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The Denver Nuggets are 9-4 since they traded Carmelo Anthony. The New York Knicks are 7-7 since acquiring him.

Those results have certainly made for a fascinating epilogue to the ‘Melo drama that lasted six months. But do they mean that the Nuggets are a better team without Anthony than they were before him?

Harvey Araton of The New York Times thinks they’re at least better than the Knicks. And though such a series won’t ever be happening, Araton breaks down the matchups between the only two franchises Anthony has played for …

Consider the compelling and contrasting franchise agendas:

By winning 9 of their first 13 games to start the post-Carmelo era, the Nuggets instantly became a testimonial for the superstar-less collective via the power of 12 opportunistic men. By losing twice each to Cleveland and to Indiana, the Knicks made people at least pause to rethink the rush to marry any combination of the league’s most gifted and talented along the presumed path to championship bliss.

These post-trade records are bound to even out some, but the Nuggets wasted little time in crowing about “playing the right way” and being rid of “sticky fingers” and making a full-blown “commitment to defense.”

Meanwhile, after a 119-117 loss to Indiana on Tuesday, Anthony sniped at his teammate Jared Jeffries and questioned Coach Mike D’Antoni’s defensive schemes. During a defeat to the Pistons in Auburn Hills, Mich., Friday night, Anthony shot miserably, 2 for 12, looked distracted and annoyed with teammates and fans and blew off the news media afterward. Fourteen games into his instantly acclaimed Knicks career, these were disturbing signs if not yet a trend.

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  1. Dougie says:

    Denver did get the best out of this trade, but NY will soon be up there , trust. Melo wasn’t a first round draft for nothing.

  2. Kingsfan says:

    Ok its so funny to hear people judge who got the better end of the deal on this trade. Sure on paper it looks like Denver got the good end. Chandler, Felton, Gallinari Mozgov, 1st rd pick and 2 2nd rd picks. For NY, Melo and Billups.

    That’s a whole lot of talent for 2 guys. But, what would you give up to get that superstar? Carmelo is one of the top 5 offensive minded players in the league. Arguably the best scorer in the league. He has the potential to average what Felton, Chandler and Gallinari do combined.

    Now with that all said, how can we judge who got what better when the trade really wasn’t based on this year. The trade happened because Denver was going to lose Melo and needed to pull the trigger on something. Shoot they could have got 1/2 the roster bench and a 1st rd pick and Denver would have got the best end of the deal. They traded something they were going to lose anyways. The issue here is that NY overpaid somewhat for something they could have got a discount this summer.

    The reasons behind the trade, prevent either team having the advantage on the trade. And if you still want to say who had the better deal, then wouldnt it be considered advantageous to turn nothing into something? Advantage Denver.

  3. Jao says:

    smart of Henry to point out Jefferson trade. it took Jefferson a full season (and the summer) to be fully integrated into the Spurs offense. and look at them now. i wouldn’t be too worried about the Knicks until next season. if they still suck come next ASG, then some heads should start rolling. coaches always goes first, then players, then GMs.

  4. REVELATIONZ says:

    by way too NYK need to get rid of that coach. melo yes a great OFFENSIVE player by lacks D. i rather take as said a team W/O a superstar come together work hard and make no man a key player n the roster and all have a fair role to play so when comes to game time, u control the shots while the opposing team takes time figuring out who to guard more. why NUGGETS been successful early. so yes time goes on im sure teams will catch on but for now it fits well for denver. u know who to specificily who to guard in LA, NYK, MIA, PHX, and so forth. denver has a great 5 on top of the that a great bench. who do u guard more when u dont have a true star on the team to guard when u might double or triple one and the other swoops up and steals the show this game and another player another and so forth. shown before Detroit..who was their star? the TEAM…denvers star? the TEAM. team wins championships not a star. LA has a team not a full time star WHY they win as so BOSTON they play AS a team. u dont hear kobe winning every night for the lakers…u hear a team win it. NUGGETS are a team and with picks they earn coming up, they will SOON build to a championship calibur team say year or 2.

  5. REVELATIONZ says:

    @ UNKNOWN…ha who ever the hell u are your a joke cause u made NO sense to what u wrote. u might not read this anymore but u some idiot haha. DENVER all the way had the best trade. i didnt lose faith in em one bit tho yes too quite bit shock on their record how they been and BEEN playing GOOD teams that are worth seeing how BETTER DENVER has became from the trade. MELO what another joke selfish lil cockfine haha…billups was the one worried losing but coming to find yes losing him came to find a REAL team now together and focused and not needing a superstar gives the oppents trouble on “WHO DO I GUARD?” when comes down to the buzzer. u have a TEAM in denver not a “im the star give it to me” team. UNDERSTAND players who play for the game and to win with a team W/O the superstar is HARD to beat when u dont know who truely to more cover. as say for LA or MIA or NYK or PHX etc u get my flow. u win by D…let the O follow…and u will produce VICTORIES. chance to go all way idk yes it going be a long shot for the west for my nuggets but as u see we OWN LA and OKC i see a showdown. only challenge as seem to struggled most against is SAS. as by far tho NUGGETS by far better deal and knicks be after melo is gone they be a good team again.

  6. look they will only win basketball games when role-players play good ( for example …. when Tony douglas has hot on 3-point land they won the game but when they dont play good knicks lose…. that is why nuggets got a better deal… look at there record after the trade 9-2 ( i think) and they wont get anything this upcoming 2011 draft cause there pick now belong to the nuggets …. so the point is knicks need role players!!!!!! ( i think waving cory brewer is a noob move…. cause the guy could have been a role player )

  7. Alex says:

    Nobody is thinking that Denver still have two first picks and one second for next season while the Nicks are stuck with the same… Told some guy before… Carmelo is a Cancer! any team he join will lose games… he is affecting Amare… Knicks were doing better before him…. now they need to get rid of him before he spread the Cancer over the other Players…

  8. Yo Mo says:

    I’ve always considered Carmello a fraud! Ha. Now it’s coming to light. It’s pathetic for him to criticize the coach and other players. The NY fans and media will eat him alive! Stay tuned….ya’ll get y’ popcorn.

  9. knicks_critique says:

    knicks aint no good

  10. SPURS 2011 CHAMPIONS says:



  11. Joey says:

    Matt has the smartest comment so far and most insightful as well..

    Acquiring a superstar player is much harder than acquiring a few good role players. There are only a handful of superstars in the league and Melo is definitely one of them. The Knicks also have Amar’e and if they can put together a few pieces in the offseason to fill their holes they could possibly be a true contender in the following seasons. I believe the same is also true for Miami but that’s another story.

    The nuggets did get a few good roleplayers but in the longterm they will need a go-to guy to be able to go deep in the playoffs, they are doing well for now but that is liable to change.

    It is still to early to tell who gets the better deal in the longterm, but obviously the numbers show that Nuggets have gotten the better deal for now.

  12. Albert Allego says:

    Who would’ve noticed that Melo is the only player who has complete disregard on King Jinx Lebron, look at the stats; every time this two players met, it always Melo winning the game. Wait for play-off time see who’s Melo and let’s see how Nuggets fair being happy without Melo. There is a team I know that became a champion without a superstar in their roster, Detroit Piston. Nuggets?

  13. Sonam says:

    I’m a knicks fan and I think the knicks did give away too much players for the “melo” trade.
    The key player being traded was Timothy Mosgov because knicks lack a center and nowadays they’re losing because they don’t have that big body who stops players from driving in the paint and mainly defense.
    I believe “right now” the nuggets are a better team but for the future I think knicks made an acceptable move.

  14. Joseph says:

    I told you , Carmelo should go to lakers so he can also win a championhip with kobe and gasol , then carmelo go to knicks?!!!! oh look at them now they are struggling and the lakers are always winning .. CARMELO IF YOU GO TO LAKERS YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY AT THIS TIME BUT YOU GO TO THE KNICKS YOU’RE TEAM IS STRUGGLING HAHAHA LAKERS 3-PEAT!

  15. knicks fan says:

    if knicks get bounced in the first round then its dolans fault for pressuring a stupid trade… ill always like chandler and galo way more then ‘melo but not until we see how the playoffs unfold can we judge who won on the trade.. we could have waited till teh season was over and kept our core team and denver could have ended up with nothing so ultimately denver got alot out of the trade.

