StatsCube: All About the Big Four

BOSTON — When you’ve got four All-Stars, does it really matter who you play next to them?

For the Boston Celtics, it might not.

The Celtics stunned the league by trading Kendrick Perkins (along with Nate Robinson) last week, acquiring Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic from Oklahoma City. There are a couple of dozen aspects to this trade worthy of debate between now and June (and we addressed a couple of them here).

One argument for the Celtics breaking up their core is that they were 33-10 (and 5-2 against Chicago, Miami and Orlando) before Perkins played a game this season. According to StatsCube, Boston’s original starting lineup of Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Shaquille O’Neal has played just 18 games together, but has been dominant in that time, outscoring its opponents by 102 points in 266 minutes (18.4 per 48).

O’Neal (inflamed right Achilles) hasn’t played since Feb. 1, so Krstic became the starting center as soon as he arrived. And once again, the Celtics have a dominant starting lineup.

Boston’s new starting group of Rondo, Allen, Pierce, Garnett and Krstic has outscored its opponents by 39 points in 69 minutes together. It’s been strong both offensively (scoring 119.9 points per 100 possessions) and defensively (allowing just 92.0).

It all goes back to the big four. There have been more efficient four-man units this season than Rondo, Allen, Pierce and Garnett, but only one has played at least 500 minutes together. That group was Miami’s Carlos Arroyo, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh, which was a plus-15.7 per 100 possessions in 675 minutes, but was broken up when the Heat waived Arroyo on Tuesday.

Only four four-man units have played more minutes together than the Celtics’ big four, but none of those groups has been as dominant as Boston’s, which has outscored its opponents by 15.0 points per 100 possessions.

Four-man units that have played at least 1,000 minutes together

Team Unit Min. Off. Eff. Def. Eff. Diff.
LAL Artest, Bryant, Fisher, Gasol 1319 111.2 101.0 +10.3
HOU Battier, Lowry, Martin, Scola 1198 109.7 104.8 +5.0
NOH Ariza, Okafor, Paul, West 1136 105.4 101.7 +3.6
MEM Conley, Gasol, Gay, Randolph 1071 105.3 103.7 +1.6
BOS Allen, Garnett, Pierce, Rondo 1070 112.1 97.1 +15.0
CHA Augustin, Diaw, Jackson, Wallace 1065 105.0 104.6 +0.4
GSW Curry, Ellis, Lee, Wright 1032 110.9 111.7 -0.8
UTA Bell, Jefferson, Millsap, Williams 1013 104.9 108.5 -3.6

Off. Eff. = Points scored per 100 possessions
Def. Eff. = Points allowed per 100 possessions


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  1. bola says:

    no matter you have 4 or 5 all-star guys in ur team yeah, it’s just about chemistry…….and no team has this more than the spurs yeah!!! that’s why they’re the top seed among the league and they can get it for a 5th baneer yeah !! i said……

  2. bola says:

    no matter you have 4 or 5 all-star guys in ur team yeah, it’s just about chemistry…….and no team has this more than the spurs yeah!!! that’s why they’re the top seed among the league and they can get it for a 5th baneer yeah !!

  3. nba says:

    just like that guy said you cant not predict whats gonna happen any body can win of course what fan would not say there team is gonna win and what team will say they are going to lose. we all have to wait and see what happens. And Boston fans please stop being so biased. just because your favorite to win doesn’t mean your are going to win i don’t predict games because any thing can happen trust me fans any thing. don’t ever let basketball analyst gas your head up telling you your team gonna take it all the way. Because the minute they start losing its a whole another story. But i love basketball so much and will love my team team to win all but i not gonna get my hopes high because anything anytime anywhere any team. An huge upset can happen and you’ll realize that you and nobody else cant predict the future. Because ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN

  4. LA says:

    now some mouth will shut up about the SPURS and LA.. even the spurs admitted that they are still the best TEAM until proven on playoffs…

  5. Deaj says:

    You all forgot that in 2008 finals we dont have bynum so the celtics win if bynum was healthy nobody can stop lakers

  6. peter xxx says:

    Kenzi, are you nut? Rondo over Rose? Never!!!

  7. BasketballisLife says:

    What would the team be without Rondo? smh.. people.
    Banner18, gettin’ it without a doubt. yeah i said it(:
    @KingPace I did not know that!..

  8. Corey says:

    They only have 4 players now because they are resting their 2 big men… as soon as the playoffs start the oneals will both be healthy and playing.. They are beating all the elite teams without them and will continue to destroy in the playoffs… BOSTON CELTICS 2011 NBA CHAMPIONS!!!

  9. King Pace says:

    I think people seem to forget that the Lakers are two time champs and with Gasol and bynum playing I don’t see any team maybe besides boston that can beat the Lakers in a 7 game series their Just too big in the paint,,everyone seems to count the Lakers out because how they played this season but if you knew anything about the Lakers you would know that this is how they play during the regular season they get bored and when playoff time comes they are a whole different team,,why blow ur self out during the regular season and then when the playoffs come have no gas left? If yesterday wasn’t an eye opener for all the Laker haters then just wait to playoff time, clearly the spurs can’t win a 7 games series again’st the Lakers when they are focus which they will be when the playoffs start!!

  10. Ubuntu says:

    The reason why the Celtics can win, no matter who they put in as that fifth guy because every single guy out on the floor knows what his job is. Rondo knows he’s supposed to find the open man, Ray knows he’s supposed to tire his man out running around thos screens, Pierce knows that he’s that scoring punch and intangibles guy, KG knows that he is there for intensity and to be their defensive leader. Along as that fifth guy knows that he is supposed to grab rebounds and defends anyone would work at that spot. Also the Celtics will give EVERYONE the chance to put the ball in the bucket. Everyone is trusted, and when Rondo finds you open you are SUPPOSED to take and make that shot!

  11. Ricky Autiello says:

    The Conference Finals will be Boston going up against Chicago, and LA going up against San Antonio.

