    Griffin was off his feet and gortat wasnt even set for approximately 3 seconds which is the offical rule(set for 3 seconds or has a firm position on the court) and besides gortat flopped and griffin was manuevering his body to avoid so much contact

  88. alex says:

    i dont know why they give him so much credit in the nba oki he is a good player but from my point of view he is a regular player i dont see anything special on him that wasnt even a dunk he just shot the ball fingers on the net he didnt even touch the ring d wades on perkins was wayyy better that one should be the dunk of the year

  89. rapsfan23 says:

    This is the EXACT reason the STARS of the league never participate in the dunk contest. If they don’t fulfill your wishes of an impossible display of dunks ( or they miss dunks you could never dream of making ) they become “over hyped” and get hated on. Blake is one of the top dunkers in the league ( i LOVE J.R smith as well 😀 ) hands down. stop hating, this dunk was nasty, so much power, extension, lift, and distance from basically standing still, was it the right call? well.. thats hard to say, such is the life of the nba ref

  90. aussie andrew says:

    Yes he got to the spot before BG took flight but the first contact comes with Marcin Gortat fore-arming Blake in the privates!! No offensive, Foul on Gortat, And1 for Griffin

  91. brandon says:

    it was a bad call, look at his feet, his heals are over the line, especially his left foot.
    even if he is on his toes, the heals can not be hovering the line (which they are)
    but best dunk in 23 years? I highly doubt that! Remember D-wades dunk over the Cavs power forward, i dont know how to spell his name, (verija) or something, where he drove down the middle bodied him up and boom, that was an intense dunk, or when vince carter boomed fully cocked back on the heat in the playoffs a few years back.

  92. Sarkies says:

    That was not an offensive foul. If you watch it in slow motion, he is clearly still moving his left foot. If anything, that was a foul on Gortat. That was a terrible call. Griffin should have been awarded for that slam. But nobody will top J.R. Smith’s “See Man Fly” dunk. I’m sorry but that was just a ridiculous dunk. No he isn’t my favorite player, no he isn’t a huge fan favorite like Wade or Lebron, and no, he isn’t traveling – charging – or lucky. He should get dunk of the year for that. And this is coming from a Derrick Rose fan. And he has like a thousand great dunks to choose from. I don’t care if anyone disagrees because this is my opinion and I’m not changing it unless someone does something better in the next 4 weeks.

    • GB says:

      See man fly was your average dunk, nohing special other than a defender getting knocked down. Best dunk of the year is the ally oop Rose caught. BTW I’m no D Rose fan.

  93. maro says:

    1 and very important this wasn’t a dunk….. look guys he threw a ball

  94. I like turtles says:

    This should not have been a charge because Gortats foot was on the line

  95. michael 23 jordan says:

    good call,gortat was much before set

  96. magicfan says:

    Hey, I like Gortat and know what he is able to do on defense. But I clearly saw Gortat was not set and he jumped into Griffin. Bad call refs. Gortat does not play for Olrlando any more. You always give the worst calls or no calls to Orlando. But we had a day off so I guess you will screw us against the Cavs tonigh huh?

  97. jared says:

    DWade dunks on 7 footers with regularity and he’s only 6′ 4″

    • rio says:

      I agree with you…and he doesnt show off with windmills on open court…he does it to the 7 footers…or he just does the normal dunk

  98. ollie boombayay says:

    Maybe not a charge, but 100% travel. Earned frequent flyer miles on that travel. The D-wade over Perkins was a big time travel too because he lifts his pivot foot. For some reason the refs are allowing travels all over the place this year if a player does a spin move off a pivot foot.

    Sick facial, but don’t act like a biznatch when a call doesn’t go your way.

    • Gary says:

      The refs aren’t allowing it you just don’t understand(or probably never played) ball to know what constitutes a ref giving a travel. It wasn’t a travel because his right foot was the pivot foot and turned but never left the ground until he jumped, also his left foot which was behind in was able to move forward as well while he still had his pivot, he then lifted both off yhe ground. But explaining this to you probably won’t make sense if you’ve never played.

