Has Rose passed D-Will as best PG?

Before the season started, Carlos Boozer told me that Deron Williams was the best point guard in the league. The opinion was understandable, considering those two spent five years together in Utah.

Boozer then went on to predict that we’d soon be calling his new quarterback the best around. No offense to D-Will, but Boozer believed that he was still teaming up with the best despite moving to Chicago.

“By the end of the year you’ll be writing Derrick Rose is the best point guard in the league,” Boozer said boldly.

Maybe Boozer can give us his Super Bowl prediction while he’s at it.

TNT’s Charles Barkley made the same Williams-to-Rose conclusion Monday night on Inside the NBA. Rose had his first career triple-double in the Bulls’s win over Memphis earlier in the day.

“People keep talking about the elite teams, but they keep forgetting the Chicago Bulls,” Barkley said. “I love Deron Williams, he’s been the best point guard in the NBA, but you have to move him down to No. 2. Derrick Rose is the new best point guard in the NBA.”

Chicago’s 22-year-old playmaker and scorer extraordinaire is third in the latest NBA.com Race to the MVP standings and Rose is easily the highest point guard on Steve Aschburner‘s list.

“You look at what Derrick’s been doing,” Chicago center Joakim Noah told Bulls.com. “He’s a legit MVP candidate. There’s no question about that. He’s really stepped his game up. You see the progress he’s made since his rookie year. Just very proud of the way he’s playing. I’m very proud to be his teammate.

“You see him at the end of the game guarding Dwyane Wade. Just the progress he’s made, not just on the offensive end, but defensively. I give him a lot of credit and I think we have a great team.”

But the point guard debate shouldn’t just be limited to Boozer teammates. There was a time when the best-in-the-league title belonged to Chris Paul. Have you seen Russell Westbrook? Rajon Rondo anyone? What about former two-time MVP Steve Nash?

Let us know who you think the NBA’s best point guard is…


  1. effgvgvf says:

    Okay first rose williams and paul are the top three point guards in the league.then its nash and westbrook.rondo is the 6th best and tony parker is the 7th best.rose scored 36 points on the supposedly great defense of rajon rondo.if rose had at least decent teammates he would average 10 assists a game.also rose paul and williams are all equal.by the end of the year though rose and williams will be the top 2 point guards in the league

  2. Daejon Kelly says:

    Rajon Rondo is the best PG N for yall say no cuz he doesnt score or cuz he cant shoot ur wrong. He can score he jus doesnt need to czu he has The Truth, KG, Ray Ray, N Big Deez. he also can score does anybody member the horse game when him n the best scorer KD had a shootout he kept up with him anybody who can beat or keep up with KD can shoot no doubt. Also one more thing How many PGs averaged a triple double n the playoffs dont worry i’ll wait not to many N NBA HISTORY.

  3. el says:

    when KOBE calls u a “BAD MFer”, that means u the best pg in the NBA… enuff said

  4. Bfly33 says:

    18000 people say d.rose the best pg. Thats like 15000 ahead of anybody else..enough said

  5. DBBJBALLER says:


  6. King says:

    D-Rose is better than Micheal Jordan

    • Big O Dawg says:

      King u Smokin Crack if U Really Think Rose Is Better Then Micheal Jordan??? Well it’s Ether Dat or Uve Never Watch A Basketball Game N Your Life!!! YES Da Boy Is Cold & He’s REALLY Impressd Me 2 Dis Season Hands Down MVP So Far dis Season But Better Then MJ Da GREATEST OF ALL TIMES??? Man HELLLLL NAW!!!

  7. jj17 says:

    CP3 makes all of them look like scrubs!

  8. max says:

    for those of you who are actually dumb enough to bring in the triple doubles argument when comparing rondo to rose, you’re ridiculous

    like i said, rondo pads his stats so much because that’s really all he cares about

    with that said, idk about the rest of you but i’d MUCH rather take 24, 4, and 8 (rose), over 10, 5 and 13 (rondo). just because you make pretty passes and give ray allen good looks doesn’t make you more of a leader

    derrick rose > rajon rondo

    • SA,GO says:

      yeah if only rose has a better SG like mabe good old kirk and not bogans starting (not rey allen) he’ll sure have more assist. and if i’m not mistaken his assist is over 9 a game before noah got injured because he has another guy to dump the ball into.

  9. ooow./ says:

    dont wish drose and bulls will.meet MIAMI HEAT in playoffs bcoz honestly bull will get huMiliated,.facts.sorry bulls fans.4-0.:)write it down..

  10. Big C says:

    D Rose does everything… He rebounds well and finishes better than all the other pgs. He can do what all the others do but all of them can’t do what he does. I love D Wil being from Illinois but Rose has proven he is a winner. Rose has shown that if you give him somebody to complete his passes that his assist numbers will go up. If you watch the games you still see how many times he gets someone a good shot n they miss. He isn’t playing with hall of famers like Rondo. That’s why assist can be a very misleading stat because an individual player can’t control the end result. Rondo also if not close to a good defender… Steals are another misleading stat. He couldn’t guard Rose to save his life. Rod Strickland used to get a lot of steals but that didn’t mean he was a great defender… Lets see how god folks think Rondo is when those other guys retire on a couple years….. Rose has taken the title and the only one close is D Wil….

  11. SA,GO says:

    i don’t understand why passing is the standardof most people in picking the best PG. isn’t it the overall impact of the PG that will dictate who’s the best. in that sense drose is the best. the highest scoring pg, has the most explosive tendency around the rim (tony are you there?), 8 asst on a team who lacks a real score aside from himself, almost 5 rebs, gets double team almost all the time agist fellow pg, and can take over games at will. get the point?

  12. pminor says:

    are u kidding me. chris paul is clearly the best point guard in the NBA sure rose may make the dunks and make yall happy but chris has the statistics you people are over looking the main point of a point guard to make people better. this is wat chris paul does he almost adverages a double double. derrick does not adverage a double double he just scores. i look at all the statistics and chris paul is the most effective point guard in the league and thats how u should measure it. people get to carryed away wit rondo he has a hall of fame team in pierce.allen,garnete,and shaq anyone can do that if that had talent like that behind them

  13. ace says:

    A good point puts his team on his back a great point not only does that but also makes his team better. D Will fits that category nuff said

  14. NBA504 says:

    can’t wait til the hornets play the bulls. CP3 and Rose will be a great matchup to watch!!

  15. cedric says:

    What i have been reading is a lot of folks mainly Celtic fans is saying Rose is not a true point guard….. What yall forgot is that this is his 3rd year and has been thrown in the fire like they demanded him to be the Bulls superstar. Now look what he have done this year with out Joakim and Boozer…. Rondo was place on team full of veteran superstars and even after 5 years in the league they still do not respect his shot….. Stop hating on Rose and give the credit he deserves because this guy is just plain unstoppable and what scarey is that he still have room to improve…. He is not even in his prime yet he is still consider as an young player lol

  16. get down or lay down says:

    No Melo for jersey he might as well come 2 the chicago D-ROSE is the best of the rest

  17. AntBak says:

    Derrick Rose and Russel Westbrook are literally having the exact same year. All of Charles Barkley’s comments are clearly made out of favoritism. Rondo is the best point guard in the league for many reasons:

    1. He’s all Defensive 1st team
    2. He leads the league in assists. That’s a point guard’s job. Leave the shooting to the SHOOTING GUARD. People who try to use the excuse that his “Hall of fame teammates create his assist obviously are casual basketball fans who don’t really understand the game.
    3. He leads all guards in field goal percentage so obviously he can finish. People can talk all they want about him being offensively challenged, but numbers don’t lie
    4. He’s second in steals and i’m sure ge’ll be 1st by the end of the season.
    5. You can’t name any active point guard (with the exception of Jason Kidd) that posts triple-doubles as often as Rondo. This just proves that He can do EVERYTHING in the stat sheet at a consistent level.
    6. He’s a champion and a proven winner.
    7.(This is a prediction) He will be 2011 NBA Finals MVP

  18. Lakers says:

    1. d rose d will
    2.rajon rondo chris paul
    3.r westbrook
    4.steve nash hes getting old
    thats the right list

  19. Big O Dawg says:

    Class Is N Get Yo Pencils & Listen Up My Top 10 PG’s! Now If U Wuda Askd Me B4 Da Season I Wuda Said CP3’s Da Best With Dwill A Very Close 2nd With Rondo Closing On Azz Fast REALLY Fast But Now I Think Day Both Have Ben Past By Rondo & Rose look I Knew Rose Was Cold & Thot He May Past Dem N Year Or 2 But Dat USA Basketball did Wonders 4 His Confidence Westbrooks 2 Well Realy Errbody Dat Was on da Team is Playn Great Dis Season U see Wat It’s Done 4 Love’s Game??? But Back 2 Rose Da Kid Is Just Killn It Hands Down Da MVP So Far Dis Season He Just SO Xplosive He Like A Wade & Iverson Hybird With A Lil Sprinkle Of Jordan Air Akrobatics Mixd N hell i Think he Might Be Da Unstoppable Gaurd N da League Not PG Gaurd Yes Even Over My Boy WADE (Who Is & Has Ben da BEST Player N da League) But 4Real I Mean Da Kid Has filled Almost Every hole N His Game Dis Offseason Xcept Da MOST Important 1 DEFENSE Look pple Say Wat Want We All Know Dats Win Championship & RONDO Is Da Best On Da Ball Defender N da NBA let Alone Da Best Defensive PG & Dats B4 We Recognize His Improved Med. Range & Dat He’s Da Best Floor General Witch Is Wat Being A PG. Is All About It’s Not Being A Great Passer, Scorer or Evn Defender It’s Being General Leading Da Team & Wat Ever It Needs U 2 Do & Rondo dus & Realy Has Ben Sense Da Big 3 Team Wen Errbod Was Askn Cud He……? Yes Me Included but Ima Beleaver NOW Witch Is Y I Have 2 Give Da Crown 2Him But Heres My List!

    1. Rondo +(Best Floor General N da Game) -(3pt. Range, Ft. %) He Get Dose Up & maybe We Can Talk Best Player?
    2. Rose +(Just 2 Xplosive, Unstoppable 2da Rim, Improved Shot) -(DEFENSE Still Needs Work)
    3. CP3 +(2nd Best General N da Game, Complete PG.) -(Stay Healhy, Scoring Down, Better Team)
    4. D-Will +(Cud Be Da Most Complete PG. N da League) -(Really Needs 2 Be A More Vocal Leader)
    5. Parker +(Unstoppable Drives & 3rings Say He Can Lead2) -(Cud Improve Passing, Defense, 3pt. Shot)
    6. Nash +(Pure Shooter, Can Make Anybody Better) -(Age, Absolutely NO Defense, Needs New Team)
    7. WestB +(As Xplosive & Unstoppable As Rose “Jus Ask Kobe”) -(3pt. Range, Be A Smarter Leader)
    8. Brooks +(Real Fast, Can Score with Anybody, Deep Range) -(Small, Cud Be A Better Passer, Defender)
    9. Billups +(Still A Great Leader, Still Makes Big Shots) -(Past Prime, Defense Leaving Him Fast)
    10. Felton +(Underated, Good All Around PG.) -(Good@ Jus about Everything Great@ Nuthing)
    Honorable Metion: Kidd, Curry, Miller, B-Davis, Lowry “SORRY” Jennings Get Healthy Brutha!!!

  20. get down or lay down says:

    rondo not better than D-Rose in no facet of the game john wall do the same things rondo do right now since he been back from injury wit no HOFs 14 to 15 points 13 to 14 assist 3 to 4 steals rondooooooooooooooooooo!average 2 maybe garbage wit out those guys. SEE YALL BOSTON FANS IN THE PLAYOFFS

  21. Areyoukiddingme says:

    Go read this article by David Locke, great breakdown, shows why Dwill is better pg.


  22. get down or lay down says:

    point gaurd-D-rose
    shooting gaurd-D-wade
    small foward- king james
    power foward-stat
    we talking about pure game skill right now I SEE A CHICAGO BORN BACKCOURT

    • No Excuses says:

      Rondo v spurs = 12pts, 10rbs, 22ast, 6 steals
      Rondo v Cavs last year PLAYOFF = 29pts, 18rbs, 13ast

      Yea Debate those stat lines

      • SA,GO says:

        those are one-game stats, even a rookie PG can score above 50pts in a game (brandon is his name). sure anyone in the NBA level has the ability to do some spectacular stats in a single night. averaging 24 5 band 8 is MPV type season.

  23. G says:

    @ natiao6: the smartest players adapt to their surroundings, rose is needed to score, I dont buy all this true point guard stuff “and make your team mates better nonsense, if your team cant put the ball in the hole then you have to, im sure if rose has rondos team he would get more assist cos 3 of he’s four options to pass to can shoot very well…chris pauls majority of assists came from alley-oops hense the reason he’s numbers have gone down since they moved tyson chandler, the game is all about systems, remember steve nash in the dallas system that dont benefit passing point guards? struggled to hit 10 assist, now jason kidd is struggling to hit 10 assists, and he’s one year older than nash, only difference is nash is still playing in the system that allows him to dish out dimes. I think your over looking the importance of systems

  24. ace says:

    I think deron williams is better then rose at point. To be a great point guard you have to make your team better not just score the ball. Deron williams not only can score but can also get his team involved in the game. Also to the people who say that Rondo is the best point guard just because he won a ring you have to be kidding me. Yes he is a good passer but you can be the best passer in the world but if your team cannot score it will do you no good.

  25. Armaan says:

    when we are talking about best “point guard” and not “best one-on-one player” Chris Paul is first, Deron Williams comes next. Put them on any team in the world and they will make it better. Rose is the best candidate and in front of Rondo or Westbrook and everybody else to be the best pg in 3-5 years when it comes down to pg skills not only scoring. But we don’t have a MJ like player who plays on an other planet, now we have several players on same level and depending on injuries, rhythm and other things it changes continually who is in front:

    1. Paul
    2. Williams
    3. Rose
    4. Nash
    5. Westbrook
    6. Rondo
    7. Parker / Wall / Curry

    The reason why I put Paul on top is that he has the best ballhandling and passing skills (see his TO average, its way less than all the other top 5 pg’s. Something that most of the writers above forgot) and don’t forget that Nash is playing on a team thats much more offensive oriented and Rondo has 3 superstars and some other good scorers around him, so you should not rate it such high that they are averaging more assists. Pauls quickness with the ball and on the defensive end is first together with Rose, Rondo and Westbrook but he has quicker hands (maybe together with Rondo), he is the best overall (2pt and 3pt) shooter together with Nash and Curry, and has elite driving skills but due to lack of size stays behind Rose and Westbrook in this category. So overall he is the most skilled in point guard categories.

  26. No Excuses says:

    Ray allen is shooting better than 50% for the first time in his career. His shot hasnt changed? His movement hasnt changed? The reason Ray is splashing his shot better than ever is because Rondo puts the ball in the perfect spot every time so Ray can just go up with ball. Its the quality of the pass. Not just the pass getting to Ray But yes he is also Ray Allen. Bulls dont have a chance in hell out of the East. It’s only Chicago fans and charles Barkley that think the Bulls can do anything.

    Magic Johnson, the best point guard ever to play the game, thinks Rondo is the best.

    I guess we should congradulate Rose on his first ever Triple double

    Rondo v spurs = 12pts, 10rbs, 22ast, 6 steals
    Rondo v Cavs last year PLAYOFF = 29pts, 18rbs, 13ast

    Yea Debate those stat lines


      finally!! someone who understands what a true pg is

      • Armaan says:

        best pg is who makes his team best and Rondo does what his team asks for in perfection apart from his shot but we are also talking about most skilled and from this point of view Rose is ahead. For now I don’t think that Rose would make the celtics better than they are now but maybe in 1 or 2 years and with the right mindset he would. But sorry, Rondo wouldn’t make the bulls better the other way either. But put Paul in Rondo’s or Rose’s position and there wouldn’t even be an argue about who will be champion. I am sure and there is no doubt that celtics have a good roster but there are certain people here, who wants us to believe that the bulls have just an ordinary roster without Rose. Thats wrong, Noah is one of the best at C behind Howard, Boozer is one of the best since years at pf, Deng is solid and averages 16 pts in his career and Korver, Gibson, Brewer and Watson are solid bench and role players.
        Rondo is definitely not more skilled than Williams and Paul, look at their teammates, especially Pauls, and you will see that they made just the best what is possible out of their teams but Rondo came to a champion-chip team in his rookie season and since then there was no remarkable downgrade of this team.
        And Rose? I mean look at Deng, his fg % sank since the arrival of Rose and never again reached the mark of the two seasons before Rose. That is one indication that Rose is not still that kind of point guard who makes his teammates better in the same way the previous writer was saying about Rondo. So there I agree but like a wrote before, Rondo is no better than Paul or Williams no matter what Magic is saying.

  27. get down or lay down says:

    CHI-TOWN THE PLACE 2 BE RIGHT NOW GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. get down or lay down says:

    THE FUTURE: 1 D-Rose 2 Russell westbrook 3 John Wall the rest can hang it up.Its all about entertainment and ertertain those three do sorry people some of those guys are boring 2 watch even if u are a fan of them shout out D-WILL illini all day

  29. get down or lay down says:

    forget best pg D-Rose is top 5 in the nba and the best 5 at there position will be starting on the east all star team yea i said it in his third year being considered mvp no other player has done that but that other man who wore that uniform “YALL KNOW WHO IM TALKING ABOUT THE REAL KING”

    • No Excuses says:

      it is actually whoever the fans vote who will be starting. and considering boston is half the size of chicago and the voting is this close means something…

  30. Stanimal9 says:

    For sure Rondo is totally over-rated! He’s never doubled, he passes the ball to people who all have been all star (Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Shaquill O’neal, Jermaine O’neal) and these team mates all shot above the 50%(except Jermaine 45%). So every pass has a 1/2 chance to be an assist and when you’re getting a few steals from the passing lanes then it’s the fastbreak with 100% shot and what does rondo most of the time after a steal? Pass it!
    We shouldn’t even compare Rondo to these amazing PG!! He should never go the ASG!
    The best is probably Nash but his team suck.
    D-Will is easier to compare to D-Rose they both have an average team but they’re doing everything. I love D-Rose but I think D-Will is still the best for the moment his efficiency reveal it. But D-Rose threes have improved a lot this year!

    Westbrook is incredible but still have some inconstancy like someone said and CP3 is great but for sure his team is bad! It shows us how good he is but it’s hard to compare his team is so bad without him they would be behind the Wolves in the standings! And it’s hard to say about CP3 scoring ability because they’re playing so slow he should be running so mcuh more!! And play more fastbreak! I hope he’ll be soon moving out of this team!

    So Nash is really great and has benn 2xMvP so it means what it means, he didn’t steal it! But right now I think he’s fourth on the list right now but 1st in career.

    1. Deron Williams
    2. Derrick Rose
    3. Chris Paul
    4. Steve Nash
    5. Russel Westbrook

    CP3 will be moving up as soon as he left this Hornet team or at least get a second good player, more dominant than West. However CP3 is still 1st in efficiency.
    D-Rose is only on his 3rd year, don’t forget he’s already a huge superstar!

  31. Stanimal9 says:

    Sure that Rondo is totally over-rated! He’s never doubled, he passes the ball to people who all have been all star (Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Shaquill O’neal, Jermaine O’neal) and these team mates all shot above the 50%(except Jermaine 45%). So every pass has a 1/2 chance to be an assist and when you’re getting a few steals from the passing lanes then it’s the fastbreak with 100% shot and what does rondo most of the time after a steal? Pass it!
    We shouldn’t even compare Rondo to these amazing PG!! He should never go the ASG!
    The best is probably Nash but his team suck.
    D-Will is easier to compare to D-Rose they both have an average team but they’re doing everything. I love D-Rose but I think D-Will is still the best for the moment his efficiency reveal it. But D-Rose threes have improved a lot this year!

    Westbrook is incredible but still have some inconstancy like someone said and CP3 is great but for sure his team is bad! It shows us how good he is but it’s hard to compare his team is so bad without him they would be behind the Wolves in the standings! And it’s hard to say about CP3 scoring ability because they’re playing so slow he should be running so mcuh more!! And play more fastbreak! I hope he’ll be soon moving out of this team!

    So Nash is really great and has benn 2xMvP so it means what it means, he didn’t steal it! But right now I think he’s fourth on the list right now but 1st in career.

    1. Deron Williams
    2. Derrick Rose
    3. Chris Paul
    4. Steve Nash
    5. Russel Westbrook

    CP3 will be moving up as soon as he left this Hornet team or at least get a second good player, more dominant than West. However CP3 is still 1st in efficiency.

  32. YB says:

    Come on…
    Derrick Rose just had a triple double for the FIRST TIME IN HIS CAREER.
    That means that he doesn’t rebound and make assists as much as he scores,
    while PGs like Rondo and D-will made triple doubles many times.
    I do admit that Derrick Rose is a terrific PG and there is no doubt that he is one of the Top 5 PG in the league rite now,
    but it’s shocking to see that he is getting 40% of the votes for the best PG in the league…
    realistically, also considering the Fantasy Basketball values, CP3, D-will or Rondo should be considered as the best PG in the league rite now.

  33. Obi says:

    I feel as though Rose is the best point guard in the league. Some can do assists, some can dribble, some can shoot, but Rose can do all of that really well, I gotta be honest, besides Rose, I haven’t seen any other point guard do sick dunks like Rose. He the next big thing in the NBA in terms of being a star. I mean number 1 is so marketable. Rose is the man

    • Obi says:

      alright, so I just saw a clip of Daron Williams dunking on Rose hahahaha. I feel as though Rose should be MVP. If he’s not the best yet then I can live with that but I think he can achieve becoming MVP. Also it should be noted that Daron Williams has a couple more years of experience on Rose.

  34. philderon says:

    To be named best point guard means YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD JUMPSHOT
    To be named best point guard means YOU MUST AVERAGE MORE THAN 10 POINTS PER GAME
    To be named best point guard means YOU HAVE TO LEAD YOUR TEAM IN DIFFICULT SITUATIONS
    To be named best point guard means YOU HAVE TO MAKE YOUR FREE THROWWS. For the stat obsessed people who think rondo is the best because he averages 13.5 assists and 2.5 steals, your beloved player makes 46% of his FT attempts! not 70. not 62. not 55 like shaq does, but 46!!!!! Honestly be serious for a while and think clearly. Deron, Paul, Nash, Rose can destroy rondo any time

  35. Isaiah says:

    Please!! That isn’t even a question to ask.. Let’s not disrespect the best points in the game. D Williams and Chris Paul are way ahead of D Rose,. When u think an say point u have to realize who gets there team involved and in rythum.. Not who can dribble the ball all the way from one end of the court to the next to shoot a running floater,which cancels out the rest of the 4 players who are running with u!! Then next we can talk about who would win in a battle on each other, d will is stronger better shooter all around and will back u down to get the higher percentage look. He knows the game is played inside out. Will see if rose can now change his roll now that boozers with them, cuz really I’m tired of seeing him with the ball in his hands the whole game! Something like lebron. Lol. No rhythm for the other players when they do get the ball to shoot… I would say he was up there with them if he passed the ball in the post and next option isn’t even him, it should be dang then rose on the 3rd option instead of him shooting a floater. Bball is a rhythm game and u can’t win if u can’t share or get everyone in rythum like a true PG should!

  36. JMoon says:

    I think everyone’s missing the point here. The best PG in the league is the best at getting the offense going for his team, and Rondo MAKES the Boston offense. Watch him coming down the court. He’s calling a play, pointing to his teammates where to be, etc. Doc Rivers trusts the young guy enough to lead the team.

    These other guys (with the exception of possibly Nash) don’t have quite as much natural ability to create a score for their team. No offense to D-Will, CP3, Rose, but they’re a little more scoring minded. Rondo is all about his team scoring. He doesn’t care how, he’s going to make somebody, whether himself or someone else, get an open look every single time.

    Also, this doesn’t have anything to do with being a great PG, but have you noticed how many rebounds Rajon Rondo gets. I would be willing to bet that he’s the leading rebouding PG in the NBA. He hustles more than any other PG (again with the exception of Steve Nash possibly.)

    In summary, he’s not as good of a PLAYER as Rose, Williams, or Paul, but he’s a better point guard.

  37. MELO says:


    • JMoon says:

      Rondo can’t make a play for himself???? Have you watched him fake out the bigs down low? Dunk on Chris Bosh in the Miami game? He just doesn’t have to score as much and doesn’t want to, or he would!

  38. Karl says:

    It has to be D-Will. Rose is good, but as far as I can tell, he can only do 1 thing better that D-Will, driving to the hole. Every other attribute you want a PG to have, D-Will is way better: shooter, passer, court vision, defense, leadership, ect…

  39. Rondomania says:

    Rose is the best scorer among point guards, agreed. Not so long ago, people talked about Iverson and Kenny Anderson the same way they talk about Rose. Rose could never play on the Celtics because he doesn’t care about defense and takes way too many shots. I hope Rose is having all these great articles about him framed so he can put them on his wall when he retires, Rondo will just have to be satisfied with his Championship rings etc. As far as discounting Rondo for having hall of famers to pass to, I think guys like Magic Johnson and John Stockton had a few scorers to pass to as well and nobody discounts thier assist totals.

  40. Elias says:

    I’m a Utah Jazz fan but the best point guard is Steve Nash and the only reason is his age.

  41. OKCBABY! says:

    I can’t believe noone in this entire conversation is giving it up for russell westbrook, stat for stat he is just as good as any of the mentioned players, not to mention the quickest guard with the ball in the league, also his leaping ability is second to none. Russell Westbrook is one of the most explosive players in the game. Hands down none of these guards can cover westbrook and we will see come playoff time who is still standing! in my belieft he only guard who has a chance to advance further would be Rondo. So for all you haters Russell will dunk on your face!

  42. best PG says:

    Rajon Rondo is the best point guard for me, dont just look at how can a player scores, look at his overall stats, and i think rajon rondo is no.1 among them. he cannot score so many points like d-will, rose or westbrook but he can do a lot of things inside the court besides scoring and passing. Boston is nothing without rondo on the line up, just think.

  43. jerry says:

    d rose is the best player in the league let only the best pg so when it comes to this saying fast don’t lie

  44. Dr. Fitz says:

    Have you ever thought that maybe the Bulls offense runs thru rose? Like honestly, who would be ya go to man on the Bulls, not Korver Deng or Noah. If your were to switch Rose and Rondo everybody would be like Rondo who and the convo wouldnt even be happening!

  45. jerry says:

    d rose the best fast dont lie

  46. ima says:

    Stats…Who is the only PG in the league close to avg 20pts and 10 asst…That would be D-Will..NUFF SAID

  47. flightclub7 says:

    NBA504 You are clownin, u must live in N.O n dont watch Chicago n Utah games. The Bulls would be NOTHING without Derrick Rose. That is all

  48. susan ga says:

    that seems really easy to do when you are with the surrounding teammates that you have. take into consideration the team that has the best record in the nba, spurs. They let the record and rings speak for themselves. It takes a team to accomplish the ultimate win and they all share the ball and points. that is the only way to go. Coach pop doesn’t care if Tony Parker is leading with points, or assists, only that as a team…they get the W.

  49. NBA504 says:

    Drose is not the best, nor is rondo. CP3 and D will are the 2 best. I give the edge to CP3. There is no one in the league with CP3’s competitiveness. He also has a good distribution of points and assists and means more to his team than any of these. Take away Rondo, the celtics still win, take away rose, the bulls will find a way to win, take away d will and the jazz struggle, but still win. Take away CP3, and the hornets lose a lot!!!!!

    • JMoon says:

      That doesn’t mean they’re better PG’s. Just because they mean more to their team doesn’t mean a thing! CP3 doesn’t have near the talent that D-Will and Rondo have on their teams. Even Carlos Arroyo would mean more to his team if Miami was a bunch of never-heard-of, average players! But that doesn’t make him the best.

  50. flightclub7 says:

    D. Rose is a prolific scorer because he has to. WHO ELSE IS GONNA SCORE FOR THE BULLS, KEITH BOGANS? KURT THOMAS? BRIAN SCALABRINI? I chose D.Rose because he DOES EVERYTHING his team needs him to do. Rondo has less responsibility, he just has to focus on giving ray ray n the truth tha ball n his assist total goes up. N he can’t score if you put a decent defender in front of him. NBA FINALS 2010 Rondo avg’d 44%FG(on avg 11 shots a game), 24%FT n 4 TO’s when Kobe decided to lock him up. Rose gets doubled by basically every team he faces n still wills his team to win. At the end of the day, Rose will out play Rondo, Nash, CP3, DWill, n whoever else who think they a pg. 24.7 ppg , 8.5 apg while leading a AVG bull team to being 1.5 games behind the BIG 3 for 2nd in the East?? Nash avg’d 15 n 11 when he won his MVP, Rose deserves it dis yr

  51. Tameisha says:

    Pooh ♥ has been my fave pg for the past two seasons now. I think he’s definitely surpassed CP3, D-Will and Rondo. To me he should also get the MVP Award. He’s just been that amazing!

  52. d_1 says:

    lets remimber what a true point gaurd is please. therfore rondo is the best hands down. he puts his teamates in the best position to score. he make the game esier for his team, and he is an extension of the coach on the floor. sorry, rose is not that. he is a great player, not point gaurd

    • DBBJ says:


  53. NBA1991 says:

    D-Rose is deff ahead of Rondo when it comes to pgs and NO Rondo cannot check Derrick Rose let alone keep him in front of him seeing how all of D-Rose’s top career games come against the Celtics sorry to all you Celtics fans out there but just accept that Fact. Rondo in my opinion is the 4th or 5th best pg in the league with the way russel westbrook has been playing of late. But I wouldn’t put Rose ahead of D-williams or Chris paul just yet. he still has a lot to prove especially in the playoffs for him to get that honor because both Cp3 and D-will have lead their teams further in the playoffs than D-Rose has been able to do in his early career. I think we forget that the guy is ONLY 22 years old, with still a lot of room to grow.

  54. MattH says:

    This is my opinion on who is the best point guard

    1. Deron Williams- He is a great shooter, passer, defender, and has a high basketball I.Q. He also has the size to guard two guards. So overall he is the best point guard

    2. Chris Paul- I know his numbers are down this season, but to me he is the second best still. He is still to me the best passer and ball handler in the NBA. He made guys like Tyson Chandler and David West become great players. Not to mention he also was an NBA first defensive player. He can also shoot the ball very well.

    3. Derrick Rose- He is the most explosive point guard if not player in the NBA. He is good defensively, not great, but people forget that his three point shooting has become very good this season. He also is averaging 8 assists per game which says he has passing skills.

    4. Rajon Rondo- Rondo is the best defender, of all point guards. He also is a tremendous passer and rebounder for his size. However he has the worst offensive game of all these point guards. He does not have a consistent mid range jumper and is not a good three point shooter even though he is shooting 30% right now. He is also a terrible free throw shooter, worse than Dwight Howard, and the worst on his team. Including Shaq.

    5. Steve Nash- He is the best shooter in the NBA. He also is a great passer and has a high offensive I.Q. He puts an effort towards defense, but it is still terrible.

    6. Russell Westbrook- He is the same as Derrick Rose just a small step lower in each category except defense where he is equal with Rose.