    Rondo/Rose – Even matchup
    Allen/Bogans – Advantage Allen
    Pierce/Deng- Advantage Pierce
    Garnett/Boozer – Advantage Garnett
    O’Neal/Noah – Advantage Noah

    Though the Celtics hold a 3-1-1 advantage over Chicago, this series is still up for grabs as they are the two best teams in the East.
    To say Miami is terrible is a bit of an eggageration, however, I don’t consider them a title contender. The reason why Boston’s big three worked in 2008 and why Miami’s will fail is that in Boston, every player knew there role. Allen was a momentum booster, Garnett was a force, and Pierce was a closer. In Miami, Bosh, Wade and LeBron all believe that they are all three of those. Bosh, in my mind, is a breed of “soft” power forwards and does not have the same attributes as Garnett, Stoudemire, Duncan, Malone, Barkley, or Rodman. All those players emphasize the word POWER in their positions. Bosh is a Small Forward in a Power Forwards body. LeBron has excited crowds and has been a lockdown defender, but he’s never been a closer and never will. Wade possess all three of those traits, so until Miami fires Spoelstra and brings Riley down to coach, they will never understand who the real MVP of the Heat is and will never be a title contender.
    Orlando is just one scorer away from being a title contender. If they could manage to bring in Brandon Roy, Rudy Gay, or Monta Ellis to their squad, they would be able to consider themselves a title contender. While Howard is slowly developing offense, and is still the best defensive player in the league, he is not nearly matured enough to be a center like Shaq, Abdul-Jabar or Chamberlin. The Magic need scoring from someone other than Dwight, and the live by the three die by the three mechanism that their awful coach Stan Van Gundy lives by will ultimately be there downfall and they will lose Dwight Howard.

    • Jesse aka LIKEjayUrock says:

      Lol between O’neal/Noah did u really give the advantage to Noah, shaq still has moves and power down low

    • Jesse aka LIKEjayUrock says:

      and Orlando needing another scorer??? dude u got no idea what u talking bout, they dnt need another scorer they need a defender thats what got them to the finals 2 yrs back

  12. hell yeah says:

    all i hear is the Celtics this or lakers that. f those two teams, their championship windows are about to close. I really think that the BULLS are going to be the next dynasty. they are young, and have great chemistry. I really think the Bulls have the best defense in the L. Go check the stats. I put Boston up there with them because they have similar defensive principles. I can guaranteed that neither Boston or Miami want to play the bulls in the playoffs around the second round. Maybe not this year the bulls are not going to win the championship but next year when they fix that 2 spot, I SMELL DYNASTY!!!!

  13. Jazz44 says:

    The team is so completed with two to three guys, comprehensive and sophistic, in each post.
    Couldn’t they play a clean game without dirty move and trash talk?

    • Pete says:

      They aren’t dirty – they play hard and scrappy and they fight their buts off for every loose ball, every posession, every point, every rebound. That’s why they have been to the finals twice in the last three years, won a champtionship in 08, and have the second best record in the NBA this season despite injuries.

      The big 3 are from the era when Jordan, Reggie and the greats played – hard fouls, trash talk and hustle were a part of the game back then. They were not only permitted, but practically required.

      Lakers are no less dirty…neither are a lot of other teams.

  14. poorPerkins says:

    As a Celtics fan I am sad to see Perkins go, but I am realizing that it will help in the long run as far as a 3-5 year plan goes as KG and Allen both might not be around for that many seasons more. Depending on how the CBA goes, this could be there last season as the lock out approaches. I think the fact that they are going to have several more big men than they did last year, (hopefully all healthy) will make quite a difference from last year. Oneil’s, kristic, baby, murphy and KG (which is really a PF), Perkins was definitely going to ask for something just like rondo who they signed a new 5 year 55 million deal with last year. I am not feeling bad for him since he is going to a red hot playoff team who needed exactly what he has. But as far as the finals, I am a little scared of the Lakers, as kobe is hungry for another 3peat; I am hoping that OKC and Mavs and Spurs will be playing them a full 7 games to tire them out nice and good. Even though they did loose some great talent from last year, Its not surprising they were talking to the denver nuggets during the MELO-mania, though it was not highly publicized.

    Back to the trade made, I can see why they made the trade at time like this. Realizing they have some talent and that he will want the celtics to anti up the offer, to trade him to another for some another big man and some more offense like the 2008 team. They are basically a different team this year with the Oneill’s, galante, Kristc and not to mention big 4. Also something Phil Jackson and Jerry Sloan and Doc Rivers have said when getting new players is that its a lot easier for new team-mates to buy in the current system when its being taught by hall of famers.

    AND as far as RONDO being the point gaurd in the NBA; not quite, don’t get me wrong I love him and he is a perfect fit for the team, and he is probably the cornerstone of this team because of his speed and accuracy pass, but until he proves he can score he will never be number 1, yeah defensive player and all that does not measure up for the ability to sink the 3 like nash during the last seconds of the game. I measure to Nash since he was an MVP, but there are many other great one’s in the NBA thats why I think its so hard to say he is the best, think of Dwill, Dwade, CP3. I think any of these players could make themselves fit in this systerm and get the same stats minus the steals department.

    I would love for some criticism…

    Long live the Celtics!

  15. I the celtics are a great team but let’s not forget the bulls are very strong too and magic and the heat are good too even jf they beat all these three they will have to face the lakers and the lakers are gonna have an easier time than the celtics dalls is good but they can not beat lakers and other teams exapt the thunder are not even gonna bother the lakers so they will be in the final for thing everything barkly says happends oppositely like james is better than kobe. very funny , sorry charles.

  16. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    The Celtics, what can I say?? They are just good.. Those FOUR players are just good.. But when you talk about their bench, well they gave that up when they traded LIL NATE to the Thunder.. But the Celtics are getting old.. I believe that they are all over the age 33 (correct me if I’m wrong).. I give them four more years before they ALL retire.. Then what?? What comes on the Boston Celtics?? No way that their bench will step up because their bench isn’t good enough.. At one point in the game you always have AT LEAST one of the BIG FOUR in there.. They only sit them when they are either entering halftime, or blowing out their team, THEN that’s when they EMPTY their bench.. Doc has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, and they are really good.. But how will they do if they don’t have Pierce? KG? Allen? ALL IN ONE NIGHT??? Just Ronodo?? Nope,, They couldn’t pull through pierce, kg and allen being gone in the same game.. Their bench.. NEEDS TO STEP UP.

    • Pete says:

      “But when you talk about their bench, well they gave that up when they traded LIL NATE to the Thunder”

      Are you joking? That’s the worst analysis I’ve maybe ever read. Boston have possibly the deepest bench in the NBA…

      Lets look at their bench after the trade (assuming Shaq starts when he returns):

      – Glen Davis (averaging 11.6PPG, 5.3RPG off the bench – possible 6th man of year candidate, underrated defender)
      – Jeff Green (Started for Thunder this year, where he averaged 15PPG, 5.6RPG as a 3rd scoring option)
      – Delonte West (Started for Cleveland last year, good shooter and defender, solid ball handler, versatlie)
      – Jermaine Oneal (Started for Miami last year, where he averaged 13.6 PPG, 6.9 RPG, 1.4BPG)
      – Troy Murphy (Started for Indiana last year, averaging 14.6PPG, 10RPG, 39% career 3PT shooter)
      – Nenad Kristic (Started for Thunder this year, averaged 9PPG. 5RPG in 20MPG – efficient scorer and decent defender)
      – Aleksandar Pavlovic (Started for Cleveland in 2007, solid role player who is a good shooter and defender)
      – Von Wafer (Athletic, great scorer and underrated defender)
      – Carlos Arroyo (A starter for Miami much of this year, servicable backup PG)
      – Avery Bradely (Very young player, very athletic, raw but with a big updide, excellent on ball defender)

      That’s 6 guys out of 10 guys on Boston’s bench who could easilly start on any other team.