      • ollie boombayay says:

        Sit down man, you don’t know who you’re talking to Larry Gary. I’ve been to over 200 NBA games below the rim, not those nosebleeds I sold you on Stubhub. I’ve also balled more hours then the number of times you even bounced that rubber Clippers ball you got for Christmas. It’s a well known fact that NBA players get away with travel. So bad in fact that Stern had give special instruction to the refs to start calling it two seasons ago. Watch the tourney and you will see many travel calls, not because the kids can’t play, but the refs are actually looking at their feet instead of looking for a foul. The reason Grif doesn’t get called here (besides the fact it is in LA) is because it is a split second to catch it and it is subjective as to when he establishes possession. D-wade’s pivot foot shuffles on that thrown down on Perkins and this is what I have been seeing throughout the season. Shuffling of the pivot foot plus a two foot hop step = 3 steps/travel. It’s bad enough they allow a pivot plus a hop step ever since Shaq started doing it mid-90s, but now they allow you to drag/shuffle your pivot foot AND the bunny hop. It’s hard enough to defend players this good, but the NBA wants offense because offense sells.

      • sigismondo says:

        See the description frame by frame I made elsewhere in this page.
        There is no doubt about traveling.

      • Gary says:

        Yo ollie polly, if the ref didn’t call the travel because it’s in LA as you sugguest, then why did they call a charge instead that put him out the game?! Also I don’t care how many hours you put in on NBA2K, cause it doesn’t make you know anything more about the game.

  99. Gary says:

    Back in the 80’s and 90’s drawing a charge was virtually impossible if you weren’t set for a solid second. Now people just step in front of the player and boom instant charge/flop. in this case Gorat’s feet weren’t planted and he walked into an already airborne player. Bad call, you and idiot or hater to say it wasn’t but it happens.

  100. Mark says:

    Gortat’s feet werent set. bad call

  101. nbason says:

    and by the way, dwade dunk most definetely better tyhan this one even if it did count

    • DenRocK says:

      DWade’s dunk is a nice dunk but not a Dunk of the Year. I like that he split 2 defenders but if you look at the dunk, Perkins was underneath the basket so that was easy for Wade to jump and dunk it. Plus remember, Perkins is coming off ACL surgery. Everyone knows that knee isn’t 100 percent. This dunk wasn’t a dunk it was more off a throw it in the basket. As for overhype, remember he is a rookie who is only going to get better.

  102. nbason says:

    clearly a charge, not even close. great show by griffin but a charge is a charge. u wanna win, gotta do it under the rules the nba has. stop whining and start playing basketball

  103. sigismondo says:

    Michael is right. Too many steps, only a blind man couldn’t see it.
    Even if it was the Dunk of the Century, with too many steps it has been only a bad play. Simply forget it.

    But, on the other side, traveling was prior to contact with Gortat, thus no valid dunk, no offensive foul, Griffin not fouled out.
    Only a turnover. That’s all.

    • Gary says:

      Then you sir are blind. The right foot is the pivot, regardless of how that foot moves it can do so as long as it doesn’t leave the floor. His left foot which hit the floor after the right is able to freely move off the floor so long as the right foot stays grounded. Yes it looks like two or three steps to the average ball fan but it’s not and you can watch that video over and see for yourself. Right foot stays on the ground, left foot moves forward then he jumps of the RIGHT first and the left follows.

      • sigismondo says:

        Very evident traveling. This is the story watched frame by frame:
        – When he catches the ball, has the right foot on ground; the left foot is on the external semicircle;
        – He makes a small step (1) with the left foot on ground just before the free throw line, the right foot is up;
        – Then the right foot touches ground on the internal semicircle; this is the second step, no more steps are allowed;
        – But he makes another step (and he jumps) with the left foot: TRAVELING.
        If you cannot realize it at normal speed, look frame by frame, that’s very clear.
        Furthermore, you are wrong at saying “The right foot is the pivot, regardless of how that foot moves it can do so as long as it doesn’t leave the floor”: if a foot slides, that’s traveling; but this is not the case here, no slide, only too many steps.