  55. No Excuses says:

    I am not saying Rondo is the best. But look at the similarities. All these point guards mentioned can put up 30 points if they wanted. Only one can get 24 assists. Rondo has had 2 20+ assist games this season. Now all of you haters can laugh and say Rondo is surrounded by HOFers. But 24 assists is 24 assists. Rondo will be in the HOF before Rose because he could go down as one of the best passers of all time. Rose is just another guy who can put up big points. Those are a dime a dozen in this league.

    • DBBJ says:

      Woww. Ain’t that a B****? “Rose is just a guy that can put up big points” ARE YOU SERIOUS? U GOTTA BE KIDDIN’

      • No Excuses says:

        A dime a dozen. Let me know next time someone gets 20+ assists and ill let you know next time someone puts up 40 points.

      • adam w. says:

        thats a joke deron williams puts up big numbers night in and night out in there 41 games he has scored 30 10 times and scored 40 or more twice where as rose also has 10 30 pt games but no 40 pt games also when williams scores 30 or more the jazz are 9-1 where as if rose 30 the bulls are 5-5 and deron williams is averaging 9.6 assists during those games compared to a puny 5.1 from rose so before u start talking maybe u should use ur tiny brain and get ur facts straight. IDIOT

    • DBBJBALLER says:


  56. GW says:

    First of all, why are people still talking about Nash and Tony Parker? Defense matters!!!! Both are good players, maybe even great offensive players but the game is played on both ends! All of the others on the list are head and shoulders above those two on the defensive end. I would say that it’s not clear who’s the best defender but Westbrook, Rose and Rondo are pretty close. Paul hasn’t played on the same level as the others since he got hurt. If you factor in that Williams has been in the league 5 years and has had 5 years in that system and hasn’t increased his assists this year while Rose is up 2 apg it’s clear which direction Rose is going! Williams will not get much better, neither will Paul or Rondo or any of the other PGs who have been in the league a couple years longer than Rose (and Westbrook for that matter). Rose is playing under a new coach, in a new system with a completely changed roster and still is easily as good as Deron Williams. If Rose can put up numbers like this under those circumstances, think about what he’ll do once he gets fully comfortable in the new system and playing with the new guys on the roster! I think he can go 25-10-5 while further improving defensively. If you ask for the best PG in the league that player must have the total package of scoring, assists and defense. Nash is out because of his defense and so is Parker. Rondo is out because of his lake of consistency in scoring. Deron Williams, Rose and Westbrook are the ones who have the whole package but right now Rose is the best out of those three because of his ability to score (+2ppg compared to westbrook and Williams). In all other categories (FG%,3PT% etc.) the 3 are pretty much even (Williams has +1apg) or Rose is the best. Rose is slightly ahead of the others but they’re all great players! I’d rank them like this:

    1. D. Rose
    2. D. Williams
    3. R. Westbrook
    4. R. Rondo
    5. C. Paul

    • nba4life says:

      you must be kidding right?
      i’ll give you credit for your Nash analysis on teh defensive end but Parker? Really????
      the guy won three rings on what is arguably the best defensive team of all times and you think that he’s not top of the list?
      the truth is he would walk on any of those guys offensively if needed, his ability to get into the lane is unmatchable..
      only few people recall that CP3 was watching Parker tapes to grow as a pg..he said it not me by the way..
      and don’t give me stats like steals/game and that king of bs defense is about staying in front of your player, a thing that he can do probably as good as anybody else being one of if not the fastest guard in the league for the 10 past years..
      and again look at his minutes, he’s averaging 3 to 5 minutes less playing time than all those guys..cmon..
      on a “scoring team” like NY or Phoenix he would score 25+ any night along with the 10 assists you require for consideration..not considering the pg of the best team with the lakers of the past decade looking at his resume (finals mvp, all star*3, 3 rings) that’s just nonsense..
      and in the end we’re only talking about guys who probably will never get even one..sick
      don’t get me wrong here i’m with you on the whole analysis but regarding Parker i think you left out a couple of criteria if not more..

  57. DBBJ says:


  58. JC says:

    Right now I still have D-Will over Rose. Rose is damn close to be #1 but in terms of being a focal leader… he’s still young and needs to learn how to demand more from his teammates. D-will also plays in the West where he is banging against better teams with bigger bodies and deeper benches. D-Will has to go against Westbrook, Nash, Paul, Parker, Billups, and Kidd – all who are within the top 10 PGs in the league. Rose has against Rondo……. next best PG would be… Nelson? Jennings? Harris? Wall? The competition drops off from there..

  59. Michael says:

    DRose is a good player and on NBA you should improve your skills each and every day that’s why MJ becomes great.

    For me DRose is not the best point guard on the league right now, yes he’s quick, he can make a path all the way to the hoop, he’s a crowd fave and no doubt he’ll be a great player.

    For me the best point guard would be Steve Nash, why? ‘coz he’s former 2-TIME MVP. at his age he can still go for the triple double in a game. He can make his teammate contribute by setting them a shot, a wide open shot. there are instance that his number of assist is higher than he scores and for me that is a best point guard, a playmaker.

    Defense wins championship and TEAMWORK and LEASERSHIP makes legacy.

  60. anonymous says:

    KEMBA WALKER will be the best pg in the league one day. mark my words.

  61. Drose=MVP says:

    Drose is the best overall PG in the league.. If he played for boston he would put up better numbers than rondo and the same for any other team. Dont get me wrong, Rondo is a good PG but not as good as people say he is.. His team is what makes him look good. All he has to do is to make sure he doesnt turn the ball over and look for the open man which is the basics for a PG. Drose Can shoot the ball and pass and in my opinion the best at Taking it to the hoop. Hes just an amazing player and probably the quickest player in the league and its just amazing to watch him play.Much respect for other pg’s in the league like CP3, Nash, DWill and rondo but the best PG right now i would have to say Drose.

  62. Kyle Godoman says:

    Barkley is forgetting that earlier in the year he made the point that the Bulls were under .500 when Rose scored 30 or more points. I don’t know if it’s that way now, but it’s pretty easy to see Rose scores a lot not because he makes all his shots but because he takes a lot of them. He also showed the Bulls are better when Rose dishes out the ball more, and the fact is that right now he’s averaging less assists then Deron Williams is, and the Jazz only lost two games this year when D-Will dishes out double digit assists. Rose is a better athlete and probably faster, but he fits more of the Gary Payton mold at point guard while D-Will leans more toward the John Stockton mold. Both are elite at their position, and Rose may be more exciting, but I will say that I feel D-Will is a much more complete player and fits better into what his coach wants him to do as opposed to Rse.

  63. D-RosE1 says:

    D.rose is the best scoring point guard in the league… S.Nash is the best playmaking point guard and jason kidd honestly rondo is just lucky because he have elite teamates if rondo is in the former celtics w/o KG Allen or even shaq i don’t think so.. d.will is a great player but he has team mates that can step up their game.. while rose is carry all the load type of player that what make rose special he can carry a team. if rondo is in New Jersey or Indiana he will suck …

    • adam w. says:


  64. Heat631 says:

    Stop the argument here.. Steve Nash is still the best Point Guard in the league until he retires..


    O and whats wrong with u ppl come on westbrook is giving almost the same stats as rose only 3ppg less and you guys are all “o rose mvp, rose=the best” come on guys have some common sense


    and another thing i hate the celtics but i accept that rondo is a better pg than rose cause how often have u seen rose put up 14 assists something that rondo does almost every game.

    im not saying rose is bad but i think he is more of a sg

    • Michael says:

      SG? I don’t think so, his shooting % is not even high as Steve Nash. He just need to improve his game. he has the quickness and ability to jump but that is not enough. not all the time all you can dunk, you should have the ability to shoot from the outside. Eventhough you jump as high as VC it only count 2points, but beyond the arc count as 3.

  67. antonio dash says:

    so out of all these names only one has a nba championship and all these guys been on good teams and had a chance to win except rose but there is this won point guard who has won three championships and hes a finals mvp scoring 17 points a game and seven assist a game and thats more than chris paul this year but hes never metioned not in the mvp race orhes not going to be an all star because he plays for the spurs he cant shoot and get to the lane at will just ask nash and chris paul and dwill who always knocks them out the playoffs that pg name tony parker

    • antonio dash says:

      so out of all these names only one has a nba championship and all these guys been on good teams and had a chance to win except rose but there is this won point guard who has won three championships and hes a finals mvp scoring 17 points a game and seven assist a game and thats more than chris paul this year but hes never metioned not in the mvp race or hes not going to be an all star because he plays for the spurs he can shoot and get to the lane at will just ask nash and chris paul and dwill who always knocks them out the playoffs that guy name tony parker

  68. Ty Dollaz says:

    I think my boy from philly philly Jrue Holliday is gonna be the best point guard in a few years once he gets his game up a lil bit.

  69. Basse says:

    D-Will is the best overall point guard, as many already comment Rose takes a lot mor shots then the other guys. Rondo is the best passer you could think because of his high assist average. But in Celtic he has 3 pure scorers in Allen, Pierce and Garnett. Imagine if D-Will for example played with Lebron, Wade and Bosh in Heat, he would have like 15 assist per game. In Utah he´s playing with players who doesn’t score as much and often as Celtic players.

    D-Will can share, dribble, shot (3-pionters ok). Rondo isn’t much of a shooter neither is Rose (do he have improved this year). Westbrook shouldn’t be named in these discussions yet. CP3 haven’t been playing on the same level since injury.

    Nash of course is good but the age is a problem in these discussions i belive.

    Sorry if the spelling is bad, writing from Sweden! ❤

  70. Mr. Washington says:

    This argument about who is the best point guard can go on forever. I have had this debate many times before without coming to an end result. Since each player is accustomed to the system that he plays, I think that the best way to see who is better is to get an understanding of what they would do on the other guys team (obviously that won’t happen). As much as I love Rondo, the man can’t shoot the ball. Even though the Celts have won a title, and have come close to winning a second, there are many times in the game where he destroys the offense. Teams sag off him and allow him to shoot the ball. Instead of doing so, he runs around trying to find an open man, sometimes forcing his teammates to throw up BS shots to beat the shotclock. If Rondo were to develop a jumper, or just some confidence in the potential jumpshot he has, he would be much more of a threat. The guy can already put together a triple double with 24 asssist. Imagine what he would do for himself and that Celtics team if he were a perimeter threat. Anyway, my point is that you can put D-WIll, Rose, or Paul on that Celtics team and they will still be title contenders if not Champions. I am not certain that Rondo can run any other team than the Celtics. Having four HOF players on your team isn’t so bad either. Anybody think Rondo could control the Bulls team? Or the Jazz? Better yet I would love to see him on the Hornets.

    Oh and back to the topic of the article: Rose > D-Will

  71. Prince says:

    I Dont Want To Seem Like Im Hatin’ On Rondo ‘Cuz Im Not…. Rondo is My Second Favorite PG In Tha League. He Is An AMAZING Player Too. He Shoots High Percentages Because He ONLY Takes Smart Shots….Which Is Another Aspect Of A Great PG. But I Got A Lil Mad When Pete Said He’s Better Than Rose =]

    But It’s Hard To Compare The 2 Since You Have 2 Completely Different Play Styles

    Best Comparisons In My Opinion Are (Acording To Playstyle)
    Rose vs. Westbrook (who’s HIGHLY underated)
    D-Will vs. Paul
    Nash vs. Kidd
    Rondo vs. Paul

    I Just Have Too Much To Say And Don’t Know How To Get It Out…. I’m Done
    All In All They’re All Great


    lol philderon i cant believe u just said that obviousley they won some of those games because nate would be a starter on many teams but just look at the reserve pgs on the jazz or hornets (markus banks and jarret Jack for hornets and c.j watson and ronnie price for the jazz) lol none of those pgs even get close to nats level of play

  73. Prince says:

    My Facorite Player In The League Is Rose…… But Here’s My List Of best PURE PG’s
    1. Rondo
    2. Nash
    3. D-Will
    4. Paul
    5. Rose
    And You Can’t Forget Kidd…

    But When We Talk About Best Point Guard All Around
    1. Rose
    2. D-Will
    3. Paul
    4. Rondo
    5. Nash

    There’s A Big Difference Between Being A Better PURE PG And A Better Player

    Of Course PURE PG’s Are Better PlayMakers. And Therefore Get More Assists… D-Will, Rondo, And Nash Have That Option Being They Have Much More Reliable Scorers Around Them.

    Where Rose And Paul Have 1-2 Reliable Scorers, And HAVE To Score Big To Win.

    Rose Does Alot Better With Less. By Far The Best Scorer On the List.. And Also The Best Rebounder Right Now. And VERY Close To As Good A Playmaker As The Rest. And By Far The Hardest To Stop.

    And To Pete….. Yea Rondo Has An ALRIGHT Jumper Now… But Not Yet Consistant. And A Good Defender. Though Not A Major Stopper. And He Gets The Most Assists Because He Has Amazing Teammates And Because He is A Great Playmaker.

    Basically, All I’m Saying Is That Rose Is The Best PG All Around But There Are Better Playmakers Than Him.

    But Put Another Reliable Scorer On The Bulls, And I Can Guarentee He’ll Average Double Digit Assists

    • Armaan says:

      considering your arguments lebron james has to top your list “Point Guard All Around” … lebron would end up first on any list of point guards, if you take players who has playmaking skills but actually doesn’t play the way this point guard position was thought for. A point guard is nothing else than that what you call “pure pg”, so Rose can’t be the best pg. Rose and guys like Westbrook are small shooting guards playing the pg position cause their team has no one better for this position. If you want to compare this type of players, you have to compare them to Iverson, Wade, Monta Ellis, Eric Gordon, etc. and not to true (real, pure or whatever) point guards


    I agree that rose has had an amazing season but he is not the best pg just yet but if he would put up some more assists and defend a little better he is for sure the best pg in the league

  75. Armaan says:

    I agree to anybody who says Rose is the best scorer at the pg position. But I wouldn’t say that he is the best pg … not even the most skilled one. The best pg is the one who can give his team what it wants from him and who has the best defense cause every team needs that. Rondo comes very close to this. He does everything this boston team needs from a pg at highest level although I believe that Paul would do even better at this team. So speaking of the best pg you have to call the team for which he should play for and consider his teammates and the offensive system. Like I said, for boston its Paul cause he can do everything Rondo does plus shooting from distance … for orlando it may be Nash because of his shooting and his court overview and his ability to involve other shooters and Howard … for the lakers it could be Rondo cause he would have no problem sharing the ball with Kobe and Pau plus would bring some motion to this sometimes static lakers offense … for the spurs and their offensive system Rose is the best pg because of his speed and driving to the hoop … and so on …

  76. GW says:

    How is Tony Parker a competition for any of these guys? Have you ever seen him play defense? Most people only look at the offensive production but defense, especially at the PG, is very important. That’s why i don’t understand how Steve Nash won 2 MVPs while being a liability on defense… Rose has become a great defender (did you see how he guarded Wade the other night??). Williams is an average defender and about even with Rose on the offensive end (better jumper, not as good driving to the basket). Rondo is a good defender but his inability to score consistently is th reason he’s out of the discussion. Paul, right now, is a slightly worse version of Deron Williams and Russell Westbrook a slightly worse version of Rose. So overall, Rose is the best point guard in the league. Even his jumpshot is falling, so without taking anything away from the other PGs on this list (all great players), Rose is the best PG right now.

  77. JA says:

    G if Rondo were double teamed maybe he would get more assists. I think that Rose is better than Rondo individually but basket is a team game… Rose wouldn´t success in the kind of team Boston is.

  78. nba4life says:

    Not considering Tony Parker in the discussion and in this poll is simply ridiculous..
    The guy has three championships one of which he mastered the cavs by himself and being rewarded as the finals mvp, three nba all star selections (4 this year maybe) and pg of the best team of the decade arguably with the Lakers..
    Duncan, Parker and Ginobili is simply one of if not the best Big Three that ever played the game and he has, over the years, more and more to do with this status..
    If he had been traded for the Knicks they would be legit Eastern Champs contenders along with Amare..
    We can also talk about stats, he’s averaging far less minutes than any other guard but still has the best FG% with Steve Nash pretty amazing considering that only two guards make the top 20 of this category in the nba..
    He still could improve and go over 7 assists/game but again look at the minutes..
    in any team where the pgs from this poll are playing he would be the franchise player except for Boston. That would be the case for Phoenix, Chicago, Utah, Thunder (apart from Durant) and on those teams in which scoring is needed his numbers would be scary..so many other offensive options for the Spurs that it’s just hiding his potential..
    the guy is a phenomenon and clearly one of the most underrated player in this league despite two top 10 MVP appearances..

  79. thejerr says:

    @ pete….. dont ever say rondos gotta jumper…

  80. mythcold says:

    D-Rose THE BEST!let’s not forget the fact that nash, rondo, williams and paul are older than rose, about westbrook he’ll never be better than rose

  81. natiao6 says:

    A TRUE “point guard” is one that controls the game, handle the ball and dont have to worry about scoring unless he has to. Rondo is the best example of that. He IS the best POINT GUARD of the NBA. D Rose is an amazing player but he is a shooting guard playing the point guard position…same as when D Wade plays the point…not TRUE “Point Gurads”. True NBA “Point Guards” are Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd…those are true point guards…the once that control a game and distribute the ball to their teammates and not shoot like 30 time per game…

  82. D-Rose MVP 2011 says:

    i’m gonna end this discussion right now. Derrick Rose is sooooo much better! He is faster, quicker, stronger, has a higher vertical, has a softer touch round the rim than d-will (rondo is close here though), he plays lock down defense on the star gaurds in the league, has a handle second only to CP3, aaaaaannd he has a better jumper and can do whatever he wants to with it (like drift and step back in the lane). PLUS D-ROSE is younger than all of them with more potential and a KOBE BRYANT-esque work ethic (kobe said it not me.) This discussion is now over. Derrick Rose is the winner, as usual.

    • Jake says:

      D-will has a soft touch around the rim, and he’s got a silky smooth jumper. I’m not knocking Rose, but that’s the truth.

  83. jrom says:

    why is tony parker not included??im voting for tony all the way.

  84. G says:

    I can’t believe this is even an argument lol, im neither a bulls or celtics fan but my take is their not even in the same class, I dont believe rondo at no point in he’s career has been better than rose, we all watch the nba common now, we all know the difference between the defense played on the star of a team than rondo, lets be honest, when teams plan to play the celtics, their talking maybe double teaming K.G on the catch in the post, crowding paul pierce when he gets to he’s sweet spot, dealing with bk screens to avoid ray allen coming off the baseline for the 3, rondo is the benefitiary of all of that, no one pays attention to him. Rose came into the league as the main focus of the opositions defense, next time u watch the celtics watch rondo in a half court set, he has all the time in the world if the defense plays honest he will take it to the hole n lay it up if not he finds hall of famers on a cut or a pick n pop. Imagine rose driving because he wants to not coz he has to. Rondo is in a better system with better players, with a better coach. D.Rose no contest… sorry about the rant i normally just read these comments and never post but i had to say something, this aint even a serious argument lol

  85. JA says:

    A lot of you say that to have 3 or 4 hall of famers makes Rondo´s life easier but i don´t see a benefit on this… i think that it must to be so hard to command on the court 4 holly cows more than 10 years olders than you and if you see Boston games you´ll see that Rondo gets it… He is the boss on the court and they ( Pierce, KG, Allen and O´neill) recognize him.

    Sorry about my english i´m from spain

    • Jake says:

      When you say twelve championships, do you include rec league championships. Rondo has only been in the league like 4 years, so I’m not sure how he could have been in 12 championships. Any of the PG’s you mentioned would have multiple titles if they had been in Rondo’s situation.

  86. nichol rose says:

    If being the best point guard means having the best options then Rondo is winner hands down, otherwise, we have to get them all on the same team and see how they perform within the same system.

    • Heat Fan says:

      I agree they all play in different systems but dereck fisher had kobe and shaq and them some and still didn’t avereage 8 or more assist a game . . . so don’t take away from Rondo because of who he has on his team.

      1 and/or 2. Deron Williams/Rajon Rondo
      3. Chris Paul
      4. Derrick Rose

    • natiao6 says:

      D Rose has players to pass it to…he is just more focus of scoring because he is a shooting guard…not a true point guard. Rondo is a true point guard!

  87. philderon says:

    D Will and Paul are still the best point guards in the nba. Rose is awesome and I love the way he plays, but I think it is too soon to name him the best. We have to wait till the end of the season and if bulls finish well, he `ll get that honoring. But I honestly hate people who say rondo is the best. He is overrated `till the bone for so many reasons. Just one: He missed 6 games in the beggining of the season I and i think celtics won 5 or 6 of them with nate robinson (yes nate) filling his gap perfectly. Just imagine if d will or paul or nash missed 6 games in row what would have happened to their teams

  88. philderon says:

    And I am really disgusted on how people choose their standards. The majority is based 80% on the stats (not the total of them usually, but one or two individual categories – for example 13.5 apg by rondo) and 20% on how many plays the player has in the daily top 10..

  89. Bradix says:

    they should have tony parker on the list… When we say best PG, tony parker has it all…

  90. philderon says:

    celtics fans are so pathetic. Their arguments about rondo being the best pg are damn weak

  91. monmon says:

    dwill is way better than rose..rose couldn’t sink game winning shots and even FT.

  92. TORCHYA says:

    Anyone that really thinks rondo is the leader of a team with 4 HOFers knows ZERO about organized basketball at any level. Rondo is not in the conversation for best pg. He cant be. Because he is not a scoring threat. Honestly I put him below Russell Westbrook. To be a top 5 point guard you have to facilitate defend and SCORE also chip in on the boards to help start the break. Rondo cant score. his fg% is inflated do to the fact that people dont defend him. Even when he drives the paint people sag waiting for him to pass. Whyelse would professional atheletes fall for ball fakes, Also @ PETE

    You said D.ROSE is the Baron Davis/Marbury type and they dont win champjonships. True. You said John Stockton and Jason Kidd where the greatest pgs. How many rings they got? Magic is the greatest point guard ever. Then Isiah Thomas and Oscar robertson. You young bucks better go watch some film.

  93. jess11 says:

    i was so sad when iverson left and thought id never see such a dominant little man… now i am so happy because DROSE IS HERE. his jumper is pretty good but if he develops it like ai’s shooting, OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG SO GOOD MAN.
    best pg in the league for sure. give him MVP!!!!!!!!!!


  94. Gunnar says:

    D. Rose is the best point guard in the league! His ability to score, his speed and his ability to involve his teammates are as good or better than D. Williams’ and forces teams to completely change their game plans. But on defense he’s evolved into one of the best as well. Westbrook and Rondo are the only ones that are as good or slightly better. Overall (offense+defense) Rose is the best Point Guard in the NBA. Rondo doesn’t score like him, Nash doesn’T defend ike, neither do Williams or Paul, and Westbrook is slightly worse in all categories…

  95. someone says:

    D-rose only had salmons and gordon with him at the back-court and only for a short time, and he still gets the wins like nothing happened, now a different frontcourt, and still winning like nothing happened.

  96. Heat Fan says:

    Rondo is the best point guard in the league, how many championship games has he played in 12. How many have D Rose played in? how many have D William played in? how many have Chris Paul played in? Rondo doesn’t have to shot the ball ever and he would still lead his team to a ship, Thats a true point guard, maybe not as exciting to watch as Chris paul or Derrick Rose, but because of that he will always be competing for a Ring.

    The best point guards in the league are the ones that run the teams offense and not score. When was the last time a point guard that average 20 points a game or better played in a championship game? Maybe Chanucey billups, maybe he was probably under 20 a game too.

    Derrick Rose is great, Deron Williams is great, Chris paul is great. They will go down as great point guards but without rings unless something changes.

  97. A fan from Grecce says:

    I study athletic journalism in Greece and the last 3 years I watch NBA at least 3 or 4 times per week. The time here to watch NBA is between 2 and 6 at night, so is difficult for my to watch NBA every night, but off curse playoffs is an ather issue.
    Now I believe that Rose is better than Nash because is faster, stronger, younger, better defender and he can to play more time. Is probably better than Rondo too, because Rondo has a big -psychological- problem. He afraid to shout!!! And dude… you cant be the best PG with only 10 points per game.
    In the end, I believe that Derron is in the same level, but for my Rose is a bit better, but he must to prove this at the difficult situations and off curse at the playoffs…

    *Sorry for my English, i now isn’t the best…

  98. Eli says:

    i vote for kidd

  99. irochel says:

    I’m based in London and don’t get to watch many games, but from the little I’ve seen, I’m surprised that this conversation is about whether Rose or Williams is now the best PG, as though it’s universally agreed that they are the only two in contention. I’m a PHX fan, so possess a little bias, but I still believe Steve Nash is the purest (and best) PG in the league; okay, he’s on the wrong end of his career on a team whose two other superstars are also on the wrong end of their careers, but in terms of making those around him better players, I don’t think there’s any contest. Rondo has also made a serious step-up, and as long as he remains confident, I believe he will always be in the equation. As a CP3 fan, I have almost felt an obligation to denounce D.Will’s every achievement throughout his career, but I must say that he is presently the better bet of the two (though I wouldn’t rule CP3 out just yet). So, while I still believe Nash remains the best PG in the league (not flashest but BEST), in the argument between the two, I would give the edge to Williams. This is simply because the injury to Joakim and the arrival of Boozer have disadvantaged Rose as a PG. I’ve never felt he was the purest PG to begin with, but at least with Noah, he had a scorer who needed shots created for him. Deng and Boozer can create their own shots and would probably score if Shaq was playing PG and I think that gives Deron the edge because more of his teammates (at least those who get the major minutes) need someone to create shots for them. But again, I don’t watch that many games so maybe that last bit is bull.

  100. warror gr says:

    Stephen Curry is going to be the best point in the nba. But this season D.Rose really stepped his game up with the addition of the 3 pointer and he is more dangerous now. He doesn’t have the passing skills of rondo but overall i cannot doupt that right now he’s the best point guard in the nba. I really believe in steph thought and i hope that he’s not going to disapoint me.

  101. fraka says:

    You are all just ignorat.. Rose is simply NOT a good point guard.. take last game as a example.. man shoot 28 shots.. wtf, a point guard.. deng shot 11 times.. he is not passing the ball.. every player in the NBA can score, not only ray allen, but you have to distribute the ball. In my opinion Wade and Rose are the same spot players.. not saying that they’re sam, because wade is another level. rose is not very intelligent. IMO the best point guard in the NBA is.. i don’t know.
    CP3,D-WILL, rondo or nash.. those are real point guards. You can say that rondo is bad, but than u are not watching celtics games. That man dominates the floor like no other PG.. he is tremendous.

  102. Rose Who? says:

    The guy has his first career triple double and they are ready to hand him the title of best pg in the nba?! PUHLEASSSEEEEE! This is a bad joke at best. While Rose may be good, he still has a long way to go! This is insulting to all the other PG’s such as Williams, Paul, Nash, Kidd, Rondo, etc. Let Rose consistently perform year in and year out, take charge of the team as a veteran instead of trying to just score all of the time, and be a true leader, then let’s talk about best pg in the NBA. Too many people are jumping on the Rose bandwagon too early. Let’s see how far he can take his team into the playoffs compared to the other teams with star PG’s then we’ll talk. Boozer has no credibility because he is lazy and stupid. Charles Barkley…… well he just needs to quit letting his lips flap with all of this hype and go back to shoving his mouth with Taco Bell and Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Those are what he knows best!

  103. Eksreys says:

    1 DWill
    2 D.Rose
    3 CP3

  104. lanau10 says:

    are you kidding? CP3 is with no doubt the best point guard in the world. OK,he is not making brilliant stats, but that’s because playing for them sucks, and CP3 knows it. And D-rose and wesstbrook aren’t really point guards, just quick scorers with good teammates. On the other hand, D.will is the second,you all know why, and mister nash, sorry but…

  105. pomo says:

    yo guys,
    think for a moment,
    would you compare Iverson to Kidd or Nash?
    Then stop comparing Rose to Rondo/D.Will

    They are just doing what their team need to win.

    Scoring wise, D.Rose is the king, follow by Westbrook.
    Passing Wise, Rondo is the beast, (before you talk about padding, it’s all about the game dynamics. Rondo just know so much like a savvy vet, Kidd does.) followed by D.Will until CP3 regain his form.

    D.Will have the best balance of the two.

    Nash and Kidd are not up for comparison, they are Legend at this stage of their career.

    I never doubt Rose ability to pass, he can get Rondo/Nash assist number but can he affect the team dynamics?
    I won’t doubt Rondo ability to drive either, he can be beastly when he does. And when he get a decent FT, there is no comparison.

    You have to see beyond the stats to see Rondo smarts. Not saying Rose is not smart, he is extremely gifted, second to Wade in driving. Sometimes you need more than physical gift to affect the flow of the game, what I see is Rondo does it, Kidd does it. and His Airness does it.
    Sorry have not seen enough of CP3 or TP to judge.

    Passing is not about assist, is about making the game easy for your teammate to score. If they measure hockey assist, Rondo, Kidd and Nash stat will increase more!

    And Rose, had to do what he does, which is Score because he does not have capable teammate. It’s no fault of his to score, it’s what the team needs. which he does extremely well as well, so why not?

    When you see rondo, kidd, nash plays, the game is so fluid. You might not know what hits you, when their team score.

  106. lloydPHILIppines says:

    for me, many of us emphasizing the greatness of DRose because of his playing style and character. Take a look at this point, in 2007-08, CP3 explode and he became the best PG, then 2009, DWill became the best, then last year, we are amaze of Rondo… for now he is the best PG, but if he will top that position in next 3-5 years, Then i will be convince that he is the best PG in NBA..

  107. real talk says:

    Alright! 1st of all, all these pgs r great. Not taking nothin away from them. But all of them has different systems and situations that make them what they are. D Will, had to learn Sloan’s system and he has developed into 1 of the best in the game. Took time though. Rondo, is a product of the situation. Yes he is good, but my argument is this. I feel it is easier to play becuz of who is playing with. He is basically the 4th option on his team. And he is not an offensive threat. People dont respect his offense at all. Think back in the 2008 Finals. 1st of all, they doubted if he could get the job done. And 2nd, when u look at the game they won in LA in gm 5 i think. Rondo was not on the floor at all. It was House,Posey, Allen, Pierce and Garnett. Rondo is still a liability on the offensive end. Even this past Final. Kobe can rest on the D-end and not worry about chasing Ray or Pierce becuz he is guarding Rondo. When the Lakers made it a half court game, Rondo was not a factor. So he is lucky to be in this situation, becuz his weaknesses r overshadowed becuz of the team he is on. And this summer says it all as well. Rondo couldnt adjust to things in the World Championships. Cant compare to D Rose is this case. And the reason D Rose is a legit MVP candidate is this. U take him away the Bulls may not make the play offs at all. The Bulls r right behind the Heat for 2nd seed in the East. And they are not healthy yet. With this ballhogging stuff is stupid to me. All these pgs r ball hogs for that matter. CP dominates the ball alot, Nash does the same. D Will also. So this is stupid to me. And of course D Rose has to score more becuz his team needs it. But he does make his players better also. He can do a better job of balancing things out. But all these pgs have weaknesses right?! None of them r perfect. Nash, skill-wise is 1 of the best if not the best. But Defensively he cant guard nobody. But he was still considered the best right. All these pgs r great once again. But looking at who means the most to there team. D Rose is more valuable. U take D will away, jazz will compete. Rondo, come on now lol! Boston still is 1 of the best in the NBA. Now CP3 is just as valuable too but with D Rose size and strength i will take him. Just my thoughts lol!