      Nate Robinson had his upsides – he is a very streaky scorer who can shoot the lights out when he gets hot. He was also a strong onball defender and towards the end became a decent playmaker. Problem is that when he’s cold he’s really cold, and he is cold far more often then not. His size also makes him a defensive liability against bigger guards, and he has a tendancy to chuck up bad shot decisions (such as a up three, 4 seconds into the shot clock).

      Losing nate was no massive deal with Delonte and now Bradely and Arroyo as backups, Perkins was the bigger concern.

  17. duncan213 says:

    didnt the Spurs just demolish the Heat by 30 points the other night? ahahahahaa that’s embarrassing. 17 3 pointers in SA aahahaha Miami got no bench Chris Bosh is soft I mean soft just like pao Gasol is soft ahahaha Garnett will eat him alive down there in the paint Bosh needs to work on his inside game instead of shooting jumpers thats why Miami cant beat the Celtics or the Orlando Magic come playoff time Miami’s frontline is soft ampier and Bosh omg cmon theyre a joke and Miami got no bench ahahaha LA vs SA in teh west finals Celtics vs Magic in the East finals Spurs in 6 Celtics in 6 Spurs vs Celtics Spurs in 7 ahahaha but wait I forgot thats if they all stay healthy!!!!!!!!!!

  18. duncan213 says:

    I am not a laker fan I hate the lakers I’m a Spurs fan but still to be the champs u got to beat the champs so in the west the roaqd to the nba finals still goes through LA got to be realistic . health remains a big issue for any team in the nba if the lakers lose kobe they r done like the spurs if they lose duncan they are done health is key to success thats why bench is crucial come playoff time spurs bench is deeper then any team in the nba then the celtics

  19. Laker Fan says:

    It is amazing how everyone brings up stats and facts and uses them to support his/ her favorite team. Com’on guys, it’s the NBA. I am a Laker fan but let me tell you all something. You’ll never know what team is going to win the championship. There are a lot of factors that come into play to change everything. what if OKC ends up winning the championship? you all keep dearming and hoping your favorite team wins. In my case it’s the Lakers! Go Lakers! and respect to all other teams. without LA or C’s, the NBA would have been bankrupt by now. These two teams saved the NBA in the 80’s.

  20. orly says:

    celtics is the best of all, nothing could stop them.

  21. UnderatedTrade says:

    The trade the Celtics made was a very wise move by Ainge. At first I didn’t like losing Perkins but Perkins mobility reminded me of KG in 2010 and he was demanding alot of money for a one dimentional player. With his health this season he wasn’t going to be a defensive force in the playoffs. By acquiring Green, they gained size off the bench & Pierce can now play 35 instead of 43 minutes which will make his game more effective. Acquiring Kristic will open up the lane because of his perimeter shooting. This will also allow the Celtics to improve their offensive rebounding because you’re moving the oppossing center out of the lane. Teams would always play off of Rondo & Perkins which is why their offensive rebounding #s were low , now that have to respect Kristic’s offensive game.

    • JMoon says:

      Very good post, man. I hated to see Perk’s defense get traded away, but you made some really good points. He’s a role player for sure, and when he’s healthy, he’s the best down-low defender in the game. They didn’t need himasking for all that money though.

      Dude, aer you some kind of analyst? You seem to analyse the trade pretty well.

  22. JJ says:

    There is rumors that James Posey Will be Waived by indiana Pacers

    And James Posey Will only Sign FOr The Boston Celtics… !!!

  23. geordie says:

    “KG vs Gasol (could go either way)”

    thats pretty generous for Pau gasol

    • Michael S says:

      I’m a Spurs fan and I’m not d*ck riding Gasol or nothin but hes probably the most complete big in the game (Howard’s maybe the only one equal to or better than him). He passes better than any big. has nearly every offensive move, he’s giving u 2 blocks a game and there’s not many bigs better defensively than him. Garnetts awesome but at this stage of his career he’s just not as good as Gasol.
      And for all the Celts fans who think they are defo gonna win just remember that one injury to Rondo and this team become a helluva a lot worse offensively and a lot easier to beat.
      I like the way every non-Spurs fan just writes them off cos their stars are too old, their front line is too small, they ll get injuries, someone even said they would burn themselves out in the regular season… hahaha u must not know a thing about the Spurs, TP’s playin the most in the team and hes playin 32 mins a game, Manu 30 per, Duncan 28 per and RJ 31 per… so they are hardly burning themselves out are they. San Antonio move the ball better than all teams in the league except Boston and this means they dont rely on any one player cos they have multiple players who can make plays. I’m not sayin they are gonna win it all, I just find it funny that nearly all the posts on here seem to disregard SAS despite the fact they have the best record in the league

      • Pete says:

        KG is as talented as Gasol in every way – his post moves, his outside shot, his passing ability, his basketball IQ, Defensively he is VASTLY superior to Gasol – there is no comparison.

        The only benefits Gasol had over KG recently is health. KG was nowhere near fully recovered in last years playoffs, and while he showed flashes of old KG for the majority of the time he was out of condition and still had a weak knee.

        This year he is much closer to his 2008 form (where he dominated Gasol), and as the season goes on he is only getting gbetter and better (averaging about 20 points, 12 rebounds and 3 assists over hislast 5 games).

        Garnett’s numbers aren’t where they were in 07 or eve 08, but take into account that Doc is intentionally holding him back from playing big minutes firstly to preserve his energy for the playoffs, and secondly to limit the risk of losing him to injury. Also Gasol is a clear second option in LA, while Garnett is a 3rd option on Boston.

        Compare their per 48 minute numbers and you’ll see what I mean:

        PPG: 24.19
        APG: 4.5
        SPG: 0.78
        BPG: 2.19
        TOPG: 2.32
        FG%: 0.529
        FT%: 0.822

        PPG: 23.0
        APG: 3.78
        RPG: 14.0
        SPG: 2.27
        BPG: 1.21
        TOPG: 2.42
        FG%: 0.527
        FT%: 0.855

        Statistically, Garnett’s numbers are essentially identical to Gasol’s – Gasol simply gets better numbers because he is playing more minutes. Garnett easilly wins in terms of intagibles – he plays with more toughness, he’s a better leader, he’s more of a hustle player, and he’s a far better defender in ways you can’t measure statistically.