      • Gary says:

        @mondo i respect your point cause you make a good case when you slow the tape down but the rule is still that the steps don’t count until he has gathered the ball then is allowed two steps. So even if his left was the pivot he is allowed two steps after getting/holding onto the ball. It’s three steps total cause pivot plus two. So I hope you see what I’m saying.

  104. Basit says:

    he jumped in while blake was in the air and he wasnt set. (im a lakers fan)

  105. Laker Fan 4 Life says:

    That was a bad call. Sure Gortat was there in time but the back of his left foot was on the line of the restricted area. Last I heard that doesn’t constitute an offensive foul.

  106. watson says:

    Although I’m Polish and really like ‘The Polish Hammer’, it was a bad call. He indeed was set, but just the edge of his left heel was on the line. And as far as the dunk of the year (or of 23 years for that matter) is concerned… C’mon… Gimme a break. Griffin’s dunk versus the Knicks on a breakaway, with the behind-the-back move was far better than this. And as for me, the dunk of the year so far should be the one of J.R. Smith (don’t remember who the Nuggets played, though).
    And last but not least… Go Bulls!!!

  107. Imad Akel says:





    • Heat says:

      WADE’S dunk over PERKINS should be the DOY, not this. This is good, but not better than WADE’s; even if GRIFFIN didn’t get called for an offensive foul, this wouldn’t be that good of a dunk. GRIFFIN is a spectacular player/dunker, but this isn’t his best.

  108. getoffhisnuts says:

    CLIPPERS FANS. get off blake griffins nuts! for the love of god you guys act like he is the greatest of all time. Rookies dont get the iffy calls..and im pretty sure that was a good call…a tough one…but i think they got it right.

  109. Blake Griffin is beast, clearly a blocking foul and considered the Dunk of the Year.

  110. Blake should just Dunk over Steve Javie, i would if he called that on me xD

  111. Patrick says:

    Shak tried that before, but referees did not appreciate.
    This dunk was perfect, with gortat at this place.
    He takes off a little too far from the ring, but such a beauty.

  112. Shiggy says:

    Gortat gets position before Griffin elevates and he is clearly outside of the circle as his heels are off the floor. However, it looks to me as though Gortat actually jumps straight up during the play and it is therefore not a charge but a no-cal either way.

  113. Victor says:

    I was at the game. I payed good money to see Griffin make spectacular plays not to watch that piece of ______ referee Steve Javie make a statement about how stern he can be.

    Steve Javie needs to undersatand that he is not a celebrity no one comes to the Staples cetner to see him referee.

    He must have called four of Griffin’s 6 fouls. Icluding one under the basket after a made three point shot; awarding a second player other than the shooter a plus 1. How often do see that? Steve Javie wan’ts to let the spectotors know he’s the man.

  114. Michael says:

    For me it was travel

    • yes says:

      i thought i was the only one to notice he shuffles both feet after catching the ball then proceeds to take 2 more steps to go for the dunk

    • Gary says:

      It wasn’t a travel because his right foot was the pivot foot and turned but never left the ground until he jumped, also his left foot which was behind him was able to move forward as well while he still had his pivot, he then lifted both off the ground.

      • Michael says:

        TRAVEL!! Look at Blake’s left foot . look attentively . He did small steps , two small steps

      • sigismondo says:

        You said he lifted both feet on the ground? Sliding = traveling.
        But this is not the case here, he simply made too many steps. See my description elsewhere in this page.

    • cris says:

      thank you somebody else noticed that too.

    • Bone says:

      Yep, definite travel. Two small steps followed by a third big step.

  115. jwest says:

    That was it??? Seko made it seem like a dunk we’ve never even seen before…I’m disappointed. It seems like I share in the general consensus on here that his dunks are a tad overrated, especially during All Star Weekend. His last dunk was way too hyped up, I think Dwight and Carter had way better dunks in the past.