  108. daveybhoy says:

    I think Rose is probably the best point guard in the NBA right now; just ahead of Deron Williams, then Chris Paul. but when all is said and done the only Point guard out of all those mentioned above to have a ring is Rondo and that is what really matters most to these players.

  109. JA says:

    Sorry 17 PPG 9.8 APG 9.7 RPG

  110. maLorD says:

    d-rose, best PG?

    i think not because he does only to score and not truly contribute his teammate the way he play like others PG does. but in points he top the best at PG but in other statistics there’s so many to consider. if all statistics is to be equal i think the best PG should be RONDO because he does scores, assists, rebounds, steals & defend. no question at all if not only scores should be point out..

  111. noel says:

    WHOAA drose is good, very good, he’s great, but how can you sit there and tell me dwill is not the best in the L?
    dwill is still the best in the L.

  112. anonymous says:

    In order, I reckon it’s Rose, Paul, Williams, Kidd, Nash, Westbrook

  113. stak greece says:

    yes derrick rose is a great player and point guard but i believe that the number 1 is rondo because rondo make celtics game like the way it is because celtics without rondo cant win neather pistons!!!and you might believe that rondo cant score!!just have a look to celtics playoffs with bulls at 2008 he can score when ever he wants but he prefer to dish assists!

  114. dumbass says:


  115. tianjay Philippines) says:

    I still think Chris is the best point guard in the league. These are point guards so we easily talk about leadership skills and perhaps considering Chris Paul’s teammates compared to other point guards. Some of those point guards out there have the luxury of playing with established talents and with better skilled teammates. If we look at Chris Paul’s situation, does anyone know who David West is if Chris Paul have not arrived? Emeka Okafor suddenly has an improved play and guess what his playing alongside Chris Paul. You can argue about other point guards making there teammates better like steve Nash and Deron Williams But come on, compare them with Chris Paul’s teammates and yet his team is a legit playoff team in the west. Since when did we talk much about Deron Williams, Steve Nash, and Derrick Rose when they havent had a great power forward? David is a good player but nowhere near boozer’s or amare stoudemire’s caliber…

  116. karex says:

    those who compares drose and rondo sucks…. its clear that drose is playing way better than any other guards today thats why he is in the MVP race… taking over the team while he’s teammate are in bench because of injuries !!

  117. Alec says:

    Well in depends on what exactly are you looking at.
    Playmaking would be something that Rondo is doing terrifc this season, the C’s look almost helpless without him, because
    he runs pretty much most of their plays. His Scoring on the other hand was a bit bad this year. We shouldn’t forget his ability to steal the ball.

    Chris Paul is pretty balanced when it comes to scoring and making plays, I still see him ahead of Rondo and Rose.
    Deron Williams was mentioned here and I see him also still a bit above Rose, the only reason that people tend to put Rose above Williams nowadays might be, because Williams ain’t getting those gaudy numbers in scoring, but this isn’t his thing.

    Rose is definitfly special. After adding pretty good shooting combined with his ability to get to the rim like Rondo does, he is a really potent scorer as his numbers show. However, I still think the fella got room to grow, he is pretty young tough and seems to have a good personality.

  118. Dave says:

    Did you all forget how Rondo averaged (!!) a triple double (!!!) against rose’s (!) bulls in their last playoff meeting?!

  119. David says:

    Look at all of the Boston whiners. Your PG is 2nd rate, just like your city.lol

  120. vali says:

    i remember D-Will dunkin on Rose in a game last season. well it doesn’t completely prove that he is better, after all mostly everyoane is going to experience that at some point in their career, but it sure was sweet.

  121. JA says:

    Please see the stats of Rondo in the 2008-2009 playoffs ( when Garnett was out for an injury) 17 PPG 9.8 APG 9.7 APG in 14 games. who can put those stats on the game today? Lebron James? Maybe. It seems Oscar Robertson´s vintage stats… in the playoffs!!!! If he learns to shoot he´ll be in the group of best point guards ever.

  122. eno says:

    rose and rondo best 🙂

  123. bob says:

    rose is easily the best point guard in the league. he is clutch as hell and hes got a full out game. d wil is not bad but d rose has taken his game to another level. rondo suks. all he does is passes and he cant even shoot the ball when hes open. so if ppl are sayin d rose shoots alot its caz he can! his dunks, his moves eveythin about his game is amazing. if he doesnt win mvp and lebron gets it again the nba would be retarded as hell.

  124. no1 says:

    personally, i think the proper way to look at this is how these PG’s play aginst the WHOLE LEAGUE, not just how the play with their respective teams. since you’re looking for the best in the LEAGUE, it just makes sense that we consider the LEAGUE then..

    so, with that being said, we wouldn’t know whos the best until we reach the playoffs, coz that’s where everybody steps up their game, and in the playoffs if one of these players makes the most out of it by convincing all of us that he deserves a “2 thumbs up” salute, then i think we have a winner…

    for now, i think DROSE has the most potential since the bulls are a playoff team right now, they collided with C’s and bought a fight to 7 games, and that’s without boozer… i’m just excited how the Bulls will play in the playoffs with rose boozer and noah all healthy.

  125. riley says:

    Deron also doesn’t get the respect he deserves just cause he’s in utah, let’s be honest here, utah has always been hated on

    the only reason ppl seein rose as the top PG is cuz he’s improved a lot since last year. while all the other pgs have been doing what he is doing now for awhile.

  126. DWill says:

    DWill can run an offense better than DRose to me. I trust DW more with the ball when it matters. He’s big, strong, very underrated in terms of quickness, and has a great offensive game. I like him right now more than Rose, but Rose is scary.

  127. D Will says:

    Rondo isn’t even in this conversation, he has a team with basically no other pg and a bunch of Allstars, I don’t see how hard it is to get assist on a team like that

  128. Creepindyth says:

    Tony Parker not being in the poll is ridiculous.

    Rondo and CP3 are passers.

    Parker and Westbrook are scorers (majority penetration).

    Nash, Deron and Rose are both. I’d say Nash is the best all-time. He can shoot the lights out. Right now I’d rather have Deron than Rose.

  129. rada says:

    D ROSE wil outplay any of those point guard… d rose can play 1 and 2…BULLS for east finals….

  130. Krossos says:

    I don’t like these kind of questions : “who is the best at that position?”. Simply because it also depends on teammates you have next you, i still remember when Kobe Bryant scoreds 35.7 pts per game in 2005 or 2006 season, at that time, the Lakers did not have the roster they have now.

    So if you ask me, who’s the best point guard, i’d say Rondo, because he’s the best play-maker and doing best at the point guard position : making plays and distributing.
    When Boston brings the big 3 together, they knew the would need someone to give them the ball and to distribute. This is what Rondo has been doing these last years. Maybe D-Rose is a better scorer, has more athleticism but in his team, the system requires him to scores a lot, and to take a lot of shoots.

    Does it means he’s not as good as Rondo or another point guard, of course not. But at this position, you got to make for your teammates. To me, Rondo and Nash ar the ones who do the better job at the point. In the end, this is just my choice, there is a lot of great point in league, and this good for it ! when you Paul, Westbrook, D-Will… To me…They could all be at the All Star game! Still, you have to choose your favorite ! 😀

    PS : I’m sorry if my english is bad, but i’m a belgian fan of the nba ! 😀

  131. NBA Know it all says:

    Derrick Rose is a great PG, but i cannot say he is the best or is better than DWill. Why jump to the comparison so early, let the game go on for few years longer. Anyways, since these two PG are being compared for who is better, i simply go with DWill. The NBA game is all about making yourself and your team look good, not just yourself. Stats prove it for themselves. Boozer used to score more points when he was with DWill because DWill shares the ball mostly to make his teammates look good while letting them score. We all know if DWill didn’t pass the ball (like DRose does) he would be scoring around 30 points per game. Look at it this way, Dwill is already scoring near 30 points per game while he is still making his teammates look good by sharing the ball with them. DRose is a very good PG, better then most, but not Dwill. What is wrong with DRose is that he has the mentality to score for himself. I love to watch DRose play, but whenever i watch his games, i can’t help it but to feel sorry for the rest of the crew because of DRose’s scoring, they don’t get to score as much. FIY, Rondo is also better than DRose. Boozer was a big star, but he’s move to Bulls might have reduced him lower because of lower states. I say that DRose is 4th best. 1st best is Dwill, 2nd is Nash, 3rd is rondo, 4th comes DRose. Don’t hate appreciate.

  132. Cannon says:

    Everyone keeps talking about each PG’s team and their systems and whatnot. But the question is who is the best PG, not which PG goes with whatever team. I’ve seen my share of all the PGs mentioned and despite being a Celtics fan, I’d have to say D-Rose is the best PG right now. Forget who they play for, who their teammates are, and anything else you can think of as an excuse. Based on straight up raw talent and skill, D-Rose is the best, and at 22, isn’t even near his prime yet.

    Last year Deron Williams was the best all around PG. He could do it all, score, pass, defend (somewhat). The game changer was Rose developing a jump shot to the point where you expect the shot to go in whenever he takes a 3. He also improved his inside game with his impossible to block floaters (sometimes looking like Rondo’s) and inside scoring. Not to mention he is by FAR the best dunker of all the PGs if not most of the NBA. Russell Westbrook being the only competition at dunking PG. Now that D-Rose has developed all around skill in all the categories, theres really no competition. He can shoot and defend as well as any PG, he can pass just as well, he’s the best dunking PG, he’s one of the strongest PG, he’s one of the fastest, and one of the best finishers in the game.

    As a celtics fan, I feel obligated to mention that should/when Rondo finally develops a jump shot and free throw shot, he will be the best PG. Everyone claims its easy to average 13+ assists because of the HOF’s. Yet people keep saying that these HOF’s are in the decline and getting old and all that. Makes no sense, people who think that all those assists come from Ray Allen or Pierce making jumpshots haven’t really watched the Celtics. Its because of Rondo’s ball handle, speed, ability to drive, and offensive awareness that makes it possible. All of which he does better than any PG in the league. He gets his teammates wide open looks, and honestly….any NBA player should be able to make a wide open shot, HOF or not. The funniest thing is, no one knows how to guard Rondo, he confuses me as a fan because I simply don’t understand how he does what he does. He’s a weirdass PG. What other PG can suddenly average a near triple double out of no where for half a month of basketball?

    In the end, its as simple as this. The next 5-8 years, Rondo and Rose will dominate the PG position. Of course CP3, D-Will, and co. will always be right behind them in the top 5 or 10 PG rankings. (Sadly Nash won’t last much longer, hope he wins a ring before he retires). Oh right, and then theres that guy called John Wall, but thats another story to be told.

  133. LakerS ALL THE WAY says:

    Uhm for me i think D-WILL and D-ROSE are both the BEST PG in the game… why i said that? because the two of them played a very different role in their team.. while D-WILL is usually the PLAYMAKER in the UTAH ( which i think he’s the best in all PG) and D-ROSE is a scorer in the BULLS ( Amazing atheletism and strength) so i think u really can’t tell whos the best because their all ready the best in what they do… and LAKERS will get their 3PEAT.. ahahaha hope so

  134. Jd says:

    First of all people saying that Rondo’s mid range jumper is getting way better and say that you should watch his games to see that… I watch Celtic games and Rondo’s fg % might be up this year but thats because now when he gets the ball at the top of the key every one is backing up anticipating the pass and he is taking a wide open 15 foot jump shot which most high school athletes can hit wide open. As for who is a better point guard its too hard to argue due to the fact that this generation is all about point guards. Sure we still have a couple good shooting guards IE kobe, D-Wade, ray allen, manu, brandon roy. Some good small forwards Lebron, Melo, Durant, Granger and so on and so forth, but you can see the differance in skill between all these players in their respected positions. When you look at the point guards in the league there are so many great PG that its hard to choose the best. Derrick Rose is the most athletic and top scoring PG in the league right now, Russel Westbrook is athletic but not near as good of scorer. D-Will is by far the most cpmlete PG due to his size and strength and shooting and passing (until rose gets older and more experiance). CP3 who can finish everywhere on the floor being undersized and pass as well as almost any PG besides Rondo and Nash. Rondo even though playing with 4 HOF is still the most gifted passer besides Steve Nash. (You put Nash on the celtics and they would beat the all time wins in a season because Nash can pass just as well or better then Rondo, shoots a way higher % and doesn’t need to score to be happy but can score in clutch moments. and could take over the game if needed which Rondo cant do) Then you look at the point guards who are under-rated like Tony Parker, Brandon Jennings, Baron Davis, Raymond Felton, John Wall (only a rookie but when healthy has proved to be very effective besides turnovers), Johnny Flynn, Darren Colleson, Andre Miller (may not be a premier PG but if your talking about guys wo are important to their respective team he is in this conversation) and the list goes on for point guards.. but the fact is that almost every team has a Point Guard that can play and you can still tell who the elite point guard are but each point guard has a differant skill that they could be in talks for such as Andre Miller is not an all-star but you could put him in the category of one of the top scoring PG.. But as this page is for who is better between D-Will or D-Rose my top 5 would go
    1-D-Will just for the simple fact that he is more established and experianced and his skills are already polished and dominant.
    2-D-Rose and though I put D-Will right above him it is very close because Rose’s scoring ability is better and that killer instinct that all greats have D-Rose is starting to establish. Until next season though i give a slight edge to D-Will… for now..
    3-CP3 is one of the best leaders and floor generals in the league but has been surpassed by the 2 guys ahead of him and is in danger of missing out on the next olympic games if D-Rose and D-will keep this play up but still isone of the very best.
    4-This is where it gets tough to recognize but I put Nash here becasue he is the best shooting PG in the league (billups is close) Most gifted passer, maybe ever. (magic and stockton and those guys give an arguement) and he has that killer mentality when the games are close he wants the ball and knows what to do with it.
    5-Rondo may have the 4 HOF’ers but still putting up huge numbers consistintly in the play-offs is impressive and besides Nash is the best passer in the league, and has some of the most ridiculous handles in the league as well.

    Just missing out were Westbrook, Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings.

  135. unspiek says:

    why you forgot Jose Calderón?. He is a World Championship, European Championship…and is averaging doubles figures in assistances and scoring every day.

  136. Ventruck says:

    The standards of being a point guard can become arbitrary or vague.

    D-Rose usually has the day-to-day, all-around stat sheet over Rondo and Paul – maybe constituting him as a better overall player for MVP – but does that make him a better point guard in particular? Does Rondo need to improve his 3-pointer by 499%? Does CP3 need to guard D-Wade? No, and no. That doesn’t mean I think Rose is then lesser than them, but if you look at pretty much every point guard in the NBA, they’re all doing their job very well and essentially differing in team success. I mean, give Nash the supporting cast of the Celtics, and he’ll know well what he’s doing to keep that team on top of the east. Gordon, Westbrook, Curry…their respected teams would be pretty hesitant to let them go and other teams would love to have them. Good contest, but I find this to be a hard call.

    Not much of a Rose fan, but I do think he’s very fit for MVP running nonetheless.

  137. lights out says:

    Rondo is an all defensive team because of steals rebounds, etc. but to defend a player face up for the whole game… like a derrick rose, deron williams. chris paul type who has lot of ways to score… rondo can not sustain such type of defense…

  138. jon nelson says:

    Honestly i am a Utah Jazz fan all the way! i choose them anyday of the week!!!! An i really love deron williams!!! but if your talkin point guards i think rajon rondo is the best pure point guard! He does what a real point should do!! he changes the game with his passing an his defense on other point guards! The guy barely averages any points but he is such a prolific passer that i just dont see how he isnt the best… i mean dont you want your guy to pass first shoot second! i know i would want my guy to have 14 assists a game an have all my other players have 15 points each! an the celtics record speaks for itself

  139. daddybigdaddy says:

    How about Tony parker as number one ? huh huh uuhhh

  140. AF says:

    rose probably step ahead of williams for now.

    rondo is not even in the discussion and shouldn’t be.he just PG that can run a offense that built around other people not him.these days PG are clearly ruling the league especially guys like d-will and d-rose.franchise are now drafting PG to lead there team to the championship and be the face of the franchise.it use to be big men that teams target but not no more.

    people want to label PGs scorers or pass first but in the end your PG should be able to do both period

  141. Rose says:

    Rose is better than Rondo and Rondo isnt even in the same conversation as Rose. I’m tired of hearing ppl say Rondo is better at this or that but overall Rose is better than Rondo period.

    PPG Rose 24.5 – Rondo 10.8
    Rebounding Rose 4.7 – Rondo 4.5
    Assists Rose 8.1 – Rondo 13.4
    FG % Rose 45.2 – Rondo 52.8
    3 pt % Rose 37.7 – Rondo 30.4
    FT % Rose 81 – Rondo 46
    TO’s Rose 3.5 – Rondo 3.9
    Stls Rose 1.1 – Rondo 2.5
    Blks Rose .7 – Rondo .2

    Rose is better than Rondo in all categories except for Assists, FG %, and STLS other than that Rose is better than Rondo at everything else by a large margin…The question was never about Rose or Rondo it was about Rose or Williams…I’m tired of Celtics fans constantly trying to throw Rondo into the conversation as the best PG when he clearly isnt even in the same league as these other guys…

  142. DROSEdaBEST says:

    who would know more about basketball that exballers like these guys? i mean, theyre not amateurs that were picked from the street to give their opinion. barkley is one of the best to play the game. all these guys do is basketball. if they say ROSE is the best, its cuz they watch him and other pgs play and they can make accurate comparisons!!! rose is not only the best pg, he will also be the best player in the league. no doubt about it. all he needs to get as much assist as other pg is a decent sg. bogans sux ass. as soon as the bulls get a good sg that can consistently make 15 ppg and force other teams to play rose 1on1, the bulls will be amazing!!!!!!! GO BULLS!!!!!!!!

  143. CMoney says:

    DWill is the best PG in the League to me….followed by CP3…Russell Westbrook nd DRose are tied to me…nd Rondos 5th..

  144. Ufags says:

    oh wait, its lakers all the way lol

  145. Bfly33 says:

    If yu think Rose aint the best pg in the league put it like this Hes a better overall player then rondo,d.will.cp3.nash and any other pg you wanna throw on da list hands down

  146. Dez says:

    Oh yeah Rose is only 22 he is not even at his best yet

  147. Park says:

    hey where is Tony Parker on all this ruckus? i dont mean to rain on all y’all parade but i honestly think that Parker should be included among the top 5 PGs of this season.

  148. Gian says:

    Sorry but i think Rondo is the best point guard in the game. CAN YOU SEE HIS ASSISTS AND STEALS PER GAME? with that being said. Rose may not be the best POINT guard in the game but he’s the best scoring point guard in the game and with the best dunks as well, better than westbrook. If rose can up his asissts per game? he will be the best point guard.

  149. Dez says:

    Everyone can talk about numbers all they want but Derrick Rose is the leader of his team. When he first entered the league there was so much pressure on him and there werent that many if any players to teach him. Hes improved in every way including defense, offense, leadership, passing, and even the way he talks in interviews. Rondo was nothing before the big three. They made him who he is today along with his good work ethic. Paul and Williams are similar to Rose in the sense that they made their teams good. Put Rose on the celtics and its a dynasty put rondo on the bulls and their the same if not worse.

  150. Heatfanatic says:

    Rondo is the best PG in the game right now, and they are my teams rival at this point so it’s really saying a lot. No better pure PG’s in the game right now than Rondo. The way he runs an offense, and defends as well, is simply a sight to behold. The kid can play, gotta give him his prop’s.

  151. ewash says:

    So far this season my ranking goes:

    -Takes 2nd most shots out the PGs i have listed but has the worst FG% at 43%. Has the worst Assist-to-Turnover ratio and shows that he is the least efficient PG of the group. Gets to the line the most and sinks 85% of his FTs. He is the best at getting boards (5.1) and more prone to triple doubles but his game still hasn’t fully developed yet.

    -The oldest guy in the bunch but has proven that age ain’t nothin’ but a number. Easily the best all-around shooting PG in the league (maybe Steph Curry in a couple of years). Shoots 50% in FG and 91% at FTs. and a scorching 39% from 3pt range. Gives you 17 PPG with only 11 shots making him the most efficient scoring PG. Also hits you with a nice number of 10.8 dimes per game. Although he is producing excellent stats his team isn’t doing that well. This would be an equivalent to that 05-06 season Kobe had when he was scoring 35 PPG but were struggling to win games. Its also well-known that Nash isn’t the best defensive guard out there, so I have him placed 5th.

    -Has the highest FG% at .528% but only takes 9 shots a game. also his shot selection is limited mainly to lay-ups and the occasional jumper. Hasn’t really needed to improve his shooting and PPG due to the vast number of other scoring options on their team. He shoots a dismal 46% FT% and scores 10pts a game. Gets the most assists but also the most turnovers at almost 4 a game. Very tough on the defensive end with 2.4 stl a game. Although his play style is perfect for his team to win and as great as he is, Rondo is too one dimensional to take home the crown.

    – The highest scoring PG with 24 PPG, takes the highest number of shots (19.9) and still shoots a respectable FG% at 45%. Has the lowest assist numbers and 2nd lowest Assist-to-Turnover ratio. Rose has improved his shooting and now as a 3pt jump shot to go with his game as well as a new found ability to get steals. He is able to will his team to victory but still is prone to mistakes and comes off still as mainly just a scorer. Just because he scores the most doesn’t mean he is the best. (point in case Durant vs Lebron). He gets his fair share of assists but isn’t known for his playmaking abilities. Incredible athlete with frequent flashes of brilliance but is still a season or 2 from becoming the all-around best.

    – Doesn’t lead this group of PGs in any of the stats but has an all-around game that is disputed as the best. Doesn’t score as much as Westbrook or Rose but he gets his 22 PPG at a higher FG%. Only takes 15 shots to do so and knocks down 85% from the FT line. 2nd most careful PG with the ball, turns it over 3.3 times a game but picks up 9.4 dimes. Tied with Nash for worst at rebounding but gets 3.7boards a game. Early on in the season he and his teammates played the role of the comeback kids and has shown that when the game was on the line he could step up. Potent scorer and crazy playmaker but doesn’t rack up defensive stats the way some of the other PGs do. Makes a strong case for #1 but slightly edged out of this tight race.

    1,Chris Paul:
    – Changes the game with is passing (9.6 assists), defense (2.7 stl), and is a potent scoring threat. He shoots 48% from the field and his arsenal includes a 3pt jump shot as well. He scores only 16 PPG but only needs 11 shots to do it. Shoots just over 90 in FT% and is surprising good at getting boards (4.1 rpg) despite his size. He has superb decision making and is able to take care of the ball only committing 2.3 TO per game. He has the highest Assist-to-Turnover ratio in the group and has kept his team well above .500. He has hit a mature phase in how he plays the game and is the most efficient, skilled PG all-around.

    All of these guys are elite point guards but CP3 is still the best PG to me. With the exception of Nash and Rondo each of their teams have similar records with only a 1.5 or 2 games difference. Nash has the worst team of the bunch and Rondo has the best team. The celtics proved that even without rondo (injured for 11 games or so) they are still one of the top teams in the league. D-Will, CP3, Rose and Nash have an edge because the are the undisputed #1 option for their teams. Westbrook plays alongside Kevin Durant, and Rondo is surrounded by HOF candidates on the first team in NBA history containing 3 players who have scored over 20,000 pts.

  152. yeah says:

    westbrook is a more all around point guard he can shoot assist and rebould…rose not very good in steal and d-wil rebound not good paul,i think he cant score…

  153. ^^v says:

    Rondo, I guess. 🙂

  154. JendraL says:

    well.. each different point guards play in different style of game and each of them are surrounded with different type of players. rondo has pierce, allen and garnett who are very superior in shooting the ball and therefore he shoot only when it is really needed. in fact, he doesn’t shoot well.. he has a terrific drive to the basket instinct. drose only has deng and korver, yet deng seems to decline as the match goes on. korver doesn’t have a lot of minutes since his defense is lacking and coach tom is very fond of defense. dwill has to distribute the ball since there are guys who could help him in scoring and he can also score very well. cp3 we all know what he is capable of.

    it doesn’t matter what happen last year, whether rose made it to the all defence first team or not. lets just take a look at this season’s performance. if you want to compare to last year, probably better give most improve player.

    just a point of view. for me, all of them are in the same line. what’s different is their team style of play and what is required from them.

  155. BlazN Inc says:

    It’s all about Earl Boykins baby. Did you SEE what he did to Mr. Fundamental?
    Haha, sikeeeee.

    Going with the flow, I’m only going to use THREE PG’s: Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, and Deron Williams. This is NOT me saying who is the BEST PG in the league today.


    Now my take,

    (Scoring) Rose has the edge on D-Will and Rondo ‘cuz of his explosiveness on the rim. Late game, will draw double teams due to poor 2 guard. They’ll choose to let the Bull’s 2 guard get his shot rather then let Rose off like that.
    (Winner: Derrick Rose)

    (Clutch) Personally, I think that D-Will is more clutch then Rose, and I don’t believe that Rondo is in that conversation due to Allen and Pierce. I KNOW that people won’t like this comment, but just think for a bit.
    Hey remember the three that KG sank in the playoffs a few years back? Yeah that was against my team. And we got two CLUTCH guards. THE Black Mamba and D-Fish!
    (Winner: Deron Williams) (Honorable Mention: Derek Fisher & Steve Nash)

    (Passing) Passing wise, I’ll give it to Rondo and D-Will, due to their pass first system. I mean, Rose will still get his, but the other teams have a SYSTEM designed for passing, while Rose is relied on to do it all. If he doesn’t, then that will be a tough game to win.
    (Winner: Rajon Rondo & Deron Williams) (Honorable Mention: Steve Nash)

    (Defense) Defense wise, I’ll give that to the bigger guards, due to Post Up and Perimeter D. I mean, if Kobe posts up Rondo, the C’s HAVE to double team Kobe, which gives him an easy pass to an open player. If Kobe posted Rose or D-Will, he’d have harder time, and wouldn’t draw the double. I mean, Rondo HAS won All-NBA Defensive First Team, but I value ALL AROUND defense, not like the experts. He CAN defend in the post, mind you, I’m not hating on that, I just like the bigger guards ‘cuz they wouldn’t call a double team on Kobe unless he’s like, on FIRE.
    (Winner(s): Derrick Rose & Deron Williams) (Honorable Mention: Derek Fisher (For his “Flopping”), Chris Paul & Russell Westbrook)

    (Rebounding) I mean, there is NOTHING in the basketball world where everyone is able to get rebounds, and in this one, I’ll take Rose or Rondo. I’m not saying that D-Will can’t rebound, I just like Rose and Rondo’s aggressiveness to get boards.
    (Winner: Derrick Rose & Rajon Rondo)

    All in all, NON-BANDWAGON WISE, I’d take Rose, who has won or tied three of the five categories that I believe make a strong point guard. Although D-Will also won or tied three of the five, I think that Rose, who has the edge in scoring, is the better point guard, because D-Will tied with Rondo because their offensive systems are designed for them to pass.

    Just for the people, I’ve been a Lakers’ Fan since I was two, and I wasn’t bias on Rondo’s part. As much as I hate the C’s, I respect Gritty Defense.

    Now, DISPUTE ABOUT THIS, I would love some feedback.

    Signing out.

  156. anonymous teztament says:

    before we start debating who is the best PG here, we should first clarify things up by answering this main question: what should PG really do to a team, be the go-to-guy each and everytime OR be the one who makes their teammates better player?

    And also, since Nash is past his prime, he should already be at rank of Stockton and Kidd as the greats together with former formers that came before them.

    Now, for the debate,
    IF your answer would be the FIRST, then DRose is without a doubt the best PG.
    IF your answer would be the SECOND, then DWill, Nash (if you still consider him) or Rondo are vying as the best PG for now.
    For Westbrook, he comes second to DRose (if your answer is the FIRST) because he has a batman on his team.
    For CP3, i don’t know what happens to him after his injury, he now comes fourth (if your answer would be the SECOND).

  157. Imad Akel says:

    rajon rondo is the best, because he will keep doing what he does for years.
    Derrick rose doesnt even look like a point guard to me anymore. he looks like a shooting guard having a pretty good season (so yeah this season he’s better than rondo IN SCORING, especially since he’s taking most of the shots and rondo mostly dishes) but one day rose won’t be so good at scoring and then rondo will be undoubtedly proven the better point guard…

    Rondo’s faster, dishes batter, rebounds better. orchestrates more. Rondo is the glue holding 4 old timers together in what can only be described as a cinderella story team of has-beens. Know that i say this and i am a huge KG fan btw but come on neither KG nor Paul nor Ray nor Shaq have any value on the celtics without rondo.

    Im not sure derrick rose can top that…. There are many derrick roses in the league but only 1 rondo (lol if u say steve nash or jason kidd, those guys are OLD!)

    • Rose says:

      Imad Akel you’re an idiot…Rondo is not faster than Rose and you have no evidence to back that up. Plus he isn’t a better rebounder either because Rose is avg 4.7 rpg to Rondo’s 4.5…Also you are dumb for saying kg pp and ray allen have no value without rondo…All three of them are having great seasons and even when Rondo was out they were still playing great so they definitely aren’t has beens…Watch some basketball you celtic fanboy

  158. William says:

    It’s funny how most of the comments are about Rojon Rondo. dude, Rondo is a great player, but Barkley, Chris, and EJ are talking about D-Will vs D-Rose yall: not Rondo I did’nt hear them even mention once about Rondo.
    P.S. D-Will all the way!

  159. not a fan says:

    not a bulls fan and not a celtics fan either. but this debate of whether drose or rondo is better is pretty much comparing apples and oranges. its obvious that they’re merely doing what is asked of them. drose is your scorer type of point mainly because there really isn’t much of an option other than boozer. now rondo, while not really a great shooter makes up for his defense which is what’s really needed in the celtics system. now should they switch roles, i don’t think either of them would have these arguments. that being said, style of play plays a huge part in these discussions, i like to think drose is more comparable to a lebron notwithstanding the position they’re playing. rondo, more of an old school point in the mold of the stocktons and maravichs. and dwill, he’s more of a steve nash.

    now who’s better? all depends on what they’re asked to do. i think all of them are pretty much on the same road as what’s asked of them. only difference is, rondo’s task end up in wins. the two other guys are a little below. have to admit that drose does a whole lot though compared to the other two. so i’ll say drose, then rondo and dwill a very close tie for second.

  160. HeyC says:

    Stop hating on Rose man. Watch some bulls game. Come on, Rondo is getting all these assists because he has been playing with the big 3 for so long. I admit he is a floor leader but the celtics know where to run screens etc. All rondo need to do is create space and pass to an open man. Celtics doesn’t lack scorers/shooters at all. Rondo shouldn’t be in this conversation yet. He hasn’t take his game to another level.

    This is the 3rd season for Rose. He doesn’t have the scorers/shooters he need. Deng can’t provide 20+ points night in night out. Boozer and Noah has been mostly injured this season.Therefore he got to take over games with his scoring ability. He isn’t a ballhog at all. He got a better jumper and shoot 3s now.

    IMO, d-will is still the best point guard in the league but drose is right behind him.

  161. Steele says:

    I think D-Will is the best pg in the game.. he has the size, speed, and he can do it all. He can shoot the three, he can find teammates anywhere on the court, and he has the best crossover in the nba hands down. Somebody crown this guy as MVPG (Most Valuable Point Gaurd). Rose, Rondo and cp3 are good but D-Will is 4real guys.