        So, don’t be so quick to jump to the conclusion that Gasol is so much superior – KG’s limited minutes and reduced numbers have led to him flying much under the radar as far as his production…he’s got to be one of the most under rated big men in the league right now because people see him as a ‘has been’ and underestimate the production he actually gives when he is on the floor.

      • Pete says:

        “San Antonio move the ball better than all teams in the league except Boston and this means they dont rely on any one player cos they have multiple players who can make plays. Iโ€™m not sayin they are gonna win it all, I just find it funny that nearly all the posts on here seem to disregard SAS despite the fact they have the best record in the league”

        This I agree with.

        Boston and San Antonoi are the best pure ‘teams’ in the NBA this season in terms of their ability to throw a ballanced attack. Lakers are woth throwing in that statement also though – they might seem like the ‘kobe show’ a lot in the regular season, but come playoff time they are a very ballanced team and can definately attack you in many ways.

        Boston, LA and San Antonion are really the only three teams I can see winning it this year. Chicago, Dallas and Miami would be next on th elist, but I don’t think either of those three teams has the right combination of tougness, experience and ballance to beat the big three.

        chicago have toughness but lack experience and ballance, Dallas have experience and ballance but lack toughness, Miami lack all three.

    • Pete says:

      “And for all the Celts fans who think they are defo gonna win just remember that one injury to Rondo and this team become a helluva a lot worse offensively and a lot easier to beat.”

      That’s a completely meaningless statement because the same can be said of any team.

      Boston is such a deep team they they actually have a far better chance without Roindo then Lakers do without Kobe, Magic without Howard, Thunder without Durant,or the Spurs without Duncan (these teams wouldn’t even make the playoffs),.

      Boston are probably better equipped to handle a key injury then any other top tier team in the league because they have so much depth. They have seen injuries to almost all of their key guys at various times over the last few years, and they have proven they can still win games without them (although they are obviously less dangerous).

      During the worst injury stages of this season, Boston have probably one more games through more injury then any other team in the NBA. Hell they went on about an 8 game winning streak when they were in the worst injury stretch of the year (only had about 8 players healthy, and no experienced centre).

      Again, a pointless statement really.

  24. Mando says:

    If Danny didnt pull that trade we would be in whole lot of trouble!! no Perk for 3 weerks no BBD for another Week no Shaq for who knos when no Erden (also injured). There was no way we could win the east!! with these unit we at least got a good shot and I know its all about the post season. but at least now we can afford to give the Oneals time to heal. remmeber we dont get to see any teams with big men untill (if and when) we meet the Magic or Bulls. Remmber Perk avg bearly above 20mins during the play-offs/Finals Shaq if healthy is still a force to be reckon with at both ends and we only need him to play 15-20mins. a rotation of Shar/JO/Kristic Is more than above avg. Also keep in mind Doc was very fond of using KG/Posey/Pierce/Allen/Rondo to close out the Lakers in crunch time This years version has a huge upgrade with a now Battle tested Rondo and a faster stronger more athletic version.

    I hate to see Perk go (2 nigths crying myself to sleep 4 real) but this is a good trade. gutsy and risky considering the recent health issues with Shaq/JO.

    Will see what happens untill then good luck trying to get your sleep. ( i know i do)

  25. BANNER 18 TRUSOUL says:

    PETE BR. You must be in LA because all that sun is going to your head. Lets look at the facts for what they are and not what we want them to be. Bynum has been hurt since he’s come into the league and average about 6 points and a few rebounds in the playoffs. KObe will always be kobe and score buckets but one man can’t win a 3 peat. Kobe and Bron bron have the JORDAN affect on their team mates. In that I mean they’re too busy watching them play instead of playing themselves which is why they average 20 to 30 points a game. If you think KG is gonna let GASol be physical like last year, your drinking to much sunkiss over there. Our bench has been stronger and outr player have been better. The Celtics play team basketball which unlike the rest of the league where one or 2 people make shots and make a bunch of bums look like super stars…( Cough cough CAVS) And as for RON RON he has his ring now so he’s all set, he cant hold pierce on D and if you think he’ll be making shots like he did last year then we might as well bring back Rasheed Wallace( I wish he did come back). Either way this years playoffs in the east comes down to the Celtics and Bulls with the Magic and heat rounding out the bottom. in the west its clearly gonna be the Spurs and maybe the Lakers if they can get past OKC or Dallas. BTW we sent perk to the western conference to keep giving you all probelms for the next few years, call it a late christmas present you can try to unwrap for the next 4 years. BANNER 18

  26. Tony says:

    Did i see someone saying that boston can’t beat lakers in a 7 game series unless someone gets hurt
    dude ru high? i think you meant the other way around..

  27. Rondo & Or says:

    I love the analysis Pete did. thanks for that! ๐Ÿ™‚
    When you have Rondo, KG, Allen, and of course Pierce in your lineup with a great boost from the bench you have an NBA Championship. Enough said

  28. Pete BR says:

    It’s been proven that the Heat can’t beat the Celtics in the Regular Season.. (And they’re not beating Boston in the Play-offs when they give it all they’ve got and Garnett turns into the biggest bully in the NBA).
    Pierce can hold James, not entirely, but James chokes in Play-offs and you can see it in his eyes he’s scared of Pierce dunking on him. Garnett can make Bosh look like a cry-baby, and all that’s left is Wade that will be guarded by Ray Allen, who can’t guard him due to his speed (hence the nickname Flash.)

    BUT, Garnett can’t hold Gasol for too long (neither can Gasol hold Garnett for too long as they’re both quite old.) But Gasol palying at his max (Play-offs and Finals) has an edge over Garnett. Ray Allen can’t hold Kobe, that’s been proven. And Kobe can’t stop Allen from shooting and nailing the three. Ron-Ron can hold Pierce, and Pierce and hold Ron-Ron, but this season there’s something about Ron Artest that just doesn’t feel right (am I alone?.)
    Nenad can’t hold Bynum, Jermaine can’t hold Bynum, Shaq can’t hold Bynum, Murphy can’t hold Bynum, Jeff Green can’t hold Gasol, Ron Ron can gold Jeff Green, Glen Davis can’t hold Gasol, Von Wafer can’t hold Kobe, Delonte West can’t hold Kobe… You see, the Celtics only has 2 slight edges over the Lakers…Those are Pierce(clutch dude) and Rondo (Fisher’s way too old for this kid, and Blake is bullied by everyone..) Plus, the Lakers will have Ratliff back to provide D, and that’s even match up between the C’s because if you put in Odom, Bynum and Gasol, Celtics won’t have a chance ( missing Perkins already?).

