Hang Time Podcast (Episode 47)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — While everyone else spends all their time discussing all of the problems our friends in Miami are dealing with these days, here at the hideout we’re all about solutions.

We don’t like seeing Chris Bosh in pain. We don’t like hearing Erik Spoelstra clarify his comments from the day before because whatever he said was misinterpreted or blown completely out of context. And we certainly don’t want to pile on the Heat while they’re down, that five-game losing streak is nothing to play with these days.

So we’ve gathered an expert crew to help us sort through the issues facing the Heat, including top professionals in their respective fields that have the knowledge and experience that make Episode 47 of the Hang Time Podcast one of our most diabolical efforts to date.

TNT’s Mike Fratello, the Czar himself, stops by to talk share his perspective as a former coach, noted sports psychologist Dr. Rick Van Haveren also lends his expertise and we wrap up with the analytical perspective from our main man and NBA.com’s numbers guru John Schuhmann. In addition to that star-studded crew, both NBA TV and TNT’s Chris Webber and Lakers star Ron Artest make special guest appearances (you have to listen to fully comprehend) to discuss the Heat’s current state of affairs.

With the Lakers and Heat set to get busy tonight on TNT, you don’t want to miss this one.


As always, we welcome your feedback. You can follow the entire crew, including the Hang Time Podcast, co-hosts Lang Whitaker of SLAM Magazine and Sekou Smith of NBA.com, as well as our super producer Micah Hart of NBA.com’s All Ball Blog.

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  1. yhing says:

    i believed that KOBE is still the best player in the NBA and if you guys have a doubt try to look at his accomplishments as a leader of the LAKERS team KOBE broke a lot of records in the NBA HE’S really great by far…you cannot compare HIM to lebron,wade or to any other player KOBE IS KOBE HE’S ALREADY MADE!!!!!!IMAGINE AT HE’S YOUNG AGE HE PROVES A LOT…HE’S NOT A KING A KING OF KINGS IN THE NBA!!!!!!!!!

  2. dums says:

    heat will win the finals and the spurs will beat lakers

  3. john says:

    I think it is time that everyone start realizing that this is Dwyane Wade’s team and he is the guy who should be taking the last shot. Everyone talks about Lebron and how his defense is so good, about how he is the best. Wade was the one who shut Brandon Roy down in the 4th, Wade was the one who shut Kobe down in the 4th. Wade was the one who was keeping the heat alive in the 4th against portland. Wade was the one who won it for them against the Lakers.

    Everyone needs to stop hating on Wade and give him the credit he deserves. Wade is one of the best defensive players in the league, one on one and off the ball but he gets no recognition ever. Lebron is supposedly one of the best defensive player in the league, one on one and off the ball. Sure he has his defensive moments but I’ve seen Lebron get turned way too many time especially when the game is on the line. When was the last time you saw Lebron get a block that wasn’t a chase down? Lebron is supposedly a great blocker but averages half a block a game, way over-hyped. He is not that great defensively and everyone over-rates what they see because of his athleticism and size.

  4. bola says:

    the fact is that 3 players wants to be the leader in that teams, every one want to be under the spotlight.You have 3 dominant male who cannot cohabitate,

  5. Jason says:

    Who’s owning who now Lakers fans? Where were you when the Lakers fall? Haaahhhahaahahhah!!!

  6. gilbert tualla says:

    hello to all criticism of LEBRON and MIAMI HEAT, don’t be glad co’z when your team will lose in playoff you cry hard co’z you criticism……… i will relax and see what happen in the next day and i don’t criticised team ether i’m not like them, so that i don’t need to feel hard when my favorite team is lose…………………………………………………………………………….

  7. sam says:

    Heat will lose against NY 1st round, sorry
    you have to live with that

  8. cj says:

    Bosh explained what he needed to be most effective.
    I think Bibby and Miller need to do the same.
    Haslem needs to get healthy soon.
    Run some offensive plays for the role players…
    especially when wade or james is on the bench
    practice those plays daily so everyone’s on the same page
    people say miami doesn’t have a bench
    but bibby miller and haslem are great off the bench
    if given enough minutes

    if this is the heat’s 8-man rotation,
    and these 5 role players are more involved
    i’m confident that the heat would be much better.

    house, jones, anthony, dampier and howard
    should never come off the bench unless 1 of the 8 gets hurt.
    if chalmers or bibby is hurt, house could come off the bench
    if bosh, ilgauskus or haslem is hurt, anthony could come off the bench
    if wade, james or miller is hurt, jones could come off the bench
    but if all are healthy, i don’t want to see these guys on the floor.
    under no circumstances should dampier or howard be on the floor
    unless the heat feels the other team doesn’t have enough points!
    just stick to the best 8 players and the heat will be fine

  9. REFS says:

    The refs screwed the lakers on the game today and you cannot say anything about bec. its true. They did not call a goaltend that was clearly in and its sad that the lakers lost bec. of bad ref.