  162. breezy says:

    Derrick rose is definetly the most versatile pg in the NBA. NO contest. THe BEST right now. Rondo has KG, RAY ALLEN, AND PAUL PIERCE and SHAQ. of course he will get a lot of assists. thats super obvious.Derrick rose has boozer, who missed the part of the beginning of the season and now NOAH has been out for a while. Korver doesnt even start… So yes he takes over bc he can and thats really all the BULLS have who is consistent every game and plays to WIN. I still think d will is good but d rose can do anything any pg in the league can do but better. NO DOUBT IN MY MIND ROSE IS THE BEST IN THE NBA

  163. adam w. says:

    ok lets get things straight… first things first deron williams is easily the best point guard in the nba proof.. he is shooting 46.5 fg pct, 38.2 from 3pt., 85.5 ft pct., 4 Rpg., 9.5 assits, 1.5 steals pg, and 22.1 ppg. he has 8 30 pt. games and in those games he is averaging 9.38 assista a game which means he is contributing in at least 50 points per a game in those games not including 3pfg. he is also averaging 6.9 ft pg
    derrick rose…45.1 fg pct, 37.5 3pt fg, 81 ft pct, 8.1 assists, 1 steal pg, and 24.1 ppg. has 10 30 pt games and on averages 6 assists a game coming two at least 42 pts per a game not including 3s, 5.4 ft pg

    deron williams has been to the western conferece finals 2 of last 3 years and they lost to the team that has won the nba finals both years.. he is also one of the best defending point guards besides rhondo, who is probably the best defender in the nba. deron williams is also averaging 6.9 pts pg in 4th quarter while shooting 57.4 pct fg, and 42.8 pct 3pt, and 91.1 ft pct. derick rose 4.4 ppg, 45.6 pct fg, 35.1 3pt fg, and 82.8 pct ft,

    They can both take over a game anytime they want and both get to the rim with ease no matter who is guarding them, deron williams is a lot more efficient and has less to work with al jefferson who is mid at best pf milsap who is good some days kirilinko not an offensive player and raja bell should retire he sucks. Rose has boozer who is averaging 25 pts a game and 10.8 rpg since being back deng who is solid for the most part noah when he is healthy and korver off the bench, alot better in every posistion but deron williams does his thing and makes his team look good and the jazz are 15 and 2 against the eastern conference while the bulls are 11 and 9 and the east is much weaker than the west there record would be that of the portland at best denver so before any of you believe rose is better look at the stats, and you say stats dont say the whole story deron williams is playig in the west where you have the lakers spurs mavs okc so they dont get talked about and advertised like rose does being in the east thats why everyone hears about rose nt williams. facts are there watch williams play if you want to compare for ur self he is the best pt guard

    • GO BULLS says:

      ok 1st off D Rose would average 12 APG if he had a legitimate 2 guard and korver & deng would shoot better. in case u dont know our starting 2 guard is KEITH BOGANS WHO AVERAGES 3 PPG So rose doesn’t have the luxury of having a decent 2 guard to pass the ball to.

      2. Luol Deng & Kyle Korver are highly inconsistent look at monday vs tonight for example: mon. vs. Memphis Deng 28pts korver 22pts. Tonight vs. Charlotte Deng 10pts. Korver 6pts.WTF is that?

      3.Rose has been playing without Noah and/or Boozer for all but 9 games this season and Noah was hurt in those so you really cant judge rose’s apg accurately either wait till about march then talk to me

    • GO BULLS says:

      Alson the east is not as weak as you think the bulls have to deal with equally great if not greater teams like Bos, Mia, Orl, Atl, Hey even the knicks ( YEAH I SAID IT) are a great team so you really cant say the west is way harder or not because the talent has evened out.

  164. MoJoDO says:

    I think it’s laughable that the analysts (excluding Barkley) admit that D-Will is/was the best PG in the league AFTER demoting him to second place behind Drose, who plays in (if we’re being honest here) one of the biggest markets in the NBA. When they brought up best PG before it was always CP3 is better than D-Will but he’s always injured so it’s not fair; and we’ll throw Rondo and Drose in there to placate the masses. They’d never take a stand on the issue cause they didn’t want to step on their market darling fanbase’s collective piggies.

    The only thing polls and sports columns prove is that Rondo and Drose are in bigger markets. If D-Will was in Chicago/Boston and Rose or Rondo were in Utah, they’d be the ones around 14% on the polls. D-Will is absolutely the best PG in the league. He owns the other PGs night in and night out on the court. It pains me to say, though, that he won’t get the accolades he deserves until he leaves Utah for a bigger market. The NBA isn’t about facts people; it’s about $$$.

  165. buwoh.. says:

    d YOUNG D’ROSE versus your d-will(in his prime this season), rajon rondo with his big three(with shaq & jermaine also), steve nash aging but still being a excellent passer ( his a back to back MVP )…

    i think i will pick DROSE, still young, still developing and doing something good on his BULLS(3rd in the east). what else in his prime, what else if with a big 3, and be a good passer as years passed by… what will DROSE be??

    think of it….

  166. Lebroncity105 says:

    Aside FRom All The Rose Talk……. Rondo is no where near those guys like the deron william’s, the cp3’s, the rose’s…….. He just a great passer (the quality of MANY point guards in the league) and an underrated rebounder. He can’t score at ALL and his defense sucks……….(Note- Letting someone drive right by you and knock the ball out with his freakishly large hands doesn’t scream “defensive player of the year” to me). He just in a perfect system… He’s in a starting line-up with 3 first ballot hall-of-famers…….. Other point guards would relish this opportunity……… He doesn’t have to do much……. Plus unlike those other guards (aside from westbrook), He’s not the man on his team….. He might lead the league and his team in assist but those other guys lead their team in assists, points, shots taken, and other categories……. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a GREAT point guard, But to put him at the top with deron williams and cp3…… To me, he’s no better to tony parker, jason kidd, or monta ellis

  167. MIGUEL URCINO says:


  168. Santa Cruzz says:

    Derrick Rose has not passes DWill for the best point guard in the game. Derrick Rose is an amazing athelete but not the best PG. Deron’s putting up around 20 points per game and at least 10 assists per game. Both the Bulls and the Jazz have about the same record. There both two great scoring point guards but with the assist numbers (which is what a point guard is supposed to be doing) its no contest like Ernie said on Inside. Everyones talking about how he’s doing all this without Noah, No disrespect to DRose but DWill and Utah are also missing Okur! He’s played a couple games but he’s been MIA a lot too. Don’t get me wrong I like DRose but everyone’s just getting caught up in all the hype. Don’t Forget who’s been in the western conference finals the last 3 years in a row? Utah! Which I believe they will conqure L.A. this year and lastly… Theres a reason Deron Williams, Chris Paul, and Jason Kidd are on the real Olympic Team as to where guys like Derrick Rose, Russuel Westbrook and Rajon Rondo are only on the FIBA Olympic team. Keep that in mind everyone.

  169. Blazers Beliver says:

    Rajon Rando is the Best hands down Rose has one triple double Rando has 3 this season

  170. You have to consider the level of competition that Rose is playing. The Central division is arguably the worst division in the NBA. If you put Williams in that division he would dominate. One could argue he has fewer pieces to work with too. He’s the leading scorer, yet still manages to average nearly 10 assists a game.

    BTW – is anybody else seeing this duplicate comment message?

  171. You have to consider the level of competition that Rose is playing. The Central division is arguably the worst division in the NBA. If you put Williams in that division he would dominate. One could argue he has fewer pieces to work with too. He’s the leading scorer, yet still manages to average nearly 10 assists a game.

  172. Elvin says:

    If we are talking point guard then, there are only 5 true great point guards in the game at the moment.
    1. Deron Williams
    2. Chris Paul
    3. Rajon Rando
    4. Steve Nasah
    5. Jason Kidd
    Deron Williams is the best point guard in the game; his game vision, leadership along with assisting abilities and scoring abilities are overall the best. Cris Paul follows him. Rondo is a great point guard, but he is surrounded with a great team, and his scoring skills are not that good. But with the players like Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook point guard position has developed and with the modern understanding of it the best point guards in the league are:
    1. Deron Williams
    2. Derrick Rose
    3. Chris Paul
    4. Russell Westbrook
    5. Rajon Rondo

    Deron is still the best point guard because of his abilities, and is followed by Rose because he has proved himself this season, and his speed along with Westbrook just untrackable.

  173. SA,GO says:

    he is the highest scoring pg, arguably the most athletic, very good passer, improving shooting %, 2nd go to guy at cruch (nash is first), can defend very well, and has that great hunger for winning. rose is simply the best PG today

  174. YARD BOSS says:

    man!!! what is wrong with some of you people on here. How can you not agree with barkley that Rose is the best point gaurd in the game!!! how can yall say that he is a ball hog and not MVP this year. have you guys even been watching bulls games this year??? rondo does not even come close to rose! no comparison, if you put rondo on the bulls instead of rose do you think they would still have the same success? you guys fail to realize a few things! this is barley his third year as a pro, not to mention look at the talent he is working with? the bulls are a very good team this year but have been with out two of the main stars on the team most of the year and yet they have the third best record in the the east. What makes rose Great is that he is a leader and a winner!!! he has been carrying his team and stepping up when he is most needed. He has what a lot of the so called better pg yall mentioned dont have, and that’s the killer instinct. to be able to step up and finish of another team or take the winning shot. Even Kobe said it. and that is something that is not learned, either u got it or u don’t….. Many people said the same thing about Jordan being a ball hog and yet he was the greatest ever. so what yall need to realize is that rose is the best PG in the game and is still developing in to a complete player. he has added 3 pt shooting to his game and under thibodeau his defense is improving by the day.
    D. rose should get MVP this year and will be in the top 5 best players in the nba in a few years with a doubt!!!!

  175. jill says:

    i think that drose can definitely be considered one of the best. i really like him, but i don’t know if he’s already better than dwill or cp3. those two are more true pointguards, while drose is more of a scorer pointguard. that said, i stil think drose deserves to be this year’s mvp considering what he has done to his team. also, i don’t think that rondo can be considered one of the best. i mean he’s good, but i think he’s a bit overrated. he has great teammates, and i think they make him look good. but alone, i don’t hink Rondo will do anything special.

  176. Trey says:

    In my opinion, the best all-around point guard has to be Chris Paul simply because if you put him into any other system he could still average 20 points, 10 assists and 3 steals, easily. He is undersized but his defensive game is the best in the league.

    – Deron Williams is a great point guard with great size but his defensive is a little suspect. He has the option of shooting the ball more because he does not have as many weapons as he had last year, but he chooses not to, and he does not seem like a good leader in that aspect of the game.

    – Derrick Rose is the most athletic point guard, but I wished he played for the Celtics…every night he would give you 30 points 6 rebounds and 10 assists easily with the type of half-court offense the Celtics run.

    – Steve Nash is a great passer, and scorer, but i don’t think he does enough for his team because, if you put Derrick Rose, or Rajon Rondo, or Chris Paul on the Suns, and considering the type of fast break offense they run…they could easily be a 1 or 2 seed in the west and seriously contend for a championship.

    Rajon Rondo is a great point guard and i am starting to notice the swagger that he has picked up from playing with the HOFs in Boston. He cant shoot but he knows how to get to the rim so he doesn’t shoot well because he does not have to shoot in order for his team to win.

    Russel Westbrook is not a good point guard at all, as a matter of fact he should be playing the 2 guard instead. He is one of the most athletic players in the NBA and knows how to get to the line night in and night out.

    Oh yeah, one final thought:



    – Dirk will sink a three with .2 left on the clock in GAME 7 and the Boston fans will be stunned!

  177. Mimiboston* says:

    Ilove me some rondo! Rose is really good hands down. Different teams= different roles. So your gonna put rondo down there because his jumpshot+FT (true i feel you on the FT part but he has found hes jumpshot if havent watched.) is not so good but if he wasnt surrounded by HOFers he would put his butt in the gym and work. (Rondo wasnt apart of run to the finals last years?! wtf..get your #facts right bro)
    Anyway we all know rose and rondo are on two diferent teams and systems they fit perfectly in there postions so i wouldnt put one over the other. But again theres other PGs out there that we shouldnt forget Respectively. “celtics fans are a joke”. Thanks alot for the love appreciate it! . We’ll see whats in store for the 2011 playoffs.

  178. max says:

    funny how down the entire page you have celtics fans on rondo’s jock. with exception to ray allen and paul pierce, boston really is just a bunch of crybabies. not to say they aren’t good, because clearly they’re a dominant team, but they really do whine about absolutely everything.
    but back to the rondo thing. i especially love those who are talking about the great defense and how amazing rondo could guard rose. i mean it’s not like rose dropped 36 on boston just a few nights ago. rondo is a good defender, but over rated. he just happens to play the passing lanes very well, which i’ will admit is a huge part of defense, but aside from that, i don’t see what’s so overly impressive

    another thing about rondo that i HATE, and was mentioned in the first few comments, is how it’s so obvious that he cares about his stats way more than rose. someone made the example i was going to use when he passed up a wide open lay-up to give it to ray allen. it shouldn’t bother me but it does

    and everyone who’s crediting most of rondo’s assists and highlights to the fact that he has three future hall of famers are absolutely right. rondo is definitely a good player, but i’d be interested to see how he would manage on a different team

    with all that said…derrick rose for mvp. (yes i am from chicago)

  179. Frank Fonseca says:

    Why is Tony Parker left out of the conversation? I really need this explained.

  180. Alex says:

    Who are these great players that Williams and Paul have that you guys keep claiming. The job of the pg is to lead your team and run your offense properly. Williams and Paul have proven this, while Rose is trying to prove it…

  181. Eomund7 says:

    Why are people rating rondo highly? yeah he can make a layup and play defense, maybe occasionally pull the odd fancy pass out of his ass, but seriously, this guy is an NBA player (a professional being PAID to PLAY!) and he cant even make a jumpshot! (Give Shaq a break, he has hands the size of shovels LOL). If other teams were to leave D.Rose that wide open like they do to Rondo, they would be blown out! Bigtime! Plus lets just think about when the big 3 leave Boston (Retire or get traded maybe?) but Rondo will become nothing unless the Celtics sign another all-star which he can spoon feed the ball to so that they can win games, and get his stats (assists) up.

    Admittedly i am a Bulls fan, and yes i love D.Rose. But i think that CP3 and D.Will are the joint best two PG’S in the league. then in like joint 3rd is Rose, Rondo and westbrook. Nash and Kidd are past it and just get blown out by the quicker, younger, athletic guards of today.

    Final comment, D.Rose is the only guard out of all them to be consistently putting up MVP stats. D.Rose for MVP.

  182. Dale says:

    Get real. If Dwill played anywhere else but Utah he would be so far ahead of the pack by any ranking it would be like the John Stockton era. Utah gets no respect. Two additions to Utah like Linus Kleiza and a hot shooting 3 point 2 guard and Utah could win the West. ANY team Lakers, Miami, Boston, Orlando would take Williams in a split second if they had a chance and while there is plenty of great players, Deron Williams is absolutely the best point guard in the NBA!

    • People says:

      Im srry hav u seen the Hornets? they hav one other scoring option and thats it…
      what about the Bulls, and Boozer’s injuries.

  183. Raph says:

    Everyone voting for anyone not named “Chris Paul” doesn’t know anything about basketball…

  184. Julio Martinez says:

    He is in his 3rd year and has developed far more than of the other point guards.

    D Will has been in the league and his system for 6 years, rondo the same thing. I dont see Rondo developing a shot and hes had time to put in the work.

    D rose in his 1st year in a new system is averaging 8+ assists with no shooters. Him and Booz have only played arpund 20 games together and noah has been out. Imagine when they are in this system and actually play together. Rose will be beastin by then…

    And for those of you who say Rondo guards Rose the best watch the games rondos gets handled all game. I

    will admit his defense needs to get better and its is already. Best blocking point guard and played pretty good defense on Wade when he guarded the other night too.

    He wants to get better and thats what makes him one of the top players in league and best PG. Only one close to him is def D will. Cant wait to see how much rondos production goes down when his big three retire then u will see.
    Its his third year i can only imagine how good he will be in his 5th or 6th year…Scary!

  185. Mari says:

    Rose is just unstoppable. He reminds of a young Allen Iverson. Definitely MVP material.

  186. mike cortez says:

    billups is still the best. i don’t care if he’s not on the list.
    and d-will is better than rose. rose is just like iverson.
    he plays like a shooting guard who likes to bring the ball up the court.
    i’m thinking 8 years and he’ll be in the euro league.

  187. kalin says:

    Chris paul is the best pg gaurd to me 🙂

  188. Raps 1995 says:

    steve nash nuff said

  189. DarkestRed says:

    Deron williams isn’t on a sexy team. This is the only thing keeping him from being universally regarded as the best point guard in the nba. His numbers show it. First 2 months of the season he was hands-down the mvp of the league.

  190. DROSE=AI says:

    DROSE is the same as AI in his prime..

  191. red23 says:

    i love steve nash. im a fan so im biased but ill try not to be biased.

    passing: steve nash – he makes and set up plays to make an easy basket
    DWill – same as steve nash but hes more on scoring.
    CP3 – good passer but not as good as nash and Dwill.
    rondo – he got the highest stats but actually he is benefiting bcoz he got a good shooters in his team and
    effective plays by Doc rivers.

    scoring: DRose – great ability to score even in tight defense
    Dwill – good shooter but drose is better in scoring
    russel – explosive scorer and vital in thunder’s offense
    nash – best percentage shooter among these point guards and his scoring is important to PHX but not good enuf
    compare to other PGs
    CP3 – hes a good shooter but i dont think hes a better shooter than the guys above
    rondo – his stats gone up this season but it is bcoz he doesnt shoot a lot. he passes all the time and not a good
    clutch shooter.

    Defense: CP3 – no question best defender
    Rondo – good defender but not good enuf as CP3
    Dwill – hes a good defender, he forces turnovers.
    russel – he is good as well but he just fall short to Dwill
    Drose – hes not a great defender but not too bad either
    nash – obviously. this is the only flaw in his career.

    dribbling: Drose – he got a very good dribbling skills. he scores mainly bcos of his killer crossover
    Dwill – he got the skills as well. its hard to tell whos better but i just think that rose is better dribbler bcos his
    dribbling help him score which is important to win games.
    CP3 – he very good but he is just behind Dwill. he protects the ball very well
    nash – hes a good dribler. he uses it to sets up some plays by weaving thru the defense and find the open
    man. but unfortunately, bcoz he always have the ball there is a higher chance in turning the ball over.
    russel – hes a good ball handler but he hasnt proved anything yet. maybe in the future
    rondo – he got the skills as well but he doesnt really rely on his dribling because he always passes and shoot if
    hes really open.

    • People says:

      CP3 – what part of his passing is worse than Dwill? hes avged less per game than him in a season ONCE
      hes a good defender, but when it comes to bigger PGs like Dwill, he tends to struggle, but he can def get steals
      and IMO hes the best dribbler just bcuz he gets the least turnovers and can do so much with the ball in his hands
      oh and hes a 45% 3pt shooter. which is better than any other PG here

  192. Celticsinboston says:

    Ok.Point guards are not only meant to assist in games.Elite PGs score , defend as well as dictate their team play.Who are the elite PGs in the game today?CP3,D-Will,Steve Nash,Rondo,Russell Westbrook,and D-Rose.Of all the aforementioned duties and players,Derrick Rose out does the others.We have him as a LEGIT MVP candidate and to me,he is the most improved player in the ball game this season.Forget abt last season..he had a great season…but check this out.in his 1st 2 seasons he made 36 three pointers..but as at 1st week of December,he had made that same number (for this season).Common fellas,D-Rose is the best PG.If he has any rival to that honor,it is D-Will because CP3 has declined,and Rondo struggles on his jumpers and overall shooting.I am a Celtic fan and i love Rondo,,but just leave assists asides and look at other duties as well.Derrick will skin Rondo.

  193. ABISHEK says:

    I find Steve Nash as the best pg, he may not be as flashy but hes simple. He probably best shooting point guard ever and one of the best passing point guards ever. He can score if he want but rarely does. He’s the best free throw shooter in the world. He can do what anyone else can but in simple way but tha

  194. Dwill for MVP says:

    Betweeen Rose and Wiliams I think Williams is the best. Who has won more playoff games? Williams. Who has led their team past the first round? Williams. Personally I think Derrek Rose is a good point guard who can make a lot of points but when is the last time you’ve actually seen him post 11 assists like Dwill does every night. Deron Williams just doesn’t get as musch respect because he is in Utah. Rose is in Chicago. Utah does not get credit even if they mostly produce on a nightly basis thanks to Dwill. Obviously Dwill is the best point guard.

  195. Datu says:

    wooww… no Tony Parker in the discussion…

  196. Sean says:

    So here’s a question: Right now, Rondo is about .4 behind Stockton for the single-season NBA APG record. Let’s just argue that he picks up the slack, and comes up with the record. Does that make him the best PG in the league? Are you willing to argue that the man who broke Stockton’s record is not the best PG in the league? Didn’t think so.

    But that’s purely hypothetical. Now I would like to address a few of the arguments I’ve been hearing over and over:
    1. Rondo only has those assists because he’s playing with 3 HOFers. That’s a stupid argument that doesn’t do anything because you can’t prove/disprove it, but fine. If you watch Rondo play, you’ll see that he sees the play unfold before it happens, delivers a pass to the perfect spot at exactly the right time, often slowing down to let the play develop– extremely heady. He’s made passes unlike any I have ever seen in basketball. Also, if it were that simple, he would have averaged 13apg in the title season, when the Big 3 were three years younger and better all around.
    2. Rondo can’t score. False. Rondo can score, and does when he NEEDS to. He can get to the basket nearly whenever he wants to, but having the cast that he does, it’s more important to get his scorers going than it is for himself to get his points.
    3. Rose dominates Rondo head-to-head. They have met 3 times, with Boston leading 2-1. Rose has gone for 24pts, 6.3ast, 4.3reb, 0stl, 4.6to. Rondo has gone 11.6pts, 12.6ast, 4.6reb, 3stl, 2.3to. Better point guard, head-to-head? Rondo. Rose has him in points, obviously, but Rondo leads in assists, rebounds, steals, and assists/turnovers.
    4. Charles Barkley said Rose is the best PG in the league. Well, Barkley also got a DUI, can’t pronounce the word “terrible”, and WAS NOT A POINT GUARD so his greatness means nothing as far as I’m concerned. He makes wildly bold statements on the regular, hates on Boston, and falls in love with young flashy studs who don’t win titles. Case dismissed.

    • nbafan says:



  197. skeetandcheese says:

    at the end of the day it comes down to winning, the best make it the furthest. so stats wont determine who’s better than who. during playoff time, we’ll see who’s better

  198. Insider says:

    i seriously think that rondo should be involved in this mvp talk as he has elminated as many weakness a point guard can have. He is a better defensive player than most player on that list except chris is preety good and if i had say who was the best point guard i would say steve nash

  199. michael d says:

    d-rose is not better than deron willams so stop talking about d-rose being the best

  200. Atascadero says:

    to be objective though i must say, what chris paul and d. rose have over williams is quickness which help them both with O and D. And, Deron turns the ball over a lot more than Chris paul. Not sure about rose’s assist per to ratio. i don’t know why barkley gives the leadership points to rose over william. If there ever was a great floor leader it’s williams. Anyone who has seen him play will know this. There was a recent article printed in the salt lake tribune where d-will’s illinois couch Weber said he had to keep challenging williams or else he would get bored. So in practice he would give williams the least athletic players because he knew williams would rise to the challenge. Weber recounts how williams would step up and lead his squad to victory every time despite having mediocre talent. that’s a true sign of leadership. and the inconsistency you’re seeing in the jazz now will pan out, if not because of this very article alone, igniting the competitive challenge like Weber did in his college days.

  201. William says:

    I have listend to Barkley and Webber but I respectfully disagree. D-Will is the best PG in the NBA right now, hands down. so Darrick Rose has had a big streak going. so what? D-Will has been a better all around player longer than D-Rose. I think EJ has a point. D-Will has had more big assisst games. another reason is that D-will is more of a big game player. If you compare D-Rose with D-will head to head in the 4th when the game is on the line, D-will by far is better. I would pick D-will over D-Rose in crunch time situations every time and twice on sunday. the thing with D-rose is, he takes more shots because he has too. The jazz can win more without D-will scoring all the time. so he dos’nt have too. can the bulls do the same? I think also that D-Will makes the players on his team better more efficiently and consistantly than D-Rose can. I would rank the PG’s as follows:


    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Maybe D-Will is better than Rose somewhat, BUT who is more important to their team? Rose is no question, when boozer was gone rose has to step up, when boozer came back and noah went out rose had to continue to step up..like they are 26-and something, thats a decent record, and they did that with two main guys out of play after the other. Dwill team could win more games without him, MILSAP IS BEAST THIS YEAR and you still have jefferson and other good teammates.

      Take d-rose off the bulls when those guys were out for injury and they be lucky to be a 500 ball club.

      Now Rose is def better than RONDO, i think rondo is good no question but look at who he plays with???? 3 HOF, well dam actually 4 since the arrival of Shaq.Not to take nothing from the guy but he can get easy assists from all four of them. And he has a higher FG% because he barely shoots, he even knows his jumpshot is a weak point in his game and will pass the ball before he shoots, when he takes shots is when its in the fastbreak or he can get inside for an ez two.

      Rose takes more shots and has A WAY MORE DIFFICULT SHOT SELECTION compared to RONDO my freind….

  202. Prod81 says:

    Since I am from Chicago, I hate to say this “D-will is the best point guard. He can pass, score at will and defend.” Then it would be Rondo, the man is a walking triple double but he has all stars around him and as Dallas showed, he cannot shoot. Then Paul is 3rd. He can do do everything like D-will. Derrick rose is the best dominating player though he can kill you all by himself and now he has a shot. Of course he hogs the ball, but thats because our scorers are not as skilled as other teams.

  203. Gordon says:

    well wth… why is it drose and rondo discussion, it’s clearly cp3 he’s so underrated… he does everything a point guard should be doing

  204. JMoon says:

    Hmm . . . depends on what you mean by point guard. In my opinion, a point guard is the leader of the team, who gets the offense going. It is also the player who has to be the least concerned about scoring. Therefore, I would probably have to say Rondo.

    Second, let me say that even though a opint guard doesn’t have to worry about scoring as much as the other four players do, Rondo can score if he wants to. Watch his moves down low! The guy is a beast!

    So, if it was a discussion of who the best SCORING PG is, I would probably say D-Rose, but as far as just PG goes, it’s Rondo hands down.

    • Aside From All The Rose Talk……. Rondo is no where near those guys like the deron william’s, the cp3’s, the rose’s…… He just a great passer (the quality of MANY point guards in the league) and an underrated rebounder. He can’t score at ALL and his defense sucks……(Note- Letting someone drive right by you and knock the ball out with his freakishly large hands doesn’t scream “defensive player of the year” to me). He’s just in a perfect system created by doc rivers… He’s in a starting line-up with 4 first ballot hall-of-famers…….. Other point guards would relish this opportunity……… He doesn’t have to do much……. Plus unlike those other guards (aside from westbrook), He’s not the MAN on his team….. He might lead the league and his team in assist but those other guys lead their team in assists, points, shots taken, and other categories……. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a GREAT point guard, But to put him at the top with deron williams and cp3…… To me, he’s no better to tony parker, jason kidd, or monta ellis

      • Big O Dawg says:

        Rondo Defense Sucks U Got Da Game Twisted Homie 4REAL!!! I Can See U Don’t Watch Basketball Oh Yeah I See Yo Tag Is LebronCity I Hope Dats 4 yo Name & not 4 D-Wade’s Trick #6??? Cuz If U Wanna Talk About Garbage Defense Miss. James

  205. stevieooo says:

    All these pg have their weakness n strength.Rondo is the best to fit in if your team is already great,Nash just makes everyone around him so much better,Westbrook,Dwill,Drose are best when they attack the rim even tho dwill seems to pass more.i dont think chris paul is that good now days,his stats arent good compare to all these other pg n Hornets isnt doing that good either so i dont know why hes getting all the votes

    • Pete says:

      Chris Paul’s stats not that good – interms of pure on paper stats Paul is far and away leaps and bounds above the other PG’s.

      Did you even see his stat’s before making that statement?

      PPG: 16.2 (more then adequate from a PG)
      APG: 9.6 (top 3 in the NBA)
      RPG: 4.1 (amoung the top for PGs)
      SPG: 2.7 (first amoung PG’s)
      TOPG, 2.3 (far less the the other ‘elite; PGs)

      Then there are the shooting percentages:
      FG%: 0.484
      3PT%: 0.452
      FT%: 0.901

      He has the shotting percentages of Steve Nash,the assists of Deron Williams, the rebounding and steal numbers of Rajon Rondo, and significantly less turnovers then any of them,.

      The only thing he doedn’t have is the outright scoring numbers and dunking abiltity of Rose / Westbrook, The dunking ability is meaningless, and he makes up for the reduced PPG via more steals (extra scoring opportunities), more assists (again, guaranteed points for teammates), less turnovers (less scoring opportunities for the opponents), and higher shooting percentages (less missed shots, less opportunity for opponents to rebount and score themselves).

      I’m acttually not a Hornets fan (I support Celtics) but anyone who says Chris Paul has unimpressive stats needs to step back and take another look at his numbers. Outside of his PPG, every other statistic of his is within negligable margin of his previous seasons.

  206. BigDaddy says:

    Okay, let me make this clear to ALL of you basketball illiterate people put there, Rajon Rondo is the BEST “TRUE POINT GUARD,” and Deron Williams is a nick away him. D-Rose has been nothing but impressive this season and who knows, by the end of the season I might have ti bump him up tot he top.

    Rajon Rondo is the best because he can drop a triple double on ANY given night. its just that simple. Rondo’s scoring is low because that NOT his job. His job on the Celtics is to get Ray or Paul open and give them the ball, hence why his assists is so damn ridiculous. Unlike Rondo, D-Rose as to take on the role of being the being the primary scorer and that is exactly why his scoring is so high, If you put D-Rose on the Celtics and Rondo on the Bulls, you’ll understand- in the sense that Rose’s PPG will go down significantly, while his assists go up. Rondo’s point will go up, but his assists wont make a big decline. That’s EXACTLY why Rondo is the best. No Matter where he goes he goes in and does his job.

  207. Who is the best? says:

    Rose is great at breaking down defense and scoring, but does not do a lot of play-making. I believe he gets so much credit as the “best” point guard because he is flashy and exciting.

    Nash is still up there with all the great point guards today. His passing is great along with his turnover ratio and his team leadership.

    Westbrook is one of the most explosive athetes in the league, which makes him very hard to guard. His defense is at a high standard and yet he is not even considered the best on OKC. His playmaking is exceptional and the way he plays with such energy is a plus to his team.

    Williams is the most consistent in the league. It seems like every night he puts up 20 and 10. His shooting ability makes him a threat on the offensive end, while his passing will get him the points indirectly.

    Chris Paul is a great leader for the Hornets. He too is very consistent and is having an MVP-like season. The reason he is not considered the best is the rest of his team. Do they have any all-stars in New Orleans besides CP3 and Drew Brees? His passing ability and scoring prowess make him a threat any day.