    Well as always, it will come down to these two teams in my opinion… The Mavs choke on the Play offs, if they get a young team, they’re in huge problems.. Saving Duncan’s body isn’t going to help the Spurs win, their stars are old, and they’re spending way too much energy out on the regular season court right now… (if the Lakers get the Spurs) The Lakers will still have an big edge over them due to the lack of play-off, clutch, from the Spurs Bench and they will rely too much on Duncan (Gasol can hold him and so can Bynum), Ginobili (Ron Ron and Kobe can hold him, just keep his finger off the three point line trigger.) and the only weapons reamining are…Tony Parker and..Tony Parker. Jefferson can cause huge damage but if Ron Ron clicks on D (and it seems like his D speciality is coming back) he shouldn’t be a problem. The only thing that the Spurs can use against the Lakers is points of the fast break because they have younger players. Other than that, the Lakers have more size and more experience and the best Play-off/Finals coach of all time, Phil Jackson. Just a quick ote: The Spurs usually have a good Regular season record, and that doesn’t mean anything look at the last year’s Cavs and compare it to the Celtics, if you were to judge by those stats, you’d say the Cavs’d win easy. Thing is, play-off is about experience and being smart (not that the spurs aren’t) but the Lakers just have an big edge on that aspect.

    • tingyman1 says:

      good post

    • UnderatedTrade says:

      Your analysis is not accurate. You said yourself Artest is off and Pierce shooting a better % than any year in his career. Allen is also posting career high in shooting %. Rondo vs Fisher is the biggest mismatch. The Celtic bench is far superior to the Lakers. Lakers only strong bench player is Odom where the Celtics have Big Baby, Green, West, Kristic & Murphy. If Bynum doesn’t climb on Perkins back in 2010 Finals, Celtics win game 7. They lost game 7 because Wallace is a back-up center and went beyond his max in game 7 and the Lakers started dominating the boards because of the Celtics lack of depth at center due to Perkin’s absence.

  29. Debenz says:

    Celtics made a good trade considering Perk wasn’t resigning with them to get good young talent.

  30. Somali says:

    The finals will be played by Somalia vs the Celtics. We will kick yall asses. Go Somaia. lol

  31. RANDY MOSS says:

    no body will stop the celtics, cause they’r too good

  32. mr lash says:

    writer maybe miss that houston charlotte and utah’s four also broken.

  33. rondo says:

    alright whoever said rajon is nowhere near the best point guard in the league, he would be the best in the league, alright so he’s the best perimter defender in th nba easy, no questions, leading in assists top 5 steals, and the best player on the best team in the nba

    • Gullaver says:

      Seriously, Rondo is passing to Hall of Famers and a great bench bro. He is definitely talented but because of the fact that he has no where near the responsibility of the top PG’s in the league (D-Rose, D-Williams, CP3, & Steve Nash) there is no way I can say he is the top because he leads the league in assists when he is passing to Hall of famers.

      • ray says:

        so who do u think is a better point gaurd…..john stockton or magic johnson… used to make his teammates look better and is the all time leading assist man in the league…..the other is one of the best pg in NBA history with second all time triple doubles and a team first option scorer… point is both of them were great point gaurds……they used to work in a system that suited their offensive and defensive mindframe…..irrespective of stats…..people dont realize how difficult it is to pass to a teammate irrespective of whether they are HOFs or not and make that shot count…..rondo may not be an offensive threat as composed to say someone like D-will and CP3 or D.Rose……but its equally tough to make plays in which a teamate is in a comfortable situation to score easily without thinkin of makin it a spectacular play….im a celtics fan and i maybe biased……but rondo has intelligence and he’s the general of his team….getting 15 assists a game on a regular basis aint easy…..especially with his teammates getting older everyday….he makes things very easy for his teammates….and one has to give credit to him for that…..and when it comes to offense i bet if he works on his jumper and reduces his turnovers he can jack up his scoring to 18 ppg if he wanted to…..come to think of it he was 2nd in defensive player of the year votings last year behind Howard…..all nba defensive 1st team…..leads the league in steals now….u gotto have defensive IQ to pull somethng like that… all, i think he’s perfect for boston’s style of playin where everybody is important in their positions……we aint gettin any younger….but we still are top of the east….as to the perkin’s trade….i miss him on the post man….but to get a guy like jeff green who’s so versatile whilst playing 3 positions if motivated to he can be a great asset to this team and future all star….i bet Doc rivers will plan out smethng clever for jeff green come playoff time…..Go C’s…..we want that number 18……

      • Gullaver says:

        I’m not saying he isn’t tough or can’t make plays for his teammates at all. What I’m saying is that playing with HOF’s makes a huge difference are you kidding. Who would you rather kick the ball to on the wing Ray Allen or Sasha Pavlovic, HOF’s make a huge difference. And lets take a second to imagine if Rondo actually did have a jump shot shall we………… 3 championships sounds about right in my book. I think that is one of my biggest problems with him is his lack of a complete game. If Rondo could shoot the possibilities would be endless, but that is another issue. He does make things very easy for his teammates….. his future HOFer teammates. I’m not sure why or how you think having future HOF’s on your team doesn’t change things, I don’t get it. So are you telling me CP3, D-Rose, D-Williams, and/or Nash couldn’t do more damage with a team like Boston?

  34. David says:

    Kristic is averaging more points than Perkins and Green just put up 21 points last night.

  35. Paul Randall says:

    Boston can’t win a 7 game series against the Lakers unless someone gets hurt. They don’t match up. Its cheap and easy to make this analyses because it discounts the relative value of their bigs.

    • JMoon says:

      Boston can’t beat LA in a 7-game series? Where are you getting that? Before the C’s traded Perkins, NOBODY, i repeat . . .NOBODY could beat the Celtics if they were playing their best. And I can dead sure guarantee you they’d be playing their best in the postseason!!!

      Now, I understand Perkins is gone, so maybe LA and Boston are about even now. Perkins is the best down-low defender in the NBA. Don’t think so? Your very own Kobe Bryant said so!!! Some of the C’s chemistry is gone now, so I’d say it could go either way this year, judging by the fact that last year after Perk was injured, it still could’ve gone either way. I watched the Finals last year and have always thought LA got away with a cheap one there.