  116. Anthony says:

    Sure Gortat was set, but who cares? The league would be a more entertaining place if all dunks could not be charges. The rules can be whatever the league wants; therefore, they should allow this sort of thing. It’s a no-brainer, and would be good for the sport of basketball.


  117. NIck Paschke says:

    okay i voted bad call but still, there is no was that is dunk of th year he barley dunked it.. i am tired of all this hype about this guy ill pick a Lebron James, or most other people’s dunk over his

  118. Red says:

    Definitely not Dunk of the Year… and in no way the best in the last 23 years and he should know that. Kobe did the same to Steve Nash years ago (though he didn’t get an offensive). Wade’s dunk on Varejao was Posterizing Dunk of the Decade and it was on a diff level. I don’t think this dunk would even crack the top 25 in the past 23 years and I’m being nice already. Oh, and it wasn’t even a real dunk…

    Still nice to see though.

  119. Sadee says:

    most people are dumb or just hating BG. Gortat clearly wasnt set, and his feet were over the restricted area. Most Refs wouldnt call it an offensive foul. And hes almost a 7 footer with crazy elevation i doubt d wade can dunk over gortat or timofey .

    • rio says:

      are you kidding..D.wade cannot dunk over gortat..? what are you smoking..D.Wade dunked over 7 footers KG,Duncen, jermain oneal..Varajoe,,,and some more..and the latest on perkins..D.wade dunks on ppl..griffin and lebron james dunk alone…

      • fer says:

        totally agree.. wade is on another level

      • Gary says:

        Okay seriously all you need to learn the difference between on and over. Vince Carter may be the only man in the NBA currently to hold the OVER title. Everyone else is just on. What you do have right is Lebron mostly dunks in the open, but wrong again about Griffin. Maybe you just started watching him yesterday but he has at least ten monster dunks on someone this year.

  120. Jesse says:

    That was a bad call, his heels were on the line, he was still getting set when blake was taking off, and his left foot twice(in and forward, then slid it back) while blake was in the air. I also agree tho, this would not have been dunk of the year, plenty of players have had nicer dunks, there is nothin like a d wade posterization, hell i think even blake has had plenty of better dunks this season,

  121. Gary says:

    That was a ridiculous call and what made it worse is that it came right after another bad call.

  122. 3peat says:

    That dunk reminds me of the Dunk d-wade did last year. The one he dunk over Varejao from the Cavs, now that was dunk and the one he did recently over Perkins was also good. This was good dunk, but not the dunk of the year.

  123. Heat says:

    This was considered the DOY??? WADE’S dunk against OKC was much better. WADE split two defenders with a spin, then dunked on PERKINS (who tried to block WADE, GORTAT didn’t try to block it, he just took a charge). VINCE CARTER had some amazing dunks in his prime, as well as MJ. I love GRIFFIN but his dunks are over-hyped for no reason. This dunk wasn’t that spectacular.

  124. Horace says:

    It was an obvious blocking foul on Gortat. If you look at the video you can clearly see that his left foot was on the line of the circle. He also moves his foot to brace for the impact of the dunk.

  125. Rob says:

    c’mon. Gortat wasn’t able to establish his position and he even extended his arms as Griffin was dunking over him, literally over him. Now we’ll never know if the Clips could’ve come back and win the game with Griffin on the floor. Attention, Steve Jarvie! Call it better the next time around. Or better yet, don’t blow that whistle, and just enjoy the BlakeShow. haha

  126. stingray says:

    that would have been a let go situation……. gortat was set but griffin take off simultenously.. griffin literally fly over gortat… bad call from the referee..

  127. Derek says:

    What a dumb call, Gortat’s left heel was clearly on the line. Leave it to the NBA officials to ruin which could have been the dunk of Blake’s career.