    Rajon Rondo is playing along side four future hall-of-famers. So what…have you ever seen him play? It is amazing the way he finds everyone wide open. The way in which Rondo breaks down a team’s defense is great for an old, Celtics team. The reason he can rack up 13-14 assists a night is because he knows where everyone is on the court. His passing ability is trememdous. Sure, he scores less points then assists but he gets it done. He doesn’t need to score when he is making sweet passes to KG down low or Ray on the wing. He is the reason Boston is leading the Eastern Conference. When he was injured, the Celtics’ offense fell apart with Nate running the point and they went on a losing streak.

    The best point guard in the league right now is Rajpn Rondo. Just watch him play and you will understand.

  208. Tom H says:

    C’Mon it’s not about who has the highest averages. It’s all about which point guard is the best example as a player on the court. D-Will, Nash, CP3, Rondo, and Yes, even Tony Parker all give a consistent effort night in and night out for their teams and MORE IMPORTANTLY… THEY ARE ALWAYS SEEKING TO HELP THEIR TEAMMATES TO IMPROVE THEIR GAME NOT JUST THEIR OWN. D-Rose is improving his own game but has he stopped to think how he can help his teammates? I still think D-Will is the best point guard and I’ll tell you why. I’ve watched the Bulls play this year and I can barely recognize any former Jazz players out there. Know why? Because they don’t get the ball nearly as often as they used to. D-Will is so much better at getting his teammates involved. It’s something that he has learned how to do over the years in the league. Although I really like D-Rose’s individual game is I just think that there’s a key element of leadership in his game that’s still missing. If he can learn how to lead a team as well as D-Will, Nash, and CP3 then he could be considered a top point guard.

  209. Colton says:

    This debate will go on forever. For now, Deron Williams is the best point guard in the league. D-Rose is too quiet on the court and leads by example. That works sometimes and with certain teams and players. Deron will be vocal and is a true leader/point guard, looking to serve his teammates before he scores. If someone else is hot (Paul Millsap, Al Jefferson) He will set them up for wide open shots while commanding the double team. If you watch the tape of the Utah Jazz-Miami Heat game where Paul Millsap “Millslapped” the Heat. You will notice how many times Deron sets him up, wide open. It doesn’t show up on the stat sheet sometimes as an “Assist” but he definitely set him up on almost all of his shots. You wonder how players thrive on the Jazz. I will give you two answers, Deron Williams, and Deron Williams running Jerry Sloan’s offense. Rose is great and a perfect fit on the Bulls. He will be an All-Star, he will have a legitimate chance for MVP. I’ll take DWill over DRose anyday. Feel free to disagree or bring up any points about Derrick Rose. But we will not know until they face up head to head. You can look at stats and efficiency, plus/minus, whatever. What I believe is that you will not be able to tell who is the best point guard until they match up to each other, for all of their meetings. By the end of the year, you will know. That is how DWill beat out CP3, is head to head matchups, Deron’s individual and team play beating out Chris Paul’s and the Hornets.

    • Honestly says:

      Dwill beats CP3 bcuz hes much bigger than him. Dwill relies mostly on strength and posting up to score, which is probably the thing CP3 struggles most defending seeing as how hes only 6 ft tall and weighs 30 lbs less than dwill.
      and CP3 has won 2 out of the last 3 matchups including a 100-71 clobbering the last time the two met

  210. Cesar says:

    Well honestly, this young talent that D-Rose has, is undeniable. he is a legend in the making but he still has more to learn and yes he is more of an offensive point guard but still a point guard, but he has yet to face the giants of the game when it really matters. (playoffs) D-Will sometimes lacks on defense but due to his experience for now he is still Number 1, but we have yet to see D-Rose climb higher in the NBA and one day become the leagues best, but not just yet.

    Personal Opinion

    1. Deron Williams
    2. Derrick Rose
    3. Steve Nash
    4. Chris Paul
    5. Rajon Rondo

  211. GUEST says:

    I agree.
    Steve Nash, my favorite player of all time, is past his prime. The very fact that he is in this conversation shows how good he once was. Jason Kidd, only a year or a little more older, is not. Nash still has that basketball savvy, although his defense (as usual) is suspect.
    Russell Westbrook could be. Westbrook and Rose definitely are the two most athletic, and both can score inside on a consistent basis. However, Westbrook’s performance is diluted by the fact that opponents have to keep an eye riveted on the league’s leading scorer, KD, all the time. As good as Westbrook is, he is a number 2 option on offense. And that means the Thunder are that good.
    Chris Paul, on the other hand, has the most all-around game. His injury may have slowed things down, but Paul can drill those jumpers from anywhere on the floor, and he is probably the best passer in the game right now. West and Okafor are solid big men, but Paul has taken a team of pit dogs in the Western Conference scrapping for that eighth spot to a top four team.
    Deron Williams is a nice mix of athleticism, skill, and awareness. D-Will is pretty much carrying his team right now, and he can dish, score on the inside, and shoot. With Paul injured, D-Will became the de facto number one point guard.
    Rajon Rondo is a great defender, but he can easily take gambles much more on defense. The Celtics team defense is probably the best in the league, and they can easily rotate, not to mention KG’s inside presence with his revitalized defense. Rondo also noticeably pads his stats, handing out assists on the fastbreak when he could easily score. As for his jumper, only one thing comes to mind. First meeting between Mavs and Boston, crunch time, mavs up. A three could give Boston the victory. Rondo gets the ball, and the Mavs just drop back, guarding the lanes. Nobody is within four feet of Rondo. This is intentional. They want him to shoot it, and, like they expected, he bricks.
    I’m going to have to stick to Derrick Rose. He’s unstoppable on the inside scoring. Almost at will, he splits double teams, avoids blocks, and is just plain fun to watch, twisting and contorting his way to a bucket or the line, sometimes both. He’s among the fastest players in the league, and he always was a great passer with decent awareness. Deng, Boozer, and Noah are not even close to the Celtics Big Three, although they are significantly younger. Deng, especially, cannot create any offense on his own. And now, with his new found outside scoring ability, he is destruction. Play him on the outside? He’ll blow past you like nothing, and, unlike D-Will or Paul, Rose will completely fluster the help defense that arrives. Play a little off of him, and you’ll start seeing the jumper fall. Double team him, he STILL might score, or he’ll dish it off. Aside from the very best perimeter defenders in the league, no one can stop him. Tom Thibodeau’s defense has also created a new defensive life in Chicago, affected Rose greater than anyone else.

    • Honestly says:

      prob the most reasonable post hear. none of that DROSE IS DA BEST or RONDO IS POOP stuff, just an honest, barely biased, opinion that doesnt leave a definite “best point guard”

  212. Kris says:

    hey, have we left jason kidd out of this best pg argument????

  213. Roger says:

    First of all, this recurring argument that Rondo is the best simply because he has a championship ring is simply, for lack of a better word, dumb. He did not play a vital role in that championship run, and had not yet fully developed into the point guard he is today. That being said, he is a great point guard and produces some exhilarating plays, but the fact remains that he is surrounded by 3 HOF’ers, one of which happens to be the best catch and shoot player in the game, Ray Allen. Plus, a particularly weak aspect of Rondo’s game is his shooting, which often means that the opposing player can give him much more room to roam around the three point line. Overall, Rondo is great, but not the best.
    Personally, I think that D-Rose and D-Will are equal right now, because their individual playing systems require them to play in different roles. D-Rose, especially now with Boozer and Noah out, needs to adopt a more scoring-minded role, whereas Deron can still pass around a little bit to Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap, or dish out to the perimeter.

  214. Atascadero says:

    Give it 3 weeks and everyone will be saying Deron Williams is the best again. The Jazz will gel; they’ll find their consistency; it’s better that the bumps in the road are in december-january rather than april-may.

  215. qg says:

    No one leads a team like d-will. He’s a better shooter, passer and leader than Rose. Rose is one of the most exciting players in the league, but exciting doesn’t win games. A pg’s job is to lead by making everyone around him better. If i was making the perfect team i’d take d-will, hands down.

  216. dan says:

    Wow… are you people stupid? no seriously. I think basketball is the only sport with the dumbest fans. I’m trying to figure out why Rajon Rondo,Russel Westbrook,and Derrick Rose are even on the list.The only people that should be mentioned are Steve Nash,Deron Williams,and Chris Paul.
    Steve Nash is the best point guard in the NBA. ok no more discussions. .

    • TKCuv says:

      Listen Dumb Ass Nutt (DAN)… Nash is a good player… that Suns team is not necessarily better or worse than the Bulls, but Nash can not and does not match what Rose brings on the nightly basis. The other PG’s you’re trying to discount bring more than Nash… age is the great equalizer, Nash is simply a talented PG who is witnessing the change of guard in the NBA at his position.

  217. Ethan Thompson says:

    D-will is by far the best pg in the WORLD. Then comes Rondo. D-Rose isn’t even in the running.


  218. Trapp says:

    For people who understand basketball and how the game is played would definitely understand that Derrick Rose is the best POINT GUARD. Are you all forgetting that he is only 22 and your having this argument about him already!!

  219. Jizayah10 says:

    Deron Williams is still the best all the other point guards are great but Deron Williams is the best shooter a bigger man and smat Derrick Rose is great but he has a better team period he pretty much has Utah’s last year team and still can’t average 10 assist, Carlos Boozer doesnt know what he’s talking about, he says who ever is on his team is the best. Watch Utah vs Chicago and everything Will be answered.

  220. Ethan Thompson says:

    D-will is by far the best pg in the NBA. Not even close!


  221. Caleb says:

    What are y’all talkin about!?!? Mike Bibby is the best point guard! ha ha ha jk, bibby sucks! The Real best Point Guard in the NBA hands down is Deron Williams!! Rose is good but he’s still behind Williams.

  222. D-Rose is MVP says:

    When Rondo made it to the finals it wasn’t all him it was mostly the other big three which is KG Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.Rondo was not even considered a star for the first championship for Boston and yes he made the finals as a rising star but didn’t win it now did he and the reason is because the main big three is getting old.I needed to clarify this to you people who think rondo is better because of his ring and finals appearances.Not at all is rondo better than rose or D-Will

  223. P-Nig says:

    I’m a die hard Jazz fan and I got to be honest… D Will has slipped this year. Part of the problem is that his teammates just don’t show up every night… and the other problem is D Will himself only shows up for two, maybe three out of the four quarters of every game. I love D Will and I think he’s right behind D Rose for sure… But this year I got to say D Rose is blowing my mind.

  224. Syed says:

    when ray allen, paul peirce, and kevin garnett retire from the celtics, rajan wont lead his team anywhere. they wouldnt be even in the playoffs. rose could lead his team to t he playoffs on his own.

    1)rose 2) williams 3)tony parker 4) nash 5) russell westbrook

  225. Josh Nickel says:

    here’s a simple statement to show you who is the best ALL AROUND pg in this poll…… WHO IS THE ONLY ONE HERE WHO HAS WON A CHAMPIONSHIP LET ALONE BEEN TO THE FINALS TWICE…….. #9……… RAJON RONDO

  226. Dontlikenames says:

    Rondo is nowhere close to being the best PG in the league. Its hard for any PG who looks to pass not to lead the league in assists when he has Ray Allen, who is a catch and shoot player, Paul pierce, KG, and Shaq on his team. He has a high fg% bcuz the only shots he puts up are lay-ups while other PGs will shoot jumpshots, especially seeing as how he doesnt NEED to score on the Celtics team. Hell, if Darren Collison or Johny Flynn were starting PGs for the Celtics, theyd be in the discussion as the best PG in the league

    • NBAfan says:

      yes rondo is not the best pg, still he does the better passes or did you watch any celtics game whitout rondo? paul dwill and rose are better but rondo is the next one in the convo, he is doing what boston needs to win and i i think in any team he would play he would rock or even score more points if the team needs it

  227. bukisha says:

    the answer is STEVE NASH plain and simple!

  228. Rondorox says:

    Ok. First of all, you really cannot compare D-Rose and Rondo because they do different things. Rose crushes Rondo in the scoring division, but Rondo is a far better distributor. @fastdontlie: I agree that rose can score at will, but have you seen Rondo when he wantes to score? He can fly past his defenders right to the hoop. The thing about Rondo is he is averaging a double-double in points and assists. Derick Rose is a scoring machine because nobody on his team is stepping up. If Rondo did not have 4 veteran future hall-of-famers then he would be matching Rose point-for point. Rose is scoring, Rondo is scoring and distributing. Rondo is better

    • TKCuv says:

      Rondo is NOT a better passer than Rose as the assists may lead to you think… Rondo definitely has a better cast of shooters and finishers at the rim to distribute the ball to than Rose. Night in and night out, you will see a minimum of 10 passes from Rose to his team mates flat out missed (wide open shots at that). If can never be said that Rose does not have a typical PG mentality, he looks to pass first. The make up of the Bulls has demanded that Rose set the tone offensively. Who can truly walk in another PG’s shoes and have the same current level of success? Rose in his time in the NBA has NEVER had the same level of complementary talent surrounding him as his counter parts. With that said, at best, DWill, CP3, and Russell and the only 3 that can walk in Rose’s shoes and potentially match his current production. Rondo would suffer on the Bulls, Nash & Parker would put up respectable PG #’s, but they wouldn’t be better than Rose’s production. Rose’s game can conform and adjust to any team, that’s beyond evident with his production with the Bulls. If he were on the Celtics, I think his #’s would be scary, because he can easily be a 20/10 man on that team. Finally, NONE of these other PG’s have to carry the load for their teams night in and night out like Rose does… not just the best PG, but a front runner for MVP too!

  229. Momo24 says:

    Yes, its nice to look at stats and compare point gaurds, but have you seen drose play? He gets his own put backs, takes it up on bigmen, isnt afraid to play against anyone. Plus, he is limited with other offensive talents (Deng and Bozer…Maybe Korver) and he still manages 8 plus assists and injuries to bigmen have been affected him too, so alot of attention has been on him offensivley, and he still averages 24 points and they are number 3 in the east because of HIM because booz and noah have been hurt and deng has his nights…

  230. bostonpicha says:

    Rondo is the best pg.You can give a good assist and perfect position for your teammates if you dont have enough basketball IQ. Passing, dribbling, rebounding and scoring when needed is a quality of a great point guard and you can see it in Rondo/s game.

  231. Nash Fan says:

    In-order for DWill, Rose,Westbrook,and rondo to become the best point guard in the NBA first they must reach or achieve the accomplishments that steve nash has done in his NBA career like becoming 2time MVP for example, In my opinion none of them can beat nash…In terms of carrying a team and leading them to victory and scoring and assist making…the only major thing about the other point guards that i mentioned at the top is that there all young and all of them watched and i think admired him when they were still in college or in high school or even in grade school for that matter because of that they got there skills and no-how on playing the game due to his talents and nash is 37 right now and he still plays like a 24 year old….if he was still at the same age bracket like them none of them can beat nash….in terms of everything!!!!!……wahahahaha

  232. Will says:

    It’s so hard to rank Rondo, Rose, D-Will, and CP3 because they’re all so great but anyone who says Rondo is a product of the system is clearly mistaken. Anyone who watches the Celtics knows that when Rondo is taken out, the offense is really stagnant. The perfectly timed pass to Ray Allen off screens is something any shooter appreciates because he gets it right in stride and right where the shot pocket is, Rondo’s probably the best at that in the league. He has the very very rare ability to see plays before they even happen, and he flat out-hustles everyone which is a skill in itself. The rebounding and defense is there, and though he does tend to gamble some and get caught on some screens, he is the best defensive point guard in a league where guards dominate. His jumper is getting there, but obviously needs improvement, but he can also score, especially when the team needs a bucket with great percentages. As for padding stats on the fast break, anyone who plays point guard should know it’s so important to give the ball to scorers to improve confidence, he’s just playing his role as the best distributor in the NBA. Rose is an amazing player as well. He can score with the best of them, and he is a good passer, but he’s not an elite distributor and has the ball in his hands more than maybe anyone in the league. D-Will is probably the best all-around point in the league with his ability to score, run a complex offense, and defend and his game looks even better now than last year. CP3 is also an amazing player who is probably the second best distributor in the league, but he should look for his shot more on a team that lacks perimeter scorers. If we’re talking about the best “point guard,” it’ has to be Rondo. The man plays his role on a level that most people can’t understand but all 4 players are invaluable to their teams.

  233. crossover 45 says:

    I think there are many things that make a point guard “The Best”. the point is a position in which the player has good court vision, good passer, decent shooter,etc. Not one of the guards listed in the poll are perfect. Also the number of championships does not make any point guard better than another… Championships are a team effort and can not be achieved by one person. here are the positives and negatives of each player..
    Rondo- Is a great overall guard but here’s the problem…. if a clutch shot needs to be taken in a game…rondo is only the Fourth op. on the celtics…Also rondo is putting up great numbers but it is easy to get 13 assists if the other people on ur team are ray allen, garrnet, and pierce. bigge st negative is his shoting….
    D-will-also an amazing point….well rounded in all stats.. great defender, can score and get his team mates involved… biggest negative is his team …. there good but dwill’s stats would be higher if he were on a better team
    rose-i havent been watching to many bulls games but i feel that rose is more of a scorer than a passer and a point needs to have the passing come first before scoring or 50/50 on each..
    nash- i think would have been #1 in this pole if he were in his prime but he is past that. he is now the #1 in free throw % which shows something. has maintained the 40/50/90 shoting thing he has been doing which is quit amazing and also he is a two time MVP… the best thing about nash is that he is a passer than a shooter…. the blemish on his career is his defense. he is not so amazing at D…but his team is also known for this which i think people kind of mix with him
    paul-will most likly be the best guard but needs a team to help.

    PAST-Nash hands down
    Future-Rose and Paul

    *rondo must get better at shooting and is not top 3 of his team
    *Westbrook does not really compare to the pointguards in the pole
    *these are all my thoughts and u are free to disagree and i would like to hear about it reply back

  234. BriApz says:

    ill go for steve nash overall, if one of the elite can win 2MVP’s ill be damn sure that his the top PG..

  235. 6xChamps says:

    IMO, everybody in the poll, + Tony Parker, are legit candidates. There are some great PG’s around the NBA.

  236. awesomeman says:

    Rondo is the best “point guard”, while derrick rose is the best player.

    • MickeyMouse says:

      I agree with you.

      Yes derrick rose is the best player, but when it comes to point guard duties Rondo is the the best point guard form me.

  237. Fast Dont Lie says:

    Rose has become better and better with each season that goes by. Not only is he a top 10 (top 5) player in the league, he is a my pick for MVP. The Bulls have solidified themselves as a top team in the East even with the injury to key players. It is a disappointment if Rose does not win MVP. His team has a better record than Amar’e’s. He has improved his shooting TREMENDOUSLY. His 3pt percentage is higher than Kobe, Durant, Wade, and the King himself. He is almost unstoppable. He scores at will. That cannot be said about any other point guard in the NBA. DERRICK ROSE HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!

  238. Mike says:

    The conversation right now is based on events hitherto, Look at who is in the lead in the East standings, Boston. D-rose would be phenomenal down the road. But we are not talking next year or the next five years . Now RONDO is Boston’s reason for being number one in the East, your draft pick doesn’t simply rank you as the best, it’s want have you done for your team, and Rondo has done more than Rose. Remember he’s the one with a ring.

  239. Deddy says:

    Comparing D-Rose to D-Will is a hard argument to make for either player. Both have different styles of play in different systems. D-Rose has a quicker first step, D-Will has a better crossover. They average about the same amount of points and assists but D-Will has carried the Jazz while D-Rose is carrying the Bulls. It will be interesting to see how far D-Rose can get with 3 players who played for the Jazz. Maybe a little farther in the Eastern Conference just because it doesn’t have as many really good teams as the West. D-Will shoots a better percentage from everywhere (FG, FT, 3PG), averages more steals, less turnovers, and more assists in the same amount of time per game. Rose averages one basket more per game. Although the balance is pretty even it has to be tipped in D-Will’s favor. D-Rose is almost the best.

  240. Crackum says:

    Everyone who makes the claim that Nash is on the decline is clearly misinformed. There is some serious flawed reasoning in drawing such a conclusion based on his age alone. Use an objective standard people or you lose your credibility and appear just plain ignorant.

  241. Vmychal says:

    Also, Rondo is a great player, he’s really good, a winner, a competitor, great ball handler, excellent passer…Derrick Rose would destroy him one on one EVERY time. Rose can guard him, stop him from scoring. No one can stop Derrick, no one! Time will tell, this will be a dumb question, not debatable a few years from now.

  242. XYAB says:

    Talk all you want, but only one PG has 3 rings and a Finals MVP: Toni Parker

    • BasketballJunkie says:

      That is a fact, but who is the most valuable to a team as an individual? Parker or one of the other 5 in the poll today? Parker is not in the top 5 tier and you cant build a franchise around him, and one could even argue that you could substitute any seasoned PG with Parker and the spurs would have done the same and will continue to do the same with the rest of the nucleus in tact

  243. Mike says:

    D-will, will take you to the playoffs, Rose would take you to the conference finals, Rondo would take you the finals. Men lie Women lie numbers don’t. Rondo’s the best point guard right now.

    • Nicholas says:

      Amended version… after factoring in latest facts/numbers & going by the same logic:

      Rose will take you to the playoffs,
      D-Will will take you to the conference semi-finals,
      Nash will take you to the conference finals,
      Rondo will take you to the championship finals,
      Fisher wins you the title.

      Therefore, Fisher is the best point guard (??).

  244. Imran says:

    Seriously most of the comments here are clearly biased and bordering on sillyness. So ill try to give an unbiased view. Obviously you have to take into account the systems and teams that each PG plays in, but that shouldnt count against anyone.
    Firstly D Rose is clearly the “favourite” PG amongst the public, but in no way is he the best in the nba, arguably the most improved but in no way the best.
    I’d go with the top 2 being D-WILL & CP3, why? Because after all we have seen in this season, they are STILL the best all round PGs. The others are catching up but are not there YET. If i had to choose between these two, i’d have to go CP, cos not only is he great at what he does, but he’s making his teammates better, and they are currently doing much better than ANYONE expected.
    After these two the chasing pack are catching up, e.g. D ROSE, WESTBROOK and even RONDO, yeh his jumpshot isnt great but he’s working on it. For me D ROSE & WESTBROOK are very similar, yet WESTBROOK hardly gets mentioned as much, ridiculous. I’d prolly give Rose the edge with his improved jumpshot, but then WESTBROOK has better defense & more trip-doubs to his name, so its very close, even both OKC & BULLS are closely matched as teams fringe contenders if you like.
    Now the reason why Rondo comes after is cos he doesnt have as good an all round game, no matter what anyone says, but he is awesome at what he does, arguably the best passer in the league alongside, CP and NASH, and is #1Def PG.
    And finally NASH, is still an elite PG, but the only reason is am not going to compare him cos he is nearing the end of his career, and he has proven himself b4 to be the best in the nba at (2x MVP), so he has nothing to prove now,
    P.S. i support the Orlando Magic 😉

  245. Vmychal says:

    It’s obvious to anyone who knows the game, DerricK Rose is the best point guard in the league. Forget the stats, look at him play! He is scoring right now because he has to! He certainly can create shots for others and get them the ball, and he’s improving defensively. And most important, he’s got that “I aint gonna loose” attitude. (like Kobe, MJ, Isiah, Magic) Simply put, in one word, he is UNGUARDABLE. He can get any shot he wants at any time. No other point guard can do that. If you were choosing for a pick up game at the playground, who would you pick first? If you dont take DRose, your gonna loose.

  246. smart guy says:

    San I agree with you on CP3. If you put some of these guys on the hornets team they would score allot but the team wouldnt be as good. Once he gets one year under his belt after sitting out last year I think he will be the best overall pg.

  247. smart guy says:

    This is probably the hardest position to rate because all of these guards are somewhat different. I do feel that rose and westbrook have to score more so that stat is skewed. Paul and rondo are the overall best passers but the overall package I still have to give to D-will. I still believes he can do more than the others consistently. Its easier to stop most of them other than paul (nash not in this conversation) cuz of lack of shooting. With all that said its probably gonna take CP3 about a year to get his true explosiveness back.

  248. inkybreath says:

    First, Ray Allen is shooting out of his mind this year, which helps a bit for Rondo.

    If Rose had a starting SG who could hit jumpers, the stats would flex right along with it. As it is now he has to play 75% point guard and 25% shooting guard.

    Now, what you do you think Chris Paul does in replace of Rose on the Bulls? How does that team perform do we think? (Are Deng and West the same player? Edge Deng for defense, I would think, but still…)

    I am a biased Bulls fan for sure. I think what we Bulls fans are trying to say is – You have no idea how amazing it is to watch Rose play this year … entire game after game. He has made the United Center, which was known well enough for having good crowds, into one of the loudest venues in the league. There are so many things he has done – so many Brilliant dribble drives – really Brilliant. He has, more than once this year, done something you just didn’t think he could do. One of the most creative and successful finishers I’ve seen in a long time. Most importantly, we are winning games now that we haven’t won in a decade.

    It is halfway through the season and we are 3rd in the Eastern Conference, 15 games over .500 and on pace to finish 56-26 (right off years and years of being a .500 club). I don’t even need to explain what this means in the face of the injuries and underwhelming individual play from so and so.

    Whew, biased all right…

  249. …” definitely derrick rose is the best point guard in the nba ryt,,,now,,
    no no no no no… i mean not in the NBA
    derrick rose is the best point guard in the “WORLD”

    no 0ne can beat…him

    gogogogogogo… chicago bulls
    specialy you

  250. tchas says:

    those who r saying rose is the best tell me what rose has more than westbrook(a triple double last time).those who r saying rose can dish 13 asts if he were in boston tell me why he didn’t do that during the world championship while he was playing with KD and Billups?Rondo is making everyone play better even shaq who was shooting 56%last season is shooting 68%this season.Please don’t hate rondo this much.it s time to tell the truth

    • REALIST says:

      First off dude Fiba rules are different than the NBA’S. You don’t get assist for made jumpshots only for someone going to the basket. if you watched basketball instead of talking out of your ass like most Boston fans you would know this!

  251. pakli123 says:

    So.. Yes, D Rose statistically, he has the most point by a point guard in the nba.. but point guards like Rajon Rondo, and Jason Kidd can dominate a game without even shooting the ball, yeah you’re all probably right, rajon rondo can’t even shoot a high percentage shots, but the way he control the tempo of the game and putting pressure on the defense of their opponents, man it’s just those little things that he can do.. every player has their own specialties when they’re playing their game.. so we cannot really argue who is the best or who is the worst..

  252. D-Rose is MVP says:

    Derrick Rose need to take more shots due to the poor players around him. Boozer has now come wo can take of some of the load.I mean if you look back at when he was a rookie he didn’t seem so excited to score all the points he wanted to pass and he did and thats why the bulls were not as good then but as he’s progressed he has taken his role and seen that his team needs him to score or if you say “be selfish” he needs to for the bulls to be successful.Also Rondo only gets most of his assists from the great players around him imagine D-Rose being put in that position.He could drag the defense into him and pop it out for Ray Allen to hit his 3s or Paul and Kevin Garnett could hit those mid jumps too.

  253. Zeerak Abbas says:

    I agree with Kel. Also, Rondo is the best pg in the nba. He has great courtvision. He gets the big three open for EASY shots by tellign them to run a certain play. Rondo can also score. If you take away the 5 more assist that Rondo is averaging, and convert it to points, they will be 10-15 points. That is greater than d rose and d will. Rondo has a hamstring and plantar fisctas or something like that. He has foot problems for more then 3 years. Yet he is still faster than d rose. I think you should see a celtics game for once.

  254. JGo says:

    Everyone keeps saying rondo is a better defender.But can anyone with a straight face thinks rondo can gaurd rose.

    • Rondo Supporter says:

      games 2, 3, and 4 of the 2009 playoffs: Rose: 16 turnovers, Rondo: 12 steals. Rose had 0 steals in the 3 games by the way. Not that this is absolute proof but yeah I can say Rondo can guard Rose with a straight face. Actually it was hard because I was still laughing at how ridiculous your comment was.

      • NBA FAN! says:


  255. Paul Pierce says:


    oh and Ray Allen

  256. Rondo for mvp says:

    Derrick Rose is the best scoring pg in the game because of ridiculous offensive skills to put the ball in the basket. That being said Rondo is the best in the nba at running a team and the reason he doesnt score as much as Rose because the depth and amount of good shooters on the celtics that their system gives open look means that he doesnt need to score as much but if the celtics needed him to he could score 18-20 points per game easily. Rondo is also the best defensive pg in the league when fully healthy, because even though a while ago rose burned Rondo, he was just coming back from the ankle and hamstring. Overall Rondo is probably one of the most complete players except for the shot and free throws, but that still doesnt mean that he is still the best pg

  257. G5 says:

    This is ridiculous. Good for you guys to leave comments thinking you know what basketball is because you watch it on your tv from your living room. The only people that can legitimately argue this question is those who play basketball. D-Will Rose Rondo and Nash are the 4 best point guards in the league hands down. But for being a true point guard (as in the guy who runs the offensive sets, distributes the basketball and is the floor General) that honor clearly only belongs to Rondo with Nash close behind and only because of his age. Rose and D Will score because they have to. They are not pass first players and never will be. They are new age combo point guards and yes Rose beats D Will in that but Rondo is the true point guard of the league!

  258. tofhu says:

    rondo is playing with 4 all-star and possible h.o.f .. that’s why there’s no doubt that rondo got almost 13 or 14 apg ,.. but with rose .. he can be a scorer and a good passer

  259. gerardo says:

    he is third in my listo of point guard he has to be constant like cp3 and dwill to be named No. Point guard Dwill and cp3 has done this for what three four five years? lets wait a little longer to put d rose in the No. 1 spot same coment to westbrook. here is my list

  260. Boomer says:

    How can people say Rondo is the best. He can pass and run an offense well but he can’t shoot and his defense is overrated. He gets steals because he goes for them every possession and lets his guy drive by him.

    Westbrook is the most underrated. Watch his games against the elite PG’s. He dominates all of the other point guards including Rose one on one. The only PG I have seen get the better of Westbrook is Dwill and that was mostly last year.

    1.DWILL- Most complete game overall
    2. Rose- Tied for the best athlete with Westbrook. Best scorer
    3. Westbrook- Great athlete. Most competitive. Still a little raw. On the rise. Beat Rondo out for Team USA
    4. Paul- Great all around skills. Not as athletic as the guys above
    5. Nash- Smartest PG. Great skills. Not as athletic as those above and on the decline.
    6. Parker- Good overall skills.
    7. Rondo- Good at managing an offense and passing. Needs players around him

  261. Joaquin Jerez says:

    right now ill go for D-ROSE but back in the day its Steve Nash hands down he is like the second best PG in NBA history (of course Magic is the # 1 ) .

    • adam w. says:

      um.. that was the dumbest comment i have ever heard in my entire life JOHN STOCKTON is BY FAR THE BEST POINT GUARD in nba history wow what people think are point guards is just dumb magic played more shooting guard small forward during his days yes he was a great passer but no one can compare to john stockton besides maybe and i mean maybe steve nash you are an idiot.

    • D-will says:

      Did you forget about Stockton???????? Way better than both.. 15,762 Assists Cmon Really. Oh yeah 3265 Steals.. Both stats are the most ever in NBA history and will not be touched for a very very long time…Cmon Steve Nash? Magic you can argue… Nash??????????