      Game seven was a close one down to the wire, but in the end, it just happened to go LA’s way. You know how it is in those final two minutes where sometimes you need a little bit of luck to win . . . and LA got it. I’m not discrediting LA, they played hard for it, but the Celtics had a very close shot at that one . . . almost too close for comfort.

      And I think this year, the LA Lakers hear the Celtics knocking at the door. Excuse me KB24, but I think we’ll take championship #18 this year from y’all. (That’s if your Lakers make it to the Finals past San Antonio!)

    • Pete says:

      They did in 2008, and outside of losing Perkins they are superior in every possible way to the 08 Celtics team.

      Add to that the fact that LA have not been able to beat Boston this season in the regular season, and that was without a healthy Perkins also (he didnt play the first game, was very rusty in the second game).

      To say Boston can’t beat LA in a 7 game series is a joke…just as it would be to say the other way around. Both teams excel in playoff time atmospheres, are stacked with experienced veterans, and have exceptional coaching. A 7 game series could go either way.

  36. est1989 says:

    the boston celtics have a good team, now i am not a lebron fan but i hate how when lebron n bosh went to join wade n the heat everybody made it a big deal n tried to make lebron look bad, when boston is so stacked, boston should be the best in the whole league with how stacked they are , they have alot of depth. n i have to disagree with whoever said rondo is far from the best point guard in the league, rondo is a great point guard definitley one of the top five point guards in the league, all he is missin is a jumpshot, he’s incredibly quick and handles the ball like its glued to his hands, and his ability to slash to the basket n dish off great passes, he makes his team better n when rondo and garnett come off the court the celtics struggle, garnett and rondo make them the team that they are, but does anybody see how bad boston hacks n how they get away with it on there home court they hack so damn much, derrick rose and the bulls will put them to the test

    • Gullaver says:

      I would agree that Rondo is a top 5 point guard in the league but he is # 5 for sure. Rondo is similar to Ben Wallace when he was on the Pistons, they both fit perfectly with the teams they are on. When Ben Wallace left the Pistons he was terrible in comparison to his Piston Defensive Player of the year status. Rondo would be the same

      • Leo says:

        I don’t agree with u Gullaver. he has 50-50 of gone well or bad in other team. we can’t minimize him because he play with three hall of famer. let’s imagine derreck Rose with boston, we can say Wow they would be a Machine but in the reality could have a high problably of been a mess like the Heat has.

      • Gullaver says:

        I think you can take it away from him that he is playing with 3 hall of famers, are you kidding. Derrick Rose is capable of doing everything Rondo does and possibly more. Sure D-Rose is more talented but at the end of the day if he was willing to function in the Celtic style of play he could average all the assists and focus more on the defensive side of the ball. I think everyone is undermining how big of an impact the big three have. I’m not saying Rondo is bad, but he can’t do anything that any of those four haven’t or can’t

  37. Van says:

    A lot of haters… The record does not lie nor does defeated reputable teams like Miami, and the Spurs which is probably the best team in the west. So Lakers fans need to worry about San Antonio before commenting on the C’s.

  38. Dylan Robichaud says:

    People are mad at danny ainge for tading perkins, what people dont understand is what danny ainge is trying to do is make us younger. kristic is the next paul pierce, we need him. there are now just 4 old players on the celts as of now. o’ neil, allen, pierce, and garnett. All of our back up reserves are younger. this is the year celtics fans!!!

  39. Gullaver says:

    Celtics are stacked, no doubt about it but it the long run it will be interesting to see how they do without their defensive grit. With the front line of Garnett & Perkins they had an aura about them that had everyone in the league believing they couldn’t beat the C’s. Honestly, I hate the Celtics but @ the end of the day they are still going to win games because they are unbelievably stacked. I love how everyone talks about the Heat and the Lakers, but at the end of the day the Celtics have KG, who is a once in time MVP, who can literally score at will. I’m surprised they don’t go to him more, and Ray Allen (who has the most 3 point makes of all-time). Paul Peirce, who I can’t stand, but I can’t take away the fact that he is a solid player. Then you throw in Rondo, who to me isn’t anywhere near the best point guard in the league but on such a stacked team as Boston is a threat. Someone please knock the Celtics out of the play-offs, lets go bulls!

    • Kenzi says:

      Rondo isn’t anywhere near one of the best point guards in the league? Dude come on… League leader in assists, top 5 in steals, averages just under 11 PPG, one of the top rebounding PG’s in the NBA and he is fantastic defensively. Also let’s not forget majority of Boston’s offense run’s through him and that includes running three future hall of famers in KG, Paul and Ray. I’d take my boy Rondo over Derrick Rose anyday.

      • Gullaver says:

        So Rondo is the best PG in the league……………… interesting. The only team I would rather have Rondo running the point for is the Boston Celtics. Rondo is made by the team that he is on, if he were on a team that didn’t consist of 3 future hall of famers there is no way he is putting up those numbers. Rondo fits perfectly in the Celtic system, he is a great role player and fits his role. I would agree that Rondo is better for the Celtics team, but D-Rose is averaging 24, 8, & 4. If all D-Rose had to do is distribute to hall of famers he could easily put up 12 assists. Also, Rondo is no CP3, D-Williams, or Steve Nash I would take any of them over Rondo. Rondo has skill no doubt but there is no way you can honestly say he is top PG in the league get real

    • Jordan Green says:

      @gullaver- how can you say that rondo is not anywhere near the best point guard in the NBA, he is leading the league in assists and in the top 5 in steals and last year was named on the 1st team D and in the the playoffs he has nearly averaged a triple-double for the last 3 years, only reason why he isnt in the top 10 leading scorers in the nba is because he wants to give his HALL of FAMERS the ball, he could easily drop 20 points any night that he wanted to not mentioning that he is over a 50% shooter from the court. Now you tell me what makes him not near the top point guard in the NBA.

      • Gullaver says:

        I’m not saying he’s not a top 5 point guard in the league, and I’m also not saying he isn’t a solid player, but what I am saying is that he has a VASTLY superior team than either CP3, D-Rose, D-Williams, & Steve Nash. So what you’re telling me is that any of those players could put up mad inflated stats if they played for a stacked Celtic team. D-Williams averaging 20 points 10 assists with the Jazz/Nets. D-Rose 24 pts 8 assists with the Bulls, come on seriously there is no way in hell Rondo could put up those numbers with an average team. Anyone of the four players I mentioned could put up the exact numbers as Rondo if on the Celtics if not better (outside of Steve Nash in the steals department). Rondo plays good D, has a high b-ball IQ, and plays for a team that is well coached and disciplined. He plays his role perfectly for the Celtics and that is great for him. But lets switch him to the Bulls and see how they do, or maybe the Nets, Suns, or Hornets.