  16. Jay says:

    come on man im sure you didnt think this through… Denver does not have to adjust to superstars soo what…. cant expect Denvers results in NY simply because denver does not have any superstars to integrate…. lets be for real man… Because they are superstars and they are making a bank load of money way more than others because they are suppose to be special good players, means they should be able to adjust to new scenarios better, they are suppose to be able to know how to play with new teammates better, they are suppose to be able to play and see the game on a while new level which is why they get paid way more…. i expect a brand new team of non superstars to take longer to integrate than a team with new superstars I think you already pin pointed out the problem their Ego’s… matter how much time they have together their ego will always be there hence rendering the whole teams effectiveness. Sorry but if im a engineer in a technical field and get transfered to a new branch I dont think that they are expecting me to take months or years to get use to my new team of workers they expect me to be able to analyze the situation look at what the issues are with any tasks and get busy…. now if im some lower lever regular technician and get transferred im sure they would be expecting me to take some time to get use to what is going on at the new branch because im not as good as the engineer. lol basically its shouldnt take 2 or 3 new engineers a longer time to fix a problem than 2 or 3 new regular technicians if so then maybe the engineers should be the ones making less money. Same case for superstars and non superstars in basketball or in any other sport or job field.

  17. 80s90sBaller says:

    Melo is a great offensive player, but it pretty much ends there. He isn’t great defensively, he isn’t a hard worker, and he doesn’t make his teammates better.

    The End.

  18. for me the Knicks are still thinking to make it to the playoffs… so you people should not be ecstatic about the tandem of Anthony and Stoudemire……. maybe they can win a ring in 3 years or more… this is still a working progress, people… you see talent on paper doesn’t mean instant productivity….

    as for the nuggets…. great job…. keep up the good work….

  19. Matt says:

    I remember someone in the early nineties saying, that if the NY Knicks traded Ewing for the whole Clipper squad (At that time the Clipps had Charles Smith, Danny manning, Ron Harper and Kenny Norman all putting up big numbers) the end result is that the Clippers would gain a great player and the Knicks would have simply become the Clippers.
    The moral of the story: Long term, 1 very good player is worth more the sum gain of multiple lesser players.

    Comparing this trade player for player to see who got the best deal is foolish. In the short term the Knicks may perform the poorer of the two. That’s inevitable when you gut your squad. That can be remedied through off season free agencey.
    Comparing player for player misses the whole point of the trade. The Knicks never wanted Billups. Denver wanted to palm him off. Knicks see him primarily as future Cap-space. In 2 years time the Knicks will still have their 2 stars and will probably have another or two, making them a strong contender.
    In 2 years there is a probablility that, of the 7 players the Nuggets gained (including future draft picks) only 2 or 3 are still with the team. Of the 3 who started for New York, only one of them is required to start in Denver. Do Denver need all the players they got? Felton and Lawson playing together is not sustainable long term. One will leave to allow playing time for the other. Chandler and Gall play the same position so only one will stay long term.

    Essentially the trade was and still is about Denver being forced (by Anthony) into trading Anthony and Cap-space for Chandler, Potential (draft picks & Mozgov) and short-term Insurance (Gall and Felton incase of a Chandler injury or Lawson not developing as hoped).
    I agree Denver did well out of the trade – it could had been far worse had he left at seasons end – but to say the Knicks did poorly is incorrect; they got the maquee player they wanted. Who gets the better end of the deal will largely be determined by who the Knicks get when Billups contract expires and whether or not Mosgov or the draft picks turn into anything fro the Nuggets.
    It will be interesting to see what happens….

  20. difference says:

    do you know the difference between the Knicks and the Celtics?
    The Big 3’s in the Celtics, and even in Miami, were willing to make sacrifices to put themselves into a good position to win a championship. Knicks? ONLY Carmelo wanted that trade. Amare was OKAY with it, but he preferred to keep his formal teammates. Amare wants the ball in his hand, but guess what? SO DOES CARMELO ANTHONY. what about Ray allen? KG? Pierce? they dont care who has the ball, who shoots the ball, and who makes the play. They are a team. Heat? I cant say that the Heat are at the level that the celtics is at right now, but the Big 3’s in the Heat are pretty unselfish too.
    It’s going to take a VERY VERY long time for faggots like CARMELO to build up chemistry with other superstarts.

  21. Radamus says:

    The Knicks were going nowhere, now or in the future, with the players they had before. Unfortunately even if they improved somewhat, which they probably didn’t, they basically turned themselves into a poor man’s Miami Heat. With the exception of point guard they are now worse than Miami at every position. Their bench might be slightly better than Miami’s, but not by much, and neither team really has a championship caliber bench. Neither team has a real championship caliber center either. Stoudemire is not a natural center and showed he couldn’t really play the position at Phoenix.

  22. LAKERS 3PEAT says:

    who cares just look, the lakers and bynum are already practicing ways to injure opposing players while appearing to be an accident just in time for the playoffs..

  23. blame phrokorov for baiting isiah

  24. this is not about the coach, its about the players, if they listen to their coach and follow the game plan everythings good, but here we are melo sulking whenever he does not get the ball and amare we’ll forget about defense i mean look.
    phil jackson’s triangle offense really sucks especially if you are a player who demands the ball all the time but the players listen to him so it works even w/o any of it focusing on defense. and utah’s pick and roll is so effective for 23 years now and if not for Deron’s antics the jazz might have been on 4th seed by now so its all the player’s fault not the coach

  25. henry says:

    last season the spurs acquired jefferson but the chemistry didnt go well. this year’s spurs become one of the top team. lets see if the knicks can duplicate the spurs. if the knicks need time. we should give them time. sometimes you rush everything up isnt going to give you any benefit

  26. when i read Ewing ripping off his superstar teammates and not himself and the crowd for not getting a ring.

    surely shows the true colours of the franchise

  27. Joshua Remo says:

    Knicks will be a powerhouse next year. As many others has stated, chemistry takes time, knicks won’t win this year but they’ll be a threat come a few years. I’m surprised with the nuggets, there team is actually playing pretty good, however I don’t see the nuggets getting past the semis between the Lakers, Spurs, and Mavericks

  28. LAKERS 3PEAT says:

    of course you trade 3 star caliber players 2 draftg pics 7 footer for a ball-hog diva who cannot play PG-initiated plays and cannot play defense of course Denver Won.

    if knicks are wanting to blame someone. blame Isiah and also blame Prokhorov for baiting the Knicks to make a bad deal.

    Knicks = pathetic francise, pathetic crowd always has been. or they could easily ask Stern to fix games for them lol

  29. gm melilli says:

    just because carmelo anthony is frustrated with defensive schemes of that bonehead d’antoni, and seems to be depicting an aura of a lack of chemistry with his team mates, doesnt mean that the nuggets are a better team or are better off. and it certainly doesnt mean that the knicks have added to their list of blunders over the last ten years.
    fact, melo was the third highest scored in the nba last season with 28pts, hence making him one of the best offencive players in the nba.
    fact. every single season that he has been in the league, he has been part of a playoff organisation. he took a mediocre denver team in his rookie season to the post season.
    we must all remember, that this in terms of player numbers, was the biggest trade in nba history. with suh severe roster shuffling, of corse team chemistry is going to be afflicted in the initial teething period, more so in new york than dever, becuase the knicks now gotta learn ghow to play with two stars, finding their own identity, while the nuggets are having a great time enjoying a team based on spirit rather than creditable deep skill.
    as for the frustration with dantonis defencive schemes, fair enough. when your team scores 110 points a game, and allows 120, you to would be pretty frustrated, coz all that offencive sucess goes down the toilet with inconsistant defence.
    sick of skeptics, who are impatient, and just want to see the teams with the stars fail. spare me

  30. Dilzero says:

    A key part of winning the NBA brand of basketball is chemistry. Melo is by no means beneficial to the Knicks chemistry.