  10. LBJ beat Kobe says:

    what now suckers?
    heat slapped lakers


  11. spelunker22 says:

    MIAMI HEAT: A team composed of talented players but not as talented as a team. As I see it, the problem all boils down to who wants to be the star player. Lebron, dwayne, and chris are all talented but they’re taking the spotlight away from each other. Each game, they’re trying to outplay each other. That’s good only if they know their limitations. If one performs one night, the other would try to top that the following night. But the thing is, if one takes away the spotlight, the other fails to get the ball and is less productive. I only these players would appreciate and understand the essence of playing as a team. I can’t help but to compare the heat to the celts. Wonder why 4 players from the team were chosen to be in the recent all-star game? Because they know how a team works. They don’t outplay each other. They make plays to make each other look good with or without the ball. They create opportunities for each other. They make things happen. One sets the offense, one draws the defense, one finds a way to score, and one waits at his sweet spot until the defense collapse so he’d be a 2nd/3rd option. I will not be surprised to know if miller hasn’t found himself in the team yet. He is seldom given the chance to play as support even though he spends 20-30mins inside the court. I won’t be surprised either if bibby won’t be registering numbers in terms of points and assists. It’s as if the heat is putting 5 players in the court — lebron and wade to play individual games, chris to hope that at a point in time the first two will get tired then he will be given the chance to score, and the other two to just stay in the court to complete the 5-player playing in the court requirement.

  12. jesus says:

    dont trade anybody… haet needs a center… thats the problem…. keep the big threee just get a center to make the heat more stronger….

  13. laakkeerrss says:

    trade bosh and get decent supporting cast. that will solve the problem

  14. Bien says:

    Why is the Heat on a losing streak? It’s because they’re freaked out! Pure and simple. Just because they lost a huge lead, and lost a game, they’ve lost their mojo, and gone have a losing binge. They’ve started to doubt themselves, and started finger pointing. “The world got what they want?” Heck, the Lakers may have a lot more fans worldwide, but they also have a lot more share of haters, too. Stop building up excuses, in preparation for a possible non appearance to the Finals, and try and get the fire back. Even Wade’s eyes (and this guy is as competitive as Kobe) show defeat when the score is tight, more when they’re behind and running out of time. If they want to get out of this slump, the first step is to admit they got beat. You got nobody and nothing else to blame but yourselves. No one else is on the floor to stop the other team from scoring, and no one else is going to put the ball in the hoop for you. Not the coaching staff, not even the towel boy. Payton and Malone has the age excuse when they joined the Lakers. Lebron and Bosh are at their peak, and can’t use that. What they did is just confirm they lacked the heart for the game when they left their original respective teams, and took a shortcut to get a ring; instead of trying to be a team builder. Fear is contagious, and making excuses to hide it don’t get rings. Trust your God given talents, and trust your teammates. If you get beat, admit it and stop crying like a bunch of babies. You have a lot of games and seasons to fix the problem. No shame is losing to better teams, just because you created this hype before the season started. Next time, “Do first, before bragging about it.” If you haven’t learned anything yet about life, learn that…

  15. Dragon says:



  16. felixb says:

    For the heat to be at their best the big three need to make the other players better and hide their deficiencies, this fact can be seen in San Antonio, Lakers, Boston over the years this means share the ball, trust your teammates, forget about the stats, dont wait till playoffs to do this. JUST PLAY BALL N HAVE FUN!!

  17. Chris Van Winkle says:

    With only one exception I am so disappointed in the coverage of men crying.

    The exception is Ron Artest and what he said in an interview earlier this week when asked about the heat crying in their locker room. His comments were probably the most articulate thoughtful bravest and adult things ever said on the subject by any American man in the public eye on the subject of crying. It is exactly the message that adult athletes and role models for boys and young men should be making.

    Unfortunately the opposite is true for the overall coverage of the subject by your NBA announcers throughout the week. They have been constantly laughing joking and making fun of the players throughout with stupid unfunny jokes and quips. It is a really disgusting display of cowardice by these so called men who are obviously afraid to discuss the concept of adult men crying in a serious way. Can they all honestly look us in the eye and say they have never cried in their adult life? If they have, then their comments are not only cowardly but also hypocritical. If they haven’t, well, when you look up the definition of lying you’ll probably find a picture of them.

    But the true hypocrisy of your announcers’ inability to deal with the issues of how adult males can express their feelings will become supremely evident the next time some young athlete is found beating a wife or girlfriend because he is unable to manage his feelings. At that point every announcer you have will jump on the band wagon villifying the player and calling for him to be suspended, but never once will anyone at the NBA connect the players action to what has happened this week. Men in America have a problem expressing their feelings with their words and in healthy ways. Crying is one of those healthy ways, but I guess the NBA doesn’t believe in that. They believe that a man who cries is not a man at all, just the butt of some poorly crafted joke. Grow up guys, whether you like it or not, you are role models. Crying is healthy, getting a hug is better, but don’t take my word for it just ask Ron Artest.
    Chris Van Winkle