      • Gullaver says:

        You know just as well as I do that there is no way Rondo is the same Rondo on any other team than the Celtics. For the C’s he is a perfect match just like Ben Wallace was for the Pistons, but you remove him from the team and he definitely wouldn’t be the same.

    • Nick says:

      @Gullavar i highly doubt that his numbers in assists would dip at all. have you seen the crazy passes this guy pulls off? Rondo is a legit top PG contendor. As for his scoring, he shoots over 50%, and if you watch him, he practically scores the ball at will if needed, but since he plays with guys like Ray and Paul and KG, he’d much rather get them going. People also say he has a knock on his jumper, which is true. his 3 point game is terrible. but his mid-ranged jumper percentage has improved by 10-15% over the last year, two years. it’s ridiculous to say hes not in the same likes as D-Rose or CP3.

      • Gullaver says:

        @Nick, so you highly doubt his numbers would dip come on bro you can’t be serious. Are you hearing what you are saying. And as far as him scoring @ will, I’ve never once said that he isn’t a solid player with good skill but when you have 3 HOF’s on the court with you teams don’t have time to waste with guarding you. The other 4 better PG’s in the league that I mentioned earlier all have a much harder time scoring that Rondo and it shows in the fact that Rondo is 50% from the field. Anyone of the four I mentioned could shoot 50% from the field (all easy lay-ups) if they had no pressure offensively. Why do you think his FG% is so high?? He is making lay-ups bro, and why is he getting so many lay-ups……. because teams have three HOF’s to worry about and can’t focus in on Rondo like they can on CP3, D-Wills, D-Rose, & Nash.

      • Gullaver says:

        All I’m saying is that the team makes Rondo, he is an All-star PG but seriously you know as well as I do that the team makes Rondo who he is, there is no way we would even be having this debate if he we on an ordinary team.

  40. big"D"ยฎ says:

    @ Hasib. I agree. Soon he will be looked at as an asset full of wonderment rather than a test and wonder. I just hope that Krstic, Murphy and Povlivic can pull it together half as well… I would really like to see Delonte’s luck take a turn and if all that happens, along with everyone staying healthy, LOOK OUT NBA…

  41. big"D"ยฎ says:

    We’re going to the big dance and the fat lady’s gonna sing out… When it’s all said and done, number 18 is going to be SWEET…

  42. castor troy says:

    The Celtics rule!

  43. east dominates says:

    the celtics had to think long term with their lineup.. and considering they had a 33-10 record without perkins, they definitely didnt need him that much and besides, perkins is not the only guy on the celtics roster that can defend bigger guys on other teams… kristc isnt a bad defender either and jeff green has his days… troy murphy is a plus with height and long range shooting…

    and there was no way perkins was going to re-sign with the celtics after the season for a lesser salary..

    • Bobby says:

      Perkins would of signed tat contract for less, atleast I would think so, since Nate said to the media that Perkins had cried and didnt want to leave the Celtics. so its debatable but i honestly think tat celtics are a winner on this deal offensively. Cant wait to see a match between Magic vs Celtics and see wat Doc does to try to stop Dwight!!

  44. Carlos says:

    Boston will be much better now… The Celtics have signed Carlos Arroyo.. now everything will be much much better ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope that the Heats lose!!! Go Celtics!!!

  45. Yvette says:

    So Arroyo might have been integral to the Heat after all?

  46. danito says:

    lakers will win it 3 peat for sure, boston too old too scared of the lakers

    • Pete says:

      Umm…after these trades, do you realise that Lakers are now a significantly older team the Boston? Check the average age of their rosters:

      Boston Celtics
      A Bradely: 21
      G Davis: 25
      J Green: 25
      C Johnson: 26
      N Kristic:28
      T Murphy: 31
      J Oneal: 33
      A Pavlovic: 28
      R Rondo: 25
      V Wafer: 26
      D West: 28
      K Garnett: 35
      R Allen: 36
      P Pierce: 34
      S Oneal:38
      Average age = 29

      LA Lakers
      R Artest: 32
      M Barnes: 31
      S Blake: 31
      S Brown: 26
      K Bryant: 33
      A Bynum: 24
      D Character: 23
      D Ebanks: 22
      D Fisher: 37
      P Gasol: 31
      L Odom: 32
      T Ratliff: 38
      J Smith: 36
      L Walton: 31
      Average age = 31

      Only 6 out of Bostons 15 players (40%) are 30 or older. 10 out of the Lakers 14 players (71%) are 30 or over.

      Assuming you list Shaq as a starter, Boston’s starting lineup is older then LA’s…however their bench is much younger.

      Oveall, Boston’s roster is an average of 2 years younger then that of the Lakers, and after these trades Boston really aren’t that old anymore.

      • Lakers says:

        Umm i agree wit u pete tat the Lakers are an older team but starting line-up wise, the lakers are younger than that of the celtics. The starting 5 usually play more minutes than the bench do.

    • Mo'unknown says:

      3 peat? Watch more basketball befor you post something like that. Lakers will be lucky to make it to the semi’s aginst the Spurs. Spurs Vs. Celtics Finals this year folks. Both great teams so seeing this done in game seven. gonna flip a coin on that day and hope it lands Celtics side is all.

  47. Djarell says:

    lol, I agree.

  48. BullsFan22 says:

    Every team can be good if they have enough money and if the refs are on their side, enter the 2000-2002, 2008-2010 Lakers and the 2008-2010 Celtics. Rick Reilly is absolutely right.

    • Pete says:

      When are refs ever on Celtics’ side?

      Celtics probably get more bad calling against them on average then any other team in the league. It feels like the NBA doesn’t want them to win and will try anything it can to keep them from it.

  49. Ron says:

    I think its much better if jermaine Oneal is in the thunder rather than perkins. perkins is only 26y/o and his career will just starting to dominate. Perkins is good enough as starting center or off the bench. because Shaq is not that young enough to get more minutes in the game…atleast there’s a neutralized to the Lakers twin towers and to defend enough to Howard of Orlando. Am I wrong?

  50. Kevin says:

    I wait with baited breath to see if the Perkins trade hurts the C’s. I’m a fan, so I’m hoping it won’t. As has been pointed out before, they were the second best defensive team in the league BEFORE Perk returned from injury, so hopefully the O’Neals will be able to fill the void left by Perk.

    I like the addition of Green. That’s one hell of a player to call off the bench. He could be crucial on nights when either Pierce or Allen aren’t firing.