  31. Brian says:

    The Nuggets are clearly the winners of this trade and have benefitted much more. First off, Denver has two quality player for two positions and a surging Nene. They’ve got both Chandler (sometimes SG as well) and Gallinari for SF as well as Ty Lawson and Felton for PG. Basically, there bench is unbelievable. Denver’s defense also has improved by alot. Furthermore, the chemistry in the team is also strong because the denver players already understand how to play with each other and are adapting with any new changes too. The Knicks, on the other hand, as so many have already mentioned, lost too many good players. People can make the argument that no one can judge Melo’s and Amare’s chemistry right now, but people can also make the argument that the Knicks lost too much young potential. Gallinari is like 22 or 23, Chandler is about 22, and felton is 27. Think of the future the Knicks could have had in the long run. So what if they have Melo? The combined potential traded away is worth more than Melo. Go DENVER.

  32. jc says:

    nuggets got a way way better deal theay got 2 future superstars and got ride of a ball hog and now they have a team. sucks for chauncey now he has to waste away in ny.

  33. i am right says:

    Want to know why Nuggets appear to have the better deal? Because Denver PLAYS DEFENSE and have as great of a coach in Karl.
    NY has the peices, but with a coach like D’Antoni who doesn’t preach defense, how do you expect to win.
    For NY to flourish, change the coach plz.

  34. Albert Allego says:

    It ‘s too early to say something about who’s better and who’s not Melo is one big name that carried Nuggets into one conference final and one play-off and you should include that in your database Mr. Schuhmann so that your analysis wouldn’t be flawed. Melo is the main man on Nuggets, I should say who’s gonna shoot the winning basket now for them? Nuggets is playing an inspired basketball because they don’t want to be another Cleveland; they want to shrug off “the Melo-less Nuggets is nothing”. New York is grinding. Melo is a big hole that occupies the systems in New York that needs time to blend. Let’s wait for the play-off and let’s see who’s got the better deal…

  35. LILLIAN WADE says:


  36. Tim says:

    I’m a huge Knicks fan, but I’m not too optimistic about the future of this team. Some players can lead their team to success, while others simply can’t, regardless of their individual talent level. Just look at Carmelo when he had Iverson back in Denver. Two 28-point scorers. No success. Iverson was the lone superstar with role players around him when his Sixers went to the finals. Lebron’s teams in Cleveland consisted of one superstar and role players. The Lakers with Shaq and Kobe had quality role players as well. It’s time to realize that it’s not about putting a bunch of superstars on one team, because they eat up too much of the salary. Carmelo is not a so-called superstar, nor is he a quality role player. I’m not liking this situation.

  37. Mark says:

    Melo is an offensive threat, there’s no debating that. The thing is, NY needed more size and more defense. If you look at their games before the Melo trade, some of these games were terrible defensive efforts. Amare may average 26 PPG, but his matchup that would often have a more better all-around night than him. He can’t play D on guys like Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Kevin Garnett, Al Horford, Josh Smith, and other big men in the East, so they needed size to body up on those players who could also play D. NY scored enough points night in and night out to win games, but their defense would usually negate that. If you really think about it, Melo is really only a jump shooter. He occasionally drives to the rim, but really likes to take shots around the perimeter. He just doesn’t seem to fit into D’Antoni’s system. The reason things worked so well and so often in Phoenix is because Steve Nash created plays for the offense. He drove to the basket and made things happen. Carmelo just isn’t that player. NY lost more than it received in this trade. Melo’s defensive short-comings are FAR outweighing his offensive skills, and that will spell trouble in the playoffs, especially against defensive teams like Orlando, Chicago, Boston, and occasionally Miami.

  38. Jao says:

    ppl always mention Celtics big 3 when chemistry and adjustment issues are being talked about. what they don’t realize is that when the Celtics big 3 formed, those 3 superstars were ALL past nearing the end of their careers. so naturally, they were more willing to put their EGOS aside and work for the betterment of the team. they were willing to listen to the coach and just follow the gameplan. their talents also fit like a glove. i can’t say the same of Anthony or James, Wade, and Bosh. so Boston naturally would have no trouble adjusting so much as Miami and New York.

  39. VR Clan says:

    The Knicks let go of a POTENTIAL player in Danillo. This deal sucks!

  40. Bandwagon Nuggets Fan says:

    When this trade occurred, I instantly became a Nuggets fan. Denver got 3 solid players, 2 big men, AND draft picks for a solid veteran and a superstar that they were going to lose anyway at the end of the year. What more could you ask for?

    With this trade, the Nuggets have arguably the most depth out of any team in the league and they have plenty of solid scorers that can dominate on any given night. There is no weak link on Denver’s team and they probably have the best second unit in the league now. The only weakness of theirs that I see is against big teams, but that was already an issue before the trade and they picked up 2 big guys to help with this. It will definitely be interesting to see who steps it up and becomes a star for them in the playoffs.

    • nuggetsfan says:

      wow a band wagon nuggets fan u dont see that every day any way ur 100% right they could switch their becnh to their starters and play just as good basketball who in the nba can say that? and as a prediction for who would step up in the playoffs i beleive it would be JR hes always played good basketball in crunch time and i think he would be able to lead the nuggets to at least a second round

  41. gbro says:

    Im suprise the knicks are doing this good, i mean how do you expect to win when you have decent back up players as starters. but it is new york you have a young amare and a young carmelo role players will come. i dont see them winning with that type of defense, They dont need any more scorers on the team but need some big man that can rebound block shots and fill the lane. I guarantee that this time next year people wont say this was a bad deal… and the comparison to the celtics… its a totally different when you have guys come together during the offseason than in the middle of the season. plus they got the right three together. pierce is the scorer garnett inside presence ray allen the shooter and all three play defense plus their role players were dang good

  42. miami of course says:

    they will get into their great chemistry soon soon after they realized what a missed they’ve done. I don’t think Melo is a great addition on the team, they already working great with their old line up just put a little hard work with their star players… this happened to Miami also so nothing much to concern but too bad Miami will role this season and the next season as well.

    • Heat H8r says:

      Miami’s not deep enough to “role”, as you put it. Talent alone doesn’t win basketball games: you need depth. Look at the great Laker and Celtic teams of the ’80s and the Bulls of the ’90s, and then the Spurs of the 2000s. They won championships not just because of their skill, but because they could dig deep into their bench in tough games. Miami won’t win many championships because they can’t outlast their opponents.

  43. Max Wohlman says:

    It took the heat 17 games to get it together and now they hold the third seed in the East just give it time.

  44. Max Wohlman says:

    I say nothing is wrong with the trade at all. We upgraded at 2 positions and basically gave away Mozgov and Chandler for Melo and Billups. We need to fire D’antoni, he is doing nothing but practicing offense when the problem for this team is defense. We lost to 6 teams under 500 in 15 games with two top 5 scorers in the league, a championship ready point guard, and a top 5 rookie. I think in the game against milwaukee we played much better defense in the second half and that shows improvement. The trade in the future will make us great if we don’t prevail this season, give us the summer and we’ll come out of the gates next season in sync and winning games like it’s nothing. Just give time, focus on defense and fire D’antoni

  45. Grit says:

    Anyone who says Dwight Howard is leaving Orlando is an idiot. Yeah, that’s right. D12 is here to stay. Book it.

  46. mmax92 says:

    the knicks made a really bad deal.. giving up chandler, gallinari and felton who were all playing really playing well this season and will only get better for anthony who will only get worse isn`t gonna help.. especially on a high scoring team with bad D..
    the knicks defenetly didn`t become a better team with melo.. and they would have been a better team in years to come if they didin`t make that trade

  47. Oscar says:

    I am a nuggets fan and love this trade.. I haven’t liked melo since I saw him eye gouge a dude making a three over him. He is the least humble player I have ever seen, Complaining almost every game to coaches and other players. No team needs a leader like that. You can have all the talent in the world but if your not humble, you don’t stand a chance. Wilson, Gallinari and felton all know what it’s like to fight for there spots and thrive in the chance to actually play defense and win.

  48. Alz says:

    The Knick definately gave up too much. 3 scorers in gallinari chandler and felton, plus a 7 footer. Thats a great deal for the nuggets. If they had kept gallinari or chandler and thrown in someone else it wouldve been more even. Gallinari is so young and with that height and shooting ability could be the next Dirk. Only he seems to be more aggressive in attacking the rim. With Melo I dont think he will get any better than he is now.

