Sloan Signs One-Year Extension

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Jerry Sloan has signed an extension to remain as coach of the Jazz, he told on Monday, a completion of the formality that inks him to the Utah sideline through the end of the 2011-12 season.

It was a typical Sloan-Jazz deal in every way – without any announcement and certainly without fanfare, with another one-year addition on the contract, and with Sloan quick to remind that he could still walk away after this season or that he could be fired. The first may happen, per his now-annual tradition of waiting until summer to decide whether to return to the grind, but a dismissal will not.

“I’ve already signed a contract for next year,” he said after shootaround at Arco Arena in preparation for tonight’s game against the Kings. “That’s been since, maybe, around the first of the year. I don’t remember what the date was on it. I never pay any attention to it. They offered it to me and I signed it.”

And so what had been apparent since early in the regular season, when the sides reached an agreement in principle on the latest one-year extension, became official.

“I didn’t need an announcement,” Sloan said. “Hell, it’s not a big deal to me. And I don’t know what it does. Either one of us can go the opposite direction. I’ve been around long enough and they’ve been around long enough to know if they want to get rid of me, that’s all they have to do.”

Sloan has the longest active tenure for a head coach in any of the four major sports, at 23 seasons. There have been 245 changes in the NBA alone, including interim hires, since he succeeded Frank Layden on Dec. 9, 1988, and his 1,220-802 record makes Sloan the third-winningest coach in league history. He is 1,126-681 in Utah, the only coach in the NBA to ever have 1,000 wins with one team.

The Jazz are 30-22 in a 2010-11 season full of inconsistent play, good for seventh place in the Western Conference. But they are just four games out of the division lead when winning the Northwest would mean homecourt advantage at least in the first round of the playoffs, an especially important consideration for a team that plays to such loud crowds in Salt Lake City.

Sloan turns 69 on March 28.


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  2. TMan says:

    Worst move by the Jazz, they need something fresh and new or they will always be a 1st or 2nd round playoff team and nothing more.

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  5. Jeb says:

    There is a reason why he has never won a championship. Give it away Sloan

  6. Doucheku says:

    Blaming MJ for the inability to win a chip for Jerry sloan is like still blaming your parents for your bad behavior. Bottom line is, the Jazz organization are not concerned with wining chips, but rather entertain and keep their fans addicted by ALMOST making it every year. Otherwise, they would put their money where their mouth is and purchase real talent to compliment Deron Williams. This will be the second time in Jazz history that we have the best point guard in the league , and the front office refusing to spend money to surround him with real talent. Deron is a winner and he will leave because of this behavior. Mark my words-

  7. jero says:

    yah, Jazz came out on top of the West two times, and two times Michael Jordan is why the Jazz have zero championships(remmeber the famous unforgetable shot of m.j. over russell?). a lot of great players and coaches was deprived of a ring because of m.j.

  8. Douceku says:

    Sloan needs to retire, and retire now before Deron leaves the Jazz. Sloan’s antiquated style of play is way over due. The NBA is not a charity, and he shouldn’t be offered another extension because dying Larry H Miller promised him, or because we all have pitty that he hasn’t won a chip. Bottom line is, Jerry’s style of play just can’t match up. I have a been a fan of the Jazz for well over 20 years and its time for Jerry to step down. Either that, or he forces the front office to purchase REAL talent to accompany D-WIll, Millsap and Kyrilenko. Andto any of you who disagree with my comment, screw you.

    • juan says:

      they need another type of karl malone player the jazz havent gotten a player like karl malone since he retired, what they said about boozer being the next malone thats just stupid talk

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  10. amir says:

    What a unbeliavable couch i respect jerry a lote he makes young players to play hard and win thats whats basketball all about he never had players like michael jordan kobe bryant like couch phil in lakers with both players i mention you easily win championchip.

  11. JC says:

    he deserves it. their struggles this year have come from inconsistent play and most importantly, injuries. Okur’s absence cannot be ignored especially due to the fact they lost korver to the bulls. He is a big man that rebounds, has post presence and spreads the floor. d-wills and AKs injuries have also hurt them big time. The loss of wesley matthews and boozer is of course important. Sloan deserves COY as much as he deserves a ring. Sadly, don’t see either coming this year….. sloan you’re still the man.

  12. wesslee says:

    23 years as head coach without a ring, with a great player of malone and company now with d-will, he is a good coach there a lot better than him. there a lot of coaches who just come and go some get a ring and some don’t have but utah, for 23 years has nothing not sure if they won a western conference final.

    • Jazzed says:

      Jazz came out on top of the West two times, and Michael Jordan is why the Jazz have zero championships.

  13. LOULOU says:

    Popovich is not too far behind. maybe next season Popovich will have 1k wins…… all with the Spurs along with possibly 5 rings if things fall into place this year. =-). BTW I think Coach Sloan has a great system in place over in Utah, When he does decide to retire it is gonna get ugly over there as far as leadership. That franchise will struggle for a bit.

    • BIGmatta says:

      Yeh ahhh…Popovich is at least 4 more seasons away from 1000 wins with San Antone…and thats at 50 wins a year, which with out Timmy aint going to happen Im afraid. Pop wont even be there that long. Jerry Sloan…you’re simply unbelievable.

  14. Andy says:

    Even though i hate the Jazz, Sloan deserves a ring

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  16. malone's_elbow says:

    With all of the “look at me” first attitudes of players and coaches these days it’s great to see a man who, for 23 years has been an example of no BS, team first, attitude. This man is a true leader and i can’t think of anyone else i would rather be coaching my squad. for all im concerned, he can stay til he dies

    this bud’s for you mr. Sloan

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