  51. Hasib says:

    Jeff Green has a good night and one or two more of these then people will realise what a good deal they got

  52. celtics/warriors says:

    i dont think getting troy murhpy was a good deal. i think they should of hav just left it tha way it was. jeff green has to be the sixth man for the celtics and davis but murhpy? nooo. someone reply to me

  53. KG says:

    Right on the money i think they made that trade because they already have BIGS like shaq and jermaine and nenad now and murphy and jeff green and garnett and davis.. although perkins was great defensively i think they have enough backups and it all goes back to the big 4 as u said right?

  54. Albert says:

    Boston Celtics need a dominant center like Howard. Shack is too old for that, and as long Rondo wont always walk the ball down.

  55. celtics-o-mania says:

    boston rules, what can I say? Now bring up bot O’Neals, Jeff Green on fire, Delonte back on track, a healthy big-four……ouch! Good luck to the other teams!

  56. mrkC says:

    itโ€™s also all about banner #18..
    From ‘Big Three’ to ‘Rondo & the boys’!

  57. souly says:

    lot of fuss about Perkins, Krstic is much better

    • Pete says:

      Not so sure about that…

      He’s better offensively, but he’s no match for Perkins either defensively or on the boards.

      Only thing I’m waiting to see is whether Kristic’s offensive improvements will be enough to make up for what they give up in defense.

      The biggest times we’ll notice it is when Boston play either Orlando (Howard) or LA (Bynum). This is where Perkins used to hold his own and cover his man without needing a double team, allowing Boston to stay at home on the perimeter shooters and play more effective defense.

      No question that Kristic has been playing nice for the C’s so far though, and the addition of a couple of extra bigs that can shoot free throws (Kristic and Murphy) and hit the outside shot is definately an added strength down the stretch in close games.


      • Yasmir says:

        I wouldn’t be too worried about how the new Celtic Big-lineup will be matching up with Bynum. Oh, he is big alright, but that is just about all he has going for him. Howard on the other hand is a different matter. He is both big, strong and very talented. However, it aint all just about the bigs. Four other guys on each team will have their say … plus seven guys on the two benches.

        I root for the Celtics.

        Somebody mentioned San Antonio … I try not to think to much about them :/

      • Read this!!! says:

        people have already forgotten that christmas game when howard scored 5 points or something like that against the O’Neal brothers and the Celtics. However, the Celtics lost because they just couldn’t score (this is where Jeff Green and company should be very helpful).

        And I’m sure at least one O’Neal will make it to the finals. Thinking both of them will get hurt for sure is like thinking Bynum will get hurt for sure in the playoffs because he’s never healthy. Actually, I’m not even worried about Shaq. I’m sure the Celtics are just being extremely cautious with him, and with the way Krstic has been playing as of late, Shaq can hibernate til the playoffs if he wants to.

      • Leo says:

        They sacrificed defense sending sending Perkins to OH but gained offense getting Kristic, we have watched the last games, the’ve scored more. I think thats good because one of the problem of the last final game was the lack of offense. I agree with Pete, we have to wait the match between Howard and Bynum

  58. Youme says:

    Thank you for your analyse…I must be happy to say that I enjoyed the game of Boston vs Kings…Believe me man it was great!!
    Good luck!

  59. Chris says:

    Boston all day every day!!

  60. royi440 says:

    The supporting cast might not be such a factor in the regular season that is made up by Kings and Cavs, but wait for the playoffs when they’ll be forced to handle the Magic, Bulls and Heat… no four players can take these teams by themselves.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Right? This was very poorly written. Basically what he’s saying is Miami’s big 3 can take on the rest of the league with no help. 1 extra All-Star doesn’t make a huge difference. OBVIOUSLY it makes a difference, you know what I mean. I really don’t like John Schuman. If I knew it was him writing the blog I probably would have avoided it.

    • B.O.B says:

      they have a good supporting cast though, they’re just injured. Glen Davis, Jermaine O’neal, Kristic, Jeff Green, Delonte West, Troy Murphy, Sasha Pavlovic, Von Wafer. I’d take that bench over every other bench in the league. The only good bench player the C’s lost through all the trades was Nate as Marquis was injured. This bench is definately better than the three teams you’ve mentioned the’d face. Celtics are stil the favourites to win it all this year.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        I don’t know how the C’s would be favorited over LA, but that’s cool. I agree Boston has the best bench in the NBA, followed by the Spurs.

      • Juice says:

        Lakers wont make it past the spurs. They might not even get past the Mavs. I’m a Celtics fan, but if the Spurs stay healthy, NOBODY is goint to be able to stop them. nobody.

      • Pete says:

        Because their starting lineup is as good as LA’s, but their bench is vastly superior.

        A lot of it rides on either Shaq or Jermain (or both) being healthy come playoff time.

        If Shaq is healthy, then you have the following matchups:

        Shaq vs Bynum (could go either way)
        KG vs Gasol (could go either way)
        Pierce vs Artest (advantage Pierce)
        Allen vs Kobe (advantage Kobe)
        Rondo vs Fisher (advantage Rondo)

        Boston have an advantage at two positions, a disadvantage at one position, and are a wash at the other two positions – overall advantage goes to Boston.

        If Shaq / Jermaine aren’t healthy, then:

        Kristic vs Bynum (advantage Bynum)
        KG vs Gasol (could go either way)
        Pierce vs Artest (advantage Pierce)
        Allen vs Kobe (advantage Kobe)
        Rondo vs Fisher (advantage Rondo)

        Suddently the matchup game becomes much more even and Boston lose that edge.

        When the bench comes in, there is absolutely no comparison.
        * Jeff Green is now easilly a match for Lamar Odom
        * Big Baby is a match for Shannon Brown (in terms of production)
        * Kristic, Jermaine, Pavlovic, Wafer, Delonte, Pavlovic and Troy Murphy have a HUGE advantage over Matt Barnes, Steve Blake, Theo Ratlif and Luke Walton

        Boston areas good a team as LA, but Boston have a better overall roster…especially in their bench.

        Even if the Oneals dont get healthy and Boston need to start Kristic, they still have a great second unit:
        – Delonte West
        – Von Wafer
        – Sasha Pavlovic
        – Big Baby
        – Troy Murphy

        That’s 5 guys who can all shoot and stretch the floor, while Baby and Murphy are strong rebounders and Delonte, Wafer, Pavlovic and Baby are all solid defenders as well.

        With or without the two oneal’s, Boston are veryy deep this year.

      • Le2e says:

        Yo my man Pete breakin it down, I like the way he thinks!

      • tammy says:

        I have a bet that miami won’t make it past second round! I know the celtics will. Lakers….hmmmm not sure.

      • nate says:

        @Juice, you are totally right!!!!!! Lakers won’t make it past the spurs, and it is proven by today blow-out @AT&T……….