  49. BCELTICS says:

    Guys, obviously the knicks need time to reboot and get to know who their playin with. Its exactly like the heat. But, im a huge celtics fan so im not a huge fan of the knicks but i live near them. I think that Melo and amare dont exactly play well together but i bet chauncey will bring them together and melo just needs to play better defense he rly cant play d worth a donkeys butt. sorry melo but its true

  50. MilanoCookie says:

    Carmelo is not a good team player but really its to early to judge. If Carmelo becomes a person who plays defense and doesn’t hog the ball the knicks can be very good

  51. rochach says:

    the winner in the long run is nuggets, have a good and balance lineup, they only need experience and motivation to elevate their game, for the knicks, too much focus on two players, which will cause them games, and also they don’t play defense, last but not the least, weak bench rely much to douglas and who else?

  52. Arrr says:

    Isaiah was involved.

  53. LB6 says:

    Those who says Nuggets got the best of the deal doesnt know basketball. Every team at the end of every season, can get role players that can play and compliment star players depending on the budget of the franchise. It is EASIER. giving emphasis on EASY, to get role players than star players on a team. star players meaning the james wades bryants anthonys stoudamires rose dwills howards, so on and so fourth. When it comes to the nuggets and the knicks. Well the nuggets are good now. But if you guys will really think it through. they are not a contender now or ever with the line up they have now. if you will see their line up. they dont have a perennial scorer or a go to guy on the dying min of the game.

    The knicks have 2 go to guys and one clutch on billups to finish off games. the miami heat with their big three, had an ugly start but as they have gone through the season they have built their chemistry and look at their record now they are top 3 on the east standings. Imagine what they can do a year or two from now. For me the knicks has a better line up now than the heat. They have a tough big guy in stoudamire, a clutch veteran point guard in billups who already won a championship. a go to scorer in mellow and an uprising star in fields. they rather have a complete team than the heat. All they need is chemistry to bring in the wins.

    Comparing it to the Nuggets. the Nuggets now have all role players. who can they go too on the dying min of the game if they really need to score. like say 1 on 1 , 2on1, take someone on the low post or beat someone off the dribble and be confident enough that they can take anyone to score.

    Every team needs star players. Every team needs someone like jordan and pippen, magic and kareem, stockton and malone, bird and mchale. They need those type of firepower to be a contender.

    • Heat H8r says:

      Ha ha ha. I’d say YOU don’t know basketball, thinking that the Knicks got the better end of the deal. The Nuggets are a better team now because they can spread the floor. When the Nuggets take the floor, you have to guard all five of their guys tight, because you don’t know which one of them is going to light you up next. When the Knicks take the floor, you only have to really worry about Stoudemire, Billups, and Anthony (and even then only on the offensive end). The Knicks lack depth beyond those three, so when those three get tired and have difficulty finishing down the stretch in a tough game, who do you go to? The Knicks don’t have an answer to that question just yet.

      And the Nuggets have become one of the better defensive teams in the league since getting rid of Anthony. They aren’t surrendering as many points per game because ALL of their players on the court are interested in stopping the other team from scoring, not just four guys. And you need all five guys to buy into defense before it can really work. In addition, this trade works out for the Nuggets because their expectations are lower. They got rid of ‘Melo, so everyone expected their performance to drop. They didn’t have to win a bunch of games following the trade because no one demanded that of them, but they did. On the other hand, Anthony going to the Knicks was supposed to immediately generate a fistful of wins for the Knicks and move them up from sixth into fifth in the East and put them in a position to challenge Orlando for fourth. Well, they haven’t succeeded in moving up: in fact they’ve only moved down a slot. Denver, on the other hand, remains comfortably in fifth in the West: they’ll give the Thunder problems in the first round. If the Lakers don’t win it all this year I’m rooting for the Nuggets.

  54. papiNY says:

    Give them time. You will see the true knicks in the playoffs. Then come back to the season ready to play

  55. Troy says:

    the nuggets got the better end because it gave them more oportunities for great player to score

  56. JIggy says:

    Of course Denver is the better team. New York basically traded 32 ppg from Chandler and Gallinari for 25 ppg in Melo. Two players are definitely better than one when they average more points together. Yeah they got a clutch performer but when Melo and Amare are not doing it, who will they go to? Billups is there yes, but Billu;s is gettin old. Billups for Felton was an even trade, its just Felton is younger and Billups is clutch with experience but how long will that last? Then to throw in Mozgov, Denver really got the better end of the deal. Their records show it. Denver is really set now to make playoff runs with a good deep team. Right now New York has no bench and are struggling heavily with no true centre. New York has fallen to the 7 spot while Denver took over the 5th. The Knicks will be another disaster if they don’t win a title with Melo and Amare.

  57. NY4ever says:

    D’Antoni needs to go ASAP!!!! I believe he is the problem with this team not Melo therefore in till we get a new defensive minded coach and a strong center, we are never going to be a championship contender.

    • BrynZ says:

      the problem is that those players does not want to commit on defense. do you remember terry porter(defensive minded)with the suns with stoudemire in it, they regressed drastically. what would the knicks become if they fire d antoni this late in the season. d antoni generated wins in phx with this kind of offense. that is why the knicks want him because of his system and revive madison square garden

  58. Max says:

    Dont blame the players. Hate people who tells em how to play. Particularly – hate MIke Dantony. That is a real loser that keeps the team down. He has to fired. About Nuggets. Wouldnt you be mad if you somebody would trade you without even letting you know in advance? Thats why whoever went from Knicks to Nuggets doing their best. Watch the game Knicks vs Nuggets. Denver is going finish NY very easy.

  59. Rej says:

    For now the results favor Denver. But what about a year from now? Maybe the Knicks could pull another good deal that would solidify their team. We can’t judge NY yet as they barely gelled. Denver obviously would gel faster as they only lost a couple of players, superstar or not the more players you lose the harder chemistry needs to be earned back.

    The ’08 Celtics were lucky and good to have gelled so well and quick that it led them to the title. It won’t happen always, look at the Heat. But bottom line is having superstars is an edge and if you surround them with good players a season or two they would definitely be beasts.

  60. Letsgoknicks says:

    The knicks didnt give up to much for Melo AT ALL..Wilson, Galo, and raymond are ALL REPLACEABLE players..None of them are gunna be of the same caliber as melo or amare or Chauncey; so stop saying we gave up too much..and Mozgov is trash, complete trash. The knicks obviously are lookin like Miami in the beginning of the season but its still inexcusable to not play a single minute of ‘D’. Melo needs to learn how to share the ball, and Jared Jeffries needs to be thrown off the team the second we get the chance because he is horrible..Turiaf is better then him!!..Hopefully Donnie stays and him and Dolan consider getting a new coach because Defense wins championships, not Mike Dantoni style offense..Dantonis a great coach but I cant see him winning a ring ever, even if CP3 or Dwill comes to nyc..

    • Heat H8r says:

      The problem isn’t that there aren’t replacements for players like Felton and Wilson. The problem is that the Knicks don’t really have anything they can give up in order to acquire role players like them. The Knicks don’t need to waste any more time drafting star players like Anthony, Stoudemire, or Billups: those three bring enough firepower to the court that the Knicks don’t need to worry about talent. What they need now is depth and more role players, guys who aren’t afraid to work hard on defense so that Anthony and Stoudemire can score (which is basically all New York is paying them to do).

  61. MJ says:

    Remember Heat satarter season…so, NYN next season will be strong team….give them time.

  62. Marc says:

    Chauncey Billups is the only player in NYK who knows how to get a championship. But Amare and mello are 2 very talented players – but they are both without a ring, so they will do everything needed to win one of those. So even though it ain’t going that well right now – i´m just saying this is NOT a team you would like to meat in the playoffs. Also because they have so many clutch players.

