Blake Jumps Over The Car

LOS ANGELES — Did you see Blake Griffin go over the hood of the car?

Don’t worry if you didn’t. We’ve got it for you right here:


  1. ANSWERS says:

    Who do you guys think gets higher in the rim? Mcgee or Dwight Howard

  2. Ruben says:

    Briffin was obviously putted on the final, all because the hype and commercial stuff.
    Blake needed like a 46 to tie Derozan, and the judges gave him a 47, weird ha? because that dunk did not deserve a
    47, why not giving him a 46 and have a 3 man final round???? that would be nicer for everybody.

    This contest (and the last 4) is all about popularity, letting the fans vote was a bad call by the NBA, we only care
    about damn DUNKS!
    This competition is getting so overrated and boring, nothing new, no creativity at all.

  3. Griffinator says:

    What are you talking about Jenn Ibaka didnt get height on his free throw dunk. Blake got more height on the car. People fail to realize the risk and danger of the car dunk. He could of stumble and faceplanted himself on top of the car and received a concussion. Add to the fact he got it in one try after completing a whole bunch of other dunks. and keep in mind this was his second day out of three days in competing in the all star activitiy.

  4. Jenn says:

    I’m sorry but Blake jumping over the HOOD of the car was the least impressive dunk there was. For one if you look at Serge Ibaka’s dunk from before the free throw line, he dunked from a further distance and got more height. Blake jumped over the smallest part of the car, got less distance (from the bottom of the key) and less height. So unless he dunked over the car lengthwise only then would it be impressive. How about next year the slam dunk contest be a contest about pure dunking skill, a pure art form.

  5. Matt says:

    Personally I was disappointed in the dunk contest. DeRozan’s dunks were the nicest to me but I wanted to see a new dunk. I’d like to see a 720 or how about between the legs once with a two-handed reverse finish or 360 between the legs (all of which I believe have been done by the dunker known as The Air Up There). Or to push the realms of possibility, a 360 from the free throw line or between the legs twice…

  6. marko milič :p says:

    MARKO MILIČ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! watch this, Blake Griffin ain`t got sh** on Marko Milič… love the Griff by the way 🙂

  7. Johnny B. says:

    What annoyed me more than Griffin’s car dunk not being that impressive is the idea that the contest was RIGGED for him to go to the Finals. I mean, you do not bring in a choir and a sprite-branded KIA (so obvious…) in the final round unless you’re sure you’re going to make it. What if he didn’t get past the first round? That KIA would just be sitting in the back, never to be shown to the public? Uh huh… and, this is coming from a Blake Griffin fan.

  8. gl33sta says:

    Im not trying to defend Griffin, but for those who say the first two dunks have been made before or that are easy. The 360 dunk was taken with two hands and from one foot with the flair. that is not easy to do for a strong power forward. So was the elbow dunk. Have you seen anyone do the elbow dunk from the glass and jumped off 1 foot? Personally I agree with most of you, Mcgee should have won. It is just that he picked the wrong dunks in the first round, he should left the two basket dunk for the end. Similar to the contest where Iguodala was beaten by Nate. If he would have done the behind the backboard dunk in the 2nd round, he would have won. Plus in this contest, no one stood a chance against Griffin before the contest.

  9. ariel_1 says:

    They say CREATIVITY wins the slam dunk so Derozan and McGee should be the guy playing in the final round. . .their dunks are unique and much difficult than those of Griffin. McGee nearly hit the bottom of the board while hammering the ball to the ring in an acrobatic position, WOW that is very difficult man (first dunk of the final round).
    Griffins dunk 1st round-360 which i think everybody is familiar with while watching everybody doing that.
    Griffins dunk 2nd round- Vince Carter imitation of arm dunk so its not unique anymore and no creativity.

  10. josh says:

    man javales first dunk of the final round was the best dunk of this contest by a long way, honestly blakes dunk over the car, he got no height, nate robinson could do that, id like to see blake jump over dwight

  11. Itachi says:

    Griffin is a sure athletic dunker but the winner was decided just before the contest, THAT KIA DUNK is just for commercial purposes………what a great opportunity to market that car hahahah besides the contest was sponsored by KIA motors therefore BLAKE is a intended to reach the final round to do some COMMERCIAL!!!!!…….he dont deserved to win nor to reached the final round….That car dunk is a STupid dunk ,many college players can do that much much better…. We want to see LBJ jumped on top of the car !!! not that blakes jump on front of that commercially made car with i think just around 3 feet …even NATE can do that a lot better ……elbow dunk (carter,s dunk =much much better)….

  12. andrea says:

    Derozan dunks and the 1st of Ibaka were the best, and I am a Griffin fan!