  128. Jared says:

    marcin gortat’s feet is not yet set.. after seeing the video.. i think marcin gortat is confused, if he wants to sacrifice his body and took a charge or just get out of the way.. he slightly jump!!! i think that is a foul! bad call!!

  129. Alba-Soldier says:

    Should have counted, Gortats foot was on the line which means it was blocking.

    Dwades spin dunk was much nastier though

  130. larry33 says:

    bad call, really bad call by the ref. blake was at the move before gortat has a good position. u can see it in the replay. blake is in the air and gortat is still in movement (look at his chest). ok, sometimes they call it offense and sometimes not… anyways, they shall make a poster of it 🙂

  131. Jolan says:

    Gortat was there before elevation. Good call imo.

  132. albert says:

    it wasn’t counted because timofey wants to be a hall of famer. hahaha!

  133. celtic city says:

    how was it a close game when the clips were down by 13? That my friend isn’t even near to close. This dunk is not the years best, It is better than his car dunk though and Gortat’s left foot was clearly all over the line def. foul all the way. Dunk of the year HAS TO BE IN SOME KIND OF MEANINGFUL GAME SITUATION A LA WHAT D-ROSE DOES WHEN TAKING OVER IN THE 4TH.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Every dunk is better the Car Dunk. I would call that the worst dunk of the year, All hype and no mindblowing dunk.

      • Kenzi says:

        Completely agree, the car dunk in which his feet went around and not over anyway…

      • Law064 says:

        Check youtube for the real CAR DUNK. The dude jumped over the car and went between the legs. Put Blake Griffin’s dunk to shame. This is clearly NOT the dunk of the year not even the dunk of the week c’mon they are praising BG for any dunk he has. Wade has the dunk of the year. KG’s dunk over Turiaf last night was better than this clear charge.

  134. james says:

    lol Gortats feet were on the line

  135. Rudy says:

    Dunk of the year belongs to Wade over Perkins. That was incredible

  136. LAKERS3-PEAT says:

    it was a good call

  137. yo says:

    you can even see gortats feet leave the ground during the course of the dunk. i am tired of lousy charging calls. he was clearly outside the circle but his feet didn’t remain planted and thus i dont think that should be a charge.

    • ....obviously says:

      Yes, His feet left position after Blake committed the charging foul. He was in position, then contact was made.

  138. jimt says:

    Come on Ref that call should have gone to the Hometown Rookie of the year.

    • Your Mom says:

      steve nash is on the suns dude

      • notcompletelycrazy says:

        “I’ve enjoyed my success in Phoenix and would love to stay here,” Nash said this week in an interview. “But if not Phoenix, playing in Toronto would be a dream come true in many ways.”-Toronto Globe

        Steve Nash said that a couple years ago.

  139. Gman says:

    Why does he keep getting props for these dunk of the year dunks… on the simple, over-somebody dunk. And Alvin Gentry…. really 23 years? Vince Carters lockout season had better dunks,,,by far. D-Wades recent dunk was much better and tougher.

    • Fresh says:

      I too agree with your comments, how much hype can you give him when he isnt even outdoing himself anymore. It wasnt even a dunk, dude fingers on the nets not rim.

      • erin20 says:

        0:16 he is touching rim

      • Splash says:

        yeah, but its that’s the whole reason why it was sick. He barely touched the rim, he got high enough to virtually throw it in the basket. Think Dwight Howard and his Superman dunk…that won him the dunk contest. snm.

      • bubblebuster says:

        Plus, it’s the second time he’s done that. If someone’s gonna have a signature dunk, that’s a pretty cool one to have, I think. You’re just mad because you don’t think the Clippers aren’t underdog enough to have the dunk contest rigged in their favor.

      • bubblebuster says:

        Gah! Double negatives, curse you!