  63. robert says:

    melo is another stephon marbury kind of player, very talented offensively but very selfish,great player in the park , but not NBA,his numbers are great, but numbers of his teammates are not, he can not play with other players, basketball is 5 on 5, not 1 on 1 , I do not feel sorry for NY knicks, another deal done by Isiah this time behind the scene,

  64. Meech says:

    The reason the Celtics big 3 work so well and worked so well in 2008 is because those big three all play completely styles of basketball and play different positions, KG did not need to ball in his hands most of the time to dominate neither did Ray Allen who is best running off of screens, but when you put 3 big stars like Lebron (needs ball in his hands 90% of the time) Wade (needs ball in his hands 90% of the time) and Bosh (needs ball in his hands 60 to 70% of the time) you are going to have problems. Carmelo and Stoudemire both have similar games. Multiple stars work on teams when the 2 or 3 big stars play completely different positions and games are not that similar. for example (MJ, Pippen, Rodman) (Shaq, Kobe, and Kobe, Gasol) (Magic, Kareem, Worthy) (MJ and Dominic WIlkens i dont think would have been that successful) not to mention that you have to have at least 3 to 4 really solid role players on the team that know there role and strengths to the team perfectly. Miami is missing those quality role players, Knicks sent them all to Denver, and even the Celtics got rid of a couple and been struggling.

  65. Texifornia says:

    No, what the Knicks have to do is fire that idiot D’Antoni. The guy isn’t the guy for the job if New York wants to win. The team will go nowhere if the coach is telling you to let your opponent score every time down the floor. He’s the worst coach, if he stays the knicks will NEVER win!

  66. Joshua says:

    I am a total MELO fan, whichever team he’s playing for I’m rooting for. And I’m disapointed with the Knicks, but do you remember how long it took Miami to get it together? Well, my point is, give them some more time. I believe they can pull it off, but they need TIME. And Denver, lucky streak……

  67. Retro says:

    You guys are blaming melo and saying he sucks and all this other gabage. Mike D Antoni sucks as a coach if the knicks still had those other players their record would be just the same.. he is all offense and no defense and that is why they continue to lose.. If you watch knick games why in crunch time when you need a defensive stop Jarred Jerfferies that you brought here because of his defense or even Turiaf is on the bench and you have sean williams playing who is the weakest link on defense? I’ll tell you why because mike D’antoni figures hey if the other team scores i have a 3 point shooter out there smh. When he goes the knicks will win

  68. dsuk says:

    This trade was only about melo as superstar.. They propably havent’t considered that it will completly changed their playing style. And now they simply can’t find playing style which can fit em. Also they propably haven’t noticed that they are loosing very good players as well.

  69. BullsFan22 says:

    Why don’t we just have two leagues? On one side, you have NY/NJ, Dallas, Boston, Lakers and Chicago, on the other side you have everyone else.

  70. ChampKobe says:

    Am i the ONLY one who predicted denver would be better after losing melo?

  71. Smoked_Up_Loc says:

    Denver’s doing better than NY and Miami’s record is lower than Cleveland’s was last year. At least we know you can’t buy championships. Didn’t anybody learn anything from the Lakers’ 03-04 bad experiment?

    • jay vilas says:

      Yeah? And how did that record work out for Cleveland in the playoffs? Listen, regular season records are NOT a great indictor of playoff performance. Find another stat to justify your argument.

      • jay vilas says:

        “indicator” not “indictor”

      • Juan says:

        Jay, you “indicted” yourself with your inane lowbrow comments.

      • Smoked_Up_Loc says:

        Touche, but how did having so many superstars on one team help the Lakers in the 03-04 season? They finished that season not unlike Miami and New York are doing now, went to the finals and got smoked. Payton, O neil, Byrant, and Malone where all dope individually, but not as a team so much. Right about now, NY and Miami seem very reminiscent of that old Lakers team. Dope individual performances; no team effort. That’s not going to win championships. History, afterall, tends to repeat itself.

  72. gc says:

    the knicks bought star power instead of what they needed. gallo, chandler and felton were all efficient scorers. the knicks problem is rebounding and defense. what they need is a big athletic defensive minded player. with the trade the defense has worsened.

    denver had a problem with carmello holding the ball too much leading to inconsistent performances from his teammates. that problem is now gone. they still need a shotblocker but otherwise they have adddresed their needs without really sacrificing.

  73. Zach says:

    Everyone (including writers and media) seems to forget that Carmello was the best player on the United States squad that won the gold medal. I think he’ll be fine eventually, but the Knicks just don’t have much more than him and Amare. At least they have these two guys to build around now. Honestly, Chauncey Billups is the key to this team winning. He is the best player on the Knicks.

  74. teezey_ says:

    the reason why the celtics were able to do well when the big three came in is because they accepted to score less or have less touch with the ball for the teams benefit. Melo and stoudemire however are playing exactly the same as if they were the only star players of the team.

  75. Smelo SUCKS says:

    The Knicks are gonna suck without SMELO, but the Nuggets will go big, there gonna get to the playoffs ready, then lose in the Western Conference Finals, I say there going all the way in 3 or 4 years!

  76. Smelo SUCKS says:


  77. Ivo.L says:

    the problem with the knicks… well they lost good players they don’t have a deep bench players, lost it in the trade and they defense are very weak… only billups can defend… and they don’t have a good run and gun system because of billups age… maybe next year they can rebuild a good team around melo and stoudemire

  78. CelticsWIN!!! says:

    NYK got robbed.
    Besides Melo is bad anyway. He has done nothing for the Knicks.

  79. Smelo SUCKS says:

    SMELO SUCKS! He’s not gonna do ANYTHING in New York! NUGGETS obviously got the better end of the deal, SORRY SMELO, YOU’LL NEVER WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP, YOU BROUGHT IT ON YOURSELF SMELO!!

    • Joshua says:

      Well, actually, his name is Melo, not “Smelo”. If you would think about the horrible coaching and the other things, you wouldn’t blame Melo for this. Plus, the Knicks got 2 superstars from the Nuggets, the Nuggets got NONE. How the heck in God’s name did the Nuggets get the better end of the deal?!

  80. Mario says:

    Knicks will probably save some cap space and bring 1 or 2 players. Problem is, there are no good centers in FA next year ( Marc Gasol is restricted). I think if knicks can get 1 solid big man for a starter and another big man on the bench that they could have great chances. BUT, defense and rebounding win championships and with their coach they won’t win it. I like D’Antoni but his offense won’t win in a 7 game series.

  81. jad says:

    its TOOOOOOOOO EARLYYYYYYYYYYYY!! John Shumann leave the knicks till after the off-season then judge

  82. q_ball says:

    i think knicks gave up to much Carmelo is a good player offensively the only time he played any good defense was against heat on lebron towards the to me, but i also think that the knicks will become better as time goes on

  83. shmashma says:

    knicks can be good and i believe will be good. yeah there 7-7 but they beat the heat in one of those games. melo is not overrated. i think the knicks are gna make it to the second round of the playoffs. the fact is though i dont think anyone can beat the celtic they, although theyre old still got game and experience.

  84. Gabe says:

    Fire Mike D’antoni. his coaching is horrible, we dont play any defense, in his mind its all about outscoring the other team. FIRE HIM
    and get a better more DEFENSIVE MINDED coach. and i am a knicks fan.

  85. john Martin says:

    I hear people saying it takes “years” for good teams to develop. I’m not so sure about that. I think if the right pieces are there (ie coaching, player chemistry, defense, maybe a superstar who can handle late game situations), teams should be good right away. Think about the Lakers in 2007, they lost in the first round. They trade for Pau Gasol, and they instantly cut in the metaphorical lunch line to championship status. Then again, they had Zen Master running the show. Also, think about the Celtics. the big 3 dominated instantly. what you had there was 3 veterans who only had winning on their mind. no ego issues, just a bunch of dudes with similar goals in mind, and a knack for hard nosed defense.

    my point is that it shouldnt take very long. Carmelo jabbing at coaching and team mates is typical of his type if you ask me. if you watch them, he makes the offense stagnant. maybe i’m wrong. I would very much like to see New York city fans see their team go deep into the post season, because they deserve it.

  86. David Roman says:

    What ever happened to professionalism in sports. I know players are human and make mistakes, but this whinny nonsense from stars of Lebron and Melo’s calibre has got to stop. I’m a Knicks fan all the way, but I don’t defend childishness.