  262. Oshi says:

    The most epic D Rose Video
    Check it out Must SEE

  263. sergio says:

    rondo finds the open man.anyone in the game can score.rondo would get assist numbers anywhere he played because he knows how to find the open man.anyone would benefit from his ability.hes the fastest with the biggest hands and somserious arm length.also leads them all in the triple double debate.this is a team sport.you can have your flashy pg.s who score a lot.lotta good that will do you in the playoffs.young people always are looking for MJ to lead there team.ask lebron how that worked for him in cleavland

  264. TehN3wb says:

    Rondo is overrated.
    I certainly won’t believe he’s the best pg in the nba and not the best passer. Cmon.
    Ofc the celtics looks lost without him, Robinson can’t make plays and he’s a ballhog. :O
    1, Paul
    2. D-Will
    3. Nash
    4. Westbrook
    5. Rondo

  265. chen says:

    drose is way way way i mean way way better than rondo…one point….put drose to the celtics and rondo to the bulls and tell me if rondo can lead the bulls as what drose is doing right now…rondo won the championship bec of his teamates allen,pierce and kg…even w/o rondo the celtics would still win the the championship bec of the big three…they probably win the trophy thrice if drose was their pointguard….those three guys(big 3) doesnt need assist..they can create for themselves…

  266. san says:

    They´re all wonderfull PG but the best for me is CP3 he is in a bad team but he make it a good team, he understand the game like Rondo but the can score from everywhere, he make all his teamates play better, and even if he dont dunk is very fun to watch him, Paul have a control of the game that you dont watch it in the stadistics but he is the master of puppets like a PG have to be, he control the game like none does. Nash was the best but now he is old, but I think he was the best PG of the last 10 years, Rondo is a great PG and I love to watch him play, the Celtics without him wouldnt be like they are, but he is not that complete, in a bad team his great would be loss like some players that plays in europe like the PG of Argentina or the brasilian one. Rose is very complete and he can go really far, he need some time to control more the game and stop more when the team needs to play lower, and some other things that stadistics dont show, but he is really hard to guard and he can be great. D-will for me is the second best PG couse he is very complete, he can do everything, but he is not a very good player in the last minute of the game, thats what he need to be in the top.

  267. manny_luv says:

    I like Rose, he is an excellent player. I’m also a fan of Deron Williams but Rondo for me is magic. He is overlooked becuse of the “Big 3” who by the way would be a lot smaller without him. He is also helping Shaq become a bona fide contende after years of absence. Rondo doesnt need to shoot often because he has great shooters on his team and he knows how to use them, as a pg should. Rose isn’t greedy, he knows his role too and he is required to shoot more. For their teams, I believe they are doing exactly what they should be.

  268. swoopkid says:

    To say rondo is better then drose is ridiculous. I am a big nba fan, and am from chicago but will not be giving a biased response- just simply an explanations and my reasons for why drose is much better than rondo, and why he is playing at the level or beyond of the likes of d-will and c-paul.

    1. Drose and the chicago bulls record is better than either of those players team record with the exception of boston.
    But rondo isnt boston best player, drose is, which leads me to 2.

    2, Rondo is a great player dont get me wrong, but hes a terrible shooter, but in a offense like boston’s his teamates make up for it.

    3. Rondo is playing with 4 possible h.o.f, All of which are very efficient when it comes to field goals and their percentages. If the bulls avg 55 percent from the field then rose will be putting up 11, 12 assist a game easily, to go along with 25 ppg.

    to conclude:Rose is a scoring-passing pg yes, but that does not make him a selfish player. He will continue to improve on both his shooting, passing, and defense. But you forget he is only in his 3rd year, and made a massive jump into the elite just this year. A few months from now, im sure there will be no doubt he’ll be considered the best pg in the nba.

    • Kel says:

      Both do what they need for their teams. Rondo’s shot is actually a lot better, but he needs to improve his FT. Plus, while Rondo has 4 future HOFers on his team, his is arguably their most important player. Which I think solidifies, rather than detracts from how good he is. Both are better for their teams.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        man when rondo was out with the injured ankle for 5 or 6 games the celtics STILL WON, i think they lost 1 game….so THEY can win WITHOUT RONDO, BELIEVE IT!

        take drose off the bulls THEY WILL BE LUCKY TO BE 500 BALL CLUB, rose is THEIR BEST PLAYER AND TOP SCORER, without him the BULLS just aint good, just do the math

    • Pete says:

      “3. Rondo is playing with 4 possible h.o.f, All of which are very efficient when it comes to field goals and their percentages. If the bulls avg 55 percent from the field then rose will be putting up 11, 12 assist a game easily, to go along with 25 ppg.”

      Ok, let me just point something out real quickly. Lets check out Rondo’s assists stats year by year since he entered th eleague, and at the same time check out the Boston players’ FG percentages before and after playing with a ‘developed’ Rajon Rondo.

      First, Rondo’s stats:
      06-07 (rookie season, no Big 3): 23.5 MPG, 6.4 PPG, 3.7 RPG, 3.8 APG, 1.6 SPG, 0.418 FG%, 0.207 3PT%
      07-08 (1st Season with ‘Big 3’ ): 29.9 MPG, 10.6 PPG, 4.2 RPG, 5.1 APG, 1.7 SPG, 0.492 FG%, 0.263 3PT%
      08-09 (2nd Season with ‘Big 3’) 33.0 MPG, 11.9 PPG, 5.2 RPG, 8.2 APG, 1.9 SPG, 0.505 FG%, 0.313 3PT%
      09-10 (3rd Season with ‘Big 3’) 36.6 MPG, 13.7 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 9.8 APG, 2.3 SPG, 0.508 FG%, 0.212 3PT%
      10-11 (4th Season with ‘Big 3’) 37.5 MPG, 10.8 PPG, 4.5 RPG, 13.4 APG, 2.4 SPG, 0.528 FG%, 0.304 3PT%

      Now from 06-07 until the end of 07-08 (title year) rondo was still green, and a pure role player. In 08-09 Boston had that terrible injury plagued season which forced Rondo to take on a greater role.

      In the playoffs he took over everything and dominated in that epic playoff series with the Bulls, then led the Celtics to the East finals where they lost to Magic without KG and with an injured Pierce. Rondo’s play in these playoffs changed his role for good, and he started the 09-10 as the undisputed leader of Boston’s offense.

      Check how the FG% of Boston’s key players have changed during Rondo’s development – especially look at their FG% has changed with Rondo’s massive assist season this year.

      1. Paul Pierce
      06-07: 0.439
      07-08: 0.464
      08-09: 0.457
      09-10: 0.472
      10-11: 0.514 <– Career best

      2. Ray Allen
      06-07: 0.438
      07-08: 0.445
      08-09: 0.480
      09-10: 0.477
      10-11: 0.517 <– Career Best

      3. Kevin Garnett
      06-07: 0.479
      07-08: 0.539
      08-09: 0.531
      09-10: 0.521
      10-11: 0.539 <– Career best (along with 07-08 season)

      4. Shaquille Oneal
      08-09: 0.609
      09-10: 0.566
      10-11: 0.682 <– Career Best

      5. Glen Davis
      07-08: 0.484
      08-09: 0.442
      09-10: 0.437
      10-11: 0.461 <– Highest since rookie year, despite twice as many FGA/G compared to last year

      6. Marquis Daniels
      06-07: 0.459
      07-08: 0.430
      08-09: 0.457
      09-10: 0.498
      10-11: 0.498 <- Career best, along with 09-10

      Now, do you honestly think it's a coincidence that ALL of these players (including the big 3) are scoring at the most efficient rate this year, when Rondo is having his career assist year? I guarantee you that it's not Rondo's assists pumping up because the FG% are higher, it's those guys shooting at a higher FG% because of Rondo's ability to run the offense efficiently, and get those guys the ball where they are in the best position to score.

      Also take into account that Big Baby was actually dropped to around 45% after Rondo got injured. While Rondo was healthy he was shooting around 48%-49%, and now that Rondo is back his percentages are creeping back up again.

      So before all of you rush to the conclusion that Rondo has all these easy assists because he has such efficient scorers around him…stop and consider that perhaps all those scorers he has around might be especially efficient BECAUSE of Rondo's ability to pass and run the offense.

      The most perfect examples here are Marquis Daniels and Shaq, both of whom are having by FAR the most efficient scoring seasons of their career since joining Rondo in Boston.

      That said, even looking at the last 2 seasons for Ray Allen and Paul Pierce make it a dead giveaway – I guarantee you that these guys are not becoming more talented with age…they are just becoming more efficient, because playing alongside Rondo allows them to get so many easy looks.

      The purest definition of a great point guard is someone who (e.g. Jason Kidd) makes everyone on his team better – I think it's safe to argue that the more Rondo develops as a player, he is achieving exactly that…and this season is clear proof.

      So, yes you can criticise Rondo for not having the most deadly jumpshot, or for being a terrible free-throw shooter. However, you cannot even begin to take away his greatness just because he is surrounded by talent. He might play on a stacked team, but Rondo is supremely talented in his own right, and even amoung a team stacked with talent, Rondo's ability to run the offense makes everybody on that team better (much like having KG on the floor makes everyone defend better).

      I'm not at all saying that he is the best PG in the league. I believe that Chris Paul and Deron Williams are still the most talented overall PGs in the league right now because they have a ballanced (and efficient) scooring game, they run the offense, they defend, they rebound, they have good basketball IQ and they demonstrate leadership and maturity.

      I believe that Nash and Rondo are next on the list, because they do all of the above except defend/rebound (in the case of Nash) or have a ballanced scoring game (in the case of Rondo).

      After this, I believe the next on the list are Rose and Westbrook. They both have a great scoring game, and both can pass, but I feel that neither of the two is really a true floor leader…they run the offense more out of necessity rather then desire or proficiency. Neither player seems to have the same killer instinct as a floor leader that Rondo and Nash possess – with the latter two they look so smooth when the are on the floor, and they always seem to instinctively know exactly whats going on every instant they are on th efloor. I feel that both Rose and Westbrook will improve in these areas as they gain experience, but I don't feel that they are quite there yet…and I don't know if they will ever quite get on the same level in that regard.

      Tony Parker and Chauncey Billups are tough guys to categorise.

      Billups is such a smooth operator and so efficient. He is a great leader and slways seems to turn bad teams into winning teams, but then at the same time he can be inconsistent offensively…and he's never actually won enough to get a title.

      Parker has won multiple titles, but has done so behind a hall of fame coach and a supremely talented roster. Though the same can be said for Rondo, Parker is not really a 'pure point' the way he is…he is more of a shoot first point guard. Despite this, Parker is not all that well rounded as a scorer – he isn't really a fantastic jump shooter, doesn't have an exception three point shot, he's not a great rebounder, and he's not a mind blowing defender either, Also, when you think of the 'big 3' of san antonia (at least in their title years) I personally think of Tim Duncan, David Robinson and (in more recent times) Manu Ginobilli – I don't really see Parker as the make-or-break piece of that title team…but then it's hard to argue with three champtionsip rings. Somehow, if I were choosing any point guard to start fo rmy team, Parker wouldn't be in my top 5.

      If I had to choose a PURE point to lead a champtionship team, my top 5 would have to be:

      1. Chris Paul
      Undisputed. He puts up eough points at a high percentage from anywhere on the court, high assists, steals, solid defense, good rebounding, doesnt turnover the ball at a high rate – his gives up size but his game has no flaws

      2. Rajon Rondo
      Very tought call here, but the only weakness to Rondo's game is his lack of an outside shot and free throw shooting, which is not a big issue because he is still scores at a high percentage (so he isn't an offensive liability). On the other hand, what he provides in every other aspect of the game (rebounds, defense, assists, leadership, hustle, toughness) are the things that win champtionships, to I make Rajon number two.

      3. Deron Williams
      Tough call here, but Deron puts up good scoring numbers with solid efficiency from the field, from three and from the FT line. He runs an offense well and is a good on-ball defender, but more importantly his size and strength (combined with the above) can make him a tough matchup for smaller guards

      4. Steve Nash
      He may be an average defender, but then most of the 'well rounded' PGs in the league are. On the other hand he is quite possibly the best offensive PG in the league when you combine his shooting/scoring abliity combined with his passing ability, his IQ, and his ability to run an offense. He is also a deadly clutch player, and tough as nails. Precisely the type of player you want on a championsihp calibre team.

      5. Chauncey Billups
      This was a VERY tough call between Billups, D-Rose, T-Parker and Kidd. All have their strengths and weaknesses, but in the end Billups is the guy out of these who I feel has the best balance between scoring, defense, playmaking and leadership. His assist numbers aren't through the roof, but he is as clutch as they come, can beat you with the shot or the pass, and has that magical ability to make teammates better and turn losing teams into winners. He also has a good ballance between experience, size and quickness.

      That list surpises even me a little, and im sure i'll get many an argument over it lol

  269. China says:

    Hmm… this is a very tough decision.
    Im a Celtics believer, but D Rose is defs the best PG… AS OF NOW.
    Hes not one up on rondo though, hes 1/2 up.
    Dont get me wrong with rondo, 14 assists a game is sick, and hes leading the assist category by 4.
    but D Rose can do everything all the point guards listed can. maybe some arent as good as others, but he can do it all.
    And what he is doing for his team, and the numbers he puts up show how good of a player he actually is.
    Chicago is definitely a team to watch out for in the playoffs…

    TOP PGs (In my opinion, dont hate)

    Rose – [reapeat above] & watch his youtube highlights, type in dunk on goran dragic 😛

    Rondo – assist leader, capable in my opinion in putting up a near triple double every game. rondo is real, get used to it.

    D Will – hes gotta lead his team better, very inconsistent. but still puts up big stats a night almost

    Nash – now im probably gonna get hate for putting nash over paul, but nash at 36 puts up solid double figures in assists and points a game. What ive noticed in CP3 is he has eased off his season averages just a bit, but he’ll bounce back dont worry,

    CP3 – sorry paul, but your numbers right now arent like they are be4… but your destined to be number 4 in a few months 🙂

  270. ariel says:

    Most of you believe that Rondo got those amazing assists because he has 4 HOF in the team. Maybe before but now its different. .The 4 HOF knows that without Rondo in their team, they could be an average team right now or below. .They lost to Toronto and Memphis without him. Pierce is forcing his shots, Ray is forcing his shots, nobody is feeding Oneal and KG downlow. Assist maybe a simple thing to do with HOF arounds you but the most important asset they will be looking at you. and Rondo does it with style..

  271. Sea Pea says:

    The best point guard in the NBA can be put on the worst team and make them into a playoff team. D-Rose’s team hasn’t done anything yet. Chauncey Billups is the best point guard I’ve seen since Jason Kidd. Everybody else needs to prove to me what they can do outside of good coaching. Chauncey wins under any coach and any system.

    • Dontlikenames says:

      CP3 and Dwill were placed on the two worst teams in the league in the draft….jsut think about that

  272. fraka says:

    Yeah, put Rose on a team with pierce, allen, garnett and shaq.. yeaa ofc pierce would let him to have 20+ ppg.. allen would have 5 ppg, kg 4ppg.. yea.. it’s that easy. You think that rose would have better stats with the celtics. That means you dont know anything about basketball. D rose is an amazing athlete.. but sorry, guy is pretty stupid.. that’s my opinion.

    • Kel says:

      I think that’s a little harsh, but I agree people saying D-Rose would do better on the Celtics than Rondo clearly have no idea what they’re talking about. Yes, Rondo has future HOFers on his team, but think about this: Despite that, he is still arguably their best player.

    • Kel says:

      Plus, I don’t think I can ever be that objective about Rose. Ever since I heard about how he got another person to take his SATs, and his high school teachers changed his transcript, I can’t respect that. Especially as a student who worked hard to get into college to make a living off of years of hard work. Yes, I know he’s still a great b-ball player, but it kinda ticks me off that people I’m smarter than make money off of things that don’t really contribute to society, while I have to pay to do so. Sorry if I sound bitter… Completely off topic. But at least athletes do have talent. Don’t get me started on people like Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber…

  273. Kimopo says:

    Point guards should never be compared especially in the NBA because that’s why they’re in the NBA, they’re the BEST of the BEST in the world. One, Rose is quick as hell unstoppable if he gets two steps on a defender, Two, Dwill is an equal comparison to Nash, with unreal ball skills and a dangerous jumper, and as for Rondo, he just flows on the court like wai on paper its bound to seep through, Each of these ballers have a good and bad to their game, and all have their own style of play. At times they resemble each other, obviously learning from on another to become better player’s. So the only ones who should judge the NBA point guards are the NBA point guards themselves. Rondo to Rondo, Dwill to Dwill and so on. So for you readers and writers other, (critics) mine your bizz, and let them play.

  274. fraka says:

    I think you forget that rondo averaged 24 10 10 in the playoffs against chicago 2 years ago.. without KG.. I’m so tired of stupid comments that he passes the ball to allstars, that is so stupid. D-rose is not intelligent at all. so, all of his passes ar amazing assists right? for example yesterday he had 6 assists to kyle korver who was on fire.. you’re just stupid, cant wait for the day when rondo will play alone.. we’ll see who is the best pg.

  275. Rajon says:

    Rajon Rondo is the best point guard…consider that d will and d rose are good pg but look at the celtics even with so many good players on their team who is leading he way? it’s RAJON RONDO

  276. Drose says:

    Ok wow guys you guys honestly know nothing… first of all derrick rose is not a ball hog… when his team was HEALTHY FOR THOSE 7 GAMES he averages 11.9 assist but with ongoing injuries such as joakim noah and Carlos Boozer his average is 8.1…. second go look up who is MVP in the league… espn, nba.com, bleacher report, etc derrick rose is in the top three anywhere and in espn he is number 1!!! d will has never done that rondo argument is simple… he has ray allen paul pierce and KG and Shaq to get assist from… he just tosses it allen of the screen/set and allen is going to make it. thats how he gets assists… rondo cant shoot for crap. and derrick rose is the only player in nba history besides one other player to EVER AVERAGE AT LEAST 24PPG AND 8AST AND 4.5 REBOUND OR HIGHER. so really derrick rose is mvp and is the best point guard in the nba… no question about it. argument over.

    • D-will says:

      First of all get used to BOOZER being injured. Secondly the only reason Dwill is not a regular mention in MVP talks is due to the fact that he plays in one of the smallest markets. MVP is becoming more and more like a popularity contest. The main reason BOOZER wanted out of Utah (not that the Jazz had any interest in keeping him) was the market size. You are not going to get the shoe deals and the sprite commercials and on and on and on if nobody recognizes you because you play in a small market. BOOZER is a me guy not a team guy have fun with that crap in Chicago. He has been there about 3 months and played for 1 and 1/2 months….. Sounds on par for him. The new collective bargaining agreement is going to have a clasue in it called the BOOZER. It will be there to get rid of wasteful spending teams have to make for guys like him that are always injured. In essence pay them for what they earn. DWILL is the best PG in the NBA hands down……

  277. Linda Slaughter says:

    Tony Parker was left off the list of best point guards. He gets my vote!

  278. John says:

    When people hear the question, “who’s the best point guard in the league” people immediately jump to d rose and deron williams. Well they do have nice stats, but forget about all the stats and just look at who’s on the best team…Rondo. Where would the celtics be without rondo. he is the glue that has kept the celtics together 1-2 years longers than they probably should have. Rondo might not have the shot or the scoring ability but forget about that. Sports are about winning and Rondo does that. I’m not trying to hate on d rose either. He’s my second favorite player in the league behind Chuck Hayes.

  279. Cheez says:

    Rondo only assists, Rose only scores, Williams does both making him the best guard in the NBA

  280. Jrock says:

    I think that D-rose is a great point guard. But until the bulls get a better shooting guard d-rose will have to take the lead offensively as he has and is doing, to enable his team to win. Hes stepped up from last year and has become an elite player offensively and is growing defensively due to the help of coach thibodeau. But until they can fill the shooting guard spot the bulls will rely on derrick rose for there offense. Hes a great player but at the moment is playing the point and sg position. Deron williams on the other hand posseses all point guard abilities because the offense contributes through him.. and not solely by him. He puts at great numbers all round the board and has a greater effeciency rating because he can distribute the ball and not always have to be the guy to score.

  281. Roy says:

    Rose is good but he is not quite the best point guard. I think Rondo gets the edge because of his APG and has a huge lead on every other point guard. I know he does have a lot of good players to pass to that can finish. But if you just watch him compared to other point guards you can tell he is better at tearing up the other team’s defence. I think Rondo, Nash, and Chris Paul are definitely the best at picking apart a teams defence. Rondo may not score as much as the other point guards mentioned, but he has that capability and has shown it before (playoffs), all PG’s should have a pass first mentality and that’s why Rondo is better then Rose. I think Deron Williams and Chris Paul are the MOST BALANCED PG’s in terms of the amount they score and pass the ball, and also on their defensive efforts like rebounding. Russell Westbrook is also getting pretty good to and has a nice balance of skills, I really like his ability to dunk and rebound to it is a nice bonus for his game. Personally I think each PG is best at different categories.
    Passing and Assisting: Rondo and Nash
    Scoring: Rose and Deron Williams
    Defensive Effort (steals, blocks, defensive rebounds): Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook

  282. LakerbuLLLVR says:

    Derrick Rose is the best point guard in the league because he sets tempo. When Derrick Rose isnt in the game, the rest of Bulls play a lot differently. DRose is an offensive, defensive, quick, crafty player who could probably school all the other point guards on the list excluding Steve Nash who can outdo Rose because of experience.

    DRose for MVP ❤

  283. Bleeding Green says:

    DRose may outplay Rondo. . .but Rondo’s T-E-A-M with the help of his assists, would win by 15. . .

  284. tchas says:

    rondo has already many triple double(even he is playing with hall of famers) including 2 this season with high numbers of asts but rose has only 1 in his career.people who know the real job of a PG can’t say rose is better than rajon

    • HASHMAN says:

      but rose is a much better jump shooter, more agressive, and averages 24 ppg and 8 assists compared to rondo’s 11 ppg and 13 assists, and he doesn’t have 4 future hall of famers around him

      • Kel says:

        But Rondo doesn’t look to score, it’s not his job. He’s also a better defender. I don’t think either is “better”, but do what they need for their team.

  285. pg says:

    wow you all are hilarious. honestly drose is a special player. he plays a great game and does everything very well. but honestly dwill is by far a cut above. cp3 has lost it, he’s just average now. tony parker is still fantastic but not at the level of rose or williams. nash is still impressive but he’s aging. westbrook is good but still needs to develop more. rondo is an impressive player, but hasn’t ever really had a jump shot. by far the top two are rose and williams and I really think that williams is the best. yah you can say williams is surrounded by good players and rose has to do it all by himself. but if you look at both team’s lineups then you will see that they are pretty even. williams is playing with a bunch of steaking shooting guards and small forwards with some decent post players. rose is doing the same thing. the reason why rose seems to be rising is because two of his teammates are out so he has to step up. dwill would do the same thing. dwill is still #1 and drose is a close #2

  286. chicago97 says:


  287. fedex says:

    To say that Drose can outplay rondo is just ignorant…anyone who knows something about NBA knows that Rondo runs his team well, he call the plays…and I understand that he has the most experienced team running along side him therefore they execute the best, but I personally believe Drose cannot control a team like rondo can…obviously he scores a lot more than rondo but rondo chooses when to shoot becuz he does not need to take those shots…furthermore…with all the improvement Drose has gained on the defensive end…rondo and CP3 are still heads and shoulders above Drose…not to mention Nash is still playing at a high standard….in my opinion…best point guard in the NBA are ranked as the following…
    1. Cp3 / Rondo ( I cannot decide)
    2. Rose / Williams
    3. Nash

    and westbrook is far from the level that these guys are on…he has improved no doubt…and is putting up all star numbers…but he’s not there yet…i believe anyways…

    • Kel says:

      I’m not sure I’m convinced that D-Rose can be the maestro and quarterback on the court like Rondo as of yet, either. Not to take anything away from him, he’s definately a great talent in the NBA.

  288. chicago97 says:


  289. JayNoGood says:

    This is top NBA PG list:

    1. D.Rose – Most athletic,scoring+rebounding +assist
    2. D.Will – like D.Rose, does everything well loses on athleticism but easily can be #1
    3. CP3 – Down year and can be easily #1, maybe the most talented PG
    4. Tony Parker – Only lacks the outside shooting ability (not as great a passer as top guys)
    5. Nash – Still rolling even through the changes of team mates weekly
    6. Westbrook – As athletic as D.Rose not as good a playmaker as top guys
    7. Rondo – Great passer,defender but poor FT % (43%) and no outside shot
    8. J. Kidd – Pure play maker, big heart no outside shot and limited scoring threat

    • Dontlikenames says:

      honestly, Kidd has no jumpshot? u had almost everything just right up until there, but Kidd is 3rd all time in 3s made
      thats more than peja, thats more than Nash, hell thats only behind Ray Ray and Reggie. His numbers only look bad bcuz he cudnt shoot in the beginning of his career. on the same note neither cud CP3 and now he has a 46% 3pt.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      aye this list is perfect!

  290. pimpinpwoner says:

    drose has already shown that he is better than Dwills and is 1 of the best PG in the NBA today, First by beating the heats,lakers,and the Celtics.

    • D-will says:

      FYI the Jazz have beaten the Heat (in Miami) the Lakers (In LA) and have yet to play the Celtics. What is your next assesment as to why Rose is better than Dwill? He has a better favorite color?

  291. Chris says:

    Watch Westbrook vs. Rose. It’s a no contest. Westbrook is the best PG in the league, following Chauncey Billups. When fully healthy Billups is still the best PG around. Look who led the USA team to World Championship glory… if I recall Rose and Westbrook were both on that team, and they played half the minutes Billups did.

    • JMoon says:

      I don’t know about that. Chauncey Billups may be a good player, but you compare the Nuggets to the Celts. It’s not even a comparison!

      And for those of you who say it’s because the Celts have at least 3 future HOFs on their team, watch a full Celtics game. It’s Rondo that starts almost every play. Without him, their offense isn’t quite the same. I would almost have to argue that Rondo is the best player on the Boston team!

      On the contrary, I don’t think Westbrook and Billups are even close to the talent level of Rondo when it comes to finding the open man, getting the offense ball rolling, etc. I’ve watched Denver play recently and Billups didn’t really stick out in my mind as an amazing point guard. he was just another uniform on the team. But this is all just one guy’s opinion . . .

  292. Rondo is not that special. A good ball player but nonetheless not that special. Ask Coack K.
    I’m a 31 year old, slightly out of shape inside sales rep and pool player, I can average 6 assists a game with the Boston Celtics. Rose is the new face of the NBA, get used to it. Cuz he is dominating a town near you soon…gonna be like the old days. I predict in the next 3-6 years – 2 championships and 3 finals appearances.

    Welcome to Chicago…go get a pair of shoes, Fast don’t lie!

    What you want? The three ball, dunk, hangtime, sweet pass, fade away’s, acrobatics, killer instinct, what you want? We have it all!

    • Kel says:

      Seriously? I can understand and respect your opinion that Rose is better. But “Rondo’s not special”? Have you seen him play? Averaged almost a triple-double in the playoffs last year, always steps it up in the post-season. He has amazing court vision and sees things on the court before they happen. Sorry, but I beg to differ. I’m not saying he’s the best, but he definitely has the most unique style as far as PGs goes. No one does what he does. He is able to dominate games without having a consistent outside shot, which is improving all the time I might add. On the contrary, I believe that is a very “special” talent.

  293. D-will says:

    Rose better step his game up now that he has Boozer on his team. Haveing Boozer is like haveing the last kid picked in gym class on your team. Streaky at best very inconsistent and very unreliable WAY OVERRATED. D-Will is definately the best PG hands down, the overall stats do not lie.

    • Nicholas says:

      I’ll toast to that !!!

      … and let the Bulls find out Boozer’s streaky nature, come playoff time.

  294. Playzo says:

    are people seriously discounting Chris Paul this makes no sense

  295. Darko says:

    give a better team to CP3 and you wil see who is the best PG in the league!!!

  296. rory says:

    rose would get 13 assists per game if he had 4 hofs around him and he is a great scorer and his defence has been phenomenal this year
    d will

  297. Fact Not Fiction says:

    If your basing the comparison on stats alone then let the stats speak for themselves, otherwise it’s all opinion. Rose and Williams play with different styles but in the end they are both keeping their teams alive. As for Rondo, he’s good but like everyone else is saying, give Rose, Williams, Paul or Westbrook that same team and see how much more they could do.

  298. Yehudah23 says:

    Derrick the best player in the league forget point guard him, Amare, and Kevin Durant on another level right now but Derrick rising to the top quick with no Noah or Boozer!!!!!!

  299. Gilberto Ponce says:

    why isint parker in this discusion?

  300. Ray Leighton says:

    I’m sorry but the idea that Rose is the best PG in the league is ludicrous, let alone any discussion of Rose as an MVP. This is a good example of people putting too much stock into “simple” stats, especially scoring, too much stock into offense, and too much stock into their gut feelings. As I am a Celtics’ fan, I will leave Rondo out of this discussion so as to remain as unbiased as possible. If you look at any of the advanced stats — stats that take into account all of the other stats and that take into account both offense and defense — including what your opponent is doing — then Rose doesn’t even make the top five in any of these stats, even if you remove Rondo from the list. Regardless of whether you use production differential, on/off-court, Roland Rating, or win-share, it is very clear that (a) Chris Paul is far and away the best PG in the league; nobody else even comes close; and (b) Rose is a good player, and he has a positive impact on his team, but would only make the All-Star Team because the East happens to be much weaker in PGs than the West. If the Bulls were in the West, then Rose definitely should not make the All-Star team. I like Rose, and I think that he is going to be great — he’s a good kid with a lot of talent and he works hard. But suggesting that he is the best PG right now clearly is premature. It requires wearing “Bulls-Red” tinted glasses.

    • Max says:

      Thank you for the unbiased argument (sincerely), but I disagree. Watch him play. His stats are gaudy, but that’s not why I think he’s the best PG in the league. Athletically he can do things no other PG (except for maybe Westbrook) can do. In addition to that, he may be the ONLY PG in the league who gets double teamed night in and night out. Is he the best scoring point guard? YES. Is he the best passing point guard? No. BUT does he run his offense just as well as any of the other players in question? Absolutely. When you consider job description per team, only Deron Williams and Chris Paul are asked to do as much as Derrick. Rondo and Nash are great point guards, but they’re only asked to facilitate. Russell Westbrook has a sizable load, but far less pressure when you consider he plays along side the league’s scoring champ.

      Overall, I do believe Derrick Rose is the best point guard in the league. Not by much — Williams and Paul are very close and I believe they are better decision-makers than Derrick, but he’ll get there. And without question, Rose would make the all star team if the Bulls played in the West. They have the fifth best record in the league and Rose is in the top two of nearly every columnist’s MVP race.

  301. DRose!!! says:

    Rondo? Nash? Westbrook? Really? No Rondo just passes to 4 future hall of famers. For those who say he is an all around pg you are dead wrong! I am a chicago bulls fan I love Rose but I dont beleive just yet that Rose has surpassed Chris Paul yet. But by the end of the season my prediction is Drose will be da BEST POINT GUARD IN THE NBA.

