Say it on the radio, it must be so

Dwight Howard said Monday that he wants to finish his playing career in Orlando, that he wants to win an NBA championship with the Magic and that he loves the city and its fans.

He even said it on the radio, so it must be true. And most definitely binding.

“I love Orlando,” Howard said on the Dan Patrick Show. “The city has been very good to me and I would love to finish my career here. I want to win a championship and I want to win it in Orlando. … That’s all I’ve been thinking about.”

Uh huh.

Howard, the Magic center who ranks among the league’s MVP candidates this season and high on a list of future NBA free agents, has the option to exit his contract after the 2011-12 season. As Bryan Schmitz points out in his BasketBlog for the Orlando Sentinel, that means the team would want to know Howard’s intentions by next February’s trading deadline.

So the crossroads for central Florida and another dominating All-Star big man – a la Shaquille O’Neal back in 1996 – is a little more than 11 months away.

And the fact that Howard stated unequivocally that he wants to keep playing and winning in Orlando means, what, exactly? That he cannot change his mind? That his feelings about Orlando now might not be significantly different from how he’ll feel about the franchise and the market come July 2012?

B-b-b-b-but he told it to Dan Patrick. On the radio! C’mon, Howard could write his intentions in blood at the front gates to Disney World and it wouldn’t exactly be a guarantee to supersede all the enticements and riches to which he might succumb when he hits free agency. Didn’t LeBron James say a bunch of right things a year or more out from his big announcement?

We’re holding out for that moment when the big guy really, officially, locks himself in. By, y’know, crossing his heart and hoping to die.


  1. alfredk5 says:

    “wanting to” is simply an expression of desire which can change with circumstance (not a guarantee)… DHoward is sending a signal that if thinx get better, it’ll be much harder 4 him to eat his word and leave… So Orlando needs to take heed and build a team around him which would compel him to not throw his lot with another team…

  2. Vel says:

    Yeah Dwight might change his opinion. He has the right to do that. But I don’t get why there is so much scepticism. If he says he wants to stay then I believe him. Nobody who ended up on a different team has ever made such a statement.
    Is it just “in” to rant about players changing teams?

    Neither Lebron, nor Carmelo, nor Amare, nor Dwill, nor Bosh, you name it… has ever said that they wanted to end their career with their franchise let alone stay with their franchise. (Lebron never said he wanted to stay in cleveland, he always left his options open. How the hell can you even compare that…)

    Dirk is the only one who downright stated that he wanted to stay and he did. Dwight is the second one to do that and I don’t see why he should be pigeonholed with the rest of the pack.

    • MagicRob says:

      Dwight’s class, his character is on another level all together. The way he holds himself, and the way he handles himself, I have not seen any other person of his caliber be so humble, and so mature. That said, LeQueen, Crybaby Bosh, No D, Melo, are not even close to Dwight’s class.

      People need to take responsibilities for their actions, instead of going out there and putting 110% for your team, and your teammates, get more players to want to play with you, want to join your team, those fools took an easy way out, cause they don’t have that work ethic or, the will that it takes to win.

      “Don’t ask what the county can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” This says it all.

      • Gabe says:

        Rob I agree entirely, players bail because they are afraid they can’t bare the responsibility on their own. And Dwight is 100% humble, I have never seen a player be so committed or pure on the court. His background has driven him, and I know Dwight will be strong with the idiots who like to comment on nonsense. Grow up Assburner.

  3. Jason says:

    To you Howard this saying really suits you…”Promise is made to be broken”
    Hope your man enaf with your words.

  4. Jrock says:

    He didnt say that he said he was 100 % staying .. He wants to stay but i guarantee if the magic dont start win or look like theyll be serious title contenders (more then they are) then hell think about leaving and might even leave .. and he wont be going against his word at all ! Because he never said that he defintely was going to stay ..

  5. celtic says:

    ive been extremely unimpressed with the opinions posted recently by some of the writers on this is a perfect example of what im disappointed in. give howard some credit for staying there. some players are legit when they say things.