  13. BelieBERnotBEIBERFEVER says:

    Ibaka’s dunk from the free throw line was not given credit. Blake got a 49 on a simple 360. McGee was clearly the best dunker in 1st round. My Hats are of to Mr. Chris Webber. But McGee was blown away in the 2nd round. Mr. Kenny Smith did a great job for thinking of insane gimmicks. There should have been Co- Sprite Slam Dunk Champions LOL. (Add another on in Ibaka’s slam dunk from the free throw line and Demar’s 2nd dunk.)

  14. Fact Not Fiction says:

    People say the competition sucks and it’s a popularity contest and have all these complaints…why are you watching it then?

    • T-mo says:

      We watch in hope that justified dunkers can show what they’ve got. I have watched numerous dunk competitions and usually the show is about the dunks (or atleast that is what I have taken from past comps’). Now it is about popularity based on the fans voting, and props (who can decorate their dunks the most).

      Think of it this way, If any of the dunkers did what Griffin did, they would have been out in the first round. This is where the injustice lies. So ya, I know that all it is going to take is the most popular guy to win.

      • Fact Not Fiction says:

        This is the way the competition has been going for about 4 years now. People adding flash and appeal to the dunks. It may be gimmicky but it sells. Like I said, I don’t understand the whole complaining thing after watching the event, but to each his own.

  15. lb6 says:

    the dunk competition sucks nice props dunk sucks! for me all that hype for blake griffin failed. he just won because all-star weekend was held in LA. Javale should have made his first dunk his last. I just saw two dunks that really made say wow. d league dunk competion’s dunks are waaay much better than the nba slam dunk competition

  16. francisco says:


  17. majinovick says:

    i wonder what would have been serge ibaka’s or demar derozan’s dunks if they reached the final round

    • T-mo says:

      I agree, we can only wonder. Gimmicks won the show, but the guys who would have got to show off truly creative dunks didn’t get to show. McGee was robbed, and so was either DeRozan or Ibaka (both whose first dunks got bad scores and should not have been lower than 49 if Blake got 49 for a simple 360). All in all, lots of originallity in this contest.

      They should rename the slam dunk contest to the “POPULARITY contest” cuz with the fans being the people who choose the winner, dunks do not matter any more it seems. Plus I feel no one took into consideration DeRozan was the shortest guy there, and was slightly ducking to not hit his head on the him on his self-pass reverse cradle rock oop. Or the show-stopper in Darryl Dawkins words :- )

  18. mjanga says:

    wasn’t so original after all…..

    • lb6 says:

      that dude is even smaller than Griffin

    • Gary says:

      I repeat…Many people know that dunking over a car has been done before…It’s never been done in the NBA because of the injury risk and also he caught and ally oop…stop hating.

      • drew says:

        Pointing out that the dunk really wasnt that impressive isnt “hating”. Its pointing out the fact that he didnt deserve as much recognition as he did.

  19. Melly.Melly says:

    The Blake man showing out for us, stand up o-city!!¡!!¡!! ya boy Blake he’s soaring over cars!!¡!! Show the world how we really do it down here

  20. The Truth says:

    That was one of the best overall dunk contests of all-time. You can clearly tell there was alot of planning going into this contest by all the participants. Personally, I believe Serge Ibaka’s behind the free-throw dunk was not given due credit. It was quite harder than Blake’s over the car jam though lacking the props. I voted for Mcgee and I think he got robbed because his dunks were unique and a little bit harder…but that’s just my opinion.

  21. Shane says:


    BLAKEZILLA 4 the WIN!!! d(^_~)z

    • nbeatz says:

      VINCE….. DUMMY. Vince did it. and come on the ONLY reason Blake won it is because he used a car that wows the absent minded fans… but in reality it was just a dunk that took place from 7 feet away from the basket….. I see that every game the NBA has had since………….? ALWAYS. Griffin is great but COME ON…… this was no better then big old shaq could have done….. just 2 feet further away from the baskit….. lame so lame.

  22. Gary says:

    Great dunk and to the haters & Charles Barkely, it was original so who cares if it was a gimmick? That’s what the contest needs sometimes. I liked McGree’s two basket dunk too but he should have saved that for last.

    • artist86 says:

      It was not original at all! Maybe in NBA slam dunk contests, but search for it and you will find many “over a car” dunks on Youtube.

      I admit Blake is one of the most talented young players and biggest dunkers in the leauge, but he obviously wasnt the best last night. But the contest took place in LA, and that determined the result… :S

      • Gary says:

        Many people know that dunking over a car has been done before…It’s never been done in the NBA because of the injury risk and also he caught and ally oop…stop hating.

      • Melly.Melly says:

        Gary said it just right!! Dont hate because he is doing his thing. I give blake two more years and he will be impossible to control on the court. O yea tell me who has put there hole elbow in the rim. thank you

      • Julius says:

        1000% right blake is one the best young players in the league but he didnt desereve to win i thought mcgee should have won because he was more creative and his dunks was better and to the other 2 guys they desereve more credit than what they got. if this was a popularity contest blake wins and no one else should show up but its the NBA fault why this contest was hectic by allowing the fans instead of the judges decide the winner