  302. Mike says:

    What it comes down to is what the guard does for his team. The reasons why Rose, Rondo and Williams are considered by many to be the best PGs in the game is because of what they bring to their teams. I don’t think Rose’s chemistry with Boston would match up with the way Rondo fits into their offense. Similarly, Rondo would not be able to do in Chicago what he is doing in Boston. It’s extremely difficult to differentiate point guards as “The Best”, when they all have so many intangible qualities that bring out the best in their teams. As far as basketball IQ goes, they are all very smart players, and each one of them does what the team asks of them. Their different mentalities make them drastically different player at the same position. I don’t think there is a “Best Point Guard” in the NBA right now, but rather an elite class of point guards that are leading their teams to winning seasons.

    • nbafan says:


    • Kel says:

      Agreed. Neither team would trade their PG for another. I’m pretty sure that sums everything up.

  303. SamG says:

    D-Rose is a very good player, D-Will is also good. Steve nash is a 2 time MVP, and CP# and Rondo run the show.But…i add up all their NBA rings, and get 1. Tony Parker, 3 time NBA champ, and 3 time NBA all star, and..oh yeah…finals MVP. Ask any of those Pg’s, and they’ll happily trade all the praise and glory, for what TP has acheived.

  304. Chi-town says:

    Come on are u kidding me guys rondo has 4 all stars with him he passes up lay ups and dunks and passes back wards just for assits. REMEMBER THIS ROSE DOESNT GIVE SMACK ABOUT STATS HE CARES ABOUT WINNING THE GAME!!!!!!!

  305. TexasSUN says:

    MVSteve still has the best court vision and the most efficent offense (and you could argue that without him, the Suns would be far worse off than they are now). However, it pains me to say it, he isn’t the best anymore. Based upon how Rondo has been playing as of late; My vote is for him. Rose is good, don’t get me wrong, but he has a ways to go until he is better than Rondo.

  306. Rose is unbelievable and right now he is the best PG in the NBA. Paul has had some tough games as had Wade Utah has started to lose. Rose can do it all and now that he can stick 3s hes a triple threat. Like Kobe he just has a great all around game. Rose will continue to get better and this team will go far in the playoffs.

  307. Aj says:

    I think analysts often forget that Rondo is an amazing all-around PG. Yeah he is easily the best passer out of those PGs, and definitely the best defensive player and one of the best rebounders (in competition with Westbrook).

    People forget that he almost averaged a triple double during the 2009 playoffs!!! Yeah, this kid might not be the best shooter, but how many opportunities does he even have to score???? Who needs to take those opportunities when you have guys like Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, KG, Shaq, etc. on your team!?!?!? Rondo is perfectly capable of scoring ~20ppg, but he’s smart enough to go above the statistics and do what it takes to win. He knows he doesn’t have to score, so he chooses not to.

    I’m not declaring that Rondo is the best PG in the game, I’m just saying people should give him more credit. Now, he’s the second-leading vote getter on this poll, but let’s admit it, most of those voters who voted for him did so just because they are a Celtic fan.

    The truth about the PG dominance race is that all these PGs are equal. It’s such a dynamic position! You have all-around PGs like Rondo/CP3/Westbrook, pure PGs like Nash (and even Rondo/CP3 can be included in this too), scoring PGs like Rose and to a good extent Westbrook. They all are amazing at one part of the game or the other, and they all are capable of being great in almost every category. The stats just don’t show it because all of these guys are competitors too, who just do what it takes to win at the end of the day.

    • Kel says:

      Thank you. I totally agree. I think the “best PG” category is honestly ridiculous. How can you possibly assess that when all of them are equally important to their team and bring different things to the table. I also agree with you that Rondo doesn’t get a whole lot of credit. He was one of the best players in the Playoffs, how can that not count for anything? If you watch him in person, you can really start to appreciate his playmaking abilities. I mean, some of his passes I’m not sure how he made them. He just sees things before they happen. I’m not going to say he, or anyone is the best, but he’s definitely an elite PG.

    • anthony says:

      rose averages more rebounds get your facts straight

  308. Akif says:

    i feel chris paul is the best point guard in the nba
    his play on a team where he really doesn’t have another star is amazing (a bit like nash now)
    1.cp3 (runs him team like no body else)
    2. d-will (can do everything)
    3. rose (will probably rise more)
    4.westbrook (improved greatly this year, rebounding and scoring)
    5.nash (still got it)
    6.rondo (rondo’s lower, because he isnt a great scorer, only about 10 a game, while the rest are able to get at least 20. The rest are all top scorers/leaders on their teams while rondo is like 4th option. Still he runs boston well and will rise)

    • Kel says:

      It’s not Rondo’s job to score, but he can when he’s asked to. I think it’s not about his scoring numbers, but more his FT shooting. That’s what has to get better for me. His mid-range game is actually pretty good right now, and I could care less about the 3-ball, but the free throws have to get better.

  309. Chi-town says:

    jiggy im sorry bur your stupid because the 4 starters rondo passes to are all stars anybody can get those numbers with a team like that rose makes his team better boston makes rondo better.

  310. Chi-town says:

    rose has takin the bulls to third place i will repeat that thrid place in front of the magic also in the eastern conference. We have beat boston, the heat, the lakers. Dwill or chris paul cant do that. All they have is assits rose has the point s to back it up. Rose mvp

    • Kel says:

      The Heat without Lebron, I might add. The Celtics without KG. The Magic, well, I’m not certain about the Magic right now and actually think the Bulls are a better team anyway. Plus, while Rose has been phenomenal, I think you could argue Boozer has been a major part of the equation for the Bulls’ success. As well as Tom Thibideou.

      • yea yea says:

        to a degree he has been lucky when facing those hard teams as they are missing key players but rose missed key players more than 75 % of the season give him some slack.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        uhhh rose didnt have boozer for liek 2 months…and once boozer comes in Noah goes out…so dont talk about other clubs missing key players cuz the bulls did too. Rose has kept that team a float while waiting for ppl to get bak in the rotation

    • Dustin says:

      Wow… Really? D-Will and the Jazz beat Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, and the Lakers…. yeah, D-will can do that.

      • William says:

        hey Chi-touwn, your pathetic coment about D-will not being able to beat teams like D-Rose is one of the worst I’ve read. It’s obvious you have not seen Utah beat Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Lakers, Housten, New Orleans, ect… and probley 60-70% of the games were when they were down by 15 or more. ( ie.. they had to make a commback)
        I have to agree with Dustin on this one bro. check out your apponent before opening your mouth.

  311. Flash says:

    @Jiggy..I love Rondo but the only reason he averages 14 assist pg is cause of all the weapons he has on his team..People dnt realize Rose has to score they dnt have that many pple that can put the ball in the basketball..And ya’ll sayin he ball hoggin when the Coach and players already said they want him to shoot the ball..Besides Chris Paul and D Rose all the other elite point guards have alot of guys on there teams who can score which is why there assist numbers are high..If u take Pierce and Ray Allen off the Celtics will Rondo average 20-10?..No because he cant score like the rest of the point guards..

    @David u said Rose hasnt been out of the first round?..he’s only been in the league 2 yrs and got his team there both years without at post player..D Will has been to the Western finals but thats when they had Boozer and always got killed by the Lakers or San Antonio or Dalls jus like last year..and Rond only has a great shooting % because he takes like 5 shots pg and thats cause he doesnt need to shoot he has scorers on his team so dnt ever compare him to Steve Nash’s shooting % when he can shoot 20 shots pg and shoot 50% and 40% from 3 and 90% from the line..Rose improved his 3 and Rondo still cant shoot and is the worst pg in the league at free throws and prolly 3’s but u think he’s the best

  312. joe says:

    D-Will is number one. They both have comparable stats, but Rose has the extra experience, and similar record in the harder conference. They’re both sick, but D-Will is definitely better

  313. Steven says:

    My vote goes to Rondo because in mind a point guard should always have that pass first mentality. I think it’s dumb how people put him down for not have a great jump shot. It’s not even that bad first of all, and great point guards are supposed to set up other people not score for themselves (unless they have to obviously).

    • kobeisthebest says:

      Like Derrick Rose he doesnt have teammates who can consistently score at a high level so he must do the scoring himself this was like Jordan in his early years in the NBA until the Bulls Gm filled the holes that they have and put Jordan around guys who constantly play in a high level I am a diehard Lakers fan been a Laker fan since the Magic Johnson and the showtime days but I wish Derrick Rose to win a title at one point I dont want Lebron to win a ring but everyone knows he will at one point and thats the sad part I dont care what these Heat bandwagon jumpers say

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        i feel u bro, rose is my fav player after kobe, the guy is amazing and only 3 years into his career, coming from a rookie to earning his spot amongst the leagues ELITE players. Its about time CHI-town got it going again since the end of the MJ era. I think Rose will wing rings and will eventually be in a fight for best player in the nba a few more years down the road.

        I also dont want LEBRON to win a damn thing….i did when he was at cleveland because that was his team, he was the leader and that city was begging for a title of some kind and deserved one. Since he ran away, not even to go to NYC or NJ to continue an indivdual legacy, but to MIA to join DWADE i have no respect for the guy tryna to get a “cut the line” pass at a title. BUT like you said he will prolly win one being with Wade and Bosh, i dont think this year, but two seasons from now and thus us on they might not have any REAL competition because of their talent lvl…..but time will tell

  314. blitz says:

    There is no comparison between point guards. Every team has a different system and they thrive on it differently. In the Bulls’ defensive system Rose has become a much better scorer but a decent defender at best. The Bulls are hard to pick apart defensively however. The Celtics are also hard to pick apart defensively. Rondo has a jumpshot just FYI. He just lacks FT shooting and 3 point shooting… but makes up for it by dominating the entire game by just PASSING the ball and being an excellent leader on defense. CP3, D-Will, Nash, Kidd, etc. they’re all players that can thrive on their own team system. To be honest however, I’d pick prime Kidd over prime Rose, CP3, Nash, etc. No PG comes that close to being complete.

    • Kel says:

      Finally, someone who is being reasonable. You can’t just look at stats, all are very important to their team. And I totally agree with your assessment about Rondo’s improved jumpshot, but lack of improvement in the FT department. To me, that’s more important because you can’t get out of shooting FTs, but you can choose not to take 3 pointers all the time. But I believe if Rondo can do that, he has a legitimate argument for being the best.

      I also have to say that my personal favorite, while I do like Kidd, has to be Gary Payton of the Sonics. I’ve never seen a PG come close to being as a good a defender (Michael Jordan anyone?) and he had a decent shot, great playmaking abilities, but more importantly, was tough as nails (he played through injuries that other players sit out with today) and his attitude and confidence made him really fun to watch. I bet other players hated playing against him.

      • kobeisthebest says:

        @ Kel I agree everyone is gonna say Michael Jordan is not a point guard but he played PG at one point in his career and Rondo is not the best PG in defense he never won a defensive player of the year but when Michael Jordan recieved the defensive player of the year I beleve he played PG but if yall mean whos the best defensive pint guard in this generation it would have to be Rondo

  315. JG says:

    Ya all dreunk wit HYPE!!!!!! Rajon ROndo is hands down the most skillfull, and most heart of any point guard in the NBA today! Just to many haters in the world. That are takin in by HYPE and all that shines. Derick Rose, Derron williams, even lil chris Paul. Dont have the same skillset as Rondo or even see the game as he does. That is why Rondo has redefined how the point guard position is played. No more can one man take over any game and win. Micheal Jordan is not in the leauge. Rondo has a nack for humbleing superstars. Just as those he has made a fool of. Like Wade, Lebron…Yes even Kobe has fell victm to Rondo’s ability. Enough said

    • Zurlis says:

      Instead of being a homer for Rondo, try watching some of these other point guards. You will begin to see why Rondo doesn’t compare to the likes of D-Will, D-Rose, and CP3. However, from all the point guards mentioned here, I will be following Derrick Rose’s career the closest. At age 22, he has already accomplished some amazing feats and continues to grow as the season continues. He is constantly improving his game, and looking for holes to improve upon. I think in a few years, we would’ve ended this debate and the new debate will be “Is D-Rose the best player in the NBA”. Kobe was the last player I can remember that has the natural talent, the dedication, the ability to grow, and the hunger to be the best. At the end of the day, its a great time to be a basketball fan.

    • yea yea says:

      now if some would humble him he to arrogant and no one even takes hom seriousr on offence or defence….the nba thing is if he is a great scorer double team him..if he is a great passer clogg the lanes…yet no one doubles rondo or even cares when the ball is in his hand unless he is under the free throw line.face it man if he had so much heart he

      • yea yea says:

        he(to finish sentence above)… would have worked on his jumper with in the a mount of years he was in da league.

  316. Tom says:

    I Don’t like how Tony Parker is always over looked as one of the best PGs in the NBA but i also think D Rose is better

    • Tom says:

      i ment than the rest on the list but TP is good and you cant tell who is the best in the Spurs team as they try to get every one involved and not just one or two guys leading the team every night

  317. Zurlis says:

    This is why no one takes Celtic’s fans seriously. Rondo is not the best PG in the league and never will be. He may be the best passer the league has ever seen, but never best PG. He will never be clutch and will never warrant a double team. His 1-1 defense is terrible and only gets steals because of how often he plays the passing lanes. However, when you have KG down low, who cares if the superior PG blows past you every chance he gets. Rondo is a great role player, but should not even be considered as best PG over D-Will, D-Rose, and CP3.

    • Max says:

      +1 to everything you said.

      Celtics fans are a joke for this reason alone. No matter how old they are, if you play on a team where the other 4 starters are future HOFers, you’re going to get 10+ assists. It’s not even a question. Rondo is a better version of what Devin Harris was for Dallas… Great at his role, will garner all-star nods and attention, but at the end of the day, he CANNOT do what Derrick Rose and Deron Williams can do… which is to lead a team by being the best player on said team.

    • Kel says:

      Not clutch? He’s hit so many buzzer beaters. He’s also a better defender than the other guards. I’m not saying he’s the best, but I am saying he’s a darn good PG. He has great court vision and basketball smarts. He may not be the best, but he’s good enough to lead the Cs to another title. I have a hard time seeing any other team in the East beating the Cs in a 7-game series if they’re healthy. Miami can’t stop Allen (he’s outplayed Wade handily thus far) and they also can’t stop Rondo. The Cs front line is too deep and too big. The bench play, too. The Magic would have to shoot the 3 ball well for 4 games and the Bulls don’t have the depth. The Cs just have way too many options. I also might add that they have the best record in the East without Delonte West and Kendrick Perkins. They had Rondo, Garnett, Shaq, and Jermaine O’Neal out for long stretches, but have somehow found ways to win basketball games. They’re a very scrappy bunch. And I know many don’t like the Celtics, but you have to appreciate their dedication to unselfish teamwork and their commitment to winning games, never being satisfied or making excuses by attributing their losses to injuries.

      • yea yea says:

        you agued for rondo for a while but then you wnet on to talk about when he was out celtics still winned games now honestly how does that make him sound better than the other pg mentioned

    • Pete says:

      Zurlis, Rondo made the all defensive first team last season – these teams are decided based votes made by the head coaches all over the league, not some schmuck amateurs who vote from home.

      All of the coaches in the NBA (including Chicago, Utah, New Orleans) collectively voted that Rajon Rondo was indisputably the best best defensive PG in the NBA last season.

      Only gets steals because he plays the passing lane? Clearly you don’t watch Boston games…probably 1/3 of the steals Rondo gets are due to his on-ball defensive pressure, either knocking the ball loose or pressuring the offensive player to make an error.

      Boston rank 21st in the league in blocked shots per game – on the inside that have Garnett averaging 0.7 BPG and Shaq averaging 1.1 BPG. How does this ‘extreme shot blocking’ (sarcasm) allow Rondo the comfort of being able to let his player get by him?

      Comparing the two players:

      1. Rondo is a better rebounder
      Despite the stats being near identical, Rondo gets the same number of rebounds as Rose despite playing for a team that shoots better then 50% from the field (less rebound opportunities), plays at a slow pace (lets shots, again less rebound opportunities) and despite being constantly surrounded by strong rebounders (Shaq, Garnett, Pierce, J-Oneal, Big Baby, etc). Chicago’s game feature more missed shots (thus more rebound opportunities) and he’s only ever had one dominant rebounder (either Noah or Boozer) on the floor at a time, so more rebound opportunities for him.

      2. Rondo is a better defender
      Again, All-Defensive first team honour is not to be taken lightly, and you don’t get this honour without earning the respect of the opposing treams’ coaches. He’s a great on ball defender, a great team defender and has been in the top 2 in steals for the last two seasons.

      3. Rondo is a better playmaker
      Rondo sees the floor better, has better court vision, is a better passer, and makes better decisions with the ball. Some of the passes Rondo makes are rediculous – almost impossible no-look bounce passes between two or three defenders. No one in the league outside of Nash can pull off the type of tricky passes Rondo often does. His ability to pull off rediculous passes through traffic often allows him to get the ball to teammates when most other PGs couldn’t, contributing to easy baskets (and a big reason for Boston’s league leading FG%).

      4. Rondo is a smarter player
      He knows when to take it himself, when to create plays for others, when to pass it off. He always knows what to do in any given situation and makes exception decisions with the ball – Doc Rivers himself has often described him as being their ‘coach on the floor’. He is wise enough to earn the respect of multiple hall of famers, smart enough to always know how to get every single guy the ball where they are most effective. He is always aware of things like the shot clock, mismatches on teamates, mismatches on himself, opposing players not paying attention, etc. He doesn’t take low percentage shots unless he has to (low shot clock), and though he hits jump shots consistently he doesn’t take them unless it’s the highest percentage shot available.

      5. Rondo is a more proven clutch player
      Remembering that ‘clutch’ isn’t just about scoring, it’s about your ability to keep composure and make key plays in crunch time in a critical game. IMO how a player performs n the playoffs says more about his clutch ability then how he plays in a not-so-critical regular season game against a non-contending team. Rondo has consistently proven that he has big-time games when it counts – in critical playoffs games and last minute posessions when his team needs him most. Not only has he hit some huge clutch shots at the end of games, but he has also had tons of clutch blocks, rebounds, steals and assists when the the game is on the line, at critical points of the season / playoffs. While Rose has hit some big game winning shots in his career, he has yet to prove himself as a clutch player defensive, as a playmaker, or in the playoffs.

      6. Rose is a better scorer
      There is absolutely no question about it – Derek Rose is a better scorer the Rajon Rondo. He is a genuine go-to guy on offense, and can carry a team through a game with his scoring. It would not surprise me in the least to read that Rose just had a 40 point game – offensively, he has become quite a beast. He’s a better free throw shooter, he has a more confident jump shot, he’s a better three point shooter, and he’s more aggressive offensively (so he gets to the line more).

      Now, this is where things get interesting – no one in their right mind would argue that Rose is not a better scorer then Rondo, but the interesting question is this. Once you exclude all categories involving scoring (3Pt shooting, jupshots, free throw shooting) what else would you say Rose does BETTER then Rondo?

      If you went based on this season’s stats alone, you could argue that he’s as good a rebounder as Rondo (they are essentially dead even here statistically), but you can’t realistically say he does it better. You might argue he is as quick as Rondo, or he is as good a ball handler (both of which would be debatable). You can rightly say he’s a better dunker, but this doesn’t really give him any benefit as a player. You could argue that he is as good a clutch player (if you base this purely on clutch shots in regular season games).

      You definately can’t argue that he’s a better defender, that he’s a better leader (Rondo has led boston to the Finals twice in three years), that he’s a better passer or that he’s a better floor general.

      You could make a case that Rose is more valuable to his team then Rondo is to Boston, but to do that would be juding them based on their teams talent, not their own talent.

      So outside of scoring, what does he actually do BETTER then Rondo? Nothing, nothing at all.

      If you think Rose is a better passer and floor general then Rondo then you are absolutely blinded by bias, because no coach, player (outside of his teamates) or general manager in the NBA would agree with you..

      At the end of the day, it’s actually a very difficult comparison to make because those two guys are two very different players, who play two very different games, who only end up getting compared because they play the same position. It would be like comparing Dennis Rodman in his prime to Dirk Nowitski – both play the same position, but both play a complete different type of game, and it’d be almost impossible to actually try to compare those two guys and say which is a better player. Nowitski surely gets all the recognition because scoring is what excites the crowd, but Rodman contributed so much to his teams with is defense, rebounding and hussle and used those attrbutes to help Chicago get several titles (which Dirk never achieved).

      So again, it’s hard to compare – just becasue both players play the same position, doesn’t mean it;s easy to say one is better then the other.

      It’s like another person said a few posts up, both Rondo and Rose bring for their team exactly what their team needs. Chicago needs a go-to guy who can score at will, but can still do a solid job of running an offense – someone who is at their best when the bal lis always in their hands. Rondo wouldn’t work well in chicago because he couldn’t dominate teams wtih his scoring, and with him in the lineup in place of Rose they wouldn’t have enough consistent scoring threats. Chicago lacks deadly scorers, so it’s rose’s ability to draw double teams (rather then his ability as a passer / floor general / playmaker) that allows him to get open shots for his teamates.

      Boston have a ton of go-to scorers, so what they need most is a guy who contributes the most when OTHER guys are scoring – someone who runs the offense, rebounds the ball, plays tough defense, gets stops, starts the fast break, hustles hard for loose balls, and most importantly creates plays for others. Rose would not earn the respect of Boston’s veterans the way Rondo has, because in Boston you earn respect by playing tough D, hustling every night, and buying into the ‘team’ approach. Rose’s greatest talent is his scoring, so in Boston he’d be more ‘Nate Robinson’ then ‘Rajon Rondo’.

      • REALIST says:

        Pete u wrote a lot to say absolutely nothing! The truth is Rose and Dirk are the leaders of their teams while Rondo and Rodman were role players.Rondo didn’t lead the Celtics to the Finals twice; that’s your bias opinion stated to sway your argument in Rondo’s favor. A lot of people on this post seem hell bent on mentioning Rondo’s stas from last year; but that’s LAST year! I’m not a stat guy because they don’t tell the entire story – but I will say this Rose’s numbers in the playoffs last year were amazing: 27ppg 7ast and less than 1TO. That’s clutch dude! Ask yourself this: is winning the game the most important stat line? If yes than why do you all argue about better passer etc.? Bulls can’t win without Rose; but the Celtics can win without Rondo. Rose is a better player than Rondo period but Rondo has a better team. It’s a lot easier to hide one’s deficiencies when he is surronded by a lot of talent.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Pete i like ur effort in writing like a 2 page paper on the subject but i gotta agree with REALIST on this one bro…

        Rose means more to his team, the bulls WOULD be maybe a 500 ball club without Rose, and Celtics would still be winning without Rondo, i mean look at the five or six games he missed from his ankle injury, the celtcis lost like 1 game i think also with other players out. The celtics are hungry and have great leadership and balance without rondo

        Like REALIST said Rose is clutch, dude did you see his rookie season take the celtics to 7 games, with help from ben gordon yes, but rose was still a major part. And last year he took on the number 1 seed cavs full force, making the games competitive scoring right when the bulls needed him too…

        I just think rose means more to his team, and if you mean more to the team that shows your greatness. Not to take nothing from Rondo, but lets see his averages once the HALL OF FAMERS all RETIRE

  318. Erk Dawg says:

    @ Fraka rose is a PG first. He is jus so gifted that he can score jus as good as any two guard. Tha kid scored two points in his high school state championship game and those two points happen to b the game winner. Memphis had reached the elite 8 and sweet 16 before D-Rose got there. That team had been together but it wasn’t til D-Rose got their that they took off and was unbeatable. Put Rose with talent and the bulls will b tough to beat. Im glad that LBJ Wade Bosh and Amare all dissed the Bulls because that created the burning the desire inside D-Rose to b the best and now you see it and the rest of the league is now seeing it. D-Rose took that personal and now he’s out to prove that the bulls are back.

  319. Ray says:

    Rondo is surrounded by greatness. Rose would get assist all day long too if he played for Boston. Rondo does his thing passes to Ray Allen swish, Rose does his thing passes to bogans Brick. Rondo does his thing passes to Pierce swish, Rose does his thing passes to deng, deng fake pumps no one follows the fake pump, deng passes. If you ever watch a bulls game, rose tries to get his teammates going before he takes over. He DOESN’T want to be the main man scoring, but really he has no choice. When bulls aren’t scoring, rose takes it upon himself to score and do what it takes to get that W. If you seen the Miami Heat vs Bulls the other night it was D-Wade vs D-rose. Rose even started guarding him toward the end of the game. He does what he has to when his team just can’t.

    • Kel says:

      Sorry, but if you’ve watched a game, you know that Rondo has excellent court vision and a propensity to anticipate what will happen next. Also, Arroyo is “surrounded by greatness” and his assist numbers are nowhere near Rondo’s. He has to keep egos in check and keep his superstars happy. Have you ever thought that his teammates shoot better (highest FG% in the league) because he gives them the ball where they want it? I mean, Rondo is definately a beneficiary by having guys like Allen on the team, but he has three guys at the end of their careers and I think he’s made them better. I’m not going to argue he’s better than Rose or vice versa, because it’s not really a good argument to be having. Both are the best PG for their respective teams. But if feel you’re being a tad unfair by diminishing Rondo’s importance to the Celtics. I’ve noticed that whenever he’s out, the offense is stagnant and often looks a bit lost.

  320. Erk Dawg says:

    You guys have to be kidding me. Do you guys seriously watch the bulls or just the highlights? No pg in the league is asked to do more with less than D-Rose. He has to score, assist and even rebound. He has career highs in all those categories. He doesn’t care about his stats all he cares about is wins. No two guard, no boozer for half the season and no noah now. Rondo does not even compare to Rose. Rondo has been in the league longer but still has the same weakness. No jumper and bad free throw shooter. D-Rose is almost shooting 40% from the 3 point line and 80% on free throws. The kid has taken his game to another level. Not to mention D-Rose Highest scoring games have came against Boston and who was tryna guard him????? Rondo. Look it up 36 36 and 39 against Boston. By the end of the year rose will be the best pg but as it stands its still Cp3 and Dwill

    • Kel says:

      If you’ve even watched the Celtics lately, you’ll see that Rondo has improved vastly from outside. His FT shooting definitely needs to improve though. And Rose has had some sub-par games against the Celtics as well. He also shoots a lot more than Rondo. It’s just what each team needs. Rose needs to be a scorer for the Bulls, Rondo needs to distribute the ball and get everyone involved for Boston.

  321. Mario Spurs says:

    You people keep telling to yourself that is rondo or rose o williams or paul or nash. But how many rings do they have?? uhmmm i believe that if we count all of their rings we have non! and yet TONY PARKER has three rings and an NBA FINALS MVP trpohy award on his case. And yet you just don’t seem to take him serously. But TP manu and TIM are showing that they’re better players than the guards i mentioned above, manu is better player more complete and better teammate than melo or durant or westbrook and tim is by far the best power foward ever and the best hall of famer prospect in the league right now, Above the selfish kobe and the backstabber (ask d-wade or lebron or kobe) Shaquille o’neal.

    • b-boy9 says:

      Its actually one, I know its not as much parker but your still wrong and parker has a very good team sooo yeeaahh

      • MoJoDO says:

        Yeah, but nobody likes the Spurs, that’s why no one talks about them. Nothing personal, it’s just business. The last thing the NBA wants to see is another Spurs Championship. They want Heat/Bulls in the East Finals and Lakers / whoever (probably Thunder or Clippers) in the west.

  322. vlad says:

    nash not in top 5? you’ve gotta be kidging me. and i would have d will lead my team any time, beter shooter beter court vision better vocal leader

  323. Lebron James says:

    D-Will is a bit better than D-Rose in terms of all around and play making. But in terms of offense, just a bit D-Rose is ahead of D-Will. But still D-Will would be more than a priority from any other team.

  324. Lebron James says:

    It is definitely, D-Will is better all around player compared to D-Rose. But in terms of offense, its pretty obvious that it’s D-Rose is a bit aggressive than D-Will. But D-Will is such a tremendous play maker and considered one of the best point guard in the league.

  325. Rob (Chicago) says:

    ….by the way…. the line-up for the East All-Star’s is looking beastly!


    this may be (barring Jordan) one of the best lineups EVER!

  326. Rob (Chicago) says:

    I will explain what most of you obviously do not understand. Rose is best by far because he can be any and all of the other 3 and better in his 3rd year!

    1. when he had a sg (ben gordon) he did not have to shoot so he distributed and the Bulls took the Celtics to the wire and were the team that gave them the hardest test in the big three’s first championship season.
    2. When Ben Gordon left he has and still has no shooter in the starting lineup so he became a scorer and teams realized how good he was so they collapsed the paint and gave him the jump shot knowing he could penetrate or distribute.
    3. This off-season to beat that… he changed again and developed a 3 point shot now he is practically unguardable.

    So the reason he is better is he has completely devoleped his game and is not a system passer like D-will, and D-Will (who i love cause he came from Illinois) cannot carry a team by himself as Rose did without Boozer and now without Noah. CP3 cannot guard most SG or big PG’s for that matter let alone a D- Wade like Rose does from time to time. Rondo is a Joke, he passes up layups to pad his assist totals.. he cannot create his own shot is purely a distributor and every time he has played D-Rose especially the playoffs Rose has clowned him!

    All that said If you consider D-Wade a PG THEN… Rose is 2nd… for now.

    • Kel says:

      As I recall, the Bulls lost in the Playoffs… D-Rose is a better overall player, but Rondo has great court vision and sees things 3 seconds before they happen. He may pad his numbers from time to time, but most of his assists are legitimate and if you’ve ever watched a Celtic game, you know that the offense runs much more smoothly with Rondo out on the court. To me, Rondo (his outside shot is getting better) he actually has to become a better FT shooter. Mid-range needs to improve, but he doesn’t have to be great from long distance to be a better PG at this point. Plus, defensively, he’s the best PG in the NBA. Rose needs to improve even more on defense before I start calling him the best. It’s actually hard to gauge, because both PGs are a better match for the team they play for. Boston would never trade Rondo, and the Bulls would never trade Rose.

      • Law064 says:

        I agree Kel and Rob (Chicago) How is Rondo a joke bro? He was the reason the Celtic’s went so far last year without KG. Rondo vs D. Rose I have to go with Rondo and to those sayin Rondo is padding his assist total well he’s just unselfish and scoring is the 3rd thing on his mind. 1st Pass 2nd Guarding his man 3 Scoring/rebounding. D. Rose is a killer and will be the best PG soon but he will not win by a landslide but considering this is his 3rd year he has mad great progress. I’m a Bulls fan and I been to 2 game this year and Rose is the man and has to score because his teammates are not consistant.

    • Rondo Supporter says:

      So Rose clowns Rondo in the playoffs? I was thinking about the 2009 playoffs 7 game series in which everyone got to see the excellent matchup and I just had to run the numbers. I am unabashedly biased, so I needed to make sure I wasn’t just imagining that if anything, it was Rondo who clowned Rose. So lets look at some totals and see how badly Rose dominated Rondo:
      Points: 138 for Rose compared to 136 for Rondo (my gosh Rondo should feel humilated)
      Rebounds: 44-Rose, 65-Rondo (wait a minute…)
      Assists: 45 for Rose compared to 81 for Rondo (almost twice as much, who is clowning who…)
      Steals: 4-Rose, 19-Rondo (even I was amazed at how Rose was owned in this area)
      Turnovers: 34-Rose, 15-Rondo (another stat where Rondo is twice as good, my gosh…)

      I know it’s only one series but dang. The numbers speak for themselves. When Rondo needs to turn it on, he can score right alongside Rose but still manage to keep the assists up and the turnovers down. Throw in the defensive domination (rebounds and steals) and it’s not even close. Rose has certainly improved from then but I think the key issue is that Rondo is smarter. He does what is needed and most of the time that is passing to all-stars. If he didn’t have the big 3, it’s true that he might not get as many assists, but I guarantee all his other stats would improve. No one has his court vision (maybe Nash).
      Oh and two final things: Rondo can’t create his own shot? How many layups has he gotten where he blew by his defender even though the guy gave him a 5 foot cushion (bc admittedly Rondo doesn’t have much of a jumpshot)? And the whole passing up layups to pad his stats…as a point guard who did the same I can say that it’s more about fulfilling your role. You give points to the scorers to make them happy. A happy Ray Allen is good for the team. If he busts his butt to get down there Rondo might as well reward him.
      Who is the better player? Rose. But who is the better point guard? Definitely Rondo.