  18. joseph of 3stars and a sun says:

    the Heat may have been feeling the heat at the moment due to the current slide, but by all kind of stat comparison nba has to pull out, the experts opinion are highly displaced if they discount them as a finals contenders. as long as d-wade will it for them to win it they will surely win. He is by far is the most under rated of all all stars when it comes to performance. MIAMI HEAT will be the best nba team and will win multiple championship, they are the ones who will landscape the whole nba to a new era of basketball

    • Nuugame says:

      Dude are you kidding me? LBJ + D Wayde + C Bosh = Make Playoffs. In order to win an NBA Championship, here is the recipe; LBJ + D Wayde + C Bosh + 20+ off the bench + role players + a more matured coach + a solid PG = Championship. The heat did what no other ball club have done which is fill the roster up with talent and that leaves absolutely no room to add anyone important. If I where Miami, I would trade LBJ for 3 good players (Chris K-man, Eric Gordon and AK47 from Utah!) Until then, the big 2.5 will have to play EVERY NIGHT to win season games let alone playoffs!

  19. So Cold says:

    You can’t fix the Heat….the big 3 will always be a great group of talent as long as they’re together, but they’re not the right teammates. I feel that the heart just isn’t there anymore. Look at Derrick Rose, he does what it takes to win. Teams like that (The Bulls) are scary, because the whole team wants to win. Lebron, Wade, and Bosh may want to win, but the rest of the team isn’t reflective of that. People say what happened when the Lakers had Shaq, Kobe, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton…..all all-stars, and they still couldn’t get a ring. The game is about more than talent, and Lebron proved that with his team in Cleavland. It’s about a team wanting to win more than anything else. Look at Boston’s big 3, they transformed a team….and I think Miami has a better big 3….Garnett is better than bosh, but c’mon. Lebron/Wade against Pierce/Allen…..if Miami wants to win, they gotta find their heart, and play with it.

  20. Mark Cotten says:

    I was listening to sekous podcast with Dr.Rick Van Haveren. They were discussing who the leader of the heat is. I have watched basketball since Barkley joined Dr.J, since Fat Lever racked up triple dbls in Denver. The leader of this particular team should be D-Wade.You can see he doesnt want to step on Lebrons toes. But Lebron should be following D-Wade for the simple fact you dont have a RING. Y should Lebron be Heats leader if he comes up short when it counts? Wade knows what it takes to win the big 1. Lebron knows he hasnt been getting it done down the stretch he should suggest they go to Wade in clutch even if Spo doesnt have the guts to take it out of Lebrons hands. Wade is better in the clutch his one on one moves to get free are better in my opinion. Now to Bosh.Stop blaming your ineffectiveness on where you catch it. Your back to the basket game is limited and you were a jumpshooter in Toronto. So the shots arent falling,now its because they dont get it to you on the low block. Play ball and stop making excuses. Lastly my man Lang Whittaker of Slam Mag. please stop interrupting people when they’re answering YOUR question. Im out.Got Love 4 u Bosh but you seem like your bailing on your teammates. P.S wassup with the separate post game comments. You alone on yours Lebron and D’ Wade together. You werent doing that before.

  21. Ronnie says:

    just let d.wade get the buzzer that will fix the heats problem

  22. PK says:

    Lets put it this way. Miami can drop Lebron and still be in contention. Miami can drop Wade and still be on top. They need Bosh more than any single player. He is not effective and they are losing because they are ignoring him. This guy is not as good as Lebron or Wade but he used to go on stretches of 40 point games now he gets 15, 12, 17. He is frustrated because his game is being disrected and I agree with him because Bosh has mad game. He is not wade or bron, but look what happened to the raptors after he left. Him not advancing past the 1st round was more to do with poor coaching than him. Oh and Lebron should not be the leader of that team. He is not mature enough to carry that team.

  23. Jose Pedro says:

    Hello all. I am one of the europeans you talk about: I record the games and watch them the next day. Also, I agree that the big problem now with the heat is their lack of confidence. They are not defending well, but that is just because they are not confident in their offense, they don’t think they’re going to win, and that drags them down. The other problem is just obvious to me: the other problem is that Lebron James is not good at taking the last shot in close games. He is just not good at it, so he should not do it. Somebody should tell him and somebody else should take that shot. I think D-Wade should do it, but as we have seen the last few games, even Chalmers is better than Lebron at it. Maybe Chalmers should take the last shot!!! You cannot lose several close games in a row due to poor execution because your confidence goes down and then nobody believes he’s going to win. As I said, somebody should tell Lebron: man, you are a great player but you’re not good at taking the last shot. If you want the team to win, just let somebody else do it.

  24. M.S. says:

    It is clear now and for me was from the beginning that Wade and James will have a difficulties to play together specially without good supporting cast. To have a good supporting cast they should trade one of them and they would be very, very close to ring. Easy to get that conclusion and to support that we can check Cleveland record with James, they had the best record in NBA they were only missing clutch guy for championship.

  25. sid says:

    D Rose should not get MVP

  26. sid says:

    Lakers will own heat tonight

  27. sid says:

    STOP hating on the heating

  28. sid says:

    stop hating on the heat

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