  6. fan says:

    key word “want” instead of will

  7. Gabe says:

    Steve, you couldn’t not be any less of a professional. You are no better than Whoopi or Joy on the View . . . except you’re a “man” and report on sports. (Note the sarcasm) . . . You just note gossip. Leave Dwight alone, why does he have to follow Shaq’s foot-steps , why does he need to go to LA because he wants to be a movie-star or a singer? He is an athlete, an athlete who is a franchise player for Orlando, if he said on the radio that he plans on staying in Orlando let him. If he decided to write his message at Disney with blood, let him. Why should you or any of your other biased goons have any influence? You’re not an athlete, and hardly an analyst . . . . mainly a gossiper, a “man” gossiper. Grow up. Report on something that matters and not your pointless opinion. Stop talking about Miami crying, no one cares. Stop putting pressure on players leaving or calling teams terrible cause they aren’t Boston or the Lakers. You don’t need to be a team like Miami to do anything as it seems. So just stop. being. dumb. Grow up and be a real analyst, otherwise I would highly advise you send your resume to “The View” you would fit right in.

    • Fastbreak says:

      Double negative kinda got you there lol. It’s not gossip, Howard has stated publicly how he is not pleased with his teammates. If things don’t improve you expect Howard to just keep chugging along in Orlando to a 2nd round playoff exit – if that?

      Howard proves on the court, and off, that he is not particularly patient and has a short temper (aka 16 techs). If things go South he WILL make an exit, and a fast one at that.

      By the way nba players go to play in LA for the fame, not to be actors….they actually have a basketball team called the lakers…you might of heard of them.

      • Gabe says:

        Ok, well first off it is gossip and stupidity that these “analyst” try to post on their columns. It’s crap, unbiased stuff. MJ didn’t win every year he was in Chicago and neither did the bigs in LA years ago. So if you’re a franchise player you’re saying if your team doesn’t do good a year you should just bail? I don’t think so, that is what makes the game great . . . sticking through the tough series not bailing and joining band-wagons like Lebron because you’re so desperate to “win.” He doesn’t have a temper, if you watch the games you can clearly see he is hit hard nightly, so what is it Stern wants howard to leave as well? He wants to realize he won’t win in Orlando? Wow, the game is no longer a sport but more of a show. A business like wrestling now? Howard has had over 550 fouls, and you mean to tell me none of those fouls are flagrant? Right. Watch the game, grow up and stop being biased towards Orlando. What player doesn’t claim they are upset with their team? So the new Heat will all be splitting up soon cause they haven’t been winning games? Right. I mean they’re even crying publicly, so yeah they must be planning on being traded soon. You’re a smart one my friend, oh and also early exit? You must have forgotton Orlando went to the finals 2 years ago, and lost in the Eastern Conference Finals last year? Early exit, get out of here.Lastly, do actors and singers not have “fame,” yeah that is what I pretty much said earlier, these “analyst” are trying to make Dwight seem like he wants to Shaq and start appearing in a ton of movies and make a ton of cds like Shaq. Wrong, There isn’t going to be another Shaq Kazaam situation here manc

  8. Jake says:

    Hey at least Dwight says he wants to stay in Orlando. You can’t say that for Deron Williams and look where he is now.

  9. Felipe says:

    Come on, he can’t say anything diferent from this. Do you believe he could say now (they do have a small chance at a ring) that he wants to leave Orlando? that would mean no ring at all.

    If things go thrpugh they normal course Dwight should end up in Lakerland, that is my bet.

    • Magicrob79 says:

      That’s like taking money from a baby, not fare, to easy. Besides hollywood faker land has nothing to offer, they don’t even have fans. All these so called faker fans will be clipper fans once fakers start to lose. Why would he go to an old arena, to play for a team that’s on his way down, with no money room, no true fans, no bench, no coach, high salary taxes, should I keep going or that’s good enough

      • erica says:

        just bcuz most of the audience are well-off people and celebs does not mean they arent real. U are a true Laker hater. lol trust me, as a Los Angeles native, resident and true laker fan, believe me… the REAL fans are the ones who watch the game at home. Hence our laker parades, and believe me, when your city’s team is 2 time defending champs, how can you not be a true fan? Ever lived in LA? I assume by your comment, no. so shut up on that and keep your comments on the article. Nobody needs Dwight sweetie. Lakers are legends, and we have been since the 80s. So… yeah. Aren’t you Laker haters exhausted with the bashing? You’ve had your sport feelings hurt many times by the Lakers before. I can understand why you’re so bitter. Good luck with that this year. lol

  10. SleazlyBeasly says:

    C’mon man… Why Does Everyone Have To Throw Disney World In The Conversation… SMH… Doesnt Even Correlate To What Your Writing About…

    • You make no sense says:

      It always makes me laugh when they do considering that i’d wager that 99% of the people that do don’t even know Disney’s not even located in the city of Orlando.