  87. Frank Moon says:

    Get Larry Brown

  88. sam says:

    i think the knicks got the better part of the trade they will lose some games but once they know how to play together we will be a threat in the playoffs

  89. Steve-O says:

    Well… I believe the Nuggets got a better deal in the long run… because they got 3 young.. good or great players in the NBA.. no Felton, Chandler, and Gallinari prob aren’t going to be the superstar that Carmelo is.. but a superstar that only plays on end of the floor doesn’t equal championships… its obvious that defense wins championships and not offense. In the deal the Knicks probably now have one of the most potent offensives in basketball with Amar’e and Melo but.. unless they play good team defense.. they aren’t getting past the elite teams.

  90. benmkapa says:

    The worst trade , i tell you they bought a second marbury …

  91. PC says:

    NY has the best 2 players out of both those rosters but Denver has the best players 3-10 out of perhaps any team in the league. Denver will be a good (not great) team for a long time and NY will be fun to watch but never a championship contender unless they somehow manage to snag CP3 in 2012 who (like Deron Williams would have been) would be a great fit in NY.

  92. Mowno says:

    I am a Knicks fan and I was disappointed with the trade because I knew we would acquire Melo sooner or later without giving up a ridiculous amount of talent. But there’s not much to do about it, just gotta build it from here and on.

    Knicks has one of the best offense in the league. Top 5 if not Top 3. We just lack (terribly) in the defense area. It’s still early to say who got the better deal for the future but right about now? The scores says it all. Denver Nuggets.

    I hope the Knicks make some wise decisions in the offseason regarding their defenses because I don’t see us reaching the second round with they way we’re playing.

  93. JoeLo says:

    Melo is a good player ]. the change to knicks should to be a better team. everything is a matter of time, I should play better, because now he left Denver Denver has grown as a team. The NY Knicks have excellent team just a matter of increasing its defense, as they have a good shooters as it is Camerlo Anthony, Douglas, Fields and A’mare Stoudimare …. next year believe me that these results will not make this team next year is going to turn into a beast. Good luck NY Knicks and Carmelo Anthony

  94. denis_hawk says:

    I’m no trying to take advantage of the stats because by the time the trade was done i thought the nuggets did a very interesting move for them landing very good players.

  95. Heatfan says:

    Miami is my team. Knicks came with this team late in the season. they will make the playoffs but will see a early round nockout. but when offseason start and training the will be better focused coming next yr. they are just like the heat they just need time that is all.

  96. sebastian says:

    Although it is too early to say something is obvious that no melo
    has responded as expected and will have to change that to work on the knicks

  97. sebastian mok says:

    Although it is too early to say something is obvious that no melo
    has responded as expected and will have to change that

  98. Denver got the better deal on this one, that’s why they accepted it. more good role players will beat a single superstar any day. Perfect example, Detroit vs Lakers in the finals. This season however, Lakers has the most stable chemistry as a team. Lakers for 3-peat!

  99. jordan says:

    Let us remember the knicks also got chauncey billups, a one-time finals mvp. They didn’t just get Carmelo. How he is always overlooked in these discussions amazes me.

    • Heat H8r says:

      It doesn’t matter who the Knicks got: they went from being in sixth place right on the heels of the Hawks to being in seventh place and trying to kick the Sixers out of that sixth spot. And they didn’t improve much defensively even when you throw Billups into the mix: he’s just one player. The Knicks need more people who can defend.

  100. Simply the Greatest... says:

    Denver is a power house right now that does not need time to adjust, they are will be a far more superior team with Carmeko and his one-dimensional game. I said it before and I’ll say it Carmelo Anthony is over-rated and yes the Knicks should have waited until summer, they would have a far better team and still had Melo. They couldn’t wait because they figured the D’Antoni system + Stoudamire+ Carnelo = Unstoppable offense. It’s defense that wins in the final games of the season. Denver right now is playing right without Gallanari, who could possibly be theit leading scorer when he returns. He scored 31 pts before the injury, Felton is playing great as usual, and JR smith has taken Carmello’s place and while he is not a better scorer than Carmello, he is a better defensive player and is faster and more athletic than Melo is on offense. He was inconsistant in the past, but now he is a very well rounded player. Kenyon Martin has stepped up tremendously for the Nuggets on both offense and especially defense. Between Martin, “Bird Man”Anderson, and Nene they have depth in the paint. I think they have a chance to go very far in the playoffs, because I don’t think very many teams can beat them in a 7 games series this year, may Lakers or OKC. Back to the Knicks: I think Chauncey Billups will have a tough task with D. Rose, Rondo, D. Nelson, J. Crawford, Dwayne Wade/Lebron/Bibby, or whoever they match up against in the top 5. I like the Knicks and Nuggets, but I think Denver got the better deal, because even if they get past the 1st round they will have a fight on their hands. The Knicks would need to be the 4th or 5th seed to be in a better position to have an advantage. I could be wrong, but I don’t think they can take any of the top 3.

    • JL from NY says:

      How can you put “J.R. Smith” and “defensive player” in the same sentence? Ha ha All the Denver Nuggets had better defense that Carmelo so that wasn’t saying much. J.R.’s own coach said he takes bad shots, have bad defense and unfocused defensive attempts. People say the Celtics gelled the first year. Well look at the 3 players Garnett, Pierce and Allen. All great teammates to play with. All aged, veteran players that sacrifice for their teams. It’s not like you’re putting need-it-my-way players together. Walsh chose D’Antoni because he wins games. He’s not the greatest coach in the world, he doesn’t stress defense. But he wins 60+ games a season with Phoenix. That’s what NY fans are looking for. We want wins. All these 30- win seasons. Marc Jackson would have been a cool coach also. The Nuggets aren’t going to turn into the Thunder. They have good players but none that are great. I think Fields, Walker, Douglas, Jeffries, Williams, Balkman and Carter’s defense overshadow’s Melo’s non-defense. Not like he’s defending all 5 players. Garnett is a great defender but you didn’t realize it until he left Minnesota.

  101. Zzanzabar says:

    Anyone that has followed the Nuggets can recognize this scenario when Denver had both A.I. and Melo. They shared the scoring together it was great, but neither could play defense and the Nuggets seemed to lose games they should have easily won (sound familiar Knicks fans). They never got any better (nor any worse to tell the truth) and eventually A.I. was traded. What the Knicks have now is a team that will win some very exciting games but will never go far into the playoffs. Why the Knicks didn’t just wait until the end of the season when they could have kept the pieces that they wanted and STILL have gotten Melo is a mystery.

    • Fan says:

      exactly. phx is a high firepower team, yet they cant win the playoff because they lack defense. i dont understand how melo, bosh, pierce can be a superstar when they cant guard or even try.

      • celtic says:

        whoa. pierce not play defense? i dont know what nba you’re watching, but pierce is a good defender. his defense on lebron james and kobe bryant last year might not have been superb like tony allen’s or ron artest’s on him, but it was enough. he’s far better defensively than 85% of the league.
        as for melo. melo just DOESNT play defense. he could play defense really well, we’ve all seen his potential. he’s just lazy defensively.

      • Heat H8r says:

        Now hang on. I agree that neither Bosh nor Anthony play defense, but Pierce has regularly been one of the best defensive players in the NBA. He did an excellent job on Ron Artest in the NBA Finals, in addition to shutting down LeBron in the Eastern Conference semifinals and Rashard Lewis in the Eastern Conference Finals last year. Pierce can defend, as can Ray Allen and KG, so the Celtics deserved to win that championship in 2008.

  102. Tom says:

    I think Denver won. Not because Carmelo is a bad player, he is super star, and to say he is a bad player is just wrong, dont forget he revived this Nuggets team when they drafted him and gone deep into playoffs with them. But what i like is what they got for him. We have Chandler, who is a great player, still young and can be extremely useful by playing his role without whining about minutes and shot number he takes, then we have Felton who Denver has to trade away, he has a great value, but its not enaugh space for 2 great PG’s in 1 spot, and playing Felton/Lawson together cuts into other guy minutes that proved they can play(afflalo/Smith). And Nuggets got Gallinari who can become superstar in this league, he is an amazing player, look how easily he got 10+ times to the free throw line recently when playing for nuggets, and he is also very young player, he can be way better than just shooter, cant wait to see how Nuggets is going to play for few years forward.

  103. lebron_jerk says:

    anthony is a useless player, way overated. all in the hype with this kind of MTV guyz, the only thing he has done right is to start his carreer at the same time of lebron james, whi gives him spotlight, but its an empty player. period

  104. chrisman says:

    I thought it was a loss for the Knicks. Now don’t get me wrong….. I like Carmelo, but I just don’t think it was worth losing Chandler, Gallanari and Felton.