      • anthony says:

        i didnt know playoff series from two years ago made him the better player now. rose lit him up for 36 last time they played.

      • Law064 says:

        @Rondo Supporter lmao dude I knew Rose didn’t dominate Rondo but as I look at these numbers I have to say Rondo slaughtered Rose. I have to stick with my top PG list witch I have Rondo as #2 under D-Will. People that are sayin Rondo is a joke or he’s just a passer then you might wanna look at some games not just box scores.

    • Pete says:

      “1. when he had a sg (ben gordon) he did not have to shoot so he distributed and the Bulls took the Celtics to the wire and were the team that gave them the hardest test in the big three’s first championship season.”

      Actually, that was in Boston’s SECOND season with the Big 3, and it was because they were playing the entire series without Kevin Garnett, who was the undisputed leader of the team and former defensive player of the year. If you check Boston’s season record that year, you’ll see that they were absolutely dominating the league until KG got injured, after which they went downhill fast and struggled to make the playoffs with a top 4 seed.

      If you watched that series you will also recall that despite being without KG (and a far shallower bench then they have this year), Boston BEAT Chicago in that series behind the leadership and play of Rondo – who averaged a near triple double in that seires, and made D-Rose look like an amateur through all but one or two games in that series. It was mainly the spirited play of Ben Gordon, Kirk Heinrich and Joakim Noah which kept Chicago in that series.

      Either way your story is innacurate, and looking at the reality of that playoff series actually does nothing to help Rose’s case, because Rondo absolutely dominated him for almost the entire series that year (and Boston on the series).

      Oh and during that series he only had TWO hall of famers to pass to (and Pierce was not 100% healthy).

  327. Dre says:

    Rose is playin like a mvp but he’s not the best. Cp3 is the best reguarding making everyone better. Look at the talent he has to work with compare to D rose. Rose is playin with a scorer mentality. Cp3 can’t are they will always lose. Chuck talks on the side of his neck at times. Its funny how when Rose get a triple double everyone go crazy. Westbrook has 4 and not 1 has been made this big of a deal. Westbrook did jus drop 30+ vs. the champs. Its funny how nba picks its faces of the league but thats another story. My top 5 pg’s 1. cp3 2. D-will 3. D. Rose 4 Westbrook 5. Rondo.

    • yea yea says:

      i agree the nba chooses face but man you degrade what cp3 is working with d.west and okafor in your post is what evry point guard dreams of and sure he did lose chandler a while back but the team he has know..isn’t it would he asked for…call me crazy but you mite hate his team mates but HE asked for people that complimented his game not like rose who works with what he has. boozer missed a few games noah is missing games and currently booz is out again that dont leave much to compliment rose now does it?

    • Dontlikenames says:

      the scariest part is that he’s still partially recovering from that knee injury last year. if a torn meniscus affects one thing the most, its speed, and once he gets that back, hes gonna be back at his 22 ppg 11+ assists 2.5+ steals and 5 rebs he had b4 his injury.

  328. Daver says:

    I am glad Charles made that statement and that this article was written, it will only make D Will try that much harder.
    Remember what happened when D Will was overlooked for the all star games, he kicked it up a few notches and I think that will happen again.
    There are some amazing point guards playing right now, I’m very grateful that D Will plays for my favorite team!

  329. taha says:

    why does pg have to get assist..he runs the offense not just pad his assist totals..if the situation is right, he should take the shot and if he nees to pass it , he can. This idea that if a pg shoots a lot he is more of a sg is crap..he is a pg because he runs the offense in every way

  330. riacrdo says:

    rose is the best point guard. u put him on boston they would have two championship not one. he can shoot your eyes out so how can u guard him he to fast . he should win mvp hands down i always thought the person that win mvp should be the best player on there time u take rose off the bulls that not even a 500 team

    • Kel says:

      I disagree. Rondo is a much better fit for Boston. I guarantee you NONE of the Boston players would exchange Rondo for Rose. Ditto for Chicago. They both fit their respective teams better. Rondo doesn’t score, because that’s not his job. And while everyone seems to think Rondo just passes to the Big 3, it’s not that simple. Anyone’s who’s watched the Celtics play knows that the offense looks a little lost without Rondo. He CREATES plays and great shots for everyone. And if the former were the case, then you should expect Carlos Arroyo to be averaging that many assists, too. Also, Rondo is much better defensively. Rose has improved, but he still isn’t even close to what Rondo does on D. No doubt Rose is a great player, and probably a better overall player than Rondo. But Rondo is a better playmaker and makes everyone around him substantially better. He has also been shooting the outside shot better, but has a higher FG% than D-Rose, because he takes smart shots most of the time. Also, Rondo has proven himself in the Playoffs, being one of the best players come post-season. At this point, I’m just not convinced D-Rose can be dubbed the best PG in the league. Stats don’t say it all.

      • next says:

        rose would average 20 and 12 for boston easily if he played in that superior offensive system for multiple years with 4 future hall of famers. he probably would average more points than twenty because now he’s doing it while being doubled everytime he comes across half court. Have you ever seen rondo consistently doubled night in and night out?

      • yea yea says:

        yea rondo fg% is better but his 3 point game is in the gutter if he is so smart on he shots he wuld no not to take those shots and tru rondo dictates his team in the sense of where they should be to catch the ball but it all comes down to they have no one else to do it…honestly nate robinson?? a pure scorer thats all he kn…arroyo stats is not inflated because lebron dictates the ball go look at ho many possessions that poor kid gets as a point guard. and play off performances has to go to rose in his first play off match he scored 36 and from there you can go look for your self because enough is said. but this is where you hurt my feelings defence and stealing are two different categories but only one makes the highlight reels rondo defence suck rose blows by him literally any time he chooses rondo simply tries to poke the ball out of his hand each time thats not defence thats just a high tendency to pick the ball. rose getting steals and blocks this year if you want to talk highlight materials.

      • mr. ox says:

        when rondo was hurt paul pierce did the facilitating they didnt let nate robinson be the floor general. bottom line without rondo the celtics still won the majority of their games. without rose the bulls are a lottery team

      • b-boy9 says:

        Kel makes a great point Rondo does his best in the post season.

  331. pimpinpwoner says:

    drose has should be MVP.

  332. Matthew says:

    Regardless of the numbers, D-Rose is simply the most exciting player to watch in the NBA. If you don’t believe me, watch a freakin’ Bulls game. The man is good for three of four posters a night. Its like watching Kobe back in ’99, but a little less fluid more speed and raw power.

    • MoJoDO says:

      Nah son, you need to watch a friggin Clips game. Nobody balls like Griffin; Period.

      • Matthew says:

        I have, and YES Griffin is quite impressive. But taking a feed at the baseline and crushing it is just not as exciting as watching Rose driving from the arc, splitting two, and then splitting two more with a windmill reverse under the basket… and then doing it all over again on the very next possession.

  333. fraka says:

    Rose is not eve a point guard.. i mean he is great, but a point guard.. A-A

  334. Jiggy says:

    Hands down Rondo is the best point guard. Rose just got his first triple double against Memphis. Rondo been getting triple doubles in the playoffs. How is the highest assists leader in the NBA by a lot not the best point guard in the league. A point guard is supposed to handle the point, get his players involved and play great defense and be a leader. Rondo does all of that and more. Rose, Williams, Paul and Nash are great but can play the 2 guard equally as well because they are better shooters than Rondo. Rondo can only play the point because that’s all he knows and he conducts and directs his team the best in the NBA. Which makes rondo the best point guard in the NBA.

    • cythe14 says:

      I agree with that, if we are talking about to a point guard (a court general) I think its better to see a point guard that will pass the ball to a teammate than to score just like what Rondo did this season. So Rondo is still the best point guard in the league for my thoughts. And other are as follows
      2. DWill
      3. CPaul
      4. DRose
      5. Wrestbrook
      6. Steve Nash

      • next says:

        so because roses ability to score is much superior to rondo’s and because his team leans on him to score to win now he’s not a floor general. I disagree. it’s a lot easier to bring the ball up and be a orchestrater when you play with veteran hall of famers who alredy know where they are supposed to be on the court. if you ever watch bostons offensive sets its never a two man game you never see people standing around. it’s all five guys on the court setting backscreens and cutting to free up ray allen for a easy three (for ray allen) that rondo gets the assist on because he was the one to pass the ball to him. rondo is a great facilitator but he’s working with a whole lot more. furthermore like i asked someone else, when have you ever seen rondo double teamed when he crosses half court in his career. rose sees double teams at least 70% of the times when he crosses half court.

    • mr. ox says:

      are u smoking, rondo has 4 first ballot hall of famers on his team. i could average 13 assissts on that team with the scheme they run. as for rondo being a great defender, complete bull. he plays the passing lanes well but as far as one on one defense, he always get beat by his man. just like on offense his teammates are great defenders which gives rondo the freedom to gamble because they cover for his sorry azz. put rondo on any other team and his name will never be mentioned among the leagues elite pgs

    • b-boy9 says:

      Agreed that is exactly what a point guard is supposed to do, when Rondo wants to score he can get over 20 points and still get at least 12 assist.

    • SA,GO says:

      rondo has been on the system since his first year in the L. his high asst ave is as a matter of fact by the high shooting % of his teammates and the efficiency of their offense. drose can carry his team alot more ways. if the team is cold he can ignite a run through his drives and FTs, pass the ball, you name it he can do it. yes rondo has the highest asst average but the highest TO. smile !!!!!!!!!

  335. petty taratino says:

    I believe D ROSE is da best PG and will continue 2 be da best PG 4 a very long time

  336. Bill says:

    Dwayne Wade? He won a championship. Rondo will surpass him in another season – a fabulous court general. Then I would have to select Rose as third for basketball IQ and for being most important for his team’s success.

  337. I heard Barkley, and i have to disagree. One hot streak does not “best point guard in the L” make. Rose is elite, no doubt, I agree he’s made the leap from star to indispensable superstar, but until he shows this level of consistent excellence for at least an 82 game stretch, he’s still behind Williams and CP3.

    • Huh says:

      HUH? have you been watching the whole season? Rose has been doing this since November. He was top 5 in scoring average all of November, while Boozer was out. Rose has certainly been consisten this year.

  338. JG says:

    Rose is a great scorer but doesn’t run his team as efficiently as some Paul, Williams and Rondo, especially in the half court sets.

    • next says:

      this is rose first year in a new offense with team that has only been fully healthy for nine games. rondo and williams have been in the same superior systems for multiple years. furthermore these other guys have better offensive minded coaches. cp3 is doing a lot with less maybe, but i dont consider his teams talent level that much inferior to the bulls. rose is the better point guard right now.

  339. Gary says:

    …Derrick Rose hogs the ball??…the kid has no freedom if you ask me. Bulls don’t have a starting shooting guard thats even adequete enough to add 10-15 pts every night (which is the only position that is supposed to score…aka MJ and Kobe and Wade), Luol has his good nights and his bad he isn’t going to pop in and add your 15-20 pts EVERY NIGHT, and then the Bulls have Noah out for a good amount of time and they do not have a proper backup point guard.

    Therefore Rose needs the ball in his hands if people see the FIBA games he was passing and making great plays its just that D-Will has amazing players around him he gets those assists and yet continues to score. Rose has to play two positions point and shooting yet he is being amazing at it therefore if D-Will was on the Bulls yes it would give him more freedom to score though I see the Bulls a little less talented then compared to what Rose has done and will do for them!

    Hope everyone understand he IS THE 2010-2011 MVP no matter what anyone else says. He has improved his game to the same as a superstar though not to show off rather TO HELP THE BULLS get every single bit out of him. The kid was grown up in the same city that the BEST player played in – he will do his best to bring Chicago back to those amazing times.

    I vote him MVP. Though I do love Chris Paul and Deron Williams (kinda hate Rondo) and been liking the play Raymond Felton is playing also but I have to say Derrick Rose is THE most valuable player on the Bulls compared to anyone around the league to their respective teams.

    • fergy3 says:

      Yeah i have no idea how people got this “drose hogs the ball” nonsense. DWill has so many more offensive options on his team. And also Utah has more possesions per game than the bulls so he has more opportunities to pass or score so in fact his numbers are a bit inflated. Also Drose hs made it to the playoffs pretty much by himself his first 2 years and has played very well for being alone. Dwill has had many more chances to make it farther in the playoffs with more help. Derrick Rose is definitely better than Williams

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Gary i feel u bro….they have frickin KEith Bogans or whatever his name is playing STARTING PG, this guy cant even get you 15 a night so you are RIGHT DROSE has to provide scoring for 2 positions in a sense.

      I really drose, of couse ima laker fan, but drose has started to be my fav player behind kobe bryant. The guy is straight up good and only 3 seasons deep, he has developed so much and so quickly from a rookie to superstar status and he isnt a cocky guy either, he just takes care of business. I think he will bring CHI-town back to the glory days of old the team is really good, idk why ppl keep sleeping on them like they arent. They have been dealing with injuries to two main guys since start of the season and still have a winning record in the east.

      The bulls will knock somebody good out of the playoffs watch, i just know it, they are flying under the radar, but once noah is back and in rhythm this team WILL BE LEGIT

  340. David says:

    D-Will is still the best. Rose is 3rd. Cp3 2nd. Rose averages 24.4 and 8. while Deron averages 22 and 9.4. So offensively they are balanced but on defense Deron averages more steals and less turnovers. Rose is really good but he hasn’t been out of the 1 rd of playoffs yet. Deron been to western conferance finals and been past the 1 rd numerous times. So While Rose is really good Deron is the best. Oh and according to NBA.Com Derons Efficiency is at 24.12 while Rose is at 23.38

    • evan b says:

      Dude, D-Will was drafted in 2005 (or 2006, can’t remember) and D-Rose was drafted in 2008 so it’s unfair to compare the playoff achievement yet. D-Rose’s Bulls took Celtics all the way in the epic series last year in 1st round playoff. Numbers show something but they’re not the most important. D-Rose is carrying the load in a team that is yet to be fully healthy except for brief stint in December (Boozer and Noah never seems to be fit at the same time). He’s also a legit MVP candidate at the moment. For me, D-Will and D-Rose are equal although D-Rose will be even better in the next few years, which is scary

  341. drose=mvp says:

    drose is something special… we are so lucky bulls fans… anytime he plays anybody including these guards he outplays them like theyre high schoolers lmao

    • drose=mvp says:

      all rondo does is pass to ray allen or paul pierce or garnett coming off screans and shoot jumpers…. lmao thats how 10 of his 13asissts come from… lmao

      drose will outplay rondo anytime anywhere

      i had dwill just ahead of drose LAST YEAR… but now drose is a top 5 player in the league and 1 pg

      • Amarerox! says:

        thats all he needs 2 do idiot! best record in the east and he plays 2 fit the system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • akjdfklasjf says:

        so you’re saying rose is a top five player? let’s see, last time i checked, the top 5 were kobe, lebron, wade, durant, and howard. . .

      • SA,GO says:

        thats the way it is. rondo is the best passer for the celts offense but drose is a very good passer, hell of a scorer and takes over games not afraid of clutch situations. celts go to pual in crunch time not rondo.

  342. trix says:

    I dont think D-Rose is the best point guard in the leaugue and nor do i think D-Will is. Chris Paul is. What he is doing with that hornets team is impressive. People forget him just because he has no-one playing along side him. If he has a team like jazz or bulls i believe he will do better

    • mvp says:

      chris paul has david west playing along side of him. West is averaging 19 points, 7 rebounds, and is shooting 51% from the field…

      • Dontlikenames says:

        the same year Paul joined the league, west was 2nd place in most improved player awards. West’s success and greatness as a player is almost due entirely to CP3’s greatness as PG.

    • mr. ox says:

      how can cp3 be the best pg whe darren collison put up the same numbers last year when cp3 was hurt. rose would average way more assissts if his teammates could hit the open shots that rose gets them. plus cant no one in the league other than kobe or lebron or wade take over a game like rose

      • C.P.3. says:

        Mate, DC proved he is not what he was showing to be while he plays in Indy, he is averaging a puny 4.6 assists so don’t talk about him playing a few tens of games great last year when CP3 has done it for seasons. I agree with you on the Rose scoring ability but he prefers to take shots than pass the ball when CP3 would do the opposite so DRose will never be getting huge amounts of assists with his style of play. And D-Will can take over a game with his scoring just like DRose or LeBron or anyone else can coming clutch time.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        c.p.3 just to correct you lebron aint clutch

  343. Gmoney says:

    to be fair to D-Will he is in a system that shares the ball alot more and thus shares assists, where as rose has it all the time and has no one to pass to except deng. so yes its very impressive what Rose is doing but imagine what D-Will could do with that freedom!?

    • DBBJ says:

      Great Point

      • baileys says:

        I agree, statistics can be easily manipulated. So Rose gets the most points on his team, he also takes twice as many shots. Despite Deng snd Boozer being better % shooters, some people might call that selfish play. Also he’s averaging 8 assists a game, Rondo got that in the first half of the Orlando match. It may also shock people to know that Rondos field goal % is the same of Steve Nash, which is a lot higher than Rose’s.

        How can people consider him as the greatest pointguard in the NBA when you have Nash,D-Will and Rondo, if they hogged the ball as much as Rose did their scoring stats would also be higher

      • drose=mvp says:

        all rondo does is pass to ray allen or paul pierce or garnett coming off screans and shoot jumpers…. lmao thats how 10 of his 13asissts come from… lmao

        drose will outplay rondo anytime anywhere

      • NTHONY says:

        baileys you make very stupid arguements.

        boozer shoots at a higher percentage because he is a post player. do you think miami should give the ball to bosh because he shoots at a higher percentage than lebron? no would be the obvious answer. and deng DISAPPEARS at the end of games. he cant make a shot in in the clutch. and he shoots at a .005 higher percentage than rose. basically same. he also cant create shots very well like rose. rose doesnt hog the ball or why would he be averaging 8.5 assists?

        rondo cant hit a jumper for his life and he passes to 3 HOFers. he pads stats by giving the ball to ray allen when there is a easy fast break layup. nash is past his prime and not better than rose anymore. rose is definitely better than rondo. i would say dwill and rose are equal. if rondo and rose were to switch teams the bulls would be a 6 seed at best and celtics would win 70 games while rose would get at least 11 assists. in three years when the big 3 are retired rondo will be lucky to average 15 and 8. he shoots at a high percentage be cause all he shoots is layups

        also rose doesnt take twice as many shots as boozer and deng. check your stats next time before you make dumb comments

      • Pete says:

        Actually NTHONY, if you actually watched some Boston games this season you would see that Rondo’s jump shot is actually getting pretty consistent – especially in the last week or two he has hit some pretty tough mid range jump shots…and many of those were contested shots with the shot clock running down (i.e. under pressure).

        Rondo actually has a pretty consistent jump shot, and if you do the right research im pretty sure you’ll find he hits around 50% of those shots. He simply doesn’t take a lot of those shots, mainly because he really doesn’t have to – he has a pass first player (think Jason Kidd, John Stockton) who’s number one priority is to get EVERYONE going, not just himself.

        As for the ‘hall of famers’ argument Pierce often creates his own shots, Ray Allen gets most of his shots by penetrating or and running off screens, and many of KG’s shots are post ups or pick-and-pops. While Rondo’s presence does help those guys at times, it’s moreso the OTHER guys in Boston (Shaq, Big Baby, Robinson, Daniels, etc) who benefit the most offensively when Rondo is in the game because he creates easy shots for thos guys.

        Don’t forget the facts that Rondo is:
        1. The best defensive PG in the NBA (all defensive first team last year)
        2. Second in the NBA in steals
        3. Leading all guards in FG% (not just PGs, but ALL guards)
        4. One of the best rebounding PG’s in the game
        5. Leading the league in assists (and that his assist average is the highest the NBA has seen since John Stockton)

        Also before making the argument about playing with X many hall of famers, lets not forget what happens to Boston when Rondo steps off the court – does Nate Robinson (as his repalcement) come out and average 13 APG and shoot 52% when Rondo is out with an injury? Do his teammates continue to get as many easy, high percentage shots?

        Rondo’s a poor free-throw shooter, but that’s really the only major weakness to his game. His jumpshot is not a strength, but it’s improved to a point where it is no longer a weakness, and every other aspect of his game is exceptional. Also playing with three ‘hall of famers’ has a heavy impact on Rondo’s scoring numbers – he isn’t as aggressive offensively because he doesn’t have to carry the load. I have no doubts that he’d be averaging closer to 18PPG if he didn’t have the ‘big 3’ to carry the loud offensively.

        Rondo and D-Will are the best pure PG’s in the league, because they both are about leading the team first and scoring second – and they do so on both ends of the floor.

        They are then followed by Nash and Paul (great floor general’s, but more offensively oriented), and then Rose / Westbrook (who are more like a SG in a PG’s body).

        Jason Kidd and John Stockton are remembered as two of the greatest point guards to ever play the game, and it’s not because of their scoring – it’s because they made everyone else on their team better, and that’s exactly what Rondo does in Boston.

        Derek Rose to me is more of a Stephon Marbury / Baron Davis type of player – in their prime both of those guys were dominant players, but they were score-first point guards who were still great passers, and were decent (but not mind blowing) defenders. These types of players excite the fans, fill up the highlight reels, and sell tickets, but they don’t win championships. People spoke about the above two guys the same way they speak about Rose today – but look where their careers ended up. Is rose going to be any more spectacular in 8 years then Marguy and Davis are today? We’ll see.

        Chris Paul on the other hand reminds me a little more of Tim Hardaway – kind of right on the borderline of a pass-first and shoot-first PG, undersized and still dominant.


        drose=mvp, you can’t be serious. Where was Rose on the All NBA Defensive team last year? That’s right, nowhere. Rondo can defend Drose better than just about any pure PG in the league right now, because he can keep up with him laterally. And So what if Rondo’s assists go to high-percent shooters? Isn’t that the point of offense? To create high-percentage looks? D Rose isn’t doing a bad job because hes only getting 7-8 dimes a game, it’s because he’s trying to create every play off a dribble drive-kick out. That works fine with Kyle Korver on the floor, but it wastes the potential of Boozer, Noah, Luol Deng, Kurt Thomas, all the players who take good looks at the basket.

        Rondo is just better at hitting his teammates where they need to be to score. KG’s pick and pop is as good a look as Nash’s passes off screens. The Bulls aren’t a bad team, far from it, but Derrick Rose needs to share the ball in a fluid offense if he wants postseason success.

      • Rick says:

        Its so funny how all the celtic fans are hating. Rose is the best, suck it. bahahaha. Exact words from Barkley the legend. Rondo is not even top 3 in his evaluation. bahahahaha.

      • LMAO! says:

        Good to see Celtics fans talking about Rondo, when the article is about D Roae vs. D Williams and is asking wether Rose has passed Williams as the leagues #1 PG. Obviously its not clear for Celtics fans that Rondo is not even being consider in this article (only in the poll). PETE, you sure make one bague argument that Rondo’s jumper has gotten better, claiming that he has made some shots with the shot clock expiring, that’s one pathetic assumption since he had to take those shots because the SHOT CLOCK was expiring. Every team continues to sag off from Rondo untill he proves that he can make a jump shot and a few made baskets with the shot clock expiring is NOT going to change that. If D Rose is NOT the best PG in the NBA right now, he will be by the end of the season just as C Boozer said it. I would love to see Rondo shoot a respectable 3 point percentage at (38%) like Rose is on his 3rd year. RONDO IS PLAYING ON HIS 5TH SEASON AND STILL HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO SHOOT A RESPECTABLE JUMP SHOT FROM ANYWHERE IN THE FLOOR!

      • anthony says:

        hey pete howd rondos d work on rose 2 weeks ago when rose put up 36 on him

      • anthony says:

        and pete if you dont think rose is about leading the team first you should watch some bull games. hes the leader on the team.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


        rose does pass the ball, and his teammates miss shots. Deng, Korver, Boozer, and Taj Gibson are really the only LEGIT scorers on team. They have other players who you dont know wtf type of points they will provide on a nightly basis…you got KEITH BOGANS as a starting SG, lol like c’mon are you serious???? HE CANT SCORE WORTH ANYTHING, really he should be a second wing or bench player, but he starts, he cant give 15pts on a nightly basis meaning ROSE must SCORE and CONTROL the ball MORE OFTEN

        look who rondo has it to pass too…4 hof in shaq pierce allen kg, with legit 2nd string talent
        look who dwill has… MILSAP (who has stepped up tremendously playing str8 beast this year) jefferson, leiko, ect
        look who dwade has…LEBRON AND BOSH nuff said, if them three get 20+ it really doesnt matter what arroyo howard and the other hasbeens do

        so just think about that when talking bout rose ballhogging….

      • QuestionMark says:

        bailey makes no sense whatsoever, Rondo has superstars like Allen, Pierce, KG and Shaq to pass it to, and yes Rondo does his job amazingly well and should be considered top 10 PG, but D-Rose is on a different league than any other and that is including CP3 and D-Will, D-Rose can drive to the rim at will, and that is why he is averaging like 25ppg, even though D-Will is a better passer, I would say Rose overall is the #1 PG in the league, even though Nash is still good his days are almost over.

      • salia says:

        what u guyz fail to realize is that D.rose killed rondo in the game in chicago, rondo couldnt guard D.rose for his life, he could never work as hard has d.rose does,because if anyone know their fact they would know that the Boston celtic have way better shooters than the bulls, which mean any point guard thats on that team can be better, rondo is playing the best way in his life, if a guard like B.jennins was in the celtic he would ave at least 10 assist, do u think rondo can make a team like bull better,NO. But if rose was to play for the celtics, they would deffinatly win at least 70 games.comparing rose to someone who can only make easy layups and still has only 10 ppg?is insane

      • doi says:

        d-rose IS THE BEST PG in the NBA right now..rajon’s a great player too but d-rose is just insane..seriously, have you even seen him play?he makes basketball look so easy for god’s sake!!

    • baller2 says:

      Gmoney I disagree with your assessment Utah actually runs a better offense than the Bulls do and Dwil has the ball in his hands just as much if not more than Drose remember this is the same Jerry Sloan system pick and pop system that made 2 average college players in Malone & Stockton into NBA Hall of Famers. I think what people are noticing is that Drose has a better all around game now than Dwil and it may be true that Boozer may have something to do with that. The bottom line is that Drose game has skyrocketed since last year and Dwill and the other pgs game relatively still the same and as for Rondo he truly is a product of a superstar laden team he would not have the assist numbers if he were on the Bulls or Jazz that he gets by playing with 4 future hall of famers I’M NOT MAD AT HIM, JUST SAYING!!!!!

      • chris says:

        @nthony, your dumb. rondoactually has to work and see were everyone is to get assist. dRose just gives the ball to kyle korver and deng cause no one gaurds tehm

      • anthony says:

        yea youre right im dumb chris.

        do myuo watch the bulls play…..first of all korver has struggled all season so its not that easy and yea youre those guys are always open. the other teams just cover rose and boozer, the other 3 guys dont have a guy on them

        youre stupid thats not how it works. he averages 8 assists when he currently has 2 guys in his line up averaging 3 pts and korver doesnt light it up all the time he gets 6 points a game.

        do your research chris

      • baileys says:

        I like how an arguement between Rondo and Rose has kicked off, i was only using Rondo as an example. For those of you who say look at the stats because Rose Doesn’t attempt double the field goals of other players on your team, i suggest you look at the boxscore from last night (bobcats) He attempted 28 shots, while the remaining 4 starters attempted 27 shots. For people who say Charles Barkleys comment, may i remind you that Magic Johnson recently said during the playoffs who he thought was the best Pg in the league and it was not Rose.

        I think Rose is a good player, i just don’t think he is the best Pg in the NBA at the moment, he needs to mature and learn to trust and bring his fellow players into the game more. He could do this by opening up the court for other players, which is the role of a Pg. One player playing good is alright, but 2 or even 3 players fired up is even better.

        For the person who said all Rondo does is pass the ball to good players and does layups. You clearly have not seen any Celtic games lately, since the begining of the season he has taken more and more jump shots and hook shots, infact in the last few games he has prefered to do these shots to layups, probably because teams leve him wide open all the time. Rondo runs the offense he penetrates the paint opens players up and gets the assist, he is the reason why the Celtics are dominating the paint in terms of offense and also is the reason why we are averaging 50% total team shot percentage. When he was injured, despite the big three being on the court Boston shot less than 40% and lost to the Magic

      • Law064 says:

        Pete made some good points and Lakers 2011- 3peat as well. I’m a Celtic and Bulls fan and live in Chicago. I’ve followed D-will since the Illinois run before he turned pro. I have to say D Rose is about the same as D-Will but Rose has to be a scorer 1st because of his team. Deng, Boozer, Korver are the only real Offensive presence on the team. D-Rose would average like 10 assist IF his team would hit 1/2 the shots he set them up with. I would say Rose is a score 1st guard while D-Will is a pass 1st but can score at will like Gilbert Arenas. Rondo is the Man if you ask me he is a pass 1st lock down defender not to mention the best rebounding PG. Rondo has a team where he dosen’t have to score 20ppg to win. Someone said he just pass to Ray Paul P and KG but someone else mentioned that without Rondo on the floor the Celtic’s Offense is NOT the same. Rondo is the Tom Brady of Boston. D.Rose is more of a scorer but has play making ability because of his speed and ability to get to the rim. I still say bottom line Rose and D. Will are on the same level but Rose is passing him just by a bit. For some to mention that Rondo is top 10 more like top 3-5 I rate the PG’s like this
        1 D. Will
        2 Rondo
        3 D. Rose
        4 CP3

    • Weezybaby says:

      totally agree. D rose has the ball in his hands all the time. D will would kill in that system. D will all the way.

    • DWILL-MVP says:

      Deron also doesn’t get the respect he deserves just cause he’s in utah, let’s be honest here, utah has always been hated on

    • Bill says:

      Williams and Rose score consistantly, Rondo is working on his 3-pointer. The answer is: Rondo because of his basketball IQ – in any system it works for him.

    • salia says:

      D.will could be better, but do u really think he’s fast enough, to be goin through defences like D.rose?NO

      • William says:

        ok salia, it’s obvious you don’t watch any Jazz games. D-Will splits the defense to get to the hole all the time. and have you seen D-will’s cross-over. sorry to say, but that was a pretty pathetic coment.. Maybee you should watch a player play berfore you make horrible comments.

    • Rob` says:

      This is exactly it.
      If you even put D-Wills in CP3 system hes been runin under the various coaches
      his number would sky rocket

      D-Rose pased D-Will as the best shooting guard-point guard
      but hes still not a true point guard

    • Chi says:

      thats exactly why d-will averages so many assists. because he plays in a system that gets easy layups and open shots for his teammates. and he DOES handle the ball just as much as d-rose.