  11. great88 says:

    steve aschburner has no credibility….Just observe how he writes and ranks players in the race to mvp… It’s crazy this guy makes lebron james untouchable at no. 2 when dwight howard or Kobe should be on that place.. After losing 4 straight, I will bet this guy will not move lebron past no 10 of the list..

    • Yvette says:

      I thought Steve Aschburner only wrote on behalf of an MVP committee, that collectively analysed who they thought was leading the race to the MVP. (Just saying).

  12. Srt-4 says:

    Kind of same thing Kevin Love is saying…or rather hinting at rather than just plain coming out and saying(which would be better in my opinion although maybe a little disrespectful to current teammates but so what, the guy’s not getting any younger)…He wants better players around him so he can win a championship…The guy wants to stay in O-town and it’s reasonable to expect a better supporting cast as he moves towards his better years..Magic front office need to start getting better players or as I would call it, stop getting all these old and washed up players…It’s kind of hard though with all the money tied up in the Rashard Lewis/Gilbert Arenas contract… 20+ million for a bench guy is…well, you get it…and while it’s not Hibachi’s fault that his knees are failing him at this stage of his career after all those surgeries, Magic organization did commit to a huge contract and there is just little to no room for other additions…

    Otis Smith, to me, has not done a great job as a GM. I mean the guy is trying, I can tell from all the moves he’s making, but no matter what kind of combination of players he ends up getting they are just not getting it done…At some point somebody, like the Amway Corp. and team owner, has to step in and replace him because he just hasn’t done anything significant since he took the post in May of ’06. He really needs to redeem himself with a better trade this summer or get ready to make room for someone else. He has to, seeing how next year will possibly be Dwight’s last in Orlando and if no improvements are made and he continues remaining a one-man-band then I just don’t see him sticking it out…Which is sad, the guy is a gem of a human being and I would be devastated if he left Orlando, being the Magic fan that I am and a Central Florida resident. He really is the only reason I still follow this team although in recent years it has been very hard to stick by them as the Lakers(which coincidentally is another team that I root for, over Magic even) has been almost unstoppable even with the likes of H-O-F greatness that is assembled in Boston. Don’t even ask me how that ’09 Finals felt, I was heartbroken and happy at the same time which may seem contradicting but the mix of emotions I felt during that week and a half was overwhelming. But that’s irrelevant to this particular HTB comment.

    So with all that being said, and I guess I did get just a little carried away, D12 do what you have to do man…I would hate to see you go but if the management doesn’t wake up and realize what kind of a dominant presence they’re losing then there’s just no hope for them…I do want to see you succeed and win a title, especially here in Orlando so we can have our first Championship banner raised, but if that means tying up your whole life to do so while Magic front office continues to throw you has-beens for support, then by all means go where you feel is best…It’s just not fair to this guy at this point….D12 for MVP!!!

  13. Quincy says:

    Hm I really wonder if Dwight is serious or is he jus bluffing to keep lando’ happy. We’ll see next june.

  14. Nicole says:

    As the saying goes, A man word is his bond……so take him at his word for god sake!!!

  15. Gaz_23 says:

    Haha loving the sarcasm, and I agree with you players words literally mean NOTHING today, all this could be forgotten about and then he decides to move once free agency comes. Like you said Lebron James said all of this a year before he hit free agency and declaring stuff like “I have a goal and its a huge goal and that’s to bring an NBA championship to Cleveland and I won’t stop until I get it”, yeah I see how that worked out. I’m sure what Howard is saying is pretty true right now, but rest assured when free agency comes around he’s going to be very tempted to leave if the Magic haven’t won a championship by then.