  105. didnt melo and Jared Jeffries had some conflict in the past. melo punched him in the face

  106. haji says:

    melo is just a big baby grow up an deliver

  107. Juan says:

    First of all, George Karl is a much better coach than Mike D’Antoni. Secondly, Carmelo is a “divo” (masculine version of a diva). Unfortunately, Allen Iverson made his lasting impression/influence on Carmelo before he was removed.

  108. Beogard says:

    still thinks it was a bad deal for NY

  109. unknown says:

    Denver has only played against weak team.Atlanta is weak team, they begin strong and they are so tired they can’t win anymore,too bad a coach can help a weak team like atlanta.Just as Boston. Always begin strong and the end season they may lose against the cavalier ,just like they did to the Nets a week and a year ago.If you are too old do as the lakers.Lose against some pathetic team.Look at Denver wins, there no win that impress me.If denver beat San Antonio then maybe I change my opinion.Before Carmelo, Knicks always lose against lakers or miami.Now the knicks have a chance against strong, just as they did against miami., no a weak team nobody care.Knick fans stay calm the knicks are a team to fear.Remember this lebron beat kobe, kobe beat carmelo, carmelo beat lebron,miami beat boston, knicks beat miami after beating chicago,dallas beat kobe,thunder beat spurs,thunder beat dallas, carmelo beat durant

  110. HEAT says:

    Even if the Knicks get CP3 to add on, they still won’t make it past the 2nd round at most until they have a new defensive minded coach. The Heat had a slow start and turned it around using defense, and letting offense come on its own. And then, even that wasn’t enough, and in the past month they had to start working on their halfcourt offense. U can’t just fast break and jump shoot your way to a championship

  111. Silver says:

    Denver could easily be 13-1 since they had all tough and close loses to Portland, Orlando and the Heat. They are playing great and I would not want to play them in the first round. Anthony isn’t a team player so I’m happy he is frustrated. He is like an Allen Iverson. pathetic imo.

  112. Perry Dupree says:

    i am so sick of people talking about chemistry and “it’s going to take time’! No one was saying that when the Celtics big three got together and instantly one the championship or When Shaq went to the Lakers and they quickly one 3 championships in a row. You got players who want the ball and the limelight and you got players who simply want to win. It has nothing to do with chemistry or even experience. I get tired of people saying that. Does it take time for us to bring home the gold during the olympics???? What about the chemistry with that? Carmelo Anthony is a terrific scorer but that’s it. He’s going to have to D up sooner or later. If he’s your best player on the team than your team has no shot at winning due to the fact that he doesn’t do the important things well. (get his team involved, rebound, and play D)!!!!

  113. AL says:

    if you know the game and follow the NBA then you should be aware that the knicks will be a dominant team on the east coast next year. They need time just like the heat … they will be a contender next year thats 100 percent

    • Juan says:

      Are they going to hire a new coach? If not, they will be the same or even worse.

    • snotface says:

      Agree with juan, new defensive minded coach is a must or the terrible defense will never get sorted. Superstars do take longer to build chemistry because of their egos, but they will get over that. I see a bright future for NYK and Denver. NYK just has more work to do. But they cant be crucified after 14 games, thats just pathetic. Some wise moves are needed in the offseason to strengthen the supporting crew, because they all live in Denver now. Big numbers by melo amare and sometimes billups dont mean anything when the bench totals 10 points.

  114. Los Angeles Lakers 24 says:

    Felton hasn’t really done much for denver since the trade, with lawson starting a point.

  115. Los Angeles Lakers 24 says:

    Hope mozgov will become a star for Denver.

  116. Hasib says:

    So knicks didn’t get better and nuggets got a little better.

    Fair enough. Knicks need a better supporting cast right now.

  117. Pav says:

    Melo is a cancer, just like his buddy Allen Iverson was….

  118. gc says:

    good trade for denver. chandler, felton and gallinari. trade two of those for a good chamionship piece. keep chandler.

  119. Los Angeles Lakers 24 says:

    Melo and Stat just need to worrk things out between them, Both came form score first teams and just need to figure out what will work in new york. Its billups job to make sure each feels like they’re getting the ball enough

    • Juan says:

      So the Knicks are a three-man team according to you. If that’s true, then they are definitely in a lot of trouble.

  120. Tyler Scherzi says:

    Miami went through the same thing this year. On Denver’s side, they don’t have to adjust to ball demanding superstars. They mearly put solid, but not amazing, players on the team and gave them a role. Thats far easier than managing the Ego’s of Amare’ And Melo’, or in Miami, Bosh James and Wade. It has taken a full season for the Heat to get everything straight, and there are still glaring Issues. The Knicks have had about a month. Give it time. By this time Next season, The knicks will be in a far better position. You cant expect Denver’s results in NY, simply because Denver doesn’t have superstars to integrate. They have solid Players who know how to play Basketball.

  121. Gary says:

    People thought that losing Melo would turn Denver into the western conference Cavs. But they got alot of good players and still have George Carl. NY should have been looking to aquire him in the trade instead of Melo, just kidding.

  122. Moe says:

    Nuggets got a way better deal in my view. Knicks should have kept their players since Mozgov was the future Knickbonker, with their triple threat: Wilson Chandler, Gallanari and Fields. Now its a single threat 😦

    • Heat says:

      Agreed. NYK got MELO and BILLUPS, but look at who they lost:

      FELTON a great PG who was playing the best basketball of his career; would’ve been an All-Star if the NBA didn’t want the 4 CELTICS

      DANILO who was a knockdown shooter for NYK

      CHANDLER was a role player who could fit in where ever you need him to (i think)

      In my opinion, DEN got the most out of this trade and they have the better all-around team.

      • McLovin says:

        Yeah, Denver truely did get the steal out of this trade. Carmelo is a great player, but Chauncey is on the decline and they really should have looked into keeping Felton. So much so that I think if they would have excluded Chauncey from the deal and kept Felton, they would be better off right now. Also, Chandler has been filling it up for the Nuggets. Since being traded he’s been the leading scorer more then a couple games. Gallinari had to go, that much was admissable, and Mozgov will probably never be a standout center, making him expendable, but they gave up too many pieces. They should really hope t his sub-standard play will impress Chris Paul… he’s the only one who could possibly shine a light down on what is becoming another Knicks flop. Sure, over the years they will mesh, but other teams are going to get better as well. Lastly, I’m going to contradict myself and say that CP3 will never go to the Knicks, if ANYTHING he will be hitting up Orlando come his free-agency if they resign Dwight. Sorry NYK.

      • yungdeuce says:

        in no way shape or form is raymond felton a great pg, yes he was playing well for a stretch but he started to slide way before the all star break grant it that he’s played well while being in denver but i think that ny got the better deal i know the celtics clicked right away but they all play differnt positions and playing styles, melo and amar’e are scorers that prefare the ball in the free throw line area but they may get beat in the first round but they’ll be way better next year

      • TWizz says:

        @yungdeuce. You say the Celtics clicked because they play different positions and play styles? Did you not watch any of them before the trade? Ray Allen was the go to guy in Seattle, averaging 26.4 ppg. KG was the go to guy in Minnesota, averaging 22.4 ppg. Paul Pierce was the go to guy in Boston, averaging 25.0 ppg. They are obviously scorers. The only difference between those 3 and Melo and Amare is that they play good defense.

        They also sacrificed some of their scoring for the good of the team. With Melo and Amare in NY, you still see them getting about 29 ppg, while at the same time taking over 20 shots… They are all about getting theirs.

  123. LAKERS3-PEAT says:

    Just like the heat, they need time to get used to it

    • Gary says:

      Haha, funny how every blog someone has to come out and mention the Heat and it’s usually an LA fan, lol.

      • GrowUp says:

        Actually He wasn’t even bad mouthing the Heat he was just pointing out a obvious flaw that both teams had and need to overcome. Stop riding lebron so hard got damn

      • Gary says:

        @ grow up, how would you know and I’ve seen his commrnt’s throughout these blogs and yes it was a stab a the Heat. Anyway why are you speaking in his place, get off his sack.