    • tre' says:


      a) he’s jumping off 2 feet
      b) he’s doing it from a far distance
      c) he’s jumping higher than anyone’s seen in a while
      d) he’s extending as much as he can

    • jeff says:

      im wif u man d-wade dunk was much better than dis…. d wade over ibaka n perkin in da same play tht a dunk of da year

    • Imad Akel says:

      you’re kidding me…
      this dunk is the sickest thing since vince carter jumped over that dude in the olympics
      he didnt even touch the rim? who the hell cares!
      lol did u see how fiercly and powerfully he jumped? and how high he jumped? SICK!
      Marcin Gortat looking like he’s gonna piss his pants!

      J.R. smith’s “See Man Fly” is an offensive if this is an offensive foul…

      And since when is an offensive foul called after your feet have left the ground anyway? What the hell if this was lebron or a young kobe the call would be a DEFENSIVE foul.

      Come on refs, lets not encourage NBA players to take “safer” dunks. If you can jump from the free throw line and dunk it, people should get out of the way. If you can do it with people in the way, you should get a DEFENSIVE foul called and chance for +1, NOT AN OFFENSIVE FOUL.

      Seeing this foul called really upsets me as an NBA fan…If i was in the clippers arena i wouldn;t stop booing till that referee is suspended or something.

      • WillAmi says:

        Gary Neal had his foot on the circle in JR’s dunk

      • QuestionMark says:

        At the moment the refs are way more easy on Griffin then they are on Kobe or Lebron, and this wouldn’t have been an offensive foul if Gortat hadn’t flopped, he flopped thats why Griffin got a foul called on him, if Mozgov flopped that would have been an offensive foul call as well

      • rayray says:

        i soo agree wit u bro

        2 things in an epic facial:
        -crushing the ball in the rim
        -crushing the guy defending the rim

        Wade din’t do both, Griffin did. Thus, the better facial. Wade just has more fans…

        Other factors:
        -Wade’s spin to split the defenders and dance
        -Griffin slamming the ball like Howard’s superman dunk, which is not as easy as it looks

        Wade’s dunk on Varejao is WAY better though, crushing him like a bug.

      • daez says:

        @Imad Akel Yeah, he did jump high.. But think about it, he’s like what, 6 foot 10? So it’s not really all that high, he just has so much height and reach that it seemed like he got up real high. But he didn’t really. Blake Griffin is an AMAZING athlete, I’m a huge fan of his, so I’m not hating. But they do over-hype ALOT of things he does. Same thing with the dunk on Mozgov, he threw it in the ring like Dwight’s Superman dunk. It was amazing becase it was like he jumped, reached his peak, hit Mozgov, then rose another 2 levels to throw it in over him before he came back down. I didn’t see that in this dunk. And Wade’s spin two-foot punch on Perkins’ head was way WAAAAAY more impressive. Wade is like 6 foot 4 pulling a spin move before slamming it on a Centre. ‘Nuff said

      • heat all the way:) says:

        ok…. Vince Carters dunk was sumething we’ll not see for a while, (LeBron is on his way there) 🙂
        But Griffin is still a rookie, he proved he can monster dunk,so it is up to time to tell us what he’ll bring to the table next

    • Dre1 says:


    • figure8dc says:

      Wade’s DUNK was way better. Plus wade actually DUNKED his, he didnt just throw the ball down thru the net. Thats not a dunk. impressive, but if u cant dunk it from that distance, move closer so u can atually dunk it.

      • Law064 says:

        I Agree with daez & figure8dc. Blake is 6-10 6-11 and his dunks are all overhyped. Did anyone see the And-One dude dunk over the car? If not youtube it. Wade dunk over Perk was a lot more impressive than this and the call was correct the defender was set and took the hit. BG is amazing but his dunks are taken as if it’s the best anyone has ever seen. C’mon give him props but don’t go over board.

    • rey says:

      I agree D-WADE’s dunk is the best i have seen in years he’s a freak of nature..

    • Gary says:

      Beceaus how many Rookies are doing it?
      Because he was injured last year and wasn’te expected to make this big of a return.
      Because he has a highlight reel worthy dunk in nearly every game.
      The list could really go on an on but the real questions that needs to be answered is why don’t you see it? and are you a hater?