    • Fan says:

      how much time did celtics need?

      • Debenz says:

        Exactly, the Celtics made it work easy, and they finished out games in clutch time in under 10 seconds. They could give it to KG, PP, or Ray and win the game(so called “old” guys by everyone). I’d take Pierce and Ray any day over Lebron and Wade.

    • Juan says:

      Time to get used to losing?

  124. JB says:



    • Jeff says:

      Good, the Knicks are a pathetic franchise, always have been, always will be, even getting two superstars they still can’t win. LOL hahahahhaa

      • Nicholas says:

        Are you stupid Jeff, JB has it right. It takes tu=ime for two great players to work well together in the middle of the season, just look at the heat, who struggled in the beginning (and the heat had the offseason to work together). The knicks are a talented team who will need some time to work together.

        As for the Nuggets, they also have good pieces, but they just adapted quicker than the knicks, understandably so considering they didn’t get a superstar.

      • Terry says:

        Obviously, NYK surrendered too much, Donnie Walsh had mentioned that he won’t gave up too much core players.
        However, the stupid owner of NYK gave pressure for this trade. sigh….

        Nuggets is the winner for sure

      • Fan says:

        I agree with you jeff. why do people keep making excuse? look at celtics in 2007-2008, kg, allen and pp joined and they were doing fantastic all season long. I will say it again, carmelo anthony is overrated, landry fields has way brighter future than him. keep making excuse for melo yall.

      • Debenz says:

        I agree with Fan because I was going to bring up the same point as him. I agree that the Knicks gave up too much for Melo, which is clearly shown on paper and on the court. Look at the 07-08 Celtics, before KG and Ray came they were averagering (KG) 20 plus points, and (Ray) 26 points. They came to Boston and had no problems the entire year. They weren’t falling or having problems, they were WINNING(Charlie Sheen). The Heat’s Big 3 are way younger than the Celtics Big 3 and they’re having problems. The Knicks are the same, but as I pointed out, they gave up shooters and size for Melo. I myself would not have made the trade if I was giving up so many players.

      • Ticardo2000 says:

        @ Fan… Amen someone sees what I’ve been saying for years. Melo is one dimensional. All he wants to do is score and he thinks that’s all he has to do. He is pitiful on defense. All D’Antoni’s teams from as long as I can count have had poor defense and that’s what Melo brought to the table. They were already one of the top scoring teams so to acquire another scorer was not what they needed. Especially one that wants to be in the lime light. Honestly I love Chris Paul but Paul can’t make the entire team play defense especially when players like Melo and Amare have not played defense throughout there careers. Just check out the players that each of them guard. When they have 30+ the person they are guarding has about the same points or sometimes more. Yeah when Boston fades out and Dwight Howard leaves Orlando they’ll go deeper in the playoffs but without defense I don’t see the championships anytime soon. Even with chemistry you need DEFENSE!

      • abcd says:

        You people are so shortsighted. NY is positioning itself for the future. Not this season. You can always get good role players and they can get them next year. Rarely can you get a superstar like Anthony so it’s just right that they grabbed it.

      • Juan says:

        abcd: The only thing the Knicks are positioning themselves for is an early exit from the playoffs this year (if they don’t get knocked out this year too), and possibly not even making the playoffs in the near future.

      • Antman says:

        Man do some of you guys really watch basketball? Fan? Jeff? Your coments are spoken like some one who dosen’t whatches the NBA. Boston…. ppl said they would win serval rings with their big 3. One so far…. Every team is different and it takes time. It’s a growth process which will have ups and downs. This is what the Knicks are going through. They were a team that no one cared about, now other teams are bringing their A game every night against the Knicks and they are not ready. This I blame on the coach. The coach has got to go, they don’t play any D. I would like to see Mark Jackson. Also I believe they gave up too much in the trade and they miss Chanlder.

    • BILL MCBLAZE says:


      • Los Angeles Lakers 24 says:

        new york hasn’t always sucked, remember the late 90’s and early 70’s. Willis and Ewing were beasts.

      • chris says:

        melo ain nothin. he’s a fake. the only reason he did good in denver is cause he had the ball in his hands all the time.

      • todd says:

        and to TICARDO, i don’t see boston fading too badly with the move they made for jeff green. they have a core of rondo and green to build around and mad money to spend once KG, PP and RAY do retire or move on, and players want to play in boston so they’ll be a contender for years to come. and i love chris paul as well, i hope you doesn’t come to NY to play with the knicks. he would make them one of the best offensive teams in recent memory, and would bring more wins but like you said amare and carmelo aren’t interested in defense and you have to have defense. i’m praying chris paul teams up with dwight howard in 2012. both of them make their teams respectable on their own, imagine the two of them together.

    • Mett says:

      It’s basically a wash despite the records. NY had impressive wins over Miami, New Orleans, and Atlanta, and Denver had impressive wins against Boston, New Orleans, and Atlanta. I think from a playoff perspective (and this is the perspective that motivated the trade), NY got more out of the trade than Denver, as Mr. Big Shot (Billups) and Melo are known to elevate their games in the post seaon.

      If NY draws Chicago in first round, they may well beat the Bulls because of favorable matchups. But getting Miami, Orlando, or Boston in the second round will be it for the Knicks. Denver, on the other hand, will have a difficult time getting out of the first round against Portland or OC. In either case, a couple of more parts are necessary to be contenders.

      • Justin says:

        Are you serious bro? The bulls would own the Knicks anyday. I do agree that Billups does pick up his game in the post season, but Melo really doesn’t change at all. Nuggets got a way better deal in this all, because now we have an all around good team that has been playing awesome defense and great offense. Nuggets are a way better team now and the Knicks are about the same. .500 teamm all the way. Oh, and Nuggets would easily beat Portland in the first round, but might have some troubles with OKC. We will see when that time starts

      • Smelo SUCKS says:

        YOU ARE STUPID!!!!!!! The NUGGETS got a way better deal, they got FREAKING RAYMOND, GALLANARIE, CHANDLER, MOSGOV, and KOUFOS!!!!! AND THERE ALL IN THERE TWENTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Juan says:

        Do you still think you’re right after today’s loss to Milwaukee?

      • Heat H8r says:

        If Billups and Anthony can elevate their game so much in the postseason, then you’d think Billups would’ve won another championship since 2004, and that Anthony would’ve won one in Denver. But neither of those scenarios has unfolded. I think the Nuggets got the better end of that deal.

      • Paul Whitemon says:

        The Bulls would eat New York alive with it’s defense and bench

    • KOBESUX says:

      Why will it take the Knicks years to get chemistry but the Nuggets have it now, pathetic comment!

    • Michael says:

      Denver DEFINITELY got the best out of the deal. Knicks literally gave up the core of their team, for a one dimensional player out of Carmelo Anthony. Anthony is one of the most gifted scorers in the league today, but by far one of the most mediocre defender also. The Knicks do NOT need another scorer. They already have Amare who can drop about 24 ppg by himself. Landry Fields who WILL become a very GOOD player, if he isn’t already. Felton was already dropping about 18 ppg before the trade. What they need are strong, young defenders. Wilson Chandler not only defends but gives a great spark on the offensive end also. Felton is a young guard who not only facilitates the team, but scores and defends also. Danillo was their best perimeter shooter. Mozgov was their only true center who actually played defense (Despite the facial by Griffin). Knicks gave up ALL those players for ONE scorer… Anyone can do the math, it isn’t so often you run across a Felton, Chandler, or Gallinari. The Nuggets not only have a team that have already been to the playoffs, they have pieces to trade for an all-star calibur player. Knicks made a TERRIBLE move.

      • Michael says:

        Billups is not getting any younger either.

      • Juan says:

        Michael, I can tell you know your basketball. I agree with you on most points, but you completely disregarded Coach Karl’s influence, leadership. He kept his team focused with all of the trade rumors about Carmelo, enough to have a great mid-season record. Karl is one of the main reasons why Denver is doing well and NYK’s are not. D’Antoni could not coach when in Phoenix when he had Amare and Nash together with a host of good supporting role/bench players, so how do people expect him to do anything different with Amare, Melo, Billups, and a mediocre supporting cast?

    • ROB says: